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  1. I just got a new cloth diaper last night, and I love it! I expect I'll be writing a blog post about it soon.

    1. BabyWendyMarie


      Looking forward to hearing all about it, lil one!

  2. I created a new icon for myself! What do you guys think?

  3. Thanks!
  4. Let her know that I'm excited! I don't know when I'll be going to Atlanta, but I'm super excited to stop by her store and make a purchase when I do.
  5. That's both great and terrible. I wanted to try the Rearz Safari diaper, but obviously it sucks to hear about Bambino. Do you know if she plans on getting ABU Lavender in the store? I plan on getting some, but I'd like to support her store with my first pack if I can.
  6. Any word on whether or not she got Bambinos in yet? Also, does she charge the same price per pack as the stores online, or does she have to charge a little more since she's a third party seller?
  7. It would be cool to be able to get ABDL diapers in a store. I'd stop in whenever I go to Atlanta. I don't really have a brand preference, though I do wanna try ABU Space and eventually the Lavender diaper when it comes out.