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  1. Darkfinn

    Any help locating this video?

    Those are posted on pornhub... you just need to search for them. Patience is rewarded.
  2. Darkfinn

    Dry Care 24/7

    If you don't know how to get a J-O-B in order to earn money, then use this fancy thing called the INTERNET to order things have have them shipped to you... I doubt there is much we here can do to help you.
  3. Darkfinn

    Disposable diapers (adult size)

    It's either a retard or a troll... possibly both.
  4. Darkfinn

    Amazon Solimo diapers

    If they're anything like the pull-ups... they're cheap Chinese rebrands. Don't waste your time.
  5. Darkfinn

    ABDLism =/= LGBT

    Where did you study Greek? Philia is one of the four Greek words describing the concept of love. Artistotle describes Philia as friendship or affection, it is NOT inherently sexual. In the modern era that medical and psychological communities have applied a sexual meaning to the term, but it was not always so. Thus we have Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, no sexual attraction meant there. In psychological texts ABDL is referred to as Paraphillic Infantilism. Para meaning "abnormal" and philia meaning "attraction"
  6. Darkfinn

    How do you prevent diaper rash?

    #1 Drink more fluids. If you are properly hydrated your urine will be mostly water... less acidic... less chance of rash. Yellow pee = dehydrated. #2: Shave your diaper area. Hair traps droplets of urine and prevents the diaper from locking them away. #3: If you have sensitive skin consider using lotion or some sort of barrier cream.
  7. I've carried my backpack with me to the restroom at work for years. I put my used dips in old grocery bags, tie and dispose of in the normal restroom trash. Nobody has ever said a word to me.
  8. Darkfinn

    Abena Diaper Sizing

    Consider drying the ConfiDry 24/7s in large. They're cut more generously than Abenas and thicker too.
  9. Darkfinn

    Interested in trying cloth

    Consider cloth dips an investment. A few of them will cost you as much as a case of top-of-the-line disposables but, if properly cared for, will last for many years.
  10. Darkfinn

    selling my stash :(

    A perfect example of why you should be completely up front and honest with your SO about any kinks and/or fetishes BEFORE you tie the knot. Sorry for your situation, but here's hoping that others can learn from your mistakes.
  11. Darkfinn

    Complicated issues with partial incontinence.

    I have a few pairs of heavy weight plastic pants from adultclothdiaper.com very effective at containing leaks and odors. If you wear disposables have you considered taking chlorophyll tablets to help neutralize fecal odor? People with frequent bowel incontinence do this and it really helps. https://www.amazon.com/Natures-Way-Chlorofresh-chlorophyll-concentrate/dp/B00016AGBQ/ref=sr_1_4_s_it?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1533251469&sr=1-4&keywords=chlorophyll+capsules
  12. Darkfinn


    But don't use too much powder, you'll clog the micropores in the diaper's top sheet and it won't be able to absorb as effectively. Right on the money with "breathable" cloth backed disposables. Air in means air out, and you really don't want to be spreading the air from a wet diaper.
  13. Darkfinn

    Wanting some cloth diapers.

    Check out Babykins, I have a couple of their pull-on and velcro cloth dips that are very nice and very durable. Consider cloth dips an investment, it will cost you to get several dips and pairs of plastic pants, but cared for properly they can be used for years. As far as "giving away"... I wouldn't want pre-worn cloth. You wouldn't buy used underwear, would you? Same thing. If I may suggest, get a J-O-B and save to buy your own. The economy is doing better today than it has in the past decade, there are jobs everywhere.
  14. Darkfinn

    Seeking Pink Disposable Pull-ups

    I know I've seen some purple ones... but not pink. My wife is a "pull-ups by day, diapers by night" gal and while I agree the plain white ones are boring we look for capacity over color.
  15. Darkfinn

    Wellness Briefs

    Have they resolved the pinhole leaks issue? It's been years since I've tried any Wellness products and while I did enjoy them the last 2 cases I ordered had pinhole leaks from SAP crystals being laid down directly against the plastic shell. That took them off my order list.