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  1. Mysterion's new curse - A South Park story

    If you do the proofing by differences, you don't have to trust or like the proofreader at all...lol.. I've done the job before. Just give me a good way to tell you *exactly* where I find the typos. The schoolmarm, below, is very strict about proper grammar, you may not care that much, maybe Kenny just talks like that. Stuff not attributed to the schoolmarm is more important. As to those curtains, you've elided a pronoun, confusing me! Page #1, last paragraph: "Every chard piece of flesh" --> "Every charred piece of flesh" (chard, as in swiss chard, is a vegetable!) Page #2, third paragraph: "Still, the curse does serve it's use" --> "Still, the curse does serve its uses" (Schoolmarm doesn't like the grammer, too bad for her -- she might have said have it's uses or serves its purposes. Page #2, fourth paragraph: it's (it is) and its (possessive of it) are swapped. towns --> town's. Yup, the schoolmarm's rules are inconsistent. Page #3, first paragraph: "My latest adventurer" --> "My latest adventure" Page #3, second paragraph: "Even with a raise in crime" --> "Even with a rise in crime" . Lol, the boss never gives Crime a raise! Page #3, second paragraph:Schoolmarm thinks "besides from crazy drunks" was either "besides crazy drunks" or "aside from crazy drunks". Page #3, fourth paragraph: "Good thing I didn't" (With the intervening thought, you've elided "head home") Page #3, sixth paragraph "Possibly the worse human" --> "possibly the worst human". Schoolmarm says "coon" is a loaded word, silly dilly says be very careful with it. Page #3, seventh paragraph "Butter" Stotch --> "Butter" Scotch ?? (I'm not too sure on that one, but Butterscotch makes a bit more sense; I can buy that in the candy store!) (I can continue this proofreading on page 4 if it helps)
  2. Mysterion's new curse - A South Park story

    Little Crusader: Nice story. Nice art. The storybook format is definitely unusual for DD. That's neither good nor bad. The emphasis and approach is also rather unusual for this site. May mean that your main audience for this *is not* on DD. Again, neither good nor bad, just context. My english schoolmarm says you need a proofreader; I noticed at least a dozen places where you had homophonic problems that your spell checker seems to turned into "auto-error"s. Lots of "of"s where there should be "off"s. "Even with a raise in crime". It's OK to abuse "proper" english, but it helps to do it consistently and for a purpose. She also suggests making the chapter breaks clear; the story is getting long and not everyone can read the whole thing all at once. If Kenny is supposed to be 9, he has some very teenage thoughts, especially the ones about "hot" women. That thought feels kind of extraneous to the story, remember, kenny is busy being (or trying to be, lol) mysterion, protector of south park. There's a few choppy points; the big one that stands out is where you say "In the end, I won". That sentence feels very disconnected -- if it's supposed to be in retrospective from Kenny, it needs some kind of transition to the long story that follows. "In the place of my normally torn curtains, looked like a perfectly functioning set, with an odd pattern I couldn't make out in the dark". I'm confused as to what this "set" is. Do you mean TV set? But then what's the odd pattern?
  3. Site Glitches

    chat is back...apparently the forum brains are slightly addled. Not all profiles are OK, many posts are truncated. Mikey and helpers are doing what they can, but they still aren't certain of the precise route the malware used to get onto the server, and Mikey's dad has some potentially terminal health issues.
  4. Babble = Chat

    And chat is back!
  5. Most of the post content is missing?

    Do we have chat yet? I had to march up a mountain tonight on account of no chat! lol
  6. Site Glitches

    Here's the public news on this: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/10/a-surge-of-sites-and-apps-are-exhausting-your-cpu-to-mine-cryptocurrency/ Clearly, chat and forums fell victim, and DD is having difficulty eradicating the problem. This is the second time it's happened. This reversion to week-old backups is at least a temporary fix. Watch for unjustified CPU utilization or suddenly laggy operations, and block any access to "coinhive" type sites. Apparently it shows up as a javascript injection somehow; that was what happened last time.
  7. Chat Room and Security Issue

    Heyas DD: Firefox warns me on this thread that some content is not https protected. Probably one of the pics.
  8. Chat is dead! Long LIve Chat!

    lol...(Jumps up and down and stomps his feet and generally throws a tantrum)...I told DD on his chat thread he could just delete this one, we don't need two. Our posts crossed in the interwebz. Seems he deleted his thread instead of mine. [Wrong: Find it below!] Anyone wondering, chat *WAS* mining bitcoins and has been for perhaps a week due to some kind of script injection. DD has contacted his software vendor, and a patch is in progress but no ETA has been given. I'd be surprised, but very pleased, to see that patch in less than 24 hours. It's *really* time for a third party audit of chat software for bugs.
  9. Chat Room and Security Issue

    So THAT is why my lap was getting too hot! OK to delete my earlier topic tonight about Chat being dead.
  10. Yes, I and everyone has complained about having to reload chat periodically; it's not fun. However, the "Babble" replacement for chat doesn't seem to be working right now, and some chat is *much* better than no chat. Do tell, please! Thanks
  11. goodbye all

    Dear BabyBlood: I am sorry to hear of your circumstances...it sounds like your wife is unwilling or unable to understand your need for diapers, and in no position to address your underlying psychological needs (typically feeling safe and someone truly loves you as demonstrated by physical attention). You should plan on and expect a binge in a few months when those unmet needs reach the breaking point. It's not a sign of anything wrong with you, just that you need to scratch this particular itch. You may want to keep it a secret from your wife; my own wife doesn't like to be reminded of my "unmanly" like of wearing diapers. You may want to make it happen when you are temporarily separated, as by a travelling for work, or simply "not in the house". Creativity in this department is a good thing! Good luck, we'll miss you.
  12. one thing to be aware of: the smell of your poop is an important health indicator.
  13. New Chat Software

    Noted that the new chat didn't kick me out after leaving it up and idle overnight. Probably better if it had....
  14. New Chat Software

    Darlene: Don't confuse "in the style of" with actually being Facebook. it's that little "F" in the lower left I am concerned about...especially given a phenomenon known as "Browser Fingerprinting". I didn't think Facebook supported multi-user chat.
  15. New Chat Software

    Hey, DD: Froggy and I and others *DO NOT WANT* *ANY* facebook linkage with DD. We have our public lives, and our DD lives, and we do not want DD to be a *not* part of our public life. **** The re-arrangement of things between last night and tonight has left the new chat access off of the bar at the bottom of the page in Firefox/Puppy Linux, and replaced it with a disturbing facebook icon and links to cloth diapers and diapermess.com. At 133% magnification, the "chat" list on the lower right isnt usable; I can only see the left half of it.