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  1. wow! time flies. One year down, a long way to go. good luck on your journey.
  2. I missed it too Dill, but it was finally up on Sunday morning.
  3. seems to be working again, I wonder why?
  4. about 8:15 AM mountain time, chat is not allowing me to enter, 5H269/a
  5. good luck babyleanna75 in your transition
  6. About 5:50 PM, Saturday, Mountain time, chat will not let me in, error 5H269/A Chat seemed to be working fine about 50 minutes before. froggy
  7. cute print!
  8. Continuing the above answer, the rash that will never go away could be a sign of diabetes.
  9. good luck, you have a long road to go.
  10. I had a rash that lasted a long time. Reducing sugar content in my diet finally killed it off. So much of what we eat and drink is full of sugar. Examples, lactose, fructose, cane sugars, corn syrup,...
  11. There seems to be no leave chat button. we need a way to disconnect and not close browser.
  12. nice pants
  13. Goods crossing borders can be slowed by Customs. I have ordered from Acmedical, rearz, and Babykins, all Canadian, never had issues on shipping delays. Rearz does have a sales agent in the USA.
  14. Yea Mikey!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. i have 6000 pounds worth of stuff. Moving is a pain in the ass.