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  1. sorry.. not sure what happened, was supposed to be more to that post... Raised in cottage Grove and Drain, still gte down that way pretty regularly
  2. wondering if there are any ABDL's down in the South Valley, Cottage Grove/Drain area?
  3. Hi, travel Tacoma Washington to a little south of Eugene Oregon frequently. would love to meet adn gt to know other ABDL's or momies/daddies along the route.
  4. wow, that's a lot of bulk!... what would shipping to 98387 be, if they are still available
  5. Have had the backside split out from being rubbed aganst the seam of my jeans at work... Didn't know it hasd split until I stood up and the wetness seeped down my legs.. was no way to hide it. Boss and co-workers saw... Nothing was said, but I defenitely got some looks. Went home at lunch that day...
  6. okay, had some sales adn some reserved for later delivery, here is what I have left.. Molicare Slip Maxi 7 full 13 packs, 1 open 14 pack -- $17.50 per pack or $60 for a case of 4 packs (56 diapers)DC Idyl's (early dark Blue version) 2 full 12 packs -- $35.00 per packABU power-up pads 2 full 30 pack -- $15 per pack All prices are Best serious offer, of course.. Want to recover as much of what I spent as possible, but anythinig is better than nothing if they go to Goodwill... Shipping on the west coast isn't too bad, 2 full packs of diapers was $16.50... so anyone within a couple of states of Washington state, let me know!
  7. sorry, thought I replied to this already.. Yes still have the plastic pants..
  8. that group on Reddit is no longer active... All still for sale Will make someone in the Pacific Northwest a great deal on a month + supply!!!
  9. cool, thanks for the tip, will get them posted there over the weekend!
  10. This isn't about why, it's about trying to make someone else a decent deal on something I can't use anymore.
  11. Making one last try here, Hoping someone semi local (Pacific NW) will see it and respond. Will consider any and all offers, but buyer pays shipping, unless we can meet in person Thankyou to the ones who did, unfortunately the shipping to the east coast is so damned expensive.
  12. Anyone?? make me a fair offer..?? would really hate to 'donate' them to Goodwill or something..