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  1. Love your plastic pants!

  2. Forced2wet

    The Greatest Tease of All

    Please keep going, wonderful start
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    Truth or Dare (part 7 Conclusion)

    Caroline is awesome, I hope she has a caring side too
  4. Forced2wet

    Truth or Dare (part 7 Conclusion)

    Great start. I look forward to more
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    Wife In Charge

    Great story, yours always are! Please continue
  6. Forced2wet

    Wife In Charge

    Please keep going
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    Practice Makes Perfect

    Right” said Poppy “you lay down on the bed and let your new Mummies take care of you” “And remember, no talking, no arguments and no resisting” added Lola With my marriage on the line I was nt going to argue at all, this I thought was payback time, the point of which I was going to pay for my one indiscretion. As I lay prone on the bed Poppy and Lola went to work removing my clothing, they took a leg each and removed my trainers and socks, Poppy then undid the button to my jeans and asked me to lift my bottom from the bed. In an instant they both tugged my jeans off. Poppy then asked me to sit up, when I did my jumper was pulled over my head. Next came my polo shirt and I was told to lay back down, naked but for my underpants. At this point Lola left my side and went to a trunk at the far end of the room. Poppy stroked my hair whispering what a good boy I was. Lola returned with a handful of bits that I could nt quite make out and placed them on the floor by the side of the bed. “So this is the start baby, be a good boy and lift your bum again for me” I did as instructed and when Poppy finished talking she eased down my underwear. Instinctively I reached to cover my private parts and my hands were stung by a sharp slap from Lola “Now now baby, please leave your hands by your side. It’s not as if you have anything to hide from your Mummies” I replaced my arms by my sides and closed my eyes as I listened to the conversation between Poppy and Lola. “I think we need to roll it up to get rid of the folds” “Okay, give it here” I heard a distinct rustling, and both ladies giggled. “That looks good” “Lift up your bottom again please baby” As I did so I felt a thick object sliding underneath me, once in place I was asked to lay prone again. “Right, powder next” and I felt a cold dust being sprinkled on my nether regions. With my eyes still closed I could nt see who’s hands they were but the powder was stroked around my genitalia. If I had nt have been so subdued it might have even been a pleasant experience. “Right” said Lola “I’ve read you be got to do the bottom tapes first and then the top two” “Like this?” Poppy answered as I felt the padded garment pull in tight to my lower body and adhesive strips being pulled. “Looks good to me” said Lola “Now the plastic pants” “I got these from a shop online, it’s amazing the baby stuff they sell for adults” I heard a shaking out of the plastic underwear. One after the other my feet were lifted and fed through the leg holes of the pants. “These are quite tight” said Poppy as she worked the protective baby wear up my legs “They have to be to keep contained any leaks that might occur” Lola countered. It was only at this point that it dawned on me that this was nt a joke and by the end of the evening my ‘mummies’ would have expected me to wet myself I started to squirm which was met with a sharp word from Poppy “Keep still baby, now lift your bum bum a little so I can get your baby pants on over your thick nappy” I did what I was told and felt the pants being heaved over my padded backside. “Good baby” “Now stand up please so I can see how my first attempt at a nappy went” Poppy said. I stood up as requested and the first thing I felt was how wide the thick nappy forced my legs apart” “Good job Mummy Poppy” said Lola. “Thanks” Poppy said “You get the joy of the first nappy change Mummy Lola” I opened my eyes for the first time in a while and after I recovered from the lights in the room I looked at myself in the full length mirror on the back of the room door. With my mouth gaping open I saw looking back at me a man dressed like a little baby. The white plastic nappy covers had little blue cars on them and they were badly concealing a thick white disposable. My Mummies joined me, one either side, and looked into the mirror too. “I knew you’d make such a cute little baby” Poppy whispered in my ear. “We’re not finished yet baby” Lola whispered in my other ear. “There’s more to come” With that both Poppy and Lola giggled to each other
  8. Forced2wet

    Practice Makes Perfect

    Pt3 Poppy led the way, her hand firmly holding mine as I followed up the 13 stairs. She opened the guest room where Lola had unpacked her belongings earlier and as I kept pace with my wife and entered the room Lola slipped in behind us and closed the door. I was then asked to sit on the bed as the ladies explained exactly what was happening and the rules that I’d be boating for the next few months. “First of all” Poppy began, “I’m not sure we explained ourselves clearly downstairs” “You are going to be our baby, Dan” Lola continued “You will be expected to behave just as a new born would behave” “BUT”, Lola interrupted, “As you are also a grown up we can punish you in a more adult manner should the need arise” “As I said downstairs there are a number of rules that you will need to adhere to” I was handed a sheet of paper with words on. “Take the opportunity to read this very carefully” “It will be the last adult thing you do to n this house for a while” Poppy passed me my reading glasses and I studied the 5 rules listed. I’d just got to the end of the list when Lola grabbed to paper from my hand. “Babies can not understand writing, I will read this out to you” Rule 1) Anytime you are in this house you will be our baby. There may also be trips out as a baby but they will always be with one or both of us. Rule 2) As you are a baby you will not be allowed to speak unless specifically asked to Rule 3) You will be treated like a baby, dressed as one and fed like one. You will have no responsibilities at all. Rule 4) You will be allowed to walk (as you’re a little too big to be carried) but again this will occur only when we say. Rule 5) The only time you will be treated older is when you are punished for breaking any of our rules Poppy began “ Dan, I know this list is a little bizarre but I also know that you are aware that what you and Lola did almost broke me and our marriage. I’ve done a lot of soul searching since it happened and thought that this is a way I might be able to learn to trust you again. By going back to childhood we will be able to start again. Also Lola moving in means that I get the chance to be a kind of mother because it does nt look like we’re able to have a child of our own” I stared at the floor, not fully understanding what the list entailed. Poppy continued “This is a one time offer. If you feel that it’s beyond you then I will pack your bags for you and myself and Lola will bring up the child together. If you agree to this then I will know that you are committed to our marriage” I opened my mouth to talk to Poppy but Lola snapped at me straight away “No talking baby! Just nod your head if you agree to our rules and we’ll start straight away” Facing the floor I silently nodded and with the requested head action my new life began.
  9. Forced2wet

    Raping Excuses

    Good start, I look forward to more
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    Joe and Sue

    Love your stories, please continue
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    Practice Makes Perfect

    Sorry for the delay, I did nt think the story was well received so had nt written any further. Next chapter in progress
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    The Adventures of Alex - part 21 added 30/1/18

    Please keep going
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    Practice Makes Perfect

    All will be explained in time but it's important to remember the baby was a one off mistake so I'm not sure Lola could be classed as a 'mistress' There is a clue to why in Pt1 but please keep reading if you want to know why
  14. Forced2wet

    Practice Makes Perfect

    Pt2 Saturday morning I was a bit subdued, I knew that the following few hours would change my life forever. I’d spent half a year avoiding spending any time alone in Lola’s company and now it was going to be a daily occurrence. I knew the knock on the door was coming but it did nt stop me from jumping out of my skin. After a brief hello I went to help unload the small van outside. Lola did nt have much apart from a lot of suitcases and a few ornaments, but then what more did she need? She was joining us in the marital home, sleeping in the guest bedroom with the on suite bathroom and our home was fully furnished. Once Lola’s bits were placed in her room Poppy suggested we all sit down in the lounge and discuss how this was going to work. “So welcome Lola” Poppy started “I’m happy to have you here, we are both here to help you with the baby when he or she arrives and up until that point can assist you in any way you need.” Poppy looked at me and I nodded my head in agreement. “Thanks Sweetie” Lola replied, “It’s fantastic to be able to share this with you and hopefully we can take the next three months preparing for the tough job of looking after a helpless baby” Poppy who was sat next to me on the bigger of the two sofas turned her body towards me and reached for my hand. “Dan, this will be the first baby that myself and Lola have ever taken charge of, we’ve talked a lot about the worries we have regarding the task ahead and have come up with a plan that you can help us with” I could see Lola grin and a shiver crept down my spine. “Have you heard the phrase ‘practice makes perfect?’ Lola asked. Of course I had, and nodded my head silently. “Well” continued Poppy “our idea is that we have a guinea pig to practice our mothering skills on” “There are a lot of things we need to learn and having someone to try things with will help with the new born” Lola added with a grin Poppy gripped my hand tighter “ this is where you come in Dan” A quizzical Look must have come across my face “You want me to go buy a child’s baby doll to work with?” “No Dan” Poppy interrupted “A doll is just not life like enough” Lola smiled again “we need something more closer to the real thing, something that will eat, sleep and generally be as much like a baby as we can” Now I don’t consider myself slow on the uptake but I still could nt see where the conversation was going. “Short of a quick fostering I’m not sure what we can do” “There is another way” Poppy answered With my brain still not in gear I stood up “if your considering kidnapping a baby I’m sorry I’ll have no part in that” Both the ladies laughed. Poppy beckoned me to sit down and held my hand again. “Don’t be silly Dan, we’ll do nothing illegal” “I’ve, well we’ve decided that you’re going to be our baby” As a confused look crossed my face Lola got up and made the short journey to sit the other side of me on the sofa. “You see, your baby is going to get the best care ever and the reason that is is because I’ll be a fully practiced mother” “Three or so months of taking care of you will make me so” I still had so many questions on how they expected a grown man could help the both of them prepare for an infant but Poppy then Lola both got up and requested I stand too. “I’m sure you have many queries of how this is going to work” Poppy said obviously reading my confused face. “ Come with us upstairs” Lola interjected “over the last fortnight your wife and I have been working on a rule list, let’s go to the small bedroom together where we can explain everything”
  15. Forced2wet

    The Adventures of Alex - part 21 added 30/1/18

    Please keep going