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  1. Chapter Four As soon as he places his fingers against the diaper, he could feel his cheeks burn as he felt the wetness. Sometime during the night, he had an accident. The diaper was cold to the touch, which told him that it happened a while ago. How did this happen? He was positive that he wouldn’t have an accident. He bites his lip as he pulls himself out of bed, knowing he needs to get out of this wet diaper before Aunt Jennifer spots him and claims that she was right all along that he needs to wear diapers. But it would already be too late. Before Jack could slip the wet diaper off of him, he hears a click from his door. Aunt Jennifer walks in. “Well, well, well.” She clicks her tongue as she folds her arms in front of herself; her eyes were focused right on his wet diaper. At that point, he wishes he could crawl underneath the covers and hide forever. “It looks like I was correct about your need to wear diapers,” she replies as she gives him a smirk. “It’s not…I mean…” Jack tries to fish around for something to say, some excuse, but he was left with nothing. How could he argue when he is literally standing in front of her in a wet diaper? She holds her hand up, which silences him. “I think you’ll know better not to question my ways now,” Aunt Jennifer says with a shake of her head, “now hurry up and get out of that wet diaper so we can have some breakfast.” With that, she turns around and leaves the room, but not before glancing one more time at him. Jack sinks onto the bed as soon as the door closes, putting his face into his hands. How can he ever face her again after what happened the previous night and what she saw this morning? Part of him wants to call his mom up and tell her to pick him up – what excuse could he tell? And what would he do about college then? He bites his lip, he wants to go, and this was an excellent opportunity for him. Did he have any other choice? Perhaps he should stand up to Aunt Jennifer and let her know that this is nonsense; that he was an adult and Jack didn’t need to be treated as such. He gets up from the bed and pulls off the wet diaper, throwing on a pair of boxers and shorts, before he heads to the kitchen. Aunt Jennifer is already sitting down with a stack of pancakes in the middle of the table. “Looks good,” Jack says as he sits down, trying to play off like what has just transpired didn’t happen. Aunt Jennifer has her hands folded and stares at him as he reaches over to grab a few of the pancakes and places them on his plate. “Y-yes?” He asks hesitantly, feeling as if he was going to regret this. “You know I’m doing this all in order to help you?” Aunt Jennifer tells him. “I care about you, Jack. I really do. If you wish to continue to live with me…there are things you’re going to have to do. If you wish to call up your mom and dad to pick you up, you are free to do so….however, I will be informing them about the little accident you had this morning.” He drops his fork and stares up at her, was she serious? Was she giving him an ultimatum? Stay here and do whatever she says…or his parents finding out he wet in his sleep again? He felt his cheeks burn once more, unable to look at her directly in the eyes. He didn’t have much of choice, did he? “I um…” He tries to find the courage to speak what is on his mind. “Don’t worry,” Aunt Jennifer says, “I’ll take care of everything, and if you’re good, there will be rewards in your favor. But, based on your reaction last night….I don’t think you can say you hated it.” She is right, though. Even though being spanked was embarrassing to the max, there was a mixture of satisfaction that mingled with it. “Yes, Aunt Jennifer.” He sighs, what else could he do? They finish their meal in silence, Jack unable to eat much more, suddenly losing his appetite. Once he finishes, he excuses himself and heads to the bathroom to take a shower. The warm water feels good against his skin as it helps wash away all the troubles and thoughts that were going on in his mind. What was Aunt Jennifer’s end game? Did she get a kick out of doing this? Has she done this with other people before? He bites his lip; everything was confusing right now. He turns off the water, getting out of the shower and wrapping a large towel around himself. He opens the door of the bathroom – to find Aunt Jennifer standing there. “Aunt Jennifer..what…” His cheeks turn pink as she takes a step closer, placing her hand upon his cheek, feeling it. “Do you trust me?” She asks him, her voice was like honey, so sweet. He feels as if he is going into a trance. She steps even closer; her face was right up against his, he knew that if one moved their head just an inch, their lips would be touching. “Yes…” He says. “Good, now follow me,” she grabs his hand and leads him into his bedroom; he is clutching the towel to make sure it doesn’t fall off, “lie down on the bed.” “Why?” “Because I thought that it would be easier to help clean you up when you’re all nice and smooth.” “What do you…” Jack starts to ask her, but she soon holds up a razor and a bottle of shaving crème. His face doesn’t grow much hair, so what did she mean….he feels his cheeks flush as he realizes what she means. “I can do that!” He almost yells at her but catches himself as he clears his throat and continues. “I mean…I can shave myself. It’s no big deal.” But, she shakes her head. “No, it will be much easier for me to do it. I want to make sure that you are completely clean – everywhere.” “Aunt Jennifer I-“ the look she gave him though, causes him to shut his mouth as he meekly nods his head and climbs onto the bed. He turns his head away from her as she begins to pull back the towel from him, leaving him there wholly naked – this was the 2nd time she saw him in the past 2 days. He wiggles around a little bit when he feels her start to put the shaving crème all over his privates and down his legs. “Lift your legs, please.” She tells him. “It will make shaving you a lot easier. Stay still as well; you don’t want me to cut you accidentally.” He nods his head as he lifts his knees, feeling even more vulnerable as he feels her run the razor over his private parts. She is very carefully, taking her time, wiping off the blade, and applying more shaving crème when necessary. He is partly thankful he wasn’t super hairy down there, to begin with, which should make it easier for her. He lets out a slight sigh when he feels her touch his manhood, pressing it upwards so she could shave his balls. He bites his lip, trying to concentrate on anything else besides the fact a beautiful woman was touching him. A few minutes go by, and he then feels her start to wipe him all down with the towel. “I think we are finished! Have a look!” Jack pulls himself up and looks down at him, feeling his cheeks turn pink as he notices he is utterly hairless from the waist down. Why did she shave his legs as well? He decided it was best not to question her. “T-thank you.” He replies, still unsure about everything that was happening. It was then that Aunt Jennifer leans down and kisses him on the cheek. “Thanks for being such a good boy,….for now.” She gives him a wink as she walks over to the closet, pulling out a pair of dark blue shorts and a light blue t-shirt. “Here, put this on,” she says as she throws the clothes at him, “then you may do what you will for the next few hours.” Once she left, Jack got dressed – feeling a bit silly with what he was wearing. It seems a bit…kiddish, but decides it was best to go with the flow of things. He places a hand upon his cheek; it was still burning from where she had kissed him. He wiggles a bit as he notices he is getting hard by thinking about her touching his penis, her kissing his cheek, that moment in the bathroom when she was so close that he swore she was going to kiss him. He bites his lip as he sits down on his computer to try to distract his mind. He couldn’t help but wonder what else Aunt Jennifer has in mind.
  2. I can't really promise anything at this point lol
  3. Sorry, everyone! Here is the next chapter! Enjoy!! Chapter Eleven "I've been looking forward to this all week!" Natalie said as she wrapped her arm around Daniel, pulling him closer to her. "What do you want to ride first?" "Whatever you want," Daniel said with a soft smile as they walked around the fair. It was Saturday night, and it was finally his second date with Natalie, which he was looking forward too. After everything that had happened between him and Lilly, he needed some time with Natalie to get his head on straight. Maybe after today, he would start to feel better. "Are you okay?" Natalie asked him. "You've seen distant." Ever since the encounter with her ex, Natalie has been cautious and he knew she was probably wondering if that was what was on his mind. "Yes, sorry." He shook his head. Natalie leaned forward and kissed his cheek, causing him to blush slightly. "Come on; let's go have some fun." She grabbed his hand and pulled him toward one of the rides. A few hours later, they found themselves sitting on a bench, sharing a funnel cake. "That was so much fun!" Natalie said. "I want to go on all of them again?" "Again?" Daniel asked, feeling a bit queasy after some of the rides they've been on. "After we take a break, of course," Natalie said with a small laugh. She grabbed some of the funnel cake with her fingers and brought it to his lips. "Say, ahhh." Daniel felt his cheeks grow red as he opened his mouth slightly as Natalie plopped the piece of cake into his mouth. "Good." He said with his mouth full and turning to look away from her. "Thank you for everything," Natalie suddenly said. "For what?" "For sticking around, most guys I believe would have run off after what happened. I should let you know it's almost finalized; we have a court day in a few days..." "That's great. Has he bothered you any since then?" "A few times, but not that bad," Natalie said with a shrug of her shoulders. "He's more of an 'all bark and no bite sort of guy." "Well that's good," Daniel said, trying to give a soft smile as he reached over and squeezed her hand. "Anything I can do to help?" She shook her head. "No, not really. It's just how things go, ya know? I'll be fine. I appreciate you just being here with me. I'm having a good time." "Same here," he told her, and he meant it. "Hey, Daniel! Fancy seeing you here!" Daniel looked up, noticing Thomas and a small group of co-workers from his job; he also saw Lilly standing in the background. "Hey, Thomas." He said as he turned his head to Natalie. "They're my co-workers." "Hello there," Natalie said with a smile and a small nod of her head. Daniel tried to get Lilly's attention, but her eyes were wandering off, looking at the distance. How was she feeling? Was she doing okay? There were many things he still wanted to ask her about and to talk to her, but he felt like it would almost be inappropriate, and he should keep his distance around her. "Won't bug you any longer on your date then," Thomas said with a wink as he started to turn to everyone else, "who wants to go on the roller coaster again?" He could hear them murmur a variety of different responses as they began to leave. As they started to walk away, Lilly turned her head back and looked at him – their eyes met – for a split second before she was lost amongst the crowd. "Well, they seem like a nice bunch," Natalie said as he stood up, going over to a trash can and throwing away the plate, she turned her attention back to Daniel. "So, what do you want to do now?" "Huh, what?" Daniel snapped out of his trance of thought as he turned his full attention to Natalie, who was giving him a look. What was he doing? Why was he thinking about Lilly when he was with Natalie? "Sorry about that, I don't mind. What do you feel like doing?" "Well, I was thinking," Natalie said as she walked over to him, placing her hand upon his shoulder, looking into his eyes, "either we could head back to my place, or we could go over to yours?" He took a deep breath and smiled. "Sounds perfect to me." They then left the fairgrounds and headed back to his place, and the whole time he was secretly hoping he remembered to put all his ABDL things away, not wanting Natalie to stumble upon it. Though he couldn't help but be curious to know what her reaction to it would be. He didn't think it would be like his ex-girlfriend who criticized him for it and left a lasting scar of pain from it. Would she accept it? Would she participate? He felt his palms get sweaty by just thinking about it. No way could happen, it was quite impossible. Just how it was impossible that Lilly turned out to be Mommy Violet. "I like your place," Natalie replied as they entered his small apartment. "Thank you; it's small, but hey, it's home." "That's all that matters." She said as she started to look over the kitchen and the living room, staring at his large 60-inch screen TV and the movies he had. "I haven't watched this one in forever." She said as he picked one out and showed it to him. "Great taste," Daniel said with a smile, "I also have a couple of beers if you want some?" "Sounds perfect." Daniel walked over to the kitchen, opening the fridge before grabbing a couple of beers and heading back to the living room. He set up the movie as the two of them cuddled on the couch. He was still feeling nervous, though he wasn't sure why. He didn't think Natalie came over with any attention of them sleeping together, as they already discussed it was perhaps a bit too soon for that, but then why? They watched the movie, Groundhog Day, it was almost complete silence, except for the stifled laughs here and there and the comments about the film. They cuddled close to each other, touching each other, leaning over to kiss each other once in a while. Daniel could feel his anxiety start to lessen up – the beer also helped with that as he soon drank his second one, deciding he wanted to slow down after that. "That was just as great as I remember it," Natalie said as he stretched after the credits started to roll. "Yes, I agree," He said, giving her a soft smile as he leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead. She returned the smile, and before he knew it, they were making out once again. There was a still small voice in the back of his mind, that couldn't help but wonder how she would react if he told her? As they kissed more and she ran her fingers up her thigh, what would she do if she knew? He was pretty positive a part of her already knew from their first date, but they haven't spoken about it since. Would it be alright to bring it up now? He never knew when was the right time to tell someone he was in a relationship about his love of diapers; it was always a scary topic. But, he felt at ease with her, like if she understood, she would be okay with it… He pulled away from their kiss. "Is everything okay?" She asked as she searched in his eyes. He stared back into hers, noticing a strand of hair had fallen in front of her face. He reached over and gently brushed it away. "Yeah, I just wanted to ask you something." He said, feeling his palms getting sweaty again, but he took a deep breath, he needed to stay calm for this otherwise he wouldn't be able to say it. This moment felt like the right time. "Yeah, of course, anything," Natalie replied with a broad smile that caused his stomach to drop. Man, she really was gorgeous. "I just wanted to know…" Daniel began to fumble around, unable to look at her directly now, how was he going to say this without freaking her out? "Do you remember our first date?" "Yes, it wasn't that long ago," Natalie said playfully as she stuck out her tongue. "I'm not that old, you know!" "I know that it's just, remember at the end of the night when we kissed?" "Yes…" Her voice trailed off as if she was lost in thought, could she perhaps know what he was going to ask about? "I was wondering if you noticed anything..er…different." Daniel could feel his heart pounding loudly in his chest, his voice no higher than a whisper, his cheeks felt like they were on fire. She didn't say anything at first, as if she was searching for the right thing to say. For a split moment, Daniel wished he could take it all back; he didn't want to hear anything that she had to say. He wanted to go back to the moment when the movie ended so he could erase it all; he closed his eyes, fearful of her answer. "You mean about the fact that you were wearing a diaper?"
  4. Sorry everyone for the late delay! Here is the next chapter! Enjoy! Chapter Three At that moment, Jack could feel his face grow a bright shade of red. He turns his face away from Jennifer, wanting to get up and run away, but his feet were frozen in place. Why did his mom have to go and tell her that information? How embarrassing! And to top it all off – why did she want to diaper him? The thought of her seeing him naked was almost too much. “I don’t…” “Don’t what?” “That’s not really, I mean,” he fumbles around for the right words to say, he is still unable to look directly at her. “That’s not really a problem anymore.” “But, it could happen, correct?” Jennifer asks as she folds her arms; he could feel her eyes staring right at him. “It hasn’t happened in like over a year…” Jack mumbles. “You want to live here? You need to follow my rules. This is one of my requirements.” “But, Jennifer!” He shouts out and then sees the look in her eyes. He realizes what he has said and quickly tries to take it back. “Aunt Jennifer. I’m sorry.” She stands up and holds out her hand. “I think you need to have a taste of what I mean; perhaps then you’ll be much more likely to obey.” He stares at her for a few moments before holding out his hand to hers. She grabs it before dragging him to his room. What was she going to do? He felt his cheeks turn pink – was she going to try to put him in a diaper? She sits down on the bed and pulls him over where he was almost across her knees. “Come on now.” With the tone of her voice, he did not want to argue with her. He sheepishly leaned across her knees. He felt as she grabbed his shorts and boxers and pulled them down, revealing his bare ass for the world to see. One smack. Two smack. Three smacks. He closes his eyes tightly, trying to focus on anything else. He had mixed emotions. On the one hand, he was utterly embarrassed that as an 18-year-old man he was lying across this beautiful woman’s lap as she spanks him – but another emotion started to stir underneath the surface, there was a bit of pleasure mixed in which just caused his cheeks to turn even redder. Once she finishes with the spanking, she pulls up his boxers and shorts and stands him back up. He appeared small now as he looks directly in her eyes. It was then he notices that she is much taller than he was, that even with her sitting on the bed, he didn’t have to look down to her. “I think I make myself very clear now.” She says, her voice was soft but stern. He knew that she meant what she said. But why did she want to treat him like this? But the bigger question was, why was he a bit turned on at the moment? “Yes, ma’am.” “Good,” she says as she stands up from the bed. “I want you to have a good time here; I want to help you save up money as you attend college. But, these are my rules…and I think eventually you’ll learn to appreciate them.” “Yes, Aunt Jennifer.” “Do you have any questions?” She asks as she lingers by the doorway. I shake my head. “No, ma’am.” She looks down at her watch. “You have a few hours before its bedtime. You may do whatever you want them. But don’t forget my rules.” With that, she leaves him alone in his room, shutting the door behind her. He stands there for a few moments, staring at the door and then back down to his bed. He could still feel the slight sting from her spankings on his bottom. It was then he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He picks it up and notices that his mom was calling him. What was he going to say? “Hello.” “Hey, sweetie! How are you doing? Are you settling in? Jennifer was so excited for you to be there! I’m sure it’s been a bit lonely for her living by herself.” “Oh yeah?” Jack says with a sigh as he thinks about the fact that she has lived on her own for as long as he could remember. He remembers a few times she had brought home or mentioned a boyfriend, but they never seemed to last. How lonely it must be to come home to an empty house every night. “Is everything okay, Jack?” He hears his mother on the phone; he shakes his head, realizing he had got lost in his thoughts. “Yeah, everything is going great. I got everything set up, and Aunt Jennifer even showed me where the university it, its super close.” “That’s great, honey! I’m sure the two of you are going to have a great time!” “Thank you, mom.” “Okay, I’ll talk to you later. Have a good night. Love you!” “Love you too, mom.” He takes a deep breath as he gets on his computer, trying to get a bit more work done. A few hours later, he hears a knock on his door. “Come in.” He calls as he shuts down his computer. “It’s almost bedtime,” Aunt Jennifer says. “Okay,” Jack replies as he gets up from his chair and stretches. When he turns around and looks at her, it is when he notices she is holding something in her hand. A diaper. His cheeks flushed a bright pink, he almost forgot about that! She wasn’t serious, though, right? He hadn’t needed to wear diapers since he was a young teenager, back before he got his bed wetting under control. “Oh,” he looks down at the ground, unsure what to say, “if you insist, Aunt Jennifer. But, I promise that I haven’t had a problem in a long…” Before he could say anything else, Aunt Jennifer was right there in front of him, looking down. “Do you wish for another spanking?” She asks, and he takes a large gulp, shaking his head. “Then I guess you better lay down on the bed so I can put you in a diaper. I need to make sure it’s on correctly; otherwise, you could leak all over my sheets.” He gulps, unsure what to say to her. He felt like if he didn’t do as she says, she would kick him out of the house and where would he go? He starts school in a week that was not enough time to get his own place. He couldn’t go back to his parents’ house either, and he couldn’t tell them what was going on, that would be embarrassing! Plus he already paid for the first semester of school… He feels as if he is trapped between a rock and a hard place. There was no way out of his situation. He figures though that after a few dry nights, perhaps he could convince her he didn’t need the diaper anymore…it was at least worth a try. He slowly gets onto the bed and lays down. Aunt Jennifer lies the diaper down next to him on the bed as she slowly begins to pull down his shorts. He bites his lip as he turns his head away from her. He feels her pull them off and watches as she tosses them on the floor. She then grabs hold of his boxers and slides them down next. He feels his cheeks burn, and he wants to shrink down. When he agreed to this whole arrangement – this was the last thing on his mind! He was secretly thankful though that his dick wasn’t sticking up as he was a bit turned on not that long ago. Aunt Jennifer doesn’t say anything or make any unusual expressions when she sees him naked. Instead, she reaches for the diaper and opens it up, before grabbing his leg and pulling it up so she could slide the diaper beneath him. She yanked up the front of the diaper and taped it snuggly against his hips. The feeling of the diaper between his thighs was a strange one. “There we go,” Aunt Jennifer smiles as she rests her hands on her hips. “That should protect you from any accidents. Now get into bed you go. You need to get used to an early bedtime before school starts.” “Yes-ma’am.” He says in a weak voice as he crawls to the other side of the bed, getting beneath the covers. Aunt Jennifer walks over the door and pauses, before turning and looking back at him. “I’m delighted that you are here, Jack. I think you’ll soon understand.” “Thank you for having me.” “Goodnight, Jack.” “Goodnight, Aunt Jennifer.” With that, she shuts the door, leaving him there alone. He shifts his weight, trying to get comfortable. Every time he remembers what he is wearing, it causes his face to flush. He was glad that no one else would find out about it. He was determined that after a few dry nights, he would talk to Aunt Jennifer about not wearing diapers anymore – it was too embarrassing! He would pay for any cleaning if it happened he did have an accident. It didn’t take long for Jack to fall asleep. The following morning, he heard Aunt Jennifer knocking on the door, letting him know he had 10 minutes to get up as breakfast was ready. He let out a stretch when he suddenly remembers he is wearing a diaper. He reaches forward to touch his diaper.
  5. Hey everyone! I know you are probably wondering where the next chapter of both Who is Mommy Violet and Aunt Jennifer's Offer are! The last 4 days I've been busy helping my lovely boyfriend @Dr_J move from New York to be closer to me in Florida. Things are slowly getting back to normal, and those 2 chapters will go up today! ❤️ Thank you for your patience! 

  6. I publish through Draft2Digital and none of my ABDL books have been banned.
  7. Chapter 2 of Aunt Jennifer's Offer is now up! :)

  8. Sorry for the delay for the chapter! This week has been hectic! Will try to get Friday's chapter on time as well! Anyway, enjoy!! Chapter Two “Well, welcome to my little abode!” Jennifer says as she opens the door and they walk into the house. Jack drops his bags on the floor as he looks around the house. It was indeed a rather small home, but it was quite apparent that Jennifer was very precise about everything. It didn’t seem like anything was out of place. His mouth felt dry, feeling a bit nervous that he would have to be extra careful not to mess anything up. He was also thankful, though, for the fact she is opening up her home to him. It was then that Jack felt her hands slip into his, holding it tight as if he were a child as she takes a few steps into the living room. “This is the living room. I have cable, Netflix and Hulu so you can watch whatever you like, I also have a crap ton of movies as well.” “Sounds great.” There was a large grey sectional couch against the bay windows. A rug was laid out on the wooden floor, grey, black, and red. The TV she had was at least a 60-inch screen TV, with a large case next to it filled to the brim with movies. “Now this is the kitchen,” Jennifer pulls his hand as she walks through the living. It was very open, with dark cherry cabinets and black fridge and stove. “Again, you can help yourself with anything in the fridge or the cabinets. I’m also a pretty good cook too!” “That’s great to know; I don’t know how to cook anything,” Jack says. “Don’t worry, I can teach you,” she pats the top of his head, Jack feels himself blush slightly as she drags him out of the kitchen and through the living room. She pauses for a moment as she points to a stand-alone room. “This is my bedroom,” she says as she turns her head around to look at Jack, “this area is off limits unless you wish to get a spanking.” Her voice is cheerful and carefree, but there is something about her words that makes Jack feel like she might be slightly serious. “I won’t.” “Too bad,” she gives him a wink before they start to go down the hallway, she opens one door on the right-hand side, revealing a bathroom, “this is where the bathroom is,” she then opens the door on the opposite side, “and this is your bedroom.” Jacks walks into the room and glances around. It was decently sized, with a full-size bed, a desk and a dresser. “You can do what you want with it.” “Thank you; I appreciate this all, Jennifer,” Jack replies as he begins to leave the room. He turns back to look at her as she gives him a particular look, but yet Jack cannot explain precisely what she is thinking. Jack looks down the hallway and notices a third room, he waits for Jennifer to mention it, yet instead, she head s down the hallway and back into the living room. “Let’s head over to your university; it’s only a few blocks away.” “Sounds good,” Jack says as he turns and looks back at the door.“Hey, what is inside this room?” He goes to open the door but is surprised to see that it is locked. “Nothing you should concern yourself with right now,” Jennifer replies with a knowing smile as she walks back over to him and grabs his hand once again. Jack frowns a bit as he turns back towards the door. What could be in that room? He always believed there to be something particular about her, even though she was still kind enough. Was there a deep dark secret he didn’t know about? Jack shrugs his shoulders, figuring it was nothing he should worry about. The university turns out to be only about a half a mile away from her place, easily taking about fifteen minutes to walk there. Jack is excited to start university the following week, as well as a bit nervous. He knows it will be different than it was in high school. Once they return home, Jack tells Jennifer that he wishes to study a bit and prepare for the following week. Jack feels it’s pretty stupid to give homework and assignments for classes that haven’t even started yet. Jack spends a little over an hour, unpacking all of his things, setting up his computer, and working on assignments though it was a bit hard to concentrate at times. It was a bit past five when he hears Jennifer’s voice calling from the kitchen. “Jack! It’s dinner time!” He sets his pencil down, closes the textbooks, and stretches before standing up and leaves the bedroom. He pauses for a moment and stares at the locked door still a bit curious about what was behind it. “Something smells good,” Jack says as he enters the kitchen. On the table was a large bowel of spaghetti and two plates. “Thanks!” Jennifer beams as she sits down. “Please sit and eat! We have a lot to talk about now that you will be living here.” Jack felt deadness sweep over him as he nods his head, sitting down as he begins to fill his plate. What did she mean by that? Was she going to have a lot of strict rules that he would have to follow? If that were the case, he would much rather leave and stay in a dorm room with other roommates. He is18, after all. Silence falls over them as they eat in silence. Jack glances up once in a while from his plate, staring at her, wanting to know what she is thinking. A few times, she glances up at him right at the moment he does, and their eyes meet. She gives him a smirk, and it causes his cheeks to flush slightly as he stares back down at his plate. He still found her quite beautiful. “That was really good,” Jack says as he leans back and pats his stomach. “Thank you,” She replies as she gets up and grabs the plates before taking them over to the sink, “are you all settled in?” “Yes, I am.” “That’s good, now come with me to the living room. We have a few things we must discuss.” With that, she exits the kitchen and walks to the living room – Jack following her. She sits on the sofa and pats right next to her; Jack nods his head as he sits down. “Okay, so first of all,” Jennifer says with a clear of her throat, “you must refer to me as Aunt Jennifer at all times – miss or ma’am – will be accepted as well.” “What?” Jack stares at her, wondering if she was joking, but she does not change her expression. “Okay…,” why did she want him to continue to call her Aunt Jennifer? It wasn’t as if she was really his aunt. “Number two,” Jennifer says, holding out two fingers as she continues to speak. “Your bedtime is 11:00 PM, sharp on the weekdays – on the weekends it is midnight. No exceptions.” He stares at her for a long time when she says this. Has she gone crazy? It wasn’t as if he was one to party all night or stay late. But, at 18 years old, he felt as if he should have more freedom then if he were still living with his parents. “Why?” “Because I said so and this is my house. If you wish to stay here, you must obey my rules. For the most part, you can do as you please, but there are certain ways that I like my house kept, and I plan to keep it that way.” “Yes,….ma’am.” “Lastly, you must do whatever I say without question. I will not do or say anything to harm you in any way,” Jennifer says, “As I said there is a certain way I like to keep my house, and I will not tolerate any poor behavior. If you do break any of these rules, there will be consequences.” “Yes, ma’am.” “Also,” Jennifer says, “your mother also told me that you sometimes have a bedwetting problem. Because of this, you are to be diapered every single night – by me – so I can make sure that you are properly protected, and not wet my sheets. They’re very expensive, you know.”
  9. Chapter Ten of Who is Mommy Violet? Is now up!! :)

  10. Chapter Ten The rain poured down, drowning out the silence that stretched between the two of them. Both Daniel and Lilly were getting drenched but said nothing. Daniel opened his mouth a few times to speak, but no words came out. He could even hardly think. His mind was buzzing around, and he felt both his head and heart pounding. “Please say something.” Lilly finally spoke after probably about five minutes of silence. Daniel cleared his throat. “I-I don’t understand.” Lilly frowned at this; it was apparent this wasn’t the reaction she was hoping for. “I just told you, I’m mommy Violet.” “No,” Daniel suddenly shouted, “that’s impossible.” “Why? Because I’m younger than you?” Lilly folded her arms. “That obviously doesn’t mean much when you’re an adult who likes to wear diapers – obviously not saying that is a bad thing.” Daniel was happy that it was dark outside (and raining) that Lilly couldn’t see him blush. “That is besides…that…” he stumbled to find the right words to say. This whole time he honestly believed that Mommy Violet was across the country; even if he had hoped it to be Natalie - he never suspected it to be Lilly. “How long have you known?" “I just realized it,” Lilly told him, “I was curious about it before…when you were talking about your date, and work, and just things along with that nature…it wasn’t until tonight when you told me online you were at Natalie’s house…I had to call to confirm it…and then I wanted to tell you…because…because…” “Because of what?” Daniel yelled at her. “Did you think that it would get me to be with you? What were you planning? Going to tell everyone my secret unless I dump Natalie and get with you?” “What? Daniel…I would never do such a thing, and you know that! But come on you can’t tell me she can give you what I can you know that I…” Lilly got quiet. “Just because…just because we did stuff online that was online. I didn’t know who you were. I thought you were far off somewhere. That doesn’t mean we will work in real life. I already told you I don’t see you like that.” “You didn’t seem me like that before,” Lilly corrected him, “but you can’t honestly say that now you know now that you know I’m your mommy that you don’t feel differently about me?” “You’re not…” Daniel felt his cheeks burn, unable to say those words out loud. “You’re not. That is over with. I like Natalie. There is nothing left to discuss.” He turned around and started to head up his apartment, unable to face Lilly anymore – unable to admit to her, that she was right, that he was looking at her differently than before. “I’ll be waiting, Daniel,” Lilly called after him. “I’m not going to give up!” He kept on walking, her words screaming in his ears – once he got into his apartment – he felt all alone. He couldn’t talk to Natalie about any of this….nor could he go online and confide in Mommy Violet as he had in the past. He felt completely alone. He slid on the floor, hot tears pouring from his eyes, unable to contain it all in. It felt like he got punched in the gut twice today and he was no longer able to hold himself together. He felt like he was drowning. A few hours later he pulled himself off the floor and into the shower, trying to forget all his worries and cares. When he got out of the shower, he crawled into bed, wanting to forget about this nightmare. Forgetting the fact that tomorrow he had to go to work and most likely Lilly would be there. He called in sick the following morning, not brave enough to face her or anyone else for that matter. Natalie texted him last night, apologizing, but he was unable to gather up any strength to text her back. He spent his morning, roaming around online – watching YouTube videos mostly, but he couldn’t help but go back to the website where he and Mommy Violet would talk…he couldn’t help but wonder… He went on, finding there to be a long message waiting for him. MommyVioletLove: January 20, 20xx 9:15 PM Hey Daniel, Not sure if you’re even going to check this anymore. But, I wanted to let you know that I’m sorry if I caused you any hurt. I hope you know this wasn’t his intention. I didn’t know who you were until recently. I hope you remember before when I told you I had a problem accepting myself and fetish as well. This is MY fetish as well. I really loved being your mommy. And I was really beyond happy when I realized that it was YOU on the other screen. I always wondered what you would be like. It was like a dream come true – but I see now it was only for me. I just want you to be happy, Daniel – and if that is with Natalie – then I shouldn’t get in your way. I won’t message you anymore on here. I won’t talk to you in person if you would like. I’m sorry. I just hope you understand. This hurts me too. Goodbye Those words hit him like a ton of bricks. Daniel re-read those words about five times before he sunk in his chair. This whole time he was only thinking of himself. He shouted and yelled at Lilly – who was also hurting like he was and he probably made it worst, especially now that he called in sick, she’ll know that it was because of her that she was the reason, he didn’t want to work today. He balled his hands into a fist, what was he going to do? Even if he didn’t want to be with her like that, she still didn’t deserve to be treated as he had been. He needed to apologize to her. It was then when his phone started to ring. “Hello?” “Hey, Daniel. This is Natalie.” “Oh, hey, Natalie. Sorry about not texting you last night I fell asleep pretty early.” “It’s okay.” She seemed distant like there was a lot on her mind. “Did you still want to go to the fair together this weekend?” He had forgotten about the fair that was coming into town. Was it a good idea? He shook his head, no, he needed a night out. “Of course, I would love that.” “Great…I was worried that….never mind. It doesn’t matter. Anyway, I have to head into work now. Talk later?” “Of course. Have a good day at work.” Daniel said, feeling the weight on his shoulders, before hanging up the phone. He knew he had to work things out between Natalie and Lilly, he was being pulled in two different directions – but he wasn’t sure what to do. He really liked Natalie, and Lilly she was a great girl, but he never looked at her like that…but this whole time she was his mommy… What was he to do? He knew the first thing he had to do was to talk to Lilly and apologize to her for his behavior. He grabbed his things and headed out the door and down to the little café they worked for. “Daniel? I thought you weren’t feeling good…” Thomas asked as soon as he saw Daniel rush into the café, giving him a confused look. “Where is Lilly?” Daniel demanded to know, taking shallow breaths. “Lilly?” Thomas gave him a shocked look, obviously not expecting Daniel to burst in here and demand where she was suddenly. “She’s in the back what’s going on?” “Thanks,” Daniel said, swooping into the break room before Thomas could ask anything else. He was thankful to find Lilly there alone by herself. She was sitting down on the bench, wiping her eyes. Was she crying? He felt his heart sink. She got up from the bench, took a deep breath and turned around. “Daniel.” She asked, taking a step back. “What are you doing here? I thought you were avoiding I mean was sick.” “Lilly, I need…” Daniel started to speak, trying to find the right words to say, “I came here to apologize to you.” Lilly gave him a confused look as if he was saying something that was out of character for him (He supposed that made sense because of how he had been acting the last few days). “I don’t need an apology.” She mumbled as she tried to walk past him and out of the room, but he grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back. “No wait, please…Lilly. I truly am sorry. I was acting like a dick to you. I shouldn’t have said all those things…I’m sorry…it’s just a lot is going on right now. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Lilly took a deep breath and sighed. “I know that. I do. I’m sorry I picked the wrong time to tell you…” “You don’t need to apologize to me.” “I guess I was dumb to think that you would start looking at me differently,” Lilly said, “but I shouldn’t let my jealous of Natalie to get in your way. If that is what you want, then I’ll support you. It was my job after all…I guess instead of two you can have a real one instead.” “I don’t think,” Daniel rubbed the back of his forehead, “I just…I’m sorry, Lilly. I’m really sorry! You’re a great girl, and you’ve been wonderful me as…well, you know…but I really like Natalie. I’m sorry!” Lilly stopped in her tracks and wrapped her arms around him and gave him a big hug. “It’s okay. I’m okay. I’ll get over my feelings for you. Don’t feel guilty about it anymore, okay?” Daniel felt his cheeks blush slightly at her touch, they pulled, and he looked down at her. Her long red hair went down a few inches past her shoulders, and she had bright blue eyes. She was very pretty, and for a moment, Daniel wanted to lean closer and kiss her – but just as he was about to, he stopped himself, as an image of Natalie came to his mind. He cleared his throat. “Anyway, I’ll see you later then?” “Um yeah, yeah…you will.” Lilly said as he took a step back. “Have a good day, Daniel. I hope you feel better.” “Thanks…” Daniel said as he turned back and watched her for a moment, “You as well.” He said before he left the store. He started to make his way down the street, feeling uncertain emotions rise in him.  
  11. Gosh. I remember watching that episode when I was a teenager with my cousin and FREAKING OUT. It was the first real reference of my fetish and I was like "I"m like THIS CREEP?!" and I felt like she would secretly know somehow that I was into diapers. lmao I haven't watched it since...but I'm the opposite of the OP - I don't like watching anything in reference to ABDL. So not sure if I'll revisit that episode. Maybe one day.
  12. I have a new commissioned story posted! Aunt Jennifer's Offer! Go check it out! :)

  13. Hello!! This lovely commissioned story was submitted by @diapered jay! It is a very interesting premise and it's both like my normal style - but also a bit different! I think you all are going to enjoy this! If you have a story idea and enjoy my writing style - I still have commissions open! For $3 per 500 words! If you're interested, please either PM me here or email me at [email protected] I will be updating the chapters every Wednesday & Friday! Enjoy the story!! Chapter One “I can’t believe my little boy is all grown up and heading off to college!” His mother proclaims with a small cry as the small family sits at the dinner table. Jack and his father give each other a knowing look and shake their heads. His mother was always a bit overdramatic – he was her only child after all. “I’m not a little boy anymore, ma.” He mutters under his breath as he stabs a piece of meat with his fork before eating it. “Oh, I know that!” She sighs. “You’re 18 now. It’s hard to think of you not being here anymore…it’ll be so lonely without you.” “Hey, I’ll be here now.” His father interjects. “You two know what I mean!” His mother snaps back, but then calmly adds. “I’m just going to miss you.” “I’ll miss you too, ma. I’ll visit…it’s only a few hours away. I’ve been applying for jobs around there.” “I just can’t help but worry about you, Jack! What if you can’t pay your bills? Why don’t you let us loan – “ “No!” Jack counters with a shake of his head. “I’ll be fine. I’ve been saving up all summer, and with a job, I’ll be able to make it.” He tries to sound confident, but he cannot help but be a bit worried. He knows that rent was expensive, even with roommates. Even though he had been saving his money, he would be lying to himself to say he wasn’t worried about making it on his own. The last thing he wanted or needed was his parents’ help. They’ve already done so much for him already. “You know, dear. Jack is going to be fine.” His dad says with a shake of his head. “No need to be worried so much.” “I can’t help it! I would just feel more comfortable knowing that he was with someone we trusted…not strangers…” “You know, your Aunt Jennifer lives right next to that university.” His father suggests, and Jack feels his cheeks burn slightly. Aunt Jennifer. The woman he has known since he was born. She wasn’t really his aunt, but she might as well be. She had known his parents since before they got married. She was this beautiful woman, who always liked to treat him like he was little – despite his age. “Oh!” His mother’s face suddenly lights up. “That’s right! She does live right next to the university! We should give her a call and see if she can give you a place to stay.” “W-what?!” Jack almost spits out his drink. “I don’t think that is…” “That’s a great idea,” his father replies, “would save you a lot of money on room and board…plus it would help your mother’s anxiety…which in the end, will help me.” His mother shoots her husband a look before looking back at her son. “It will be perfect! Aunt Jennifer, I’m sure, would love your company. She’s always adored you.” “I don’t know mom…” Jack says shyly, trying to hide the fact he was blushing slightly. Him living with Aunt Jennifer? It wasn’t as if he disliked her, quite the contrary. But…it would take a weight off his shoulders if he could stay with someone he knew, didn’t have to worry about paying bills and focus more on college instead. The more he thinks about it, the more it feels like the right move to make. Perhaps it wouldn’t be that bad…and after all; he was pretty much an adult now. He was confident she would treat him like one. “Okay, actually, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea.” “Great! I’ll give her a call in the morning and ask her about it. I’m sure she will be perfectly okay with it.” “You better behave yourself though,” His father chimes in with a wink. “Oh, should I give her a warning about….you know…the problem?” His mother asks with a worried look on her face, and he could feel his face starting to turn red. “Mom…that hasn’t been an issue for a while now!” Jack exclaims, unable to look at her directly. Why did she have to bring it up? It wasn’t an issue anymore; the doctors said he would most likely outgrow it, and they were right. How long has it been anyway? Over a year at least… “Just in case! I know stress can be a big part of it and you’ll be in college…and so far away from home…” His mother replies. “I’m sure she won’t care! She used to work at a daycare, remember? Accidents are nothing to her. Perhaps you should take some protection just…” “Please, mom stop!” Jack raises his voice, trying to remain calm, but could feel his face turning a bright shade of pink. His mother and father exchange looks before his mom reaches over and pats him on his arm. “I’m sorry dear; I know it’s a sensitive topic. It was just a suggestion.” “I understand that,” Jack retorts as he threw a napkin on his plate feeling a bit frustrated, “I’m finished. I’m going to go take a shower and head to bed.” “Okay, I’ll let you know what Jennifer says in the morning.” His mom replies. “Goodnight.” “Goodnight.” Jack heads up the stairs and into the bathroom, leaning over the sink as he stares at himself in the mirror. Even though he is 18 years old, he looked to be about 15 with his baby smooth skin – as he was never able to grow much facial hair. He runs his fingers through his short, wavy brown hair as he undresses. He turns on the shower, before stepping in. It had been a while since he had seen Aunt Jennifer. The last time was around Christmas before he graduated high school. The present she gave him was one of those adult onesies that one wears to bed. It was perfect in the cold months, but of course, she had to comment on how cute and little he would look in it. Just thinking about it caused him to blush. What was it going to be like now? He exits of the shower, slips into his pajama pants and t-shirt, and slides into bed. He falls asleep quickly having a dream he later wouldn’t remember – something about Aunt Jennifer, pulling him toward her, his face leaning against her large chest. “Time to get up, kiddo!” He hears his mother outside his door. He opens his eyes slightly and groans as he rolls over; he looks down and notices his obvious hard-on pressing against the sheets. He places his hand over his dick, wondering if it had anything to do with the strange dream he had last night. He shakes his head. He’s had weirder dreams in the past that caused the same reaction. It was nothing new. He waited a few moments before he got up and walked down the stairs, where his mother had a breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast waiting for him. “There you are!” She proclaims in a happy mood. “I have some great news for you! Jennifer said she would be DELIGHTED for you to stay with her.” “That’s good,” Jack replies as he reaches into the fridge for some orange juice before sitting down at the table. “We’ll be driving you there next week – that gives you a bit time to settle in before college starts.” His mother continues. “Okay.” “She said she needed to get things ready for your arrival. I think she may spoil you.” His mother chuckles. “You used to follow her everywhere when you were younger.” “Ma, please…” Jack mumbles under his breath as he starts to butter his toast. He knows his mother meant well, but she always says embarrassing things. “I’m just saying!” His mother sighs with a shake of her head. The rest of the morning was quiet, and Jack spent the remaining of the week slowly packing up to head over to Aunt Jennifer’s house. He was quite nervous about leaving home after 18 years, about going to college, to be living with her. He took a deep breath as he thought about it; trying to calm his nerves. Everything would be okay. At least he wouldn’t be living with a stranger. The following week his parents packed up everything in their car, insisting they drive him (he had his license, but he doesn’t have a car of his own – most of his money saved up for school). The next few hours were spent in silence, although a few times he could hear his mother crying in the front seat, obviously worried about her only son leaving the nest. They finally pull up to a small house in a quiet neighborhood, only a few blocks from the university. Jack could easily walk there with no trouble. As his father pulls into the driveway, Jack notices Aunt Jennifer standing barefoot and smiling at the family by the open front door. Is a gorgeous amazon; tall, athletic with curves, and large breasts. She wears her shoulder-length, wavy, brunette hair loose. She’s wearing a low-cut t-shirt and tight pants. Jack shifts his weight in his seat as his mother and father exit the car. “Jennifer!” his mother squeals as the two women hug each other. “Thank you so much for doing this!” “The pleasure is all mine!” Aunt Jennifer replies happily as Jack finally gets out of the car and makes his way over to her. Excitedly she asks, “We are going to have a lot of fun, right?” The instant change in her voice as she talks to him, causes him to blush slightly. “Thank you, Aunt Jennifer.” He shyly mumbles under his breath as he sees his father starting to grab his things from the car. “Second bedroom to the left.” Aunt Jennifer calls out to him. “You better be good,” His mother says, before hugging him tightly, “I’m going to miss you so much!” “I’ll miss you too, ma.” He replies. “Don’t worry, Denise, he’ll be in good hands. I’ll take care of him.” Aunt Jennifer reassures, causing his mother to smile. “I know.” After a few tearful goodbyes and many long hugs and kisses from his mother, he watches as they drive away. He turns his attention on the beautiful woman that was standing beside him. She looks down at him (for she was a few inches taller than him,), and smiles. “Well, we are going to have a lot of fun, aren’t we?” He had no idea what was in store for him when he walked through those doors.
  14. Agreed. ABDL is just the umbrella term. I'm a Mommy Domme, I'm not an Adult Baby and not really considered a Diaper Lover either (though I do love them :p).
  15. That is correct. Lilly didn't create Mommy Violet in order to get closer to Daniel - she had no idea about Daniel until very recently Next chapter will give more insight into that and will be a longer chapter than this one!