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  1. Pampertimmy

    Nursery / Playroom Completion

    I love your nursery! ❤️ I also have a nursery set up in my house (Winnie the Pooh design). I sleep in the crib every night. Like you, I feel it's my house so I'll do what I want with it. I don't get many visitors but I've really given up caring about hiding me being a baby. I don't flaunt it but I really don't go crazy about hiding who I am anymore.
  2. Pampertimmy

    what do you wear to bed over your diaper

    The layers are - Pampers size 7 -Abina M4 -Babykins terry lined plastic pant -A sleeper (lighter in summer heavier in winter)
  3. Pampertimmy

    why do you wet

    I wet because I trained myself to be a bed wetter. At first I would wet my diaper in bed when I I woke up needing to wet. Over time I would wake up less and less to wet. Now I don't wake up at all during the night and in the morning I always have a wet diaper. This took a long time to get to this point. I think that being a bed wetter until I was 10ish and sometimes into my teens made it easier be become a bed wetter again. I don't know the last time I had a dry night.
  4. Pampertimmy

    Are you an AB or DL?

    I'm sitting on the play mat surrounded by baby toys. I'm wearing a sleeper and a diaper in need of a change while I answer this. I just woke from my sleep in my crib. Yep, I'd say AB. 👶
  5. Pampertimmy

    Word Correlation And ABDL

    I have these phrases as a little as well. Funny though that we have some same ones that mean different things to us. For me, "pee pee" is for my little boy parts where for you its "wee wee." "Potty" doesn't really exist for me. Also, I have "poopy" diaper not a messy or dirty diaper.
  6. Pampertimmy

    If you was given the chance to stop would you ?

    Nope. I like who I am and can't imagine not being a baby. In fact, I'd like to be taken care of as though I was a 2 year old full time. Unfortunately, someone has to pay for all these diapers and baby clothes and that's me.
  7. Pampertimmy

    You Know You've Grown Up When...

    ...I'll let you know if I ever grow up.
  8. Pampertimmy

    Spending more time as a child

    Aside from when I have to pretend to be a grownup to make money, I send more time as a toddler than as an adult in my free time. I like my life and myself as a toddler. It's who I am. I like who I am.
  9. Pampertimmy

    Hide and Seek – How many Diaper Storage Places do you have?

    Well, my room is designed as a nursery so my diapers are stacked on a shelf and in the bottom drawer of the dresser beside my crib. The unopened bags of diapers are stacked neatly in a corner of the nursery.
  10. Pampertimmy

    Already Wet at Bedtime

    I depends on when I had my last diaper change before bed. If my diaper needs changing before bedtime I will change it. That may be 1-2 hrs before bed. In that case I will probably be wet before going to bed. If my diaper needs changing at bedtime, then I will change into a dry diaper just before bed.
  11. Pampertimmy

    Baby toys

    Colouring books are great! I always have some at home, with crayons of course.
  12. Pampertimmy

    who knows you wet

    My family know that I am both a bed wetter and a little toddler.
  13. Pampertimmy

    A question for the guys

    I'm very little down there so it doesn't really matter. "It" kinda stays tucked inside me and only pokes out a little bit.
  14. Pampertimmy


    Yes, I have gone through the binge and purge cycle many times. Like you, I have come to accept that I am an adult baby and I really enjoy who I am. I'm much happier just being who I am and no longer get rid of my baby stuff because of being ashamed of being me.
  15. Pampertimmy

    I swear I'm not a creeper, just an old guy....

    I think as long as you're not actually creeping someone by asking inappropriate questions or propositioning someone, just looking at their profile is fine. That's why we have profiles. Go ahead, have a look. Nothing wrong with that.