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  1. Panty Thief Punishment

    Good story, please keep going
  2. What is your favorite adult diaper?

    Rearz Lil Squirts. SO thick when wet
  3. Thoughts / Advice on something please

    Does your partner know that her mother is doing this? (leaving nappies out for you) and sending you phone messages regarding you putting a nappy on?
  4. For Your Love

    A short chapter just to get back into the swing of things, more to come later Whether I had gotten used to the extra padding around my nether regions or whether I was too concerned that somebody in the shop would notice if I moved unusually slowly, I quickly found the aisle that I needed in order to purchase the baby bits on the list that Karen had given me. I did nt hang about, I picked up two baby bottles, one which had a red surround and another which had a crudely drawn image of a bumble bee. Close by were the pacifiers, Karen had asked me to choose the design that I preferred but I just grabbed the first one that came to hand and now the last thing I needed was the baby wipes, I looked up and down the aisle I was in, they were nt there, so I now found myself wandering through the shop wearing a babies nappy and holding two bottles and a pacifier, The wipes were two aisles away, close to the toilet tissues, happy that I had found the last thing on my list I grabbed a packet and headed for the till. When I got to the front of the store there was just the one cashier working which meant a large queue had occurred, I joined the back, still conscious that I was dressed in a nappy but happy that my ordeal would soon be over, As people joined the queue behind me, I could hear a young womans voice talking to her toddler daughter "No Candice, you can’t have any more chocolate, please behave", the daughter seemed to have a lot to say for herself moaning to her Mum that she wanted some smarties. I zoned out, I had reached the front of the queue and stepped forward to place my purchases on the till so the shop assistant could scan them. In my haste to get out of the shop I fumbled the objects in my hand and both bottles fell to the floor and bounced noisily on the hard ground. The red one had nt gone too far but had slipped under the raised counter in front of me. This meant I had to bend down and try reach the bottle to retrieve it, as I was in the crouching position I heard the little girls voice again loudly asking her Mother "Why has that man got diaper pants on?" My shirt must have ridden up as I was bending and now the top of my disposable nappy was on show to the whole shop queue. I grabbed the bottle and quickly stood up pulling down my top as I did, " I'm so sorry" said the woman behind and as I turned to face her she handed me the other bottle I had dropped, "my Candice is very observant but has little understanding of tact", feeling my face go red I mumbled a thank you and took the bottle from her hands, Turning back to the cashier I could see her trying to suppress a laugh as she eyed my crouch, I handed her the two bottles and once she had scanned them in and bagged them with the other items I paid the bill and left hurriedly, As I exited through the nearby door I'm sure I heard little Candice tell the cashier that the man was wearing a nappy like her little baby brother and what sounded like a lot of laughter The cool air outside did little to help the heat of the embarrassment I was feeling and it was a relief to see Karen's car packed just a little down the road. I quickly reached it and jumped into the front seat "Everything okay baby" she asked as I sat down, "Yes fine but please get me indoors soon", I replied, 10 minutes later we were walking through Karen's front door again, we turned into the lounge and she ushered me to the sofa. Sitting down next to me Karen said "So lets look at what you bought today" and she emptied the Tescos carrier bag "Good choice with the wipes, these are the scented ones that make babies smell really fresh, oh and I like the bottles, Ill have to adapt the teats but youre going to look so cute drinking from them", Karen then paused as she eyed the last item that she took from the bag "So, I do believe youre trying to tell me something do you want to be my little Princess?", I looked to see what Karen was talking about and saw her holding a pink pacifier with an image of a gold crown on the end, I had nt even considered that you could get gender specific dummies, "I think Im going to have to get some frilly pink plastic panties for my little girl and maybe if youre good a pretty little dress to wear too" I sighed, what else could be in store for me for the days ahead, my full bladder told me what would be happening sooner rather than later
  5. Naughty Boy

    This was written from a first person point of view, I wanted the reader to imagine that they are the main protagonist and therefore I did nt physically describe either party involved too much or add any conversation details (makes it less personal by using language that the member reading and their ideal Mummy would nt use in real life) This is also my perfect 'baby day'
  6. For Your Love

    I will get back on track soon
  7. Naughty Boy

    Naughty boy: A short story. You go upstairs and find the seat of the toilet down with wee all over it again. It's the last straw! After preparing my 'punishment" you then come downstairs. You tell me you've found the evidence of my 'accident', you tell me if I can't use the toilet like a full grown man you're going to treat me like a baby. I Iook at you to see whether you're joking but you tell me you've had enough as it's not the first time I've made a mess in the bathroom. You drag me by the hand and lead me up stairs. When we reach the bedroom you order me to stand still whilst you undress me, any apology I make you tell me to be quiet as you're in charge. One by one you remove my clothes until I'm naked and then you lay me down on an open nappy that's on the bed, repeating to me that you're going to treat me like a baby for the rest of the night, reminding me that because I'm a baby I'll be using my thick nappy instead of the toilet. Standing beside my prone body You tease me by using the baby powder you have, shaking a large portion into your hands you go to work making sure that my nether regions are complete covered with the sweet smelling dust When I inevitably get hard while you're doing this you tell me that that's not going to help me thatI'm not getting out of it by not fitting into my nappy correctly and continue to use your soft hands to toss me off, all the while verbally teasing me to relax and come for you so you can get me in my nappy and my plastic pants to be a big baby. I plead with you to stop, to let me go soft and spend the rest of the evening as a 'man ' but you continue to tell me that you're in charge and you're going to make me orgasm despite my distress. With one hand on my shaft and one under my balls you gently caress me, verbally encouraging me to let go until eventually I squirt over my bare chest. Once I cum, you clean me up with baby wipes and then you tell me I'm going to be put in a babies nappy now, and tape me up. You remind me I will be wearing my frilly plastic pants over the bulk for extra protection for when I wet and slip them over my feet, working them slowly up my legs. Once I'm dressed below you put a t shirt over my shoulders and pull it down on me and tell me I'm just going to be dressed in a T Shirt so you and I can see I'm dressed like a baby and you can see my nappy at all times so I don't interfere with it or try to remove it. In embarrassment I plead again that I would like to at least cover up to hide my shame but you just repeat that you're in charge and this is my punishment for behaving like a baby. You get the nearby bottle , a real baby bottle with adapted teat and tell me that I will be drinking from that for the rest of the evening and that only. You also grab a bib and say if I eat, which again will be by your hand, you will put me in it to save the regular mess I make on my clothing You lead me downstairs by the hand, remind me that the bathroom is out of bounds and that I can not use the toilet at all, further more you order me to tell you when I need a wee so you can shame me when the time comes. Downstairs you cuddle me close, pulling my head to your chest running your fingers through my hair and regularly reminding teasingly me that I've behaved like a big baby and as a result you are treating me like a baby. Eventually during the evening, when the bladder pain of holding on gets too much for me and I do need to wet, I do as I'm told and let you know, I ask you to let me use the toilet but you refuse and tease me, you call me your big baby and tell me I have to do what do what babies do, I plead again to use the bathroom, to let me pull the bulky product down and urinate in the loo but you tell me to wet like a baby, wet my babies nappy. You hold me close, feeling my nappy as my body can hold out no more and gives way and I fill it. The bulk increases and my legs are forced apart by the warm liquid, you laugh and tell me that I'm just a child, a baby that uses a nappy. The pained look on my face tells you that you have got me where you want me. Once I've finished, the torrent has stopped, you stick a finger inside the plastic pants to check that the disposable has managed to cope with the onslaught, you inform me that the nappy can handle at least one more wetting and that's what I will be made to do. Throughout the night you occasionally ask me to stand up, with my hands above my head you pull my rustling plastic pants to my knees and run your finger inside the thick disposable to check me for any further wettings reminding me that I'm a big nappy boy and that I've got the rest of the night to use the nappy again. Eventually, despite my best efforts, my bladder gives again, and the nappy thickens with another wee and I sob telling you a second wetting has occurred. When I'm soaked, you check the nappy again, and it's obvious to you that the product is at saturation point and can't take any more liquid before leaking so you drag me upstairs by the hand, lay me down to repeat the earlier process. You pull the plastic pants to my ankles and untape the heavy nappy. After a quick rub with baby wipes, you use the same sweet powder you used earlier to change me into a clean disposable telling me that's my nappy for the rest of the night You call me your big baby and you've enjoyed being in control so much that you say that you'll be doing the same thing whenever you want because you're charge and I'm just a nappy boy who can't use an adult toilet And maybe next time I'll be made to be your little baby girl.
  8. Staydry slip (Boots brand)

    Are you able to order online and have a package delivered or is it a secret so you have to buy in person at a UK shop?
  9. Staydry slip (Boots brand)

    Okay if you like a plastic disposable that will only take a maximum of two wettings, the upside is, more 'Mummy changes' Good for wearing under clothing when out and about
  10. For Your Love

    Having found myself with time on my hands recently I was thinking of resurrecting this story and completing it. Good idea?
  11. Comficare M10s

    Has anyone in the UK tried Comficare M10 disposables? I have just ordered a pack from EBay and whilst I await delivery I'd like to know posters opinions on how they compare to other 'night time' nappies like Tena Slip Maxi and Abriform M4s
  12. plastic pants

    You're a lucky man
  13. The most famous one being the Tom and Jerry classic. Watching that always gave me the nervous excited feeling as a child
  14. Sorry gotta brag for a ti

    Now that's the sort of woman everyone should hurry home too