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Found 726 results

  1. It was a dark, stormy night. The cliché was old, but sometimes it was true, especially if you were unfortunate enough to be caught out in it. This was the case for the lonely vehicle that pushed its way though the blinding curtains of rainwater, its occupants hopelessly lost in an unfamiliar neighbourhood. To make matters worse, the car wasn't in the best of shape and decided that now would be a good opportunity to give up entirely. Thus, as the engine died with a spluttering cough, the two teenagers had to decide what to do.
  2. The grounds had long been used for fairs and carnivals, over the years it had been used for just about any attraction imaginable. From petting zoos, to fun houses, to arcades and a plethora of food and dessert stands. However, the problem with such a location is that, while some attractions are revamped and reopened, others are closed entirely. Left by the wayside and forgotten just as quickly as they arrived. It was one such attraction that caught the attention of two individuals as they explored the outer reaches of the grounds. The two teenagers had been enjoying their time at the carnival and looked to explore some of the older buildings, what drew them to this one in particular was the darkened neon sign that read 'House of Tomorrow' above the entrance.
  3. Gloria Beatrice Stallings wasn't your normail 35 year old. She was 35 yes but looked younger. She also acted younger. Oh she had a job she worked in the billing office of a major corporation in Phoenix Arizona. Most of the guys there thought she was cute and we're always hitting on her. They were trying, her grandma told her trying to get into her pants. Gloria Beatrice was called Glory Be by her family. For the life of her she didn't know why guys were trying to get into her pants, they wouldn't like what they found there. She lived with her grandmother, who it seems had room for every discarded grandchild that her grandmother's children just didn't seem to want anymore. Glory Be. Was one of those her parents tired of the fact that she never grasped the concept of toilet training. Glory Be wore diapers so she wouldn't soak her pants. She learned to poop in a toilet but not urinate. Her parents tired of it and shipped Glory Be off to grandma when she was 8. There were other cousins and family members at Grandma's house right now there was her and Gregory her cousin living with grandma. At one time there were 4 others. Greg was a troubled teen he had assaulted a brother and a sister in the home. He was going to be homeless if not for grandma. Right now it was just those two. Greg was arrested he had seen the get rich quick life of dealing drugs. He was making $800 dollars a day easy on Friday and Saturday that could rise to $1200 a day at 15 he loved what he was doing. He had a place he dealt of, he knew grannie would kill him if she knew what he was doing. He would leave under the guise of going to school every morning but the truth was he hadn't been to school in several weeks. Grandmother never asked where the money came for the clothes he wore and the help with the food and expenses, he told her he had gotten a job as a bag boy at a supermarket. She believed him. One day as he was selling his wares he noticed a whole bunch of people he didn't know in his neighborhood. If he had been smart he would of up and ran like his competitors he was glad that they weren't out selling like him, it was a Tuesday he had already made a Saturday wages and it wasn't even noon yet. He sold to a guy that had asked him about what he had and the cost he made the deal and,.... Bam the next thing he knew he was tackled and cuffed up, the guy was a cop, how could he be so stupid?
  4. I have been using stents for many years now and for me it's by far the best solution to become incontinent. I can keep it in as long as I like my incontinence. Most of the times I use it three to four days at a time, but sometimes, like now, I can't get enough of that helpless feeling and keep it in for a few weeks. For me it is completely safe, it never hurts and I never had a UTI using my stents. Using stents I become totally incontinent, so I dribble all the time when standing or walking around. But when I sit the urethra is being closed by the pressure of the diaper between my legs so the dribbling stops and the pee stays in the bladder. If I remain seated for a long time the pressure in the bladder keeps building up untill it gets too high. Then I start having urges causing the urethra to suddenly give way so I start peeing large amounts in my diaper. The same goes for caughing, laughing or sneezing while sitting in my diaper. The pressure caused by these actions forces the urethra to open up for a while and let me pee small amounts. If I stand up from my chair my bladder will start emptying itself completely and sometimes it means I have to change immediately. In bed my incontinence is different again. If I am lying motionless the driblling also stops and my bladder starts acting like a reservoire again untill I start having slight urges. Then my bladder starts emptying immediately, but not completely. Sometimes I wake up from having these urges, but most of the times this seems to happen while I am asleep. If I turn around, caugh or sneeze I also wet myself a little. Getting out of bed my bladder completely empties itself and then the dribbling starts again. So being totally incontinent you will experience not only constant dribbling, but also urge and stress incontinence depending on the position you're in. But one way or the other, you will never be able to reach a toilet without an empty bladder (and a wet diaper). Apart from urinary incontinence I sometimes experience some other (un)pleasant side effects of using stents. Due to the fact that the stent is also inside the prostate it will gently massage it when you are walking. It has happened a few times that I had orgasms in public. The excitement of being incontinent, the pressure of the wet diaper between my legs and the prostate being massaged all the time, is sometimes simply too much to handle. Wearing a stent for extended periods also affects the strength of my anal sphincter. That's why I have had several accidents doing number two in my diaper when I wasn't anywhere near a toilet, also in public!! And that kind of incontinence is not exactly what I like, but it happened nonetheless.
  5. My little (age 2) and I are seeking another FEMALE little (No older than 30) so she can have another little sister to play with. I would be the daddy for the both of you and daddy only. You must be ok with diapers and wearing them. I will change wet, messy, and bloody. This would be non-sexual in nature unless otherwise agreed upon so if you are asexual, we welcome you. This would be all of us participating together not just 2. We prefer if you are single or are with someone who doesnt indulge you in your fantasy. We are looking for a playmate for her but also someone that doesnt have the luxury of playing, providing them a place to play and people to play with. You must be local to the knox/waldo county areas of Maine or willing to travel. If you are interested, shoot me a message.
  6. In the Nintendo DS game Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, the opening sequence shows Baby Bowser attacking Baby Peach's castle. About to attack Baby Mario, he refers to him as "Super Diaper Bro." Later in the games, a screenshot reads "That diapered fiend's eaten Kylie, too!" (in reference to Petey Piranha). Baby Bowser also refers to Baby Luigi and Baby Mario as "stinky babies" every once in a while. I know this forum is for videos and movies, but I don't think people will disapprove of this post really. I have screenshots of these scenes, let me know if you wanna see em'. Bye.
  7. Very interesting piece on the adult diaper "boom" so to speak. It's definitely going to climb with baby boomers getting back into diapers once again hehe. But mainly just discussing the logistics of it and how it's affecting paper sales in general. It didn't get to specific but I think they were almost entirely talking about disposables and even more so it seemed like depends based on the picture they had with it. Take a read for yourselves! http://bloom.bg/2nc3j8f
  8. Hey everyone. Today was my first day in diapers in public. It felt great. Only problem is that I have to think of away to avoid the problem of the diaper sticking out. I was wearing the only diaper I can get here the is half decent, but I still hate them - tena slip maxi (new ones). Didn't leak at all. I was suprised. I wear a medium cause my perfect size is right at the middle between medium and large size so it's bit tighter then usual. The bulk was to the max. If I had something thicker it would of shown cause I wear pretty skinny jeans. I still had problems going in the diaper while moving. I only pee in diapers.
  9. Another video game reference I spotted, hope you don't mind it in movies and TV... in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, the trophy description for Baby Mario references that he is still in diapers. In Europe versions, it says he's still in nappies. For the complete text, go to this link https://www.mariowiki.com/List_of_trophies_in_Super_Smash_Bros._for_Nintendo_3DS#Super_Mario_Bros and scroll to #83 under Super Mario Bros. Also not really worthy of note, but the Toads wear diapers or white, diaper-like pants... it's never really been confirmed. Bye
  10. Yesterday was Sunday, and that is usually considered a day of rest for many people, and i consider it that as well. Since i have a few medical conditions i am always scared to death to go out somewhere without being diapered, and especially if food is involved. I already struggle for what control i have, and yesterday decided to take a chance and didn't wear a diaper when i went with my friend to eat at an Indian restaurant. The food was amazing, and i mean words can't say how wonderful it was. However, on the way back, i started having trouble, and this is where my incontinence is always so confusing. Did i just have an accident or not? Did something come out or is it about to? So it did happen, and i had an accident in my friend's car, thankfully he is a lifelong friend and is well aware of my struggles. However, it was still embarrassing, painful, and i won't do this again. Going undiapered has before and still proves to be a recipe for disaster for me.
  11. Hello fellow diapered friends! I see people asking for free diapers, and I get that they can be expensive when you are on a tight budget. So if you are like me, you've cut everything you can cut in you budget and you are left with the cold hard reality of still having no money for diapers. About a year ago I started looking for passive income ideas, we live in the age of the internet and it's amazing how many companies out there want to pay you (basically for market research). I have used a few different ones, and I wanted to share the ones that I have found to be the easiest to use, and have the best pay out. Ok, first things first, you need a smartphone, some of these have online components, but I'm mainly focusing on the apps they have for your phone. I have an Android, so sorry iphone users if the app I share isn't on your phone (most are ok I think). Also, I'm in the US, so if you aren't not sure if it will work for you or not either. 1. The easiest app to use that pays the most consistently is Slidejoy (Android only). Basically, it turns your lock screen into a pop up ad, you swipe one way to ignore it and unlock your phone as normal, or you can swipe the other way to see the details of that ad. Each time you unlock your phone you get a coin, and after so many coins you can cash out to your paypal. I average 4 dollars a month using this app, easy money because it pays me for doing what I already do, unlock my phone. Copy and paste this url into your browser to get signed up getslidejoy.com/r2/VAXNjdlsU1XTjKpT5hPllQ Or you can scan the QRC code titled Slidejoy directly from your phone (QRC reading apps are available in the play store). 2. InboxDollars, this one is kinda cool, and the more time you have the more money you can make using this one. This one is actually easier to use on a computer, but the phone app works well too (just slower when taking surveys). When you log into the app, you can open emails and get paid for seeing them, get paid for watching videos, for searching online, and for taking surveys. Lots of options, and if you have the time to take surveys, probably more money to be made than what I use it for. Still a great app to use, when you sign up with this link you get $5 dollars as a bonus. https://www.inboxdollars.com/?r=ref23320933&s=7 QRC code is below if you want to get it directly to you phone. 3. Ibotta, this app is all about manufacture rebates, but they have some other cool stuff. Buying groceries or baby products? Check for rebates, unlock the rebates, scan the item you bought, then scan your receipt, boom cash is sent to your account, They keep adding stuff, so now they have rebates for alcohol and for other apps like Groupon. When you use this link to sign up you get a $10 bonus after your first rebate! https://ibotta.com/r/cmrdgmr QRC code is below if you want to get it directly to you phone. 4. Surveys on the Go, like the name implies, this app will send you surveys and the payout for each depends on if you qualify, some surveys are simple, some are very involved, but the involved ones pay much more money. They also have some passive surveys, that run in the background you can opt in or out of. www.mysotg.com QRC code is below if you want to get it directly to you phone. 5. Bevrage, this one is for all those true "adult" babies, this app gives you rebates on alcohol, just unlock the rebate and scan the receipt. Its easy to use, and I love it! Use this link or the QRC below to get a $2 sign up bonus https://www.bevrage.com/promo/BCOJXWSV. Ok, so there are other apps out there but these are the best ones I have found, I don't have as much time to use these to their fullest, but if you have some time, you just might be able to find more cash for diapers and other fun things! Hope this help someone! Slidejoy InboxDollars Ibotta Surveys on the Go BevRage
  12. Kitty Katswell, a feline secret agent (sort of like Trinity from The Matrix) can be seen in nothing but a diaper and pink baby clothes in the T.U.F.F Puppy episode Bad Eggs. In this episode, which by the way I have not watched, she is trapped inside of a giant egg by the evil villain Bird Brain. She later breaks out but has problems with her legs. Since I haven't actually watched the episode, I have no idea why she is wearing a diaper and baby attire. But at least I got a YouTube video... someone else was apparently interested and compiled all the scenes where she was in a diaper. Here it is, and bye.
  13. 17 year old Cole and 22 year old Honey were best friends since childhood and began to start liking haunted houses in Middle school. One day Cole and Honey decide to investigate a haunted house for themselves. But little did they know that inside would change their lives forever
  14. Howdy, everyone. I know it's been a long, long, long time since I last posted anything of any kind of writing in here. Heck, I hardly really post anything for that matter, anymore. And for that, I'm sorry. Kind of lost touch with a lot of old friends in here, and have felt out of place. However, I've begun an idea for a story that's something different for me. We know of our urge and purge cycles...what if they had their own personalities? I present to you, The Urge & The Purge, a fictional story that answers that question. It's going to be a bit out there, and dark at times, and will hopefully keep you guys and gals interested and guessing. Let me know what you think of Chapter 1! Chapter 1 There is a war going on that nobody knows about. It's not being covered by the news, there are no soldiers being deployed, no peace treaties being signed, no real casualties. Confused yet? I can't say I blame you. You see, this isn't a war in the cliché fashion that normally comes to mind; rather, the war is within myself. My body is the battleground, my psyche, emotions, and impulses are the weapons, and my mind is the collateral damage. I've been fighting it my whole life without even knowing it until more recently, and yet my friends and family haven't the slightest fucking clue of what's going on. Maybe had I never caved and given in to my curiosity, none of this would've happened. Then again, maybe not... My name is Thomas Bannon, I'm 34 years old and live on my own. Family's about three hours away, got a really great set of friends who are pretty much my second family, been single for a few years. I've got a decent job doing tech support for a small credit union about 15 minutes from my apartment. If this all sounds too typical, here's the curve ball: I'm an adu—I mean, I'm a dia—I mean...damn it, I sometimes like to wear diapers and/or be babied, okay? There, I said it. On days when I'm feeling good about myself, I'm a nice guy with a bit of a kink. On my bad days, however, I'm one of those “freaks that's into that weird fetish crap.” Depends on my mood, really...but more importantly, it depends on who's winning the war. Still confused? I'll try to put it in the easiest form of understanding as possible. I'm not schizophrenic, but there are voices that bother me sometimes. These aren't voices of the dead, or other people's thoughts (but damn, wouldn't that be awesome!). Rather, they're mine, and they tend to speak out any time something triggers my desire to tap into my diaper kink, or if I think too much about it and how it relates to me as a person or the rest of my life. Through some personal research, it would be determined that these voices of mine are what I call The Urge and the Purge. Sounds crazy, I know. But, I'm hoping you'll give me the benefit of the doubt and at least hear me out. Getting into this lifestyle was similar to most other people I've talked to or read about in the various support forums and communities; I played house at a young age with some friends, wound up playing the baby, enjoyed it quite a bit, and figured it'd go away. Hell, was I wrong! It evolved into a full-fledged kink that's been haunting me since my teens. Yeah, I explored it more, and yeah, I talked to (and talk to) different folks online about it. No, I haven't had a woman indulge me in my kink yet. No, I'm not in a relationship where I'm too nervous to reveal my occasional choice in lifestyle and attire. No, I don't want to engage in it 24/7. Just like most people, I discovered that there were (and sometimes still are) times when I really had this burning desire to just strip right down, slap a diaper around my waist, and jump right into the rabbit hole. And I mean really had this burning desire! What's that? My friends want me to go to the bar? Ohhh, no, couldn't possibly do that! It's diaper time, after all. Oh! Good morning, Mike! Let's start the morning off with wearing a diaper and using it for one purpose or another! It's like a drug, you see. I'm taken to another head space, another world, away from all the bullshit we call reality. Most of the time, my body would yearn for it, and I'd be good at keeping it at bay until I felt ready. But let me tell you something: when that urge sets in, it sets in hard. Then we move onto the other side of the coin; that feeling of disgust, of feeling like an outcast. That, “Mike, what the hell is wrong with you, you freak?!” mindset. It'd get to a point where I'd throw out my stash of diapers, delete any and all stories, videos, and images I'd stored on my crappy backup laptop, and clear my browsing history, even though I'd surf the web in private mode. And I'd walk away from it for days, sometimes weeks at a time. It wouldn't be long before the cycle would repeat itself once more. Don't ask me what made the voices manifest, because I couldn't tell you if I tried, but I will never forget the day it started. The day after my 23rd birthday, I was in rough shape. After all, a heavy night of drinking and partying with friends until ungodly hours of the morning will do that to anyone. Anyway, I had nothing planned for the next day, and knowing that, I'd planned to have a little diaper time thrown in somewhere during the day. While watching some classic cartoons (say what you will, but when I'm not feeling good, I swear they help me feel better!), a particular episode came on where the characters on the screen found themselves sent through a conveyor belt that prepared freshly hatched eggs for delivery to their families. This included powdering, diapering, feeding and burping, all that good stuff. While I'm not necessarily full-fledged adult baby, the idea of being embarrassed in such a way does excite me from time to time. That's all it took to spark my desire, and while I so badly wanted to get up from the couch, part of me also felt too tired and weak from the night before to move. That, and I knew what the end of the cycle would bring me before long. “No, stop,” I thought to myself, “I'm going to end up indulging myself, then feeling like an idiot as soon as I'm done.” Then it happened. But Mikey, look at how cute they look on the television, getting all diapered up even though they're clearly adults! How embarrassing for them! Maybe you should put one on and join them! The voice was benevolent and soft like silk, spoken by a female. It sounded like she was right up to my ear, whispering or speaking at a very low volume, and while it was kind, it still scared the hell out of me. Shooting up from my couch, my eyes widened as I yelled out a quick, “W-who's there?!”, obviously embarrassed by the mere thought of having someone watching, let alone knowing about, what I wanted to do. There was a moment of silence, aside from the cartoon continuing to play. Then it happened again. Awww, you can clearly see that squirrel is not enjoying himself being powdered and pampered by those mechanical arms! Isn't that something you've imagined, Mikey? Being all trapped in a room where the robots ignore your every plea and just diaper you and feed you, until eventually someone finds you and takes care of you herself? “What the hell?!” I jumped away from the couch, pausing the cartoon and quickly taking out my phone, checking to see if someone had pranked me. That wasn't it. I then looked around my apartment, flipping cushions and looking around the ceilings and floors for any hidden speakers. Nothing. The blinds were closed, the doors were locked, so nobody could see or get in...unless they'd slipped in the night before during my drunken stupor! But I didn't know anyone with a voice like that! Still, I searched every closet, the bathroom, the bedroom, every nook and cranny, only to find I was alone. Mikey, you went right to your closet, right where your diapers were, and you didn't put one on? Tsk, tsk. I know it's what you want. Listening more closely, a faint echo could be heard when the voice spoke. It wasn't someone in the room! Similar to how I think, the voice was an inner voice! “What's happening to me?” I whispered, running back to the bathroom and splashing my face with water. “Am I still drunk?” No, Mikey. You aren't drunk anymore. But you needn't be so tense. I am just pushing you towards where you want to be: diapered, comfortable, and maybe even a bit naughty! “Stop,” I cried, “this isn't funny!” I'm not being funny, Mikey! You know that all you want to do is take those awful pajamas and boxers off, and put one of those thick diapers hiding in your closet on. Go on, do it! You planned it for today, didn't you? “Cut it out! Who or what are you?” Why, I am the Urge, silly! Well, your Urge, to be exact. My what? What the hell was she—or it—talking about? “I don't understand! Am I going crazy?!” No, of course not. Think of me as your conscience, as it relates to your little fetish! I blushed hard at the thought, becoming flustered rather quickly. Nobody ever talked to me in such a gentle tone about anything as it related to this lifestyle, and despite the voice's calm manner, I was still uncomfortable. You are embarrassed, the voice spoke, but you don't need to be around me. I know all about you, because I'm part of you. Part of your subconscious, to be exact. “So nobody else can hear you? And where did you come from?” Not another soul, Mikey. Only you! And I already told you, Mikey. I'm from your subconscious! “You came out of nowhere, just like that?” Not much of a recollection of last night, huh? Don't worry. Your brain will put the pieces together at some point. All you need to know is that Purge-y boy and I are here for a while. “Purge-y? What the hell is that?” Tsk, tsk! Language! My complete opposite: The Purge! But you'll meet him in due time. Don't mind his voice, though...it's a bit scary! “J-just go away!” I yelled. Now, that's not very nice, coming from the guy who asked for this, is it? Oh! I fear I may have already said too much. But anywho, it's going to be a while before we leave. I might also suggest that you not shout like that, because if nobody else can hear us, you'll definitely raise some eyebrows. In the meantime, why not enjoy what you set out to enjoy today, hmmm? A nice, fresh, thick, crinkly diaper, wrapped around your waist with that powder you love. “Way to ruin the fucking moment for me.” I sighed, now focused on what The Urge had mentioned about me asking for this. Had something actually happened the night before that I didn't recall? Maybe I saw a hypnotist. Maybe I revealed my lifestyle to someone and they decided to play a huge prank on me. Or, maybe I had gone crazy after a night of drinking. Mikey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. I was only to make my first appearance the next time you found yourself desiring some diaper fun. Now, if you relax and give in, I'll leave for a while, just like I do any other time! Think of me as a voice for this particular urge you get from time to time! When the urge is fulfilled, it goes away! “Now I feel like someone's watching me.” I complained. “But you're telling me if I give in, you'll leave?” Precisely! But if you don't, I'll linger for a while, unless you think you can deter yourself from indulging yourself, which I think you and I both know is near impossible for you! “Don't remind me.” I scowled. So cute when you pout! Now, chop, chop! March into that room of yours and get a diaper on! “Ugh, alright, alright, if it'll get you to shut up...” I groaned, hoping this would work. Still paranoid that this voice was watching me somehow, I stripped down to just my t-shirt, opened a fresh diaper, filled it with plenty of powder, and laid atop it, sprinkling more powder all over my body before taping up the diaper nice and snug. However, as if straight out of some cartoon, as soon as the last tape was fastened, the voice returned with a, Aww, there we go! Now you're on your way, Mikey! All ready to bounce and wiggle around in that super thick diaper, smelling that powder until you're so happy you wet yourself! I wonder if you'll do anything else in there, too? “H-hey, stop!” I growled, getting very defensive. S-sorry! Just want you to enjoy yourself! I mean, I know you will an- “Shut up!” -sorry! I'm off! Toodles! I looked around, lying on my back for a few moments, listening for any sign of the voice. It was the weirdest thing I'd ever experienced in my freaking life. And it's only the beginning of this whole freaking mess! --Chapter 2 will introduce The Purge!
  15. The tenth episode of Sam and Cat, #BabysittingCommercial, Sam (Jennete McCurdy) and Cat (Ariana Grande) have made a commercial advertising their new babysitting service. After a while into the commercial, Cat and Sam are holding up diapers, and Cat exclaims "We change them!" Sam gives hers to Cat, saying she'll do no such thing. Then, it cuts to a scene of Cat changing a Luvs poopy diaper, and she makes a face of excite mixed with disgust. In the episode, she laughs at this part. The wiki link for the episode is right here, http://samandcat.wikia.com/wiki/BabysittingCommercial And here's the commercial from the episode, go to 1:06 for the scene.
  16. Teen Titans Go! Season 3 Episode 11, Grube's Fairytales is decently laden with diaper references. Robin, dressed as a renaissance bard, is mocked by Raven as wearing pantaloons. Starfire tauntingly remarks that she thought he was wearing a man diaper. Robin gets really irked, and throughout the episode it becomes a running gag to make fun of his appearance. Cyborg and Beast Boy chuckle later on, asking if he pees in his diaper, and Robin once again grows infuriated. At the conclusion of the episode, Beast Boy once again roasts Robin on wearing a man diaper, and all the fellow Titans laugh at him. Robin, done being angry, just sheds a pathetic tear. The wiki link for Grube's Fairytales is right here, click on it to see the episode, gallery, and transcript. http://teen-titans-go.wikia.com/wiki/Grube's_Fairytales. YouTube only has a clip of the episode, but it includes the first two instances (Starfire & Beast Boy/Cyborg) at 00:21 and 00:34, respectively. Bye
  17. Season 4, Episode 66 of SpongeBob SquarePants, Dunces and Dragons has a small diaper reference in the mid-end of the episode. After SpongeBob has cried ceaselessly to get past the castle guards, Sandy in the role of the Dark Knight compliments SpongeBob on acting like a baby in diapers. The wiki for the episode can be found here, http://spongebob.wikia.com/wiki/Dunces_and_Dragons, and all I could find on YouTube was the full episode for purchase. Either that or you gotta wait for it to be on Nick. Bye
  18. In this episode (12th) of Sam & Cat, #MotorcycleMystery, Sam (Jennette McCurdy) is polishing her motorcycle to get the pink paint off. The mom of a kid they are babysitting walks in to pick up her kid, only to find that he's wearing a garbage bag around his waste. Sam explains that diapers are soft, so she used all of them to polish her motorcycle. Cat (Ariana Grande) then tries to console her, saying that the bag holds a lot and the kid won't need to be changed for a while. Later on, as crazy as it sounds, Cat gives a small, angry foreign man a trash bag to go to the bathroom with, considering he's handcuffed to the refrigerator. She warns him not to go more than ten gallons. The wiki link for this episode is right here, http://samandcat.wikia.com/wiki/MotorcycleMystery. I couldn't find a YouTube video this time, sorry, but its on Teen Nick sometimes. You can also buy it on YouTube if you wanna. Bye
  19. The mood struck me to write today and I think I've got the seeds for a good and hot original tale for you all. I have had difficulties finishing stories in a timely manner in the past and I can't offer any assurances this one will be any different, but I'm gonna do the best I can. I encourage your feedback through comments and messages! Casey's Nanny Casey had been having a pleasant dream when the sun coaxed her awake. In the world she just left, her fiancé had taken her to the beach when of course, she was pulled away just as he began to kiss her. Her eyes fluttered open, allowing unpleasant glimpses of the bright real world to take her further away from the dream. She tilted her head just a little to let the shadow cast by the bar fall over her eyes. It was just enough to let her close her eyes again without strain, and she sleepily struggled to get back into the dream world. Sleep would not come back however, and with a pouted face she opened her eyes, resigned to start the day after all. She was lying on her right side, facing the big window that overlooked the city. From the 26th floor, it looked like Charlotte would be enjoying a nice summer day, and its rising sun was encouraging everyone to get it started. Casey thought about how just a short time ago she might’ve pulled the curtains to her room tight and slept-in a couple more hours before going to the pool. Now, her window didn’t even have curtains, and even if it did she wouldn’t be able to close them. Like so many other things, she didn’t make that decision anymore. She rolled over onto her back, ignoring the muffled crinkle from below, and stared up at the mobile slowly rotating high above her. She enjoyed the warmth from the sun – her thin cotton onesie had only short sleeves and no leg covering. She didn’t always get a blanket and could get cold lying on just the hard plastic bottom of the crib. It really offset the cool dampness of her diaper, too. The big crinkly plastic was uncomfortable on ever more frequent “wet mornings” like this one. Ever since she had moved into her new room, she had less “alone time” with her fiancé and Daddy, Travis. Of course, that wasn’t the main reason she was so wet… She knew what she had to do in order to start her day…to start the process of unlocking her crib, undoing her diaper, and getting her hungry tummy a bottle…but she hated that part. She hated having to do it and deep down she hated how easy it was becoming for her to convincingly fake. But a wet diaper can only wait so long. She started her shallow breaths and focused on the diaper, just as she had been taught. Feel how clammy it is after a few hours, doesn’t it feel cold? The words of her teacher rang in her head, reminding her of everything she had been taught to think, and the diaper felt colder, more uncomfortable. You’ve been in them for hours. I bet you didn’t even wake up when you did it, and you know what that means! She had learned early on what it felt like to stay wet for a while, but at the time she never thought about involuntarily doing it in her sleep. Now, she was sleeping like a baby in more ways than one. That acknowledgement scared her, humiliated her, and…slightly excited her…which scared her even more. The upset look on her pretty face was real now, her blue eyes getting a little misty. She summoned a whimper from her chest, deep underneath her cute little perky breasts and the baby clothes that covered them. It made its way up her throat and escaped her lips, like the warning pitch from a boiling kettle. Is baby going to cry now? Come on you silly little diaper girl, cry for clean diapees! The humiliating sentences played over and over in her head as she felt more and more uncomfortable about her diaper and her whole situation. She wanted out of this wet disgusting thing now! She wanted to be able to walk herself to the bathroom down the hall like a big girl. The emotions built and built; what started out as a simple morning ritual was quickly becoming an existential realization of humiliation and helplessness. “A-huuu-a-huuu-a-huuuuuuu!!” she pathetically cried. “Daaaaaddddddyyyyyyy!” she wailed as the tears began to fall down her face. It was a relatively new requirement that before she would be released from her crib, she would have to cry out for help. It had started out as a token plea, but each day she was encouraged to make it more and more babyish. Sometimes she could hear someone outside the door keep walking if she wasn’t giving a genuine enough performance. Not today. These tears were frighteningly real and Casey wanted them to stop. “Waaaahhhh!” she cried, frustrated by the delay in the response and with the discomfort she could not escape. She clenched her fists and pounded the padding she laid on, wanting the door to open for her relief. And relief came. The door opened and a woman calmly entered, her mug of coffee letting off a small trail of steam. Casey filled with disappointment. She wanted Daddy, not her. “My my Casey, you’re getting quite good at this.” The same voice that had been playing in her head over and over, fueling her infantile outburst, filled the room with a condescendingly triumphant tone. Casey willed herself down to quick breaths and sniffles as humiliation and fear replaced frustration. “I’m afraid Travis has already gone to work, little one. It’s just you and I today.” She placed her coffee cup on the dresser as she moved to undue the locked bars of the crib. “We’re gonna have a fun day of training. Aren’t you excited?” Casey said nothing as anger moved back into her head. The woman hesitated in lowering the crib, shooting her a look that asked if she really wanted to challenge her right now. “Y-yes N-nanny,” Casey agreed through sobs. At 28, the woman was just a few years older than Casey, but had enough power and control over Casey’s life to make her feel like a small child. Satisfied with Casey’s answer, the woman began unlocking her crib. “It’s already 8 o’clock little one. Perhaps we should give you an earlier bedtime so that you can be awake to see Daddy off to work?” Casey’s eyes got a little big for a second. She was already in her extra thick diapers and night-night clothes at nine, with a firm lights out at 930! Nanny chuckled at her reaction before opening the crib. “Did we wet like a good little girl? Hmmm?” Nanny’s brown eyes looked into Casey’s baby blues for an answer, but her hand felt for one anyway, pushing underneath the plastic panties and feeling the diaper. “Yes, Nanny Sarah,” Casey said with resignation and a sniffle. “That’s a very good girl, that’s quite a streak you have going now. Very good.” Nanny patted her naked and smooth thigh. “Did baby wet in the night time or in the morning?” Casey looked down at Nanny’s hand now and blinked away some tears. “I wet this morning when I woke up.” “Are you sure?” Nanny asked with a hint that she might know otherwise. “Yes, Nanny,” Casey responded in a lower voice. She didn’t want Nanny to know just how much she really needed her diapers at night now. “Your diapers were very cold for someone who just wet, Casey.” Casey looked up to see a very firm eye looking down at her. “Are you sure you didn’t use them at night?” Casey should know better by now that very few things get past Nanny. “I woke up really early when the sun was just coming up then used them before going back to sleep, I promise.” Nanny seemed amused by this clever way of getting out of her lie. “Oh I see, you just woke up extra early then went back to sleep. Well as I’ve told you baby, you don’t need to worry about using your diapers when you sleep. It’s only a matter of time until you are doing that every night without ever thinking about it!” Casey’s fear rose again as Nanny just smiled. “Let’s get you changed!”
  20. Heya, having suffered with incontinence my whole life I made a pact with myself (see "Living with Incontinence" post) to not let my disability stop me from doing anything. I found that going to the beach however did prove one of the hardest past times to enjoy properly. I just wanted to share how I manage and hopefully get an insight in how other genuinely incontinent people (hopefully females as to get some tips) go about enjoying themselves there. First things first I'm not a massive swimmer which does make things easier as the range of adult swim protection is limited and only really caters for bowel incontinence which is great if you only have bowel incontinence but useless if you have complete (unless you like ruining beach towels and being covered in pee). When I go to the beach I tend to go prepared to stay in the shade and relax in the most comfortable manner possible with the possibility of entering the water for a brief period. In order to do this I usually combine a plastic backed with a soaker and go over the top with my personal favourite of either "Splash About" adult swim nappies covered up with a Sarong and bikini on top or my first choice if its not too hot of the "KesVir" Swimming Costume (See below). Now the Kesvir is great because not only does it keep everything inside but it also has a little skirt attatched which really helps with the "battle of the bulge" i.e. water bulking of your slip if you do decide to brave the water. I also made a list of what else I tend to take in my grab bag in case it gives you an idea. Plastic backed slips (as many as you think you need for the day, more if you plan on swimming lots) "Top Tip" - keep all the little packs of silica gel you get with shoes and the night before put a slip in a sealable food bag with a couple of the sachets. Put the bag in the fridge and when you're packing your cool box in the morning put the bagged slip in with it. The silica gel keeps the slip from absorbing any moisture and also makes it super cool and gives some respite from the plastic prison on hot days) Disposable changing mats. Great for whacking underneath you during changes etc. Disposable anal plug. (Not kinky, don't even go there) Powders, creams and cleaning stuff for when it gets a bit swampy. Sarongs. A girls best friend for hiding whats going on down there. And of course the obligatory SPF30, big hat, sunglasses and whatever other glam accessories you need. I think this about covers it. Hopefully gave those legitimately incontinent people a couple of ideas on how to not get left out next time all their mates go to the pool/beach as well as staying a little more comfortable. Love Gemma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  21. The museum of future technology was now closed for the day. The museum held robots and machines everywhere that could do everything. A robot barber, a robot car cleaner, a machine that can change clothes, and a machine that cooks. But there was one machine that took care of babies. But then the machine malfunctioned and treated anyone it sees as a baby. And so it was shut down and was scheduled to be replaced in a few weeks
  22. Hello, all you lovely people! Recently, one of my ABDL sisters brought to my attention a site for ABDL hypnosis and I wanted to share it with you. The site is called "My Little Lullaby" and it is a site where you can buy lots of different trance recordings and even order custom tracks. The tracks follow the same kind of suggestive messages you find in meditation recordings and the like and are meant to encourage ABDL behaviors you would like to have more often. I have bought the two free ones, "Sleep Like a Baby" and "Forever Young" and also purchased the "Diaper Wetting" one to see if it would help me with the mental block I often have when I need to go potty during my little time. I am very pleased to report that they both worked like a charm! The "Sleep Like a Baby" one had me down for the count like magic, and I woke up feeling very little. I was so impressed that I tried the "Diaper Wetting" one right after waking up, as I had to go potty and even though I tried lying in bed it wasn't working. This is pretty common for me, as I need to be upright to actually pee. It annoys me in little space because it just doesn't feel right to me. So I listened to the diaper wetting track and after it was over, still lying down, I relaxed and was able to wet myself right in my bed! I was ecstatic! I'll be listening to this track every time I have little space with the hopes that soon I will just be able to wet myself regularly into my diapers! The one selling these tracks, Ember, has the softest sweetest voice, and each track comes with boy and girl variants so you are being directly addressed by the gender you identify with as a little in any circumstance! I cannot recommend her enough. After being burnt so much in the past on piss-poor hypnosis tracks, here's one that really works! If you're looking for good hypnosis files, please check the site out! http://mylittlelullaby.com/
  23. David struggled, out of breath. He held the bar to his shoulder, and slowly lowered it."Done!" he said in a breathless voice, mentally adding "finally." Lifting weights was far from his favorite pastime. However, under the circumstances, it was necessary.He faced a mirror, seeing his own blue, blond hair and smooth face. He ran a hand down his right shoulder and arm. "Better," he thought, "but not great."He himself didn't care about what he looked like, and especially not about being muscular. He wasn't even sure if he could become muscular, at least not in the same way some people at the gym were. However, he also needed to fit in. While the exercise machines now being built certainly made it easier, the growing trend where people worked out regularly for appearance and fitness made things more difficult. He had free weights in his house, and would need to use them later that night as well.He passed by the front desk, nodding to two staff members at the desk, who nodded back and waved. This may be the last time he came in. He'd been there a few months, longer then he usually stayed at one gym.As he left, one of the staff members turned to the other."You see that guy?""Yeah? The quiet one?""Yes. He's been coming here almost every morning for three months.""So? He's dedicated. That's what I like.""Yeah but.. I know some people at one of the other gyms in the area, and apparently he did the same thing there before switching to this one, and someone mentioned he was at another place before that.""And?""Well... Isn't it weird he keeps switching? And...""What?""Does he LOOK like he's been working like that for a year?"...David was walking past closed shops on a downtown road. It was still early morning, and if he was lucky, he could get home before more people were out. He hated walking around when it was crowded, but hated the dark even more, so this ended up being the best time to get around. He would have to come out later, he knew- there wasn't much he could do before anything was open, and he had to get buy- but for something he could do at any point, like attend a gym, it was ideal.He stopped, his eyes going wide. He was passing by a toy store, one of his favorite spots in town. In the window was a giant brown teddy bear. He stared, pressing his face and hands against the glass. It looked... soo... soft! He loved the material they used for stuffed animals recently. He didn't know what it was, but he loved just pressing it against his face. One like this he could use as a bed, his full body covered with softness...He was already pressing on the door. It wouldn't budge. He looked down at the handle. He pressed again, angrily. He shouted and began kicking the ground. Why wouldn't it open? He looked at the door again, noticing the sign that said closed. "ERRRR" he said about to pound on the glass, then stopped. He couldn't do that in public, what would people think if he saw? It was locked, there was nothing he could do, he thought. The thought made him sad, almost tearing. He looked at the door again. He could always come back later and buy it if he thought of it, he reminded himself. Now happy again, he began skipping down the road and smiling."Drat," he said suddenly, noticing his shoelace had come untied. He knelt down to tie it."One over the other... DANG!" he said. He spread them out to restart. Sometimes he question if he should just give up and get velcro shoes, but that seemed like it would cause more problems then it solved. One thing he didn't want was questions about why he was wearing anything deemed childish."Why hello there!" a warm, elderly woman's voice said.David frooze."Are you lost? Do you need help with your shoe laces?""Ummmm..." he said, not looking up."Let me help you, then you should get on home.""Ye..es," he replied, panicking.The speaker, a gray woman with glasses, bent down in front of him. David blushed and looked around as she began to lace his shoes. He hoped no one was watching. He knew he should have said no, but he couldn't find the words, and he really did need the help..."There, all done! Now you keep practicing and you'll get it one day!""Th..thanks," he said. He doubted he would, though."Now you hurry along, little one."David blushed deeper. He remained kneeling and looked down, avoiding eye contact. Hopefully she would move on before she noticed."Are you alright? Why aren't you getting up? Should I call for help? Where are your parents?"David closed his eyes. "Drat," he thought. "Well, I'd better get it over with." He stood up and looked at her.At first she seemed surprised to find he was as taller then she was, if not by much. She then fixed her glasses, and gasped slightly. Now it was her turn to blush. "Oh... I'm sorry. Please excuse me." She went walked beside him and left, surprised to find the person she had taken for a child was a full grown adult.David sighed. It was always worse with the elderly, and especially woman. Having bad eyesight didn't help either. Anyone looking at him clearly would see him as he appeared- an adult, if with some youthful features. However, they often responded to him different on instinct. Older people with maternal or paternal instincts often felt this the strongest, while younger ones often expected him to play games. Combine that with an inability to seem him properly, and sometimes they just assumed.He put the incident out of his head and kept walking. Hopefully no one would notice.He arrived at his house. He called it his house, but it wasn't exactly a house, and wasn't really his. He lived in a section of the bottom floors of a large house that had been divided into apartments, which he rented from the owner. However, the other apartment was unoccupied, meaning he could often come in and go without anyone noticing. This, combined with its proximity to downtown, gave him everything he needed- privacy, ease of use without needing to drive, cheap price. Also, the fact that there was often someone else in the building that he knew was a reassuring thought, especially at night.He unlocked the door and went inside. He walked down the hall, then stopped. There was a sign in front of him saying "lock the door, dummy!" He kicked himself and went back and locked the door. He then went through, past the sign. He stopped again. There was another sign in front of him saying "take of your shoes." He struggled with the laces, eventually kicking them off. As he stood up there was a third sign reading "and your jacket." He took it off and through it on his chair, before scolding himself, picking it up and hanging it properly. He had a closet full of half-haphazardly hung clothes, most of which he bought after reading online about what 'a man should wear' but never actually put on, finding them too uncomfortable or just not thinking about it.He walked up a small flight of stairs and into his bathroom. It was a full bathroom, with white paneled walls reminding him not to take electronics and stuffies into the tub and what to do if anything began to flood. He faced a mirror and put a hand on his belt. He closed his eyes. He never enjoyed this part, and he was feeling anxious.He pulled down his pants then opened his eyes to see a white diaper around his waste. He reached down and felt the plastic, then ticked his toung. Wet. Second day in a row at the gym. Sometimes, if he was calm and not distracted by anything, he could go a few days dry. However, his mind tended to wander, and when it did he would never know. At the gym, when he was straining, it could have happened at any point. He couldn't always even tell afterwards, and finding it here always made him wonder if anyone in the gym or on the long walk back could tell. He shuddered at the thought.At least he wasn't messy, he told himself. He could normally avoid that one, depending on what he ate and how close he was to the bathrooms. It still wasn't perfect, and he wasn't getting any better. It annoyed him now, as modern advances meant he could get diapers that looked just like regular underwear for public use, but there was no way they'd do the job well enough. As it was, his control took a lot of effort, and he only did it when he was in public. Even then, he didn't like it. It felt wrong.He glanced down. There was another reason it took effort. Under the sink, where he stored his diapers, there was a pile of thicker teddy bear printed ab diapers with a note attached reminding him not to wear them out. The rise of the internet, and with it the availability of abdl clothing, had been like a miracle for him. He struggled a moment, the adorable images calling to him, the softness... and stopped. It already difficult to hide the white diapers, and the few times people had noticed were embarrassing enough. He didn't need to have to find a way to hide the extra thick padding or risk someone seeing his teddy bear prints.He took off the wet diaper, thew it out and got in his bath tub. He filled it, cleaned himself, and got out and left the bathroom still naked.He kept an agenda on the small square table in his kitchen, which he now opened. He used his phone to check the date and matched it. He groaned. The agenda was something he had come up with knowing that if he left himself to his own devices he would never get things done. He modeled it off of examples he had found online, letting them replace the authoritative voice of a someone who could make those decisions. He had work again today, which he despised. Why did people spend so much time doing stuff like that when there was so things to play with? But it was what adults had to do, and for now he had to live as an adult.He opened he fridge. There were rows of sweets and pastries, along with peanut butter and different jams. There were also microwavable meals, as it was the only form of cooking he could do without causing a problem, and some... other things. Being an adult also meant he had to eat certain things, which he didn't like. This was something normally someone else should take care of, he thought, someone who knew better and could decide and make him do it... but he was there, so he had to make himself. He grimaced, grabbing a sweet pepper. "One vegetable with every meal," he reminded himself. He closed his nose, opened his mouth and ate it as quickly as he could. He followed it by drinking water from his tap as fast as he could. He then grabbed a piece of cake and ate it with his hands. He shuddered. Eating healthy was annoying.He went into his bedroom. It was large with baby blue walls and a crib that had detachable rails in case someone was visiting. He had hung pictures of video game and comic book characters on each wall, as he had learned adults had art, and most of the room was filled with piles of toys and old clothes. He opened his closet and struggled to ignore his preferred side, with he soft, cute clothing he preferred. Changes in fashion meant that he could sometimes wear one peice pajamas, and it seemed soon rompers would be acceptable. He loved it when things liked that happened. However, neither was appropriate for work. He began by laying out a fresh diaper, making sure it was plain white rather then printed. He poured a liberal amount of powder on it, taped it on, and got up. He then pulled a pair of boxers over it, covering the edge and ensuring a tear in his pants wouldn't be a disaster while muffling the crinkling sound. Next was an undershirt. He put on soft green pants and the required collared shirt, which was blue and striped with white. He found this worked the best- long shirt hung over his waistline, and the undershirt was tucked into his pants in case anything rode up.He then walked back into the bathroom. He sighed. He reached under the sink, and took out the make up.He began with small lines. Tiny changes, so that if it washed off no one would notice, but enough to make a difference. He had tried more drastic changes, but that had ended in disaster after a sudden rain storm. He put lines under his eyes, emphasizing cheekbones, and making his face seem narrower. He then took a comb to his unruly golden hair and used cream to hold it in place. The result was barely noticeable, but subtly added years to his perceived age.He scowled and stomped his foot. IT. WASN"T. FAIR. He hated doing it. Why couldn't he just got out normally? He pictured his face- cherubic was the right word. He could probably play Cupid if called upon, except he didn't know if Cupid would mind. He looked at his waiste, and angrily pulled up the pants which had slid down, revealing the top edge of his diaper despite all his efforts. He'd be dressed the part too. Why couldn't he just go out as is? He had to dress in all these bizarre clothes, doing everything he could to hide the rest of them, to change his face... He began to tear again.He breathed. Throwing temper tantrums wasn't a way to convince anyone he was mature, and the tears would rinse away the make up. People had already began to question things about him, which was never good. He knew he would have to move soon, which almost made him cry again. It was necessary, though. He had to keep moving, and to hide some things. It was one thing if people began to think he hadn't aged in ten years. It was another all together if they realized he hadn't aged in the last twelve thousand.
  24. We are a little shop that has grown pretty fast in the area and online and wanted to reach out to more locals and make sure you all know about us. After talking with many people we have come to realize that many don't have the luxery of experiencing premium diapers or able to get their hands on accessories that they have been wanting for awile. So we originally decided to buy some bulk and sell at just enough to help other out and also help our own needs but it quickly grew to larger orders and more requests for stuff we didn't have. So we took the jump and have got a lot of stuff here now. So if your into supporting small local business let us know what we can do for you. And if your not local we still ship all over the world. And even offer super obvious non discrete shipping for all you humiliation cravers or mommies and daddies sending packages to their little ones and want to have some fun. Here is a quick list of a few things we offer. abdl printed diapers plain premium diapers adult pacifiers pacifier clips silicone pocket bibs onsies chastity cages a few other adult items to Adult sized pacifier pals ( stuffed animals attached to pacifiers)
  25. Hey! I'm a female in Des Moines Iowa looking for some DL play. Anyone else going to be around for a bit?