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  1. I'm thinking someone's about to loose all or most of her teeth since baby's don't need them...
  2. All I can say is YEAYYYYYHH MORE. cough..
  3. Heh.. when I was 12 I was 3'8" and 4'3" at 15..
  4. And I think the next will be even more as she is put in her place. Thank you so much. Can't wait for more..
  5. Yes it was.. currently at a bar so I'm feeling about the same? I can't wait to fall asleep and wake up as Stacey .. oh wait, that is a different story.. loving this still and actually remembering to like every time a new thread comes out..
  6. I like this story so much that I have been wishing constantly that I could wake up or walk through a portal somewhere and actually be Stacey before he and his family went through the first time.
  7. Hmm, how bout Kioko (happy child) since that is what they want her to become.. ..course, you probably named her a couple of chapters ago in your writing so
  8. First I'm crying at restaurants, now I'm crying at work,.. waiting for hr to come by and ask me what's wrong..
  9. Beginning to think you might need a warning at the beginning of chapters like this. Currently sitting in a restaurant with tears running down my face trying not to bawl..
  10. Me too! I was like WHAT!? No, no, no,, then.. oh.. and giggled. I'm beginning to think you love playing with my emotions..
  11. To the Ether... If a dimension opens up due to this articulated and well thought out story,.. could you please take me to be Stacey? Pleeaasseee..
  12. Thank you very much for writing this story. I am anxiously awaiting the continuance in part 2. When can we expect the hardback in Barnes & Nobles?
  13. Personally I would take the baby food and leave the sandwich for Melanie. Taking the sandwich just seems mean to me and counterproductive to starting a relationship with someone new. And, I believe the amazons would see it as endearing.
  14. Was a play on words. or stories? The ones where you start playing a game, fall asleep and wake up in the game world.. if only.. Actually enjoyed what was available. You guys are mega artists.
  15. Almost exactly how I pictured him as well, only, with a little bit more around the middle..