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Found 12 results

  1. Teen Titans Go! Season 3 Episode 11, Grube's Fairytales is decently laden with diaper references. Robin, dressed as a renaissance bard, is mocked by Raven as wearing pantaloons. Starfire tauntingly remarks that she thought he was wearing a man diaper. Robin gets really irked, and throughout the episode it becomes a running gag to make fun of his appearance. Cyborg and Beast Boy chuckle later on, asking if he pees in his diaper, and Robin once again grows infuriated. At the conclusion of the episode, Beast Boy once again roasts Robin on wearing a man diaper, and all the fellow Titans laugh at him. Robin, done being angry, just sheds a pathetic tear. The wiki link for Grube's Fairytales is right here, click on it to see the episode, gallery, and transcript. http://teen-titans-go.wikia.com/wiki/Grube's_Fairytales. YouTube only has a clip of the episode, but it includes the first two instances (Starfire & Beast Boy/Cyborg) at 00:21 and 00:34, respectively. Bye
  2. I'm truly 42. But it's really true that inside I'm just a scared 15 year old. Always. When I'm 15, I need diapers cuz I have accidents. So what? That doesn't mean I'm a baby, like my sister always teases me. And...okay, I sometimes use my pacifier. Big whoop. It has a calming thing to it. Stop teasing me! By the way, I do not think you can hear or see that I'm wearing diapers when I'm wearing my basketball nylon pants. No way. Anyone else feel like that 24/7/365 like me?
  3. Daddy's baby boy *Private w Jmg1217*

    Daniel Lewis was an average 17 year old boy. It was just him, his mom and his new step dad. They moved to his step dad's house after his mother got married to him. Lucky for Daniel, his new house was still close to his school so he didn't have to move schools. Daniel's step dad, Jim was a very nice man. Always asked if he needed help with anything, gave him rides to school, and watched TV with him now and then. But after a month of living with the man, Jim seemed to baby him more after his mom got a job in the evenings. She worked from 4:30-11:30 pm at a store that was downtown.
  4. The new babysitter *private*

    Lucas Hunt was just 16 years old. Recently he's had an attitude with his parents and teachers. He was failing school as well. And he wasn't doing what he was told to do. It was bothering his parents and they wanted to go out to dinner, just them. But they didn't want to leave Lucas by himself, not trusting he wouldn't break anything etc. So they hired a babysitter. They interviewed her and really liked her. It was a Saturday after noon, his parents were going to have a date night and leave him with the babysitter. The babysitter was supposed to be here by 5 o clock. Lucas was waiting on the couch watching his favorite TV show, ridiculousness. He heard the doorbell ring and it was only 4:45 pm. He assumed it was his new babysitter. He thought it was ridiculous that his parents were leaving him with a babysitter when he was capable watching him self. He walked up to the door and opened. He opened it to see a girl who looked like she was in her 20's, she was holding a duffle like bag that was blue and had Ducky prints. "Come on in." Lucas says assuming she was the babysitter. He didn't even know her name yet and his parents actually trusted this stranger with him. (You don't have to reply with so many paragraphs, this is just how I choose to stay rps)
  5. Details: A teenager (Played by yours truly) gets babysat by a babysitter who finds out about his little obsession somehow. He takes a chance and gets babied. Hilarity ensues. My Character: Alex, age 14, a bit tall for his age, has a secret soft side, loves to be babied. His appearance is a brown-haired, short-haired pale boy with blue eyes. Babysitter: Name is your choice, age 19, average in height and weight, with brown hair that falls down to her shoulders and a front chunk dyed amethyst. She has hazel eyes. Sorry if this is so detailed, all details can be debated.
  6. New From Winnipeg

    Hey there. Just reaching out, looking to see what this site has to offer and perhaps the off-chance to bump into any interesting people that share my interests! I am 19 years old, male, currently waiting on College for Welding and I love Steam games, baseball, playing the violin and obviously, diapers. Just for a few things to know about me!
  7. Hey guys! Hopefully I'm posting this in the right section, If not please forgive me So I've been having this problem for almost 3 years now and its somewhat been bothering me recently. I am currently a senior in High School (only 19 more days till graduation ). I was Diagnosed with Dyslexia, and A.D.H.D as a child so schools been a crazy ride for me. Anyway I'm getting off topic here. Over the years I've developed this daily routine of mine, which is Go to School, Come Home, Masturbate, Shower, Then usually do some drawing in my sketchbook. The thing thats been bothering me is the whole masturbation thing, I cant go a day without not masturbating. I take 30mg of Adderall every morning for my anxiety and A.D.H.D and that seems to boost my sexual arousal. But if I don't take my medicine then its really difficult for me to pay attention in school. If anyone could give me some advice that would be awesome! Thanks
  8. Any diaper daddy's or moms in Ohio

    I live in westlake Ohio. Are there any daddy's out there close like in cleveland Ohio. I want to be babied. Id loved to be bondage in a diaper and be fully babied. If intrested kik me which my name on kik is teendareboy. Or email me which my email is [email protected]
  9. Any daddy's or mom mud in Ohio

    I live in westlake Ohio. Are there any daddy's out there close like in cleveland Ohio. I want to be babied. Id loved to be bondage in a diaper and be fully babied. If intrested kik me which my name on kik is teendareboy. Or email me which my email is [email protected]
  10. Name: Katie Stephens Age: 14 Personality: Smart and Popular, Quite head strong, Grades straight Cs Height: 5' 5" Build: Not out of shape but not Athletic either Katie is a smart but popular 14 year old teen she has her own group of friends she hangs out with, she is a fun loving non self obsessed non cheerleader type. She always makes the higher grades getting all C grades as her parents push her to do well in school. It was a normal Monday morning for Katie she was woken up by her alarm at 7am, showered, dressed and fed by 7:20 and out the door by 7:30am to catch the bus to school. Once she was out the door she hoped on the bus showed the driver her pass and took a seat by the window near the back. Arriving at school at 8:30 she found her friends waiting outside there form room, the school day started at 8:45 with the first lesson at 9am. It was Monday so first period was English.
  11. hey pre-warning I have never done made a post before. I feel alone. O.k basically this is just because, currently I started going though with dealing with realising how much I love diaper's and how much of a DL I am. Now this site has helped ALOT! Helping me realise I'm not the only one. HOWEVER so far I feel all diaper lovers lives miles away in america or some other country and the few times I have found people in my country they all lives really far away from me. Also I so far have only found a few males my age on this site. and I'm not asking to meet anyone or anything (not saying I'm against it) I kind of feel alienated away from people like me with my same flinging you know :/ sorry if this post scenes winey and shit just, its being kinda stance and awkward with these new feeling and things I'm getting (with not many people i trust to talk about it with)
  12. Im "New" Here

    hello everyone my name is pacifierlover77 why I say im "new" if because I've been on this site on and off since I was twelve which helped me understand that I wasn't a freak for always having diapers on my mind. since I turned 18 last september I finally decided today to offically join this unique website and wonderfull website. Alittle about me and my diaper history. I realized I liked diapers when I was 10 and found 20 bags of teen pull ups in a big chest in my parents basement. How they got there I did not know at the time but later I found that when my parents best friends moved they have a mentally handicapped son who had no control over his bladder. they where moving out to californa for advance treatments for him and since they were moving into a apartment they gave away many things to their friends and we got their giant coffee table. For some reason they left the diapers in there if they didn't fit anymore or if they where to busy moving to notice them missing. I spent about 2 years wearing them and loving them even if they leaked constantly however I felt guilty keeping a secret from my parents and decided to tell them and hoped they would accept it. Instead of accepting my unique interests they told me I was mentally ill and sent my to the family shrink for 2 years before I was able to fake I had no interest in them. I remember crying myself to sleep every night wondering why I was such a freak and on day I googled "why do I like adult diapers" and I ended up here finding out that I was not along in this interest and I have accepted it and grown to love my fetish ever since. Now that im 18 and have my first job I've been able to buy my own diapers when my parents went away to visit family after christmas. I got depends overnights but their junk...next month they are gonna be gone for a week and since then I have got a a debit account set up so I am hoping to be able to find some good diapers and other toys online while they are gone. but enough about my past let me tell you alittle about me. I feel like im a hybrid between dl and ab since I love onsies, pacifiers, and diapers ( I also really wana try out plastic pants since my depends I have leak) but I hate being treated like a baby. I've found out I have a very girly side where I love the color pink and I love cuddling but Im only interested in woman I have 0 interest in men. But I love fighting, hunting, sports and many manly things as well so I think I have a good balance between the two. can't wait to meet you all!