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  1. Real world Incon

    Feeling the burn

    Most rashes should go away in 3-4 days keeping the area clean and dry as much as possible as well as using Zinc Oxide cream. Usually the very painful rashes turn out to be yeast infections, if a rash does not go away after 3-4 days with zinc oxide than its a large chance it is a yeast infection. Many yeast infections can be treated by using antifungal cremes found in supermarkets and drug stores, you can find them usually in the foot or feminine section. if the rash does don't clear up in 7 days with an antifungal creme or if you start feeling ill go see a doctor as Yeast infections can get bad.
  2. Real world Incon

    Diaper sag solution

    Onsies are fantastic for many reasons one is they will help prevent diaper sag. Check out babykins.com as one great vendor that makes them.
  3. Real world Incon

    Barrier Paste Help

    the usual reasons, 1. a cheaper way to make it comes up 2.not enough people buy it.
  4. Real world Incon

    Barrier Paste Help

    I typically use the Equate Diaper Rash Ointment 40% zinc oxide (WalMart Brand) I have found that there are two SKUs that the packaging looks almost identical white and purple box but one has a different smell, the only difference in the package is it says "Equate Baby" that version has a sweet fruity smell, the standard Equate smells like most zinc oxide creams
  5. Real world Incon

    LLmedico shipping?

    very discrete White Box is our experience!
  6. Real world Incon

    Tranquility Elitecare

    We did a review on the product, it is in the forums somewhere so I don't what to repost it. We found it came fairly close to the stated capacity when we tested normal voids sizes and flow rates but did not do as well in lying down tests. For incontinence that is more small drips (stress/ overflow), the product was able to exceed the stated capacity in lying down and standing.
  7. Real world Incon

    Double diapered

    my daily diapering for the longest time was doubling up Attends with waistband! but with the newer premium products, I can go much longer with just one and it is much cheaper!
  8. It's really hard to test ALL possibilities and variables impossible really (and VERY time-consuming) we tested using the 400ml test as that is close to an average healthy adults void 200-350ml, at an average flow rate for healthy adults of 20ml p/sec (everyone on the planet has different flow rates and capacities that vary daily) wettings were spaced 20mins apart to allow the products to absorb naturally before additional wettings. What we did see in the test was the Depend® in control tests usually tend to leak at just before 800ml or two "average" voids. When using testing with any of the underwear that dropped down to less than 1 "average" void and this happened in every test. We also tested the products simulating overflow incontinence a slow drip and the results were the same! Additionally we also tested this with the Northshore™ Pullup that resulted in the same "absorption" performance drops, so to your point is most people DO change before the product leaks, the myth we tested was IF they "improved performance and prevent leaks" and The testing really showed that no it does not Improve performance and prevent leaks. We did say in the video that it may help diaper sag and keep padding together over time but we did not see "Improved performance" you can say we did not see improved "absorption" if you prefer.
  9. Real world Incon

    New Video exploring how sodium affects incontinence

    Sorry for the delayed response, in the video we talk about how critical Sodium is to keeping us alive so cutting sodium altogether is bad however most foods in the US have enough so adding might not be best for most people, In the Video we do not say Sodium is the cause of incontinence, studies show the amount of sodium in a system has direct connection to increased Urine output as the Kidneys try to excrete the unnecessary amounts of sodium in the system so people with incontinence issues already will tend to have more episodes.
  10. New video series! in this episode we were asked to test "wearing underwear over a diaper helps improve its performance".
  11. Real world Incon

    Painful Bladder when waking up

    There could be a million things to make your bladder hurt, this could be a simple Irritated bladder or something similar but more involved like interstitial cystitis. The only way to tell is to see a Urologist! I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis nearly 20 years ago for me the big trigger was diet soda, I still have interstitial cystitis and it does flare up sometimes but once I stopped drinking diet soda the pain almost disappeared completely and I was able to get off the medications! if this does not go away GO SEE A DOCTOR!
  12. Real world Incon

    Need help now

    Bettypooh said it best! I also keep some cheaper diapers around for the chance of I need a diaper change but I will be going to bed in a few hours or will be going to work and I don't want to use the products I use for work or bed for just s few hours. hopefully, you feel better soon!
  13. Real world Incon

    Facing Forward

    First off I hope you have a quick recovery and that the lasting damage is minimal! You will need to experiment with the type and level of product you may need. You may need nothing or a small pad in the daytime to full premium brief at night. Only time will tell, You will want to use the thinnest and smallest product that is suitable to your level of incontinence to be as close to your "normal" as possible this will help you cope with the issue but don't let the incontinence (if you have it) get you down and depressed. Someone mentioned the Molicare premium super plus and that is a great THIN but very absorbent diaper but you might not need a full diaper (also they do have an odd cut so some people don't like them) but they are GREAT for being discreet under clothes. Likely you might only need a pad to a pull-up if anything during the day. give time and be patient and soon you will have a clear idea of what you may or may not need. Good luck!
  14. Real world Incon

    Abena X-plus

    This is a very good Idea! thank you
  15. I dont remember when I was taken out of diapers by my parents , but I always had daytime and nighttime accidents all my life, I was 12 when I made the personal choice to wear diapers at night as I was tired of wet sheets and changing them during the night.