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  1. Two things:

    1.) I moved to Florida and am now closer to @mamabug❤️ :)

    2.) Chapter 4 of "Just One Time" is now up! :)

  2. Sorry for the long delay in responding, everyone! I was moving to Florida! I'm here now, and I want to thank you again for your feedback and kind words! Here is the next chapter for ya! Chapter 4 The two hour movie ended, and still nothing back from Megan. Jacob argued with himself that perhaps it was taking Megan a while to read each story, and if she was giving feedback, she may have been taking extra time to write her thoughts down on paper. Even though he hated it when people told him to hurry up, Jacob grew ever more impatient, which was unusual for him, since he normally wasn't the type to get that way. Maybe it was the anticipation and the excitement that was getting to him. Finding himself becoming more and more hungry, Jacob decided that cooking would most likely help him take his mind off of his impatience. He knew how time tended to work; whenever he really wanted something to happen soon, it'd take its sweet time happening. Whenever he wanted time to slow down so he could savor a day off, or a date, or when writing, everything seemed to speed up, silently mocking his attempts to control what no human had ever done before. He opted for some breakfast food for an early dinner, because why not? It wasn't like the day's events had been all that sane to begin with. Cooking didn't actually help Jacob's situation any, as he found himself constantly running to his computer to check for Megan's response, despite the risk of burning his food. Nothing new came in, and Jacob even went so far as to eat his toast, omelet, and bacon at his computer desk, browsing the internet and again refreshing the ABDreamLand page every now and then. Still nothing. When finished with his food, Jacob cleaned up his dirty dishes, letting out a discouraging sigh as he scrubbed his griddle and plate. Stop thinking about it and it'll happen faster. Stop thinking about it and it'll happen faster... he kept thinking to himself. As he dried and put the last of his dishes away, Jacob swore he saw something on his computer monitor from the corner of his eye. When he got closer, lo and behold was a response back from Megan! Jacob frantically dried his hands, running back to his desk with a little, “yes!” escaping his lips. He clicked the Open button and was greeted with Megan's reply: Hey there, Jacob! So I got to read your stories, and honestly, I can see the potential for some really great work! However, I think I see what the issue is: it seems like you haven't really experienced a whole lot in the ABDL department, and while your imagination is there, it still needs some developing. I hope that doesn't upset you too much, but that being said, I came up with an idea as close to perfect as possible for you. Just make sure you do the following in the exact order: Read the Terms & Conditions provided in the link below, thoroughly. I'm not saying this is a requirement, but I think it'll probably make things a little easier for you to understand. That, and it'll make me less frustrated with you if you start asking questions later. Once you've clicked that you Accept the terms, you'll be given a link to a website. This is set to expire 30 minutes from the moment it's given to you, so the clock is ticking! There will be a sound file on the link. I want you to press Play, closer your eyes, and take some deep breaths as you listen to it. If you're distracted, it may not work as intended, and then that'll just mean more work for the two of us. Have fun! I can promise you that no physical harm will come to you. What you experience will feel very real, even if they start getting a little dangerous at times. But I'll make sure you're not in any actual danger. I am NOT responsible for any potential mental effects said solution has on you, and I do have a right to reverse it at any time if I feel you're not fit. There shouldn't be any issues, however, since you're a writer and you can appreciate the strange. You'll be hearing from me soon! And for the love of all things holy, PLEASE read the Terms & Conditions. Don't skim through them, even if there is a lot of information within. I'll be seeing you soon, I'm sure! -Megan Who Loves Turkey Club Sandwiches with Avocado Sure enough, below Megan's signature line was a hyperlink that simply said, “Click Here, Jacob!” When Jacob hovered his mouse over the link, no preview was available. He told himself it must've been some kind of magic on Megan's part, and Jacob grinned, giddy from finally getting a response. Holding his breath, Jacob clicked the link, which opened a new tab in his browser. Just as Megan's response indicated, a very, very long page of terms and conditions loaded, with clear instructions to read them in their entirety before continuing. One would think that Jacob would heed the witch's warning, that he'd take the instructions seriously and accept the help with caution. But no, Jacob did what most people do: he scrolled down to the very bottom of the page, only skimming a few things along the way; something about Megan being his guide and Jacob experiencing his stories on a whole new level, no harm would come to him, so on and so forth. Even after reading so many stories about genies granting poorly worded wishes, and making deals with some seedy magic users, Jacob threw caution to the wind. Besides, there was a recap of some of the main points at the bottom of the page, just above the “I Agree” check box that he'd need to click before continuing: REMEMBER THE BASICS: This spell is intended to give you the ultimate edge in your writing capabilities. The sand witch will be alongside you in some way, shape, or fashion. Remember that! Time is irrelevant in your worlds; that is, the passage of time there does not affect the passage of time here. What happens there, stays there. The joys, comforts, sorrows, intimacies, dangers, conflicts, etc., while very real there, shall not carry over to here. If you become too overwhelmed, you must say, “Turkey Club Sandwiches With Avocado” three times. Alternatively, if it appears you're at risk of becoming mentally harmed, you will be removed from there with little notice given. Have fun! Make sure you truly are ready to do this before continuing! “Turkey Club Sandwiches With Avocado? Really?” Jacob chuckled, rolling his eyes. He wondered why Megan hadn't just given him the abridged version, seeing how most of what he needed was right there. By the sounds of it, he was being taken somewhere; perhaps to a secret destination unbeknownst to society? Maybe inside of Jacob's own imagination or subconscious again? Taking no time, Jacob anxiously checked the “I Agree” box, then clicked Submit. He was brought to another page, this one containing a sound file that could only be played in the browser. The instructions read: When ready, click the Play button, close your eyes, and keep them closed! This file will not be playable after 30 minutes from being opened, and this link will also expire in that time! His yearning too much to handle, Jacob put his headphones in, clicked the Play button, and closed his eyes. About five seconds later, a soft melody could be heard, almost like a flute, complemented by some drums and quiet horns. The music steadily grew louder, and soon, voices whispered in both of Jacob's ears. He wanted to open his eyes, but...couldn't? Why couldn't he open them? The whispers grew a little louder, until one of them became Megan's voice, speaking in a language Jacob had never heard before, repeating what it was saying over and over again. Despite having his eyes closed, Jacob could see a bright purple aura in his field of vision, with whom he knew to be Megan in the distance. Megan grew closer and closer, her hand out towards Jacob. “Take my hand, Jacob, and we can begin.” Megan said with a smile. Jacob reached his hand out, and as soon as it took hold of Megan's, the two were engulfed in a warm, purple, silent explosion, the music and chanting subsiding. Then, a bright light, followed by a deafening rush of wind that made Jacob's clothing flap loudly. He clenched Megan's hand, wondering what the hell he'd just gotten himself into. Soon, the bright light faded, and Jacob felt Megan's hand escape his grasp. Then, everything went dark for a moment. Before his surroundings came into focus, Jacob heard the sound of gentle creaking, as the faint smell of what he recognized to be the ocean tickled his nose. Opening his eyes, Jacob found himself on his side, on what appeared to be a bed. He didn't feel tired or out of it, so to speak, but he was a bit disoriented from what had just happened. Looking down at his body, Jacob then saw that he was in full pirate garb, pants, belt, black leather boots, brown coat, red bandanna and all. “What the...” he mumbled to himself, sitting up. The room, which seemed to be lit only by lanterns, had a desk with various maps, a globe, and other trinkets strewn across it. No...it couldn't be! Was he...? “Captain,” Jacob heard a voice call out before the door opened slowly, revealing a pirate, “the storm's coming! We should be close to The Island of Forbidden Wonder, but it may be difficult to get there!” “U-um,” Jacob stammered, before standing up, “what?” “Aye, too much rum last night, Captain Meechum?” the pirate chuckled. The Island of Forbidden Wonder? Meechum? It was true! Jacob was in his story! No wonder it seemed so familiar. And if he remembered correctly, the scene he was in was right about where they'd come into contact with the great siren, Leona! “Something like that. I'll be right up.” Jacob replied. The pirate stood in the doorway, staring blankly, as if waiting for Jacob to finish his sentence. No way had Megan not only transported him into his story, but had she really also required him to speak in full pirate speech? “Y'arghhh.” Jacob growled, to which the pirate responded with a similar cry before heading out of the captain's quarters. “What the hell...what is going on. This is so...amazing!” Jacob said to himself, inspecting the room and all of its contents. He figured it'd just have been an illusion, but when he picked up the various scrolls and maps, and even what he no doubt knew was Meechum's sword and pistol, it all felt very real. The room itself even moved back and forth ever slowly, giving the authentic feeling of being at sea. Megan had really done it! This was not what Jacob was expecting at all. Although, the more he thought about it, Megan had in fact told him he'd get an experience unlike any other. But...where was Megan? Hadn't she told him that she'd be around to guide him? Perhaps she was disguised as one of the crew. Suddenly, a loud rumble of thunder shook Jacob's surroundings, followed by a loud crash of a wave slamming against the ship. Jacob lost his balance, grunting before carefully making his way to the door, opening it slowly. Sure enough, the clouds were black and threatening, and large raindrops punished the deck. His (or he guessed, Meechum's) crew shouted amongst themselves, scurrying to lower the sails and holding onto whatever they could to keep themselves from falling overboard. “Captain,” one of them shouted, “take the wheel! We need t'be makin' sure the boat don't tip!” Jacob had never steered a ship before! And yet, the scene felt so familiar to him, seeing as he had only written it just the day before. He knew what to do. Wobbling towards the wheel, Jacob climbed the wet, wooden stairs, trying his best not to fall over, before taking hold of the wheel, steering it to the right as hard as he could. Lightning lit up the dark sky, and the yelling of the crew was deafened by the roaring waves and thunder. “Oh, God...oh, God...” Jacob repeated to himself, as he saw in plain view, a large wave coming straight towards the ship. The boat soon found itself head on with said wave, riding up it before crashing hard on the other side. The cold, salty water rushed across the deck, with more crew members screaming, some laughing. Jacob, on the other hand, started swearing to himself, wondering if he'd end up overboard. He remembered that Megan had told him about no physical harm coming to him, but if everything felt so real, how would that be possible? He didn't know how to swim, meaning he'd drown in an instant! As lightning bolts struck the ocean, in the distance, Jacob saw what he'd written about in the story: The Island of Forbidden Wonder! Or at least, the outline of it! He knew what he had to say next to make the story progress...but he never finished anything beyond that. What would happen? “Look! There it be! The Island of Forbidden Wonder! We're close now, lads!” Jacob yelled. The crew cheered amid the thunder and merciless sea, knowing they'd soon reach the treasure that Jacob had written all about. He also knew, however, that he'd written the story with the intent to incorporate some type of ABDL theme into it, but what would that entail? Cursed treasure? Leona the siren casting an evil spell? This was where he'd drawn a blank the last time. What did he want to happen? As the ship drew ever closer to the mysterious island, a faint voice in the distance could be heard, singing a gentle tune that, despite the furious storm, could still be heard. While it wasn't a tune that Jacob had ever heard before, it definitely invoked feelings of innocence, of calm, of being carefree. In fact, the more Jacob heard it, the more it reminded him of a lull-a-bye; that was it! The scene that needed to happen, that was foreshadowed in the title of the story! The siren's lull-a-bye! “Captain! Steer clear! There be too many rocks further in! Ye will destroy the ship!” one of the crew warned. Jacob nodded, telling himself he needed to steer the ship away, and yet, the gentle singing filled his ears, and on a rock in the distance, he swore he could see who knew to be Leona, the great siren. He couldn't make her out entirely, but she did have an amber glow about her that enticed the eyes. As much as he wanted to take control of the wheel, Jacob stood there, mesmerized, his hands locked in place. “Such beauty...do you see it?” Jacob asked his crew. “See what?! We'll be dead if ye don't turn the wheel!” One of the waves behind the ship help push it along, even closer to the island and its chaotic rocks. The crew screamed even more, some even taking to try to pull Jacob's hands off the wheel, but to no avail. Something had them firmly in place. Meanwhile, Leona's humming grew louder in Jacob's ears, making him smile and shifting his desire from the island's treasure to the beauty that sat upon one of the rocks, seemingly unfazed by the storm. Jacob heard more yelling from his crew, and felt various hands shaking him, the storm still raging on. It wasn't long before he heard someone yell, “Abandon ship!” Looking over, Jacob watched his crew either dive overboard or get onto their small rowboats, while Jacob himself remained in place, hands still glued to the wheel. Closer and closer to the rocks, he grew. Moments later, Jacob's eyes widened as he heard the ship crash into one of them, throwing him forward and overboard, into the sea. Somehow, he'd missed one of the rocks himself, and as he fell, he could see Leona still singing, her amber glow present even as Jacob was submerged. The cold, salty sea water tasted and felt so very real, and soon panic set in, for Jacob knew he couldn't swim! Didn't Megan state that no harm would come to him? “H-help!” he cried, doing his best to keep afloat, praying that another massive wave wouldn't send the rest of the ship on top of him...or worse, send Jacob into another rock! Looking around, he found a rock and flailed towards it, covering little distance with his uncoordinated body movement. It was then that he saw Leona, sitting on said rock, her amber glow acting as a glimmer of hope in Jacob's current situation. Leona reached out her hand, her humming still continuing, as Jacob quickly took hold of it. Leona pulled him up, and as he got closer, Jacob couldn't believe his eyes once more: Leona was Megan! Sure, her wardrobe was different, but there was no doubt that the siren that rescued him was in fact, Megan. “Megan?!” Jacob cried. “Shhh,” she hushed, her voice heard clearly despite the storm, “another pirate in search of The Island of Forbidden Wonder's treasure, hmm? Did you not heed the warning of those who have previously attempted such a feat? All who set food on the island leave changed men.” “Wait, Megan! I didn't know this would happen!” Jacob explained. “Who is this Megan you speak of? You stand before the great siren, Leona!” “W-what? No! I didn't! I mean! I, um, I...” Jacob stammered and stuttered, flabbergasted by the situation. “I see someone's a little wound up from his little excursion! No matter, we'll get you out of those wet clothes and all relaxed before I decide what to do with you next, trespasser. Now,” Megan spoke, pulling Jacob closer to her, whispering, “sleep.” Suddenly, the singing resumed, sending Jacob into a very fast sleep. The storm calmed, the sea stopped raging, and Megan/Leona scooped Jacob into her arms with little effort, chuckling as she carefully stepped her way along the rocks, back to the island, humming the entire time. It was some time later that Jacob awoke, finding himself looking up at a ceiling made of stone. He looked around, noticing something soft that he was on. When he looked down, he was surprised to find that he was naked, immediately gasping and turning red. What had happened to his clothing? Had Megan, or Leona, or whoever the siren claimed to be, undressed him? “What the...” he whispered, trying to sit up. And yet, he couldn't. His hands and legs appeared to be tied down! Looking around some more, Jacob noticed that the floor, while made of stone, had plenty of soft rugs about it, and was decorated with various sea-related decorations; crabs, seashells, starfish, all pastel blue, or yellow, or green. Even more surprising was that Jacob swore he could smell the faint aroma of baby powder. Where was he? Suddenly, a door at the end of the room opened, and in walked Megan. She swayed her hips with each step, her seashell necklace jingling and glistening softly. “Look who's finally awake! I was just about to dress you, too!” “M-Megan? What is going on?” Jacob asked. “Why are my hands and legs tied down?” “That's Leona to you, my brave little pirate,” Megan chuckled, placing her finger on Jacob's lips, “and they're so you don't fall off.” “Fall off? Fall off of what? This is crazy!” “No, no,” Megan shook her head, “this is exactly what all who trespass on The Island of Forbidden Wonder get. You wish to wander off to places you shouldn't be going, taking what isn't yours, like a small, innocent child, and yet you act all tough and brave with your crew. Well, to Leona, you're just a little one who doesn't know any better, and who needs to be treated as such. So...fall off of what, you ask? Why, your changing table, of course!” “Changing table?! Megan, please. Jus-” With the snap of Megan's fingers, Jacob was cut off, a bright blue pacifier magically appearing in his mouth. Despite his efforts to spit it out, it was stuck, his slight mumbling coming from behind it. “Now,” Megan leaned in, “I'm going to put the big, bad pirate in his place, and if he behaves and calms down a bit, maybe I'll fill him in a little more on what's going on, even though he should know. Misbehave, however, and you may end up over my knee. Continue misbehaving, and I'll have no qualms about tossing you into the middle of the sea with the rest of your crew. Understand?” With a quiet whimper and wide eyes, Jacob nodded, fearing for his life. “Good,” Megan smiled, before whispering, “oh, and do try to enjoy yourself, would you?” Megan then winked before holding out her hand, a thick diaper, large bottle of baby powder, and a tub of larger than average baby wipes appearing out of thin air. Was she really going to diaper Jacob? Was this part of the deal? Why hadn't he read the terms and conditions like he was instructed? “Now...time for the new baby's first diaper!” Megan sang with a giggle.
  3. Chapter 3 of "Just One Time" is now up! Don't miss it, folks! :)

  4. Thank you again. :) I really am glad you're enjoying this! Here is Chapter 3 as promised. Chapter 3 The cool breeze and sounds of nature were a much-needed break from the morning's events. What was that, anyway? Had Jacob been too harsh by leaving so quickly? Any average Joe would've done the same, but was Jacob so average? A diaper fetishist who loved to write, who loved to question the extraordinary, found himself (understandably) running the other way when things got weird. There was no doubt that Megan was more than her profile led to believe. But was that really the case, or was there more truth to her seemingly strange profile and personality? Even more pressing was the ever-lingering struggle of Jacob enlisting Megan's help. If her entering his thoughts was possible, what on Earth did she have in store for him if he agreed to let her help him write? Jacob guessed that it'd be much more than role-playing. Maybe it was some kind of magic spell that would let his thoughts appear on paper, or the simplest of a story idea would write itself? Or, wait! Perhaps some secret concoction to stimulate his imagination a little further. Maybe it would be role-playing, but more than just what he'd experienced in the forums and chat room. There were far more questions than there were answers, and it drove Jacob crazy. After a walk around the block, Jacob thought it best to head back inside. The clouds started to look a little threatening, and he really needed to get back to working on his stories. And yet, the closer he got to home, the more tired he became. Why was he so tired? He'd slept well the night before! Perhaps he was coming down from his adrenaline rush following his encounter with Megan...if that was even what he should describe it as. When he finally got home, Jacob removed his shoes, and practically heard his couch calling to him. As much as he didn't want to nap, he thought it might be a good idea to recharge and clear his head a bit. With a long yawn, Jacob settled into his couch, taking a deep breath before falling into a rather peaceful sleep. In fact, peaceful enough for him to dream. As Jacob opened his eyes, he found himself on a peaceful beach, the waves crashing softly on the shore, the warm sand beneath him, his head resting on something soft. The smell of the ocean and a hint of intoxicating perfume teased his nose. He stretched for a moment, feeling something thick between his legs, which he undoubtedly knew was a diaper. Jacob tried getting up, but felt someone, or something, gently holding him in place, and soon a gentle hand could be felt playing with his hair. “Just relax,” a soft voice spoke, slightly echoing, “I'm not gonna hurt you.” Why did that voice sound so familiar? Jacob soon found that the soft something he was resting on was a woman's breast. While the one hand played with his hair, the other ran down his chest and stomach, eventually making its way to his diaper, giving it a few gentle pats. “Mmm...” was all Jacob could muster, feeling so relaxed and comfortable in this mysterious woman's arms. He went to look up to see who it was, his eyes slowly making their way from the ocean to the woman's chest. As he did so, he noticed something that quickly caught his attention, making him gasp: the seashell necklace! Jacob tried to get up once more, but the cuddled position he was in wouldn't allow him to do so. “Shhh,” the voice spoke once more, this time sounding more familiar, “relax.” “Megan?! Wh-what is this? A dream?” Jacob asked warily. “It is a dream of sorts,” Megan replied, “but just try to relax.” “Look, I'm sorry if I upset you before, just please don't hurt me.” Jacob pleaded. “Ha!” Megan giggled, keeping Jacob in a warm cuddle. “Does it look like I'm about to hurt you? I'm not mad! Guess I got a little ahead of myself earlier, but to be fair, you were being rather difficult. And yet, here we are, in a dream.” “And you're cuddling me while I'm diapered because...?” “Because I knew you'd just freak out and run away. This was the best way I could currently think of to keep you relaxed. I mean, would you rather I have you over my knee, spanking you? Over my shoulder? Dangling over a pit of lava?” Jacob blushed at the thought of being spanked, and shook his head as soon as he was asked about the lava. He didn't dare test the waters. After all, he told himself, it was a relaxing dream, even if he hardly knew Megan. “That's fair...do you do this with a lot of people?” “Oh, you mean the whole 'invading random strangers' dreams and cuddling them while they're diapered' thing? No, I don't. But again, I wasn't sure if you'd talk to me again, so I wanted to explain myself a little more clearly. After all, you at least deserve a high-level explanation.” “Okay...well, I'll admit, that as comfortable as I am right now, it's still a little awkward being diapered in front of someone I've never really met before.” “Well, I can fix that for you if you want. But hey, don't forget I find this whole lifestyle fascinating as well, otherwise I wouldn't have joined the community. Still, if you're really that uncomfortable, I can get you some pants.” Jacob thought for a moment, then shrugged, slowly getting up from Megan's embrace. This time, she didn't hold him down. He told himself that even if he did want to run away, the thick diaper between his legs wouldn't let him get too far. “So, you are in fact, a witch.” “In the flesh..or I guess in this case, in the spirit/subconscious.” “You knew my name the whole time?” Jacob asked. “Mmm, no. I'm not psychic, per se. However, if I form some type of bond with someone, I can connect with them on a higher level. Our bond was formed when you responded to my initial message. I had an interest in you and your work, and your response was enough.” “As strange as that sounds,” Jacob responded, “it oddly makes sense to me.” “Good! I'm glad you can make some sense of it! I don't usually reveal this side of me to most people, but I've made a few good friends along the way. You look like you needed some help, so I figured I'd see what I can do.” “And yet you still haven't told me what it is that you can do to help me.” Jacob softly huffed. “You're still on about that?” Megan rolled her eyes. “Do you really think a mystic witch of the sand like myself would just give away her secrets?” “Well, no, but I mean, most people don't blindly accept help from witches, now do they?” “Actually, yes, they do. The problem is that most either don't bother to check with who they're dealing with, most are rude and selfish, or they get a little too greedy.” “Ahh, you mean the whole good and evil thing, right?” “Exactly. Yes, there are some bad eggs out there, but like I told you, sand witches don't do that. We can help or hinder you, depending on how you treat us and others.” Jacob thought for a moment once more, trying to think of more questions to ask. “Where, or when, or whatever...did you come from?” “Ohh, you know,” Megan started, “long lineage of powerful magic-wielders, guardians of the sand, went into hiding during the witch hunts from long ago, blah, blah, blah. We started out in Europe very long ago. Some of my family split and ended up in America, and I'm just chilling out in Myrtle Beach.” “Why Myrtle Beach?” Jacob raised an eyebrow. “Because I like the sand, duh!” Megan teased, giggling. “Seriously, though. We are most powerful near beaches and bodies of water like that. Island life is too remote, and this place is dead enough in the off-season that I can be as social or anti-social as I want to be.” “Of all the places in the world, though...Myrtle Beach? There are far nicer beaches than that, aren't there?” “I guess. I never explored. We don't have brooms to ride around on, you know. That's a thing of the past. Technology has overpowered a lot of the magic of old. We've still got a few tricks up our sleeves, though!” “Hmm,” Jacob mused, “and one of those tricks is helping me to write better, huh?” “Yeah! I mean, if you still want it.” “And again, that help involves...” Jacob pressed the issue. “Nice try,” Megan tsked, “but I still won't tell you in detail. The only thing I will say is that it'll let you experience things from a perspective that most writers could only dream of.” “As intriguing as it sounds, I still need to give it...and all of this...some thought. It's a lot to take in, you know.” “Okay! No pressure. I'll send you some instructions later on how to accept my help. If you choose to do so, great! If not, I'll still be rooting for you in your quest to write what you've been yearning for. Either way, though, I won't judge you, and hope we can still be friends.” “I don't see why not.” “Well then, back to reality for both of us!” Megan exclaimed. With the snap of her fingers, Megan poofed into a cloud of smoke, and Jacob saw a bright light shortly after. When the light disappeared, Jacob found himself back on his couch, feeling refreshed and unsure if what he'd just experienced was actually a dream. It felt so real! At the same time, Jacob also felt a lot more calm about what had happened previously in the chat room. And still, he internally struggled with the idea that Megan could actually be a witch. How did he know she didn't have some sort of online hypnosis trick she placed him under? Jacob got up from the couch, stretching softly, swearing he could still smell the ocean and perfume from his dream. Megan had mentioned she was into mischief, so perhaps she did have Jacob under some kind of spell without telling him. The true test would be if he actually chose to receive Megan's help. Despite telling himself he'd stay in the crossroads for a few more days, something gnawed at Jacob, begging him to take the plunge. He'd already witnessed just a fraction of what Megan could do for him, and her intentions seemed innocent enough. Would he be able to back out if things got a little too beyond his control? So. Many. Questions! Jacob decided he'd work on a little more writing before checking out what Megan had sent him...if his curiosity didn't get the best of him first! He never really liked asking for help or for favors from other people, anyway, and he especially never thought of asking someone for help in the ABDL fiction department! Heck, Jacob hadn't even experienced more than maybe 10 percent of what he'd written about, aside from some naughty role-playing sessions, some ABDL inspired art, videos, and stories. As soon as he turned his computer back on and opened his folder of unfinished stories, Jacob got distracted and indecisive, hovering his mouth over various files. Once again, he didn't know where to start. He first opened his story about the dorky man dating a superheroine. That particular story was four chapters in, but he figured he could work on it for a bit while contemplating the offer he'd been given. Besides, the story had already revealed some key elements to drive the whole thing forward, so it'd be a perfect opportunity to get somewhere with it. Maybe an hour of writing would give him the spark he needed...or maybe, the whole thing would last 20 minutes, all of which included Jacob typing a sentence, then deleting it with an aggressive slamming of his keyboard's Delete key. Jacob began to think this was how the next month would go, until he had a pile of half-finished (if that) stories with maybe one or two more chapters completed for each. That's not what he wanted, though! No, he wanted all of his unfinished stories done, but he'd be willing to settle for 75 percent. And he didn't just want them done, but he wanted them done right! Given his current rate of success, he felt that trying the same thing repeatedly wouldn't get him anywhere. Closing all of his computer programs, Jacob then opened his web browser, logging back into ABDreamLand. Sure enough, “One New Message for J. Graves!” popped up as soon as he clicked the login button. Sure enough, it was from TheMysticSandWitch and was labeled “Per Our Dreamy Conversation” with a winking emoji at the end. And sure enough, Jacob opened it, anxious to see what Megan had planned. The message read: J., my friend! Hope you slept well and that you don't have any sand in your pants! I told you I'd offer you some help, and I'm about to deliver on that promise (again, without spoiling the surprise!). The help I offer differs depending on the person. With you being a writer, I need an idea of what you're working on just so I can get an idea of what I can do for you. What I'd like you to do is, attach your unfinished stories here for me to read. One, three, all of them...your choice. Pretty much, the more you give me, the more I have to work with. And before you ask, no, this isn't a lame attempt to steal your work. I can't write to save my life. Once I'm done looking over your stuff, I'll send you what you need to do next. I will ask that you please follow the instructions BEFORE you accept my help. You know those Terms & Conditions windows you see that you're supposed to read and check the little box saying you accept? Yeah, it's kinda like that, but you will really want to read mine. Oh, and I probably don't have to say this since you seem like a pretty level-headed guy, but I'd appreciate it if you didn't run around telling anyone that you're talking to a witch. They probably wouldn't believe you anyway, and honestly, even if they did, it doesn't take much for me to make you forget I exist. ;) Anyway, I'll be waiting for your next move! -Megan “What is she gonna do, print all of my stories and boil them in a pot?” Jacob asked himself with a chuckle. Jokes aside, Jacob read the message a few times, before finally clicking the reply button. He hovered around the attach option, then finally clicked on it and selected a handful of stories, including Meechum's pirate tale and his newest superheroine story. The documents attached, Jacob then entered his reply: Hi Megan, No sand in my pants, but thanks for your concern. I'm still trying to digest everything that's been going on between us thus far, and yet, here I am, sending you my stories. If you're going to give feedback, I'm okay if you tell me they suck, but please just let me know WHY they suck. Oh, and I promise I won't say a word to anyone, because you're right: who on Earth would even believe me. Anyway, here you go. And thank you in advance for whatever help you can offer. I really do appreciate it, despite my skepticism. -J (or I guess, Jacob, since you know my name now!) With the click of the send button, Jacob took a deep breath, exhaling slowly. How soon would it be before Megan got back to him? His imagination ran wild, dreaming of the many possible ways that he'd get help becoming more skilled and confident in his writing abilities. Until then, he told himself he'd relax as best he could, choosing to watch a movie, all while refreshing his web browser every five minutes in hopes of getting a reply soon than later.
  5. Thank you all again for the kind words and comments! I'm glad you're liking where it's going so far. I'll admit I've never written anything like this before, so it's a new experience for me as well! I'll be posting chapter 3 at some point this week!
  6. Wonderful ending, mama! You did an excellent job with this! ❤️
  7. Chapter 2 of "Just One Time" is now up! :) 

  8. Thank you! Based on the reactions, people seem to like this! Here is chapter 2 for you! :) Chapter 2 Jacob woke up the next morning feel quite refreshed. He'd set his alarm for 7:00am, and given he didn't hear it go off, it had to mean he woke up ahead of schedule! Or not... Fumbling for his phone on his nightstand, Jacob grumbled when he attempted to check the time, seeing nothing but a black screen; his phone ran out of battery power overnight! Of course! He angrily thought to himself, stretching before plugging his phone back in. Judging by how light it was outside, Jacob figured it couldn't have been that late. After all, he normally woke up no later than 7:45 or 8:00. Getting up from his bed, Jacob groggily shuffled out of his room and into the kitchen, looking at the wall clock: 9:00am. “Friggin' wonderful.” Jacob sighed, prepping his coffee pot before turning it on. As much as it irked him to be behind schedule, Jacob told himself it'd be okay, and that he still had plenty of time to get some writing done. The goal would be to write at least the first two chapters of a new story, with a backup goal being to finish two chapters of two works-in-progress if he struggled too much with creating something new. Once he heard the coffee beginning to brew, Jacob went back into his bedroom, kneeling down beside his full-sized bed, pulling on the drawer that was part of the frame. Inside were quite a few stacks of thick diapers, varying in designs and styles. Alongside them were some boxes of baby wipes, bottles of baby powder, and just one bottle and pacifier. After all, being a DL with some slight AB tendencies, he sometimes delved into little space. That, and getting into the mindset sometimes helped him write better. He opted for a thick, white diaper that morning, opening it up, then raising it high above his head and flopping it hard upon his bed, the diaper opening up in a perfect hourglass shape when it landed. With one more stretch, Jacob undressed, then laid himself upon the thick diaper, adding just a bit of baby powder to the inside before taping it up nice and snug. The touch of the diaper's fabric against his skin made Jacob shiver with delight. With all the coffee he'd soon be drinking, it wouldn't be long before the diaper grew quite warm and wet between his legs. Jacob decided he'd make a little game out of wetting that morning; he bet himself that he could keep dry for at least two hours after finishing his second cup of coffee. No small feat for someone who didn't have the strongest bladder in the world! There were no rewards or punishments for winning or losing, but he hoped the urgency of having to go would prompt him to write a little more efficiently, while the feeling of the diaper itself would send him further into the fetish mindset that he was positive would summon the muse he so very much desired. Unplugging his wireless router on the way, Jacob grabbed a cup of coffee, holding it close to his nose, letting the dark roast aroma take over his sense of smell as he sat down at his computer desk. It was time to write! “Alright,” Jacob said to himself, “you can do this.” In mere moments, his computer was powered on and ready to go. Jacob went straight back to “The Siren's Lullaby”. He'd left the story off with just two pages, introducing the readers to the self-proclaimed pirate, Meechum the Fearless, who planned on setting sail in search of great treasure, one that he was sure would grant him the notoriety he needed to be taken more seriously. With a deep breath, Jacob took one more sip of coffee, shifted in his seat, then continued his story. He'd get half the story done that morning, damn it! Some called him a fool, telling him that nobody ever returned with the treasure, but instead, returned with their lives shaken and their ship in shambles. Even more seasoned pirates warned Meechum that he, “be treadin' through dangerous waters...y'arghhh!” Legend had it that the great Siren, Leona, guarded the small island on which said treasure was held. Those who got too close became entranced in her song, facing certain doom as they steered their ships straight into the rocky waters. Anyone who did manage to make it past the perilous trap, were said to be confronted by Leona, where they either faced certain doom or came back changed men. But Meechum the Fearless had a title to uphold, and with only a handful of willing crew at his disposal, set sail for weeks, treasure map in hand and thirst for glory in full force. His crew remained skeptical at first, but with a little convincing (or threatening of being made to walk the plank), Meechum had motivated them to press forward. “Yes,” Jacob exclaimed, “I'm finally getting somewhere!” He continued fleshing out the pirate's journey, making sure not reveal anything too foreboding or give anything away. It wasn't long before he finally came to what he knew would make or break his story. The stormy sea, Meechum the Fearless and his crew fighting for survival on their small but highly underestimated pirate ship. In the raging storm, Meechum swore he could see what had to be the island in which the treasure was said to be. The island only flashed during the lightning strikes, but he was sure that was it! “Look! There it be! The Island of Forbidden Wonder! We're close now, lads!” Then, in the distance, a faint light could be seen, and a very faint humming could be heard. It was beautiful, relaxing, and somehow, more prominent than the sounds of the storm. It wasn't long before... “Before what?” Jacob asked aloud, his typing coming to a complete stop. There was a pause, and a few strained attempts at completing the sentence. Should Meechum be the only member of the crew to be entranced by the sound? Was it Leona the Siren, or was it his imagination? “Before what?!” Jacob said angrily to himself, quickly getting flustered, losing his muse ever quicker. ...before realizing that I am NEVER going to finish this story because this ALWAYS happens. Every. Single. Time. Jacob sighed and gulped down the last of his (now lukewarm) coffee, before looking at the time. It was already noon. In three hours, he'd barely written anything. His self-esteem and drive dwindling ever faster, Jacob got up from his desk, pacing...or more like waddling...the area, desperately thinking of ways to get back into his story. It was then that he realized he'd won his own bet of keeping his diaper dry. He'd been so focused on his work that he paid no attention to his bladder. It was soon after his realization that his bladder started to ache. Might as well not waste this thing, Jacob thought to himself, standing still as he focused a little more. Not 30 seconds later, he'd started wetting the thick diaper between his legs, feeling the warmth spread throughout, and the diaper beginning to swell up. The warm and wet sensation against his skin and manhood made him wiggle with delight. Soon after, Jacob opted to pleasure himself; a routine he'd do nearly every time he wore. Wet or dry, or “messy” (despite never having actually messed, but instead using things like oatmeal to simulate the feeling since he hated the cleanup), Jacob's arousal always followed soon after. He tried imagining what Leona the Siren would do to him if he encountered her. Yes, she shipwrecked many a bold pirate, but would she kill Jacob, who dared attempt to trespass the island? No, that would be far too dark, and wasn't very arousing. Would her humming lull Jacob into a sleepy, regressive state of mind, where he'd wake up with her bare breast in his mouth? Would she humiliate him by noticing his excitement and commenting on it, even helping him “mess” his diaper in a different way? While lost in his own pleasure, Jacob thought these could all be some fantastic ideas to continue the story. Yeah! He'd write a few possible branches out and see which one worked best! That is, once he finished having his fun. With a few more minutes of rubbing and squishing his diaper, Jacob climaxed, breathing heavily and absorbing those few moments of extreme pleasure. As he did so, his ideas quickly vanished from his brain. “Oh, shit,” Jacob said, furiously reaching for a pen and paper, trying to write down what he could remember. What were the ideas again? Why couldn't he remember? Even as Jacob attempted to write everything down, the thoughts left him as soon as he finished taking care of himself. “Damn it!” Jacob cried, crumpling up the piece of paper and throwing it against the wall. “This is so freaking hard!” He saved his progress and closed his word processor, before hovering his mouse over the file. Should he just delete it and start from scratch? Maybe he could just go back to writing what he was used to, while remaining on his hiatus. Perhaps he could just leave the ABDL community altogether, give up writing, and take up a new hobby, like woodworking or boxing, or anything that wasn't writing. “I gotta take a break. Maybe it'll come back to me if I walk away from it all for now.” Jacob skeptically reassured himself. Jacob then plugged his router back in, cleaning himself up and getting dressed, waiting a few moments for the router to kick back on. He then hopped back onto ABDreamLand. He'd almost forgotten about TheMysticSandWitch's message from the night before. Sure enough, his forum thread was filled with more mixed responses about his hiatus, but more importantly, he had a message in his personal inbox once more. TheMysticSandWitch had replied! Ignoring all of the forum replies, Jacob opened his new message, finding himself eager to read it, but still telling himself he didn't even know this woman. The message read: You can call me either Mystic or SandWitch...or Megan. *shrugs* Glad you found my words reassuring! I'm sure you'll come up with some great work before you know it! Oh, and no offense taken! I know there are plenty of creeps out there, and I'd be pretty skeptical if someone told me they could help me out within the first five minutes of meeting them...even though, I guess, we haven't really met. Anyhow, you're curious! I can't possibly spoil the surprise, now can I? Trade secret and all that nonsense, you know. I'll fill you in a little more should you choose to enlist my help. Ugh..now what on Earth did I do to you to deserve such PUNishment (haha!) like answering a ridiculous question about what my favorite sandwich is?! But, if you truly must know, it's a turkey club with avocado. Mmm, for your second question, we sand witches typically don't lean towards one over the other; that is, we're good to those who are good, evil to those who are evil, and mischievous at any given time, without a moment's notice. Most people mistake mischief for evil, though. What can I say? Life's a witch! Well, I hope I've answered your questions to your satisfaction. Hopefully you've had some time to work on your stories! I might pop into the chat sometime soon, so if you're up for a conversation, come look for me! -Mystic/SandWitch/Megan Jacob chuckled to himself as he read Mysti-er, Megan's, response. It was well-written, funny, silly, and mysterious once more. Not only had Megan barely divulged in how she could actually help Jacob, but her response to whether she was good or evil was curious, to say the least. Again, maybe it was just her online persona shining through once more. Maybe I'll pop into the chat room for a bit... Jacob thought, shrugging his shoulders. With a few mouse clicks, he was in, greeted by quite a handful of other community members. Some greeted him and commented on his work, some were busy role-playing in the main chat, acting babyish or asking someone, anyone, to change their virtual diaper. Suddenly, Jacob saw a private chat window pop up: TheMysticSandWitch: Hello, Mr. Graves! J. Graves: Hello, Megan! And please, just J or just Graves is fine. TheMysticSandWitch: Sure thing, just J! J. Graves: Is this payback for my sandwich joke? TheMysticSandWitch: It sure is! J. Graves: I deserve it. But anyhow, hi! TheMysticSandWitch: Hey there! You sure popped in here pretty quick, huh? J. Graves: That I did. I needed a break from writing. TheMysticSandWitch: Ahh. Any luck? J. Graves: To a point...I had something good going, and then all of my ideas just vanished in an instant. I thought I was doing pretty well, too! :( TheMysticSandWitch: That's the worst! I'm sorry. J. Graves: Eh, it happens. Anyway, I read your response. TheMysticSandWitch: And? J. Graves: I found your answers to be rather peculiar. TheMysticSandWitch: It comes with the territory! I must not have scared you too much, though, because here you are, talking to witch in a chatroom. There it was again! She mentioned being a witch once more! Jacob chose not to press the issue too much for the time being. J. Graves: Yep. Here I am! TheMysticSandWitch: So you didn't like my answers, huh? J. Graves: I didn't say that. I'm just curious to know how you can help me. TheMysticSandWitch: Like I said, it's unconventional, and it's also a surprise! J. Graves: And you think I'm going to just jump right in and ask when I'm not sure what said help involves? TheMysticSandWitch: With a little convincing, I think so. You're a writer who has a burning passion for the surreal. I'm sure you're probably still asking yourself if I really am a witch, too. J. Graves: You're not wrong. TheMysticSandWitch: Hey, that's fair. Nobody's forcing you to believe me. What I will say, however, is that the help I can offer is unlike anything you've ever experienced. You just have to take the plunge J. Graves: Again, no offense, but we don't really know each other all that well. TheMysticSandWitch: And again, none taken. Whaddya say we exchange a picture for a picture? Might help ease some of the discomfort. No naughty stuff, though! Jacob thought for a moment. He'd shared his picture with a select few members in the past, but hadn't done so in a while. And while a part of him was truly skeptical about the whole situation, the writer within wanted to believe that he was actually talking to someone genuine (even if she was a little odd). J. Graves: Fine. And no worries, all of my naughty stuff stays within my writing. TheMysticSandWitch: Ohh, I'm well aware of your writing! With slight hesitation, Jacob snapped a picture of himself with his computer's webcam, the short and slightly stout man doing his best to smile without it seeming too forced. His deep brown eyes and short, black hair only made his baby face all the more noticeable. He didn't really care, however. It wasn't like he was trying to impress Megan with his looks! Within a few moments, his photo uploaded to the chat window. TheMysticSandWitch: You look exactly like I knew you would. J. Graves: Is that good or bad? TheMysticSandWitch: It's definitely not bad! J. Graves: C'mon, don't make me blush. TheMysticSandWitch: D'awww, someone's bashful, huh? J. Graves: In certain situations, yes. TheMysticSandWitch: Can't say I'm too surprised. Your bashfulness tends to come through your writing. Anyhow, my turn. Roughly a minute passed before the chat window pinged on Jacob's computer screen, where he was then greeted with a photo of Megan. She looked to be about his height, and she had shoulder-length, light purple hair, and bright blue eyes. Jacob couldn't deny that Megan was beautiful. A gold amulet that appeared to be a seashell was across her chest, and she was smiling in the picture. J. Graves: At the risk of being creepy, you're very pretty. TheMysticSandWitch: Why, thank you! Kudos to you for not calling me “hot” or “sexy” or asking me to be your mommy. J. Graves: There's enough of that in this community as it is. I like to think I'm more respectful than most here. TheMysticSandWitch: I don't doubt it! Anyway, so we exchanged pictures, and you know I'm a big fan of your work. Are you still considering my offer to help you? J. Graves: I am, but I can't say I've ever received help from a witch before! That is, if you truly are a witch. TheMysticSandWitch: There's a first time for everything now, isn't there? :P J. Graves: I suppose there is. I'm still not quite convinced, though. TheMysticSandWitch: Y'know, for someone who wants to write these great works of fiction, you're awful skeptical! I thought you'd have a bit more of an imagination than that. J. Graves: Hey now, I'm working on that! TheMysticSandWitch: I know, I know, and accepting my help will definitely let you work on your imagination some more. Just give it some thought, Jacob. You won't be disappointed. J. Graves: I will, Megan! I should probably get out of here and run some errands and work on some more writing or something. It then struck Jacob what had just happened: Megan had called him by his first name! His eyes went wide, his hand trembling as he typed. J. Graves: Wait, what?! How did you know my name?! TheMysticSandWitch: I could lie and say it's a lucky guess, but as I told you, I'm a witch! J. Graves: No way. You must have like, just ran my photo through a database or something. TheMysticSandWitch: Yeah, because I'm a police officer, right? All it takes for me is looking at a photo, and I can tell a whole lot about a person. It's part of what my magic can do. J. Graves: This is too weird. TheMysticSandWitch: Is it, though? I thought my profile was kind of a dead giveaway. J. Graves: It's a prank. You're someone who's mad at me about my hiatus and you're just playing some sick joke on me, aren't you? TheMysticSandWitch: That wouldn't be very nice, now would it? I'm more of a mischievous witch, but I would never do anything to harm you or anyone who didn't deserve it! J. Graves: But...how?! TheMysticSandWitch: I already told you! Do you need more convincing? J. Graves: Yes! Yes, I do! TheMysticSandWitch: Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you! You're probably gonna freak out! Make sure your computer's audio is muted and close your eyes. J. Graves: What? TheMysticSandWitch: You heard (or I guess, read) me! Mute your audio, close your eyes, and keep them closed. While doing that, take a deep breath. J. Graves: Fine... Megan had to be joking, and still, Jacob decided he'd humor her. He did as instructed, letting Megan know via chat he was closing his eyes. At first, nothing happened, and Jacob chuckled to himself, figuring Megan was just crazy. Then, things got a little weird. While Jacob's eyes were closed, he soon saw who he knew to be Megan, based on the picture she'd sent him, standing before him. “W-what the...” Jacob said aloud, his eyes still closed. “Jacob,” Megan spoke, her voice soft like silk, “I see you!” “Holy shit!” Jacob yelled, opening his eyes and backing away from his computer desk. What had happened?! There was no denying it was Megan that he saw, but how?! Jacob's breathing was a bit faster than normal, and he carefully looked around the room, then the rest of the house, wondering if he was being stalked. And yet, the coast was clear. Returning to his computer, Jacob saw a new chat from Megan pop up. TheMysticSandWitch: Believe me now? J. Graves: I have to go. TheMysticSandWitch: Hey now, c'mon. I needed to give you proof. Don't be like that, Mr. Skeptical Pants. Jacob quickly closed the chat and shut his computer down, not caring that he just upped and left the conversation. It had gotten too out of hand, too surreal for him. There was no way that what had just happened was real. He closed his eyes once more, wondering if Megan would come back into his field of vision. Nothing. Surely it was some weird trick or just utter coincidence that he'd seen and heard her...right? And again, something tugging at his inner child told him it was very real, and that Megan truly was what she claimed to be. It wasn't long before Jacob decided to get out of the house and get some fresh air. Maybe staring at his computer screen had made him a little loopy. He put on his sneakers, then headed out the door, making sure to look back into his house a few more times before closing the door behind him, thinking about what had just transpired over the past hour.
  9. I forgot to mention! I will be posting Chapter 2 some time early next week! :)
  10. Hey there! I posted Chapter 1 of my new story up! I know you were asking the other day about it. :)

  11. Chapter 1 of my newest work in progress, "Just One Time", is now up in the Story Forum! :)

  12. Hey everyone! It's been a while, I know. The last few stories I've written were on the shorter side, and seemed to be well-received. For this story, it will be quite a bit longer, and is a little outside of what I'm used to writing. Still, I do hope you enjoy it! Chapter 1 Just one time. That's all it took for Jacob Lee (or “J. Graves” as he declared his online pen name), to find himself in a whirlwind of trouble, adventure, and fascinating situations that he never thought possible. To this day, he questions how it was even possible, and uses it as a reminder to be careful of accepting help from the wrong people. For years, Jacob had been a prominent author in the online ABDL community, ABDreamLand (all one word). He'd been writing various short stories and novel-length pieces that engaged readers across the internet. Being more of a DL himself and enjoying the embarrassment side of the AB world, he was well-versed and well-informed of the various styles of writing that captivated an audience, and his work proved it. Starting with realistic fiction, his appropriately titled, “The Lives I Lead” followed a harrowing tale of Peter Harrison, and the struggle of self-accepting the fetish and lifestyle while experiencing rejection, acceptance, and overall peace of mind. Everybody loved it, gaining a whopping 30,000 readers in just one month. Then came his three separate short stories, each one revolving around a different character and scenario. One was short and sweet, focusing around a young man and his wife new to the fetish scene, and the bond they formed whilst exploring together. The second story was purely written for pleasure, with the protagonist making a bad bet and ending up in diapers for the weekend, following his girlfriend's every lead. Both stories were received very well by the community, with good old J. Graves receiving a plethora of comments and “thumbs ups.” It was the third story that didn't quite make the cut. The third and final short story of the three took a rather interesting turn, going in the complete opposite direction of realistic fiction and smack dab in the middle of just plain absurd. In a gutsy move, Jacob attempted to write the story from the perspective of a stuffed animal. It was the favorite stuffed animal of a character who, as part of his “little” psyche, held onto it like a security blanket. Whether he was eating, being fed by his mommy, having his diaper checked and changed, the character held onto that little stuffed bear, and the bear told the story from its own perspective. While interesting in theory, it was met with more negative reviews than positive ones, with many community members indicating they didn't find it to be nearly as good as the rest of Jacob's work. Some had even thought that maybe he'd written it as a joke or a bet (he hadn't). Granted, nobody downright discouraged Jacob from continuing his writing, but they clearly voiced their opinion about the lackluster plot and perspective. While some would take the feedback and simply move on, improving their work as they continued their skill, the feedback hurt Jacob's pride a bit more than it probably should have. It took a toll on his ability and desire to write those pieces that were more...extraordinary...than others. Those fantasy setting ideas he had, those science fiction plots that incorporated diapers, that one about the protagonist getting sucked into a cartoon world...all sorts of potentially wonderful and imaginative worlds in Jacob's head, stopped short in an instant. Even worse? He had already started most of them, writing at least three chapters for each story. And there they were, stuck at the mercy of Jacob's hand and mind. It wasn't that Jacob didn't try writing more, either. Every day, he'd struggle, the fear of “what if they don't like my work?” stopping him from continuing more than a sentence or two per story, until he threw all of his unfinished work into a new folder on his desktop PC, labeling it, “Stuff I'll Never Finish.” Soon after, he went back to writing his “normal” stories, bringing back the crowd's approval and answering their barrage of questions in his inbox. “J. Graves! What inspired you to write 'Bouncing the Bouncer?'” “Heya, J.! Love your work! When's your next release? Any hints for what the next story will be about?” While he was happy to oblige and communicate with his fans, something gnawed at his brain: those damned unfinished works that he couldn't find the motivation, or inspiration, or muse, to finish. Jacob would respond to his fans in a timely fashion, and even decided to let some of them know the very basics of his much more fictitious works-in-progress. Their response? “Well, it might be good, but I know a lot of people didn't like your teddy bear story. Might be hard for them to want to read something that's out of the norm for you.” “I'd stick with what you're comfortable with. I'm not saying you should stay in your comfort zone, but I feel like you cling to it so much that when you step outside of it a bit, you run right back to it, and that's very clear in your stuffed animal short story.” These were just two of the 10 responses he'd received, and the other eight weren't much better. Was that it? Was he truly stuck in his writing's comfort zone so much that he couldn't break free from it? Granted, he knew he was a bit apprehensive about trying new things, even though he adored reading those various ABDL stories with some extremely out there plots. Why did those stories work out just fine and his didn't? Jacob wondered if there was anything he could do to expand his imagination a little further. Taking a bold move, Jacob created a forum thread on ABDreamLand, simply labeled, “A Hiatus of Sorts.” In it, he wrote: Hey there my fellow friends, fans, writers, and critics. J. Graves here. I first want to thank all of you for your long time support for most of my stories. It's hard to believe that just three years ago, I wrote my very first ABDL fiction that quickly became a fan-favorite. I couldn't have done it without your help and encouragement! With that said, some of you may know that I've expressed an interest in finishing my many stories that are well beyond the realm of what I normally write. You know, wizards and robots and mechanical nurseries and all that stuff that my imagination can't seem to grasp like it used to when I was younger. I know there were a lot of people who weren't too pleased with my third short story, “In the Eyes of Mr. Snuggles.” It was new, it was bold, and while it was something I enjoyed writing, it just didn't have the same fire that my other writing pieces had. I've struggled for many months now to finish those other bold and wildly imaginative works, with little progress being made each week. Sure, writing to fulfill the status quo is okay, but it isn't what I want at this time. I want to try something new, with dragons, or magic, or just some oddball stuff that I've started and never finished. With that, I'm taking a hiatus from my normal work, so I can solely focus on those pieces that desperately need my attention and that are leaving a burning desire to finish. I'm giving myself one month to work on and finish as many of these as I can, and will gladly share them with you when I feel they're ready. I just hope something kindles that imaginative fire I've been yearning for! I'll keep you posted! Please feel free to continue messaging me or hitting me up in the chat room when I'm there! With the press of the “Post” button, Jacob pulled the trigger, and thus began his hiatus. Nothing would stop him! No procrastination, no excuses! He'd get to work on his “The Siren's Lullabye” story with no interruptions! That is, after scrolling through his forum topic's replies...and watching just one more cat video...and seeing if any new ABDL stories, or art, or comics, were posted since the last time he checked, which had been just hours before. What was supposed to be a four hour writing binge starting at 6:00PM turned into three and a half hours of dawdling and distractions, and a half hour of actually writing, getting an exhilarating two paragraphs and two lines of dialog finished in the process! Woo! “Damn it,” Jacob whined to himself, “why can't I..no...why won't I write this? Now I'm tired and want to go to bed soon! This always happens! I'm never gonna get anywhere, and it's only day one!” He lightly banged his head on his desk, sighing each time he made contact with the hard, wooden surface. He told himself he'd try harder the next day, even considering unplugging his router so not to be distracted by the great wonders and blunders of the internet. Perhaps a good night's sleep would recharge his imagination and drive for being productive. Of course, despite being tired, Jacob couldn't simply just go to bed; he first had to check for replies to his forum thread. The thread itself, while having gained a few hundred views and reactions, didn't really contain too many replies, aside from a few members who, in one form or another, indicated Jacob should again stick to what he was familiar with. Shrugging it off, Jacob was about to log out for the night, when a message suddenly appeared in his personal inbox. The subject line read, “A Big Fan.” The sender was someone Jacob had never seen before: TheMysticSandWitch. “Ha!” Jacob chuckled to himself, “Clever play on words! Never seen this member around before...” With the click of the mouse, the message was opened. It read: Hey there, J. Graves! Long-time lurker, but also a long-time fan of your work! I saw your post from a few hours ago, and I just want you to know I'm rooting for you! Try something new! I know a lot of people didn't seem to like “In the Eyes of Mr. Snuggles,” but I found it to be quite cute with just a hint of magic, which is right up my alley. I'm sorry to hear about your hiatus, but I totally understand why you're doing it. If you ever need some help or inspiration, just shoot me a message! We can talk through here, or through chat, or pretty much whatever you're comfortable with. I'm sure I can offer some unconventional ways of sparking your creativity! No big deal if you choose not to, though. I know it's tough asking for help sometimes. Anyhow, have a great night! Hear from you soon! -TheMysticSandWitch “Hmm...” Jacob raised an eyebrow, before clicking on the member's profile. He was met with quite a few interesting details. TheMysticSandWitch was female, with a location set to, “Wherever I Choose to Be”, and an age of “33! Yeah, we'll go with 33!” Her lifestyle status indicated she was single, not really looking for anything serious, and, “Dominant (and Prominent) Magic User. Oh, and I find some aspects of this lifestyle pretty interesting!” “Mystic, indeed...” Jacob mused, before going back to the message and hesitantly clicking the reply button. Hi there, MysticSandWitch! Is it alright if I just call you Mystic for short? Or SandWitch? Anyway, thanks for the message! Your encouragement for me to pursue something I've been yearning for is very much appreciated. I'll admit that I'm usually apprehensive about reaching out to help, especially from people I don't know very well (please don't take offense. I'm sure you're a very nice woman!). I guess I'm also curious about what you mean by 'unconventional.” Role-playing scenes together? Meditation? Motivational videos and music? I'll definitely give your offer some thought and will let you know if I need some help. Oh, and two questions: What kind of sandwich does a SandWitch like? If I'm deciphering the meaning behind your screen name correctly, do mystic sand witches lean on the side of good or evil? Very clever name, by the way. I love it! Have a good evening, -J. Graves With one quick overview of what he'd written, Jacob hit the send button, closing his internet program and shutting his computer down immediately after. It was late and he was exhausted. And still, as he got into bed that night, Jacob couldn't help but think about TheMysticSandwich's message and profile. Maybe she really did have some unique or lesser-known ways of sparking the imagination, and maybe her profile was just her being silly. After all, many members tended to use their profiles to further flesh out their lifestyle persona. He told himself he'd give it some thought, but would still work on his stories on his own for the time being. The next day, he'd be up early with a pot full of coffee, a diaper around his waist to get himself in the proper mindset, and a will to get something done!
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