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  1. As part of an exhibit, the Tate modern has become an adult sized playgrounds. Including swing..... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-41471911
  2. 80's baby films.....

    Very obsessed with the nappy adverts growing up....
  3. How did you start?

    I had an unhealty obsession with nappies as a kid. I remember watching old pampers ads. I think it was down to two things. 1) I've never really been happy since babyhood. 2) i spent my childhood in a deep denial about my gender. I was asexual through out my teens, and my nappy fetish was my only sexual outlet....
  4. 80's baby films.....

    Ive had an obsession with nappies, ever since Ive been out of them. The one thing that stoked that obsession, as a child, was the spate of 1980's baby films. Looks whos talking, three men and a baby, and baby boom. Did anyone else pick up on these films as a kid?
  5. Movies in the diaper dimension

    I was just playing around and parodying film genres. My idea of 'under the bed' was a film from a 'post Spielberg' world. Most notably something like gremlins.....
  6. Movies in the diaper dimension. I read a few diaper dimension stories, which depict the dimensions movies. I thought it would be fun to write a fake essay on the film industry. Feel free to ignore as a bit of fluff..... To under stand the realtionship between amazons and there littles, it is important to understand the culture their society as produced. No culture reflects this society better then its film industry. This is in no means a complete history in film. But, rather a potted look at its maid era. Initally, cinema were an amazon only pastime. With many cinema's reluctant to admit littles, for fear of damp or soiled seating. The pre-talkie era would concentrate on amazon focused shot melodramas such as Paula's plight (1913), the first of a long-running series of shorts featuiring paula fairchild. This and films such as Mommy to the rescue (1913) would reflect the depression and would see Paula resucue littles from crooked orphanage owners and other such social ills. However, over in europe the french and german where more open to the idea of films for littrles. Their expressionists would use conjuring tricks to perform would become known as 'special effects'. These films would simple re-tellings of european folk tales sich as Briar-rose (1914) and Ashiepattle(1915). When the American film industry started filming for littles, there was less emphasis on telling a narative, and more on use of swirling images and subliminal messaging to help with the reprogramming of wayward littles. The best know of these The lullaby (1918) and Siren's song (1920). The biggest change in american policy would be with the advent of the 'talkies'. This lead to the first real little star actress, Lulu labouf. Presenting as a three year old in a little dress, Lulu who first appered in Three cheers for little Lulu (1935) was a all singing, all tap-dancing star. And would remain popular right through the war years until her Little lulus, barnyard ballyhoo (1946) Meanwhile the animation industry had manged to capture the market for little picture very well. While The giant know has the disney corporation was catering for an 'all famiy' audience. Lesser know studio, Fairyland films, has focused squarely on littles. Farnyard frollics (1925) was a patchwork rainbow of pastel colours and little friendly storytelling. But by time Day at the zoo (1948) came out, they had fallen back on swirling patterns and subliminal messaging. After the war, there was a trend towards 'playground adventure' film. Films that would emulate the imaginary game that boy littles would play. 'Western games' were popular. Giddy up cowpoke (1946) saw Cliffy McClure riding on his hobby horse, wearing nothing but a diaper, chaps, a cowboy hat and a sherrifs badge. Another classic in the gerne was Playtime on the prairies (1949). But, it wasnt just a 'cowboy and Indians' gerne. But 'cops and robbers', firemen, and many others too! As the fifites roled on their was a effort to tell literary epics too. Whether thats classic novel, Little women (1953), historical epics such as The wet nurses tail (1955) or Taming of sissy (1955) By time the end of the fifties, musical act like Lulu labouf had become stale. Instead musical amazon/little double acts where all the rage. There was also a tendacy for Hollywood to ape an idealized vesion of victorian britain, with films like Teatime with nanny (1957) and Nursery daze (1959). As the sixties rolled around, cinma saw the rise of european 'new wave' with italian films like Le bambino (1959) and german classics like Das wendlefrau (1960). Almost as protest to the Hollywood depection of that rosy version of Britain, British new wave produced lots of northen set, kitchen sink dramas such as, Because mummy said so (1960). Whilst the films of mainstream hollywood we film by amazons, by and largely for amazons. Underground exploitation cimema saw the rise Little directors. Most notably, little based psychological horror The stain (1961). The threat of 'littles rights' saw amazons filmmakers film a series of public information films such as Mother knows best (1961) and the seminal classic, Tommy makes a mess (1963). By the time the seventies, britsh new wave had morphed into 'britsplotation' with horror films like Nanny with nappies (aka the diaper-maid) (1970) Rosemary's little (1971) is a classic amazon horror film about a little who refuses to bow down to his amazons 'loving sumbition'. Towards The end of the seventies, there was a popular reemergence of 'playtime fantasies'. Science fictions such as Diaper space (1976) and Mega-mom (1979) And heartwarming family flicks like Mommy and me (1983). Under the bed (1986) is a comic horror about a little who makes friends with the creature who lives under the bed. By this time, the little directors had become mainstream leading to a spate of 'pro-littles' rights fims. Enbiggens (1986) is one such film. Which is a littles fantasy, where one little becomes an amazon after making a wish to a magic pinball machine. Amazon film makes saw a change of change of direction with 'little romance' films. Movies that depicted the loving relationship between amazon mommies and their little charges. My lil' cupid (1989) and A change of heart (1992) are the most notable. Amazons and littles continue to have a vibrant film industry to this day. But is mainly adaptations and remaks of comics, tv series and older films.
  7. What's your Ideas that you want diaper companies to do

    Id like more authentic replicas for over sized accessories...... A big foamy changing mat, and a plastic molded toddler style potty would be a good start.....
  8. Why no ABDL pride??

    I wasnt thinking of a parade. If it kept in Sackville park. And it was properly seal off we people on the gate, keeping non ticket holders out. A few over sized childrens toys. Put a massive tarpaulin down, covered in play sand, and provide adequate changing (both kind.) Spaces. I mean if someone can walk around the village as a leather 'gimp dog' (which ive seen.) What harm can a carfully controlled picnic in a discrete park in the middle of Manchester's gay village???
  9. Poop position in diaper

    Laid on the bed, playing with my feet. I can get my legs in the right angle.....
  10. Why no ABDL pride??

    A few years ago i went to Manchester gay pride festival. I often go to their trans pride festival, sparkle, too. The one thing i noticed about the gay pride festival was all the different enclaves. Gay people into rubber, gay people into leather, 'bears'. All given seperate banners in the parade. Manchester's gay village also has separate pride festival for these things. All 'fetish' type things. Why not ABDL pride too? I find the village is a relatively safe place for presenting as female. It could be a good outside venue for littles. It even has a park!!!! Id love to see a ABDL pride festival there.....
  11. Trance like state..

    I dont often actually indulge in actually nappies. Once every few months when if feel the urge and can financially justify it. Last night i got my sample pack of Abu preschools. I padded myself up for bed, and relaxed with one of my retro preschool dvds (a bit of classic mr. Men.) When finally turned over, listening to some 'rain song' on my kindle like always, i found myself in state i only get into when i experiment with self hypnotises or meditation. I wasnt a sleep, but my breathing became extremely regular. A sort of trance like state. After awhile i realised id forgotten my dum-dum and my elmo plushie, i did something ive never done before. I started sucking on my thumb. It was rhythmic and involuntary..... Strange, but very relaxing..... Has this happened to anybody else????
  12. My first memory is my dad putting me in a nappy for bed. 1983 (i guess.), i actually know the exact day and time it was though. Because i remember on the tv in the background the uk soap, coronation street had gone off and current affairs show world in action had started. Which puts it at 8:00pm on a monday night. My dad made me get a fresh nappy from the pack in the cupboard under the sink. I toddled back into the living room and stood in front of him as he sat on the sofa. He pulled by pyjama bottoms down and held the nappy in front of him, unfurled. As he tried to get me to walk towards it for a standing change, i peed into it. After id finished he got up to ge another one. This time he had me lay on the carpet for another change, in a more tradtional style. Kneeling in front of me a putting the nappy one me. Then he stood me up and raised my pyjama bottoms over the nappy, giving a swat on my backside as a signel for me to get up to bed. I remember the padding on my behind as i tackled the stairs crawling up them using both my hands and feet.....
  13. Baby items that you imagine and fantasize about

    Im surprised nobody has make a adult size version of a traditional toddlers potty.....
  14. Trans-discovery; little side before, or after?

    I spend the first 19 years with obsessive nappy lover/ little tendency, Which only mellowed when i realized i was trans.....
  15. What TV shows do u watch as baby

    My collection of, what is known, in the uk as retro or cult kids tv is shaping nicely. In Britain we have a rich heritage of classic pre-school tv from the 60's/ 70's/ 80's/ 90's. I pick up, secondhand, whatever i can cheap on dvd. So far, i have...... Mr. Men, rainbow, cholton, danger mouse, duckula, jamie and his magic torch, button moon, paddington, the herb, portland bill, moschops, perishers, camberwick green, willo the wisp....