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  1. Woman Pooping All Over Town In Colorado

    Let the punishment fit the crime... I hope when she's caught she's given community service picking up dog crap.
  2. Free "SOSecure" diaper shell

    I bought one of these about ten years ago and yes, they are sized on the small side BUT they do stretch. Worn over a disposable it did a good job of keeping water out during a rafting trip but IMO a good snug fitting pair of plastic pants would have done equally well.
  3. Wearing Diapers at the Beach

    I've had reusable swim diapers in the past... worn them under trunks just for kicks, never actually used them b/c I don't enjoy being messy while in public. Have walked the beach at night wearing only a t-shirt and a disposable... that was fun.
  4. Introducing Bambino Magnifico Pull Up

    My wife tried the sample pack and found them superior in comfort and capacity to the Tranquility Overnight pullups she currently uses as daily wear. We'll be ordering a case next time her supply runs low.
  5. Funny phone cases

    For $5 it's not a bad deal.
  6. Study says 40% sleep with a bear!

    That's nice to know... at least there is some bit of childhood innocence many of us are not willing to abandon.
  7. Dry Care 24/7

    The new ones do seem to have a higher SAP to fluff ratio. Doesn't seem to effect their performance though... still good for 8-10 hours. If you take them out of the bag and put them on a shelf for a few days they will fluff up nicely. Put them in your car and let them go through a few hot/cold cycles and they'll really get thick.
  8. Cloth diapers can really help... so long as you've got the money for initial investment and access to laundering facilities.
  9. Cloth Diapers? How too start wearing them?

    Have you checked Babykins?
  10. Bambino Pull-Ups!

    Just got my samples in today. They look great! Will see how they stack up to other brands. They're certainly not "discreet" like goodnites... these are big and made for real adults.
  11. Why do people hate Depends?

    For a plastic backed adult diaper you can buy off a store shelf Depends are just fine. If you want to increase their capacity without doubling buy a pack of maximum strength bladder control pads and insert one... makes them hold a lot more.
  12. Coming from YEARS of wearing 24/7... nobody is going to notice. Most people are so absorbed (ha ha ha) in the trappings of their daily lives the last thing that would ever enter into their brain is "OMG is he wearing a DIAPER??!!??" Get pants that are one size larger than you would normally wear to conceal the bulk, either wear a long tailed shirt or tuck it in to cover the waistline and you are good to go.
  13. Molotov Diaper

    Disposables even by themselves are highly flammable... a warning to littles who smoke.
  14. An interesting find... but honestly disposables from the 70's are so terrible compared to products available today I'm not sure they'd be worth using. IMO the true "gold mine" for stuff is the 90's and early 00's... right before the big shift to cloth backing started.
  15. I swear this happened. Worst "caught" story ever.

    These days you couldn't pay me to fly anywhere, especially out of the country. It used to be that law enforcement had to show reasonable cause in order to perform a "stop & frisk" type search, but now our Constitutionally guaranteed rights have been stripped away and the authorities can harass you just because they feel like it. Wanting to fly somewhere does not make you a terrorist, going south of the border for a few days does not make you a drug mule. I am awaiting the day when all airline passengers will be strip searched, issued blue "Property of Airlines" jumpsuits and be locked into their seats for the duration of the flight. Though I suppose then the dips might actually come in handy. "Those willing to sacrifice essential liberties in exchange for temporary safety deserve NEITHER." -- Ben Franklin