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  1. redwelch2222

    Dropped in a new world. - fun facts (7-22-18)

    lol, you don't have to do it. I just tagged the only people I know. but if you do post, I would suggest having a link to your story.
  2. redwelch2222

    Dropped in a new world. - fun facts (7-22-18)

    so I was tagged in an OC fact game were I had to tell 8 facts about one of my OC's. they chose Bab so here are some fun facts! fact 1: Bab's name is based on Barbados. Why? I don't remember lol. fact 2: Bab is 448 years old and has died 3 times. fact 3: Bab loves to read textbooks and hates romance books. she finds them boring. fact 4: Bab will go through 2-4 diapers a day depending on what she eats. fact 5: out of all of Bab's sisters, she has 2 favorite sisters, Coventina and Eva. she also hates just one sister... fact 6: dispight being very embarrassed by it, Bab actually likes sleeping next to Alex. she likes the warm and safe feeling she gets with sleeping next to Alex. fact 7: Bab was almost a mute character. but I found describing what she was trying to say very hard so I scrapped that idea. fact 8: Alex is the only person Bab would have no problem babying her at this point. she trusts he won't go too far with it without a reason.
  3. redwelch2222

    Dropped in a new world. - fun facts (7-22-18)

    Lol Thank you ^.^ and I will.
  4. redwelch2222

    Dropped in a new world. - fun facts (7-22-18)

    Hi, sorry I really haven't been on much. After what happened I've been in a very bad mood. First I would like to thank everyone for there support, you guys are awesome ^.^ With my hand broken, it's going to be a few weeks (5 if I'm lucky) for everything to be back to normal. It's been very hard to get into a writing mindset lately because of my hand. Honestly part of me just wanted to put it all on hold until my hand is better. Thankfully my friend pink, dispight already having a lot on there plate already, has offered to help me with the next 2 chapters of the story. I want to thank him for his help and so far we are already half way done with the next chapter. I just wanted to keep you all updated and hope you all have a great day ^.^
  5. redwelch2222

    Pokemon diaper moon ch7 (7/17)

    nice chapter ^.^
  6. redwelch2222

    Simon says chapter 7

    this chapter was great ^.^
  7. redwelch2222

    Dropped in a new world. - fun facts (7-22-18)

    sorry, I have been on in a few days. some stuff happened a few days ago. some of you might know, but to those who don't, my birthday was a few days ago. because a lot of my family was busy, we postponed my party for a few days and 3 days ago, we went to a bar. now I don't drink, I don't like the taste. so by 1 in the morning, most of my family is drunk except me and our designated driver. we had a few extra guests shows up so when it was time to go home, there wasn't enough room for everyone. besides the driver, I was the only one sober so I suggested I walk home, (about half an hour away). so at 1 in the morning, walking home, I got jumped by 2 guys. I wound up getting a black eye, my backpack got stolen, and I broke my hand punching a wall by accident when I was fighting back. good news is, I got my stuff back and those assholes got arrested shortly after jumping me. the bad news is whiting is going to take a bit longer. just wanted to keep you all informed.
  8. redwelch2222

    Dropped in a new world. - fun facts (7-22-18)

    john is in chapter 1, and Noah is a recurring character in the first ark.
  9. redwelch2222

    Dropped in a new world. - fun facts (7-22-18)

    Special chapter: John *snap!* *snap! *snap! I opened my eyes in the dimly lit room as a man crouched over me. “You ok?” the man asked. “Can you tell me your name?” “J-John, John nile” i wezzed out while chained to a bed. “Good. now then, do you remember why you're here?” the man asked. *******************a few weeks ago******** “ALICE! JOHN!” one of the orphan children yelled as they came running into the orphanage carrying a news paper. “Its Ema! She’s in the paper!” “What!” Alice yelled as she and i rushed over to take a look. Sure enough, there was Bab and Alex’s names in the paper. *Pa’a kingdom finally has a new king! After being presumably kidnaped for weeks, Prince Lauren the youngest son of the late king returned! Upon returning he immediately challenged his brother for the right of the throne. Sources say he attacked the castle with his new companions. While most of their names have not been provided, sources have claimed some of their names to be, Alex, a young paladin who fought and killed lord Elroy of the Parïtet kingdom. And a small child named Bab*** There was more, like people seeing a dragon, or Parïtet potentially interfering, and other stuff. but none of that mattered. It was just nice to hear those two were ok. But how did they get involved in Pa’a kingdoms royalty? But i wasn't worried. Strangely, i was kinda jealous. There they were, having a great adventure, and yet i was stuck here. Had I and Alex formed the bond, would i be there too? I shook those thoughts from my head. Ever since Bab and Alex left, i've been helping miss Alice with the orphanage. I don't really know why, it just felt right. Not to mention she liked the help. But honestly, there just wasn't anything to do in this small village. Maybe i should think about leaving for my own adventure? ******4 days later***** “Are there any amongst you who are able to fight?” a strange man asked as he entered our village. His name was Morton Bunn and he was a werewolf hunter tracking a rogue wolf. He told us he had wounded the monster but it got away and is somewhere in the area. But he had underestimated the beast and now he is seeking some help in killing the monster. “I am not asking you to fight it. Just providing me in assistance with blocking its escape would be enough.” Morton told us. With a lot of hesitation, a few of us decided to except. Sadly it was only a few old men, and myself. The only reason we joined, was because the monster posed as a greater threat the longer it stayed alive. Morton gave the strongest of us, a 45 year old farmer, a bow with special silver tipped arrows. The rest of us had whatever we could find. I, myself, had a pitch fork. “What help are we to that monster?” i asked Morton as he lead us into the woods. “I mean, it can only be killed with silver, right?” “Common misconception my young protege.” Morton said as he gave me a smile. “Silver is the only thing that can hurt them. But there are other ways to kill them.” “W-wait, that doesn't make any since.” i told him. “Werewolves skin can only be cut by very special material like silver, but, they also can die in other ways. Such as drowning for example.” “Really?” i said slightly stunned. “Yep. but if you don't have magic or anything of the like, then go for the eyes.” Morton tole me. “Why?” i asked. “The eyes are one of the werewolves weak points as its not protected and can be damaged. But that should only be done in emergencies as it might still kill you from up close. I nodded, taking the advice to heart. Eventually, Morton told us all to keep quiet as he located fresh tracks and had us follow them. It was getting late as we neared a stream. Morton signaling us all to stop. Morton looked around until he spotted what we were after. But, i was a little confused. I had heard that all were wolves were large wolf like monsters, but this one, looked just like a regular wolf. If not smaller. “Stay here.” Morton whispered to us. “Don't engage unless i tell you to, or if it comes after you.” We all nodded as Morton made his way closer to the wolf. Taking his time to circle around it as the wolf drank from the stream. As soon as he was on the other side of it, Morton pulled out a silver hatchet in one hand, and silver brass knuckles in the other. “Hey runt!” Morton yelled and cought the wolf by surprise as he charged after it. The wolf immediately leaped out of the way and was dashing our direction when it suddenly stopped when it saw us. “Nowhere to run this time.” Morton said as he got ready to attack again. That's then I watched in horror as the wolf started to grow in size and stand on its hind legs. Its fur growing thick and its body mass expanding as it let out an thunderous roar at Morton. “FUCK!” the farmer yelled as he shot his arrow right into the wolf's shoulder. “No!” morton yelled as the wolf let out a roar in pain. The monster turned towards us and was immediately charging. All of us started to yell as some of the old men started to flee while i stood petrified. the monster charging closer to me. At the last second, i somehow managed to raise up my weapon in front of me to defend myself. But it proved to be useless. The monster leaped on top of me with my pitchfork in its mouth. After snapping it with its jaws it roared at me before leaping off and running into the woods. I layed there motionless. Paralyzed by fear as my ears continued to ring form the thunderous roar. I don't know how long i was there before Morton helped me to my feet and snapped me back into reality. “You stupid fool!” Morton yelled at the farmer after helping me up. “You showed it weakness and it used it as an opening to escape!” “I-i-i-” the farmer stuttered unable to fully process what had just happened. “All you had to do was be a wall so it wouldn't run away! Now i have to track it again before it gets away!” Morton yelled before turning off in the direction the wolf had. My legs were still shaking from fear. Coming close to death at that very moment. Is this what adventurers do? Constantly putting their lives on the line? Is this what Alex and Bab are doing? The moment i thought of them i knew i had to stop being afraid. If those two could do it, so can I! Sitting right next to the farmer were the bow and arrows Morton forgot to take with him. I qwickly snached them up and ran after morton to help take on that monster. Morton was already far ahead of me and was very hard to keep up with. Eventually i lost sight of him but i continued to run. I followed the sounds of shouting and roars as i tried to catch up. Hoping i could be of some help! Then i suddenly stopped as the werewolf appeared in front of me. It seemed to have a cut on its left arm and was panting as it stared right at me. For a moment, i was paralyzed with fear once more, but i had to shake that off. No, being scared will only kill me! I immediately went to grab the bow and arrows but realized in all of the commotion of the chace, i somehow dropped the bow! Trying my hardest not to panic, i raised up a single airow. The werewolf just stared at me panting still. Not moving a muscle. Then the wolf started to make heavy breathing noises. Almost as if it were trying to talk. Hhhhhhhhhhhlllllllllllllppppffffff was the sound it made. It almost sounded like… Suddenly the wolf roared in pain as it gripped its ears. The roar startled me and caused me to jump and nearly drop the airow. The wolf looked back up at me with furey in its eyes as it lunged at me while roaring! I had no option to run, i had to do something! Then i remembered something what Morton said, ‘go for the eyes’ Taking a firm grip of the arrow i lunged myself forward at the monster and amed right for its eye! But i couldn't reach its eyes… The wolf tackled me as we landed hard on the ground with a loud snapping sound. I started creaming out for the pain in right arm while the werewolf layed on top of me. A moment later, Morton ran up to see what had happened and was shocked to see me screaming in pain with my arm logged into the werewolfs mouth. The werewolf was motionless as it layed on top of me, dead. ********** A few hours later, after morton took me back to the village to rest up, he went out for a walk. When he was sure no one was around he pulled out a red gem. “Hello mistress, im calling in to report in. i have some good and bad news. “Morton, this had better not be some type of joke again.” Morton's mistress told him. “You know your mission. If it is not done as you were told there will be hell to pay.” “Well, you see, i had to use the whistle and kill the target.” Morton told his mistress. Despite being across the sea, Morton could feel her anger toward him. And it made him uneasy. “I'm sorry, she was proving to hard to capture alive and was showing signs of speaking. Had i not killed her, it would have driven us farther back.” There was a long pase. “And what of the other news?” his mistress asked. Morton could practically feel the announce she had for him. If this news didn't please her, he knew he wouldn't survive the week. “Before B13 died, she bit someone.” Morton told his mistress. “A young boy who already started healing a broken arm just 3 hours after being bitten.” Suddenly that bad feeling went away. “Interesting.” Mistress said, almost smiling. *********** Present day****** Morton is looking into the holding cell as a comrade of his is talking to me. A man in a full suit of black armor walked up to morton. “I heard B17 slit their own neck just to get away from you.” Morton said with a small smile at the circumstances. “That makes 12 of the 18 dead, and 5 recaptured.” The man said nothing to Morton. Just handed him a piece of paper of his next mission. As the man started to walk away, Morton stopped him. “Is it true about the last one? That it killed Ven and fed him to a vampire?” Morton asked. The man only gave a slight nod, and walked away. ***** inside the cell **** “A-after i ki-killed the wolf, i-i-i was brought here, to-to s-stop me f-from turning i-into a wolf.” i told the crouching man. The man nodded. “That's correct. Looks like everything went according to plan.” the man told him. “Your mind is still intact and you seem to be fine. We just need to do some tests on you to make sure nothing went wrong.” “T-that's fine.” i told him. I was still too tired from everything that happened and wanted to rest. “You rest up. And if you need anything, just ask me.” the man told me with a smile. “O-ok.” i told him. “Who are you?” “oh , right. I forgot to introduce myself. My name in Noah.” the man said with a smile as he looked into my now red and gold eyes. ********** sorry, I'm cutting into the story again. but this was an important chapter I needed to add. there are only 2.5 more chapters to this ark before its completed. which I'm hoping to get done soon. also, some of you might have noticed, that I haven't updated the fixed version in about a month. well, my friend who was helping me with my spelling hasn't been on the site for the last few weeks. so i wanted to ask if there was anyone interested in helping me fix this stories spelling mistakes? also, in the next 2.5 chapters, there will be a BIG announcement. so look forward to that!
  10. redwelch2222

    Dropped in a new world. - fun facts (7-22-18)

    so, I have a new chapter almost finished. but it might still be a few days before its ready. this week has been hell for my work and I haven't had a chance to finish the chapter. sorry
  11. redwelch2222

    The Little Thief ch11 (7-2)

    so cute ^.^ and what a bitch of a mother!
  12. redwelch2222

    the world of Youth-Lock. p2

    currently, I'm working on one of my other stories, (Dropped in a new world-*its not a diaper dimension story*), but as soon as I'm done with that ill be writing the 3rd and final chapter to this story.
  13. redwelch2222

    the world of Youth-Lock. p2

    thank you
  14. so I got my first little today. (WHOOO!) its long distance but I will take what I can get anyway, she wants me to set up some rules and chores for her and I'm not entirely sure what I should do. does anyone have any suggestions?