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  1. Lol my fellow member. At some point a majority here have experienced this very thing. It comes with it.
  2. Interesting read. What I got out of it is it seems that the affliction of Infantilism and DL is still really in its infancy. Psychiatrists, Psychologist, and Psychoanalyst really don't want to invest their time in such studies as they have come to the conclusion that there is really no way to treat/cure such patients. It's not depression or other mental disorders that can be controlled by prescribing drugs. Also infantilism and DL go hand in hand with being needy and greedy. As said in the article they are unwilling to give of themselves to the relationship with their significant other often causing much strain in the relationship and often the cause of the relationship ending. There is a balance there but most are unwilling to compromise. Again it states more men are affected than women. 20 to 1. Why? Guilt is also mentioned again. Why do ABDL feel guilty after pleasuring themselves? Do other fetishist have guilt ridden thoughts after indulgence? Again it mentions the association of infantile objects can be perceived by many as pedophilia behavior and as we all know the treating physician or therapist is bound by law to report behaviors that they in their "OWN OPINION" are detrimental and dangerous to the patient and society, the main reason why majority of ABDL don't seek help. Doctor patient confidentiality has been thrown out the window because of such laws and opinions. So basically it's the same old blah blah blah.
  3. Here's a thought. How about getting rid of threads and posts that are over a year old. I see no point in saving them as the original poster has long forgotten that they posted it and/or has already gotten the response they were looking for. Then a year later a new member responds to the post. It's not like a member can't repost the same topic. I know when I became a member here it was (and still is) very frustrating when I wanted to post a topic but didn't because it might had already been posted by another member but years before. And I sure didn't have the time to look back through so many posts. This could include surveys and polls too. Delete the surveys and polls that are over a year old then members can repost them and get responses from the newer members like me. I know for sure I'm not going to go through 10 to 15 years of posts nor do I have the time. I just don't see the point of keeping posts so long. But hey what do I know.
  4. I know I would never personally use this service, but this would be a great practical joke to play on someone, or if you don't like the individual send the diaper changing services to them with a nice AB diaper and wipes and announce they are there to change them. Would be worth the 55 dollars. Lmfao
  5. Lol!
  6. Scented candles my fellow member. Bath and Body Works sells the best. They have all kinds of scents including " Man candles ". My wife bought one of their candles called "Black Tie ". The fragrance was like an open bottle of Cologne. We Also purchased mahogany, teak, plus a variety of other scents that are more manly than the floral and fruity scents. Check them out, you won't be disappointed.
  7. diaper dimension

    HDIS. You can order sample packs of 24 diapers in medium and large of several different brands including Tena, Abena, Attends, Depends, and several other brands. No ABDL diapers though. I believe I only paid like 9.99 for the sample pack. I got both lg and med. wearingclouds.com will offer a wide variety of ABDL diapers. A little more pricey but worth it. That's how I got some of my first ABDL diapers. Anyway enjoy. It's an exhilarating rush.
  8. Yeah it's about time it was moved. I could never understand why this was where it was cuz essentially a vast majority of us here are essentially all adult diaper lovers. But why lifestyle, and not in the diaper lovers forum?
  9. Depends suck. Always did, always will!
  10. Check out ABU.
  11. Ok. The onsies are not too tight. As a matter of fact they're quite roomy yet. It happened this morning again this time with a Simple. I slept in the diaper and onsie all night. Woke up dry. Used the diaper and low and behold it leaked again. I'm convinced it has something to do with the elastic legs on the onsie. Plastic pants are a thought but I sweat way too much. On any given day my underwear crotch is damp. I think plastic pants would only make it worse. Thanks though.
  12. Sorry fellow member, but that's not gonna happen! Read my description of my body and I'm sure you'll see my reasoning. I tried this to no avail, but thanks for the input. Been there done that too, even after it was on and in a standing position. Thank you though. Again no pics. Read my description of myself...lol! Hell yeah!!
  13. To all diaper companies: Consistency, consistency, consistency. Tired of not knowing what ur gonna get from batch to batch. Oh yeah and a childish adult sized pull up would be great too. Not granny panty style either. They have to replicate Pull Ups or Easy Ups with padding all the length of the pull up.
  14. Well my Xmas wish was finally granted. My wonderful wife had bought me 3 onsies from ABU. Has anyone else purchased ABU? What are your thoughts? Here are mine and keep in mind this is based on my build. I am 5' 9", with a short trunk and a pot belly. I wear a 38 waste and a 29 inseam. Yeah I know, very attractive. Anyway my wife first ordered a 3XL. Well let me tell you that size must have been for the Jolly Green Giant because there was no way I was going to be able to wear it. The snap crotch hung to my knees. I didn't even have to try on to see. I was so excited about getting a onsie and my wife was just as excited to finally give me one but that was short lived. So seeing it wouldn't fit my lovely wife then went and ordered another one, this time an XL . When the box finally arrived I discovered to my surprise that she had ordered 2. Omg!! A blue one and the space penguins. So I tried one on without a diaper, and low and behold it was still too big but my wife noticed my observable arousal...oh yeah! So I took it off and remembering the care instructions I took them both to the washer and washed them in hot water and dried them with high heat. It worked! They really shrunk up, not as much as I needed but it was very noticeable. With much anticipation the evening finally arrived. My wife set out an SDK and my blue onsie. Now I've been diapered by my wife many times in the past, but this time.....OMFG! I was obviously very excited but when she snapped that onsie closed between my legs and against my diaper .....OMFG! I damn near exploded right then and there! Before I could only imagine what being diapered and snapped into a onsie would be like, but that night.....OMFG! Any way it's been a lot of fun and excitement since. So since this is my first experience with a onsie here are a few questions I have and any advice will be greatly appreciated. These onsies through ABU have elastic leg openings. Do all onsies have that type of leg openings? If not where can my wife purchase one through a reputable place? (No Amazon please). I have used my diaper for both wet mess while wearing my onsie and every time I managed to get the onsie wet or soiled. Is there a way to avoid this? Bear in mind that I have used SDKS, Little Paws, and Preschool diapers and still managed to get the onsie soiled even after adjusting the diaper so the leakguards were positioned properly. And I didn't even sit down if you know what I mean. I'm thinking it's because the elastic legs on the onsie. While it conceals the diaper I believe it forces the leg openings of the diaper in to the point where there isn't enough room for spreading of the mess or liquid to properly wick. Any thoughts? Since they are colored onsies I can't use bleach for washing. Those of you that have colored onsies and mess, how do you clean and sanitize them? Well that's all the questions for now and I look forward to hearing from others and they're experiences. Oh just a quick note. I have washed and dried these onsies several times already and each time they have shrunk a little more. They are at the point of being snug against my diapered butt and feel wonderful, and my wife and I are having, well......OMFG! It's been absolutely amazing! OMFG!