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  1. chapter 10 Lily was sweating bullets as she walked down the street towards her local McDonald's. It was only a 15-minute walk over there, but to her, it felt like an eternity as she looking around her. Hoping no one could tell she was wearing a thick diaper barely concealed by her short skirt. Every step she took felt like her skirt could go flying up and show the world that she was just a perverted baby girl. A naughty one that needed to be... NO! She had to stay focused. She just needed to get to a fast food restaurant and get the application and get out. But as she got close, her heart skipped a beat as she saw the lunch rush and the line to the counter. Lily bit her bottom lip as she knew she had to wait in line to get the application. There were about 5 people in front of her and she was growing more and more nervous by the minute. She mostly stared at the workers running around the back, preparing food, sending it out, running the cash register. Then Lily began to daydream about how it would be like for her to work here? Jackson would definitely have her diapered at all times. Her coworkers wouldn't want the baby to get hurt so she wouldn't be able to work with the food. So she would have to work drive-thru or cash register. But what if she wasn't good at that? Everyone would just call her a stupid baby who can't count. Would she be stuck just cleaning then? Mopping the bathroom floors at the end of the night. Then she would slip and fall on her padded bum and spill the water everywhere. Someone would come in to see her and say. “Aww, looks like the baby couldn't make it to the potty.” “N-no! It's from the mop! I swear!” Lily would try to tell them. “Sure it is sweetie. Now come on. I think someone needed a little more padding. Just for your protection.” “No! I'm a big girl! A big girl!” Lily whined in her mind before given a pacifier to shut her up. “How may I take your order ma’am?” the woman behind the counter asked and snapped Lily out of her daydream. “Huh?’ Lily asked and blushed as she realized she was now in the front of the line. “How may I take your order ma’am?” the woman asked again with a smile on her face. “Oh, um. I'm here to get a job application.” Lily told her. “Oh, one moment.” the woman said as she looked behind the counter and grabbed one. “You know, you didn't have to wait in line. You could have just come up and got one.” Lilly was mentally banging her head on a wall as she realized that. “Oh, I'm sorry,” Lily replied and gave a nervous smile as she took the application. “Just bring it back filled out and we will go from there.” the woman told lily who thanked her and walked outside. Once away from the crowd of people, Lily let out a sigh of relief. Glad to be out of there. She then thought back to her daydream and blushed. She really was becoming a pervert, wasn't she? Then she received a text. Simon: hey baby girl having fun? Right, she should change his name later. Lily: fuck you. Simon: sounds like fun, but sadly I'm busy at the moment. But baby girl, do you know what brand of diapers your waring? The brand? Now that she thought about it, she didn't. She knew of a few brands and some were better than others, but the ones she was wearing? Lily: no? Simon: their called Kinktown. And as the name implies they are specially made to order. “Oh no,” Lily said quietly to herself as she realized he planned for something. Simon: depending on the modification, the more expensive the diaper. And boy were yours expensive. have fun. Lily read as she felt the familiar vibrations coming from her diaper. He hid a fucking remote vibrated in her diaper! Lily frantically looked around. She knew he couldn't be far, vibrators like this don't have that long of a range so all she has to do is find him to make it stop! Unbeknownst to her, Jackson wasn't near her. “Oh Lily, still using the same old password for your phone.” He said to himself as he used a remote control phone app to signal the app he installed onto Lily’s phone to turn on the vibrator. She has the power to stop it in her hands, but how long till she finds that out? Lily’s face grew reader from the stimulation. The vibrations on her sensitive spot just made her want to scream and rub one out but she knew she couldn't. She needed to hurry up and get to the next job and get the application before he does something worse. Like, make her cum in public. The next job was far different from fast food. It was a bank. Lily walked inside the large and quiet building. There were only a few people here doing something with their money and a teller was open for Lily to just walk up to get an application. Yes! This will be quick! Or so she thought. As soon as Lily asked for an application the bank teller looked around and couldn't find any. So they had to call their boss and ask where they were just to be told they were out. “I'm so sorry, but could you take a seat and wait just 5 minutes for a copy to be made?” they asked Lily who reluctantly said yes. Knowing that if she didn't, Jackson would make her come back tomorrow still locked in a diaper, and she wasn't sure she could hold her pee that long. As she sat down, Lily had to cross her legs as best she could and put her small thin jacket over them to help hide her diaper. With her legs crossed, however, the vibrator inside the diaper was now closer to her and she had to fight back on letting out a small moan from the good feeling. She had to get her mind off the pleaser and began looking around the bank. This place doesn't seem to bad. She could see herself sitting behind one of the teller desks and handling money Having a smile on her face as many people come up to her to deal with money. All of them only able to see the top half of her. She could probably wear her diaper underneath and no one would notice. Though they might notice a smell if she used her diapers. But would they notice the vibrator? With such a thick diaper, no one could really hear the buzz coming from the vibrator. Above she would be red faced but smiling as she was handed money, while below her pussy would be pleased by the vibrations. But she would have to try to be careful and learn to keep her voice down whenever she came in her diaper. But it would feel so good! “Here you go ma’am.” the woman from earlier said and snapped Lily out of her daydream again! “Ma’am, are you all right? your face is bright red.” “Oh um, yes I'm fine, just a little hot,” Lily said as she quickly but carefully got up and got the application before quickly leaving. Lily's heart was racing as she realized where her thoughts were going! Any longer and she would have been masturbating right there! She needed to either cum or calm herself down fast. Thankfully, her next stop was the perfect place. It was a pharmacy called Phoenix Pharmacy. A small little shop but it was perfect for what she needed! Lily went inside and saw only one woman with purple hair behind the counter. Who was distracted by her phone? “Um, excuse me?” Lily said which got the woman's attention as she shot up with a bright smile on her face. “Hi, I'm Gwen! Manager of this store, how may I help you?” she asked in a very cheery voice. “I was wondering if I could get an application?” Lily asked which made Gwen’s eyes light up. “OH yes! Right away!” she said as she frantically searched for one and handed it to Lily. “Please bring it back whenever you can. We would love to have you working here!” Lily smiled back as she put the application into her purse. “Thank you. Also, where is your bathroom?” Lily asked. “In the back, here's the key for it,” Gwen said as she handed it over and watched Lily enter the bathroom. There she could sit on the toilet and try to calm her breathing and not let the vibrator make her hornier than she already was. Back outside, Gwen was smiling to herself and cheering inside her head. “Yes! A new worker and a cutie at that!” Gwen thought to herself. “I just know she is wearing a diaper that naughty girl. Nobody can escape my eye! I can’t wait for the opportunity to change her into a nice extra thick one.” The best part of Gwen’s store is that she kept an endless supply of diapers for herself and anybody who desired them. Although not required, she incentivized her employees to wear diapers as part of their uniforms for extra pay. “I bet she’s changing out of a messy diaper right now!” Gwen thought to herself as her own diaper began to grow warm as it also bulged out underneath her skirt. “Mmmm,” Gwen mumbled as she peed herself. “Huh?” Lily said confused as she walked towards Gwen and noticed her blushed look. “Oh nothing” Gwen replied while smiling and blushing. “Here take this on the house.” Gwen handed over a special cookie that she baked with love with a smile on her face. As much as she’d like to break the ice about Lily’s obvious diaper, she wasn’t an idiot that just scares people away with her eccentric personality. Her golden rule was to just let the person have an accident or flash their diaper then she can invade their personal space for her amusement. Perfect moral logic. Lily smiled as she took the cookie and thanked Gwen. “What a sweet girl. I wonder if she’s single.” Gwen said munching a cookie. “Sure hope she comes back because we have a lot to talk about.” She then went back to work, happy she found another person who enjoys diapers as much as her. ******* Outside, as Lily munched on her cookie, she looked at her list and read the last place she had to go to. Thankfully she calmed down a little bit before going there. Simon: hey baby girl, you get all 4 applications yet? Or are you just enjoying your diapers too much to get them? Lily: I have 3! One more to go. Simon: oh good! Maybe my big baby girl is finally growing up! :’) they grow up so fast. Lily ignored that last one as she reached a bus stop and got on to get to her final place. The bus ride was stressful as she had to sit up front with her legs as close a possible on the full buss. Which meant she had to try to keep herself calm as the vibrator was bushed up close to her. ‘How long will the battery last on this damn thing!’ Lily thought to herself. But what made it worse, was her tummy beginning to rumble. She knew what that meant and she needed to get that last application fast! When the bus got to her stop, she rushed as fast as she could to the small building she had never been to before. As she entered, she was greeted by a single woman behind a desk. “Hello, how may I help you?” the woman asked. “Hi, I was wondering if I could possibly get an application?” Lily asked with a smile on her face. “Oh, are you here to apply for the secretary position?” the woman asked. “Um, yeah,” Lily answered not really knowing if that's what Jackson wanted her to get or not. But it didn't matter. She just needed to get it and leave. “I'm sorry but we stopped accepting applications for it today. I'm afraid you missed it.” the woman told lily who stared at her. Oh, fuck! What does this mean! Should she text Jackson and tell him she could only get 3? Will he just accept that? Or will he force her to get a different one? Or worse, will he force her to come back tomorrow in a messy diaper to ask for one! Sensing Lily's distress, the woman cleared her thought and got Lily's attention. “Could you hold on just one moment please?” she asked before walking into a back room. She came back with a smile on her face. “Good news. While we aren't accepting any more applications, my boss is willing to give you a quick interview.” “Thank you so much,” Lily replied as she began to sweat bullets as her stomach turned. Jackson would at least be happy with this, but could she last the interview? The woman lead Lily down a hallway and into an empty room that had a single desk. Then opened a door on the side of the room. “Please take a seat.” the woman told her. Lily walked into the new room and saw another desk at the far end of the room with a large chair facing away, but she could tell someone was sitting in it. She took a seat in front of the desk nervously. Then she got a text. Simon: I think you're taking to long to get the last application, lets help get you motivated! Lily let out a small eep as the vibrator was suddenly turned up higher! NONONONO! “Is everything ok?” the man in the cair asked Lily while she still couldn't see him. “Y-yes!” Lily said a little high pitched then brought her voice back to normal. “Y-yes I'm o-ok. Just a l-little nervous.” ‘Fucking Jackson! Why at the worst possible time!’ “Well then, shall we get started on this interview?” the man asked. “Y-yes,” Lily replied. “Can you tell me a little about yourself?” the man asked. ‘Besides that I'm a diaper wearing pervert that's getting off right behind you?’ “I'm twenty-seven, currently trying to save up to go to college one day,” Lily replied with a nervous smile she knew the man couldn't see as she fidgeted in her seat. “How did you hear about the position?” the man asked. ‘I was blackmailed into coming here while wearing a diaper!’ “A childhood friend of mine recommended I look into you,” Lily responded. “What do you know about the company?” the man asked. ‘Nothing, but what I do know is I'm about to shit myself right behind you!” “I don't really know. I wasn't told. sorry.”Lily replied as she did her best to hold everything together. “That's fine. Why do you want this job?” the man asked. ‘To pay rent, food, and more diapers!’ “I'm just looking for something new,” Lily told him. “What are your greatest professional strengths?” he asked. ‘I look good in my diapers.’ “I don't really know sir. But I'm willing to find out.” Lily replied as her hand unknowingly began to stroke the front of her diaper. “What do you consider to be your weaknesses?” ‘How easy it is for Jackson to get me to cum in my diaper!’ “I-im not sure, sorry,” Lily replied “Where do you see yourself in five years?” he asked. ‘I don't know but in less than 5 minutes I'll be cumming like crazy!’ “I'm hoping taking college classes,” Lily told him as she legs began to part. “How would your boss and co-workers describe you?” he asked. ‘As a naughty baby who needs to be bent over and spanked!’ “H-hardworking and relia-able.” Lily panted. “How do you deal with pressure?” ‘I release it all into my loving diaper!’ “I-I w-would deal with it p-professionally,” Lily told him as she leaned back in her chair. “What do you like to do outside of work?” “I-I like to be a naughty baby girl!” Lily moaned out. Not realizing what she had just said. Just lost in the lust of her vibrating diaper pleaser! “Oh? Are you daddy's naughty baby?” the man asked. “Y-yes. Very naughty.” Lily panted. “How naughty?” the man asked. With a stupid smile on her face, Lily released what she was holding back with a loud moan! Her backside began to bulge as she felt near orgasmic release! “Daddy, I messed my diaper,” Lily told the man. “I'm a naughty girl.” “Yes, yes you are.” the man said as the chair turned around to reveal Jackson! But Lily was in a total haze of lust and pleasure to think right. “Why don't you show daddy just how much his Naughty baby loves her full diaper. She didn't need to be told twice as she hand began to work harder and harder until Lily let out a scream of pleasure! Lily fall back onto the chair, her full diaper squishing beneath her as she tried to catch her breath. A goofy smile spread across her face. “Good girl.” Jackson praised her as he walked over and rewarded his little girl with her pacifier and a kiss on the forehead. “I think you got the job.”
  2. what type of job do you think Lily should apply for? and what type of diaper situations could happen should she get the job? the more creative the better.
  3. So as some of you might know I'm doing a big crossover with some amazing writers. Wannatripbaby redwelch2222 Lily-Celeste myself and InkuHime. Well the crossover is almost done! ^.^ roughly 88% So becase it's almost done, I'm going to put Simon says n hold again (sorry!!!!) And do a new chapter for "forced to save dreamland" And I really recommend seeing the amazing work the other writers have made. I'll be sure to add links to their works soon
  4. i don't remember. I'll have to look back and find the scene.
  5. Lily's mind was racing as the man who put a pacifier in her mouth walked inside her home. “Looks like the little baby still hasn't cleaned up her mess,” he says as he looks around the messy house that was still messed up from when Lily went searching for hidden cameras. “J-jwakson?” Lily said surprised as Jackson turned to give her a smile. Jackson was a former friend of Lily's that she hadn't seen in 4 years! Lily remembered they had some big fight but couldn't remember what it was about. Lily and Jackson's fathers worked together for years so every now and then they would all hang out. That's where the two of them meet and became friends. Jackson is a 6”2’ brown-haired man who is averagely built. “Aww, don't you just look so cute in your new pajamas,” Jackson said with a smile on his face and reminding Lily what she was wearing. “A-are you s-Simon!?” Lily asked after finally pulling the pacifier out. “Who did you think I was? Bob?” Jackson comented before he went into the kitchen and started pulling things out of the fridge. “B-but how! Why!?” Lily asked. “Bob invited me to the party,” Jackson said casually as he pulled out a pot and started cooking in her house as if he owned the place. “I showed up just before you left. And would you believe my luck! I noticed how desperate you were for a bathroom that I managed to get the perfect shot of you.” Lilly just stared at him for a moment as prices started to fill in. Like how he knew her, how he still had her number, and how he knew where she lived. “B-but I didn't see you at the party!” Lily yelled. “I was only in there for a minute,” he told her. “After you had you cute accident I decided to have a little fun with you. Lily's face went bright red as she heard that. “FUN!? You call what you did to me fun! You fucking asshole!” Jackson gave a sigh as he walked towards Lily. Lily stepped back as he grew closer and kept walking back until she bumped into the back of her couch. He then quickly spun Lily around and bent her over the couch and started spanking her! “Baby's don't curse,” Jackson told her as he continued the spanking. Thanks to the thick padding of her diaper, Lily didn't feel much from the spanking. But it was still humiliating. “are you going to be a good girl now?” Jackson asked once he was done. “Yes, sir.” Lily squeaked out. Despite being close in height, she suddenly felt much smaller compared to him. “good,” he replied with a smile. “Now be a good girl and clean up your mess while I make lunch.” “w-what?”Lily asked now confused. “and to make sure you don't get distracted.” He commented before taking Lily’s phone. “Hey!” Lily yelled as she tried to reach for it but Jackson held it out of reach and gave her bottom another swat. “you can have it back once you are done.” Jackson told her and went back into the kitchen. “tick tock. Don't make me have to use a belt.” The moment she heard that Lily immediately started cleaning. Toddling around in her cute pajamas and big diaper. As lily cleaned her home, Jackson prepared the lunch and got ready for the next part of his plan. After 45 minutes, Lily came back into the kitchen. “I-it’s clean,” Lily said meekly as Jackson took a quick look around. Sure enough, the house was clean again. “Good girl,” Jackson said as he gave Lily a pat on the head and lead her to the table where lunch was waiting for them. “Go ahead and eat baby girl.” Jackson sat opposite her and began eating while Lily stared at her plate of regular food. “What did you do to it this time?” Lily asked Jackson after working up a bit of courage. Jackson sighs as he reaches over with his fork and takes a bit and eats it right in front of her then takes a sip of her drink. “Nothing,” Jackson says as he sets the cup with a bendy straw back down. Having proven there wasn't anything in the food, Lily slowly picks up the spoon Jackson gave her and starts eating silently. There is an awkward silence between the two of them. Lily wondering what was going on? Why was this happening? “J-Jackson, why are you…” Lily began asking but stopped nervously. “Why did I blackmail you into being a big baby?” Jackson asked as Lily nods. “Payback.” “Huh?” lily sais confused. “Now now, no time for that. It's time for your next task.” Jackson said with a smile on his face as he gets up from the table. “B-but wait! I thought the game is over! I know who you are!” Lily shouted. “And?” Jackson replied before pulling out his phone and showed Lily a video of herself yesterday in her diaper furiously rubbing herself to an explosive orgasm. “You still have a ways to go before I delete all of these.” Lily's face turned bright red as she saw the video out of shame, embarrassment, and hatred. “I'm going to kill you for this,” Lily vowed as she glared up at him. Jackson smiled back at her before booping her nose. “I look forward to it.” He then walked into Lily's room as Lily followed as Jackson pulled out one of her nicer outfits. “Simon says to get dressed. You're going job hunting.” Jackson told her. “What!” Lily yelled. “You heard me,” Jackson says as he starts to walk past her so she can have some privacy to get ready but whispers in her ear. “And don't forget your protection little girl.” As soon as Jackson closed the door, Lily brook out in a cold sweat as she looked at the outfit on the bed for her. Was she going to do this? Was she going to wear her diaper to job hunt? And was some part of Lily actually excited about this? About 20 minutes later, Lily came out of her room wearing her nicer clothes with a shorter skirt then she was used to. Under normal circumstances, she wouldn't have minded it. But it was what was underneath that made Lily constantly fidget with it trying to magically make it longer. Her thick diaper definitely made her butt look bigger, but if you didn't know any better, you wouldn't notice it was a diaper underneath. “You look adorable,” Jackson commented as he walked around Lily and admired her hair and makeup she did. “You just need one more thing,” Jackson says as he pulls out one last thing. And it was something lily remembered well. Her locking panties. Jackson said nothing as he handed the panties over to Lily who stared at them for a moment. “B-but I don't,” Lily says as she looks over to Jackson who is just smiling and waiting for Lily. She knew just what he wants her to do. He will just force them on her anyway, no point in fighting it for now. Her heart was racing as she lifted her foot and slipped her first leg into the panties. She was embarrassed and ashamed at what she was being forced to do in front of this guy! But as she put her other leg in, she also felt a rush of excitement from being forced into her diaper. Locked away until a grown-up can change her… NO! She had to get rid of thoughts like that! He's a creep! He's blackmailing her! He's a fucking pervert who watches her masturbate in her used diaper! And while it might have felt good it's still wrong! Jackson noticed Lily’s hesitation and walked over once more to whisper into her ear. “Come on baby girl. Daddy's waiting.” Jackson told Lily who was now blushing even harder as she finished putting the panties on. “Such a good girl.” He then gave Lily a piece of paper and her phone back. “I expect you to get an application at all 4 of these places by 6PM.” Jackson told her. “Or I'll have you go back to them tomorrow still locked in your diaper until you do.” Lily looked at Jackson terrified as she just realized what she did to herself as she watched him walk out the front door. Jackson smiling to himself as he turned an app on his phone on and set a timer for 30 minutes. “She's going to have so much fun.”
  6. VOTES ARE HERE!!!!! Simons gender Man 27 Woman 16 Simons age Younger (20-25) 29 Older (25+) 4 Simons identity someone Lily knows (like family 1 or friend 15, surprise 9) someone she doesn't know (someone random) 12 Simons title Will they be a daddy/mommy, 30 master/mistress? 7 Holly fuck! Thank you all for voting! ^.^ So out of the 4 sites I post this story on, the first 3 were mostly all asking for Simon to be a woman. But then, I got an overwhelming amount of votes from Wattpad mostly all voting for a daddy! I was not suspecting that! So, Simon will be a guy friend Lilly knows who is around her age how will make her call him daddy! Well now, this should be fun! Right everyone If anyone has any suggestions on what Simon should do with her next, please leave a suggestion! Things are about to get really FUN! ^.^
  7. thanks for the votes ^.^ lol i know right! sorry it took so long. a lot was going on.
  8. Lily’s eyes began to open as she let out a yawn. her body felt stiff and sore, yet strangely relaxed at the same time. “What happened?” Lily asked as she began to sit up and feel the mushy diaper under her. Her mind was still a little foggy from waking up but she wondered why she took a nap with a messy diaper? She never slept with one on, not since THAT time and swore never again... Luckily her diaper didn't leak but she tried to remember what happened. Thoughts of Simon came to mind as Lily jumped out of bed and frantically searched her body! But there were no locks on her this time. Much to Lily’s relief. She then started looking around her apartment for anything strange but thankfully didn't find anything. After looking at her clock, she saw it was 8:12 AM. she must have really needed that sleep. That's when her phone chirped and she received a new message. Simon: did my baby girl have fun with her toys. “Toys?” Lily asked as she looked at her bed and saw her vibrator on the bed. The memories of what happened hit Lily like a brick wall. The vibrating bra, the bus, the walk home, the orgasms, messing her diaper, then screaming she was a good baby girl as she came in her diaper a second time. Lily’s face went beet red as she remembered all of this! Lily stood frozen by the memory of what happened. It was only when Simon sent a new text did she finally move. Simon: Simon says go check the door. Soon seeing the message, Lily ran and throw open the door but saw no one. Frantically she searched around until she looked down and saw a large pink basket with plastic covering it. Not wanting anyone to see it, Lily grabbed it and brought it inside where she set it down on her table and opened it. Inside was a wide array of baby stuff. A lot of diapers, including large thick diapers, baby food, bottles of milk, a few bath products with bath toys, and a cute panda footie pajama. Simon: a little gift for being a good baby girl ^.^ Lily wanted nothing more than to throw it all out. To tell Simon to go fuck him (or her) self. But there was another part of her self that really wanted the cute panda pajamas. And Lily has always wanted to try the thick diapers but they were always so expensive... Lily bit on her lower lip as she tried to think of what to do. Ultimately, she threw out the baby food and bottles. No way she was going to risk getting drugged again. Lilly also checked the arms, feet, and neck of the pajamas to make sure there were no locks. But a nice relaxing bath did sound nice. Plus Lily felt like she was starting to get a rash from the messy diaper. **** Simon was smiling as they watched Lily pick up the bath products and didn't throw away the bath bomb. Simon just knew baby Lily will be having a lot more fun with it. **** After getting undressed and cleaning herself a bit, she turned on the hot water and dropped the bath bomb in. It exploded in the water and became a nice soft pink bubble bath. The aroma coming from the bubbles smelled sweet and Lily couldn't help but smile a little as she dropped in the toys before getting in herself. Lily let out a moan of bliss as the hot soapy water helped melt away some of her stress and relax her body. As she grew comfortable, Lily picked up one if the bath toys. First was a little yellow duck that squirted out water. Then there was a small boat with what looked like a little baby riding it. “cute,” Lily commented as she pushed it and the duck around in the soapy water. Breathing in the sweet aroma. A morning bath never felt so amazing. That's when she felt something. Something long and hard under the water? Reaching in and pulling it out, she saw that it was a toy submarine. One that can wound up and swim around. After doing just that, Lilly giggled as the sub vibrated around on the water and drove around. Every time it stopped Lily would wound it up again and let it go. Her body and mind were so relaxed, she didn't even care she was having so much fun with a simple toy. But as she let it go again, it made a surprise turn and went right between lily’s breast. memories of yesterday and the vibrating bra flooded her mind. making her nipples perk. Lily couldn't help but remember everything that happened yesterday, the feeling of fear as she was walking around town in her diaper. One that could be exposed at any moment. That exciting feeling of someone smelling her full diaper and punishing her for it. Then the bus home. How Simon played with her breast and diaper the whole time, nearly exposing her. And the amazing orgasm when she got home… It took Lily a moment but she soon realized she was panting as she masturbated in the tub. But it wasn't enough, no, she wanted her diaper on. One that was nice and full. Then she had an idea! Getting out of the tub she grabbed one of Simon’s diapers and put it on. Looking in the mirror it was so big and fluffy! She loved it! But she would love it much more very soon. She walked back over to the tub and got back in. Imiditly the diaper swelled as it filled with the bath water. Lilly squealed in excitement as she poked at her swelling diaper. Giggling as she gave it a squeeze and water squished out and then fill again. Lilly swished her butt around and felt the full diaper swish with her movements. ‘Naughty girl! You know you're not supposed to bring your diaper into the tub!’ Lilly imagined someone saying. “But it's so much fun! And it's so squishy!” Lilly replied to herself. ‘Such a naughty baby.’ the imaginary person told Lilly “I'm a naughty baby,” Lilly replied as her hand rubbed the front of her diaper. “Very naughty.” Lily's hand reached inside and began rubbing herself. ‘Bad girl! That's a no-no spot! Baby needs a punishment!’ “Yes, punish the naughty baby girl.” Lily moaned as she rubbed harder and began imagining herself being punished. At first, it started with just a mommy or daddy spanking her over their laps. But to Lily, those weren't punishments. How would Simon punish her? Would they handcuff her and teas her diaper for hours. Dress her up as a cute baby and take her out in public in a stroller. Lock her in a diaper and won't release her until she made Simon cum. So many thoughts filled her mind as her hands danced on her body. ‘Is my baby going to cum?’ imaginary Simon asked Lilly. “Yes, baby is going to cum!” Lilly yelled. “Simon says to be a good naughty girl and cum.’ imaginary Simon combined. “Yes, Simon!” Lilly screamed as her hips jolted out of the water as she came! Her soaked diaper sagging down on her bottom as her legs buckled as her orgasm lasted a long while before splashing back into the tub and left Lily panting. After a few more minutes, Lily got up and started to drain the tub. She stood up and felt the large diaper sway around her hips. She smiled as she pulled on the tabbed and heard a loud splat as the diaper fell in her tub. Lily turned on her shower for a moment to rinse off the rest of the soap from the bath bomb before getting out. After drying off, Lilly grabbed another big diaper and put it on. Feeling like she was sitting on a fluffy pillow. Then she put on her new panda pajamas and looked at herself in the mirror. She looked and felt so cute that she couldn't help but smile even as she walked out of the bathroom. Lilly picked up her phone as she saw a message from Simon. Simon: how was your bath baby girl? Lilly: relaxing ^.^ Simon: that's good glad you liked it. Lily: it was a lot of fun. ^.^ Simon: that's good to hear baby girl. Are you ready for your next task? Lilly was still smiling and felt almost in a relaxing haze as she texted back. Lily: ready for anything! Simon: open your front door. Without question or even thinking about what she was wearing, Lilly walked over to her front door and opened it to see someone standing outside. Before Lily could say anything, a pacifier was shoved into her mouth. “Simon says, be a good girl, and let me in sweety,” Simon told Lily who now stood there in shock at who Simon really was! ********************** Finally! Simon is going to be revealed! But who is are they? Well, YOU get to decide! Just vote for the details you want. Simons gender Man or woman? Simons age Younger (20’s)or older Simons identity Are they someone Lily knows (like family or friend) or someone she doesn't know (someone random) Simons title Will they be a daddy/mommy, or master/mistress?
  9. im glad you liked the ride ^.^ but the ride isn't over just yet, and trust me, they will get what's coming to them.
  10. Thank you. And your welcome ^.^ Thanks and yep! ^ ^ The sequel might be a while, but I'm sure I'll make it worth the wait!