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  1. Pamperbum_uk

    Any organised events in the north?

    Are they any organised abdl events in the north of england?????
  2. Pamperbum_uk

    Being trans and liking diapers

    I think we have a lot in common.....
  3. Pamperbum_uk

    ABDL Product Wishlist

    A bottle teat to fit an adult sports bottle.....
  4. Pamperbum_uk

    Being trans and liking diapers

    I was into nappies before I realised I was trans. I didn't realise until I was in my late teens. The more I head down the path to transistion the weaker my little side becomes. But it will never probably disappear.......
  5. Pamperbum_uk

    ABDL Product Wishlist

    an inflatable airbed that blows up into a foam style changing mat....
  6. Pamperbum_uk

    Remembering makeshift diapers

    cutting a pair of brifes at the hip and stapling a plastic bag around the leg holes.....
  7. Pamperbum_uk

    ABDL Product Wishlist

    I would make an adult sized potty..... Day one. Also some interlocking crib rails for a single bed.......
  8. I donno, the who amazon/little relationship is already quite bleak. As an AB/DL were meant to enter into a mind set of "oh isn't being kidnapped and forced to be a baby terrible (,wink wink)" . Diaper dimension stories dont work if the little is AB/DL. Amazons are pretty nonplussed over concepts of kidnapping, forcing people to do things against their will, and minority rights. Why shouldn't they have the same moral blind spot over the idea that babying little is ultimately fatal? That said, I'm keen to say this story is only a POSSIBLE out come.....
  9. I don't really have the stamina to write long, or multi part stories. im just chipping in with small scenes, poking at the edges of the diaper dimension. the stories, so far, have never alluded to what finally happens to littles. Implying a never ending babyhood. Which raises more questions then answers. Are littles passed through the family for generations???? Do they have eternal youth??? i floated the possibility that being babied by amazons is ultimately fatal to littles as one possibility. But not a definite one. Amazons always seem on the prowl to adopt, maybe they go though lots of littles.
  10. Another one of my "scenes". This one is just a possible idea, and not strict "canon". The circle of life: a possible vision from the diaper dimension??? Tommy was 38. He had been Lucy',s little for 15 years. He was far from the figure of the man he had been. He had originally came to the dimension because he had a passion for walking. He wanted to walk some of the biggest peaks in the Amazon world. then Tommy was caught. His walking days were over. Wedged in his high chair, wearing the biggest diaper they amazon world had. Is distended belly poking through over his nappy, and his food smeared bib. Which barely fitted round the fat of his neck. Lucy mixed some expressed breast milk into his oatmeal, and pushed the spoon into his toothless mouth. Smearing a great deal of it on his rotund cheeks. At 12:06pm, tommy's heart gave out. In his last moments this bowels gave out, filling his diaper with brown mush. Tommy was 38, he had been Lucy's little for 15 years. For a little he had had a good innings. Six months later.... Lucy say on the park bench, it was the one she used to push Tommy to in his pram. She like to sit there and think. She would always miss tommy, but he was not the first little she had adopted. he will not be the last. Lucy had to sit down for a few minutes. She needed to calm down, and let her anger settle. She had been minding her own business on the street across the road, when an Inbetweeners had shoved a leaflet in her hands. "Amazon adoption murders littles" bore the title on the pamplet. It was one of those fear mongering conspiracy theorys, rightly considered psudo-sceince. just naughty littles, and Inbetweeners causing mischief.... Like normal. If she could get her hands on one, there'd be some very smacked bottoms. These naughty little tykes kept peddling the theory that adoption was leading to the premature deaths of littles, that Amazon milk , while perfectly ok for Amazon babies, was to rich and fully of unhealthy fat for little. And that a life of being constantly picked up, carried and pushed by Amazon's meant they could never get enough exercise to burn it off. The coroner report ruled Tommy's death was by natural causes, just as Lucy's expected, just as it should be, just like all the other littles she had adopted. The Amazon calmed down after a short while, another one joined her on the bench with her new little. Her benchmate had raised the hem of her shirt, and after a futile struggle her little latched on to her breast. Lucy watched for minutes as the little found its rhythm and took his mother's milk. The soft, round, bundle of flesh. So cute, so close to her flesh . A smile crossed Lucy's face. She knew it was time to try again........
  11. I don't envision an all out attack of the amazons. As I laid out, I see a few discrete raiding parties. my story was meant really to lay out a few questions I had about the diaper dimension. if everything is to scale for a little to be babyfied, how much larger does that make amazon earth? If a little is small enough to fit in the car seat of an amazon car, how much more fossil fuels would it take? How many more natural resources are used in the avarage amazon diaper factory? my story was just an attempt to lay out those kinds of question. There wasn't even going to be a little in the story. It doesn't really need one. But ya know.... it's expected, thay said. Matties not just anyone, is he? The chief scientist on the dimensions as far as the littles are concerned. what would a story about a little task force being sent to extract him look like???
  12. I'm not great a writing long stories. I never seen them through. I'm stick to small "scenes" right now? that said a sequel occurs to me.... so, let's see. i wrote it really to address questions I had about the dimension stories. I'd tried to address without treading on anyone's toes. "do-gooding amazons?" I suppose it's all a matter of opinion. Not quite the take I had on her. no one thinks theyre "evil" do they? If they did, terrible things would never happen....
  13. The gates of amazon county: a scene from the diaper dimension. With the crackle of of electricity and the smell of oxygen iodising, the portal ripped and swirled. The honeydew institute had been built, grown up, around the natural rip between dimensions. Professor Mona Radcliffe look up from here clipboard and began typing data into her computer. The signal her had gotten from the latest batch of drones that has captivated her completely. It was still fascinating to her that the little dimension existed at all. Even though it was one of several, some of which it was even okay for amazons to travel too. Not that they hadn't been attempted amazon landing parties to the world of littles before. But they had always resulted in everyone being crippled by unknown forces. They had always known that only littles existed beyond the portal. A fact the broke her heart just thinking about it. Every piece of data told her something new. The littles version of earth was much smaller, had thinner oxygen, stronger gravity and fewer resources. Because of this life on the planted could only grow to a certain size. The little human had also managed to wipe out any competing hominids. So, no potential amazon race to evolve alongside them. It also meant that littles had stronger bladders then here, few of the older ones didn't even need diapers. The Benefits of stronger gravity meant they could walk without toddling. She could hear the clack of keys as she type each new fact in.... until the sound woke up Mattie. She got up from behind her computer desk, walked to the space at the rear of lab that Mona was using as a nursery. Dr Mathew Johnson, was Mona's opposite number from the littles dimension. He came to the amazon world, from his own, as part of a work trip. Since then he had been adopted by professor Radcliffe. He was currently stood in a crib, holding on to the rails. He was in nothing more then a lilac t-shirt, with a cartoon t-Rex on it which bore the legend "dinorawwww!!!". He was also wearing a sagging discoloured diaper. There was a wet patch on his shirt where he had drooled in his sleep. Mona picked little Mattie from the crib where he had been been grizzling. Mattie had been cranky since being adopted. She held him close to her bosom, in a bid to comfort him. Patting his padded behind, she could tell he was both wet and pooey. With Mattie safely brought down to the foam changing mat on the floor, professor Radcliffe set to work. Loudly ripping the tapes on his diaper. She hummed to herself in a cheery tuneless melody, has she had his leg in her hand and was setting to work with a wet wipe on his bum. Looking down at Mattie was bittersweet for her, she couldn't stop thinking of all those poor defenceless littles on the other earth. No matter. With each new calculation, she was confident she could find away to overcome the problems of amazon travel. How much of her work could she fund selling slots on organised adoption party's to the little dimension? How many littles could she save once she could get amazon across to liberate those poor littles....
  14. Pamperbum_uk

    Adult baby "grows up".....

    From as long as I could remember, I was obsessed with nappies.I was quite obsessed for the first 19 or so years of my life. Then I realised I was trans and in a deep denial. As I put myself in the path towards eventual transition, my nappy obsession has dampened down, somewhat. I only pad myself up if I've been through an experience traumatic enough to need an escape. As a transwoman, I have a strong maternal instinct. I'm wondering if as time goes on wether I'll become more of a "mummy," who also likes to wear nappies from time to time. I would definitely wish I could breast feed, and don't mind poo-poo nappies. I suppose time will tell......
  15. Pamperbum_uk

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