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  1. The Adventures of Alex - part 18 added

    Please keep going
  2. Forced to choose

    Just got a pack of Fabine from Save Express and I’ve fallen in love with the fit and the feel of them when wet and thick
  3. Practice Makes Perfect

    We were still together, that was a start. After what I had done I would nt have blamed my wife Poppy if she had slapped my face,thrown me out of our marital home of three years and changed all the locks. I'd lost count how many times I'd asked myself how could I have been so stupid. Yes, it was nt a long sordid affair, it was just one drunken mistake but why did it have to be with Lola, Poppy's best friend of over 20 years and why it Gods name did it have to end with Lola pregnant with my child. That news alone could have broken Poppy as we'd had no luck after trying for a child over the last 12 months. It's not as if they are similar, Poppy I'd always describe as a "skinny blonde", quite quiet and shy but with a smile that would light up any room she walked into. Lola on the other hand was what many in the pub called "a mouthy piece", dark hair and far thicker set than Poppy, she bore more than a passing resemblance to English Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson. I did nt think she was my type but Mr Jim Beam had proved to me different. I still think back to how I found myself in Lola's company when Poppy had gone to stay at her mothers house up North for the weekend. Time has dulled even the smallest memories of the night, a quick fumble in a drunken haze that left neither of us exactly sexually fulfilled but created a new life. I can Just about recall the horror we both felt in the morning as we woke up in the same bed and perhaps we would and could have kept it a secret from my lovely Poppy and everyone else if it was nt for 'Junior' That day, sitting next to Poppy, holding her hand, as I confessed to my indiscretion was one memory I would happily wipe from my mind. The hurt on her pretty face was heart breaking, never had I felt such a let down as the horrible news sank in with the love of my life. The days of tears that followed almost drove me to the point of suicide. I could nt bear my Princess being in such emotional pain. 6 months down the line things had improved, whilst it was never far from our minds, Lola's growing tummy helped that, it did nt dominate our lives. Our relationship dynamics had changed over the time, always mindful that I had almost finished our marriage, I became more passive, Poppy on the other hand had began to assert herself becoming the dominant one whereas before she'd been happy to let me the lead the way. The friendship between Poppy and Lola had also changed too, bizarrely it had got stronger, they saw each other much more regularly then before she was pregnant, Lola was a constant visitor to our home. I was never sure whether it was because Poppy wanted to keep reminding me of my mistake or whether she was keen to have an input in the little life created by her two closest friends. I of course tried to avoid being left on my own with Lola. Whilst I was sure that I/we would never make the same mistake again there was no reason to tempt fate. If Lola and myself were in the same room I’d always use Poppy as a screen, Poppy was always between myself and Lola which meant that I’ve never had to address the ‘baby situation’ and how the birth will affect the rest of our lives. That was until that fateful day. I had sensed that something was up on the Friday after returning home from work. Poppy was very quiet and whilst that was nt unusual her eyes showed that she was deep in thought. “Dan” she eventually broke the silence. “Yes sweet” I replied “We need to talk about Lola and the baby” It was the first time she’d used the b word in my presence. “Of course dear, I know I made the biggest mistake of my life but with your help I can do the right thing going forward” “The right thing?” Poppy smirked “The right thing would have to keep your thing in your trousers and we would nt be in this situation” I nodded silently as Poppy continued. “As you know, your baby has only a few months before it arrives and prior to that there are going to be some changes” Poppy went on to explain that Lola’s small one bedroom flat was wholly unsuitable for a child to grow up in. And that the tomorrow (Saturday) Lola would be moving into our 4 bedroom townhouse. That way she could help with child and I’d be able to do my job and provide for my offspring. Twice I tried to interrupt Poppy but with a finger lifted to her lips she dismissed my protestations. “Also as a first time Mother and with no siblings or other children in the family Lola is very nervous about looking after a baby” “She’s going to need some help, and that’s where you come in” Keen to stay on Poppy’s good side I would have done almost anything. “Of course Princess, let me know what I can do” Poppy just smiled “Good boy”
  4. Billy’s Fault 1-11 (re-post)

    Nice. Please keep going
  5. bulky diapers

    Are the Alvita nappies cloth backed or PVC?
  6. I was surprised!

    It's great when a partner buys a surprise 'little' gift. i hope it means she'd like to get involved more
  7. What is your favorite adult diaper?

    Rearz Lil Squirts. SO thick when wet
  8. Thoughts / Advice on something please

    Does your partner know that her mother is doing this? (leaving nappies out for you) and sending you phone messages regarding you putting a nappy on?
  9. Staydry slip (Boots brand)

    Are you able to order online and have a package delivered or is it a secret so you have to buy in person at a UK shop?
  10. Staydry slip (Boots brand)

    Okay if you like a plastic disposable that will only take a maximum of two wettings, the upside is, more 'Mummy changes' Good for wearing under clothing when out and about
  11. Comficare M10s

    Has anyone in the UK tried Comficare M10 disposables? I have just ordered a pack from EBay and whilst I await delivery I'd like to know posters opinions on how they compare to other 'night time' nappies like Tena Slip Maxi and Abriform M4s
  12. plastic pants

    You're a lucky man
  13. The most famous one being the Tom and Jerry classic. Watching that always gave me the nervous excited feeling as a child
  14. Sorry gotta brag for a ti

    Now that's the sort of woman everyone should hurry home too
  15. Diapers: Which Brand Are You Wearing Right Now?

    Just spent the night in a plastic backed M4 nappy (just bought from Save Express) and a pair of white Cosy N Cry bikini plastic pants. I stopped buying M4s after they went cloth backed and it was great to return to them last night, definitely my favourite disposable.