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  1. Galaxie 66

    What interest ?

    I think sometimes even if we didn't particularly enjoy our childhood or even our parents ,that if we look hard enough we can find some good . My parents and I were never really close ,lm the polar opposite of everything they believed in and chose a tottaly different parenting style but to look for some of the good things they imparted to me helps reconcile the past.
  2. Galaxie 66

    Crinklzs on sale at Northhore

    I will Northshoreadam . I really love the supreme briefs , it was that or the crinklzs . Have you guys thought about adding printed plastic pants to your inventory ? I really love your service and your the only ones I really like to deal with.
  3. Galaxie 66

    Crinklzs on sale at Northhore

    So at 15 percent of the 2 new crinklz designs I decided to order a case of the astronaut diapers . My usual go to diapers are the Supremes but the wife says she would rather see me in a diaper with fun prints. I hope I won't be disappointed . How do others feel about crinklzs?
  4. Galaxie 66

    Wisdom Teeth

    My daughter's dentist told her she needed her wisdom teeth removed . The bad thing isWe don't have any dental insurance can someone tell me what the going price is on one of these procedures.
  5. Galaxie 66

    vintage attends let down

    It's to bad they don't make em like they used to and you could still buy them in any store . Those were the days.
  6. Galaxie 66

    Sunrise Coffee

    I would almost rather get beatup than have to work on a transmission Dropping a pan ain't to bad if you have a large enough drain pan but pulling one out and reinstalling is a bitch.
  7. Galaxie 66

    Diapers at last

    I know that feeling , there have been times in my life when I went through long periods of time without wearing any diapers and then when I was finally able to wear again it was like having a little slice of heaven hugging my mid section .
  8. Galaxie 66

    What interest ?

    Penry , there is always that one special person that influences us . Your grandpa sounds like he was a great role model , I never got to be around my grand parents much we always lived to far away so visits where very seldom. Sometimes I wish I would have been pushed a little harder in school I never was much for academics so I never did much after HS but go to work . However it was through my work that I met my wife and she has made my life complete.
  9. Galaxie 66

    What interest ?

    I really love learning new things and fixing stuff . Whenever possible I like to to research on the net the symptoms of my cars , appliances or any other mechanical device might be having and then trying to fix it myself. Most of the time I find I can fix em and save alot of money. It's kind of like solving a rittle.
  10. Galaxie 66

    Hi all

    Good to meet you on here James ,I as well am trying to make the attempt of being a little more active sometimes you just have to make yourself speak up.
  11. Galaxie 66

    Handmade ABDreams Themed Highchair

    That's some excellent craftsmanship .
  12. Galaxie 66

    What interest ?

    That's cool Txdiaperd , so many of our younger generations know nothing about hard work . I bailed hay once when I was 12 ,the bails where a little wet and had to weigh as much as me . God that was some of the hardest work I ever can remember, my whole body ached the next day, fingers and all but I went to work the next day ,they kept me mostly in the loft that day it was a little easyer but I didn't want to give up however by the next day we where through and my hay bailing days where over . I stuck to mowing grass after that .
  13. Galaxie 66

    Going out wearing only diapers tomorrow

    I usually wear wrangler cowboy cut but as hard as it is for me to make changes I'm considering buying some relaxed fitting jeans next time I go shopping. Maybe they will be a bit more comfy with the, middle aged, spare tire I carry around my waist.
  14. Galaxie 66

    What interest ?

    So I was just thinking today about my father and the directional interest he instilled in me and thought it might make a good topic. As a little boy my father would ask me to help him work on the car , all I would really do is watch him and hand him tools but as a very young child it felt good to get a little greasy with my dad and feel I had a part in fixing the car. Flash forward many years ! I seldom have to get any automotive work done that I can't fix myself and cars ,Jeep's , motorcycles or anything with an engine drives my passion and hobby . So the big question is what interest did your mother or father impart to you that has changed your life or directed the path you took?
  15. Galaxie 66

    Thanks to all of you .

    I only wish I would have tried to be active earlyer on . Sometimes I find myself reluctant to bring up topics or make posts that have already been brought up.I have been an active visitor since nearly the time of this sites birth so I have seen and read many post. Many people I know are new here and would encourage them to be a part.