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  1. In no way, shape or form is this "beneficial" to the AB DL Community. First off, location. YouTube. Doesn't get any more public than that. If it was on a porn site or video section, that's one thing, but for it to be on YouTube? No. Secondly, #1's and #2's are to be done in private and in a toilet. Everything about this video is against "the norm" and therefore, is going to 100% get a negative backlash. "Oh there's people that like to wear DIAPERS?!?!?", while watching the video. I mean, I can go on and on here ... Step away from the fetish for a moment and look at a video like that as an outsider, who knows nothing about this.
  2. Delivered to a storage facility? I wouldn't keep your address up, you don't know in this day and age Edit: Oh, delivered FROM maybe? Okay well then, post away
  3. FINALLY got my hands on the Bianco UltraStretch (All White Diapers) and the Magnifico (Printed Diapers) I'm in the early MINUTES here (ran to the computer lol) but these tabs are revolutionary! As I sometimes wear but like to re-wear (because I haven't wet), these diapers fit the bill 100%. I'm really interested to see if the stickyness / velcro will die down or what. Only time will tell! Honestly, I could see myself ditching some others and going straight to these, simply for the tabs. Plastic feel, re-fastenable tabs, incredible! And bulk too! Really pleased with this purchase thus far. As for leaking / falling off, guess we will see. Tabs alone on this diaper - wow, so impressed!
  4. Scared about this movie
  5. So, I've been locked out for several weeks as I asked for an e-mail change. The confirmation e-mail (to a hotmail address) is not getting through the hotmail filter (it seems). I changed my email to a gmail account and instantly, I'm back (email received, confirmed). I don't want to stay with the e-mail I'm currently using, so I am still looking to change it. While I was out, I continually used the "Contact Us" feature on the site, with no responses whatsoever. Is there a backlog? Is it working? Is this a known issue? Any suggestions?
  6. No, but that's what I'm waiting for as well. Just going to hold off and wait for them.
  7. Made 2 purchases from them back in the day (many years ago). Happy with the products.
  8. I really wonder what it would be like to meet a couple who's so public ... such as yourself, AwakenEvil ... Just saying, it'd be one of those "OMG" moments lol
  9. What if you used an anonymous address to surf the web? Sorta like how people do for downloading? VPN or whatever ... Or maybe by tablet only, no desktop or laptops? Tablets or mobile.
  10. Dead Link: Support us with a Membership Upgrade Support our community and get extra membership benefits! By Upgrading your DiaperMates membership you can get more storage space and the ability to send more messages per day! Upgrade your DailyDiapers forum membership and get increased gallery and message storage space plus a special user badge to show your support The 2nd one, forum membership, doesn't work.
  11. Wow this is truly disgusting and should not take place. We want the internet free and open for everyone, that means the pornography industry as well (or as they are labeling it). Just incredible, hope this doesn't pass for those members in the U.K. Thoughts with you, from Canada.
  12. Imagine wearing this and you sit down to play and instead you're playing like Dr. Mario or Mario Brothers and it's just like "Oh crap, wrong game"
  13. Side Note: Her account has videos for this album from 2014. Yet, here we are, the end of 2016 and she's released a new video for a song off that same album. If anyone follows music (at least pop music), this is really unheard of. I even, Justin Timberlake or Bruno Mars have a 1-year shelf life on albums with 5 and 6 singles deep. Just on a musical side note, that's truly amazing.
  14. Check out her videos. At least for this current album, all the songs had baby / little girl themes, as well as big time baby themes in the videos. She had a few hits, so a lot of young people are aware of her music and the themes in the music videos, hence the T-Shirts and what not. I just want to clarify my comments. I think some are like me, who know that AB / DL is not exactly "main stream" or the forefront of pop culture. So, when an artist does something like these videos but then becomes popular on top of it, it's rare. The fact that a store is selling all this stuff that's pushing, "I wanna be a baby" mentality, it's even more rare. And by next year, this will probably be over. So, I just want people to take it for what it is. Hey, remember in 2016 when they were selling Melanie Martinez T-Shirts with baby blocks on them ... and people wore them! Highly unlikely to see this ever again IMO. Even Miley's video was a 1-off event. Melanie did an entire album! Oh she has a new video ...