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  1. Noted that the new chat didn't kick me out after leaving it up and idle overnight. Probably better if it had....
  2. Darlene: Don't confuse "in the style of" with actually being Facebook. it's that little "F" in the lower left I am concerned about...especially given a phenomenon known as "Browser Fingerprinting". I didn't think Facebook supported multi-user chat.
  3. Hey, DD: Froggy and I and others *DO NOT WANT* *ANY* facebook linkage with DD. We have our public lives, and our DD lives, and we do not want DD to be a *not* part of our public life. **** The re-arrangement of things between last night and tonight has left the new chat access off of the bar at the bottom of the page in Firefox/Puppy Linux, and replaced it with a disturbing facebook icon and links to cloth diapers and diapermess.com. At 133% magnification, the "chat" list on the lower right isnt usable; I can only see the left half of it.
  4. Via the new chat, user Anon17a asks as follows: Dear DailyDiapers Tech Support: I was changing my email here because I wanted to switch to a more private one but I have not received any confirmation emails since yesterday-no matter how times I've resent it and now I can't access anything except for the chat-I've noticed that I haven't been getting any email notifications from DD lately as well since I always use to get them when I RP and this has happened quite recently. So I hope you can help me fix this issue soon. Would you contact me, preferably at my new email? Thanks in advance Anon17a
  5. OK, so I went into the new chat for DD the other night. It works pretty well the way you would expect, mostly, but it is also clearly a work in progress...having been substantially upgraded since the last test, and with DD making config changes on the fly while we were testing. The biggest immediate concern will be responsiveness...I would say it needs to respond in under 1 second to posting something, even with a relatively full (30) chat. Everything else that wasn't right can be coped with or ignored until fixed. I noticed: Chat is accessed on a wide variety of systems. Mine's a Puppy Linux laptop from the Windows Vista era; Windows 7 is my desktop at work; others like their phones; my phone runs Chrome and has Safari, my laptop Firefox, and there's a few misguided(IMO) souls running Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge. Facebook style PM/Chat at the bottom of the screen. I don't think I care either way. My correspondent on that didn't figure it out or may be avoiding me. The user list at the left did not have a scroll bar in Firefox. When I got a menu from there, I couldn't get it to go away. When I returned, the PM with you was still there in all its two lines of "cool!, we have a PM!" glory. So was the failed attempt at contacting someone who wasn't in chat but was logged on.
  6. hollywood, hollywood! (Hollywood is famous for that kind of tight control!) Umm, before you reset the server in chat, 1/4 of the last line was visible. After the reset with you in the room, we had the entire last line visible...when you left, it dropped to half of the line, roughly...
  7. DD, that's entirely reasonable... So if they want to abandon chat, why don't you ask them if you can have the chat code source and run it on your own? (I assume we are running on DD's servers and not invision's, but what do I know?)
  8. Different problem today, Sunday, February 19. As of today (and definitely not yesterday), the box in chat where you enter your comments now overlaps the last line someone entered into chat. I can get half of it by setting the page magnification in Firefox to 130%, but soemthing isn't right. P.S. Has the ultimate fate of chat (not from invision) changed?
  9. you want peroxide bleach.. like the non-chlorine bathroom cleaners. You can also leave an open container of household ammonia in the room...and leave...but the ammonia will soak into any cushions and fabrics you may have. If you have the funds, (or want to get together with your neighbors), call one of the places that cleans up after fires and floods and such. Rainbow international is in my area, but there is also servicemaster. Positive pressure on the apartment isn't difficult if you are reasonably handy...you just need a fan in the window (a proper window fan) and seals around it. And be prepared to pay for extra electricity to keep the place warm! As to the landlord, invite him or his help in, or call the health department...they will get the message!
  10. Examples abound... but if you want someone you know to set a counterexample, starting out by calling someone a hypocrite is only going to make them dig in their heels!
  11. I wouldn't call it hypocrisy exactly, more like a total lack of self-awareness. I haven't had to deal with it lately, and even if it were hypocrisy, you don't want to back someone into a politically impossible corner over it. I would suggest pointing out how strange someone else's nonstandard behavior comes across...the case I have in mind had revealed some kinks and people kept talking about them, for about two years at work behind the guy's back. More than enough nastiness to go around!
  12. Spokane I'm getting close to outgrowing wanting diapers. RFID, we all change over time. I don't think diapers, or even AB, per se is what we actually seek...I think the outward trappings are triggers for deeper needs that can be satisfied in other ways, too, and those other ways can be found over time. Not that the trappings can't also be useful (we all like dry pants, and not everyone has full control!). There was a period where I wasn't very interested in diapers anymore, didn't come to DD or anything...and then I got really sick and returned. As I regain health again (and get older -- I'm now 50!), I'm not sure I can be counted on to stay "into" DD. I'm still posting here, somewhat interested, but not interested enough to be wearing diapers myself anymore, not doing certain types of play I did when I was sick. But, if I outgrow it, it's not something I'll be shouting from the rooftops or anything...like the mythical average DD user that we see for a few months, I'll just stop posting here, and get on with the rest of my life, since DD has told me I'm OK.
  13. My personal experience has been the same -- most people into non-standard behavior don't extend that tolerance to other non-standard behavior. I will also say there was plenty of pressure, both internal and external, in discussing what I like with my wife. Part of me knows that behaving strangely is not the way to general acceptance!
  14. Really hot water is interesting stuff...it definitely helps with circulation and immune function to let your body kill the bacteria. A dab of peroxide, perhaps half-strength, might also help supply oxygen to the area, just as the cloth lets it breathe. You will have to be an experimentalist, of course!
  15. Froggy, 10:30PM Eastern time Saturday night, same problem. Messaged DD. I miss the chat!