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  1. Guess I'm weird.. read Friday's and shed a couple of tears when I saw there were two more chapters to read. You are a fantastic artist and I am too emotional..
  2. so, how do these compare to dry 247 or fabine teddies
  3. I'm 43 and never been in a relationship. I see myself as "damaged goods" so just don't bother to try. Very emotional and just wouldn't be able to take the rejection.
  4. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5871318/ hmm,.. didn't think we were THAT scary (Looks at self in mirror) hides..
  5. This is what happen when you are late with your payments.
  6. I know it's policy, atleast in my sisters stores, that they are not allowed to go after someone after they have left the building. All they are supposed to do after that point is call the police with make model and description. I have heard of people losing their job doing what this clerk did.
  7. "Well over a hundred chapters"... Yeayyy
  8. I was had an accident in my 20's that unfortunately left me without any testies. My size ranges from an inch to times where it is retracted in to the cavity and you would think I was female. I was never sexually active, never even kissed a girl before, so I don't really have anything to miss. I haven't even bothered looking for a relationship. Internet, tv, books, etc. it seems all people care about is sex. Having a non sexual relationship seems to be anathema and set for failure so I don't even try.
  9. Umm, you sure you can't post like every three hours? I'm liking it that much.,
  10. The Pearland Police Department responded to a Pearland local's inquiry into the incident. Police said that they made contact with the man at a nearby H-E-B and he informed them that he had in fact lost a bet.
  11. As keeps cropping up in the Star Wars franchise, "I have a bad feeling about this"
  12. I stumbled on this show yesterday and am enjoying it as well. Only just finished episode 8
  13. Yea, I concur
  14. Sigh,.. I soo wish I was will..