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  1. How Many People Have U Told?

    This is such a lonely thing, look at those numbers, wow.
  2. Adult Babies in Gotham.

  3. Sleep like a baby!

    LOL omg what a commercial
  4. Binkie Princess written up

    You guys realize those are multiple stories in one, right? The video (which had an article) was when she was "21", where the article today says she's 23? Heck, how old is she actually, I don't know ... She's big on YouTube and if you pay attention to the paid sites, she's on a few of them now too.
  5. Do your kids know about your diapers?

    No kids (yet) but I have issues keeping kids in the loop. Going to be hard to believe I'll ever tell them. Just don't want to mess with their heads and quite honestly, I can't see how it wouldn't lol
  6. Adult coloring finds

    In Canada, we have Dollarama but in the U.S., "DollarTree" should be able to find the same things. They've come waaaaaaaaaaay down in the price since getting popular a little while back. Even a craft store should have them significantly cheaper - ours do.
  7. Adult coloring finds

    Dollarstore now carries Adult Colouring books
  8. Look how they develop oil. It's quite shocking and disgusting.
  9. Am I a diaper lover?

    Baby steps, as they say. Try something else, see where it goes. You don't need to label yourself anything yet ... who cares ... just try it.
  10. Cuddlz shipping costs to the U.S. is insane

    Can't go international, there's your solution!
  11. I feel like I am in the minority

    There's every type out there, don't worry there's many more such as yourself. It's just the messy ones are the most vocal
  12. Ellen has baby Amy on

    Thuuuummmmmmmmmmmmbs UP! Dedication
  13. Onezies

  14. So ABU is taking Tykables to court

    Who gave them that copyright? So any time someone uses space print, they have to call it something else now? Wow
  15. Has Anyone Ever Studied Our Ethnicities?

    Devil's Advocate, but a fetish is not necessarily public. It's participated in the confines of your home, in private. You can sit on the computer all day long and watch YouTube videos and no one would know a thing. So why would the majority still be white? Keep in mind, whites are not the majority internet users of the world and North America does not have the fastest internet connections. Just saying ... (there's no "Answer")