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  1. Dr_J

    Who is Mommy Violet?

    Such a wonderful chapter, love! Keep up the great work! I can't wait to read more!
  2. Dr_J

    Full of Surprises

    You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  3. My newest short story (yes, it's short this time!), Full of Surprises, is now in the story forum thread! :)

  4. Dr_J

    Full of Surprises

    Hey there! This is a little something I wrote over the past few weeks. It's a short story, no longer than 15 pages. Something short and sweet! Hope you like it! Full of Surprises To say it had been a bad morning would've been an understatement. Jeremy Stevens had nearly reached the breaking point at his job, almost ready to just get up and walk out. With his co-worker changing her mind on how she wanted her 30 slide presentation to look at the last minute, all Jeremy did was say, “I'll do it, but you're putting me under a lot of pressure since you need this in an hour. Next time, don't wait until the last minute.” That turned into said co-worker telling Jeremy's boss Jeremy was being “defiant”, which then turned into an awkward 30-minute coaching session. Naturally, Jeremy was the least bit thrilled by this. He was already under some tight deadlines, and now had even more of the time he didn't have, wasted on such trivial things. As if it couldn't get any more ridiculous, Jeremy's boss then scheduled a meeting between the three of them, simply dubbed, “On the Same Page.” He'd already determined that the rest of the work day wouldn't be much better. When it was finally time for his lunch break, Jeremy checked his phone, seeing he'd missed a text message from his girlfriend, Rose. Hello, love! I hope work is going well for you today! Xoxo, it read. Hey, Rose, Jeremy replied, I've definitely had better days. Just some really stupid stuff going on that really ruined the rest of work. Awww, my poor baby! Mommy's sorry to hear that! Rose's response read. Jeremy blushed, smiling shyly, just as he always did when Rose sent him messages like that. The two had been boyfriend and girlfriend for some time, but the feelings that a new couple experiences never went away. Rose and Jeremy laughed together, talked for hours on end, enjoyed their morning coffee, and just overall enjoyed each others' company. But there was an extra layer to their relationship that made it even more satisfying, one that the two had been slowly exploring together: the mommy domme and little boy relationship. The two had expressed their interest in the fetish to each other long before they'd actually gone out with each other, but tactfully took their time actually diving into it. Once comfortable with one another, it started out as a simple diapering and very intimate experience, with Jeremy and Rose first thinking it would only be something that spiced things up in the bedroom. However, the more they talked, the more there was an expressed interest in exploring the more babyish side of things. It didn't mean it couldn't evolve into something sexual mid-session, but there were times when Rose would let her maternal instincts take over, caring for Jeremy like he was royalty. Rose would later tell Jeremy that she felt like he was when the two were in that mindset together, and she rather enjoyed tending to his every need, whether that meant feeding him, making him feel small and safe, checking and changing his diapers. Sometimes, Rose would even playfully force Jeremy into the role, the two playing out various scenarios they'd discussed for so long. Still, the exploration was still in its infancy, and save for a few pacifiers and bottles, Jeremy typically took care of ordering his own diapers since that aspect of the fetish was his. Yeahh, Jeremy replied, but I'll be okay. I've only got a few hours left before I'm finished, thank goodness. Well that's good! Mommy doesn't need her little guy all fussy or cranky when he gets home! Rose did this to Jeremy any time he was having a bad day, and it always helped cheer him up and make the day more bearable. I promise I'll do my best not to take it home with me. Good! And maybe this will give you something to look forward to... What would Rose send? A naughty picture of her? A photo of one of Jeremy's diapers and changing supplies on the bed, waiting for him when he got home? Before he could finish guessing, the image came through on his phone. It was a plain brown box with Jeremy's name and address on it. What is it? I didn't order anything. Jeremy wrote, adding a confused smiley for added effect. Don't ask me. I have no idea why this random package would show up for you today. Nope. Not a clue! You're killing me, mommy! What is it? Jeremy pleaded via text. Like I said, I haven't the slightest clue! What could it be? Did she order him a game? A movie? The new book he wanted? The box didn't seem overly big, but Rose didn't include the return address in the picture she sent, probably so not to spoil the surprise. It wasn't like she hadn't bought him stuff in the past, but most of the time, she'd tell Jeremy in advance. This surprise caught him completely off guard, and that wasn't a bad thing. The last half of the day would be painstakingly slow, as Jeremy continued guessing what could've been in the package. With much impatience and an overwhelming amount of anticipation, Jeremy made it through the work day, tuning out during most meetings and unable to focus on his tasks. He got home as fast as he could, noticing Rose's car in the driveway. Perfect, he thought to himself, I won't have to wait for her to get home! When he entered their apartment, Jeremy was greeted by a quiet, “Hey, baby!” from down the hall, before Rose came out from their bedroom. She must have known Jeremy was still a bit thrown off by his bad day (he was never that good at hiding it), because she immediately pulled him into a warm hug, squeezing him softly. “Hey, lovely,” Jeremy replied, “I survived.” “Aww, that bad, eh?” Rose pouted before kissing his cheek. “Yeah...” Jeremy then told her what happened, Rose listening intently the entire time, even running her hands along his back and arms to help soothe him a bit. That's something the two always did for each other; if one was having a bad day, or was sick, or just feeling down, the other would stick by them, offering any help they could. Jeremy remembered the one time Rose was sick with a rather awful cold, and without telling her, he rushed to the store on his way home from work, scooping up as much soup, cough drops, orange juice, and medicine as he could, making sure she was comfortable and could rest up. Jeremy even remembered when he first started opening up to Rose about more details of his fetish. Sure, they'd discussed some high level overview of their likes and dislikes, but it had always been difficult for him to divulge in the nitty gritty. Those subtle things that turned him on, or made him feel so embarrassed. And yet, Rose helped him along, even if that occasionally meant a little bribe for his brave behavior. “Aww, well I'm so glad it's over now, hun,” Rose sighed, kissing Jeremy once more, “and hey! Now that you're home...” “...I know. I've been dying to know what the heck is in that box all day! You even hid the return address from the picture you sent!” he replied, sticking his tongue out. “I already told you, I have no idea what's in it,” Rose giggled, before quietly continuing, “even if I did order it.” “Ahh, you're driving me crazy,” Jeremy sighed with a laugh, “you're lucky I love you so much!” “You better, otherwise I'll kick your butt!” “Oh, because spanking it isn't enough, right?” Jeremy giggled, making Rose roll her eyes. This was a common occurrence: who could bust each others' chops more. People who didn't know the two of them would think they argued quite a bit, when in reality, their quips were a sign of love and affection towards one another. “Well? Ready to open the mysterious package?” Rose asked, kissing Jeremy on the cheek and making him blush in the process. “Yes! To the bedroom!” Jeremy's voiced boomed in a terrible attempt at sounding like a superhero, before he made flying sounds and headed down the hallway. “You're such a dork!” Rose yelled jokingly. “And you love it! Whooshhhhh!” “I wouldn't have it any other way. Although...a pacifier in that mouth when you get a bit too ridiculous isn't a bad thing.” Jeremy's cheeks burned instantly, blushing at the thought before turning back to Rose and saying, “Touche.” The two giggled a bit more before both of them ended up in the bedroom, the medium-sized box sitting atop their bed. Jeremy checked the return address, thinking it looked somewhat familiar but not putting two and two together. After all, the name merely read, “Order Fulfillment.” Rose had to have really gone out of her way to keep it a secret! Jeremy then picked up the box, which was heavier than he anticipated, but when he shook it, nothing moved around, everything tightly packed on the inside. He turned to Rose, tilting his head sideways. “Any ideas?” Rose asked with a straight face. “I might have a suspicion or two, but I can't say for sure.” Jeremy admitted. He'd just bought some diapers a while back, and while he didn't have many left, he'd mentioned to Rose that he'd be buying more soon. Still, she wouldn't have bought them for him, would she? After all, he had always taken care of most of the diaper supplies himself. No, that couldn't be it. “Well, what are you waiting for? I know you've been dying to open this all day!” Rose chuckled. With a nod, Jeremy grabbed a pair of scissors from his computer desk, then carefully cut the packing tape from the box. He then slowly pulled the flaps open, before being greeted with a large blank piece of paper that blocked the view of the contents beneath it. Without looking at the paper, Jeremy set it aside, and soon saw what was waiting for him: A package of Thick N' Fluffy diapers, his favorite brand of diaper ever! His eyes widened and he let out a gasp as his cheeks turned red. “What?! You got these for me?!” Jeremy said excitedly. “Hehe, I did, I did! But wait! There's more!” “Wait, wha...” Jeremy trailed off before lifting the package of diapers out of the box, only to find something that made him blush even more. Not a new pacifier, nor a baby bottle, nor a bib. Rather, it was a blue onesie, clearly in his size. His eyes grew even wider, his cheeks even redder than before. He pulled it out of the box and let it unravel in his hands. The snaps at the crotch were there, and honestly, other than that, it looked like a tee shirt. The fabric, however, was extremely soft and comfortable. “Oh my goodness,” Jeremy gasped, blushing hard, “a onesie!” Rose giggled, nodding softly as she kissed Jeremy on the cheek once more, before putting her arms around him. “Wasn't expecting that, huh?” Rose smirked, with Jeremy shaking his head in response. “Not at all! I know we talked about trying one out before! And the diapers! This is my favorite brand! Thank you so much!” “Thank you so much...?” Rose trailed off, raising her eyebrow and putting her hands on her hips, making Jeremy blush harder. “Thank you so much, mommy.” Jeremy stammered, before smiling and kissing Rose on the lips and left cheek. “You,” Rose playfully booped Jeremy on the nose, “are very welcome, baby boy. Figured I'd spoil you a little bit, seeing as last time we went through quite a few diapers, and you were so well-behaved.” This made Jeremy blush and look down at the floor with a huge smile, nodding his head softly. “Well, I really appreciate it, mommy. Thank you again. This made my day, especially after all the nonsense at work!” “I think we should make your day just a little better,” Rose leaned in and whispered into Jeremy's ear, before placing her hand on his bottom and giving it a firm pat, “don't you?” Jeremy, being known for sometimes being ridiculous even at the most obvious instances where it wasn't appropriate, blushed and jumped back into his superhero voice. “Ack! The butt pats! One of my weaknesses!” he exclaimed, sounding as if he were in some lame cartoon. Much to Jeremy's surprise, Rose didn't skip a beat, and played right along, giving Jeremy one more pat on the butt before gently taking the onesie out of his hands. “Mwahahaha,” Rose cackled, “there is no escape from mommy's paralyzing butt pats!” With a final pat, Rose playfully pushed Jeremy onto the bed, gently setting the onesie down next to him and tossing the box onto the floor. She then quietly ripped open the fresh package of diapers, pulling one out and waving it in her hand. “And now,” she cooed, “mommy's gonna have the cutest itty bitty baby on her hands! Yes she is!” Jeremy playfully tried to protest, when he saw Rose reach into her back pocket, producing his baby green pacifier and popping it into his mouth, “so baby doesn't get too fussy,” according to her. Without a moment's hesitation, Jeremy suckled on the paci, quickly slipping into his role and smiling shyly up at Rose. “No more grown up superhero stuff for you, little man,” Rose sang, getting to work on unbuttoning and removing Jeremy's pants and boxers, “just these super adorable diapers and onesie ! Now lift up for mommy.” Doing as instructed, Jeremy lifted his bottom, making it easier for Rose to pull his pants and boxers off. He noticed that Rose was being far more maternal this time around, not that he minded. After all, she had mentioned a while back that she thought a onesie would be, “cute and fun.” It wasn't long before Jeremy's shirt was removed, leaving him completely naked on the bed, his cheeks burning as Rose continued smiling down at him. Rose then slowly opened up the brand new diaper, running her hands along the inside and outside of it, even bringing it to her nose to breathe in the subtle babyish scent of it. The outside of the diaper was white with various blue, green, and yellow balloons across the label. Inside, however, the diaper was a babyish green color, and when Rose slid it under Jeremy's bottom, he couldn't help but let out a deep sigh, the feeling instantly overwhelming him. “Awww,” Rose giggled, nuzzling Jeremy's stomach, “someone's really eager for his little baby time, isn't he?” “Y-yes, mommy.” Jeremy nodded and said quietly, the pacifier slightly hindering his ability to talk. “Good,” Rose clapped her hands together, before hurrying to the closet to get the baby powder, twisting the cap open in front of Jeremy, “mommy's gonna use lots of powder this time so baby doesn't risk getting a rash after he makes his diaper very full.” “V-very full?” Jeremy's eyes widened, blushing hard when Rose started sprinkling a generous amount of baby powder onto Jeremy's manhood, then onto his bottom. “Oh yes! After all, mommy hasn't seen these diapers in action before! You've only told on and off for the past year how great they were. We need to put them to the test!” Jeremy gulped and laughed shyly when he heard this. He was still somewhat new to messing his diapers, having only recently started trying it out with Rose. Thankfully, she was patient, as it sometimes took him quite a while to fill the back of his diaper. “We'll see if I have to do both tonight, mommy.” Jeremy giggled with a wink. “Ohh, is that so? Is that how my baby wants to play tonight? You know that as soon as I find out you're using your diaper, mommy is only going to tease you even more than you could possibly imagine. Baby might as well accept that fact that he's a baby now and get it over with!” “We'll see, mommy.” Jeremy said with a slight wiggle, as Rose gently pulled the front of the diaper up, adjusting Jeremy's slightly twitchy shaft before taping up each side all nice and snug. “Yep, we'll see, baby...we'll see that onesie's snaps pop right open, won't we? Won't we? And awww, these diapers are adorable! What a nice fit!” Rose cooed with a smirk while patting Jeremy's diaper, making Jeremy blush even harder. Jeremy thought she'd go straight for the onesie, but instead, Rose softly sat Jeremy up, then leaned over him, pulling the back of his diapered waistband open and sprinkling even more baby powder in the back, giggling as the babyish scent filled the room. “Just a little bit extra. Baby's gonna be poofing little clouds when we pat his diaper, huh?” Rose giggled, setting the powder down and grabbing the onesie, making sure if faced the right way. She then instructed Jeremy to lift his arms, and threaded him through the onesie. With a kiss on the cheek, Rose then gently pushed Jeremy back down, instructing him to lift his bottom once more. She then pulled the bottom flap of the onesie out, taking her time to put each snap together, giving the bottom of the onesie a firm pat when she was finished. “Ahh! Sooooo cute!” Rose sang. Jeremy blushed, looking down at his attire. The onesie was quite comfortable, with the flap at the bottom gently hugging his diaper. “Comfy!” Jeremy exclaimed, wiggling as he always did when freshly diapered. Rose smiled and ran her fingers along the leg gathers of the diaper and onesie, making sure it was snug before she leaned over Jeremy once more, kissing him on the forehead. “Aww, good,” Rose said before leaning in to whisper, “I bet the snaps are going to be coming undone when that diaper is full!” “M-maybe, mommy.” Jeremy bashfully replied. “Hmm, I'm betting so,” Rose laughed, “now, you stay right here in bed. Mommy's gonna get baby something to drink before dinner.” “Yes, mommy.” Jeremy smiled, watching Rose leave the room before poking at his diaper and onesie. He'd always imagined wearing one, and his imagination finally came to a reality. Looking over at the mirror, Jeremy blushed even more when he saw himself, all snug in such a babyish outfit...and yet, he loved it! There was no denying that he'd be enjoying the hell out of his new diapers and onesie, and Rose only instilled that feeling further! “Okay,” Jeremy heard Rose sing from down the hall, before she entered the room, bottle in hand, “time to feed the baby.” She always varied her tone with Jeremy, switching between her normal voice, her sexy “in charge” voice, and her teasing, cutesy baby talk voice. The last two always drove Jeremy wild, especially when he least expected it. Jeremy scooted over, letting Rose climb into their bed with him. Without a moment's hesitation, Jeremy then gently climbed into Rose's lap as best he could, making her giggle even more. Usually, she'd encourage him by giving her lap a little pat or would simply pull him into a cutesy cuddling session. This time, however, Jeremy knew he was in little mode, and didn't need any confirmation that Rose was okay with what he was doing. “Comfy, baby?” Rose asked, before gently removing Jeremy's pacifier. Jeremy nodded, kissing Rose on the cheek and lips. She responded with a kiss back, pinching Jeremy's cheek before gently bringing the baby bottle up to his lips. With a gentle suckling, the bottle's contents filled Jeremy's mouth, making him smile when he realized it was sparkling flavored water. Rose held the bottle up for Jeremy, with her other hand softly running along his back, diaper, and where his onesie ended, tickling his legs lightly. “You know, I just realized that you didn't go potty when you first got home, did you?” Rose winked. Jeremy very lightly shook his head, not being one to speak when he felt so little and embarrassed. It was true; the last time he'd gone to the bathroom that day was at least four hours before he got home. His body was odd in that way. Sometimes, he'd feel the need to go every hour or two and would take care of it right away. Other times, he'd have a bladder of steel, being able to go hours and hours without having to stop for anything. His bowels were also always a mystery, as typically, he never really felt the need to go whenever he was out in public. When he'd get home, however, his body almost instantly knew that he was in a “safe place” to relieve himself, and would practically force him to run to the bathroom with less than a minute to get onto the toilet. Further yet, his bowels were extremely shy when he was around Rose! Having only recently tried messing in front of her before, it still took him quite a bit of time to relax. Thankfully, Rose was not only very patient with Jeremy, but she also admitted she rather enjoyed the slow-moving process, since it built up to the moment and it was always unexpected when Jeremy's diaper would be full. “Mommy's gonna have one full diaper to change in a bit, isn't she? Isn't she?” Rose cooed with a smirk, grinning when Jeremy's face turned a deeper shade of red. This went on for some time, the two smiling back and forth, snuggling close as Jeremy nursed the baby bottle. It wasn't long before he finally finished, receiving praise from his girlfriend, being rewarded with a few embarrassing pats on the back. Jeremy didn't actually burp, but the mere act only slipped him further into feeling completely helpless and reliant on Rose, his loving and teasing mommy. He loved every minute of it, too! It wasn't long before the two ate dinner together. That particular Friday night, both decided that breakfast for dinner was completely appropriate, and Jeremy got to work fixing up the eggs and pancakes. Rose had made it clear that Jeremy had to be only in his diaper and onesie, however, and occasionally made him turn around to watch him waddle or to pat his diaper. She even checked it, either leaning down to sniff the air around Jeremy's diaper, wrapping her arms around him and pressing both hands on either side of his padded bottom, or slipping her hands softly beneath the onesie and giving the crinkly fabric beneath a little poke. Jeremy twitched and blushed each and every time, feeling both embarrassed and more turned on. Still, he kept his composure, finishing up his meal prep as Rose got the toast and drinks ready. Jeremy's drink, of course, was again in his baby bottle. The two sat on the living room couch, enjoying their meal together. Rose playfully fed Jeremy some of his dinner, telling him she wanted to make sure he didn't get anything all over his new outfit. Jeremy played right along, smiling and wiggling and blushing with each cutesy phrase or waving of the forkful of food as it made its way to his mouth. When the two finished dinner, Rose put their plates in the dishwasher, before coming back to the couch, plopping herself down, and pulling Jeremy's head into her lap. She grabbed his baby bottle with a mischievous smirk. “All nice and full, baby boy?” She asked. “Mmm, yes, mommy. That was really good!” Jeremy replied shyly. “Good! But...I think baby needs just one more bottle. Can you fit one more in that tummy of yours, hmm?” “I think so, mommy, but that's gonna make me very full!” Jeremy stated the obvious. Despite knowing Rose's intentions, Jeremy still liked to play along as if he wasn't quite sure about what she had in mind. It made it their role-playing that much more exciting! Rose had told him in the past that she didn't mind, either, since he always blushed and acted surprised no matter what. “Oh, I know. Now drink up, baby boy!” Rose's smirk remained for a bit as she hummed, while Jeremy quietly suckled the baby bottle. His tummy felt ever fuller with each passing moment, and he knew that eventually, that diaper was wearing would be in desperate need of a change. Still, he wouldn't go down without a fight...even if Rose's coaxing and teasing always won in the end. Once finished with the bottle, Rose patted Jeremy's back once more, cooing about how much of a good boy he was for listening to his mommy. The two then cuddled up on the couch together, with Jeremy curled up in Rose's arms, his diapered bottom within patting and rubbing range for Rose. Rose quietly put on a movie, and the two watched and snuggled close, exchanging kisses and nuzzles, while Rose's hands got to work tracing along Jeremy's full stomach and thick diaper. Each time she patted his bottom, Jeremy smelled the baby powder, making him blush and giggle more. Additionally, each pat softly teased his bladder, the two baby bottles and the lack of using the bathroom beforehand quickly catching up to him. It wasn't long before Rose's pats and rubs made Jeremy wiggle and fidget. This only made Rose pat and rub more, giggling each time she did so. “Uh oh, someone's wiggling quite a bit,” Rose whispered, leaning down to kiss Jeremy's cheek, “does someone hafta use his diaper?” Jeremy said nothing, letting his legs and body movements do the talking. He bit his lip in an effort to stem the ever-growing urge to wet his diaper, but this only made the teasing and coaxing worse. “Goodness! Guess those bottles and all that food baby had for dinner is catching up, huh? Isn't it?” Rose cooed, using one hand to move along Jeremy's diaper and the other to gently trace along his stomach and armpits. Jeremy, being innately ticklish, giggled at this, trying to curl up into a ball to protect himself. Rose only increased her tickles and pats. “Eeep! Not the tickles! No-” Jeremy giggled, gasping when he suddenly came face to face with his paci, which Rose held for him. The pacifier was swiftly popped into his mouth, Rose's finger making its way over the paci. “Shhh,” she sang, “hush now, little baby. Don't fight what you really are. Just suckle your pacifier and let everything go into your diaper, like a good baby should!” The game continued, with Jeremy holding on to every last bit of strength he could, and Rose's cooing, teasing, and pressing of Jeremy's diaper increasing. “Go on, baby boy. Show mommy what an itty bitty baby she has by wetting your diaper. You know you'll feel so much better!” Jeremy tried one last time to hold it in, biting his paci and showing the subtlest of strain in his face as he did so. Rose caught on, however, and gave the bottom of Jeremy's diaper a firm pat, using her palm to press directly over his manhood and bladder. That's all that it took, too, as Jeremy soon felt a rush of warmth spread throughout his diaper. He blushed even harder as this continued, suckling his pacifier and closing his eyes as Rose's hand remained in place, his diaper growing warmer and fuller with each passing second. “Awww,” Rose giggled, “someone's wetting himself, isn't he? Guess you really are just a little baby who needs his diapers, huh? Well that's okay. Mommy is here to take care of you. So go on, just relax and make that diaper nice and wet! Your onesie will keep it from sagging too much.” Jeremy watched as Rose bit her lip, her breathing getting a little heavier as she spoke. He could tell that she was quite turned on by Jeremy's defeat and embarrassment. It would be another 10 seconds before Jeremy finished wetting his diaper, which was now quite warm as it pressed against his skin. Rose first dug her hands beneath the onesie, feeling the diaper and giving it a little squeeze, before she put her hands back on the outside, patting and rubbing softly. “Great job, babykins!” Rose cooed, making Jeremy wiggle quite a bit. “Looks like these diapers hold up pretty well with heavy wettings, because oh my goodness, you sure filled your diaper a lot!” “Hmm, uh huh, mommy. I had a lot to drink today.” Jeremy blushed with a quite chuckle. “You sure did!” Jeremy felt his manhood stir quite a bit, becoming more aroused by the feeling of the very wet diaper against him and by Rose's gentle teasing and touch. She must have sensed it as well, because her eyes shifted down to Jeremy's crotch, and with both hands, she cupped his diaper, making sure to push the warm and wet padding against his shaft and balls. Jeremy shivered hard at this, as a noticeable bulge quickly formed in the front of his diaper. “I'll never get over how excited you get whenever you're in a wet diaper,” Rose mused, moving one of her hands back up to Jeremy's chest, scratching gently, “but mommy knows that isn't all you have to do in there, is it?” “No, mommy.” Jeremy responded, hoping Rose wouldn't pry further, knowing there was no way that she wouldn't. “Ohh, no?” Rose whispered, “What else does little baby Jeremy need to do in his diapers, hmm?” While he didn't quite feel it yet, Jeremy knew that it wouldn't be much longer before he needed to mess. Mustering whatever courage he could, Jeremy quietly replied to Rose with an, “I need to make a mess for mommy soon,” making Rose smile even more and nuzzle Jeremy's tummy. “Awww, you're gonna be one wet and stinky baby, for sure!” Rose joked, giggling softly. “Well whatever mommy can do to help you, just let me know. I know my baby's still kind of new to messing!” Jeremy knew what he wanted to try this time; something the two had talked about a few times before. Leaning up, he whispered softly into Rose's ear with exactly how he knew she could help. Seeing the smile across her face, her biting of her lip, and hearing her take a deep breath told Jeremy she was not only on board with the idea, but was also very turned on by it. Rose nodded with a smirk. The two then continued their movie, Jeremy occasionally wiggling in his wet diaper, Rose playing with Jeremy's hair and dancing her hands along his onesie and wet, padded crotch. About a half hour later, a rumbling in Jeremy's stomach told him it was just about time to try out his little scenario with Rose. He tugged gently on her shirt, making Rose smile and giggle before she got up. “I'm gonna get into some more comfortable clothing, baby boy. You stay right in this living room, okay?” “Yes, mommy.” “Good boy.” Rose kissed Jeremy on his lips before popping his paci back in. She then left the room, closing the bedroom door behind her so Jeremy could tell the coast was clear. Let's hope this works... Jeremy thought to himself, slowly getting up from the couch and getting onto his knees in the middle of the living room floor. After just a few moments, he could feel it; and he slowly started to push. He didn't want to rush the process, because that would've ruined the scenario. He also didn't want to take too long, as he was afraid that if Rose snuck up on him at the wrong time, it may have caused his body to become shy once more. Sure enough, Jeremy could start to feel the mess slowly making its way out, not quite pushing out into the back of his wet diaper. He suckled his pacifier softly, closing his eyes and concentrating. Less than a minute later, Jeremy heard a familiar voice call out, “I'm back, baby boy. Ohhh, what do we have here?” Rose giggled and walked over to Jeremy, standing tall above him as he remained knelt down. Jeremy's face turned a deep red, very embarrassed as he opened his eyes and looked up at Rose, who now wore a black, silky gown and lacy panties. Their little plan had worked. He was still in the process of messing himself, and was caught in the middle of doing so by his girlfriend-turned-mommy for the night. And it was still extremely embarrassing and hot for him! “I, um, I'm...” Jeremy stammered from behind his paci, making Rose giggle softly as she knelt down with him, holding him close. “How precious,” Rose whispered, “I guess someone really does need his diapers, doesn't he? Doesn't he? Tell mommy what you're doing, baby boy.” Jeremy looked her in the eye, blushing very hard before saying, “I'm filling my diaper, mommy.” He could hear how turned on Rose was by her breathing, and she soon pulled him into a warm embrace, breathing heavily into his ear. “Ohhh, poor little baby, messing his already wet diapers. Well, go on,” Rose cooed, placing her hand on the back of Jeremy's diaper, “mommy wants to feel you do it.” Jeremy was smothered in kisses and showered with cooing, teasing talk as he continued, feeling little, helpless, turned on, even exhilarated as he put his arms around his mommy, feeling the rest of his mess push out into the diaper, the back expanding ever slightly ans the very faint smell of what he'd done teasing his nostrils, mixing in with the baby powder. He nodded quietly to Rose, giving her the indicator that he was finished. Rose smiled wide, telling Jeremy to stay right where he was, while she crouched down even lower, examining his onesie. “Awwww, what a good baby boy! You filled your diapers right up for mommy! And look! Baby's onesie didn't unsnap, and it held his very full diaper in place! No super droopy diaper for you!” Jeremy bit his pacifier, hearing the teasing talk course through his mind. He moaned when Rose softly patted each side of his diaper, his manhood quickly stirring from its slumber. But Rose wasn't finished there! Apparently, she wanted to see the diaper in its full state, because she then carefully unsnapped the onesie, making Jeremy's diaper sag down a bit as she did so. “Ohhh, goodness!” Rose sang, “such a full, wet, stinky baby mommy has! Who's mommy's stinky baby, hmm? Who filled his diaper with a big wetty and messy for mommy?” “Mmmm, I did, mommy...” Jeremy responded, feeling himself slip further into his embarrassed and excited state. “Hmm, yep,” Rose said, cupping Jeremy's full diapered front first, giving it a squeeze, “mommy can certainly feel it...” Rose then playfully sniffed the air, as if she needed to confirm what Jeremy had just done. As she sniffed, she got closer to Jeremy's diaper, paying little mind to his now raging hard-on as she did so. Rose then playfully dug her nose into Jeremy's diaper, before moving behind him and doing the same, adding extra embarrassment by patting the back. “And mommy can certainly smell it...” Rose giggled, then finally added the icing on the humiliation cake by gently lifting the back of Jeremy's onesie before pulling on the back of his diapered waistband, peeking in. “...and mommy can certainly see it. Goodness! You are such an itty bitty baby!” “Hmmm, yes, mommy.” Jeremy shivered as he responded, watching as Rose circled back around to face him. “You're such a good boy, filling your diaper for mommy. I want to see if it can hold justttt a little bit more.” Jeremy's eyes widened a bit, and before he could really respond, Rose quickly sat on the floor, lying Jeremy down across her lap. Jeremy flinched a bit when he felt the mess squish a bit, giggling by how embarrassing it was. Rose propped Jeremy up a bit with one hand, then used the other to place directly over the obvious tent in Jeremy's diaper. “Didn't think mommy noticed this before, did you?” Rose giggled. “No, mommy.” Jeremy gasped, feeling Rose's soft hand gently massage the front of his diaper. “Ohh, she did,” Rose moved her hand from Jeremy's diapered crotch, down to his bottom, giving it a soft pat, squeezing Jeremy close to her and undoing the strap of her gown, revealing her breast to Jeremy, “I can't believe how little you are. Mommy is gonna have to take such a long time to undo that stinky, wet, diaper, wipe you up with a whole tub of baby wipes, and then powder you all up before wrapping you back up in a fresh diaper and your onesie, huh?” Jeremy shivered harder, feeling even more turned on than before. Rose giggled as she removed his pacifier, guiding Jeremy's lips to her breast. He soon latched on, starting to suckle rhythmically. “Hmm, definitely, mommy.” “How does that sound, baby boy?” Rose whispered, her hand back over Jeremy's diapered shaft, rubbing up and down on it. “Very good, mommy...” Jeremy's hips moved ever softly in tune with Rose's hand, the suckling of Rose's breast and the sound of the squishy, crinkly diaper filling the room. “Hmm, yeah? Well, mommy wants one more mess in that diaper of yours before she changes you. I want baby's diaper so full. Can you do that for me?” “Yessss, mommy,” Jeremy's eyes closed, his facial expression changing as he grew closer to finishing. “Ohh, how cute,” Rose teased, her hand picking up the pace in the rubbing, massaging, and patting of Jeremy's diapered crotch, “I think the baby's about to fill his little diapers a bit more!” At that point, Jeremy could only nod and moan, his hips moving a bit faster with Rose's hand. “Go on! You've already wet and messed your diaper! Go ahead and suckle from mommy as you cum your diaper, you naughty boy!” That was it. Those final words sent Jeremy over the edge. He let out a gasp, and soon, he was cumming into his diapers, Rose's hand remaining in place as he did so. Rose giggled, her breathing still heavy as Jeremy finished, leaning into her and sighing softly, catching his breath. “Goodness, someone really enjoyed that, didn't he?” Rose cooed with a smirk. “Oh, God, yes,” Jeremy huffed, laughing in between, “that was...that was...” “Mommy knows best!” Rose giggled. “Mmm, that she does.” “Mhm. Now, I bet someone wants a diaper change, doesn't he? Mommy's starting to smell your yucky diaper more.” “Yes please, mommy.” Jeremy responded. “Well then, you did say please,” Rose smirked, lying Jeremy down on the floor before quickly removing her panties, “but mommy needs to have some more fun before she changes you.” Jeremy smirked, knowing what this meant. His full diaper squished softly as Rose climbed on top of him, straddling him with her legs. She then inched her way closer to Jeremy's face, smiling as she did so. “Do a good job, and you'll get a change right away. Do a not-so-good job, and mommy might make you sit in it for another half hour.” “Yes, mommy.” was the last thing Jeremy said before he leaned up, making sure to please Rose. Rose had always told Jeremy that he was really good at pleasing her, and she also had a few verbal and physical cues indicating as such. As his tongue danced around Rose's most pleasurable areas, Jeremy felt her hands dig into his shoulder, heard her soft pants and moans and little whispers of, “Mmmm, that's it, baby,“ or, “Yes!” This helped Jeremy confirm that he was pleasing his woman, his mommy, his lover. He'd been told by Rose before that she sometimes found it difficult to be pleased, but not with Jeremy. It wouldn't be much longer before Rose was satisfied, arching her back softly and slowly sliding off of Jeremy, panting and giggling. “You never cease to amaze.” Rose giggled, kissing Jeremy on the lips as the two rested for a moment, both spent from their evening. “Hmmm, I try, mommy.” Jeremy chuckled back, putting his arm around Rose and kissing her cheek. “Does that mean I've earned my diaper change?” “Hmmm,” Rose put her finger to her lips, pausing for a moment and thinking, “but of course you have! What kind of mommy would I be to leave her baby in such a stinky, wet diaper after he did such a good job of taking care of me?” This made Jeremy blush even harder, and it wasn't long before Rose put his pacifier back into his mouth and led him into their room, getting a fresh diaper, baby powder, wipes, and a large spare blanket. Rose laid the blanket on the floor, then set the changing supplies down with a smirk. “C'mon, stinky pants. Time to change the baby's icky diaper!” Rose sang, sending Jeremy into a blushing fit once more. Jeremy did as instructed, lying down on the blanket with a blush, feeling the very full diaper against him. Rose got to work, but not before lifting Jeremy's legs and brushing her hands over his wet and messy diaper. “Awww, poor baby's diaper is all full and soggy and droopy now! Mommy's gonna have to take her sweet time tonight! Oh, yes she is!” It wasn't long before Jeremy slipped back into his little space, feeling very shy and embarrassed as Rose lowered his legs, taking her sweet time ripping the tabs of his diaper. “Hmm, let's see what baby left for mommy in here...” Rose giggled, very slowly opening Jeremy's diaper for the big reveal. “...ohhhh, my! Stinky, stinky! What a big mess, baby boy!” Rose fanned her nose playfully, making Jeremy giggle and blush even harder than before. And yet, he kept still, choosing not to wiggle so not to make the mess worse. He was at Rose's diaper-changing mercy at that point, and as much as he wanted to curl up into a ball, he stayed put, watching as Rose opened up the baby wipes, grabbing handful after handful and lifting Jeremy's legs to clean him. She took her time, too, tossing the used wipes into Jeremy's diaper before grabbing more. Once his bottom was clean, Rose very carefully removed the dirty diaper, using just a few more wipes to give Jeremy another cleaning. The smell made Jeremy blush, but Rose didn't make a single sour face; she simply smiled, hummed softly, and continued her cutesy talk. Rose then slid a fresh diaper under Jeremy's bottom, lowering him onto it before using even more wipes to thoroughly but gently clean his manhood and legs. Once finished, Rose balled up the yucky diaper, using the tapes to seal it up. She held up the diaper for Jeremy to see, using her hand to softly pat the bottom. “Goodness! These diapers hold up so well, don't they, baby boy?” Jeremy could only nod and suck his paci furiously, watching as Rose set the diaper back down with a giggle, before she grabbed the baby powder and sprinkled it liberally onto Jeremy's skin. Finally, Rose slowly taped up Jeremy's fresh diaper, giving it her signature smooch right on the crotch before snapping the babyish onesie back up. Once finished, Rose rolled Jeremy onto his stomach, giving his diapered butt a few firm pats while giggling. “All done, baby boy! Now, let mommy toss this diaper away, and then we'll snuggle up until we're ready for bed, okay?” “Okay, mommy,” Jeremy said, watching as Rose got up, grabbing the full diaper with her, “Mommy?” Rose turned around, looking at Jeremy. “Yes, sweetie?” “Thank you. And I love you.” “Aww, I love you, too! And you're very welcome! Look at how cheered up you are now! I'm glad you liked your little surprises.” Jeremy nodded as Rose left the room, putting the rest of the changing supplies and blanket away, before crawling into bed. He knew that the rest of the night would be peaceful for both of them, the awful day he'd had earlier nothing more than a bad dream.
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    This Doesn't Feel Right...

    Great work, Mama! :) <3
  6. What?! Dr_J has another new short story in the works?! Why yes, he does!

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      You're a dork!! Love it :wub: Can't wait to read it! 

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    Who is Mommy Violet?

    Excellent job, my love! ❤️ I can't wait to read more!
  8. Thank you, thank you! ❤️ Glad you enjoyed it!
  9. New Story, In the Strangest of Situations, is now up! Enjoy!

  10. Hey there, everyone! Thanks for your patience as I wrote this short-ish story. This was something that I had originally started many years ago, and left hanging because I didn't know where to go with it. I took it upon myself to pick it back up right where it left off, and just roll with it. I tried something completely different as far as writing styles, so it may be hard to follow. There are subtle moments where the protagonist goes from past to present, but I tried to keep it interesting. This has a more tender/loving approach than a sexual one, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. In the Strangest of Situations The cold air of the night loomed over the streets of Rochester, but the pavement felt colder. Why did the street look so vertical? Was that the sound of police sirens wailing in the distance, or was that the howl of death coming for him? And why did his head and back hurt so badly? The brown brick buildings he was between blocked almost all visible light from his view, with the exception of a dim streetlamp that shone into the alley. “Come on! Let’s get the hell out of here!” a voice screamed and the sound of footsteps followed close behind. Who was that? That voice…Paul had heard it just before he’d hit the ground. The same voice that said, “Fuckin’ punk!” with such malice that Paul didn’t even think it was human. A shame that it was, in fact, human. The true evil nature of man. The true power of the fear of the unknown. How did he wind up on the ground? Nothing out of the ordinary had happened to Paul during the day…but wait…something did happen. Those kids. They’d seen him walk into his apartment carrying the bag of…yes. The trip back to his apartment…that’s where he’d sensed trouble, but pushed through the feeling and carried on as usual. Paul had his bag of…what was in the bag? Oh yes, he remembered. His bag with baby powder and baby wipes he’d purchased from the grocery store on the corner of 58th and Rosenwall Road, just a few blocks from his apartment. He’d stopped there on his way home from work. The beautiful cashier with light brown hair and emerald green eyes and the sexiest wavy curves he’d ever laid eyes on had asked him to buy them. But why? Why was it so difficult for him to remember? Why did he buy the babyish items in the first place? The pain that radiated from his skull made it hard for him to remember. Murmurs could be heard, but Paul was too weak to see who was making them. He didn’t know if it was a crowd of concerned people or the dead chanting for some kind of ritual to his journey into the afterlife. Wait…he remembered. He remembered why he bough them. Yes! It was the cashier, Janet! The one he purchased the wipes and powder from, the one who lived next to his apartment…the one who knew. She knew and didn’t care. In fact, she encouraged him to buy them. It was a foolish mistake on his part that led to Janet finding out, but still, she accepted it well. Almost too well. Paul had been cleaning his apartment, starting with his bedroom. He pulled out of his closet two packs of adult-sized diapers, one partially ripped open, and some infant accessories. Since nobody ever visited his apartment, he placed the items on his coffee table. Then, he carried a trash bag full of papers to the outside of his apartment, placed it on the hallway floor, and closed the door…or so he thought. The door had been left open just a crack, but it was enough where if someone knocked on it, it’d open right up. That’s how Janet found out. Paul was in his room when he heard the door knock, so focused on his cleaning mission that he forgot about the babyish items on his coffee table. When he went into the living room, his door was wide open, and there she was. The most beautiful woman he’d ever laid eyes on. Janet. “Hi, I’m Janet, your next door neighbor.” Janet said with a scratchy but amazingly beautiful voice. “I don’t usually do this, but I ran out of milk for my cereal, and I don’t really feel like going out to buy some, so I was wondering if I could borrow a cup?” Paul didn’t know what to say at first, but he almost laughed out loud from the request, not because it was stupid, but because it was so peculiar. Most people would ask for a cigarette or for some help moving large furniture, but not this woman. She just needed milk for her cereal. Not used to having such a beautiful woman talk to him, Paul shyly replied with, “I-I can give you a cup. But don’t worry about it. Borrowing milk is like borrowing a piece of paper. If you returned it, it probably wouldn’t do me much good.” “That’s so sweet of you.” Janet said with a laugh. “Well, come on in. I’ll get it for you.” Paul said kindly as his shyness quickly dissipated. That’s when he realized what he’d left on the coffee table, and Janet, being the average stranger in a new place, looked around out of curiosity. Her first point of interest? The coffee table and the items on it. Paul swallowed his fear and swallowed hard. Nobody had seen the diapers or baby stuff before. His life secret quietly drew attention as it rested in the living room. “J-Just one cup?” Paul asked nervously. “Yeah. I think it’s enough for my cereal.” Janet answered with a smile. She bent over the babyish items and grabbed one of the adult diapers with her right hand, feeling the fabric with her fingertips. Paul watched her intently as he poured the milk into a large glass, too speechless to say anything. He figured if he didn’t say anything about what Janet was doing, then she’d go about her business. He was wrong. “Here you go.” Paul said with a flustered look on his face. “Thank you, um…” “Oh, uh, Paul. Sorry, I should’ve told you at the door.” Paul truly was sorry, but not because of his informality, but rather because this woman, with that voice that made his heart flutter, held one of his diapers in her hand. Before she took the glass of milk, Janet kindly asked, “I take it these are yours?” Paul had always thought about what would happen if he ever got into a position like this. Sure, he was frightened to death of what the outcome would be, but since he’d first thought about the possibility of the scenario being played out, he vowed he would play it cool, and so he did to the best of his ability. “Actually, yes. I was…cleaning out my closet and didn’t think anyone was coming over.” he said with a smile. His heart bounced off of his chest with such audacity that he’d thought he was going deaf, each heartbeat echoing in his skull. “Ohh, so you’re into this kind of stuff?” Janet asked out of curiosity as she ran her thumb across the crisp diaper. “Yeah. It relieves stress, you know? But, it’s not like I do it all the time or anything. Just once in a while.” Paul’s fear escaped from between his teeth. He felt like a moron. Even after practicing the scenario hundreds of times by himself, he still felt an almost numbing sensation throughout his body. “That’s cool. I’ve met a few people who have similar interests.” Janet replied, ignoring Paul’s current state of fear. Not the response Paul was expecting. Not by a long shot. The ABDL lifestyle wasn’t that common, was it? It wasn’t seen as acceptable by a majority of society, and yet his neighbor, this stunning female with a heart-melting voice, was completely fine with it. She didn’t slap him or call him a freak, or a pedophile, or shake her head in disgust. Paul felt slightly disoriented. The shock of Janet’s response made him giddy. “R-really? Now that’s interesting.” Paul said red-faced. “Sure is. I’ve even done more than met a few people like you, if you catch my drift.” Janet said with a smirk. “I-I see.” Paul suddenly envisioned himself in his bedroom with Janet. It had been four years since he’d been with a girl, and even then he never got the chance to carry out his fantasies. “Mhm. What about you?” Janet continued to pry. “Me? We-well, I’ve had a girlfriend in the past, but she never…you know.” Paul could no longer hide his uneasiness. But this uneasiness was exactly what Paul needed. The rush, the thrill of openly discussing his desires with a lovely woman made him fill with excitement. “You poor thing. You know, I could help you out with that sometime…” Janet said as she set the diaper down and held the glass of milk in her hand. “…though my services aren't always cheap.” Another shock jolted through Paul’s thought process. “You mean, you’re-” “-yes. I am.” Janet cut him off. “You really think working as a cashier is enough for me to live here?” “I see…well I-I-I’m not exactly sure if I’d feel comfortable-” “-because I’m an escort?” Janet cut him off again. “It’s not like I do it that often. Maybe once every other week or even two weeks. I get a couple hundred bucks so I can pay some bills. There’s nothing wrong with that, is there?” Her voice was a combination of slight anger and sadness. Paul meant her no harm! He just knew it was illegal, plus he’d never actually paid for anything of that manner in his entire life. “N-no! Not at all! If it helps you get by, then more power to you! I just don’t feel right paying such a beautiful woman for something like that, that’s all. I haven't experienced it with someone yet, and I don't...I don't want my first time to be by paying someone to do it. It feels forced that way, you know?” Paul replied nervously. He waited for either a slap or a smile, but his bets were on the slap. Janet looked deeply into Paul’s eyes, then at the diapers on the table, then at the milk in her hand. She took a deep breath while Paul watched Janet’s lips to see if a “Fuck you,” would escape them. This was not the case at all. “You’ve never…ever had someone take care of you?” Janet asked. “No.” Paul winced as if he were embarrassed to admit it. A brief silence swept over the two; the timid, desperate man and the lady of the night. Only a few seconds, though to Paul it felt like hours. “Tell you what,” Janet said, before picking up the various infantile items on Paul's coffee table, “you go down to Shop-A-Lot tomorrow and buy a tub of baby wipes and a bottle of baby powder, and I’ll consider helping you out.” Paul nodded his head as if to understand, but suddenly realized what he’d been told. “W-what? Really?” “Really. After all, you're almost out of baby wipes and powder. How are you going to prevent diaper rash?” Janet smirked once again. Paul didn’t know what to say at first. He felt his body explode with excitement, but at the same time he felt an intense rush of blood to his head. It could only be best described as somebody who’d just found out they won the lottery, but at the same time was having a heart attack. “Are you sure? I-I-I mean, why?” Paul asked. “Well, for three reasons: the first is that you offered me this milk, which is probably warm by now, but that’s beside the point. The second is that you called me beautiful.” Janet smiled as she headed further out into the hallway. “And the third?” Paul asked shyly. “You’re cute when you blush,” Janet giggled with a wink, “I’ll see you tomorrow.” “D-definitely. See you tomorrow.” Paul said, dumbstruck by the chain of events that had just occurred. How did it go so smoothly? Something or someone must have been watching over him. Maybe he’d finally been given his break like everyone else. After all, people down on their luck deserved a break, too, didn’t they? “Oh, my God…call 911! This man needs help! Buddy! Are you okay?” Where did that voice come from? That didn’t happen after Janet left, did it? Paul kept slipping back and forth between the past and the present, but the past seemed so much better. It kept his attention off of the pain and confusion he felt as he laid across the pavement of the alley. “Buddy? Can you hear me? Hey! Help is on the way! Can you hear me?” A flash of bright light hit Paul’s field of vision. No memories flashed through his brain, no recap of his life. Just a flash of light. He felt something push him onto his side, and suddenly a figure in dark clothing stood over him. “Sir, we’re here to help! Can you talk? Jack, get that stretcher over here!” The murmurs grew louder, and as Paul looked towards the exit of the alley, another flash of light hit him. Echoes of whispers and car horns rang through his ears. Where was Janet? Janet…lovely Janet…she had done it for him. She was the one who allowed him to let loose and brought out years upon years of his little side that had been dormant within his subconscious. He did in fact go to Shop-A-Lot the day after he met Janet. He did in fact go through her line with a bag of adult diapers, after spending an hour picking out the best brand, of course. Miraculously nobody was behind him, which meant nobody was there to stare and question why a man in his early twenties was purchasing a rather large tub of scented baby wipes and a bottle of baby powder. “I was starting to wonder if you got too nervous to come in.” Janet joked. “Haha, w-well I am nervous, but, here I am!” Paul chuckled. “Yep! Here you are! You’re sweating a lot, but that’s okay. I’m out at five today, so I’ll stop by a little after that and let you know my decision.” “Sounds good, Janet.” They exchanged smiles as Paul picked up his prized possessions, and he was soon on his way back home. Although the autumn air showed no mercy on Paul’s exposed skin, the excitement of what was to come kept him as warm as the heat emitted from a wood stove. He almost skipped back to his apartment he was so happy! Still, he knew he had to contain himself to avoid attracting any attention. On his way to his apartment, Paul noticed a small group of some rather seedy looking people who couldn’t have been much younger than him. At first glance, the three didn’t look like too much of a threat, but each had a look in their eyes that screamed trouble. Paul had seen them a few times in the area, occasionally intimidating passersby and giving off bad vibes. “Yo man, whatcha got in the bag?” Shit… Paul thought to himself as he heard one of the men speak. There’s no way they’d do anything in broad daylight, was there? What if they saw what he had purchased? What if they mugged him? What if they were just trying to be friendly? He didn’t want to find out! Paul kept his head to the ground and continued onward, too excited to be afraid. Janet would be over soon, and that’s all that he looked forward to. “Hey! I’m talkin’ to you!” Play deaf. Paul continued to look at the ground. He was only a block away from his complex, and he didn’t want anything to get in the way of that. “Are you fuckin’ stupid, bro?” One of the voices grew louder; they were getting close! What if Janet were with him at that point? Paul would’ve done his best to protect her from these thugs! Sure, he wasn’t a master of martial arts or an acclaimed boxer, but he did learn how to think on his feet. Still playing the deaf role, Paul took a deep breath and kept moving. Maybe they’d get the hint. “Hey man!” Paul heard a gruff voice in his ear and felt a hand press on his shoulder. What possessed Paul to grab the man next to him and throw said man into the trash can on the sidewalk remains a mystery. Maybe Paul didn’t want anyone to rain on his parade. Maybe his adrenaline inadvertently activated “fight mode.” Or maybe, Paul wasn’t thinking too clearly at that particular point in time. The man’s face was the first thing to hit the metal can, his body tumbling towards the ground. Oh, shit… Paul ran, and ran and ran and ran, the voices that screamed behind him growing fainter and fainter. Why did he do that? He saw those clowns every day! Surely they’d beat the hell out of him next time they saw him! Still, without looking back, Paul bolted to his apartment building. He fumbled for his ID card and swiped it quickly, opening the main door and shutting it tightly behind him. He sighed, and as if he didn’t have a care in the world, he laughed, brushing off the encounter like it were a common occurrence in his life; a brushing off he would later regret. * * * First 3:30 came by, and then 4:00 inched its way along, and then 5:00 took its sweet, sweet time. Paul paced around his apartment with such impatience that he never thought Janet would show up. He first placed all the diapers and baby items on his bed, then set out his large fuzzy blanket on the living room floor and placed the items there, and then back to his bed. He’d never done this before! Which was better? And what if Janet laughed? Would Paul blush and smile, or would it be a buzz kill? As soon as he managed to contain his excitement and uneasiness by sitting on the couch, a definitive “clack” sound could be heard in the main hallway of the building. With a closer listen, Paul deduced that they were women’s shoes. It was Janet! It had to be! Paul almost ran to the door and opened it up, but he stopped himself. After all, he didn’t want her to know he was desperate, nor did he want to come off as a stalker; a common misinterpretation of his social awkwardness, which often times ruined things for him. With a gentle knock on the door, Paul took a deep breath and slowly opened it, where he was greeted by the lovely Janet. She was still in her work uniform, but she had a little smirk on her face and slightly shook her head to move the hair away from her eyes. “I didn’t forget,” Janet let out a light chuckle, “but I think I should freshen up and get out of this God-forsaken uniform before I come over. Is that okay?” “Sure it is! I’m very patient.” Paul said with an undeniable hint of excitement in his voice. With a smirk, Janet gently placed her hand on Paul’s cheek and pinched it lightly, causing Paul to turn red immediately. “Good boy. I’ll be right back.” Janet hurried away from the door and entered her own apartment as Paul stood in his doorway in shock. Had she just…pinched his cheek? He didn’t know what to do! Nobody pinched his cheek before! Like a boy being kissed by his crush for the first time, Paul held his cheek and smiled widely, closing his door gently and sitting on the couch in awe. Either Janet was joking, or she’d just given Paul the tiniest taste of what was to come! A subtle jolt could be felt from underneath the spot Paul had been sitting, and he soon found himself facing a bright light. “I think we’re losing him! Can you hear me? We’re here to help! Check his pupils. He might have a concussion.” Small flashes of light blinded Paul, making whoever was looming over him impossible to make out. Why was his back so wet, and why did the back of his head throb with such intense pain? He remembered he was lying in bed with Janet, but now he appeared to be outside. What happened? What…? “Janet?” he cried out. “There’s no Janet here, kid! Try to hang in there. It’ll be okay.” It’ll be okay… Paul thought. Those words. Those were Janet’s words to him! Janet wound up coming back shortly after she’d pinched his cheek. He remembered now! She quietly and casually returned to Paul’s apartment, but instead of her work uniform, she wore a silky purple nightgown, her lips fresh with red lipstick, and an intoxicating perfume that caressed Paul’s nose. He looked at Janet in complete awe before letting her back into his apartment. He gently closed the door behind her. “You look so beautiful.” Paul said, as if in a trance. “Why thank you! What a sweet thing to say. Nobody has called me that in quite some time.” Janet replied with a smile. Most of her clients probably didn’t know her or didn’t bother to know her name. Some of them probably called her names in the bedroom that would make a sailor blush. Others would simply get up and leave right after they paid her for her services. And yet, here was Paul, who called her beautiful, and he genuinely meant it. “Just being honest.” Paul chuckled innocently but nervously. “Look at you, getting all flustered and nervous!” Janet giggled. This only made Paul blush even more, and he scratched the back of his head to distract himself from feeling embarrassed. Janet gently sat down on the couch, then patted the seat next to her, motioning for Paul to come over. “I-I hope you don’t think I’m all weird and stuff. I’ve just never really…done this before.” Paul explained as he sat down. “I know, sweetie. That’s why I want you to sit here and relax for a bit. We’ve got to get the jitters out of you before we begin, right?” Janet spoke softly as she showed Paul her long nails, then slowly traced them up his back and along the back of his head. Paul could only nod as he felt the gentle nails crawl up his spine. He let out a very relaxed sigh and did his best to calm his nerves. Janet’s hand gently made its way beneath the back of his shirt, as her hand caressed his bare back. Then, as her perfume filled his nostrils, Paul couldn’t help but lean forward and slouch, ready to melt into a puddle on his living room floor. Janet let out a light giggle, but continued. “There we go. Just relax.” Paul nodded as goose bumps raced along his back. “Now,” Janet spoke softly, “before we begin, what is it you’d like me to do?” The last time Paul had been asked a similar question, it was by his ex-girlfriend. However, she didn’t ask it in a comforting tone, but rather in an uneasy, almost disgusted manner, and the look on her face made him feel uneasy and tense. This time, however, Janet’s smile and eyes in combination with her gentle hand tracing along his back made his worries vanish into thin air, and so he spoke. “Well, I just want to be made to feel little and loved, and cooed over to a point where I forget everything. I guess I just want to be-” “-happy, right?” Janet finished Paul’s sentence for him, and Paul closed his eyes, nodding with a gentle smile. “Exactly. But I know I’m kinda nervous because I’ve never been taken care of by anyone before.” Janet gently continued her light caressing of Paul’s back, then nodded in understanding. “I know, Paul. That’s why we’re relaxing you. I will do what I can for you, but remember, that also means you will have to let your guard down and trust me, sweetie. Forget the past for a little while, and live in the now.” Live in the now. Something Paul hadn’t done in…ages. Even when he’d indulge himself in his babyish fun, Paul lived in the past and future. The, “I wonder what my family would’ve said if they found out I was into this stuff?” or the “What’ll happen the next time I tell someone about this lifestyle?” And there he was, with a cashier who just so happened to be a prostitute, and who just so happened to be okay with and willing to fulfill his desires. “Now then, let’s get started, shall we?” Janet spoke sweetly and with a cute smirk. “What’s your name, son?” Paul once again found himself no longer on his couch, but instead lying on his back on something very soft; a bed of some sort. His vision changed from dark and blurry to bright and blinding. “P-Paul…wh-what…?” he attempted to ask. “Paul, you’ve got some nasty blows on the back of your head and some minor knife wounds on your arms. I need you to try to stay awake.” A woman’s voice could be heard as Paul felt something sharp enter his wrist. Somewhere among the commotion, Paul heard a siren. He then realized where he was. In an ambulance. But what happened? He and Janet were in his apartment, and then… “Does he have any ID on him? Check his pockets.” Paul felt a hand dig into his left pocket, followed by his right, which then proceeded to pull his wallet out. “Just relax, Paul. We’re going to take care of you.” “Just relax, Paul. I’m going to take care of you. Now, where are your things?” Janet asked softly; Paul had again slipped back into his recent memory. Janet quietly got up from the couch, took Paul by the hands, and helped him up. “U-um, in my room. On my bed. I thought it’d be the most comfortable place.” Janet nodded, then quietly pulled Paul by the hand, leading him around the apartment until she located what she assumed to be his bedroom. It was meticulous, with everything all organized and pristine. All the furniture had a cherry oak finish, which complemented the tan walls and off-white floor. Janet giggled as she saw the stack of diapers and supplies on the floor, next to what appeared to be a fuzzy baby blue blanket. “Now, remember to relax. I promise I won’t do anything you don’t want me to, but unless you tell me to stop, I will keep going. Understood?” Janet asked sweetly, to which Paul nodded with a light blush. “Good,” Janet said with a smile, “now, let’s lay baby down on his soft blanket so we can get his diapey on.” Paul’s heart raced with excitement and fear as Janet spoke to him. Her voice was like honey as it reached his ears, sending him into an almost submissive-like trance. Now weak at the knees, he quietly plopped down on the babyish blanket and took some deep breaths to calm his nerves. Janet quietly knelt down, moving Paul’s legs on either side of her. “You still with us, Paul?” a gruff voice asked. “We’re at the ER.” A flurry of fluorescent lights blinded Paul as he saw what he assumed was an EMT and a few nurses and doctors, all pushing his stretcher down the hallway. “Janet? Where…?” Paul tried to speak. “We need to stitch him up and make sure there isn’t any trauma. Paul, do you know what happened?” The doctor asked. “What? I don’t….they hit me. Owwww…” Paul cried as he felt a sharp pain in his arm; it was an IV. Paul moved around on the stretcher from the pain. Trying to take his mind off of whatever the hell was going on, Paul did his best to rethink the moments leading up to that point once more. “It’s okay, Paul. We’ll get you some pain meds and fix you up!” a nurse tried to comfort him as he slipped away once more. “It’s okay, baby. It’s okay.” Janet whispered, “Where is your pacifier?” Paul couldn’t speak, still breathing quickly. He pointed up to his nightstand, to which Janet leaned over his body, opened the drawer, and fumbled for it. She then slowly led the pacifier to Paul’s lips, to which he accepted almost instantly. Janet then leaned in and first kissed his forehead, then his pacifier. “We’ll get you allll taken care of, baby. Don’t you worry.” Janet quietly slid Paul’s shirt off and up over his head, motioning for him to lift his arms. Somewhere between wanting to hide in a closet from sheer embarrassment and wanting to float out of the bedroom, sat Paul. He sucked on the pacifier quietly, unable to resist smiling up at this lovely woman who knelt before him as she undressed him. She even pinched his cheek lightly before working on his pants and boxers, to which she slid off with expertise. Surely she’d been in similar situations many times before, and Paul was now fully exposed to his lovely neighbor. Janet quietly unfolded what she was surprised to be an exceptionally thick disposable diaper, with small babyish bears and blocks on the front. “These are so adorable! I bet they’re even more adorable wrapped around your waist, huh? Aren’t they?” Janet spoke softly as she raised Paul’s legs, sliding the diaper beneath his bottom and laying it flat and even. His breathing now much more relaxed, Paul let out a small giggle as he blushed, hearing the sweet baby talk coming from Janet as she first sprinkled a generous amount of powder all over his diaper area and folded up the front of his babyish diaper. She took her sweet time taping up both sides nice and snug, finishing her handy work with a few pats on the front of his diaper. “Aren’t you just precious?” Janet cooed, helping Paul sit up. Was it a dream? Had he just been diapered by his beautiful neighbor with a voice made of silk? Janet didn't even flinch as she diapered him or sat him up, showing not a sign of hesitation. Had she done this before? He didn't respond to Janet's question audibly, opting instead to simply nod his head before looking down at the thick diaper around his waist. “Ohhh, we've got a shy one on our hands, don't we?” Janet whispered, pinching Paul's cheeks softly. This perpetuated his bashfulness, forcing a very shy but very big smile. Janet was also amused, as she couldn't help but giggle before pulling Paul into a warm hug. “I bet someone can hardly walk in these.” Janet cooed once more, giving Paul a few firm pats on his diapered butt. Paul bit his lip and nodded in agreement, knowing that any time he wore, it forced a waddle. Even more so when he wet or messed it, but Janet didn't need to know that. Besides, it would probably be too much for her if Paul were to actually use his diaper. “I can only imagine what that must be like when the baby's diaper is full.” Janet smirked. Paul's eyes widened, looking over at Janet as if to ask, “you're okay with that?” She quietly nodded and smirked more, leaning in to kiss the blushing man's cheeks. “Mommy Janet will tell you if there's anything she can't handle, okay? And you need to tell Mommy Janet if there's anything you can't handle. But for now, just relax, little baby.” Janet whispered. “Yes, Mommy Janet.” Paul replied, quickly slipping into his role. “Good boy! Now, let's get the little baby something to drink. I'm betting your baba is in your closet with your other baby stuff, huh?” Paul nodded quietly, his face burning even more, as Janet giggled and got up, rifling through a plain cardboard box that had an assortment of infantile items in it. She smirked when she pulled out a clear baby bottle with baby blocks and balloons on it, bringing it back over to Paul. “Awww, how adorable. C'mon, let's get baby fed.” Janet tucked the bottle under her arm before reaching down to help Paul get out of bed. Obviously, she couldn't pick him up, but still did her best to pretend that the big baby before her was too little to do anything on his own. Paul meekly stood up, waddling quite a bit as he did so. Janet then stood behind him, giggling as she kept a hand on his diapered butt, giving him a soft push. “Go on, little one. Mommy's got you. You can do it!” Paul couldn't help but smile shyly as he felt Janet's hand pressed against his diapered bottom, and with each step he took, he felt a firm pat, making him shiver and blush even more. This continued right until Janet motioned for him to sit on the couch, telling him to wait there as she went over to fill the bottle up. When she returned, Janet gently swayed her hips, biting her lip before sitting on the end of the couch. She put a pillow between her and the arm of the couch, then patted her lap softly, to which Paul sheepishly climbed in. For it being his first time, he seemed to know exactly what to do, mostly from playing the scenario out in his head for so many years. “There we go, baby boy. Take this.” Janet cooed, removing the pacifier from Paul's lips before inserting the baby bottle into his mouth. “Take this,” Paul heard a voice say, finding himself in what was obviously a hospital bed, “it'll help your head feel better.” A nurse stood before him, handing him a small cup of pills and a glass of water. Paul hesitantly took the medication, swallowing slowly and sighing. “What happened?” Paul asked. “That's what everyone's trying to figure out. Do you remember anything? How you got here?” How did he get there? Hadn't he just been with Janet? Why did his head and arms hurt so much? He fell, right? No...that wasn't it. It was those guys who gave him a hard time on the way home from the store. They hadn't forgotten about Paul throwing one of them into the trash can, and wanted to get a little revenge. Paul, on the other hand, still on a natural high from his experience with Janet, had in fact forgotten all about what he'd done the night before, and with that, had forgotten about taking the long way home from the restaurant. “It was those guys from the other night.” Paul replied. “They did this to you?” she asked. Paul nodded. “Hang on a sec, hun,” the nurse paused, going to the door and motioning for someone to come in. A police officer then entered the room, the nurse whispering something to him before both of them approached Paul's bed slowly. Was he in trouble? He'd never really been approached by law enforcement before, other than a few speeding tickets. “How are you feeling, son? I'm officer Tusk.” “I've been better,” Paul said weakly, “and I'm Paul.” “I can only imagine. The nurse here tells me somebody did this to you?” “Yeah.” “Can you tell me a little more of what happened?” Paul thought for a moment, trying to reconstruct what happened, starting to speak and then stopping himself short. “He got hit pretty hard in the head,” the nurse explained to the officer, before speaking to Paul, “it's okay. Take your time.” That last phrase triggered something, sending Paul back into his memories, back to his apartment, with him sitting in Janet's lap. He felt full, the baby bottle emptied and on the end table, as Janet nonchalantly sat the diapered man up and started patting his back. “C'mon, burp for mommy Janet. We don't need a fussy, gassy baby on our hands, do we?” Janet cooed with her silky voice. She was a natural. Had she done this before with other men? Being an escort, she'd probably come across or at least heard about, quite a few interesting kinks and fetishes. No sign of her passing judgment, no questions asked. She just went with the flow, acting as if a diapered man in her lap was normal. Paul didn't let out a burp, but blushed profusely with a shy smile. “I guess baby Paul doesn't have any bubbles, but it didn't hurt to make sure. At least we know where all that juice is gonna end up!” Janet winked, giving Paul a slight bounce in her lap. “Y-yeah, hehe.” Paul nodded and fidgeted softly, very nervous at the mere thought of using his diaper in front of someone. Even worse, he hadn't really gone to the bathroom in a while, meaning it wouldn't be long before he had to go! Hopefully Janet wouldn't notice his subtle facial expressions or movements. “Hmm...” Janet smirked, giving Paul another soft bounce before gently scratching his stomach, making him giggle and wiggle even more. She noticed! Paul didn't know what he should do. Would Janet be upset with him if he tried to get up from her lap? Did she really expect him to wet his diaper for her? “Goodness, someone is all worked up! Relax, baby boy,” Janet cooed, holding Paul close, “relax and tell me your worries.” “I've just...it's just I've never done this before in front of someone, you know? I'm not sure what I should and shouldn't do.” “Is that all? Sweetie, this isn't something I haven't seen or dealt with before, you know. Besides, you're being so well-behaved, unlike some of the others I've worked with. Now, what is it you want to do, hmm?” “You mean you've done this before?” “More or less,” Janet nodded, not giving any more detail than that, “now, tell mommy what you want. What's the one thing you've always imagined?” Paul did just that. Between stammering, blushing, and getting tongue-tied, he spilled his guts, shyly telling Janet how he'd always imagined a scenario similar to the one he was currently in; on a beautiful woman's lap, in nothing but a diaper, being coddled over and gently teased and taken care of, and checked after using his diaper. Every last detail, and not once did Janet turn her head or make a face, or laugh. She just smiled, tracing her nails along Paul's back as he spoke, waiting for him to finish. “I feel like I've been talking for an hour,” Paul mumbled, his cheeks burning, “sorry if that was too much info. I mean, you seriously don't have to do anything, and I totally understand if you wanna just stop what we're doing and just leave.” “Of all the things I've heard in my experiences with others...of all the people I've met, and talked to, and discussed things like this with,” Janet paused, as Paul waited anxiously for her to finish her sentence, “you're the most genuinely innocent man I've met.” “W-well what makes you say that?” Paul asked. “Your tone of voice, your demeanor, how gentle and careful you've been, and most of all, your eyes. I can tell a lot from a man's eyes, you know.” Janet explained. “And mine tell you all that?” “That, and they tell me that you've been wanting this for a very, very long time. Am I right? Hmm? Did mommy Janet hit the nail on the head?” Janet sang, getting right back into her role. Paul couldn't answer, but merely nodded. Something in Janet's voice soothed him, made him feel like this was completely okay, like he didn't have to hide anything from her, despite hardly knowing her and despite her choice in professions. Janet giggled before picking Paul's pacifier back up and sliding it into his mouth, pinching his cheeks when she finished. “Good. Now, I think I've got a wiggle worm on my hands, so here's what I'm gonna do,” Janet lowered her voice to a sweet whisper, leaning in towards Paul's ear, “I'm gonna lightly tickle the little baby, bounce him on my knee, and poke and prod his thick diaper until he makes it nice and full for mommy.” Paul's eyes widened, a huge, shy smile forming across his face along with his bright red cheeks. He nodded, and Janet got straight to work, holding the diapered man in her arms, her knees bouncing him ever softly. Her hands gently tickled Paul, making him giggle loudly from behind his pacifier. When Janet wasn't tickling him, she gently placed her palm on Paul's diapered crotch, cupping it softly and giving it a little press. Each time Janet did one of these things, it made Paul's bladder betray him just a little bit more, his fidgeting worsening. Janet didn't let up, however, and despite Paul's shyness about the experience, his body reached the point where it had to do what it had to do. Suckling his pacifier almost frantically, Paul buried his face in Janet's shoulder, his legs opening ever softly as he felt a steady flow of urine filling his diaper. Janet seemed to notice, too, as she let out a quiet, “awww,” and held Paul close, her one hand on his diaper. Paul put his hand on hers, looking at her with an expression that begged for confirmation that this was okay. “Shhh, shh, don't fuss,” Janet cooed, despite Paul not having said anything, “you're in a diaper, and that's what babies do, right? They use their diapers, then their mommies change them. It's fine. Look at me.” Paul did just that, albeit shyly. Janet's warm eyes again showed nothing but comfort and kindness. She leaned in and kissed Paul on the cheek, who did the same in return. Janet giggled before removing her hand from Paul's now wet diaper. “Is baby all done wetting his diaper?” “Uh huh...” Paul mumbled from behind his pacifier. He was indeed done wetting his diaper. What he didn't tell Janet was that during his wetting, he'd felt the slightest movement in his bowels as well. It had been a couple of days since his last one, and unfortunately for Paul, his stomach was always a dead giveaway when it came close to that time. “Good boy!” Janet praised with a giggle, bouncing Paul just a bit more. The bouncing caused his stomach to gurgle slightly, making some rather audible and embarrassing sounds. Janet's eyes moved down to Paul's stomach, before she looked back up at him. “Uh oh...is someone hungry?” Paul shook his head very shyly, making Janet raise an eyebrow. No way. Even though she said she'd let Paul know if she wasn't okay with something, no way would she be fine with him messing his diaper. Janet responded by leaning her head down and pressing her ear against Paul's stomach, hearing it gurgle and grumble a bit more. “Ohhh,” Janet sang, “mommy thinks she knows that the issue is...” “Sorry,” Paul was quick to respond, gently removing the pacifier from his mouth, “my body's really weird and sometimes makes those kinds of noises before I have to, um...” “Before you have to what? Tell mommy...” Janet winked. “...poop...” Paul squeaked, blushing even deeper than he thought possible and letting out a giggle from saying something so childish out loud. This only made Janet hug the diapered man in her lap, giggling softly and giving him a little pout. Janet then put the pacifier back into Paul's mouth, sealing it with a kiss. “Well we can't have a upset tummy on our hands, now can we, mister?” “No, mommy Janet.” Paul replied. “No we can't! No we can't,” Janet cooed, feeding off of Paul's embarrassment, “and you already told me your perfect scenario, and mommy already told you she'd tell you if something was too much. What can mommy do to help you, hmm?” Paul knew exactly what he wanted and how he had always imagined it: kneeling down, his head pressed up against a woman's chest, as she held him close, whispering sweet, teasing nothings into his ear as he helplessly filled his diaper. “It'll be easier if I show you...” Paul said quietly, to which Janet nodded. Paul then climbed down off of Janet's lap, gently kneeling between her legs, before motioning for her to come closer. Janet nodded, wrapping her arms around Paul, one hand making its way to the back of his head, as the other traced along his back and diapered waistband. Paul sighed, leaning into Janet, his head resting on her chest, before he squatted ever gently. He had no idea how long it'd take for him to actually mess, though his stomach told him it wouldn't be long. “Comfy?” Janet asked. “Very...thank you.” “Hehe, you're welcome. Now,” Janet lowered her voice to a whisper once more, “relax and fill your diaper. Mommy knows you're trying so hard to be a big boy, but you're wearing a diaper, and that's what they're for. They're for catching all of your messes.” Paul bit his pacifier, suckling it feverishly as he heard the words fall from Janet's lips. It was exactly how he had imagined it. Her voice was so gentle, so relaxing. Not once did he look at her as she whispered, instead squatting just a little more as the urge to mess grew. “That's it, baby. Push alllll of your messies out into your diaper. Don't fight it. It's too late! The sooner you mess your diaper, the sooner we can get you all clean.” Janet purred. It took some time, but with some concentration on Paul's end and some coaxing on Janet's, Paul finally let out a shy gasp as he felt a small mess slowly make its way into the back of his diaper. He held onto Janet tightly, who in turn kissed the top of his head, giggling softly while she rubbed his back, telling him what a good boy he was. “Does baby feel better?” Janet cooed, making Paul nod sheepishly. Janet smiled at this, looking Paul in the eyes and whispering, “Are you okay?” Paul nodded again, smiling to show Janet that he was surprisingly just fine. Embarrassed, but fine. Janet took no hesitation in treating Paul exactly as he'd previously described to her, standing the man up, his obviously full diaper at eye level with her. “Let's see what mister left in his diaper for mommy.” Janet giggled. Taking her time, Janet poked and prodded Paul's diapered front, feeling it squish at her touch, before turning Paul around and placing her hands on his full diapered bottom. The smell started to fill the room, but Janet didn't do anything to show any sign of disgust, instead taking it all in stride. She did, however, pull on the back of Paul's waistband, before snapping it shut and turning him around so he was facing her. “Ohhh, mommy's got such a stinky, messy baby on her hands, doesn't she? Does baby need a diaper change? Hmm?” “Y-yes, please, mommy...” Paul nodded and mumbled, making Janet giggle more. Janet stood up from the couch, gently guiding Paul back to his room, fetching a fresh diaper, changing supplies, and per Paul's suggestion, a large blanket. Paul kept his pacifier in his mouth the whole time, now feeling so very little and embarrassed, and under the spell of the beautiful Janet. Janet then laid the blanket out on the floor, before motioning for Paul to lie down on it. He carefully did so, his cheeks red as he felt the messy diaper beneath him. Janet then set the clean diaper on Paul's stomach, telling him to keep it right there, before she proceeded with the diaper change. And boy, what a diaper change it was! It was so sweet, with Janet carefully taking her time opening the dirty diaper, making little cutesy comments like, “Ohhh, you sure left a lot for mommy Janet to clean up!” or “Baby made such a stinky diaper for me, didn't he?” Her nose wrinkled ever softly as she cleaned Paul, but her hands were so gentle as she wiped him all nice and clean, rolling up the dirty diaper and setting it aside before swiftly opening the new one. Paul lifted his legs for her, and when he lowered them onto the soft, fresh diaper, Janet giggle, taking the baby powder and sprinkling it all over Paul's front, bottom, and inside of his diaper. Embarrassed as he was, Paul couldn't help but remain in his blissful state, feeling like he was the most important person in the world at that moment. Despite being completely naked and exposed in such a babyish position, he couldn't help but smile. Janet slowly lifted the front of the diaper up and over Paul's manhood, pausing for a moment before she taped it up. Many of the people she'd dealt with before had always wanted something sexual out of their experiences with her. She figured Paul would be the same. “Anything else you wanna do before I tape up your diaper?” Janet asked, anticipating a yes. The fetish, while sometimes sexual for Paul, was not in that very moment. For him, he always wanted the first time to be more tender and loving than sexual. It didn't mean Janet wasn't stunning and wasn't someone he could imagine making love to, but it just wasn't what he wanted at that time. Paul said quietly from behind his pacifier, “Can we just maybe snuggle up in bed for a bit? No sex, no fooling around. You've already done so much for me, and I don't want to take advantage of your kindness.” This made Janet blush herself, not used to hearing something so kind and sweet. Something told her it wouldn't have been any different if Paul had actually paid her for their experience. With a big nod and smile, Janet taped up Paul's diaper nice and slow, before sitting him up. “You have got to be the sweetest little guy I know,” Janet said, kissing Paul's forehead, “now you get into your bed, and mommy Janet will get all this yucky stuff thrown out and we'll snuggle up, okay?” Paul nodded happily, getting up and waddling over to his bed, lying down and waiting as Janet cleaned everything up. Before long, she was back, climbing into bed next to Paul, pulling him close as he nuzzled her and put his arms around her. It was then that she told him that, for the first time in a long time, Janet felt genuinely wanted and appreciated. They two stayed that way for quite some time, eventually drifting off to sleep in each other's arms, not waking up until later that evening. That was when the trouble started. “Paul?” the voice of officer Tusk's voice snapped Paul back into the present. “Oh? Oh! I'm, uh, sorry.” Paul said. “It's okay. I'm sure it must have been pretty traumatic for you. Take your time.” “Well, um...” Paul began. He started by telling the officer about his encounter with the three men from a few nights before, and how they'd harassed him. Paul admitted to shoving the one man out of the way, but according to officer Tusk, the three had been reported a few times in the past about bothering the locals. “I went to get some pizza,” Paul continued, “so I left my apartment, and headed down to the pizza place. The three guys approached me, pretty upset about what I'd done.” The pizza was for him and Janet. When the two had woken up from their nap, Paul had asked her if she was hungry. Neither felt like cooking, so Paul offered to pick up something. “You gonna go in just your diaper?” Janet teased. “What? No, of course not!” Paul exclaimed. “I'm kidding.” she snickered, making Paul sigh. Paul called the order in, then hurriedly got dressed into some normal clothing. “You can stay here if you want. Make yourself at home.” Paul offered as he left the bedroom. “Sounds good.” “Oh, I almost forgot,” Paul said, turning back around and approaching Janet, giving her a very warm hug, “thank you. This was perfect. You've made me the happiest I've been in a long time.” “Hmmm, glad I could help,” Janet smiled, giving Paul a pat on the back, “now go get our food before it gets cold.” Paul had run down the stairs and out the door, forgetting all about taking the long way to the pizzeria to avoid the trouble he'd run into earlier. They had seen Paul from a distance, approaching him rather quickly, He hadn't heard their footsteps, still giddy as could be from his experience with Janet. His parade was abruptly crashed, when he felt a pair of hands shove him, forcing him to fall forward. “Fuckin' punk!” a gruff voice yelled. “H-hey, what the hell?!” Paul angrily cried, turning around, wide-eyed when he realized who it was. “Doesn't feel that great, does it?” the man asked. Looking around, there was nobody to help him. The sidewalks looked pretty quiet. His gut instinct told him this probably wouldn't end well. If he could somehow distract them, he might have been able to get away. “Oh, shit! The cops!” Paul screamed, causing the three angry men to jump and look around. Paul quickly got up and made a run for it, moving as fast as he could towards the pizzeria. At least there was a chance some more people would be around. He heard them yell towards him, and when he looked behind him, he could see they were fast approaching. They were much faster than he was this time. In the distance, Paul could see a few small groups of people. They were his way out! He called for help as he got closer to them, flailing his hands and running ever faster. He was so close! People noticed and looked like they were starting to approach him! “Hey! I need help! Someone call the c-” Paul's plea was cut short by a hard punch to the back of his head. He fell to the ground with a groan, unable to comprehend what had just happened. A few screams from some passersby could be heard, as he felt a sharp pain in his arms, his stomach, his back. His instinct at that point was to play dead. Maybe they'd leave him alone. He'd just have to hold in the cries from the pain. Keeping as still and lifeless as possible, Paul moved not an inch as the three men hit him some more. What was only a few more seconds felt like an eternity, before the attack finally came to an end. “Oh, shit. Is he dead?!” “I dunno, man! Come on! Let's get the hell out of here!” “Hey!” a voice called out, “Leave that guy alone! What did you do?!” The three fled the scene, as a few passersby came close to Paul. “Oh, my God…call 911! This man needs help! Buddy! Are you okay?” It all came back to Paul, and he verbally told the story to officer Tusk as it came to him. He described each assailant in as much detail as he could, too. Paul was informed that the police had nabbed the men thanks to the help of some witnesses, and before long, office Tusk gave Paul his card, and left. The nurse followed the officer out the door, leaving Paul alone in the hospital room. The throbbing pain in his head seemed to pulsate in tune with the monitor beeping in the background. This was nowhere near as comfortable as lying in Janet's arms, all diapered up without a care in the world. Then, it hit him: Janet! How long had Paul been out for?!Janet probably thought he just ditched her, or...or! A quiet knock was heard at the entrance to Paul's room, and in entered none other than Janet, a look of great concern on her face as she saw him. “Paul?! God, are you okay?!” “Janet! How did you know where to find me?” “Well, you took way longer than expected, so I thought you like, got lost or something. I went down to the pizzeria and they told me you never picked up the order. A couple of people in there told me someone got beat up pretty badly.” “Mmm, it's my fault,” Paul winced, “shouldn't have bitten off more than I could chew with those idiots.” “Are you okay?” “Yeah, I think so. Just a slight concussion and some other injuries. They should let me out sometime tomorrow.” “You poor thing!” Janet put her hand in Paul's. “I'll be okay. They gave me some medicine, but I might need a few days to recover. I'm really glad to see you.” Paul let out a weak smile, making Janet smile back. “Well, I'm glad to see you, too. Not like this, but still.” Janet replied. “Guess that means you have to see me more often, so this isn't the last image you see of me.” “Would you stop being so darn cute? Please?” Janet joked with a giggle, making Paul laugh as well. “I'm just being honest,” Paul said, “and I feel bad about us not getting the pizza. Maybe we can, um, grab some dinner or something?” “I won't lie, Paul: everyone who has ever found out about my choice in professions has walked away from me. And here you are, seeing me as a human being, noticing me.” “Hey, I let you in on something big about me that most people would probably walk away from, and you dove in head first. What would it hurt to get to know each other a little more?” “I'll consider it.” Janet smirked. “Soooo...is that a yes?” Paul asked with a smile, causing Janet to sigh with a giggle. “Yes. Now get some rest. Something tells me you're gonna need a lot of TLC in the next few days.” “I'll make it up to you with a glass of milk.” Paul joked. Janet rolled her eyes, putting her hands on her hips, before leaning in and giving Paul a soft kiss on the cheek, making him blush. “You're still cute when you blush.” She smirked, before saying, “Let me know when you're back home tomorrow, okay?” “Okay.” Paul smiled, watching as Janet left the room. With a content sigh, Paul closed his eyes, eventually falling asleep, looking forward to the things yet to come. THE END I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what you think!
  11. My new short(ish) story is almost complete!

    I'm fighting an illness so it's taking me a little longer to work on it this weekend than I had hoped.

    Stay tuned!

  12. I've got a short story called "It's Just a Party" somewhere in the forums, and then "What it is to be John Morrow," but that's about it for now! I've got some other works in progress I haven't uploaded anywhere yet!
  13. Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm glad you and everyone else enjoyed it! I tried to keep it as realistic as possible, so while it's fiction, it's one of those, "it could happen" scenarios. I'm very slowly working on a new piece that I'll share here, but I'll admit it's much different than what I normally write, so be on the lookout for that!
  14. Happy Valentine's Day to the most wonderful woman I could ever have hoped for. ❤️ I love you, @mamabug!!!!😍

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      Awww! Happy Valentine's Day, baby! I love you too! :wub:

  15. Hey everyone! 

    Just wanted to let you know a new writing project is in the works! Everyone liked The Geek's Itty Bitty Baby Bear. This next one will be a lot different and shorter. :)