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  1. Old_PA


    I had my internal sphincter removed together with my prostate 3 and a half years ago. I was given physiotherapy to learn such things as automatically clenching when standing up from a chair or coughing. I needed to wear pads for 10 weeks, the maximum leak in a 24 hour period being 1 fl oz. One needs to be extra careful passing wind. More recently, drips have been a concern, possibly 'cause I use catheters a lot. Now I am more comfortable using a thin pad when not using diapers or catheters. Good luck!
  2. Old_PA

    The Psychology Behind Incontinence Desire

    Lots of care. My method is: 1. Wash hands well and finish with hand sanitiser. 2. Ensure the sterile catheter does not come in contact with anything other than sterilised tongs and sterile gel. 3. Fill a syringe with the correct quantity of sterile (pre boiled) water. 4. Open a sachet of sterile gel. 5. Open an alcohol swab sachet. 6. Apply the alcohol swab to the parts of the tongs that will contact the catheter, then wipe the entry area (meatus) well with the swab 7. Holding the catheter with the tongs about 3 inches from the inner end, apply the gel to the inner end and along the length a bit. 8. Insert the catheter, supporting the outer end with the other hand. 9. When urine begins to flow, push it in another inch or so then fill the balloon with the syringe. 10. Drink plenty of water and, importantly, take Cranberry supplements. I use a product called Cranberry 30,000. Each capsule contains cranberry fruit extract equiv. to 30g of fresh fruit. Preferably take two about an hour before then one every 12 hours.
  3. Old_PA

    I told my wife I like to wear diapers...please read.

    "The biggest regret I have is marrying my husband." Thoughts like this often pass through peoples' minds without being permanent. To be bisexual is not the worst. You have a son and obviously the chemistry. DL fetish is harmless. Once total trust is lost, it's gone and probably for ever. 'Make this marriage work' is a good motto.
  4. Old_PA

    41 Week Unpotty Training Update

    Oh dear. Care needed not to upset the good lady.
  5. Old_PA

    Catheter questions

    There are conical shaped 'spigots' made to plug the end of a cath. One could also use some sort of small clamp.
  6. Old_PA

    The Psychology Behind Incontinence Desire

    Diapers give me a feeling of warmth and comfort. It is as if I am in regression to being a very small person. No responsibility, no planning. Everything is taken care of.
  7. Old_PA

    My experience with stents

    In my case, the prostate has been removed. A short stent only is required to bypass the outer sphincter muscle. One could be made from two malecot catheters. These could be got from Alibaba. I might have a go. I have not been able to make a stent which is totally comfortable 24/7.
  8. Old_PA

    My experience with stents

    Came across this; an interesting idea. https://www.medpromedical.nl/medical-products/urology-stents/prostate-stent
  9. Old_PA

    Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    The inflation line may not be strong enough for when you want to pull the stent out.
  10. Old_PA

    Catheter issues

    Since writing that I had a catheter in for another couple of weeks then got sick of it. I had the prostate out a while back so down to one sphincter muscle. Small leaks when tired are normal. The catheter no doubt makes me lazy. The continence nurse / physio would hate it. ha. Unlike many on this site I am not seeking incontinence as it would be too inconvenient. I was out last weekend and on two occasions could not find a place when the need arose. Catheter went back in Sunday night. I find the tiny 12f the most comfortable.
  11. Old_PA

    Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    Worked well during the day but after 4 hours in bed...full bladder. Today I removed the 'flap' with the side-cutter and tried again. 100% comfortable.
  12. Old_PA

    penis chastity devices

    As sold, it comes out as a narrow stream but also with the possibility of dribbles if any pee bypasses the tube. With my piece of catheter fitted it comes out in a stream in fits and starts. The catheter rests some distance into the bladder so it depends on the body position. Last night I fitted the cage with piece of catheter just before bed and wore Abina M3 pull ups and a stuffer. Totally comfortable all night. Other than keeping the outlet in one place, there is no advantage over a normal Foley catheter.
  13. Old_PA

    Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    Although I have had plenty of experience with catheters I have had no success with stents; always uncomfortable. Today I tried what might be another variation of the 'holy foley'. Several inches back from the balloon, with a pair of side-cutters, I made a single cut at an angle so that a flap formed, being careful to be on the opposite side to the balloon line. After sterilizing, the catheter was inserted in the usual way and a spigot placed in the outlet. The remaining catheter is tucked into the diaper, inert. I can feel the flow in the same way as with a stent. Zero discomfort.
  14. Old_PA

    Catheter issues

    Initially when I began experimenting with catheters more than 12 years ago. There were lots of odd feelings and discomfort not to mention incontinence urge for a few hours after removal. For the last 3 or 4 months since returning from overseas, I have been using a Foley almost 24/7. The last one I removed 2 days ago after being in place for 6 weeks. [To be able to sleep through the nights was wonderful, the night bag was kept in a hot water bottle cover.] After removal, things immediately seemed 'normal' although with only 200ml (7 fl oz) in the bladder there was strong need to pee. Today when handling some water, I found myself peeing a little without control. Slippery slope ??
  15. Old_PA

    penis chastity devices

    I had enjoyed a PA for more than 15 years, gradually opening it up to 8mm, which was great. Then I was in hospital to have the prostate removed and a catheter was inserted for a week. Meanwhile the opening shrunk to about 6mm and stretching was painful so I decided I had had enough. The hole has gradually closed with occasional dribbles during the last year. These days I wear a Foley catheter 24/7 as a lifestyle choice.