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  1. It's mostly OK although occasionally a few drops come unexpectedly. Passing wind is tricky; just relax, don't push. I do use pads from time to time just to be sure. "Relaxing" with a pull up or condom drainage does "un-potty train" me a little causing more "accidents" for a few days. A week after the prostate op, the continence nurse removed the catheter and provided me with sample pads and pull ups....my introduction to DL. (I had been using catheters for years. ha..) I only had real problems for about 10 weeks after the op and never leaked more than 1fl oz in a day.
  2. Nearly 3 years I had my prostate removed. The bladder was then connected directly to the urethra, the inner sphincter being removed. When bearing down for a BM, I cannot help but pee until the bladder is empty.
  3. Fortunately everyone is different. Not a problem for me, age 73. ha.
  4. indica Suppositories

    ....if they don't sting.
  5. Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    I have no medical reason for a spanner. My urologist was surprised to hear that I sometimes use pads 2 years after the prostate op. Didn’t tell him about the catheter use or when I can’t have a cath it’s condom drainage into a bag. I’m a DL too. ha. It’s easy to be too relaxed and wet oneself at the wrong time.
  6. Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    I have been experimenting with catheters for many years and have reached the point where I don’t even think, for hours on end, that one is in. Often, especially when using a bag, I tape the tubing back on to the p…. to stop it moving round in the urethra and irritating the lining of the bladder; not always successful especially when active, causing blood in the urine. If it doesn’t soon clear, out with the cath. I do find the smaller sizes, fr12 & fr14, most comfortable and also enjoy the bladder spasms. Before inserting a home made stent, I use a fr22, my largest sound to gently open things up. Would love to get hold of a spanner; having only one sphincter after prostate removal, it would be ideal. If using a catheter is painful, something is not right. It would probably be better to have a break and allow damaged tissue to recover.
  7. Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    I agree with 'justacatheter': " I love having it in me feels great and I sleep all night" The time I had an infection in the testes I had somehow managed to draw blood, probably going through the prostate. The prostate was removed a while back due cancer. Life is simpler now. ha. Still working on stents. Best so far is good for 12 hours before becoming uncomfortable.
  8. Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    Infection can get into the testes via the prostate. It happened to me once; very painful. It took a long course of antibiotics from the urologist to clear it up. Good luck.
  9. Women with Incontinence

    Hi Fantasy, I have been experimenting with catheters for years but only recently tried stents, after reading these pages. The main advantage of using a stent for a male (if it is comfortable and stays in place) is that one can feel the dribbling over the scrotum into the diaper. Obviously not so for a lady. For a female, use of a stent would cause uncontrollable dribbling all the time where as, if she used a foley catheter it could be clamped, or spigoted, when needed such as getting in and out of the shower. A stent would always need a diaper whilst a catheter can also be used with a leg or belly bag as the mood desires. Following surgery for prostate cancer I now have only a single sphincter muscle and no prostate, not unlike female anatomy. My more recent attempts a stent making involve taking a section of foley catheter (18fr or 20fr) and inserting two short pieces of plastic tube into the ends, one through an eye of the foley, making two bumps, the inner one either sits just inside the bladder or just inside the sphincter muscle, I am not sure. The retrieval line is light fishing line. The stent is soaked in alcohol before use and I avoid touching it with anything not sterile. Sterile lube and wipes are essential. I insert with a 7mm knitting needle. My urethra can accept 20fr foley caths but I am totally comfortable with a little 12fr. I have no idea of the usual diameter of a ladies urethra but, for a stent, I don't see why it would need to be stretched. Maybe something about 2 inches long with a bump at either end would do. Other than being uncontrollably incontinent, I just cannot see why a lady would want a stent in preference to a catheter. I regularly use a catheter in bed connected directly to a large drain bag. This way I can keep hydrated and not lose sleep visiting the bathroom several times. My attempts at sleeping in a diaper always result in the sheet and waterproof going into the washing machine next morning. I have used a stent into a condom catheter to a bag at night. That works. I shall continue experimenting with smaller diameter stents. Just now I am using a 12fr foley into an Abena Abri Flex premium M3 pull ups. Been there for 6 hours, must be due for a change!
  10. I read somewhere that the silver coating does reduce bacteria colonisation for the first week. I have been using them;Bardex I. C. Unusually, they have a 5ml balloon. http://store.independenceaustralia.com/search/go?w=bardex+i+c&ts=custom
  11. My experience with stents

    Today is the third occasion I have used a stent. Following some discomfort near the tip of the penis, I altered the tether to 4 filaments of light fishing line which are attached to part of a 'silicone nozzle', used for a stent. This time....zero discomfort. Question: Being circumcised, is it likely I have less feeling for those 'drips'? I can certainly feel when there is a bit of a gush such as standing up or coughing but not individual 'drips'.
  12. My experience with stents

    Yesterday I was able to use a stent for the first time for a few hours. Today is the second time. One could get hooked.
  13. Dribbles = Incontinence?

    When It's not convenient to wear diapers or pull ups, incontinence pads may be the answer, but not with boxers. Ladies full cut briefs work best.
  14. My experience with stents

    With me it has taken about 48 hours.
  15. Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    For me, the small 12fr go in like a dream. I certainly don't take them all the way to the fork, just an inch past the point where urine flows, then inflate the balloon. I clean the head with an antiseptic wipe and use sterile tongs and sterile lube. Also I prefer catheters coated with silver salts (Bardex IC) to reduce the infection risks. A week is as long as I will go. For better or for worse, boners are not a problem, prostate was removed a while back.