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  1. Has anyone ever met a real DL?

    0.0 what is going on in this thread? Anyways, I've met many DLs. They're super cool. Super normal. Not really much else to say. They like wearing diapers, so do I. So... I guess we just wear diapers beneath layers, then go out and do stuff. Not much different than hanging with friends. Just no bathroom breaks. Usually we have a hobby in common that we discuss.
  2. It's so sweet to hear her say such nice things about Eric Andre (her boyfriend). His TV show makes him look like a mentally unstable person, and sometimes he can be a bit of a nut, but then you hear her say things like this, and it's comforting. I figured he was a super nice guy outside of his TV show.
  3. So, I guess I used the term wrong, and now I'm a bit confused about what "diaper dimension" stories are? I thought they were stories, where wearing diapers were mainstream; sort of an alternate universe? Clearly, I'm wrong, something to do with the amazon? lol
  4. If wearing diapers became a fad

    I'd hate it. I'd go against the mainstream, despising the norm of wearing diapers, but secretly enjoy it myself. I'd also call myself a hipster for wanting to wear diapers before everyone else. "Pssh, I was wearing diapers long before it was cool."
  5. Cartoons?

    Grew up on cable. Nickelodeon was prominent in my family. Disney was too 'girly' and kid-ish for me. Cartoon Network was a treat growing up, since only my mom had it, as she had comcast, while my Dad only had cable, until around 2009. I grew up on shows like Angry Beavers, Fairly Odd Parents, Cat-Dog, Rocko's Modern Life, Hey Arnold. They heydays of Nicktoons in the late 90s, early 2000s.
  6. Diaper updates and new products in 2017

    I'm from the future, and I come baring news! 2017 marks the end of all diapers entirely! instead, waste is now vacuumed straight from your body, via reverse osmosis generators. Additionally, all diapers everywhere have been converted into energy pellets, which run our new (in 2021) pellet-driving cars. We don't call them diapers in the future, we call them Safety Harness Absorbable and Recreational Toilets, or SHARTs in short. History books are weird now. Dodgers lose the World Series, and Nikki Minaj is still relevant (although she's old now). Oh, and Sharknado turned out to be a real thing #RIPSharknadians2045 ~~~ 2055
  7. Tulsa Diaper Boys

    Check the personals forum. See if there are other connections
  8. Yo!!

    1. Spikey7


      Wrote a message earlier, didn't apear ........ Anyhow, just wanted to ask how you are!!

    2. DrunknFox


      Hey dude, how's it hanging? I'm doing alright. School's almost over so I'm ecstatic. How about you? Hope all is good!

    3. Spikey7


      Doing good!! Congrats on the school-ending-stuff, must be a great feeling!!

      Hope to see you in chat soon!!

  9. diaper talk on Gta 5

  10. Coming back to answer this. I've been closely following the election. I've made my decisions regarding both the national election and the choices between my local candidates (and Props and Measures, etc). I'll be hitting the polls on Tuesday. It's not that I'm apathetic about this election season (I've been voting since I was 18), but it spawns hatred and shame based on decisions and opinions.
  11. All this election crap has been nauseating up my social media news feeds and I'm feeling rather sick from it. I'm gonna hide here with you for now, and I'm not even a little. I hereby dub this thread an anti-election thread. No politics please!
  12. ABU Pre-School

    Could be. Who knows. I was thinking the same thing Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. ABU Pre-School

    It's weird you had cloth backed because the ones my brother had were definitely not cloth backed, nor do I recognize the design. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. ABU Pre-School

    I'd fact check that one. My brother had Pampers in the early 2000s (up until 2003-ish), and I never remember them being cloth-backed. I wore a few around that time, and years later, getting back into Plastic-diapers was a nostalgic moment over cloth-backed for sure. Even though I 'could' be considered a new-ish ABDL (born in the early 90s), the best thing we can do is point new ABDLs in the right direction (brand oriented referencing). I know for sure that Pampers had made the switch before 2010, but they definitely made it after 2004.
  15. Famous YouTube star jokes about being AB/DL

    @2:49 for a quick link. It's pretty funny; lame dry humor at best. The hilarious part is how she has a side table absolutely full of peanuts lol