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  1. I don't have pics but I discovered it in the mid to late 70s. Was at the local pharmacy with my aunt. While she was at the counter I wandered around the store and I stumbled upon disposable briefs. They were single fold and 2 tape just like Pampers were. I don't remember the brand. Around the early 80s I was 13 or 14 at the time and I was in a Thrift Drug pharmacy and again I stumbled upon adult diapers. This time it was Dry Comfort. One size fits all and they had elastic leg gathers. Pink package with an older man and woman depicted on the front. Those were the first adult diapers I bought. My heart still races when I recall how scared I was at the time. And how elated I was after I got them out of the store.
  2. Go people watching. My goodness the diversity of ppl there will spin your head. Check out the local restaurants for local ethnic cuisine. Museums. The Pacific Ocean. The beaches. If you can afford it hire a local, personal tour guide, do it, you won't regret it. Check the local travel agencies for things to do. The possibilities are endless. But more importantly, be safe and have a great time.
  3. With all due respect I really don't give a hoot about Brexit. Go live in North Korea. I'm enjoying it also.
  4. I'm not gonna argue with u. As I stated....become a hard working, tax paying voting citizen of the USA then speak your piece.
  5. Admin delete if you need to. Wet Knight, I just looked at ur profile. U state ur from Great Britain. If this is true then stay the hell out of our business! Until ur a hard working, tax paying, voting citizen of the "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" ,then and only then u have the right to ur opinion. Unless you lied on ur profile...... Which should be looked upon by other members as being a deceptive ass and ur a lying individual who shouldn't be trusted. So what is it?
  6. I don't wear out often but when I do I'm pretty relaxed with it. It's not like anyone really notices and if they do they sure aren't going to draw attention to it. It's been awhile now but I really need a shopping trip with the wife. That's about the only time I wear out and she usually diapers me.
  7. I'm with rusty on this also. Frankly even posting it here creeps me out.
  8. Jeeze another one. Right on the money. No President Trump shouldn't be impeached. But he does need to bring back the draft. He also needs to open investigations on every elected official who goes to DC and becomes a millionaire. He also needs to reopen the investigation on Clinton email scandal and the Barack Hussein Obama administration. And just what the hell was Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch talking about while her plane sat on the tarmac. Golf, grand kids........yeah right? DNC employee Rich was killed in July of last year just after Clinton campaign goons emails were exposed by Wikileaks. Coincidence? Random robbery? You know there is more media outlets out there. Turn off the mainstream media that's making millions upon millions of dollars by bashing Trump and stand on your own two feet and think for yourself. We need to give Trump a chance. We did the same for Obama and look at all the good things he did for this country and it's hard working tax paying citizens. A few examples Wait for it..................
  9. Elfy this is exactly what I understood when I read the proposed bill. Age verification. From what I read and understood was that this proposal was going to hold site operators and vendors accountable for not enforcing age verification of their clientele, and in my opinion it's proper. I saw nothing that was infringing one's rights to what they view legally on the internet. It was all about protecting minors As I stated in a prior post on this exact subject that this is exactly what DD and it's Admins do for every new member that signs up. You vet them and that's exactly what the proposed bill was initiating. No offense but it seems you got your diapers in a wad over nothing. Breathe man, breathe.
  10. I think it only seems bigger because we are ABDL aware. Since we are always looking for different things for this kink we are always searching and being involved with communities like DD we get more access. 20 yrs ago it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Over the yrs I have seen the community expand but not in an explosive way. As with any kink, there will always be new ppl slowly trickling in.
  11. I got this exact trunk and I use it for this very reason. It sits at the foot of the bed. My wife bought it form Wayfair. Handy little piece of furniture.
  12. I'm with you rusty pins. It's just down right rude and ignorant to force ones fetish and exhibitions on the unsuspecting public. For God's sake ppl, have some class. Although I have a feeling this is a little far fetched to believe. After all this wouldn't be the first time I've read things like this on this site.
  13. Staining my deck and turning the garden. Don't really celebrate Easter, just the food part. Got a few ham hocks that I'm gonna throw on the grill and I picked and cleaned dandelion yesterday and made the hot bacon dressing to go over it. As far as sides well that's pot luck. Basically it's ham and dandelion.
  14. I don't get it either. I can understand not being able to stand change someone else's dirty diaper but gagging on your own smell perplexes me. If your odor is that foul then take a look at your diet. Certain foods make your poop smell stronger, especially cabbage products.
  15. I remember Pampers from the 70s and 80s being way thicker than they are today. Although they didn't fit me I could still feel the thickness to this day. I believe that is why I'm drawn to ABU diapers. They are very nostalgic to what I remember.