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  1. Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    Wow. I never thought this would gain so much attention! I kept watching this thread to see if someone would try, but it just took longer than I thought. I'm glad there are some people out there enjoying this like I do! I am right now sitting in a diaper with this catheter in me. I don't do this very often, but when I do it is something extrordinary. I know you'd think this can't get better, but I think I found something that can add to this experience. I *think* this is what happens. When inserting the catheter, you obvoulsy use lube (well, at least I do). If you pack the hole in the side of the catheter with lube, it takes a while for this catheter to start leaking. Tonight it took about half an hour. You need to stay calm, because if your bladder spasms a bit, you start leaking, and then you don't stop. Anyway, after I realized that it was not leaking, I decided to put on underwear and pants to see if it would. I was surfing the net, got up to take a drink, and the flood gates opened. I totally wet my pants, and was running to the bathroom. But once there, I realized there was nothing I could do there to stop it, so I had to run into my bedroom, grab a diaper, and then proceed to put it on. All the while leaking all over the place, and totally feeling myself wet (not like normally with a catheter). Keep in mind I had been drinking lots while waiting, so I had a very full bladder. Now that I am in my diapers, I am wetting it and can't stop. This really is quite the experience. I'm glad so many of you found this useful. I feel like I finally gave something back to the community.
  2. I\\\'ll admit that I have looked for a way to simulate incontinence with catheters for a while, and I think I\\\\\\\'ve come up with something good. You will need a foley catheter and a catheter plug (or something to plug it). First step is to inflate the catheter balloon. You\\\\\\\'ll need to do this to a)check the balloon, and b)find a measuring point. Measure from the bottom of the balloon (side closest to the sphincter when inserted) about 3 inches. This is to clear both spheters in the male urinary track. Now, you should be able to see the small tube that connects to the balloon through the catheter when you hold it up to the light. Without cutting into this tube, cut a hole in the side of the catheter at about 3 inches from the balloon. You can use a side cutter or something similar. Now, make sure you clean everything up very well. Now, plug the catheter, and insert as normal. What will happen is your urine will flow out this hole, and down your urethra around the catheter, so you will be able to feel it. It is a slow leak, and you should be able to stop the flow if you try really hard, but be prepared for you to leak after you stop concentrating. I find that if I sit down, the flow will stop, but as soon as I stand up, look out. Also, you will need something close to a full bladder to do this, as you will need some pressure to force the urine out the hole. One more thing - when you urinate, many things happen inside the body - some muscles relax, other contract. If you attempt to pee just a little bit while this catheter is in, your body will go through the same motions, and your bladder will start contracting. So by trying to let out just a tiny bit of urine, you will suddenly open the flood gates and pee yourself until your bladder settles down. It really is quite the experience.