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  1. Dropped in a new world. - nightmare chapter

    thank you all for the suggestions, I think I have a good selection now. so instead of me just picking out what I like, ill let you all vote on the name! pick whichever names you like best and vote! also, as to help with deciding, ill tell you a little bit about the character, she's 10, blond curly hair and is Alex's sister. thanks to everyone who suggested a name! Valleri Hester Patience Bee Alex (to make things REALLY confusing!) Kat Shea Vera Ann Amelia Scarlett
  2. Dropped in a new world. - nightmare chapter

    I should be getting my laptop back tomorrow! as soon as I get it I want to get right to work. but first, I want to ask for some help. there's a major female character coming up and I don't have a name for them yet. any suggestions?
  3. the punk and his baby sister ch3

    my only explanation is, Eick is currently a sleep-deprived teen who didn't think that threw. lol but Steve also has a few other problems later on. he doesn't just take care of Daisy, he has to work, take care of himself and not let anyone know about there situation. this story isn't going to be long like my others but i think it will have a few good twists later on
  4. Dropped in a new world. - nightmare chapter

    lol ya, I really like how pink played on Bab's emotions like that. its a reaction she would most definitely do after that type of nightmare. I also like how they used the code system for bab as well. makes it feel more authentic :) if anything, I wish it could have been longer! I would love to see how she reacts to the kids around her and maybe a little longer with nightmare Alex too. I'm glad my writing could inspire a good writer like you (despite both our spelling and grammar are shit!) the sissy stories might not be my thing, but the way you wrote them kept me interested I look forward to working more with you more in the future! (P.s. i like what you did with the signature, how did you do that?)
  5. Dropped in a new world. - nightmare chapter

    thank you both for your understanding.
  6. Dropped in a new world. - nightmare chapter

    well, I have some good news and bad news. the good news is, I just got paid!!! the bad news, Walmart is currently out of my laptop and won't get a new shipment until next week. so, I decided to order on Amazon so my new laptop will be here in 2-3 days. because of this, I decided to go back to my regular schedule and post a new chapter next Friday. while I know some of you might be upset I'm not posting a new chapter right away, and believe me, so am i. but because I was gone for around 3 weeks, I want to get back into my schedule and bring you all the best content I can. this break has given me a lot of time to think of how I want my stories to go, but it has also been a very big pain in my ass because I really want to write them! I also found a very old story I posted on a different site back in 2013 that I think I will fix up and repost as well. it's a short story so no need to worry about it. thank you all for your support and patience :)
  7. modeling, teachers, and lots of diapers ch5 (2/20)

    I really like it. its a good set up for the next picture. but I'm still wondering how you're going to strip him of his shirt while in the store. knowing you, you tend to have a reason for things happening. looking forward to the next chapter! p.s. I like that you went back to first person, its much better this way.
  8. Angel Hunter (Chapter 17 up Feb. 19)

    very good chapter
  9. The Little Thief c3 (2-22)

    lol, sorry, wrong choice of words. I know it's yours and diaper teens story, but until you give Pink the draft, even they don't know were this story will go
  10. The Little Thief c3 (2-22)

    lol, its kinda neat that even the person writing this story doesn't know what will happen next.
  11. The Little Thief c3 (2-22)

    great chapter! love the emotion this chapter gives off. especially the starving and abused scene.it just tugs at you a bit. I also like how Alice would rather go to jail than be a baby, normally it's the other way around. cant wait to see more from this story! this chapter is a 10/10 for me.
  12. The Little Thief c3 (2-22)

    cant wait!
  13. modeling, teachers, and lots of diapers ch5 (2/20)

    im looking forward to see what you make
  14. Simon says P.3 (2-18-18)

    great chapter again. cant wait to read Lily's next chapter
  15. Dropped in a new world. - nightmare chapter

    4 more days until I can start writing again! WOOO!!!