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  1. dannisissy

    Anyone Know Comfrey Diapers?

    Do you mean Confidry 24/7 ? If that’s what your asking. There a very high absorbent diaper. I think there fantastic
  2. dannisissy

    Real chance to visit a AB/DL store

    I went to a store in WV it was awesome if anyone is close to this store don’t hesitate to make a visit. The store owner is very nice and knowledgeable it’s called Mydiaperdepot in St. Albans WV. Look it up online all your questions will be answered
  3. dannisissy

    Any Abdls Near Rocky River, Ohio Or nearby

    I’m very close to you
  4. dannisissy

    Oldest abdl

    LOL 10 times a day of changing diapers. NOT. That would never happen. Nursing homes are under staffed. They hire low paid people. So what do you think that will get you? If your very lucky someone in your family will take care of you that includes diaper changes. I will die before I go into a nursing home
  5. dannisissy

    Untitled Album

  6. dannisissy


    Anyone attend Capcon this year? I'm going next year. Sounds to good to be true
  7. Mental disorders are very sad. I hope everyone who has problems will get help. There is hope for you and you can get better. For me try having 3 back surgeries. It's no fun and I am in much pain most of the time
  8. dannisissy

    Oldest abdl

    Be prepared if you end up in a nursing home there diapers are horrible. I know some of my relatives live in them. If we are lucky maybe nursing homes will have rearz diapers by the time us younger ab's get there
  9. dannisissy


    Wondering if anyone is going to Chicago for the capcon event? It sure does look like fun
  10. My sister told my other sister. My sister saw my diapers in the laundry so I was busted. Little did I know this happened a long time ago. My sister that saw my diapers never said anything to me just kept to herself. Then one day my other sister told me my other sister told her yikes busted. Long story short when my other sister told me she was informed by my sister I kinda avoided the conversation but told her my aunt put me in diapers when I spent the night a long time ago when I was a child. That was pretty much end of conversation but it is true my love for diapers happened when I was about 6 years old and I haven't looked back.
  11. dannisissy


    that's her Thanks for telling me. I'm really not into watching shows like that. But found it pretty interesting , She would make a cute ab/dl though. Jimmy Kimmell is great for the way he talks about our great leader.
  12. dannisissy


    I was watching the Jimmy Kimmel show the other night Jan.24 2018. Jimmy Kimmell show had a guest on his show that told Jimmy all about her closet. She went on to explain she has a whole closet full of onezies. Sorry I didn't catch here name but she is on tv every Wed. I'm bad at this stuff I don;t know what tv show she is on. It's a new show and I didn't catch her name. I"m bad. Anyway she is in her early 20's and told Jimmy all about her love for wearing onezies and has a whole closet full and loves to wear them. I'm wondering if she likes to wear diapers also. If she doesn't I would say she would like to wear diapers along with her fancy to wear onezies. Did anyone else get to see this Jimmy Kimmel show?
  13. dannisissy


    My mommy wife came home with a surprise for me I was totally shocked. My wife doesn't encourage me to wear diapers, so I was in shock when she showed me what she got for me She purchased a package of Tena (pads) for me. I can't tell you the great experience Of adding a Tena pad to your diaper. Doesn't matter if your diaper is a cloth diaper or disposable. Make sure the pad is the. Tena super over night pad. You will be amazed how thick your diaper will become and how much liquid the extra pad will hold. Plus because it is a new disposable the liquid wicks away from your private parts. I'm not much of a disposable diaper wearer but these pads are great wait until you see how big they are plus the absorbents of them. Heck I might even try there diapers
  14. dannisissy

    Shaving For Guys

    Tried it a long time ago. I didn't like it. It was to itchy for me. Plus I wouldn't want to go to a doctor if I was shaved down there
  15. dannisissy

    Spanked with your diaper on or bare bottom?

    With my diapers on please