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  1. Some one is still in diapers

    Great Pictures Jim. Sure does bring back memories. Just remember, a wet diaper is Better than a wet bed, as momma always said.
  2. Just another Morining.

    Similar to what was found in my basement almost all the time. Had to be careful when I went down there with my friends to play.
  3. My_Gerber_Pants.jpg

    Just like I wore when I was 9. I do believe mine were Super Toddler size Gerber.
  4. Diaper covers

    Another Fan of Babykins here. Tried many but keep going back to them. Last long, and have been around a long time, so you can keep getting what you like.
  5. Who Wears Diapers More

    Medically it would seem that more women have control issues then men.Especially at younger ages. But that may change when men get older and have prostate related issues. I had two close female friends that wet the bed and wore some type of diaper till puberty. When we were older we spoke about the bed wetting experiences. Neither one had developed any fondness for diapers like I had. Once heard a theory that boys had more tactile exposure to the diapers and when worn longer than usual, developed a fondness for them. Based on minimal experiences seems possible. I wet the bed and wore diapers till age 9. Hated it then love them now.
  6. Staydry Panties

    Let's face it the original Staydrys were not very efficient, they leaked a lot. But considering they were the only alternative other then a pin on diaper and plastic/rubber pants. Many mothers in the fifties would not allow their older child to be put in diapers. Then along comes Staydrys (not a diaper) as per Jolan Sales. Just what many were looking for. In this case something is better than nothing. I had a stepsister that wet the bed for years with no protection then along came Staydry's and a mostly dry bed. Along time ago I spoke to the woman that owned the company and she said she made a good living selling the panties. Would be nice to see a reproduction, not an improved model.
  7. To DD, Am thrilled to hear that you are looking into making STAYDRY PANTIES. They were some of my favorites. Although I did not get to wear them in my young bedwetting days. I was resolved to birdseye cloth and Gerber super toddler plastic panties. I did have some relatives that wore them nightly and I was always jealous because I thought they weren't diapers. ( ha ha). Sign me up for the first pair.
  8. Complicated Newbie Here

    Bed wetting can have life long consequences at least life long memories. Some may be good, most embarrassing and not so good. For me I was a wetter from age 5-9. Seemed to have started after my parents divorce, which was hard enough on me. Then bed wetting came along making things worse. Mom was having a hard time financially and was working 2&3 jobs and trying to do a lot of laundry. I was taken to a doctor for more embarrassment, then came diapers. Cloth and plastic panties. Even though this was nearly 50 years ago those things are still vivid in my mind. Fortunately only thought about, with a slight reminder. I almost believe that once a bed wetter always a bed wetter as now in my golden years it has returned. At least I knew how to take care of my bed. Being back in night diapers now, is not as bad as I remembered when I was young. At least I can keep it private. Bob
  9. Hello Paul, What's up. Did you get my message?

  10. Diaper memories

    I remember being 5 and had started to wet the bed again. After being at the doctor he told mom to just put him back in night diapers. Soon after, one night mom came into my room with a paper bag and laid it on my bed. She started to get me ready for bed and explained how much work my wetting was causing her and she asked if I would wear a diaper to help mommy. She was a great sales person and I soon found a diaper being placed under me and pinned on. I do remember crying and saying I was not a baby and I would stop wetting the bed, but the diapers and plastic pants went on any way. And on and on for the next 4 years.
  11. Bedwetting- How Old Were You When It Stopped?

    I was 5 when it started 2 weeks later it stopped, when I was put in night diapers. Diapered till 9
  12. Hi Bobby,

    I can't tell you how many times I wet the bed or was diapered for it. It might be quicker for me to count the dry nights.

  13. Hello Jimmy, Fellow bed wetter here, also had a stepsister that was a bed wetter long after I stopped. I stopped around 8-9 she was 11-12. Love talking about Bed wetting


  14. ABDL Diapers Storefront in Atlanta Georgia.

    Are the Plastic pants quality? Do you know the brand?
  15. Staydry Panties

    Would love to see that photo. Perhaps you can go into business. Long ago I spoke to the woman that owned the Staydry Co. she said that she made a nice living with them.