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  1. Going To Bed At Night: Wet Or Dry?

    I PREFER to go to bed dry, but being incontinent it doesn’t always happen. Have had a number of times where I will have a little bit come out minutes after changing..
  2. Pubic Hair Removal

    I haven’t used an epilator in a couple of years (Battery in the one I had died) and recently purchased another one. Difference is quite surprising between a shaved area and an epilated area. Used it on my right leg a week ago and it is still smooth, left leg is feeling fuzzy. Main thing to keep in mind is that epilator are designed to pull really short hairs. The longer the hair is, the more painful it will be when it is yanked out. Generally to me it feels like a prickly tickle.
  3. American Dad - S14E19 - Kloger

    The copyright police have been quick lately
  4. Die Sitter! Die

    Couldn’t watch all of it.. definitely b rated to me.. taking place in a mansion with a person that obviously has a lot of money and their using pull-ups and no size proportioned furniture? When she opened the door upstairs I was expecting her to walk in to a huge nursery..
  5. I am going to be flying to Ireland in November for a group trip and just found out that we are limited to 1 bag and a carry on for the flight. Also at this time our lodgings are sort of sketchy and may change so I can’t order and ship. This leads me to having to find diapers in country when I land. This is actually my first international flight since I’ve had incontinence issues so have no idea how available stuff like this IS in the stores over there. Currently I am using dry 24/7’s during the day and rearz safari with 1 or 2 abu power ups in them depending on output. Any idea what I could get comparable to a large rearz or 24/7 there?
  6. Bedwetting At Bootcamp

    Always surprised the military didn’t force diaper wearing.. it’s not like you can call a ceasefire in the middle for potty breaks.. on a side note, our supply unit did carry diapers but I was to nervous to ask about them,.. so I ordered my own.. heh
  7. Power Prayer

    Sigh,.. if only this had happened to me.. I would have been the perfect angel and enjoyed it soo much., wonderful story!
  8. The Last Page

    More please? (I waaas going to wine an cry..)
  9. The Winceyette nightshirt

    Yeah,.. hate to think these are evil thoughts but I was hoping that something happened to his or her parents and they got to stay.. Hmm..
  10. Introducing Bambino Magnifico Pull Up

    I, for one, can't wait to try these. Been looking for something that works for me for gym and bike use. Diapered wookie and the waistband- biggest issue has to do with tooling on the line. You might not think it is all that much material but it doesn't take much before you have to retool the whole line. Ie.. I work for a manufacturing company and 8 of our boxes are made on the same press. Just the templates alone that roll on a single cylinder cost us just over $30,000. And that is just cardboard. A diaper machine which is a lot more steel and atleast 4 different parts to make the whole.. your looking at a heck of a lot more retooling and I can only imagine at the cost of that. Especially since that would be a first run redesign.. Where is that shrink/enlarging ray.. course, would I use it on items to make them bigger, or just shoot myself smaller and never have to worry about it again.. hmm..
  11. latex diaper cover

    I actually get these from rearz/ AC Medical http://rearz.ca/olga-nighttime-roomy-rubber-briefs/ use them over my disposables and it really kills the noise.
  12. Movies in the diaper dimension

    Sorry, probably should have put a smiley and expanded on it a little. Probably what I should have said.. I really like the premise and think that it would make a great story in its own right..
  13. SNL "Camp Wicawabe" Diaper Reference

    What is the episode number?
  14. Work diapers

    Heh, and the confidry has been my go to for work for a couple of years now.
  15. Work diapers

    Abu just started selling the tena active fit maxi, they don't sell the others