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  1. Blessed Saint Patrick's Day to all.  May green beer make green pee.


  2. Another round of Spring up done.  It is amazing how many timers and clocks are in a house.  I will not be up at 2 AM doing this task.


  3. froggy

    Tape Diapers vs Pull-Ups

    For disposables I like tape on the best. I normally wear cloth diapers and plastic pants. I prefer pin on or velcro closing.
  4. froggy

    How old were you?

    i was about 30 when I started into age play, diapers and plastic pants.
  5. froggy

    Age Group

    I marked the real age band. But play age is 3ish.
  6. I am short on ambition today, perhaps the cold and gray sky are contributing.  It is almost noon and I still have not left for walk yet.

  7. froggy

    Superbowl Predictions

    I do not like the Patriots and Tom Brady. Go Rams.
  8. Keep your paws off my grilled cheese sammach!

  9. froggy

    Santa Claus

    this question is off topic, but i wonder how many mall santas wear adult diapers when seeing kids in their chairs. I have never seen one make a fast dash for the potty. Or maybe, the have better than average blatters,
  10. froggy

    Santa Claus

    I am friendly with the mall Santa. He has told me that I am on the naughty list and far too bad for coal. Coal could give me heat. He says bad boys and girls get underwear and socks. And not from good stores either, from thrift stores. I just hope he does not deliver used diapers. I have no recollection of when i realized that santa was really mom and dad.
  11. froggy

    New Mexico

    I have not shared my ab interests with coworkers, family, neighbors, and most friends. Why would i want to make trouble for myself.
  12. froggy

    New Mexico

    cloth and plastic pants most of the time, but disposables for camps
  13. froggy

    New Mexico

    the about me part of my profile, at least that is where they were, yep, still there
  14. froggy

    New Mexico

    just 3 pics, look at about me. Two are just plushies, one is me and 3 plushies at a place we were camping.
  15. Sometimes a basic plastic pant first for leak protection, then a cute one in case it shows.