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  1. Hi I know it's been a long time I was hoping there is a camp this year.  I could use some ad friends.

  2. Where in Europe is mommy located? I may be in Scotland in May of 2018.
  3. i might be bipolar on this. Perhaps a 1 for vanilla friends, family, coworkers. They have no need to know and why cause gossip. And perhaps an 8 for kinky souls i try to meet. It is nice having friends i can openly wear around.
  4. You can spread out the spelling like this R a u c h.
  5. retired now - can wear whenever I want to.
  6. I was originally a cloth baby. The look and feel of being diapered was pinned on cloth. Disposables have a kind of chemical feel next to my skin that feels foreign to me. I find disposables get an itchy feel faster than cloth does too. I am convinced that what was used on us as real children influences us as adults if we have the choice.
  7. I usually wear cloth diapers at or near home. I do buy disposables for camping trips.
  8. "rusty bed springs, by I p freely
  9. wow! time flies. One year down, a long way to go. good luck on your journey.
  10. I missed it too Dill, but it was finally up on Sunday morning.
  11. seems to be working again, I wonder why?
  12. about 8:15 AM mountain time, chat is not allowing me to enter, 5H269/a
  13. good luck babyleanna75 in your transition
  14. About 5:50 PM, Saturday, Mountain time, chat will not let me in, error 5H269/A Chat seemed to be working fine about 50 minutes before. froggy
  15. cute print!