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  1. blueyes

    Who changes you?

    Wondering who changes your diaper and how? I change myself during the day standing and leaning against the back of a door,but sometimes the wife changes me before bed laying down.
  2. blueyes

    Why do you wet?

    For me being 50/50 need/want its the freedom and security of being able to wet when ever i need/want to and ye love that feeling when they swell up sp after a couple wettings!
  3. blueyes

    To shave or not to shave.

    I was wondering who keeps ther diaper area shaved smooth and why? Im fully shaved down there but all started a long time back after a hernia operation.long before i wore diapers.
  4. blueyes

    Pets and your messy diaper

    Our male spoodle will sniff my wet diaper esp if its not covered!
  5. blueyes

    Wearing for work.

    Hi all does anyone know of people that have to wear diapers for there
  6. hi love to chat with you some times?

  7. Hi love to chat sometime?

  8. Wetting and diapers.