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  1. Sarah's being a little mean. The baby should at least have a bottle of warm milk or formula and a soft little animal or ragdoll to cuddle with.
  2. Maybe she will speak first and keep him from saying things he will regret
  3. Good story. I'm sure Emily will figure out that she would have avoided all that trouble by just wetting her diaper, sucking her thumb and drifting off to sleep.
  4. Good chapter. Only thing I noticed was that you used the word bottle instead of glass when Janet picked it up. I'm happy to see the story continuing with so many seeming to die
  5. I agree that Nicky should stay regressed. He has gotten so comfy in his diapers and crib.
  6. Love your story but I am wondering why a straight male would want to change another man's wet nappy.
  7. Great chapter. I wonder if nick would rather visit with Jack or take a nap in his new crib
  8. Does he decide to defy her or just think for a minute and leave his nappy alone knowing he wouldnt make it alone
  9. I think she should kick him out for a couple of days to scare him into behaving.
  10. Great story. Im sure when you take charge of his nappys including when he gets ready for bed and when he is changed in the am, he will accept your place as his mommy.
  11. They arrive in Beth’s garage safely. The tinted windows on Cathy’s BMW have hidden the man in the baby dress from ridicule. “Come in. Don’t you look pretty Bobbi?†“Give Auntie Beth a kiss, baby†“Did you bring your camera? Good. Stand Bobbi right here and you can stand over there to get the right angle. We need to take your dolly for just a minute, princess. All set. I’ll just get Chrissie out of her crib.†Chrissie came into the room and stopped short when he saw Bob. With a very red face he approached his new friend. They hugged one another tightly. Cathy almost dropped her camera as the two babies opened their mouths and kissed each other full on the lips. “That’s just the cutest.†Beth said. She proceeded to hand Bobbi his dolly and slip a pacifier into her little one’s mouth. Cathy followed her example as the two toddlers held hands. The sissies were guided into the living room and the empty playpen. “They will be fine in there. We can see the playpen from the kitchen. It will be interesting to see them get to know each other without talking. Meanwhile we can have coffee and talk.†Beth continued.†Remember the pic I took of you the other day? I sent it to my friend David. He showed it to his friend Bill. Here is Bill’s pic. If you like what you see, we will double date Friday night.†“I like what I see but what about Bob as they say in the movie?†“There is no Bob. You have a baby sissy named Bobbi but that shouldn’t kill your social life. I notice you took off your rings.†“Yes. It didn’t feel right. I had already removed Bob’s. How can one be married to a baby girl or even a complete sissy. I love him but……….†“Then it’s settled. Friday night will open a new phase of your life.†“How will I deal with Bobbi? He will surely have a major fit.†“No he won’t. Put your make up and clothes in your car ahead of time. Friday after work get Bobbi ready for bed and bring him over. Chrissie’s crib is a single bed size with a hospital mattress. There is plenty of room for two babies and two dollies. By seven thirty my sitter will be here and the little ones will have been put down for the night. Then you can shower and change here for your date.†“Did you have fun playing with Chrissie?†mommy asked on the way home.†“I guess so.†“I know you like him. You gave him such a sweet hug and kiss. Mommy is happy that you have a little friend. We will visit again soon so you two can play together. Did you see his pretty dress? Your’s is pretty too. The following Thursday, Cathy visited Victoria’s Secret at lunch time for some new undies and once Bobbi was in bed, she added her little black dress, shoes and accessories to the trunk of her car. Then she packed the diaper bag with baby essentials including a cute romper for the trip home Saturday. As soon as they arrive from work Friday, Cathy starts the tub. “Time to get my baby out of these clothes and into a nice bathy. Then you can have some din din.†In just a few minutes the sissy is bathed and dressed in his diaper, plastic panties and nightie. She leads him to the kitchen and ties on his bib. His former wife opens two jars of toddler food and empties them on to his plate. With his spoon, Bobbi digs into the infant food. The sandwich and juice Cathy packs for lunch keeps him hungry and having no wallet or money, he cannot buy any snacks. A warmed bottle of milk completes his meal. “Guess What?†We are going bye bye. You are going to see Chrissie again.†The two babies look cute and happy in the crib when seven thirty comes at last. Cathy is off to the shower while Beth puts on her evening dress and make up. The sitter is right on time. “We should take separate cars to the restaurant. That way no one is stranded. Saturday mornings Chrissie stays in his crib until ten. I usually bring him a bottle of juice when I hear him stirring and he settles back in. You can come back by then and your princess won’t even know you were gone.†Cathy returns to the house about nine thirty the next morning. She hugs Beth and gives her a kiss on the cheek. Thank you. Bill was wonderful.†“What are friends for. Let’s have some coffee. I want to hear all about it. The babies can surely drink one more bottle before we get them up.†“I love having a baby girl.†Cathy said dreamily. “ And I can’t wait till Friday.†The end for now, GaryG
  12. Beth arrives at the café to find her friend waiting. She puts her laptop on the table after a greeting. Both ladies order lunch. “Did you bring the disk?†“Oh yes. My baby wouldn’t want to miss out on any new experiences. Here it is.†Beth puts it in computer and updates the program. “All set. I’m really excited to witness their first play date. You need to bring your video camera. Something will happen that you don’t want to miss.†“ I know you will never tell me. You are such a brat sometimes. Speaking of programs, what does the â€Nothing†program do?†“Sorry, I should have told you. Nothing means just that. His dolly sings him a lullaby to help him sleep but no training is involved. Use it whenever.†Cathy looks at her friend just in time to notice that her picture is being taken. “What’s that for?†“Time will tell. Hey, see that little thrift shop across the street? They had two adorable diaper bags in like new shape. Trying to decide which to get for Chrissie wasn’t easy. The one I chose is pink and white with pink baby bunnys on the white part. The other one is pink gingham with the word “Diapers†written on both sides. Simply adorable and pretty large too.†“As soon as we eat, I’ll dash over there and buy it for Bobbi if they still have it. Sounds like just what I need for his play date. When are we going to arrange that?†“Let’s plan on Saturday about two. Chrissie will be getting up from his nap about that time. Luckily, we both have garages so you can have your princess looking pretty for the ride over. My overhead door will be open so you can drive right in. Before I forget, here is a bottle of my hormone formula and a syringe. Add five CC’s to his bottle every night. It’s sad but along with no erections, he may become even more of a sissy.†“Oh yes. So sad†Cath answered through her laughter. See you Saturday. Bobbi’s mommy heads for the little thrift shop and buys the diaper bag before heading back to work. At seven thirty baby is tucked in with his Suzy and starting to learn all about little friends while his wife relaxes with her glass of wine deciding which “chick flick†to watch. Saturday morning arrives at last. Cathy leaves her baby in his night diaper and nighty until ten AM. Bobbi doesn’t mind. He is happily sitting on ther floor with his dolly watching nick jr.. “Let’s go into the nursery honey. Mommy needs to get you out of that wet diaper.†He is then led to the bathroom-naked except for his short Cinderella nighty. “Sit down and make poopies for me. Do not even think of getting off that potty without me, either. I will be back as soon as I bring the rest of your clothes out of my room and into the nursery.†Eventually mommy returns, the little one has pooped, and Cathy leads her sissy back to the nursery where she rediapers him. His wife notes there is no response from his tiny penis as the baby powder is applied. The new plastic panties are lavender with pictures of dolls. Cathy completes the outfit with a short slip and a baby dress in the matching color. “Now you can be mommy’s little helper. This bag has some boy underpants and tee shirts. You can help me by throwing all of the underpants in the trash can and all of the tee shirts into this rag bag. Then I will put on a movie for you and Suzy.†Cathy debates putting her baby down for a nap but decides against it. Instead she replays the Care Bears movie each time it ends. Finally, the clock reaches one thirty. After a quick diaper change, she grabs the new diaper bag and leads her sissy to the car. Bobbi is silent as she buckles him into the back seat with his dolly. “Where are we going mommy ?†He asks nervously “Bye bye.
  13. “Come along princess. You do look adorable but we are going to the living room now. By the way, where is mommy’s kiss for buying you that pretty new nightie?†Bobbi leans in for the kiss but his wife quickly turns her head. “Baby girl needs to kiss mommy’s cheek. Otherwise you might forget for a second and think of yourself as a man.†Our princess settles down on the floor with Suzy while Cathy slips in to the kitchen and returns with a baby bottle full of milk. “Here is your baba, honey. Drink it all gone for me. Let’s see what I can put on the TV for you. Humm. I bought Cinderella, Snow White, Care Bears, and others but we will go with Dora tonight because it is only thirty minutes†Seven thirty comes very quickly and Bob is still in a happy fog as Cathy leads him back to the nursery and tucks him and Suzy in for the night. Bobbi kisses Suzy on the mouth and mommy on the cheek. She produces the Nuk pacifier she purchased with the Hello Kitty shield and rubs it against his lips. It is almost like magic as he opens his mouth to accept this baby accessory without question. Then with a kiss on his forehead she leaves him. Our new toddler falls asleep listening to Suzy teaching him the joys of becoming “Mommy’s Little Helperâ€. Cathy relaxes on the couch sipping a glass of wine while reflecting on recent developments. The HD project is a great invention. She has power and a baby girl of her own and soon , very soon, she may even have a satisfying sex life. How could anyone have ever questioned Beth about the benefits? It was time to call her friend with an update. “ I still can’t believe it. My princess is in his bed as we speak, fully diapered and in his nightie.†“Of course she is. What program did you put it?†“Mommy’s helper.†“That’s a good one but I suggest you put in the “No No†program tomorrow night.†“I wondered about that one. What does it do?†“Oh it simply reminds him of some things toddler girls do not do such as touching the TV or the remote, going in your bedroom unless asked to, opening the refrigerator or even the front door, answering the phone or climbing out of their crib or playpen. Just the basics. After all, you don’t want little Bobbi finding about any new personal friends you may meet. By the way, bring your CD with you to lunch. I’ve made a few changes to my “Baby Friends†program so I need to update your copy. See you tomorrow.†That girl is a genius. “I now control the remote. Life is good.†Later the new head of house falls asleep dreaming of ways to decorate HER bedroom and the nursery. “Morning princess. Time for breakfast†Bobbi toddles to the kitchen with his dolly under his arm and paci in his mouth which Cathy pops out. His morning meal consists of a bowl of dry Cheerios and a baba of warm milk. He doesn’t even ask for the missing utensils but merely uses his fingers to eat the cereal. Even his wife tying on his bib doesn’t affect his mood. Only when Cathy leads him back to the nursery does he begin to panic. “What will I wear to work-she wouldn’t send me in diapers-would she?†Bobbi is happy to learn that he is to wear pretty cotton training panties and a little under vest beneath his male clothes. Cathy is happy to find her baby’s diaper wet. “My sweety is soaked.†“I’m sorry, mommy.†“Silly sissy. This is what diapers are made for. It’s only natural for you to be wet in the morning or anytime you’re in diapers for that matter. When in your training panties you need to try to keep them clean and dry for mommy. Let’s finish getting you dressed for work. You won’t need a wallet or car keys because I’m going to drop you off on my way and pick you up this afternoon. Here is your P&J sandwich with the crust cut off and a juice box.â€
  14. This is going to be a fairly short one I'm afraid. Cathy returns after putting a few inches of water, bubble bath, and a new plastic dolly in the tub. She gently pulls her husband up from his seat and gives him a big hug and kisses him on the tip of his nose. “Come on honey and I’ll help you. While you play in the tub, I want you to do something for me, OK?†“What?†he asks cautiously†“I want you to think very hard about what you would like your future to be like. It can be a fantasy such as oh, a cop, fireman, muscle covered he- man, or maybe the president. It doesn’t matter. Once you decide, I want you to wish very hard for it to come true. Can you do that for me sweety?†Bobbi sits in the bubbles absentmindedly playing with the doll he discovers under the Dora bubbles. Try as he might, he just cannot picture himself as any of those people. His thoughts drift back to those diapers and dresses at the store. Finally he succumbs to the inevitable. With tear filled eyes he silently makes his wish. “I want to wear diapers with plastic panties and pretty baby girl clothes and sit on the floor to play with Suzy and and I want Cathy to be my mommy.†“Let’s get you out and dried off, cutie. Did you make a wish?†“Yes†“Well, keep it a secret. Let’s get my little darling ready for night night.†As soon as she opens the door to his nursery, Bob spots the items on the little table beside his bed. The thick disposable diaper is almost covered by a pink pair of baby panties. Beside them are a big container of baby powder and a pink garment of some kind. “See, baby. You didn’t have to tell me your wish. Mommys know EVERYTHING!. Now lie down on the bed and lift that cute little bummy of yours.†Little Bobbie’s pee pee stiffened as Cathy rubbed in the fragrant powder. An involuntary smile came to his face. His wife happily thought that this would be one of the last times she would see that pathetic sight. In a flash the diaper was securely taped in place. “ Point your toes like a ballerina for me to put on your pretty panties†Bob was in a confused heavenly state once the nightie was fastened in place. His wife handed Suzy to him and led her baby to the mirror behind the door. Baby was quite a site with his big smile and very red face. It is not easy to be so embarrassed and overjoyed at the same moment.