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  1. honestly, when I am going to buy something and I look at reviews - I will purposely read some 'bad' reviews to see what they say. Because these reviews aren't indicating much about your work, I would say for the most part, it shouldn't affect your sales.
  2. So I was diagnosed with Flu A yesterday. So, I probably won't post anything this week, since I'm feeling pretty awful. Hopefully, I'll feel better soon so I can get back to writing. 

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      Get well soon, mama <3

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      Get well soon.

  3. Many authors post 'samples' of their Patreon exclusive stories. It's part of marketing. I've also posted books that I'm selling on here as well (so have other authors). I will continue to post free stories for people to enjoy on here, however, that doesn't mean I'm not also going to post things that people have to 'purchase' in order to receive to full extent of it.
  4. This is just a small preview of my newest Patreon exclusive short story "Valentine's Day Cupid" the sample is only 450 out of 4k words of the story! It is available on my Patreon page! https://www.patreon.com/mamabug Would like to thank my Patrons - John Ferguson, Vicious Koala, Ryan, Mike Stanley, Mike DelGrosso, James Smith, Sarah moncur, Michael Federmeister xxxx I hate everything planned out, don’t you worry about anything! I’m not worried…just a little suspicious, that’s all. It’s our first Valentine’s Day together! I want it to be special I do too! So then let mommy get everything ready and you just try to prepare yourself Alexis smiled at her phone as she placed it in her pocket as she walked around Walmart. It was Thursday, February 13th. The day before Valentine’s Day, it was the first Valentine’s Day that she and her new boyfriend, Ted, would be celebrating, and she was very excited. The last time she spent Valentine’s Day with a boyfriend was about three years ago with an ex, but it was just a simple dinner and exchange of typical gifts. Nothing like this. Alexis looked into her cart; she had a bottle with some red and pink hearts on it, a pink pacifier, Valentine’s Day Card, a bottle of white wine, a little penguin stuff animal holding a heart that read “I love you,” as well as a box of his favorite candy. “I think I have everything,” she muttered t herself; after all, the rest of the supplies was at home. She didn’t check her phone until she got home later that evening. Can I have just a little hint? Ted had texted her, and she just shook her head as she dumped everything on her bed. She had also bought a package of cute Valentine’s Day diapers for him, with little penguins on it, as well as a shirt that read “diapered cupid” in bold red letters on it. All I’m going to say is to expect the unexpected, and if I hear another word from you about it, then you’re going to get a spanking, mister! Y-yes, mommy. The two of them met about a year ago in an ABDL meet up; they started as casual friends as Alexis was dating someone at that time (but that ended a few months after she met Ted). They didn’t start dating until about six months ago. They’ve dipped their toes ever since in the world of ABDL, but tomorrow she was going to push it to the limits. She bit her lip in anticipation as she looked at everything she had bought over the last few weeks to prepare. He was going to be her cute little diapered cupid. She chuckled to herself. She had a general idea of what she wanted to be done, all she knew is they were going to spend the night (going into the next day), with lots of diapers, bottle feedings, and humiliation galore! Maybe she could finally get him to mess his diaper for her. Alexis sighed, tomorrow couldn’t come fast enough.
  5. Because, I wanted the first part of the story to focus on the world around him. How the world views him. To show that he is actually an Alpha male who others look up to and are envious of. But, when it's switched to 1st person, it is focused on his perspective and his reality - which is that he is a cuckold for his wife. Just a stylistic choice, basically.
  6. Just posted the 1st chapter of my newest story! The CEO Cuck! the 2nd chapter is on my Patreon page! :) Hope you all enjoy it! Hehe

  7. Here is my newest story!! The 2nd chapter is already posted on my Patreon page! (And a huge thanks to my Patrons - John Ferguson, Vicious Koala, Ryan, Mike Stanley, Mike DelGrosso, John Ferguson) I know I was MIA for a few months and I know that I have to work really hard to get back to where I was, but I'm willing to do that. I'm working hard to finish The Taboo Word and create other exciting stories and drawings for you all! I appreciate your understand/support! https://www.patreon.com/mamabug Anyway! Enjoy the story! Chapter One “Mr. Miller?” There was a knock on the door from his newest assistant Tina Lovell. She had just started working for the company a few months ago, newly graduated from college. She was a spunky young woman, beautiful, with long blonde hair and a curvy figure. Today she was wearing a black skirt that went down to her knees and clung to her body and a light blue dress shirt that was tucked in. “Yes?” He called through the door and Tina opened it up, noticing the CEO Ross Miller sitting at his computer, papers all around his desk. “Your wife just informed me she was on her way,” Tina said in a quiet voice, for the CEO always took her brought away. He was a gorgeous man in his late thirties, dark black hair and green eyes. He looked like he belonged in a magazine. “Thank you, Tina.” He said as he glanced up from his computer screen. “Oh, don’t forget to inform everyone that the meeting has changed from two to four.” “Will do, sir.” Tina answered with a nod of her head. “Thanks, Tina.” He gave her a smile that wakened her knees. Tina turned around and left his office, returning to her own desk that was opposite from his office. “He is so hot,” One of Tina’s coworkers, Patricia said, as she leaned up against Tina’s desk. “Yeah he is,” Tina replied, “but he is also married.” “Does that mean much anymore?” Patricia asked her with a shrug of her shoulders. It was only a few moments later when Mr. Miller’s wife – Jennifer Miller walked into the office. She was a taller woman, with short dark hair, and large eyes. She was just as handsome as Mr. Miller was. Tina was jealous of their relationship. They always looked like super models together and they absolutely adored each other. “Is my husband still here?” She asked as she walked over to Tina’s desk. His wife was a gorgeous woman, but was quite imitating herself. Although she never spoke in a harsh tone with Tina or anyone else before, she was just rather blunt and to the point. “Yes, ma’am.” Tina said with a nod of her head. “He’s in there.” “Thank you,” Jennifer Miller replied as she flashed her smile. She walked into the office without knocking and about five minutes later they came out. “Have a good day, Mr. Miller, Mrs. Miller.” Tina said. Mrs. Miller, who had her arm intertwined with his, turned and looked over at Tina and flashed her smile. “Thank you, you two.” Tina watched them leave the room and sighed. She wished she could find someone like that. Someone to love and appreciate her the way that Mr. Miller obviously does with his wife. Tina had seen countless women try to come onto him, but he always shot them down. She respected that, even if she herself did have a small crush on him. “I can’t believe he is our boss. He is so young too.” Patricia said with a sigh. “Sure jealous of his wife to be with such a handsome man!” “Yeah, I agree,” Tina sighed, “I wish I had something like that. Not so much being with a millionaire, but just someone who looks at me the way he looks at her.” “You’re such a romantic!.” Patricia laughed as she nudged her friend in the shoulder. “I guess so.” “Want to go out for drinks tonight?” Patricia asked Tina as she grabbed her purse. “Yeah, sure. Just give me a few minutes; I have to write out his email first.” Tina said. “Alright, I’ll meet you downstairs.” “Okay.” xxx “That is our driver over there,” Jennifer said as we left the office building, her arm was still tightly around me as we spotted our driver pulled off to the side of the road, standing beside our vehicle. “Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. Miller,” the driver said with a dip of his head as he opened the door for the two of them before heading to the front seat. “Don’t forget we have that dinner party we need to get to this weekend,” Jennifer said with a sigh as she started to run her fingers through her hair, “I tried to get out of it, but it was a no go.” “That will be fine,” is all I said as I stared at the window, lost in thought. “Also, Patrick will be joining us as well.” I turned my head sharply and looked at my wife. “Patrick?” “Yes,” she said, “he is your best friend after all. You don’t want him to attend?” “That is fine,” I said as I cleared my throat, “also I did book reservations for our anniversary.” “Oh! I’m excited.” Jennifer said with a broad smile. “Can’t believe it’s been five years.” “Same,” I leaned over and kissed my wife on the cheek, just in time as we pulled up to our apartment building. We lived at the top suite of the apartment building, it was the kind where there was a doorman waiting outside, luxury rooms that cost a fortune and even an indoor swimming pool. “Hello Mr. and Mrs. Miller.” The doorman said as he opened the door for the two of them. Everyone talked and waved to them as they headed to the elevators. They were silent the whole way up. Once they got off the elevator there was only one door for the top floor and that was their own. “Home sweet home,” Jennifer said as they entered their apartment, placing her purse and jacket on the stand next to the door. “Yes,” I said as I shut the door behind us. “That secretary of yours…” Jennifer started to speak. “Tina?” I asked with a raised brow. “What about her?” “She’s cute, she probably has a crush on you,” Jennifer said with a sly smile, “but I suppose most people that work for you do.” “Well,” I said to clear my throat. Tina was a cute girl, but she never made any comments that would lead me to believe she had a crush on me. “She probably looks at you as such a strong alpha male,” Jennifer continued, “ready to tackle her down and fuck her hard.” My cheeks started to burn as she walked over to me, starting to unbutton my pants, and slowly pulling them down. “But, she doesn’t have a clue. No one in your office does. What would they think if they knew their big strong handsome alpha, was just a weak little boy?” With that she yanked down his pants revealing a thick white diaper underneath, Jennifer placed her hand over my diaper and pressed harder and I could tell that she felt the warmth beneath her fingers. “A wet one that is.” She added. She let out a laugh as she started to walk away from me, before turning over, “Oh, I forgot to mention, Patrick is on his way over.” “W-why?” I asked, though it was a stupid question. “He is my boyfriend after all.” Jennifer gave him a wink before walking away, leaving him standing at the door way, pants pulled down, exposed in my soaking wet diaper.
  8. That is a rather bold statement to say about someone/something that you don't understand. That's like saying that because I'm a domme mommy and like treating my boyfriend like the little diapered boy that he is - that I am "emotionally abusing him' because I'm not treating him as a "man" (in and out of the bedroom) although, that is the farthest from the truth, as I believe him to be one of the manliest men that I've ever met. I'm also a sadist and love to humiliate/degrade him as well. So what does that say about me? Hmmm? Just because you don't agree/understand another relationship type - doesn't make it emotionally abusive. This bothers me because I was actually in an emotionally abusive relationship for many years. It's not something to take lightly and not just something you should be accusing someone else with that easily. But, back to the OP - finding a domme mommy is like finding a needle in the haystack. You have to make yourself appeal different then the millions of others. Most of the time those that treat domme mommy's with respect and dignity and don't act desperate, usually can find one. I met my boyfriend on here and he never treated me in a way like most people do here. Over time we became friends, the best friends, then we started dating, and even then it took a bit before we formed a domme / mommy relationship. Make friends, make connections, go to groups or whatever. Treat them as if they're human beings and not just someone who is going to change your diaper. Have something to offer them. It is a two way street. There is so much you can give to a mommy type, as a AB/little. It's not all about what can they do for you - but think what can you do for them. And as what was said before, sometimes you'll have to look outside the ABDL/BDSM world and look at vanilla relationships. Just be open and honest with them before things get too serious.
  9. Thank you! It was fun to write! I can see a sequel coming out of it in the future
  10. The FINAL chapter of Babysitting 101 is up!! My newest story will be posted next week! HOWEVER, the 1st chapter is now available on my Patreon page! https://www.patreon.com/mamabug 

    I will continue to keep working hard ❤️ 

  11. Here is the final chapter!! My newest story will be posted next Wednesday! HOWEVER! The 1st chapter is already on my Patreon page! So check it out there! I had fun writing this story, but can't wait for the next one! Thank you all for your support! ❤️ Chapter Ten “Looks like being a little baby boy got someone all excited?” Mary said with a giggle, and Lucas moaned a bit as they pressed their hands more on his diapered bottom. “What should we do?” I asked, trying to keep my composure, but it was difficult to do so. Lucas was my best friend. I never saw him in that way before. But ever since the previous week, when we did stuff like this, I felt a shift in our relationship, and it was a bit scary. “It seems almost too mean to make him suffer,” Mary said, “Perhaps we should give him a hand?” “R-really?” I asked with a big gulp. “But, I mean, he’s ours…” Mary raised her brow as she walked closer to me before I could say anything, she slipped her fingers under my skirt and pressed them over my panties. “Mary!” I shouted. “You’re wet,” Mary replied, “and so I am. I think our friendship is pretty over at this point. Might as well as have some fun with it. It is fascinating.” “True,” I replied with a nod of my head, “I can’t say I’m not curious by it.” “Let’s change him together,” Mary said with a smirk. I nodded my head, and we both got on either side of him and started to rip the tabs open. We then lowered the wet diaper to reveal his hard dick. “Oh, wow! You are a very wet boy!” Mary eased as she reached over and grabbed some wipes, handing some to me as we both began to wipe him down. Lucas shifted his weight, moaning slightly, still hiding his face. It was evident though he was enjoying the attention he was getting from the two girls. Once they wiped him all the way, they pulled the diaper from underneath him and set it to the side. “Not fair,” Lucas replied. “What?” Mary asked. “I’m here completely naked, and you guys…” “Oh,” Mary said, “I suppose you are right.” Without another question, Mary began to take off her shirt and her shorts. “Come on, Kelly. You too.” She coaxed me as she began to pull off her panties, revealing that she also too shaved. I nodded my head, feeling a bit nervous as I started to take off my shirt and slide my skirt down onto the floor. I stood there in my bra and my underwear as I looked over at Mary, who was already naked her perky breast and slim body. “Need help?” Mary asked with a wink, and I shook my head as I pulled down my panties and took off my bra, feeling a bit embarrassed since I didn’t shave. I kept it trimmed, but that was it. “I’m sorry, Kelly.” Mary said, “I know you probably want to go first. But, I can’t stop myself.” With that, she walked over to Lucas and bent down, wrapping her hand around the base of his dick and pressing her lips against it, slowly lowering herself. Lucas let out a moan as he placed a hand on top of Mary’s head as she continued to go down on him. I watched and shifted my weight, feeling a warm feeling fill me up, knowing it was turning me on to watch Mary go down on Lucas. A few minutes later, Mary stopped and motioned for me to come over, and I gulped as I walked over to Lucas and bent down, feeling his thick cock against my face as I parted my lips and let it slide in. I then began to take my free hand and massage his balls as I continued to go down on me. “Good job,” Mary said with a sly smile. A moment later, I stopped and looked up at Lucas, he didn’t say a word, but leaned over and kissed me on the lips, and I felt my heart skip a beat. What was this feeling? “Hey, now!” Mary said, pretending to pout as Lucas let out a small laugh and leaned over, and the two of them kissed. “Kelly,” Mary said, “Get on top of Lucas.” “What?” I asked, feeling my mouth go dry. “You’re going to fuck him first,” Mary said with a glint in her eyes. Lucas laid back down across the bed this time as I settled myself beside him. I wasn’t a virgin, but it did feel weird to be having sex with my best friend. But after everything we’ve already done, was this the craziest? While I was positioning myself, Mary was at the top of his head, letting him reach up and caress her large breast as I let him slide into me, allowing him to feel how wet I am. I let out a long moan as Mary then sat on his face. I began to rock back and forth and let out a moan, and so did Mary as his tongue when to work. I was curious why I found this so hot. Seeing Lucas in a diaper and looking so helpless, then watching Mary on top of him and even go down on him was sexy to me, and right now, as I felt him inside of me, I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs. Mary’s breathing started to grow hard as she began to massage her breast. I bit my lips, holding myself back. It wasn’t long before a feeling overcame me, and I felt myself melt into my orgasm. I kept on riding, though; it was only a few minutes later when Lucas was also done. “That…was…” Lucas tried to say but was breathing too hard to say anything more. Mary and I looked at each other and nodded our heads in agreement. “So, what now?” I asked. “What does all this mean?” “I mean, I guess it means we are a thing now?” Mary asked as she turned to look at Lucas. “I suppose, but isn’t it a bit weird?” “So, it means we are both dating Lucas or?” I asked I thought that was a little odd. Usually, it was just two people dating each other. “Hm,” Mary pondered this for a moment before she spoke, “well I guess it all depends on how this goes.” “How what goes-“but my words were cut short as Mary leaned forward and kissed me. I was too shocked to do anything, but her lips were warm, and I pressed myself into it before she parted. “I guess that means we’re all dating each other,” Mary said with a smile. “I guess so,” I said with a blush, “though Lucas needs to wear a diaper again. That was pretty hot.” “Haha,” Lucas, let out a small laugh, “It was fun, I’d admit.” “I bet Kelly would look adorable in a diaper too!” Mary said, and I blushed but didn’t say anything about it. We then all got dressed and hung out for a little bit before Mary and Lucas went home. About thirty minutes after they left, my parents returned. The following Monday, I waited by the school entrance for Mary and Lucas to show up. They soon walked over to me, and without missing a beat, we all grabbed each other hands and started to head into the school. We decided to keep our relationship between the three of us since it would be too confusing to admit to our friends and family. I was curious to see what the future had in store for us, though.
  12. My profile picture is a drawing I did, and it shows breast, and I haven't heard anything about not being able to have it so *shrugs* I'm sure an admin/staff will be able to answer soon though.
  13. Chapter 9 of Babysitting 101 is posted! The 10th (and last) chapter is posted on my Patreon page and my newest story will be posted there next week!  :) https://www.patreon.com/mamabug

  14. Here is the next chapter! Thank you all for your support! I'm so happy to be back to writing once again ❤️ Next Wednesday on my Patreon page will be the 1st chapter of my newest story! It will be posted on DD in 2 weeks. I'm also working on a drawing today to be posted soon! (either today or tomorrow!) Enjoy! Chapter Nine “W-what? Why are you looking at me like that?” Lucas asked as he shrunk back a bit. “You’re not going anywhere,” I told him with a shrug off my shoulders, and Mary nodded her head. “Yeah, silly. You have a diaper on! Might as well use it for its intended purposes.” Mary replied. Lucas just stared at them for a moment; his whole face was red. “I can’t do that!” “Why not?” Mary asked as she leaned forward and bopped him on the nose. “You’re just a baby, right?” “N-no! I was only doing this because Kelly needed my help.” Lucas said in his defense as he raised his hands. “Right, Kelly?!” “It started that way,” I said, “but you admitted to me you enjoyed it…and so did I. you can’t tell me you’re not a little bit curious?” “I mean…No!” Lucas said. “I’m not going to do this. I’m – “but before he could finish his sentence, Mary was plopping a pacifier into his mouth. “Shhh,” she whispered, “don’t worry about it. Just let it all go, and we will take care of everything else.” He started to spit the pacifier out, but I leaned forward and gently pressed my fingers against it and shook my head. “It’s okay,” I said in a calming voice, “do you want another bottle?” I then turned my head over to Mary, who nodded and grabbed the bottle and headed down the stairs. I turned my attention to Lucas, who looked so small sitting there. “Why don’t we get you a bit more comfortable and put that onesie back on you?” I asked him, but I didn’t wait to hear an answer from him as I opened the drawer and pulled out the giant panda onesie that Mary and I bought with him the previous week. I helped him slide it on before I zipped it up. “If it gets too warm, let me know?” I told him, and he nodded his head, still suckling on the pacifier. It was only a few moments later before Mary returned with another bottle full. “I get to feed him this time.” She said as she sat down on the other side of Lucas. She patted her lap, and without question, Lucas hurried over to her, lying down as he did with me as she plopped the bottle in his mouth. “This is quite fun,” Mary told me, and I nodded. “Y-yeah, strangely enough, it is,” I replied as I watched one of my best friends feed my other best friend. “We will keep filling up your tummy until you have no other choice but to fill that diaper of yours up!” Mary said with a snicker. “then Kelly and I will have to fight over who will change you!” “Change him?” I asked, my face turning a bit red. “Of course, you didn’t expect him to change himself, did you?” Mary asked as she gave him a questioning look. “No, I guess not,” I replied as I thought back to when I took off his boxers and put the diaper on him. I shifted my weight. The thought of pulling back the wet diaper and wiping off his dick, it caused me to have certain feelings that I was unsure of, excitement? Maybe. It felt both wrong, but yet so right at the same time. “We can always do it together,” Mary said as she turned her attention back to Lucas, who was almost finished with his bottle and was also shifting his weight. I had a feeling it wouldn’t be long before he would be forced to use the diaper. “There we go!” Mary said as she held up the empty bottle. “You did such a great job!” “T-thanks,” Lucas whispered. “Why don’t we watch some TV?” I asked, knowing there wasn’t much else we could do as we waited for nature to take its course. “That sounds like a good idea,” Mary said as she plopped the paci back in Lucas’ mouth, who accepted it. “We can go downstairs,” I told them. “My parents are going to be late.” “Let’s go!” Mary said as she grabbed Lucas’s hand and helped him off the bed. “Have to hold my hand while going down the stairs! You don’t want to fall now!” I let Mary and Lucas go first, and I followed behind them. I couldn’t help but wonder how Mary was such a natural at this. I found myself blushing and fumbling through it, but it was almost like she had done this before. I knew that couldn’t have been possible; I just figured it had to be her personality. Mary was always a leader type; when they were younger, I would just follow her wherever she went. Her parents were also wealthy and had servants, too, so she was only used to telling people what to do. “What should we watch?” Mary asked as he settled down on the couch, Lucas in-between the two of us. “There is a new movie out on Netflix that looked to be good,” I said as I grabbed the remote and put the movie on. Throughout the movie, we didn’t talk much. Once in a while, I would run my fingers through Lucas’ hair, or Mary would lean over and pinch his cheeks. He was shifting his weight more and more throughout the hour and a half movie. Mary and I would give each other a knowing glance, knowing that it wouldn’t be long now that Lucas would fill up his diaper. But, we both knew we were going to wait till the movie was over before we checked him. So if he happened to lose control halfway through the film, he would have to sit in it for the rest of the movie. As soon as the movie was over, I turned off the TV and let out a stretch. “That movie was great.” “Yeah, it was fun,” Mary said as she turned to look at Lucas, who nodded his head, but his face was down, his cheeks were the brightest red I’ve ever seen. We both knew. Without saying a word, the two of us placed our hand on top of his crotch, and it was a bit difficult to tell through the onesie. We didn’t even have to feel the wet diaper to know what he had done. “Uh oh,” I said with a giggle, “looks like someone had an accident.” “Who’s a big boy now?” Mary teased. Lucas sunk as far as he could, trying to cover his face, but it was pointless. “Come on, let’s go get the stinky little boy changed!” Mary said as she stood up and offered her hand to Lucas, who took it. I stood up, and all three of us slowly made it back to my bedroom, where Lucas crawled on top of my bed. “Let’s get you out of this onesie first!” Mary cooed as she helped him out of the onesie. “Wow!” I replied as I pointed to his diaper, “It’s obvious that you are soaked!” “Do you have any wipes?” Mary asked as she turned her attention to me. “Yes,” I replied as I bent down and picked up the package of wipes that we had bought earlier, “we are going to need a lot, though.” “Yes, we have such a wet little boy on our hand!” Mary stated, and Lucas covered his face with his hands as he laid there in nothing but a soaking wet diaper. Mary placed her fingers on top of his crotch and pressed down. “Oh?” “What?” I asked, but instead of saying anything, Mary grabbed my hand and placed it on top of Lucas’ crotch. It took me a moment to realize what she was talking about when I felt the thickness of his dick pressing up against the diaper. He was hard. Mary and I looked at each other and then back to Lucas, who was trying to dig his face into his hands, but even then, we could see his red face beneath. This was turning him on. I bit my lip, not wanting to admit to myself that it was a bit exciting for me as well, and as I turned to Mary, I knew that she felt the same way.