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  1. Hello and welcome back, Tori!!!!
  2. Blahhhh, why am I up so early?! -_-

  3. Made a new track! Listen and give feedback, please! :)



  4. Welcome aboard! We're all here to support you as best we can!
  5. Digging the new chat bar at the bottom of my profile! ^_^ Awesome!

  6. Another track down! Not as good as my other one, but lemme know what you think! 


  7. Another track down! Not as good as my other one, but lemme know what you thinkkkkk!


  8. I made a new track today! Check it out!:


  9. So, I've been playing this little 2D game (which I'm in love with) called Shantae and the Pirate's Curse. It's pretty awesome with great music, controls, and exploration elements. However, I discovered something silly this morning that made me chuckle. (Slight SPOILER ALERT). When Shantae visits her friend with a Lost Soul you pick up later on the game, she asks her friend whose soul it is and why it's lost. Her friend, named Rottytops, goes, "Maybe he used to be a model for a diaper commercial, and misses the comfort and convenience of it!" Made me chuckle quite a bit!
  10. Sorry I haven't been on much.....holiday madness and I'm now dogsitting for friends until the 8th. Be back when I get my normal schedule back!

  11. It's really not that different from the chat we have....just takes a little bit of time to load up all the users on the right hand side. Even cooler, is when you PM someone, if you're not in that tab, it will actually blink!!!
  12. Just realized my profile kept my age at 28....I've been 30 since July! :o Hahaha.


  13. I'm really digging this, Mina! What an interesting perspective, and of course, an excellent display of your writing skills! Keep up the amazing work!!!
  14. Too early to be awake -_-

  15. You're welcome! And hehe, you did indeed see me there!