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  1. Always Discreet

    The smell of Always Discreet has disturbed me from day 1. A diaper that smells when wet is one thing, but one that smells like you've stuffed a bouquet of flowers in your pants is just as bad.
  2. The gift that keeps on giving

    The Naga Jolokia "Ghost Pepper" is no longer the record holder for hottest pepper. It has been surpassed by the Carolina Reaper. People are actually genetically engineering these peppers to be hotter now... it's pretty cool if you read into it.
  3. ABU Pre-School - A Big Kids Dream Diaper!

    I bought a case of these the other week on a whim, and honestly they're better than I expected. Putting them on right took a little practice, as they fit much differently than the Dry 24/7s I'm used to, but now that I've got them figured out they do a pretty good job. They're not up to the Drys in terms of capacity, but they're cute and comfortable daytime diapers... which I believe is ABU's intent.
  4. Doubling up

    There are menstrual pads and there are bladder control pads. Two different things made for two different uses. The maximum absorbency bladder control pads do well as stuffers for thinner diapers. I keep some in the closet to use inside Depends, they pretty much double the capacity.
  5. Creations for messing

    Why not just eat the food and poop your diaper naturally? Never understood the desire to "simulate" a mess. If the smell turns you off take chlorophyll tablets and eat less processed foods. If you want bulkier loads eat more fiber.
  6. Rearz trademarking AB/DL

    Kleenex is actually a brand name, that is why it's protected.
  7. Rearz trademarking AB/DL

    You got any proof to back up these claims? Care to cite a source?
  8. Rearz trademarking AB/DL

    Understand what you mean. I may not like the guy's politics but they do make some mighty fine chicken... and I support them not being open on Sundays, as at least that gives employees one guaranteed day off.
  9. Dry Care 24/7

    I purchase through XP Medical. Northshore Care also carries them for a similar price.
  10. Taste buds where?

    What? You can't possibly be serious. Of course there are no taste buds on your butt!
  11. Full-Time Mommy For A Full-Time Baby

    Yeah... So, what do you do for money? A full-time caregiver and 12 diapers a day is mighty expensive. Also, no adult is going to get sufficient nutrition from a bottle of milk every 3 hours. Sorry, your little story just screams "BS!"
  12. public changing

    My wife & I generally wear Dry 24/7s when out and about, so we've got to be out for a very long time and/or consuming a LARGE amount of liquid in order for a change to be necessary. That being said, with a little practice it's pretty easy to change while standing up in a public restroom stall.
  13. I found out (censorship-related)

    There go more governments of supposedly "free" nations trying to dictate morality. That is the job of the Church, not the government.
  14. 2018 is a landmark occasion for Daily Diapers

    The Millennial cohort extends from the early 80's to the mid 90's... people who were children and in school at the turn of the 21st Century. Those born after Y2K are actually "Post Millennials" or "Generation Z."
  15. Rearz trademarking AB/DL

    Now that word has traveled around the ABDL community of exactly what Rearz tried I figure their days as a company are numbered. "Jacking up the cost" in response to increases in cost of doing business and shipping so you can keep the doors open is completely different from trying to gain legal control over a term describing the whole community and use it for commercial gain.