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  1. ...and to me that is the worst part of depression. My world gets really dark sometimes and there are thoughts in my heard that I think would be diminished if someone could just hear them and say "I understand" and mean it... But that can't happen. Chances are I'd instead get a "stop seeking attention or just do it" response or someone would call the police "for my own good." Or the third response, the worst one: people who just disappear because they can't handle my truth and that just that adds a "see I told you" to those dark thoughts. This isn't a cry for help. I've definitely been crying today, but that's just how it goes. I don't need to go to the hospital, I'm going to make it through the night tonight, even if I don't have an answer for that thought in my head that keeps asking "Why do want to get up tomorrow. For more of this?" I see my shrink Monday though more and more I don't see the point of medication that keeps me from jumping off the cliff, but can't stop me from wanting too. I guess I just want to say that I know there are others out there that feel this way sometimes... or even all the time, and I understand!
  2. Long day

    Was up at 3am to get Mom to the hospital for an early morning surgery. Surgery went great, she is resting overnight then coming home tomorrow. Had to hire a nurse to stay with dad, but no biggie there. Time for a nap!
  3. DOyIXInW4AA9BYN.jpg large.jpg

    The ladies of ABHunnies = adorable. http://bit.ly/ABhunn
  4. Begging: Need 5 People to Upgrade!

    Thanks! I don't send the pin unless asked or it is part of the upgrade package. I know folks don't want surprise diaper-related mail
  5. Begging: Need 5 People to Upgrade!

    LOL, didn't even notice that myself. Emergency GoodNites to use as stuffers lol
  6. Begging: Need 5 People to Upgrade!

    Baby Banker Pins going out today!
  7. Begging: Need 5 People to Upgrade!

    ...and a $50 donation today, thanks!
  8. Name change

    Shoot me a PM with your new name choice and it shall be done
  9. Begging: Need 5 People to Upgrade!

    Thanks! Two others joined over the weekend. Love ya'll!
  10. Fabine Diapers

    Netdiapers is shut down for now (and maybe forever) He wasn't able to raise the funds to produce his own line, and reselling Fabine was not profitable enough to pay for the warehouse and all that.
  11. Walmart Grocery Pick-up

    For the super-lazy we do have a service here that brings it to the house and even inside... I've used them in the past when I needed to be at home, but they shop from a more expensive store (publix) and then add a 7.5% surcharge to the total. Walmart no-fee is better while we're spending more on medical stuff!
  12. Walmart Grocery Pick-up

    Walmart Grocery Pick-up is kind of awesome! Dad is home from the hospital; and mom is ill (going for surgery Friday) so I needed to stock up the house with easy meals, drinks and such. Can't be away from the house for very long so tried Walmart pick-up. Placed the order this morning, and got a pick up time for 3PM. At 3 I drove up, they loaded everything in the car and I was home in 20 minutes! No mark-ups, service fees or tipping so same prices as if I had shopped for an hour and lugged it all out myself! Depends, Goodnites and baby diapers/wipes are all orderable, and comes out of the store pre-bagged, so could be good for you shy littles as well
  13. The Babysitter

    Not much a horror fan usually, so I knew it had to be quirky when they recommended it to me
  14. Begging: Need 5 People to Upgrade!

  15. Pocket diapers

    My pocket diapers always come with an insert! But you can buy some here:https://biggerdiapers.com/index.php?cPath=25 Pocket diapers are a washable cloth diaper that has a waterproof outer shell so you don't need plastic pants, and a "pocket" where one or more absorbent pads can be added. Making the pads removable allows for faster drying, and makes it easy to double up for night or extended wear! https://biggerdiapers.com/index.php?cPath=22