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  1. No barf bags will be provided?? Thats ok, I have my own
  2. If anyone is President, its Pence, Stay Tuned America...
  3. This was in the mid afternoon, She seemed coherent or something, kinda hard to see a rave happening that time of day.
  4. Late high school or early college aged, sitting near the front of the bus with it in her mouth sitting with friends. Im guessing it could be a hazing thing but one can dream...
  5. Im a plane snob, if there arent any Boeing 757's there, then its a crap air show Im kidding! Unfortunately I live on a different continent and am stuck with local offerings, Our main air show in the area is a civilian air show and is lucky enough to have US military aircraft in show, Im jealous of you guys over in the Europe region, you get your countries military might as well as US military power, Where I live, we are lucky to see foreign power even if its just a Canadian Air Force F-18 or trainer aircraft from Canada. For my interests in aviation, I prefer airliners, but all our air show usually has is a plain boring Boeing 737 and maybe an Embraer 145, Fedex and UPS used to bring in their heavy metal which would usually be an Airbus A300 and a Boeing 757. One year I was lucky enough to see a C-5 Galaxy at that small airport.
  6. Any laptop you buy, if it doesnt have an SSD, replace the hard drive with a new SSD, an SSD will make a new cheap laptop run even better, If space is something you want to keep, look into hard drive caddy that will replace the optical disc drive with a place to put a hard drive, but, make sure you get the right size caddy as not all computers have the same size ODD mm specs. Another thing, your Hard drive might be a little too thick to fit into the ODD caddy space, but that can be worked on later with a new HDD These days dvd drives are pretty much useless, if the HDD from my new laptop would have fit into the ODD space, I would have gone and got a caddy for it, Its a 1TB drive, but im not worried about it with my 250gb Samsung Evo SSD. So you could look at getting a $400 laptop and installing a $100 SSD as your main drive.
  7. Heads up on a Lego set for all ages coming out this summer! http://www.businessinsider.com/nasa-apollo-moon-rocket-legos-2017-4
  8. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! This is a game I will look into
  9. Can you earn up to a maximum amount of money while not playing? I can only play those types of games, I think thats how it was with Clash of Clans.
  10. I spoke too soon about being in perfect health from last week, im now going through some kind of sinus infection that is affecting my teeth :'(
  11. I tried it, but I crashed my ship the first 2 times into the starting station
  12. Isnt that the kissing virus? Now you know what not to do when around girls. Aside from diabetes type 2, Im nearly in great health despite being really overweight, havent had any flu in at least 5 years and in the last year or so have not had anything like fevers or other illnesses, maybe a mild headache here and there, but nothing that I would have needed to stay in bed. But, I am preparing for a time I might need to stay in bed by building an home theater pc for my bedroom, Got enough downloaded tv shows and movies to last me at least 3 months if needed, I base that estimate on how well I can stay laying still in bed for long periods of time, which isnt that great...
  13. nonononono! the Microsoft Office Mascot!
  14. Who remembers Clippy?
  15. Back in the day, if it was on a phone, it was the "Pound Sign"