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  1. Here is the original video of that little snippet:
  2. I do not deny this.. Shotgun Diplomat watches action movies only for the gun scenes and can identify any shotgun shown in the movie/s, scoffs at them for using cgi gun shot blasts.
  3. Tain once pole vaulted over the gate of the Russian Kremlin naked for a single Zimbabwe Dollar, But had to pay $200,000,000 US for his freedom and deportation back home.
  4. The odor is pretty much gone now, very slight hint of it but you wont notice it unless you are purposely trying to sniff it out.
  5. OMGOMGOMGOMG! I smell carpet cleaner :3 There are some people next door working on removing some of the odor.
  6. No central system in here, its some kind of water system that pipes in hot or cold water into our units from the basement, so odors from the heater/ac units, I cannot talk to management until tomorrow as they dont live on site. Worst part was when the odor was coming through my windows due to wind pattern or something like that, but most of the overnight there wasnt any wind to blow stuff back towards the building.
  7. all i got is fabric freshner, well, had.. its all gone now
  8. Literally... Guy next door to me died, he was possibly dead for at least 5 days before being discovered yesterday morning. but of course when I complain of a bad odor the management does nothing until half the floor complains to them.... Something hasnt smelled right since last Friday when I thought I had a bad load of laundry I needed to clean. So it started off with a mildew-moldy odor, then on Tuesday night there was a horrible trash/dead animal odor, but that went away overnight that night and wasnt there on Wednesday, then yesterday they found him and wheeled him out. Its very cold outside yet I have my windows open to keep my apartment aired out, the moment I close them the odor builds up in here, and since my bedroom is right next to his apartment, I couldnt sleep in there last night, but luckily I have a fold out bed in my couch. The hallway still stinks like crazy and I have nothing I can seal my apartment door with although I am thinking about taping it up with the only tape I have(packaging tape) My bedroom seems to be leveling out and I might be able to sleep in there tonight if I leave the window open, lucky for me, I love the thrill of trying to keep warm while falling asleep, It reminds me of the hunt! If anyone out there wants to know what death smells like, I dont recommend it... Check in on your elders/loved ones if you havent heard from them in a while, Guy next door doesnt seem to have any family just like a lot of my neighbors
  9. ^ Always has high ground advantage due to the large hill he lives on. Is attacked constantly.
  10. ^ Thinks George Lucas is a Jedi Master
  11. Well, its not that bad of an idea, This winter I will be taking excursions out to photograph things with a friend to places far from a public restroom, Diapers would be a better idea than swinging your thingy out in the freezing cold and blowing snow and risking a local cop coming across you doing your thing and issuing a summons to court so far from home... I do wish I had the balls to wear diapers around friends, and I tend to need to piddle more when Im out in the middle of nowhere :/
  12. ^ Claims to have been eaten by wo1ves, but was in fact eaten by those killer ants/beetles(whatever they were) in the last Indiana Jones Movie.
  13. Why is there a huge lack of scale modern light rail and subway cars? :'(
  14. ^ shoplifts from Baby Gap all the time
  15. ^ Is the finest stone thrower in all of the Middle East and only buys the best stones which can be found on my ebay listings