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  1. Pampertimmy

    Little Behaviors

    Not too long ago my mom asked if I was wearing a diaper. I wasn't but asked why. She said I was waddling like a toddler. Funny because she knows I'm an AB. So, I guess I waddle like a toddler, diapers or not.
  2. Pampertimmy

    Noisy diapers

    Dry 24/7 are quite noisy. They are my daytime diaper.
  3. Pampertimmy

    How can I avoid leaks sleeping on my side?

    I wear an Abina M4 with and a terry lined plastic diaper cover over the top to bed. I've never had a leak and I'm a heavy wetter and side sleeper. My bed has a plastic mattress cover just in case.
  4. I have 5 unopened bags of Bare Bum diapers medium. They are just a little small for me. I'm asking $20 CAD per bag. They sell for 34.99/bag on UBU. In Calgary.
  5. Sorry about that. It was meant to be a new post. My bad.
  6. Pampertimmy

    Coming to Accept I'm a Baby

    Ha! This really struck a chord with me. Whenever I see a toddler out in public, I think to myself, "I actually have more in common with that child than I do with the parent." Good luck with your "coming out."
  7. Pampertimmy

    Shaving pee pee

    I use a Gillette Venus razor which are made for ladies. It works very well because it is designed to shave curves like armpits, legs and ladies bikini area. I've been using them for years with no complaints.
  8. Pampertimmy

    Dream wetting

    I often have dreams of being babied and wearing and wetting diapers. Love those dreams!
  9. Pampertimmy

    Would you tell someone you still wet the bed?

    My family knows I'm a bed wetter and wear diapers at night. My mom also knows about my baby side and that I wear during the day.
  10. Pampertimmy

    "There's a Baby in My Bed!"

    Thank you! I have read both "There's a baby in my bed" and "There's still a baby in my bed." While I don't have a partner to share this with (maybe one day), the books have really helped me understand who I am and that accepting who I am is good for me. Knowing that the baby in me is likely never going to go away has really helped me in my day to day life. The books have helped me find "balance." Again, THANK YOU! Now, onto "The Joy of Bed Wetting."
  11. Pampertimmy

    Most Absorbent?

    For me Confidry 24/7 or Betterdry are the diapers I find most absorbent. The Rearz are also great for absorbency but I seem to be in between the M and L in terms of sizing. They just don't fit me right.
  12. Pampertimmy

    Really want to wet my diaper while I sleep

    Oh, it is possible to do. I have been bed wetting for years now. The best advice I can give is don't give up. When you wake up, wet. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. For me it took me almost two years to start waking up without remembering that I wet my diaper. This didn't happen every night but the more I stuck with it, the more mornings I woke up with a wet diaper and not knowing I had wet. After many years of trying I don't wake up dry, ever. Be careful though. While I love that I am now a real bed wetter, I also know that I now NEED diapers.
  13. Pampertimmy

    What do you use as a diaper bag?

    I use a Columbia diaper bag. I have it with me pretty much wherever I go.
  14. Pampertimmy

    Baby in an Adult's Body?

    I am certainly more a child than an adult. I am more comfortable being in diapers playing on the floor with toys than I am when I have to do adult things. Even doing adult recreational activities aren't much fun for me. I prefer childish activities. My tv is always on channels aimed at preschoolers/toddlers.
  15. I love love love my soother. Actually soothers. I have many through the my house. I have one in my mouth pretty much all the time when I am at home. If it was socially acceptable, I would have one in all the time wherever I go. It will just have to be at home though. It's just part of who I am.