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  14. Dropped in a new world. ch 1-22

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  15. Dropped in a new world. ch 1-22

    chapter 22 Bab emerged from the tent early in the morning to see me sitting in front of the fire. She rubbed the sleep from her eye as she walked over to me in her warm onesie. “Good morning.” Bab yawned as she stood right next to me. I just looked up at her, and immediately I could smell she had a dirty diaper. But I said nothing as I continued to poke the fire. Bab was very exhausted after what happened yesterday, and so was I. So after about an hour's walk carrying a napping child, I woke her up for a little while to set up camp, have some food and a bottle, before going to bed early. “Um, Alex, could you give me a…” Bab started. “Sit down.” I interrupted her. “What?” Bab asked confused. “Sit down,” I told her again. “But… Alex, I have a…” Bab started again. “SIT, DOWN,” I told her as I pointed to a big rock next to the fire. Immediately she knew to do what I said and reluctantly sat down in her own disgusting mess. “Ok, now that I have your attention, what is with your attitude lately?” I asked. “Alex, I don't have a…” Bab tried to deny it, but I interrupted her again. “It was because of your attitude that I fell into a hole and you became a living toy. Don't even try to deny it, or so help me I will drag your but back to those giants and let them Baby you for a few more days.” I warned, and the look on my face made her realize I wasn't joking. Bab just stared at the ground for a good 5 minutes before taking a deep breath. “I'm just tired,” Bab said. “What do you mean?” I asked having no idea what she meant. “After staying in the castle, in all that comfort, then traveling again. I-I haven't been sleeping well.” I just looked at Bab for about 30 seconds to let that process before I gave Bab a slight knock on the top of her head. “Oww,” Bab said as she began rubbing the top of her head. “Bab, why didn't you just say something to me sooner?” I asked. “If you had said something we would have gotten you something to let you sleep better.” It's not like I don't understand where she’s coming from. Going from a super comfortable bed, great food, and even a hot shower, to camping. Yeah, that's not exactly comfortable. But it was something we were prepared for when we left, or at least we thought we were prepared. “I'm, sorry for cursing at you,” Bab said as she stared at the ground, slightly disappointed in herself for acting like a brat. I just sighed as I stood up and reached out a hand. “Come on, let's get you changed before we start our day,” I tell her, forgiving her for the last few days. ******************************* After a few hours of traveling, monster killing and a pit stop for lunch I decided to take a look at how my stats were. Alexander March Stats- lv7 HP- 80 (+4) Attack-50 (+3) Defence-47 (+5) Speed-43 (+2) Regen-9 (+1) Manna-47 class-fighter Skills-fighter’s soul Weapons- Yoake (C) (ability: growth) Element-ice partner-Bab Ados Stats- lv13 HP-90 (+20) Attack-20 Defence-20 (+95) Speed-20 (+9) Regen-29 (+3) Manna-285 class-Sage Skills-Healer + Weapons-none Element-lightning Money ---- gold 30) silver 30) bronze 30) copper 32) I'm almost back to where I was before I became the fighter class. I remember being so pissed the moment I had my class changed. ************************ Back at Pa’s castle a few weeks ago. ******* “What do you mean I can't get stronger?” I asked Bab as we ate outside the castle enjoying the sun. Blake, Ramonita, Alan, Bab and I were sitting at a table while Eva was happily running around and playing a weird type of fetch with Aeva. Aeva would throw one of her Knives as high and as far as she could and Eva had to catch it down in different monster formes. If she missed Aeva got to pick a type of punishment for Eva. Luckily Eva never lost. “It's just as I said: once you reach the maxed level of that class you won't be able to get stronger." Bab told me again. With everything going on lately I never had the chance to look at my stats, so I only now found out I reached Max level for Hunter. “Ok, then what should I do now?” I asked her. “Normally you would go up a rank in the class. For example, a Bow class would rank up to an Archer. But the hunter class is special as it only has the one.” Blake explained. “So I have to turn into something different?” I asked. “Yep,” Bab replied as she then reminded me of the other classes I could become. Out of them all, I was stuck choosing between Fighter, Rogue, and Tamer. Each of them has great potential. “Oh! You could be a tamer just like Blake!” Ramonita chimed in as she noticed my frustration on picking a class. “Tamer would be a decent class,” Blake added. “Your stats are pretty even, and you even gain a new partner.” Tamer did sound interesting, and I remember coming close to picking this one the first time. But at the time hunter had unique skills that would and have come in handy. But having to take care of a pet and Bab at the same time might be a little tricky. “What about Fighter, they focused on Attack and defense, plus they have the most class options,” Alan suggested. The fighter class also sounded interesting. Out of the three Fighter seemed like the strongest of the three. But what about Roge? “Hay Aeva!” I yelled out to her. Aeva looked over at me and noticed me waving for her to come over. With a quick smile and one last toss of her dagger for Eva to chase she came over. “Avea what class are you?” “Me? I'm a Jester!” Aeva exclaimed proudly. “What's that?” I asked. “A Jester is someone who excels at speed and magic. There's not too many of them.” Bab told me. “Yep, why do you ask?” Aeva asked me. “We know you are a part of the rogue class based on your skills and wanted to know a bit more about it,” Blake told her. “Ya, I'm trying to decide if I want to be a rogue class or not,” I told her. Immediately Aeva busted out laughing. “Don't get me wrong Alex, but I don't think that class would suit you,” she told me. “Why?” I asked. “Rogues are speed, stealth and a lot of patience. With Bab around that will be very hard.” Avea said as she gestured at Bab. “not to mention it's not a very strong in the attack department. Rogues are most normally not combat types.” “That is true,” Alan said. “And based on your fighting style that might not be the best class to become.” “Don't get me wrong, Rogues have some great skills, but I don't think you're ready for them yet,” Avea told me as a big bird flew down next to Aeva and dropped a dagger at her feet. “Great job Eva!” With that Aeva and Eva left to go play some more while the rest of us continued to talk and decide what I'll become. “So what will it be?” Ramonita asked. “I think I'll become a fighter,” I told them as I pulled up my stat screen and accepted fighter as my class change. I was so excited when I accepted the change that my heart nearly stopped when I saw all my stats get cut in half! “WHAT THE FUCK!” I screamed and jumped out of my chair. “WHAT!” everyone yelled in unison to my freakout. “My stats, they were just cut in half!” I told them, and immediately the rest of them calmed down. “Alex that's normal. That happens to anyone who changes classes. It's to prevent people from breaking the system and becoming too overpowered.” Bab told me. The rest of them then filled me in on what I needed to know. Each class (except hunter) has three ranks you can climb once you are strong enough in the class. Each one getting stronger than the last, and typically takes years to get to the final rank. If anyone could just keep changing their classes and keep their stats, then people would quickly get to overpowered. To help prevent that when you change out of a class, it will divide your stats by the current rank you are. The only good thing about changing classes is that you get to keep your skills from any previous class you were. Knowing that now, I really have to be careful with the classes I chose in the future. ********************* in present time. “Hay Bab, why did you become a Sage?” I asked her as I held out her bottle “Because I wanted to,” Bab told me before latching onto the bottle and suckling down its contents. But what I didn't know at the time was that she didn't want to be a Sage. She really wanted to become a Magician as they have a lot better skills. But after a lot of thought, Bab realized she was ultimately useless. Yes her magic was powerful but the number of times it's been useful was very low. When she looked at what she could become one class stood out: the Sage. They are one of only 2 classes that have the Healer skill. At least with her as a healer, I wouldn't have to worry so much about getting hurt, and Bab would be slightly more useful to me. With lunch out of the way we quickly packed up and continued our walk thru the woods. ************* We made some great pace when we set up camp for the night. About another day or two and we should be in the next town according to my map. We quietly ate dinner before I asked Bab to wait outside in her onesie while I set something up in the tent. Once I was finished I let her look inside. Inside I set up our sleeping arrangements to be as comforting as I could make it. I laid Bab’s mat down on her side of the tent before spreading out her blanket on top of that before putting my folded out sleeping bag on top for us to sare. “Whats this?” Bab asked. “You said you weren't that comfortable with just your mat and blanket. So I thought this might be a good solution until we find you something better.” I told her I could practically see the conversation Bab was having in her mind. On the one hand, she didn't want to share a sleeping bag with me. The only reason she did the first time was because we were both freezing and needed some way to keep warm. On the other hand, even she had to agree the bed did look a lot more comfortable then just her mat…. In the end, we settled on sharing the bed but with Bab’s pillow between us. Whatever works for her I thought as I got into the bed. Almost immediately Bab fell asleep. The bed felt better than the sleepless nights she’s had. I stayed up just a little longer reading a book when I noticed Bab role over and began to hug the pillow between us in her sleep. I couldn't help but giggle when I saw this. I also noticed Bab didn't have her pacifier in her mouth. I guess she just forgot it. I reached into storage and pulled it out and was about to put it in her mouth when I saw Bab’s hand very close to her mouth and had an idea. I gently lifted Bab’s hand up and rubbed the end of her thumb to her lips. Subconsciously Bab opens her mouth and quickly began to suckle on her thumb! I so wished I could take a picture of this moment as I lay down next to the cute kid sucking her thumb. “You're lucky you're cute,” I whispered before blowing out the candle and closing my eyes. Alexander March Stats- lv8 HP- 82 (+4) Attack-54 (+3) Defence-49 (+5) Speed-44 (+2) Regen-9 (+1) Manna-48 class-fighter Skills-fighter’s soul Weapons- Yoake (C) (ability: growth) Element-ice partner-Bab Ados Stats- lv14 HP-90 (+20) Attack-20 Defence-20 (+95) Speed-20 (+9) Regen-30 (+3) Manna-292 class-Sage Skills-Healer + Weapons-none Element-lightning Money ---- gold 30) silver 30) bronze 30) copper 32) ************************ Miles away a man runs through the forest just trying to get away. “Oh Rudy, come out and play with me.” a voice said in the dark. Rudy didn't listen to the voice as he continued to run, he knew if he could just get back into town then he would be safe. He only had to get back into town. “Come on rudy, you used to always play with me.” the voice said. “Shut up!” Ruddy yelled, the stress now getting to him. “We can even play your favorite game Rudy. don't you remember?” the voice asked. Ruddy tried to ignore it, he just had to run! “I remember Rudy, you used to play beat up tag.” the voice said. Rudy finally noticed the lights of town, he was almost there! But that hope immediately disappeared when someone jumped down from the trees and landed in front of Rudy, those bright red eyes staring back at Rudy as he tried to back away. “Now you can be it.” the thing said as it smiled, the two long fangs glinting in the moonlight. Ruddy could do nothing but scream into the night. ************author here****** I want to thank everyone who is liking my story so far. You all are awesome I would also like to give a shout out to my friend Wannatripbaby and suggest reading his story Angel hunter. He just started 2 weeks ago and has already made an awesome story! https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/60742-angel-hunter-chapter-10-up-nov-29/