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  1. Galaxie 66

    Self Cleaning from Poopy Diapers

    I hate pooping in my diapers , I tried it once and like others was scolded by my adult self during cleanup it did feel very babyish and naughty , that part I loved but the smell and cleanup was a whole lot more work than changing and cleaning up a real baby .
  2. Diaperchucky ,I know exactly how you feel and feel it's a pretty common tie that binds us all .
  3. Galaxie 66

    My Diaper Is So Thick.........

    My diaper is so thick they call me the human snowball .
  4. Galaxie 66

    What do you do for an income?

    I work for the state government , can't and wouldn't wear diapers to work .
  5. Galaxie 66

    My diaper experience

    I can't remember when I developed my interest, it seems like it had been with me my whole life . When I was a child my parents favorite punishment was wiping us with a belt and after I would get my licks it seemed like everytime I would sooth myself by thinking of wearing diapers again . I used to love watching babies getting thair diapers changed and wishing it was me laying thair getting all that attention , being cleaned up , powder and having those wonderfully soft , cozy white diapers being pulled up between my legs ,while being cooed at and spoken to in baby talk . I never really acted on my feeling and bought any diapers until I was in my twenties. This site as well as dpf were the first I ever discovered ,they have really helped me come to grips with accepting and living with this side of myself , knowing that I'm not the only one who enjoys time wearing diapers . I have been married now for 25 years , it wasn't until about 10 yrs into our relationship that I revealed my love of diapers and little side to my wife , it was a little hard for her to accept at first but in the last two years she has really opened up to it , partially to the fact that our children are now grown and out of the house and we are now empty nester's. Happiness is wearing and wetting good diapers .
  6. Galaxie 66

    What interest ?

    Seize the day , we are not promised tomorrow.
  7. Galaxie 66

    wearing around my wife

    My wife has really came around to me wearing diapers , I don't do it all the time but when the need is felt I can just tape one on ,she will even diaper me but won't do any changes out of a wet diaper. Maybe one day but I won't push it . We are really still in the beginning stages but so far so good ,just taking things slow and easy . The last time I need to buy more diapers and she found out that you could buy them with prints , that's what we had to order . No more plain white diapers for her man baby !
  8. Galaxie 66

    What interest ?

    Love it Cute kitten
  9. Galaxie 66

    My mother's vist

    Wow Betty Pooh, that's a mouth full and really kind of on the lines that I was thinking . I really do love my mom just don't like her all the time and that's the thing that I really want to change . My wife and I are planning to try to talk with her and get some of the things that bother us out in the open but then to give her the opportunity to talk also . There are things that I cannot change about myself and will not change and I know the way she believes gives her comfort and security . When my father died I built a room on to my house special for her with her favorite colors and we even Incorporated a crystal chandaleir I restored that she really loved that belonged to her mother. We usually only have her for about 3 months out of the year and I just want things to go smoothly she tells my sister she feel unwelcome hear at times and I really don't want her to feel that way . It's strange my mother and father in-law live right next door and I have a better repoure with them than I had or have with my own parents . Sometimes I just think that after my son was killed I had to become a harder person just to survive it was either that or wiskey ,drugs or suicide and those weren't an option as we still had our daughter to raise . I always said that ( life is a symphony of chaos and we are our own conductor's )
  10. Galaxie 66

    My mother's vist

    I really don't have that much of a problem putting the diapers away she dont know about them and that's how that should be. She just has a way of making me feel like I'm not as good as my 2 sisters because I can't make myself believe in the same things they do . We have never been a close family .
  11. Galaxie 66

    My mother's vist

    I'm really not looking forward to my mothers visit this fall . She will be staying with the wife and for about three months , I know I shouldn't feel this way but I can't help it. I'm an atheist and she's a hardcore Penticostal, that's how I was raised ,she is all consumed with religion and can't stand anything that goes against what she believes and is always digging at my beliefs with hers . I love my mom but just can't stand her very long and then to I can't be my diapers self when I want to be . I have no problems with what she believes in but there just seems to be no middle ground with her , she's easily offended by things that don't don't fit her lifestyle , I know she loves me but can't accept what I am , I feel so unaccepted and fround upon . It really makes me feel bad . My mother lives with my sister and usually will spend a few months with us, she's a sweet old woman, nearly blind and can't live by herself she used to be much more independent but my sister has coddled and catered to her to much and shes now like a child in some ways. I'm sorry for the vent , maybe somebody can relate and give me some advice because I really don't have much patience with her .
  12. Galaxie 66

    What interest ?

    Love my black coffee , never studied string theory , I learn better by doing things hands on and really like to research things that peak my interest on the net ,more especially while diapered when possible.
  13. Get you some crinklzs they are awesome and have very tall leak guards. Best of all they are reasonably priced and you can also get them in plain white if you like ( better dry ) they really aren't loud at all, pretty quite really, they hold alot if you don't flood , they will swell some as they get used but aren't to noticable. I myself find them very comfortable . I purchased a case while they were on sale and will order another when needed , another very good option are the Northshore Supremes they are another one of my favorites , you really can't go wrong with either one .
  14. Galaxie 66

    What interest ?

    Dubious , I'm the same way but I love it , I'm currently building a trail Jeep and have plans of taking it out very soon , I'm hoping it will preform the way I want it to other wise it will be ( Just empty every pocket ) There's alot of satisfaction to be had from being self reliant , plus alot of money to be saved .
  15. Galaxie 66

    A Poll For Married D Ls

    My wife and I have been together 25 years. I told her about my love of diapers about 15 years ago she is just now is coming to the point where she likes to play along with me and at times will tease me and encourage me to put on a diaper . The progress has been slow but I really love her and slow progress is better than no progress.