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  1. Any gamers here?

    I play a lot of games. Mostly video games on PC, though I also run an online D&D game once per week. To answer the earlier question, MMOs are massively multiplayer online games. The most widely known of the genre is World of Warcraft. On a side note, computer games and video games are two different categories? I always thought computer games were video games on the computer.
  2. Splinter

    Thank you both for reading. I'm glad you enjoyed the story. The formatting is somewhat of the challenge on these forums, and something I will probably revise a bit as I go forward. Everything looks nice on the word document I type it on initially, but the forums don't keep that for some reason. The spaces between lines might be a good idea though. I'll keep that in mind.
  3. Longest time in a single diaper?

    I wore one for around two days once. I didn't use it until the end of that though.
  4. Underjams designs?

    Oh. No problem. I should have probably been more specific too. I haven't seen anything about those yet. The picture above is the only one I've found so far.
  5. Underjams designs?

    The other one was polka dots I think. Edit: Finally managed to find it again.
  6. Underjams designs?

    That sounds like the one I saw.
  7. Splinter

    Thanks for reading! I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter. I can't say too much about the consequences of Tessa's alterations. Spoilers and all. She is definitely creating ripples though, and some of them will likely be bigger than she planned.
  8. Another amazing chapter as always. Your sister has certainly earned by gratitude. Unfortunately I can't +1 it since I seem to be out for the day. Sorry.
  9. Are you loyal?

    I like variety, so no, I'm a disloyal scumbag. That said my options are a bit limited since actual ABDL diapers are out of my price range, and plain medical diapers aren't as interesting to me, though I might get some at some point for more practical use like long trips, illnesses, etc. So most of my options are mostly Goodnites, Underjams, and eventually I'll start trying the generic versions. I've also tried regular Pull Ups. (You don't have to tell me they don't fit adults well. It's just a novelty thing for me.)
  10. Bad Jokes

    What is the best way to lose some pounds? Just go to the UK and spend them.
  11. Splinter

    Thanks so much for reading! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I do plan on getting into their emotions a bit more over the course of the story. Popular affectation is a pretty good assessment of their jadedness. There are a few other contributing factors, but those will come out later. As for the question of Child Tessa's mind, that is a very good question. All I'll say for now is that S.I.P.A.W. believes the younger version of the mind is overwritten when the older mind is sent back.
  12. Splinter

    ((I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this for a perfect two week period between chapters, but decided to put it up tonight. It's almost midnight anyways. Sorry for the long wait, I guess I'm a bit of a slow writer. It's a fairly long chapter this time though.)) Chapter 2: Changing Times Tessa paced around her room as she thought. It was Saturday afternoon and she still hadn’t come up with a plan. Her mother was conveniently “busy”, which ruled out any form of transportation on her end. Unless she just hopped in a car and drove herself, which had the risk of the police spotting her and ruining any plan involving that. Then there was the issue of her parents. They’d watch her closely after she tried that, far too closely to deal with Rathalon effectively. No, she had to find another solution. Ryan couldn’t do much about it. Even he’d never believe the time travel story, and she’d never talk him into sabotaging his mother’s car otherwise. Unless she could talk him into changing events without realizing what he was doing. That idea would work if she could put some specifics to it. She couldn’t though. She couldn’t fool him with something like that. Another plan then. She stopped in her tracks. Natalia. She knew Natalia then, not well maybe, but well enough to ask a favor. Whether she’d listen was another question, but it was worth a try. She looked around for a few seconds before finding her phone on the bedstand. She didn’t remember the passcode, but she didn’t need it. Her fingerprint was still the same, and that was all it took. Natalia Everett was even in her contact list. Good, she didn’t have to figure out her number. “Hey Natalia,” she sent in a text. She couldn’t even remember asking Natalia for a favor in the previous version of her life. She was always happy just being able to refer to a billionare’s daughter as her “friend”. They were more like cordial acquaintances in truth, but she was out of options. She waited anxiously for several minutes, wondering if Natalia would see it fit to respond today, before a familiar ding answered that question. “Kinda busy. What’s up?” The response read. She responded, so that was a good sign. “I really need to get to a friend’s house but my mom is busy. Think you could get your parents to send me a ride?” Tessa responded with shaking hands. If Natalia said no, she’d need another plan, but it already took her this long to come up with one. She heard another ding and once again looked at her phone. “You people ALWAYS want something. Do I have a sign on my back that says ‘Natalia Everett Charity Foundation’ or something? Sheesh.” Tessa groaned and put the phone away. She could try negotiating, but she knew she’d have better luck asking a 2017 car to drive on its own. Another plan then, if she could think of one. She had to. She couldn’t let her best friend die twice. Several minutes of anxious pacing went by before her thoughts were interrupted by a loud whirring noise from outside. She met her mother half-way down the stairs and stopped. “Any idea why an Everett Energy helicopter is in our backyard, Tessa?” her mother asked. Tessa blinked “I guess? I mean, I asked Natalia for a ride to Ryan’s place, but I thought she gave me a pretty resounding no.” Her mother shrugged. “I never quite understood that girl. You’d better get moving I guess. Have fun!” Tessa ran outside toward the helicopter. A blonde girl wearing a dress, which Tessa figured cost more than most cars did, waved from a seat in the back. “Finally!” Natalia yelled over the noise of the helicopter as Tessa got closer “I was starting to think you changed your mind!” Tessa took the remaining seat and shook her head “I just thought your last message was a pretty solid no. What happened to being busy?” Natalia rolled her eyes “Busy with some super boring friends of my parents who didn’t really care if I was there, and I never said no. You make too many assumptions.” “Well, thanks, I appreciate it,” Tessa said before giving directions to Ryan’s house and getting lost in thought again. Now she just needed a plan to stop him from going to a dentist appointment tomorrow. Or just stop his mother from stopping at the bank on the way home. At least she had options now. “Tessa, you just going to sit here in amazement or what?” Natalia yelled over the din of the helicopter. Tessa looked around and realized they were already at Ryan’s house. She quickly hopped out and landed on the grass. To her surprise, Natalia climbed out after her. “Well thanks for letting us out over the dirt you idiot!” she called to the pilot as the helicopter flew away. “You’re staying?” Tessa asked once the noise faded. Natalia scoffed. “Well yeah, of course I’m staying. You think I’d go back and spend more time with my parents’ friends? Come on, I want to meet your friend.” She ran towards the porch without giving Tessa a chance to respond. Tessa followed and caught up at the door. She figured it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Another difference in how things happened here could only help her situation. Ryan swung the door open and looked out at them. “Well, someone is traveling in style, huh Tessa.” “Eww, Tessa, you didn’t tell me your friend was a boy. I’m not vaccinated for cooties.” Natalia said with a grimace. Tessa sighed “Natalia, this is Ryan, my best friend since kindergarten. Ryan, this is Natalia Everett.” Ryan shrugged. “Tessa cured me years ago. Hi Natalia. You two going to come in?” Tessa and Natalia stepped through the door. The house was smaller than Tessa remembered, but then again, so was her own. “So, what came up that you needed a helicopter ride to come see me? I mean, I get it, but it’s still a first. I didn’t even know you two were close,” Ryan said. Tessa looked around for a few seconds and started to speak, only to be interrupted by Natalia. “So, what do you peasants eat, bugs?” Ryan laughed, and Natalia rolled her eyes. “That wasn’t a joke. I need to know if I should request the delivery of something more suitable.” “We aren’t exactly peasants, and no, we don’t eat bugs.” Tessa said before turning back to Ryan “I wanted to ask you about yesterday’s homework.” “You got a helicopter ride from the richest person in the city to ask about homework?” Ryan asked with an exaggerated tilt of his head “What happened to your phone? Or to not doing friday’s homework until Sunday night for that matter?” “Well, and I just wanted to come over for a bit.” Tessa replied as Natalia strutted into a nearby room. Tessa watched her for a few seconds before turning back to Ryan. “So, what are you doing tomorrow?” She knew the answer of course, probably better than he did, but she also knew that would be hard to explain. He chucked. ”Fun stuff, like a dentist appointment.” He adjusted his glasses and continued “Oh, there was something I wanted to show you.” Tessa absentmindedly wrapped a few strands of hair around her finger. “Let’s see it then.” Ryan ran towards his room while she was halfway through her response, and she followed after him. Once there he immediately clicked a desktop icon on his computer. “So what’s this about anyways?” Tessa asked. She realized it might be harder than she thought to try to change events, but at least she still had a little time. “You’ll see,” he said with an excited grin. “Remember those programming lessons I was taking in the summer?” Tessa nodded, although she only vaguely remembered them. A screen with the words “Loading” written in large, blocky letters appeared on his computer. He stared intently at them. “Any time now.” Tessa took advantage of the wait to look around. The room was a bit of a maze, which she couldn’t really blame him for. She hadn’t exactly been any better organized at that age either. She still hadn’t gotten around to cleaning her room since traveling back. The entire south wall was covered in drawings, aliens if she had to guess. Most of them were depicted fighting a little girl who looked suspiciously like herself, aside from the gun. “Is that me carrying a machine gun?” she asked, pointing at the drawings. “You haven’t seen those before?” he said, still watching the computer intently, “That’s Anelisse, and it’s a laser machine gun.” “Anelisse is my middle name. And laser weapons are relatively small, since they rely on energy rather than matter to function,” she said, before rembering that it was 2017 and laser weapons only existed in fiction. “I mean I’d think anyways. It would make sense.” He laughed “Well, I’ll shrink her unrealistic laser machine gun in the next update then. Aha! Speaking of which, behold!” Tessa turned back to the screen and looked at a digital image of a young girl she assumed as Anelisse, wearing a pink flowery dress and holding the same weapon she had wielded in Ryan’s drawing. Her long auburn hair flowed around her shoulders, adorned with several pink and purple bows. Next to the picture the word “Play” was written in blocky letters. “I’m afraid the graphics aren’t as good in the game itself,” he said after giving her a few seconds to look. “Well, the resemblance is uncanny in that picture,” she noted as she walked towards the chair. Ryan stepped back to let her sit down “Feel free to give it try, well what I have. It’s kinda small still.” She sat down and clicked play. She hoped he was right and she’d be able to get back to saving his life soon. Still, the idea intrigued her. She never knew he had gotten this far in computer programming before. After another loading screen, she found herself looking at a two dimensional map, with a somewhat pixelated version of herself, or “Anelisse” as the game called her, at its center. She pressed the up arrow and Anelisse ran up the street a bit, where several pixelated aliens similar to those seen in the drawings started firing red laser guns at Anelisse. They didn’t look like real laser weapons either, but she decided to forgive that seeing as he had no way of knowing what they would look like. After a few seconds of mashing buttons, she finally tried clicking on the aliens, which caused Anelisse to release a barrage of pink lasers in their direction. A few hits on each caused them to explode into glitter, and she looked up at Ryan. “So I’m fighting aliens using a glitter laser machine gun?” “Well what else would you fight aliens with?” he replied. She turned back to the game and continued up the street, gliterizing several more groups of aliens as she went. It was simple even by 2017 standards, and far more so compared to the virtual entertainment of her time period, but it was strangely relaxing. Maybe that could be the solution to her present problem. She may not have had a glitter laser, but she had enough training with S.I.P.A.W. to stop a single gunman at a bank. She didn’t need a complex plan, she just needed to be there. Anelisse approached a larger alien holding a weapon similar to her own, although with darker colors, a large red bar appeared on the top of her screen. At the same time, Natalia walked through the door. “So, you two just decided to ditch me?” “You wandered off first,” Ryan said with a shrug “Tessa is fighting the final boss of a video game I made. You can try it after she finishes if you want.” Natalia looked at the computer screen “Looks dumb.” “Your loss.” Ryan replied. “I didn’t say I wouldn’t try it. I just said it looks dumb.” Natalia said with a glare. Tessa was too focused on the game to get into the conversation. The red bar seemed to be going down each time she hit the alien. Another red bar, this one on the bottom of the screen,seemed to be going down when she was hit. Logically, it made sense that the red bar on the top was a measurement of the alien’s health while the red bar on the bottom was a measurement of her own. If her assumption was correct, then she seemed to be winning. Once the top red bar was gone, the large alien exploded into sparkles and a message “You have been beamed aboard the alien mothership” appeared on the screen before she was returned to the picture of “Anelisse”. She stood up and looked at Ryan “So, does that mean I lost?” “No, you did fine. That just means I haven’t made the next level yet. As I said, small,” he said with a short laugh. “Your turn Natalia.” Tessa decided to stay and watch Natalia’s play through. She doubted she’d come up with a better option for saving Ryan, and it would seem odd if she just left the room now. Besides, she had to admit she was a bit curious about how this would go. She was surprised to note that Natalia actually figured it out faster than she did, although not by much. “Is it okay if I sleep over tonight?” she asked while she waited for Natalia to fight through the aliens. “Um, I’d have to check with my mom but it’s probably okay if you don’t mind sitting in the waiting room at the dentist,” Ryan said while keeping his eyes fixed on Natalia’s alien resistance efforts. Tessa nodded. She hadn’t packed for this, but she had slept on far more strenuous circumstances than simply not having her pajamas for a day, so that didn’t concern her. She wore a lot of her favorite clothes for several days in a row as a child, so that wouldn’t be an issue either. Besides, she was about the same size as Ryan, so if something came up she could always borrow from him. There was, of course, the bedwetting issue. Unfortunately, that was a physical issue with the development of her bladder, so there wasn’t a lot she could do about it except wait. Well, that and keep wearing those diapers at night in the mean time. What were they called again? Goodnites or something? Not like the name mattered, she still didn’t have them with her. Tessa’s thoughts were interrupted by Natalia “Is that it? There isn’t more to it?” “I’m still working on it. That’s just the first level.” Ryan said. “Well I hope so. Why does the main character look like Tessa? How would Tessa even afford a sparkle gun? Those things are like a million dollars each.” Natalia responded while crossing her arms. Ryan shrugged. “Tessa’s been my best friend since kindergarten. Today was the first day I talked to you. I’ll try and get you in somewhere though.” Natalia didn’t respond. “We’re having a sleep over if it’s okay with Ryan’s mom, so don’t worry about waiting for us,” Tessa said in an attempt to break the silence. Natalia glared. “I’m not waiting for you. I’m staying. Unless you want to kick me out and make me tell my parents.” “No one’s forcing you to leave,” Tessa replied “I just didn’t think you’d want to.” Natalia pulled a brush out of one of her dress pockets and ran it through her hair. “Like I’d wanna go back home and listen to boring people be boring. Not like you two are much better right now. I mean seriously, are we just going to stand around until we go to bed.” Ryan smirked. “Well, I found this show on Netflix I wanted to see. You’ll like it, maybe, I dunno. I haven’t watched it yet. Come on!” They ended up watching the entire first season, which was all of six episodes. Tessa guessed she would have found it rather boring as an actual ten year-old, but she had to admire the irony in the little girl who could see the future. Not to mention the fact that all those people had been placed in 2004 by the future. Tessa was glad she knew who she was supposed to stop, or at least that it was a who. Once the show finished, Tessa noticed that Natalia had fallen asleep. “I guess we don’t need to worry about who gets which couch then,” she remarked. Ryan nodded. “I was worried she’d try to kick me out of my bed. You still don’t mind the couch do you?” Tessa shrugged. “I’ve slept in worse places. Like, the floor.” She decided not to mention that she meant the floor of an African Empire prison. "Oh, I don’t suppose you can reprise you role from kindergarten as my supplier? I kinda forgot to pack today.” “My mom quit her job in the nursery two years ago, so my source is gone. Sorry,” Ryan said. “Guess I’ll just hope for the best then tonight,” she responded as she headed towards the kitchen to grab some paper towels. It wasn’t the best solution, but it was the best she had. Once she finished stuffing paper towels into her underwear she made her way to the couch. She realized she felt a bit light headed, probably from staring at the TV for so long. A drink would probably be a very bad idea right now, she figured, so she decided to just see how she felt in the morning. She awoke the next day and quickly realized she was the only person still asleep. So much for her training to awaken at the first sign of movement. She supposed that must have been mostly muscle memory. Not that it mattered, they hadn’t left without her at least. She ran to the bathroom and removed the damp paper towels. They had at least managed to spare Ryan’s couch, and the wet spot on her underwear would dry off soon enough. The light-headedness had gone away. It probably was nothing anyways. She stopped at the mirror as she was about to open the door. She couldn’t go out with her hair like that. She searched through the drawers for a comb when she heard Ryan’s mother calling for them to leave. At least she had the excuse of being ten years-old for now. She ran out out the door and took a seat in the car. “Trying to provide a nest for birds, Tessa? Seriously, your hair. Do something about it,” Natalia said as they drove out of the parking lot. Tessa shrugged “I forgot to pack, and I didn’t have time to look for a comb.” Natalia pulled her brush out of her dress pocket and handed it to Tessa. “Here, no excuses. Fix it. Tessa ran the brush through her hair while she reviewed her plan in her mind. She and Natalia being there could be enough, but she had to assume Ryan’s mom would still stop at the bank at the same time, the robber would come in and take hostages, and eventually, if she let it play out, he’d kill Ryan. She unfortunately didn’t know the details beyond that, but a crazed gunman was nothing compared to the elite imperial guards she fought on her way out of that prison. She just hoped her combat knowledge had still held up after fourty years of retirement. She was snapped out of her thoughts when she realized they had arrived at the dentist office. “So what are we, moral support?” Natalia asked as they stepped out of the car. “You could have always called in that helicopter if you didn’t want to go with,” Tessa replied as they headed towards the door. Natalia grabbed her comb from Tessa’s hand. “Then you would have gone out with your hair like...that. At least now it's palatable.” Ryan was called in almost immediately after they entered, leaving Natalia and Tessa in the waiting room. Natalia had been surprisingly quiet, but Tessa was glad. It gave her time to go over her plan a hundred more times. She only had one shot at this. She wished she had some way to run a holographic simulation, but that technology didn’t exist yet even if she did have time, so she’d have to settle for mental simulations. She stood up once Ryan stepped back into the waiting room. “So how’d it go?” He shrugged. “They stuck sharp objects in my mouth repeatedly. No cavities though so at least I don’t have to worry about going back any time soon.” Tessa nodded. “Let’s get out of this vile place.” They walked back to the car as she continued running the bank scenario through her head. “Are you okay Tessa? You’ve seemed distracted all day. Like, really distracted.” Ryan asked while they were in the car. “I’m fine. Just bored,” she answered. Ryan’s mother cut in. “I need to stop at the bank. How would you kids like to stop for ice cream after?” “Could do the icecream first, then we could eat it while we wait in line,” Tessa replied. Ryan’s mother shook her head. “All the icecream places in town are past the bank, silly. Besides, the lines usually aren’t too long.” Tessa sighed. It was worth a try at least. She went back to running the scenario through her head until they arrived. Once there, she stepped out of the car and walked towards the bank, leaving the others to follow. She wanted extra time to look over the interior, figure out where the gunman would come in, what she could use as a makeshift weapon if need, and about a hundred other things she had been trained to look for in a dangerous area. “What’s the rush?” Ryan asked as the others walked inside. She kept looking over the area. “I slept through breakfast. I want that that icecream.” “Sounds like a good reason,” Ryan said. Tessa followed them as she continued her survey of the room. She noted several places to take cover, which wouldn’t be much use since she wasn’t the main target. A few vases could serve as makeshift weapons if needed. She didn’t expect to even have a chance to grab them, but it was always best to be prepared for every scenario. She did her best to stay near Ryan in order to put herself in a better position to defend him. After a few minutes, a female voice called “Next!” and Tessa followed the others towards the empty counter. As they got there, another voice, this time male, followed the sound of the door swinging open. “Sit down, put your hands on your head, and don’t move. This is a robbery!” The sound of screams, the loudest of which was Natalia’s high-pitched screech, filled the room as everyone did what they were told. Tessa waited as the masked man asked the tellers to hand him all of their money. She had in mind the police got a tip and would be here in a couple minutes. She looked for a chance to catch him off guard, but he noticed every time she so much as tried to move a muscle. After a couple minutes, as she expected, the sound of police sirens became audible from outside. She watched as they talked to him over the phone while he kept his eyes fixed on the hostages. Still not distracted then. “Are we going to be okay?” Natalia whispered, all of her usual aloofness drained from her voice. “We’ll be fine,” Tessa whispered back while keeping her eyes fixed on the robber. He began walking towards them, clearly angry at how the negotiations were going. This was probably the part where he grabs Ryan. She got ready; all she needed was a second and she could have him on the floor. Assuming, that is, she hadn’t lost her touch. To her surprise, he instead grabbed Natalia and pointed his gun at her head. “Leave now or I can promise you this little girl won’t!” he yelled into the phone as Tessa began recalculating her plan. It made sense now that she thought about. Natalia was added to the equation, a new variable that didn’t exist last time. He wasn’t after Ryan specifically, so why wouldn’t he go for the little girl with a thousand dollar dress, at least? The situation still remained mostly the same though, she figured. She lost her initial attempt, but that part she had planned for. He seemed a bit less focused on the rest of the hostages. Good. After a few seconds he turned to face the door. It was only a second, if that, but a second was enough. Tessa grabbed the glass vase from the counter and threw it towards his head. He turned back just in time to pull the trigger as the vase stuck his head, but the bullet simply fired harmlessly into the wall as he fell to the ground. Tessa breathed a sigh of relief and looked around. The police officers were already coming inside to take him into custody. Some of the other hostages were slowly rising to their feet, while others had their hands pressed over their eyes. Natalia was shaking, and a puddle had appeared under her feet, but she seemed otherwise unharmed. Tessa walked over to her. “You okay?” Natalia nodded shakily and squeezed Tessa’s hand. Later that day, once everyone was back home safely, Tessa found a news article about the robbery on her phone. “Little Girl Stops Bank Robber,” the headline read. In her actual childhood she would have enjoyed being referred to as a hero, but this time it was worrying. It didn’t prove who she was of course, but if Rathalon found out he’d be likely to at least grow suspicious. As she read further she began to feel light headed again. Well, her ten year old body wasn’t used to this kind of stress, so she supposed that was to be expected. She layed down and closed her eyes. A little rest, that was all she needed. She could start looking for Rathalon tomorrow.
  13. Wow! I started reading this last night thinking I'd read a couple chapters and see if I liked it. I ended reading about six before I forced myself to go to bed, and finished the rest as soon as I got home today. I'll definitely be watching for future chapters. One thing I have been curious is the secrecy of the Stalwart Six. They seem to lead double lives for the most part, but at the same time a lot of people seem to know who they are that I wouldn't expect the, to share that with, like Maya, so I am a bit curious how secret they are with their identities. Also, I noticed the naming of "Discordant Aria" and "Enchantress Discordia" is suspiciously similar. Almost makes me wonder if Pretty Magical Lyrical Angel Lala has a little more basis in reality than they think.
  14. Start A Useless Rumor About The Person Above You

    ^ Is in possession of the world's first laser pistol, which requires the nonexistant AAAAAAA battery in order to function and is thus completely useless.
  15. How do you know?

    Laying on the bed in children's clothes in adult surroundings is probably going to be an unfortunate reality unless you can explain childizing your room to the other people somehow. You might be able to find some other people to play with in the "Meeting Place" segment of the forums here if you're comfortable with that. Aside from that, I'd try to think about things three year-old girls might do on their own. Parents usually have to let kids play by themselves sometimes to do other things like prepare food and such. You will of course have to store everything out of sight too. I've found suitcases are a good option personally since they aren't really going to draw attention in most cases. On a final note, if you're going with an unpotty-trained three year old, Goodnites are very similar to Pull-ups if you can fit them. I'm around 140 lbs and about a 31 inch waist and the L/XL ones fit me pretty well.