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  1. I almost never wear diapers outside of the house, and have never worn outside of town. Well, today I wanted to diaper up as this week I only have one day off (today), and me and my family went to an out of town Walmart (I like checking different Walmarts for clearance and different selections from time to time), then a KFC/Taco bell for lunch and then home, all the while battling some cleanse pills (I feel like it's an incomplete experience to just wet), but I won and got home before it hit me. It may be a while before I do it again, though it was nice not having to run to the bathroom as a distraction.
  2. tyrantblade3500

    Stomach pain again

    I never really figured out what happened last time, just suffered for 4 days and then it went away and now I'm experiencing the same thing again. For now I will go to sleep (or try to) and tomorrow I can see about getting a ride and seeing a doctor if it persists. Probably the worst thing is my Mom has basically suggested it's my own fault for eating too much, but I have even eaten for probably 5 or 6 hours before this pain started this time and last time it started early in the morning before I even ate anything, so that cant be true right? Idk what i ever did to be in this kind of pain and if I wasn't so strong and stubborn I would have curled up in a ball hours ago.
  3. Only if I take cleanse pills (kind of like a laxative of sorts, I take them from time to time (mostly as they make me have to poop or poop more than normal, which I like to do when I put a diaper on)), or have diarrhea. I've had bad gas before and people assume I have to poop, but it's usually a long time before I actually have to poop.
  4. tyrantblade3500

    Do others feel this way or is it just me?

    I have never tried my hand at dating, if I did I would be wary, but also I would be open to a Girlfriend who isn't one of us, as long as they would let me be myself and the relationship would work out.
  5. tyrantblade3500

    Think Before You Act!

    I find it ridiculous that anybody would defend public exposure to an unknown mass of people that are highly likely to already have a very bad image of the ABDL lifestyle (if they have any knowledge of such a thing at all, the limit of their exposure might have been "Cringe, look how sick this is" type of videos that rely on shock value to get viewership and hopefully get subscribers on youtube type thing)
  6. tyrantblade3500

    Screw that

    I've been on Vacation (at my Brothers place in Florida) for 10 days, and not having brought diapers along (because they would be hard to hide and inconvenient to deal with) I had pooped on 3 days and all 3 times it was too much for the toilets to flush and it would have been convenient just to have diapers to poop in so it didn't happen; but thankfully it didn't take too much to get the toilets back to working order. That seems to happen a lot with me.
  7. tyrantblade3500

    Diaper reviews

    Yeah, I would bet most people preaching Attends and Depends are being paid by those companies quite good. Not to mention a lot of people won't be exposed to diapers beyond what you would find at a major chain store (like Walmart, K-Mart, Target, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, CVS, etc), and in those stores most of what they carry is gonna be some degree of terrible (whether a product is borderline decent, or the worst Adult Diapers out there)
  8. tyrantblade3500

    Ever Faced Rebuttal From Groups?

    Churches can be very hit and miss, it just depends on the people in the church (the Preacher/Pastor, and "the flock"); the right people can make a church awesome. There were a couple churches I would go to occasionally (maybe once or twice a month) and i always liked the religious aspect (the music and environment of focusing on the positive things and trying to be a better person) as well as the social aspect (once they do a song or two they allow people to talk for a few minutes before resuming the sermon); and also my favorite church has a Pot-Luck dinner thing sometime where everyone brings a dish, they do a short religious sermon, maybe a song or two, and then let people socialize and eat. I feel like any group in general is the exact same though (whether it's a church or an independent non-religious group), there will be good people, and also some people that aren't so good (even if they claim to be religious and act like they care; but you know they dont; just absolutely huge hypocrites); and the right people will accept that there isn't really a singular "normal" (implying that people are exact copies of each other and all like and hate the same things as each other) and celebrate the things that make people unique and define who that person is (whether it's their unique identity, hobbies, and general interests). It sucks but some churchgoing people and therefore churches are way too quick to shun something as "evil", or "of the devil" or something stupid like that.
  9. tyrantblade3500

    Put diaper on, need to do #2

    I feel the same, without getting a diaper thoroughly wet it feels like a waste, but I also dont like to just wet either; really doing both feels like a complete experience.
  10. tyrantblade3500

    Anybody collect Trading Cards?

    I just got the Secret Rare from the Tournament Of Power (limited print I heard) set, its rarity is 1/288 packs and already worth $150 on eBay, needless to say though, it's my first pull of this kind of rarity and now I need 4 cards to complete the set and it feels so good to get this lucky.
  11. tyrantblade3500

    Anybody collect Trading Cards?

    I used to collect Yu-Gi-Oh cards when it was new on the scene in the United States (around the time of the first series of the Anime); but Konami got greedy and started re-releasing all the rare/expensive cards from every set, so I've been out of that for a while and will never get back into that. I do currently collect Dragon Ball Super TCG Cards, made by Bandai, it has a pretty big base of Collectors and Players, I have yet to get around to actually playing it though, with a focus on trying to get 1 copy of everything (they have done 4 sets and are doing 2 or 3 more just this year), and I have almost all the cards released from the booster sets so far. For anybody serious about DBZ/DBS, the latest set has 4 cards (Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, and Beerus) with Voice actor signatures, but it's also supposed to be limited print, so I will have to get the rarest cards of the latest set sooner rather than later.
  12. tyrantblade3500

    OK so how is everybody coping in the heat

    We put up fans in a bunch of spots at my house and got the air circulating and it got a lot more comfortable; the dogs always seem to have it a lot worse (we have 2 dogs and my dog was very hot/uncomfortable), but the weather has been a little more comfy the last few days in my neck of the woods.
  13. tyrantblade3500

    When Was The Last Time You Pooped Your Diaper

    I've made a mess in my Diapers twice this long weekend and I'm currently enjoying a Little Pawz with a load in it watching AHKJ (All Hail King Julien, a Madagascar web series) on Netflix.
  14. tyrantblade3500

    xpmedical was sold back in 2017.

    Guys, no need to fight over whether you care if your neighbor finds out you like diapers or not. I wouldn't want "random" people to know because I wouldn't want it to somehow get around to my actual family (i have a big family and there could be a lot of family members that I never met and some people, family or not, like to gossip and share peoples secrets all the time) as I'm very private about my wearing and using, and its awkward talking about it to people that are Vanilla and Unopen to "weird" differences. But I have made mistakes and been busted before and my mom asks me about it a lot, considering I don't try to wear around her (but there have been times that I wore under several layers of clothes, and she will show up, do something, and leave), and it can be awkward; yes I'm still living at home (probably really odd since I'm 27, but I'm not freeloading and I pay a lot of the bills), but it would have been nice if she were just blissfully ignorant (not knowing) about it. And I have tried explaining the "Comfort" I feel with them, but she still doesn't get it. Point is you can choose to care or not and shouldn't get angry is somebody does the opposite, even if that might sound hypocritical of them.
  15. tyrantblade3500

    Just have to love Google translate

    "Nocturnal Puppetry"? That is a funny phrase I dont think I will ever hear in a conversation.