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  1. In our new video, we explore how sodium affects your health regarding incontinence issues and disposable incontinence products.
  2. Abena X-plus

    Thank you!
  3. Abena X-plus

    Due to a large number of requests to test this product please enjoy our Review of Abena Abri-Form "Classic" 4 Formerly known as X-Plus.
  4. leaking diapers at night

    selfless plug... in our review videos any product that claims for "overnight" or "night time" use gets subject to the side sleeper test... no product has been amazing. only two so far have been able to handle 1 larger wetting...
  5. Question to any one in management or supervisor?

    sounds like they are trying to help you, good luck!
  6. Smart sensors will be big in the Incontinence world, connected to the nurse station or smartphone alerting the carer when its time to change. we are starting to see barcodes on each product as institutions are now scanning everything that happens to a patient, so diapers will be scanned to a patient when being used this is for billing and patient safety concerns /tracking. The barcodes will probably give way to RFID tags built into the sensors eventually. Other features we will see is a trend to less plastic more environmentally "safe" materials. we hope to see a rear pocket to help contain bowel movements better, some baby diapers are starting to have that. As for the ABDL world, I would agree with others that Gender specific will go away but fun designs will stay, probably just a few manufacturers will be around.
  7. That will depend on how YOUR bladder functions, how well the product fits you, how active you are etc. Every product works a bit differently for everyone. in our testing, if you have large bladder voids the Northshore supreme and Abri-form level 4 can possibly work for up to 8 hours but there are a lot of variables, we have not tested all the products on your list (yet). We definitely do not recommend staying in a product for that long if you had a bowel movement even with barrier creams.
  8. New Depends sizes - about time

    this is a great move by Depend mixing the products into 2 sizes s/m and l/xl while good for the company and retailers, in only having to manufacture 2 products and stores only needing to stock two items. The result was a poor fit for most people and a poor fit is the biggest issue with the performance of an incontinence product.
  9. pampers with channels why not adult version

    I agree the Channels Could help alot with the typical product clumping issue, However the clumping issues we see usually are a front to back top or bottom aided gravity so horizontal channels might not help that much, It also with the channels from images I have seen, seem to limit the thickness of the product and ability of the product to swell and absorb more fluid. hopefully someone will create this out so we can test it!
  10. You requested it!

    Through a poll on THIS site, YOU requested the product for us to review this month ! you can find it in the Diaper Review section on this site under Northshore™ [email protected] underwear and on our youTube channel " Real World incontinence tips and adult diaper reviews." https://www.youtube.com/c/RealWorldIncontinenceTipsandDiaperReviews Allow me a second to request some help from you this wonderful community, if you like the videos we create please consider Subscribing to our channel as new youtube policies will be affecting our channel. Also if you would like further support our channel please consider joining our Patreon . by joining you will help us create more videos and allow us to test more products and improve our videos quality. by joining you will get access to new videos sooner than the public as well as get access to content created only for our Patreon's if you join as a "Hero" we will also ship you products we test so you can try them! https://www.patreon.com/Realworldincon As always we will continue to test and provide the most accurate review videos we can with this passion project. Thank you!
  11. NorthShore GoSupreme Pull-on Underwear

    By Request thru a poll on This site, please enjoy is our In-depth review of Northshore™ GoSupreme™ Briefs!
  12. Tranquility EliteCare

  13. Guidance would be appreciated

    Dont let the diaper "stigma" keep you from using them if you need them, it's FAR better to deal with a stigma of wearing a diaper than dealing with the issues if you had an accident and were not wearing a diaper. While it takes some time to get used to, soon you will realize people dont know or dont care that you wear a diaper. Diapers have a purpose and like many others before you, you'll soon learn they just become "underwear" that allow you to go about your life, it does take some time and trial and error but you will develop a routine and learn how to manage your issues and live with the added needs that wearing adds to your life but it won't ruin your life unless you allow it to. As for IBS you might find that many foods trigger your symptoms for me personally if i eat nuts or seeds I have a high chance of an accident the next morning. so look at your diet and try to find the trigger foods your might have.