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  1. Parents being a jerk

    Best strategy? Get a JOB and move your hind-end out.
  2. Mini Bitcoin Farm

    Oops, sorry... that's WRONG. France gets most of its power from nuclear, but "most" countries still rely largely on good old fashioned fossil fuels. Coal, petrol products, natural gas, etc. Solar and wind contribute very little to the big picture. Here's some info about power generation in the United States. Please educate yourself. https://www.eia.gov/energyexplained/index.cfm?page=electricity_in_the_united_states
  3. Expected lifespan

    I've got a couple of cloth dips from Babykins that I use on weekends when hanging around the house. Rinse in the shower after use, then wash in warm water. I use a little bit of bleach every other wash cycle to keep the smell out of them. Tumble dry on LOW heat. These are the 2nd batch of cloth dips I've ordered from Babykins, my first few lasted about 3 years being used and cared for in a similar manner.
  4. ABU Pre-School - A Big Kids Dream Diaper!

    That is my experience as well. The rear waistband is primarily there for looks... it stretches out after a few hours and becomes useless.
  5. Walgreen Brand

    The Walgreens brand are good, affordable light weight "daytime" diapers... the only downside is the cloth backing. I buy them regularly for my wife to use when protection somewhere between a pullup and a full "overnight" diaper is desired.
  6. Smell of a soaked diaper?

    If you are talking about just being wet that depends on two main factors. Most important is the consistency of your urine. If it is strong and dark yellow the smell will be very pungent, but if you stay well hydrated your urine will be dilute to the point of being almost clear and not smell very strongly at all. Second is the ability of the diaper to keep odors contained. In this regard some diapers do better than others. I've found that the newer style cloth backed "breathable" diapers do just that... they breathe very well. Air in means SMELL out. Plastic backed diapers do a much better job at containing odors. If you are talking about being messy, no diaper is going to contain that odor for long... especially if the mess is loose and watery. If you want to keep the odor of a messy diaper to a minimum you can do certain things to reduce the odor of your bowel movements, such as making dietary alterations and taking chlorophyll tablets... but be aware these take a couple of days to kick in.
  7. Really want to wet my diaper while I sleep

    Oh it is definitely possible, it just takes time and consistency. My wife reverted to regular bedwetting after about 2 years of being diapered for bed every night. As for myself I've been wearing 24/7 for more than ten years, I don't wet while asleep every night, but if I have a couple glasses of water immediately before getting into bed I will wake up wet in the morning. Think about it... how long does it take kids to stop bedwetting the first time around? Reversing the process won't be quick or easy.
  8. And end to ABDL?

    Try all you want... you can repress it but you can never get rid of it. Binge/purge is unhealthy, better to accept this as part of who you are and integrate it into your life in a safe and healthy manner.
  9. Really want to wet my diaper while I sleep

    Drink a few glasses of water immediately before getting into bed, pad up securely, put something down on your mattress so it won't get ruined and BE CONSISTENT. You'll start by waking up with the urge to pee, so practice wetting while awake and lying down. Eventually your body will get the idea and you'll wet without waking up. With diaper training, just like with potty training, consistency is the key. Stick to the routine and you will achieve your goals, but be aware there are consequences to every decision. Do you take the occasional daytime nap? Ever stay overnight with friends? Go on weekend camping trips or vacations? Hope you've got diapers to take with you.
  10. Becoming a Bedwetter

    Don't lie to or deceive your wife! That is wrong on so many levels. A good marriage is built on TRUST and HONESTY. If you want to wear dips to bed every night because they make you feel good/safe/secure/sexy/etc. just tell her. Hiding things and keeping secrets is the road to divorce, and you've got TWO kids who need to grow up in a stable household with BOTH parents.
  11. Remember, most of "reality" TV is still scripted.
  12. Binkie Princess written up

    Just another porn star looking for money. I doubt she's genuinely into the scene.
  13. My freshman year of college I still fit into Goodnites and Small/Med. Depends... back when you could still get the "Overnight" briefs, which were pretty darn good. Once I got out of the dorms and into an apartment I started mail ordering from XP Medical... have been ordering from them ever since.
  14. Has anyone ever met a real DL?

    I lived in Charlotte for a while... about ten years ago. Met a couple of local folks into the scene... I don't live far from there now.
  15. Getting ready for the mall

    Just ban the clown and get it over with dude. Do us all a favor.