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  1. Real world Incon

    do you fell shame in your wetting

    No, I am not ashamed of my accidents because I don't have control over it, naturally, this did not come right away, The stigma of incontinence and diaper wearing is real and it takes time to overcome but once you do your life gets easier and better because you come to some form of acceptance.
  2. Real world Incon

    Northshore Supreme Lite diapers in colors now!

    Very cool! good to see some new options!
  3. Real world Incon

    Abena X-plus

    there are many sellers still selling the Abeana X-plus in North America not sure about the rest of the world.
  4. Real world Incon

    ID Slip Diapers

    Juts released review Of ID Slip Expert Maxi PE-Backed Adult diaper.
  5. Real world Incon

    Rearz Inspire Review

    Now available our In-depth review of the Rearz Inspire Orginal. products for the studio testing were provided by Rearz inc. Rearz inc. did not provide, request or demand any changes to our testing methods or final review. Thank you Rearz inc. for providing the product to be tested!
  6. Real world Incon

    New Website For our reviews

    Thank you for the support!
  7. Real world Incon

    Wetting way more than usual

    Some days an nights I wet much much more than normal, it is hard to break down as to why but just normal variations in life. my "super soaker" days as I call them are rare but they are very noticeable when they occur. If it feels like something is wrong I would recommend going to a Dr to make sure everything is ok.
  8. Real world Incon

    New Website For our reviews

    We created a new website that allows us to Rank our product reviews into categories making it easier for people to see what level of incontinence and how long we believe the product can be safely used for before leaks based on our In-depth tests. please take a look! and let us know what you think about it! https://www.realworldincon.com/
  9. Real world Incon

    Seni Active Super Plus Pull-up Review

    Here is our review of the Seni Active Super Plus Adult pull-up.
  10. Real world Incon

    Incontinence and Sex

    for the most part, just have protection (towel) on the bed and have fun. If there is a big concern you could talk to your doctor to get some self-catheters and you can drain your bladder before you have sex. in over ten years of marriage I may have leaked during sex only a few times.
  11. Real world Incon

    how many nappies do you use in 24 hours

    Depends on the diaper I'm using and how my body is acting, but using premium diapers I average three a day.
  12. In my experience, the urologists have been only interested in medical treatments and management techniques, (medicine, procedures, and catheters) I don't necessarily fault them on this as diapers are considered a stop-gap measure either for temporary use or last option. Catheters require a prescription and medical supervision so naturally, they will tend to suggest them over the use of diapers whether they know it or not! but they will focus more on the long-term looking at medicines and surgical procedures to end the incontinence.
  13. Real world Incon

    So glad for high quality adult diapers.

    life is sure easier with the newer diapers!