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  1. Grew up on cable. Nickelodeon was prominent in my family. Disney was too 'girly' and kid-ish for me. Cartoon Network was a treat growing up, since only my mom had it, as she had comcast, while my Dad only had cable, until around 2009. I grew up on shows like Angry Beavers, Fairly Odd Parents, Cat-Dog, Rocko's Modern Life, Hey Arnold. They heydays of Nicktoons in the late 90s, early 2000s.
  2. I'm from the future, and I come baring news! 2017 marks the end of all diapers entirely! instead, waste is now vacuumed straight from your body, via reverse osmosis generators. Additionally, all diapers everywhere have been converted into energy pellets, which run our new (in 2021) pellet-driving cars. We don't call them diapers in the future, we call them Safety Harness Absorbable and Recreational Toilets, or SHARTs in short. History books are weird now. Dodgers lose the World Series, and Nikki Minaj is still relevant (although she's old now). Oh, and Sharknado turned out to be a real thing #RIPSharknadians2045 ~~~ 2055
  3. Check the personals forum. See if there are other connections
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      Hey dude, how's it hanging? I'm doing alright. School's almost over so I'm ecstatic. How about you? Hope all is good!


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  6. Coming back to answer this. I've been closely following the election. I've made my decisions regarding both the national election and the choices between my local candidates (and Props and Measures, etc). I'll be hitting the polls on Tuesday. It's not that I'm apathetic about this election season (I've been voting since I was 18), but it spawns hatred and shame based on decisions and opinions.
  7. All this election crap has been nauseating up my social media news feeds and I'm feeling rather sick from it. I'm gonna hide here with you for now, and I'm not even a little. I hereby dub this thread an anti-election thread. No politics please!
  8. Could be. Who knows. I was thinking the same thing Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. It's weird you had cloth backed because the ones my brother had were definitely not cloth backed, nor do I recognize the design. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I'd fact check that one. My brother had Pampers in the early 2000s (up until 2003-ish), and I never remember them being cloth-backed. I wore a few around that time, and years later, getting back into Plastic-diapers was a nostalgic moment over cloth-backed for sure. Even though I 'could' be considered a new-ish ABDL (born in the early 90s), the best thing we can do is point new ABDLs in the right direction (brand oriented referencing). I know for sure that Pampers had made the switch before 2010, but they definitely made it after 2004.
  11. So far so good
  12. @2:49 for a quick link. It's pretty funny; lame dry humor at best. The hilarious part is how she has a side table absolutely full of peanuts lol
  13. Happy Halloween!
  14. CHAPTER 14 “Todd, this was your last diaper. We need you to go back to wearing big-boy pants.” His mom said, sternly. “But, I want to-“ He complained, but his Mom interrupted. “No buts, Todd. You NEED to wear underwear, not diapers. Babies wear diapers.” She lectured him, irritated as he pouted. Todd was promptly stripped of his diaper, wiped clean, then his Mom put him in a new pair of white underwear. Todd promptly threw a fit and cried. I assumed he would’ve tried to wet himself, if he hadn’t have just gone. “Oliver, your Mom and Dad are here.” Mr. Burner said, with my suitcase in hand. I said goodbye to Todd, then ran downstairs as they knocked on the door before Mr. Burner opened the door. “Oliver, my baby! We missed you so much!” My mom said, picking me up and hugging me. “I missed you too, Mom!” I said, hugging back. “I hope he wasn’t a burden.” My dad said, as he grabbed my suitcase from Mr. Burner. “No, not at all. He was very polite.” Mr. Burner said, quite cheerfully. At the same time, Mrs. Burner came downstairs with a large box of Pampers. “Here, you might need these.” She said, smiling for the first time in a full day, while she handed Dad the box. “What’s this for?” He asked, looking confused. “Well, Oliver had a few accidents. Presumably from being separated from his parents, so we had him wear one of Todd’s old diapers.” She said, as I turned beet red. Dad looked weirded out. “Uhh… okay. Todd, did you have an accident?” Mom asked. “I did. I’m sorry, Mom.” I shamefully replied. “I don’t think it’ll be a problem. You can keep these.” Dad said, trying to return the box. “No, it’s fine. We’ve got plenty. Our boy, Todd, is still a bedwetter, so we need them,” Mr. Burner continued, “Speaking of which, Todd? Want to say goodbye to Oliver?” He called upstairs, but there was no reply. “They’ll see each other at school.” Mrs. Burner reassured my parents. With that, my parents thanked Mr. and Mrs. Burner for babysitting me while they were on their trip, then they drove me home. I couldn’t stop eyeing the box of diapers. Mom and Dad ended up giving the diapers away, which made me a bit thankful, but I still worried about Todd. I saw him a few times at school, but he wouldn’t talk to me, and he maintained his distance, much to my dismay and confusion. After a few weeks, I stopped seeing him entirely, and apparently he left the school. As time moved on, I forgot about him, and the week I stayed over at his house. He lived a few streets down from me, which in our town, is about a mile and a half, but we never saw each other. I saw a ‘For Sale’ sign go up on their front yard shortly after my stay, and for the next year, their house remained vacant. I thought it was odd that his family just got up and moved, while they hadn’t said anything about it while I was there. Years passed, and I never heard from Todd. By now, his existence in my past is nothing but a blur within my childhood. He never showed up in any social media networks as the internet expanded into the Internet 2.0, nor were there any reports on his family. I guess they really wanted to get away, and while I’m not 100% sure, I thought it was because of Todd’s experiences. Until recently, I had forgotten all about Todd, the ‘Nightman’, and anything diaper-related, until I received a letter in the mail, addressed to my parent’s house, while I lived out of state. My parents forwarded it to me; “This letter is intended for Mr. Oliver S. Oliver, you may or may not remember me, but a little over a decade ago, we experienced some paranormal phenomena that left me questioning life outside of Earth. If you’re still living at this address, please call me at ***-***-****.” I picked up my phone and paced around the room as memories flooded back. I grew anxious, until I took a deep breath, and called Todd… END ________________________ This is the Final chapter, boys and girls. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you very much to those who followed my story, I really appreciated the feedback. Once again, Thank you!!!
  15. CHAPTER 13 “Oliver, you want to play a game?” Todd whispered from his bed shortly after Mr. Burner closed the door. “What game?” I asked, turning over in my sleeping bag. Todd quietly hopped out of his bed, and tip-toed over in his footy-pajamas. “It’s called, ‘Truth or Dare’.” He said, as he sat down next to me with a crinkle. “I’ve heard of that. Who goes first?” I asked, now sitting up. “You can. Ask me truth or dare.” He said. “Okay, ‘Truth or Dare’?” I asked. “Truth.” He said. “Uhh, okay… um.. is it true you love to go to the bathroom in your diapers?” I asked. “That’s an easy one. Yes. It’s true.” He said, not even taking the game seriously. “Now my turn,” He said, “Truth or dare”. “Dare.” I said, feeling brave. “I dare you to Poop!” He giggled. “No.. I’m not doing that again.” I insisted. “Okay, okay… umm…. I dare you to sneak downstairs and steal a soda from the fridge… in only your diaper.” He said, smirking wide. “Okay, but only if you do it too.” I insisted. “Okay!” He jumped up. Together, we pulled off our pajamas, and only our diapers, we quietly snuck out into the hallway. “Mark, I don’t know who they were. In fact, I barely remember talking to them.” Mrs. Burner said from their bedroom. I could see through the crack in the door, while their TV flickered against the wall, flashing pastel blue colors in their room. “They must’ve heard about the ‘Nightman’ from Todd at school. There’s no other explanation.” Mr. Burner replied. “And did you see their eyes?” Mrs. Burner continued ranting. “Yes! They didn’t have any hair. It gave me goosebumps. I’ve never felt more threatened from someone who claimed to be from the government.” He continued. I didn’t want to hear anymore of it. “Oliver!” Todd starkly whispered to me from the top of the stairs. “Coming!” I hushed back. We nearly gave ourselves rug burns as we quietly slid down the stairs, trying not to make any noise as we crawled. We got to the bottom, and Todd stood up. The house was dark down in the living room. “Come on, over here.” He continued to whisper. Todd and I crinkled our way into the kitchen, then we opened the fridge, lighting up the front of our diapers with a glaring beam. “Coke!” I chose, as he went through the selection, then handed me a soda and grabbing one for himself. Todd and I then sat on the tile, and quietly opened the cans, and began drinking them. “It’s so spicy!” He said, covering his mouth while he muffled a burp. I snickered. “Excuse me, Todd!” Mrs. Burner announced as she flipped on the light switch to two boys, sitting on the tile in only diapers, drinking soda after bedtime. “Uh-oh.” I muttered. “You boys should be in bed, right now!” She angrily said, walking over to take the drinks out of our hands. “But mom! It’s Friday, can’t we stay up just a little longer?!” He argued. “No buts, Todd, up to your room, now! You too, Oliver. And don’t be getting too attached to your diapers for much longer. Now that the ‘Nightman’ has gone home, your bedwetting days should be shrinking.” She said, pouring the sodas down the drain. She got angry fast. We sulked our way up to Todd’s room, closed the door, and got back into our respective beds, going to sleep without saying another word. … Mr. Burner woke us up early. I stood up, checked my diaper, saw it was dry, then went for a change. “Ready?” She asked, her entire demeanor not changing since her rant last night at Todd and I. I hopped up on the bed, was undressed, and had my diaper removed, before she picked me back up, and pulled my pants up, not putting on another Pampers. “Your parents will be back soon.” She said, as she set me back down on the floor. Todd followed in with only his diaper on. He was wet.