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  1. Can someone PM please so we can discuss this issue? @DailyDi @DailyDi
  2. Guys, anything? I'm asking here because you gave me access. Will gladly accept a PM conversation!
  3. Any ABU sizing issues? The lengths seem short to me, even the "Tall" (which a lot are sold out, which tells me other people are worried too). I think I ordered the white sizer, so we will see what happens.
  4. Shipping killer! These guys gotta try and get their shipping under control, they were the most expensive out of 3 companies. Products look good. They are now my fallback if the other ones don't work out. Thanks for the info.
  5. Shorty Discovers Her Desire To Be An Adult Baby For Her "Daddy" Boyfriend! Comments section is not pretty
  6. Just wanted to know what your favourite onesie companies are? I'd like to know where to start and I'll do the research ... Recently put in an order with OnesieDownUnder but it was a little more shiny than I wanted. Going to try to find one a little more T-Shirt like. Thanks!
  7. The mental chatter about what was going on was funny. Funny story overall.
  8. I don't know, but we are told to put them in our green bins, as part of compost. Obviously there's a lot of sorting that gets done, maybe as most would assume they are soiled, that has something to do with it and they are removed by machine and entered into trash from there? Not sure. I'd love to ask that question on a tour though! lol
  9. Can anyone translate? I'm really interested in what the "Tag line" sorta is here ... Fit guy, women are into him ... turned off by the diaper lol Gym related, because he's fit? lol
  10. The way it sits currently is not bad. 1 image and it's a lower shot (no face) of an adult wearing an adult diaper. Some of the descriptions are fair.