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  1. Pampertimmy

    What do you call your baby parts?

    Pee-pee and bum
  2. Pampertimmy

    Baby Formula

    I use toddler vanilla "formula." I just like the taste better than infant formula. I have a bottle in the morning usually with pablum and apple sauce. I also have one at bedtime.
  3. Pampertimmy

    Do You Have A Diaper Bag?

    I have a diaper bag that goes with me pretty much everywhere I go. It just looks like a tote bag but really is a diaper bag. It even tells me where my soother should go.
  4. Pampertimmy

    Random Thread

    I just worked 11 days straight. 3 more to go until a day off. Just gonna watch cartoons and play with toys on the floor on my day off.
  5. Pampertimmy

    Do others feel this way or is it just me?

    I have been married and my wife found out that I was an AB. We tried to work through and figure out a way to make it work. We are not together anymore and our differences were more than just me being an AB but it was a part of it. We are still great friends and she understands my AB side now. I don't think I can be with anyone again who doesn't share the ABness (it's a word...now). I think mostly, for me, I don't want to put someone in a spot to deside if she wants to be with me in spite of my ABness.
  6. I wear the Babykins ones every night. They are great. I live in Canada so the shipping charges aren't too bad for me.
  7. Pampertimmy

    What diapers do you wear?

    Confidry 24/7 or Better Dry during the day and Abena M4 with terry lined plastic pants to bed. Most of the time I have a Pampers size 6 as a booster as well.
  8. Yes, my home smells like a baby lives in it. The smells of powder, lotion, scented wipes and of course diapers fill the air. I can tell because I leave my house every day and when I come home I can the smell all the wonderful scents that welcome me when I walk in.
  9. Pampertimmy

    Baby Shorts?

    I think looking for shorts that have elastic waist bands might help. That's a very toddlerish look. Many swim trunks look like regular short but have elastic waists.
  10. Pampertimmy

    Groin Rash, Safe to use baby lotion?

    Yes, a diaper rash cream is best for a rash. It will moisturize and protect the rash for it to heal. As far as using baby lotion, there wouldn't be any negative effect unless you have an allergy to it. I use baby lotion after every bath or shower.
  11. Pampertimmy

    Best plastic pants for side sleepers?

    The terry lined vinyl panties from Babykins have worked really well for me.
  12. Pampertimmy

    Little Behaviors

    Not too long ago my mom asked if I was wearing a diaper. I wasn't but asked why. She said I was waddling like a toddler. Funny because she knows I'm an AB. So, I guess I waddle like a toddler, diapers or not.
  13. Pampertimmy

    Noisy diapers

    Dry 24/7 are quite noisy. They are my daytime diaper.
  14. Pampertimmy

    How can I avoid leaks sleeping on my side?

    I wear an Abina M4 with and a terry lined plastic diaper cover over the top to bed. I've never had a leak and I'm a heavy wetter and side sleeper. My bed has a plastic mattress cover just in case.
  15. I have 5 unopened bags of Bare Bum diapers medium. They are just a little small for me. I'm asking $20 CAD per bag. They sell for 34.99/bag on UBU. In Calgary.