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  1. Episode 4 which originally aired in 2014 features a talented special boy who does not like getting wet, who has the ability to produce a noise which makes people void their bowels, Episode 10 which aired last night goes back to the story where the boy, now older, works in a weird night club where perverts go to wear diapers and have the boy make the noise by spraying him with water which he does not like. Depend like undergarments are seen as well as on a person wearing them over his pants. This show is on Adult Swim, which is Cartoon Networks late night shows. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tim_%26_Eric's_Bedtime_Stories
  2. Site Update for 09/16/2017

    I think the photos in this update are from the last update.
  3. Have you ever been caught with diapers?

    Between 15 and 18 I my mom had found my stashes many times, and my 2 sisters werent quiet about it so pretty much everyone of their friends knew...
  4. Found ABU preschools on CL

    Someone near me is selling 6 Rearz type diapers for $60 on craigslist. "3 diaper sexy adult diapers size medium 6 of them"
  5. Near Akron Ohio? Near age 23? Please read?

    I r in akron too.
  6. funny coment

    I have a fear of being on a high bridge over water, You will probably never see me on a bridge like that :'(
  7. Diapers > PC parts

    as long as i have trash cans and empty them when appropriate and not throw food wrappers all over the place, then my place is clean enough, dont get me started on the last time i vacuumed
  8. Diapers > PC parts

    15ft x15ft = 225 square feet for future reference, 15sq ft doesnt seem big enough to hold a small bed.
  9. Fire Department :D

    As I am well known for loving police cars in my apartment building, it has been suggested many times that I buy a retired police car from my city, I wouldnt mind having one, but I am under the impression that a 7-10 year old police car would be a huge gas guzzler :/
  10. any gamers here?

    Im more into sims, like Flight and Train sims
  11. any gamers here?

    Me? no, but I have been able to achieve solar orbit, but I never did try and get it back to Kerbin. Ideally for me, I like to get as high out as I can get before falling back to land.
  12. any gamers here?

    Good ol Fearless Jebediah Kerman
  13. Mark site as Read pop out window thingy

    Confirmed fixed on my end, as well as oversize image alert as well, thanks!
  14. Clicking on the link to mark site as read will bring up a blank window thingy as seen in the image I am sharing in this post. I think The same thing happens when uploading an image that is too large for the site to allow as well. edit: latest version of Chrome is being used.
  15. Diapers > PC parts

    new cpu, motherboard, ram video card, those kind