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  1. Unfortunately food coloring mixed with water and turkey basters have made this job obsolete.... Stupid turkey basters keep getting all the good jobs.
  2. eatenbywo1ves

    I hate computers

    The apps are great but a lot of research is required before making a decision, you are giving an external party control of you acct logins, make sure they have good policies at the very least. An uncrackable password is trash if some database manager uses 1234 for their login or people fuck up with networking leaving things exposed to external networks that are supposed to be internal facing only. I might be able to help on recovery, not right now though. I should have the time this winter. Shot me a pm or dont.
  3. eatenbywo1ves

    Go Go Gigapower!

    I too understand the garbage that is frontier's internet service.
  4. Hey so I am late to the party here but I have a link that can help you along with your internet searches and research. Sometimes trying to find the correct information online is akin to searching for a needle in a stack of needles. Also, learning to evaluate the quality of the information is important. I use this book as a lot for referencing how I frame my internet searches when I am dealing topics I am unfamiliar with. LINK: Untangling the web
  5. eatenbywo1ves

    Thinking before you put a diaper on?

    I am someone who is mostly thought but take very little action. This, however, I act on pure impulse for the most part, I blame the lizard part of my brain.
  6. eatenbywo1ves

    ABDL pet peeves

    I've been on the internet for a long time now (23 years or so) and one stereotype will always hold true, count on there being some white knighting mouth breather who thinks they are owed something. Guilty, except for the few instances where i can't get the packing tape cut through fast enough, also I have to exercise care cause i keep everything super sharp. I've buried the blade decently in my thigh twice now, so I'm getting decent at sewing.
  7. eatenbywo1ves

    So ABU is taking Tykables to court

    Year 2020: Bambino announces all customers who purchase their products must fill out an EULA before using their product..
  8. eatenbywo1ves

    maybe found out

    Might as well own the situation to your favor. Acting weird or hiding it at this point is the odd choice tbh. Maybe this video will help.
  9. eatenbywo1ves

    What Is Comfrey Like?

    Living in South Africa and being abdl, the struggle is real for you.
  10. eatenbywo1ves

    Frohliche Weinachten (COMPLETE)

    Get out of my head! In all seriousness GJ on backgrounding the reality for the story, you've really given a lot of context to the history surrounding the characters in the story. Real talk, how much hatemail is being generated cause of this one?
  11. eatenbywo1ves

    A Worrying Future for Disposable Nappies/Diapers?

    Start stockpiling everybody! In sixty years (if we get there lol) second wave nostalgia will kick in and those vintage disposable bambinos, abu, rearz, etc... will be worth big bucks, think of it like the inflation in the vintage video game market. I can't believe it has gotten to the point where there are so many specialty companies for this I have to use "etc..." when talking about companies, the future!
  12. eatenbywo1ves

    Baby powder without a diaper?

    Amazing way to prevent swamp ass as well when its muggy in the summer.
  13. eatenbywo1ves

    Its a shame DD lost some content in posts.

    I still feel bad for all the people who were heavily invested in the RP board
  14. eatenbywo1ves

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Not sure how I missed this band....