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Found 19 results

  1. Daniel Lewis was an average 17 year old boy. It was just him, his mom and his new step dad. They moved to his step dad's house after his mother got married to him. Lucky for Daniel, his new house was still close to his school so he didn't have to move schools. Daniel's step dad, Jim was a very nice man. Always asked if he needed help with anything, gave him rides to school, and watched TV with him now and then. But after a month of living with the man, Jim seemed to baby him more after his mom got a job in the evenings. She worked from 4:30-11:30 pm at a store that was downtown. Jim started calling him little boy every now and then, help him with things he didn't need help with like helping him in his seat, washing his hands. etc. Sometimes if he was on the couch watching TV, Jim would sit next him and pull Daniel on his lap and just hold him as if he were a small child. It kind of embarrassed Daniel if anything. He was a teen boy and hadn't been held like that since he was five. Daniel just hoped his step dad wouldn't do that to him if his friends were around. ..... Looking for someone to play Daniel's parents. I am playing Daniel. Would like someone who is good at detailed writing, who can write a 3-4 sentence response at least, who can write in 3rd person has decent spelling and uses punctuation. Pm me or reply below if interested. Any questions Pm me Thanks
  2. Teen Titans Go! Season 3 Episode 11, Grube's Fairytales is decently laden with diaper references. Robin, dressed as a renaissance bard, is mocked by Raven as wearing pantaloons. Starfire tauntingly remarks that she thought he was wearing a man diaper. Robin gets really irked, and throughout the episode it becomes a running gag to make fun of his appearance. Cyborg and Beast Boy chuckle later on, asking if he pees in his diaper, and Robin once again grows infuriated. At the conclusion of the episode, Beast Boy once again roasts Robin on wearing a man diaper, and all the fellow Titans laugh at him. Robin, done being angry, just sheds a pathetic tear. The wiki link for Grube's Fairytales is right here, click on it to see the episode, gallery, and transcript. http://teen-titans-go.wikia.com/wiki/Grube's_Fairytales. YouTube only has a clip of the episode, but it includes the first two instances (Starfire & Beast Boy/Cyborg) at 00:21 and 00:34, respectively. Bye
  3. (jeremy is a nineth grader and comes into his parent room and ask if they can change his pants.) mom, dad can i have my pants changed please
  4. Hi this is my first try at a story and English isn't my first language so bear with me Part 1 So not how he thought his first month of college would go. Almost 18 Tee just moved away from his parents to start Uni far away from home. Sitting anxiously on his new flats sofa waiting for his dad to return his mind started to drift back to his childhood memories. He has always been the perfect kid. Smart polite quiet top of his class loved by his teachers and peers. Every parents dream - well almost... 2 problems remained almost constant in his life or was it actually 1 ? Seemed like no matter how much he tried somehow having a healthy bowel regimen didn't seem to work for him. And neither did staying dry at night 365 nights a year. He was the eldest of 3 children his parents were well off as his father Chris was a quite successful singer, which also meant him being away from home for weeks at a time for work. His mom Patty worked mostly from home with 3 children at different ages was the most logical thing to do. He couldn't remember if there was ever a time in his life longer than a few months where he had no troubles with either wetting his bed or having regular bowel movements or more commonly both. He remembered as a toddler numerous suppositories given by his mom, who always seemed less patient with him than his dad. But most ordinary days only his mom was there to notice him hiding trying to avoid the urge to go potty. Things didn't get better as he grew older. As his mom had his siblings she seemed to have lesser and lesser patience to deal with her eldest and probably most anxious child's issues . He was seen by numerous doctors who either offered only temporary solutions or just said he will grow out of it. Now he started to wonder if he ever will. He thought back to the family summer vacation when he was 12 or 13. His dad been away for a few weeks when his wetting started up again . His sister was just being potty trained and he remembered his mom muttering under her breath that she once again got 2 kids in diapers at night but maybe by the end of the summer it would only be 1. Him. As rules went, his problems were only known by his parents and most rules were made by his mom since she was the 1 home most of the time. When he was little the rules were getting diapered ( either by mom or dad ) and not being allowed to take off the diaper without 1 of them. As he grew older his dad bought goodnites for him which made his life so much easier. He still had a rubber sheet to protect the bed but now he could change his own pullup and didn't require his parents to change him. Normally there were no punishments for wetting his bed. He was allowed to sleep without a pullup if he was dry for 4 nights in a row. If he wet the bed he was required to take off his sheets pjs and put them in the laundry, letting his mom know what happened during the night. Usually after a few wet sheets he had to start wearing the pull-ups again. That summer however he decided to try to hide the fact that he was having nighttime accidents again. It turned out to be a big mistake. His mom found out as of course she did what mom wouldn't . Though until that day when he came home to find his mom in the middle of the living room waiting for him he never got punished for wetting his bed.
  5. I'm truly 42. But it's really true that inside I'm just a scared 15 year old. Always. When I'm 15, I need diapers cuz I have accidents. So what? That doesn't mean I'm a baby, like my sister always teases me. And...okay, I sometimes use my pacifier. Big whoop. It has a calming thing to it. Stop teasing me! By the way, I do not think you can hear or see that I'm wearing diapers when I'm wearing my basketball nylon pants. No way. Anyone else feel like that 24/7/365 like me?
  6. Lucas Hunt was just 16 years old. Recently he's had an attitude with his parents and teachers. He was failing school as well. And he wasn't doing what he was told to do. It was bothering his parents and they wanted to go out to dinner, just them. But they didn't want to leave Lucas by himself, not trusting he wouldn't break anything etc. So they hired a babysitter. They interviewed her and really liked her. It was a Saturday after noon, his parents were going to have a date night and leave him with the babysitter. The babysitter was supposed to be here by 5 o clock. Lucas was waiting on the couch watching his favorite TV show, ridiculousness. He heard the doorbell ring and it was only 4:45 pm. He assumed it was his new babysitter. He thought it was ridiculous that his parents were leaving him with a babysitter when he was capable watching him self. He walked up to the door and opened. He opened it to see a girl who looked like she was in her 20's, she was holding a duffle like bag that was blue and had Ducky prints. "Come on in." Lucas says assuming she was the babysitter. He didn't even know her name yet and his parents actually trusted this stranger with him. (You don't have to reply with so many paragraphs, this is just how I choose to stay rps)
  7. Details: A teenager (Played by yours truly) gets babysat by a babysitter who finds out about his little obsession somehow. He takes a chance and gets babied. Hilarity ensues. My Character: Alex, age 14, a bit tall for his age, has a secret soft side, loves to be babied. His appearance is a brown-haired, short-haired pale boy with blue eyes. Babysitter: Name is your choice, age 19, average in height and weight, with brown hair that falls down to her shoulders and a front chunk dyed amethyst. She has hazel eyes. Sorry if this is so detailed, all details can be debated.
  8. Hey there. Just reaching out, looking to see what this site has to offer and perhaps the off-chance to bump into any interesting people that share my interests! I am 19 years old, male, currently waiting on College for Welding and I love Steam games, baseball, playing the violin and obviously, diapers. Just for a few things to know about me!
  9. Name: Katie Stephens Age: 14 Personality: Smart and Popular, Quite head strong, Grades straight Cs Height: 5' 5" Build: Not out of shape but not Athletic either Katie is a smart but popular 14 year old teen she has her own group of friends she hangs out with, she is a fun loving non self obsessed non cheerleader type. She always makes the higher grades getting all C grades as her parents push her to do well in school. It was a normal Monday morning for Katie she was woken up by her alarm at 7am, showered, dressed and fed by 7:20 and out the door by 7:30am to catch the bus to school. Once she was out the door she hoped on the bus showed the driver her pass and took a seat by the window near the back. Arriving at school at 8:30 she found her friends waiting outside there form room, the school day started at 8:45 with the first lesson at 9am. It was Monday so first period was English.
  10. Hey guys. It's getting around that time of scary stories, and it's been a while since I've written a story, so I figured I'd give it a try again. If this story interests anyone, I'll keep going. I'd rate this story PG, since it's not heavy with graphic descriptions, but it does include diaper wetting. - - - Note from the Writer: This story follows Casey, a 12 year old boy who wears diapers and experiences a bizarre phenomena while at a family reunion. Chapter 1: Reunion It was the most cliched weekend I’ve ever spent in horror. It was the weekend in October 1996 that really made me question my family’s sanity. I remember parts of it clearly, and others not so much, but it really was terrifying experience. To put it simply, my family, consisting of my mom, Uncle Dave’s family, Grandma, and my Aunt Cassie’s family, coming together in Illinois. It was gonna be simple; meet up for the weekend, hang out, and then leave on Monday. That didn’t seem to be a simple plan, so instead, we ended up having a terrifying adventure… My story begins on October 10, 1996, a Thursday. My mom had been packing furiously, getting ready for the weekend ahead. She took off Friday from work, and also had Monday off, for the drive back home. I made sure to have my Gameboy and Walkman and batteries, but mom wanted me to make sure I had all my clothes in a suitcase, and extras, for some reason. “Did you remember to grab the box of Pampers and a pack of Attends?” I remember she asked in the garage. “Yes, mom, I have everything.” I replied, wanting to get going. “And did you change for the road?” she added. “Yes, I did everything, I’m ready to go.” I insisted. “Okay, because it’s a 5 hour drive to Illinois. We’re not stopping, so you better have a fresh diaper on.” She seemed to add passively. “I’m good, are you ready?” I asked. “I’m all ready to go, and if you are, we’re getting this car on the road.” she said, and with that, we left our house. Dad didn’t want to go. Something about “Maggie getting on his ass about smoking”. Dad didn’t seem to like my mom’s side of the family, and my mom didn’t really care too much about them too, but with Grandma getting to an older age, she wanted to stay in the will, so whenever we have a family reunion, she drags me along with her. The drive was long, although, I couldn’t really tell you how long it was, since I slept nearly the entire way. I do remember waking up, having to use the bathroom, but before I could even think, I started to go. I brushed it off anyways, and went back to sleep. At 12 years old, one would’ve thought I’d be potty-trained by then. I never wanted to use the toilet as a kid, and around 6-years old, my parents gave up to my desire. It became my responsibility to clean-up after myself, and keep my diapers on the down-low. My parents were grateful that I usually only use my diaper to pee, but every once in a while I’ll mess in it as well, especially if I’m by myself. When my parents gave me the responsibility of wearing diapers, my entire family had to know, but they at least kept my hygiene practices private. I felt the car come to a halt, and my mom unbuckled. I woke up, and unbuckled as well, getting out of the car into an empty parking lot at a motel. “Is this where we’re staying?” I asked my mom, looking at the worn down motel. 7, the door closest to our car read, while the door next to it said 116, implying the two digits before the 7 had been torn off. “I hope not” she said, looking around for my uncle. Sure as I turned around, Dave in his truck, came speeding up before my mom, slamming on the brakes before he hit my mom’s car, making her jump. “Ha! Scared you, didn’t I!” He shouted, in his usual way. “Dave! You scared the crap out of me! What were you thinking?” My mom practically shouted. “I just wanted to make an entrance!” He said, then turning to me, “Hey, Casey! What’s up, little man!” he asked. “Not much, really.” I meagerly said. “Ah, dude, you’ve got bed-head. I hope you’re not tired, because we’re planning to party tonight.” He said, half-laughing. I chuckled. My mom walked up to Dave and hugged him, and he turned around to his wife, Brenda, who by this time had gotten out of the truck, and she hugged my mom as well. “So… are we really staying here?” My mom asked. “I sure hope not, Steve set us up with the place, but I don’t think he knew what it looked like.” Brenda said. “Yeah, because if we’re really staying here, I’m taking Casey and I back home.” My mom insisted. Dave laughed, “Don’t worry, Pam, I’m sure we’ll find another place.” Dave said. As he finished his sentence, Aunt Cassie and Uncle Steve drove up in their Ford Taurus. Cassie got out, and practically ran over to us. “Dave! Pam! It’s so glad to see you! How have you been?” she asked, as she hugged mom and Dave. The there of them began talking, with Brenda joining in here and there. I was more concerned about finding a place to change since my diaper was now sagging against my jeans. Steve awkwardly stood by his car, looking at a variety of maps, wondering if he found the right place. I could see my cousin, Alvin, in the back, sleeping away in his car seat, even though he was 9 now. “Steve said this is the place.” I overheard Cassie say. “Are you sure?” my mom asked. “Kinda. this is the place he rented, but after seeing it in person, I think we’ll look for another.” She said, now looking over at Steve. Steve glanced up, and walked in the direction of Cassie, before they started talking together. Mom and Dave continued talking. I kinda phased out. “Hey mom, I’m gonna go into the main office.” I said. “You need to change?” She asked. “Mooommm!” I said, turning around out of embarrassment. I opened the passenger door and grabbed my backpack, which had my diapers in it. I shut the door, and walked over to the office across the parking lot. When I left I heard my mom and Dave talking about my diapers. “… oh yeah, that’s no problem. Stephen’s been having problems with bedwetting, but he grew out of it, now we’re dealing with grades and school…” Dave continued on. He’s always been my favorite uncle. Inside the office, the place looked even worse. I distinctly remember the wallpaper peeling off the walls, and the man at the front desk, in hindsight, looked like he’s been smoking for decades. “Are you apart of a party?” he asked, as I grabbed the handle of the bathroom. “Yeah, we’re in 117.” I said, guessing our room number. “117… 117… Oh! The Ostrom family?” he asked. “Yes.” I replied. “Okay, go ahead.” he said, before going back to the crossword puzzle. The bathroom looked worse than a McDonald’s and it stunk terribly. I nearly vomited at the sheer smell, plus the light was so dim and flickery, I couldn’t change there, so I walked out. Back by the cars, I walked up to my mom, who was now next to Brenda, while Cassie, Steve and Dave were looking for a new place to stay. I grabbed my mom’s arm, pulled her to the side, and whispered. “I couldn’t change in there, can I change at McDonald’s?” I told my mom. “Sure, honey. Was it too gross?” She asked. “This place is bad.” I said. She laughed and went back to talking with Brenda. I sat and waited in the car for another 10 minutes, before I heard them wrap up their conversation. “Alright, see you there in a few.” my mom added before she closed the door. “So what’s going on?” I asked. “We’re going to McDonald’s so you can change, and I can get a bite to eat, then, we’re staying at a cabin about 30 miles south of here. Dave and Steve are staying to cancel the reservations, then they’ll meet us there.” She said, before she turned on the car, and we left. McDonald’s wasn’t a very good place to change. I walked in, took off my backpack, pulled down my pants, and untaped my diaper. It had sagged beyond belief, but it felt nice to get some air down there. In the midst of me taking a new Pampers out of my backpack, some random guy came in, and started throwing up in the next stall over. I hurriedly unfolded the diaper, put it under me, and taped it back up before I left. “Feel better now?” my mom asked. “Much better.” I admitted. - - -
  11. Paige’s Journey Chapter One “And so, with that in mind, I want you to show the biological journey your body has made from your birth to your age right now, 14, or 15 for you early year babies.†Said the aging 10th Grade Biology teacher, Mrs. Grobins. The shrill of a cheap bell woke up our protagonist, 14 year’s old, green eyes, brown hair Paige Summers. She wasn’t sleeping, but rather day dreaming, however she was still listening to her teacher. “Okay then, that concludes out lesson for today. Due Monday, enjoy your weekend everyone!†The elderly teacher yelled out as she bustled through the classroom door, seconds ahead of several students. Paige absently packed up her belongings, still thinking about her daydream of the delicious lunch she had packed for herself. She quickly joined the ranks of teenagers crowding around the single classroom door, clearly a fire hazard but hey, what are you going to do. After breaking out into the clean air, Paige made a beeline or her regular lunch spot, a nice grassy knoll. “Hey! Paige! What did you pack us for lunch?†Yelled her best friend, Holly, when she saw her. “Leftover ravioli and garlic bread. Yummy!†Paige exclaimed, dropping down next to Holly and opening her bag. Grabbing two forks and a large container, she popped the lid and handed a fork to Holly. Before she could dig in, something caught her attention from the corner of her eye. Looking over, she saw three boys crowding around a girl, jeering and laughing. The girl was Brianna, a timid shy girl, fond of sucking her thumb, even in High School, and easy to come to tears. “Hey Baby Bri! What’s up!†Called Josh, the ringleader of the boys. “Leave me alone please.†She said, timidly, close to tears. “No, no, no!†He said laughing. “Look what we bought you, little baby!†His buddy opened his backpack and drew out a plastic bag. Josh, laughing like a maniac, drew out a package from the bag and threw it at Brianna. Brianna tried to catch the package on the way down, but she couldn’t grip it, instead she ripped it, allowing its contents to spill all over the ground. A dozen or so rectangular, white objects fell to the ground. It took Paige a second to realise they were baby nappies. Paige stared at them in shock, completely ignoring Brianna and the boys. Paige was enthralled by the little white baby items. And she couldn’t work out why. As a 14 year old, she shouldn’t be interested, at all, by nappies. But she couldn’t take her eyes of them. Paige was broken out of her enchantment by a clear bump on her shoulder. She turned to see Holly nudging her, holding out the container of lunch. “Uh…No, I’m good.†She said, putting her fork away and indicating Holly should eat the rest. “You don’t want any lunch, which you brought?†Holly asked, astounded. “Nope…Uh…All…All yours!†Paige said, distractedly trying not to look at the nappies, at the same time wishing she could. “Whoa what is all this?†An authoritarian voice called out. Paige looked over to see one of her teachers looking at the nappies spilled all over the floor. She took off her sunglasses and nudged one with her foot before looking at everyone in the immediate vicinity. Unfortunately Josh and his friends were long gone, as was Bri. “Alright, can someone please clean this up, I think I know who did this, but it still needs to be tidied.†She said. Unfortunately, the bell rang a mere second after she said that, so in a flash, possibly a record, students began clearing out of there, including Holly. Paige, in a sudden and enthralled motion, raised her hand and stood up. “Oh, I will do it. It’s…Uh…not a problem!†Paige said, grabbing her backpack. “Thanks Paige!†Her teacher smiled. “Just put them in the bin, I will make sure I let your next teacher know your going to be a minute or so late. Enjoy your weekend!†Nodding, Paige slowly bent down and picked the small, plastic items off the ground, sliding them back into the packet. She had them all picked up, and checked to make sure he was all alone, before studying them intently. Babylove Junior Nappies 20 pack the package said. The nappies themselves were mostly plain white, except for the purple “Babylove nappies†printed everywhere, including on the front plastic panel, featuring all kinds of baby animals, in nappies themselves. Sighing and walking over the bin, Paige struggled with what she was feeling. She was about to drop the package in when something stopped her. She couldn’t do it. For whatever reason, she could not throw away these nappies. In a moment she would later reflect on as crazy and stupid, she dropped her backpack and unzipped it. Rearranging it’s contents, Paige pushed the package of nappies into the bag, smushing it where she could to make it fit. Luckily, she fit the whole package in and managed to zip it shut. Taking a deep breath, she stood up and started walking to class, thoughts of her own insanity swirling through her head. *Back home, several hours later* “And so Nefertiti used her great influence to…Influence…her…um…damn…†Paige groaned and deleted the last few words of her assignment. She placed her head in her hands and stifled a scream. This assignment was driving her nuts, she loved History, but it could be boring as hell. And she still had to do her Biology! Biology… She thought. Her heart rate quickened, she felt flushed with embarrassment and something else she couldn’t explain. She lifted her head and let her eyes wander to her backpack, sitting on the floor by her bed. With a sharp intake of breath, and acting on unexplainable emotion, she stood up and crossed the room to her bed, where she kneeled down in front of her pack. She put her fingers on the zip but hesitated. Her head told her that what she had done at school was stupid. If someone had seen her, she never would have seen the end of the teasing, and the questions. Plus she wasn’t a baby, she didn’t wear nappies. She shouldn’t wear nappies. But something was drawing her to it. She slowly unzipped the bag, watching the teeth of the zipper pull apart, slowly revealing the inside of the backpack. She let the bag fall to the ground, nappies spilling out everywhere. She picked one up and held it between her thumb and forefinger. She felt the plastic tape at the front, felt the softness of the cloth backing and could smell the slight scent of baby powder. Paige unfolded the nappy, watching one half flop open. She opened up the sides, observing the tapes with utter fascination. Her reflection in the mirror caught Paige’s eye and she turned to look at it. She saw a 14 year old girl, kneeling on the floor, holding a baby nappy. For a second she felt a weird mix of emotions but very quickly, disgust took over. Scoffing in disgust and reflecting on how pathetic she was, Paige quickly gathered up the nappies and stuffed them in the bag. Knowing her mother was still at work; Paige confidently stomped out of her room, down the hallway and turned the doorknob on the front door. Concerned of her neighbours and the kids in the street, Paige sprinted out the door and to the side of her house, where her bins sat. Opening the garbage bin, Paige prepared to throw the package into the bin, hesitating only briefly, before deftly throwing them in. Sighing, she closed the lid and stalked back inside, and continued to do her homework. ***** Paige awoke with a start, her eyes wrenching open at the loud crash that could be heard from outside. She felt confused momentarily, as everyone does moments after waking up, but realised she was safe in her room very quickly. She had been having a nice dream, something about her being safe and secure and protected. When she had shaken the momentary post wake up confusion, Paige suddenly felt odd. It took her a moment to realise that she had her blankets wrapped securely through her legs. She felt at peace, even when she realised why. The blanket mimicked the way she imagined a nappy would feel like. Another crash sounded from outside and it suddenly occurred to Paige what that noise was. It was the garbage truck, come to collect the week’s garbage. Paige’s heart skipped a beat when she remembered what she had thrown in the garbage yesterday. Feeling secure with the nappy mimicking blanket between her legs and remembering the emotions she felt when she picked up the nappies, Paige realised she had made a mistake. Throwing her blanket off and shooting out of bed like a bullet, Paige tore open her bedroom door followed by the front door. The garbage truck was right outside of her house, so Paige started waving her hands frantically. The garbage man must have seen because the truck suddenly turned off and the door opened. A portly man ell out of the truck and approached her, confused. “What’s the matter, miss?†He said, the stench of cheap coffee permeating the air. “I…uh…threw something out…by accident! I need to get it!†She stammered. “Please!†The garbage man sighed and beckoned to her to follow him. She was right behind him when he flipped open the garbage bin lid. She immediately peered over the top, spotting the package of babylove nappies sitting right on top. Paige grabbed the nappies out and hugged them to her chest. “Nappies?†He said, disbelieving. “What are you some kind of bedwetter?†“I..umm…I…I†She stammered again, shaking slightly. “Whatever…†He said. “Next time, be more careful!†He turned and climbed into his truck, turning the engine and lowering the claws. Reflecting on how close she was to losing something she felt would be safe and comfy, and how weird her first teenage nappy interaction was with another person, Paige shuddered and ran inside. Before her mum could see wake up and ask what she was doing, Paige ran into her room, throwing the package of nappies on her bed and just looked at them. As the sun finished cresting on a beautiful Saturday morning, Paige smiled.
  12. looking for people in nothwest suburbs to play with
  13. Hey guys! Hopefully I'm posting this in the right section, If not please forgive me So I've been having this problem for almost 3 years now and its somewhat been bothering me recently. I am currently a senior in High School (only 19 more days till graduation ). I was Diagnosed with Dyslexia, and A.D.H.D as a child so schools been a crazy ride for me. Anyway I'm getting off topic here. Over the years I've developed this daily routine of mine, which is Go to School, Come Home, Masturbate, Shower, Then usually do some drawing in my sketchbook. The thing thats been bothering me is the whole masturbation thing, I cant go a day without not masturbating. I take 30mg of Adderall every morning for my anxiety and A.D.H.D and that seems to boost my sexual arousal. But if I don't take my medicine then its really difficult for me to pay attention in school. If anyone could give me some advice that would be awesome! Thanks
  14. "Get out of bed Victoria!" My sister yelled as she pummelled me with her pillow. "The alarm didn't go off, school starts in like 20 minutes!" I shot up. "Whats wrong with you Chris! You must have set it wrong!" I groaned at her. "I swear I did it right, I think its broken." She replied. I sighed and stretched. "Get out of my room, I need to get changed." I commanded her. She rolled her eyes and strode out, hips swaying like some diva. I stepped over and shut the door since she had so politely forgotten. I looked into my mirror and saw that my beach blonde hair was a total mess, strewn everywhere. I took off my underwear and went into my washroom to shower, hoping Chris and my dad hadn't already taken all the hot water. I was pleased to find it steamy and warm. I brushed my hair down with my fingers as the water poured over my fair skinned body. I looked at myself and was happy with my brown tan. The Californian sun had done its work on me over the summer and I had developed an excellent beach body. I was good looking, but I had some good competition, namely my twin sister. We looked almost alike but she had jet black hair, and according to her a better butt. When she said that I always called her a teenage skank, but I knew she was mostly right. Her body had gorgeous curves. I finished shampooing my hair and quickly finished the rest of my shower, rushing to get to school on time. I stepped out into my room (full nude) only to again run into my sister. "Chris! What are you doing!" I yelled at her as I rushed to cover myself with my towel. Her room was in the basement but I swear she spent more time up in mine. "Dads wondering if you can drive to school today." She asked with a hint of dissapointment. We were both 17 but I was the only one with a drivers liscense. Chris had ADD, which often made her extremely exciteable. My dad told her she could try to learn to drive if she wanted but she had decided not to risk it. She often had nervous breakdowns where she would freak out and lose muscle control, which often lead to me being responsible for her. I didn't mind, but it certainly could be a burden sometimes. "Sure, sure." I replied, "Why can't he?" "Fred's picking him up later to go to motocross." I dropped my towel and sat on my bed, naked. Fred was my dads best friend, and they both often went to offroading events. This, however, far too often led to poor situations. I love my dad and all, but sometimes he could make some horrible decisions. "Hes just gonna go out and come home drunk again." I sighed. Chris put her hand on my head, but then told me that we should probably get going. She layed on my bed and texted while I finished getting dressed. Chris was wearing short jean shorts an oversized white shirt. I was going to wear something similar, but I thought it might be awkward if we went to school in matching outfits. Instead I put on a short yellow sun dress. "That dress is cute. Let me do your hair while you do makeup." Chris said, looking away from her phone. "I don't know if we have enough time..." I started to tell her, but she was already at work on my long yellow hair. I sighed and let her work while I put on eye shadow. Chris fussed around with my head, and when I tried to look in a mirror she pushed my arm away. "Wait up I'm almost done." She complained. "Dude, we need to leave like, now!" "Okay fine, done." She handed me the mirror. I raised my eyebrows, slightly surprised. My hair actually looked really good. She had put it in a style similar to her own, with most of the hair brushed to one side and hanging just above my eye. "Wow, how did you get it so good so fast." I gawked. "I'm practically a professional." She stated. "Now lets get going you beaut." I grabbed my bag and we headed towards the entryway. My dad was just walking out of the kitchen eating a bowl of cereal. "You girls both look great today." He told us when he saw us coming. "Vic, the keys are on the table." I went to grab them. "Dad don't get too crazy today." I said worriedly. He shook his head at me. "I'll only be out with Fred for a few hours at most. Don't worry, I'll be back well before supper." I looked at him questioningly, but then we said bye and headed out. "I'm sure he'll be fine." Chris reassured. But I wasn't so positive. I unlocked our blue Ford and we hurried off to make it on time. We ended up getting there a couple minutes late. Me and Chris both rushed off the our first classes. Grade 11 was tough, and I couldn't afford to miss much school. In the morning I had Chemistry and History, both of which went by slow and boring. At lunch I met up with Chris and my other friends. We sat at our usual table to eat. "History is so boring this semester!" I griped. "I'm sure we'll make up for it in drama." Said Matthew, who was in my drama class. Matt was 5'4, an inch shorter than me, and really artistic. He was pretty muscular and extremely outgoing. He was often the craziest one in our group, along with his longtime best friend Paul. Paul was an athletic football player who looked like the polar opposite of Matt, but they couldn't have been closer. "Hey, what exactly are we doing for Halloween?" Chris asked. I had totally forgot that Halloween was merely 3 days off. "Aw man," I exclaimed, "I don't even have a costume yet." "Yeah me neither." Jessie chimed in. Jessie had been good friends with me and Chris since Elementary school. She was a short and feisty blonde haired girl who had a quiet personality but didn't take crap from anybody. "I'm going as a football player." Paul said smugly and we all laughed. He went as a football player every Halloween. "We can all hang out at my place on Halloween," Said Jay, who hung out with us along with his girlfriend Lindsay, "But first it sounds like we need to do some costume shopping since only Paul actually has one." "Heres a thought." Said Matt with a smile. "What if we all choose costumes for each other to wear?" "How will that work?" Lindsay asked. "Each of us gets to choose for one other." "I call Lindsay." Said Jay with a perverted grin. We all groaned. "We should draw randomly." I suggested. Everyone agreed that this was fair. Even Paul decided to ditch his usual outfit and join the game. Matt pulled out a piece of paper, then tore it into seven sections and wrote our names on each of them. Jay took off his hat and the names were tossed in randomly. "Call first!" Paul cried as he put his hand in and withdrew a slip of paper. He grinned devilishly as he revealed the name. "Jay!" He said happily. Jay frowned and told him he'd better not choose something ridiculous. Jay then took his turn, and pulled it out with an even bigger smile than Paul. "Liiiindsaay!" He called out gleefully. Lindsay gave him a look, knowing he'd probably be putting her in some skimpy outfit. Since she'd been called, Lindsay went next. "Jessica!" Jessie reached in and drew. "Haha! Gotcha Chris!" Chris then took her turn. I crossed my fingers that it would be her that got me because then I might actually get some say in what I wore. "I got Paul!" She informed us. Me and Matt looked at each other. "Soo..." I started. "I guess we got each other!" Matt finished. I played it cool but secretly I was sort of excited. I had been kind of into Matt for awhile but I hadn't flirted with him much at all. I was sort of nervous because I didn't want to wreck our great friendship. Right as we finished the lunch bell rang and Jay took his hat back. We all got up and Matthew and I headed off to drama class. "My lady." He said as he offered me his arm. I giggled but accepted it and we walked off arm in arm. I tried to conceal my excitement. We reached class and sat beside each other in the middle of the class. The teacher was late, as he always seemed to be. "So Miss Victoria." Matt began. "Any thoughts towards costume selections?" "Uhm.. Not yet really. How about you?" "How about if we go in matching outfits." He suggested. My heart skipped. "That way neither of us has to wear something horrible." "I suppose that sounds fair." I decided. "Alright, tell me if you come up with anything." With that our teacher finally entered the room. "Greetings peoples." He announced. "Today we will be acting improv. I need two of you to be a paint salesman and a goat herder. Hands please." None were raised. "Come on children!" He continued. "Why are you in drama if you are so afraid of the grand stage! You might as well all go as babies for Halloween." Matt gave me a goofy grin and I hoped he hadn't taken that suggestion seriously. Our drama teacher continued to rant. Later in the class we started a partner excersise and I paired up with Matt. We went to our usual backstage spot on the beanbag chair. He got on the chair first, and when I tried to sit I kind of fell and ended up half on his lap. I was going to move but he casually rested his hand on my knee, so I stayed frozen in my position. "What if I made you wear a baby costume?" He asked. I frowned at him. "Then I'd probably make you wear something horrible." I told him. He laughed. "Come on Vic, what's the worst thing you can think of making me go as?" He challenged. I thought for a moment. "How about a ballet dancer? You've got the hips for it." I teased. I was in dance along with Lindsay, so he knew I could easily get him a real leotard and tights. "I dare you." He replied with a mischevious grin. "I'd probably rock that outfit anyways." He struck a lame ballet pose that made me laugh. "What if I made you dress as a baby as well?" I offered. "I probably wouldn't wear it as well as you, and I'd probably never hear the end of it from Paul." "I wonder what Chris will dress him as?" I giggled. "I don't know, but make sure that it's equally as embarassing as mine! I don't want to be the brunt of all jokes." "Okay I'll make sure Chris picks something awful." I assured him. "But then don't think that you're getting off easy!" "Same goes for you!" He shot back, then laughed. "Man, I think this will be interesting." Interesting was an understatement. More to come!
  15. I live in westlake Ohio. Are there any daddy's out there close like in cleveland Ohio. I want to be babied. Id loved to be bondage in a diaper and be fully babied. If intrested kik me which my name on kik is teendareboy. Or email me which my email is [email protected]
  16. I live in westlake Ohio. Are there any daddy's out there close like in cleveland Ohio. I want to be babied. Id loved to be bondage in a diaper and be fully babied. If intrested kik me which my name on kik is teendareboy. Or email me which my email is [email protected]
  17. hey pre-warning I have never done made a post before. I feel alone. O.k basically this is just because, currently I started going though with dealing with realising how much I love diaper's and how much of a DL I am. Now this site has helped ALOT! Helping me realise I'm not the only one. HOWEVER so far I feel all diaper lovers lives miles away in america or some other country and the few times I have found people in my country they all lives really far away from me. Also I so far have only found a few males my age on this site. and I'm not asking to meet anyone or anything (not saying I'm against it) I kind of feel alienated away from people like me with my same flinging you know :/ sorry if this post scenes winey and shit just, its being kinda stance and awkward with these new feeling and things I'm getting (with not many people i trust to talk about it with)
  18. This is the story of a leap year baby called Ashley, who lives with her two mums, Lois and Brenda (they are gay). Ashley Ramone-Prosser was a leap year baby, she celebrated her birthday every non leap year on the 28th February but in her mothers’ eyes, she only aged every four years. She did, although, attend an ordinary comprehensive school in a year group of others aged 14-15, her few friends were actually her (real) age. Technically speaking she was due to celebrate her fifteenth birthday, but if you looked at her you would not believe it. She was a bit small for her age anyway, about the same size as her eight year old cousin, but she would still look perfectly normal if her mums didn't insist on her ‘looking her age’. She was always dressed in the most childish clothes as possible, dungarees, bibbed shorts, sundresses and anything with a cartoon character on it. At night she wore Primark footed pyjamas and in the summer she wore some babygros that her one of her mums had managed to find in her size on the internet. Her room was decorated the way a little girl's room would be, complete with Disney Princess. She did have things that a normal teenager would have though, she had her own laptop and mobile phone, she had a TV/DVD combo in her room and she had things like movies and books, these were all seriously restricted. The worst part was her mothers’ insistence on her wearing nappies 24/7, although Ashley had tried to explain to them many times that most three-year-olds were actually toilet trained but they just told her that she would be toilet trained when she turned five (20). “I’ll have moved out by then!†she had snapped irritably “And you won’t be able to stop me, no matter how old you think I am!†Ashley lived in Cardiff with her two mothers, they were gay, in a civil partnership. Being their only child, her mothers were overprotective of her, although they were extremely over the top about it. She called Lois 'Mum' and she called Brenda 'Mam', so people knew who she was talking about. Ashley woke up on her birthday to her mam gently shaking her awake, "Time to wake up babes," she said softly "you turn 3 3/4 today!" "No, I turn 15" said Ashley yawning. Ashley couldn't be arsed to complain when Brenda started to change her nappy and helped her into her school uniform. As she followed her downstairs, Lois was in the passage putting on her shoes, about to leave for work, she was a nurse at the Heath and Brenda was assistant manager at New Look. "Happy birthday Love," said Lois, pulling Ashley in for a cwtch "we'll celebrate later, I'll pick up a Chinese on my way home from work." She gave Ashley and Brenda a quick kiss before she left. After opening her presents, she found that she did not get the straighteners she wanted, instead she found Minnie Mouse pyjamas (two-piece ones, she was surprised she got something that she would actually like wearing), a Peppa Pig swimming costume (Ashley wondered where on earth they could have possibly found one in her size, she knew she was small, but not that small!), a fairy dress, a Baby Annabell doll, Hello Kitty footed pyjamas and a pink inflatable kiddie pool. She opened her card last; it had a Me to you bear holding a pink number 3, (“3/4 /15†was added to it with gold pen) when she opened it, five £20 notes fell into her lap. “That’s to get those straighteners you wanted, but don’t use them unless you’re supervised, you don’t want to burn yourself†said her mum “Come on baby, time for school†Ashley hated school. Not that people picked on her, most people thought that she had some medical problems; she supposed that she preferred this than getting bullied. No one would dare try to get on her bad side anyway, she may look like a sweet little girl, but she was tougher than most of the “hard†kids at her school. She didn’t care a lot that she didn’t have many friends as she hated nearly everyone, mostly because she was jealous of their normal underwear, their teenage clothes and their developed bodies (she had a chest that made her look like a boy). Ashley had a lot in common with her best friend, Margot; she was quite small herself and she was also a bedwetter, so she wore Drynites to bed, she was the only one who knew about this and Margot was the only one who knew how over the top her mums were. Their other two friends, Lisa and Emily, Didn’t know anything about that stuff; they never hung out outside school. Ashley got out of her Mam’s car at the school gate, she waved goodbye as she drove off. Spotting her friends, she started to walk up to them, failing to stop the wind blowing up her pleated school skirt and showing of her pink plastic baby knickers. To be continued.
  19. hello everyone my name is pacifierlover77 why I say im "new" if because I've been on this site on and off since I was twelve which helped me understand that I wasn't a freak for always having diapers on my mind. since I turned 18 last september I finally decided today to offically join this unique website and wonderfull website. Alittle about me and my diaper history. I realized I liked diapers when I was 10 and found 20 bags of teen pull ups in a big chest in my parents basement. How they got there I did not know at the time but later I found that when my parents best friends moved they have a mentally handicapped son who had no control over his bladder. they where moving out to californa for advance treatments for him and since they were moving into a apartment they gave away many things to their friends and we got their giant coffee table. For some reason they left the diapers in there if they didn't fit anymore or if they where to busy moving to notice them missing. I spent about 2 years wearing them and loving them even if they leaked constantly however I felt guilty keeping a secret from my parents and decided to tell them and hoped they would accept it. Instead of accepting my unique interests they told me I was mentally ill and sent my to the family shrink for 2 years before I was able to fake I had no interest in them. I remember crying myself to sleep every night wondering why I was such a freak and on day I googled "why do I like adult diapers" and I ended up here finding out that I was not along in this interest and I have accepted it and grown to love my fetish ever since. Now that im 18 and have my first job I've been able to buy my own diapers when my parents went away to visit family after christmas. I got depends overnights but their junk...next month they are gonna be gone for a week and since then I have got a a debit account set up so I am hoping to be able to find some good diapers and other toys online while they are gone. but enough about my past let me tell you alittle about me. I feel like im a hybrid between dl and ab since I love onsies, pacifiers, and diapers ( I also really wana try out plastic pants since my depends I have leak) but I hate being treated like a baby. I've found out I have a very girly side where I love the color pink and I love cuddling but Im only interested in woman I have 0 interest in men. But I love fighting, hunting, sports and many manly things as well so I think I have a good balance between the two. can't wait to meet you all!