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  1. Shadow Cub

    Any 420 friendly North Carolinians?

    I’m in the Henderson and Fletcher area
  2. Shadow Cub

    The Hidden Litte Side

    Thank you Gee for the post, I do have to say I want to tell some of my family about my little side, but I know that they wont woke accept me. I feel like I could trust my sister and sister in law, but I'm worried that they will think I'm just a freak... I do like my own personal play when I have the chance, but being a little, to me, is the most comforting aspect that I have ever had and I feel like everyone else will think I'm a monster.. With work and life, I feel like I'm under a lot of unwanted stress, yet it's my own doing. I need to be a grown up and accept that no one will ever be near to me as I want.. Even as simple as watching a movie or telling stories. But then I guess, I just need to get out there, yet in a small town its hard to meet good friends
  3. Shadow Cub

    Hello DD

    Those hobbies are the best hobbies in my opinion. I’ve always wanted to be a scuba diver. Going on adventures and seeing the hidden world under the ocean and in the sky. Maybe one day we could be fire buddies and make some cool stuff while blacksmithing
  4. Shadow Cub

    Forging My Place

    I’ll see what I can do. I’ve been wanting to make myself the Zelda sword so I might try with this idea
  5. Shadow Cub

    Punish the user above you

    For you punishment you must go up to everyone I kiss, you must grab their hand and never let go for a few awkward minutes. Then ask for a kiss is the littlest way.
  6. Shadow Cub

    Just Not Sure

    Thanks you guys! I really do appreciate all the advice and stories. Helps me gain a little more perspective in my situation. Got lots to say, but it’ll have to wait for another day... it’s way past my bed time .-. Lol I just wanted to post this real quick to say how much it means to me to get someone else’s point of view. Not much of a hugger, but I’d gladly give you three a hug for taking time out of your day for the response that you gave.
  7. I’ve been working my tail off lately and it’s kind of hard for me to get out. I’m a hermit for sure, but when it comes down to it, I’m just depleted of energy. Lately, I’ve been drowning myself in unhealth ways and at this point I just need good friends. Sadly, the friend(s) I had, I can’t trust anymore and I feel like I never will again; lending money. Seems like I’m being used and other stuff; only true friends keep secrets.. I’ve got my own stuff going for me, but I can’t help but feel belittled or betrayed. Just looking for good friends or even advice. To be honest, I don’t think this site is for me, but everyone seems to be real nice.. yet I’ve always been a Lone wolf 🐺 🐻
  8. Shadow Cub

    Punish the user above you

    For your punishment, you must hug every single person you see.
  9. Shadow Cub

    Who Are You Cuddling With?

    Good to know! I’ll give them a good look. Just worried about stuffies being clean if I get it from other places. Maybe one day I’ll build up the courage to go to build a bear, but I’d be nice to have someone to go with
  10. Shadow Cub

    Punish the user above you

    For your punishment you must kiss every shoe I have to tickle.
  11. Shadow Cub

    Who Are You Cuddling With?

    I have many stuffies that I like, but the only one that goes to bed with me and sits next to me while I’m playing video games is my Panda bear. I call him beary or pandie. I wanna go to build a bear but I’m worried what people would think. Still even if I did, pandie is my snuggle bean🐼🐻🐼
  12. Shadow Cub

    Nothing here. Sorry.

    Thanks for the response. I do feel like I have a form of depression. I’ve talked to a few friends about it and from my idea of it, it seems to be a very mild cause nothing too bad. I can still continue on with my day and wake up to go to work, but there’s just a deep sinking feeling. It’ll get better with time forsure. But if uncheck, you are right, could be catastrophic for developing a true healthy life. Thanks Bettypooh!
  13. Shadow Cub

    i am moving to greenvill

    I live about 40 mins away from Greenville. One of my good friends lives there too, but I think he doesn’t understand my Abdl side, but oh well! We should chat about meeting up someday!
  14. Shadow Cub

    Punish the user above you

    For making me change your three messy nappies I strap you to the bed and let you squirm uncontrollably, while being tickled for 2 hours by a state of the art tickling machining.
  15. Shadow Cub

    Forging My Place

    That’s awesome! Personally, I need more experience with metal working that can be used around the house. I just like the fire lol I feel so strong being able to bend metal and weld it together.