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  1. redwelch2222

    The Little Thief ---update!!!!(1-15)

    great chapter
  2. redwelch2222

    The Little Thief ---update!!!!(1-15)

    Great chapter.
  3. it's fine I know things will get better. I just got to wait it out for a bit. and as soon as that's done, ill get right back into making stories. starting with what i hope to be one of my better arcs for this story. also, sorry, I'm an atheist. I don't believe in any god or gods.
  4. goodbye for now ok, maybe I shouldn't be that dramatic. so, ive been very busy lately. dealing with work, family and trying to get my crossover done. but sadly more stuff has been added on top of that. one of those things involves having to move and find a new job. so with the holidays, work, moving, job hunting, and much more drama I won't go into, I decided to stop writing. maybe for good on DA and other places i post on. so, what does this mean? well, it means that for the next 2-3 months, I won't be doing any writing at all due to my busy schedule but I may pop into DA every now and then just to say hi. and I will still read some stories. what about the crossover? I sadly will not be able to finish it. however, I'm going to ask my good friends :wannatripbaby: and :pinkthedinosaur: if they would be interested in trying to finish it. if not, then I will sadly have to give up on the crossover and just post what I have along with was supposed to happen next. what about the stories I'm working on? as of right now, they will be on hiatus. but if I can't finish them, then I will possibly ask one of my friends to take them over. I will tell them what happens in the story and will just be advising how the story should go but they will have final say on the chapters. the only exception to this is "A mom, a baby girl, and a sissy walk into a bar..." as it was both mine and Pink's story. I will give full rites to it right now and save the hassle of it. ********************** I'm very sorry about all of this. the last 6 months have just been very shitty lately. I'm hoping once things get settled down again I can get back to writing but I can't say I'm overly confident about that. fuck my life...
  5. redwelch2222

    The Little Thief ---update!!!!(1-15)

    holy fuck! that was a great chapter! a great amount of suspense and sadness that makes you feel for both of them! but i don't remember this in the RP, did you add it? if so,you did a great job. I was kinda worried the rest of the story would just be a little too happy that it would clash with the sad beginning. cant wait to see what you 3 come up with next for the next few chapters
  6. redwelch2222

    The Little Thief ---update!!!!(1-15)

    very nice chapter ^.^ i can't wait to see where the cliffhanger goes!
  7. redwelch2222

    Dropped in a new world (re-uploading) ch18 (11-17)

    ch 18 “Lauren you can't just swing wildly like that,” I told him as we did a morning sparring match. He was still swinging his staff wildly and making it easy to see where they were coming from and easily dodge them. After a little while, I finally swat the staff away with a large stick I found. “I think you might need a better weapon,” I told him as he picked up his weapon. “But this is a royal staff. It’s a strong weapon.” Lauren told me. “Ya, it is a strong weapon. But the owner doesn't know how to use it right and it lost to a stick.” I told him. “Look there are a ton of weapons in the basement, go take a look and see if one of them would be better to use.” Lauren nodded and ran into the cabin. After what happened yesterday he finally warmed up to me. Especially after I apologized for tricking him into fighting a ton of slimes. Now he at least listens to me a bit better than before. I then turned my attention to the girls who were sitting on a bench on the side of the cabin talking. “So what are you two up to?” I asked them as I walked up to them. “Bab is teaching me how to use my dark magic!” Ramonita told me excitedly. “Watch!” She then raised her hands out and tried to focus hard on her magic until a black smoke began to appear. “That's awesome,” I tell her as the smoke disappeared. “By the way, what does dark do?” “Dark is known as a defensive type of magic,” Bab told me. “Unlike all the other elemental magic, it's the only one that has no real attack magic. Dark will absorb any and all types of energy that touches it.” “Wait is that what I did to Elroy's light magic?” Ramonita asked. “Yes, while it was only for a moment you absorbed his light magic. When you get much stronger you will even be able to redirect that type of attack.” “That sounds like a very good shield,” I tell them. “Not really,” Bab told us. “Like I said it has to be energy. Light, lightning, fire, and wind are considered energy based while the rest are more physical. While she could absorb my lightning Alex could throw a snowball and it would just go straight through.” “Ok, now that sounds a bit better. But what else can it do?” I asked. Her. “Dark users can also make dark illusions but this takes years to learn,” Bab told us. “Bab please teach me as much as you can!” Ramonita begged her. I couldn't help but smile at how well they were getting along. It wasn't that long ago that Bab was looking forward to getting away from the orphanage and the kids there but know I can see she's slightly enjoying herself a little. Must be because Ramonita sees Bab as nothing but a normal girl and maybe a friend. Hell, I wish I had a camera this morning when I went to check on them. Last night Bab was a little miffed that she had to share the bed with someone she didn't really know and even more self-conscious about using her pacifier. But Ramonita didn't mind at all. To her, this was all just fun and she was enjoying herself. Bab herself also seemed to enjoy the bedtime story I told them. Once they were asleep I crept out of the room and checked on Lauren who was fast asleep in Aeva’s pink bed. When I woke up early in the morning from sleeping on the lumpy couch I decided I would just continue to sleep in my sleeping bag as that was much more comfortable. I decided to check on the kids to see how they were doing. Lauren was fine but I noticed he mumbles in his sleep. As for the girls, I saw Bab half sprawled out on the bed with Ramonita tightly embracing Bab as if she was a stuffed animal. Bab’s heavily wet diaper was on full display and I figured now might be a good time to change her before it leaked. I somehow was able to quickly and quietly got Bab cleaned up without waking her, but I must have accidentally bumped Ramonita as she lifted her head and rubbed some of the sleep from her eyes. “What are you doing?” she whispered to me. “Bab had a full diaper and I'm giving her a change. Would you like one.” I asked her only joking. But Ramonita got a smile on her sleepy face as I heard a slight hiss coming from her diaper. “Yes please,” she told me as she rolled onto her back to allow me to change her. I was a little stunned that she used her diaper right in front of me like it was no big deal, but I did offer a change and I have told her before I didn't mind if she used them. I quickly got her changed as well, sealing her nice and tight in the soft padding. While I did this she fell back asleep so I threw the blanket back over them both to let them sleep a little while longer. I couldn't help but think how cute they looked sleeping together, almost like sisters. It was then that Lauren came running back outside to me holding a few weapons. He had with him a small mace and a small sword. Two weapons perfect for his size. “Okay, let's start your training,” I tell him as I picked up my stick. “Let's see which one fits you better.” “Alex, wait,” Ramonita said and I turned back to her. “Can you train me as well?” “But I thought you wanted Bab to teach you magic?” I asked her. “I do, but I also want to train with you as well,” she told us. “Why not both?” Bab suggested and we all looked at her. “The prince also needs to learn how to use magic so why don't they take turns being taught by us. I teach one the basics of magic while you take the other out to train and get experience. It's a win-win.” Thinking about it she was right. Lauren should learn how to use magic and maybe learn he's better at it then using a weapon. While Ramonita just wanted to fight more. Either way, it could work out. “That sounds like a good idea. Okay then since Ramonita already learned some basics it's your turn, Lauren.” I tell him before Ramonita and I go into the woods to do a little hunting. **************************** We returned about 2 hours later when the pain from the bracelets got annoying. Ramonita and I killed quite a few monsters and definitely grew a bit. When we got back we saw Bab soaking wet chasing Lauren and yelling at him for some reason. Apparently, Lauren really needs to learn better control as he accidentally drenched Bab with a bunch of water. Even Bab’s diaper got drenched and now saged below her short skirt allowing Lauren to learn about them. I had to explain to him that Bab had a personal problem and needed them, while Ramonita was forced to wear them because of Bab and doesn't have any underwear to replace the diapers. With the explanation done Bab went into the cabin to take a quick shower and strip from her soaked clothes and diaper. Once she was done and mostly dressed I came in and helped with the new diaper. “Damn Bab, you really soaked this one.” I joked as I picked up the heavy wet diaper. She responded by hitting me in the arm. With that out of the way, I decided to make lunch for the kids before we switched over our training. Lunch was just a simple sandwich with water. Once we were done eating Lauren and I left to train leaving the girls at the cabin. ********* “You're getting better,” Bab told Ramonita as she finally managed to recreate the dark wall she used to protect me a few days ago. “It's all thanks to you,” she told Bab with a big smile on her sweaty face. “I think that's enough practice for now. Your mana is most likely near empty.” Bab told her as they took a seat on the bench. “Hey Bab, can you tell me more about you?” Ramonita asked. “Sorry, but I want to keep a lot of that to myself,” Bab told her not trusting her with that type of info. “Alright, then how about nothing too personal but practical. Like what's your favorite color, mine is pink” Ramonita asked. “I like purple,” Bab told her before thinking of a question to ask. “How do you spend your free time? I like to read.” “In the castle, I didn't get to do much but read. But now, I think I'm going to practice my magic more. What is your strongest personal quality? I think mine is caring.” Ramonita said. “My magic. What are you most afraid of? I hate slimes” Bab told her. “To be honest, going back home after all this,” Ramonita told Bab with her smile fading but still trying to act happy. “Do you have a nickname? My mom likes to call me peachy because I love peaches.” “Some people used to call me the witch of storms, but that was a long time ago,” Bab told her and suddenly realized she said a little too much. And tried to think of something to ask before Ramonita asked anything further. “What embarrasses you the most in front of other people? For me, it's using my diaper for number 2.” Bab said that a little too quickly and let up a little more embarrassing stuff then she would have liked. “I don't really know, I'm not around a lot of people often, but I was embarrassed when I peed in my diaper, but I also felt, weird,” she told Bab, not really knowing how she felt about it at the time. “If you had a chance for a “do-over” in life, what would you do differently? For me, I would have run away from home a long time ago.” “I don't really want to answer that question, can you ask a different one?” Bab asked. “Alright, then I have a different question for you. What do you think of Alex,” she asked Bab. “What do you mean?” Bab asked her not understanding the question. “I already know he’s from the other world and he was forced to make a bond with you. But what do you really think of him?” Ramonita asked and saw Bab have to really think about it. “He’s warm,” Bab said after a moment. “Warm?” Ramonita asked. “Yes. Alex isn't the smartest or the strongest. But I know he will always be there for me when I need him.” Bab said before thinking of something else about Alex. **************** “Frost!” I yelled and froze a monkey looking monster before Lauren hit it with the mace killing it. “I finally killed it!” Lauren claimed proudly. For the last 30 minutes, he’s been chasing it after he was hit in the back of the head with a rock. But he now looked very proud of himself. “You're getting better, but I do think you fight better with your sword then mace. It's more balanced for you.” I tell him as I take the mace. “Hey Alex. why don't you have a weapon?” Lauren asked. “I haven't seen you use one. Only a stick or ice magic.” “I've had 3 swords but I sort of had bad luck with them. Two of them broke and my favorite sword was stolen from me. After my last one broke I don't think I want to have another sword right now.” I explained to him. “Then why don't you use one of the weapons in the basement?” he asked me. “Because none of them feel right to me. They are either too heavy or too light for me to use.” I tell him. “The ones with a good weight to them are the swords and bows. Both of which I don't want to use.” “But what if we fight something strong?” Lauren asked. “I'm a hunter class with beast vision, I can see how strong the monsters are around here and stay away from them.” I explained to him “Now come on let's kill a few more monsters before we go back.” Lauren was getting better with each swing of his sword as I watched him from a safe distance. I was glad to use this time to train myself as well. My arm soon began to hurt and I knew we had to start heading back now, however before we got too far we both heard a loud screech. We immediately turned around to see one of the scariest things I could have ever seen. A big mama monkey monster swinging wildly at us. It was about the size of a small child and holding the monkey monster we killed not so long ago. “Lauren stay back!” I yelled as I used my beast vision to see it was as strong as I was and I immediately started to fire off ice magic at it in hopes of killing it quickly but the monster was too quick and soon swung right into me and knocked me off of my feet. The monkey then tried to leap over me to get to the prince but I grabbed it by its tail and threw it back. it staggered a bit before getting its bearings but not before I got back on my feet and ready to fight. The monster let out another screech before leaping at me. This time I was ready and I punched it as hard as I could, but using its hind legs it grabbed my arm and came back to bite me on my shoulder. I screamed out in pain and before I could do anything the monster leaped from me and over to Lauren. Lauren tried his best to defend himself but the monster was too much for him to handle and he was soon knocked to the ground with the monster beating and tearing at him. I quickly rushed over and using all the strength I had, kicked the monster off of him. The monster got up and screeched again but this time I threw 4 ice shards at it. 3 struck its body. “Lauren closes your eyes now,” I told the scared boy as he immediately did as he was told. I walked over to the monster. Weakly screeching at me as I got closer to it. The 3 ice shards hit it in a weak spot but didn't kill it. While the monster was what attacked us I wasn't going to let it suffer any unnecessary pain. So taking my knife I stabbed it through its heart. Putting it to rest. ************************* After a while, Lauren and I finally made it back to the cabin. Thanks to my regen the bite was slowly healing itself but I did notice how both Lauren’s and my clothes were completely trashed. Holes, rips, and blood all over them. How much damage could one monkey cause? After a quick shower and new change of clothes, I had to make a very big decision. To go to the nearest town and get some supplies or not. As of right now, we are golden on food and water. However as I look at Lauren now forced to wear my very baggy shirt, which looked like a nightgown on him, I knew we had to get him some new clothes. Plus with Ramonita using Bab’s diapers as well, we are almost out. We just have a few big problems. First is that people might still be searching for us. Next, the nearest town is a 4-mile hike from the cabin, meaning I just can't go by myself to be safe and I can't leave the prince and princess alone without protection so I'll have to take all 3 kids. But that still left another big problem, and my worries only grew when Ramonita made just one comment. “I have an idea,” she said with a slightly evil grin... Alexander March Stats- lv20 HP-100 (+4) Attack-54 (+3) Defence-40 (+5) Speed-59 (+2) Regen-13 (+1) Manna-57 class-hunter Skills-beast vision Weapons- knife Element-ice partner-Bab Ados Stats- lv25-MAX HP-67 (+20) Attack-12 Defence-13 (+45) Speed-12 (+9) Regen-16 (+3) Manna-200 class-mage Skills-potion maker (new elixir maker) Weapons-none Element-lightning Ramonita Maynard Stats- lv12 HP-57 Attack- 21 Defence- 22 (+100) Speed- 19 Regen-7 Manna-27 class-princess Skills-royal blood Weapons- dagger Element- dark Partner- Lauren Thacker Stats- lv9 HP-49 Attack- 19 Defence- 17 Speed- 17 Regen-8 Manna-18 class-prince Skills-royal blood Weapons-sword Element- water Money ---- gold 13) silver 14) bronze 1) copper 8) ****************************** Sherry was pissed as she sat right in front of Aeva at a public restaurant. Aeva was completely done up, looking nothing like she had a few days ago during the fight. Even with all the wanted posters posted all over town, no one would have recognized her. The only reason Sherry was here was because Aeva personally called to her in the middle of a crowded street. Sherry wanted nothing more than to arrest this woman but she did nothing at the moment. If they were to fight here she knew there would be many people caught in the crossfire. “What do you want?” Sherry asked as she sipped some tea. Not once letting Aeva out of her sight. “We already got your master why don't you just turn yourself in now and tell us we're the princess is.” “You know I saw what you did the other day, how you let go of the boy's leg and let them go. You're very lucky no one else saw what happened.” Aeva told Sherry with a bright smile. “Let me guess, you want to blackmail me to help you break your master out of jail?” Sherry asked as she remembered her split-second decision to trust Alex when he told her he was trying to save them. “No, if master wanted out he could do that on his own. master wanted me to find someone to give the queen a special message,” she told sherry as she pulled out a bunch of letters tied together with a single string and placing them on the table. “And what is this?” Sherry asked not looking at them. “Master wanted a chance to talk to the queen but knew there would be no chance at that unless he was captured. If he was captured then someone would have undoubtedly got their hands on the evidence we have to prove Elroy was planning all of this.” Aeva told her “And you expect me to trust you?” Sherry asked her. “Only if you want to find the princess faster,” Aeva told her as she stood up from the table. Sherry could immediately feel the quick change in the air pressure around them and immediately knew this was Aeva's only real threat. ‘Follow me and everyone here will die.’ “I’ll look into it,” Sherry said as she finally looked at the letters before looking back up to see Aeva and the air pressure gone like the wind.
  8. redwelch2222

    Dropped in a new world (re-uploading) ch18 (11-17)

    ch 17 The cabin we are staying in already had a lot of stuff waiting for us. There was a living room, kitchen, bathroom, 3 bedrooms, and a basement. In the basement was plenty of food and a few weapons stored there. Along with a stack of wood and a few random boxes. The kitchen was small but decent and had everything I needed to cook with. The living room had 2 large couches parallel from each other with a long coffee table between them. There was also a fireplace to help keep the cabin warm. The 3 bedrooms were for Chet, Aeva, and Monarch. Chet’s room was very bare except for the large bed that took up most of the room. Aeva’s was trashed and full of makeup and trash scattered everywhere. I was quite surprised I didn't see her clothes everywhere but I guess they packed all that. Lastly was Monarch’s room, it was surprisingly very clean. But his bed, however, was completely wrecked. It looked like an elephant stepped on it. What someone would have to do to get a bed to look like that I have no idea. I decided who got what room. Bab and Ramonita got Chet's big bed while Lauren got Aeva’s bed. There were slight complaints about this decision. While it was Lauren’s brother's room it was the only room to have a bed big enough for the girls to share. unless one of the girls wanted to sleep on the couch my decision was final. But before Lauren could sleep in Aeva’s room I asked the girls to clean the room first. they protested this time but I just asked them one simple thing. “Would either of you want a boy cleaning your room?” I asked them. Their answer was obviously a no. also I wound up taking the couch as I really didn't want to sleep on Monarch’s bed. The prince really seemed to accept what was happening very fast. I'm guessing that he already guessed something like this would happen. “How are you holding up?” I asked him as I was taking a box full of trash out of Aeva’s room and saw the prince sitting on the couch. “My brother had some stranger kidnap me, how do you think I'm holding up?” he asked me as I sat the trash down. “Like that box of trash right there,” I replied while he just glared at me and my bad joke. “Look, I hate this just as much as you do. Personally, you and your family can all go fuck off.” “Then why are you doing it!” Lauren snapped at me. “We already told you what Elroy was planning. I wasn't going to let my friend die in an attempt to kill you. If it wasn't for Ramonita begging me to help you I would have just gotten Bab and left.” I tell him. “Then why don't you just leave now then?” he asked me angrily. Lauren has been in a foul mood ever since he read his brother’s letter. It explained everything that happened and why this happened. How it was for his own good and all that but Lauren wasn't happy about it at all. “I cant, I made a promise and I don't go back on them, ever,” I told him. “Well, I don't need you here! I will handle my business on my own!” the boy yelled at me having his little tantrum. “Ok fine, how about we make a deal,” I tell him as I got fed up with his attitude. “Well go outside and I'll give you 5 minutes to hit me once with any weapon you chose. If you can hit me I will take the girls and leave. But if you can't hit me then you will do what I say for the rest of the day.” “You'll just use a weapon to block my attacks.” he countered. “Nope, I'll use no weapons, and I'll make this deal to you every day,” I told him before standing up and going to the door. “So make your decision.” ********************* Bab and Ramonita were still busy with cleaning the room when they heard the argument. Right away they knew what was going to happen and didn't bother to interfere. “So um, how are you?” Ramonita asked Bab trying to make small talk with her. “Xupy” she told Ramonita. “Oh right, no one can understand you without a bond,” Ramonita said remembering that little fact. “Sorry” Ramonita immediately went back to work picking up the trash now feeling awkward about bringing it up. Bab looked over at her and noticed something about the princess. “gve cly eoi kjurr gyclupw jvy zucnyl?” Bab asked and when Ramonita looked at her in confusion Bab patted her diaper to emphasize what she said. “The diaper? Oh, why am I still wearing one?” she asked and Bab nodded. “I don't have my panties with me.” Bab just looked at her before getting up and walking to Ramonita’s coat and pulled out the underwear she was hiding. “How did you know where they were?” Ramonita yelled before snatching them from Bab. Bab just rolled her eyes before pointing at her eyes and then pointing at Ramonita’s crotch. “Oh, right, you were there when I had the diaper put on me the first time,” Ramonita said as she smacked her face with her palm for forgetting that. “Please don't tell Alex!” Bab just looked at her in confusion before waving her hand to emphasize Ramonita to go on. after a moment she realized what Bab was trying to say. “They make me feel better,” Ramonita told her. “I don't know about you, but as the princess of Parïtet, I am held to a very high standard. Every day I have to be the princess and nothing less. I actually really hated the idea of having to wear a diaper at first but if I got even a little amount of freedom from being a princess then it was worth it I thought. But then I had my little...accident.” Bab watched as Ramonita sat on the bed with a sad yet happy face. “Anyone else I know would have been disgusted and berated me on how that's not how a princess should act; that I wasn't acting like a lady. Alex, on the other hand, didn't treat me like that. When I accidentally peed in my diaper and was crying like a baby he was just there to comforted me. To tell me I was alright." Ramonita told Bab before her face turned completely sad. "I feel if I put that underwear back on and stop wearing the diaper then I will just wind up being treated like a princess again.” Bab walked over to Ramonita and took the underwear from her hands before she placed them into Ramonita’s jacket and gave Ramonita a smile and a wink. ****************************** It’s been 10 minutes and Lauren still hasn't made a single hit as I keep stepping backward. All the boy does is blindly swinging a gold staff. I was quite surprised he had his own weapon when he pulled out a small stick out of his pocket that extended to about his size. “You give up yet?” I ask him. “N-no!” Lauren yelled as he tried to make a big swing again and I caught it with my bare hand. “Well, your 5 minutes are up. do what any noble person should do and accept your defeat,” I tell him before yanking the staff from his hands. Suddenly my own had caught fire and I had to drop the staff and beat my had on the ground to put out the fire. I completely forgot about that’s what royal weapons did. “What the fuck! Delayed reaction much!” I say as I look at the staff before looking at Lauren. “Look my deal still stands, you can fight me and challenge me every day but it will always be the same. Or you can choose to listen and let me help you get stronger.” Lauren just stared at me angrily before running back inside the cabin. I sigh before I walk back inside myself, not bothering with the royal weapon as I really don't want to set my hand on fire again. “What's his problem?” Bab asked me as I came back inside. “At the moment everything,” I tell her. “So how's the room coming along?” “We just finished. The brats in there right now.” Bab said as I looked up to see Ramonita being shoved out of the room before the door slammed shut. “I'll deal with him later,” I tell her as I take a seat on the couch. “So what's the plan now?” Bab asked me as she sat next to me while Ramonita sat on the couch across from us. “What is she saying?” Ramonita asked me. “She’s asking what our plans are. To tell the truth I don't know. I want to help him but he’s making it harder for himself. He’s just running out of options. “But shouldn't the marriage thing still work?” Bab asked. “No, even if Elroy wasn't planning on killing him, there's no doubt Enedina would have had backup plans. And now if they show up in either kingdom they will most likely be killed by someone. His only option is to get stronger and fight.” I tell them. “I think I'll try talking to him, maybe I can convince him,” Ramonita suggested before walking into the other room. “By the way, how's the language barrier?” I asked Bab. “It's still annoying but at least you can understand me,” Bab told me. “Is there any way we can get them to understand you?” I asked her. “Not without forming a bond, or a double bond,” Bab told me. I remembered back with Noah and Sherry and how we formed that temporary bond, and how they worked until suddenly I got an idea. ******************** “Prince Lauren, mind if I talk to you?” Ramonita asked him as she entered the room. “Just leave me alone Princess,” Lauren told her as he sat on the pink bed just staring at the floor. “Please, just call me Ramonita,” she told him. “I wanted to ask you a question, why haven't you started your training?” “Because my stepmother forced all the royal responsibility on me. I never have time.” “Prince Lauren you know you can't lie to me about that. Based on your situation, not even your mother has that type of power. You yourself will have to be the one to accept all those responsibilities.” Ramonita told him. Lauren finally looked up at her and glared at her, before he sighed. “I don't want to fight my brother,” he told her. “I know I can't win, I know Danilo will try to kill me, and I'm terrified. So I decided to look for another way, a way that doesn't involve fighting and me being killed by my brother.” “You know there was no way this would have worked. One way or another your mother would have made sure of that.” Ramonita told him. “I ALREADY KNOW THAT! BUT WHAT ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO DO!” the boy screamed at her. Ramonita then slapped him across his face, Lauren looked at her with shock before his lip began to quiver and tears formed in his eyes. “You suck up your pride, ask for Alex’s help, and save your kingdom,” Ramonita told him before walking over to the door. “I would at least talk to him, Alex might not look all that impressive, but he’s still a good guy that wants to help you.” She left Lauren in the room alone with his thoughts. *********************** For the next few hours, I was looking through everything in the basement until I found a few things that would come in handy. As I was putting some of the stuff back I heard someone come down into the basement. I took a look and saw the prince was standing on the bottom step staring at the floor. “I'm very sorry for the rude behavior I showed earlier sir Alex. I hope you may forgive me,” he told me. “Ok kid, 3 things. First, please don't call me sir, Alex is just fine. 2nd, when you want to apologize to someone it's better to look them in the eye when you do.” I told Lauren as he raised his head to finally look at me. “Third, if you're really sorry then follow me.” I then walked past him, up the stairs and back in the main room. Where Bab and Ramonita sat reading books. “Ok, so I have something that will make our lives a lot easier,” I tell them all as I hold out 2 bracelets Chet had stored in the basement. One was for Lauren and the other was most likely a spare because it was a lot harder to find. “I want Ramonita and Lauren to form a bond.” “Wait why?” Lauren asked me as he came into the room. “By forming a bond you can form a double bond with Bab and me so you can understand what Bab says. ” I told him. Ramonita didn't need any convincing as she eagerly grabbed a bracelet and slipped it on her wrist. “Come on Lauren, just trust him just this once,” she told him as I held out the other bracelet for him. After a moment's hesitation, he took the bracelet and put it on. After they formed their bond and then a double bound with us we were now set. “Did it really work?” Ramonita asked before looking at Bab who was still reading her book. “Bab say something to see if they can understand you,” I tell her. “Hi Ramonita, and Lauren. what a lovely day it is,” she said without looking up from her book. “It really worked!” Ramonita yelled excitedly. “Yep, now let's go Ramonita,” I tell her as I lead her outside. “Where are you going?” Lauren asked as he tried to follow. "Ramonita is going to go kill some slimes with me to make you stronger," I told him. "What?" he asked in confusion. "With a bond as long as your partner is fighting you both split the experience. since you don't want to do the fighting Ramonita is going to take your place," I tell him. "I want you to stay inside, wouldn't want to risk you getting hurt.” I then shut the door in his face before he could ask what I meant and leaving him alone with Bab. “You know he’s right,” Bab told Lauren as he turned to face her. “By relying on Ramonita to fight your battles for you, you’ll undoubtedly get much stronger.” “But I don't want her to fight my battles. I don't want anyone to fight my battles.” Lauren told her. “No? Based on what I've heard you didn't want to train before, you wanted to find an easy way out while still knowing they wouldn't work. Then you still fought with the only person who wanted to help you. You left him with no choice but to force Ramonita to fight on your behalf because you're too scared to fight.” bab told him, not once looking at him. Lauren wanted to yell at her. He wanted to tell her it wasn't true, that he didn't want any of that. But at the same time, he knew she wasn't entirely wrong. Bab had a small smile on her face as she heard Lauren run out the door and knew we had him where we wanted him. *********** “Ramonita! I don't want you to fight my Battles!” Lauren yelled at her when he found us killing slimes. “Prince Lauren, I would suggest you stand back, this is far more dangerous then you can handle,” I told him. “No! This should be my fight, not yours.” Lauren yelled at us. “Sorry Lauren, but this is the only way to get you stronger,” Ramonita told him as more slimes started to appear. she wasn't even the slightest bit scared. Lauren then tried to rush over to help her but I grabbed him by his arm and dragged him away from the slime nest. “Boy, you are really starting to get on my nerves. You didn't want my help so now because of your stubbornness Ramonita is forced to pick up your slack.” I told him as he watched Ramonita start to become overwhelmed by slimes. “Please help her! She’s outnumbered!” Lauren yelled at me. “And why should you care, it’s your fault she’s like that,” I told him. "it's your fault she about to be eaten by slimes." “Just help her!” he yelled at me again but I bent down so my face was right next to him. “Help her yourself,” I whispered to him before sliding my pocket knife into his hand and let him go. I watched as he ran straight for Ramonita to try and save her from the slimes. *************** “Looks like your plan worked,” Bab said as she sat down next to me to watch Ramonita and Lauren fighting slimes. Ramonita was having a blast while Lauren still struggled a bit. “He just needed a little push in the right direction,” I told her before making a few ice crystals and throwing them at the slimes to help make sure the kids didn't get too overwhelmed. “Do you think he'll be ready to fight his brother?” Bab asked me. “Nope,” I tell her. “But at least he might stand a chance now.” Alexander March Stats- lv17 HP-91 (+4) Attack-46 (+3) Defence-43 (+5) Speed-52 (+2) Regen-10 (+1) Manna-50 class-hunter Skills-beast vision Weapons- none Element-ice partner-Bab Ados Stats- lv22 HP-57 (+20) Attack-11 Defence-11 (+45) Speed-11 (+9) Regen-13 (+3) Manna-180 class-mage Skills-potion maker Weapons-none Element-lightning Ramonita Maynard Stats- lv7 HP-49 Attack- 11 Defence- 10 (+100) Speed- 11 Regen-6 Manna-19 class-princess Skills-royal blood Weapons- dagger Element- dark Partner- Lauren Thacker Stats- lv4 HP-40 Attack- 7 Defence- 7 Speed- 7 Regen-3 Manna-9 class-prince Skills-royal blood Weapons-royal staff Element- water Money ---- gold 13) silver 14) bronze 1) copper 8) ********************************** Chet had his hands tied up and was dragged into the throne room where the queen of Parïtet awaited him. His face was bloody and swollen but he still got down on one knee and bowed to the queen. “It's been far too long,” Chet told her. “Where have you taken my daughter?” the queen asked him. “Sorry, but right now I can't tell you that yet,” he told her. Before spitting blood from his mouth onto the ground. “You can either tell us we're the princess is or we will torture that information out of you,” Elroy told Chet as he stood beside the queen. “Nice to see you too Elroy, again sorry about the hand by the way. I was originally going for your head.” Chet told him with a smile as he looked at Elroy’s now missing right arm. “I won't ask again, tell me where my daughter is or…” the queen started. “Or what? kill me? My mother already wants me and Lauren dead.” Chet told the queen. “that threat won't work on me. But I do have something worth discussing with you…..
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    Dropped in a new world (re-uploading) ch18 (11-17)

    ch 16 “No, no, a million times no!” I tell Ramonita and Chet. “Please just hear me out.” Chet pleaded. “Fuck no! Your family has been nothing but a pain in my ASS! Your brother’s an ass who harass girls, your stepmom is a cunt who nearly drowned Bab and threw us off a cliff, and now you send your Hulk to beat the shit out of me before asking me to kidnap your other brother? FUCK NO!” I yelled at him as I tried to stand up. “Alex, please. They need your help.” Ramonita told me. “I don't give a shit. Their family has already been a pain in my ass since day one. There is nothing that will get me to change my mind.” I tell her as I start walking away. “Bab might get killed,” she told me, stopping me in my tracks. “If this is some type of joke or threat I'm going to be royally pissed,” I tell her as I turn to face her. “It's not,” Ramonita with a sad look as she stared at the ground. “Elroy is planning on killing my brother,” Chet told me as I sat back down. “What does that have to do with Bab?” I asked. “Enedina, my brother's mother, has asked Elroy to kill prince Lauren,” Chet told me. “Why?” I responded. “Have you heard how the royalty process works?” Ramonita asked me and I nodded. “My father wasn't a righteous man. Before he became king he abandoned my mother while she was pregnant with me. He didn't care about anyone. When he destroyed the crystal and became king, he then met Enedina. She was from the other world and seduced my father into marrying her. When I was only 3 my mother brought me to my father to show him I was his son. At first, he didn't believe it but after they saw I had a royal seal on me they knew there was no doubt I was his son.” Chet then pulled his sleeve up and showed what looked like a tattoo that began to glow faintly. “But my mother was a whore and he didn't want anything to do with her. So he bought me from her before banishing her. Enedina hated me, thinking that one day I might take the throne from my father and strip her of her power. so she got pregnant herself. Thinking that if she herself had a child then she could have them become the next ruler and she would keep her power. My father, however, decided he didn't like having just one woman and began to sleep with his maids. Enedina knew of this and didn't care. If one of them looked pregnant she got rid of them somehow and covered it up. But one maid managed to fool Enedina and give birth to my youngest brother Lauren. Enedina did not like that and she had the maid sentenced to death for seducing the king to bare her a child. But the child was still royalty and my father was forced to keep him alive or else have the people look at him in a more negative light. When my father died Enedina wanted my brother Danilo to be the first to sit on the throne and to be named king. I hated Enedina with a burning passion and I also didn't want the throne for my own reasons but I would be damned if I let her stay in power. To her displeasure, I was the first to sit on the throne in hopes to stop her, however as you might know, that didn't work. But it did scare Enedina. if I wasn't chosen and there are still 2 royal children it was a 50% chance that her son would be banished as well and her along with him. So instead of risking it on a gamble, she demanded the kids fight for the throne. Ever since then she has been sabotaging Lauren, forcing him to take on ludacris tasks to keep him busy and not able to train for his fight with Danilo. Lauren, however, does not want to fight and was looking into a way they might be able to solve this peacefully.” “That's when prince Lauren got in contact with my family. He was hoping to talk about setting up an arranged marriage. This would, in theory, make it to where Lauren has a wife who is already a royal and make him into the next king automatically. My own mother agreed with the idea as she would be scared for her children if one of us would be banished by accident.” Ramonita explained. “With this, I would already be a queen of another kingdom while my older sister would become the next queen of Parïtet,” Ramonita told me “So Enedina doesn't want that and is trying to stop that from happening, how is she going to stop it?” I asked. Just then Chet pulled out a letter from his storage. “I was wondering the same myself. That's why I broke into Parïtet’s castle and retrieved these letters from Enedina to Elroy.” Chet told us. “By the way how did you get them,” Ramonita asked Chet. “Sorry but I must keep that a secret for now,” he told us. he had to scale down the side of the cliff near that old bench and work his way to the castle while hanging off the side of the cliff until he reached the castle's sewer system. He really doesn't want to tell that part. He only just recently got rid of the smell. “Anyway. The letter asks Elroy to kill my brother, what he gets in return I don't know but he did accept. He even tried to send a letter to a mercenary group to attack my brother but I managed to get it first. He now thinks that a mercenary group will attack my brother before the meeting but I wouldn't put it past him to try to kill my brother if they fail.” he told me. “And what does Bab have to do with anything?” I asked. “When do you think would be the best time to attack? When the 2 royles are surrounded by trained guards? No. if the mercenaries fail I have no doubt in my mind that he would attack my brother while the Prince and Princess are in their meeting and all alone.” Chet told me. “But we are to meet them before the meetup,” I tell him. “How would that work?” “Elroy's tricked us,” Ramonita told me as she laid out a map and showed me the path we were on. “He told us it would take a day and a half on this trail to get to the right spot. But that was a lie, it would indeed take us 3 days to get through the heavily dense woods. By then it would be over.” “This is why Elroy wanted to find someone that looked like the princess. To use her and kill her with my brother without putting the real princess in much danger.” Chet told me. After that explanation, I exploded. Anger frustration, everything. Not only were we used but know Bab was in a lot of danger. “So what's the plan?” I asked Chet after I calmed down. “Simple. After Monarch knocked you out he brought you on the right path and you will now be able to meet up with us at the right destination. My group and I will already be with my brother by the time you get there.” Chet began to explain. “From there I'm hoping to get my brother and your friend out in the open before having you kidnap him and running away with him and your friend while we hold off Elroy and Parïtet’s royal guards. “Ok I think I get the plan but why are you having me kidnap him? Wouldn't it be better if you just kidnap him yourself?” I asked. “No, I'm too recognizable, And so are my retainers. They are well-known to the common people. It's just like why you were picked to take care of the prince. If he’s with you then there is a much lower chance of anyone finding him.” Chet told me. “Then what? Am I supposed to take him on my journey with me? Bab and I can't go into hiding long, we still have our own journey to be on.” I tell him. “No all I ask is you hide him for 3 weeks. And I beg of you help him train. If he doesn't get stronger there is no way he will survive.” Chet pleaded with me. “And what about you?” I asked Ramonita. “I have to keep dragging you with me until we can get rid of our bond.” “I must also take responsibility for what my retainer has done. I wish to join you and help the prince.” Ramonita told me. With a heavy sigh, I look at the both of them and tell them I'm in. ********************** With that Chet, Aeva, and Monarch all leave too meet up with the prince. I wasn't sure how they were going to meet them before us but I figured they must have a way. Chet gave me a potion to temporarily increase my regen so that all my wounds from Monarch were healed much faster. Chet even offered me a new sword to replace the one Monarch broke but I declined. That was already my third sword that I've had brake or lost in such a little time that I didn't want to risk another. Not much happened after that besides camping and helping Ramonita change a heavily wet diaper. She had tried to do it herself earlier but messed up and Aeva had to help her out. Now she just wanted me to do it so as to not waste a diaper. “You know you don't have to wear them anymore. the deal with Elroy is canceled so you don't have to wear diapers anymore.” I tell her as she put her skirt back on. “I-I now but I actually gave my underwear to sherry to hold onto until the job was done.” Ramonita lied. She actually had her underwear in her coat pocket and was just having fun being in the soft padding. She just wanted to enjoy the diapers for just a little longer. ************** Using a map Chet gave us we made it to the chosen destination just before they did and watched as two carriages came to a crossroads in the forest. On one side was was Elroy driving the carriage with Noah, Lizzie, Lexi, and Alisha all riding on horses with Sherry and Bab inside the carriage, The other side I saw an older man driving the other carriage with Chet, Aeva, and Monarch walking behind it. But what really surprised me was Blake and Eva were with them. Why were they here? I watched as Eva smelt the air and began to look around confused before asking blake something. He too looked confused before he looked around for a moment. As soon as the carriages stopped both doors opened to the carriages and out stepped Bab in her princess dress with a veil to cover up her face. From the other, a boy about the same size as Bab came out of his carriage. He wore a fancy suit with his long black hair slicked back. Bab, Elroy, Chet, and Lauren all met in between the carriages, “It is an honor to meet you princess Ramonita.” prince Lauren told Bab as he bowed to her. Bab only bowed back. “Princess Ramonita has gotten a little sick and has lost her voice, I will do my best to translate,” Elroy told them. “Man look at how much you've grown,” Chet told Bab as he bowed to her. “It has been quite a few years since I seen you. I remember the last time we played together as kids I had a nanny named Fran.” While it was hard to see what was going on but I think Chet was telling Bab what I asked him to tell her. “Back then I got so constipated from that drink you gave me then.” Chet continued and that part seemed to grab Bab’s attention. “Do you remember the story she told us back then about the little girl being saved by her big brother from some hungry wolves? I remember you like that one. I was hoping Bab got the message from that. If we were going to get out of this we definitely needed her help. “I don't think she does at the moment. May I ask we continue this conversation later. The village of Pikaesh is just a mile east from here.” Elroy tells everyone and is about to leave with Bab when Eva steps up. “Sissy is that you?” she asked. “Sissy?” Elroy asked confused. “I'm sorry but I think you are somehow mistaken.” “Eva what are you doing?” Blake asked her. “No that is Sissy I can smell her and Alex,” Eva said allowed. “Wait what's going on?” prince Lauren asked. Fuck I forgot about her sense of smell! “What is she talking about?” Elroy asked more surprised to hear my name than anything else. I could suddenly feel the air get thick from tension like at any moment someone would explode. I wanted to wait until Chet gave a signal to spring from my hiding spot to grab the prince and Bab and take off. But know… “Stay hidden.” I tell Ramonita before I jumped up and yelled “Sup everybody!” This caused almost every one to jump in surprise. I walked out of the forest leaving Ramonita still hiding. The moment Bab saw me through her veil she ripped it off and came running at me to give me an embrace. “Wow, I'm gone one day and this is your reaction?” I say as I crouch down and give her a hug and whisper in her ear. “Prepare to fight.”. “What in the blasted fuck is going on here!” prince Lauren yelled before Chet punched him in the face and knocked him out before grabbing him and throwing him in my direction. Suddenly everything went hectic as everyone began fighting one another. I ran over to the prince who landed not far from me and saw who was fighting who. Chet and Elroy were sword fighting. Monarch went into his demon berserker mode and jumped over Chet and Elroy to fight Noah and Sherry. One punch from Monarch left a crater in the ground as Noah and Sherry dodged his punch. Sherry tried to use her fire magic on him but that didn't seem to faze him as he let out a roar and charged at her. Noah was about to help when he was surrounded by 8 daggers controlled by Aeva. “Sorry, we already know how strong you 3 are, we're not going to go easy on you,” Aeva said in a sweet voice as she manipulated her wind controlled dangerous to keep Noah on the defensive. The other 3 royal guards, however, were charging straight at me as I was throwing the prince over my shoulder. “Tundra!” I yelled and using my free hand I tried to freeze them all but it didn't work. Lizzie just used her fire magic to counter my ice while the other 2 still charged. Bab tried her lightning but only managed to hit Lexi and knocked her to the ground as Alisha jumped into the air and tried to slash at me with her sword again. But instead of hitting me Blake came to the rescue and blocked the sword with a Bow. “Whats going on!” Blake yelled at me as a monster that looked like a cross between a gorilla and a bear suddenly grabbed Alisha and threw her right at Lizzie “No time to explain were trying to save the prince.” I quickly tell them. “Can Eva get us out of here?” I asked looking at the gorilla bear monster. “No, you don't!” Elroy yelled as he punched Chet in the face before firing a beam of light right at me. Before any of us could move a small body ran in front of me and blocked Elroy’s attack using a black void that appeared in front of Ramonita. “PRINCESS!” Elroy yelled before Chet punched him and their fight continued. “Ramonita what was that!” I asked her. “And I thought I told you to stay hidden!” “I don't know.” Ramonita as she looked at her hands wondering what she just did, “po juqy! ryjk wo!” Bab yelled as she grabbed my arm and began to tug at it “Right, Eva, can you get us out of her quick!” I yelled to her. She nodded her head and soon her body began to grow larger into a creature I couldn't even describe. Eva used multiple limbs to grab onto Bab, Blake, Ramonita, the prince and I before using huge wings to take off into the sky. “Noah Lift!” Sherry yelled as she charged at Monarch who at this point broke one of her arms. Monarch lunged for her but Sherry jumped on top of him and jumped into the air. Noah heard what she wanted and slammed his hand into the ground as 3 daggers stabbed into his side. Just then a tower of earth shot out of the ground and Sherry used that as an extra step before using her fire magic to rocket into the sky. Suddenly I felt a sharp tug on my leg and looked down to see Sherry dangling from my leg. “Alex this has gone on far enough! Release the prince and princess now!” Sherry yelled at me. “I can't! I'm trying to save them! Please trust me on this!” I yell down at her. She just looked at me for a moment before gritting her teeth and yelling ‘Catch!’ she then let go of my leg and suddenly a pink backpack was in my face. I lunged for it only just barely catching it before I looked down to see sherry using her fire magic to land safely onto the ground. **************** It's been 2 days since we got away. Chet had already had a safe house set up just for us. He must have been planning this for quite a while. It took a while but Ramonita had finally explained everything to the prince about what was going on and even gave him a letter from Chet to prove we weren't lying. Blake and Eva had to leave right away. There were no doubts that other people saw Eva flying and it was only a matter of time before they followed her flight path. So they quickly dropped us off before flying north to help keep anyone off our trail. But we did agree to meet back up in a few weeks when everything died down. As for me and Bab, we re-established our bond. We had to take prince Lauren’s phoenix tear to break the bond from me and Ramonita. But now I can finally be back with my favorite partner. I looked at the three kids before me. Each one of them forced on me in one way or another. Why have I become a babysitter? Alexander March Stats- lv16 HP-90 (+4) Attack-45 (+3) Defence-42 (+5) Speed-51 (+2) Regen-9 (+1) Manna-46 class-hunter Skills-beast vision Weapons- none Element-ice partner-Bab Ados Stats- lv21 HP-54 (+20) Attack-10 Defence-11 (+45) Speed-11 (+9) Regen-11 (+3) Manna-176 class-mage Skills-potion maker Weapons-none Element-lightning Ramonita Maynard Stats- lv6 HP-47 Attack- 9 Defence- 9 (+100) Speed- 9 Regen-6 Manna-17 class-princess Skills-royal blood Weapons- dagger Element- dark Partner- Lauren Thacker Stats- lv1 HP-35 Attack- 3 Defence- 3 Speed- 3 Regen-1 Manna-3 class-prince Skills-royal blood Weapons-royal staff Element- water Money ---- gold 13) silver 14) bronze 1) copper 8)
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    Dropped in a new world (re-uploading) ch18 (11-17)

    ch 15 (nearly 3 months! i need to fix my work scedual...) Ramonita and I woke up, ate breakfast and left the city as soon as we could to get our head start. Elroy and Bab would be taking a carriage, so if we didn't go now, we might not make it in time. The plan was to meet up at the halfway point between Pa'a and Parïtet. It will be about a day's walk, a day and a half if we have to stop. Since Ramonita isn't much bigger then Bab I don't expect her to keep up with me and will most likely have to take multiple breaks. I thought about strapping Ramonita to my back like Bab, but I decided not to. We didn't talk much for a long while. Me not knowing what to talk about and Ramonita hoping not to bring up what happened last night. “So, um, what does dark do?” I asked Ramonita trying to make small talk, “What?” Ramonita responded. “The dark element, your magic,” I reply before showing her the stats screen and showing her that her elemental magic was dark. “I have no idea, I've haven't learned much about magic,” she told me. “Really? I would have thought your family would teach you all types of things like that just in case.” I tell her. “No, since I would never need it in my daily life so there would be no reason to teach me,” she told me. “Want to test it out?” I asked. “How?” Ramonita asked. “Well, Bab was the one to teach me. She said ’You have to focus on the magic and use your mana to make the spell appear. So try thinking of releasing dark energy.” I told her. Ramonita did as I suggested and tried to focus, But nothing happened. We sat there for about 10 minutes but still nothing. “I guess we'll have to ask someone else about it later,” I suggested since I barely had any idea on how to use my ice magic myself. Just then I noticed a slime start to appear out of the ground below us and realized we must be standing above a slime nest. Deja vu. Ramonita also saw and grew very scared seeing more monsters surround us. “Don't worry they're weak and easy to kill,” I tell her as I take out my knife and stab the one between us. “Why don't you give it a try.” “No, it's your job to protect me, I'll leave that job to you,” she told me as she tried to back away from the knife before stepping on a slime. I then had an evil idea and sat down. “What are you doing?” she asked. “My job is to make sure you make it to your destination, not protect you. If you want protection, then protect yourself.” I told her, half lying. Personally, I didn't mind protecting her. But this seemed like an excellent way to teach someone to not just to rely on someone else and to defend themselves. Plus I wanted to see how Bab found this funny when she did something similar to me. I watched as Ramonita began to freak out a little as more slimes started to appear sensing something wasn't moving above them and thinking it was either a dead or injured animal. Slimes started to appear on me as well, but unlike last time I knew how to deal with them and watched as Ramonita took out her dagger and began to stab the slimes. “Please help me!” Ramonita yelled at me as some of the slimes got on her before she noticed the slimes all on me. “OK, on one condition. You learn how to defend yourself after this.” I tell her. “YES! Anything just please get them away!” she screamed before feeling a cold wind blow all around her. I was using my frost breath and killed a lot of the slimes. I then stood up and used frost to freeze the ones on me and break them off before holding out a hand to Ramonita to lead her to a safer spot. Using beast vision, I was able to see where the slime nests are underground and stayed away from them. “You did better than I did my first time taking on those slimes,” I told Ramonita. “R-really?” she asked me as she tried to catch her breath from the scary situation. I then told her about what had happened not so long ago and even what had happened to Bab, which made Ramonita laugh. “I know you normally have guards and other people to protect you, but I still think you should at least learn how to defend yourself. What would you do if your guard disappeared and those slimes surrounded you?” I asked. Ramonita was about to say something but stopped when she realized I was right. Being surrounded by those slimes had terrified her. If this had been any other time, she would have also been unarmed. Those slimes would have quickly killed her. But for me? I wasn't scared of them because I knew what to do while she didn't. “We still have some time to kill, want to learn how to defend yourself?” I asked. After a moment of hesitation, Ramonita nodded yes. Alexander March Stats- lv16 HP-90 (+4) Attack-45 (+3) Defence-42 (+5) Speed-51 (+2) Regen-9 (+1) Manna-46 class-hunter Skills-beast vision Weapons- sword (C) Element-ice Partner- Ramonita Maynard Stats- lv5 HP-45 Attack- 8 Defence- 8 (+100) Speed- 8 Regen-5 Manna-15 class-princes Skills-royal blood Weapons- dagger Element- dark *********** “YES, YES, YES!” Ramonita yelled and was jumping around after she defeated a big bug monster. “Good job Ramonita.” I congrats her. It took Ramonita a moment to get used to fighting, but the moment it clicked for her, she’s been on a roll. “So how do you like fighting now?” I asked her as we sat down for lunch. “I love it!” she told me with a big smile and dirt on her face. “This is so much fun!” She was covered in dirt and had a few scrapes and scratches, but she was legitimately having fun. “What do you do for fun back at the castle?” I asked, and suddenly her smile started to fade. “Nothing like this. I spend most of my time inside taking lessons on how to be a proper lady and how to be Parïtet’s possible future ruler,” she told me. “When I'm not studying I'll sometimes take a walk around the castle, read a book, or play a board game with my sister. If my parents, teacher, or even Elroy saw me like this, they would be appalled.” “I'm sorry,” I tell her now feeling bad. Such a sheltered life, it's no wonder she’s this excited to be fighting monsters. It's probably the only real fun thing she’s done in years. “No, thank you Alex. in such a short time you’ve let me do so many new things I never would be able to do. I'm having a lot of fun with you,” she told me, and I remembered something. “You also seemed to be having a lot of fun last night,” I tell her. Suddenly Ramonita’s face went bright red as she remembered what I saw last night. She even tried to stutter an excuse, but I stopped her. “I saw you wet the diaper and then play with it. You don't have to lie to me, you're fine to tell me the truth.” I tell her. “It...it was...a...weird experience,” she told me before I saw the faintest of smiles on her face. “I don't know how to describe it.” “I'm guessing you liked it because it's something you can't do at home,” I suggested. “What do you mean?” “You said it yourself, you don't get to do much at home. You're so used to the norm that when anything new comes your way you get excited to try the experience.” I tell her. “ just look at how much fun you're having fighting monsters. You never got to do that at home.” “But that's different than the diaper,” Ramonita told me. “Is it? You were so embarrassed yesterday when you had your accident because it went against your norm. You resisted fighting the slimes because it went against your norm. But once you’ve had the experience you want to try it again just to get that new experience back again. because it goes against everything you were told was wrong, and this is the first time you can rebel.” I explained. She didn't say a word, just looked down, partly ashamed. “Don't be upset, for once have a little fun and enjoy your freedom while you can. If you want to fight then fight. I'll help you when you need it. If you want to use your diaper go ahead, I'll change you if you need it. See what it's like to be a real kid for once in your life.” I tell her before reaching over and giving her head a gentle rub. Seeing the faintest of smiles on her face. *********** Over the next few hours as we made our way to our destination Ramonita took what I said to hart and did start enjoying herself more. She began to examine the world around her. Running from one new thing to the next. She even picked up a slime just to hold it. As she went on the smile on her face grew bigger with each new experience. I couldn't help but laugh on the inside when comparing her to Bab. Bab hates her situation, has had everything taken from her, and hates having to use her diapers. Ramonita, however, has everything, and hates her position, never able to experience anything new. Heck not too long ago she even peed in her diaper, and when I asked if she needed a change, she told me no. She wanted to feel what walking around in a wet diaper would feel like. I couldn't help but wonder what they would be like if they hung out together. I watched as Ramonita was looking in a stream at some fish swimming around when I noticed a man walking towards us. “Good afternoon,” I told him. The guy was huge. Tall and full of muscle. He almost looked like ‘The Rock’ from back home just with a full head of hair. “I want the girl,” he told me. “Excuse me?” I asked as Ramonita turned around and saw me talking to the big guy and came running over. “You heard me, hand the princes over.” the man told me yet again. “Ramonita, stay back,” I told her as I reached into my storage and pulled out my sword. “I don't know who you are, but I won't let you touch her.” “I won't repeat it again. Hand over the princes and no one will get hurt,” he told us as he lifted out his hand. I was hoping flashing my sword would at least deter him, But he didn't even flinch when he saw it. He must be very confident in his strength and ability. So I did the only smart thing to do and yelled RUN! Ramonita and I both turned away from the man and tried to run as fast as we could to get away from him when daggers flew right in front of us and stopping us cold. “I won't let you get away so easily,” the man behind us said as he began to walk closer to us. Okay, big guy, wind element, and uses daggers. The wind and daggers will make it hard to run, but if I can hold him off, then the princes could hopefully escape. “Ramonita run back to town and form a bond with someone else,” I told her quickly before charging at the man with my sword. The only thought in my head was to keep him busy just long enough for her to run away as I swing my sword at the guy. Instead of cutting him however he caught my blade mid-swing with his bare hand. Before I could even react, I was kicked into the air and landed right beside Ramonita who didn't have a chance to move. “Such a dull blade.” the man said as I sat up and threw up on the ground from the kick. When I looked back up the guy set my blade to his side and stomped down on it, Shattering it completely. Is this guy even human!? I stood back up just as the guy walked up to me and backhanded me away again. Ramonita was screaming as the guy picked her up by her hair. “Put her down!” I yelled as I tried to stand up. “What could you possibly do?” he asked. I tried running at him again but this time stopping just in front of him. “TUNDRA!” I yelled as I released everything I had. Last time I tried this I at least froze Alisha’s arms. Maybe I can do the same here. The man dropped Ramonita and using his free hand hit me again sending me to the ground again. My body was screaming in pain from just those three hits. Why is this happening? Why am I so weak? “Pathetic,” he told me as she smashed the ice off of himself before feeling a sight pain in his leg. Looking down he saw Ramonita next to his leg as she had just stabbed her dagger into his leg. “Leave him alone!” she yelled at him until she was backhanded by him. With no emotion at all, he pulled the dagger out of his leg and threw it to the side. Ramonita was now unconscious after that hit as he walked over to her. He was about to picker up when I told him to stop once more. He looked over at me and saw me stand up again. “Y...your fight...is with me,” I told him barely able to talk. My legs were shaking badly. I had Ramonita dagger in my left hand that I could barely raise half way. Blood was coming out of my head and got in my eye. Another puddle of puck and blood was below me. No magic, no strength left, and I had no way of ever winning. “Stand down little man, or you will die,” he told me. “I...i still have...one last trick...to kill you.”I lied out my teeth knowing this man was going to kill me. “Interesting.” the guy said with a small on his face. “I am Monarch, the Berserker. I have heard you cry for death and I shall grant you a warrior's death.” Suddenly as if out of a horror movie his body began to grow. He grew nearly a foot taller as his muscles started to expand and his skin turned bright red. His eyes turned white as he let out a mighty roar. I roared back at him as I took a step toward him! ***************************** Bab was being loaded into a carriage with Sherry. Elroy was driving the horses up front while the princess's royal guards and Noah all rode horses. Just before she got in, she heard a thunderous roar coming from the forest. “nrycky by crluwvj Cryf.” she said out loud before getting into the carriage and sitting down on the padded seat. The double padding still felt weird to her as she sat down in the dress. ************************* I opened my eyes and wondered if I was still alive or not. I turned my head to the side and saw a guy cooking something over a fire. I let out a slight moan and got his attention. “Look who’s back from the dead.” the guy said as he got up to walk over to me with a small bottle of water. Grateful I drank nearly the entire thing. “Where am I?” I asked the guy. He had dark hair and looked strangely familiar. I think I might have seen him somewhere. “you're at our camp. You’ve been out for a while,” he told me. “Wait what about the girl!” I yelled as I suddenly remembered Ramonita and tried to get up, but the guy stopped me. I was on some palet and was stripped down to my underwear and covered with a blanket. “She’s fine, she woke up before you and I had Aeva take her away to help her change her soiled diaper, she'll be back in a moment.” he told me. “Where are my clothes?” I asked. “They were covered in puke and blood. We had to take your clothes off of you and got rid of them since you wouldn't be able to use them.” he told me. I then began to wonder why my clothes would be covered in puke and blood before remembering what had happened. “What happened to the monster?” I asked, wondering how anyone could survive a fight with that thing. “Watch who you call a monster.” the man said behind me as I spun around to see him carrying a huge log. “You will make people mad.” I tried to jump up and run but my body was too heavy, and I collapsed once again. “Wow, now easy buddy. Just relax and let us explain.” the man said as he tried to help me move back into a lay position. But I fought him as well. Just trying to get away when suddenly Ramonita came running up out of nowhere to me and hugged me and try to calm me down. “Alex, it's alright, we are safe here. They won't hurt us,” she told me. As I looked at her, I saw her face partly swollen, but she was still fine. After a few more minutes of calming down, I got some help to sit up while these people introduced themselves. The first was Monarch. The hulking man that nearly killed us. Next was Aeva, a short woman with a big smile she too looked familiar. Lastly was Chet, The leader of their group. And I finally remembered where I saw them. He and Aeva were the couple I met a few days ago when I gave them directions. “Why did you attack us?” I asked. Wanting to know why I had to go through so much pain. “We needed to test you.” Chet told me. “Elroy trusted someone they didn't know that well to escort the princess. I wanted to see if you could be trusted.” “And you passed.” Aeva cheered happily. “What the fuck do you mean? You beat me within an inch of my life and say I somehow passed a test!” I asked now perplexed. “Monarch wouldn't have killed you, the test was to see if you were trustworthy or if you would just try to run at any moment,” Chet told me. “You tried to run away with the princess at first, but when you were blocked off by Aeva’s daggers, you tried to fight Monarch. Even after he kicked your ass, you keep going. Three times no less! Most people would have run away or given the princess up at that point. Hell even when Monarch went Berserk Demon mode you still took a step at him before collapsing instead of running away. You have my respect.” “I don't give a shit about your respect. He nearly kills me, and he hurt Ramonita!” I yelled as I pointed to Monarch. Just then Monarch got up from his position. I was terrified thinking he was now mad at me and was about to kill me. Instead, he walked over to a tree and began to hit his head on it. “Ya, he’s sorry about that. He’s actually a major pacifist and hates hurting people. But to test you, he had to do what he did.” Aeva told me before going over to comfort him. “There's another reason we wanted to test you,” Chet said. “We wanted to know if we could also trust you.” “For what?” I asked. Just then Ramonita got up and walked to Chet’s side. “Alex, this man is the former prince of Pa'a. I have heard what he has to say, and I ask that you please listen to what he asks.” she said before both he and she got on their knees and bowed their heads to the dirt in front of me. “PLEASE HELP ME KIDNAP MY BROTHER LAUREN!” Chet begged. Alexander March Stats- lv16 HP-90 (+4) Attack-45 (+3) Defence-42 (+5) Speed-51 (+2) Regen-9 (+1) Manna-46 class-hunter Skills-beast vision Weapons- sword (C) Element-ice Partner- Ramonita Maynard Stats- lv6 HP-47 Attack- 9 Defence- 9 (+100) Speed- 9 Regen-6 Manna-17 class-princes Skills-royal blood Weapons- dagger Element- dark ******************* Back in Pa'a all preparations are finished. Prince Lauren just received word about meeting with the princess early and give him very little time to prepare. Luckily the bodyguards he hired to replace his missing retainer had arrived and were ready to follow any order. Blake and Eva bowed to the prince ready to finish this job and help Alex and Bab as soon as they were done. “We are at your service!” they both told the prince before heading out.
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