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  1. What is the Community Missing

    I haven't actually purchased any ABDL diapers, but from what I've seen by browsing, there's a significant lack of official ABDL pull-ups for those who can't fit into Goodnites or want something more absorbent. If you're looking to get into the market, that's probably a good niche to get in on. As far as price, I tend not to buy diapers at more than 1$ each, and prefer under 0.75$ each. I don't exactly have a lot to spend though. If I did, I might go higher on that.
  2. Love thrift stores

    Well, my internet is terrible today, so that's probably why the picture glitched. It was a bag of vintage Goodnites from 1994 according to the package. I'll try again with the picture tomorrow.
  3. Love thrift stores

    Well, not a thrift store but along the same vein, I went looking around the community garage sale in my neighborhood hoping to find some Christmas presents. I ended up finding this. It's marked as 5$, but they ended up giving it to me for 1$. The bag is a bit torn, but the contents seem fine. I'll admit it took me a couple circles around the area to work up the courage to buy it, but definitely worth it for that kind of deal. Edit: Sorry about the blurry photo. I tried to take a better one, but the site wouldn't let me upload it.
  4. Anyone have tips for writing on Mobile?

    I've been using Notes Writer on my iPad. It should be available on smart phones as well. It's free, though has fairly low limits on how many files you can keep on the free version. I'm not sure any word program can port the files directly to a website; you'd have to copy/paste over to your story, but if you have time to write on a phone that isn't too bad.
  5. Adisc Now 18+ Only

    Technically, the brain is fully developed around 25. I feel like a better system would be if someone divided some sort of test to determine adulthood. It would be hard to get it perfect, but I think it would at least be an improvement over having an arbitrary number as the dividing line.
  6. Count to 20 unless someone posts a diaper pic

    *Comes in with a blue telephone booth marked "Police".* Will this work? Also, 3.
  7. Adisc Now 18+ Only

    Having recently been in the state of wanting to join the site but not able to due to age, I figure I should offer my thoughts on the subject. I understand the legal issues completely. Rather, I don't agree with the laws, but I understand the site not wanting to get in legal trouble. That helps absolutely no one if we get shut down by the FBI. I don't think there should be laws against people interacting on a website because of an arbitrary number, especially since not everyone is interested in the fetish aspect (*Points at self*). We can't do anything about that though, unless we happen to have some really high ranking government officials on the site. That all said, what isn't going to get us into legal trouble is having some sympathy for the people we aren't able to let onto the site on account of age. We might very well have some teenage lurkers, and this thread could very well be the difference between them becoming active members of the community at 18, and them deciding to close the site's tab forever.
  8. A Question for Freddy Krueger

    It's unlikely it would do anything other than wake you up. Even if you were yourself, there's no actual evidence that dying in a dream can kill you in real life.
  9. Is it just my imagination or did you change of the chapter divisions a bit? I have in mind that Issue 1 was more than ten, and I could have sworn Breanna's fall was a cliffhanger ending to a chapter, though maybe I'm just going crazy. Nothing wrong if you did of course; I'm just curious.
  10. Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the site. If you need pointers on getting diapers without your parents finding out I have a fair bit of experience in that regard.
  11. Splinter

    Luckily I maintained the entire story, and it will definitely be continued. I've just had a combination of illness, busy last few weeks, and writes block that have slowed progress down, but I'm aiming to have the next chapter by Wednesday.
  12. Glad to hear you had it survived. I was worried when I saw the thread disappear that you didn't have a backup copy. I can definitely speak from experience that the spacing is a pain on this site, so take your time. I certainly wouldn't want to do that for 22 chapters at once.
  13. Hollywierd is Full of Pedos!

    I guess I tend to be a bit of a skeptic in these situations. There seems to be a lack of proof to back up most of the allegations, and at least in America, people are innocent until proven guilty. I'm not saying I think they're all lying, but I think a good portion of them are just people with a personal grudge, people trying to take down the competition, and people looking to get their 15 minutes of fame. That doesn't exactly make Hollywood a whole lot better though. That said, if they can prove beyond reasonable doubt that someone is a pedophile, I'm more than happy to carry out the execution myself.
  14. Splinter

    Well, I came on to go through the task of copy/pasting the original chapters and reformatting them for the site only to find that BabyLock has beaten me to it. Thank you BabyLock.
  15. Are you loyal?

    Yep. I love them. My only issue is that the sides tend to break very easily. If that was fixed, they'd be perfect.