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  1. Is this where the fun is??

  2. EW!
  3. So now we are dealing in time travel??? KEWL!
  4. OR northshore supremes. They wick REALLY well and hold a LOT, and as far as I know haven't leaked..
  5. As the old saying goes :" if you love something, let it go. If it comes back it's yours, if not it never was"
  6. I also question someone with a skype name of "lil_scam" , just sounds "odd'
  7. Cool!
  8. It depends on the diaper. It takes me less time with a wellness brief than with a dry 24/7 which requires more futzing around since they are sized a bit bigger. generally though I can get it done in about a minute or so, to about 90 seconds. It takes me longer to pin on a cloth diaper though, since I do that laying down, and sometimes the pins have issues going through the fabric, and I REALLY don't want to stick myself Can't do cloth standing up. But oddly enough standing works better for disposables, where laying down doesn't get a good fit with them, for me anyway... Maybe I'm just weird
  9. I don't see any issue with this either, if anything it might just indicate that you are a D/L or "diaper lover" which in and of itself isn't anything major. I'm not into the dom/sub stuff or understand power dynamics or much of any of that stuff but wearing te same underwear as your 'partner' can be a positive thing..in that it's something in common that you share! the only downside would come from the point of view that diapers are demeaning and looked at or thought of in a negative manner or considered a type of punishment for the sake of humiliation etc (power and control stuff which again I don't understand.) if you find you like wearing them and they are comfy more power to you Being a D/L myself I think that it's awesome you found something else to share with your little one and it possibly can bring you closer together and be one more building block that helps make your relationship together that much better Diapers are just underwear anyways, so what if you wore one of hers....and liked it That just means you learned something new about yourself and thats OK too.. Congrats and hope things work out for you 2 and you have loads of fun together!
  10. Dishonor on your cow! LOL
  11. OUCH!