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  1. Bambino diaper used in Zero Puncuation

    http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation/117140-Sonic-Mania-Zero-Punctuation 1:10 Mark Yeah, that's a weird one to choose - even says toddler, which we know, it isn't a toddler diaper lol Guess it looks the part.
  2. Pre Halloween Baby preparation scenarios.

    So do I. Our dollar store's started selling some baby-oriented gear as well, so the costume has come a long way lol
  3. Pre Halloween Baby preparation scenarios.

    I think your ideas would only work in industry's centralized around Halloween ... so lets say, a Halloween party bus ... or a Halloween store ... A regular alterations shop (in a mall) lets say is not going to be as glamorous as you're imagining. It's going to be some 80 year old woman with a pin cushion on her wrist who's fixing up your garment and just thinks you wear diapers, not that it's a costume (despite fixing a onesie or something diaper related). Same at Starbucks, if you get a male or someone who just doesn't care (30+, full timer). I get it and they are good ideas but I think it has its limits. I think weekend of Halloween or Halloween itself, go nuts.
  4. footed pajamas info

    If it's just footed pajamas that you're looking for, one of the larger companies (at least on the internet, I'd think) is Jumpin Jammerz and the website says they ship worldwide https://www.jumpinjammerz.com/whats-hot Google searches bring up a bunch more. I'd start comparison shopping. The site you linked ships from EU or out of Hungary so, that's also closer, I assume, maybe better rates than a U.S. based website?
  5. outed by amazon. partially my own fault

    That's also my personal pet peeve with those boxes. The EXACT same thing happened, where the handles were pushed in, completely revealing the box's contents. Yeah, not pleased about that. Side Note, I think you're screwed and your stories suck. Wrong item, that big? Yeah right. She's already being polite by saying "Medical" lol Don't mention it. Hide them but if she goes looking for them (you never know) don't keep them with everything else! (If you have more stuff). I'd keep them sorta, hidden-open, if that makes sense. Hidden but a quick search would find them lol Lastly, I'd say you saw a deal on the internet and thought you could use them as pads to lie out in the bed, because of the accident / wetness that others have mentioned. I don't want to wear them, I'm just using them to absorb ... I just don't see your other reasons working.
  6. Diapermates

    Caught this one too ... Sitting with my wife and I'm like, "That's a real website, that's a real website!" She's just shaking her head, "Of course you'd know that ..." Hahaha as they kept reading them, I said "They are all real" and it turned out, they were. They went REALLY deep into the list before someone buzzed for one they thought was real.
  7. Dutch television show

    Anyone able to keep us posted on this segment or what this was for?
  8. Dutch television show

    I'm officially obsessed with those photo. Love the attention to detail, love the room she's in. So interesting
  9. In no way, shape or form is this "beneficial" to the AB DL Community. First off, location. YouTube. Doesn't get any more public than that. If it was on a porn site or video section, that's one thing, but for it to be on YouTube? No. Secondly, #1's and #2's are to be done in private and in a toilet. Everything about this video is against "the norm" and therefore, is going to 100% get a negative backlash. "Oh there's people that like to wear DIAPERS?!?!?", while watching the video. I mean, I can go on and on here ... Step away from the fetish for a moment and look at a video like that as an outsider, who knows nothing about this.
  10. Delivered to a storage facility? I wouldn't keep your address up, you don't know in this day and age Edit: Oh, delivered FROM maybe? Okay well then, post away
  11. Bambino Hybrid Diaper

    FINALLY got my hands on the Bianco UltraStretch (All White Diapers) and the Magnifico (Printed Diapers) I'm in the early MINUTES here (ran to the computer lol) but these tabs are revolutionary! As I sometimes wear but like to re-wear (because I haven't wet), these diapers fit the bill 100%. I'm really interested to see if the stickyness / velcro will die down or what. Only time will tell! Honestly, I could see myself ditching some others and going straight to these, simply for the tabs. Plastic feel, re-fastenable tabs, incredible! And bulk too! Really pleased with this purchase thus far. As for leaking / falling off, guess we will see. Tabs alone on this diaper - wow, so impressed!
  12. Scared about this movie
  13. So, I've been locked out for several weeks as I asked for an e-mail change. The confirmation e-mail (to a hotmail address) is not getting through the hotmail filter (it seems). I changed my email to a gmail account and instantly, I'm back (email received, confirmed). I don't want to stay with the e-mail I'm currently using, so I am still looking to change it. While I was out, I continually used the "Contact Us" feature on the site, with no responses whatsoever. Is there a backlog? Is it working? Is this a known issue? Any suggestions?
  14. Bambino Magnifico Diapers

    No, but that's what I'm waiting for as well. Just going to hold off and wait for them.
  15. Purchased from Adult-baby-shop.eu??

    Made 2 purchases from them back in the day (many years ago). Happy with the products.