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    xpmedical was sold back in 2017.

    Guys, no need to fight over whether you care if your neighbor finds out you like diapers or not. I wouldn't want "random" people to know because I wouldn't want it to somehow get around to my actual family (i have a big family and there could be a lot of family members that I never met and some people, family or not, like to gossip and share peoples secrets all the time) as I'm very private about my wearing and using, and its awkward talking about it to people that are Vanilla and Unopen to "weird" differences. But I have made mistakes and been busted before and my mom asks me about it a lot, considering I don't try to wear around her (but there have been times that I wore under several layers of clothes, and she will show up, do something, and leave), and it can be awkward; yes I'm still living at home (probably really odd since I'm 27, but I'm not freeloading and I pay a lot of the bills), but it would have been nice if she were just blissfully ignorant (not knowing) about it. And I have tried explaining the "Comfort" I feel with them, but she still doesn't get it. Point is you can choose to care or not and shouldn't get angry is somebody does the opposite, even if that might sound hypocritical of them.
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    Just have to love Google translate

    "Nocturnal Puppetry"? That is a funny phrase I dont think I will ever hear in a conversation.
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    Marijuana and your diapers?

    I smoke sometimes (never tobacco though), but have never mixed it with Diapers, I think it's pretty stupid that it's illegal in most states as it really should be nobodies business so long as you are responsible on the clock (nothing that would compromise your ability to work), it really isn't their business what you do off the clock. I find it makes me a lot more relaxed and less stressed about everything, I mean it's just so amazing.
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    Running out of nappy storage space

    I have a "Work Box" (they are used in the back of PickUp Trucks with an Open Bed and both sides lock) as a lockable storage unit in my room that I put my diapers in, it can probably fit 2 whole cases of diapers, maybe 2.5 cases at most and if I ever order too many diapers or I want to order more (for variety sake) I will sell some.
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    PC games

    Very cool idea, I never got huge into PC gaming, only playing a few games on PC (mostly MapleStory, which can only hold my interest for so long before i go on yet another Hiatus from it), I'm mostly a PS4 gamer so i haven't even touched my PC in a while .
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    My dog is missing

    Yeah, I was very worried from when I knew she was gone to finding the Dog Warden had her the following day, I'm so happy to have her back
  7. tyrantblade3500

    My dog is missing

    Update: we got her back, I'm so relieved. Apparently the depths of my younger brothers irresponsibility knows no bounds, he had to leave to my cousins place in such a hurry neither of them brought my dog back in the house. Now I worry that hopefully the dog warden has her and not somebody that took her because she is a beautiful dog, and if it's the dog warden we can get her back tomorrow, if not idk if I will be able to get her back. I'm gonna try going to sleep because I've got work tomorrow, but this is gonna weigh heavily on me until I know my dog is back home safe.
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    Diapers at last

    I've been through brief periods without any diapers, and even a short break sucks, Diapers are just more comfortable and for the most part less of a hassle (as long as you clean up good anyways)
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    Most Absorbent?

    I have tried most of the range on XPMedical, the best being Seni Quatros, followed by Dry 24/7s, and then Abena Level 4, and then Molicare Super Plus. But that was probably 3 or 4 years ago and all but the Dry 24/7s seem to be in declining quality. I have also tried ABU SDKs (1st version), wasnt that good; the "improved" ABU Diapers are so much better (like Night and Day). I really like Little Pawz and the Tykables Overnights, ABU BareBums are good too, but less absorbent that a lot of "premium" and ABDL options. I also usually use Goodnites (New or Old style) as Boosters, which helps as far as function goes and feels better than without. I haven't tried the PeekABU yet, but want to (won't order for a while though)
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    I'm feeling really depressed at work lately

    I was a line supervisor for about a week, I only had to take the position to cover the regular line supervisor while he was dealing with a family emergency. I actually get along with basically everybody too, the only one that ever really complains about me is the one coworker because of whistling. And I have plans to go to another factory soon after I take a week off for a vacation; once I start that new job at a new factory I won't have vacation time for quite a while. I really didn't even hate the job that much, up until this minimum wage increase thing started happening in New York State which has the company not giving out raises anymore.
  11. Warning, long rant ahead Long story short I have this habit of whistling at work, and there is this coworker that is pretty much always at the department I like to work in (he is disabled and can only do certain jobs because he has to be able to sit, and a lot of the jobs require standing up and having a normal amount of mobility); he likes to complain so much about the whistling that everyone gets mad at him for complaining way more than they care about me whistling. But apparently this guy has pull with the supervisors and HR, because if he goes to them, I get talked to about it, warned, and potentially written up. They even issued a warning that whistling has apparently became a fire-able offense. Well, that was a long time ago, so I had to be annoying (to the one guy) and whistle (it's how I deal with an overly stressful job that pays NYS minimum wage), and the guy complained again, so they put me in another department they knew I hate as a means to to punish me, and I'm stuck in this situation until further notice. I guess they determined that cant really fire me and it's better to keep me around and have me do the worst jobs that nobody wants to do. I don't get how one person who isn't line leader or supervisor has so much pull they can have me kicked off one production line, and I hate it because now I'm on production lines that are slower and make the day feel like it's a lot longer. I guess I'm mistaken for thinking work should be about doing your best to make numbers so the company can make money and you keep making a paycheck; but it seems im wrong in this regard as the company is more akin to Kindergarten (without the naptime), or a middle school drama club (he said, she said, I heard, etc etc); there is so much complaining at this factory as a whole, usually about petty problems. I guess its rule by majority at this company and when people basically join into a mob against you there is nothing you can do about it. For an example I've had multiple people complain about my music back when we used to be able to listen to our music through a phone/mp3 player/speaker - we just couldn't use earbuds/headphones They said I was raising the volume just to be obnoxious and make people mad; mind you you cant listen to every song at the same volume, some will be a lot more quiet, others will be a lot louder. I wasnt playing offensive music, and other people had the same right I did; but it's easier to complain up a storm than to buy and use a cheap speaker I guess. Needless to say people keep complaining about other people's music and now employees cant decide what music they want to listen to, we are stuck with what the office puts on and the company has a pretty crappy stereo system you cant hear at all in much of the factory and if left on one radio station eventually your hear enough songs repeated that it gets old and boring (theres a few Beatles and Ozzy Osbourne songs that get played a lot more than other songs if it's on a certain classic rock station). More and more between most employees getting rolled back to minimum wage (since minimum wage keeps going up) and everything getting worse because people have to ruin a good thing by complaining the worse things get at this company, that's why after I get my 1 week vacation done with I'm going to another factory. I will have to start as a temp and theres a little risk there, but after a couple months I can start making a lot more than I do now and even though the company has had a few layoffs, they have all been temporary and lasted 2 or 3 weeks tops and then they brought back the people that got laid off, they have even asked people if they want the layoff and for how long, and the extra pay plus overtime hours can result in checks probably 3x what I get regularly now. Its make it or break it and I will always barely scrape by at the company I work for now.
  12. The talk about why I wear diapers that is. Let me start by saying I didn't ever plan on this side of me becoming known by my family, but I got busted in the past in several ways and sometimes my mom asks me if I'm wearing a diaper or why I wear diapers. I know explaining it can be lead to bad things But "the cat is out of the bag" as they say; by which I mean my mom knows I wear and use diapers (I've never explained why) and I'm living at home and probably will keep living at home for a while. And a half case of diapers was delivered this morning (I ordered two half cases, one of them being Tykables Overnights, and you cant predict when Tykables will actually be in stock, or ship your order; it took close to 2 weeks from order to shipment and it shipped too late last week so I knew it was gonna get delivered today) So I may get asked again why I wear diapers (she has asked me a few times in the past, but I stay in awkward silence as I don't really know the perfect words to say or how the conversation will go). If I get asked I plan to simplify it and say it's a way to relieve stress (its half of the truth, I'm not even gonna attempt explaining how it can be a sexual thing for me too as that would be the worst thing to try to explain in this situation)
  13. I got a bone graft done on Thursday because I need to get dental implants to complete my smile (before that I had braces for over 2 years), the procedure wasn't that bad except for when they were working on the bone (they cant numb bone so it was a little rough during part of it), but I made it through. Even after I was done I was still numb in the mouth for a long time, so that was awkward (got done a little after 11, was still almost completely numb until almost 10pm as they gave me a shot after they were done). Now I'm feeling alright except that my mouth feels weird where I got cut up and stitched back together and its painful to the touch, but hopefully the surface is healed in a few more days (or less).
  14. Probably a weird question, but sometimes I have really smelly farts and I think even when I poop it doesn't smell that bad (not that I would ask anybody in real life to give me their perspective) Maybe it's just my perception though.
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    I got called the N-Word

    So apparently this guy thinks it's cool to just post "Stupid N-Word" to random people (maybe that is his version of fun and he is postingit to a lot of random people?) On an online community sales service. Literally that's all the guy posted and all I'm trying to do is sell a couple video games. For the 1st time in my life I'm incredibly offended and I'm not even black nor does my poster name on the service indicate that I could be even part black. I feel like I'm suffering from stupidity overload.
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    So there is a kickstarter (goal met and way exceeded) for an alternative to Pajamas and Diapers for kids to wear at night time and its supposed to help them train to get out of needing diapers for night time faster while being cheaper for parents. Basically it's like Pajamas that are made with an absorbent material that appears to be similar to cloth diapers (or maybe the same thing) and is re-useable and can be washed and dried like a normal pair of pajamas. I'm not quite sure if its gonna be quite what they are saying it is gonna be or how effective it will be at actually speeding up night time training since it seems like its probably just a timing (they grow out of it) thing for many kids.
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    I keep thinking about having the talk

    Well I just cant see how explaining it in simplest terms (not lying just not saying 100% because while it can be a sexual thing for me that does not need to be something I say anything about and so I will not bring that up); and saying it's to relieve stress can make anything worse. I'm gonna still be living at home for a while, my mom has known that I'm "into" diapers (for whatever reason) and have been for a long time; and I pay a set (by my mom not me, sometimes I even go above and beyond if it is necessary or for a special occasion like her birthday or XMAS) amount of money towards the bills. And I'm not gonna get kicked out. If I do explain the stress relieving aspect I'm hoping it will not need to keep being brought up and then it won't be so awkward (not like I'm gonna openly talk about it, or wear my diapers around her or anything different from how it already is; and I have never asked for money or participation)
  18. tyrantblade3500

    I keep thinking about having the talk

    Well Rusty if that had a chance of working I would use it, but my mom knows I've been "into" diapers for a long time (I've been "busted" indirectly a bunch of times between being a Teenager and the last couple years); and I've never been in college. Interestingly I didn't get asked anything about the half case that arrived yesterday, but she may me about if I'm wearing a diaper or why I like them in the future.
  19. tyrantblade3500

    I keep thinking about having the talk

    Hence why I said I would just say the more innocent sounding half (that it's for relieving stress) so I'm not lying while also not bringing the weird part about it into the conversation.
  20. tyrantblade3500

    Do you REALLY Want to become Diaper dependent?

    I have never even thought of wanting to physically need diapers because of the cons. Mostly the aspects of costs, carrying around extra supplies, and that it would go from something very special to something too much like a chore. If I had a mommy to diaper me I would probably do it more often, but still would prefer to have control.
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    xpmedical was sold back in 2017.

    Yeah that would be very funny to see. I think that exact thing happened around Xmas when we were waiting for a big box of electronics ($500-$600 value) my brother sent us; I mean that or it went to the wrong address or never actually got delivered (regardless he sent it insured so he got the money back and it will probably become our vacation fund) Regardless it's nice to know the company you order from has good customer support and will replace what you bought if something like that happens. Sucks to hear how XP medical is now, as I have ordered from them a few times in the past (before 2017) and they were pretty great.
  22. tyrantblade3500

    ABU Space Diaper

    I have tried Little Pawz and absolutely love those, they are the same as Space and Simple, I just love how Little Pawz looks much more.
  23. tyrantblade3500

    Do you time your orders?

    Anybody order diapers or ABDL items in an effort to be able to sneakily get them into the house and avoid any potential awkwardness/problems that may otherwise happen? I know there is not a need for any of us that live on our own or with people that don't discourage our ABDL side. But I'm wondering how many of us are in situations where it timing our orders is necessary, or even preferred. I'm lucky enough that I don't have to time my orders, but it's a whole lot less awkward to be able to sneak them into the house. This is pretty easy with ABUniverse and how they say if the item you want to order is in stock and at what warehouse; but Tykables unfortunately only ever seems to say expected month of shipping.
  24. tyrantblade3500

    How Far Is Too Far?

    That the thing with being a Gamer and loving technology; once a Gamer, always a Gamer (unless you are one of those people that think Games should only be played up until a certain age; such people would also say Diapers are only for Babies and the Elderly).
  25. tyrantblade3500

    How Far Is Too Far?

    Well I wouldnt mix the two, just saying I wouldn't want to always go 100% baby, I would enjoy it more if I went 100% baby at times and went to just wearing and enjoying diapers (and little else) at other times while enjoying my technology.