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Found 137 results

  1. From the album Nappy Fairy Wonders

  2. From the album Nappy Fairy Wonders

  3. From the album Nappy Fairy Wonders

  4. From the album Nappy Fairy Wonders

  5. introduction

    Hello... my name is Christopher but I like to be called Pinkie or PinkieSie, or both. I also go by the name of Chrissy, Chrisy and Krissy. I like what most girls like... especially My Little Pony stuff. I based my name on Pinkie Pie. I'm not really new to the lifestyle but I am trying out new things like wearing diapers/nappies and sleeping with my binkie and stuffed toys. At first I just played with action figures and then I went back onto pacifiers/dummies and then I found out about the ABDL/DDLG lifestyle and just tried it out... I believe it's not a choice to be a little... it's inside you already but something just brings it out and I don't classify ABDL/DDLG as a fetish... it's more of a lifestyle because fetish makes it sound sexual. I'm not a sexual ABDL... you do get ABDLs who are but I'm not though.
  6. So idecided to bite the bullet and try my hand at writing a story. This is an 18 plus story and intended for adults only. all involved with this story are fictional and are over the age of 18. Please let me know what you think. Thanks Diapering Daddy. - Prologue - The gavel fell on a rainy day in May of 2020, but i did not care. I don’t care about anything i’m one of the most dangerous men in the world. I can’t help it when thing do not go my way i just snap. I reflect back on the people i hurt and killed to get to this point briefly i'm snapped back to the present just in time for the Red faced white haired Judge to say he was ready to pass sentence. I was forced by two court guards to stand they are lucky i'm shackled or i would add them to the list. “ Victor Wayne!” the judge said “ I find great pleasure in the responsibility placed in me to ensure your days of hurting people are over forever. I personally don’t believe in the death penalty. So i sentence you to be floated through the Rift to the other Dimension.” I ask myself what is the Rift? And what are dimensions? “Whatever sounds better than the death penalty.” The Judge goes on to say that My partner was already floated and will probably still be at the reception center at the other side when i get there. My Heart dropped I lowered my head “Nikki” i said. My ray of sunshine never really did anything but got a rap just for being with me to many times when thing went bad. I pulled myself together just in time to feel the blood boil out of my chest and then everything turns red as i headbut my lousy appointed attorney rendering him unconscious before the Guard hits me with a taser and i pass out. . . Chapter 1 . . . I wake up staring at a light not unlike the one in an operating room. I try to turn my head to the left and the right and i can’t my body won't even flinch the only thing i can move is my eyes frantically i look around. I can't even talk i did manage a grunt. “Aww! he’s awake” a sweet high girly voiced blond says walking up and checking the IV bag that i’m hooked too. “There is still enough left to keep him locked in himself till the floating ceremony” “I love this part” a cute redhead says as she bounces up to my side wearing a pink striped nurses uniform. The top plunges deep between her Breast almost threatening to spill out of the revealing top. Picking up my hand effortlessly cleaning my fingernails clipping them short i grunt not liking her handling me with out being to stop her. “ don’t try to talk sweety you have said all that you will ever say on this side of the rift” Who knows maybe they will let you once you cross over” Not sure what she meant by that she spread my fingers and set them on a handstand and filled my finger nails. The Blond girl walks up with a clipboard in her hand saying “ this one is supposed to be painted” The redhead smile and says “k” picking up an airbrush and going to work on my nails. “You have got to read his sheet no wonder why they are giving him the full workup” setting down the clipboard and picking up a stretchy pink ribbon about a half an inch wide tieing it around the base of my penis and balls with a bow just above my penis. Noticing it feels different down there. “Oops I almost forgot” picking my head up setting it on a block forcing me to look down my now hairless body. The redhead just finishing my first hand going to work on the second one. Looking at the blond “this is so much better then killing them” the looking me in the eyes and pointing to a tinted glass window above my feet. “Behind that glass is the people you hurt that are here to see your justice served.” she says. “They want to make sure that your gone” stopping and finishing my second hand. The blond walks up to up to the other side picking up my hand should we give him a little parting gift? She says to the red head. ‘I think so” says the redhead picking up my other hand setting down her airbrush slipping it to the side of her breast. The blond does the same thing holding my hand to hers with one hand and reaches down and starts stroking my penis with the other.I notice between her fingers that they painted my fingernails the same color baby pink as the ribbon around my now erect penis. “Mmhmm! I think he likes this!” the redhead says “Aww does baby like this attention?!” said the blond and she strokes up and down the length on my shaft. “Better pay attention! You know we can’t let him cum or we both may float” replied the redhead. Just as the Judge walks in. The blond stops rubbing me, taking both of my hands and tying them together with a extremely thick velcro like strap effectively making my already more useless hands even more worthless. The Judge steps forward “ by the power vested in me on this day I order you cast into the Rift in accordance with inter-Rift agreement 1 to serve his sentence on the other dimension. Proceed” The Blond and the redhead step to my sides and removes the block from under my head and start to strap the rest of the way to the back board that i am laying on before removing the tube from the IV and giving me a small shot of something else, I feel the strength slowing coming back to my body. The Girls turn me around and start wheeling me towards what looks like an elevator door the Blond pushed the button and enters a security code on her side. The Redhead does the same on her side of the door. The door slowly starts to open revealing a bright blue and white light that almost looked like an electrical spark jumping. Avoice come crackling threw the Rift. “this is Matron Ramsey we have the reception pen prepared and are ready to receive the prisoner at your will.” “Received” the girls said in unison turning to me both giving me a kiss on the cheek at the same time before they start to proceed. The blond goes on to say “The prisoner has been edged per your request and will are sending him now. Good look with this one! He is prone to tantrums and fits!” “We have rehabilitation methods that works with any brat” says the voice coming from the rift. Smiling the redhead pushes a button on the side of the table and the head starts to rise and a slide into the rift into complete darkness.
  7. There was a great flash like lightening, and heat filled the room. He felt himself burning and woke in panic, not understanding what was going on. All around him was piercing noise, sirens slowly twisting into screams. His breath was cut off. In the noise he wasn’t sure if his calls for help were going unanswered or simply never left his mouth. He was in the air, moving without will as he was crushed against a mass of rough brown cloth. Screams still followed, distant and barely audible under a moaning, lurching sound, but piercing into his ears and his mind none the less, and going answered. He was outside. He felt the ground under his body. The cold air cut into him after the intense heat and he fell shuddering. The screaming continued, but morphed into a moaning, crashing sound, and stopped. Noise filled the gap. People were crying. Sirens wailed. The screaming remained inside him, echoing in his mind, and mixing with the ice cold wind. Something wrapped around him and he was warm again, and he hoped to never feel that cold again. He was in another place. The cold was gone, but the screaming remained. It was a different sort, a deeper, thicker, rougher shout, but still there, and he shuddered. Steven awoke in a cold sweat. The alarm was going off, screeching for his attention. He hit the button. He would have to get that sound changed.He got undressed and headed into the shower. He turned on the nozzle, and the heat came with a loud hiss… Burning, screaming… He shook his head and removed the thoughts. He blanked them out, turning his mind to other things. He had to get up. He had to get dressed. He had his job to do and a random nightmare was no excuse not to.He got clean as quickly as he could, dried off, and got dressed. His typical black suit and tie, along with permanently polished shoes and watch. He grabbed his long coat to go with it, and headed down stairs to the kitchen. Breakfast was already waiting for him. He thanked his maid and moved out the door.He got in a car - this one was a red sports car, for every second day of the work week- and turned the ignition, preparing himself for the noise. He had paid more than enough for it, and as the salesman said “if it doesn’t wake the neighbors, its not doing its job.” He never really enjoyed it too much, but it was almost expected to own something similar where he worked. He could drive in something cheaper. No one would really say anything. They would think it, though.The engine came alive and roared loudly… Crashing, moaning…“DAMINT!” he shouted. He thought he had gotten rid of those images. Years of hard work and secretive therapy sessions should have ensured it.He could call in sick. No one would say anything, of course. He was allowed to.They would all think it though. Just like the car. His boss was on his fifteenth year without a break. His step father had gone the full 35 years before his age granted him the leniency for sick days.He cursed, and drove off.He arrived at the office twenty-five minutes early, or, as he called it, ‘late’. He walked through the long grey hallways dotted with cubical and water coolers and made his way to his office. He passed by people he knew by name and department and flashed polite, empty smiles. He opened the door and went in. He had a large, lightly decorated office with a massive desk, a garbage can and a window whose blinds he kept perpetually closed. People started drifting into the building, chatting around his office. He concentrated on his work, but the noise built until finally had to slam his door shut.The time drifted by in odd bursts and lulls. He didn’t pay it much mind, he had work to do, and wouldn’t leave until it was done.A loud screeching noise made him jump.Screaming, shouting…He looked down at his phone and lifted the receiver.“Hello is this the Henry Berran Brokers?” a shrill voice asked.“Yes, this is Mergers and Acquisitions,” he replied.“Excellent. Do you know…”Something was happening outside. People were speaking, loudly.“if that is true, should we…”He took out a pen and began copying down what she told him.The voices were getting louder. Through the closed door, he couldn’t make out what they were saying.“And then I’ll need…”He made out the sound of his senior, Michael McNaughton. He began to shout at someone. He was always shouting.Shouting, screaming…“large tubes of..”He was getting louder and louder. He could picture him, red faced…Burning, steaming…Shouting louder, louder…Screaming, calling…“place it inside…”Someone was crying.Crying, moaning…“it may hurt a bit…”He was throwing things, tearing them apart.Moaning, crashing… The last remains of sunlight cut through the blinds, hurting his eyes.Burning, cutting“But I think we are ready…”Steven shouted and through his phone from his desk. It crashed into the wall opposite of him. He stared at it, breathing heavily.Finally he ran up to it again and picked it up. The women was still speaking.“Hello? What was that? It sounded like a crash!” she said.“Sorry, I, uhh… dropped my phone,” he replied.“Alright. Well is there anything else you need to know?”“No, that is fine,” Steven said. He was sure he had everything he needed in his notes.“Aright, well, goodbye! Thanks for everything.”“No, thank you.” He hung up the phone.He stared down at his notepad. Gibberish, completely illegible.He tried to remember any detail of the call. Her name, where she worked… nothing came to mind.He tore the piece of paper from his notebook and threw it into the trash bin. Hopefully it wasn’t anything important. He thought about calling back the same number, but it would probably only lead to a directory, and that was useless without knowing the department which called.He looked at his watch. It was late, most people were probably clearing the office. Never the less, he sat back down at his desk and kept working. There was still work to do, and leaving too early would always look bad.When he finally finished it was dark. The air was cold,Cold air, howling wind… and he pulled his jacket against it. He got into his car and began to drive away.He watched the road as closely as he could. The images from the dream kept coming back, and he shook them out of his mind.He turned the radio on, hoping it would help him clear the images out.He didn’t know the station. It seemed good enough at first, people talking calmly. They were announcing a new song. It came on gently, with a moment of silence. There was a voice whispering something, getting louder, and louder..Suddenly the singer was screamingScreaming, shoutingThe guitar came blasting randomly, pouring out notes faster and faster.Moaning, burning…The drums pounded.Crashing, falling. Screaming, shouting Falling, biting Burning, chocking, Flashing, cutting Howling, whining He screamed and fumbled at the radio. He looked down to turn the nob, and didn’t notice the light changing in front of him. He sped through, and a truck smashed into the side of his vehicle.…Steven woke up again, this time to gentle singing. He had no idea where he was. He was surrounded by warmth, and felt cushions piled around him. Everything was soft and silken, from the voice to the blankets. He sank into them and wished he could go back to sleep. He hadn’t felt this way in as long as he could remember.Finally he opened his eyes completely, and saw a white tiled roof he did not recognize. He sat up completely. He looked down at himself. He seemed to be fine. He didn’t seem to be injured and couldn’t feel pain anywhere. He was wearing long white pajamas. They weren’t his own, but they were comfortable and fit perfectly. The room he was in was painted a golden hue, and had wall to wall carpeting.There was a women sitting on a chair in front of him. She had been the one singing, and stopped when he saw her.“What is going on? Where am I?” he asked.“Don’t worry about that right now. You are safe,” she replied, in a voice as soft as the cushions.“But I need to contact someone. I need to get back to work, I…” he stopped as she shushed him and put a finger on his lips.“Don’t worry about that, sweetheart. Don’t even think about work. It will all be alright. You are with us now, and we are going to take care of you. We will take care of everything you’ll ever need, and everything you could ever want. All you have to do is trust us.”Despite their strangeness, he felt a calm reassurance at her words. He realized he really did trust her. He nodded, and smiled. (If anyone is wondering, there is going to be ABDL material later. The story just needed some set up. So don't worry your pampered butts :p)
  8. Diaper loving sissy here in the Katy / Brookshire area looking for a Dominant Mommy, Daddy, or a Mommy Daddy couple. I am very open minded and into lots of different things. Please feel free to private message me if this peeks your interest. Can't wait to hear from y'all!!!
  9. diapered sissybaby in pretty red dress
  10. *wavies!* Hewwos everyones! My name is Hayden, and I am a sissy baby girl from the beautiful Pacific Northwest! I tend to find myself in the 5 - 7 year old range, and love pink and purple! I like games, watchin stuffs, food, uh... I dunno, I like taking pictures AND having pictures taken of me. :-D I also love singing and stuffs too... I dunno, hard to describe myself nowadays, but if you wants, just say hi! Would love to make new friends! :-D
  11. Every sissy baby knows that for every one mistress or mommy out there, there are hundreds of sissy babies begging for her attention. We are all looking to be submissive, and have someone else control how we dress, or what tasks we have to do, but there simply aren't enough mommies to go around. So while we're all naturally submissive, I propose forming a group where people can take turns switching who gets to be the sub and who gets to be the domme, so we all can get that feeling of helplessly being controlled at some point. Note that you must be willing to switch and be the domme half the time, so please take that into account that before messaging about joining. For everyone interested, please respond to this thread, or send me a message directly, and I'll begin organizing the group Also note, I get pretty creative and vengeful about punishments, so you've been warned.
  12. From the album Funshine's Photoshoots

    More panty modeling, this pic in particular is a favorite among my fans :)

    © Jennifer Funshine

  13. My idea for a rp is that there is a duo of thieves or bandits etc or even warriors that come across an enchanted forest. The two of them are granted magic powers but they can never leave the forest. They are given a home that speaks to what their hearts truly want... For my character, all he ever wanted to be was to be a cute little princess and to be taken care of as a baby. Though he never realizes it. He is a small framed man but he is very tough and strong. I was thinking your character will be someone who had always dreamed of being a care taker so a mommy or daddy. But you can choose the rest! as for their magic powers, i was thinking that they will be able to do anything they want but they can't cast it on themselves. This might be fun if the characters hate each other at first!
  14. WARNING: this story contains graphic sexual content and should only be read by the adult babies that can handle the mature themes. note: this was a commissioned story. In it I was asked to play myself. I do some things in this story that I would not normally do IRL, but that I do not mind doing in a fantasy text. If you are interested in commissioned stories feel free to message me about it privately. ~~~ Rose and her roommate "Samantha" for Duke ~ Steve walked up the stairs towards the apartment, his wheeled luggage thumping against each step on the way up. Finding a place to live in the city was difficult, but he thankfully knew an old friend in the area. Anne-Marie Rose was a little older than him and he looked up to her since he was about 19. To him the woman was beautiful and a great example of womanhood, everything he secretly wished to emulate. He did not identify as a woman, rather he had a strong desire to dress as a woman and feel the silky smooth clothing on his skin and the freeing sensation of having a skirt flapping off of his hips. He never really told this to Anne. Of all the people he would want to live with though she was perfect. Her taste in clothing was great, but there was also a kind of naughty thrill he got just thinking about wearing something that Anne had on her skin. Anne herself had to admit that Steve was a handsome boy with his strong build and wavy dark blonde hair. He was about 5 foot 9 inches and Anne was about an inch taller than him, even taller in her heeled boots. Steve stood at the door, his fist hovering over it, afraid to knock. He looked away for a moment and that's when the door opened. There she stood, just as beautiful as she was nine years ago. Anne could tell he was speechless so she helped out by pulling his arm and bringing him into the apartment foyer. "Look at you, sweetie, all grown up." She said, still looking down on him as if he was still a child after all these years. She ran her fingers through the boy's hair, admiring it. "Why don't I show you to your new room?" Steve nodded, wheeling his heavy luggage towards the spare bedroom. There was a bed and dresser already set up. She mattress was very soft and the sheets were fluffy and pink with a flower print. Rose chuckled a bit "Sorry, I had a girl living here originally. I hope you don't mind the bed." "No, the bed is fine. All I need is something to sleep on." Steve said, secretly happy to have the girly bed to crawl into every night. Anne gave him a pat on the back and left the boy alone so he could unpack his things and get settled in. Right away he sat down on the bed, feeling just how plush and soft it was under his butt. Sighing with relief he flopped backward on the bed and just took in how comfortable it was. He was finally at a place that felt like "home." He would leave his luggage be for now and unpack later, just enjoying the bed for the time being. ~ Steve walked into the foyer. The entrance to the apartment opened up to a kitchen and living room area separated by a small partition where the oven was. He could smell Anne's cooking. "Oh, you're awake, dear. I heard you snoring and assumed you must have been all tuckered out from your move so I did not wake you. Would you like some dinner?" Rose took the large pot from the stove and poured the contents into the colander. The spaghetti was cooked in a special broth to give the strands unique flavor. "I'm going to be leaving for work soon, so I am glad that we will get to have dinner together and catch up first." She put the spaghetti on two plates and added the sauce and hand-made meatballs. She sat down across the dining room table, and began asking simple things like what he had been up to lately. Steven blushed and smiled, talking to the old friend about his life and leaving out most of the embarrassing details. Anne responded by recounting her own adventures. Dinner seemed to breeze by all too quickly and soon Anne was picking up the plates. Steven offered to help but Anne insisted on doing the dishes herself. After all these years she was still making him feel small! She scrubbed the plates and the pot, setting them on the rack to dry. She then turned to Steven and gave him a pat on the cheek before she grabbed her keys. She left out the front door. "I will be back early in the morning. Just make yourself at home, sweetie." Steve was finally alone in the apartment. Looking about and taking it all in finally he noticed that Ms Rose had quite a bit of old furniture and electronics. It was like being at an old mother's house, or even grandmother. Her television was a classic CRT with no digital converter, so it wasn't used for watching any shows. Steve had just one thought on his mind at the moment though. It wasn't any of the things in Anne's living room that had his interest, it was what was in her bedroom. Did he dare invade the woman's privacy and go snooping through her closet and dresser? Steve swallowed and took an adventurous step into the woman's room. The door wasn't locked! He took a step in, looking around. Her room was decorated in feminine designs like his bedroom was, but with a clearly older and more mature aesthetic. Steve walked to the dresser, opening the top drawer. He saw all the different kinds of lacy and see-through panties. Some were colored, most were a brilliant white. He grabbed one of the perfect white panties to his face and inhaled. How perfect they were, smelling so pure and clean. Steve was a bit jealous. His own underwear could never look that good. He grabbed a small handful and then saw one of Anne's toys. He got excited, thinking Anne must play with herself using this bright neon pink dildo. When he picked it up though he saw it was attached to a harness and strap. Realizing what it was he blushed and set it back down into the dresser and shut the drawer. Steve turned to the closet next. There he saw the side selection of dresses, blouses, skirts, and all the things a cross-dressing boy like him could want. He swallowed and snatched some pretty looking blue dresses and then made his way back to his room, his dick already fat and straining in his underwear at the prospect of wearing Anne-Marie's beautiful clothing and panties. Steve stripped out of her clothes. His boyish briefs were stained with yellow spots in the front and brown streaks in the back. His jeans were dingy, as boys's jeans often get after a while. He gets completely naked and leaves his clothes in a pile in the corner of the room. He pulled up a pair of lacy underwear first. His big erection stretched the front of the panties. He was already wetting them down with pre. He pulled a dark blue dress next. He looked at himself in the full-length closet mirror. He spun around, watching the skirt flit up in a twirl and show off the panties. He became overly excited, some sweat on his brow. He stood there, hand up his skirt, groping his crotch. He started to gently touch himself through the panties, looking in the mirror. He sat to sit back on the bed and really enjoy this moment. Feeling Anne's clothing on him, the silky smooth fabric just kissing his skin, just knowing it was once touching her skin, it was enough to send waves of pleasure through his whole body. He arched his back as he stroked his hard cock. He was starting to get caught up in the moment and he was unable to stop. He just came into the clean white panties, seeping right through them with the sticky hot cum. Falling back onto the bed to catch his breath he felt the slippery, sticky excess of his over stimulated cock getting all over the crotch of the once perfect cloth. His face reddened as he felt a twinge of guilt for his naughty behavior. Ms Rose offered him a place to stay and he just went and ruined one of her panties. The seat of the panties probably were not in very good shape either. He peeled off the panties and set them aside, thinking he might want to just clean them discreetly. He unzipped the back of the dress and took it off, walking naked across the apartment to put it back into the woman's closet. Maybe she'll never find out? The boy was too tired to take a shower so he just quickly splashed some soap and water on his privates. He stood in front of the toilet and peed carelessly, not really thinking straight at the moment. He was still a bit high from the exciting dress-up he had earlier. His stream sprinkled around the seat and on the floor as he finished up. He shook off and flushed the toilet, but he still left those stray dribbles around the toilet. All he was thinking about was taking a nap. He fell face-first into the cushy bed, laying there buck naked. Anne did return in the early morning like she said she would, at four AM to be precise. Steve woke up to the sound of the front door shutting and two clacking high heeled boots on the hardwood floor. He stood up, looking for his underwear. He saw that Anne's panties were still on the floor. When he heard his door open he quickly kicked the panties into the closet. Anne stopped in the doorway, seeing that Steve was naked. He quickly pulled a blanket over his crotch to cover himself. "Steve it's all right. I'm probably going to see you naked a few times and you might even see me walking around in a robe now and then as well. We might as well get used to it." Anne was quite good at diffusing the awkwardness. "Sorry I just... I thought maybe you would knock." Steve blushed still. "You're right. You're an adult now, not some little teenager that I have to keep watching to make sure he isn't up to anything naughty." Anne chuckled. Anne left the room and Steve went to his luggage to put on a fresh pair of underwear and pants. He pulled up a new set of tightie whities when Anne burst back into the bedroom. "Hey, I thought you said-" Steve barely got a word in as he was dragged from the room to the bathroom. Anne pointed at the toilet. "Steve, if you're going to live here I expect you to follow proper toilet etiquette. Either sit down to pee next time or wipe up your mistakes." Anne showed Steve the sprinkles of pee still stuck on the seat and on the floor around the toilet. Steve blushed deeply. "Right, okay. Sorry, I was just really tired..." he muttered. "You know that's a poor excuse." Anne sighed. She then got on her knees and started wiping up the piss that Steve left behind. He tried to offer to help once again like when he was in the kitchen but Anne hushed him and took care of cleaning the pee deftly. Feeling extra embarrassed now, Steve dragged his feet back into the bedroom and went to get dressed the rest of the way. Anne-Marie Was continuing to make the boy feel small and childish, even now as he was nearly thirty years old. The decorations, furniture, and her overall mannerisms did make him feel as though he was a little boy and she was his mother figure either constantly doting on him or admonishing him for poor behavior. Looking at the time it was still quite early, but since he was awake anyway he decided to go do something to occupy his time. First he did some actual unpacking. There wasn't much to unpack. His entire life was pretty much in that one luggage back. He puts away his pants and shirts, socks and underwears into the dresser. He set up his vinyl Tracer figurines on top of the dresser, which made it feel a bit more like home. He took out his laptop and plugged it in. He would pass the time by playing Overwatch using Ms Rose's wifi. She did not really use the internet much herself, so she had no problem letting him use as much of it as he wanted. Steve could smell a very sweet aroma coming from the kitchen. Anne always smelled like baked goods, and this must be why. She always seemed to be making something delicious! She took some freshly baked cinnamon rolls from the oven and glazed them gently, watching as the glaze melted over top of the hot rolls. She set a bunch on a plate in the middle of the dining room table. Steve was drawn to it, wandering out of his bedroom and over to the table. Anne told him to take a seat and watched as the boy carefully took one of the still hot rolls and took a tiny bite of it. He made a funny face as he tasted the delicious cinnamony sweet flavor. "Steve, sweetie, can I ask you something?" Anne leaned over the table a bit. He was caught off guard, already another bite into his cinnamon roll. "Some of my panties have gone missing. You wouldn't know anything about that now would you?" Immediately his face turned red. He knew that Anne could see the redness on his face. Still, he offered a barely believable "no" with his face stuffed with sweets. Anne narrowed her eyes, looking at him. She leaned back in her chair and nodded "Okay." was all she said and then seemed to just drop the matter. Steve was left wondering what was going on in Ms Rose's mind. Did she really suspect he took some of them? He was the only other person in the house. As the day went on the subject was not brought up again. Steve would continue to browse online, play his games, or do some reading. In the back of his mind though he kept thinking about the next chance he was going to get to wear another one of Anne's dresses and feel so sexy once again. That night when Anne left for work Steve wasted no time finding a pretty dress from her closet. He also got a bra as well. With a quick power nap in the middle of the day and the knowledge of the woman's work schedule he had his whole night planned out. He would dress up in her clothes, wear them around the house, and then give himself release in another one of her panties. He first tugged the panties up around his waist, already getting hard in them. He then picked up the bra and attempted to hook it behind his back. He had to look in the mirror, twisting his body slightly so he could see what he was doing as he secured the bra. It was quite large and there was plenty of empty space inside since he didn't really have a big bosom like Anne did. He used some of his socks to stuff the bra. It worked for now, giving the illusion of breasts. He then shimmied into one of Anne's sexy black dresses. It was so tight! He wondered how the woman could stand being in such a constrained garment. She just had more practice probably. That and her shape was different from his. He admired himself in the mirror, seeing out the dress made him look. He blushed as he noticed the skirt was tented out in front. For some reason that just made him feel even more excited though. He walked around in the dress, feeling the material rub against him. As before, the sensation of the woman's clothes on his skin gave him a thrilling sensation. He wanted to just grab onto the couch and hump against it until he came. Surely Anne would notice if one of her dresses was missing or stained though. He tugged up the skirt so his erection wasn't poking against it. He sat back on the sofa in the middle of the living room. He was all alone and could just freely jerk himself in the main room of the apartment without having to worry about anyone barging in on him. That's what he thought anyway. Leaning back and gently stroking the length of his cock through the lacy panties he thought about Ms Rose in the same panties. He wondered how she might look wearing nothing but panties. He imagined her in front of him, stripping out of her clothes. The thought made him excited and he stroked faster. For some reason while he was doing this he remembered how the woman scolded him in the morning about his toilet habits. The thought just popped into his head unexpectedly! He couldn't understand why, but it was making him even more aroused. Through gritted teeth he masturbated to the fantasy of Ms Rose bending him over to spank his butt raw. He gasped as he had a really good orgasm. He closed his eyes, rolling his head on the back of the couch. He slowly opened his eyes, looking down at the totally slathered panties, just covered in his cum. As he was sitting there in a daze the front of the door opened up and Anne stepped in. She was back already! The entrance to the apartment was wide open and she could see into the living room at Steve who was in one of her dresses and panties that looked like they were well worn and soaked through with the boy's jizz. "Steve Duke, you are in deep trouble." Anne-Marie said, eyeing him down. "That's my dress and... ugh, my panties too! How could you?" She sounded hurt. Her privacy was breached and her personal belongings were being manhandled! She walked over to Steve. He didn't have time to explain, but Anne didn't care to listen to excuses anyway. "I knew something was up when my panties went missing. You are going to give them back to me right now!" She yanked down the sticky pair he had on first. She held it up and frowned, looking at the poor state it was in. "You squirted all over the front and browned the seat with your bottom." she said, sounding sad, "I can't wear these again. No one can." She sniffed, holding back her sadness for now. She was still angry. He tosses the used panties into the trash. She spun Steve around and unzipped the dress, getting it off of his body. She noticed her bra on his chest, stuffed with his socks. She got a laugh out of this. It was the one moment of levity for her in an otherwise very upsetting situation. She unhooked the bra and took it off. Now Steve was completely nude once again. She dragged him by the arm to his bedroom, dropping her clothes in the hamper along the way. Steve had to stand naked in the middle of his room while Rose pulled out each of his dresser drawers and searched his closet for anything else he was hiding. She found one clean pair of panties, still unworn, and the one he soiled from the first time. She turned it inside out. "You see this? This is why you shouldn't be wearing my panties! If you want panties you should have been getting your own, not soiling mine!" She pointed out not only the dried cum on the front but streaks in the back. Steve never paid attention to that before when wearing his briefs. Was he really that bad at wiping himself? To Anne it was a great offense to have her pretty panties ruined by the boy's leavings. She added "My dresses are clearly too grown up for someone like you who can't even keep his bottom wiped and who pees all over the floor." She just wouldn't let that incident go! Just then the very thing he dreamt about was coming true as she sat on the boy's bed and bent him over her knee. It was different from his fantasy though. This was real and it was more humiliating. She spanked him hard on his bare butt and he felt the sting of each impact of the woman's open palm. She breathed through her nose as she pressed her lips together tightly and spanked his butt three more times. A red imprint of the woman's hand was now across the boy's cheeks. It burned and he stood up, holding his hands on his hot behind. "This isn't over." Anne said plainly. "You want to dress like a girl? Fine. You can dress like a girl. I have nothing against that... but you need to start from the beginning..." She stood up from the bad, standing taller than the boy in her boots. "We will be getting you some proper underwear that is more suited to a CHILD of your developmental skills. I'm thinking diapers." Steve's jaw just about dropped. Rose smirked at the boy's shocked expression. "Adorable pink ones for a sissy like you." She pat his cheek. "And we will find some pretty little baby dresses for you too. In the morning we will be going to a store that sells these items and we're going to pick out the clothes you need to be the sissy baby you are." Anne-Marie Rose turned on her heel and walked away from Steve, swaying her hips behind her and making the boy stare at her big butt on the way out. Steve stood there, naked, and with a sore butt. He was now dreading tomorrow. The rest of the night was so awkward as Anne didn't say much to him. Things were mostly silent between the two old friends. Steve was woken up early. His bedsheets were stripped off, snapping him quickly out of his slumber. He stood up in his bed, wearing his slightly damp and dirty boy briefs. He missed those pretty panties so much. "Good morning, Samantha." the woman stated as she helped the boy out of his bed. "Today is your first day training to be a proper little lady like me, Ms Rose, but you have so so sooo much to learn." Steve was already blushing a little. Rose, using her surname as she did when she was very serious, affected a stern and matronly tone with Steve now just to send the message that she was in charge. She even took it a step further. "From now on you will be calling me Mommy and refer to me as Ms Rose to others." "What? But I-" Steve's lips were clamped with two fingers and a thumb and Rose glared at him. Rose pulled off Steve's underwear and held them out between her fingers in an over-exaggerated gesture, acting as if they were worse than they were. She dropped them into the trash. She then got him dressed, putting on another pair of his undies, shorts, and a t-shirt. She sighed, muttering something about how it will "do for now." She pulled him by the arm to the kitchen, giving him a baggie of Cheerios and a big baby bottle filled with milk. "Anne, you can't expect me to drink from this..." he was a little red-faced holding the bottle, though he was hungry enough to munch on the Cheerios. "That's Mommy to you." she swat his butt, "And I'd fix you something nicer for breakfast, but we need to hurry. The store is away a bit." She pulled Steve's arm. "Oh, well then let me just go to the bathroom..." Steve tried to request. He just got up after all. "There's no time! We need to go right now!" Rose insisted, pulling the boy out the door, locking it behind her, and walking him down the stairs to the parking lot. Steve tried to hide the baby bottle he was holding by tucking it under his shirt. His bladder was full and aching. Rose put him into the passenger seat and buckled his seatbelt for him. During the slow car ride Steve felt thirsty. Drinking from the bottle was an option, but it would make him feel silly. Plus, he still had to pee. He decided to take just a few little sips to sate his thirst. He set the bottle down in the cup holder and tried to discreetly grab at this crotch, rocking back and forth in his seat. He felt small dribbles of pee leak out and soak the front of his undies, but nothing that would show on the outside of his shorts. Desperate and crossing his legs now he just hoped the store would be close by. He was never very good at holding it in and that's why he usually stayed home most nights and didn't do much drinking or partying. The possibility of wetting in public was too great. Now Rose had pretty much forced him out of the house and into this embarrassing scenario which he had avoided for so long. In a seedy looking strip mall where stores had neon signs, kinky logos, and the letter X plastered about there was one store which had an innocent look. It was called Claire's Baby Supplies with balloon letters in alternating pink and blue pastel hues. Steve was hoping that's not where they'd be going. He leapt out of the car and Rose followed. She grabbed his wrist and informed him "Don't go running off. You need to stay close to Mommy because some of these stores are too naughty for you. When you grow up maybe then you can take a peek inside, but not today." She tugged his wrist, taking him into the store while he groped his slightly damp crotch. He could feel the pee had leaked a little more and seeped through the fabric. He had to keep touching himself to hide the spot he just knew was there. A lady in bright colorful clothing and pretty colored locks of hair bounded towards the two customers. "Welcome to Claire's!" she said in a bubbly voice. "What may I help you with?" "I need a bathroom!" Steve blurt out, not even giving Rose a chance to say anything. Rose sighed. "Oh really? Are you sure you know how to use the bathroom all by yourself, little boy?" the clerk asked. Steve gave a look as if to say "what?" "Actually, that's sissy girl, and her name is Samantha. I'm going to need to take her to the bathroom to make sure she sits like a proper lady and doesn't make a mess." Rose finally spoke up. By then it was too late though. The sound of piss hitting the hard floor could be heard and everyone's eyes slowly cast downward at the boy's shorts which were raining from the cuffs. Steve was on the verge of tears as he wet himself in front of the two pretty ladies. He apologized, saying sorry over and over, but the clerk just smiled at him. "It's all right, it happens more often than you think." the cute lady said, grabbing a mop that was handily by the front door. She mopped around the boy's feet, bumping each foot out of the way as she cleaned the puddle. "I suppose we need to stock up on diapers and bloomers while we're here. Come along, Samantha. Let's find something cute to put you in first and then we will pick out your sissy dresses. As they left the worker happily mopping up after the boy's accident Steve was feeling extra guilty that he was putting more people through this. The clerk didn't even seem to mind though. Rose got some large diaper packages and set them into her shopping cart. The packages had pictures of fully grown adults on them wearing the diapers and posing as if they were children. The models looked gender neutral and the packaging assured in the corner that they work "for those with peepees and those without." It was like every product in this store was targeted to embarrass him. Rose then piled a few frilly diaper covers (bloomers) into the cart. She lead Steve to the back of the store where there was a "family" bathroom. Inside the bathroom was one regular toilet, a large potty chair, and a steel reinforced changing station. Clearly this was made with very large "babies" in mind. Rose lifted Steve, grunting a little from the boy's weight. She was incredibly strong though and got him up on the table. She pulled off his wet shorts and underwear and just dropped them in the diaper pail as if they were trash. Steve let out a whiny huff as he saw the big boy clothes disappear down the tube. Rose used the complimentary baby wipes and washed the boy's privates. She dug deep between his cheeks too. Ignoring the fact that the wipe-down made Steve's big dick hard she ripped open a package of one of the sissy adult diapers. They were pink and white with hearts all around the crotch. She taped the diaper shut around the boy's waist and then covered it with the frilly bloomers. The bloomers had little bows on each hip and a ruffled waistband. Ruffled frills went down the backside as well. She kept the tag on the covers so it could be paid for up front later. She shoved Steve back out of the bathroom to walk around the store in just his shirt and bloomers. Steve felt so embarrassed as he followed behind Rose. He had no way to cover his baby pants. There were just a few other people in the store. Some curious patrons were by themselves and there was even one other "mother and child" couple. It must have been a sissy like him because the guy had short hair and an infantile looking bo-peep dress. Steve kept his head down, not wanting to run into anyone else. He noticed Rose buying many different kinds of dresses and stockings. She even made him stand still to try on some girly shoes. The cart was getting full. She wheeled it up to the front desk where the clerk happily rung up each item. Rose even lifted Steve up onto the counter, his butt facing the clerk. She rang up the price tag hanging off the bloomers and then Steve was set back down on his feet. What a humiliating experience, just picked up and handed off like he was groceries! Rose wheeled the cart outside of the store, taking it to her car. Some people exiting the sex toy shop whistled and cat-called at Steve. Steve cringed and hid behind his "mommy." Rose chuckled and let the boy hold close to her. She pursed her lips and mumbled "Poor baby. You must be so scared out here." She loaded the back seat of the car first before finally helping Steve into his seat and buckling him up. Rose waved at the naughty people that were cat-calling earlier as if she knew them and then she got into the car and pulled out of the lot. Steve sank into his seat a bit, putting one arm up to hide his blushing face. "Relax, Samantha, we'll be home soon..." Rose said softly, driving back to the apartment. Steve thought about the apartment and then remembered he'd have to walk outside like this. His heart pounded just thinking about the shameful walk he will be doing from the parking lot to the building. When the car was finally parked he gave Rose a nervous, pleading look. Rose came around to the passenger seat and unbuckled the boy, pulling him out. She held him in her arms and carried him like a baby. He buried his face in the woman's blouse, hiding from the outside world as Rose breathed deep and hard, carrying the heavy baby up a flight of stairs and into her apartment. She set the boy down and dusted her hands. "Now you wait here while Mommy brings in all your new things. I'm going to have to make two more trips." She did buy a lot for him. He wondered if he should be grateful. He sat down in the middle of the floor, contemplating what just went down this afternoon while they were at that baby store. After Rose had brought everything into the house she ordered Steve over, telling him to get "front and center." Steve obeyed, knowing better than to not do as Rose said at this point. She tugged one of the frilly pink dresses over his head. It looked like something a 2-year-old baby girl would be wearing. He wanted to hate it, but he couldn't. It wasn't the sexy grown-up lady clothes Rose had, but it felt right. Maybe it even felt more right? He couldn't believe he was actually getting hard again, this time in his diaper. At least it wouldn't be noticeable to Rose, or so that's what he hoped. His diaper did crinkle slightly as his penis became erect inside the padding. Rose then pulled some white tights up Steve's legs and slipped on his pretty little red shoes. "Oh you look just darling now! Give Mommy a twirl and let me see the back." Rose smiled, leaning to the side to admire her work, scratching her chin. Steve did as he was told, turning around. Rose reached out and flicked the back of the boy's skirt to make it rise and show off his puffy butt. Steve felt exciting new feelings. Possibly some long-dormant emotions that had always been there. "Now show me a cute little dance." Rose started to clap her hands in rhythm. Steve reluctantly began to tap his feet, trying his best to dance for Rose, but he was much too clumsy. Rose laughed, stopping her claps. She held the sissy boy's shoulders. "That's enough. Dance lessons might be too advanced for you, but how about we teach you proper etiquette." Rose stepped back and then pinched the hem of her dress. She crossed her legs and then bent her knees as she leaned forward. "This is called a curtsy..." she explained. "It is expected for good little girls to curtsy when greeting someone. Now you try." Steve bit his lip. He tried to mimic what Rose just showed him. He realized that with his short little skirt doing this motion kind of showed off his thick bloomers. Rose nodded in approval and commanded "again..." One more Steve did his best to curtsy but still had trouble with the bending his knees part, his legs wobbling as he strained to do the simple motion. Rose pat him on the head. "With enough of my tutelage you just might fool someone into thinking you're a refined young lady..." Rose took out her keys and walked to the bathroom door. She shut it and then locked it. She put the keys away in her purse and turned to face Steve. "I expect you to use your diapers from now until the day I deem you ready for potty training... which, by looking at the state of your underwear, might take a couple decades." She giggles. "Good girls don't ruin their pretty panties like you did to mine." She groped Steve's crotch, letting him feel that thick padding bunch up against his privates. Steve whined, leaning forward and blushing all over. Rose was now in the kitchen, making a meal for both of them. It had been a long day and she wanted to make sure Steve had a big deal. As soon as Steve sat at the table Rose got out one of the items she bought today. It was a tray that went over his chair. She locked it in place. It made it look like Steve was in a high chair! He couldn't move out of the chair and he couldn't figure out how the lock worked on the tray. Rose set down the plate that had a streaming hot meal of meat cut into tiny bites, mashed potatoes, and veggies. Rose tied a bib around Steve's neck and then fed him. She poked the portions with a fork, giving him one little bite at a time. Steve resisted at first, getting some food on his face. When Rose wiped his face he realized it would be best to just eat the food and not look more childish than he already did. Steve suddenly went wide-eyed. "Anne?" he said in a panicked tone. Rose glared at him. He gulped. "S-sorry, I mean.. M-mommy..." He got his mouth stuffed with more food. He tried to chew and swallow quickly "Mommy, I need to go to the bathroom!" His voice was more urgent and still Rose forced more food into his mouth. He groaned and tried to eat quickly. He squirmed in the chair, stuck behind that blasted tray. His bottom started making rumbling noises and he teared up. "No..." he said in a strained high-pitched voice. A thick log slid out, despite his best efforts. He dumped a huge pile into the back of his diaper. The strict confines of the diaper made his mess worse. He wanted to cry and complain, but Rose just kept feeding him. He had to sit in his mess for the rest of dinner. Even after he was finished Rose still had to sit down and feed herself. Now Steve had to watch as Rose ate in front of him. She didn't take too long, able to take much bigger bites than Steve. She dabs her mouth with a napkin and then finally unlocks the tray from the chair, freeing the sissy boy. Steve did a funny walk as he felt the full diaper between his legs. Rose smirked, looking over her shoulder as she saw the boy get used to being all messy. He took to it quickly though, finding the sensation of the messy diaper starting to feel pleasurable. Rose just hummed a little tune as she washed the dishes and the pans and scrubbed down the surfaces in the kitchen. She came back into the living room and scooped up her sissy boy, pulling him into her lap as she sat down. "Now Samantha, do you want to tell me what you just did in your diapers?" Rose asked, watching the boy blush and avert his gaze. Rose forced him to look back at her. "Well?" "I pooped them." Steve said, confessing. Again, he felt an odd thrill from this. Despite his shame his dick was so hard inside the messy diaper. "Do you want Mommy to change your diapers now?" Rose said a lilting tone. She didn't wait for an answer. She hoisted Steve up and carried him to the table and set him on his back. She raised the boy's sissy skirt and had it bunched upwards. This allowed for easier access to his diapers. First she pulled off the adorable diaper covers and set them aside. She then tore open the tapes of the diaper and let it fall open. She gasped in mock surprise "what a big mess you made for Mommy!" She left him there as she went to bring over the baby powder and wipes. Steve could feel his dick getting harder. It began to point upwards and when Rose came back with a wipe in hand she saw the dick aiming at her. "Samantha..." Rose didn't get much more out. She was suddenly being hosed on her top. She gasped, raising her arms but too afraid to put them in front of the stream. She looked down surprised as the boy's sudden piss stream drenched her blouse, making it semi-transparent along with her bra. Her breasts were just barely visible through her soaking wet top. She looked really annoyed as she looked down at the boy helplessly peeing all over her. Steve whimpered and tried to pinch off the stream, but he couldn't. Rose put her hands on her hips, giving him a disappointed glare. "Honestly, Samantha?" she sighed as the stream died down as she dripped wetly from his mistake. Steve didn't do it on purpose, but that didn't matter to Rose. The woman had to take off her top and remove her bra. With her large breasts swinging freely she went back to cleaning off Steve's dirty butt. She wiped down his cheeks and dug deep between his crack. "You're going to get such a spanking when I'm done here!" Just as promised she pulled away the used diaper and then flipped Steve over. With his tummy on the table and his butt facing her she gave it three hard smacks, swinging her hand back and forth against his cheeks. Steve whined and sobbed, feeling humiliated and a little guilty. Rose flipped him back over and slid a thick diaper under his butt. She sprinkled baby powder onto his butt and privates and then taped the diaper up around his waist. She pulled the bloomer covers back on. "Now you stand there quietly as Mommy cleans up what you did." Rose made him watch as she wiped down the table and the floor where his pee stream dribbled everywhere. Steve wanted to help again, but Rose was still doing everything for him, making him feel like a small child. He tried not to stare at the woman's bare breasts as she was down on all fours wiping up the mess he made. She stood up and began to strip out of the rest of her clothes. She carried them to the laundry machine, deciding to start a wash. Steve grabbed his still hard dick inside the fresh diaper as he stared at the woman's perfect butt. It was clean and pure, unlike his dirty bottom was a second ago. She had no trouble keeping herself completely clean and sweet smelling. Even though she was clean from the bottom down she still decided to go into the bathroom and take a bath. She unlocked the door and then entered, locking it again behind her to give herself from private time. Steve remained outside the bathroom to waddle around in his baby girl diapers. He leaned against the door and whimpered "I'm sorry" practically begging Rose to forgive him. He sat down on the floor and sighed, waiting. Eventually the door opened and Steve looked up, seeing Rose with a towel draped around her. She looked down at the boy, still seeming disappointed. "Next time..." Rose said, "I need to cover that thing." She walked past the boy to her bedroom. Steve waddled around the living room, feeling a bit bad about what he did. Really, everything he had done seemed pretty rude so far. Rose had only been there to help and he took advantage of her kindness and trust. When Rose emerged from her bedroom, dressed in a bath robe and her hair in a ponytail Steve took a few steps towards her. "I'm really sorry, Mommy..." he said, looking up at her with a wet glint coming off of his hazel eyes. "You've been a really good mommy to me and I haven't been a good... sissy." He looked down at his feet. "I'm just a baby girl though. I'm still learning, and I'm willing to have you teach me." He burned hot with blush as he said this. Rose smiled and respected the sissy boy's humility. She pat him on the head. Rose walked over to the couch and sat down with a sigh. She beckoned Steve over and the little sissy came over with a bounce in his step and the little skirt flapping up and down. He beside her and rested his head on her shoulder. "Now, Samantha..." she began, "as your mother I fully expect you to listen to me, always obey my commands, and to never sass back. Remember that I know what's best for you. That means that even if I tell you to go out shopping with me dressed in your sissy clothes I fully expect you to do it and not to complain. Do you understand?" That last bit sounded like it could potentially be very humiliating, but at this point he was willing to do anything to prove he respected his mommy Rose. He nodded in agreement. Rose hugged him and kissed his forehead. "Good sissy." She said. "You've earned this." She opens her robe slightly, letting her breasts free. She grabs the back of Steve's head and pulls him close, pressing his mouth to her nipple. She looks down, watching as the boy instinctively wraps his lips around it and eagerly sucks. Rose sighs happily as she has her breasts nursed on. She knew Steve was enjoying this, but it was giving her great enjoyment as well. Rose enjoyed the power that came with being in this motherly role, but sometimes a mutual moment like this was just what they both needed. "You know, Samantha, I always thought you were quite handsome despite your bad little boy habits." Rose said with a wry smile. "It's just too bad you had to turn out to be a big sissy baby that poops in diapers. I would have liked making love to you." Rose just had to rub it in, letting Steve know his place in the relationship. She could feel his warm blush as his face was pressed to her breast. She just loved how fun it was to embarrass him. She pulled his face away from her breasts and then tied her robe shut again. "Let's get you ready for bed." Rose helped her little "Samantha" out of the dress. She pulled it up over his head and then folded it neatly. She got one of the night time clothes she bought for him today. It was a see-through long top blouse that draped over the diaper only slightly. Steve smiled. It was another soft material that felt good on his skin. He waddled towards his room with Rose right behind him, patting his rump. Rose pulled the blanket up over him and tucked him into bed. She sat at the foot of his bed, singing a quiet lullaby to get him to sleep faster. That night as Steve sat in his bed, he found himself continually waking up and thinking about how exciting it was to be in sissy clothes and wearing big puffy diapers. He groped the diaper front and started playing with himself. Since he wasn't allowed to take the diaper off he just rubbed himself through the thick layers of padding. Steve panted excitedly. He wasn't able to stop himself. It didn't take him long to cum into the diaper. He tensed up and then felt the thick creamy cum coating his privates. The orgasm was even more intense than when he was in Rose's panties. Maybe being a dirty sissy wouldn't be so bad. ~ In the morning Rose woke up the sissy, giving him some gentle nudges to rouse him. She helped Steve sit up and she groped his diaper front. "Someone's really wet this morning. Aren't you glad Mommy put you in diapers now?" She stated quite happily. Steve couldn't believe it. Sure, sometimes he wet the bed, but he didn't think he'd completely soak the diaper last night! He didn't even notice he was wet until Rose pointed it out. Rose went about changing his diaper. This time she was ready though, putting a cone-shaped cloth over the tip of his penis. "This is called a peepee teepee. Mommies use it to keep their little ones from peeing all over them. In hindsight I really should have used this on you during your last change." Rose had a much safer diaper change for Steve this morning. She was able to attach the new diaper around his waist and remain unhosed. She gave him a new set of pink and red bloomers and pulled a sunny yellow dress over him. A large bow was on the back of the dress, making him look kind of small in comparison. Rose held his hand, taking him to the bathroom. "I noticed you did a naughty in your diaper. You should really ask Mommy's permission before touching yourself like that." Steve was confused as to why he was in the bathroom with Rose. Just then she raised her dress, revealing those sexy lacy panties he coveted so much when he first moved in. Looking at the material he was able to see her mature cunt and dark pubic hair. Steve swallowed, just staring. "Does it make you jealous that Mommy can wear big girl panties like this and you have to stay in sissy baby diapers?" she grinned. Steve whimpered and gave an honest nod. Rose carefully slid down the panties, slowly revealing her privates to him. She then sat on the toilet, legs parted so he could stare right at the woman's beautiful and experienced flower. She pissed in the toilet, making him watch. It was a power move to show the little sissy who the real adult was here. Steve could never use the toilet like Rose could. He would have to continue soiling himself in his diapers. Rose finished up and used a square of toilet paper to wipe herself. She flushed the toilet and pulled her panties back up. Steve stood there awkwardly, making a faint hissing sound into the front of his diaper. Rose chuckled and gave his crotch a little pat. Rose left the bathroom and Steve followed behind, tugging on his pretty yellow dress and looking at Rose's beautiful butt. He stopped and stood in the middle of the living room. "Hey, Mommy? Um, you said something last night..." He twisted the hem of his skirt nervously. "Yes, my dear?" Rose leaned against the wall, looking down. "Well... you said that you might have... maybe would have... possibly had sex with me... if things were different." Steve started blushing. "You mean if you weren't a pants pooping sissy?" Rose said bluntly. Steve nodded, "Well, yes. I was wondering though if there was, um... any way at all that we could... you know... do stuff." Rose watched the boy squirm. She tilted her head back and sighed with a broad smile. "Sammy, Sammy, Samantha..." she sighed. "You are just a naughty little vixen aren't you. You're just desperate to be one of Mommy's sex toys. I knew you were a little naughty but I had no idea how much of a slut you were." Steve winced. It hurt, but at the same time he was secretly aroused by his mommy's statement. He wanted her, sure, but he would let her have him if she so desired. Rose held the boy's wrist and pulled "Come on, sissy slut. Mommy has just what you want." She brought him into her bedroom. He had not been in there since the first night when he so rudely invaded her personal space. She had the boy shoved down upon the bed. Steve tried to roll over but she shook her head and held his hand, guiding him to lie face down. "No no. Mommy's on top. Mommy will always be on top." She pat his rump. "Butt in the air now..." She grabbed the bloomers and diapers and carefully pulled them back, tugging them down so his bare butt was exposed to her. Steve turned his eye towards Rose as she walked to the dresser drawer. She pulled out her favorite strap-on. She lifted her dress and pulled up the strap to attach it onto her crotch. She made sure it was tight around her, pulling on the sides to keep it firmly in place. Steve felt his heart racing. Rose was really going to do it! She squirted some lube onto her hand and began stroking the shaft of the dildo, getting it nice and slick. She walked behind Steve and soon she was out of his vision. She rubbed her lubed up fingers over his butthole and carefully inserted them inside. She felt him tense up around her fingers. Rose leaned down and whispered. "Try to relax, it'll be easier..." She removed her fingers and then started teasing his hole with the tip of the strap-on. She ever so slowly pushed inward, gasping a little. Steve relaxed as Rose told him to and soon he felt the entire length of the dildo enter his bottom. It was a new feeling for him, but exciting at the same time. Rose thrust in and out of his bottom. She held onto his hips, really taking ownership of the boy's body. She was clearly in charge and Steve was willing to let her top him like this. He groaned, feeling himself filled by Rose's fake cock. Rose wasn't being stimulated by the dildo very much. Her arousal came simply from knowing she was dominating Steve. Steve meanwhile was so close to spurting into his diaper. "Mommy!" Steve cried out. He grabbed the bed sheets and felt his dick twitching. He came on himself. Rose kept thrusting for a moment and then slowed down. She leaned over and looked down at the boy who was sweating and clutching the bed still. She pulled out and quickly tugged his diaper back up over his spent bottom. Steve flopped onto his back, his chest heaving as he caught his breath. Rose stood over him with a smile, jutting out her hips so he had to stare up at the big fake cock between her legs. She loosened the straps on the sides and let the device come off. She crawled onto the bed with Steve and hugged him close. "So, my little sissy, is that what you meant by wanting to have sex with me? Because that's the only way you'll ever get it from this mommy." She smirked. Steve looked at her. His face twisted up for a moment. The loose state of his bottom caused him to mess himself. He smiled wide, getting a goofy expression on his face as he felt the diaper fill up. Rose laughed as she watched this. She pat Steve's messy bottom, feeling the contents shift around inside. "Looks like you've already given Mommy another present this morning! How about I make us a nice hot breakfast and then we'll change the diaper later, okay?" Steve nodded, giving his new mommy a hug. Rose stood up, helping Steve up with her. She admired the adorable submissive sissy she helped create. She brushed her fingers through that dark blonde hair, thinking about how fun it was going to be to have him around.
  15. From the album Nappy Fairy Wonders

  16. From the album Nappy Fairy Wonders

  17. From the album Nappy Fairy Wonders

  18. From the album Nappy Fairy Wonders

  19. From the album Nappy Fairy Wonders

  20. How many of you diaper lovers or adult babies out there actually USE your diapers? I used to all the time, at least for tinkles, and got to the point where I was even pretty comfortable with wetting in public, as long as I didn't overdo it. I also gave myself enemas or suppositories that forced me to mess pretty frequently, and even did THAT in public a few times! But over time I gradually stopped using them less and less, and now even though I get all dressed up a few nights a week, and am comfortable wearing diapers, sissy clothes, and toys/plugs out in public, I just never wet or mess them anymore.I feel like I'm not being a good baby, and if I'm going to be buying diapers, I need to earn them. So with 12 disposables left in this current pack, I'm looking for instructions as to what I need to do to prove myself, and earn the right to buy the next pack.It's not that I'm totally opposed to wetting or messing, but I just need some encouragement and strict rules. Ideally, I'd love if someone wants to chat with me as I'm completing any tasks to make sure I follow through and don't wimp out.Thanks!Baby Kelsey
  21. Alex struggled helplessly in his binds. Stuck in a diaper and dress, gagged with an oversized pacifier, and with a bright red ribbon wrapped around, he could do nothing but wait. He supposed that was what he was a Christmas present for someone. The only question was for whom. It was a question that had haunted him since the day he arrived at the training institute. Like everyone, he knew there was someone paying for him. Like most, he had no idea who they were, when he’d see them, or what they intended to use him for. There were several reasons someone could end up in the institute. A scant few were volunteers- people choosing the submissive lifestyle, often for a kink, or out sheer laziness, giving up freedom to be guaranteed food and shelter rather then work their entire lives and risk homelessness. This, in Alex’s opinion, was a poor trade and a worse excuse for a career. Others seemed to think they eventually be guaranteed a place their anyway, and so volunteered. The advantage there was that they could at least pick the manner of their submissiveness, and have some control over who their eventual master was. Had Alex known that would be necessary for him, he’d have taken that route. He shifted uncomfortably in his binds, his arms getting stiff, and his diaper beginning to chaff his spanked bottom. He definitely would have. Alex, for himself, was one of the many who had been chosen against their will. Some of them had obvious reasons for going. They had committed clear crimes, were put on trial, and plea-bargained out of jail or were sentenced directly. They stood out at first in the first days at the institute. Trying to look tough, with tattoos on their arms and glares on their faces, until they realized this just made them all the more ridiculous. Alex was in a final category- those who had no idea at all why he was brought. He had simply went to bed one night after drinking at a bar, blacked out, and woken up already locked and dressed in the institute, with his form of submissiveness and master chosen for him. Many had similar stories, or were dragged from public places kicking and screaming, or got into cabs that went in completely the wrong directions… There was a long list. They were usually given a explanation. Vague allegations of minor crimes, poor behavior, a likeliness of future crimes or failures, internet search histories, having failed some kind of government test- there were plenty. Alex had a mix of these, with the same accusations of brattiness and immaturity that most who ended up in diapers got. They may be true, he knew, but he tended to believe the rumor that the institute simply needed to sell certain number of submissive to operate and did what was necessary to keep going. The government turned a blind eye and the public kept silent less they be chosen- they were fulfilling a needed service, anyway. For Alex, it was hard to argue. They seemed to know everything about him, and his trove of 'secret' stories about similar kinks was brought up time and time again as a reason. Whether they knew about them when they grabbed him or coincidently found out after searching was beyond him. Alex moaned inwardly thinking of it. The struggled slightly, hearing the tissue paper and his diaper rustle, then stopped. He glanced at the paddle beside him. Tauntingly cute looking, but sharp and painful, he had been given a taste of it earlier and threatened with more if he woke anyone up. He was a Christmas present, and just like any other gift supposedly from Santa Clause, he would not be seen until morning. Waking them up would spoil the surprise, and he had been trained to obey. That training itself had been a nightmare. When he first woke up that day long ago, he had no idea what was happening. He had woken up slowly at first, feeling a slight headach, then bolted up when he noticed he was in a strange room surrounded by bars. “No” he had thought, “it can’t be…” IN reality it was obvious- he had long known about the training program, and that the diapered subs were one of options, but like most, he had never thought it would happen to him. When it did, he did everything in his power to deny it to himself. He had quickly glanced down at himself to see he was dressed in bright pink footed pyjamas and a bulky object he later realized was a diaper. He tried to scream out, only to find his mouth full of something he later realized was a pacifier. He tried to remove it, only to find his hands were wrapped in thick, fingerless mittens, leaving them useless. He looked around himself, and confirmed his suspicions. The bars he had once thought were for a cage were in fact part of a crib, and the room was a giant nursery, decorated cutely, with a changing table, high chair, and toys all clearly intended for him. A pit had begun to form in his stomach. A woman, not much older then Alex, came in beaming. He still remembered the first words she said. “Hello, how’s my little baby doing?” She spoke in a sweet, familiar voice, as if he truly was a baby girl and there was nothing strange at all with him being there. The rest of the day had followed suit. He was offered no explanation and given no chance to ask for one. He was carted helplessly from humiliation to humiliation, unable to get out of the arms, baby harnesses and strollers that held him, and unable to speak with the pacifier in his mouth, only leaving it for feedings. That day he wasn’t even treated as a sub, but simply as a baby. Spankings or other punishments weren’t necessary yet- he was too restrained and bewildered to fight, he was simply there to learn his place. He was fed, talked to in baby gibberish or simply ignored, and changed. THAT was a memory that had stuck with him, not because of the teasing or punishment, but because of the lack there of. “Do you smell something?” one has said calmly. “I think the baby has a stinky butt” the other replied with no sign of surprise. “Check him?” Alex was bent over, his onesie undone. “Yep,” then, in the high pitched joking voice used for infants, “has the baby made a stinky? Does she need to get her butt changed? YES SHE HAS! YES SHE DOES!” The lack of mocking and teasing had made it seem all the worse, as if it was something natural that should be expected. The truth was, as he would learn, it soon would be. As Alex was lain on the floor in a main hallway and changed as the pair in front of him talked on as if nothing was wrong, he had even begun to wonder if he really was a baby, and the last few decades of his life were some bizarre dream. It seemed a better option then being a submissive. The real training had started the next day. Alex shifted again, and tried to pull his arms at least a bit loose. This position was far from comfortable, and his back was getting sore. He wondered what it said about his new masters that he was to be found this way. Did they know how uncomfortable it was? Did they want him to be sore? An answer either yes or no could mean a lot. Of course, the fact that he was chosen as a sissy baby said a lot as it was. There was something of an unspoken hierarchy at the training institute. It depended a lot person to person, but their were some general rules that could be said depended on the harshness, or embarrassment, related to the job. At the top were the merely unstated submissives. They were there to serve, with no real, and as long as they behaved were treated well. After that came the ‘animals,’ either work horses intended to pull their masters around or pet kittens and puppies, they were treated well, if condescendingly. Then came the punishment subs, there to take spankings, be degraded, and tied for their masters pleasure. Underneath them all were the babies. Some could live pretty good lives and be treated well, finding themselves essentially just living to be cuddled and coddled, but that was often not the case. It was hard to feel any sort of pride when all others were baking away from the smell of your diapers. Alex was the lowest from of these. Not just a baby, but a sissy baby and a punishment sub at that. He had become well acquainted with rope and paddles while there, and the diapers and dresses simply added a whole new level of humiliation. Alex pondered slightly. As most had guessed, if that is what his masters wanted, it did not bode well for him. Whoever was paying want him degraded as much ass possible. Most ended up living essentially as their training had done. Some, however, were lucky. They were punished and trained to a low level then brought to their masters as if being rescued, receiving love and affection, and forming a strange form of bond from the knowledge of what they were being kept from. Others got the exact opposite. Even within the categories, the harshness, strictness and length of training varied. Some masters wanted subs with fight left in them that they could spank out over time. Others would switch their subs theme upon arriving, leaving the poor, bewildered submissive confused and having to go through training again. The ones that Alex pitied the most were, ironically, barely even punished at training. Their masters wanted the opposite idea then the rest received. They were praised, given freedoms, and given rewards to build up a sense of pride that the masters could have fun breaking. They were often even given authority over the other submissives, who were told to keep mum about the poor fools fates. Sometimes they’d come back with their masters later, tears streaming down their faces, their pride shattered, their delusions gone as they were laughed at by the ones they had looked down on. Alex himself had been spanked by a few confused submissives only to later see them crawling around In diapers themselves, now bigger bawling babies then anyone, their pride making the fall all the worse. Somehow they never seemed to learn until it was too late. Alex groaned at the binds and his stiff muscles. He was beginning to feel hungry again. How long had he been there? He would have thought it was only one night, but there were no windows, and it felt like a lot longer. He prayed his masters were in the kindest category, hoping for him to see them as some kind of saviors, but he craved being untied whether or not they were. It was more likely that he was meant to be the baby he was dressed as anyway. This could still mean different things, as rumors always came back about what the babies got in the outside world. Some were treated merely as that, infants for their ‘parents’ to take care of, nothing more. Some existed for humiliation, spending long nights tied in messy diapers and over laps getting spanked in public. Some were there to work and please their masters, their clothing adding a form of mocking comedy to otherwise adult tasks. Some lived for pleasure, receiving toys and other benefits, others were deliberately denied it, being brought close to it then returned to whine and moan in their diapers. Some lived to train people to take care of real babies, used for diaper changing demonstrations, some were mascots for small sports teams and organizations or public draws to restaurants and game rooms. Others still were even given to younger people, treated as playthings, live in dolls for the amusement of children. Most did not know what it was going to be until they got there. He shuddered at the thought, and prayed it was one of the better ones. He tried to think of the cruelty of someone who would subject him to it. Could he really blame them though? He had, after all, written all those stories... but those were fiction, not reality... was there a difference? Yet there he was, an adult, diapered, sissified... The training varied from person to person, but for babies there were some general themes. The life in a nursery, the wearing diapers, and being given toys were all common. Most were fed, and most were taught to use their diapers. Some were deliberately made incontinent, being given pills and hypnosis to render them diaper dependent. Alex avoided this, though you never would tell from watching him. A messy diaper around his waist was a common theme in his life. Like all babies, he slept in a crib, and was taken care of like a baby in his ‘home.’ This home was the residence while he stayed in the institute. As usual, he was the only baby there. The other themes were represented similarly, there were pets, work animals, slaves, sissies, and other kinds of submissives, but rarely more than one or two of each at a time. There were also groups of non submissives who went in and out of living there like a hostel, and more still that came by and paid to gawk and laugh. They usually paid to see due to their own sadistic kinks or schadenfreude, and the fact that they beleived the people there had earned their punishment made them all the more vicious in their laughing and teasing. This was for a serious, if subtle reason. If the submissive felt rare, and they were constantly faced with a new group of people, it kept the helplessness and embarrassment of their situation fresh. As had been explained to Alex, the reason a sissy male was embarrassed to be in a dress was because men didn’t wear dresses. If Alex had spent his life surrounded by other sissy babies, eventually it wouldn’t seem to be strange at all. From the ‘homes,’ the submissive would be taken daily to training, this time along with the similarly dressed brethren. As a sissy baby, Alex would join a long and often smelly line of grown adults in diapers, feeling absolutely ridiculous as they were paraded, all holding a rope like children, toward class. Once there, they were trained as a group, with variations for their individual master’s desires. They would be given kindergarten like classes on basic subjects to reduce them and bring their thinking to that of a babies. Sometimes they’d deliberately be given fake information, being forced to learn math wrong or memorize a made up alphabet. They’d then be tested on it, and have their place hammered home when they failed tests seemingly made for children. From there it was more kink related training. They’d be taught to be submissive, with a long list of humiliating and painful punishments, from spankings and being tied up, to more childish such as time outs and mouth soaping’s. They were trained to behave as their masters wanted, forced to crawl around, play with children’s toys, and mess their diapers. They were even trained to act up from time to time, practicing throwing tantrums or acting as brats. Some were slowly rendered incontinent, some were given potty training which was deliberately made impossible, then told they were in diapers because they failed, and others were simply ignored until they messed themselves, and at times kept in them until they were used to the feeling. Whatever a master wanted, he could get, and the trainers bet their careers on making it happen. Alex wasn't given a chance. There was no effort to untrain or to pretend to train. This, he figured, meant whoever he was going to meet in the morning wanted someone who was able to control their functions, but still used to diapers. Did that mean they intended to some kind of joke potty training routine? Was it meant to be successful, with him finally getting out of the childish undergarments, or not? Would they go the opposite route, subjecting him to hypnosis and bizarre diets? He doubted that one, if they wanted that they could have done it already. There was a chance they'd keep him in diapers but let him use the toilet, or present themselves as the saviors of the degradation he had suffered... It was possible, and he hoped for it, but he had learned not to hope for too much. Something told him that wasn't the case. The most likely was that they'd keep him in some variation of what he had before- continent, but with no way to tell that based on what he wore (or, he thought blushing, he smelled like), giving them control over when it happened and whether or not he'd be punished... he shuddered. What else could tell him what to expect? So this one is a bit different then my others. I'm sort of experimenting with a different structure. Rather then having a normal narrative or much dialogue, it is a series of settings, with the plot hopefully coming through. That is because it is supposed to be the Alex (myself) remembering what happened to him as he lies in bondage. I figured memories tend to be more like vague snapshots rather then having a lot of details, so I tried to write it like that. If it didn't work, it is basically the story of Alex's will being broken as he waits for his captors. BTW, this goes with this picture: http://swabbs.deviantart.com/art/The-Gift-That-Keeps-On-Giving-Dress-Clean-652281997 by Swabbs, with his permission. Le me know if there is an issue with me posting that there, I will remove it.
  22. Hey everyone. It's been a very, very long time since I've posted any new story content on this forum or to the DD site. I finally have a new story idea that I love, and I want to share it here with all of you for feedback and development. Eventually, once it's done, I'll send it to the DD main site for publication there. Mild spoilers: this story will contain elements of romance, sissification, and some emotional content. --- One: Emily Nothing exciting ever happens in Thebes Park, California. That’s what makes it such a nice place to live, I think. Some people have lived here their entire lives, maybe going no further than ten or twenty miles away for a nice dinner at the Adams Bistro or a trip to the Camarillo retail outlets. They get jobs in the booming service sector. They raise kids, send them off to college, spend their weekends visiting the Town Center, and then retire to Silver Estates on the hillside if they’re lucky. It’s not a bad way to live if your paycheck holds steady. But I never wanted that kind of a life. When I couldn’t find work in Hollywood, I came back home and brought back a little flair to the theater scene in Thebes Park. My Friday and Saturday nights were devoted to whatever performances I could stage at the Cultural Arts Center. I played both Hamlet and Romeo, as well as the likes of Stanley Kowalski and Marius Pontmercy. The reviews weren’t much, but the ticket sales was decent. At least I could eat and do what I love. Speaking of food and love, I was compelled to walk out of my house on a cold autumn morning to the local Starbucks. Wrapped in a leather jacket and black jeans, I trundled a few blocks south to where the morning traffic was thinning out. My eyes drifted over a line of sedans and vans zipping along the main road toward Thebes Park’s business sector. With my hands stuck inside my pockets, I felt some dim satisfaction at my current state. Everyone else was rushing to work or from one errand to the next. With no performances lined up that weekend, I had all the time in the world. I sat at the Starbucks for the better part of an hour, sipping coffee and scrolling over the news on my phone. I was prepared for a mindless reverie until lunch. What I got instead was a tap on my shoulder. When I glanced up from my armchair, I saw a huge smile and perfect white teeth. “Jordan! Hey there!” Emily Parcher leaned over me, offering a tiny wave. “Hey yourself,” I replied. As I waved to the chair beside me, I added, “Out for a coffee break?” “Late breakfast, actually.” Emily sank into the chair, smoothing out the skirt of her green dress. My next-door neighbor was my contrast when it came to fashion. She chose to stand out with bright clothing and white jackets, while I preferred to blend in with blacks and grays. The same could be said about our personalities, too, and in exactly those terms. I set down my phone, watching the screensaver flicker on. “Another late night, then?” “Mmph, totally.” Emily paused to finish chewing on the muffin she’d been carrying. She wiped at her mouth and added, “DeSoto wants six new sketches by the weekend. I’ve been pulling all-nighters just to keep up with my other clients.” “Poor thing.” “Well, a girl’s gotta eat.” Emily lifted her muffin and snickered. “Case in point.” “True!” I chuckled and took another sip of coffee. My neighbor grinned and continued to ramble on about her day job. I might have led a life in the theater, but Emily Parcher was one of the classiest people I knew. She never had a bad hair day or wore anything that clashed. Her every step was an exercise in poise, and she always had a kind word for any occasion. But you could have seen her refined taste in the way she drew. Emily was a born artist, a virtuosa with a pencil or a pen. She did everything from portraits to landscapes. The small-time publishers in Thebes Park couldn’t get enough of her. Emily had enough commissions to afford the nicest house on the block where I lived, though I suspected that she came from a family with money, too. As neighbors went, she was a treat. Emily could always be counted for a bottle of wine or a towel when you ran short. At neighborhood barbecues, she never failed to delight with her potato salad, and she always volunteered to clean up. Sure, I’d given some thought to courting her a few times. But I never got the nerve. It wasn’t low self-esteem. I just felt like I’d be ruining an otherwise good friendship. And I never got the sign from Emily that she ever thought of me as anything more than a neighbor. When we hit a lull in the conversation, Emily looked around the Starbucks. I noticed that she twitched her legs in. Even her hands fluttered in her lap. Like she was trying to stay calm. Trying, but failing. “Sorry if I’ve been monopolizing your time,” said Emily. She brushed some hair back over her ear. “I hope I’m not keeping you from anything.” “Not at all.” I gestured to the phone on the table. “I’m just killing time.” “No shows this week?” “It’s the dry part of the season. And yet...” I put my hand to my breast. “I get by. Somehow.” Emily grinned. “You love the limelight, don’t you?” “Against my better judgment, yes. I feel more alive onstage.” “Oh, yeah. It’s like me with a pencil.” “Bingo.” Emily shook her head wistfully. “I wish I could feel that good around people. I’m too much of an introvert.” “You’re plenty social at the local get-togethers, you know.” “Well, that’s not what my parents say.” “Oh.” I grimaced. Parental judgment was the worst. As a second-generation Korean-American, I knew it all too well. “Sorry to hear that.” Looking up at me, Emily nodded. “Thanks for that.” “Anything I can do to help?” “It’s... complicated.” “I’ve got nothing but time if you want to chat.” As a new line of people began to enter the coffee shop, Emily glanced down at her hands. They still fluttered, but not as much as before. When she met my gaze again, she looked so serious. She said, “Let’s take a walk.” *** Heading back to our neighborhood, we felt a little warmer as the day wore on. I kept my hands out and loose at my side as Emily explained her predicament. “So, the thing is, my parents are strict. Like, super old-fashioned.” Emily’s face turned red as she spoke, and I guessed it wasn’t because of the changing weather. “They didn’t like it when I moved out here to work and live on my own. They’d rather I go back home and marry one of the nice boys that they met at the country club.” I grinned when I heard the venom in her tone. “Dudes in polo shirts and khakis?” “Dudes with no class and an overdeveloped ego,” Emily insisted, but at least she smiled a little. “Yeah, I’ve been fending off their proposals for years.” “You don’t strike me as the housewife type.” To my surprise, Emily blushed at that. “I’m not totally against the idea. I mean, if I met the right person, maybe?” She shrugged. “I don’t know. I’d rather just do my job out here.” “Then you should.” “But that’s the problem.” Emily turned to me as we came to a stop at the next intersection. An empty school bus passed by the street where we turned toward home. “My parents will cut me off if I don’t meet their standards. That means I lose the house, Jordan.” “Wait a second.” I frowned, examining her nice—and pricey—dress and jacket. “They’re paying your mortgage?” “Well, yeah. Most of it.” Emily tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “I’m good for clients, but I could never afford a place on my own.” “Em, that’s terrible.” “And so’s my family. My father’s convinced himself that I need to have another woman as a housemate in order to stay ‘proper.’ Because, you know, any unmarried woman living away from her parents only has one thing on her mind.” “Premarital sex. Oh, the horror.” I threw a melodramatic hand to my forehead. “The scandal.” “You got it.” “So, you’re looking to rent out a room. Any takers?” “None. And I don’t have any friends from work who aren’t already married.” “You’re kidding.” “Nope. I’m the odd one out.” I shook my head. “God bless quaint little Thebes Park.” “Tell me about it.” We crossed the intersection and turned the corner onto our block. Our houses stood side-by-side, both done up in similar shades of white and beige. My front lawn was small and easy to keep up, but Emily’s house stood out with its garden full of roses and tulips. You could tell from a glance who put the most effort into their dwellings. Emily even kept her car in the garage to keep it from getting too dirty, whereas I was content to let my Toyota Camry gather a little dust before I usually decided to take it in for a wash. It had been this way on our street for the better part of three years. As we passed in front of my house, I reached out and put my hand on Emily’s shoulder. She looked at me with a dismal frown. “Listen,” I said, “I don’t know what I can really do to help, but just know that I am here to help if you ever need anything.” That got a light smile out of her. “Thanks, Jordan. You’re a real sweetheart.” I chuckled. “Nah. I just play one onstage.” *** Hours later, as I finished my latest Netflix binge session—as inspiration for future roles, or so I told myself—I heard a knock at my door. Putting the TV on pause, I got off the couch and ambled over to answer it. Emily stood on my doorstep. She looked tired. Tired, and anxious. I stepped aside and waved her in. “What’s the matter?” “I...” Emily stopped herself. She hesitated on the threshold, taking a glance at her shoes. Those lovely pair of Kurt Geigers. “I’m sorry. I had the stupidest idea. I can’t believe I even came over to ask you.” “Never hurts to ask. What is it?” Emily wavered, but she didn’t leave. “So, remember earlier? I told you about my folks, and you said you wanted to help?” “Sure I do.” “Well, remember how I said I needed a, uh, female roommate to convince my parents?” I glanced askew at her. A nervous flutter rose up in my stomach. “Yeah?” Emily looked up at me with a coquettish smile. “Think you might be interested in the role?”
  23. A sissy diaper friend from both Fetlife and Daily Diapers named “Rufflie” recently challenged me to get fitted for a bra while wearing diapers and plastic pants. While I love the challenge of going out in diapers barely covered, I have never worn a bra, much less got fitted for one. After some discussion, I told Rufflie that there are plenty of beach shops and even some adult stores around where I live and I could hopefully get fitted for a bra as challenged all while heavily diapered. I decided I would go for it this past Saturday as I am one not to back down from a challenge. All day Saturday I was both excited and could not get the thought of going out diapered for a bra fitting out of my mind. Later that afternoon I took a long hot shower, applied a generous amount of baby lotion followed by a heavy dusting of baby powder. I decided I would go all out and wear my thick Babykin pink nursery print cloth diapers and see through plastic pants. I topped these off with a women’s short yellow fleece beach top that ended just above the waistband of my plastic pants. After looking in the mirror, I had second thoughts that I might be going too far. While in just diapers and the top, I logged into Fetlife to see who was online only to find Rufflie and here his banter, telling me I better give a play by play of what happens. Before I could back out, I quickly put some baby blue fleece short shorts on over my diaper, thinking there is no turning back now, grabbed my keys and left the house. As I was driving through the Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral area I passed the new Fairvilla Boutique that recently replaced the older mega store I used to go to. I had seen a recent commercial that described their extensive collection of lingerie and dancewear, as well as massagers, unique gifts and more for adventurous adults as they described it. I decided that Fairvilla was the place to do my fitting as it is an adult store and they would be aware of various fetishes. I turned the car around and my foot slid automatically from the gas toward the brake pedal. With a deep sigh, my heart raced with anticipation and excitement as my car came to a halt at the edge of the parking lot. As I got out of the car and walked towards the front door, and as if mocking my masculinity, my penis twitched within the thick folds of my diaper, and a stream of pee flowed warmly between my thighs. I could not help but be reminded of the infantile thick diapers and plastic baby pants that were barely covered by my short shorts. The sales girls in the shop were different from my last visit to the old mega store… not surprising considering the time between visits, but just as friendly and unsolicitous as the others. I browsed around to see what was where and then found myself fascinated by the PVC, leather and lace lingerie hanging in one corner. I could not ignore the attraction. Then I wandered over to the bondage section. I always wanted to be restrained and forced to wear and use my diapers. Periodically one of the sales girls would ask if I was "ok" or if I needed any assistance. After this one girl asked me a second time I decided it was time to ask for help with the bra fitting that I came for. Besides the bulk between my legs was making me feel very self-conscious and I was sure I'd be `found out'. Silly when you think of what I was there for. Anyway I asked the salesgirl where the bras were. She smiled at me and led me to a series of racks and displays and said her name was Nikki and I should ask for her if I needed more help. I looked through the displays and caught myself feeling the lace and satin of many of the bras in various colors, sizes and styles. I started to select several and then began to have doubts about their fit since the sizes were numbered and with letters instead of the large or extra-large markings I am used to on other clothing. Seeing my indecision Nikki again offered to help and I confessed I wasn't sure of the size. She asked the size of the person they were for. Simple enough question but I fear I blushed a bit. After starting several answers I admitted they were for me. She smiled so very understandingly, glanced at my padded hips and said, "I thought they might be. She said why don’t we take a couple of quick measurements so we can pick the right bra size for you. Nikki wrapped a cloth measuring tape around my chest and told me I would be about a 44B. You can always try them on and we can make sure they fit." That seemed logical enough and I headed for the changing area with 5 different bras. As I was about to enter the changing room, Nikki looked at the bras I had and told me 3 of them would probably not fit me. Some pink lace bras on the rack next to the changing room caught my attention and I asked if I could try one on. She reached one down in my size and handed it to me as I slipped through the curtain. I made sure the curtain was shut and decided to take my shorts and shirt off leaving me standing there in just my thick diapers and plastic pants. I took a deep breath and wrapped the pink bra around my chest while attempting to hook the clasp behind me. I could only get it partially hooked and was about to abandon the experience when I heard Nikki's voice ask how things were going. My quick answer was," fine…" and before I realized what I was saying, "…but I can't hook the clasp." Somewhat to my surprise and embarrassment and deep down delight, Nikki glided through the curtain and said, "turn around". This was the first time in a long time anyone had seen me in my diapers and oh, wow was my head hot and swimming. She hooked me in and inquired "how's that?" All I could stammer was "thanks" and she patted my diapered butt was gone. I spent a little time looking at myself in the mirror and deciding to add the bra to my purchases and then realized that I needed to ask Nikki to undo the bra for me. But where was she. I looked out through the curtain for Nikki and the other girl was talking on the phone but no Nikki. The other girl caught my eye, smiled and pointed to a door. After an awkward moment I caught on that she expected me to walk out in only my diapers and bra and go get Nikki. Ah, why not. I took a quick breath and crossed the room to the indicated door, looked in and almost pleaded with Nikki to come help me, just as 3 college age girls walked into the store and quickly noticed the diapered sissy in front of them. They stood there for a moment and just stared at me before they burst into laughter and then walked off toward the dildos. On our way across the room I again took a quick look at the maid dresses and other sissy dresses. I didn't think she noticed but said, "pretty aren't they. Want to try a couple on?" Just how hot can one's neck get but I nodded yes and muttered "sure". She took one of the shortest black PVC French maid dresses with white PVC ruffles in the back off the rack and with that innocent smile said we should try a couple different styles. Suddenly here I was in the changing room with this petite pretty girl pulling a maids dress down over my diapers. The dress did nothing to hide my thick bulging diapers. I did all I could to hide my embarrassment and excitement as she zipped it up, and then left the dressing room leaving me in only the short French maid dress with diapers and plastic panties almost fully exposed. She returned a few minutes later telling me while cute, the maids dress is way too sexy and mature for someone still in diapers. In her hand was the most beautiful white romper just dripping with ruffles and lace with a bib front and straps that cross in the back that she insisted I try on. I quickly complied as she slipped it over my feet and up my legs, we both laughed, as she had to force past my bulging diapers. She told me to put my yellow fleece beach top on as it would look cute with the romper. She then crossed the two back straps and buttoned them to the lace trimmed bib in the front. As I looked in the mirror, I realized I now looked like an overgrown toddler with a bulging bottom covered with ruffles and lace. She patted me on my diapered bottom and left the room one more time as I decided to put my shorts on but couldn't find them and decided they must have put them somewhere to keep them safe. I looked outside the curtain for Nikki and only saw the other young girl. She said Nikki would be with me shortly. When she finally returned she told me that had no idea where my shorts were. Nikki told me to follow her, in horror I realized the predicament I was in as both girls started to laugh. Nikki told me they were closing for a private bachelorette party and I would have to pay for the bra and romper I was wearing and leave the store. I reluctantly paid her as the college girls walked up to the counter and commented on how cute my romper was. While I love being caught in diapers and humiliated, I had more than my share today. As I walked out to my car I felt like everyone was staring at me. After all, here I am a grown man in thick diapers and plastic pants covered by a very babyish lace romper. I quickly got into my car and drove off only to wet myself one more time.
  24. From the album DLBiker

    Some of my earlier photos during my sissy AB days on a visit to Goddess Nicole in St Pete, FL
  25. From the album DLBiker

    Some of my earlier photos during my sissy AB days on a visit to Goddess Nicole in St Pete, FL