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  1. Do parents never change their ways?

    Well to put it simply I would be fine with a "don't ask don't tell" kind of thing as that's basically already how it is to me I know she means well and we help each other out financially I also know she may never understand this ABDL lifestyle - Well for me it's less of a lifestyle and more of a convenience that happens to feel good and relieve stress; she should know I've handled my stress a lot worse in the past with self harm and on a couple occasions drinking to the point of blacking out (though at home so I couldn't somehow get in trouble because of it it)
  2. Do parents never change their ways?

    Yes maybe that's it because I know she can be very stubborn.
  3. I have never moved out of home (though i do pay at least the amount of money im asked to towards the bills; sometimes even a couple hundred more) and for a long time my mom has always hated that I like diapers I have never brought up that I like diapers or made it obvious; going to various lengths to hide it as long as I could My room looks like a normal room, I have the diapers hidden, I don't ask for her to give me money for diapers or to buy them; or ask her to baby me But one day she found out and ever since then has expressed her hatred of it and tried to get me to stop (through shame) For a while I thought we were at the stage where I did my thing privately and she didn't say anything, but last time I was wearing and she was around (not intentional, most weekends she is at her boyfriends place in another city so it will be me and my (24 year old) younger brother) she said she doesn't know why I have to use diapers (in a tone that sounds like she is disappointed). I don't know when I will move away from home as I have a good thing going here (the money I need to pay towards bills is a fraction of what living in an apartment would cost and I'm not being asked to give up diapers) and living on my own away from home would costs way too much money. I'm just wondering why the need to question why I use diapers when I hold down a full time job and pay as much or (up to hundreds) more out in bills than I'm asked to, and I'm not asking for anything like money or participation; and will it always be like this? I know I have it good and I'm not complaining, I'm just wondering if this is a stance parents normally have and if it stays this way.
  4. Holding it in

    I always hold it in until I can poop in a diaper; the only exception being if I have diarrhea as I don't like loose poop in my diaper and I really can't wait then.
  5. Are you progressing as a DL?

    I have progressed as far as I am going to in my current situation since I get plenty of time to use on my weekends and I don't have any desire to wear and use diapers more often. Now if I was living with a Mommy and not single I definitely would be using diapers more often, but I'm content as is for now.
  6. Wetting until your diaper sags

    I usually double diaper or use boosters to up the absorption capacity of already good diapers (like an Abena M4 or lately ABU Little Pawz) so that the diaper gets really thick, wet, and heavy and I also love to poop because it doesn't feel like a complete experience otherwise, so it will truly be a full diaper in both senses of the word.
  7. Interesting Topic About Diapers And Balancing Life

    Enjoying diapers really makes my weekend since I don't regularly hang out with friends, but if one of my friends wanted to hang I would do that and just wear/use on my more boring weekend days with no plans.
  8. Black out.?

    I hope all turns out well and resolves quickly. Blacking out isn't fun when you honestly don't know why/how it could have happened.
  9. 2018 is a landmark occasion for Daily Diapers

    Whenever 18 year olds start working at the company I work at it (probably going to another company after i get in a Vacation in June) always makes me feel old; even though I am 26; nearly 27 (in March) which isn't actually old. But at least this community is made up of people of many ages, so I don't feel old here, but if there is a huge influx of 18 years olds that may change that.
  10. Rearz trademarking AB/DL

    I wouldn't condemn them as a whole company over their blunder of trying to trademark the term ABDL. If you like and buy their products it would be pretty stupid (IMO) not to support them anymore just over 1 bad decision; but again everybody has a right to their own opinion and if anybody does decide to not support them, that's your right.
  11. Doubling up

    I usually use the pullup style Goodnites or the insert style ones (basically the same thing as a booster that different diaper companies make, but designed to be put into their "Tru-fit" underwear so its less like wearing a diaper to those that use them) because I found enough of them on sale at a very cheap price making them a really good substitute for boosters They costs me around at most .25 each and absorb quite a bit, so it's like paying for smaller sized baby diapers but with a much bigger absorbing capacity. You guys may be able to find them for a similar price at your local Wal-Mart or Rite-Aid (Wal-Mart had 40 packs of the pullup style for $10 Rite-Aid had the insert style for like $3 for 12). Another idea could be the store brand versions of Goodnites as they should offer similar absorbing capacity but costs quite a bit less at retail.
  12. ABU ending free shipping

    Their products weren't so good back then compared to now either; I have tried an earlier version of SDKs before the current owners improved their lineup and they are nowhere near as great as their products are now. They are definitely worth the increased price and the shipping charges won't stop most of us from still buying from them.
  13. ABU ending free shipping

    Sucks but I'm more of a "Weekend Warrior" the majority of my time to enjoy diapers is on the weekend; so I can buy 60 diapers and probably enjoy them for almost the whole year, so extra costs in shipping won't hurt too much.
  14. Advice for stomach pain?

    Im pretty sure its some sort of stomach bug that needs to run its course as im feeling a lot better now; its only 1/2 as bad as yesterday and maybe 10% what it was when it started at 1 AM a few days ago . The only thing i did today which i think helped (or maybe its coincidence) was pooped and took a good long shower and all that good stuff to make me feel super squeaky clean.
  15. Advice for stomach pain?

    Well it has eased up a lot and i can function pretty well, its just a constant medium amount of pain and its worse when pressed on