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  1. redwelch2222

    the world of Youth-Lock. p3 final

    Zoey was still hiccuping and sniveling as she was placed in her booster seat. She was still a little upset about being punished but she was slowly calming down as Danny gave her some juice and a chicken salad. “Th-thank you.” Zoey sniffled one last time before she started to eat and feel a little better. Her bottom still stung but the good food took her mind off that for a moment. As Zoey was eating, Danny was looking at his phone and checking the time. 1:43 PM. “Plenty of time,” Danny mumbled to himself. “Hum?” Zoey mumbled with a mouth full of food. “Nothing Zo, just talking to myself,” Danny said with a smile. “Mho!” Zoey said with her mouth full before she swallowed it. “You're weird.” She then giggled a little before going back to eating. Danny just smiled and went to his room to get some things ready. “DANNY! IM DONE!” Zoey called out so Dan can excuse her from the table. When dan came back, he was carrying a backpack and smiled at Zoey. “Good girl. Now put your dishes away so we can get ready.” Dan told her. “Ready? For what?” Zoey asked. “We're going to the park today,” Danny told her. imiditly Zoey's eyes lit up and she practically flew off the table, tossed her dishes onto the sink, and began bouncing in front of Dan. “I want to go! I want to go!” Zoey said excitedly. When this arrangement was first made, Zoeandra didn't want to be in public. She was afraid someone might recognize her and everything she worked for would be crashing down. When people talked about her, it was because she was unique in being one of the few youthlocks to become very successful outside of pretending to be “child” stars in movies. If her secret of liking to be Zoey was to ever get out, that is all Zoeandra would ever be known for. People bearly take her serious right now if people found out no one would take her serious again. But, after a while of being stuck inside for so long, Dan suggested they go see a movie. It didn't help that at that time a “Princes Fefe in Dreamland” movie was in theaters and she really wanted to go see it. She had planned on waiting for the DVD but trying to avoid spoilers was hard and the offer was too great to pass up. Dispight this, however, she still tried her best to hide. In hindsight, she probably brought more attention to herself by wearing black hoodie and sunglasses on an overcast day. Dispight her best attempts of hiding herself. She wound up tripping and falling at the theater and both her hood and glasses came off. At that moment, Zoeandra was so scared of what might happen if someone recognized her, she started crying. But as she did, a woman helped pick her up and tried to calm her down. Danny, who was getting the snacks, came rushing over to Zoey and also tried to calm her down. “I'm sorry, she just hurt herself,” Danny told the woman as he picked her up with one arm while the other held their popcorn. Zoey then just tried to hide in Danny’s shoulder as she cried a bit more. “Don't worry, my little Nina was like that too when she was 5.” the woman said with a smile. “But I know she will be fine just like any big girl. Won't she?” The woman was smiling as she looked at Zoey who stopped sniveling for a moment and looked at the woman. “See, she's a big girl.” the woman said with another smile.” “Mom!” a girl yelled to the woman. “Come on! We're going to miss the movie!” “Coming Nina!” the woman called back then turn back to Zoey. “and you have fun with the movie too. Ok, sweety.” And Zoey did. After that day, every now and then Danny would suggest doing something outside and Zoey would slowly come to except that no one her as Zoey. rather its because she looks like a little girl already, or its because it's Zoeandra and Zoey's personality are so different no one notices. Either way, it has helped Zoey love going out to play just as much as playing video games. Danny just laughed as he watched Zoey trying to jump on him to take her to the park already. “Ok little girl, we will be going soon, but first,” Dan crouched down and unzipped Zoey’s pajamas. “I want you to go get your big girl clothes and go potty for me. Zoey ran from Dan in a flash and soon came out of Dan’s room with a bundle of clothes and ran into the bathroom. Dan couldn't help but giggle and sigh as he watched her. Then he went to sit down while he waited. After a few minutes, dan heard a flush and a few minutes more Zoey came running out of the bathroom in her same day clothes as yesterday. The only difference was she was now wearing a pull-up instead of a diaper. Mostly because it was easier to move around in when she was playing outside. “Let's go!” Zoey said happily. “Or we might miss the bus!” “We're not taking a bus sweety,” Dan told Zoey who stopped bouncing. “Huh?” Zoey said confused. The park was on the other side of town and took 40 minutes to get to by bus from Dan’s closest bus stop. But nearly 2 hours by walking. Were they really going to walk that far? “Close your eyes,” Dan told her, which she did as she heard Dan pull something out of his backpack and put something on her head and heard a buckle. When she opened her eyes and reached up, she could feel she was wearing a bike helmet? That's when Dan walked over to his bike that was set up beside the kitchen. She then noticed the little attached seat on the front of the bike and realized what that meant. “Now we can just ride my bike and we don't have to wait for the bus,” Dan told Zoey who grew excited again and started jumping around as Dan took the bike outside. Once he was on, he picked up little Zoey and sat her down in front of him on her new little bike seat and handlebars. Unlike the bus that needed to make so many stops, Dan could make it to the park in just 20 minutes. And soon, they were at the park. Once they were there, Zoey had a lot of fun just running around and playing on everything. The slide, the swings, even a little rock wall. Dan just stood back and watched as the little girl had her fun. He also couldn't help but laugh at the idea that despite being much older than him, little Zoey was indistinguishable from any other 5 years old. One that doesn't have to worry about anything in her adult life, even just for a few days. After about 2 hours, Zoey found herself playing in a sandbox with a little pail and shovel someone left behind. As she played in the sand, Dan noticed a familiar truck pull into the park and smiled. “Hey Zoey,” Dan called. “Hum?” Zoey said and looked over at Dan and then to where he was pointing to. Her eyes lit up and she started to bounce. “Ice cream!” “You stay here and play while I get the ice cream,” Dan told the little girl as he walked over to the truck not too far from the sandbox. As Zoey watched Dan get in line behind 3 other people, Zoey went back to playing as a few more kids came to play in the sandbox. As she played, however, she didn't notice part of her Pullup became exposed and one of the kids saw it. “Billy? Why is she still wearing a diaper?” one of the little kids, roughly 5, asked their older brother. The brother looked over and also saw the pull-up before Zoey had a chance to hide it. “Its because she’s just a baby who can't use a toilet like a regular kid.” the boy named Billy, roughly 8 or 9, told their younger sibling. “I-i am not!” Zoey told them as she blushed. “I-i just have youthlock!” Zoey didn't mean to blurt that out. This was the first time anyone has made fun of Zoey since she started all of this. Most of the time, its just adults thinking she has bladder problems or doesn't even bring it up if they notice out of respect. “Whats a youpth lock?” the little kid asked. “Youth locks are just adults who look like kids.” a older brother, probably 14, told the younger. “Dad says they are nothing but babies or perverts who play with little kids.” “I-i am not!” Zoey yelled at the boy. “I bet she just loves felling up that diaper like the baby she is.” another boy said in a mocking tone. Zoey was getting very mad and upset as tears formed in her eyes. She wanted nothing more than to pounce and hurt them, but instead, she ran away. But she didn't go far as the side she tried to run to had mud right beside the sandbox and she slipped and fell into it. The boys all began to laugh as one of the younger ones ran over as Zoey was trying to get up. “Since you youthlocks like your messy diapers so much, let me help you with that.” the boy said as he scooped up some mud and pulled back Zoey’s pull-up. Zoey imiditly began screaming and flailing about as the foreign mud entered her pullup making her feel nothing but disgust. “HEY!” Danny roared as he sprinted over and dropping the ice cream he bought. The moment the boys saw the pissed off adult running towards them, all of them bolted from the scene. But not before Danny slid down near the mud, took a big scoop, and through it at the boys. While he wasn't able to hit all of them, Danny did manage to hit the teenager and coated the back of his shirt. “FUCKING PRICKS!” Danny roared as Zoey was balling her eyes out in the mud. As gently as he could, Danny picked Zoey up and held her tonight as Zoey continued to cry. The mud on her covering his shirt as well as he marched past a group of people who just witnessed the last of what happened. One of them even running after the boys in order to call the cops on them for what they did. Sadly, they would get away. As Danny took Zoey into the bathroom, he took her to the baby changing station and laid her on top of it. Zoey was still crying as she looked at Danny. “Its ok zo, Danny will make this all better. But I'm going to need you to close your eyes.” Danny told her. As she did as she was told, Danny tore the pull up open to see the large glob of mud on the inside. And thankfully he told her to keep her eyes shut as he wouldn't want to know how she would freak out if she saw a worm wiggling in the mud. Danny quickly removed the pull-up before Zoey had the chance to see it and began trying to clean Zoey as best he could. Using all the wet wipes he had, Danny was able to clean Zoey’s diaper area and put a new diaper on her. He even was able to get a lot of the mud off her face and hands but there was still some left. But it was the best he could do at the moment. Zoey’s crying came down a lot but she was still sniffling as Danny took her off the changing table. “I-i-i w-want WILDA!” Zoey balled. Danny couldn't help but sigh and agree. Compared to him, his aunt Wilda was far more capable of taking care of this situation then he was right now. So, he gave her a call. It didn't take Wilda long. As she drove up to the park, Danny sat on a bench holding Zoey and bouncing her on his knee as she sucked on her thumb to comfort herself a little. “Oh my...:” Wilda said as she saw Zoey covered in mud. “Come along. I'll take you home so you can get cleaned up and get some new clothes.” Zoey just nodded as she hoped from Danny’s knee and was heading towards the car. “Sorry about today zo,” Danny said with a sigh. Just then, Zoey spun around and ran over to hug Danny’s leg. “I-its ok. Next time well just play at home.” Zoey told Danny as she looked up at him. Dan gave a small chuckle as he looked down at her dirty face. “Ya, we will,” Dan told her as she let go of him and got into the car. After they left, Dan let out another sigh as he got on his bike to ride home and take off his muddy clothes as well. ****** “You ok?” Wilda asked Zoeandra. “Ya, I'm fine,” she told her assistant. With a glum look on her face. “I'm sorry, your weekend was ruined,” Wilda commented. “It's fine. There is always the next one.” Zoeandra commented before sighing as she looked down at her outfit. “But I don't think these stans will be coming out.” “True, looks like I'll need to take little Zoey shopping for a new outfit,” Wilda told her. “No, it's fine. I'll just order something online and have it…” Zoeandra was saying before a pacifier was put into her mouth. “Oh no, this is still your little weekend. And if mommy here wants to see what my baby girl looks like in her new outfits before I buy them.” Wilda told Zoeandra before smiling at her. Zoeandra, under normal circumstances, wouldn't let that slide. She wasn't in little Zoey mode, she was Zoeandra. She could just go home and order a new replacement outfit for herself. It would be a lot easier and less embarrassing. but, as Zoeandra pulled out her pacifier she said, “Yes mommy.” and put it back in with a slight smile. deciding that until the day was over, she was Zoey and she would let the Adults handle everything. Even if it's just for today. this is the final chapter of this little spinoff! I really hope you all liked it for what it is, but trust me, this will not be the last you will see of Zoey. she will be showing up in the main story of pinkthedinosaur's The little thief. I would like to also thank nekoroa for the art they have made and I would like to thank 'cute little kokiri girl' from Daily diapers who is one of the original authors of the "the little thief RP" and the one who bought the art for this spinoff story. if you can, please check out both the original artist, along with the original story. https://www.deviantart.com/nekoroa/art/A-Little-Work-769059532 https://www.deviantart.com/pinkthedinosaur/art/The-Little-Thief-730221660
  2. redwelch2222

    the world of Youth-Lock. p3 final

    some good news. a new chapter of the world of youth-lock part 3 (need to change that name soon) will be coming out soon. along with some art to go along with it! because I was getting free art for this story I decided to focus heavily on it and try to get it done as fast as posable. but I have been making some progress with the crossover story. I'm almost done with the first 1/3rd of it. granted, that part will be the easiest but still. so far I'm already having a bit of fun with one of the characters. hope you are all doing well and will enjoy the new chapter when it comes out with the art
  3. redwelch2222

    The Little Thief ch12 (9-21) + art!

    awesome and the art is very cute!
  4. redwelch2222

    The Little Thief ch12 (9-21) + art!

    such a cute chapter great to see some new details about the nightstars. can't wait to see what happens next! is the little doc coming back soon?
  5. redwelch2222

    Dropped in a new world. - update (9-10-18)

    Lol ya, it would be funny to see Bab like that glad you liked the arc, and the last bit of scarlet will be explained in the first chapter of the new arc.
  6. redwelch2222

    Dropped in a new world. - update (9-10-18)

    been back to work for about a week and I'm already exhausted. now that summer is over all of our hours have dropped a bit. but thankfully a few of the guys I worked with gave up a few of their days to help me out. they know about my hand and ret thing so they are helping me in any way they can. heck, even my boss is helping out by letting me work all of these hours. normally he can't give someone so many hours but he's making an exception. when I'm not working I'm slowly making progress on the large DINW special outline. need to make this before i work on the first draft to make sure everyone knows how the story will go. wish wasn't so busy but what can you do? ill hopefully have most of my payments paid up within 2-3 weeks and I should be able to go back to normal work hours and work on the story. quick question. for anyone who has read PinkTheDinosaurs story "Forced to save dreamland" should I have Bab or Alex put on Pardie?
  7. redwelch2222

    Dropped in a new world. - update (9-10-18)

    lol ya, with the Vampire and Werewolf angle, i wanted to do stuff that wasn't common in stories with them. and the thought of burning away the bad and letting the good grow was an idea I had early on. lol i have a few neat surprises one being the overall focus of the arc. lol yep and i have some fun ideas for the crossover ya, i plan on adding 2 or 3 new chapters to this arc when I do the fixed version to help flesh out some character growth. funny thing, i was just thinking the same thing. and i have a very funny idea for Bab's dad
  8. redwelch2222

    Dropped in a new world. - update (9-10-18)

    Lol thank you
  9. redwelch2222

    Dropped in a new world. - update (9-10-18)

    the man killed her for stabbing him after Alex ran away. and ya, a tragedy like that can really mess up someone's mind.
  10. redwelch2222

    Dropped in a new world. - update (9-10-18)

    Sherry stood right outside the a heavily-locked door as she listened to the screams and roars coming from inside. When the yelling and screaming finally stopped, Sherry heard every lock on the door unlock until finally Noah walked out. Behind him was the new boy named John strapped down on a table and transformed into his beast form. His mouth was forced wide open and it was obvious he was in a lot of pain. “So how was it?” Sherry asked. “God damn wisdom teeth are a pain. Trying to pull one out of a fucking hybrid that much stronger than a werewolf? Even harder,” Noah told her as he held up 4 bloody fangs. “One of the drawbacks on what he’s become, but at least he won't be in pain for much longer.” Sherry commented. “Yeah, they are resistant to most physical and magical inforced pain, but one wisdom tooth droops them to their knees.” Noah commented. “So what are you going to do with them?” Sherry asked despite already guessing the answer. “Do what I did with the last ones. But this time make it better.” Noha told her as he smirked. The thoughts of making a new and better sword excited him. “Speaking of which, i wonder how Alex and Bab are doing with their's?” ************** Chained to a wall, I'm dying of thirst. But nothing i'm given seems to quench that thirst. I don't know how long I was on this wall. My mind keeps cutting out and I can't think straight. RRRRRRAAAAA!!!!! Bab and her sisters just stare and my thrashing body. I don't even see them despite them being right there. “This is going to be very rough on him.” Melanthe told Bab. “we're going to be taking a lot more risks for this.” “But he did risk his life, and without his sword, we might all be dead.” Layna commented. “Yes, but even so. We will only go as far with this process as possible. If it succeeds then that's good. But if not, he will be killed.” Melanthe told them both. Bab just looked right at me. Chained to a wall with no sign of the man I once was. Bab just gave a silent nod to her sisters. No matter what, she wanted me back to normal, or to finally be put out of my misery. With that the sisters escorted Bab outside and commanded a few of the remaining Vampires to watch over her while they do what they must. After locking the door Melanthe turned back to face me. “Were sorry we didn't do anything before.” she told me. “But this technique is very dangerous on its own. Let alone what we are going to do now.” “Melanthe is able to sense the few remaining parts of you that aren't ghoul yet and by using her light, she can burn away the ghoul part and have you heal.” Layna commented. “But it's not that simple. There are parts of your body that need to be dealt with carefully, such as your brain or heart, if not done right, this possibly can kill you.” Melanthe told me. “Not to mention the amount of magic we must use. While she destroys the ghoul part, I use my darkness to protect the human part and allow it to heal without being burned by the light. If we use up all of our magic, then it's over.” Layna said. “If we run out of magic before the process is over, the ghoul part will easily consume the newly healed human part of you before we can stop it,” I just roared again. Not even understanding anything they said. But they knew that. That little speech was just to set their minds at ease for what they were going to do. Normally, they don't ever risk using all of their magic on anything. Just incase they happen to be killed and be stuck as newborns. But after what happened, they decided to fisk it. They were already down to below half of their magic and i was almost 87% ghoul. Their plan: to focus on the hardest parts of my body first and be as careful as possible before speeding it up and using more magic to burn away even more than they should and hope i heal fast enough before they run out of magic. Both sisters took a few deep breaths and placed a hand over my heart, then they burned a hole right through it. ******** In my mind, I felt like I was on fire. “They are trying to save you.” Scarlet told me as she stood in front of me. “Scarlet, can you answer me something?” I asked. “Why are you so mad at me?” Scarlet just stared at me for a moment before she disappeared. Soon, the void all around me started to change until i was back in my old home. It didn't take me long before I saw a younger version of me and Scarlet running around the house to get ready. The adults were away and letting us stay home by ourselves for the first time ever! Back then it was so exciting! We made a little tent in front of the TV, we made plenty of snacks, and we were already in our pajamas. Scarlet was so excited she accidentally wet her pull up and had to go change it. When it was finally time to watch the movie we picked out, I sat down on a pillow while leaning back on the couch while Scarlet decided to sit on my lap and lean on me. We stayed up very late and Scarlet wound up falling asleep on me. I had to be very careful when getting her off and laying her on our little bed as i covered us up to go to sleep. “Good knight Scarlet.” I tell her “Good night…*yawn*...big brother.” Scarlett said as she slightly woke up and fell back asleep. I myself couldn't help but smile at that as my younger self got into bed right next to scarlet and went to sleep. Was this what the other scarlet wanted me to see? One of the last memories I had of scarlet? Why? My answer came at 3:42 am with a knock on the door, and I don't remember that ever happening. Both Scarlet and I woke up as I got up to go see who it was. Immediately my burning heart began to race as I watched myself go to the door. “DON'T!” I screamed and not knowing why. When my younger self opened the door, i was greeted by a man in a mask. I suddenly could not move. Could do nothing but watch as 3 men came into my home and tied Scarlet and me up. One of them knew Scarlet’s dad and knew our parents wouldn't be home this night. It felt like this flashback was speeding up as my younger self had somehow managed to get untied. “Scarlet, I'll be right back.” I told her in a whisper. “N-no! No!” scarlet cried. “Don't go!” “Scar, I have to! I need to call the police!” I tell her. And despite her pleads, I try to make my way out. But I barely managed to get to the phone and quickly dial 911 before I was spotted! Two of the men ran away when they realized they were about to be caught, but the last stayed. I was grabbed by the neck and lifted into the air. I was frantically kicking my legs as the man yelled at me about how I ruined his job. That's when Scarlet came running in. somehow she had gotten untied just like me and grabbed a small kitchen knife. She stabbed that knife into the man's leg and made him drop me before smacking Scarlet away. “SAVE HER!” I screamed at my younger self. “SAVE SCARLET!” But the younger me didn't listen as he pissed himself and ran as the man pulled the knife out. I ran away and hid. Terrified and scared for my life. “You left me.” Scarlet appeared beside me as we were forced to follow my younger self in hiding in a closet. Frantically I tried to move, tried to get back to Scarlet to save her! “This is just a memory.” Scarlet told me. “You can't change it.” “THIS IS NOT A MEMORY!” I yelled at her. “None of this happened, none of this could happen!” “When was the last time you saw me?” Scarlet asked. “When you left!” I yelled. “Realy? What did you say to me?” scarlet asked. I opened my mouth to say ‘goodbye’ but I don't remember her ever saying goodbye to me. No! I know i saw them leave! It was when I was in the hospital! Or was it after!? But I just couldn't remember anything past this day. Soon, a Cop had found my hiding spot. I was then rushed out of the house, but not before seeing one last look at scarlet that I wish I hadn't. My younger self was then taken to the hospital, the look of pure horror on my face. I didn't say a word. I just stared blankly at anything even as my mom cried when she saw me. “You were like that for days.” Scarlet told me. “N-no!” I yelled at her. “Why don't I remember any of this!” Scarlet said nothing and pointed back at my younger self. The scene had changed to a new location. A temporary home we stayed in. My mother was crying on her bed when the younger me walked into the room. “Mom?” I asked My mother jumped up startled. Like she hadn't heard me speak in weeks. “Mom, why did Scarlett and her dad move?” I asked. My mother just burst into more tears as she rushed over to hug me. “It’s ok, mom. I'm sure they will be back.” my younger self told her as I hugged her back to comfort her. I just stared at it all. “You blocked this from your memory.” scarlet told me. “As soon as my daddy left from grief, you just repressed it all and made something up to cope with what happened.” The scene then disappeared and we were back in the void. I finally fell to my knees in utter shock at what happened. “You see now why I'm upset.” Scarlet asked me as she walked closer. “You see now how you left me to die. Scared and alone!” With one swift motion of her hand i was suddenly flung away from her. “I died because you were scared! I can never grow up because you ran away and left me!” Scarlett screamed as she appeared in front of me again. “Then you have the nerve to forget what you have done! I was on the ground as I looked up at scarlet, her face covered in blood and her eyes pitch black. “Now your trying to pretend that little girl is some type of replacement for me!” Scarlet grabbed me by my shirt and so she could then scream in my face. “I'M DEAD BECAUSE OF YOU!” I stared right into her eyes and slowly, gently, touched her face. “I'm sorry.” I tell her. Before she had a chance to do anything I pulled her into a hug. She tried to struggle, tried to break free, but despite the amount of pain I felt coming from her, I took it all and held on to her. “I'm sorry for what I did. I'm sorry for being a scared little boy who left you.” I tell scarlet. “I'm sorry I didn't hold up to the name of a good big brother. I'm sorry I forgot you.” I squeezed her tighter as tears rolled down my face. “If I could go back I would gladly trade places. I never meant to hurt you. I never meant to forget you.” When I let go I looked Scarlet right in her black eyes. “I don't mind if you hate me. I hate myself for what I did.” I tell her before grabbing her hands. “But just know, Bab would never replace you. You are, and will always be my little sister that I love so much.” Scarlet’s face seemed to change back to normal as she herself started crying. I was back in my younger form and held onto her. Two small kids crying in a white void. ********* Bab sat outside that door. Sitting in a dirty diaper for almost 2 hours but refusing to move from her spot until that door opened. When it did, she and the other vampire guards jumped up. I stumbled my way out, covered in blood, bald, and burned all over. “ALEX!” Bab screamed as I fell to my knees and she rushed over to help me stay up. Behind me, both queens were on the ground unconscious. The Vampires immediately rushed in to help their queens and leaving me and Bab alone for just a moment. I looked right into Bab’s eyes and gave her a smile. “Sorry, you're still stuck with me.” I tell Bab as she sees I no longer have red eyes or fangs before i fall unconscious on the floor. Finally, the tears of relief she was holding back came out as Bab hugged my unconscious body. The end for act 2 FINALY!!!! We've reached the end of this arc! But the story is not done. No, this is only the halfway point. Don't worry, the next arc wont take nearly as long and won't be nearly as dark, I think i'll call it the Sea Foam arc. But before i get to that, i have a big announcement. I have asked 4 other diaper authors and they have agreed to do a Dropped in a new world CROSSOVER SPECIAL! This will be a long story that have characters from- Wannatripbaby’s - Angel Hunter! Pinkthedinosaur’s - Forced to save dreamland! Lily-celeste’s - Crystal diaper magic! inkuhime - A too late magical girl! (for links to them, pleas go here -https://www.deviantart.com/redwelch2222/art/Dropped-in-a-new-world-37-762441992?ga_submit_new=10%3A1535999570&ga_type=edit&ga_changes=1 ) I also have one special guest character from SparkleDust1- Esmeralda! I would like to thank all of them for helping me with this crossover! This story will be non canon to all of our stories and will just be made for fun. But i do have some bad news. While i finally have use of my hand again, (yay!) i will be trying to pick up as many work hours as i can to pay back a few friends who helped me with rent and other things. (couldn't work for a month with a broken hand.) so i still won't be writing as much as i would like but it will get done. Also, i plan on continuing fixing older chapters of this story. A lot of them had spelling mistakes and lost opportunities that i want to fix. So far i've gotten around 15 chapters fixed thanks to my great edditors. So in my spare time I plan on fixing that. Now then, i have something to ask all everyone who reads this, what did you think of this arc? Personally, this summer has kicked my ass and i have a lot of stuff i wish i could fix in this arc that in plan on fixing later. Also, what suggestions would you give me for this story on how to improve it? I love getting feedback. Thank you all for reading and sticking with me for so long. It means so much to me.
  11. redwelch2222

    Dropped in a new world. - update (9-10-18)

    I got my hand back yesterday! lol ok, so I went to the doctor and got the all clear to start using my hand again. you never realize just how hard life is one-handed until you cant use one hand. so now I can finally start doing stuff again! YA! another bit of good news, I already have the new chapter of dropped in a new world finished! but because of a bit of miscommunication, I can't post it until tomorrow.
  12. redwelch2222

    Dropped in a new world. - update (9-10-18)

    lol yes it was
  13. redwelch2222

    Dropped in a new world. - update (9-10-18)

    before you read! i would like to thank my friend @PinkTheDinosaur for all of their help with this chapter. with my hand being broken i dont think i would have gotten this done anytime soon. despite a lot of stuff happening in there personal life, they still did their hardest to make this a great chapter. i would also like to thank @wannatripbaby for his help in prof reading and spellchecking the story. next chapter will be the epilogue of this arc and will have a very big announcement. ********************** “RRRRRRRRRAAAAA!” I roared as a ran at Simon with my sword to kill this bastard! Instead, he reverted back into his human form and stopped my attack with his bare hand. “I didn't even feel that,” Simon said before punching me in the gut and kicking me away! “Alex!” Bab cried out. “Don't bother,” Simon told me. “I have all of the strengths of a werewolf and vampire with none of their weaknesses. Your sword wouldn't even cut me.” This time Bab gave it a shot and bolted him with electricity. But it didn't seem to affect him at all. “Why did you do this!” I yelled at Simon as I stood back up. “Because they are monsters. monsters who ruined not just my life, but others. They deserve to die and rid this world of their evil.” Simon told me. That's when I began to hear the roars and screams coming from the castle. “What's happening!” I yelled “It's the vampires and werewolves!” Bab told me. “With my sisters gone there lifeline to the originals has been cut. their dying!” “W-wait, why isn't it affecting me?” I asked slightly confused. “Your still partly human,” Simon told me. “Once you finish turning then it will kill you.” With that, he turned around and started walking away. His work was now done. I really wanted to kill him as he started to walk away. But what could I do? He’s already far stronger and faster then I am. As soon as Simon was a good distance away, Bab ran over to where her sisters were. She plopped down on her knees and looked at her sister's broken bodies. “Bab,” I say as I crouch down next to her. “I'm so sorry. They didn't deserve this.” “Alex, how long do you think you could distract him?” Bab asked me. “huh?” I asked confused. When Bab looked at me, she wasn't upset. I could see she knew something was going to happen. But what? That's when both of Bab’s sister’s bodies burst into flame! “WA!” I yelled in surprise! Layna’s body was engulfed in black flames while Melanthe was in a white fire. My surprise shout also got Simons attention as he turned around and was also shocked to see the queens engulfed in flames! “Whats going on?” Simon asked. “It's our mother's curse,” Bab told me as I watched the flames burn away the bodies. “If we were to die then we are brought back to life by phoenix fire.” Soon the fire seemed to die out as it left the bodies in ash, the flames focusing on just a small point in the middle of their ash body that slowly began to grow. Before me, I saw 2 babies engulfed in flames as they grew from the ashes of their old bodies. Slowly growing older and maturing until their bodies looked around 18 before the flames vanished. Immediately both naked reborn sisters began coughing and sucking in air. Not only was I shocked, but so was Simon! Wasting not a single moment, Melanthe spun around towards Simon and blasted him with her light blast again and knocked him away! “RUN NOW!” Layna yelled as all 3 sisters started running away. I was still shocked for a moment but I soon shook that off and ran after them. As soon as we were in the trees once more I could hear Simon let out a roar! ******** My mind was racing at what I had just seen. What the heck was that? We continued to run until we found a little cave that we were able to hide in. thanks to Layna’s dark magic, we were able to cover up the entrance to hide. But who knows for how long. “What the hell just happened back there!?” I asked in a harsh whisper. “We saw him crush you to death!” “That was our mother's curse,” Layna told me. “She passed it onto us.” I thought back to what Bab said about her mother. How she became immortal and stuff. “Wait, if you're immortal, why are you running from him?” I asked. “Even if he kills you, couldn't you just come right back and slowly kill him?” “It's not that simple.” Melanthe told me. “Unlike our mother who had full control of the Phoenix power, we do not. Just look at us.” To be honest, I was trying my hardest not to look at them at this moment. But I think I know what they mean. They did look a bit younger than before. “When we are killed, we are reborn into new bodies. Depending on how much magic we have, we can accelerate the aging or be stuck in a infants body.” Melanthe explained. “And just like bab, we wouldn't be able to grow up without help.” “Basically, we just used over 50% of our magic just to be at this age,” Layna told me. “And who knows what would happen if we are killed when our magic runs out.” I guess that makes sense, but I still had a few questions. Like if they can grow up like this, why doesn't Bab do that now that her magic is back? Before I could even ask them, we heard a frustrated roar! And it was dangerously close. “Ok, we need a plan on how to kill that thing.” Melanthe said to us in a whisper. “How?” Layna asked, “nothing we do seems to hurt it unless it's a surprise attack” “I think I might have an idea,” Bab tells them. “But first things first.” Bab pulls out my bag and hand both sisters one of my shirts to cover up with. Both sisters happily took the shirts that were big on them but worked well. “What's your idea?” I asked. “He’s strong but he can be hurt,” Bab told me. “How? I asked. “You and Melanthe shot him with magic and it didn't seem to really faze him.” “We saw him bleeding after fighting Gideon,” Bab told me. “What is she saying?” Layna asked me. “She said Gideon managed to make him bleed,”I told them not knowing what she meant. “But we also saw a silver arrow bounce off him.” Melanthe told me. “How could Gideon do that?” “Wait! Fertuitus said he and Dracula stabbed it in its eye!” Layna commented. “If its skin is too tough, its eyes and mouth should be soft spots for us to attack!” “But those regenerated.” Melanthe told her. “Even if we could attack them, it would only blind him for a short while.” “COME OUT!” Simon roars. “You know I'll find you eventually!” We all went quiet. We could see Simon in his silver beast form walking past us and looking all over. But soon he was gone again as he walked right past our hiding spot. “Looks like he can't track very well,” Layna commented. “But I don't know how long I can keep this up.” We needed a plan and fast. “I think I have an idea that might be able to kill him,” I told them All 4 girls looked at me. Including Scarlet who appeared in the center of them. “Oh, this should be good,” Scarlet commented but I ignore. “Bab, do you remember how we killed that aria boss?” I asked her. “The big bear one.” Bab thought for a moment before her eyes lit up. “What?” Melanthe asked. “If his eyes are a weak spot, then we just need to stab him there and let Bab shock him,” I tell them. “How will that work?” Layna asked. I pull out my knife and show them. “We fought a monster with tough skin before. But its insides were still normal. If I can stab my knife into his head and led Bab shock it, it might just be enough to kill him.” I tell them. “Or at the very least hurt him a lot.” “But there's a problem, he batted you away like nothing,” Bab told me and I had to translate. “Gideon so far has been the only one to physically stand up to him.” Melanthe pointed out. There was a point. Even if all of us tried, there is just no way for us to get that close without a lot of dumb luck. And we only have the one knife. Heck, not even fighter soul could really help in this state. “Wait a minute,” Bab said as she realized something. “Your ghoul strength!” I looked at her confused. “But that strength is unpredictable and mostly only occurs when I'm freaking out,” I tell her. “But couldn't Melanthe make you activate it?” Bab asked and I asked Melanthe for her. “I can make your ghoul mind come out, but that's it.” Melanthe told us. “I can't just bring out one part without the other.” “What if he suppresses it?” Layna asked. “What if you brought it out but he surprised the ghoul mind?” “What are you getting at?” Melanthe asked. “If he takes enough of his suppressive drugs, it might just be enough to hold off the ghoul mind temporarily and give us a small opening,” Layna told us. “But I thought you said it wouldn't work on me anymore,” I commented. “As normal, no. but with a big enough dose, possibly.” Layna told me. “Or you might overdose and die right away.” I took this all in. We can not do this and only have a small chance of winning, I can take the pills and possibly win, or I can take them and possibly die right away. “Alex,” Bab said as she took my hand. “You don't have to do this. We can still possibly run and hide.” I can only smile at her. A sad smile. We both know that won't work. Simon would eventually find us or I will turn ghoul and alert him to where we are. “Sorry Bab, this might be my last chance to be sane for just a little longer,” I tell her as I reach into my storage and pull out the container of pills. Half the bottle still full. I sigh loudly as I down the pills. Almost immediately I want to puck them out but I force my body to keep them down. “Ok…” I say before almost throwing up again. “Now what?” “Now, we see if this will work.” Melanthe said as she raised her hand and I saw a flash. ************** I was in a white void. Nothing here. Did I die? Or was this somehow part of becoming a ghoul? I had no idea. “Hello?” I called out. “Bab?” “Alex?” I heard Scarlet say as I turned around to see her. She looked just how I last remember her. She was in a funny pink bunny hoodie she liked to wear to bed with sweats. The top of her pull up was poking up from the top. She was holding a bowl of popcorn and looked like she was ready to watch a movie. “Why her?” Scarlet asked me. “Does she really mean more to you then I did?” “Scarlet!” I yelled pissed off. “I have no idea what you're talking about!” I could feel the white void begin to crack all around me but I paid it no mind for a moment. “You keep saying I killed you, that I somehow hurt you, that I betrayed you! But I don't know what you're talking about!” I yelled at her. “I'm truly sorry for whatever I did to you. And if haunting me until I die will satisfy you, then do it. But first, I'm going to save Bab just as I would for you!” I was panting after yelling and just looked at her blank face. The void continued to crack around us as I began to feel weird. “Well, I hope it doesn't turn out like last time,” Scarlet told me as her body began cracking just like the void. Before I could say anything, she and the void shattered. *********** I was panting like crazy as I collapsed onto my hands and knees. “Alex, are you ok?” Bab asked from behind her sisters as Melanthe held up her hand. She was ready to blast my head off if it didn't work. “I-it's still me,” I tell them with a weak smile. As I stood up, I immediately noticed the difference. My body felt amazing! Like I had shed off 500 pounds and felt more in control of myself then I have in weeks! “How do you feel?” Bab asked. “Like I could skin that mongrel,” I tell her with a slight smile on my face. “It won't be that easy, but we might have a chance now,” Layna told us “Ok. What's the plan?” I ask now with more confidence. ************ It was fairly easy to get Simon's attention, just a single bolt of electricity in the air was enough. Soon, Simon appeared opposite me off a small clearing. “Where are the girls, Alex?” Simon asked me as walked towards me. “I know they are around here somewhere, I can sense it.” “Oh, They're waiting for me to kill you before they come out of hiding,” I tell Simon with a smirk on my face. “Ha! Funny little comedian. But what can one ghoul do those hundreds of vampires and werewolves couldn't?” Simon asked me as he stopped a few feet away and looked down on me. “Mind if I ask something that's bugging me?” I asked, “what the hell are you?” Simon had a smirk on his face now. “I guess you can call me a hybrid,” Simon told me. “One loosely related to those monsters your protecting.” “Wait, how could you become a hybrid?” I asked now very confused. “Ask their sister,” Simon told me as he suddenly swung a fist at me that I had to dodge! Not too far away behind some trees, the girls are looking at themselves in shock by what they just herd. I had to constantly dodge all of Simon's attacks! Even with such a large body, he was surprisingly fast. Even with this ghoul power up, I don't think I would survive a blow from him. Finally, I saw a small opening were I ducked under simons arms and started wailing on his stomach and chest, it felt like I was hitting a fucking wall! “Nice try!” Simon told me as he grabbed me by the back of my shirt and tossed me away! “Just give it up,” Simon told me. “We both know you don't have long to live. Why not just take that little girl and run while you still can.” “Why would we run, you're just going to kill us all anyway,”I tell him as I stand back up and get in a fighting position. “No, I'm just here for the monsters,” Simon told me. “You're free to leave.” He was standing up straight, not even bothering to get in a defensive position. We both knew there wasn't much I could do to him anyway so why bother? “Nice offer, but I think I'll stick with killing you,” I tell Simon as I charge forward! “When will you people learn,” Simon said as he started to raise his arms to grab me. But I surprised him as at the last moment, I lunged to his left and leaped onto a nearby tree and used that to kick myself above simons head! This was just what I was waiting for. My hand was already in storage as I pulled out the knife, ready to stab this fucker right in his eye! But in a flash, I was stopped… Simon grabbed my hand so fast I didn't have time to process it before I was swung right into a tree! My body erupted in pain as he lifted me up and grabbed my neck. “I warned you,” Simon told me as he began squeezing my neck. As I'm being choked I try to punch Simon’s arm as hard as I could with my one free arm, but it was no good. He continued to squeeze as I tried to breathe, gasping for air. I was staring right into Simons red and gold eyes as my vision began to go dark. “Shhh,” Simon whispered to me. “Both of our pain is almost over.” Suddenly something hit Simon and his grip on my neck loosened and I was able to suck in air! “PUT HIM DOWN!” Bab screamed! Simon spun around to see Bab standing right next to the large tree she and her sisters were hiding behind. “BAB! RUN!” I yelled as the sudden realization of what she had just done hit her. Simon then lifted me up and tossed me as far away from him as he could before sprinting after the girls! “FINALLY!” Simon roared as he got closer! The girls had no time to do anything. They couldn't hide, they couldn't attack, they were defenseless. But as Simon grew near, something lunged out from behind the girls and tackled Simon away! The black werewolf let out a roar as it started trying to tare and bite at Simon’s face! “WANNATRIP!” Layna yelled relieved to see him. “Where do you pests keep coming from!” Simon roared as he managed to knock Wannatrip away from him. Both beasts stood up. Wannatrip panting and bleeding from claw marks across the right side of his face. “Out of my way! Simon roared. “You can't stop me!” “No, but we can!” someone yelled as more werewolves and vampires erupted from the trees! “What!” Simon roared as he was now being swarmed by them and was trying to knock them away as the vampires tried slashing at him, or the werewolves clawed at him. In the middle of the crisis, the surprised queens were greeted by Dracula as he ran up to them. “My queens!” he said as he did a small bow. “Please, we must get you away from here now!” “Wait, how did you get here!” Melanthe asked. “What happened to the rest of the kingdom!” “He’s no longer controlling us!” Fortuitous said as he leaped off a werewolf and landed right next to the queens. “Whatever way he was controlling us seems to have stopped when our connection with you was cut for that short amount of time..” “Once it was back, we saw the lightning attacks and raced right over to save you,” Dracula told them. “Wait, where's Bab?” Layna commented as the queens realized Bab was now gone! But she wasn't too hard to find as the queens spotted her dodging the waves of vampires and werewolves going after Simon as she ran towards my body. “I'm sorry my queens, but we must get you way now before it's too late,” Dracula told them. Both of them, however, did not move. All they could do was sit there and look at their people throwing themselves at a monster that was tearing them to pieces. Was this really what they were reduced to? Just running and hiding while their people get slaughtered for them? “Melanthe, he’ll find us eventually.” Layna calmly told her sister as she stood up. “Yeah, so no point in running anymore.” Melanthe said as she stood up as well. “My queens, please, there is no way you could fight that thing!” Dracula told them “it will either kill you, or your own magic will!” “You're right,” Melanthe told him. “But we still have one last option,” Layna told him. Both girls took a deep breath as they faced each other and put their hands out. Between their hands, a small black ball began to form. Its size slowly growing as the girls lifted their hands up and had the ball float up into the sky. Suddenly, everyone, even Simon, momentarily stopped to look up at the large black mass that was now starting to cover the moon's gentle glow. The dark mass continued to grow until it had completely covered the moonlight above them. “Blood Moon Rising.” both girls said as they called upon their most dangerous spell. Almost like a giant monster, the black ball began to split apart just like a giant bright red eye was now staring down at them all, bathing them all in red light. “What is that?” Simon asked when he suddenly heard the roar of pain erupting from all around him. All around him werewolves were roaring at the red moon as all of their bodies seemed to grow slightly. Their eyes turned from a gold to bloodshot as they all turned back to Simon and attacked! This time, they were much stronger! “What did you do to them!?” Fictitious asked. “With Layna’s dark magic acting like a filter, we are able to make a special light that triggers a werewolves monsters instincts.” Melanthe told him as she winced in pain as her hands began to burn. “B-but, it has two drawbacks,” Layna replied as her eyes began to darken. “We have to constantly be poring magic into it, and if we lose focus, the werewolves could turn mindless and attack a-anything.” Dracula was shocked to see this type of ability as he saw all the werewolves actually doing some damage to that monster. “Come on, we need to kill it before our queens hurt themselves too much,” Dracula told Fortuitous as they both went to join the fight. ******** While the fighting was going on, Bab somehow managed to run all the way to where I was. “Alex!” Bab screamed as she began shaking my body trying to make sure I wasn't dead. I let out a loud grown as I force my body to sit up. “Alex!” Bab squealed as she leaped onto me and hugged me. “I-its ok Bab. i-um good,” I told her as I calmed her down for a moment. That's when I looked up and saw the carnage that was happening. I was completely confused by what was happening. The blood moon high above us, the werewolves and vampires fighting Simon, it was all chaos. But I did notice something else: Despite the werewolves and vampires all outnumbering him, Simon was still not being really hurt by any of them! Not to mention Simon was now on guard about his eyes now as I saw him stop Dracula from trying to stab them. ‘What the fuck! Why can't any of us hurt this bastard!’ i think to myself as I try to think of something. Anything to stop him. “Alex, your bleeding!” Bab told me as I looked down at what she was looking at. “Bad!” Looking down at my arm I could see it covered in blood! But strangely, my arm didn't feel like it was cut at all? After examining it, the blood wasn't coming from my arm? “It's not my blood,” I tell Bab who was slightly relieved. But where did this blood come from? I began to think about it, Simon was the only one to grab my arm, but why would Blood be covering his hands? As far as I could remember, I don't remember seeing blood anywhere on Simon before. If anything, it would only be on his claws. I even tried to think back to when I tried to attack him earlier and I don't remember seeing any blood on his head when he caught my… The sudden realization hit me like a ton of bricks! “MY SWORD!” I yelled out! “W-what?” Bab asked surprised. “I don't know how, but my sword cut him!” I told Bab. “Wait, why would only your sword cut him when nothing else will?” bab asked me “I don't know! But we now have something that can kill him!” I tell Bab as I pull out my sword. “Alex, wait!” Bab told me before I could run back into the fight. I stopped and looked back at Bab. a strange look of sadness was on her face and she looked like she wanted to tell me something really bad. In her mind, she really did want to tell me something. That she didn't want to risk me going back to fight Simon. She didn't want to see me hurt anymore. She wanted this all to be over and go back to how things were before. But instead, she shook her head and smiled. “Kill that bastard,” Bab told me. “I will, Bab,” I tell Bab and pulled her close for one last hug. “When this is over, remind me to treat you to something nice.” With that, I turn back to where Simon was “Okay, Yoake, let's kill this bastard,” I tell my sword. “FIGHTER SOUL!” I was planning on using that skill earlier in our fight but I wanted to get a read on Simons fighting before I risked using it. Had I used it earlier, it might have been more helpful, but I think it would have ended the same. But now that we have a trump card, I don't have to hold back! I rocket forward as I see Simon tossing rampaging werewolves and vampires aside!.  “SIMON!” I scream out as I leaped into the air high above him. “DIE!” ‘WHEN WILL YOU LEARN!” Simon roared as he reached out his hand to catch my blade once more. But as my sword was about to touch his hand, the blade began to glow. “RRRRRRAAAAAA!!!!!!” Simon roared in pain as everyone froze to stare at Simon with his fingers sliced off, and me holding a new blade. The sword was now at a regular sword's length. The grip was now perfectly in shape with my hand and felt like it was truly just an extension of my arm. The hilt was shaped like a 7 pointed star. And the blade itself was a dark red color with 2 large holes in the center of the blade. at the bottom of the handle, there was a small spike pointing out. Simon immediately leaped away from me as he examined his hand. Seeing 4 fingers now missing. “DON'T LET UP!” Dracula yelled at everyone. “He can be hurt!” The roars grew louder as everyone rushed Simon again! Simon didn't have time to even question what had just happened to his hand when many more werewolves and vampires attacked! Simon was beating, clawing, and biting many of them as they attacked. But that left him very open as I managed to rush behind him and slash at his back! I would have cut deeper, but there was a vampire on his back that I didn't want to risk cutting as well. Simon let out a loud cry of pain from my slash and Wannatrip took this advantage to get up close and punch Simon as hard as he can! While it wasn't far, Simon was knocked off his feet and knocked to the ground with a heavy thud! With him on the ground, everyone piled onto him. I was panting as I saw it happening and knew it wouldn't be long before Simon is up again. He was already thrashing about and throwing monsters off of him. “How the hell is that sword able to cut him?” Fertuitus asked me as he ran up to me. “Not even our silver is working on him.” “Don't know, don't care,” I tell him. “But I need a larger opening to deal any real damage. With everyone around him, I can't get a good attack without possibly killing someone and I don't know how long my strength will last.” Fertuitus did a quick scan of the area and who was attacking Simon. He suddenly had an idea as he spotted a few people. “I'll create the opening, just continue what you're doing!” Fertuitus told me as he ran off I could only nod and leap back into the fight to cut Simon up a little more and hope I don't kill anyone else. ***** Fertuitus, on the other hand, stopped beside Wannatrip and a few other werewolves and started whistling to get their attention. Once he had it, he told them his plan and what he needed them to do. They nodded and ran to get into position. As Fertuitus was about to go to his, he stepped on something. As he looked down he grinned. “Those might come in handy,” Fertuitus told himself. ***** Simon was becoming more monstrous by the second as every time he seemed to get one vampire or werewolf off of him, I would quickly slash at him. Before he could attack me, however, something would attack him from another side and distract him. Even with his one hand, he was still tearing right through most of us. Finally, he was able to finally break free of some of the vampires and werewolves holding him back and he charged right at me. Undoubtedly to get rid of the only sword able to cut him for some reason. “ICE WALL!” I yelled as I swung my sword to create the ice wall in front of me that Simon smashed right through! “FUCK!” Suddenly I was tackled out of the way of the charging beast by Dracula! Simon went rushing past us and tumbled for a moment before getting up to look at us. “Damn mongrel, I'll kill you for harming our queens!" Dracula commented as he had his dagger ready to fight as I got back up. Simon just lets out more roars. At this point, he was more beast than man. Simon charged once again, but this time, Dracula shoved me behind him as he charged forward and leaped into the air. Dracula tried to do the same thing I did earlier and go for Simon's eyes, but just like with me, Simon grabbed Drac and started slamming him into the ground before tossing him aside and charging at me once more! I tried to dodge out of the way, but I wasn't fast enough and Simon managed to grab my leg! He swung me around before smashing me into the ground and making me let go of my sword! “Finally! You die!” Simon growled as he was raising his claws for another attack when Fertuitus leaped onto his back and stabbed one of Simon's severed claws into the side of Simon's neck! Simon screamed out in pain but before he could do anything, two werewolves tackled the back of Simon's legs and forcing him to his knees! Fertuitus then leaped off of Simon as 4 werewolves grabbed both of Simons' arms to pull them back while Whanatrip put Simon into a headlock. “Do it now! Finish this!” Fertuitus screamed at me. Realizing what he meant, I frantically stumbled to grab my sword and leap up to my feet. With every last ounce of my strength, I run at Simon! At the last moment, Wannatrip let go of Simon to jump back just as I stab my sword right into Simon's chest! I was panting like crazy as Simon roared in pain! “T-this won't kill m-me!” Simon roared in my face! His strength was already starting to overpower the werewolves holding him, but it was too late. “Ya, I can't kill you,” I tell Simon. “But she will.” Leaping into the air, all 4 werewolves holding Simon let go and ran away. Simons eyes never left mine as he tried reaching up to grab at me. Not even noticing the little-pissed off girl who fired off the strongest electric attack she could. The electric attack flew across the entire battlefield until it struck the sword’s spike and traveled through simons body. Everyone still alive stood and watched as the monster screeched out as it was burned alive from the inside out! Falling to his knees, Simon’s body lay motionless as smoke poured from any opening in his body. For a moment, no one knew what to do. But it wasn't long before the cheering and howling began! I, on the other hand, fell on my back. The last of my strength was finally gone. I could hear the cheers all around me, but it was all just white noise as I stared up at the bright red blood moon in the sky. I watched as it, and my consciousness began to finally fade away… **************** Cryfcpzyl Qclav Kjcjk- rh20 VN- 114 (+4) Cjjcas-80 (+3) Zyxypay-70 (+5) Knyyz-68 (+2) Lywyp-14 (+1) Qcppc-77 arckk-xuwvjyl Ksurrk-xuwvjyl'k koir Gycnopk- ******** (B) (cburuje: wlogjv) Yryqypj-uay partner-Bab Ados Stats- lv20 HP-96 (+20) Attack-26 Defence-26 (+95) Speed-26 (+9) Regen-36 (+3) Manna-366 class-Sage Skills-Healer + Weapons-none Element-lightning Money ---- gold 30) silver 30) bronze 30) copper 32) *****************