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  1. What a thrill

    Been wearing 24/7 for years... my daily use diaper is the Dry 24/7, which is pretty darn thick. In my experiences the average person in public is so absorbed (ha ha) in their everyday life that the thought of an otherwise healthy adult wearing a diaper is completely foreign to them, it never enters their mind. One must also consider that even if someone does notice a bulge and recognize that it's from a diaper, what's the likelihood that they are going to say anything? What would they even say? "Hey, is that a DIAPER?" It's inconsiderate... it's downright rude... it's totally improper behavior. Besides... odds are the only person who would ever look at your pants and recognize the tell-tale diaper bulge is another diaper user, so don't worry about it. That anyone in public knows you are diapered or even remotely cares is totally in your head.
  2. Today's Beetle Bailey

    Maybe he's layering cloth diapers.
  3. Laxative for $1.79 - works in 15 minutes...

    Having driven for an hour with a dip full of runny mess before I can certainly say no thanks, that is not an experience I'm eager to repeat.
  4. Laxative for $1.79 - works in 15 minutes...

    Likewise. I've often wondered why Taco Bell doesn't provide a Depend with every combo meal. For heaven's sake don't eat the stuff then take a long drive.
  5. Well... another hit to the image of the community

    Don't involve the vanillas in your kink... plain and simple.
  6. Hollywierd is Full of Pedos!

    The wealthy, the powerful, they always do this stuff... and we have evidence of it dating waaaay back thousands of years, to ancient Greek civilization and before.
  7. ABDL Or Medical Brand Diapers On Flight

    At $86 for a "case" of 36, that's insane. Comparatively I pay $115 for a case of 72 drys. So I could just about wear TWO Drys for each one Rearz. And honestly by the time I fill a Dry up I'm ready for a change anyways... 6-8 waking hours in one diaper is enough.
  8. ABDL Or Medical Brand Diapers On Flight

    I've not seen any ABDL "designer" diaper that offers a better performance value than ConfiDry 24/7.
  9. Introducing Bambino Magnifico Pull Up

    Yeah... ... ... Ordered that case, in spite of the steep price. She's used about half of them now and we're not pleased. The ones from the case aren't anywhere close to the ones from the sample pack. They're cut wonky, they're missing leg elastic, they're leaky and don't hold very much. All in all disappointed... and apparently I'm not the only one.
  10. Bambino Magnifico PULL-UP

    It seems I'm not the only one with these problems. Too bad really, this was Bambino's chance to hit one out of the ballpark with something no other ABDL specialist manufacturer had. What a disappointment.
  11. Forced to choose

    Confidry 24/7 has been my go-to diaper for the past few years. Comfortable, capable performance day in and day out. So long as Confidry doesn't majorly change the product I have no doubts that I will be using these for many years to come.
  12. Bulkiest and thickest?

    Confidry 24/7 gets my vote. But no disposable is going to be as bulky as several layered cloth diapers.
  13. Anyone have invasive parents?

    My best advice to you, finish school and find a job in a far away place.
  14. Another Use For Diapers?

    Cloth... CLOTH diapers make great shop rags & polish cloths.
  15. Bambino Magnifico PULL-UP

    Just wondering if anyone else has tried or has any thoughts on the new Bambino Magnifico Pull-Ups. Despite the steep price I ordered a case of them a few weeks ago for my wife to try out and so far we have been less than impressed. She's gone through two packs of them now and about half of those have had issues with cut and fitment. They're either cut wonky or are missing elastic around one of the leg holes, leading to an uneven, loose and leak-prone fit. I'll chalk this up to early batch production issues, but for the price Bambino is charging there really needs to be some better QC done at the factory. We're not impressed with the capacity either. Her go-to pull-up for years has been the Tranquility Overnight Pull-Up, which provide great capacity and leakage protection for the price. Given the high capacity of Bambino's diapers we were expecting more performance in this department, but have been disappointed. So the one thing these have going for them is the cute print. The design is obviously toddlerish and adorable, but if you aren't in a position to be flashing your undies to spectators regularly the "cute" factor doesn't really matter. So all in all fit, function and look these Magnifico Pull-Ups are 1 for 3. Sadly I've got to put them in the category of "play" diapers... just like most of ABU's products. Buy some for parties or your local club's fetish night, they just don't meet the criteria that would make them good for daily use.