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  1. with this type of story, while some of it is forced, its in situations out of his control. such as him using pardie to remove it from him before Clovers dad caught him in a sissy outfit. their are too many stories were someone is going out of their way to fully humiliate and diaper someone, but for this story, i want the situations to feel more natural within the context of the story. Amani is between 16 or 17 and still in high school. because of this, i have to be careful when doing sexual topics. so unless it adds to the story, then i dont think ill bring up him masturbating any time soon. but to answer your curiosity, he can and dose masturbate, though thanks to Pardie, that has become less frequent. as for the new girly body, he has not tried that yet, but the body is only temporary and will soon be turning back. (though it wont be the last time we see it.)
  2. huh, i could have sworn it was "One thing I didn't like was the stairs from other people around me. making me want to just hide again." guess it got cut off at some point. oh well, could be worse. lol
  3. “CLOVER!” I yelled in fright as clover continued to laugh at the sight of seeing him even more girly than before. “W-what h-happened!” Clover asked while giggling. “Princes was reckless and needed to use more power. Thus turning her into a girl. With my magic gone, I can't transform them back for a while.” Pardie quickly explained while Clover continued to laugh. “Knock it off!” I yelled at clover now blushing like mad. “Pardie, how long before you can turn me back!” “As of right now, roughly 24 hours before I safely transform you.” Pardie calculated. “However, should you help me recover my magic, it would be as soon as 3 hours.” For a moment, that actually made me feel better. That I wouldn't be stuck like this for long. But I realized one glaring problem with that. “How will he help you with magic?” Clover asked still smiling but calmed down a bit. “They would need to…”Pardie began before I grabbed the diaper out of the air and toss it to the ground before stomping on it. “DO NOT TELL THEM!” I Yelled while my face was bright red. “What, do you have to use the diaper or something?” Clover asked jokingly. “Yes,” Pardie answered and cased mom, clover, and my sister to burst out laughing! “Fucking diaper!” I yell and stomp on pardie. Which seemed to do nothing to it. After a little while, the girls finally stopped laughing while my annoyance continued to rise. “Why are you here clover?” I asked trying to change the topic from me for just a moment. “Don't you remember? We were going to go see a movie today but you didn't show up and didn't pick up your phone. So I came to check on you.” Clover told me as I remember making plans with her to go see a hero movie. “Oh, right,” I mumbled as I remember. Man, getting hit in the head so often is fucking with my memories… “well, I think we'll have to go see the movie some other time.” “Why?” Clover asked. “Not like your sick or something. We can just go catch the next showing in 3 hours.” “There is no way I'm going out there looking like this!” I tell her as I gesture to myself. “I have tits for crying out loud!” “Oh come on. You already dress like a sissy, what's so bad about looking like a cute girl now?” Clover tells me with a smug look on her face. “Besides, I bet if we get you some new clothes no one would even recognize you.” “Actually, this gives me an idea.” Mom said with a smile on her face. “Why not take Amani out shopping and get her some new clothes to match her new look.” “Can I go!” Annabelle shouted excitedly. “NO WAY!” I shout. “I'm not even going to look like this for long so why bother?” “Pardie, do you think, *snort* “Princess” will get rid of you anytime soon?” Clover asked. “Based on previous actions, I would say princess would be able to break our connection within one year and 2 months.” “It increased!” I shout at the diaper. “And do you think they will be turning into a girl again in that time?” Clover asked with a slight smile. “Yes,” Pardie told her. “Then it's settled!” Clover announced. “We will get Amani new clothes for the next time he turns into a girl!” ******** “I hate you all,” I grumbled in the front seat of the car as my mom drove us to the mall. I did my best to argue with them, to tell them I wouldn't go. But that argument faded when my sweat pants slipped off me. Showing off my pink pull-up and I had to put on a belt just to keep the sweat pants on. So, here I am, wearing shorts with a tight belt to keep them on while wearing a Spiderman t-shirt and black hoodie. Using the hoodie to try my best to hide my embarrassed face. Especially, because under all of it, I was wearing Pardie! Thankfully Pardie can shrink to be very concealing, though it felt like I was wearing a slightly thicker version of underwear. Or as Annables said when she saw them, “Pardie looks like my old training panties!” Suddenly, fighting a hamster filled with spiders was sounding pleasant... After a bit of a drive, we finally made it to the mall were my torment would begin. Almost immediately I was dragged inside the first clothing store their and I wanted to die. “Oh! Look at this! I think this would look so cute on her.” mom would say. “Let's see, I think these pants would fit you,” Clover said as she holding up pants next to my waist. “Mom! I think these would look good!” my little sister yelled. I kept my hood up to hide my embarrassed face, but I might have gotten a few more stairs because of it… “Well, at least we don't have to worry about giving you these.” Clover teased as she held up bright red panties and giggled. I don't know what was worse. Looking and being forced to dress like a girl, or being denied panties because I needed to wear a diaper, After about 20minits of them running around. I was dragged over to a changing station and handed a bunch of clothing to try on. “Hurry up we want to see what you look like,” Annabell said happily as I sighed and walked into the changing room. Once inside I removed my clothes and noticed a mirror in the room. Staring back at me was a cute girl wearing training panties. My soft skin, long hair with a pink stripe, slender waist, small yet perky breast. And the way Pardie held my member down there, it looked as if nothing was there. (I had to keep checking to make sure it was.) It was extremely hard to say I wasn't a girl. “You ok in there?” Clover asked I shook away my thoughts. “Ahhh, ya,” I reply and look back at the clothes. I picked up the pants tried to put them on. They were black and tight but seemed to fit me well. Along with a gray sleeveless shirt that says “Sexy” on it that showed off my belly button. When I walked out, all three girls cheered that it fit and complimented on how good it looked. Much to my embarrassed face. “Wait, we forgot something! You can't wear it like that.” Clover said as she took a closer look and went back to the pile of clothes they had. “Huh?” I say as I look at myself. What more do I need? I shouldn't have asked… “Tada!” Clover said as she held up a bra. I immediately begin to stutter as I saw it. How was I supposed to even put it on? This seemed to be amusing to both my mother and Clover who know what was wrong. “Here, let me see it.” my mom said as she took the bra and pushed me back into the changing room. “ok, take off the shirt.” I did and I was turned to face the mirror and watch as my mom helped me put on a bra. This felt so wrong! “Just look at how big my baby girl has grown. Finally trying on her first bra.” My mom said with a smile. “MOM!” I yelled embarrassed. And that made her laugh. “You know I'm only joking Amani.” mom said as she looked at the mirror. “But you do look cute as a girl.” ******* After that, everyone continued to give me clothing for me to try. A striped long sleeve shirt with a bright red short skirt. Black tights with a white shirt and pink thin jacket. Blue short sleeve shirt with ripped up skinny jeans. I eyes nearly popped when I saw the price for the pants. “I COULD HAVE THE NEIGHBORS DOG RIP UP MY PANTS TO GET THE SAME THING!” I yelled at them. They ignored me and continue to give me different clothing. Annabel especially liked to bring me any outfits that had a lot of pink on them and I was starting to get sick of it. “Look, no more pink. I'll wear anything as long as it's not pink.`` I tell them annoyed at this point. The girls looked disappointed but soon got an idea. “Oh hell no!” I tell them as they bring me the girliest, frilliest, the most feminizing dress they could find in blue. “But it's not pink!” Annabel told me. “And you said you would wear anything not pink! “Ya Amani, keep your word.” Clover teased and winked. Needless to say, I wound up wearing it… That's when I noticed my mom holding a camera and taking pictures! “MOM!” I shout as I realize this and go to try and take the phone from her. But I tripped on one of the frills and wound up on the floor with my butt in the air. Showing off the Pardie training panties and making everyone giggle again. “Don't worry sweetie, no one else will ever see them.” mom told me as I struggled to get up. “And besides, I'm not going to be able to take my teenage daughter shopping like this for a few more years. So I want something to remember the day.” Blushing and frustrated I grit my teeth. “Fine. but if you show anyone I'm smashing it!” The girls giggle again as I match back into the changing room to get out of the frilly dress. After about 20 more minutes of me trying on clothes, it was finally time to stop and pick out 3 outfits and buy them. I walked out of the store wearing the striped long sleeve shirt with a bright red short skirt while trying my hardest to make it longer. “Why can't I wear the pants!” I asked clover while my face was completely red. “Because you look so cute like this!” Clover told me happily while I blushed more. “Ok, why don't we go get some lunch and then you two can go see your movie.” Mom suggested. “Mom! I need to use the bathroom first.” Annabel told her. “Ok, let's go their first.” Mom said as she leads the way to the bathrooms. And to be honest, I should use the bathroom now before the movie anyway. As we go to the bathroom, I saw my mom, Annabell and clover all start to head into the girl's room while I was about to enter the boys. “hold it, cowgirl,” Clover said as she grabs my hand. “Wrong room. Remember?” My face blushed again as I looked over at the girl's room. “Nononononononono,” I repeat as I realize just what she meant. “Oh come on, when's the next time you'll be able to go into the girl's room without getting caught?” Clover asked with a smirk as I was dragged into the girl's room. Inside wasn't really all that different from the boy's room. Just more stalls and no urinals. I could already see Mom and Annabell's legs in two of the stalls with their pants and underwear down and my face was just blushing more. “Go on. And remember, girls, sit when they pee.” Clover reminded me as I was pushed over to a stall. Thankfully no one else was inside to hear that as I slowly made my way to the stall. Upon entering it, I stared at the toilet for a moment contemplating if I was really just about to try to use the toilet like a girl? But even that was too good for me. “Princes, remember that I need to receive your magic in order to turn you back.” Pardie reminded me and I heard giggles fill the bathroom as I just wanted to die!!! So, with every fiber of my manhood screaming at me to not do it! I turned around, dropped my skirt, and sat down on the toilet while still wearing Pardie in a training panties form. I buried my face into my hands and nearly cried in shame as I began peeing into the magic diaper. Unlike every other time I used pardie, all of the pee was contained to just my crotch area and a little of my butt. However, this state was not meant to hold so much pee, so pardie had to slowly grow to contain the pee as much as possible, while still remaining as thin, and unnoticeable as possible as to not be found out. When I stood up, it felt like I had a constant water balloon pressed against my crotch and ass. One that could pop at any moment. Did Amani go potty like a good girl?`` Clover joked as I walked out blushing but I said nothing to her as I went to wash my hands. “How long until he’s back to normal?” Annabell asked Pardie after she washed her hands as well. “As of right now, roughly 4 hours,” Pardie told us. “Should the princes use me in the other…. “Nope!” I shout as I immediately marched out the door before pardie could finish and before I could be laughed at yet again for the even more babyish act. Like hell, I'm doing that here like this! Thankfully after the bathroom, things calmed down a bit. (though for me, I wish I could have just gone home.) We grabbed some lunch with me being denied one of my favorite double cheeseburgers, (“because girls like me should watch what they eat.”) and instead settled on a simple 6-inch Spicy Italian from a sub shop. Mom also had me not only down a water bottle but also continue to drink more in order to have me pee sooner and turn back. One thing I didn't like was “You ready for the movie?” Clover asked when we were done eating. “Ya,” I tell her as I throw my trash away and say goodbye to my mom and sister who were heading home now. So, what are we watching? “Toy Story 4,” Clover told me as we got our tickets and got our snacks. Once inside I let out a sigh of relief as only one other family were here and they were closer to the screen. Which meant clover and I could stay in the back and not be heard by people. “So, how was your first day as a girl?” Clover asked me as we waited for the movie to start. “I just want to go back to normal,” I tell her as I shift uncomfortably in the seat. “What's wrong?” Clover asked. “It's pardie, it feels like I'm sitting on a water balloon,” I tell clover as I reach under my skirt to feel the balloon Pardie became. “Well, it's dark in here, why not have pardie become a diaper again to be more comfortable?” Clover suggested. I was about to say no, that it was all right when Pardie started to expand and become its normal diaper self. This felt a little better with all the pee not being so close to me, but at the same time, I was now wearing a regular diaper again. Clover giggled as she noticed the crinkle of the diaper. “At least it removes the smell,” Clover said as she gives me a smile and hands me some popcorn. I say nothing as I take the popcorn. Just giving up on the situation and decided it wasn't worth arguing anymore. I decided to just watch the movie and forget about everything. After an hour of the movie, clover leans over and whispers into my ear. “I'll be right back, I need to use the bathroom,” she tells me before getting up to leave. Thanks to her, I began to realize my own bladder and for a moment think about going with her to the bathroom. But I remember Pardie and I decided not to go. I would just wind up using pardie again. That's when I realized, I'm in a dark room, isolated, and wearing a diaper… I look around just to make sure no one was around me. Then starting at the movie screen… The worm witness filled the diaper up once more as it spread and absorbed into the padding. I couldn't believe I was actually peeing in public! “Aww, much better,” Clover said as she sat down next to me. “Your lucky, you could just use your diaper instead of getting up.” Blissfully unaware that is exactly what I just did,
  4. very good start to your new arc ^.^ and its so cute to know Bab cant swim! can't wait to read more!
  5. i think red just came up with the idea before that movie came out. we were working on it for a long time. and needed a way to explain why only diaper people were brought together.
  6. thank you ^,^ and ya, thats one i need to fix. glad you liked it ^.^
  7. And with a snap, a board with votes popped up. Showing everyone's name except for Jasmine. 30% voted for Nathan 18% voted for Jack 15% voted for Alex 13% voted for Gareth Bolt 8% voted for Gwen 5% voted for Lydia Johnson 5% voted for Tulip 5% voted for Ayumi 3% voted for Ryan “Now would you look at that, the first baby going home will be the baby punk.” “Oh thank god!” Nathan shouts as he steps in front of The Host with an annoyed look on his face. “Hurry up and send me home.” “Yes, yes, but just one moment, there is something important that must be dealt with.” ^.^ “Which is?” Nathan asked. “You haven't used your diaper yet, and im worryed the little baby punk might be constipated, let's fix that before sending you home.” ^.< Nathan's eyes grew wide as his stomach began to do somersaults. “W-what are you…” Nathan began but stopped as his body leaned forward and released the contents of his stomach into his diaper. “That's a good baby.” ^w^ “nice and stinky.” “Why you!” Nathan yelled angrily as his diaper saged before he suddenly disappeared. Everyone around The Host looked shocked and confused as to what had happened. “Don't worry dears. Just a bit of last minute fun before he was sent home.” ^.^ “no memory of what happened, and no messy diaper to clean up. Like it never happened.” “Now then, for those who are enjoying this special project, I do hope you will join us again next time as we see what those remaining 9 babys will do next!” the host announced. “And remember to like and comment on what you liked about it, it really helps. Till next time!” ^w^
  8. lol i tried to keep things simple with Alex. and red oked the line ^.^ i wanted to try something different. i liked being able to use emojis in Simon says during texts to help show some type of emotion from him when we couldn't see who he was. with the host wearing a mask i used the opportunity to just make the test out how expressive they could be with only emojis. so far it works well as for charicters, i sadly couldint give them all a chance to shine as half the chapter was introduction and the other half the game. next chapter will have more to the characters. ^.^
  9. i think you need an account on DA to vote. (its free ^.^) also, for this first chapter i wasint able to give everyone a chance to shine as it had a long intro. so next chapter will have more character development for everyone. ^.^
  10. There is nothing but a white void until a figure walks forward. They are wearing a nice black dress suit with white gloves. There long messy hair is tied behind their head while they wear a white mask with a simple smiley face on it. Their body is tall and slim while their voice is soft and elegant. “I welcome all you readers and watchers for joining me and giving me the power to do something so fun. You may all call me The host.” The host said as their mask changes to be a winky face. ;) “But a white void wouldn't be all that great a place to play our little game, so before we start, let's change this place a bit.” The Host said before snapping. :) The void changes to that of a large island surrounded by water and a large building behind them. “Now without further adieu, let's call forth our little friends for our game,” The Host said before snapping again. ^.^ From out of nowhere, 10 people all appear out of nowhere with confused looks on their faces. “The fuck! Did I get summoned again!?” Alexander March, a 6 foot 18-year-old, yelled. He was bald average looking man. “Hey! Where's my pharmacy!” Gwen, a 6 foot 27-year-old, yelled confused. She was fit with a slender frame with purple hair. “Wow! Where am I?” Ryan, a 5 '11, 17-year-old, asked. He was skinny with blond hair in a crew cut. “What the hell is that thing!” Jasmine, a 5’1”, 21-year-old, yelled out in shock at seeing another contestant beside her. She was a thin woman with long golden hair. “EEEEEEEE!” Tulip, a 6’8” cyclopes squealed in shock at the woman suddenly yelling at her. “Hey! April! Where are you!?” Nathan, a 5’8”, 17-year-old street punk, yelled as he searches for his friend he was supposed to be watching. “W-what's going o-on!” Ayumi, an almost childlike 3’10”, 17-year-old girl with a fox tail and years, shouted. The other 3 were too shocked to really say anything. They were Gareth, a 5’11, a 24-year-old man with red hair on one side and green on the other. Lydia, a 4’9, 18-year-old woman. And lastly Jack, a 5’9, 19-year-old guy. “Welcome contestants, I'm so glad you all could join.” The host exclaims. ^.^ “Who the hell are you?” Alex asked confused and slightly ticked off. “I am The Host, and I have called you all to partake in my little game for a grand audience.” the Host explained. :) “FUCK THIS SHIT!” Nathan yelled as he started walking away from everyone. “I'm not sticking around this creepy place!” “I wouldn't do that if I were you.” The Host commented. 0.0 “Fuck you!” Nathan yelled back as he went behind a tree. Suddenly everyone jumped as they heard yelling behind them and spun around to see Nathan fall into the water behind them! “See told you.” -_- “Why are you doing this!” Lydia asked. “Because my audience enjoys a bit of Fun.” The host replied. ^.^ “and as of right now, they want to see something special, something they may not have seen before.” “And what's that?” Jack asks as he helps Nathen out of the water. “A diaper game show!” The host told them all. ^w^ immediately most of the people there started blushing like crazy. “Sorry, but I'm not going to be a part of this,” Alex tells the host. “Besides I don't even wear diapers.” “Oh, I know you and the wet boy over there don't.” The host says as they look at both Alex and Nathen. 0w0 “but I can fix that” With a single snap, both of them lost their pants as their underwear was transformed into diapers. Casing both of them to blush and get pissed. “HEY!” Gwen yells as she marches over to The Host and sticks a finger in their masked face. 0?0 “diapers are meant to be fun and for people to slowly get into, not to be forced onto other people!” A few nodded in agreement, and a few looked at her in confusion. Thinking ‘who could enjoy this?’ “Besides! You gave them some of the cheapest diapers around! At least get them something better!” “Thank you for your concern.” ^,^ “ill do my research and give them something better.” ;) With another snap, there were more screams as Gwen spun around and her jaw nearly dropped. "Cuuuute!!" Gwen exclaimed with hearts in her eyes. Everyone's pants were now missing and showing off everyone's diaper. Even Alex and Nathen get better ones (much to their annoyance), and the sight of seeing 4 diaper girls made her so distracted admiring everyone and mostly drooling over the women that she forgot why she is mad at The Host. “You know what! let's just tackle this guy!” Jack shouted while hitting Ryan, signaling to back him up. Both of them charged at The Host. *V* Both of them dropped to their knees and clenched their stomachs before there was an audible farts coming from the both of them until both diapers became very full. “My my my! What nasty babies you are!” ^,^ “only here 5 minutes and your already messing yourselves.” “U-u-um, Host?” Ayumi sais shyly as she raises her hand. “Yes dear.” 0w0 “How do we go home?” Ayumi asked. “Oh, that's simple, if you get voted off, you go home in the exact moment I took you.” ^.^ “you will remember none of this so everything would be fine.” “Wait, sorry to break it to you, but if I'm away from Bab for an hour, this thing will kill me,” Alex comments as he raises up a bracelet to show the host. “You do not have to worry about that”^^ “all magic is nulled here. So you don't have to worry about that.” Alex looked at them a moment before looking at his own hands. “Huh, my ice isn't coming out…” “B-but what do we get i-if we win?” Ayumi asks. “Whoever wins will be the DL champion! And I shall grant one wish!” 0w0 “And if we refuse?” Jasmine asked with a sour look on her face. [email protected] “Oh, you won't refuse. Just ask them.” the host pointed at Jack and Ryan who were panting in exhaustion with a heavy load in their pants. Everyone stood in silence and fear. “Now then!” ^w^ “let's get right into the basics!” “This is will be an elimination style game. You all will play a game and should you win, you can get immunity from being voted off the game. But if you lose, you risk being voted off. To make things a bit more fun, you all will be split into 2 groups.” the Wet Bandits! who has Lydia, Gwen, Nathan, Tulip, and Jack! and the Messy Mongrels! who has Gareth, Ryan, Jasmine, Ayumi, and Alex! With another snap, the two groups were separated so that everyone knew who was who. “Well, at least I'm with someone I know,” Lydia commented as she stood beside Gwen who suddenly hugged her in excitement. Nathan just grumbled while Tulip was still looking as confused as ever. Jack, however, shifted around feeling the heavy load sway side to side. Blushing all the while at the experience. On the other side, Ayumi smiles and bows to everyone. “It's a pleasure to meet you all. I hope we can all get along.” Ayumi tells them. Jasmine rolls her eyes. “Ya, whatever you say brat.” Said the girl also wearing a diaper.” Gareth comments and makes Jasmine blush. “But yea, it's nice to meet you Ayumi.” “Same,” Alex replies as he shacks both Ayumi’s and Gareth’s hands. Ryan just kept his mouth shut. Partly afraid of what the Host might do next. “Now that you all are acquainted, why don't we start with the first game!”^,^ With another snap, a hole appeared out of nowhere, followed with large playground equipment hovering above the hole. On the other side of the hole was a large building. “This is the Playground obstacle course!” ^.^ “to win, you must pass all obstacles and make it to the home base. But if you fall off, you must retake the course again. First one to make it threw wins immunity! And the first group to have all member make it over will receive a special prize!” 0w0 “I'm going first!” Nathan yelled as the street punk walked forward. “Oh! So will the little punk make it past the obstacles?” 0w^ “Shut up freak!” Nathan yelled as he stood at the beginning of the obstacles. There were 5 obstacles. The first was a balance beam roughly 10 feet long leading to a floating platform above the hole. Nathen ran past it with no problems. Next was a large swing set with the only path going through it while swings rocked back and forth. If someone were to get hit by them, they would fall into the hole. Nathen took his time and past by each swing as it swung past him. A little bit away was a 15 feet large rock wall leading up to a slide. ‘How is this an obstacle?’ Nathen thought as he got on the rocks. Suddenly the floor below him vanished and he realized that if he were to fall now, he would fall into the hole. But Nathan reached the top with no problems and slid down the slide. Next up was a set of monkey bars suspended over the hole. Showing no fear, Nathan jumped up and took a hold of the bars and quickly made his way through them. “Wow, he's doing pretty good,” Gareth commented. But, it was finally time for the last obstacle. A long zip line. Nathan smiled as he knew this was way to easy and grabbed the handle to the zip line. With a running start, he launched himself over the hole and towards the final platform. Nathan released the handle just in time to land safely onto the platform and win the game. Or so he thought. For as soon as his still wet feet touched the platform, they slipped. Nathan fell back into the deep dark void of the hole… “AAAAAAAAWWWWWWW!!!!!!” Nathen yelled as everyone spun around to see him fall into the water again! “Awww, better luck next time baby punk.” ^w^ “now then, whos next?” “I'll go!” Gwen shouts as she jogs over. “Good luck!” Lydia shouted. “Y-ya! Good luck! Tulip shouted in suport for her teammate Behind them, Jack had helped Nathen out of the water again. Gwen got up to the hole and quickly past the balance bar. As she made it to the swings, she did as Nathen did and took her time. But as she got to the rockwall, her foot slipped and she fell screaming into the void. Then appeared right beside her team. “HEY! WHY DIDN'T YOU DUNK HER!” Nathen shouted. “I don't know what you're talking about.” <.< Nathen was getting madder and wanted to just strangle them. “Ok, I think ill go…” Lydia started but was interrupted. “You guys already had your turns! Im going next!” Jasmine yelled and marched up to the hole. While she was mad at having to do this stupid game, she was more pissed that her diaper was on full display! She just wanted to get this over with and go home. She moves over the Balice bar with ease and slips past the swings with no problem. She had never climbed a rock wall before but she was able to get over it fast and slide down the slide. When she got to the monkey bars, she was trying to get through them as fast as possible and was skipping bars to go faster. This lead to her missing one of the bars and almost falling! Thankfully she held on tight with her other hand and was dangling for a moment before reaching back up and finishing the monkey bars. She heard some cheering from behind her but she ignored it as she got to the zip line. She rocked forward on the zipline until she reached the end and had to leap over the wet spot Nathan left. she landed on the platform and let out a breath she was holding in as she made it past the obstacles. “WE HAVE OUR FIRST WINNER!” >W< “Jasmine you have officially become our first DL games winner!” Her team cheered her on while half of the other team clapped in congratulations. “I-ill go n-next.” Ayumi said as she walks forward blushing. “Oh! The cute loli is next!” ^.^ “just one moment.” The Host made a snap and the hole and obsticalcore shrink in size to be a perfect fit for Ayumi. “HEY! WHY DID YOU MAKE IT SMALLER FOR HER!!!” Jasmine yelled from were she was. “Have you seen how tiny she is?” The Host asked while Ayumi began blushing even harder. Jasmine also blushed as she realized how she sounded wanting a little girl to take on the big obstacle course. So she just crossed her arms and grumbled. “Ok Ayumi, go ahead.” ^.^ Auymi nodded and started the course. She easily got past the first 2 obstacles with no problems but hesitated when she got to the rock wall. While she had a lot of stamina, she didn't have much upper body strength. “You got this girl! Go go go!” Gwen shouted to encourage Ayumi, which made her blush more but helped her jump up onto the wall and climb up. After reaching the top and sliding down she had to cross the monkey bars. Just like with the rock wall, it was hard for her to cross but she managed not to fall, though was tired from it. But now it was time for the zip line. She held on for dear life as she zipped over the hole. As she got closer to the other side however, she noticed the puddle of water Nathen left behind and grew scard. She didn't think she could make it over the puddle, and she didn't want to fall! So she did the only thing she could think of, land on her diaper but and tail. She lands hard on her tail and diaper and nearly yelps in pain. Almost everyone could see the little girl in pain but holding it in. so when she gave them a thumbs up with a smile and tears in her eyes everyone cheered for her. Much to her painful embarrassment. From their things went a lot smoother. Lydia was next but fell off the Zipline. Alex went after her and made it past. Jack went next and had to ask the host for a change first. The host obliged and gave both Jack and Ryan diaper changes. With his pants no longer filled, he was also able to make it over the obstacle course. “Wet Bandits finally have their first win!” The Host announces. :) Gareth was next but he sadly got hit by a swing and knocked off. “Hey, why don't you give it a shot Tulip?” Gwen suggested to the giant who was nervously looking around but nodded. “O-ok,” Tulip says as she walks forward. “Now it's time for the big girl. Just one moment dear.” The host said with a snap and made the obstacle course larger to fit her. “Their you go.” Tulip looked in amazement for a moment as she had never seen anything like this built for her size. But a slight smile crept on her face as she ran forward and crossed the balice bar and swings. Over the rock wall and down the slide. Her smile getting bigger and bigger as the cyclops played on the obstacles. But as she got to the monkey bars, she qwickly found them to be much harder as she had never done something like this before and was hanging just by her hands. Then fell into the void when soon after. But as she reappears, she just smiled bigger. “AGIN AGIN!” “Yes sweaty, but first let other people have a turn.” the host replied. ^.^ Ryan was last and did very well up until the zipline were he slipped and fell into the hole. “Looks like everyone has gone threw once! And the messy mongrels already have 3 members over onto the other side! While the Wet Bandits sadly only have 1. Who will be the first will all members on the other side?” The host announced and asked. ^?^ Nathen wanted to try again, but Tulip beat him over to The host and asked if she could go again. More excited just to try again then to actually win. And much like before she made it past the first 3 obstacles before falling on the monkey bars. This time making it a little over half way. And again she was hoping up and down wanting to go again! Sadly others had to have a turn first. Lydia was next to run up before anyone got the chance to call next and this time she made it past the Zip line with no problem. Earning her team their next win. Nathen then marched up, glad it was finally his turn again. And this time landed on the final platform properly. “Finally!” Nathen shouted. “Now when can I go home?” But the host ignored him and announced for the next person to come up. Gareth came up and this time walked slower at the swings to get past them. Once he was through, the rest of the obstacles were easy. Earning his team their 4th win. Gwen was finally up again and managed to make it over the rock wall. With that out of the way, the rest was simple and she earned her team yet another win. Tying up the game. “It's all down to Tulip and Ryan!” the Host announced. 0v0 “if Ryan wins this one then it will be messy mongrels overall win! But if he loses then Tulip has a chance of winning for her team! Ryan took a few deep breaths before charging forward to take on the obstacles. Taking them on as fast but safely as possible. Everyone on his team were cheering him on while the other team (except Tulip) were booing him and hoping he would fall. But Ryan made his way to the Zipline and landed safely on the final platform and winning the obstacle course! “The Messy Mongrels have officially won the first round!” The host announced. ^w^ “with this win your team has won something special!” The host snapped their fingers and the obstacle course and hole disappear both The host and Tulip were now with everyone else. “Aww, I wanted to play more.” Tulip pouted. “Don't worry dear, if you're still around you will be able to play more.” ^.^ “now then, shall we move on to the voting?” “How does voting work?” Lydia asks curiously. “Do we just vote each other off?” “Nope.” ^.^ “in fact, you do nothing! The audience enjoying the entertainment will be doing the voting!” So to all of you out there enjoying the games so far, it will be up to you to determine who stays and who leaves! Jasmine has won invincibility this round which means she can't be voted out this round. But the other 9 are still eligible to be kicked out this round. ^.^ Please vote for who should go home on my Deviantart home page! (only votes on DA will be counted!) https://www.deviantart.com/pinkthedinosaur and a link to the DA chapter with all the DA shout outs! https://www.deviantart.com/pinkthedinosaur/art/DL-GAMES-801982474?ga_submit_new=10%3A1560738777&ga_type=edit&ga_changes=1
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