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  1. phl655

    What do you guys have?

    Hi i mostly use gauze squares from adultclothdiaper.com Gauze is very soft and stays soft much longer than flannel diapers. I also use rearz twill prefolds which is very similar to the feel of gauze diapers. With both types of cloth diapers I use the 6 mil weight of vinyl plastic pants from babykins.com They are wonderful pants and almost never leak. I do use gauze doublers from time to time. I almost never use disposables although the Abena M 4s are very good. I regret that Curity 21 x 40 gauze diapers and went out of business around 2005.
  2. phl655

    Hello to everyone

    Hi Evelyn. Welcome to DD I am glad you are now free to wear and enjoy diapers. The desire to be in them never goes away and usually gets stronger over time. Paul
  3. phl655

    She knows!

    This sounds like very good news for the both of you
  4. phl655

    Plastic panty sizing

    How about also comparing babykins plastic pants. Their 6 millwright of vinyl models are extremely well made and very soft and almost never leak. see babykins.com
  5. phl655

    Reusable diaper liners

    Hi I suggest the gauze inserts from adultclothdiaper.com they are not heavy and they are very comfortable. Used with the Rearz twill prefolds they will hold a great deal.
  6. phl655

    Just Have to Share

    Hi Where did you find the Zorb II dimples. I have heard good things about Zorb. Have you bought them from JoAnn Fabrics? What type of cloth diapers do you use now? I love the gauze flats at adultclothdiaper.com
  7. Hi Freya I look forward to the next episode of your story. I would think that with another accident your parents would put you back in nappies.
  8. phl655

    Pocket versions of disposables...

    Rear z does make cloth diapers. One of them is a twill prefold diaper that is very very good. Twill is similar to gauze and is very soft after a few washes. I don't think you can buy them from a UK source and the shipping costs will be quite high. But they are great cloth diapers.
  9. phl655

    Any Advice for Stopping Bedwetting?

    Hi Alice You have gotten some very good advice. One other alternative is to buy some good cloth diapers (like the "Purity" gauze flat diapers at adultclothdiaper.com) and several pairs of very good plastic pants (such as the 6 mil weight of vinyl models at babykins.com. You can wear cloth diapers and plastic pants every night and not spend anything unless you actually do wet in your sleep. The initial cost may be daunting for you but you will not need lots of diapers or pants unless you are having quite a few accidents at night. JoAnn Fabrics also sells cotton flannel often on sale at less than $3 a yard with a 42 " width. It may be worth a try. Paul
  10. phl655

    From disposables to cloth

    I don't know if you can buy gauze diapers in Ukraine but they are a very good cloth for a diaper. They are very soft and not too bulky at all. You might be able to find twill prefolds. Twill is very similar to gauze. I do know that cotton flannel adult diapers are available in Germany. I rinse all used cloth diapers as soon as I take them off. Then I wash them when I have 4 or 5 or 6 diapers ready for the washer. Cloth diapers are (for me) much more comfortable than disposables and less likely to leak if you have a well made pair of plastic pants to go with them. I agree with Stroller that real baby websites have good general information on the best way to wash and dry diapers. I think you will be glad that you made the change to cloth.
  11. phl655

    Expected lifespan

    Hi I have been wearing cloth diapers on and off for a long time but never full time. I also use gauze squares from adultclothdiaper.com and twill pre-folds from rear z. Both make excellent long lasting diapers that are very soft and comfortable. As long as you have a washer/dryer you should do quite well. the initial investment can be quite large but in the long run you will save lots of money. You will also need plastic pants and I very much recommend Babykins adult plastic pants in the 6 mil layer of vinyl models (see model #20300V) .
  12. Hi Gene Do you still wear cloth diapers and plastic pants? I wet the bed as a child from 6 to16 and have always preferred them ever since. What do you wear now for diapers? Paul
  13. phl655

    Some Chat Issues

    Many thanks, Ellie
  14. phl655

    Some Chat Issues

    What is the best way to refresh the page in the chat room?
  15. phl655

    Some Chat Issues

    Problems with reading replies in chat room I am unable to read replies as the space provided has shrunk to almost nothing (speaking vertically). I am also unable or do not know how to refresh my page. Does anyone have any ideas. I have been using the chat room since last October and there have been times like this but they have always gone away. Does anyone have any ideas on what I might do. Paul