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  1. WTF Rearz?

    I always get extra loose parts of the plastic backing in my packs for w/e reason. Kinda odd maybe I got some else's x3
  2. What's your Ideas that you want diaper companies to do

    I'd love for thicker diapers, tbh I'm never pleased with how thick my diapers are
  3. I've been seriously considering that.
  4. I'm stuck with 40+ Tykables Overnights that I really don't like. They're too thin for me, the plastic feels cheap, and they seem to always split underneath the plastic landing zone for some odd reason. I only got them because people said they swelled more than any diaper and the print was okay-ish on them.
  5. Why do you wet?

    Because I like the swelling.
  6. Privacy Roommates

    I do about 80% of my wearing when nobody is home. This time available to me ranges from 0 to 60 hours a week depending on how my roommate's work schedule meshes with mine. They work Monday-Friday, but I typically work later in the day and on the weekends quite frequently. I used to have a nice closet to stack up all my diapers but now I have to store them all in dressers and some overflow in 2 duffle bags.
  7. I was just told by one of my neighbors in another building that the previous tenant in my apartment was running a male prostitute business. WOW. Fun stuff you learn.
  8. thought, turning into AB/DL

    I had an experience with getting someone into diapers and being a furry. I'm not too sure if they were faking it or not. They tended to lie about a lot of things, but it seemed genuine. When I told them about it they were the least bit phased by it and actually quite interested in it. I've even had really vanilla boyfriends that didn't seem to mind but certainly weren't ready to or even going to consider doing those things. I'm not really into being a furry for the roleplaying or dressing up, but more for the community and the art. But I feel like furryism in general is a lot easier for most people to accept over diapers. Have you ever opened up to someone about these things before? I would find it a whole lot harder especially if you haven't had the experience of coming out in those regards. My first boyfriend actually was the one who turned me gay, not that they forced me or anything but they just kept flirting with me over and over in middle school and I eventually discovered that I was gay too. He had no idea that I was gay but we were just good friends and he just gave it a try. At first I was disgusted by it and actually had other people defending me but over time I asked those people to stop and I became okay with it and eventually said that I loved him. It's hard to know if someone will be willing at first glance, I'm not saying you should try that approach because some people may want to breakup but you never know some people might become interested in it in the long run.
  9. Buy it! Yes that's right! It's on sale finally after what, 4 months of waiting? Price wise these are between Space and Cushies/SDK V2. Funny enough the unscented version is more expensive, quite contrary to most brands. Some details on the ABU Lavender: Lavender scent Feminine design Tall leakguards Single Tapes Butterflies and Swirls fade when wet 4500mL absorbancy (same as SDK & Cushie V2) Sizes available in M, L, and XL (No small sizes still from ABU, sorry little people, pun intended ) It appears that ABU is aware of ink coming off of their diapers a notice is now printed on their website.
  10. Car Troubles

    Haha true! There are a lot of rickety cars driving around especially downtown!
  11. Pocahontas?

    I guess outside of the US, especially the eastern US she's lesser known if at all without watching the film probably.
  12. Pocahontas?

    I wouldn't say it was thanks to the film. She's probably the most well known in history, mainly because she married a European man quite early into England's colonization of the Americas.
  13. Diaper Furs?

    I like furries... But its not really for diapers exactly. I'm not much of an artist but I'm definitely an admirer of art. That's what originally got me into furry art, that and Sonic. Funny as it seems my interest in furries kind of gave way for a couple of my undiscovered fetishes to come out, including my DLism. I don't have a fursona but if I could choose an animal it would be either a bear, fox, dog, or shark.
  14. Pocahontas?

    It's just another mindless branding from The Donald. #whinylittlebitch
  15. Anyone on YouTube?

    YouTube has been a huge part of my life for about 7 years now, despite not having that many viewers I post videos (at least within the past few years) at least once a month. I post quirky odd videos usually related to music and to extended music for games that are lesser known (primarily SEGA). I'm curious if there's anyone else on here that produces videos on YouTube and it doesn't have to be diaper related. GASP YOU'LL KNOW MY IDENTITY IF YOU CLICK ON MY VIDEO, SPOOKY.