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  1. 100%. Whenever I feel any kind of sick or under the weather, I feel quite babyish. Having said that, being in a diaper, a onesie, a sleeper and having my teddy with me always makes me feel a little bit better. Always remember to drink lots of liquids when sick, from a bottle of course. Wearing diapers helps with that as well
  2. Cute Beetle Baily Comic

    Haha! That is funny. Sometimes when I know I'll be out for a long time, I put a booster in my diaper. Not five diapers but like the general, I think it's better to be prepared. Art imitating life. I'm sure many of us can relate.
  3. How did you start?

    I was in diapers until I was 4 1/2 years old. Mom tried and tried to potty train me then just gave up until I asked on my own. When I was 6 my aunt left some of my cousin's diapers behind after a visit. I snuck them for my own. Mom found them in my room and took them away. When she found a bag of Pampers in my closet when I was a teen she told me she wasn't surprised.
  4. Remodelled Nursery

    I redid my nursery...again. I think it will stay this way for a while this time. I love Winnie the Pooh so much. Can you tell?
  5. Pizza

    Is it childish for me to think that is pizza the best food ever?! There are so many variations and everyone likes their own toppings. It's very open minded as for as food goes. Just a thought...carry on.
  6. Accepting my AB/DL side

    It's awesome that you are feeling more comfortable with being who you are. Good for you. As for the minimizing the sound of diapers, anything that is tight against the diaper will lessen the crinkle. Even just wearing jeans over your diaper will do it. Onesies will also help. There are many out there to choose from. I like the fit of both ones from Babykins and from Baby Pants.
  7. Wetting until your diaper sags

    This happened to me yesterday. I was out and about for a while and by the time I got home my diaper was quite saggy. It was very noticeable if you looked at me from behind.
  8. Love thrift stores

    It was a bag of Vintage Attends. I think since the problems this site had a few week ago, a lot of the content has gone missing. I've seen a number of posts that have missing pics since the issues.
  9. bedwetters

    My bedroom is set up like a nursery. It think the crib, baby dresser, diapers, lotion power, wipes, diaper pail might give away that I might wet a night.
  10. Were you always comfortable with your AB/DL side?

    I used to fight it such as going through the binge and purge cycles but after some time, I realized it was never going to go away. Now I just embrace that will never really grow up and that I will always be the baby. Might as well enjoy who I am rather than trying to be something I'm not.
  11. How Long To Train Yourself To Bed Wet?

    It took me 2 years to become a real bed wetter again. Be careful what you wish for though. I NEED diapers at night now and don't know if I could ever be dry at night again. This is what I want but I don't think its for everyone.
  12. Forced to choose

    Dry 24/7 for me too. They are the thickest and absorb the most that I have found. They ride the highest on the waist. They are all white just like the Pampers I wore until I was 4 1/2 years old.
  13. Dumping your diapers in public wrong thing to do

    Noooooo!!! This makes me so mad! There are garbage cans everywhere. If you can't dispose of them at home then put it in a garbage can somewhere else.
  14. Calgary

    Looking to chat and maybe meet friends in Calgary.
  15. Any Legit DiaperDating websites?

    Where oh where can you find the distance from your location? I can't find that option.