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  1. Bambino diaper used in Zero Puncuation

    I'm not a gamer, but those of u who are, do u wear when playing? I've read that some of the members do. Maybe that's why the diaper was placed in the ad. There's a word for it and I just can't think of it but it's a way an advertisement is designed to get your attention.
  2. What Is Your Favorite Diaper?

    Thank you, that answers my question. Thank you too.
  3. What Is Your Favorite Diaper?

    I'm curious about the new Bambino with the Velcro tabs and the stretch sides. By looking at the sizing and knowing I normally wear an XL would I get away with a large? I want to try them but afraid what I order whether LG or XL they would either be too small or too big. I know I could order a sample but for what I'd pay for a sample of each size I could order a 10 pack for the same amount. I guess I'm just being cheap but I work hard for my money and have no desire to waste it. So those of you that have purchased them, what about the sizing. We're you able to step down a size with the stretch sides? If you ordered your normal size, did you find them to be too big or tend to sag and needed more adjusting due to stretching out?
  4. Mekena44. From reading your post I honestly believe you are way way way over thinking this. It's really all about discretion. There are ppl on this site who are many years older than you with many more years wearing than you and are very discreet about it. As long as your not obviously advertising that your wearing a diaper no one is gonna notice, and if they do it's highly unlikely that they will even say something, especially customers. It's all about discretion. Discretion, discretion, discretion. Geez already.
  5. I have an interview for a new job Friday

    $9 an hr! Try doing the same ball busting job for $3.35 an hr. (minimum wage) That's what I was being paid in the early 80s when I first started working in restaurants, and I even did the dishes and kitchen clean up too. Anyway I hope things work out and you get the call.
  6. Three new diapers from Little for Big

    The cost is high because of lower production. They're probably only ordering the minimal amount which cost more for production. That would be my guess.
  7. Depend's Brand

    How do know if they are plastic backed, is it printed on the package? I haven't seen them on the shelves yet or maybe I did but the packaging looks the same, nothing about cloth or plastic. Did the package design change?
  8. Visiting doctor office in a diaper anyone?

    I don't think diapers are taboo or freak out about them. I could care less what others here do and I'm not trying to sway anyone's opinion but what I guess I'm trying to say is I consider my diaper kink a very private matter and I have no desire to expose to anyone. My wife is the only person who knows about it. What others choose to do is their business. What some of us are trying to say is if you wear when you go to your doctor, especially your regular doctor, expect your doctor to ask questios if they notice your unusual choice of underwear, especially if they have no knowledge of such medical condition that requires the use of protective undergarments. If you lie about having a medical condition expect to be asked questions, more out of concern than anything. If your honest and tell the doctor you prefer to wear such underwear than that should be end of the discussion......maybe?
  9. Yep waiting on the same phone. Can't wait. One thing that sets Samsung apart from the rest is the camera. Absolutely love the camera. I'm due for an update and that's what I'm getting.
  10. Visiting doctor office in a diaper anyone?

    Your right. You don't have to have a medical need for wearing diapers, but if you regularly visit the same doctor as I do, then surely you'll be questioned about wearing a diaper, especially since they didn't diagnose you and they're looking at your records...yeah they're gonna question it. If you lie and tell them you were diagnosed by another doctor or clinic, surely the other doctor or clinic would have recommended a follow up by your regular doctor, then why haven't you followed up? If your honest and tell your doctor you just like to wear diapers, you might be leaving with a bill and a referral for a psychiatrist...lol! And by the way, your doctor can find out as medical records can be accessed by any clinic, hospital, or doctor's offices. It's a nationwide thing that was put in place when they started storing records via computer.
  11. Visiting doctor office in a diaper anyone?

    I very seldom wear outside of my home, mostly for fear that anything can happen that could expose my DL. I surely wouldn't wear to the doctor for fear of getting undressed or just removing my shirt and I sure as hell don't wanna answer the question " what medically requires you to wear protection?" I don't wear to work because I work a safety sensitive job and any mishap would require a trip to the clinic for drug testing and sometimes they're observed. Just not a chance I'm willing to take.
  12. Pre Halloween Baby preparation scenarios.

    I'm with Elfy and Glennie on this one. I may be wrong but your post makes you sound like an exhibitionist. Just the fact that you would consider taking an oversized onsie to a seamstress and wear while she measures you sounds really freaking creepy. Then showing off your costume at Starbucks? Halloween night is one thing but all month long is another story.
  13. An Open Letter To My Internet Stalker.

    This is exactly the reason why I don't get overly involved in social media. Other than this site where I truly hope I'm anonymous I stay away from Facebook, Twitter and other sites. Years ago stalking was more of a visual thing. Being followed, someone sitting outside of your house or work and watching you from a distance. Letters being mailed, phone calls to your home. Now they can sit behind a keyboard and search your name and address, find your social media and pursue you in complete silence. Just too freaking creepy for me. Exactly what they prey on. Other than what's in my profile (public) and what I post(which I'm extremely vigilant)no one here knows diddly about my personal and family life and the first sign anyone is intruding in that life I'm out of here. How ppl trust the internet I'll never understand.
  14. An Open Letter To My Internet Stalker.

    I can't believe you let the situation go that long. After the first round of stupid, random, intrusive questions and request......well hit the freaking road. Your letter is way too nice in my opinion. If I were in your shoes.. Get lost you #@$%!&÷ weirdo. End of discussion. Then report it to admin.
  15. Why is sleeping in diapers so difficult?

    Wow, I thought u were kidding about your age.......lol! I have issues sleeping while I wear. It's not excitability it's more like I'm not used to it and I have no ambition to get used to it. As some have said it's the bulk between the legs and the feel of something out of the ordinary. What does help is getting a good drunk on and hopefully I'm not too inebriated to put the diaper on properly or not at all.