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  1. Darkfinn

    Padded Bottoms

    Confirmation bias... you are looking for something, so it appears to be everywhere. In all my years of wearing I have only run into a handful of people out in public who were obviously padded.
  2. Darkfinn

    Any ab/dL girls?

    How would you go about meeting a "normal" girl? My wife was vanilla, but open minded, when I met her. She's been a "pull-ups by day, diapers by night" girl for about ten years now. If you are serious check sites like FetLife for meet-ups of your local kink scene. You may not find anyone who is strictly AB/DL, but odds are people there will be more willing to try different things.
  3. Darkfinn

    I need help getting drunk

    That's a GREAT way for an inexperienced young person to OD. Thanks for suggesting it.
  4. Darkfinn

    Any ab/dL girls?

    There are plenty of AB/DL girls out there... I know several myself. That being said, NONE OF THEM are going to respond to a post like that. Most of them are highly selective and highly secretive, because the community as a whole treats them as pieces of meat to be drooled over.
  5. Darkfinn

    I need help getting drunk

    As grandpa always said... "All things in moderation." Nothing wrong with drinking... but no reason to get plastered.
  6. Vitamins B & C are water soluble. If you take more than your body can use it will be excreted in your urine. To increase urine production you can also take Dandelion and cranberry herbal supplements... available online or at a local pharmacy. Also, if you are over 21 you can get Dandelion wine... it's name in French is "pissenlit" literally to wet the bed. A glass or two before bedtime produces great results.
  7. Darkfinn

    Aliexpress.com: opinion?

    Good/Quality and cheap Chinese imports don't usually go hand in hand. If you do want a quality cloth diaper try adultclothdiaper.com or babykins.com Consider your cloth diapers and plastic pants an investment... they're expensive up front, but with proper care will last many years... which saves money in the long run.
  8. Darkfinn

    Double diapered all day

    Do you really need TWO topics about the same thing?
  9. Darkfinn

    Staying at a motel

    Sounds like a pretty shady place, I'd go purchase my own cover.
  10. Darkfinn

    Double diapered

    Attends with waistband used to be amazing doubled. Too bad their quality has fallen so far over the past 10 years.
  11. Darkfinn

    Madonna Live

  12. Darkfinn

    RIP - Toy's R us

    TRU had been failing for a while, it's nice to see them finally put into the grave. The last several times I went in their products were overpriced and selection wasn't that great. In days where pretty much anything you want is available online for 10%-25% less than in a brick-and-mortar store and will be delivered to your door in two days at no additional charge those still operating the brick-and-mortar stores better be on top of their game... b/c half measures just won't cut it.
  13. Darkfinn

    Anyone tried Hexa pullups?

    Whole site seems kinda sketchy to me. Odds are they're selling some rebranded Chinese product.
  14. Darkfinn

    Accidental Exposure Thanks To UPS

    If I was the ripe age of 16 and found out my parents wore ***diapers!!!*** I'd be too embarrassed to mention anything about it. Kinda like walking in on your parents having sex... nobody wants to talk about it.
  15. Darkfinn

    Diapered Camel Toe

    Yes... we call that the "Brontosaurus Knee"