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  1. Haven't logged into my profile here in sooo long o.O, hope y'all're doing okay :)

  2. WakkoWannaBe


    I doubt that I'll ever add very many photos to this album, but I wanted to upload at least one!
  3. When I first started wearing I was obsessed with the new feel (which is normal). I'd sleep well, but I spent a lot of time just enjoying the extra padding, rubbing my hand along my back so I could feel where the edge of my diaper met my skin, etc etc. Now, it's gotten to the point where I sleep well in them, though I don't pad up every night. I really only wear to bed. It's something I reserve for those special days where I just get that feeling of "man I need to get diapered" (similar to the "man I need a drink" feeling =p). They positively impact my sleep, but there are so many other factors that impact my sleep (my evening tea, my plushies, weighted blanket, etc) that the effect of the diapers alone doesn't make a night and day difference. It's a great bonus on top of everything else, don't get me wrong. I do diaper up frequently, but I don't diaper up specifically because it's the one thing that helps me sleep. It's just like a really nice side dish. One thing I will add is that if I wear a diaper to bed, I notice that I'm MUCH lazier the next day. I'll be slower to get up and get moving, etc =p. '
  4. Lafayette area here! I'm a busy student with terrible communication skills but please don't hesitate to message me!
  5. I can sympathize with your frustration in that I ordered some AB Universe diapers (Peak ABUs!!) a few months ago and I, for some reason, thought that all packages came with 2-day shipping so I thought that was the standard. I have a roommate who was going out of town so I specifically ordered it on a specific day so that the package would get here when he was gone. Of course, it didn't go as planned. I got my package safe and sound, no roomie issues, but the stress related to things not getting shipped is familiar to me. It sounds like you're experiencing normal delays though. I think it's reasonable to expect that something would ship out on Tuesday if you bought it on Monday. And the other things you mentioned sound like reasonable reasons to have a delay. Of course, that doesn't help with your stress I'm sure. But in this situation you can't really do much. If your package is on a truck, what can some person at a call center do about it? At this point, it'll get to you when it gets to you. It might suck but it's the reality.
  6. I've met people through this site and also via FetLife. In both cases: I've been kinda lucky to have met good folks. In some cases it's a "let's diaper up and grind" situation, and in other cases it's a "hey let's chill" situation. Either way: I'm glad to know get to know other ABDL folks. I think that part of the reason why we reach out and try to find others like us is that we're kind of looking for validation within ourselves. Once you get out and see that other people who are into diapers are normal (or at least.....not too much weirder than you are =p) then I think that makes you feel better about yourself. I'd definitely say to not close yourself off to having the experience. Of course, be safe and text first and follow all those good rules (of which there are a lot tbh)!
  7. Welcome dude! Nature is really amazing, especially this time of year with all the changing colors (I'm originally from Texas where we don't really have the beauty of fall). Feel free to poke around, you sound like a pretty unique and fun person to me so I hope you find what you're looking for here =p.
  8. More of a DL, and I'm not too into RP-ing, but I'm YakkoWakko if you ever wanna say hi!
  9. Zootopia! That's pretty much the only original addition to his post that I would make. If you were going to venture into the land of TV shows, however, I'd definitely recommend to marathon Voltron: Legendary Defender, Steven Universe, Avatar, Black Mirror, and maybe more =p.
  10. I know that I've been MIA for a while, but I am officially back in Indiana! I've been moving around a lot the past year or so, but it's good to be back  (both in the sense that I'm back in IN, and in the sense that I'm making an internet presence!) =p. 

  11. Welcome to the site, GamerBear! Sounds like you're living your best life =p, I hope you enjoy your time here on DailyDiapers! There's plenty of folks to chat with
  12. I love collecting plushies and stuffed animals in general. I'm kinda curious about making my own one day, as I enjoy doing little crafts with my hands (though I am not skilled at crafts and I don't ever do it, I find crafts relaxing and am curious). I'm glad that you're engaging with your passion for plushies =).
  13. Thanks Ellie =). I got back from my trip the other day and am feeling, overall, very refreshed! Though I am kind of physically exhausted! It definitely did me good, I just spent some quality time with good ol' Dad. Thanks for the 2 cents and for reading the post! I know I kinda hit a ton of topics, and probably didn't come across as too organized. I definitely agree with everything you're saying!
  14. And I would say that always when in doubt, the higher of the two size ranges is better.
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