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Found 773 results

  1. Glory Be

    Gloria Beatrice Stallings wasn't your normal 35 year old. She was 35 yes but looked younger. She also acted younger. Oh she had a job she worked in the billing office of a major corporation in Phoenix Arizona. Most of the guys there thought she was cute and we're always hitting on her. They were trying, her grandma told her trying to get into her pants. Gloria Beatrice was called Glory Be by her family. For the life of her she didn't know why guys were trying to get into her pants, they wouldn't like what they found there. She lived with her grandmother, who it seems had room for every discarded grandchild that her grandmother's children just didn't seem to want anymore. Glory Be. Was one of those her parents tired of the fact that she never grasped the concept of toilet training. Glory Be wore diapers so she wouldn't soak her pants. She learned to poop in a toilet but not urinate. Her parents tired of it and shipped Glory Be off to grandma when she was 8. There were other cousins and family members at Grandma's house right now there was her and Gregory her cousin living with grandma. At one time there were 4 others. Greg was a troubled teen he had assaulted a brother and a sister in the home. He was going to be homeless if not for grandma. Right now it was just those two. Greg was arrested he had seen the get rich quick life of dealing drugs. He was making $800 dollars a day easy on Friday and Saturday that could rise to $1200 a day at 15 he loved what he was doing. He had a place he dealt of, he knew grannie would kill him if she knew what he was doing. He would leave under the guise of going to school every morning but the truth was he hadn't been to school in several weeks. Grandmother never asked where the money came for the clothes he wore and the help with the food and expenses, he told her he had gotten a job as a bag boy at a supermarket. She believed him. One day as he was selling his wares he noticed a whole bunch of people he didn't know in his neighborhood. If he had been smart he would of up and ran like his competitors he was glad that they weren't out selling like him, it was a Tuesday he had already made a Saturday wages and it wasn't even noon yet. He sold to a guy that had asked him about what he had and the cost he made the deal and,.... Bam the next thing he knew he was tackled and cuffed up, the guy was a cop, how could he be so stupid?
  2. I have been using stents for many years now and for me it's by far the best solution to become incontinent. I can keep it in as long as I like my incontinence. Most of the times I use it three to four days at a time, but sometimes, like now, I can't get enough of that helpless feeling and keep it in for a few weeks. For me it is completely safe, it never hurts and I never had a UTI using my stents. Using stents I become totally incontinent, so I dribble all the time when standing or walking around. But when I sit the urethra is being closed by the pressure of the diaper between my legs so the dribbling stops and the pee stays in the bladder. If I remain seated for a long time the pressure in the bladder keeps building up untill it gets too high. Then I start having urges causing the urethra to suddenly give way so I start peeing large amounts in my diaper. The same goes for caughing, laughing or sneezing while sitting in my diaper. The pressure caused by these actions forces the urethra to open up for a while and let me pee small amounts. If I stand up from my chair my bladder will start emptying itself completely and sometimes it means I have to change immediately. In bed my incontinence is different again. If I am lying motionless the driblling also stops and my bladder starts acting like a reservoire again untill I start having slight urges. Then my bladder starts emptying immediately, but not completely. Sometimes I wake up from having these urges, but most of the times this seems to happen while I am asleep. If I turn around, caugh or sneeze I also wet myself a little. Getting out of bed my bladder completely empties itself and then the dribbling starts again. So being totally incontinent you will experience not only constant dribbling, but also urge and stress incontinence depending on the position you're in. But one way or the other, you will never be able to reach a toilet without an empty bladder (and a wet diaper). Apart from urinary incontinence I sometimes experience some other (un)pleasant side effects of using stents. Due to the fact that the stent is also inside the prostate it will gently massage it when you are walking. It has happened a few times that I had orgasms in public. The excitement of being incontinent, the pressure of the wet diaper between my legs and the prostate being massaged all the time, is sometimes simply too much to handle. Wearing a stent for extended periods also affects the strength of my anal sphincter. That's why I have had several accidents doing number two in my diaper when I wasn't anywhere near a toilet, also in public!! And that kind of incontinence is not exactly what I like, but it happened nonetheless.
  3. Ive been staying up all night and my diaper has been filled all the way. Started by going on all fours with a towel underneath then did the same on the bed which is very wet still. I also went outside covering my wet nappy with black pants. I think many people noticed it bulging behind me. Just returned from centre of town where I looked for pretty girls so I could wet myself next to them. I ended up letting it all out at the city square... diaper grew even more and a hot stream rushed down my legs gluing my pants to them, all the way to my shoes. It felt so good and the pressure was high. Then I ordered a cab and was worried about leaving messy stains on the bench. When I got up the inside where I sat was wet all over and the driver noticed it. I had to clean my mess and felt embarrassed but it was still stimulating to have someone notice you soiling the seat. Now Im laying at home in a messy bed feeling dirty (the mattress has absorbed many bladderfuls.) Will go have a drink soon so I can release another load somewhere
  4. Where do i begin........well im a 29 yo male married to my best friend since kindergarten we have 2 beautiful children together she is a stay at home mommy and I am a maintenance man by night and little by day. I kept my little secret well guarded growing up as most of you have so my wife never found out about my little side until we decided to go steady about 8 years ago now. It took her some time but she grew to accept it as first thought was omfg hes a pedophile. Weve now worked up to the role play thing slowly and over time shes been much more participant so much that she has even wore a handful of times with me though she likes pullups better. Our sex life has struggled because its very difficult for me to achieve orgasm without it being abdl related and shes growing tired of a little boy shes told me quite a few times that sometimes she just wants her Man and i have a very hard time being this grownup everyone wants me to be. Fast forward to this month i have made the decision to go full time with the diapers and my wife has agreed given we hide it from the kids. We are at a crossroad now as she wants to baby me but doesnt know what to do and frankly neither do i. I want held i want rocked bottle fed but i also want random checks praise and punishment for the good and bad i cant describe how it makes me feel bit to be treated with an infantile status is what i want. So now for you guys im begging for ways to explain to my wife how to treat me as well as advice for me on how to man up in the sack. Please dont be hateful this post is 100% true so please help dont hurt.
  5. Healing wounds

    Hi this will be different to most stories here I think and I would like to emphasize that there will be no "daddy" role here I will try to keep it as "realistic" as possible with the hope that people like this do exist out there . Wetting diapers etc will be plenty humiliation and abuse however only in flashbacks hope you will like it ps sorry for the bad English Court house ND Sunday 4:30 pm fall Chris Reynolds sat on a bench looking at the kid questioned by the judge . "My god " - he thought - "how did this ever happen. 2 months ago someone would have told me I have a kid running around I would have laughed . But this is insane. This can't even be happening ." He was mad. At whom he wasn't sure . Himself ? He should have made sure that 1 time before he enlisted with his childhood sweetheart didn't lead to anything . But really what guy keeps track of what happened to a girl he dated when he was 17? His fathers family ? Well all they ever did was lie. So he found out when he turned 18 and his long dead mother showed up at his boot camp. Patricia ? She could have bothered to tell him she was pregnant with his child ! Sure she was only 16 and probably under the influence of his family . The thoughts raced through his mind but something in the sadness of the brown eyes of that child wouldn't let go of him . He can't be a father, he never wanted to be one. He had his carrier succeful actor. Hollywood loved him . This could easily ruin him. His lawyer , also one of his closest friends told him that the minute the paternity test came back positive . But still something in him just couldn't sit there and watch. He knew if he wouldn't do something he will never live with himself . " I m sorry your honor , but maybe I have a better solution " - he stood up looking at the woman in the cape who looked rather annoyed than happy he disrupted her sentencing . "What the hell are you doing ?! Are you crazy sit the hell down " - Theo wishpered angrily , his loyal lawyer who sat quietly by his side tried to pull him back down to the bench but he wouldn't budge . "Yes Mr Reynolds ? What solution is that you claim to have for us " the woman's voice was rather strained but Chris was not the type to break a sweat over a woman's annoyance , no matter her status. " with all the respect he is barely 13 even detention centers require the minimum age of 14 . I m not saying he didn't commit crimes he should be punished for . But he is just a child . And all of this is more the systems fault and mine than his . " "So you are blaming the system for the fact that a 13 year old stole money disrupted someone's home and ..." "no your honor I m not just blaming the system I m also blaming myself but with all due the respect calling the police on a child looking for his mother is hardly disrupting a property " " so you are a lawyer as well now mister Reynolds as you seem so familiar with the laws " " no your honor I m not all I m saying simply is that I don't find the current solution of sending a child to a severe detention center because the system is over loaded . And that sentence is one that I m sure the appeal we will file won't agree with it " "appeal ? What are you talking about ? You can't threaten a judge you are out of your mind !" - Theo jumped to his feet "alright I will allow that however like I said I have no alternative " - the judge sighed though looked as if she rather sentence him too to prison " I think you will find there is. Release him to my custody " silence fell upon the court room . The judge studied the man standing before her . Determined for sure . Theo looked as if he couldn't believe what Chris just said . The kid turned his tear stricken face towards the man he for a few weeks now known is his biological father . "Release him to your custody ?" - the judge repeated as if retarically " my parental rights have never been revoked nor have I ever given them up. The social services did a complete background check I m sure it's in the files" the judge turned some papers infront of her unwillingly and had to agree . There was no reason the man couldn't get at least temporary custody over the child . And she had to agree releasing a child to the custody of a parent would seem much less harsh than back to detention where by law he would only be sent to under special Circumstances under which no empty beds in children's home not exactly fell under. "Your honor , this child is not a simple case " - Katherine the social worker spoke up in clear dislike " he can not just be released into a hands of a man who never had a child before and has absolutely no qualification to deal with a child with these behavioral problems " "I m sorry so my lack of parental experience should be compensated by locking him up in a closed facility where you send teenagers who murdered people ?" "Alright alright that's enough ! " the judge spoke up " I want order in my court room . God what a mess this is ! Alright alright let it be . I will allow a probation period . But if he gets into anymore trouble with the law it is straight detention ! " " I find that very reasonable your honor . Thank you " Chris smiled at the judge as he sat back down next to Theo who buried his head in his hands. " well I don't find this reasonable at all ! - Kathrine spoke up angrily -" he has been moved through 2 homes and 3 foster families and a detention center ! How exactly do you think you could control him ?! "- then with a smirk she added - " have you even changed a diaper in your life mr Reynolds ? Because in case you haven't noticed that is 1 more thing your son can not control " Chris felt his temper rise as he saw his sons face turning from pale to beet red. It wasn't hard to tell he was indeed wearing" protection" . But clearly announcing that out loud made him increadbly uncomfortable . " I will assure you ms Jenkins I have handled a lot worse serving in a war." Chris said in a measured voice "that is enough ! I m releasing Christian Patrick West to your custody . I want social services to reevaluate this arrangengment in a month I m sure you can handle that ms Jenkins with your superiors . Well good luck . Court adjourned ! " "do you have any idea what you have just done ?! "- Theo asked in an angry whisper. "This could ruin your entire carrier !" "Shut up Theo for real " Chris wishpered back as he made his way towards Katherine and his son . There was something about those brown eyes he couldn't quite make out . He seen it before overseas , fear . The child was clearly scared . Katrine looked clearly angry. She didn't seem to like him since the moment he wanted to get visitation rights. "Alright well I m all ears please do tell me how to proceed . " Chris said though politely but his glance which caught hers was rather self assured . Christian or Tee as every1 called him stood next to them rather uncomfortable . Uncomfortable for several reasons . He was going to have to go and stay with a man he didn't really know but his size and strength predicted nothing good from his experience . Secondly he had to stand by and listen to his social worker go into embarrassing details of his problems. 1 of which he was experiencing on his own skin . The cloth diapers he was wearing were soaked by now uncomfortably cold too as they clung to his skin . Chris stood and pretended to patiently listen to the seemingly endless list of behavioral problems out of which bed wetting lying shoplifting were only a few to mention but hard to really believe when looking down at the child infront of him . He hasn't entered the rapid have of puberty yet based on his height . He seemed much more like a child than a teenager. " Alright then Wednesday after school we will be at the family sevices center" Chris sealed the conversation smiling . Katherine shook his hand unwillingly . " let's go then" - Chris turned to Tee laying 1 hand over his shoulder strearing him out of the court house towards the parking lot . As he touched him he felt him quivering . Tee was surprised by the tone. Chris's voice was pleasant as if this would be normal . No one used that tone with him. Not without that strange gleam in the eyes before the belt hit him or something even worse. But when he glanced up quickly Chris's eyes looked though a bit warn out but no sign of malice. Car ride Sunday later Tee was hunched up on the back seat Chris occasionally glanced back and the feeling of a new unknown pain hit him every time he did . What could have that kid been put through to be desperate enough to steal and set out on his own to find his mother . How heartless can a mother be to call the cops on her own child ? Did he really misjudge characters so badly ? For a moment he got worried . He was sure Patricia was his first real love but now it seemed evident she never loved him if she had how could she treat his child like that . But if he was so wrong judging her and his fathers family for so long could he possibly be wrong about Tee? Maybe the reports are correct and he only seems lost hurt and innocent ? - so now what is the plan ? - Theo asked rather cynically starring straight ahead from the passenger seat and though he didn't look at him Chris felt his anger Chris glanced to the backseat and though saw no reaction from Tee but he was sure he was listening to every word . - well getting late so I guess we could pretty much call it a night - Theo snorted in anger but Chris wouldn't let that interrupt him - I guess pizza will do for dinner ? - no one seemed to answer so he went on - alright then pizza it is . But first I think we will have to make a stop as the car stopped the sign medical supply store seemed to twinkle in bright yellow like the starts in the sky . For a minute none of them moved . Chris and Theo exchanged glances . Theos seemed to say well this was your brilliant idea then go figure it out . Chris took a deep breath before slowly turning to the back seat - I don't suppose you know what size you ... Need Tee didn't look up just shook his head in defeat . He knew what was coming next . He lived through the humiliation of "supply" shopping with his previous families . Though it was done by the women he didn't think the next 10 minutes to even over an hour would be any less humiliating than it was then . Especially since now he was a teenager rather than a child . ... To be continued ( if anyone is interested )
  6. Dropped in a new world.

    first, i must say I'm completely new to this site but I have posted this story on 3 other sights. this story is still ongoing and has (at this point) 11 chapters so far. also, im not the best writer and I'm using this story to help with that. the first 3 chapters are a bit slow but they get a lot better from there. Chapter 1 “FUCK!” I yelled as I ran true a sea of trees. Behind me was a pack of beasts chasing me. “They're catching up!” the small girl strapped to my back yelled. “I know that Bab!” I yell at her as I continue to run. The beasts aren't that strong but fighting a pack of them is a different story. They could easily surround us and kill us before we could do anything. “Why in the hell did you attack the whole pack!” I yelled to Bab as I jumped over a log. “I thought there was only 3 of them,” she told me “left!” “FROST!” I yelled extending my left hand to blast the beast with cold ice magic. It was only knocked back and soon was chasing us again. “Any ideas?” “Ya don't stop running!” she yelled which really didn't help. It wasn't long however before I had to stop in front of a cliff. A raging current below us and a wild pack of beast behind us. We were out of options. I didn't have my sword. Our mana was getting low. And I can feel Bab’s diaper leaking on my back again!. “You trust me?” I asked bab. “Right now? No!” she told me already knowing what I was going to do. “Good, neither do I,” I tell her before jumping off the cliff. Both Of us screaming on our way down, the only thing I could think about was how I got here in the first place. I was just some average guy. Single, working and saving anything extra to start college in a year or two. The luckiest thing to happen to me in the last 3 years was getting a ticket for a hiking trip my friend won in a contest. Sadly his grandma passed away and was going to her funeral. So as to not waste a ticket he gave it to me. And to be honest, while I was having fun I really didn't pack well for it. I didn't know much about hiking and the clothes I bought weren't the best. Just 3 t-shirts, pants, socks, underwear, and a warm jacket. Luckily I did get myself some hiking boots but I also brought my regular pair for when we set camp and I could be more comfortable. The rest of the gear I got from my friend who was already prepared for himself. Camping Travel Cooking Utensils Set (cooking scissor, blender spatula, meat knife, cutting board, soup spoon, stainless steel turner, cook fork and a tongs,) TETON Sports Mountain Adventurer 4000 Backpack Double Sleeping Bag Sundome 2 Person Tent SURVIVAL Traveller First Aid Kit Magnesium Flints Scraper Stone (3) Pocket knife Flashlight 12 Survivors - Hand Pump Water Purifier Extra rope FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel Multi-Tool I was all set for the trip. But after the second day, something strange happens. A freak storm hit us in the middle of the hike. None of us knew what was going on until suddenly I saw a flash of light and the storm was gone. When I opened my eyes I was inside what looked like ruins. Behind me was an altar with some glowing dust scattered all around it. I was too freaked out about all of this that I ran towards the only exit I could see and into a small town. People who looked like they ware from a renaissance fair just stared wide-eyed at me. To make a long story short, I freaked out. It took the townspeople 2 days to explain to me what had happened and why I was here. I was no longer on earth but a place called Caruma. Here everything we know about fantasy is from here. A long time ago two gods fought over an empty world but their fight always lead to a draw. So they decided if they couldn't decide on the winner with their power they would use something else. They created 15 castles and hid them around Caruma. Each crystal summons something from another world. Poruma the black god summoned monsters. Rilla the wight god summoned warriors. Each crystal could summon 1 warrior every 10 years. And the first to destroy all the crystals would be the winner. Over the next 3000 years, the world was populated by man and monster. Humans built towns and temples around the summoning crystals. Out of the 15, 7 white crystals have been destroyed. While 5 dark crystals have been destroyed. When I asked about how I got here they could only give a guess. 31 years prior the town was attacked by monsters and they destroyed the crystal. But because it was already about to summon a hero the remaining pieces must have spent the last 30 years collecting power to summon me here before the crystal died. They then told me who I could go back. The crystals work as a two-way door. On this side, they gather energy and in 10 years they pull someone over. However, if you bring enough magical energy to them you can have them send you back home. The problem with this, it normally takes a lot of magic to do so and there aren't many people who have that type of magic here. So they suggested I go to a city and see if I could find any magic users to send me back. That's when we reached our final problem. I had no way to get them. When the village was destroyed all those years ago most people left and the ones who stayed are now too old or too young to take me. The only exception is a farm boy named John who was 16 2 years younger than me. But in order for him to take me, I had to first make a contract with him. In this world, the heroes learned how to tap into magic but it came with a curse. Each person had to wear a special bracelet and form a contract with another person. This unlocked the power to use magic. However, both people were cursed to never be away from each other long. Should they be away from each other for 6 hours they both will die. If one dies the other has 6 hours to find someone else to form a bond with or they will die as well. The curse can be lifted once the pair completely one of 3 quests and the bracelets can be removed while still granting the person to use magic. The reason he wants to form a bond is that it would make traveling a lot easier through the woods. He said there aren't many strong monsters here but it's better safe than sorry. I had to wait 3 more days before the contract could be made. During that time I the people let me stay with them knowing I had nothing to offer other than some small work. On my final night there I was staying at an orphanage. There were only 5 kids there. 2 boys 3 girls and women who took care of them. She asked me to stay with them for the night as the kids wanted to see what a person from another world looked like. The kids staying here are from parents who either died, left for adventure, or was just left with no idea who the parents were. It was sad but the kids enjoyed playing with me. All except one who only stared at me. The women later told me Ema was the girl's name and that while she was 14 her body was short and looked more like a 10-year-old. Also, she had some problems. For one she couldn't speak. Anything that came out of her mouth sounded like gibberish. Next, her hands couldn't hold onto things well. So she's been forced to use baby bottles. And lastly, she had to wear diapers. For some reason, her bladder was just too weak. I honestly felt bad for her. By the sounds of it, she would have to be taken care of for the rest of her life. Later that night I said my goodbyes to the kids and followed John into the woods. The contract could only be made during a full moon and when it’s made it will make a bright flash so were in the woods so as to not disturb anyone. “Ok this should be good,” he said as we were pretty far from everyone. “Now then let's begin.” He then began to chant something and soon both of our bracelets were glowing. We both raised our hands to form the contract but stopped when we heard something. The contract stopped as we looked around the forest and heard something. Upon investigating we found one of the kids spying on us. Behind them the woman yelling for the girl. Apparently, she chased after us after we left without telling the women. After a brief talk with the women, she was taking the Ema girl when she ran up to me. “be jvy ruwvj ox jvy woz, gy bojv hog c bozupw.” Ema said. As she grabbed my hand wanting me to kneel in front of her. “What’s wrong,” I asked her. “wuhy ik jvy nogyl op oil toilpye cpz gy xuwvj xol jvy luwvj.” she said. suddenly my bracelet began to glow again. “NO!” John yelled. But it was too late. A bright flash hit my eyes and for a few moments, I couldn't see. I just heard the same thing be repeated. “YES YES YES!” a girl cried out in excitement. “EMA! What did you do!” the women yelled and when I could finally see I saw the Ema girl jumping up and down with excitement. “I finally did it! I'll finally be free!” Ema said until the women grabbed her by the hand. “What did you do!?” the women yelled at Ema. “She just formed a contract. How did she even do that?” John asked. That's when I looked at the girl's arm and saw a smaller bracelet on. “Yep and now I can finally get out of here,” Ema said. “How did you even get a bracelet in the first place. And how did you activate the spell?” John asked. “I stole it from miss dumb cunt here.” Ema said and nodded at the women. “And anyone who knows magick knows that spell.” “I think the bracelets mine.” the women told John. “my husband was an adventure.” “But that still doesn't explain how she knew the spell.” he replied. “Wait, didn't she just say she already knew the spell?” I asked and everyone looked at me. “Wait you can understand me!” Ema yelled. “Of cores I can, you're not speaking gibberish anymore,” I tell her. “What are you talking about?” the women asked. “She’s still talking the same,” John told me. “The bracelets! You can understand me because of the bracelets!” Ema yelled. “What do you mean? How can the bracelets do that?” I asked and looked at John who looked very confused. “Enough of this nonsense I'm taking you home Ema and you're going to be grounded!” the women grabbed the girl and started pulling her away. “Stop! My name isn't Ema it's Bab! And I'm not going anywhere!” she said as she tried to resist the much bigger women. “Wait I need to figure this out,” I tell the women. “I'm sorry but she needs to go home. I think all this stimulant is just being too much for Ema.” she tells me. “IM NOT EMA!” the girl screamed as the women jumped when electricity popped out of the girl's hands. Once let go she ran over and got behind me. “She can already use magic!” John said in amazement. “Ema it's time to come home.” the women told her again. “I'm not Ema, I'm Bab. tell her!” the girl said to me. “She said her name’s not Ema but Bab.” I tell the women and Bab nodded in agreement. “Could she be speaking another language and it's only after the contract was formed that you can understand her.” John asked me. After this, it just became a back and forth discussion about me understanding her. We had to prove I could understand her and after a long time, we finally came to the conclusion that I could. But shortly after that, we got into the main and biggest problem. I was now connected to a tiny child and I still needed to leave! After a long discussion about everything, it was finally decided I had to take Bab with me. Because of the curse, we couldn't be more than 40 feet from each other for more than 6 hours and I couldn't stay in the town. I had to find a way home. So, I wound up adopting Bab and forced to take her with me on my journey. Sadly because of her, John could no longer come with us. The plan was to use the magic to get through safely but without it, it just becomes too much of a risk when he would have to come back alone. In the end, this is where our adventure of began dropped in a new world. **** ill post more in a little while. CH 1.2 ********************* i wrote this chapter after i wrote up to chapter 9 on the other sites. that's why its ch1.2************** After dealing with a lot of paperwork on the adoption I was lead back upstairs to the children's room. Bab was being bombarded with questions from the other kids but she just tried to ignore them. She was too busy packing clothes is what was a pink school backpack. It wasn't that big but amazing she fit 3 pairs of pants, 3 shirts, and 3 pairs of socks. Along with a spare blanket and a pillow. “Are you sure that's all you want to bring?” I asked Bab. “Ok kids, it's time for bed,” Alice the caretaker of the orphanage told the kids. I watched as she went to each kid and tucked them in and saying their goodnights before her and I went downstairs to have a little chat. It was now the early hours of the morning and because of everything that happened, the kids stayed up far later than they should have. “Are you positive you have to go?” Alice asked me. “If I don't then I can't go back home. I have family and friends I need to get back to.” I tell Alice who made us tea. “But going out there with a child, I still think it's too dangerous,” she told me. “I know that. But what am I supposed to do?” I asked Alice and took a sip of my tea and nearly spit it out. I really don't like tea. “I know this village isn't much but you could still have a good life. Just you and Ema,” she told me. “It’s Bab, remember. And I do know that. But I still need to go. How would you feel if you suddenly went to my world and you could never see your friends, family, or kids?” I asked her. “I would do anything to get back to them,” Alice told me. “But Bab is still small and helpless.” “I know she has her problems. Which is why I'll do what I can to protect her.” I tell Alice who just shakes her head. “It's not just protecting her. It's everything else. I don't even think she thought it out when she formed this bond. No one else can understand her but you. Her hands are messed up and can barely hold objects with 2 hands. She small body means she can't walk or run as fast as you can and she gets tired more easily.” Alice told me. “I can translate for her, I can feed her, and I don't mind walking slower, or I can just carry her,” I tell Alice but again she shook her head at me. “There's still one last problem,” she told me. “What's that?” I asked. “You'll see,” she told me before she went to bed. I slept in the guest room again and luckily it was still in the safe within 20 feet from Bab that the curse wouldn't affect us. I was awoken the next morning by a knock on the door. “Are you decent?” Alice asked. I was and she came into the room with Bab. “Whats up?” I asked with a loud yawn. “It's time to see the big problem,” Alice said. Confused I looked over to Bab who face was bright red and didn't want to look at me. Alice then grabbed Bab’s Pants and had them fall to the ground exposing her Full diaper. That's when it hit me that I would have to be the one to change this girls diapers and my face got red. “If you still insist on going you are going to at least know this much,” she told me and places a small mat on my bed and had Bab sit on it. Bab was then forced to lay down and she covered her face in embarrassment. I guess she really didn't think this threw. Alice then told me I had to be the one to change her diaper, telling me she would walk me thru it. First, I unfasten the tabs on the dirty diaper and pulled down the front half of the dirty diaper. There the sight and smell nearly made me gag. I was then told to use the front half of the diaper to wipe the bulk of the mess off of Bab's bottom. Next to fold the dirty diaper in half under her, with the clean side up. I was then handed a damp cloth and told to wipe from front to back as this helps keep bacteria from causing an infection. Then I took the dirty diaper and wrapped it up and placed it off to the sided. It really stinks but at least the worst was over. finally, I placed a clean diaper under Bab and sprinkled the baby powder over her area before taping the diaper shut, Alice even told me the diaper should be snug but not so tight that it pinches. Bab was now in a clean diaper but looked like she was close to crying after having her diaper changed by a not only a stranger but a guy. “What do you say to Alex for changing you?” Alice asked Bab how for the first time today finally looked at me. “Thank you,” she said in a meek voice before running off somewhere. “My offer still stands. You can still stay here if you want and I can still help with taking care of her.” Alice told me. “I know this is going to be hard but I think we will be alright,” I tell her Alice could only sigh and give me a diaper bag full so suppose I would need for Bab. with enough diapers to last us quite a while. I strapped the diaper bag to the bottom of my own to make it easier to carry. After a nice breakfast, we said our goodbyes. The kids were crying that Bab was leaving and even Alice looked like she was about to start crying. “Please be good now Ema, sorry for of habit, I mean Bab,” Alice told Bab before embracing her in a hug. “I will,” Bab told her and I translated. They watched as we walked away from the orphanage before disappearing behind the trees. “Please stay safe.”
  7. It was a dark, stormy night. The cliché was old, but sometimes it was true, especially if you were unfortunate enough to be caught out in it. This was the case for the lonely vehicle that pushed its way though the blinding curtains of rainwater, its occupants hopelessly lost in an unfamiliar neighbourhood. To make matters worse, the car wasn't in the best of shape and decided that now would be a good opportunity to give up entirely. Thus, as the engine died with a spluttering cough, the two teenagers had to decide what to do.
  8. We are proud to introduce the first-ever printed pull-up created and engineered for the ABDL community, the Magnifico Pull-Up! Since we launched back in 2006, we have listened to the community and witnessed the strong demand for a premium, printed, thick and comfortable pull-up with more absorbency than traditional pull-ups on the market. We believe we have accomplished this with the Magnifico Pull-Up! We have spent years sourcing the best, most satisfying materials for this pull-up. From the super soft and stretchy waist band down to the thick and textured non-woven core with impressive pull-up absorbency, this high-quality pull-up is unlike anything you have ever seen/worn before! Learn more! - http://bit.ly/2vtJmhy
  9. The grounds had long been used for fairs and carnivals, over the years it had been used for just about any attraction imaginable. From petting zoos, to fun houses, to arcades and a plethora of food and dessert stands. However, the problem with such a location is that, while some attractions are revamped and reopened, others are closed entirely. Left by the wayside and forgotten just as quickly as they arrived. It was one such attraction that caught the attention of two individuals as they explored the outer reaches of the grounds. The two teenagers had been enjoying their time at the carnival and looked to explore some of the older buildings, what drew them to this one in particular was the darkened neon sign that read 'House of Tomorrow' above the entrance.
  10. A Typical Day

    A typical day My name is Jessica, I am 5 ft tall, and about 90 pounds. I am 19 and I go to college but have not yet figured out what I want to do, so I am not majoring in anything right now. I wear diapers for convenience and because they are so cute and comfortable by day, and at night because I still wet the bed as I have most of my life. I just wanted to give you a quick outline of a typical day for me. I am jolted awake by the sound of my alarm clock. I look over and it is 5:30 AM. Grrrr I mumble to myself. I don’t want to get out of bed. I reach over and shut the alarm off and then roll over on my back and stretch some. I look at the ceiling from my pillow and think how nice it would be to just go back to sleep. I reach over and turn my lamp on, and adjust my eyes to the light. I really want so bad to go back to sleep, but no…..I have to go to school. It is only Thursday. I pull the covers off and sit up in bed. I look down at the diaper I had on overnight and it is wet like usual. My night shirt is twisted around my body from rolling over and my hair is hanging in my face. I stand up and walk to my mirror, brush my hair back out of my face. My reflection in the mirror is really not a pretty site at all. The back of my hair is sticking up, the front right side is matted against my head. My eyes are still partly closed. The only really sexy thing is my night shirt only covers to the top of my legs about halfway down my hips, so my wet diaper is showing well giving me a perfect looking thigh gap. I picked up my hairbrush and began to go after all the tangles and knots in my hair. My bladder was not empty as usual when I wake up, and I relaxed and wet my diaper again. I started to try to think of what I was going to do today at school to make sure I did not forget anything when I packed my book bag. Once I finished with my hair, I headed into the bathroom with a clean Goodnights pull up. I closed the bathroom door, removed the tapes from my diaper and took it off, rolled it up and taped it to itself and set it on the counter. I sat on the toilet to do my morning bowel movement and turned on the radio I keep in my bathroom for when I like to take a long bath. The weather report would be on soon. When finished I wiped my bottom, then flushed. I pulled out some baby wipes and cleaned my diaper area really well then slid on the pull up. I wear pull ups to school so that if I am near a bathroom I can use it, and if a class runs really long or I am too busy chatting with my friends, I can just wet my pull up and change it later. I then washed my face, brushed my teeth, and then headed back to my room to do my make up. Once finished, I take off my night shirt, lay it on the bed and then go to my closet to find what I want to wear. I usually wear a skirt or dress to school so that if my pull up leaks I don’t have wet pants to prove it. I always make sure at school to flip my dress or skirt up as I sit down so as not to sit on it. I found a cute dress I had not warn in a while and put it on. I refreshed my deodorant and put some powder on my body. Sprayed a little perfume on me and sat down at my mirror to start doing my makeup on my face. Once finished with that I found some shoes that looked good with my dress and headed down stairs. It was now almost 7 AM on the clock on my microwave and I opened my refrigerator and took out two hard boiled eggs, and a yogurt. I put a piece of rye toast in the toaster and got out a knife to butter my toast. I sat down at the table and peeled my eggs waiting on the toast. Once done I buttered my toast, got a glass of water and sat down to eat. At 7:30 I was done eating, and packed my book bag with what I would need for the day including two more pull ups I put in the zipper compartment on the backpack and headed for my car. About 3 blocks from my house is a McDonalds where I always stop and get a large black coffee on my way to school. Once I arrive at school I have a little time to socialize and or do school work before my first class starts. As I finish my coffee I have to pee again and head to the bathroom, go into the stall and pull down my pull up. I hover over the toilet and pee. I wipe myself, flush, and pull my pull up back up. I wash my hands and check my hair and head for my first class. As usual about 30 minutes into my first class that coffee is still working on me and I have to pee again. The class is between 40 and 55 minutes depending how talkative the professor is that day. If we get out early I can just use the toilet, if he keeps talking and talking I will just wet my pull up and change it between classes. He let us out after 45 minutes which was good because I was getting to the point where I was getting uncomfortable. I have a rule for myself and that is once I am not comfortable I am to let it out in my diaper. Today worked out with me leaving for the toilet in a still dry pull up. Once in the bathroom I really had to go badly and even squirted a little in my pull up as I was entering the stall. Again I did my business, washed my hands and went to the next class. At lunchtime I sat and ate and a couple of the really hot guys came to sit with me at my table. We all ate and laughed and chatted about how things at school were going, and about maybe having a party next weekend at one of their off campus houses. Soon I had to pee again, but as our conversation was way more interesting than me getting up to pee, I decided to just wet my pull up and I did sitting right there at the table. We finished our meal, and we all had about 10 minutes to get to class so we said goodbye and got up and took our trays to the trash can. I headed to the cafeteria bathroom to change my pull up. The rest of the afternoon was just blah boring classes with one bathroom trip in the middle. At the end of the school day, I got in my car and headed home. As there is no sense in wasting expensive diapers, as I drove home, I peed in my pull up. Once home I went to my room, removed my dress, put on a T-shirt. I took off my pull up and put on a regular diaper. I then put on some shorts over them and headed down stairs, got a diet coke from the refrigerator and went out on my porch to relax. My neighbor came over and said they were having a cookout if I wanted to join. I said heck yes…….are you making chicken? They said yes, we know you don’t eat red meat. I responded with thank you. They said about 6 PM we will be ready. I gave them a thumbs up and finished drinking my coke. By 5:50 I had wet my diaper 2 times. It still could handle a third wetting, but if I was at the cook out I might need to pee more than that. I opted to change my diaper and put on some jeans. So I went upstairs, took off the shorts and diaper, and put on a nice thick clean diaper and my jeans. The cookout lasted until about 9 PM where I actually peed 3 more times in that diaper as I had a couple bottles of water also as the night went on. I thanked them for a great evening and really good food and walked back to my house. Now I had a dilemma. My diaper is too wet to keep on because if I use it again, it will leak. But I go to bed in about 2 hours and don’t want to waste another diaper. No, spending the next couple hours in panties is not an option for me. I like my diapers. So I dig into my special draw that has a lot of womens pee pads in it. I change into my night time diaper, and then slip the pee pad into my diaper and put it in place on my body as if it were in my panties. Now if I pee one more time before bed which is very likely, I can then pull the pee pad out and still have a nice diaper for bedtime. I go down stairs and turn on the tv and lay back on the couch. As I begin to get tired, I turn the tv off, the lights off and walk up to the bed. I pull the wet pee pad out, roll it up and put it in my diaper pail and then crawl in bed to do it all again in the morning. Diapers make my life so much better. People really need to stop being so hard against diapers.
  11. When I was younger I was fully trained and by the time I was four,I didn't poop my pants at all (I was pretty fast at learning things) and now that I am 21 I don't remember doing it when I was younger. What really made me want to do it was that when I was 8 years old in the first grade (yes,I know,but I always had a birthday before school years end which is weird) and I remember we were all watching this movie and I had really bad stomach cramps. I thought I was going to have diarrhea,and I told my teacher that my stomach hurt. She couldn't do anything,mostly because the schools nurse wasn't there seeing it was the second to last day of school. I just waited it out and 3seconds later,I had to go. I asked my teacher if I could go and she said yes. I remember pooping once,and it was so long,then I farted two times and had another one. I didn't remember what I had eaten before to make it do that,but I remember i hadn't gone for about one day. It made me wish I had a diaper on. So I could see how good it's feel to get it go in your pants, becausethat day definitelyfelt good. But I was kind of embarrassed because it was inside the classroom,and some people sitting by the door heard me passing gas. °_° But today,I'm wearing diapers and have popped three times already,and it feels just like the ones then when I was in first grade. I'm having constant farts and having to huge poops. What made ya'll want to poop in diapers?
  12. Diaper Explosion

    Rarely do I get a change to travel for work or even by myself. Even more rare is the chance to stay at a hotel with a pool and hot tub. But, recently, the chance came about for me. I was finally staying at a hotel with an indoor pool and hot tub. Planning ahead, I packed four premium diapers for the stay. The intend was to wear one of those diapers each night of the the stay. The first night, I did not change out of the diaper I had put on for the three plus hour commute from home to the hotel. My bladder was pretty much shot from the previous day and I didn't think I could last a half hour much less the three hour commute. Miraculously, my diaper stayed dry throughout the commute. Sometimes that happens to me. If I wear a diaper, I can hold for a long time versus not wearing a diaper when I feel I have to pee every five minutes. I didn't feel like wearing a diaper the second night. What was wrong with me, I could not say. But the third night , I was ready to wear a diaper no matter what. So after dinner, I donned a diaper, then thought about the indoor pool and hot tub. Knowing that the pool closed at 11 pm, I wanted to wait as long as I could before going. Making sure I drink enough liquids, I put on some plastic pants over my diaper, then my swim trunks. Finally by 8:30 pm, my bladder was full and I was ready to make my way to the swimming pool and hot tub. To my disappointment, the hot tub was occupied by three women. I took my time and swam in the pool for a little while. My intent was to get in the hot tub and relax. I did a few laps and and kept checking my swim trunks to see if the bulge was huge. It didn't look too bad. Although I could feel the diaper soaking up the pool water. It actually felt pretty good to have a totally soaked diaper. As I later found out, it was a good thing I was wearing plastic pants. After about ten minutes, I asked the three women if I could join them in the hot tub. They said yes and I slid into the hot tub and somehow joined their conversation. We talked for about fifteen minutes before they all left. Thinking that no-one else would be coming in, I was hoping to remove my swim trunks and stay in my plastic pants and diaper. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Someone else walked in and my fun was over. At least I thought my fun was over. Stepping out and drying off, I went into the locker room shower and removed my mostly pool water soaked diaper. Mostly pool water soaked because I could not control myself and wet my diaper while I was in the pool. Not thinking, I pulled off my diaper and discovered that it exploded in my plastic pants. The gel and stuffing of the diaper had come out and was all over the floor of the shower. Not wanting to leave a mess but afraid of getting caught, I hurriedly cleaned up the gel as best as I could. All the while hoping I would not get caught with the mess. Fortunately, no one walked in on me and I was able to clean up the mess. Still in my swim trunks and plastic pants, I walked back to my room. While waiting for the elevator, my bladder let go. My plastic pants held back the flood and kept my pee from dripping on the hotel's carpet. I feel that I had a great night because I was able to wear a diaper around other people and not expose them to my particular fetish.
  13. Hello There My little girl and i have been into her being ocasionaly diapered, and usualy at night for the las 2 years ( Dating for 4) But now she says she wants to be a baby full time in her words "MOMMY I NEEEEEEEEED I REALY NEEEED TO BE A BABY", i agree with her BUT i need to learn what ill need what rules i shoud give her what punishments and humiliations and what i should get I apreciate any help
  14. Be good for mommy

    (this was the first story i wrote a little while back and it was full of spelling mistakes. so i delited to old one and fixed hopefully most of the mistakes) It was a cool Saturday morning, The sun just barely peeking out behind the trees. Not a cloud in sight. Such a Beautifull day to be in school detention. As we pulled into the high school, I found it really weird to look at it without all the kids running around. Granite Hills School (random school name) was a medium-sized school with nothing much to it. The only thing the school is well known for is that 4 years ago it was one of the worst high schools for bullying, high pregnancies, and dropouts. Then one day they hired a disciplinary teacher and everything was fixed. Being freshmen I haven't yet seen the teacher myself and for some reason, no one ever wants to talk about it. As we pulled up to the front of the school we were greeted by a tall 6-foot blond girl. She didn't look much older than me and I guess she was a senior also in trouble. “Excuse me, when will the teacher be here?” my dad asked the girl. “That would be me, I'm Mis.Mare the disciplinary teacher,” she said with a smile. To our shock, both dad and I got out of the car to shake her hand and apologize for not knowing. “It's no problem it happens all the time.” she then looked over to me and gave me a smile. “So how does this work exactly. Does Sara have to come here every week? Or….” my dad asked wanting to knowing how long I would be punished. “Ow no for what she did today will be all. Mostly she just has to finish her test and anything else she might not have finished.” Mis.Mare told him before handing him a couple pieces of paper. “This is everything you'll need to know and I would ask you read it as soon as you can.” he nodded in agreement while she looked back to me. she then gestured for me to follow her into the school building. As we walked through the empty halls she leads me to a room labeled D-1. walking in I saw that it was the size of a small class and looked like one except for the one desk in the middle of the room. “Why is their only one desk? Aren't there more students coming?” I asked. “Nope, you're the only one,” she told me as she walked to her desk and held up a folder. I walked over to the desk to sit down. After a moment of silence, she turned around and began writing on the board. 1 finish test. 2 punishment/lines As she wrote that I thought back to yesterday. All I did was not go to my math class and played on my phone in the girl's bathroom. I didn't even know we were having a test until I was caught. At least my punishment is writing lines. “Before we start I want to ask if you have any other homework you would like to do while you're here?” She asked and I shook my head no. “ok so here's how it'll work you after you finish your test you'll have your punishment, lines and then you can go home.” she told me with a smile as she handed me my test and a water bottle. The test wasn't very hard and besides Mis.Mare leaving for a few minutes to check something I was done within 40 minutes. “Done already?” she asked as she picked up both my test and empty water bottle. Throwing the bottle away she placed the test into the folder. “Ok then now please come up to the desk please,” she asked me and I did. I guess she's just going to give me a pen and a sentence to write. Mis.Mare then picked up the folder off her empty desk and put it into a drawer before asking me to lift out my hands. When I did I heard a click and felt a cold metal around my hands and realized I was just handcuffed! “What the hell!” I yelled as I tried to get away from Mis.Mare but she just gripped the handcuffs harder and pulled me over her desk and looped the handcuffs into a lock leaving me lying on the desk with my legs kicking over the edge. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!” I screamed but she shoved something into my mouth and strapped it behind my head to silence me. “I told you earlier after you finish your test its punishment, lines and then you can go home. This is your punishment before your lines.” this bitch said with that same simple smile as if this was the most normal thing in the world before walking behind me. I tried to kick her but she just grabbed my legs and moved them before she grabbed the sides of my pants and pulling them down to my feet. I tried my hardest to do something, to kick her but she just pinned my legs down by putting her foot on my pants keeping my feet stuck to the floor. “What cute undies you have,” she said as my face blushed beet red. SMACK! I screamed as loud as I could when this woman smacked my bare ass. but the sound was muffled by the thing in my mouth. “That's 1 for ditching class,” she said. my tears started flowing as she raised her left hand and smacked my left butt check this time and I screamed again. “1 for playing on your phone during a class period.” Mis.Mare went on from there with each bad thing I did. Again and again. By the end, I was out of breath and worn out. Mis.Mare walked around her desk and opened a cabinet before looking at my red teary-eyed face and gave me that same smile. “The worst is over, just going to give you some stuff to help the pain,” she said as she took out a paper bag and went back behind me. After a few moments and hearing some rustling sounds she quickly pulled my panties down. I began to squirm again until I felt a cold hand on my butt. “This is some special cream to stop the burning.” she told me before squirting moor cream on me and rubbing it in.” I was so embarrassed but at the same time, I had to agree that the cream was soothing. I soon began to relax a bit, or as much as I could in this situation. Until I felt something weird as she began to poke my butthole and quickly slid a finger in and I bit down hard on the thing in my mouth. “Ow so tight. I know exactly what will work,” she said as began sliding her finger in and out and looking into her bag for something else. When she finally removed her finger something bigger was put in. “good girl, that plug fits you perfectly.” I have no idea what she did next, I could feel that she put something fluffy on my butt and wrapped it around my crotch before taking a marker and writing something on it. She then started sliding my foot out of my pants and underwear and sliding something else up my legs and over the first thing before I heard a click. Mis.Mare then picked my clothes off the floor and walked back in front of me. Still, with that smile, she folded both my pants and underwear and placed them into the bag before taking a stapler and stapled the bag shut. Then with a marker, she wrote ‘for daddy’ on it before setting it aside. “Great! your punishment is over!” Mis.Mare said with an excited tone as I just glared at her. She then undid the gag and I now could see it looked like a big pacifier? She then held up a set of keys in front of me. “Now be a good girl and I'll use this one to let you out,” she said to me. “Fuck... you.” I panted at her but she kept smiling. “I'll let that one go just this once after what just happened,” she told me before she grabbed a key and undid the handcuffs. The moment she did I jumped to my feet and tried to run to the door but with the combination of the buttplug and a bulk between my legs, I quickly tripped and fell down. “What the!” I yelled as I spun around to look at what was between my legs and my brain couldn't comprehend what it was at first. “W-wh..” “It's a diaper, Sara. Something all bad kids get here.” Mis.Mare said to me as she watched me try to take it off but couldn't as it had some type of cover over it with a chain and lock. “That only comes off when you are done with your lines,” she told me. I tried to yell at her, then tried to leave but the door was locked. I wanted to call the cops but my phone was in my pants and she just put them into her cabinet and held out a pen. “You can try whatever you want but you're not leaving until I get my lines. ‘I will be a good girl for mommy’ 100 times.” she told me as she sat back in her seat, that stupid smile not leaving her face. In the end, she was right I couldn't do anything. So I waddled my way back to the board and began to reluctantly write my lines. I had just finished writing 28 linens when I felt a major cramp in my stomach. “Can I use the bathroom!?” I asked Mis.Mare. “You may use the bathroom when your lines are done. I promise.” Mis.Mare told me so I continued. I tried my hardest to focus on my lines but I kept getting those cramps every few minutes and I had to stop until it passed. Once it did I tried to write faster making my handwriting sloppy but I finally covered the entire board and Mis.Mare began counting the lines as I bent over with another cramp. “So close but that's only 97. What bad handwriting,” she told me. “But it's close enough. Please let me use the bathroom!” I pleaded. “Nope, I said 100 and since you can't do it the first time let's erase it all and start over,” she told me as she held out an eraser. “NOOOO!” I screamed. “Please, I'll do anything just let me finish!” I pleaded with her as tears began streaming down my face. “Aww with a face like that it's hard to say no. ok, I have an idea. Be a good girl for mommy and come here.” she told me. I was in so grateful I didn't even bother to correct her that she wasn't my mommy. I walked over to her and she spun me around. I heard a faint CLICK before she turned me around again and pulled the plastic covering off revealing the big white diaper I had on. “I'll make you deal.you can either start over on the board, or you can be a good girl for mommy and finish your 3 lines on your diaper,” she told me before standing up and walking away. I looked down at the diaper and began to writing ‘i will be a good girl for mommy, I will be a good girl for mommy, I will be a good girl for mommy. On my diaper. once I was finished I looked up at Mis.Mare who now held out a pink skirt. “Good girl! Now let's get this on you and let you relieve yourself,” she told me with her smile and I couldn't help but smile back as I let her help me get it on. It was a cheap skirt and it just barely covered my diaper. I was so glad it was Saturday so no one could see me like this as we walked through the school. As soon as we got to the bathroom I reached for the door but it was locked. Suddenly a huge cramp hit and I fell to my knees clenching my stomach. “It's ok. The school is closed so all the bathrooms are locked but don't worry. You'll be able to go soon.” Mis.Mare told me before reaching out her hand. “Now be a good girl for mommy and take my hand. I did as I was told and she helped me back up before leading me by the hand to the front of the school. I could see out the door and see my dad's car already waiting for us as I began to whimper. “you're being a good girl. It's time to go see daddy. Be a good girl for mommy.” Mis.Mare said as we walked to the car and my face was bright red. My dad rolled down the window and looked at us. “How did it go?” he asked “It was perfect. She is almost done.” Mis.Mare told him Wait almost? What does she mean? “Ok I'll wait.” he told us as he took the paper bag with ‘for daddy’ on it from Mis.Mare. “Be a good girl for mommy and put your hands on the car.” Mis.Mare told me with her smile and I did what I was told. She then got behind me to lift up my skirt and slide her hand into the back of the diaper and grabbed the butt plug. I began to whimper more before she whispered in my ear. “You're going to be a good girl from now on. You won't tell anyone about what happened today. You're going to feel really good soon. And if my baby girl wants to feel better then, be a good girl for mommy and use your diaper.” she said and pulled the plug out. My eyes went wide and misty as everything I was holding in was now coming out! My legs began to buckle as I squatted down as everything come out as I began moaning from the pleasure of releasing it all. Without realizing it I began to let go of my bladder as well. I was squatting on the ground shaking when Mis.Mare opened the back seat door and helped my trembling body into the car and helped me get my seatbelt on before looking me in the eyes. She then started rubbing the front of my pee soaked diaper sending a shiver up my spine. “If baby girl wants this again then be a good girl for mommy,” she told me I had that same smile she had as I said “Yes mommy.”
  15. preference on thickness

    Just curious what peoples preference is on thick diapers.
  16. New hewe

    Hi there, I am new to these forums so not entirely sure this is the right place but it said to meet people post in this area. I am a 24 year old male living in the Ventura county area, I am looking to chat with friends in the area in general but I am also looking to meet that special someone whom I get along really well with, she understands me and I understand her. One who isn't afraid to be a dommy mommy or a sub little diapered girl. I doubt it but you never know. Hehehe I hope to make some new friends. I am a vewy king and caring person.
  17. depends "new and improved design"

    well i was recently forced into a position to get some diapers at the store because my supply is low and here's what i have found about their supposed improvements. for starters, the tabs. yes once again the tabs are a issue, when they were plastic back the only problem was resealing and the tapes pulling the plastic backing off, however now the problem is them staying on or just ripping off entirely. about the only thing that got a decent improvement was the absorption. though it's not a redeeming enough feature, because the bigger issue now is it retaining the urine. try sitting in a soggy one and you'll know by it seeping out even if the diaper isn't near full yet. they say maximum protection but that's a complete lie. not to mention the diaper can't handle much movement before coming apart at the seams. just as the same rating i gave their prior design, less than a half star. very poor quality material, poor design and very little effort made in these so called improvements, would recommend avoidance of purchase if possible. probably not even good enough for an emergency diaper either
  18. Panty Thief Punishment 10-03-17

    Hi everyone! This will be my first attempt at a story. I've had most of this rolling around in my head for some time now, and finally decided to get it out. It's written in a pseudo script-like fashion. I realize I will probably be using some common tropes at first, but I hope to veer off in some other directions. The youngest characters are mentioned as being in high school. I imagine them as being at least 18. The earlier chapters will set things up for what is to come, so don't be surprised if there isn't a whole lot of diaper stuff mentioned at first. I do plan for it to get pretty graphic, though it will also have a softer side as well :). I hope you enjoy it. Thanks! --------------------------- Chapter 1: Panty Theft Regret Derrek always thought of himself as pretty average. He was clean shaven, about 6 feet tall with brown hair, green eyes, and an average build. He was a bit of a geek, but not the brainy kind… more like the kind who spend their weekends watching Star Wars and playing video games. He did have friends, but he never really hung out with them outside of school. And one thing he never claimed to be was a ladies man. He was just a shy guy, and had never been able to even ask a girl out. To make things worse, he was at the end of his junior year of high school, so prospects were not looking great. This year had proven to be drastically different than the one before. His father had married Amanda, the nurse at his High School. She officially adopted Derrek shortly after the wedding. Then tragically on the drive back from their honeymoon, their car was hit by a drunk driver, and Derrek's dad was killed. The only family he had left was his new mom. They had bonded strongly over their loss, but they were still trying to grow and strengthen their relationship. On the last day of school before Summer break, Derrek was having lunch with his friends Rob and Jack. Rob: So you put the moves on Nurse Amanda yet? Jack: Yeah man, you tap that shit? This wasn't the first time anyone had ever asked Derrek that question. Amanda was a beautiful woman. She was fit without being too muscular. A bit taller than average. She had short black hair that she typically at least partially dyed pink. Her eyes were a bright green. Vibrant arm tattoos accented her otherwise creamy white skin. And she always wore tight fitting scrubs to work. All of the male students were not so secretly attracted to her, and admired the position Derrek had found himself in. Derrek: Wow, you guys are dumbasses! And no, I'm not going to tap that shit. She's basically like my mom now, so… Rob: That's cool man. You know we're just fucking with ya, right? Derrek: Yeah, I know... Rob: That said... Garry from my Bio class told me he would pay you $500 for a pair of Nurse Amanda's used panties. And he wasn't joking around. He actually showed me the money! Jack: $500!? Wish he wanted to buy my mom's panties! Rob: He probably wants to wank off to them, Jack. Your mom's crusty granny panties would just scar him for life. Jack: Haha! Fuck you, dick! Rob: So what do you say Derrek? Derrek: Hmmm... I don't know about this. Rob: Dude just think about it. She probably wouldn't even notice them missing. Not to mention, it's $500! Derrek had dismissed the thought at first. Amanda really was officially his mother now, and it would be straight up weird to sell your mom's panties. Being the geek that he was though, there was always a new gadget or game he needed money for. The idea floated in and out of his mind for the rest of the school day. Later that night Derrek was watching TV in the living room when Amanda walked in with a big smile on her face. Amanda: What would you say to a couple pizza's tonight for dinner? I could run out to Antonio's down the street. Derrek: Heck yeah! That would be awesome! Amanda: Annnnnnnnnd! Sally loaned me a copy of that new movie. The one that takes place before Harry Potter. Derrek: Fantastic Beasts? Amanda: Yes! That's it! We could watch that while we eat. This was one thing Derrek loved about Amanda. She had a geeky quality of her own. It wasn't a constant with her, but when it popped up, it always made Derrek smile. Derrek: Sounds like a plan to me! Amanda: Alright, I'm going to run out and pick up the pizzas. Why don't you get the movie queued up and ready. I'll be back in a few. Derrek: Sure, where's it at? Amanda: I left it in my room, on the dresser near the bathroom. Derrek: On it! Amanda: Thanks, Sweety! I'll see you in a bit. Derrek finished watching his show as Amanda grabbed her car keys and purse and then headed out the back door to the garage. Once she had left, he got up, walked into her room, and spotted the movie on the dresser near the bathroom right where Amanda had said it would be. As he grabbed the movie, he saw Amanda's whicker dirty clothes basket positioned right next to the toilet in her bathroom. His mind was once more invaded with thoughts of what Rob had told him. $500 for one pair of Amanda's panties. She wouldn't even notice them missing... He tossed the idea around in his head until he couldn't talk himself out of it. He did really need to upgrade some things on his computer, and $500 could go a long way toward that. He'll do it just this once, he thought. His confidence began to waiver as he walked into the bathroom. It was a very pink room, which seemed to have the effect of continuously reminding Derrek that he didn't belong there. He felt his heart begin to pound as he lifted the lid to the dirty clothes basket. He couldn't help but feel nervous. This was the first time he had ever stolen anything from anyone, much less a family member. He began sifting through the pile of clothes until his hand glanced against something slick and satiny. "Bingo!" he thought. He grabbed at the item and withdrew his hand from the basket. There in his nervous grip was a very dirty pair of black satin panties adorned with little pink bows. They were inside out, and Derrek could see every stain that told the story of the active day Amanda must have had while wearing them. He was about to shove them in his pocket when he noticed… it. The scent. It was faint, but noticeable. Derrek had never considered himself a panty sniffer, but he found himself drawn to the scent. Again his heart pounded as if it was trying to warn him. Trying to tell him not to do what he was about to do, but he couldn't fight the urge. He brought the crotch of the panties to his nose and inhaled deeply. His eyes began to roll back in his head. As he exhaled, it was like he was breathing out pink smoke. It was the best smell he had ever smelled. It wasn't roses or strawberries, it was distinctly human, but the fact that it was Amanda's scent made it heavenly to him. Her most intimate of areas came together to produce this dirty little secret that they now both shared. Derrek suddenly took notice of how erect the smelling of Amanda's panties had made his cock. His mind and body were suddenly screaming for sex, and he was helpless to resist. He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and began to touch himself. His heart was pounding like crazy. He flung open the pink toilet seat in an effort to contain the future product of his mounting excitement. Repositioning himself in front of the toilet, he grabbed his cock again and began rubbing it, as he buried his nose in Amanda's panties. Her special perfume made it so intense. As Derrek's masturbating kept building in intensity, he couldn't help but want more. He didn't just want Amanda's scent, he wanted to experience her with every one of his senses. He pulled the panties away from his nose and looked at the intimate stains again. He could see where her pussy had clung to the fabric; held in place in part by her personal secretions. Further down he could see where here asshole had kissed the satiny seat and left marks and a scent contribution of it's own. He didn't find it gross or disgusting at all. He just kept thinking of how it was all created by Amanda, and this drove him wild. This typically perfectly kempt woman had filthy panties. Again the intensity built up even more as Derrek could smell and practically see Amanda's most intimate secret, but he still wanted more. He still needed more. His heart raced again and he nervously gulped. His hand was shaking, as he shoved the dirty satin panties into his mouth and began rolling his tongue over them. The taste was almost more than he could handle. He was in ecstasy. His cock was sopping wet, and he felt he might cum in any minute. There was one thing he knew right then and there; there was no fucking way Garry from Bio was getting these or any other pairs of Amanda's panties. This was Derrek's treasure now, and he wasn't willing to share. The intensity was more extreme than it had felt even the first time he had ever masturbated. It felt as if his penis was crying pre-cum as he kept pumping it against his hand. The taste of the panties filled his mouth so completely that he could practically smell them on his breath. His eyes rolled back into his head again, and just at that most extreme moment. Amanda: WHAT THE FUCK!!! Amanda was standing in the doorway to the bathroom. A look of shock and fury was painted on her face. As soon as she let her presence be known, Derrek awoke from his sex crazed fog, and his head snapped to her location. He was like a deer in headlights, and was unable to move or think. His cock seemed to abandon him, as it tried to slink back to the safety of his boxer shorts. Amanda: ARE THOSE MY FUCKING PANTIES!? Derrek felt as if he must be beet red now. He was sweating heavily, and knew there was no way out of this. He quickly pulled the panties out of his mouth with one hand, and pulled his pants up with the other. Nervously he stuttered… Derrek: I, uh… Amanda leaned forward and ripped the panties from his hand. For a second she eyed the area he had been tasting, and then she resumed her furious glare at him. She held the panties away in a tight grip as if she were trying to protect them. Then she forcefully pointed at the bedroom door. Amanda: Get in your room and stay there. She wasn't screaming anymore, but her tone was low and filled with fiery anger. Derrek could tell something deep was broken that could not be fixed by anything he could say at this moment. He held on to the waist of his pants as he hurried past her, and practically sprinted to his room. He spent the rest of the night in there trying to think of how he could explain it away. Even when his stomach started growling for food, he dared not leave the safe confines of his room. It wasn't until 4:00am that he finally was able to fall asleep. The next few days were awkward at best. Derrek would wake up, and wait until he heard Amanda leave for work. Then he would come out and get some food, and watch TV. He would do that until right before Amanda returned home from work, at which point he would retreat back to his room. At first it seemed like Amanda was pretty much staying in her room too, but a few days after the event, Derrek started hearing her hanging out in the living room again. By this point Derrek had thought of a few things he should say to her, and felt she might actually hear him now. Hopefully her rage had died down enough. He just needed to work up the nerve to look her in the eye again. After all, she had caught him masturbating with her dirty panties in his mouth. That's about as awkward of a situation as you can be in… or so he thought. As Derrek sat on his bed contemplating how he should approach Amanda, he heard a knock on his bedroom door. Amanda: Derrek? His face flushed red as he opened the door. Everything he had thought to say disappeared in his sorrow swollen mind. He began to sob as he saw her standing there. Derrek: I'm sorry. I'm just so stupid! I'm sorry. I nev… Amanda held up a finger as if to silence him. She didn't seem mad at all now. She just looked serious, and like she had something to say. Amanda: It's going to be all right. I was pretty angry when I walked in on you the other day with my… well... I just thought our relationship was stronger than that. I thought I could trust you more than I feel I can right now. I have had time to think about it though, and I believe this is fixable. It's not going to be a quick fix, and it's not going to be easy for either of us, but I'm willing to put the work in. Are you, Derrek? Derrek still had tears streaming down his face. Derrek: Yes, I'll do anything. I'm so sorry! I nev… Amanda's finger shot up again to silence him once more. Amanda: Shhhhh it's alright. Everything is going to get better. As she looked at him, she could see how stressed out about this he truly was, so she pulled him into an embrace and hugged him. Amanda: Everything is going to get better. He had no idea what plans she had come up with to fix their relationship, but he figured his future would be dominated by therapy sessions and counseling. He didn't mind that though. He had fucked up, and this special woman was willing to look past it in order to be his family. He felt truly lucky to have her in his life.
  19. Bryson stared at the screen, running his fingers through his thick red hair. It was soaked with sweat. How long had he been doing this?He looked over at the clock on his desk and moaned. It was almost three am, and he still hadn’t finished editing his paper! He looked back at the screen and started scrolling and typing as fast as he could. How could there be so many mistakes? Spelling error after spelling error… It was like he hadn’t even passed high school! God, if only he hadn’t left it until the last minute.Well, he told himself, he kind of had to. He had been working, trying to pay off the bills for university. He had to move all his stuff into his new room, do his readings, aattend classes. Just thinking about it almost made him sick to his stomach.Except that that wasn’t really true. He had also attended his fair share of party. He didn’t really enjoy them so much, he kind of just stood around watching others drink, but he was hoping to meet people. He had also spent MORE then his fair share of time playing video games. Really, he could have started this days ago.He sighed, and looked at his paper. He guess that would have to do. He had class in a few hours, and hadn’t slept much the night before either, having spent his time online. His roommate was already asleep. He emailed it to himself for printing, and turned off the computer.He got undressed, setting his glasses down on the desk and his black shirt and jeans on the chair. He lay down and stared out the window, seeing the stars filling the sky. He was exhausted, but the anxiety and stress kept him up. God, wouldn’t it be better if he could live without all this stress? Couldn’t there be a world where he didn’t have to worry about it? He looked at one of the stars, wishing and hoping beyond hope that somehow it would all work out. A silly thought, he knew. Wishing on stars never worked. But it was comforting to think that somehow it would make a difference, leading him to a stress free life. Slowly, he closed his eyes, and drifted off to sleep.…Bryson woke up to the feeling of someone shaking him.“Hey, Bryson. Get up. Bryson, hey, come on,” a voice said.Bryon opened his eyes to see Mark, his roommate, staring down at him. Mark was a tall, broad shouldered man his own age, with brown haired and brown eyes. He was always dressed very maturely, with a collared shirt on…. Wait, was he always that tall?Bryson sat up and looked at him. No, Mark wasn’t any taller. Everything in the room was proportional. Yet, somehow, he just seemd more…“You know you’re going to be late, right?” Mark asked.Bryson snapped out of his daze and looked at his clock. “#*[email protected]!” he shouted. It was 8:25, his class started at 8:30. He realized he had forgot to start the alarm. Mark must have got up for a later class and noticed he was still asleep.“Thanks!” he shouted at Mark, who watched with a disappointed look on his face. Bryson grabbed his clothes, all black jeans with a chain and a t-shirt, and pulled them on quickly. “Are you sure you really want to go for the gothic look? It really isn’t very mature… Between being late and that, you’re kind of asking for it,” Mark said, in a tone like he was warning someone who he knew wouldn’t listen.“Yes, and don’t tell me what to do!” Bryson snapped, irritated. Normally he wasn’t that angry, but the exhaustion and rush made him upset. “Wait… asking for what?”Mark sighed and shurged, then watched him leave.Bryson looked at his watch and began to run. It was 8:32, he was already late. Papers were handed in at thee beginning of class… “#*&$! THE PAPER!” He had forgotten to print it off. He changed direction and began to run toward the library, where there were printers for student use. It was across campus, and he wasn’t sure if he would make it.Finally, he arrived, and slowed to a walk. He stopped for a moment. Goth cloths weren't designed for running, especially in the summer. Finally he continued into the library, a large brown building designed with odd looping shapes and angled rooms.He walked past crowds of students rushing to get to computer desks or book shelves. Did the people in the library seem different? They all seemed to be a bit older. He looked closely. There was John, Sarah, Michael… No, they all looked the same. They just seemed somehow more mature. They stared at him with disappointment in their eyes. Why did he keep seeing that look?He reached one of the computers and turned it on. Did it always take this long to load? He got on, logged onto his student name, found the email and printed it off. Then he was out again, running toward the class.He finally arrived at the class just as it was ending. People filtered out of the hall, and he squirmed by them. They all had that same look on their faces, somehow more mature, looking at him with disappointment and, he noticed, something else. Was that adoration? Something like looking at a puppy or someone much younger.He finally made it into the class room, a large auditorium with grey walls and chairs seemingly designed to make any class as boring as possible. The professor, a white haired and bearded man in the usual tweed jacket was at the desk at the front, filing papers. Bryson ran down the steps toward him.“Uhhh… Hello Mr... I mean Dr. Livingstone,” Bryson said nervously.He looked up and stared a Bryson with spectacles eyes. “Ahh yes, Bryson is it? Late again? I assume that is your paper.” He pointed at the sheets in Bryson’s hands.“Oh! Yes! I was going to give it to you! I.. uhh… “ Bryson stared at the papers. They had become rumpled as he ran, and even picked up dirt. “I’m sorry. I missed my alarm..”“I don’t want your excuses Bryson,” the professor sighed, taking the papers. He looked through them carefully. “Did you edit this? Look, you misspelled “literacy” in the first paragraph! This is full of mistakes!”Bryson hung his head. “I did, I was just tiered.”“Mhhmm. Let me ask you something Bryson. Have you been doing this sort of thing in other classes?”“Ummm... no,” Bryson said, his heart jumping as he lied. He had been, but he didn't want to professor to know.The professor looked at him with raised eyebrows. “Yes, you have. I know, I had heard the stories. Do you really think that this is the sort of thing an adult should be wearing?” he pointed at Bryson’s torn jeans and shirt.“Uhh… No, I guess not,” Bryson said, blushing.“They aren’t. Most people give up on those 'looks' in high school. You are in university now, you should be beyond that. Now I have one final question. Did you shave this morning?”“What?” Bryson was taking aback by the strange question. He realized he had forgotten. “No I didn’t have time,” he said. He ran his hand along his chin, expecting to find stubble. He was surprised to find himself clean shaven.“That’s what I though. Listen, you might want to reconsider your behavior. This level of immaturity never works out well. I’ve seen several students go through it, and almost always end up… Well, I’m sure you can see where this is going, can’t you?”“Yes,” Bryson said, hearing the implied threat of failing university.“Good, then let’s not have a repeat, alright?”“Yes sir,” Bryson said, and left. What was that all supposed to mean? And why the question about shaving? He felt his face again. Why was there no stubble? (Note: This one is a slow burner, at least compared to my others. Don't worry, it will get to the usual stuff. It is reusing the world I wrote about in "Switch," though that story isn't referenced and it won't matter if you've read it or not. While Switch wasn't my favorite of my own stories, I really liked the world I made, so I am using it again. Also, this was written as part of an art trade with Bryson (masterofevil44 on DA) where I could control most of the plot but use him as a main character. Any comments or critiques are appreciated!)
  20. Cuddle Club

    Phil glanced nervously at his watch. His appointment was at 7:30, it was now 7:25. Really, he could go in at any point. There was no problem with arriving early, and he had booked the whole night anyway. Also, he was already standing outside the building.That building was a tall steel and glass structure right downtown where he lived. There were shops in the lower floors, as well as offices and apartments. Phil, a tall, well-built man in his twenties with dark brown hair, had taken the bus down to spend the night. It was a loose appointment, as long as he arrived at some point before midnight he was fine. That wasn’t the reason he was nervous.The reason he was nervous was the he had never done anything like this before. He had found an add online, which said it was a sure fire way to reduce stress, but gave very little information. Apparently, it was part of a growing ‘cuddle for hire’ business, where people had special trained workers to cuddle with while you slept. Phil, a business intern hoping to someday become a manager, had plenty of stress in his life. He knew others in the same situation had been doing the same thing. This one, however, seemed a bit strange. Their business’s website has described itself as a ‘Cuddle Club… With a Difference!’ but didn’t specify what that difference was. When he asked over the phone, the woman on the other end only giggled and said “oh… you’ll see!” Also, it didn’t have any pictures of the people who were there to cuddle, and the business’s page was strangely childish, with pictures of stuffed animals and descriptions written in very simple English. However, the reviews on it were excellent. Eventually he had decided to book a night.He swallowed nervously. Finally, he picked up his duffle bag and headed into the building. He could always leave if he didn’t like it, he told himself. He walked across multi coloured tiles and past small stores towards a pair of steel elevator doors. He pushed the button, and waited. He looked again at a piece of paper in his pocket, which read “room 11-57, 530 pm.” He hit the button for floor 11, and waited. He got off, and wandered through carpeted hallways until he found the right room. He paused and breathed deeply. Why was this so hard? He supposed it was because, in a way, he was admitting he needed help. Long work hours, little rest, and countless pages of work to get through had gotten to him. He tried to forget that he still was only competing for a position, and wasn’t even guaranteed a job after all this. Trying to get a good job in this economy would wear down anyone. He always had had problems dealing with stress, and at this point he just needed a break. He knew other people who had gone to similar places, but somehow he felt that if someone saw him he wouldn’t be able to face them again. Was he admitting defeat by getting help in such a strange way? He shook the idea out of his head, and knocked on the door.“Come in,” a female voice said.He opened the door, and found he was facing a desk in a large reception area. The walls were a deep red, decorated with a few pictures and two hall ways ran off to the sides. There were a few chairs along the walls, a coat rack and a small table covered with toys and colouring books. He looked at those questioningly. Who would bring their children here?“Ahem,” the same voice said again, more sternly. He turned to face the woman at the desk, who was in her late 40s and small glasses and dark hair pulled back into a tight bun. She looked up from the paperwork on her desk and stared at him impatiently.“Oh! Hi… uhhh sorry, I am here for a 5:30 appointment. If I am at the right place.”“What is ‘the right place?” she said, looking at him over the tops of her glasses.“I… well, I think it’s here, I should have an appointment.” Phil didn’t want to admit where he was going if he was at the wrong place.“You want the Carlesontown Cuddle Club?” she asked.Phil blushed. “Yes.”“You are Phil then?”“Yes I am. Are you the receptionist?” Phil asked, hoping the stern looking woman wasn’t who he was going to cuddle with.“I am the MANAGER, actually,” she said.“Oh. Sorry.”The woman looked at her watch. “It is no 5:37. You are late.”“I know, I’m sorry,” he said.The woman sighed. “I suppose that is fine. Alright. You are in room 3A, with Marie. Its right down the hallway to the left. You can leave your coat on that rack.” She pointed to the wall.“Alright, thanks.” Phil took off his long overcoat, revealing a dark grey suit underneath, and hung it on the wall.“That’s not what you are planning on wearing, is it?” she asked.“No, I brought my pyjamas in my bag.” He held it up to show here. “Is there a place I can get changed?”She paused a moment, then sighed again, more exasperated this time. “Yes, fine, just get changed in that room. Marie will show you where.” She turned back to the paperwork on her desk, indicating the discussion was over.Phil headed down the hall. “3A… 3A…” he repeated to himself. He eventually found the room, and knocked.The door opened slightly and a head popped out. He was relieved to see it was girl closer to his own age, perhaps mid-twenties, with a short bob of blond hair.“Hello?” Phil said.“Hi!” a voice answered excitedly. “Are you Phil?”“Yes,” he replied.“Yayyy! Come in come in come in!” she grabbed his hand and pulled him in. “Ummm… that’s not what you are going to wear, is it?” She pointed at his outfit.“No I… what?” Phil had held out his bag to show her, but stopped dead in his tracks. His mouth hung agape. This was NOT what he had been expecting.
  21. Abdl in Iowa

    Hey! I'm a female in Des Moines Iowa looking for some DL play. Anyone else going to be around for a bit?
  22. Wrong Size Means Your Fortune?

    The long and short summary is when my boyfriend found out that I'm a DL, he thought he'd buy me some adorably cute diaper samples. Problem is, he assumed that since I'm a tiny human, I wear smalls. Nope! The good news is, he ordered samples because he wanted to see which one looked the cutest. After the first one not fitting...I've decided to send the two I have to a good home. If you can throw me the $3 for shipping, that would be awesome, since these things go for $6 per sample, and about as low as $2 when you buy the 80 pack option. In a perfect world I'd send them together as a set, but can split them if it comes to that. Ideally if you're on the sizing fence, this might be a cheap way to try out something new that's usually not so cheap. Diapers included are (links included for additional info): 1 ABU Space Diaper in Small: https://us.abuniverse.com/product/space/ 1 ABU Cushies Diaper in Small: https://us.abuniverse.com/product/cushies/ Samples are sent just like that, no bags, etc, but I'll be putting each one in a Ziploc bag just in case inside of a USPS mailer (which is how ABU sends them, sans Ziploc bag). These have never been unfolded, just removed from the bag once for the photo and promptly Ziploced. I can mail as early as this next Monday (due to work schedules and post office hours). Post and most importantly, PM me if interested! Thank you all for stopping by, pending trade.
  23. Lexington diaper friends

    Looking to be diaper friends with someone. I got a bunch of diapers. I live with family so hosting may be hard. Don’t think I can host. I use my diaps of course and I have a huge fetish for farting as well. Anyone wanna have some stinky fun?
  24. The Diaper Game

    Hello everyone! This is a story that I have been thinking about writing for sometime now. I am currently at the first chapter, but will try to update at least once a week. To summarize the plot: The story is about a boy, Jonathan, who overshines his little sister in every way - until she decides to take revenge. Jonathan finds himself twisted up in a game that his sister carefully organized, leaving him humiliated, belittled and completely under his sister's command. Here it is: Chapter 1 - The beginning Jonathan had always been a hard worker - at least ever since work became hard, which was around the time he started in elementary school. He had never been too bright, and in order to keep up with everyone else, he had to work harder than everyone else did. Jonathan had a younger sister, Anna, who was even less bright than he was. It hadn’t always been like that; Anna had outsmarted him in everything, when they were younger, but she had an unfortunate habit of giving up, as soon as anything started becoming a challenge. Therefore, the two of them were very different, when it came to work-effort, but there was no doubt that Jonathan had the brightest future of the two. Jonathan knew it, his mother knew it and his sister… tried to accept it. In hindsight, things could have gone a lot better, when the two of them grew up. They both lived with their mother - their dad had left before Anna was born, and Jonathan had no memory of him. Jonathan was sure that Anna had inherited her lack of work-effort from their mother, who also seemed to give up very easily. She gave up on crossword puzzles and writing speeches for big family events - Jonathan had to write his own High School Graduation speech (his mother stood in front of the whole family and read his speech aloud from a piece of paper, taking credit for what he had wrote). But worst of all, she gave up on her daughter. One day, she just stopped asking Anna about her grades and her life, because she knew she wouldn’t be impressed with what she would hear anyway. Jonathan knew that it bothered Anna, though she never said anything, and once her own mother had given up, she also gave up completely. She started smoking things she shouldn’t be messing with, and she skipped school more often than not. And still, Jonathan could feel the resentment inside her growing everyday, a resentment directed towards him. He had everything, she thought but never said, and she had nothing. Although nobody said it out loud, everyone knew that Jonathan was the only member of the family who had a shot at becoming something, and this, more than everything else, put a pressure on his shoulders. It was a pressure that he carried with him through high school and all the way through college. He couldn’t sleep at night, worrying that he would fail at everything and that he would then have to face his mothers disappointment, like Anna had done. He lived a sheltered life with his face stuck in college books and no time for parties or love. He felt that he had a responsibility, far more important than anything else. Approximately midway through college, he started longing for the simpler times of his youth, when he didn’t need to prove his intellect to anyone. He was sure that there was something psychologically wrong with him, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. He knew that he was slightly more feminine than all the other guys his age, which could be explained by the lack of a father-figure in his life, but there was something else. He never liked being put on the spot, but enjoyed when other people led the way - he was the opposite of an alpha-male. When he was younger, he used to visit the clubhouse, where all the children went to play computer games. He didn’t dare play himself, but spent his time there, watching the other kids play the games. He wanted to feel involved, but he didn’t feel good about leading the way himself. Maybe this psychological error of his, had something to do with that, but he didn’t think too much about it. What he didn’t realize was, that he would figure out what was wrong with him, sooner than expected. It was about two months after his college graduation, and he was living in the basement of his mother’s house, looking for a place of his own. Since he had left for college, his mother had found a new boyfriend, Brian. He was a nice guy, but Jonathan thought he was a bit too aggressive. Not that he was ever really violent or angry, but he liked being in charge, and Jonathan’s mother let him be in charge. About a month after he had graduated, the family had received some rather bad news. Anna had been expelled from college for smoking pot on the school premises. She had only lasted a year, which was a terrible disappointment to their mother. Anna came home that day, frustrated and angry, and not in the mood to talk to anyone. Even worse - a month later she still wouldn’t talk to neither her mother nor Jonathan. The only thing they could get out of her was small chit-chat, and whenever anyone asked her about what her plan was now, she would flip out and start yelling. Anyway, two months had gone by since Jonathan’s graduation, and he dedicated all his time to finding a place of his own. He couldn’t stand the bitter atmosphere in the house any longer. He was anxious to get started on life, anxious to get a job and move onwards. When two of his friends wrote to him on Facebook and told him about a roadtrip to Chicago that they were planning, Jonathan immediately decided to go with them. He had to get out of the house. He announced the news, that he would be gone for a couple of days, and his mother didn’t ask any questions. Neither did Anna, but he was sure that she hated him for it. The atmosphere around the house was even worse when Jonathan wasn’t there to lighten the mood. It was the 30th of August, and the weather already seemed to be on his side. The sun practically roasted people outside, and Jonathan couldn’t wait to be in the cold shadows of his friend’s beautiful Camaro. He started packing his bags - he wanted to get an early start on packing - and waited as the days went by, until finally, the day arrived. He said goodbye to his mother, who only said it half-heartedly back. She wasn’t looking forward to the next few days either. He assumed that Anna would be in a vicious mood, which turned out to not be too wrong. Only, he had expected her to be sulky and in a bad mood, but that was not the case. She had a grin on her face, that almost looked evil, and Jonathan was sure that he saw a little bit of joyful fury in her eyes. “I hope you have a very good trip”, she said, pressurizing “very”. “Thank you, Anna. See you in a couple of days” he responded. She smiled. “We’ll see, brother”. She sounded mysterious and not in a delightful way. Jonathan quickly hugged her goodbye and rushed out the door with his suitcase in a tight grip. He stood out on the pavement in front of the house, waiting to get picked up by his friends, when he heard something behind him moving at a vast speed. He quickly turned around, when the footsteps got closer, and caught a glimpse of a girl named Violet - one of Anna’s friends. She quickly grabbed him and put something over his mouth - in hindsight it could have been chloroform, and then everything went black. When Jonathan woke up, it was still bright day, but he was no longer standing on the pavement outside his house. He was lying down on what appeared to be blankets on the ground. He opened his eyes and stared into the top of a tent. The sun shined through the dark blue canvas. Immediately thereafter, he realized that he was naked. He still felt a little dizzy and unsure of time and place, reminding him of how he felt when waking up from a mid-day nap in college. He sat up, and looked around. His clothes were nowhere to be seen, but there was a big cardboard box with an envelope on top of it, right next to him. There was nothing else in the tent, except the closed zipper entrance. He picked up the envelope, opened it and pulled out a piece of paper. Hello Jonathan. I’m sure you were expecting to see your friends this morning, but I regret to inform you that you will be taking a slight detour instead. Ever since we started in school many years ago, you have outshined me and my potential. You have robbed me of the opportunity to become something great. You have stolen my life and my purpose in this world. I simply cannot just let that kind of selfishness pass without doing something about it. Therefore, you will now receive your grand punishment. I have created a game for you, a game that will take courage and logic and the ability to make fast decisions under pressure. Also, the game is designed so that you will receive some level of great punishment, no matter how you play. I recommend you play along, follow the rules and don’t try anything stupid, as it will then be much worse for you. Keep in mind that you are under my command now, and there is nothing you can do about it. In the box next to you, you will find an outfit that differs slightly from your regular choice of clothing. To be more precise, the box contains a pink princess dress with matching stockings, a girdle, a pair of Mary-Janes, various makeup items, a wig and best of all - a big fluffy diaper. Outside the tent there is a small campsite. The campsite is booked, since today is the annual gathering of teachers from your old college. They are sitting outside right now around the campfire area planning next year’s college schedule. Your objective is to cross the campsite and get to the restrooms at the other end of the camp. There is only one path that leads there, and it goes straight by the campfire area. You will now be presented with your first dilemma. You have three options: 1. You must put on the whole outfit including the makeup and run to the restrooms. 2. You must run to the restrooms wearing only the diaper. 3. You must run to the restrooms wearing nothing at all. Will you dress yourself up all pretty and unrecognizable or will you let your old teachers who respected you so much, see you like the pervert you are? Your choice. And remember - the game doesn’t end at the restrooms, so choose carefully. Best wishes - Anna. Jonathan looked up, horrified at what he had just read...
  25. Since my first experiences with adult diapers Molicare and Abena have been mainstays and something I always order. This last order I placed I bought a variety of bags instead of a single case. This included Dry 24/7, Better Dry, Bambino, Rearz Inspire+, Molicare Maxi, and Abena. I have tried the Rearz, Molicare, and Abena before. I have tried all of the different diapers I bought with that order and something stands out in stark contrast between Abena and Molicare and everything else. When I put on the Molicare and Abena they fit really well. I have gotten good at putting them on at this point and they're comfortable and stay in place. I usually wear them at night and even if I don't use them at all by morning the fit is a mess. They've gotten loose, the front wings are now sticking out at all angles, and sometimes the lower tapes get stuck to my legs. This just doesn't happen with Better Dry, Rearz, Bambino, or Dry 24/7. When I wake up they look more or less the same as when I put them on. I'm guessing this also goes for ABU and other more recent adult diaper makers. What I'm getting at here is I think Abena and Molicare as well as a bunch of "great" stand by European brands just have not kept up with more recent companies. They don't have waist bands, their tapes suck, their plastic stretches out, etc. Someone might be better equipped than me to comment on this; but I also feel like those European brands, along with the rest of the mainstream incontinence product manufacturers, have just made cheaper and cheaper products cutting features and quality of materials. For example didn't Abena have a waist band at some point? I still like Abena and Molicare. I just wish they stayed in damn place.