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  1. I've now officially sold 100 eBooks total of my books and I'm so excited! If you haven't checked out the first 2 books of the trilogy The Taboo Word check it out now https://books2read.com/ap/8NY5WO/Red-Queen :) 

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      I'm so proud of you, love! ❤️ :):) 

  2. Chapter 3 of Who is Mommy Violet is now up!! I hope you all enjoy! :) 

  3. mamabug

    Who is Mommy Violet?

    Thanks for your patience! Here is the next chapter! If you enjoyed my stories, feel free to check out my published work or if you're looking for commissioned work, please send me a message! <3 Enjoy!! Chapter Three Daniel woke up the next morning feeling refreshed, a huge smile upon his face as he remembered the previous night’s events. He giggled to himself as he let out a long stretch, forcing himself out of bed as he felt his bladder press against him. Sometimes Daniel would wear a diaper in bed so that he wouldn’t have to get up right away to use the bathroom. Even though the fact he wore diapers was a bit embarrassing at times, it still made him feel peaceful. It took him a long time to accept his fetish, but now he was pretty comfortable with it. After he went to the bathroom and took a quick shower, he headed to his computer and logged in for a few moments, checking up on his messages and social media accounts. However, when he noticed he had a new message from Mommy Violet, he felt himself blush. MommyVioletLove: January 16, 20xx 5:14 AM Hey baby! I hope you slept well last night! Mommy has to go into work early today! I hope you have a fantastic day! Talk to you later Xoxoxo Her words always caused him to smile and blush. He couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to meet her. But, he figured that would never happen. Their time together was just to pass the time, until they could find someone closer to them to be in a relationship with, once that happened though... The thought of not being able to talk to her did hurt a little bit. But, Daniel decided not to dwell on it. He looked at the clock, it was almost six in the morning, and he didn’t have to be at work until 8. He decided to make himself some French toast since the previous one he only had cereal. After breakfast and getting dressed for work, it was still only a little after 7. Daniel always seemed to be ready way too early for work. For a moment he thought he would watch TV or play a game until it was time to leave, but he suddenly had an urge to stop at the local dollar general store. “Good morning,” that same warm voice greeted him as he looked over to see Natalie stocking some things in one of the ales as he walked into the store. “Good morning.” “How is that headache of yours?” She asked him, turning her full attention to him, giving him a broad smile. “It’s much better; thank you.” He replied as he shifted his feet. He had no reason to be here today. He just wanted to see her. “Do you always work so early in the morning?” “Most of the time, yes,” She replied with a sigh, “Sometimes I have to work all day. The troubles of being a manager, eh? What about yourself?” “Oh, I work down at the Little Pops Bookstore & Café.” He replied. “It’s only part-time currently, but it’s enough to pay the bills.” “Well that’s good,” she replied with a smile, “I think I’ve been there before, I might have to come to visit.” He felt his cheeks burn slightly; why would she want to visit? Perhaps it was because she was an avid book lover or she liked to help support small family stories…but it wasn’t as if it was new and it was only a few blocks away. Surely she should have known about it before. There was no reason that she wanted to come and drop by because he worked there. “You should; it’s a nice place. Do you like to read?” “Yes, at times, but I’m usually so busy that it’s hard to find time to do much else.” “I understand that. Even though I’m considered part-time, I can find myself working a bit overtime at the store to help out.” “That’s very sweet of you,” her words caused him to blush more, turning his head away from her. There was no chance she was flirting with him. He wasn’t that clueless when it came to woman. He had dated in the past, but he had a hard time believing that this beautiful woman would be interested in someone like himself. “You blush quite easily,” she said bluntly, which just caused his cheeks to burn even more. Daniel heard her let out a small chuckle, “it’s pretty cute.” “T-thanks…” he said in an almost whisper, feeling himself starting to feel little “Can I help you find anything?” She asked him, and he froze up. He hadn’t thought of a reason he entered the store this morning, lost in his thoughts, now what could he say? He didn’t want it to be evident that he came into the store to talk with her. “Umm well, I came for…” Daniel said as he looked around the store, hoping to spot something that would help him...” For this!” he said as he quickly pointed to something, not even looking at it. Natalie gave him a look as she walked over to him and picked up something at the shelf that he pointed at, holding out a bright blue pacifier in her hand. “You were coming in here for this?” She asked, raising an eyebrow. He hadn’t realized he had pointed to the baby aisle and felt his cheeks burn brightly as he took a deep breath, deciding to try to keep his composure. “It’s a baby shower gift,” he stated, glad he was able to think of a sound able reason, “one of my coworker’s girlfriend is pregnant, and we are throwing a baby shower soon so I just thought I should grab a few things…” “That’s very sweet of you,” she said as she handed him the pacifier, “I’m sure they’ll be thankful for it. Babies need a lot of care and supplies!” Her words were smooth and sweet, and he couldn’t help but be curious about what she thought about this sort of things…not for a real baby…but for an adult. He shook his head, pushing his thoughts out of his mind. There was absolutely no way that she would be into something like that. “Is this all you came in for?” “Yeah…well, I suppose I should get a few other things, for the baby shower of course.” “Well I’m sure they would appreciate diapers, babies go through diapers like crazy!” He could feel himself start to blush at the mention of diapers, but he tried his best to hold his composure. He didn’t want her to get suspicious on why he would blush at something like that. “Yeah, I guess that is true…I don’t know much about diapers though…” “That’s okay,” Natalie said as she pulled off a small package of Luvs off the shelf, “these are a cheaper brand, but they work well – from my experience at least.” “Do you have children?” “No! But I am the oldest sibling, and I have quite a bit of nephew and nieces that I love to babysit.” Natalie smiled. “But it’s best to buy a small package. Also, baby powder is useful as well as a few bottles!” Before he knew it, he had a bunch of baby supplies in his arms next to the woman he had a crush on. He felt so embarrassed, and it was difficult for him to hold himself together around her, but she was kind and patient and seemingly unnoticing of his awkwardness regarding the baby items. “That will be 23.19.” “Thank you,” He said as he put his card in the chip reader as she started to bag all of the supplies. “You know…” she said suddenly. “I have to admit that this is all you came in here for today.” “W-what?” He almost choked on his words as he stopped and stared at her. What did she mean by that? What more could he have come in for? There is no way she knew that he stopped in to see her, was it? It wasn’t like he came in every day. “Well,” she brushed her hair behind her ear with her hand; he couldn’t help but wonder if she was nervous? It was unlike her. She always seemed confident and in charge. “Perhaps this is a bit pretentious of me to think, but I was hoping you were going to ask me for my number…” “Really?!” He yelled out, before clearing his throat and gathering himself. His heart was pounding loudly in his chest. Was this happening? Was this beautiful woman genuinely interested in him? It wasn’t like he didn’t think he was attractive, but Daniel felt like he was on average a seven while she was a solid ten. “I’m guessing I was wrong then, I’m sorry.” She let out a small laugh. “I guess more like wishful thinking.” “No! I mean…I think you're gorgeous…but I thought there would be no way you would be interested in me…” “Why not?” She seemed shocked by his answer. “You’re good looking, funny, and pretty cute when you blush. What is there not to like?” Her words once again caused him to blush as he turned his head away. “Aw jeez…well I mean…I would love to ask for your number and perhaps take you out on a date.” “I would love that as well,” Natalie replied as she grabbed a sticky note and a pen, writing down her number before handing it to him, “I’m off at four today.” “Awesome…I’ll give you a call later then…” he said as he placed her number in his pocket. “I look forward to it.” “Me too. Thanks for your help.” He said as he held up the supplies. “Anytime.” As he left the store, he couldn’t believe what just happened…did Natalie really give him her phone number? Was there a potential date in his future? “Well someone is in a good mood this morning!” Daniel turned his head when he noticed Lilly coming into the back room; she usually got their early to help open the store. “Not more than usual…” He replied. “What’s in the bag?” Lilly asked, and before he could stop her, she was opening up and looking inside. “Baby stuff? What’s this for?” There was a curiosity in her voice, but he shook it off. “Trisha’s baby shower, remember?” “Oh yeah, shit. I forgot about that.” Lilly let out a small laugh. “You would forget your brain if it wasn’t attached.” “Hey now!” Lilly stuck out her tongue as he got up, putting the baby stuff in his locker before started to head out to start his work shift. “Come on we got work to do.” “I want to check up on something first,” Lilly replied, and he just shrugged his shoulders as he left the room, not knowing that Natalie’s phone number had fallen out of his pocket and was now on the floor in the break room, where Lilly was.
  4. mamabug

    Who is Mommy Violet?

    I'm glad everyone is enjoying the story so far! I will be publishing the next chapter on Monday and every following Monday!
  5. Just posted my first commissioned story "This Doesn't Feel Right..." feel free to check it out! Also if you would like any commissioned work, feel free to send me a PM or email at [email protected] :)

  6. Hello! I'm very excited to bring you my first commissioned story by @RoboNarples! It's different than the work I write on my own, but the concept is quite interesting, and I think you all are going to enjoy it! I will be posting chapters for this story every Friday! <3 Also, commissions are still open! The price is $3 for every 500 words. If you're interested in me writing a story for you, feel free to send me either a PM or an email at [email protected] for more information Enjoy!! Chapter One “Miss Gabriella Moore, how do you plead?” “Guilty.” Gabriella looked around the courtroom; everyone was wearing suits, their hair pulled back, looking severe. Everyone looked at her with eyes full of judgment and something else she couldn’t pinpoint. She bit her lip as she held her head down in shame. What had gotten her into this mess? Her head was pounding so loudly that she could hardly even concentrate. All she knew is that she was at the bar with some friends drinking…but what the hell happened after... She stopped, as the hazy memories from the night before started to pour back into her. That was right; her friends encouraged her to go out after Brad had broken up with her. Brad. The name was like poison to her ears. She couldn’t believe that he would go and dump her like that after they had been dating for almost a year; their one year anniversary was a month away, and she was secretly hoping that would have come with an engagement ring. But all she got instead was a quick, unceremonious text message with the last thing she had wanted to hear that day. Sorry, Gabs, can’t do this anymore. It was fun. Good luck. What kind of shitty way was that to break up with someone? The thought alone just pissed her off. She wasn’t one to have guys break up with her; usually, it was the other way around. But, she believed Brad to be different. He had totally caught her off guard, sweeping her off her feet the year before…but then to drop her just like that? She felt like such an idiot! But, thankfully as soon as they got news of what was going on – two of her best friends Alexis and Nicole came swooping to her rescue. They constantly told her that she deserved better, that he was never good enough for her, that they never liked him anyway... The usual stuff that supporting friends did in their time of need. Even though all she wanted to do was to stay in for the night, they convinced her that she needed to get out of the dorm room, have a few drinks with them and a few of their other friends and have a good time. But, of course, the last thing she wanted to do was run into Brad in one of the local bars – so her, Alexis and Nicole decided to hop to a small town about an hour away and just spend the night drinking (the bar had an attached motel that they booked for the night). They were drinking and having a good time, but then why did it lead to this? Why was she standing before a judge, with handcuffs around her wrist and a cop and lawyer on either side of her? And where was…Eric? She twisted her head around, searching for him, when she noticed him sitting down, wearing an orange jumpsuit (like herself) with a lawyer dressed sharply beside him. They glanced at each other, before turning away, not wanting to admit to themselves what they had done. It was a double edge sword. He brought her some comfort as he was the only person that she knew in the courtroom, but at the same time, she wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him. The memories kept rushing back to her, her friends kept buying her drink after drink (and they also took a few shots) they were pretty much the only people in the bar, but they didn’t mind. Gabriella was beginning to lose herself in the music and the drinks. She felt herself feeling better in the moment, deciding to forget all about Brad and that he was a dickhead and she deserved better than him. What time was it when they made their way back to the motel? It was after the bar had closed, so it had to have been after midnight. She remembered her and Eric going outside for a bit to sit down and talk – and somehow they ended up making out. She never saw Eric as anything more than a friend before, but at this point, she no longer cared. She could start to feel the emotions of losing Brad bubbling up inside of her, and she wanted to do anything she could to push them back down, so she did she could only think of at that moment – get together with another guy. It was a dumb decision; even then, as wasted as she was, she could tell that it was ill-advised. But, she didn’t think it would lead to anything like this. They obviously weren’t thinking of what they were doing, or they would have gone back to one of their rooms in the motel, like sensible drunk college kids looking to hook up. But in their inebriated state, they didn’t want to be anywhere near any of their friends and decided to wander out to a nearby empty park, in the middle of the night. All she could remember is thinking that he wasn’t that good of a kisser as he pushed her down onto the ground, taking off their clothes. It certainly wasn’t comfortable. Leaves and sticks were poking at them, as they shifted their position as they tried to have sex. She honestly didn’t care, they were both extremely drunk, and no matter how much he tried, his penis was out of business for the moment. But, before they could put their clothes back on, a light shone right into their eyes. “Gabriella Moore for one account of indecent exposure, now with that in mind, I can send you to six months of jail – and put you on the sex offender list – OR – you can do community service.” “Community service…your honor!” Gabriella quickly blurted out, not even hesitating. She couldn’t stand another night in jail and the thought of being on a sex offender list… they might as well as kill her right then and there. “Very well,” the judge said, looking down at her, feeling his eyes piercing right through her, “I will be sentencing you to live with Mrs. Molly Hill and her husband Pastor Deacon Hill so they may correct your behavior.” Correct her behavior? What did he mean by that? And what was with that tone in his voice? It was a drunken mistake. This was the first time that she had any real trouble with the law (minus a few traffic incidents). “But…what about school..?” He cleared his throat, looking down at her, making her feel small. “Sir?” “You can finish your classes online; we’ve already reached out to your university to inform them of your… predicament. As for the specifics of your service, you are to do anything and everything that Mrs. and Mr. Hill tell you to do.” She felt dread wash over her. What did he mean by everything they told her to do? Does that mean she would essentially be their slave for the next six months? How could that be legal? She wanted to call out the judge and tell him he was an asshole, but she bit her tongue hard. She was already in enough trouble as it was, she knew better than to make it worse. “Perhaps after six months in their care…you’ll start to see things differently and realize your rightful place.” The judge recalled as he started to fold up the paperwork. This was starting to get strange; she looked around the room; everyone was looking at her…their eyes were filled with…something. What a weird town this was. She also couldn’t help but notice that everyone was at least in their early forties, perhaps even older than that. They leaned over and whispered to each other, and she was pretty confident they were talking about her. She turned her attention over to Eric, who would not look at her directly in the eye. She felt a strong dislike for him seething within her; he was part of the reason she was in this mess. “Gabriella Moore, I hereby sentence you to live with Mrs. and Mr. Hill for six months.” The sound of the gavel hitting the block rang loudly in the courtroom, silencing anyone that was talking. With that, the judge said no more as he gathered his things and left the stand, and the courtroom began to buzz with voices. Gabriella remained silent, uneasily wondering what was going to happen or what to expect for the next six months. The police officer then began to undo the handcuffs that were around her wrist. She turned her eyes over to Eric who was lost in conversation with his lawyer, obviously weighing in on what his options were going to be. “Hello, Gabby, honey.” Gabriella turned her head around to see two people walking over to them. The woman, who looked to be about in her mid-forties, wrapped her arms around Gabriella before she could stop her, bringing her closer into a tight hug. “Don’t you worry about a thing! We will take good care of you and shape you up to be a lovely girl!” Gabriella felt her cheeks burn slightly from the comment. The woman’s voice was sweet and kind, but the way she spoke to the twenty-year-old college student – was almost as if she was a five-year-old girl that needed to be looked after. What had she gotten herself into?
  7. Just letting everyone know that I am now taking story commissions! :) For more information feel free to send me a PM! 

  8. I honestly don't remember. I knew OF ABDL people in a way I knew there were "sick freaks" who liked to wear diapers and dress up as babies - and I refused to accept I was part of it (I'll go ahead and think that CSI episode and Jerry Springer for that) Even though I had my own computer that no one else used when I was a teenager. I NEVER looked anything up. I put the thoughts in the back of my mind that only came out in the dead of night - and I would feel guilty for that. I know I was in my early 20s when I stumbled upon Daily Diapers and I stalked it for a good, probably 3 years before I joined - perhaps maybe even 4 years. I still didn't really accept myself when I lurked here, but it helped me become aware that not everyone was 'freaks' like on the shows I previous mentioned, that perhaps I wasn't as 'weird' as I originally thought. It took me over 10 years to finally stopped being totally ashamed and disgusted at my fetish and instead embrace it and love it for all it's 'weirdness' :p
  9. mamabug

    Who is Mommy Violet?

    Hahaha. Thanks for that. That is what I get for using 2 names similar for 2 different stories
  10. mamabug

    Who is Mommy Violet?

    I appreciate it! And that makes sense! I guess I never thought about how long it would take me to write it. (it's good to know there are lots of stories that people want to be commissioned though!) And you're correct! I will take what you said in consideration and try to figure out something that works best for me Also! I would greatly appreciate it if you could perhaps PM and let me know how the process works for you all? - from someone submitting the commission, payment (how you get paid) when you get paid etc!
  11. mamabug

    Who is Mommy Violet?

    Awww, thank you! That is very sweet! Yeah, I wasn't exactly sure what prices would be reasonable. I didn't want to be too high since I just started with commissions (even if I have already posted a few stories here already and wrote some books) but also didn't want it to be too low either. That's why I put they may change because I figured eventually I might raise the prices a bit.
  12. Chapter Two of Who is Mommy Violet is now up!! <3 Enjoy! 


  13. mamabug

    Who is Mommy Violet?

    I'm glad everyone is enjoying it thus far! Here is chapter two! Chapter Two Daniel felt his cheeks flush at the words on the screen; he got out of his chair and made his way to the closet where he kept his stash. He pulled out a large diaper that had bears on it, pressing his fingers against the diaper, wiggling a bit as he made his way to his bed, setting the diaper down as he began to undress. He couldn’t help but imagine his mommy lying him down and diapering him up. The thought alone made his cheeks burn. He doubted that was something that would ever happen though. Once he had his diaper on, he felt himself instantly feel smaller than before. It was like his adult self was no longer here. DiaperedLittleOne: January 15, 20xx 5:26PM Okay, mommy….my diaper is on…. MommyVioletLove: January 15, 20xx 5:27PM Oh, what a good little boy! *pats your diapered bottom* mommy wishes she could have diapered you up herself DiaperedLittleOne: January 15, 20xx 5:30PM That would be wonderful MommyVioletLove: January 15, 20xx 5:35PM Uh huh! I would lie you down on your bed, as I slowly take off your pants (or shorts) and comment on you’re not a big boy at all! You’re just a little baby boy who needs to wear some protection! I would put the diaper underneath you, before putting lots of baby powder on! Tape you all up so your snug and comfy! DiaperedLittleOne: January 15, 20xx 5:36PM Oh my mommy! That would make me get really embarrassed! MommyVioletLove: January 15, 20xx 5:39PM Well, that is the whole point, silly goose! Just wait until you fill that diaper up for me! Speaking of which, you need to send me some pictures of your diaper so I can make sure you’re wearing one – also I think you need to get a bottle. I’m sure my little one is thirsty. There were many times where his mommy would require him to send pictures of his diaper. Though they never shared any face pics and mommy hardly ever sent him any pictures of herself (if she did it was often of her lap so he could get over it, or sometimes a close up of her breast, her beautiful pink nipples hard making him want to suckle on them). He respected her privacy, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t curious what she looked like. They have been in this dynamic for about six months now…but it was just an online thing. It wasn’t as if they were in a real relationship. He was sure that she probably went on dates, perhaps she even had a boyfriend. He couldn’t help but imagine Natalie whenever he pictures what his mommy would look like. Very stern, with curves, large breast, and a killer smile that made his knees grow weak. He shook his head as he grabbed his phone and took a few pictures of his bulky diaper – before heading to the kitchen. He was thankful he lived alone and didn’t get too many visitors, so he wasn’t too worried about leaving things around the house. He reached in a cabinet and pulled out a green bottle with blocks on it, before grabbing some juice and filling it up. He took another picture of the full bottle on his counter space before he returned to his computer, uploading the photos and sending it to her. MommyVioletLove: January 15, 20xx 5:50PM Oh, good job! What an adorable and good little boy I have! You better drink that baba right up! Mommy would have you curl up in my lap, and I would feed you as I pat your cute little bottom! I’m sure you would fit perfectly! DiaperedLittleOne: January 15, 20xx 5:52PM *blushes* I would really love that mommy…. MommyVioletLove: January 15, 20xx 5:55PM You’re just so cute! I can’t handle it! DiaperedLittleOne: January 15, 20xx 5:56PM Hehe…you’re making me blush a lot here now… MommyVioletLove: January 15, 20xx 5:58PM I don’t think that is a bad thing, now hurry up and finish your bottle Daniel blushed again as he grabbed his bottle and began to drink it. He closed his eyes and imagined lying down in his mommy’s lap. He imagined her fingers either tracing along his diapered bottom or would run through his hair. The thought alone was blissful, and it made him feel less-silly than just sitting there and drinking the bottle on his own. DiaperedLittleOne: January 15, 20xx 6:03PM I’m done mommy… MommyVioletLove: January 15, 20xx 6:04PM Good job, baby! Now your tummy is nice and full! Hopefully, you don’t have any bubbles in your tummy that mommy would have to pat you to get out. DiaperedLittleOne: January 15, 20xx 6:06PM *blush* that would be nice mommy. MommyVioletLove: January 15, 20xx 6:10PM Well, you are nothing but a little boy who needs to be cared for. I’m not sure how you manage on your own. You poor little boy. DiaperedLittleOne: January 15, 20xx 6:15PM I don’t know how either, mommy….but I’m thankful to have you to help me… MommyVioletLove: January 15, 20xx 6:18PM Aw you’re so sweet…I’m thankful for you too, baby! He wiggled about in his chair hearing her words; his face was burning hot. He could only imagine how he would feel if she was next to him, telling him all this, doing everything to him. He could start to feel his bladder pressing against him a bit. He bit his lip. He hadn’t gone to the bathroom when he got home, wanting to hold it in, but he wasn’t expecting her to make him drink a whole bottle though. MommyVioletLove: January 15, 20xx 6:20PM How is my little one feeling? DiaperedLittleOne: January 15, 20xx 6:25PM I’m okay mommy…my tummy is quite full though MommyVioletLove: January 15, 20xx 6:28PM Awwww, does my baby have to go potty? DiaperedLittleOne: January 15, 20xx 6:30PM *blushes* uh—huh…mommy… MommyVioletLove: January 15, 20xx 6:33PM Guess it’s a good thing mommy told you to diaper up then! Wouldn’t want you to have an accident now, would we? DiaperedLittleOne: January 15, 20xx 6:34PM No…we wouldn’t want that MommyVioletLove: January 15, 20xx 6:36PM It’s okay baby to let go and wet your diaper up for mommy! After all that is what diapers are for! To catch any mess that you may have. He imagined sitting in her lap, her hands pressed against his diaper, telling him those words. Encouraging him to fill up his diaper, he wiggled as he felt his bladder pushing against him, unable to hold it anymore. He released it. He felt his diaper get very warm and swell up as he continued to pee – feeling himself shift around his weight, worried that he might leak a bit. Thankfully, the diaper did its job and protected his office chair from his pee. But, it was full! He was confident that any little wetting would cause it to leak. He took his hand and pressed it against the warmth of his diaper, biting his lip and letting on a small moan, loving the way it felt against his crotch. He could feel himself get turned on by the feeling of the wet diaper pressed against his legs and dick. DiaperedLittleOne: January 15, 20xx 6:44PM I…wet my diaper…mommy… MommyVioletLove: January 15, 20xx 6:42PM Awww good baby! Don’t forget to send mommy lots of pictures of your wet diaper! He knew that was coming; she always required him to send proof of his diaper state. He felt his cheeks burn even more as he grabbed his phone and took a few photos of his wet soggy diaper. It made him feel so little and embarrassed to be wearing, but it felt so good at the same time. DiaperedLittleOne: January 15, 20xx 6:48PM Here you go mommy… MommyVioletLove: January 15, 20xx 6:49PM Oh my! You are a wet little boy! You almost leaked for sure! It would take mommy a long time to clean that diaper up! DiaperedLittleOne: January 15, 20xx 6:52PM Yeah, it’s really wet mommy…but it feels really good too. MommyVioletLove: January 15, 20xx 6:55PM I’m sure that my little one isn’t quite so little anymore… DiaperedLittleOne: January 15, 20xx 6:56PM No-no… MommyVioletLove: January 15, 20xx 7:00 PM Such a naughty little boy, I have! You get excited way too easily….can’t say it isn’t cute though. Mommy wishes she was there to help you out though! Things like that always drove him wild. He pressed his fingers against his wet diaper, imaging it was her hands, which just caused him to grow even more excited. He pressed even harder. DiaperedLittleOne: January 15, 20xx 7:05 PM Oh…I would really love to feel mommy’s fingers pressed against my diaper… MommyVioletLove: January 15, 20xx 7:07 PM What an easy little boy I have to please! I’m sure it wouldn’t take you long to fill that diaper even more for mommy. I’m sure just a few rubs and pats on your diapered bottom as I whisper in your ear – and you’ll be cumming in no time. He groaned as he rubbed his diaper more, feeling embarrassed at her words stating that it wouldn’t take him long to cum for her. She would be correct though. He knew that at least the first time, she would have touched him, he would be like putty in his hands. He could feel himself grow closer, as he continued to rub his dick beneath his wet diaper, spreading his legs slightly as he bit his lip hard. DiaperedLittleOne: January 15, 20xx 7:10PM I’m close mommy… MommyVioletLove: January 15, 20xx 7:11PM That’s a good boy. Cum for mommy. Fill up your diaper even more. He went faster now, moaning, parting his lips slightly as he continued to rub at his diaper, feeling the pressure building. Until he couldn’t contain it anymore and he came in his diaper. He took a few deep breaths, feeling the sensation rush over him. DiaperedLittleOne: January 15, 20xx 7:15PM I came mommy MommyVioletLove: January 15, 20xx 7:16PM Good boy! *kisses you* DiaperedLittleOne: January 15, 20xx 7:18PM T-thank you mommy….for everything. MommyVioletLove: January 15, 20xx 7:20PM You’re welcome baby! I enjoyed it as well I think my baby should start getting ready for bed, I know you woke up early, so my poor little guy is probably exhausted DiaperedLittleOne: January 15, 20xx 7:22PM Y..yeah I’m a bit tired. I also know my mommy woke up early too. Guess it’s a good idea for both of us to go to bed early. MommyVioletLove: January 15, 20xx 7:25PM You are correct! Mommy has to go to work tomorrow morning sadly. DiaperedLittleOne: January 15, 20xx 7:27PM So do I MommyVioletLove: January 15, 20xx 7:29PM Good night baby *hugs and kisses* I hope you sleep well and don’t have any pesky nightmares! DiaperedLittleOne: January 15, 20xx 7:32PM Good night, mommy! Sleep well! Daniel smiled as he shut down the computer, heading to the bathroom so he could pull off his full diaper before jumping into the shower. He got ready for bed, turning on the TV watching a few shows before settling down for the night. When it was about 9:00 PM he climbed under the covers. He couldn’t help but imagine Natalie next to him, placing her arms around him and bringing her close. He felt his cheeks redden as he hid his face. No way could happen. He could hardly speak to her let alone anything else. But…that didn’t stop him from dreaming of her.
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