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  1. Bug will be here in about 4 hours! <3 :) 

  2. A new track appears! 


  3. This Saturday! Ahhh, it's so close! :)

    1. mamabug


      Yay!!! I can't wait to see you!! <3 Best. Weekend. Ever with the best guy ever ;)

    2. Dr_J
  4. Another track! What?!


  5. Dr_J

    Too many abandon stories

    I'll admit that I stopped mid-way through writing "Clear History?" I've actually been on a bit of a writing hiatus for a while. I've shifted my focus into music instead. Doesn't mean I won't try again someday, but that story, along with everything non-ABDL that I've been writing, has been put on the back burner. Typically what happens is, I open the document, read it from start to finish, then close it again. It's tough.
  6. Yep, still alive, still making music!


  7. Yeap, still alive and still making music! Not AS happy with this one as the rest, because the ending needs a bit of tweaking. 


  8. I know I'm not on her much anymore, but...new track is up!


  9. Some new tracks are up! :)



  10. Dr_J

    Max's Christmas Wish (Finished 12/19)

    This is fantastic! Please keep up the wonderful work, Mina!
  11. Dr_J

    im a dinosaur!

    Welcome! Nice to meet you!
  12. Dr_J

    Oh gee this nerd again

    Welcome! I hope you like it here! Oh, and I absolutely LOVE your user name! Mostly because I love cooking Eggplant Parmesan.
  13. Dr_J

    Babble = Chat

    So I cleared browsing history, deleted cookies, etc., and it is still giving me the message that I'm logged in from another browser or device. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing the same issue.
  14. Dr_J

    Babble = Chat

    Elfy, I cleared my cookies, logged out and back in, and tried again, and it still says I'm already logged into the chat room.
  15. Dr_J

    Babble = Chat

    Mine did the same thing after about 5 minutes. It says I'm logged in from another browser already.