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  1. Tranquility EliteCare

  2. Guidance would be appreciated

    Dont let the diaper "stigma" keep you from using them if you need them, it's FAR better to deal with a stigma of wearing a diaper than dealing with the issues if you had an accident and were not wearing a diaper. While it takes some time to get used to, soon you will realize people dont know or dont care that you wear a diaper. Diapers have a purpose and like many others before you, you'll soon learn they just become "underwear" that allow you to go about your life, it does take some time and trial and error but you will develop a routine and learn how to manage your issues and live with the added needs that wearing adds to your life but it won't ruin your life unless you allow it to. As for IBS you might find that many foods trigger your symptoms for me personally if i eat nuts or seeds I have a high chance of an accident the next morning. so look at your diet and try to find the trigger foods your might have.
  3. Poll For testing

    Looks like Northshore and Tena win this round!
  4. Wellness Briefs

    Please enjoy our Real world Review of the Wellness Superio® brief!
  5. Order from Amazon....

    should be good to go on Amazon we order quite a bit with them!
  6. Poll For testing

    We plan on testing Adult Pull Ups in January and we want you to decide which two brands we test.
  7. Uber driver: tired of bathroom breaks!

    If you use High quality products ,drink mostly water, change once every shift and for good measure add a good quality diaper cover like Gary wear "PUL" Pants you should almost Never have odor issues. Urine odor usually does not get strong for 4-6 hr after wetting (depending on what you eat or drink) so wearing diapers while you drive should be good to go...
  8. Diapers and active travel

    For long trips I will pack enough to get me a good portion for security, and before I leave I'll send a re-supply package to a Hotel that i'll be staying at during the trip.
  9. Here is our review of Ego San Natural Comfort Maxi briefs, this is a cloth like breathable disposable diaper a European import from Italy and sold on Amazon. EGO SAN® Natural Comfort Maxi In-Depth Review
  10. Molicare Brand

    Just finished our testing and review of Molicare Premium Super Plus Slip... enjoy!
  11. Wal-Mart's Assurance Stretch Brief

    Just finished our Review of the Assurance Stretch brief available from Wal Mart for your consideration.
  12. Seni SuperPlus and Seni Quatro

    Please take a look at our In depth review and testing of the Seni
  13. NorthShore Supreme And Air Supreme Diapers

    Looking forward to trying and testing Ver 2 of the northshore Supreme!
  14. NorthShore Supreme And Air Supreme Diapers

    I Would like to share our in depth review of the NorthShore