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  1. Chapter 4 of Babysitting 101 is now available! Chapter 5 is also posted on my Patreon :) Hope you all enjoy it! 

  2. Here is the next chapter! Enjoy! Chapter 5 is now on my Patreon Chapter Four We got to my room and just stood there for a while. The awkwardness was becoming almost too much for me to take in. Part of me wanted to push him out of the room and tell him to forget everything and that it was a stupid mistake or some lame prank. But I bit my lip and remained silent. “So what is the plan?” Lucas asked as he sat down on the bed, obviously not paying attention or at least not reacting to the large bags that sat on the bed. “Sorry, I’m just a bit nervous,” I said with a laugh. “Babysitters aren’t supposed to be nervous,” Lucas said with a sly smile. “But yeah, I am a bit too. Do your parents have any beer in the house? Perhaps that could calm our nerves.” “They do,” I said with a nod of my head, and Lucas got up. “I’ll go grab some,” he told me as he left the room. I took a deep breath as I fell onto my bed, feeling like a complete idiot. I was supposed to be the one calm and collected, and here Lucas was taking charge. How was I going to go ahead and go through with this? “Here you go.” Lucas returned to the room a few minutes later with a couple of beers in his hand. My parents weren’t the type to count their stash. I was a good grade student who didn’t sneak out or do anything dumb. This wasn’t the first time drinking, but I wasn’t worried about my parents finding out. “Thank you,” I said as I grabbed the beer and I started to drink it as fast as I could. I figured if I could get a bit drunk, I would become more confident. Lucas also opened the beer and started to drink, but a lot slower than I did. “Why don’t we start first with what you have there?” He said as he pointed to the three bags that was beside me. I felt my cheeks grow red. “Umm…are you sure?” “Yeah, let me see.” I didn’t say anything as I grabbed them and set them between the two of us as he started to go through them. Thankfully he went through the first bag that Mary had brought. “Seems pretty typical,” Lucas said with a nod of his head, “wow you did your studying! You’re serious about this.” “I told you I was,” I said, taking another sip of the drink. “I know,” he said as he went to reach for the other bag, but before he could open it, I snatched it away. “No!” I said quite loudly, surprised at myself. “What?” Lucas asked with a shocked face. “What is going on with you?” “It’s too embarrassing!” “Embarrassing?” Lucas looked at me, reaching over and grabbing the bag out of my hand. “I’m the one who is supposed to ‘pretend to be a child’ for you if anything I should be the one embarrassed! Which I am a little bit. Why are you soo….” His words stopped short as he pulled out the bag of Attends from the bag. I could feel my face start to burn as he stared at it. He didn’t say anything for a long time. I could tell he was also blushing, but trying to keep his composure. That was Lucas for you. Lucas placed the diapers next to him and then pulled out the onesie as well and also set that down. “Is that everything?” He asked, and I nodded my head. “If you want we don’t…” He raised his hand. “I already said I would. Now I don’t have too…” he held up the Attends, and I shook my head. “NO! Of course not. That’s too embarrassing! Although I do need practice and thought it would be easier with ones that would fit you than a baby’s…but like maybe if you still wore your boxers or…I don’t know…” “That sounds fine to me; you do need to have practice with it.” Lucas started to pull his shirt off. “Er, could you look away?” “Oh yeah,” I turned my head around, feeling Lucas move around the bed. I took a deep breath, trying to keep my composure. “Um okay. You can look now…” I slowly turned my head around and saw Lucas just sitting on my bed in nothing but his boxers. His face was probably only as red as mine. “Let’s just get this over with.” He said as he laid down onto the bed. I still could not find the words to speak as I tore into the bag of Attends and pulled one of them out. I stretched it out; my eyes were wide with how big it was. “Wow,” I mumbled to myself as I looked at it, unsure on what to do next, “um what side goes under you?” “The part with the tabs,” Lucas replied in a small voice, “you pull the tabs up onto the other side.” I nodded my head. “Okay, I think I got it. Can you lift your legs so I can slide the diaper under?” He did as I said, lifting his bottom-up and I slide the diaper under. He lowered himself onto the bed as I pulled the diaper up, but frowned when I realized that it did not sit properly. “Oops, can you lift again?” Lucas did as he was told and for the second time, I pulled the diaper up a little bit, but realized once again, that it wasn’t in the right position. I frowned at myself. This was a bit harder than I thought. “I almost got it, one more time,” I said, and Lucas raised his bottom once more, and this time, the diaper was aligned up perfectly. I smiled to myself as I pulled the tabs up over and secured them correctly on the first try. “Not too bad,” Lucas said as he looked down. “Now for the onesie,” I said as I picked it up. “Unless you would rather just wear a shirt?” “It’s a little warm,” Lucas said, “I can go for the shirt.” With that, I helped him put the shirt over his head. “There we go! You don’t look half-bad.” I told him as I looked him over as he was wearing the Attends and t-shirt, with his boxers sticking out. “Hahaha, I look ridiculous.” He said, and I shook my head. “I mean it; you look pretty cute. Now I guess the next thing we need to do is…” I started to speak as I rummage through the bag that Mary got me. It was then I pulled out a jar of baby food and a bottle. “I guess we should practice feeding?” I said hesitantly as I gave Lucas a look. He shrugged his shoulders, and I took that as my cue. “I’ll be right back,” I said as I got up from my bed and headed out of my room and into the kitchen. My heart was pounding in my chest, and I wasn’t sure why. I placed the small jar of baby food on the counter as well as the bottle as I opened the fridge, looking for what to put into it. I grabbed the bottle of apple juice and poured it into the bottle, about halfway, before closing it up and shutting the fridge. I snatched up a spoon on my way out of the kitchen. I went back to my room where Lucas was still on the bed, looking at the other stuff that was in the bag that Mary brought. “I have the stuff,” I said a bit nervously as I shut the door behind me. “Great,” Lucas said as he shifted his weight. I could tell he was also nervous and a bit embarrassed about the situation, which made me oddly less stressed about the whole situation. I sat down on the bed as I stared at Lucas. “I’m not sure how we are supposed to do this.” “You’re the babysitter,” Lucas replied, and I sighed. “I guess we should start with the baby food first,” I said as I looked at it, “it says its Apple, Mango, and Kiwi.” I unscrewed the lid of the cap and brought it up to my nose and took a whiff. “Hey! It actually smells pretty good.” I said as I shoved the spoon into the jar and pulled it up and turned to Lucas. “Open wide!” Lucas’ cheeks were bright red as he opened his mouth wide enough for me to slide the spoon into his mouth. “How is it?” I said, and Lucas turned his head away from me, and I laughed as I grabbed another spoonful and fed him. Another two bites later, and the jar was gone. “I think this would be a good size for a small baby,” I said, “but you’re a big one. Guess with that we will need to get with the baba!” It was like something clicked in my brain. I felt my confidence starting to pull over the more I saw Lucas become embarrassed and quieter during the process. “Well, I know that usually babies’ lay on laps when they drink a bottle but…” Lucas was quite a bit taller than I was, though I wasn’t super short. “I got an idea!” I pushed the bags out of my way as I hurried up the bed, so my back was pressing against the wall. I patted my lap. “Come on. Lay down on my lap so I can feed you.” Lucas stared at me for a long time, not saying a word. He wiggled slightly, biting his lower lip. He opened his mouth as if he was going to say something, but shook his head, and scooted over to me, laying his head down onto my lap, his cheeks were a bright red. “I got you some apple juice!” I said with a giggle as I held up the bottle to him, shaking it a bit, before plopping the nipple into his mouth. Lucas started to drink up the bottle as I casually started to run my fingers through his hair. “Good job!” I said with a bright smile, and the two of us caught each other’s eyes. I saw his face grow redder as I sure mine did too. We got lost in the moment for a split second. Him as he wore a diaper and casually drank the bottle in my lap as I placed with his hair. He finished the bottle and sat up as we both turned away from each other. I felt like my whole face was on fire. What was that?
  3. Just posted a sneak preview of my newest Patreon Exclusive story! It's an AB/CG story! check it out! and if you liked it and want to read more, head over to my Patreon page! https://www.patreon.com/mamabug :)

  4. So this is my 2nd Patreon Exclusive story that my Patreon's voted for! It's an Adult Baby / Caregiver story! (My first ever!) This is just a sneak peak of the first chapter, if you would like to read the rest of it and any other stories I've posted on my Patreon then go check it out https://www.patreon.com/mamabug And thanks for all my lovely Patron's! Matthew, dpballer92, Ryan A., Michael F., Mike S., Rick W., Jacob C., Adam S., Emilie, Adam Y., Dannydazzler, James S., Ryan. ❤️ “I’m sorry.” Those words echoed in her ear the entire way home from their doctor’s appointment. She felt her husband squeeze her hand, in comfort and silence. They didn’t say another word the whole ride home. She had her head leaned up against the window as she looked out. I’m only 25. She thought to herself, feeling the tears pressing against her eyes. She was too young for this to happen. She had her whole future laid out before her, and now it was taken away, in a blink of an eye. “Honey,” her husband’s words broke her train of thought as she turned her gaze towards him, “we are home.” She didn’t say anything as she got out of the car and headed up the driveway. She felt defeated; she felt incomplete. The words the doctor said, zoomed around her mind, and she couldn’t concentrate on anything else. She felt her husband speak, but couldn’t understand what he was saying. At the moment, she wanted to be alone with her thoughts. “I’m going to lie down.” She mumbled as she headed to their bedroom and crawled into the bed, unable to hold back the tears anymore. The one thing she wanted most in the world was to be a mother, and now that was shattered. After almost a year of trying, they decided to go to the doctor’s to see if there was anything else they could do – only to find out their chances of getting pregnant was almost impossible. Her dreams were crushed, within only a few moments. “Christine, you need to eat something.” She moaned as she opened her eyes, feeling the pillow wet beneath her face. She must have cried herself to sleep. She sat up and looked at her husband, so lovingly, so kind. “I’m not hungry.” She mumbled as she face planted the pillow again. “Christine,” he let out a sigh, “I know this is hard…it’s hard for me too…but you need to eat. There are things we can do, I’m sure. There are options the…” “It’s not the same!” Christine yelled out, feeling instantly contrite as she knew that her husband was suffering just as much as she was – but he was trying to be strong for her sake. What a wonderful man he was. “I’m sorry,” Christine whispered as she lowered her head, in shame. She felt her husband run his fingers through her hair, trying to comfort her. She looked up at him, and he leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. “We will think of something; it’s okay.” He said, and for a moment, she believed him. She got up from the bed and followed him down into the kitchen. They didn’t say another word to each other, but at that moment, no words needed to be said. The following morning, Christine woke up first. She opened her eyes as the morning sun shone through the creak in the window. She wrinkled her face as she turned over, not wanting to wake up just yet. It was then when she felt wetness beneath her. “Ugh!” She said as she shot up, thinking that either she or her husband had sweated through the sheets. It was then when a smell hit her face. “Scott!” She called out as she shook her husband awake. “Hmm..what?” He said as he rolled over. “Oh, what’s wet? Did you sweat?” “No,” Christine said with a shake of her head, “I think you had a little accident.” “What?!” Scott pulled off the covers and to see his boxers were soaked. “Oh, man.” “It’s okay!” Christine said her heart was hurting for her husband. “We needed to wash the sheets anyway.” He didn’t say anything as he got out of bed and pulled off his boxers. “I’m going to jump in the shower.” “Okay, honey,” Christine said as she quickly made work of stripping the bed of the sheets and blanket and heading to the laundry room. She put the sheets and bedding into the washer and started it up. She wondered why her husband had wet the bed last night. She supposed it had to do with stress. He had never done anything like that before.
  5. Chapter Three of Babysitting 101 is now up :)

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  6. Here is the next chapter! Chapter 4 is already available on my Patreon page! https://www.patreon.com/mamabug Enjoy! Chapter Three I spent about two hours roaming the internet that night, not realizing what I was getting myself into. I roamed to the deepest part of the internet, trying to figure out everything that I needed to know. Part of me excited me, and the other part made me nervous. How far was Lucas willing to go? How far was I willing to go? I’m not the kind of person that thinks too far ahead and just jump without seeing where I would land. The next morning when I awoke, I sent a text message to Lucas relaying what I believed I needed to learn. So I think the basic things I need to learn are dressing, feeding, and changing…a diaper. I was a little nervous about the last part, but I always figured we would just pretend…after all this was only a role-play so that I could get a better idea of what I was doing. Okay…I think we can spend an afternoon on it…when are you free and when are your parents not going to be there? In two days they are going out with some friends for the evening, they’ll be gone until super late. We can do it then. Sounds good. DON’T TELL ANYONE. Fine. “Sorry, Lucas,” I said as I set my phone down as I started to get dressed for the day. There was in no way I would be able to do this alone. I had to go shopping today to get the supplies that we would need and the only other person that knew anything about babysitting was Mary. I knew Lucas would be mad if he found out, but Mary was one of our best friends. She wasn’t the type to run her mouth, so I trusted her that it would be our little secret. “I can’t believe you,” Mary said after I explained everything that happened as we walked to school. The two of us only lived a few houses down while Lucas lived on the other side, “I can’t believe you got him to agree to it!” “Same here,” I told her honestly, “but I need your help, Mary. I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m a bit nervous, to be honest.” “Nothing to be nervous about. It’s not like you’re really going to diaper him, right?” Mary asked with a laugh, and I shook my head. “No! It’s all pretend, but still.” I said as I tried to shake the image of Lucas in a diaper out of my head. “Okay, I’ll help you out,” Mary said as she wrapped her arm around my neck and pulled me closer to her, “you really are helpless at times.” “Thanks, Mary,” I said with a sigh, “I really needed this help.” “No problem! What are best friends for? Part of me wishes to see this go down…the other part doesn’t.” With that, the two of us laughed. “I’m sure it will be fine, with this I’ll have enough confidence and be able actually to start making some mad money this summer.” “I have faith in you,” Mary said with a smile, running her fingers through her dark hair. “Thanks,” I said as I stuck out my tongue, “now let’s hope that Lucas doesn’t have cold feet and run away from me.” “He won’t,” Mary said mater of factly, “he’s a good guy.” “Mhm, yeah he is.” I agreed. Later on, after school, we headed to the local Wal-Mart to pick out the items we need. “You’ll need bottles, pacifiers, diapers, wipes, baby powder, burp cloths, onesies, bibs, toys…” Mary started listing items off with her hands as they walked inside the store. “Whoa!” I said, holding my hands up. “That is a lot! I don’t even have that much money with me.” “Don’t worry,” Mary said, “I have most of those items at my house from when I used to babysit. I can lend them to you.” “Thank you!” I said with a sigh of relief. “You’re welcome. The only items we will need is stuff that will have to fit a big baby.” “But, I’m not really going to dress him or diaper him!” I protested, feeling my cheeks burn slightly. “No, but it’s easier to pretend to ‘diaper’ him if you have an actual diaper for an adult.” “Do they even make them?” I asked her, and Mary shook her head. “You’re so naïve, come on,” Mary said as she grabbed my head and started to pull me into the store. I had no idea what we were doing or where we were going. We headed to the pharmacy aisle, where they kept all the medicines, shampoo, and makeup. “They’re down here?” I asked, and Mary pointed to the back wall. “Ohhh,” I said as I walked closer. The whole back wall was filled with ‘protective’ underwear, so to speak. Pictures of older people on the packages, it made me feel a bit odd. “This should be good,” Mary said as she walked over and pulled out a package of Attends from the shelf. The packaging picture a white diaper with two tabs on either side; it was one of the few that looked closer to an actual diaper than just ‘padded’ underwear, so to speak. “I think a medium should be the best fit,” Mary said as she threw the Attends into the cart. “Okay, let’s go into the men’s section.” “O-okay,” I said, feeling my stomach do a flip as I stared at the diapers. This was all starting to become too real to me – and here Mary was as confident as ever. I was wondering if I could even do this. If this was beyond my capability. “Are you okay?” Mary turned around and noticed that I wasn’t moving. “Oh yeah, I’m okay,” I said as I forced a smile and rushed to catch up to her. We then entered the pajama section. “They obviously don’t make onesies for adult…well, not one you can purchase in the store…so these I’ll have to do.” Mary said as she pointed to the character onesie’s “They are pretty cute and fun looking!” I said as I started to look through the many onesies. “It’s summer, so I need to find something that’s not too hot.” “Well, he is going to be wearing just a diaper!” Mary told me, but before I could say anything she said. “You can have him wear it over his boxers or shorts, but you need to practice putting one on, right?” “I suppose so…” I said as I looked down, feeling my cheeks burn a little bit. “I think this one is cute!” Mary said as she pulled off one that looked like a panda bear. “We can also get him a cute babyish T-shirt as well in case this gets too hot.” “It is cute,” I said as I ran my fingers across the onesie as Mary placed it in the cart. We ended up buying a large bright blue shirt as well before we left the store. The price came out to more than I wanted, but Mary told me once I started babysitting that it would be worth it. I didn’t realize that taking care of a child cost so much! And this wasn’t even for a real child. “Thank you so much,” I told Mary once we were on our way back home, both of us caring bags. “No problem, I’m here to help you in any way I can.” “I wish you could be there with me.” “I don’t think Lucas would like that too much,” Mary said with a laugh. “Oh shoot, that reminds me,” I said as I pulled out my phone. “I told him I’d let him know when he can come over.” “When do your parents leave?” Mary asked me. “In about an hour.” “Okay, I’ll drop off the supplies before then,” Mary told me, “I hope you have lots of fun tonight.” “I wouldn’t call it fun,” I said, “I’m pretty nervous.” “You’ll be fine,” Mary said as she handed me the bags, as we were close to my house. “I’ll see you in a little bit.” “Thanks,” I said as I entered the house, looking around to make sure that my parents weren’t around. With the coast clear, I made a b-line for my room, throwing the bags into the corner of my bed. I sent a text message to Lucas, letting him know what time to come over. For the rest of the time, I paced back and forth in my room, texting Mary about advice on what I should do first and whatnot. About twenty minutes later, my parents told me they were heading out and that they would be home late. Another fifteen minutes later, and Mary was at my door with a huge bag filled with stuff. “I think this should be everything.” “This is a ton of stuff!” I said as I peered into the bag. “I told you it takes a lot to care for a baby!” Mary said with a shake of her head and folded her arms. “When is Lucas coming over?” “He should be coming over any minute,” I said. “So you need to get out of here before he sees you.” “Aye aye captain,” Mary said with a wink, “have fun!” I shut the door behind Mary as I brought the bag up to my room, dumping it out onto my bed. About ten minutes later, I heard a knock on the door. I gulped as I left my bedroom and headed to the front of our house. I opened the door slowly, seeing Lucas standing there. He was wearing a green polo t-shirt and some tan shorts. “H-hey Lucas,” I said, unable to hide my nervousness. “Hey.” He said in a low voice, a bit nervous too, I guessed. “Come on in,” I said as I stepped aside and Lucas nodded his head as he entered in. It almost felt like this was the first time he was at my house. Why was I so nervous about being around him? My heart was pounding in my chest. “So umm,” Lucas cleared his throat, rubbing the back of his neck, “so are you ready?” “Yeah, I am. Are you sure about this?” “I don’t back out on my promises,” Lucas said. “Let’s just get this over with and never speak about it again.” “Agreed,” I said, secretly wanting it to be over with already. “Let’s go in my room…I have some stuff there.” I said, and Lucas didn’t say anything like the two of us headed to my room. I had no idea what was in store for the both of us, no idea that it would completely turn our relationship upside down.  
  7. Chapter Two of Babysitting 101 is now up!! :) I'm still open (and looking) for commissions! So feel free to message me if you are interested! 

  8. It's Monday and it's time for another chapter! 3rd chapter is already released on my Patreon page. Enjoy! Chapter Two Lucas let out a loud laugh. "I think you've finally lost it, Kelly." "No!" I said with a shake of my head. "I'm being serious, Lucas. I just need some practice. If I can't practice on a baby doll or a real baby, then this can be the next best thing." Lucas stared at me for a long time before finally holding his hands up. "So you're asking me to pretend to be a baby….so you can practice? What no! That is insane!" "Why not?" I asked him. "Just a little bit, please? It'll be just like role-playing! Come on! I'll do anything." "Forget it, Kelly," Lucas said as he got up and started to walk away, "I'm not doing this." "Come on, Lucas!" I moaned. "I'll do your homework for a week! I'll do your chores! I'll owe you $100." “N-o-t-h-i-n-g.” Lucas spelled out. "Is going to make me role-play being a baby for you." "I know," I sighed as I plopped face down on the couch, "I best just become a stripper…though I'm flat as a board with no hips…might as well become a hobo." "Oh stop it," Lucas said, "there are other ways to make money. I'll help you think of something else." I looked up at him. "What am I going to do, Lucas? I really need to make some money. I can't have my parents pay for college, and I've tried to apply for scholarships, but that only adds up so much." "Kelly," Lucas sighed and crouched down and placed his hand upon my head, "I wish I could help." "You could, but you choose not to," I mumbled under my breath. "Well, what do you exactly want me to do?" "I don't even know. I've never babysat a kid before…I haven't even really been around kids before. I guess I just needed a general idea about what it's like." "Then shouldn't you be asking Mary for help instead of me?" Lucas asked her. "I suppose so," I grumbled under my breath. Mary didn't seem like I could take on babysitting either, and she wasn't a massive fan of it, to begin with. But, perhaps he was right. "I guess if I can't get real-life experience, then I should just get some tips…" "There you go," Lucas said with a bright smile. "It's too bad," I said with a defeated sigh, "you would have made a cute baby." With those words, I swore I could have seen Lucas blush slightly. But he turned his head away. "I'm going to get a drink; you want any?" "Pepsi, please," I said as I sink lower into the couch. Perhaps Lucas was right; it was a dumb idea. What did I expect? Did I think that Lucas would act like a baby so that I can have firsthand experience? I just thought Lucas would be perfect at it since he's been around kids and he knew how they acted. "You asked Lucas to do what?!" Mary asked as the two of them walked to school. It was Monday morning; they had a few weeks left of school before graduation. I wasn't going to lie and say that a few times we would ditch classes since we already got the credit we needed to pass. "Shhh," I said as I pressed my finger up against Mary's lips, "I'm desperate! I need the money and the time is ticking. Anyway, can you give me any pointers?" "Don't do it," Mary said, and for a moment I wanted to strangle her. "I'm being serious! Just because you're wicked smart and have rich parents doesn't mean it's easy for the rest of us to get into college." Mary's forehead furrowed as she shot me a look. "I didn't mean it in a bad way," I said with a sigh, "but it is the truth. I'm not that lucky. My parents can't pay my way to college. I want to be able to start when you'll do, but at this rate, I'm going to have to wait a whole year!" "Kelly," Mary said with a sigh, "I think you're overthinking way too much. Don't stress about it so much; it's not the end of the world." "Well, what do you expect me to do?" I asked her, noticing the school building looming in the distance. "I don't know," Mary said with a shrug of her shoulders, and I lowered my head. Mary leaned forward and whispered in my ear, "though secretly, it would have been kinda fun to make Lucas do that." We both stared at each other and laughed. I was happy to have her as my best friend. Though the weight wasn't lifted from my chest for the rest of the school day, I kept thinking of ways of what I can do to help make some money. The first semester of college was only a few months away; I only had so much time. What was I going to do? Are you still mad at me? I picked up my phone later that night, seeing the text from Lucas. I was in the middle of doing my homework, though I wasn't paying too much attention to it at the time. No. What makes you think that? I feel bad. I know that you really want a job to make money. I even asked my dad if we could use you, but he's not hiring right now. Aww. Well, I appreciate you doing that much for me. I probably wouldn't be good at babysitting anyway. I think you would. You're kindhearted, and you're fun to be around. Kids would love you. Hah. Yeah right. Aww well. Without any practice, I doubt that anyone is going to let me watch their kids. I'll just have to keep applying again. Or maybe become a stripper after all (lol) Anyway I'm going to take a shower and head to bed. Goodnight! Goodnight, Kelly. I set the phone aside and shut my textbook as I got up from my desk and headed to the bathroom, turning on the faucet as I got undressed. I wasn't sure why this was such a burden upon my chest. I guess it was because Lucas already had a job and technically Mary didn't need one. I felt like they were already starting with their life, and I was stuck. I was scared of them leaving without me and forgetting about me. I took a deep breath, trying not to cry as I got in the shower, letting the warm water wash over me, trying to forget all my worries and cares for the day. I know I can find some job; at this point, I would pretty much take anything that is offered of me. I started mentally checking off a list of things that I could still apply for. Tomorrow after school, I would start going to the stores and talking to the manager. "I'll be able to find something!" I said out loud. Later that night, before I got into bed, I grabbed my phone, when I noticed I had a text message from Lucas, about ten minutes after we said goodnight. Kelly…if I was to do this thing for you…what precisely would I have to do? What? Now I think you lost your mind. I SAID IF. I just hate to see you so down. If it was like one afternoon and whatnot…I might be…I need to know what is expected of me. I haven't a clue. What do you mean? This was your idea! I never babysat before, Lucas! That's the point. Just do research and let me know. AND DON'T TELL ANYONE. I smiled brightly at his text message, quickly pulling myself up from the bed and heading to the computer to do some research, where I spent the next two hours lost in many articles, Facebook pages, Instagram, blog posts, and even more, wanting to make sure I knew everything I needed. Neither Lucas nor I knew exactly what we were getting into.
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Summer is almost here, and I wanted to save up a bunch for college, but now what am I going to do?” “Become a stripper.” I sat up from the bed and grabbed one of my pillows, tossing it at my best friend, Lucas, who was sitting on the floor, a PS4 controller in his hand. “Oof – hey now! You almost caused me to fall off the cliff!” He said as he gave me a quick glance, narrowing his brown eyes, before turning his attention back to his game. “Good!” I said as I stuck out my tongue at him. “I’m serious! You can’t understand because you can help your dad at his shop fixing cars. You make bank there!” “Not as much as you think,” he replied, “it’s grueling work. I’m sure you’ll be able to find something. College doesn’t start for a few more months.” “You’re no help,” I said with a shake of my head, sitting up from my bed and huffing. I’ve been trying for the past few months to get a job, but it seemed like everywhere I went either wanted experience or couldn’t work with my hours since I’m still in high school. “I don’t know, Kelly,” he sighed, brushing his blonde hair out of his face. “Why don’t you try babysitting or something?” I opened my mouth to say something, but then I paused. I did know a lot of families that had young children that I could probably make some decent money from. One of the girls from her class, Mary, said she made almost 1,000 the previous year from babysitting. “That’s actually a really great idea!” I said as I jumped off my bed, feeling as if I had just been refueled with energy. “Yeah…but…” Lucas said, and I shot him a dirty look. “What?” “You’re an only child, you’ve never babysat before, and you know nothing of kids! You have no experience whatsoever.” “Oh, it can’t be that hard,” I muttered under my breath before saying. “I’ll have to talk to Mary about it.” “I’m telling you, it’s not easy.” Lucas tried to say, but I ignored him. What did he know anyway? He was the baby in the family. He was just as clueless as I was. I stepped between him and his game (of course he shouted at me as I did so) and left my bedroom, closing the door behind me. Lucas and I hung out with each other all the time, so it wasn’t unusual for him to be in there without me. “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about, how hard can it be to watch a baby?” I said as I took a deep breath and head down the stairs and into the kitchen. My mom is standing by the stove, cooking. I watched her for a few minutes; my mom had long, honey-colored hair and bright blue eyes. I’ve been told that I looked exactly like my mom at her age. “Hmm smells delicious!” I said as I walked over to her, looking over her shoulder as she put some vegetables into a stew. “Thanks! Is Lucas staying for dinner?” “Probably, he’s still in my room,” I told her. “He’s such a nice boy,” my mom started, and I rolled my eyes, knowing what she was about to say, “I don’t know why you don’t date him.” “Ma! He’s been my best friend since we were little. He’s like my brother!” I told her. “That’s gross.” I felt like we couldn’t go a week without my mother or father mentioning the two of us should hook up. Lucas always played it off and said I wasn’t his type, but just the thought gave me chills. I never looked at him that way. He was a sweet guy, but he was also a pain in the ass at the same time. “Aw well,” my mother sighs wiping her hands on her apron before walking over to the fridge, “anyway…any luck finding a job?” “No,” I said stumped, leaning back as I grabbed a piece of carrot and tossed it in my mouth, “but I thought maybe I should do some babysitting gigs? At least until I can find a place that will hire me.” “Babysitting?” My mother asked as she stopped what she as doing and turned around. “Sweetie, that isn’t an easy thing to do. You’ve never been around kids by yourself either…” “You sound like Lucas!” I snapped at her but instantly regretted it. “I wasn’t trying…” My mother started to say, and I took a deep breath. “Sorry, I don’t think…never mind.” I said as I waved my arms and left the kitchen, not wanting to talk about it anymore. I walked back upstairs and to the bathroom, looking myself over in the mirror. How hard could be babysitting? You take care of little kids, change them, feed them, and play with them. I knew that babies cried a lot, but how hard was it to comfort them? I sighed as she ran the water in the sink and splashed my face. “I’ll just have to ask Mary about it tomorrow,” I mumbled to myself as I opened the door to my bedroom. “Dinner is about ready,” I told Lucas, who was still playing his video game. “Yeah, I’m about to finish this level, and I’ll save it.” “Hurry up, loser,” I said as I stuck my tongue out, leaving the room and closing the door as I headed back down the stairs. The following day I met up with Mary at our favorite café. We used to head there after school all the time; we sat outside, drinking our coffee and eating sandwiches and chips. “Babysitting?” Mary asked with a tilt of her head, a strand of her dark hair falling into her face. “It was awful! Did I make good money? I suppose. But it was difficult to work. I thought I knew what I was doing since I have a younger brother…., but watching two or three kids at a time is a pain.” “Is it really that hard?” I asked, feeling my heart sink a bit as I took a bite of my chicken sandwich. I closed my eyes as I chewed; they always had the best food. “Don’t get me wrong,” Mary said holding her hands up, “It’s not that it was impossible and there was plenty of tender moments, but I’m not sure I could go back to it…honestly, Kelly, I think it would be better if you come up with another idea.” I sighed, can’t believe I heard what she said. “Not you too. Everyone thinks I can’ do it, which is driving me crazy.” Mary laughed. “You’ve always been someone to have her mindset on something and don’t let it go. I’m sure no one is saying you can’t do it – but you have no practice!” “Practice!” I said. “That is what I need! Maybe I just need a little practice, and I’ll be able to prove I can do it!” “There you go!” Mary said as she raised her coffee cup like glass, and I raised mine as well. “Good luck! You’re going to need it!” “Thanks,” I said as I stuck out my tongue to her and the both of us laughed. I was glad that Mary and I were such good friends, her Lucas and I used to hang out all the time. I wonder if once summer was over, and college started if that would all change. “Hey, Mrs. Miller! Could you bring Sophie over here today? I wanted to start practicing.....oh really? Well…maybe another day…bye” I hung up the phone and crossed another name off my list. I called three other families that I knew and either they were too busy or a bit hesitant about letting her watch their kid, saying they could be a handful and they weren’t sure if she was up to the task. “Any luck yet?” Lucas asked as the two of them were hanging out at my place, watching TV in the living room as I paced back and forth. “No! How am I going to get any practice, if no one gives me a chance?” I sighed as I plopped down on the couch, feeling like giving up. “You know how in some high schools they give you those dolls to take home that is supposed to simulate real babies?” “Yeah?” I crossed my arms and raised my eyebrow. “What about it?” “Maybe you can practice on a doll or something.” He said with a shrug of his shoulders. “I don’t know…they don’t do anything…and not sure where I can get my hands on one of them.” I replied as I sunk lower. Lucas gave me a look before turning back to the TV, obviously running out of any suggestions for me. I stared at him for a bit. He was on to something. I needed someone to practice on. I couldn’t practice on a real baby, or a fake doll, but what was the next step… Perhaps… “I GOT IT!” I yelled as I shot up from the couch. “Whoa!” Lucas jerked. “What the hell…” I leaned forward, batting my eyes and in the sweetest voice I could muster said, “Lucas…I have a big favor to ask of you.” “W-what?” Lucas asked, giving me a strange-looking, tilting his head slightly. “Maybe I could perhaps,” I said, giving him a wide grin, “practice on you?”
  13. Great chapter, babe ❤️
  14. I mean, to be fair, the average man doesn't want a dominate/sadistic woman either lol in ABDL people's eyes I'm 'awesome' but I'm just as weird to vanilla folks so :p
  15. I'm pretty sure I don't need to answer this...because I'm sure most people already know my answer lol But in case some don't. Diaper changes to me are like foreplay (or sometimes it happens after naughty time haha) they are sexually arousing to me and perhaps one of my biggest turn on. But, this is my own personal fetish so it makes sense why as a domme mommy I would get something out of it.