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  1. I posted this on another forum, but I'll do it here, too... So, I'm thinking of living independently from my mom, which means she won't be providing me with diapers and supplies, which means I'll need to cut down their cost. And I thought I'd try using cloth diapers. I've used them before, but only at night and for a short while, the pocket-style ones. So I'm not really sure, whether I know everything I need to know. Can anyone give any advice? Anything — about wearing on daily basis, changing, washing and so on. Basically, any information is appreciated...
  2. Elenwen

    Mega diaper.

    Tried that with Abena M4 and it was no good. After a while it gets uncomfortable, so have to change early. I do use boosters for the night and for very long rides, though...
  3. Elenwen

    So glad for high quality adult diapers.

    Totally agree with you. These last three or four years have been much easier for me, too. Well, I did discover better diapers, like Abena and they also started selling higher capacity ones in my country, but still, those... things... I had when I was at school are totally incomparable with anything I can get even at my local pharmacy, not to mention diaper-specific online stores...
  4. That's a really nice idea! I might use it as well – I've been going around with my "main" bag (whether it's a backpack or a handbag) all the time and while it didn't raise suspicions, it did earn me some titles... The way you described, however... I'll definitely try it.
  5. Elenwen

    If you had a major leak....

    I used to (before I started using covers) have leaks when shopping or just out and about. I usually know immediately if I leak, because it mostly happens when a flooding occurs, which I can feel, so I check myself afterwards. Or I simply feel the leak itself. Wrapping some clothes around your waist is the best idea, but unfortunately it's not always available. For example, in summer, when it's rather hot... I often had to just take off tights, if I was wearing a skirt at that time. If not... Several times I waited somewhere, until the leak is not so noticeable. Once I leaked at the university, during a lecture, but I think no one noticed, because I stayed a bit after most people left and did my best to hide the evidence... In fact, no one ever said anything. There may have been some strange looks, but no more than that.
  6. Elenwen

    The Moment You Knew

    For me it was the discovery of an ABDL community. I've been in diapers long enough for them to become an everyday norm and routine, but then I accidentally found an article in the internet, looked things up and realised (or maybe decided) I like diapers as soon as I learned there was such thing as ABDL at all.
  7. Elenwen

    Quietest diaper for work

    I've been using Abena and Molicare (rarely) and they are both pretty quiet. Can't say, they don't make any noise at all, but I think it's only when you stand up...
  8. Elenwen

    Bad Potty Times

    You're probably right, although I don't have anyone to ask about the time just after the war, so I can't really check. Still, I am really lucky, 'cause my mom actually greatly supported me and helped a lot, instead of punishing and all that...
  9. Elenwen

    Bad Potty Times

    I'm really sorry for all those, who had to go through this... And so glad I was born way past those times. Can't help wondering, though, how my bladder problems, that started not so long after my own potty training would have been dealt with, if I lived back then?..
  10. Elenwen

    Bad Potty Times

    But that's all really awful! I don't believe anyone had to go through something like that!..
  11. Elenwen


    Abena and Molicare. Abena has more absorbency, Molicare has better fit. But both brands are pretty good.
  12. Elenwen

    Padded Bottoms

    Well, maybe so...
  13. Elenwen

    Padded Bottoms

    I don't look out for it, but I keep finding such people occasionally. Or maybe I'm just seeing things...
  14. Elenwen

    Diapers and braces

    Oh, these... I see...
  15. Elenwen

    Diapers and braces

    Not that I'm interested, but what do you mean, when you say "braces"?