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    • Chapter thirty-three   Jasper found it hard to fall asleep. He was thinking a lot about the disaster drill tomorrow. An alarm clock rang from Kathy and Koen's room, followed by the soft sounds of people getting out of bed. This woke Jasper immediately. He was full of excitement for the day ahead. He had butterflies in his stomach at the thought of taking part in the disaster drill, and he was proud that David had given him a key role. He thought it was fantastic that with his help they could test how well they were prepared for children in a disaster scenario. He felt important and indispensable. When Koen entered the room to wake the children, he saw that Jasper no longer needed to be woken. "Good morning, Jasper and Dries," he said cheerfully. "Good morning!" Jasper replied happily. He was standing up straight in his bed, sleeping bag still on, soother in his mouth and both hands holding the edge of the bed for support. His eyes were sparkling. "...morning..." it sounded from Dries' bed; he wasn't quite awake yet. Dries had been curious about the disaster drill and how it was going to turn out, but he had not been as enthusiastic about it as Jasper had been. Koen opened the curtains first, then went to Jasper, opened the sleeping bag and opened the doors of the cot. Finally he went over to Dries to make sure he was out of bed too. "It's way too early," he complained when he finally got both feet on the floor. "I know it's early, Dries, but we have to be there on time." Kathy had woken Heleen by now and she had changed in the bathroom. Koen took the two boys into Heleen's room to take off their nappies and quickly freshen up with some wipes.   "I can't see any rash anymore," Koen said to Jasper, "the ointment has done its job." Kathy had laid out the clothes the night before and Koen handed the bundles to the boys so they could dress themselves. "Underpants for me?" Jasper asked, pulling them up over his bottom. "Yes. There's the chance that other people might see you in your underwear, so underpants and no nappies." "OK, I understand," Jasper said. "Thanks." Jasper put on his T-shirt and trousers as he said this. He thought about it himself; he wouldn't have minded wearing a nappy. There was only a small chance that anyone would notice, he thought to himself. After they were dressed, they all sat down at the table. Before Heleen joined them, she moved around nervously. She had a backpack in which she collected all the things she thought she would need during the day. She had a notepad on which to write everything down, a pen, a spare pen and a spare for the spare pen. In addition, she had put her mobile phone and a power bank in her backpack; after all, she needed to take photos as well as notes. Jasper and Dries sat more quietly at the table with a bowl of cereal in front of them. During the meal, the boys tried to relieve the tension they both felt by making jokes and playing with each other. Jasper had almost finished eating; there was only some milk left in his cereal bowl, and he put the bowl to his lips to drink the excess milk, when Dries made a funny face at Jasper. Jasper spat it out in a fit of laughter, which resulted in a dirty milk stain on his T-shirt.   "Oh no, Jasper," Kathy said. "Come and get a fresh T-shirt," she said, putting down her knife and preparing to stand up. "I will." said Koen, putting a loving hand on Kathy's arm to stop her. "I've already eaten and we're about to leave." Koen followed Jasper with a smile; they had been busy, Jasper and Dries. When they reached Heleen's room, he picked Jasper up and put him on the changing table. Jasper was still giggling because of the funny faces Dries had made. "Jasper, we're going to change your T-shirt, look at me," Koen said. The moment Jasper looked up and looked at Koen, Koen made such an ugly face that Jasper started to laugh. Koen quickly changed to a few other funny faces and some associated noises. Jasper, meanwhile, was doubled up with laughter until he suddenly sat still in horror and looked down at his trousers where a dark, wet spot was growing. "Oh no," it sounded pitiful from his mouth. "Oh Jasper, it's OK. I'm sorry, this wasn't meant to happen. I just wanted to have some more fun." Kathy entered the room, alarmed by the sudden cessation of laughter and the silence that followed. "Oh, don't worry Jasper, this could happen to anyone," she said, correctly assessing the situation. "I'll get you something clean." She paused outside the wardrobe to look at Jasper's clothes. He only had one pair of clean underpants left.   "Jasper, we only have one pair of underpants left for you, do you want to wear them now or do we save them for when we might need them some other time?" Kathy asked. Jasper hesitated a little. The nappy was just under his clothes anyway and hardly anyone had noticed it so far, so it would probably be the same now. On the other hand... Jasper thought hard about where his doubts were coming from, but he couldn't immediately think of an argument why he shouldn't wear a nappy. The argument that he was already big and didn't need one was no longer a reason not to wear one. "A nappy is good." Jasper said after giving it some more thought. Kathy was getting a little impatient and sprang into action. She took a nappy out of the box and handed it to Koen. "Heleen," Kathy called, "are you coming with your backpack?" While Heleen agreed and was on her way, Kathy took a couple of extra fresh nappies from the pack, grabbed a pack of wet wipes and handed them to Heleen. "Will you keep this for Jasper? If he needs a nappy change today, you may be closer than I am, but I'll make sure to have some as well. “Jasper, I'll give you a bodysuit today so that none of your nappies stick out above your waistband," she said to Jasper after she had given Koen a bodysuit and clean trousers.   Koen continued to work while Kathy went back to the kitchen to put the changing supplies in her own backpack. "If they see your nappy, you can always say you did it on purpose to look as young as possible," Heleen said. "A good idea," Koen said. "Well thought out." Without Kathy or Koen noticing, Jasper quickly put his dummy in his trousers; he felt that it sometimes helped to relieve tension and wanted to take it with him. The children all went to the car. On the way, Jasper had to pull up his trousers a couple of times because they were a bit too big around the waist. In the car, Heleen secured Jasper and made sure the harnass was tight, and Koen started the car. At the reception the family stopped for a moment, Kathy wanted to ask about the launderette again. She thought it would be nicer for Jasper if he could wear normal underwear again. With a sigh, Kathy got back into the car. "They haven't fixed it yet. The plumber's already been over and ordered the parts. He'll be back in three days and the launderette could be up and running that evening." "We go home the next day, so that's too late," Koen replied doubtfully. "Does Jasper have enough clothes to make it that long?" "I'll check again tonight." Kathy said. "I don't know off the top of my head." Kathy checked the address and turned on the GPS as Koen started the car. "We'll be there just in time," he murmured, looking at the estimated time of arrival. "It shouldn't be a problem, just drive carefully." Kathy said as she calmly put her hand on Koen's leg. As they drove, however, the estimated time of arrival increased: there was a traffic jam on the way. In the end, they arrived at the area where they needed to be twenty minutes late. It was a small, unused airfield that had been turned into a disaster site for the occasion. As soon as they got out of the car, David approached them. "Come on, we're waiting for Jasper to do his make-up and get him ready."   "Face painting? I don't want that," Jasper said indignantly. "I don't want to get lipstick and stuff." David took Jasper on his arm, took a firm step towards some of the tents and replied calmly. "I don't mean that kind of make-up. They'll use stage make up to give you a big wound so the doctors know what you have and how to help you." "They're not really going to do anything, are they?" Jasper asked, stiffening in David's hands. He remembered from a while ago, when his arm was broken, that they had put in an IV, and that was a less pleasant memory. "Some things are, some things aren't," Koen said. "The agreement with the doctors and the others is that they can do anything as long as it doesn't hurt. They might put a bandage on, put some stickers on, but they won't prick you or anything like that. They might have a needle in their hand, but they will only pretend to put it in, never actually do it. Is that good for you?" Jasper calmed down and the tension eased a little. "Yes, then I think it's good." "And if you really want them to stop, you can always shout 'stop' or 'pause' and then no one will do anything more." Koen had taken Dries on his arm and together with Kathy he followed David, Jasper and Heleen; they had to work hard to keep up with David. They walked towards two large tents that were crowded with people. David turned to Koen and set Jasper down.   "Jasper and Heleen, wait here for a moment, I'll show the others where to go." Koen, Kathy and Dries looked at David expectantly. "You can go to the second tent and say that you..." David took a sheet from his pocket and looked at the list, "that your car is seven." They looked astonished, but asked no questions; they could see that David was actually quite nervous. "That's fine, car seven." Kathy replied. "Sorry we were late, there was a traffic jam." "Yes, I know. Several other people were in it, and not everyone has arrived yet, but we have to be ready for the exercise on time, so we all have to work hard to make up some time." David entered the first tent with Heleen and Jasper. Jasper had to pull his trousers up a couple of times as he walked in; they were really too big. Inside the tent there were a couple of tables around which people were sitting in pairs with suitcases full of material. When they approached an empty chair, a man there looked at them expectantly. "Sit in that chair, Jasper." David took another sheet of paper from his pocket and handed it to the man, who began to read it. Meanwhile, Heleen looked around the tables to see who else was sitting there. She saw that the material on the various tables was all stage makeup. The people were all painted with various injuries. She saw someone with large cuts on his face, another with a broken leg, a third with a broken arm, and someone else was even painting a piece of metal on his chest.   "Cool," said Heleen, who glanced around with wide eyes. Jasper also had a look around at Heleen's reaction. "Are those real wounds?" Jasper asked in a small voice from behind his thumb, just to be sure. He had put his thumb in his mouth because of the tension. "No," David said, "but they can simulate them really well, can't they?" he said proudly of the makeup team. Jasper leaned over to the person sitting next to him and held a finger to the wound on the lady's face. He stopped a few centimetres/ an inch away from it. The lady and the make-up man looked at him calmly and said something he didn't understand. "You can feel, they say, Jasper," David translated. Jasper immediately took up the invitation and felt carefully over the wound. He inspected it with surprise: it looked really cool. Heleen couldn't resist it either and had to feel it as well. "That looks great for a Halloween party," she said. David had to laugh at that comment. "Indeed," he sniffed. David sensed that Jasper was a little tense, so he took his time to put Jasper at ease. To rush things now would only backfire. David dropped to his knees so that he was at Jasper's eye level. David pointed to Jasper's stomach. "We'd like to draw a big bruise there, is that OK?" "But I don't want an ordinary bruise, I want a real wound," Jasper said. "The other ones look a lot cooler than an ordinary bruise." David smiled to himself. Jasper didn't understand that a large internal bleed could be much more life threatening than a minor cut, but he really needed Jasper's cooperation. "What if we do both? A big bruise on your stomach and a cut on your arm. Is that good?" Jasper thought for a moment. "OK, that's good," he said.   David spoke briefly in French to the man who was ready to do the make-up. He nodded briefly, exchanged the items in his hand for something else and began to make a cut on Jasper's arm. Jasper and Heleen watched in fascination as the cut was built up layer by layer and colour by colour. David, meanwhile, walked around the tent talking to different people, taking notes and looking at papers. When the man finished the cut, David sat down again. He held a box of clothes in his hand. "Jasper, I have some old clothes for you to wear. I know they already have holes in them and they're worn out, but that's OK. The doctors will be cutting up the clothes you wear during the exercise so that it is more realistic and so that they can better examine you, so it is more convenient if you put on these old worn out clothes instead of your own. At the end of the exercise you can put your own clothes back on. I've brought you a few different sets, I don't know which ones will fit you. Heleen took the clothes and spread them out for a closer look. There were several t-shirts and trousers, onesies, bodysuits, overalls, but also some skirts and dresses. David saw Heleen looking at them in surprise. "It's just a mixture of all kinds of children's clothes. We really don't expect Jasper to put on a skirt or a dress right now." Jasper blushed at the thought of wearing such a thing. "No underwear?" Heleen asked in surprise after going through the whole box. She had set aside a pullover, a bodysuit and dungarees for Jasper; the rest she put back.   "No, that's right." Jasper can just keep his own underwear on, it adds no value to the exercise to cut off his underwear and have him completely naked, he can keep that on. Jasper, will you take off your t-shirt so we can do the painting on your belly also? David finally asked. Jasper immediately grabbed his bodysuit and started to pull it up. Only then did he realise that he wasn't wearing normal underwear. He immediately turned red and stopped pulling. The man with the make-up was getting impatient. The moment Jasper stopped pulling, he took over. Looking for the bottom of the T-shirt, he pulled down the trousers and looked surprised when he spotted the buttons of the romper. He immediately started chatting to David, who also looked up. "Jasper, do you need a nappy during the day too? I didn't know that." David asked. "No, he doesn't. But he had put it on especially for today because you said Jasper should look as young as possible." Heleen expressed the idea she had had earlier. David was impressed. "It is cool that you dare to do this. Thank you for thinking of that." David quickly explained to the make-up artist and he seemed impressed too. He gave Jasper a thumbs up, then took off all his clothes and started working on the big bruise over Jasper's liver while he was sitting in the chair in just a nappy. David handed Jasper's clothes to Heleen. "Would you like to keep them in your backpack for Jasper?" Heleen took them and folded the bodysuit and trousers neatly. As she was folding and smoothing the trousers, she felt something in Jasper's pocket. She reached in with her hand and took out the dummy. Without thinking, she took Jasper's thumb out of his mouth and replaced it with the pacifier. The makeup artist looked at him endearingly and gave Jasper an extra pat on the head before continuing.   Meanwhile, David approached Heleen with some other things. "Here is my camera, with which you can take pictures today, and also a clipboard with paper and a pen for notes." "So I was getting all nervous this morning for nothing." Heleen thought to herself. Heleen looked at the sheet; there was a small column on the left that said "Time" at the top, the rest of the box had space to write "Comments". David demonstrated how the camera worked by taking a first shot of Jasper. The make-up artist had just made Jasper paler and given him a sweaty face to make him look like he was in shock. When the make-up artist was finished, Heleen helped Jasper into the clothes she had laid out. The bodysuit was actually a size too small, but with a little tugging she managed to close the buttons at the bottom. The dungarees were just like the ones they had bought at the market. Heleen had also seen that there were fasteners on the buckles and closed them with a small plate. "Let's make it really hard for the doctors," she said to Jasper with a mischievous smile. Jasper smiled back, thinking it was a good idea too. She pulled another jumper over the overalls and bodysuit. The face painter finished the whole thing by cutting the jumper at the height of the cut and dripping some fake blood on the jumper to make it look real. Heleen also attached the ribbon from the dummy to the jumper. "Here is a fluorescent band, you can put it on your arm; this will make it clear to everyone that you are one of the exercise supervisors and not a patient or care provider," David said to Heleen. Heleen looked at David and saw that he also had a band around his arm.   Meanwhile, Koen, Kathy and Dries went to the second tent.   When they got there, a lady sat at a table and looked at them expectantly. She asked a question in an incomprehensible sentence. Kathy shrugged her shoulders and gestured to her ear. She had heard her say something in French, but the woman had been speaking much too fast for her to understand. "Sorry, I didn't understand." Now the woman at the table looked as if she hadn't understood. "I can't understand you." Kathy replied again. Suddenly the woman laughed kindly, raised a finger and started rummaging through her papers. She took out an envelope from the pile with 'Car 7, Koen, Kathy and Dries' written in large letters and handed it to Kathy. She then motioned for the people behind Kathy to come closer and asked them a question. The family moved aside to make room at the table. Kathy took a sheet of paper from the envelope and read out what was written on it.   Thank you in advance for your cooperation. In this exercise, there has been a pile-up on the motorway. You're in car number seven. You managed to stop in time, but another car hit you from behind. The driver of your car has chest pains from contact with the steering wheel, the front passenger has neck pains and the back passenger has difficulty standing due to foot pain. He should limp throughout the exercise whenever he needs to move. You are not allowed to answer in any language other than Dutch. "That's not difficult." Kathy interjected. "We don't understand it anyway."   But you cooperate when they work with pictograms, translation programmes, sign language and the like. You will be co-operative, but every time you get the chance, you should make your complaints known as much as you can. The exercise will be over for you when they have checked you into the hospital or when the exercise has been completed in its entirety. If something happens during the exercise that you do not like, you can always ask for a "break" or "pause", or if you want to stop the exercise for any reason, you can indicate this by saying "endex". In addition to the sheet explaining what they had to do, there was also the same explanation, but in French, to show to the emergency services if necessary, and a bundle of all sorts of permission forms, such as whether photos could be taken and other things. Koen filled them out for all five of them (there was a separate sheet for each) and then handed them to the lady who had given them the envelope. The simulated patients were then taken to the disaster site in small groups. On one part of the runway there were several old broken down cars stacked up against each other. Around these cars were all sorts of people walking around with fluorescent bands around their arms, directing people to the correct cars. Jasper walked hand in hand between David and Heleen towards the cars where the exercise was about to begin. "Jasper," David began, "what you have to do later is close your eyes as much as possible and pretend to be asleep. And if you really are asleep it's not even a big deal." Jasper smiled at that comment, he didn't think that could happen. On the way they met Kathy, Koen and Dries standing next to a car. "We'll have to get in that car later." Dries said to Jasper, pointing to the car they were standing next to.   "I don't know which one to sit in yet. Look at the make-up on this one," he said, pulling up the sleeve of his jumper to show off the cut. Dries and his parents looked admiringly at the wound. "That looks really well done. If you hadn't told me, I'd be taking you to the doctor right now." Kathy said. Jasper liked that remark. He, too, was full of excitement and was looking forward to the disaster drill.   Jasper was led forward to a car wedged between a small lorry and another car. A lifelike doll was placed on the driver's seat and Jasper climbed into a car seat behind it. Heleen helped him into the chair. It was a slightly different buckle than she was used to, but she soon found the five parts of the belt, buckled them all together and tightened the straps. David opened the window next to the doll all the way down, half of the window next to Jasper, and taped all the car doors shut. "Heleen, can you go around and take some pictures? I would like to get a couple of shots of Jasper, but also a couple of overview shots of the whole pile-up. Be back here in ten minutes." "Yes, that's fine, I'll start right away," Heleen said, taking the camera out of her rucksack and hanging it around her neck. "Should I pretend to be asleep already?" Jasper asked. "No, not yet, not until the drill has started and the first responders are with you. I'll make a cough every time you have to close your eyes, is that OK Jasper?" "Yes, OK." "And when they touch your tummy you can moan in pain. Shall we practise that?" Jasper did his best, and after a few tries David said it was good. Ten minutes later Heleen returned and was back with David.   "Heleen, we're about to start, will you have the notebook ready?" David asked. Heleen nodded, rummaged in her rucksack and then had the papers and a pen ready. There was some chatter on the walkie-talkies, and now and then David said something too, until he suddenly turned to Heleen. "Heleen, it's now seven minutes past nine, write that down on the sheet along with 'start exercise'. The next thing to note is when you hear the sirens of the first responders, then when you see the first car, and finally when the first responder deliberately looks at Jasper." Heleen nodded briefly and wrote down as much as she could so that she would only have to write down the times later. "And try to take as many pictures as you can. If you have to choose between notes and photos because you don't have enough time, then choose the photos. Good?" David said. The tension was palpable on the training ground. A few people were still pacing and chatting nervously, until everyone stood still and fell silent as they waited for the rescuers. At first it was barely audible, but in the distance the faint sound of a siren could be heard. After this first siren, more sirens were added and shortly after that, the first cars began to arrive. It was a mixture of different cars. There were police cars, fire engines and ambulances. Heleen didn't know where to look first, so much was happening around her, everyone was driving and running in all directions. It seemed to Heleen to be pure chaos. Not long after, the first responders began moving between the vehicles, looking in and under everything. The first victims began to crawl out of the vehicles and those who could walk were sent to an assembly point. A woman in a fluorescent jacket approached and David coughed slightly. Jasper looked up in surprise for a moment and a second cough helped Jasper to remember his role. He glanced briefly at David and then closed his eyes.   The woman was carrying a belt bag with some stuff in it. When she got to Jasper's car, she first looked at the doll sitting in the front seat behind the steering wheel; the window was fully open so she could easily reach it. She held the doll's head nice and straight and looked for signs of breathing and a heartbeat. David confirmed to the woman that these were indeed absent in this victim. The woman attached a black ticket to the doll and then continued on to Jasper. When she reached Jasper, she went to open the door, saw the tape over the door and understood that she was not supposed to open it. She saw that the other doors were also taped and examined Jasper as best she could through the half-open window. She spoke to him, shook his shoulders and checked his pulse and breathing. After each of her actions, David would tell her what her findings were, then the woman rummaged through her bag and stuck a red card with a 1 on it to Jasper. She then spoke loudly into her radio and moved on to the next vehicle to check for occupants. "Heleen, the time." David whispered to Heleen.   Heleen stopped taking pictures and quickly wrote down the time when the woman arrived at Jasper's car and when she left. Not long after the woman left, several people approached Jasper's car. Heleen took pictures and quickly wrote down what happened next. A doctor put a saturation meter on Jasper's finger and David told him what it should read for the scenario. Meanwhile, on the other side of the vehicle, firefighters had started to remove the back door. David gave Jasper a quick reassurance, explaining what was happening and that he was fine. Jasper felt warm with pride and continued to pretend to be asleep. This was not easy as he wanted to see everything that was happening. At one point, Heleen counted up to nine rescuers gathered around Jasper's car; five firefighters who were busy dismantling the car while protecting Jasper, and four paramedics, one of whom was with Jasper to keep an eye on him and the others preparing to help Jasper as soon as possible once he was out of the car. The fire brigade continued to work smoothly and a short time later Jasper was removed from the vehicle and placed on a stretcher. Once Jasper was on the stretcher, a quick check was carried out, the stretcher was lifted and the medical team left with him to a tent they were setting up. Heleen had to do her best to keep up with the team - they were running so fast with the stretcher with Jasper on it. Jasper was bouncing up and down on the stretcher from all the movement as they ran. They ran on until they came to a newly set-up tent with a "TRIAGE" sign over the entrance.   "Heleen, schrijf het volgende neer: patient veiligheid, slechte fixatie tijdens het transport. * " David said, panting, when everyone was in the tent. Heleen quickly scribbled it down. One of the rescuers, who was still holding the stretcher, didn't quite understand what David was saying, but he recognised the words "fixation and transport" and immediately understood what it was about. They lowered the stretcher onto a special base and before the paramedics left to fetch the next patient, he whispered to his colleagues to pay close attention to patient safety and restraint. ( * Heleen, write this down: Patient safety, poor restraint during transport) Koen, Kathy and Dries were taken to triage together. When they were seen by a paramedic, they noticed that Jasper was also being carried in. Heleen was so focused on what was happening with and around Jasper that she didn't realise she was passing two metres from her parents. David had seen them and gave them a quick wink. Their injuries were not considered life-threatening and Koen, Kathy and Dries were kindly but firmly ushered into a waiting area. Koen, Kathy and Dries all had a green card, but when the nurse saw that Dries could barely stand on his ankle, she took a wheelchair and put Dries in it, then changed the green card for a yellow one. The family sat next to all the other people who also had a green card, and from there they watched the others. A nurse walked around the group, trying to get an overview of all the patients waiting. She was examining the patients' complaints and busily taking notes.   The doctor who had been assigned to Jasper turned pale. He had no idea that such young children would be among the victims. In fact, he was still in training and this was bordering on the limits of his abilities. Frozen, he stood and watched until the nurse who was standing next to him temporarily took over. She quickly gave the doctor some instructions and asked a few questions. That was enough to get the doctor moving. The nurse called in another colleague, who quickly grabbed a bag from a little further away, and then all three of them stood around the stretcher. Heleen tried her best to take some pictures, but it didn't work out very well because it was crowded.   The doctor listened to Jasper's breathing and looked into his mouth as the first nurse tried to open the bib overalls. After trying for a while and failing to open the latches, she asked David if the clothes could be cut. He confirmed that they could, so the nurse took a large pair of scissors and cut Jasper's overalls and bodysuit open with a few short slashes. Very quickly all the clothes were off. She removed the dummy from the bib trousers and placed it next to Jasper's head, throwing the rest of the clothes into a bin under the stretcher. Jasper's sandals were also removed and placed aside on the floor. The second nurse had joined them. The large bag he had with him was filled with a lot of small bags, most of them containing medical supplies for children, each bag sorted according to the size of the child. She took a tape measure that came with the pack, laid it open next to Jasper and read it off, then quickly dug out the right bag of material from the big bag. The first nurse pointed out the painted bruise near the liver to the doctor. The doctor, who had just regained his color, turned pale again and ran to another doctor for help. Not long after, another doctor arrived with an ultrasound machine to look at Jasper's abdomen. Meanwhile, the nurses had continued their work: Jasper had been hooked up to a full monitoring system; a cable with a light was attached to Jasper's finger to measure the oxygen in his blood, four cables with stickers were attached to his chest to track Jasper's heartbeat, a blood pressure monitor was attached to Jasper's arm and a temperature sensor was placed under his armpit. They pretended to insert an intravenous drip, then the tube was taped to Jasper's arm to make it look like it was in there, and finally an oxygen mask was put on. It wasn't long before Jasper was full of wires and tubes. A gold-coloured aluminium blanket with an ordinary blanket on top was placed over him to keep him from cooling down too much.   David was busy giving input to the team. He gave Jasper his temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation. When the doctor started the ultrasound, David told the doctor that there was 'fluid' around the liver. The fact that Jasper was lying under the blanket in nothing more than a damp piece of padding was ignored. Those who had time to see it assumed it was part of Jasper's part and loved how well he was playing it, but most were too busy to really pay attention. While the medical staff were busy with Jasper and a number of other seriously injured simulated patients, other helpers were organising transport. An overview was made of the patients they had, how urgent they were, and what problems they were having. At the same time, information was gathered about the hospitals in the area, how much space they had and what specialities they all had. About 45 minutes into the scenario, the first ambulance with a seriously injured patient left for a nearby hospital. From that point on, the ambulances kept coming and going, taking more and more patients. One of the people organising the transport quickly visited the doctor who had treated Jasper. "There will be a special paediatric ambulance, but it will come from a little further away. It will be here within twenty minutes.” Heleen and Jasper didn't understand what the man was saying, but David was visibly shocked. He quickly started talking into his walkie-talkie, asking questions. Heleen looked at him, alarmed by the concern in David's voice.   "The ambulance and hospital they've called for Jasper are not actually taking part in the exercise. We are contacting them to make it clear that this is an exercise and not a real patient". Heleen understood David's concern. Jasper let it all pass. He found it exciting what was happening and found it difficult to keep his eyes closed all the time. He had noticed that his clothes were being cut off and he found it a bit difficult to lie on the stretcher in just his nappy, especially when they tried to put on a pelvic belt. But it turned out to be too big and was taken off again. Now the temperature was much better and he was comfortably warm under the isothermal blanket. He was happy that no one had reacted badly to his nappy. Strangely enough, the regular, monotonous beeping of his heartbeat on the monitor was also quite calming. Koen, Kathy and Dries were split between two ambulances. Dries was put on a stretcher because of his 'painful' foot, and Kathy was allowed to sit on a chair next to him. Koen was put on a chair in the next ambulance, together with another simulated patient who took his place on the stretcher. After a short ride, the family arrived at the hospital. Koen was happy to see that Kathy and Dries were waiting for him. The family was registered one by one and then met by one of the leaders of the exercise. She checked the registration and wrote down the times. Finally, she took them to a bus that would take all the simulants and supervisors back to the starting point of the exercise, so that everyone could collect their own belongings. Evaluation forms were distributed on the bus and Koen and Kathy tried to fill them in as best they could.   Jasper was with the last of the patients at the crash site. He had received all the care he was supposed to receive and was waiting on the stretcher at a distance, under supervision. As a precaution, because there wasn't always someone around, the straps of the stretcher had been fastened around him. When the ambulance called specifically for him finally arrived, the whole team gathered around him once more. As well as the usual yellow and green markings, there was a nice drawing painted on the side; it was clear that this ambulance was designed to transport children. David had already been in contact with the children's hospital. They were well aware that this was an exercise and were happy to take part. They had a number of trainees who, under the supervision of some teachers, took on this case as an exercise. A stretcher was taken out of the ambulance. It was a standard stretcher, but on top of it there was an extra fixation set for children, the pedimate plus. Heleen didn't understand what was being said, but she thought it was fantastic to see how things were done. After everyone had helped Jasper onto the stretcher, he was taken into the care of a young paramedic who was accompanied by an older person. The older paramedic exuded a certain calmness that kept everyone working quickly and correctly, but relaxed. Jasper could sense the calmness of the team and it reassured him that he was in good hands and being well taken care of. Once Jasper was properly secured on the stretcher, all the straps were correctly attached to the five-point harness and properly tightened, with an extra strap over Jasper's legs and one over his arms. All the medical equipment attached to Jasper was transferred to the ambulance and after a thorough briefing, the stretcher was wheeled to the ambulance and pushed in from the rear. Heleen quickly snapped a few more photos before being taken aside by David.   "Heleen, there's not enough room for you in the ambulance. See this gentleman next to me? He will be driving his car to the hospital to pick me and Jasper up at the end of the exercise; you can go with him." "Okay, that's fine," Heleen said. She handed the camera to David and hurried with the unknown gentleman to his car. In the ambulance, everything was quickly checked again. Was everything tightened properly? Was the IV drip still working well (pretending, of course)? Were Jasper's heart rate, blood pressure and other parameters still good (in real life they were, according to the scenario they were a little less good)? Once everything was confirmed to be within the acceptable parameters, the driver got in and drove off. The paramedic in the back took out his mobile phone and contacted the hospital to report his latest findings. As the ambulance drove away, the car Heleen was in closed behind it. The man had tried to start a conversation with Heleen, but due to the language barrier they hadn't got beyond a hello, a friendly smile and saying each other's names. The ambulance was driving with its lights and siren on. At first the road was quiet and the man and Heleen were able to follow, but eventually they came to a red light. As the ambulance drove smoothly through the red light with its siren on, the man joined the queue of waiting cars at the back. "No safe," the man said, pointing to the traffic jam. "No tuutaa," the man tried to imitate the sound of the siren, pointing to his own roof.   Heleen understood. Without the siren, it was not safe to follow the ambulance and they would arrive a little later. David had seen from the ambulance that Heleen was no longer following. When they got onto the motorway and began to weave their way through the traffic jam, he realised that it would be a while before Heleen arrived at the hospital. He was glad that Heleen had handed over the camera so that he could continue taking pictures. On the motorway, the siren had been turned down and was no longer audible in the ambulance. Jasper was still lying on the stretcher with his eyes closed. It had been an exciting day so far, but not much was happening inside the ambulance. He couldn't have looked outside from his position on the stretcher anyway. The engine sounded monotonous, the stretcher rocked gently from side to side, and the beeping of his heartbeat on the monitor continued quietly. He felt he was in safe hands with the calm handling of the paramedics, and the restraining straps that prevented most movement only added to that sense of security. It didn't take long for Jasper to fall asleep. The older paramedic noticed immediately and pointed out the changing readings on the monitor to the younger one. David smiled at the scene and quickly made a few more pictures.   Jasper woke up fifteen minutes later when the doors of the ambulance opened and the stretcher was taken out. David had to cough a few times before Jasper remembered to close his eyes. The elderly paramedic realised what was happening and smiled. The stretcher was wheeled into a room where Jasper was lifted into a small hospital bed with bars and everything started again. He was examined from head to toe, including another ultrasound and even a fake CT scan. The difference from the treatment at the disaster site was that this was more extensive, with more material and many more people. David had to work hard to tell Jasper everything that was happening, and the absence of Heleen made him a little more worried. Despite everything, Jasper kept his eyes closed the whole time. The fact that they needed a little more time here was not only because they examined Jasper more closely and in depth, but also because the staff often paused to do something again after instruction and correction. In the end, Heleen and the man arrived at the emergency room much later than Jasper. Not only had they been stuck in traffic for a long time, but they had not immediately found the hospital car park or from there the way to the emergency department. When they checked in, they were taken to a small waiting room where they could wait for Jasper and David; apparently they weren't allowed to be in the emergency room.   Finally, Jasper was fully assessed, further stabilised and prepared for surgery. Just as they had raised the bed's gates and were about to drive off with the hospital bed, David intervened. The exercise should have ended on arrival at the hospital, but David understood that they liked to have a learning moment with the trainees here in the emergency rooms. However, it had gone on long enough and David asked for the exercise to end here. Disappointed, everyone took a step back and the hospital team leader spoke to David briefly, asking for some general feedback. Jasper had opened his eyes and looked at David. "Is the exercise over?" he asked, aware of the sudden change of mood in the room. "Yes, the people here would like to hear from me first about what went well and what I see as areas for improvement. Then we will look for Heleen to take us back to where we started." "I'm glad it's over. It was fun, but it took long enough, especially as I had to keep my eyes closed the whole time.   "I understand, Jasper." David said before turning and talking to the team that had treated Jasper.   Jasper sat up cross-legged in the cot and pulled the blanket around him. He was still connected to all the wires, but he didn't dare pull anything off for fear of breaking something. He saw his dummy lying beside him and immediately put it in his mouth. While David was explaining, a nurse who had been observing the trainees approached Jasper. She smiled kindly and lowered one of the side gates by pressing two hidden buttons. She grabbed Jasper and guided him back into a lying position. She then turned off all the equipment and began unplugging all the cables, removing all the bandages and peeling off all the adhesives. When she was done, she put the gate back up, pointed to her watch and held two fingers in the air. She paced the room as she gathered a few things. Back with Jasper, she lowered the barrier again, then placed a bowl of warm water, soap, washcloths and towels on the bed next to Jasper. Completely overwhelmed, Jasper allowed the nurse to begin to freshen him up. Jasper's sweat was washed away, as was the false cut and the painted bruise. The nurse interrupted David to ask a question. "His clothes are still with Heleen, I don't know where she is, she'll be here soon I think." David replied in her language. "Can you lend him something from here?"   The nurse nodded and turned back to Jasper. Before he knew it, his nappy had been opened and with a few quick strokes, his crotch and bottom were quickly cleaned. The nurse took a clean nappy, put it under Jasper and closed the fastenings. Jasper felt and saw that this one was a bit different to the ones he was used to, much thicker than the ones at home and with a different print. The nurse then helped Jasper in a surgical gown since they had nothing else. Finally, she attached the dummy ribbon to Jasper's gown. When she was finished, the nurse closed the bed doors out of habit. Not much later, David had finished discussing the exercise and it was time to leave. The nurse took Jasper, bed and all, to a small room in the ER, then went to fetch Heleen and the driver. Heleen was glad to see Jasper again. "All better?" she asked jokingly. Jasper nodded from behind his dummy. Heleen took the rucksack off her shoulders and took out Jasper's clothes. She tried to pull the gate down, but couldn't. David knew the system well and showed Heleen where the unlocking buttons were. It took Heleen a while, but then she was able to open the gate. She helped Jasper out of the gown and then helped him back into the bodysuit and trousers he'd been wearing before this morning's exercise. She had noticed that Jasper was wearing a different nappy to the one he usually wore and examined it carefully.   "I got these because my other one was wet," Jasper said when he saw what Heleen was looking at. "They look good too." was all Heleen could say. "David, Jasper has lost his shoes." Heleen said worriedly after searching her backpack twice more. David also had to think for a moment. "I think they've been removed and left in the triage station; I'll check with the others," he said. David took out his mobile phone and sent a message to the others. A short time later a reply came back that the shoes had been found and were in the tent where the make-up or moulage was being done. David picked Jasper up so he wouldn't have to walk barefoot through the hospital and over the stones. So they all followed the other man back to his car. David got in the front, Heleen and Jasper got in the back. There was only a booster seat in the back, which Jasper used. After sitting in a car seat all week, this felt unsafe and less comfortable; the belt was much looser and he missed the cushions all around.   The return drive took less time; the traffic jam was only on the way there, not on the way back. Because of the distance and the time they had spent at the children's hospital, Jasper was the last to return. In the meantime, there had been a major clean-up operation and most of the aid workers' equipment had been put away. Only the organisation's tents were still there. A new van had arrived next to the tents, and a caterer was busy setting up a barbecue. A meal was offered to all present, including the organisation, simulated patients and helpers, as a thank you for their efforts. From the car park, Jasper himself ran over to Dries to tell him what he had experienced. There was grass to walk on, so it wasn't a problem with his bare feet. As he walked, he always had one hand on his trousers to keep them from falling down. Koen and Kathy made themselves useful by helping to set up tables and chairs for everyone, and when that was done they sat down on a bench to wait for the food to be ready. Kathy noticed that Jasper had to keep his trousers up all the time. "Come here Jasper!" she called to him as he passed. Panting from the heat and busy playing, he stopped in front of Kathy. "Are your trousers too big? You keep holding them up." She asked. "Yes, it bothers me. Every time I let go, the trousers almost fall off."   Kathy turned Jasper over and looked at the label on the back of the trousers. "Of course this one is coming off, I thought this one looked familiar to me. There was a pair of Dries trousers between your clothes." David was nearby and offered to look. Moments later he returned with a roll of bandages that could temporarily serve as an improvised belt. Jasper and Dries seemed to like the people when they passed by during their game. They looked sweet. Whenever possible, they, especially Jasper, were asked to give them a hug, a big thumbs up or a pat on the back. Everyone thought it was an added value to have both children present during the exercise. Jasper and Dries enjoyed the positive attention they received. All the photos taken that day were collected and projected onto a screen in the tent. It would be sorted another time, but they wanted to give everyone a chance to see the photos. Many people only stopped to look, but Heleen had taken a lot of pictures, so Jasper was in a lot of them. The team who had been treating Jasper were also there, and Jasper was almost passed from lap to lap as they all looked at the pictures. Every time he left a lap to move on, he was almost immediately picked up by someone else. When the barbecue was over and everyone was heading home, there were many people who looked out for Jasper to thank him for being there. "Everyone thinks it's fantastic and cool that you dared to put on a nappy today, Jasper," said David, standing by. "They thought you played it really well and you're really mature for your age. Everyone also thinks you look super pretty and cute."   Jasper beamed with pride at the compliments and Dries was happy for Jasper at the attention he was receiving. The family got into the car and as they drove away they were waved goodbye by the lovely people they had met today. Jasper almost fell asleep again on the drive back to the holiday home. He didn't quite understand how he could be so tired, he'd spent so much time lying on a stretcher today. Back at the cottage, Kathy first took Jasper to the changing table to change his wet nappy. Surprised, she looked at the nappy brand, which she didn't recognise. "Where did this come from?" she asked, opening the nappy she was about to change. "They gave it to me at the hospital because the previous one was wet." "I gave Heleen some for you too, wasn't she with you?" Kathy asked? "No, not at the time," Jasper said. "But she couldn't help it, she wasn't allowed." Jasper added immediately in her defence. "Is it a good one, the nappy? It looks different." Kathy changed the subject. "It's just different, it's a bit thicker and I have the feeling it's a bit more snug, it's a bit more bulkier. But I'm not sure yet if it's good or bad."   "It weighs more, I think it's thicker because the capacity is greater," Kathy said, trying to judge the wet nappy in her hand. Jasper got dressed again and the trousers that were too big were exchanged for Jasper's. The children then went to the pool with Koen to have some fun before it was time for dinner. While everyone was at the pool, Kathy inspected Jasper's wardrobe again. She looked at what was left in the wardrobe: a whole bunch of bodysuits and onesies, but only one pair of trousers, one T-shirt, one overalls and one pair of underpants. And that was for the next six days, two of which were travel days. If Jasper was able to make the return journey in his sleeping clothes, as he had on the outward journey, then he was actually two sets short for the daytime during the holiday. She decided to talk to Koen and Jasper about this later. Just before dinner it was time for Jasper to call his mums; it had been a while and he still missed them a little. Jasper talked at length about the adventures he had had so far. Even Gert got on the phone to talk to Jasper. He had to admit that he missed Jasper a little too, it was much emptier and quieter in the house now.   Later that night, Jasper was feeling unsettled. He had just heard that he was two sets of clothes short for the rest of the holiday. On the one hand, Jasper had noticed over the past few days that the adults didn't really care if he walked around visibly in a onesie and nappy, and he liked it, but on the other hand, there was still something in him that said it wasn't normal. Jasper was hugged and comforted and reassured and there was a lot of talking. In the end, it was decided that Jasper would try the next day in a onesie. If that didn't work, or if it was difficult for any reason, Kathy and Koen promised Jasper that he could put on normal clothes right away. The last pair of trousers and the overalls were kept as a back-up and they would go to the shop as soon as required. Later that evening, after a movie, Jasper and Dries were tucked in. Jasper was tucked in together by Kathy and Heleen, while Koen put Dries to sleep in the cot. Heleen closed the zip on the sleeping bag and Kathy fastened the straps with the locks. After the emotions of the day, and to help Jasper sleep better, the bottle was filled with warm milk with honey instead of water. Jasper drank it as soon as he got it, and it certainly helped to calm him down. With one last loving look at Jasper, Kathy and Koen left the room, followed by Heleen. As she left, Kathy put Jasper's fixation key back on the wardrobe so it wouldn't get lost again.       Do you can't wait to read the next chapter? you're welcome to read it after a (free) registration on the scriptorium webpage. (Under writing => work in progress) Comments on the story are always welcome.
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