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  1. Pampertimmy

    What is it about your Little side that you love

    Innocents and gentleness. Also being a baby gives me the feeling of being carefree like the only things in the world are my toys and the baby cartoons on the tv. While in my crib, I feel so safe and comfortable.
  2. Pampertimmy

    How do you put a diaper on?

    I put on my diaper just like everyone else, one tape at a time. Sorry, couldn't resist.
  3. Pampertimmy

    i want footie jammies

  4. Pampertimmy

    Bringing Out The Baby In One

    Toddler shows on television. There's too many to list. I love watching cartoons aimed for toddlers. Disney Junior and Family Junior are the channels I watch the most on tv.
  5. Pampertimmy

    What do you call your baby parts?

    Pee-pee and bum
  6. Pampertimmy

    Baby Formula

    I use toddler vanilla "formula." I just like the taste better than infant formula. I have a bottle in the morning usually with pablum and apple sauce. I also have one at bedtime.
  7. Pampertimmy

    Do You Have A Diaper Bag?

    I have a diaper bag that goes with me pretty much everywhere I go. It just looks like a tote bag but really is a diaper bag. It even tells me where my soother should go.
  8. Pampertimmy

    Random Thread

    I just worked 11 days straight. 3 more to go until a day off. Just gonna watch cartoons and play with toys on the floor on my day off.
  9. Pampertimmy

    Do others feel this way or is it just me?

    I have been married and my wife found out that I was an AB. We tried to work through and figure out a way to make it work. We are not together anymore and our differences were more than just me being an AB but it was a part of it. We are still great friends and she understands my AB side now. I don't think I can be with anyone again who doesn't share the ABness (it's a word...now). I think mostly, for me, I don't want to put someone in a spot to deside if she wants to be with me in spite of my ABness.
  10. I wear the Babykins ones every night. They are great. I live in Canada so the shipping charges aren't too bad for me.
  11. Pampertimmy

    What diapers do you wear?

    Confidry 24/7 or Better Dry during the day and Abena M4 with terry lined plastic pants to bed. Most of the time I have a Pampers size 6 as a booster as well.
  12. Yes, my home smells like a baby lives in it. The smells of powder, lotion, scented wipes and of course diapers fill the air. I can tell because I leave my house every day and when I come home I can the smell all the wonderful scents that welcome me when I walk in.
  13. Pampertimmy

    Baby Shorts?

    I think looking for shorts that have elastic waist bands might help. That's a very toddlerish look. Many swim trunks look like regular short but have elastic waists.
  14. Pampertimmy

    Groin Rash, Safe to use baby lotion?

    Yes, a diaper rash cream is best for a rash. It will moisturize and protect the rash for it to heal. As far as using baby lotion, there wouldn't be any negative effect unless you have an allergy to it. I use baby lotion after every bath or shower.
  15. Pampertimmy

    Best plastic pants for side sleepers?

    The terry lined vinyl panties from Babykins have worked really well for me.