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  1. Tain doesn't like the movie "The Terminator".
  2. So much for that powerball ticket I bought last night.
  3. Try grabbing some Ozium, runs about 6 bucks for a can. Read instructions before use, don't breath it in.
  4. ^Attacks opponents who have a high ground advantage
  5. ^killed their sensi in a duel, will never say why.
  6. ^walked on water once.
  7. I would suggest going if you can go, meeting the owner alone is worth the trip, just make sure you talk to her about her rescue dog.
  8. ^ always looks on the bright side of life.
  9. ^born on a pirate ship with a lot of apples.
  10. Can we crowd source the twenty to thirty million that this would require? Also, you guys cool with paying close to hundred bucks for a twenty pack?
  11. ^is a "Scruffy Nerf Hearder"
  12. ^Makes his own Edison wax cylinders out ear wax, not his own though, that would be gross.
  13. Can you tell?