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  1. How Careful Is Everyone About Their Identity?

    I for one, am quite paranoid about my identity. This username is new and never used before. I believe that many people are inherently bad and want to destroy others just for the fun of it. Unfortunately they live amongst good people and transform us into paranoid control freaks. I am quite open to revealing my identity to people that come to know me and I come to know them. Also, my regular real life friends know nothing about my account here, and don`t want them to know either. I keep my social groups separated quite thoroughly, not only because I`m a control freak as many may think, but I found it`s easier to keep the conversations interesting. Also in my real life I like hiding stuff form others, and love playing something like a ninja game when it comes to my utmost hidden secrets. This is fun but at times I feel I need someone to know as well (guess the need to belong is just human nature - who doesn`t wanna know that even the darkest secrets they hide are understandable by some other human being, who doesn`t want to find a soul-mate to share these secrets?). Must say life is odd, and human nature is also strange, the key is adapting, and this is how I cope with it, by surrendering bits of myself to different people I end up trusting, but no one knows me in my entirety All this requires stealth and being a great ninja (like me avatar btw )
  2. What To Read?

    unfortunately I see not many ppl have read these novels, so, I`m kinda bumping the thread a bit, maybe there is still someone who can gimme a hint on what to read next (AK related novels), still kinda in the dark here Anyways, for those eager for the last volume of Alvin Ever After - Alvin in the fourth to come out, seems it`s quite close to being finished, and it will be something like 400 pages long. http://talkhard.5u.com/blog/837807/Alvin_Ever_After_Alvin_in_the_Fourth
  3. Cartoons? Anime? Whatcha Guys Watchin?

    remembered a few more movies a bit more contemporary like: funny stuff: Shrek Iceage Madagascar Kung fu Panda (I soooo wanna cuddly loveable teddy panda like that) Ratatouille even Alvin & the chipmunks (even though they really screech your ears) kinda dramatic: How to train your dragon wall-e (I so loved that lazy bones ship they haaaad) other funky stuff Spirited away (anime/disney combination - great if u wanna make a soft transition) Gake no ue no Ponyo (kinda in the category Spirited away is, but really cute and soft and innocent and loveable and....) Lilo&Stitch (kinda in the Hare nochi guu category for me - love funky and unexpected stuff that challenges my imagination, and that`s also superfun)
  4. Cartoons? Anime? Whatcha Guys Watchin?

    hahaha, I soooooooooo knew I`d get u with thaaaaaaaaaaat! At least I didn`t say anything about Mickey though That reminds me, this is a topic about all kinds of animated art, so how on earth noone mentioned Disney yet? I mean I kinda grew up with Disney movies, plus the Pixar insanities of these days, oh and how about Hanna Barbera stuff, omg, where did the old cartoon network go
  5. Kiddie Food

    now this may be an old topic, but I guess kid food never gets old I just wanna say I LOVE SWEETS, and I eat them by the truck load. I`m a total spaz, and I can eat like a whole big jar of the best hazelnut chocolate spread in the world and drink 2 liters of coke in one hour and just jump on the walls. Oh, btw, if u wanna try this type of eating sweets expect drinking liquids by the the ton, and peeing like there's not tomorrow I always loved sweets and during my childhood days, quality stuff was quite scarce and when i got foreign sweets or the wonderful kinder surprise eggs (small buildable toys u find in a chocolate egg) I never had enough of them. Guess now, that I have the money and can find them in every supermarket I eat huge quantities and feel like a kid again. Btw, I`m skinny like hell even though I eat like this, so most ppl can just bite me and be envious
  6. Hey guys, Just curious what u guys prefer watching in the animated art dept I`ll go first ofc: nowadays I watch anime like I breath air. I`m a huge spaz so watching hundreds of episodes in a few days is normal for me. The first ever anime I watched and loved was Dragon Ball (the original one). I remember even now skipping school just to see it and running like a maniac home, for one measly 20 mins episode per day. Afterwards there was a blur of animes I watched as tv and internet became more and more available and reliable. One of the animes that actually managed to crack me emotionally was Naruto. That is one anime I`d recommend to anyone, and I must admit it`s still the best I`d ever seen as far as my standards go. Ofc I watched pokemons digimons and other mons like that , but must admit the boy that becomes a huge hero through his own strength from being the underdog was always what got me. (Jakerz gonna hate me for saying that ) I also loved stuff like: Hare nochi Guu (superfunny and funky stuff) Soul Eater (though kinda for older kids for my liking ) Hunter x Hunter (kinda like the old DB - it`s considered the mother of the shounen genre) Full metal Alchemist (if u wanna see brother love stuff that really gets u emotional, that`s the best) Inuyasha (just love mischievous boys like me ) Hack sign (kinda dull, but quite emotional if u follow the story) Avatar The Last Air Bender (though ppl may not consider it as an anime, but who cares) nowadays I`m watching the extralooooooooooooooooooong One piece, but I can`t say it`s very much to my liking, just filling a gap I guess, though it`s quite fun There is also the non anime stuff, but already my post has become gigantic so I may revert later to it with others. Now it`s your turn guys! Maybe I`ll put in a poll later (hope i still can ) Swampy
  7. Running Around/ Sleeping Naked

    I sooooooooooooooooo love running around naked through the house... but only when I`m alone, or my mom would really freak out when she`s here Actually I remember one time when I was really young that I was running around naked in the house and my mom was trying to catch me to take a bath. Heck if I know why I remember that as being one of the happiest memories ever but I do but when I`m alone I just hang a blanket over the window (guess I`m paranoid about voyeurs) and strip and just don`t put anything on for a whole weekend. Oh I`m also lazy and love wasting a whole weekend playing games, watching tv, sleeping late, eating junk, and just not getting out in the world.
  8. Am I Alone?

    Hey Bwakee, and welcome to the dark side Actually it`s quite a lot of light here but for some reason, there are very few AKs on this forum. I`m really happy to see more ppl joining the ranks, hope the tree house doesn't begin to buckle under all our weight, but if it does we can always build a new one.... from legos C u around Swampy
  9. Who Is Your Superhero?

    I feel a bit like a relic saying this but Superman takes my vote
  10. Am I Alone?

    I think u guys may be over thinking this just a bit. Sure I can find a billion reasons for which I like to revert to my child self, but that doesn't mean I want to change this part of me. I strongly believe that sometimes it's just best to leave logic and responsible thoughts aside and just have fun. At least that's what I'm looking for here
  11. World Of Warcraft Server Opening - And Call For Help

    I know I come in at what most people would consider off hours, but is there any chance of advertising the wow server more in the community just to increase the number of players? Now we are mostly below lv 30, so it's OK to solo, but hell if I know how we'll be able to do a raid at this rate... I was thinking of something like sending an E-mail to all forum members announcing the wow server, the fact that it's only for the members, and even what wow is. I'm sure that even those who are new to wow, would receive support from seasoned players now that we are not all high level. Further on it will just be more difficult, and the high leveled people will be frustrated that they won't gather the numbers for raiding.
  12. Am I Alone?

    Hell, wow is no requirement, no worries. Anyway, I'm the only one that even plays wow, it seems Why don't u guys come in the chat, I can see you're online in the forums, but not on chat
  13. Am I Alone?

    Hi there and welcome! As Rexx said earlier, not many people share this desire, so I'm glad when our little community grows. Furthermore, relating to your other post, u are the first person that I found that read a story by Danny, so now, I'm even more curious to chat with you. Anyway, u can find us on chat at some odd hours, so don't be shy and just introduce yourself when u see us online. Also, we have a wow server for members here, where u can find me much of the time, if u are into wow ofc ... If u wanna chat off line, u can also use the pm system. Hope to hear from u soon, Swampy
  14. What To Read?

    Hey guys, I`ve been looking all over the forums, and didn`t quite find a good place to put this question, not even in the Story section. So, I went back to our secret fort, as this is the most comfortable place as far as I`m concerned... Well now, I`ve finished reading the last of Danny`s novels, and now, I`m still left wanting for more... For those who are unfamiliar about what I`m talking about, just search the internet for: "Simon`s Journal", "Alvin ever after" and "Goodbye normal jeans" - u can find them all on Nifty btw. The stories are based around bed-wetters, but that is just a small part of them. Actually what i love about them is: the adventure packed story line, mischievous attitude of the boys in the stories, and the innocent coming of age scenes. That aside, I would really appreciate if someone who has also read these novels can give me a hint on what else I may read that`s in the same register. If u haven`t read them, but still want to give me a hint, please state that in your post, and give details! Many thanks, Swampy
  15. If You Could Have Any Superpower...

    For me I'd love to be immortal. Just having the time to fulfill any curiosity I have would be so awesome. Life is just too short for all we could experience. As this is probably like the ultimate superpower as well, since if u have all the time in the world, u can achieve any superpower over time, there is still something else... the eternal youth elixir would be probably my lifelong wish!