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  1. FunTime

    Youtube "My Strange Addiction"

    A classroom could dissect how this episode was perfectly crafted to make you hate this. The music, the lighting, the clips, the blacking out of the speaker ...
  2. FunTime

    Youtube "My Strange Addiction"

    It's programs like this that REALLY give a community like this a bad name. When you guys sign-up for these "programs", you really need to investigate what their angle is. Is it, to "understand" it or is it for something like this? I'm just disgusted by the whole thing and that's exactly how you're suppose to feel when you watch this type of program. It's a shame that this is now out there.
  3. FunTime

    New Order Taken Too Far? :p

    Try not to go crazy. Diapers sometimes have expiry dates on them, I guess referring to the stickiness of the tapes? The issue is also storage lol
  4. I don't know where they found that "stock image" for the ad LMAO
  5. FunTime

    Geico knows too much about me

    What the heck ...
  6. FunTime

    Pride Toronto?

    As it just happened this past weekend, was just curious if Pride Toronto is a "Must" event for anyone around here? Was watching CP24 (Toronto news) doing live broadcasts and there were a lot of fetish groups in the background
  7. Yes, was getting a newsletter subscription to my phone and someone was reading the new emails I was getting ... Luckily it went over their head entirely lol
  8. Hi, if this isn't the appropriate area, can someone direct me to an e-mail address I can write to? The membership was from Daily Diapers, so I thought this would be a good place to start. Thank you.
  9. FunTime

    Katie Perry diapers up

    Which dress was she referring to? Any follow-up commentary? lol
  10. Not going to defend them but ... they sorta are. Unless you're from the GTA and you're comparing them to The Globe and Mail, this is pretty much "it" for the city. Yup. Still headline news, when it shouldn't be.
  11. FunTime

    Running out of nappy storage space

    With Christmas storage lol
  12. Another shot from the media, bringing up "Diaper Porn" as a headline https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2018/05/30/diaper-porn-and-pimples-what-the-jury-did-and-didnt-hear-at-an-epic-murder-trial.html