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  1. My avatar is from a pretty babyish old U.K. Tv show....
  2. I have 3 toys I like to play with. lego: just bought £25 worth today Dc superfriends. Surprised more littles don't have these. Super hero action figures but babyish colouring books: ageless
  3. It takes lots of effort, but the pay off is the most intense.... I don't even have to be hard.
  4. Very gassy too.... for seemingly no apparent reason, sometimes....
  5. I'm not pushing anything. Nor am I gay. I have a man's body, but can only get turned on by.tapping into my true female gender......
  6. I have a penis but can only get around imagining myself as a women with a man....... (contend edited by Admin due to rules violation in quoted section)
  7. I understand we're your coming from... I'm in exactly the same boat as i am. When you fantasize about sex with men, are you a man or a women????
  8. I was at work yesterday, and I accidentally yawned. some woman asked me if I wanted a nap, in baby talk....
  9. As was on the till at work today. And I let out a careless yawn. the lovely elderly lady, asked me if "you wanna go bao-boas???." I'd she wanted to put me in a night night nappy, and tick me in with a bottle of warm milk..... Then, yes....
  10. For reasons of cost, I've started using cloth pocket nappies. its just occurred to me, how cool it would be if ABU or Rearz made a cloth version of there disposables. it love a cloth nappy with an ABU pre-school design. Or a super dry kids one....
  11. I've been trying to sell a lot of my old stuff from my mams house. i brought my old NES to sell.... I sold the games, but can't quite bring myself to sell the console. i just replaced the faulty wire it has. And bought a new game (spy vs. Spy) from eBay....
  12. I think there's a difference between "family films" and "baby films"....... Elmo in grouchland is a good "baby" film. The canon movie takes films are good too.... Also care bears the movie. And wind in the willows.....
  13. It's always been my way..... I get an idea I like, go at a million miles and hour..... Pay little attention to the small stuff (such as proof reading.,) Then get bored and never finish.....
  14. Only five parts.... There was supposed to be six. But never finished.... I find it hard to finish a project. I kinda wrote myself into a corner with my part five cliffhanger. I like the idea of a transwoman making an adult "their" baby, I might revisit thats in the futrue.....
  15. This is part of a story I wrote, that got lost when all the others did. I'm reposting it incomplete for 3 reasons..... 1) I seem unable to finish any major project I start. 2) I wasn't happy with how the last chapter I posted ended. I have no idea how to finish. 3) I can't seem to find the rest of it on my kindle. So.... I've taken what I had, and quickly fashioned a different ending. Hope you enjoy..... Let me take care of you The autumn sky was darking earlier in the evening. There was a cold, blustery wind blowing yellow leaves at face level. Mathew used to hate that. He used to hate coming into a dark and empty flat after work. Coming into a dark flat and having to keep his coat on until the heating kicked in enough to heat the whole flat. Having to cook for yourself, even though sometimes he was too tired from work. 'That was before Lucy. He thought has he look stood by the gate of they new house. He looked at the various lamp and candle lights, burning through the window. Peirceing the bleak coldness of the darkening autumn evening outside. He knew that the heating would have been on at least an half hour before he got in. And she would probably be something simmering in the slow cooker. As matthew opened then front door and dropped my backpack on the floor, removing his coat and shoes. He called up to Lucy, his girlfriend. Lucy called back to him down the stairs that connected the narrow passageway hall of the house to the upper floor. 'I've just run you a bath, my sweet angel.' She cried from the bathroom. 'This should be fun', he thought as he ascended the stairs. He quickly removed, first his shirt, then his trousers as he climbed the stairs. Littering the stairwell with clothes as he made his way to the bathroom. He met Lucy last winter, during a speed date. She was a chubby little thing. With vibrant red hair and green eye. She had curves without being overweight, but wasn't skin and bone. And she has a Pillowy set of boobies, Matthew had wanted to burry his face in. He had initially been taken aback by how forward she'd seemed. She had gotten up an hugged him the second they exchanged names. But they had gotten will enough to set up home together. The only thing that sometimes irritated, was the way Lucy said that he had a look in his eyes. A look of being 'lost'. Lucy was crouched beside the bath as he entered. He could bearly make her out for all the steam. It gave off an unusually pungent smell. One of those eastern herbs and spices that matthew was unfamiliar with. Her sweater sleeve had been rolled up as she tested the waters temperature with her elbow. 'Oh, good' Matthew thought. He had had a hard days work and knew that Lucy would be keen on pampering him. She had a cuddley nature, and a habit of being affectionate with people. Sometimes overly so. Matthew didn't mind. He loved to be held, and very often it lead to sex. She got up wrapped her arms around him and hugged him for awhile. 'Are we getting comfy?' She asked. 'Good. We'll being.' And with that brought his boxer shorts down in one fluid movement. Turning to face his girfriend, Lucy put her hand on to his shoulder to steady him. Matthew loward himself Into the bath. He took a deep breath of the exotic aroumas as he closed his eyes. He could feel Lucy sponging his body with a flannel. With his eye shut, he could feel Lucy's hand supporting his head, Pouring warm water over his head. Almost like a baptisim. he could literally feel himself melting away. Chapter 2: bath time Matthew took a deep breath of the pungent aromatic scent. It madehis breaths deep and rythmic. He's head swooned with the dizziness of it all. Despite the disorientation of it, it was still a relief to be in warmth of the water. Far away from the blustering cold outside. Lucy kept on bathing him. She often did so, taking time to sponge down every surface ot his body. Every crevice. And it would always end with a hand-job. This time, although she was a thorough as always. This seem different. He couldn't quite see properly, between the steam and the water in his eyes. But he could feel her hands, they seemed to cover far more surface area then normal. As though Lucy's hands where much bigger then normal. He felt brave enough to unscrew his water filled eyes. Still woozy. As he did so Matthew thought he was suffering from some extreme strain of flu. A Hallucination. That's the only way Matthew could explain how his girlfriend seem to be so much larger then he'd was. 'How did you get so big', Matthew wanted to say. What came out of his mouth was so kind of meaningless slack-jawed gibber jabber. Lucy's has reached down at his scalp, and got to work on Washington his hair with shampoo from a pink bottle he'd never seen before. It sat on a bath side counter, next to baby power and spice jab labeled 'baby bath salts.' In crude marker pen. Lucy was a very 'crafty' person. Once when they were both broke, she had gone out a gather the ingredients for nettle soup. She made her and her perfumes, popepiri. She was often seen in the kitchen grinding together herbs and spices with pestle and mortar. She once told me that she was very unhappy growing up. And to make her feel good, she had sat on her grandmothers knee and had learnt lots of lot 'arts' that were passed down to the women in her family. Without warning, Mathew was once again drenched unexpectedly as Lucy attempts to rinse the shampoo out of his hair. The resulted splash back caused Lucy's sweater to get quite drenched, giving her no choice but to take it off. Matthew look up at his girlfriend, percher on the toilet lid both sweaterless and braless. Lost in his own thoughts, Mathew is startled as he was hosted out of the bath, wrapped in a towel, and sat on Lucy's lap. His head was starting to clear. He looked down at his chubby little body, not quite comprehanding what had happened. 'Their we go, sweetie.' She beamed down as she started to pat matthew down with the towel. 'Isn't that better?' She continued as she started to worked the towel down my legs. The lack of toweling down on his chest made matthew noticed the change in temperature between the warm bath and cold air. He shivered and instinctively moved easier himself up, clinging on to Lucy's chest, burrying his face into her ample breast. For second or minutes. Lost in time, Lucy's toweling because an extended hug. He should have been cross with her. Angry. But with the close skin to skin contact, he felt a bond with her never in the relationship had they ever been as close as this. 'There, there' cooed Lucy. 'That's right. Let me take care of you. You'll never be a lost little boy again.' After a while. Lucy reached to the counter and picked up the baby power. She liberally startred to apply it to Matthews chest and torso paying particular attention to his bum and little tail and balls. She then repositoned him, so he laid across her lap. Lucy then reach behind the toilet cistern, and crinkled someing out of a carrier bag. Mathews legs where hoisted into the air, both together in just one of Lucy's hand. He is almost bent over double, and something clipped under his behind. Once Lucy is sure everything is in position, is legs a relinquished. Suddenly, Lucy reaches between Matt's legs and something is brought up between them, the bulk causing the to spread. That's when Matthew realised the obvious. In was a nappy. Then with a tender efficiency, Lucy began to attach the tapes. Matthew is brought up to the sitting position. Looking down he began to realise his situation. His girlfriend had become his mother. Lucy reached for another item from the bag, it looked like T-shirt but not as knew one. The garment was rolled up and neck place over the newly reborn babies head. Lucy then worked both his arms through the appropriate holes. She shimmied the item down Matthews body, he noticed it was longer then it should be and had press-studs on the hem. Matt was once more laid on his back as Lucy worked the poppers. She the got more items of clothing. At first a pair of tiny baby sock were fitted. That last item was hard for Matthew to discribe. It has a zip, and look like the skin of a teddy bear. Lucy unzipped the garment, and feed both His arms and legs into the suit. He heard a zipping sound as it was brought up to just below Matt's neck . It had a hoodies, which Lucy put over his head. Cradling matt in her arms, making sure to support his head, Lucy raised herself of toilet lid. She picked up towel. Above the skin was a bathroom cabinet, it had a mirror door. Lucy wiped the fog off the steamed mirror. Matt finally got a good look at himself, a slack-jawed, toothless babe in arms. He was wearing a footed sleeper. It was brown and fuzzy. It was designed to make him look like a stuffed teddy bear. Even the hood had a pair of teddy bear ears stitched to it. And with that Lucy left the bathroom, and she and Matt made their way down stairs. Chapter 3: a cosy evening in. Lucy descended the stairs, keeping Matthew cradled in her arms all the while. She took a blouse of the washpile on the dining room table. She passed matt from arm to arm as she worked her arms through the sleeves. But, she wore it loose, not bothering to do the buttons. The living room was warm, the central heating was on, And there was open fire blazing behind a fireguard matt had never seen before. The TV was on, showing some reality TV or soap opera matt wasn't interested in, But the sound down low so he could'nt make out what was being said. Lucy position herself on the sofa, with matt still in her arms. 'I guess its time for your supper, angel' Lucy said. She moved matt to more adventagous angle, the slipped open her unbutton bloue. Her thick, meaty boobies where on show once again. Gentally leaning forward Lucy angled her nipples towards Matt's drooling mouth. Rubbing her nipples against her babies waiting lips. Resigned to his fate, matt began suckling her breast. Achieving a regular rhythm to maximize milk flow. The rapid suction quckly filled Matthew little belly. 'That's it sweetie cheeks' beamed Lucy, as she wrapped as much skin around him as possible. 'Drink your fill, Honey'. In fact Matthew almost too sucessful at expressing milk from his new mothers breasts. The speed in which he drained her boobies, caused a little hiccup as he got some air caught in the back of his throat. Realising the signs, Lucy drapped a cloth over her shoulder and detached her new son from her chest. Gentally raised up with rise over the cloth, she started to pat his back, repeatedly until burped and let out a little sick. With Matt's lips and chin wiped and his discomfort settled, Lucy laid him down so's he could start work on her other breast. Matt continuing his regular sucking, and the cycle continued. The pair could hear the October wind rattling against the windows, which only increased the sense of warmth inside. For the next hour or two, they were lost in an embrace that was more intimate then any lovers could ever be. Matt was more relaxed then he could ever imagine himself ever being. Which is probably why he didn't realise he was in discomfort until it was much to late. There was an intense pressure building up along his back passage. It was only when he let out a series of fart, that he realised something was afoot. Instinctively, he bend his legs and started to let out grunts. It wasn't easy. He's cheeks went bright red as he started to strain. And still, he didn't find it easy. By this time Lucy realised something was going on too. 'You going poo-poo, sweetie?', having trouble? Maybe your a little constipated.' Tenderly, she rubbed his little belly through the fur of his bear sleeper. Matt strained, more the. He'd ever strained before. Tears streaming down his face. Suddenly and almighty fart sound echoed round the room liquid mess poured from his bum. His nappy filling with stinky waist, and a pungent smell filling the air. Lucy, quick as a flash, set into action. Still on her knee, she unzipped his bear suit. And removed his arms and legs. Leaving him in his onsie, his socks, and one very full nappy. Chapter 4: and so to bed. Scooped once more into crook of Lucy's arm, she fished behind sofa and dug out foam changing mat. Another item Matthew had never seen before. Alongside it a large pack of nappies, already ripped at top. Lucy took the nappy, that already half hanging out the package and threw it on the mat with some wipes she'd produced from somewhere. Matt was gently laid on the mat, as it lay by the open fire place. Lucy set to work. Very effecently. First unzipped his bear suit, then unpopping the studs at the base of his onesie. First one, then a other pronounced ripping sounds and a rush of fresh air let Matthew know his fetid pooey nappy had been removed as he stared at the ceiling. Suddenly the lamp lit rosy glow of the room deminished as Matt's view became blocked by his legs as Lucy rolled them over his legs, and started on cleaning his little bum with baby wipes. Very shortly, a new nappy was unfurled and attached to Matt's lower portions. Lucy then 're-popped his onesie, and zipped his fluffy bear suit back up. Softly raised up, his head resting on Lucy's shoulder, they pair made their way up to the bedroom. Once inside, the quite of the space only interrupted by the soft rain against the window pane, Lucy switched on a soft night light. From Matthews view, he saw the bed he and Lucy had shared. Occupying the space nearest Lucy's side of the bed was a brand new bassinet. Lucy sat on the bed cradling him. Her arms supporting his head. Gently, she lowers him into the basket and slowly begins to rock it. The soft sweet sound of lucy humming a lullaby, backed by a slight gust of wind. And with that Matthew went to sleep.