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  1. Sophie ♥


    We actually wrote this story on a LiveWriting night, which is a Patreon thing Pudding and I do where we... well... write. Live. But this time, we gave our patrons a special super power: they could change anything we had already written and they could pick what we wrote next! It was a super fun experience, and we have to thank our supporters: @Selpharia and Anapathy! This is just a one-chapter short story thing. But who knows, maybe more will happen in the future? Make sure to comment and show your love! Also please consider supporting us on Patreon! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reconnecting Written by Sophie & Pudding Meddling by Selphie & Anapathy "I know I teased you for wetting the bed, but this seems a bit extreme..." We were always close for siblings, but ever since puberty had taken hold and driven us in opposing directions dictated by gender, things seemed more and more distant between Vania and I. And the way she'd reacted after I teased her for wetting the bed when she came to visit… well, it was scary! "You wanna make fun of me because I have accidents Milo? Well I'm not having it. Either you're wearing one of my diapers to bed or I'm leaving!" I had planned to stay two entire weeks, and we were only on the second day. Milo and I used to be so close, and now look at us... "Right, I get it, but why? It's not going to make you any less of a bedwetter an-" If she had an aura, I was sure she'd have been on fire right about then. I didn't mean it! I just couldn't see how she'd gotten from 'pissed at her sibling' to 'wanting to humiliate me' like that. I shoved him as hard as I could into the wall, but I'd never had his strength or balance, even I was a few inches taller. "Wear it or I'm leaving!" The fact I had diapers at all was something I had hoped to keep hidden from my brother, but we'd gotten too drunk last night and I'd fallen asleep on the sofa. One wet cushion later... "I don't even know how, okay!" She tried to push me again and I grabbed both her wrists in my hands and pulled her in close to me by pulling her arms up. "Is it going to make you happy?" "Yes," I muttered, struggling to pull away from him. Finally, he let me go and I stood as tall as I could, looking at him with a deathly glare. "I'll show you what to do. And you're wearing it to bed. The whole night! So you know how it feels to..." I didn't finish my sentence, a blush overwhelming my cheeks. "How it feels to wet the bed? Vania..." She was crazy. "Whatever I do, if i wear it or not, it's not like I'm going to have an accident at night, alright? I'm an adult." An adult? I glared harshly and he quickly realized his mistake. "I'm leaving," I pushed past him to the spare room and started packing up my bag. But I knew better - Milo and I had been best friends since the day we were born. We had that twin-telepathy thing. Sure, we had drifted, but both of us wanted to be closer. This was... well it was a way to reconnect. As stupid as it sounded. "Hey I'm sorry, alright, I'm sorry." I grabbed her wrist as she was unzipping her bag, and she shook me off with a pout and puffed up cheeks. "I said I'd do it, alright? I just... you're a girl, Vania, and wearing girls things is weird... I'm not gay, you know?" "It's a diaper." "It's pink." I put my hands to my face and sighed. How was my brother such a goddamn idiot? "Fine, you don't want to wear it, I'm leaving." "I said I would!" "Then stop being a..." I thought about it. "Stop being a baby about it, then." Well, that certainly hit home. I crossed my arms and puffed my cheeks the way she just was, which was MEANT to mock her, but just made me look more like her and thus, less intimidating. "What do I do?" I checked the clock. It was already eight at night. Early for bedtime, but whatever. I fished into my suitcase and pulled out one of the pink diapers - something simple and medical with a pinkish tint - and pushed it into his hands. "The side with the tapes goes under your ass. Pull it up between your legs and tape it in place. Lay down first. And I swear, if you mess it up I will kill you because these are expensive!" Obviously I was still angry. I took the diaper with masculine indignation and stuck my tongue out at her, waving my hand toward the door. "Some privacy?" But my apartment wasn’t exactly the bastion of free space to go. "Or at least like turn around?" The last thing I wanted was my sister seeing me nude, especially given I'd taken to keeping myself hairless down there for my last girlfriend. I left him alone in the spare room. I swear, he could have just used his own fucking room, but whatever. I sighed and leaned against the counter, rubbing my temples. This wasn't supposed to happen... but maybe I could use it to my advantage. Milo in a diaper. I giggled. Okay, this could be fun! "I broke it." It was flimsy anyway, how was something made out of plastic supposed to stay on?! and I was obviously too big for it, even though Vania was bigger than me, and I guess she just got cheap products from china or something. Either way, I couldn't wear it now! "Sorry, sis, I tried." I went to drop the torn diaper in the trash. Broke it? He... he broke it? Was he an idiot or something? You can't break a diaper! I snatched it out of his hands before he could throw it away and saw that the tape had been pulled clean off. Some of the plastic was ripped where he may have tried taping it on, but it was... it was awful. And then I remembered my first time, last year. With a deep sigh of defeat, I threw the diaper in the trash and pointed to the spare room. "Come on. I'll help." "What?" She'd help? Oh no no no no, not a chance! "Look if you want me to try again I will but you can’t help! We're twins, and we're siblings, and you can't see me in my underwear like that!" Because obviously I wasn't wearing it without underwear on underneath. "I don't care. You said you'd wear one, right? And these things are like two-fifty a piece. So either you get your ass in there and stop whining, or I'm leaving." Whining. And then I remembered earlier... "You really are a baby, huh? Throwing a tantrum over everything." "What? N-no I'm not!" I crossed my arms, how dare she?! Fine. Fine, I'd do her stupid thing. I marched back into the bedroom and fell back on the bed. That didn't mean I had to LIKE it. I went to remove his underwear and he stopped me. "You are not seeing me naked." "I've seen you naked a hundred times. We shared a womb. We shared a tub. When you were fifteen you wouldn't shut the fuck up about your dick and you whipped it out every ten goddamn minutes. Now stop complaining like a bratty child." I kept using that against him - that he was a baby. He hated it. And in turn, he seemed to actually listen to me. Perfect. Ugh. Why was she doing this?! I mean. She was right. I did do all those things, but that's just how boys act. Letting your sister put you in a diaper is absolutely not how boys act! "Fine just. Don't look okay?" "You're such a baby," I said once more, to get under his skin, as I stripped him of his tighty-whities. Honestly, I'd seen enough guys naked to know that penises really weren't a big deal. I was a nurse for goodness sake! That was how I came to find these diapers anyway. When the boy was appropriately naked from the waist down, I unfolded the pink diaper and lifted his ankles above his head. Standard stuff. Diaper changes were dime a dozen. I couldn't help it, when girls saw me naked, it meant sex. And sex meant getting hard. And I tried to think unsexy thoughts, you know, like rotten fruit or Trump or my sister putting me in a damn diaper. Regardless, nothing seemed to work. "This is dumb..." ...he was hard. And he was shaven. I had placed him back on the diaper, but I couldn't look away from his member. Um... I bit the inside of my cheek and went to get the baby powder, dousing it all over his private parts. Covered in white powder like that, like a real baby, it helped to distract me from his condition. This was... strange. "Could you like... calm down or something? This is weird enough as it is." "Yeah you don't fucking say!" I didn't mean the outburst, but it wasn't exactly my choice here to be aroused, it was a bodily response! "Just ignore it okay, you're not even supposed to be looking at me. Don't be a perv." "Don't be a perv, he says," I muttered, so he could hear. "But he gets an erection when I'm putting him in a diaper. His sister, no less..." Okay. Weird. But at the same time, teasing him like this... it was really fun. It reminded me of when we were younger, and we'd always be at each other's throats. Mom hated that. I pulled the diaper up over his erection and placed the tapes as tight as I could. Hopefully that would work, right? "All done. Good boy!" "Oh my fucking god, don't say shit like that, alright?" I was doing this because it made her happy, but she was REALLY pushing her luck here! And my cheeks were bright red and I pulled the comforter over myself before I could even look at what she made me wear. Ugh. I couldn't close my thighs. "Not so funny now, being a bedwetter?" "I'm not a bedwetter!" "You sure look like one," I said in a sing-song voice, smiling happily. Who could have known this would turn out so perfectly? I never would have thought my brother and I would be equivalent through diapers. "Okay, let's watch TV or something. Put your pants back on." I tried. I really tried! But my skinny jeans weren't having any of it, and I ended up falling over on the floor after hopping around on one foot over and over, trying to pull them up over my ass and this thing on it. She laughed like a chorus of angels. "Why don't you wear pajamas?" "I don't have pajamas!" "...you don't have pajamas?" Who didn't have pajamas? "I sleep naked." I stifled a laugh. "Well, that sucks for you. Do you want some of my pajamas?" I fished through my suitcase to find a spare pair - pink with cupcakes on them. "I'm not wearing those." That was my protest. "They're girls pants, and I'm not gay, okay? I love girls and girl accessories." I was proud of my Hank Hill reference. She looked... mischievous. "Accessories? I have hair bows and stockings and heels - you still wear the same size shoes as me, right?" He looked absolutely mortified! I rolled my eyes. "I'm kidding. If you would rather wear a pink diaper instead of pink pajamas, that's your call. I think you look darling. Like a real little boy!" I passed him the pajamas all the same - the choice was his. "Come on. TV time." "I'm NOT a little boy! Fucking..." I huffed and pulled the pajamas up my legs, which at least fit over the bulky undergarment better than my jeans. But when I walked, I sounded like I'd just gone grocery shopping, and my legs didn't move the same, and this was so DUMB. "Don't you have to wear... these?" "At night, sure." He glared at me and I smiled widely. This was going to be such a fun week! And true to my word, before bed that night, I used the bathroom and changed into one of my diapers. I had grown accustomed to them over the past year - I didn't mind them at all. I just hated when shitty people made fun of me - i.e. Milo. I poured myself a very small glass of water and looked at the bathroom door before turning off the light. Hm. I reached in and locked it, then pulled it closed. It didn't matter either way for me - I knew I'd wet the bed. But my brother... this week would be very fun indeed! "Hey." I shook my sister on the sofa, and then shook her again, and finally, in desperation, I slapped her face - something I wouldn't realize was a mistake until I'd done it. "Did you lock the bathroom door? I fucking... you gotta be more fucking careful than that." It was late, dark, and I was moving anxiously from foot to foot. "I"m going to take this dumb thing off and go down to the store to use their bathroom, just don't lock me out alright? You're such a bimbo sometimes, Vania…” I was a heavy sleeper. But when someone slaps your cheek, you wake up. And you wake up irritated. I stared at my brother, processing what he was saying. Bimbo? When did he even learn words like that? What was this, tenth grade? "Mm. No. Use the diaper." Like it was the most normal request in the world. "Ugh, don't be stupid, alright, I played your dumb game and I was a good sister," I winced, "brother." fuck I was tired. "This isn't like some fetishy sissy story on reddit alright," because a brother should know about such things, right? I rubbed the bridge of my nose. "Just. Don't lock me out. And stay out of my room." "Mm. No. Use the diaper." Like I hadn't heard him at all. But I had. I'd heard him very clearly. Sissy story? Sister. I looked up through the foggy dark night at my brother in those girly pajamas and thought about it a minute. I had always wanted a sister... "You were teasing me for bedwetting. Use your diaper, and we'll be even." "I'm not pissing myself." I didn't exactly want her to be here on her own, either, though. "If I do it, can I take this stupid thing off? No more games?" Gross. "Mmhmm." I was still tired, lying with my head down on the edge of the sofa. I wanted to get up and move to the spare room, but I was lazy and the sofa was comfortable. At least this time when I fell asleep out here I was diapered properly. "I just want you and I to be even. That's all." "You're a fucking pervert, I want you to know that. Boys and girls don’t have to be the same. It’s alright for you to piss your pants and me not to, I love you anyway." I wasn't getting out of this, though, huh? "Fine. I did it. Just now." I hadn’t, but how could she tell anyway? ...hm. I sat upright and stared at him in the eye. I knew when my brother was lying - he wasn't exactly good at it. Psychic connection, remember? Twin powers. But what annoyed me was his argument: it's alright for me to do it and not him? Why? Because I was a girl? So I tugged down his pants as hard as I could and dropped the pajamas to the floor. Before he could react, I put my palm to the front of his diaper, cupping his cock. "No you didn't." And then another realization... "Why would you lie to me...?" Jesus. JESUS. Why. What?! WHY would she touch me like that?! Holy fuck. My knees felt like jelly and I puffed out my cheeks. "Because you want me to do gross things, and I'm trying to be a good sibling and you're being such a typical chick about it. Whenever a guy is nice, this happens." "I'm not unlocking the bathroom until morning," I told him sincerely. Actually, I couldn't. I would have to take the whole handle apart just get back in - it's not like I had a key or anything. "So either you piss that diaper or you piss your bed. But tomorrow I'm going home, since you're being such an asshole." And then a true but crushing statement: "I hardly even know you anymore..." Well. That hurt. I was quiet for a second, and looked at her, then away, and then down at my feet. "Tha's not... that's not fair, you know me really well sis.." "The Milo I know wouldn't act like this. He wouldn't lie to me, and he wouldn't say I'm being a "typical chick" like being a girl is so fucking terrible. You started this, remember? You made fun of me! And... and I just... figured you were better than that. And I was giving you a chance to prove it." I got up from the sofa with my blanket. Already, I could tell I was wet. "But I guess I was wrong...." "No no hey... hey, I'm sorry alright.. I'm sorry, it's just how guys are, and I love you sis, I love you more than anything, you know I'd like be first in line if you needed a kidney, or I'd kick anyones butts who hurt you. I'd do anything for you. Anything. I miss you too." Yeah, I knew I screwed up. "Well this is what I want," I said quietly, but strictly. I was sure of myself. I was sure of this decision. "You're in a diaper because you teased me. And you should wet it because I have accidents too. Then we're the same again, and you won't be so horrible to me. Understand? So if you want things to get better between us... well, you know what to do." "Fine." My borrowed pajama pants were still around my ankles, and I realized when I started peeing just how obvious it had to have been that I was dry before. I felt it. I heard it. It was gross and it went on forever and ever and I felt more embarrassed that I think I ever had. "Now we're the same.." A part of me thought he wouldn't do it. I thought... I dunno. His pride would get in the way. But it didn't. He stood there, he pushed, and the diaper between his legs darkened and sagged. I stood there quietly, watching him give up control of his own bathroom habits, and bit my lip. Oh... "Y-yeah... you're right." Wow. "Sorry if I... you know. Was a jerk." "Can you unlock the bathroom now please?" My voice was small and I shifted left and right on my feet. "I need to shower, and do more than pee." And I couldn't leave the room to go to the store now. "Oh." Ohhhh... "Right. Well, about that." I forced a smile and played with the ends of my hair. "You don't have a key by chance, do you?" He stared at me, bewildered. Great... "Or a Philips head screwdriver?" Again, he only stared. Oh no... "W-well... I can't really get the door open then. I'm sorry..." "You're sorry." She nodded to the non question. "I'm here standing in my own piss and about to crap my pants, and you're 'sorry' that you locked me out of my bathroom? Well, I'd do anything for you sis, and you wanna be the same, right? So fix it. Do anything for me and fix this!" I stomped my foot like an petulant child. "Hey, you're the one that doesn't keep the keys when you get a new place!" "Don't put this on me!" Yeah, okay, this was my fault... "Um... is there a store open nearby? One that has screwdrivers?" I knew the corner store had snacks and a bathroom and it was open all night, but they probably didn't carry screwdrivers. "I don't KNOW, Vania, but I know that in about two minutes we're NOT going to be the same anymore!" My stomach churned angrily. I was such a good brother, why was she doing this to me! I shifted awkwardly from foot to foot, trying to think of a solution. Ask a neighbor! At 3am? Or a crowbar? Who even has one of those in this day and age? I bit my lip and looked at my feet. "We... have to wait until morning," I told him simply, honestly. "Can't you hold it?" "I can absolutely not fucking hold it okay I needed to go before bed and you weren't going to let me out of this thing so I thought OH I'LL JUST WAIT UNTIL MORNING but here I am in a wet diaper - not the kind of girls’ underwear I usually like for the record - and my insides are about to become my OUTSIDES!” Way more information than I needed... "Well. I can't do anything, Milo! I... I didn't think this would be a problem!" Who could have anticipated this? It's not like some evil omniscient god was controlling our lives! No one wanted my brother and I to be locked out of the bathroom, stuck in diapers, waiting to mess ourselves! Of course, I wasn't a goddamn child and I could hold it until morning. But apparently I'd overestimated my brother... "Yes, you didn't th—“ I didn't even get that word out before it happened, and it happened with no subtleties, no grace; with a loud and vibrant sound I lost what little shred of dignity I had in the torrent of mush that pushed out of me, pushing into the diaper like a dam had collapsed and caused a mudslide. And I couldn't help but cry. He was crying. Like a baby. My poor baby brother. And I felt so guilty. If I hadn't of locked the bathroom, if I hadn't of been so spiteful... so I did what any good sister would. I put my arms around him and pushed, struggling, until the mess started to fill the seat of my diaper. We were the same. Him and me. Always. No matter what. It was pretty gross, I'm not gonna lie. And I wasn't sure that what she did really helped, but it did make me feel a bit less like a freak to have been the only one having done it. She pulled me into her arms and I winced with every motion, because I felt like I was going to burst, like my diaper would pop and stuff would get everywhere. But it was nice to be held. "I t-to-told you..." She smelled awful. I smelled awful. I coughed and tried to bury my nose in her shoulder. "Shh," I told him, holding him close. I'd never done anything like this before. I'd never even wet myself on purpose! I was strictly a bedwetter! But now, in such a shameful situation... I didn't know what to do. I felt helpless in his arms and he felt helpless in mine. But we were together. That was what was important. "I have an idea..." I led him by the hand over to the living room floor. "Lay down." I didn't want to move. I didn't want to exist honestly, but I didn't have the energy to argue, so I let her hold my hand and followed her whims like a little puppet. "This is so icky.." "It'll be better soon. We just have to get used to each other." With that, I crawled on top of his body, facing away, and pushed the seat of my diaper into his face. He would acclimatize. Everything would be better soon. Facing his diaper, I pulled at his knees, until his legs were high in the air, spread wide. Then I pushed my own face into the seat of his-- "That is so out of character," Selphie interrupted. "Give me that." "Hey!" Ana shouted as Selphie snatched the book out of her hands. "This garbage boy needs to be force-femmed so hard. She’d best prance him about in the prettiest little outfits!" "Right when it was getting good," Ana sulked. Selphie pulled out her pen and started writing the next chapter.
  2. “SPIDER!” my little sister Annabelle screamed at the top of her lungs. “STOP SCREAMING!” I screamed back at her before running over and killing the damn spider. “Look, just go downstairs and look through some of the stuff down there!” Annabelle was 8 years old and had a very high pitched scream that I absolutely could not stand. So far that had been her 4th time screaming her head off and I would rather clear out this attic myself than to hear her scream near me one more time. Why are we cleaning the attic? Well because we're selling my grandmas house. About 5 months ago my grandma got really sick and died just 2 weeks later. It was a very sad time for us all. Anyway, my mom couldn't afford to keep both our hose and my grandma's house so she decided to get everything out and go through it. Some stuff we are selling, some were giving to goodwill, and some were keeping. My sister was in tears after I yelled at her but what do you expect? A 16-year-old brother can only handle so much screaming. But Annabelle did climb down the ladder leading to the attic crying so it wouldn't be so bad. Mom might be a little mad at me for yelling at her but even she knows how much of a pain it can be to hear my sister scream. I was about to get back to taking stuff down the ladder when I suddenly heard something slam shut. Looking back I could see the door to the attic had closed shut. Shit! I went over and tried to reopen the door but it wouldn't budge. Whoever made it, made it so that it can only be opened from the outside. “Perfect,” I whisper as I pulled out my phone to text my mom. She had a few things to do today so she left the two of us here to clear out the attic. ‘Hi mom, Annabelle’s screaming was getting on my nerves so I sent her downstairs. She must have accidentally knocked the ladder and now I'm stuck up here.’ I texted my mom. ‘Ok, I'm almost done with my shopping and I'll be back in 30 minutes.” she texted me back. great, stuck up here with nothing to do. My grandma doesn't have internet and my phone doesn't have any apps so I'm already bored. Not long after that, I hired the phone ring downstairs. Most likely mom checking on Anna. I take a look over at the boxes still up here and I decided to open a few and see whats inside. Maybe I could find something cool and call dibs on it. the first box had nothing but clothes in it, the next had old photos, and finally the last I checked actually had stuff in it! Most of it was old junk that I wouldn't have any use for. But it was still neat to look at some of it. Then I noticed something, a little pink box. I grabbed it and just looked at it. Out of everything in the box this one looked a little out of place. As I opened it, I let out a small giggle. It was a pink diaper with the word ‘princess’ on the front. On the back was just a large red hart. “Why was this up here?” I asked myself before tossing the diaper and continued to look through my grandma's stuff. But then I heard something, a small rustling sound, was it a rat!? I quickly turn around to see nothing. Then I hear the rustling again and I turned to look at the attic door. But again nothing was there, well except for the diaper. Just then I realized the rustling sound must have been the diaper. but what I didn't realize was it wasn't in the spot I tossed it at. I decided I should actually pick it up and put it back in the box before mom gets back. As I walk over and try to pick it up however the diaper suddenly leaps into the air and clamped onto my face! What the fuck! I immediately start fracking out as I try to pull the diaper off my face when I suddenly fall down. “Ow,” I say as I rub my head and release the diaper is off my face but notice it's trying to make its way into my pants! I immediately grab onto it and tried as hard as I could to pull on it, but It just would not budge! I might be scrawny but I can't be this week! But my hands slip and the diaper went right into my pants. I quickly stand up as I feel the diaper moving around in my underwear! I immediately pull down both my pants and underwear just as the diaper tapes itself onto me and started releasing a thick pink smoke! “What the hell!” I yell out before I start coughing and I close my eyes. With my eyes closed, I didn't see my clothes began to disappear and soon replaced by different clothes. When I finally was able to open my eyes I screamed as I looked down. I now had knee-length socks and black shoes. My pants were gone and I was now wearing a pink frilly skirt that only covered half of the pink diaper. My shirt was replaced with a short-sleeved pink shirt that didn't even cover my bellybutton with a red vest red ribbons over it. And if I had a mirror I would see that my dark hair has turned into a light pink color with a small ow sicking out the side of my head! “W-w-what the…” I said weakly as my body starts shaking slightly. "What the hell was going on here!" I then began pulling at everything, trying as hard as I can to remove any of it! “You can't take me off.” I heard someone say and I immediately jumped and began looking around. “Who said that?” I asked as I saw no one else around me. “I am Pardie,” the voice said again. “Where are you!” I asked. “Look down.” the voice said and when I did all I could see was the diaper. “What do you mean? All I see is the diaper.” I tell the voice. Suddenly the diaper began to swell and get bigger forcing my legs apart! “I am the diaper.” the voice said before deflating back to the original size. (the name pardie is diaper with the letters changed around) “T-this can't be happening,” I say as I really start to freak out. “Ow, but it is princess, and now it's time for you to save your kingdom,” Pardie told me and suddenly the diaper began letting out even more smoke. “NOT AGAIN!” I yelled as I closed my eyes and began coughing again. When the smoke finally subsided and I was finally able to breathe again I opened my eyes to see I was no longer in the attic anymore. “WHAT THE HELL!” I screamed as I began to freak out. “THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING! I was now inside an empty room with only a single window and a door. “Welcome to you castle princess,” Pardie said to me. “IM A BOY NOT A PRINCESS!” I screamed at the diaper and realized I'm losing my mind. There's no way I'm screaming at a talking diaper, or magically been taken somewhere else. “This has to be a dream. Ya, I must have slipped when I was picking up the diaper and hit my head.” I told myself. “You still don't believe this is real?” pardie asked. “Of course not!” I screamed. “Who in their right mind would think diapers could talk!” Suddenly I felt the diaper suddenly get really tight as it began shrinking! At first, it wasn't that bad, hell I figured it would just pop off as soon as it got small enough. But no, it soon felt like there was a vise clamped onto my nuts! Soon I was screaming in pain. “Do you believe this is real now princess?” pardie asked. “YES!” I screamed just wanting the pain to be over and thankfully the diaper went back to normal. “What is going on here?” I asked the diaper as soon as the pain in my crotch went away. “You are here to save your kingdom princess.” pardie told me. “What kingdom?” I asked and suddenly heard screaming coming from outside the window. I immediately ran over to the window and looked outside and my jaw dropped. I was in some sort of tower looking down at a vast beautiful city. But with a closer look, I could see people running around screaming as buildings were lit on fire. Then I saw the case of the fire, a large lion with goat horns was breathing fire! “Princes, it's time for you to save your kingdom,” Pardie told me as I nearly pissed my diaper. ____________ hi! ^.^ I hope you like this first chapter. I've been pretty busy so I haven't had much time to write but I've been wanting to post this for a while. I want to give a shout out to skipek1 (from DeviantArt) who asked me to make a transformation story. and to Redwelch2222 who helped me with a little bit of the world building that will be in the next chapter. this is my first real original story not based on anything already. hope you all like it!
  3. (This is a small colab i'm doing with PinkTheDinosaur. Just a small side project for the both of us to do during our free time. This story contains sexual themes so if that is not your thing please leave.) “Come on Melissa, Please!” Kari begged. “Fine, but only for a bit,” Melissa said annoyed at her best friend. “But you do know Hypnosis is fake right?” “Well see!” Kari yelled excitedly as the 7-year-old turned off the lights and pulled out a lighter. Kari had her friend look at the flame and began trying to put Melissa into a trance. After 2 tries, Kari had done it! Melissa stood there, staring blankly at the flame and slightly drooling. Kari had no idea what to do now that her friend was like this. But she had to test it out. “Melissa, suck on your thumb,” Kari told her friend. Melissa raised her hand and began sucking on her thumb. “Awesome!” Kari cheered. “Ok, ok, Melissa, whenever I say “nighty night meli” you will fall into this trance. Melissa nodded. “You will do everything I say and not remember I said it,” Kari told her friend who nodded again. Kari then snapped her fingers and Melissa was taken out of the trance. “Whap?” Melissa said as she realized she was sucking her thumb. “Why am I…” “I made you do it with hypnosis!”Kari exclaimed. “Kari, there's no such thing as hypnosis,” Melissa told her friend. “Is too! I just did it to you!” Kari shouted. “Fine, then prove it,” Melissa demanded. “Make me do something that I wouldn't do otherwise.” “Fine! nighty night meli!” Kari shouted and Melissa went into her trance. But Kari had no idea what to do. Her mind was racing and she wasn't thinking straight. If she was she would say something like, “Write a letter to yourself revealing a secret and saying hypnosis is real.” “Every time you say hypnosis isn't real you'll pinch yourself.” “You'll cluck like a chicken every few seconds until you admit hypnosis is real.” But no, part of her was mad that she didn't believe her, so… “Poop in your pants next time you say hypnosis isn't real,” Kari told her then snapped. “Well?” Melissa asked. “I did it already,” Kari told her. Melissa looked around but saw nothing different and nothing to show she was hypnotized. “Right… believe what you want but hypnosis still isn't real.” Suddenly Melissa let out a loud fart that made both girls jump. Then Melissa’s eyes went wide as she began pooping into her panties! Melissa let out a loud scream before rushing to the bathroom but it was too late. Melissa’s mom heard the scream and came to see her daughter had pooped in her white panties and left a brown stain on them. Kari was then sent home while Melissa’s mom dealt with her daughter. The last thing Kari remembers about her old friend was that she had to wear pull ups for a week after that. Then she moved away. Kari was very upset that her friend was now gone but they promised that they would see each other again one day and that they would always be friends. Only one of those came true… Years later, when Kari turned 16, Melissa moved back. But Melissa had become a stuck up bitch. Melissa was hot and she knew it. Well-toned, curves, nice ass, B-cup boobs, long blond hair. Kari? She was tall and thin. But not much else. At first, Kari was excited to see her old friend. Hoping they could still connect after all these years! But that didn't happen. Instead, Melissa had forgotten all about Kari. While this upset Kari, she at least hoped her the best and hoped to possibly become friends with her again. Instead, Melissa pulled an evil prank on Kari in order to get in with the other popular crowd of Kari's school. During gym, Melissa pored itching powder down the front of Kari’s underwear while she was changing. “Wow Kari, do you got crabs or something?” Melissa asked as Kari began itching in front of the other girls in the locker room. And that's what Kari became known for. For the next 2 years, Melissa continued to bully Kari. Pulling pranks, spreading rumors, and doing everything she could just to humiliate Kari. Then one day, when both happen to go to the college bathroom at the same time, Kari confronted her about it. Kari told Melissa all about how they use to be friends, played together, took baths together, and shared secrets with each other. But Melissa denied it. Then Kari brought up the last time she saw Melissa was when she pooped her panties. That's when Kari remembered the hypnosis. “nighty night meli,” Kari told her bully and had her fall into her old trance. Kari was surprised it still worked. It’s been almost 10 years since it was used! But as soon as she knew it worked, Kari began to think of how she could get back at her bully. Make her run around the school naked? Give a few nerds a blowjob? Have her do something embarrassing in front of her “friends”? No, if she was going to do this, Kari wanted to do it right and take it nice and slow… *********** a few months later ********* “Melissa, your brother and I are going to the store. We'll be back in a little while!” Melissa’s mom yelled. “OK!” Melissa yelled back. Melissa listens for the front door to open and shut before Melissa got up. “Finally! I can get some privacy!” Melissa yelled as she walked out of her room. It was now summer time and Melissa was grounded. Her mom had ground her because of her bad grades. She now wasn't allowed out of the house all summer. Plus she wasn't allowed to have electronics at all. When Melissa had tried to sneak her brother's phone into her room to search the internet, her mom decided she couldn't be trusted behind a closed door and removed it. This had really frustrated Melissa. Now she had no phone, no computer, no privacy, and worst of all, nowhere to masturbate. Melissa was the type of person that needed to rub one out at least once every 3-4 days or she will get really frustrated. Melissa decided to check the whole house just to be certain that her mother was gone before she made her way to her little brother's room. Melissa can only get off while wearing underwear, but she has a small problem, she pees every time she climaxes. She's forgotten how long this has been happening but its been a while. Melissa had to be very careful at hiding her wet panties and has ruined at least a third of her underwear already. Then Melissa thought up a workaround. Her little brother was 6 and still a bedwetter. All Melissa had to do was were his underwear and their mom will just think it was from his accidents. Perfect! She pulled open his underwear drawer and pulled out one of his tighty whities. She slipped out of her underwear and pulled the new ones on. They were a little tight but fit just enough to feel like panties. She is already very excited about all of this and can already feel her pussy getting wet. She’ll just head to the bathroom and rub one out before her mom gets home. But as she turns to leave, something catches her eye. Her brother's body pillow. Melissa isn't a stranger to humping a pillow, but after ruining one of her's she hasn't done it since. But she remembered how good it felt. “Maybe just for a minute and I'll finish in the bathroom,” Melissa said out loud to no one as she got on her little brother's bed and sat down on the body pillow. Once she was there she began to grind her body on the pillow while one hand stroked her pussy. Melissa loved the feeling of the underwear over her pussy as she got herself excited before she began to hump the pillow. The pillow was soft and fluffy as Melissa rubbed her crotch on it. “I-i love this!” Melissa yelled as she humped the pillow. On any normal day, she would use her hand or a toy to get herself off, but a soft pillow was just as good for Melissa. Melissa could feel that she was on the edge, could feel the pressure building up. She knew she should head to the bathroom and finish, she knew what would happen if she didn't, but the pillow just felt too good! “I'm almost there!” Melissa yelled as she began humping harder and faster. “IM CUMMING IM CUMMING!!!!!” Melissa closed her eyes as she screamed out in pleaser and she had a great orgasm! But as she was panting and opened her eyes, she saw her wide-eyed mother staring back at her in shock. Then, Melissa began peeing in her little brother's underwear while still on top of his pillow and bed. ******** “And that's what led little Melissa here to need a babysitter.” Melissa’s mom said as she leads the babysitter to Melissa’s room. “She’s to stay in those pull-ups all summer and possibly all of the next school year.” Melissa was fuming as her mom led the babysitter into her room without asking. She was bright red as she tried to pull her shirt down to cover her pull up. Her mother had taken away all of her underwear and locked up her pants and skirts. The only time she got pants now was when her mother was taking her somewhere in public. “Know I know this is a weird circumstance, but I have no other option. With my husband gone and Melissa unreliable to watch Danny, I just needed someone to watch the two of them.” “It's no problem, I'll make sure they both stay in line,” Kari told Melissa’s mother with a smile on her face. (I hope you all like the first chapter to our story. If you like it, please check out one of our other stories.we would greatly appreciate it. Also, we have a challenge you you all! FINISH THE JOKE! A mom, her baby girl, and her sissy walk into a bar… Whoever can come up with the funniest joke will have it be part of the chapter! And will get a shout out from us!)
  4. As the title of my post suggests, I am looking for an old school style roleplay partner/buddy. To explain, I am hoping to meet someone that would actually like to develop characters, describe settings, and, in short, tell a story. We used to call this type of Rp a LTR (LongTermRoleplay). My hope is to find someone that enjoys posting 6-8 sentence posts and is detail oriented. Someone that has a interest in playing multiple characters and flushing out a complete story. I've no interest in sexual play masquerading as story telling. As for specifics, I am looking for a specific setting and specific characters. The story involves (as most of this genre do) a 1st year male college student being forcefully regressed in the most humiliating of ways. I would like to play the character being debased (Something again, I realize to be rather commonplace), as well as some satellite characters. I have a basic story arc in mind, but hopefully I'll meet someone creative enough to help me flush out all of the details of this story. As for the other character; I have two different basic story arcs in mind - one for a male character, and one for a female character. So either way is fine. I, myself, promise that I am anything but a run of the mill online roleplayer. I will post deep and complete posts. I am also more than willing to hear your ideas, both for my story, as well as for any Roleplays that you have sought after and would like me to participate in once this one of mine is humming along... hence the title of this post. I'd love to find a friend to roleplay lots of stories with. Anyway, if you read all of that and are still interested, we're already off to a fantastic start! Please don't hesitate to contact me via Messenger, and let's get started! Thank You. <3
  5. Hi all! So, I'll preface this by saying I've only ever read Diaper Dimension stories before, never written one. I've never written ANY AB/DL content before. Normally my works are fanfiction, and otherwise action-based. So if the pacing in this seems a bit awkward, that's the reason. But I really like the ideas presented in so many Diaper Dimension stories, and am hoping I can make my own contribution, no matter how small. Chris, after running for almost twenty minutes, had come to rest in an alleyway, hidden behind several trash cans. Trying to remain as quiet as possible, he struggled to get his breathing under control as he went over the events of the last day-and-a-half. Trying to figure out just how his vacation went to hell. To be fair, it was probably the decision at the start to spend it in the other dimension. When he first heard about the world beyond the portals, he was intrigued immediately. A world of amazing science bordering on fiction, and ruled by a class of people generally known as the Amazons. A few years later, and he learned that it was now being permitted for civilians to enter through the portals in tour groups, so he had begun saving up immediately. He had gone with a small group of four, but was instructed to go nowhere without a guide. He had inquired why, and was only told that a guide was the only way to ensure his protection. Despite being a fully grown adult, twenty-four years of age, in the new world he would be considered a 'Little.' Another of the classes in the new dimension. He wasn't sure why exactly he might need protection, until the group came through the portal. The Amazons, apparently believing that Littles were no better than children, would often claim even fully grown littles as their own. Chris watched in fascination and a hint of disgust as he watched people his age getting treated as everything from toddlers to infants. Many were being kept only in diapers. He even witnessed a couple nursing at the giant breasts of their Amazon 'parents.' Chris was told that so long as he stayed with his guide, however, it was illegal for one of the giant men or women to take him. At the end of the first day, they had made their way to their hotel. All four of them, plus their guide, an in-betweener – Someone too big to be considered a little, but too small to be considered Amazon – were staying in one room. And despite the horror show throughout the day that was the forced babying of Littles, Chris found himself drifting into an easy sleep. Why shouldn't he? He was a tourist, he had a guide, and there was safety in numbers. The next day was when things began going south. When Chris awoke, the hotel was being protested. The group of protesting giants was large, furiously chanting, and waving signs that said things like 'Protect the Littles!' and 'Mothers know best.' Their guide kept a neutral face, but his tone showed he was worried. As he ushered the group toward the rear exit to avoid the Amazon protesters, he explained that the group had been causing all sorts of problems for the tours. Apparently, their idea of 'protecting' Littles meant protecting them from themselves, locking them into diapers and cribs since a Little clearly --- in their eyes --- couldn't be trusted to care for themselves. They couldn't legally take any of them while they had their guide, but according to the in-betweener, they had begun to grow more zealous in the last several months and it would be best to avoid them entirely. He had the four holding hands as they exited the building out the back. The rest of the day was thankfully uneventful until lunch. The group visited a museum and were instructed on the history of this alternate world. To be fair, only one of them was paying that much attention. Chris was too busy watching the babied Littles. It was like a car wreck on the highway to him. He didn't really want to watch, but it was fascinatingly horrifying, and thus more compelling than hearing how similar or different this dimension's past was from his own. Two others – a couple that had introduced themselves as Elizabeth and Jake – were too busy sucking face. Apparently they were fresh from college and had just started dating about two months prior. The last member of their group, a young man named Mark, was actually paying rapt attention. He was a history major and was planning on getting first-hand knowledge of the other dimension and how it differed from their own. Their tour was providing all their food, as they were told not to trust any food or beverages given to them by Amazons, which meant returning to the hotel for lunch. The hotel which was still under protest. Before they could reach the relative safety inside, all hell broke loose. x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x He awoke with a start, having fallen asleep in his hiding place. It was getting dark now, and he assumed safe to find a new shelter for the night, so that he could hopefully get back to the portal at the tourism center tomorrow. Peaking out from behind his trash can wall, Chris climbed out and made to move as discretely as possible from alley to alley, making his way across the town. By nightfall, he had made his way to a public park. It was nearly empty now, so he ducked towards the playground. The castle-like structure of the jungle-gym wouldn't provide much protection, but it had walls to hide behind, and a roof in case of rain. And it was warm enough out that he wouldn't freeze from sleeping outside. He would also hopefully find that this public playground would also have a public restroom. He hadn't gone since breakfast, and he was starting to feel pressure from his bladder. For the first time all day, Chris actually smiled and let out a relieved sigh. But sadly, it seemed fate was not as kind as he had hoped. The feeling of the ground leaving him filled his stomach with dread as he was grabbed under the armpits and lifted from behind. Struggling, he was turned around to see the curious face of a young Amazon woman. “What are you doing out here by yourself? Especially at this time of night?” She asked. Chris actually stopped struggling, a spark of hope within him. Despite his position, she had just spoken to him without a single coo or bit of baby talk. “Long story,” he said after a moment. “I'm not from around here, and got separated from my tour guide.” He realized his mistake almost immediately. Just because the young lady spoke to him normally at the moment, didn't mean she wouldn't decide to take him anyway. The Amazon gasped and actually looked concerned. He took notice of her features now. Chocolate brown eyes matched her hair, which was pulled into a ponytail and hung just past her shoulder blades. She was lean, but had a bit of muscle to her which suggested she worked out. “Well, you don't want to sleep at the park. Any cop that comes around on patrol will ship you off to an orphanage without a second thought.” Making up her mind, she pulled the once-again struggling man close, his head now over her shoulder. “Hush and stop squirming. It's either come with me, or off to the orphanage. And I promise you, little one, the first option is going to be your best bet. Besides, you need a bath. You smell like a dumpster.” Chris blushed a bit at the comment, but stopped struggling for now. He didn't know what an Orphanage for Littles entailed, but he felt he wanted no part in it. His option with this new women didn't seem much better though as her entire demeanor seemed to change. “I've been thinking about adopting for a while now, anyway.” she continued, still speaking to him like an adult, but rubbing his back and patting his butt, bouncing him as she walked as though trying to calm an actual baby. “So what's your name, Sweetie?” Chris didn't answer, the shock of what was now happening to him beginning to set in. After a few moments of silence, the Amazon continued in a sing-song voice. “If you don't tell me, Mommy's going to make one up for you...” “You're not my 'Mommy.” Chris grumbled, but yelped when he received a sharp slap to the rear. Even through his pants it stung something fierce. “This shouldn't even be happening. And I'm probably older than you are-OW!” Another smack to his butt. “A, I absolutely am your Mommy, and you will refer to me only as that, or Mama” she declared sternly. “Regardless of how you got separated from your guide, it happened, and now I'm claiming you. B, it's totally legal. Not only are you all alone, but it's clear you've got nowhere to stay now. And a homeless Little is more than fair game, it's any good Amazon's responsibility to get that Little under their loving care and protection. And C, yeah, you probably are. I'm nineteen, which for your information is a year older than I need to be to claim you without permission from my own parents. With permission, an Amazon can legally adopt a little at sixteen.” Chris went silent again at that information. “Listen,” his new 'Mommy' continued. “You be a nice baby, and I'll be a nice Mommy. Misbehave, and there has to be consequences. So, please tell me your name.” “Chris,” he said after a moment. “My name is Chris.” The Amazon nodded with a grin as her sternness disappeared. “Well, Chris, we're almost home,” she announced, going back to bouncing him. “We live with your new Auntie and her Little. I just know you'll have so much fun playing with your new cousin. She doesn't talk much though since your Auntie had her teeth removed...” The Amazon felt the Little in her arms stiffen and begin to shake, so she began to rub his back. “Shhhh, it's ok Honey. Your cousin was just a biter. Jenny and I couldn't feed the poor thing because it was like nursing a little shark. Believe me, as long as you take care not to bite Mommy, or Auntie if she feeds you, I'll let you keep all your little teefers.” This didn't help calm Chris down in the slightest. “Wait, you both breastfeed her?” he asked. She nodded with a smile. “Sometimes. You can't expect an Amazon woman to live with a cute little doll like my niece and not start to leak all over the place. It helps relieve the pressure on Mommy's boobies, and it's better bonding time for babies to take from the source instead of us having to pump. So to answer your next question, Sweetie, yes, Mommy will make sure you get good, healthy breastmilk multiple times a day, and if a situation comes up where your Auntie is watching you, she might nurse you as well.” At this point, Chris was actually beginning to tear up in frustration as they moved up the driveway of what he had to assume was the house shared by the sisters. Both from the situation and from the fact that the constant bouncing on the way here had brought to the forefront the pressure in his bladder that had been growing since the incident where he and the group got separated. “I really have to pee, so if you could please hurry,” he announced. The Amazon just rolled her eyes, but neither stopped bouncing him, nor lost her smile as she began to dig in her pockets for her keys. “Of course you do,” she said, as though it were obvious. “Which is why Littles should always be wearing protection. With your tiny little bladders, it's amazing you can hold any liquids at all. Speaking of which, this is the only time Mommy's going to ask you to try and hold it, since you aren't wearing a diapie yet. But if you can't, it won't be the first time I've had a Little pee on me and probably won't be the last, so I won't be mad. And given how much has happened to you today, I won't be surprised...There we are!” Pulling her keys from her pocket, she took a moment to re-situate Chris in her arms with a big bounce. He felt his bladder go from high pressure to red alert and it took everything he had to stop himself, though he knew a few drops had managed to trickle out. Kicking off her shoes in the entryway, the giant carried him upstairs, and Chris let out a squeak as a bit more urine leaked out into his pants with each step. He visibly flinched at the squeal of delight that he heard when they reached the top of the stairs. “Kenzie, you got a Little?” the voice asked, and he was turned around to see his 'Auntie' for the first time. There was no doubt the two were sisters. The new Amazon had the same brown eyes and hair that his definitely crazed kidnapper had, and a face that was remarkably similar. However, she was actually taller than his new mother, and kept her hair short, letting it hang down only far enough to brush her shoulders. “I did,” the now named 'Kenzie' replied, beaming with pride. “Poor thing was wandering the streets after losing his guide. I couldn't let him fend for himself, or get taken to an orphanage, Jenny.” The sisters nodded at each other as if what Kenzie was doing was in any way better. “So he's from the other dimension, then?” Jenny asked, and Kenzie nodded. “He was,” she replied.”But this is his home now.” Throwing him back over her shoulder, she cuddled Chris into a tight hug. That was the last straw, and Chris yelped as the flow of urine broke free. “Uh oh,” Kenzie said, realizing what was happening and quickly moving onto the hardwood floor of the kitchen to avoid staining the carpet. Chris felt her hand on his back as she just held him close, As the wetness soaked through his clothes and hers, he whimpered pathetically, but Kenzie just continued to rub his back and lightly bounce him, whispering into his ears. “It's ok, Sweetheart,” she said. “Mommy isn't mad, she told you she wouldn't be mad.” Chris began to actually cry now, the tears flowing freely. Not only did he, a grown man, just wet his pants and urinate all over a girl who was younger than him, but she was acting as if the only reason he was upset was because he thought she'd be mad. “Just let it all out, Honey,” she cooed. “We were gonna give you a bath anyway.” “Awww,” Jenny sighed. “Don't worry little guy. Sarah did the same when I brought her home. We know you need protection.” He couldn't see her, but heard her walking up to them. He shivered as the last of his pee dripped out. But when he opened his mouth to actually say something, something was shoved into it instead. He looked up to see Jenny holding a pacifier in place in his mouth. “Just suck on this, Baby, you'll feel better. And Auntie will go make you a nice warm bath.” “Thank you,” Kenzie said, taking her sister's place at holding the pacifier in his mouth until, defeated, he began to just suck on it on his own. “That's it, Honey-Bunny. Just suck on the paci.” Within moments, Chris found himself sitting naked on the cold kitchen floor, his wet clothes unceremoniously dumped in the trash, while Kenzie began to wipe up the puddle on the floor with paper towels. At this point he wasn't even thinking about escape from these people. After everything, a bath sounded good right now. x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x The warm water did serve to calm him down. The thorough cleaning of every part of his body, genitals included, did not. Nor did the stinging gel she used to clean every part of him save for the top of his head. He soon found out what the gel was for, as every bit of hair that it touched, arm, leg, back, chest, and even his face and pubic hair, simply wiped away with each pass of the wash cloth. Chris would have made a joke about being smooth as a baby's bottom, but it was definitely not the time for jokes, especially of those kind. When Mommy – Kenzie, he corrected himself. He had a name now, he wouldn't give her the satisfaction of actually thinking of her as 'Mommy' – pulled the now clean and mostly hairless man from the bath, Jenny came in carrying her own Little. “I had to get her up for this,” she said, quietly. “Sarah, can you say hi to your new cousin?” she turned the young woman in her arms around, grabbing her hand and making her wave. Sarah just looked exhausted and held a mostly defeated look in her eye. She opened her mouth in a yawn and Chris again went rigid at the sight of those toothless gums. As Chris was swaddled into a towel, Jenny continued speaking. “Are the kids going to share the crib? It's big enough for the both of them.” Kenzie looked thoughtful for a moment. “Hmmm, no. Not tonight at least. Chris can sleep in the playpen next to my bed for now.” Jenny just nodded. “He doesn't look any bigger than Sarah here, so her diapers should fit. I put a clean pair of her jammies out too,” she said as they entered a room down the hall that made Chris begin whimpering again. The nursery. He looked over and thought he saw a twinge of pity in Sarah's eyes, before he was placed on the changing table, a strap hooked over him to keep him in place. Kenzie grinned ear to ear, and now devolved into full-on baby talk as she pulled a crinkly, white, baby's diaper out and gripped his ankles in one hand, pulling his bottom off the table, before placing it back down on the soft padding. “Baby's first diapie!” she cooed, liberally sprinkling him with baby powder, rubbing it all over his crotch and butt, making sure he was fully covered with it. He looked away in humiliation, and was met with the sight of Jenny sitting in the corner rocker, shirt lifted, bra-less, and with Sarah's mouth working the nipple of her left breast. His face crinkled in disgust at the thought and he didn't even pay attention to the diaper being taped to him, forcing his legs apart from its bulk. He remained distracted until Jenny noticed his gaze and giggled. “I think somebody's hungry, sis,” she announced. “I know its past his bedtime, but you should probably feed him, and he'll probably need a change immediately after.” Chris tried to scoot away, but he was being held in place by Kenzie, who was slipping his arms into the sleeves of the one-piece footie pajamas. Chris looked down and grimaced. Pink. Princess. Footie pajamas. “Oh, don't you look adorable!” Kenzie squealed, turning him to show her sister, who gave the exact same squeal. “You know, if you let that hair grow out and then put it into pigtails, it would be unbelievably cute. Maybe little Chris should be little Christina instead.” Chris's eyes widened, and he looked between the two sisters. They couldn't be serious, could they? “No, not little Christina,” Kenzie said, and Chris let out a sign of relief. But because fate was simply screwing with him at this point, once again, it was too soon to relax. “I'm more partial to 'Crystal' myself,” she said. “Yeah, Crystal sounds right.” Jenny's grin contrasted Chris's horrified gape. “So I've got a little niece instead of a nephew?” she asked, burping Sarah, before trying to switch her to the other breast. Kenzie looked down at Chris, who was vehemently shaking his head in the negative, and could see nothing but how that would look with those future pigtails whipping back and forth. “Definitely,” she agreed, and Chris felt his stomach plummet as she lifted him. Then she noticed that Sarah was apparently done with her feeding without finishing off Jenny's other breast. “Why don't you take her to the living room. She can even you out while I set up the playpen in my room.” As the dozing Sarah was deposited in her crib, and Chris was handed off to Jenny, his new Auntie looked uncertain. “Are you sure that's ok? Wouldn't you rather be the first one to nurse her?” Even despite the subject, Chris was concerned with how quickly they had transitioned to referring to him as a girl. Kenzie shook her head and kissed Chris's forehead. “A little,” she admitted. “But I know it feels awkward only having one breast get drained, and it's always nicer than pumping. Besides, she'll get plenty of Mama's milk.” “And you also want to see if she's a biter before you nurse her yourself,” Jenny playfully fired back, and her sister looked a bit sheepish. “She knows the consequences of biting. I told her about it on the way home.” Jenny just rolled her eyes as she positioned Chris on her hip. “Well, come on Princess,” she said, turning out of the nursery. “Let's go get you some nummies.” Chris squirmed in her grip but she held fast. With the swiftness only a mother could muster, she held him on her hip, nabbed two remotes, and by the time she had sat down and put him in her lap, she already had a movie selected and started. Chris tried to slide down onto the floor, but was caught, and repositioned, cradled in the crook of Jenny's arm, staring up at the already revealed breast. He clamped his mouth shut and turned his head as far from her nipple as possible. “Sweetie, you've got to be hungry. If you've been running around all day, I doubt you've eaten.” Chris grunted in response, but didn't open his mouth. Jenny blew a strand of hair from her face. “Always difficult at first,” she muttered, before speaking aloud again. “If you don't eat, Little one, I guarantee your Mommy will have no problem with me giving you a spanking.” “She's right, I won't,” came the voice of Kenzie from down the hall. Jenny nodded in satisfaction. “Which means one of two things can happen. Either you can be a good girl and eat, or you can be a bad girl, have your butt smacked, and then eat. You're eating either way, it's your choice whether you have a sore behind or not.” Chris remembered the walk here, how Kenzie smack him in the butt a few times while carrying him. That was casual during a walk and it hurt then. What would a legitimate spanking be like. He gave a whine, but ultimately turned back to Jenny's breast and hesitantly opened his mouth. And just like that, her flesh met his tongue. There was far more than he thought there was, the nipple filling a large portion of his mouth alone. He thought for a moment about trying to pull away, but as milk began to flow over his taste-buds, his mind began to grow hazy. Why was he struggling again? This stuff was delicious. He had enough presence of mind to avoid using his teeth, but other than that, once he found a rhythm he was suckling greedily. Jenny smiled and sighed. This was indeed better than pumping. It didn't take long for Chris to take what milk Sarah had not, and he whined, annoyed when the milk stopped coming and Jenny removed him from her boob. He was still in a daze as he was passed off to Kenzie, already waiting topless, and her own nipple slipped past his lips. He was vaguely aware of her rubbing his back and whispering softly in his ears, but he was too focused on the milk to listen. By the time this breast ran dry, he was beginning to feel full. Rather than replace him directly on her other boob, Chris was somewhat confused as he was thrown over her shoulder instead, his head resting on a soft cloth. A few firm pats to his back told Chris she was trying to burp him, and had he not still been out of it, he probably would have tried to muster some sort of resistance. No sooner had he held the thought 'she can't be serious,' then Chris let out a powerful belch, and spit up a bit of milk as well. He let out a few more smaller burps, and then it was back to suckling. x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x Chris came to just as a new, dry nighttime diaper was taped to him, and the pajamas zipped back up. He realized the sisters were talking, just not to him. “...And you've emailed your professors to let them know you're taking a few weeks for maternity?” Jenny asked. “Yup,” Kenzie replied. “I'll need the car tomorrow to bring her in for registration, and then I also plan on making an appointment with Dr. Nemeth.” Jenny nodded as Kenzie picked up the freshly diapered little. “That's fine, but I'll go out first to the store and buy a second carseat. The kids can't exactly share that.” Jenny punctuated the sentence by placing a wet kiss on Chris's cheek. “Night-night, Princess.” Carried into Kenzie's bedroom, Chris groaned. “What just happened?” he asked, getting a giggle in response. “You went into a milk-haze, sweetheart,” she explained. At his confused look, she elaborated. “Amazon breastmilk has an addictive effect on Littles, and can make them zone out during feedings. I bet you didn't even know you had wet your diaper until halfway through changing you, right?” Chris just blushed, embarrassed that she was indeed correct. “Though I'm surprised. Another side-effect is bowel incontinence and yet you didn't make any poopies at all,” she continued, sounding confused and disappointed. “Even if you consider that it was only your first time, having three boobies at once should have done something. Especially if you've gone as long without pooping as you had peeing earlier. I'll have to ask the Doctor about it tomorrow.” She laid him down on the padded mat of the playpen. No pillow, but there was a blanket that she used to cover him. She kissed her fingers, tapping them against his nose, before getting ready for bed herself. Stripping her pants off, bringing a blush to the Little's face, the already topless Amazon threw a baggy t-shirt on, leaving her in just that and her panties. Lights off, she flopped into her bed. “Do you want a lullaby, Honey? I don't mean to brag, but I do a mean Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” Chris just frowned and rolled to his side, not facing her. Kenzie's face fell slightly at the actions, but just passed it off as her new daughter being tired and crabby. “I'm leaving, tomorrow,” Chris insisted, and Kenzie's frown deepened. She propped herself onto her elbows and gazed through the dark into the playpen. “The only things happening tomorrow is you getting registered, getting a checkup, and getting lots of cuddles and love from Mommy. You'll be getting chipped at the registration office, and that chip will not only let you be tracked if you get lost, it also will deactivate any portal you get within five feet of. You are not going back to that other dimension without Mama's permission, and I'm not giving my little girl up.” Chris was suddenly hoisted by the large woman and flopped onto her bed. Within moments he was swaddled in his blanket too tightly to move. A large pink pacifier was shoved in his mouth as Kenzie placed the now immobile Little back in the playpen. “There is going to be no more fuss about leaving now, Crystal,” she continued sternly. “You are my baby, I am your Mommy, this is your home. And once you're registered, you'll have nothing to do but accept it.” Chris struggled against the blanket as Kenzie rubbed his stomach. If what she said was true, then he had to get away tonight, escape into the dark while the rest of the house's inhabitants were asleep. Unfortunately, his belly was full of breast milk, he was laying on an admittedly soft mat, having his belly gently rubbed, and the giant woman doing the rubbing was now actually singing to him softly. Two renditions of Twinkle Twinkle and half-way through 'You are my Sunshine,' and Chris was out like a light.
  6. As some of you know, Pudding and I were on vacation last week. And vacations are fun and all, but we had NO writing time! So on the plane ride home we decided to write a short story. This one has been up on our Patreon since last week, but we want to share it with DD as well. Please consider supporting us on our Patreon! We also do commissions now! Enjoy! ~Sophie --------------------------------- Sissy In The Sky With Diapers by: Sophie & Pudding “Oh you’re making too much of a fuss about it, Sunny.” His face still screwed up when I called him that, despite the fact I’d been doing it for over a year now. Sunny just had a much nicer ring to it than Sonnet, and with the way our dynamic had developed it was only a natural progression. He shifted uncomfortably in the seat, slinking down into himself, and picking at the tips of his tangerine painted nails and puffed out his similarly glossed lips. It was just a plane full of five hundred people - what was the big deal? “This isn’t fair,” I said again. It was all I’d said for the past hour, until Luna dragged me onto the plane and plopped me down in the window seat. This past year with her was... well, it was an amazing experience. But this was our first vacation together, and she it made clear before we left the house: it would be unlike anything we had ever done. “If it were fair, we wouldn’t be having any fun now would we?” I leaned over and kissed his cheek, using the gesture to slip my hand down the front of his jeans - my jeans, really, that I’d had him wearing for weeks now - and brush my hand over the front of the silken garment I’d coerced him to wear out of the house. He was so damn cute in silk panties, squirming. If he thought this was bad, he had no idea how much more exciting I was going to make it! I always liked dressing like a girl. It was just one of those things. In high school, I hated it. And in college, I was ambivalent. But this past year, since Luna found out... well I had the opportunity to really enjoy it, without the shame and guilt. And the funny thing was, Luna loved it too! She always had a really strong maternal side, eager to take care of the men in her life. We completed each other, as cliche as it was. And I was just so happy. Or rather, happy when I could hide myself behind the walls of my apartment. Days like this, when Luna put her foot down and dressed me up to go outside, I was all nerves... “You look really cute you know, though I think you’d be a lot cuter in what I’m wearing now.” Which meant a lot of things: the strappy little sundress, cute tights, and lace bracelets. It meant a bra that made it look like my poor under-endowed chest was anything other than modest, and it meant something else I was wearing in place of panties. A garment that I had every intention of transposing upon my little pretty boy. “We need to go to the bathroom.” We. Yes. We hadn’t been in the air more than ten minutes and I was already so embarrassed that I wouldn’t look up from my feet. Any smart person would have thought Luna’s comment about my being cute in her clothes was harmless, but it was anything but. And as if fate was on her side, the seatbelt light turned off only a second later. She pulled me out of the seat and I tugged her back to sit down. “You want to make a scene?” she whispered at me, and I looked around to find a few people staring. My stomach sank and I followed my girlfriend shyly to the restroom. I practically skipped. Sunny dragged his feet. It was a good analogy for the way we approached our dynamic - I was attracted to his shyness and pretty face, and he was attracted to my carefree confidence... and my pretty face. I opened the door to the cramped little restroom and shoved him inside roughly enough for anybody around to look up and investigate. Before they could, I’d closed the door behind the two of us and pinned his back to the mirror with the force of my lips alone. Spider and prey. Luna and I were the same height, but on days like this, when I wore her panties and jeans, she always wore heels to give herself the advantage. When we kissed, I had to look up. She held my chin to look at her. I tasted her strawberry lip gloss and my eyes fluttered closed. Wow... It was tight and awkward in the bathroom, tiny and oddly shaped, but neither of us were very big anyway, though I was essentially a girl shaped storm. I unbuttoned the jeans he wore, made sure to pull them down to his thighs, made sure when I did it I was standing behind him and he could see himself in the mirror in my peach colored panties. Be blushed. I bit his neck. This was going to be so much fun. Luna’s teeth sunk into my neck and left a small purple mark. That I belonged to her. She would leave hickeys on my neck whenever she felt possessive, and I could never once stop her. I saw in the mirror as her hand drifted over the waistband of my peach panties and I gasped. Mm... “Luna...” “Miss Luna,” I corrected him, and ran my fingers up the front of his panties when I said it to silence any arguments. Nice and smooth, because I made him tuck the way I learned about online. Smooth like a girl. My fingers pressed and pushed and I whispered in his ear. “You keep saying you’re a boy, Sunny, but I don’t feel anything here at all...” One nice side effect was that when I teased him and taunted him, his taped down boyhood would leak between his legs. And I’d tease him more for “getting wet”. “I am a boy, Miss Luna,” I muttered quietly, less sure of myself every day I spent with her. I could live full time as her sissy boy if I wanted. But the idea of going to work like that terrified me. Or what if my brother found out! No, this was private. Private between me and her, and... 500 passengers on the plan. She pushed between my legs and I whimpered. Her touch always felt amazing. “You don’t feel like a boy to me... maybe you’re just confused, Sunny? Maybe you need help seeing what I see?” I moved my hand up his hips to the cute little pastel top I’d had him wear - androgynous enough without a bra underneath anyway - and I tugged it up up over his tummy, up over his nipples. “When we get to the island, we’re going to get your tummy pierced.” I ran a finger around his navel as I spoke. “And get you some pretty bikini tan lines that no boy would ever have...” “Miss Luna, please don’t... I have a meeting next Monday, if anybody...” My voice trailed off into awkward whines. Was she serious? It was impossible to tell with her. I would wait until either my belly button was pierced or I was on the plane home. A whole week of this... her constant teasing... could she keep this up for that long? “Please, Miss Luna. I’ll be good.” “A good what?” Oh man, was I embarrassed. The boy in the mirror, in his tight panties, his revealing nipples, and round, pink cheeks... I sure didn’t look like a boy... “A good girl, Miss Luna...” “God I love you, you little airhead.” I pulled the top up over his head and dropped it adjacent to the sink, leaving him in only his panties, standing in front the mirror from which he couldn’t escape. “Do you want to wear my dress, Sunny? Do you want to be allowed to wear my dress and walk back out into the plane, walk allllll the way back to our seats where everybody will see and know what a little sissy you are?” My words weren’t malicious. I knew what worked for his long denied and tortured libido. I looked at her eyes, milky brown and shining with excitement. And I was so nervous. Walking back down that aisle, everyone gawking, calling me a sissy girl, and all the humiliation that went along with it. Automatically, before the consequences could form in my mind, I had already agreed. “Yes Miss Luna. Please may I wear your pretty dress, even though everyone will see me?” “Tell me what you like about it. Tell me your favorite things about it.” I was taller than he was with the grace of my heels and I made sure to stand behind him while I spoke, using his body facing the mirror to obscure mine. There were secrets beneath this dress that he needed to be kept from knowing until the dress was off my dainty shoulders and settled down on his. “It’s.. pink and feminine. Unmistakably. And only a girl would wear something like that. I like the straps and the frill at the bottom and how it accentuates your breasts even though I don’t have any and... and it’s yours and I want to dress like you Miss Luna. Please...” He took my breath away, he really did. We always described this as something we did for him, but it would be a bald faced lie to say I didn’t love it. I took his hand with his painted nails that the gate agent had stared at on the way in, and guided it to his borrowed panties. “Just like I showed you, one finger right down between, touch your cunny, Sunny.” To inspire him to do just that, to rub his restrained boyhood like a girl, I began to pull the dress off the top of my head behind him, revealing the bra that he’d soon be wearing. One finger, exactly where she told me to. A special spot where girls liked to be touched. It took me a little while to figure out the right thing to do, but I had months of practice. I pushed and rubbed with only my index finger against the satin, dampened panties. I was so distracted, I never even noticed Luna undressing. The first time he noticed me was when I needed his arm to push through the strap of the bra, but before he could complain about it I directed him to continue his touching. And he did. Eyes fixated on his chest as the padded bra cupped his soft skin and shaped what wasn’t there into the illusion that something was. I tugged taut, made sure he could feel it, clasped the hooks and let it snap against his lower back. Boys didn’t wear bras. Ergo, he wasn’t a boy. His eyes were more interested in his lace cupped chest than they even were in my naked one. So sexy. The dress would be next, and then something very new. Something I’d yet to share with him. My breathing was heavy and uneven. Every few moments, I would close my eyes and imagine Luna on her knees, with her lips around my... I bit my lip and shook my head. I was a girl. Her girl. She would never get on her knees for me, and she would never put her lips on a part of me that I didn’t have. The admission that my manhood was not only locked away, but gone, was… overwhelming. My orange satin panties were dark between my legs. I dropped the dress over his head. I pulled down his borrowed jeans. I left his panties for a moment longer and then tugged those down, too, breaking the spell of his touching with firm words. “You made these so wet, Sunny, soaking wet with Sunny’s cunny hunny, you must be such a girl, girls get wet and the wetter they are the more girly they are. I bet you wanna get even wetter, don’t you?” Even if he could have seen me from his angle, I doubt his unfocused eyes would even have noticed that I was wearing a diaper. A diaper damp and warm with my own arousal. A diaper I’d be making him wear in only a few more moments. “Mm..” Luna took me by the chin and looked into my eyes. I was still shy, but tempered to her words. One strong swing and she could shatter me. And that’s exactly what she did. “Uh huh, wetter, more girly...” I didn’t know how much the fact I had broader hips and bubblier butt would impact the taping job I’d done on myself when I pulled the diaper up his legs. But his thighs were thicker and his waist was enough for it to be a remarkably snug fit. And enough for me to tease him about. “It fits so well, you must be becoming more like me, Sunny, more of a sissy and less of a boy, a cushy bubbly behind and pretty hips for all the boys to stare at.” I knew he liked that. I knew he didn’t have any attraction to guys, but he was thoroughly smitten with the idea of them objectifying him. Wanting to have him. Defile him. I was sparing when I pulled that string because I didn’t want to wear out the note. Besides, I had more to go on now. “You’re so girly and wet that you need this, you need proper panties to soak up all your girlish hunny, don’t you?” A... diaper? I didn’t understand. She was wearing only a moment before, but with some tight wiggling, managed to slip it off her hips. But why was she wearing it at all? Why did she slide it up my legs, and why did she try so hard to pull it into place on me? I didn’t wear diapers. I didn’t need a diaper! On instinct, before the thought even came to my mouth, my hands tried to undo the tapes. It only barely fit anyway. Obviously she made a mistake. I took his hand and moved it from the tapes to down lower. I pushed - helped him feel that he could still touch himself like a girl - and made a very clear distinction. “You’re a lusty little slut, my airheaded little sissy. Far too wet for grown up panties. The wetter you are, the girlier you are. How girly can you be? How much of a sissy will you be for me, Sunny?” I let his hand go. Let him run his course. I was completely naked in front of him. Even after a year, Luna’s body was a work of art. Small and simple. Subtle curves. Almost plain, if she wasn’t so radiant, like an angel. Almost childish, if you couldn’t see past her hairless skin and into her mischievous eyes. Luna made me stop in my tracks when she was fully undressed, and she knew it. Her lips touched mine. Softly. Testing me. Waiting for me to make a decision. Her, or a diaper. What was more important? What did I want to focus on? I kissed her back and touched the soft plastic between my legs. “If you’re not rubbing hard enough for me to hear you crinkle like a a fairy, I’ll stop kissing you.” There was nothing romantic about the plane bathroom. Nothing romantic about the way he pushed me back onto the commode once my kisses had combined enough with his touching and made him passionate and wanton. But it didn’t matter about the venue, because we were the very essence of romance itself. A knock on the door brought me out of my stupor and I blushed furiously. I had been grinding my padded crotch into my girlfriend’s knee when it happened. And worse yet, she pushed me off and started getting dressed. “Wait, wait!” I whispered. “Please, Miss Luna, don’t stop now, please!” But she had already pulled on my wet panties and tight jeans. This... this wasn’t fair!! He was still whiny when I pulled him out of the bathroom. While I adored the way the traveler eager to use the restroom looked at us, Sunny looked mortified. Good. In his new dress; the first of many, and his diaper; the first of many, and his bra; a new norm, he was pretty enough to eat up. That would have to wait until we got back to our hotel, though. I sat down in my seat by the window, feeling the stares and whispers of the passengers. Was my dress too short? Had the tights bunched up? Or did I crinkle when I walked? Did they know I was wearing a diaper? Were they laughing at the sissy boy, or the baby sissy boy? I was almost in tears when Luna leaned in and kissed me on the forehead. “Shh,” she told me. “You’re my good little girl. They don’t matter. You’ll be getting the reward tonight, not them.” Her words warmed my heart and I pushed my face into her chest just as she put her palm on the front of my dress, crinkling the ill-fitted diaper. “And the wetter you are when we get to the hotel, the better the reward.” The wetter I was? Well... I could think of a few ways...
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    Someone want to do some rp with sissy abdl stuff ?? I am playing as sub :)
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    Tourist Troubles-Repost

    Prologue: Jessie Matthews stood eagerly at the border. Which really wasn’t an appropriate term given the large gates behind which movie worthy vortexes of swirling light pulsed and sparked on occasion when people walked through them. The station he stood in was much larger and grander than anyone would think it ought to be, but then again, it was scaled to also accommodate larger people as well. Little. The term flashed through his head and he scoffed. It was an odd term, one that he’d only recently become familiar with. It sounded rather odd, given that everyone was roughly the same size here. Sure, he might be a touch shorter than most of his peers, but he certainly didn’t think it made him little. Despite that, the place he was going, was home to people of a much more giant scale, society seeming to be separated into three basic classes divided depending on average height. In the past year since portal hopping had been invented, and this new realm discovered, it had been an exotic and thrilling tourist destination, to which the inhabitants were all too happy to cater to. He watched one man, easily several heads taller than any of his homeland peers. An inbetweener, or mid, as he would be called in his home world. There were plenty of them around, joining up with tourists to be guides in the new world. It was strictly advised to have a guide, when travelling, because of the apparent dangers the realm held for people of his size, but Jessie didn’t think he’d have a problem and had neglected to pay to find and hire on. It did little to hurt his confidence as he stepped up to the portal. His bags would be delivered to his hotel for him, and of course, there was no guide to meet him. The woman manning the portal gate appeared far less pleased about this, her lips pursing. She simply shrugged after a moment, telling him it was his life to gamble with, and motioned him through. “Stay away from the Amazons, if you know what’s good for you,” she muttered. Jessie cocked his head, his floppy blond hair falling in his eyes. He brushed it back, confused. He knew little about the Amazons, or bigs, true giants in the realm. Sure it might be a tad intimidating, but surely they held no true danger to a tourist? Shrugging it off, he took a deep breath, heart fluttering in his chest. Then, the nineteen year old college student with the intent to spend his vacation time independently, stepped through the portal and into the station on the other side. Sophie The scorching afternoon sun shines bright overhead, nearly at the peak of the sky, but it feels incredibly nice after two straight weeks of rain, and I can’t help but enjoy a stroll through the town. I’ve no real destination in mind, just wandering, wallowing in the warmth of the sun’s rays and watching people bustle about. There are mostly in-betweeners about at this time, hurrying to jobs or going about morning routines. A few Amazons meander about, window shopping or likely just enjoying the sun themselves. There are very few Littles, and the few who are out and about keep to the shadows, the edges of the sidewalk closest to buildings, eager to scurry from sight. As always, I feel an urge to pick one up if they happen to race by just a little too close, but I make myself hold back. I’ve been wanting to adopt for a while now, and just recently completed a nursery, but I want the moment to feel right. I won’t just snatch some random child off the street. It feels wrong that way somehow. So I stuff my hands into the pockets of my sweater and continue down the street towards the square. A sudden commotion catches my attention, as the group of Amazon women just across the street, pause and take interest in something. I turn to look as well, and the sight that greets me is rather strange. There’s a little, dressed in jogging pants and a gray hoodie that looks a size too big for him. Floppy blond hair is being tossed about by the slight breeze, and he’s holding a camera up to his face, snapping photos of a sparrow that’s half the size of his head, not counting the wings. He seems completely oblivious to the world around him, a quality not commonly seen in wary native Littles. It’s painfully obvious that he’s a tourist, but he’s completely unattended, no guide in sight. The hungry pack of women chatter amongst themselves, seeming to argue over who should get to snap him up. Two of the three already have Littles, and both seem rightly miserable with too-thick diapers, and pacifiers secured into their mouths with ribbons. I chew my lip. I can’t help the fluttering feeling in my chest. I want him too, and I’ll be damned if I let any of those prissy girls that barely look fresh from college get their claws into him. So I set my jaw and approach the child, kneeling in the grass by the tree he’s aimed his camera at. “Hey there, Little one, what are you doing out here all alone? Where’s your guide? Did you get separated from them?” I inquire. I watch the child lower his camera, his hazel eyes widening with surprise. He’s got a few freckles peppered across his nose, and a rather slender jaw line with soft features. He takes a cautious step back and licks his lips. “Umm, hello,” he begins, his nervous voice falling flat. He seems confused by his own intimidation and it brings a smile to my lips. He’s so cute. “I haven’t got a guide, ma’am, didn’t see the point in one.” A gleeful peal of laughter bubbles from my lips and I shake my head, more than a little amused. “What’s your name, hon?” “Jessie,” the child murmurs, shifting his weight. “And you are…?” “Sophie,” I reply distractedly, not overly concerned with introductions. “Jessie, you should know, that there is a point to a guide. They’re your only form of insurance here.” “Insurance?” Jessie echoes in a soft voice. I nod. “Yup. The only thing preventing people from doing this,” I break off long enough to scoop him up off the grass, settling him on my hip. Jessie squirms in surprise. “H-hey! Put me down. What are you doing?” “Claiming you,” I reply, tapping a finger against his button of a nose. “You really should have had a guide. Now you have every set of Amazon eyes on you. It’s either me, or them,” I state, nodding to the slew of girls, one who’s clenched the fingers of the Little in her care, fixing me with a glare before stalking off, towing her poor little boy behind her. “And I don’t think you want to go with them. So just sit tight, it’s a short walk home,” I assure him as I turn and head back the way I came, and intense warmth spreading from the tips of my toes, up to the fluttering heart as I hug the small child close. “I demand you put me down right now,” he squeaks. “This is assault. Help!” he yelps, looking pleadingly around for assistance. No one pays him any mind whatsoever. I gently pat his back. “Hush now. This is your own fault really, sweetheart. You should never travel to an unknown country, much less a different world, without learning and respecting a few of the customs and rules there first. You should have had a guide. You made your choice, and now you’ll deal with the consequences because I’ve made mine.” I keep my voice soft as I lecture him. I’m not truly cross and I recognize his fear and confusion. “Just relax, Jess, I’ve no intention of hurting you.” He struggles some more, pushing against me and calling out, but when his efforts only receive him a tighter squeeze against me, he finally falls limp, grumbling to himself under his breath. The walk home, as promised, is relatively short as I approach my home. Standing tall and wide, at the end of the wealthy suburban survey, surrounded by a white picket fence that encircled both the front and back yard of the property I’ve called home the past nearly nine years. I unlatch the gate and stride through, pushing it closed behind me. The cobblestone path produces a sharp clacking noise as it connects with the soles of my flats. The tulips and snapdragons in the front garden are in full bloom, the weeping willow in the corner casting a pleasant shade across the walkway, creating a colorful and peaceful atmosphere. I stride up the porch steps and into my home. Discarding my shoes, I ferry my new charge upstairs and into the bathroom. Closing the door behind me, I finally set him down. The child immediately races for the door, but the handle is well out of his reach, his fingers failing to so much as brush it when he jumps desperately. Smiling at the amusing sight, I leave him to his devices while I drog the plug to the octagonal shaped tube and begin to run him a bubble bath. I frown, glancing down, when I feel him kick my leg. A hand, fingers clenched into a fist, smacks against me next as Jessie glares up at me with watery eyes. “Let me go,” he demands. “You can’t keep me here.” “You’ll find that I can,” I counter, my voice cool. I lift him up and sit him on the granite counter of the vanity, proceeding to remove his little shoes and socks. Both of which, I merely toss in the trashcan by the toilet. I lift his camera up from around his neck and set it aside. Despite his squirming and rather venomous protests, I have him stripped bare, clothes thrown away, in a matter of seconds. He’s still trying to lash out, cursing my name as I plop him down in the lukewarm water. His tantrum does little to dampen my mood however, and I ignore it, humming softly to myself as I begin to soap him up and scrub him down. “Just relax, sweetheart, everything is okay,” I assure him as I uncap the bottle of baby shampoo and squeeze some onto his scalp, lathering it in. “Really? Well you're not the one that’s been abducted off the street, carried goodness knows where, and stripped naked by some psycho lady who’s trying to bathe you,” he protests, smacking at my hands. “Will you stop touching me. This is creepy, you know.” I grin and laugh once more. “Oh, Jessie, you really have no idea the role you Littles play in our society do you?” I cup his cheek. “This is normal, and just the tip of the iceberg.” I proceed with my task of scrubbing him clean. Taking a new bottle, I squeeze some clear gel into the palm of my hand and proceed to lather it across Jessie’s arms, legs, chest, and crotch, dabbing a little on his face, though it’s unnecessary given the almost complete lack of hair there anyways. Not that the rest of him is overly hairy either. “That stings,” he complains. “What are you doing to me?” “Hush,” I instruct firmly, holding him still a few moments longer before I reposition him under the faucet and turn the water on. Satisfaction swells in me as I watch all the little blond hairs fall from his body, leaving only baby smooth skin behind. Jessie seems to notice this as well, and he squeals in protest. “What the hell did you do to me?” he demands. I scowl and tap his nose sharply. “Mind your mouth,” I warn him as I lift him free of the tub. I swaddle the angry child into a thick, fleecy towel and carry him into his new nursery. It’s a soft, pastel yellow in shade, with sandalwood furniture and a white carpeted floor. I let him get a good look at all the toys and furniture and supplies now meant for him. I lay him down on the changing table and pull away the towel. “What is this place,” he murmurs, clearly not catching on. “The nursery,” I reply. “And it’s all for you.” There’s some darker kind of joy that festers within me as I watch his face pale, his lips puckering as he stutters to form some sort of reply and fails miserably. He tries to stand up and get away, but I merely pin him with a hand on his chest, using the other to rub some lotion into his rump and thighs. I ignore his squeaks and protests as I sprinkle baby powder over his diaper area and fetch the first crinkly diaper from the storage area in the changing table. I lift him by his ankles and slide the thick padding between his legs, taking perhaps more joy than I should in watching how it spreads his legs as I pull it up and tape it down around his waist. The diapers are specially, designed so that the tapes can’t be pulled up by the meager strength of Littles. He won't be taking it off without aid. Jessie stares at the puffy padding around his waist. “What is this for? I don’t need these,” he protests. “I’m perfectly pot-capable of going to the bathroom,” he corrects with a stammer. I smile and lean in to kiss his cheek, a motion that he jerks away from. I offer him no further response as I leave him there, keeping a close eye, while I rummage through the drawers within his large wardrobe. I’d bought clothing for both boys and girls, not knowing what gender I’d intended to adopt. I reach for a blue diaper shirt with a dinosaur on the front, but pause. I glance back at the Little sitting grumpily on the changing table. At the soft features and slim, almost slender frame. There’s no real muscle on his body and handsome isn’t a term I’d associate with him. Instead, the word pretty comes to mind. And once I have that thought, I suddenly have a very hard time looking at Jessie like a little boy. Changing my mind, I instead pull a simple baby blue summer dress off a hanger and carry it over to the changing table. I turn Jessie around and begin to pull a brush through the short blonde locks on her head, pulling it up into pigtails that are short and stumpy and help sell the toddler appearance. Standing her up, I pull the dress down over her head and then twist her again to face me. She seems unsteady with her new padding, so I keep an arm out for her to lean on. Confusion and anger contort her pretty features as she glances down, then glares at me. “A dress?” she protests. “I’m not a girl.” I grin. “You are now,” I decide, leaning in to kiss her nose. “Don’t you worry about a thing, Jessie. I promise to take very good care of you and spoil you rotten. My little baby girl.”
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    Leggings over my diaper

    From the album: ME in Goodnites

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    Mommy Diapers Me Thickly