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  1. DailyDiapers

    Black out.?

    Left my office at 2:30 and went to make a cocktail (what I call a homemade cherry cola on ice). Got back to my room at 4:20 been feeling dizzy and weird from the migraine shots and the ongoing migraine and nausea happening tonight. Also anxiety and related mini adrenaline rushes. Thinking I must have blacked out for a bit or dozed off somehow. Weird. Honestly not sure how it got to be so late in the office either Thinking that aside from a call to my doc that I will be taking a bed rest day today!
  2. I'm doing okay, know that. I just decided to try and stop posting about death in the "fun" forums lol. It's the little things that set me off about my Dad's death. The most common is grocery shopping. I turn down an aisle and "Milo's tea... I should get some for..... fuck" down another aisle and even though I should be on guard... "His favorite crackers are back in.... fuck." The other day I cried in my car at a gas station because I made it half way from the pumps to the store before i remembered that it no longer mattered if that's the store with the Cherry 7up in plastic bottles he liked. It's so silly... but it's not. Our brains get trained to think of things for the people we care about, and mine still has a "favorites" list that get's pulled up when I see things he liked.In a way it's special memories that remind me that how special he was, the man who didn't come into my life until I was 17, but was still more of a father than my birth day who I've only talked to once, and the first step-dad who was around for 10 years... of abuse. Louis was an honest to goodness "Good" person and was there for me when I really needed it. He wasn't a hugger, or one for saying mushy things. But he took care of mom and me to the best of his ability, even when we didn't yet understand why the "best of his ability" seemed like it wasn't his best.
  3. DailyDiapers

    Rearz trademarking AB/DL

    Screen shots of websites that sell ABDL diapers and clothing (need to show its used in COMMERCE) and maybe evidience of it being an accepted descriptive term such as a shot of the understanding infantalism page that shows it's use going back to '95.
  4. DailyDiapers

    Nurse's comment

    Really not sure what the Nurse was thinking. To me it clearly doesn't look like normal underwear... but it could ave been anything from "he likes cars" to liking playful underwear, to little or baby or even incontinent. Plus I'm a big guy, so the things that makes it obviously a diaper to me (wide, thick waistband, strong, shiny PUL material) could have been in her mind explained away as what it takes to cover a big bum lol
  5. DailyDiapers

    Nurse's comment

    Wore my city print pull-on diaper today and ended up having to stop in to see my Doctor for a Migraine shot.... 3 shots in the bum, and when the nurse saw my undies she said "My husband would like those!" She only saw the top so probably didn't know it was a diaper, but I LoL'd
  6. DailyDiapers

    Rearz trademarking AB/DL

    Pretty much anything short of withdrawing the application won't be acceptable to me. No matter what their reasoning, the impact of trademarking ABDL in the diapers and clothing categories would have a huge impact on my ability to market products; as well as every other diaper ABDL vendor. I would have to be a complete fool to NOT dispute this application once it gets assigned to a lawyer in the trademark office. Even if their intentions are pure, it makes a core part of this community a commodity that could be abused or sold to a less trustworthy buyer and I don't think any of us want that.
  7. DailyDiapers

    Terms and Conditions

    @DiaperRebel won for most Likes at the time the contest ended. I have not had time to read the entries to award the second prize.
  8. DailyDiapers

    ABU ending free shipping

    Shipping costs have been going nuts lately. Just saw my rates using the post office is going up by about 60 cents per package, so I can imagine the fedex/ups increases must really suck.
  9. DailyDiapers

    selling on ebay

    For some dumb reason ANYTHING with ABDL in the title or description must now be listed in the adult section. If you are selling diapers, you can list "adult Diapers" in the proper incontinence category, but if you mention anything about ABDL in the listing it will get flagged and removed.
  10. DailyDiapers

    Kimmie Rocks

    Kimmie rocks in an adorable new photo set and video coming to www.4ab.me - Staring real life diaper girl Kimmie
  11. DailyDiapers

    Grrr.... death rant

    Yikes that's some cold weather! We're expecting some 10's overnights this week. Spent $40 on a heated cat house for the semi-Ferrel cat that calls my porch home. She won't come in out house, so it's all I can do to protect her. She's in it already, so its a winner lol.
  12. DailyDiapers

    BiggerDiapers Shipping Update

    All www.biggerdiapers.com orders have now shipped* Thanks for your patience and support during these last few difficult months for me! New orders will ship as they come in! * 1 Order for a Galaxy Pull-On Diaper will ship tomorrow as I need to pull stock from warehouse space.
  13. DailyDiapers

    What ya reading? Winter edition

    Are those the ones the Bosch Amazon series is based on? If so, I've been enjoying the show, would be interested in reading the books!
  14. DailyDiapers

    Grrr.... death rant

    Got padded-up in a Bambino Bianco Ultra-Stretch and my new teddy bears plastic pants (thanks again @willnotwill !) for a long day at the social security office. To my surprise, no wait to see someone and we were out in 40 minutes! Mom should start getting widow's benefits in 2-3 weeks, AND they are going to give us back the December payment that was incorrectly withdrawn from our bank account. Social security actually pays in arrears, so the December check was for November's benefits, and since Dad survived until Dec 1 he/we were entitled to that money as I thought. Someone must have forgotten it was December already when they got the notification on the 2nd.
  15. DailyDiapers

    Need Some Time

    Best wishes!