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    9.) Home She took me by the hand into the women's restroom. My head was filled with music and the smell of her perfume. Or maybe that was how she always smelled. Maybe I had a weird ability to smell her stronger than anything else in the world. I looked at myself in the mirror, at the huge wet spot on the front of my dress, and blushed furiously. It was all the passion I needed to stand up to her again, but fighting her in this state always felt impossible. "Look what you made me do!" "Look what you did for me." I pushed the words back on her. "There's no way you can top this, there's nothing more you could do to impress me. I should leave now, I should leave you here for the night, now that I know you've done all you can.” I wasn't going to leave. We both knew that. I was daring her to do more, though, but more importantly, I was giving her permission to. My cheeks turned pink. My stomach had been bubbling all night. I could go into that bathroom stall right now and use the toilet! I could strip myself of this diaper, breaking her "no changing" rule, and go on with my life. But as humiliating, as pathetic, as awful as it was... I didn't want to anymore. I just wanted her... "I want to go somewhere else," I said again. We had been dancing for hours. Finally, I had some leverage. There were ways I got around, ways I went from A to B, ways vampires stayed hidden from the outside world. We had talents. I wrapped my arms around her and we effervesced, the lights swirling around us. The next moment we were atop a hill on the outskirts of the college town, looking down at all the lights of the city below and the pinpricks of the stars above. Thralls didn't usually get to travel by celerity, but this was a special occasion. I looked down at the town from the top of the hill, in a grassy field, and I... I had no idea how I'd gotten here. Was it vampire magic? Did she bite me and I lost track of time like I so often did? But it didn't feel like that. I didn't have the hazy afterglow of being bitten. I was in the club, then I wasn't. Still, the wetness on the front of my dress was as apparent as ever, but no one was around to see. "What... how did you do that?" But before she answered, she helped me lie down in the grass. She had a bag on her shoulder - I swear that wasn't there before... "You've given me so much delight, my little Pipsqueak, surrendered so much maturity to me. You've been such a good girl." I pulled her dress up as I spoke. I untaped her diaper - soaked through from use the entire day - and ran my nails over the goosebumps on her legs. "I'm so proud of you. I know you're ready to give me more, and I want you to be completely aware of yourself when you do." I shoved the dress down between my legs with frustration and tried to sit back up. "We're in public you idiot! You can't just change me here!" I tried to push her hands away, but Bailey had always been stronger than me. I could blame her vampire traits, but most people were stronger than me anyway. "Do you see anybody else around? Because if you'd like to, I can arrange it. I thought you’d prefer more solitude, but I can arrange for your grand offer to me to be a more public affair." She was so easy to hold down, so easily molded, shaped, made mine. "Maybe you need people to see... people to watch, to witness what a little girl you've become to please your owner, your mistress, your Mommy." "No! I..." I hesitated, looking around the empty hill with burning cheeks. Satellites could see me, probably, getting my diaper changed in this field. My cheeks burned. "I'm sorry," I muttered and laid back on the ground. I knew what she wanted. I knew she wanted me to mess myself. Weirdly enough, I felt... ready. I wanted it too. But I'd never give her the satisfaction so easily. "Oh no no, your sorry isn't needed. I'll get you changed, and then I'll bring some friends and family up here. Meg. That cutie from your lecture. Your parents, your brother. You want everybody to see how proudly you surrender, you're absolutely right." By the time I was done teasing her, I'd pulled her up into the fresh diaper, taped it in place, and rubbed the thick pink plastic. I was planning to have my teeth in her when she did it - it was going to be the most delicious humiliation I'd ever tasted. I sat up and gave her a stern look, trying to convey any modicum of adulthood, only to express myself like a pouting child. "If I give you this," I told her quietly, with little confidence in my voice, "then I want something in return." I had thought about it for days. I had wondered what equivalent I could ask of her. My eternal immaturity for something of hers. And I knew what I wanted. "If you give me this," I parroted to her, subtly reminding her that she didn't have a choice, but also opening up the dialog to continue. Both of us knew that anything I gave her would be a mercy, a choice of my own, and what she did or didn't do was irrelevant because I owned her. But our game was so pleasantly fun. The fresh diaper felt so comfortable under my bottom. I forgot how much I loved to be dry. Then, I forgot again how much I loved to be wet. Endlessly, I was constantly reminded how much I loved being owned by Mommy. "I want you to take me home, where you live." Bailey had never so much as mentioned where she lived, let alone eluded to its location, and judging by the way her expression fell, I could tell it was incredibly private. I looked up at her with my signature pout. "I'm yours, Mommy. But you're mine too. My only." If I took her back to where I lived, things would change - where I lived was a place only for vampires and not for thralls. If I took her back there, she'd need to become a vampire, she'd need to be embraced. She'd then lose everything divine about my ownership of her. Any feelings she had for me would from then on need to be voluntarily. I wondered if she knew that. I wondered if she was worth it. If she was worth giving up. She was so stupidly pretty, so needy, so longing to serve. Oh the irony of her request. "There'll be strings attached if I do." "I don't care," I said simply. "When you first bit me, I hated you. I hated that you took away my agency and my identity. And now... now I'm... I'm just totally enamored with this. With you. With belonging somewhere so surely, so certainly, that I'm willing to humiliate myself every single day. And it's probably stupid vampire magic, right? But I don't even care, because I'm so much happier now. Happier with you. And... and I don't want to be just another thrall to you. I don't want to be like all those others. I want to be special. So take me home." Was she worth giving up my hold over her? She was just an impetuous little thrall who asked too much. She was a know-it-all, a bratty little toy who defied the rules. I could have a thousand other thralls all more succulent and much easier than she'd be. But the way she looked at me, the way she talked, the way she was so damn sure of herself wanting to give herself away... this was what siring was for, wasn't it? This kiss would be different. I nodded my head and I put my lips to her neck. This would be unlike everything she'd had from me before - I'd drain her slowly, I'd draw it out while she surrendered, I'd leave her so close to dry... and then I'd feed her my blood in return. I'd nourish her. I'd change her. Not a smitten thrall, not a lovesick fool, not a puppet, not a follower. Every other time she had bitten me, it was hot. It was energizing. My nerves caught fire and I whimpered and felt pleasure like I had never felt before. But this wasn't like that at all. This was cold. Freezing. My skin felt like ice. I felt my teeth chatter. There was no pleasure - only pain. Awful, horrible pain. I dug my nails into her arms as she bit down harder. My head started to pound. My body ached. I felt energy seeping out of me. I felt a mysterious discomfort. Miserable. Sick. And finally, I realized... I felt death. Death was coming for me. I would die here, in her arms. I would die here... finally, her lips left my neck and I looked up at her through blurry vision. I was moment away from unconsciousness. A sleep I wouldn't wake up from. She bit down on her hand, between her thumb and her index finger, and put it to my lips. I looked at her quizzically, in my deathly delirium. "Trust me." I told her, running my free hand through her hair. I held her in my arms and I held my bleeding hand to her lips. She had to suck. She had to want it. She could leave now, she could fade away and die like humans always did. She could defy me, she could deny me her ultimate surrender. Or she could do precisely what I had hopes she'd do. She put her hand to my mouth and I sucked on it, the way I had learned to suck on her nipples, to suck on my pretty pink pacifier. The warm blood slid down my throat, sour like rotten milk, then sweet like melted ice cream. My tongue cherished the flavor. My fingers reached up and took her hand in mine to find better purchase. I drank. I drank and I felt warm again. I felt alive. No, I felt... radically alive. I felt remarkably alive. When Bailey took her hand away from me, I was irritated. I wanted to hit her. Attack her. Force her down and bite her again. But I hesitated. I took a breath and shook my head. "What... did you do..." "I gave you what you wanted." She looked perplexed, she looked confused, like what I'd said made no sense at all. We hadn't moved anywhere, we weren't at my home. She didn't realize what I'd done to her, yet. That she could get up and leave. That she was free now, and service to me could now only be volunteered and not expected. Her teeth rode above her lip as she obliviously smiled. Oh she looked so cute with fangs… I felt different. The world had a unique hue. The colors were sensual. I could feel the light breeze on my skin. I could hear cars from miles down the hill. But most uniquely of all, I felt... in control. I felt the weight of my bladder as I kept it from emptying into the diaper. I felt the weakness of Bailey's words. The compulsions to obey her were gone. Everything was gone. I was returned to normal, and at the same time, I was so different. I shook my head and tried to figure it out. She said there was no going back... "I'm free of you, aren't I?" She nodded her head. "I'm... a vampire?" She nodded again. "And you don't own me anymore?" At that, she looked sad. But she nodded once more. I didn't know that I'd made the right choice - her defiance as a thrall was so paramount that I couldn't even imagine what she'd become once embraced. Humans were so weak, so small, so limited. Vampires saw things, heard things, felt things, possessed things, we were infinite and we were forever. Maybe she wouldn't even need me anymore. "From here on in, your surrender is voluntary. You're special, just the way you wanted to be. Come home with me, or leave.... if you must." Voluntary. I looked at Bailey - even the compulsion to call her Mommy had left me - with awe. She had given me up. She took away everything she gave me. Part of me was mad at her. I wasn't supposed to have a choice! But another part of me was enamored. A choice... something no thrall ever has. I bit my lip and looked down at the city below. We were equals now. I never had to play her games again. I never had to wear a diaper. I could leave her. I could leave... "Move over," I muttered, climbing up on her lap and wrapping my legs around her stomach. "They look good on you..." I mused, tapping the tips of her fangs with my finger, then booping her nose for good measure as she sat in my lap and embraced me with her legs. Her face was above mine, her diapered behind was in place atop me, and her too-perfect-for-human skin caught the starlight and made it look so much more beautiful than the sky ever could. "I look good on you," I countered with a fanged smile. "I love you, Bailey. You've done so much for me. Even if I'm not under your weird vampire magic, I still love you. And even if I don't depend on you, I still love you. And... and even though I'm more powerful than anyone in the world, I want to give all that power to you. I don't want it..." She knew what was coming. She had planned it. But did she ever expect it to feel like this? I didn't. I smirked and nodded. She'd fallen so hard for me as a thrall; her resistance had been the reason why. As her conscious self had tugged on the leash of servitude, her subconscious sank deeper and deeper under my control. As she rebelled and taunted, her heart became more and more wrapped up in everything about me. Embracing her like this was reckless, it was sinful. She wasn't made to beg for me, she hadn't been made to earn it; I could well have turned a monster on the world with no recourse. And yet... her first action as a vampire, her first gesture, her first display of power... was to sit her diapered ass on my lap, and continue her submission of her own free will. "Show me my love for you isn't ill-placed, Pipsqueak." I curled my arms around her neck and touched my forehead to hers. Pushing was so easy, on her lap, in her arms. It came so naturally, like my body begged for it. But it was nothing like before - nothing like the accidents I hardly felt. No, this was voluntary. This was a choice. Because of that, it was so much more humiliating. I grunted and felt the mess fill the seat of my diaper, squish against the thick padding, mush into my bottom, and stink up the hillside as I sat my full diaper down on Bailey's lap. I could have stopped it. I could have said no. But I'd given up my power. I'd consciously, voluntarily, given myself to Bailey. To Mommy. Her stinky little vampire girl. She breathed deeply, taking in the air she'd tainted with her smell, trembling in the kind of arousal that true submission came along with, feeling sexuality the way that vampires did. Her body twitched in delight that made human orgasms seem like pleasant itches in comparison. And when she finally opened her eyes, we were in a bed - in my bed - with red velvet sheets and the dimmest of light, bending and splintering into rainbows, defying physics and reality. Vampires existed on a different light spectrum than humans, which was why we could only be seen when the sun was down and why we didn’t appear in reflections. But our spectrum was so much more beautiful, as Pippy was just beginning to understand. There was a lot she had to learn now; about who she was, what that meant, and what the future held. But for the moment, all Pippy had to concern herself with was enjoying the submissive bliss of her messy diaper as long as possible before I changed her. Right now, all she need worry about was pleasure and love. "Welcome home, little one." [End.] ~~~~ Thanks for sticking through 'til the end, you cute frosted cupcakes with sprinkles! Full PDFs and ePubs are available on our Patreon!
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    “This is stupid,” Bonnie said. She held her tummy and the butterflies gurgling inside. Strange things were going on in the next room - her room, that she shared with her girlfriend of three years - things that were not even thought about in the everyday world. Claire called from the open door. “This is your fantasy, birthday girl,” she said. “Don’t get cold feet now!” Of all the fetishes to have this one belonged to Bonnie, and she hated it. Why couldn’t she have been landed with something more normal, like a fixation on feet? Instead she craved the soft caress of a diaper against her backside and a mother’s touch, like something straight out of a Freudian casebook. “Are you coming, sweetpea?” Claire poked her head around the doorframe, and beamed. Playing a maternal role was something she’d always dreamed about, though probably not like this. She didn’t laugh or tease when her girlfriend spilled her guts late one night as they lay pillow to pillow, and had only been understanding since. Bonnie almost prayed for a freakout - then she wouldn’t have to go through with this embarrassing game she wanted more than anything in the world. She padded with tiny steps into the bedroom with fists balled at her sides. Her eyes fixed shut, not daring to look at the spread Claire had set out for them. The faint scent of baby powder tickled her nose, sending shivers down her spine. Why, why did she ever open her stupid mouth? Claire’s warmth wrapped around her, and stroked the back of Bonnie’s neck. Her other hand curled around the base of her spine, drawing her close until their bodies pressed together. The dip in Claire’s collarbone seemed a custom fit for Bonnie’s head, and radiated with the sweet scent of her perfume. She whispered in a sing-song tone that only someone with motherhood in their heart could know. “It’s okay, baby girl. I’ve got you. You’re safe with Mommy.” Bonnie’s thoughts melted into jelly, and sloshed all around inside her. She was falling in love again, and hating it - but more than that she was adoring it, and felt need swelling; to open that door, to be small, and to lose herself in the arms of someone safe. She didn’t realize she’d been crying until Claire lifted her chin and brushed away a tear. Her Mommy was all smiles and caring, more than Bonnie had ever known. “Are you ready for your change?” she asked. Bonnie bit her lip. “Do I get to say no?” “Of course you do,” Claire said. “This is your fantasy. We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, okay?” Bonnie nodded. Her breath caught in her throat, and was heavy. “But I think you’d regret it if you turned back now,” Claire said. God, why did she have to be so understanding all the time? She nodded and stilled herself, knowing what she said was true. Claire hummed. “Good girl.” The words tickled the would-be little girl with joy. “Now we get you undressed, okay, little one?” Bonnie’s eyes remained closed throughout. It was easier to be small when she couldn’t see, and with every touch she regressed just a little bit more. Though they’d seen each other naked a million times she flushed with shame when Claire pulled down her panties and tights, releasing her clitty from its tuck. “You’re so pretty,” Claire giggled, and ran fingertips down her little girl’s hips. Then she laid tiny kisses along her stomach and the outside of her thighs, which aroused just as much as they tickled. Her girlfriend’s clitty stirred, even if Bonnie hid behind her hands. Lifting herself from her knees Claire ran her hands up her little girl’s side, this time with a firm hold that kept her in place. Bonnie’s gasp betrayed her touch had the desired effect. “Arms up, little girl,” she said. Bonnie did as she was told, and trembled as she did. The long sleeve shirt slipped effortlessly over the little’s head and down her arms, leaving her exposed before her fully clothed partner. She opened her eyes to the first time, and to the strong yet gentle demeanor Claire possessed. Somehow, she seemed taller. “Are you ready for the next step, sweetheart?” Bonnie looked to the bed, and froze again. For a tender moment she managed to lose herself, until the reality snapped in front of her. This was real, and so was her girlfriend, standing in the threshold of her deepest, darkest desire. “Are you sure you’re okay with this? I mean, this is great, and I’m having fun, but… I don’t want you to have to do this if it’s something you don’t like, and-” Her rambling ended with a kiss; the kind usually shared by new lovers discovering each other. Claire’s lips dominated Bonnie with heavy laps, and the taste of coffee mingled with chocolate. What seemed an eternity later Claire pulled away, and laid her gaze on the girl lost in her affection. “I want you to say my name,” she said, patiently. Bonnie blinked, and took a moment to register the question. “Claire…?” “No,” she said. “My name right now.” The word caught in Bonnie’s throat - it was too embarrassing to say! Yet the expectation drove her on, pushing her past her shame. She would do anything to make her partner proud of her, even that which scared her most. “M-Mommy…” “What was that, sweetheart?” “Mommy,” she said, this time with greater confidence. It had been worth it, because then she was wrapped up in her Mommy’s arms, and peppered with kisses and words of praise. “Good girl! Such a good girl for Mommy!” Bonnie was a good girl for Mommy - that was all she ever wanted, and she beamed with pride because of it. Joy swirled from the top of her head, and down to the bottom of her toes. The realisation was even better than she had dreamed. “Now, are you going to wear a diaper for Mommy?” The little stopped again, but only for a moment. They’d come so far together, and had to see it through to the end. Hopefully it wouldn’t spoil the scene they’d enjoyed up to that point. Bonnie looked down, and nodded. “O-o-okay,” she stammered. Claire reached for one of the items on the nearby bedside, and lifted a lime green pacifier to her partner’s lips. The plastic nipple was larger than the kind given to real babies, leading Bonnie to wonder just how much thought had been put into her birthday. Biting down on it felt right, comforting, like her mouth had rediscovered its original purpose. As comforting as her paci was in private it was even better in the presence of Claire who was cooing and smiling with greater enthusiasm. “Look what I have for you,” Claire said. She reached to the bed, and with one hand offered her little one a stuffed labrador with a soft, shiny golden coat, and a large red bow around her neck. Her squeak reached peak levels. “It’s Penny the Puppy!” Bonnie snatched the toy happily and wrapped it as tight as her arms could hold. It was the one aspect of her little life that hid in plain sight, which for the longest time she had explained as being for her anxiety. Now they both knew that Penny was so much more. “Come on, baby. Time to get you dressed again.” She guided Bonnie to the bed, making sure to be patient for her mincing little steps, and to the edge where a large, adult sized diaper lay open. Again, Bonnie fixed her eyes closed, but if that's what she needed then that was okay. “Lay down,” Claire sang, and turned her girl around. She plopped her bum down on the diaper with a loud crinkle, and shuffled her up so that Bonnie was in the right position. “Good, now legs apart…” Bonnie was obedient, and lifted her knees as wide as they would go. “Good girl!” It took everything the little had to keep from springing out the room, but the sound of her lover’s voice, her gentle touch, the smooth nipple in her mouth and the tickle of Penny’s fur combined were enough to put her at ease. When the powder fell like snow between her legs and tickled her all the way around she became even smaller, to a place where words had no meaning. Warm tingles ran up her body and swirled behind her eyes. “You are such a good girl,” Claire whispered. “I know how hard this is for you, little one, but I am so proud of you for sharing this with me. I love you very, very, very much.” Bonnie grinned behind her pacifier. Tiny and vulnerable she was pure and loved. Nothing else existed in the world but her and her Mommy. The diaper closed around her, and the tapes held her tight, like a hug around her underside that kept her from falling. At last she was safe, and all was good in the world. She reached upward and let Penny slip out of her arms, opening and closing her hands in a desperate attempt to reach Claire. Her new Mommy hummed and pulled her upright, and into her arms. Then she gave her little one a kiss on her pacifier, prompting a giggle from them both. “Happy birthday, sweet girl,” she said. By then Bonnie’s shame had utterly evaporated. The two women shared a new language, and would hopefully indulge it again and again.
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    Hey everyone, I know it has been a bit. Sorry things slowed down a bit. Nevertheless, here it is. I just want to make it clear that the story is NOT discontinued. Even if I go quiet for a bit, it's NOT canceled or over. You will know if it has been because I will have made an official statement. Thank you for your concern, comments and kind words. The story is still going strong and I have no intentions to cut it short. Please enjoy! Chapter 21 - The Zoo One by one the plates made touchdown on the table as their heavenly aromas followed. Like in every scenario, Emily was the last in the rotation, but it was wonderful to finally have something to eat! Though, if she forgot, the smiley face illustrated with strawberries, bananas and blueberries topped with a whipped cream smile was more than enough as a reminder for which menu her meal came from. “Kids menu or not, I still think you made out like a bandit, Emily,” Mary commented, and Emily who was briefly caught in a fluffy, syrupy trance, reluctantly agreed. Maybe the belittlement was almost worth it, considering the tradeoff… Frank, Mary, and Joyce’s meals all looked equally as delicious in their own right. Frank tried to look away when his wife put ketchup on her sandwich though… You’d think he was watching her kick a puppy. “Oh will you stop?” She gave him a playful hit on the shoulder. “Ow! Ow!” feigning his injury, he pleaded with his eyes. “Don’t you see what she does to me?” Even Mary found his reaction funny, and everyone seemed to be enjoying Emily’s laugh. Emily was almost ready to ask for a real knife, rather than a butter one, but it was a pleasant surprise to see that it sliced through the fluffy cakes like a machete. She nearly squealed as soon as she lifted her knife out of the stack, seeing it’d struck oil, as the blade was covered in melted chocolate. “Hey,” Joyce warned. “Don’t forget to leave me a bite.” Emily simply nodded her head as she sectioned off her first bite. Everyone was equally as content with their own meal. “How is it, hon?” Frank asked in between bites. “Fine, thank you very much!” Acting all prim and proper, it was obvious Mary had a sneaking suspicion of what was to come. “That’s good. But you know, it’d be even better if you’d-” He paused as with his hands occupied with his burger, he was helpless to watch as one of his fries was stolen by his wife. “I’m married to a monster...” Both Joyce and Emily struggled not to choke on their food as they laughed, pleased to be treated both to a dinner and a show. And as much as Emily resented the food illustration, she still swabbed some of the fruit and whipped cream with a finger… “Are your mom and dad always like this?” She kept sneaking glances back to them, hoping not to miss the next humorous event. “On some level, yeah, but I think ever since my brother and I left the house, they’ve only had more time to drive each other insane.” *Ahem* In an obvious noise, Mary cleared her throat as she stared at Joyce with a strange sense of graveness. “What were you telling her about us?” “...How you two are wonderful parents?” “You may be an entrepreneur, but you’re not a liar, missy.” Maybe to her own mom, she wasn’t. It wasn’t exactly a skill Joyce took pride in, but she knew how to pull the wool over someone’s eyes. She looked at the glowing girl beside her, reasoning it as a necessary evil. “So I have a question: what does an ordinary night look like for you two?” It was Joyce and Emily’s turn to look at each other. “Umm...” Emily started first. “By the time I finish up work and get back, Joyce is usually up to something.” She paused to think of the next part. Instead Joyce picked right up after her though. “And then she strolls into my office and practically pushes everything off my desk!” “That is not true!” Emily spat to her. “She’s the one who drops everything to spend the rest of the night together.” “Fine, fine, maybe I embellished it a little...” Joyce smirked right before taking a bite of her toast. “I think Emily’s the better storyteller,” Frank admitted it like a tough, yet factual truth. “I think so, too,” Mary solemnly agreed. “Me three,” Emily contently spoke, giving herself a pat on the back. Then with a Cheshire grin she snickered. “Will you three quit bullying me?” Joyce pretended to be offended, but really nothing made her happier than something like this. If it was at the expense of her imaginary reputation, then she’d give it all away tenfold if that meant Emily could finally feel comfortable. Joyce couldn’t feel the same reluctance Emily had from this morning, and she was starting to let go of her imaginary pressures. Emily looked at her expectantly, but Joyce fired back. “Well, go on! Finish the story! Apparently I’m not so good at it...” Funnily enough, she thought of last night when Emmy was asking for her to do ‘the voices.’ “Joyce usually starts cooking something when I get back. I try to help here and there,” she put a lot of emphasis on the ‘try’ bit, because even then she was stretching it. “Then we probably relax on the couch?” She looked to the pouting Joyce for confirmation. “Now you want my input?” Disregarding her feigned annoyance, Emily simply nodded her head. Frank and Mary meanwhile gave a few chuckles as the scene unfolded. Joyce dropped the act as she picked up where her partner left off. “That’s pretty much it, really. I mean, we’ve had plenty of nights where we go out and do something; milkshakes, a movie, a restaurant, stuff like that. We’ll have to do some more stuff down the line, though!” “That’s good to hear,” Marry nodded her head. “But I don’t think you ever told me, has business ever kept you away for a whole night? I know you used to have a dinner every now and then. Maybe a party or social thing?” Much more plainly, Joyce nodded her head. “Thankfully nothing’s come up lately, but I can’t imagine that’s going to last forever. I’m pretty sure Sheila already has a few things in the calendar already.” Business dinners? Now that Emily thought about it, it sort of made sense for a CEO to be attending those. Had she been doing those at all since she came? She wasn’t getting in the way, was she? She looked at Joyce with concern, trying to decipher what she might be thinking… And that was the worst part: trying to figure out Joyce’s thoughts. Emily knew Joyce would never tell her something if she was going to feel bad about it, and she certainly would feel bad. The last thing she wanted to be was a burden and a nuisance. She knew Joyce would never think of her as that, but that didn’t mean Emily wasn’t, objectively speaking… “Well, you never know,” Mary spoke with a slight tease of suspense, as she reeled in the bigger catch. “Maybe you could use one of them to show Emily off?” Caught off guard for just a few moments, Joyce registered the idea with a small bit of apprehension. Bringing Emily to her business stuff? There were a lot of factors to consider, and Joyce was honestly a little scared to imagine the possible outcome. What? What was Joyce’s mom thinking?! Emily could already see it now. Standing in front of a large crowd, watching Emily’s each and every step, seeing what a “commoner” acted like, and be amused as she try and assimilate among the social elite. Worst of all, when she did inevitably mess up, it would of course be at the expense of Joyce’s very real reputation. Not even taking the reality into account, the thought alone was crippling enough. “Maybe...maybe we can talk about it later,” Joyce tried to laugh it off, and Emily didn’t know how to react at all. “I’d honestly never thought about it, so I think we should table that one.” She looked over to Emily, who seemed to be drowning yet again in her worrisome thoughts. What snapped her out of it though was a plump stack of cake, fruit, and chocolate laced with cream entering her mouth. Blushingly, she looked over to Joyce who’d slipped the fork into her mouth. Mumbling through the food, Emily whined, “Joyce!” “Sorry,” Joyce chuckled. “You looked like you needed it. And also,” she took the fork yet again and grabbed another section. “I think you promised me my own bite?” Without waiting for an answer, Joyce popped the food into her own mouth. She couldn’t handle as much as Emily, but every once and awhile it was always a pleasant taste. “Ooh Joyce, I think you made her a little grumpy,” Mary teased, which then had Emily wide-eyed as she retreated into a blush. As quickly as it came, so did it go… Joyce sighed through her nose. “Mary, Frank,” Or maybe it didn’t? “you guys are always so funny!” Emily didn’t know why she was saying it, and knew she had no real prompt to, but for some reason she oddly just felt like saying it anyways. Regardless of whether anyone asked her or not, she didn’t feel scared to unload her thoughts for once. “You guys remind me of a young, married couple.” “Did you hear that, hon?” Frank with enthusiasm looked to Mary. “She said we’re young!” “Wrong,” Mary said. The timing reminded Emily of a cartoon where a mischievous coyote might get an anvil dropped on his head. “She thinks we’re young. Nevertheless, she knows how to get on our good side.” “I didn’t mean to call you ol-” “Wait!” Frank stopped her. The deepness of his voice made it seem like an unyielding command. “Don’t say the ‘o’ word. It’s our kryptonite!” “Old.” Mary finished for her, and in a spastic motion Frank put a hand to his chest, right where his heart was. Frank slowly let go of his chest and looked with worry to his wife. “Are you trying to kill us?” “Quit it with your jokes! The only reason she hasn’t gone running yet is that Joyce is blocking her in the booth!” “Mom? Dad?” Joyce interrupted their silly feud, once again unnerved by the topic. Soon after normal conversation resumed, and so did the eating. At some point Emily ran out of coffee, and as much as she didn’t want to acknowledge its usefulness, Emily with extreme reluctance drank from her glass of milk. She had half a mind to order another coffee, but she could do without the likely comment from their waitress about needing to finish her milk. The milk tasted fine, but the connotations with it were bitter. It almost felt like admitting defeat. When Joyce took a bite from her egg, she looked up to say something to her mom, then after giving it a few moments she looked back down to her food for another bite. But wait. Something, something wasn’t right? Nothing seemed out of place, but, something did at the same time? Awkwardly hung up on the weirdness, she took another bite and went back to the conversation. And then it happened again. Only more so this time. Whatever it was, it felt more glaring this time, and still she was struggling to find out what it was. Then something seemingly insignificant tipped her off. Wasn’t there less bacon on her plate now? With only one logical culprit, she slowly turned her gaze to the girl running low on pancake. She could see the smallest bit of syrup on the corner of her mouth, but there was something else there too… Small, tiny bits of something. Licking her thumb, Joyce swabbed the corner of her mouth before Emily could protest and gave the sample a taste. Syrup, sure enough. And…bacon. “Something you want to own up to, buster?” “...No idea what you’re talking about.” “Oh? So the bacon disappeared on its own, then?” Damn! How did she know? Emily made extra sure to be sneaky about it! Well, as sneaky as she could be… Mary and Frank probably saw the whole thing unfold. Though, of course no good captain wouldn’t go down with their ship, so Emily sought to see it till the end. “...Yes?” “Alright then,” Joyce gave a small breath. Then, before Emily could react, an innocent blueberry was taken from its home on her pancakes, and was thrown into the merciless torture chamber of Joyce’s mouth, shredding it into pieces with her teeth. “What was that for?” “What do you mean?” Joyce laughed. “You started it!” “I did no such thing!” Even if it was a bad lie, Emily still wouldn’t let it die. “He had a home, you know?” “The blueberry?” “Who else? Their small charade paused when they could hear Frank and Mary cracking up. Emily wasn’t feeling so playful anymore with an audience, and suddenly realized that she may have been getting too caught up in the moment. That was starting to feel dangerously close to the ‘Emmy’ side… The meal did eventually come to an end, and everyone by then was more than satisfied. “Everyone have a good meal?” Abigail, their waitress, had returned. “Absolutely delicious!” Frank complimented. “You’re a great cook!” The waitress laughed over the joke as she was collecting plates. She leaned closer to Mary. “You know, I hope at least one of you keeps this guy on a leash!” “Oh trust me, I try,” Mary sighed as if it were her lifelong struggle. And maybe to a certain degree it was. “‘Course, at least you’ve got your daughter to give a hand,” she made a notion towards Joyce. “Years of practice!” Joyce laughed. The waitress continued to make small talk as she built up a stack of cleared plates. “So what’s the plan for you guys today?” “Well once we finish things up here I think we’re gonna go check out the zoo. My parents are visiting and they’ve never been.” “Ohh, that sounds like fun. I’m sure your daughter’s looking forward to it, too?” Unfortunately, it was too obvious who she was referring to. Joyce briefly looked to Emily, who partly hiding behind Joyce’s shoulder clearly looked mortified. Frank and Mary seemed a bit caught off guard too. Everyone in their own mind was realizing just how far they let this woman’s understanding spiral out of control. Though, Joyce’d be lying if she said the comment didn’t tickle her in the slightest...even if right now wasn’t an appropriate moment for such words. “...Yes, actually.” Emily had to nearly bite down on her tongue. She gripped dearly onto the past words of comfort, trying her best to understand it was in some twisted way better than calling her out on her very dumb mistake. “She’s excited to see the sea otters.” “Well, I won’t keep you guys waiting. I’ll be right back with the bill.” She walked away, and Emily did not look pleased, and Joyce could feel the frustration radiating from her. “You’re not mad at me, right?” Emily sighed, and like a deflating balloon the bulk of the tension drained from her as well. “No. I just hate being called a kid, that’s all.” “Don’t forget you promised to make it up to her?” Frank added. “Yes. Yes I did.” Even if it looked childish, Joyce patted her on the head. Joyce politely stole the rights to the bill, as she handled everything accordingly. Her parents tried to at least chip in, but for once Joyce wasn’t budging. Still, Emily admired how they tried to fight tooth and nail. It somewhat reminded her of herself. Nowadays, Joyce need only give her a look, and like a well-trained pet Emily would cease her attempts. “Alright, let’s get this show on the road,” Joyce slipped out of the booth and waited for Emily. When everyone stood, you wouldn’t think anything of it; just a simple action from a simple person with nothing special about it. Emily, however, couldn’t help but feel critical of herself once her own footwear hit the ground. Unlike everyone else, her sandals had a tough material to them, which is why they made the clashing noises they did once the wooden blocks to her heels hit the tiled floor. Even when she was out of diapers she couldn’t help but make countless, loud noises. Mary and Frank were leading the way, but Mary turned her head back to Joyce and somewhat Emily. “Were you being serious about the otter bit?” “Kind of? Emily’s never seen one in real life before.” “That should be fun then, huh?” Mary looked to Emily, who was finding it harder and harder to look forward to this outing. She didn’t know whether she was being seen as a kid or an adult. No matter how Mary acted, Emily didn’t feel like she could sense a definitive answer. The receptionist bid them farewell, and the quartet were soon back in the car and pulling out. The drive there was filled with plenty of small talk, and even though Emily tried her best, she obviously started to doze off once she exceeded her 15-minute limit. “Maybe you’re the one that’s tired, hon?” Mary chuckled as she looked over. With a natural rhythm stuck on repeat, Emily’s eyelids would slowly drift downwards, then suddenly rise with a start, but once again find themselves closing over and over again. “I’m fine, really.” Emily blinked, desperately trying to hold onto her alert and awakened consciousness. And as Mary watched her, she more and more looked like the kettle to Emily’s pot. It felt a bit rude to mentally check out on the people who might actually have a reason to fall asleep, unlike herself. Nevertheless, conversation felt exactly like what she needed right now. Anything that stimulated the senses was enough to keep her alert. Joyce knew exactly why she wouldn’t go to sleep, because, of course, the thought of how she’d look in front of her parents worried her. She wanted to speak up, but something told her Emily wouldn’t appreciate the extra attention… She glanced at the console GPS and could see they had a decent drive ahead of themselves. A single look at the rearview told her Emily was certainly putting herself through the ringer. Joyce simply sighed the smallest bit. How are you gonna have fun if you won’t cut yourself some slack? And suddenly Joyce was starting to feel a little selfish, and of course she decided to indulge herself. “Hey mom, so how’s the wedding plans for Jack and Hannah going?” Even the greatest plans required the greatest sacrifices. She may as well have just opened Pandora’s Box, all for Emily’s sake. “Oh, that’s right, I forgot!” The topic certainly seemed to excite her, and the beast had been stirred awake. “You wouldn’t believe the flower arrangements they’re using for the table centerpieces, they look beautiful! Oh! And the location! You’ve never seen it, have you? There’s going to be so many people. The band they’re looking at seems like a real good one, too. Did I mention the theme they’re going for? It’s...” And on and on she went. Of course, that was the intention. While Mary focused her attention on Joyce, it left Emily with none, and once again she was left to her own devices, which is exactly what had her fading away in the first place. Emily knew it wasn’t intentional (though it was), but she wished Joyce wasn’t hogging all the spotlight. At this rate she really was going to fall asleep! But she wouldn’t. No, of course not. Not in a million years. She needed to be active and alert. Though, being outside of the city didn’t really afford her much scenery to marvel at. Trees, trees, and trees. At least in the city the buildings knew how to change things up a little. Brick, marble, cement, stone? You’d think mother nature would take some notes. The blur of bark and leaves passing by the window played like a track on repeat. A stroke of brilliance hit her however. Maybe if she closed her eyes for a few seconds, something would change when she opened them? Making an obviously level-headed decision, her vision went black for a few moments. Or, maybe for a few minutes… Regardless, when she opened them, the outside looked no different. Damn. Her brilliant idea that she thought was certain to work had failed her, and she knew it probably wouldn’t work if she tried again. That being said, the one part she didn’t mind was the eye closing bit… But it wasn’t sleeping. No. Sleeping was the last thing she wanted to be caught doing right now. Emily proceeded to “rest her eyes,” while Joyce entertained her mom by throwing in passive comments, the kind that was just enough to indicate there was a listener. It wasn’t even really a conversation when a single person did the talking, but either neither one noticed or cared. Mary likely the former, and Joyce certainly the latter. There was finally a pause in Mary’s spiel, as she suddenly switched tracks. “You’ve got her all figured out, don’t you?” “What do you mean?” Joyce jokingly feigned innocence. She glanced in the mirror to see her sound asleep. “I hardly even noticed when she dozed off?” “You weren’t kidding when you said vehicles make her go out like a light,” Frank chimed in. “Oh yeah,” Joyce nodded with firm certainty. “I’m surprised she lasted for as long as she did,” in a hushed laugh she finally turned her full focus back to the other two and the road. “So? What do you two think?” She gripped the steering wheel a little tighter. “Think about what?” “Come on...” Joyce sounded a little less confident now too, “You know what I mean.” “Joyce, hon,” her dad decided to take this one. “You’re our daughter, but you’re your own person. The last thing you need is your parent’s approval.” “I know, but...” “I like her.” Mary said simply and absolutely. “But, are you sure it’s okay to talk like this? I know she’s asleep, but she’s not exactly in another room.” “It’ll be fine. I bet she could sleep through an earthquake if she tried hard enough, and compared to how she is now, it wouldn’t take much.“ “Well, I can envy that,” Frank turned his head back at an awkward angle to see, oddly enough seeming impressed. “And I like her too. I mean, we both have a lot to learn about each other, considering all we’ve done is have lunch together, but she seems nice.” It wasn’t intentional, but a small breath of relief escaped Joyce. “Though, I guess there’s one small thing?” “...And what’s that?” “She seems...reserved?” Mary sounded as if she weren’t even sure herself. “She definitely strikes me as the shy type.” It was unfortunately a glaring quality of hers right now. They had probably been thinking it from the start but were too polite to speak on it. It didn’t make Emily any less perfect to Joyce, rather, it only made her sorrowful to think her special girl was inhibited by something only time and exposure could solve. Everyone in the car that was conscious knew there was no ill intent behind the words, but rather saw it as an unfortunate observation. “Truthfully, I think this whole visit caught her off guard. I know it did for me, at least.” Without even needing to look, the culprit in question was obviously feeling the brunt of targeted words. She softened her voice again.“Just don’t think too badly of her? She still has some nerves...” Again, Joyce felt guilty for confiding in her parents like this, secretly behind Emily’s back, but a face to face conversation always made her resolve weak... Mary was the first to dismiss Joyce’s worries though. “Joyce, we’d never do that to her, or you. Maybe we did come a little early… I’ll take some responsibility for that.” More like all of it, which was likely passing through Joyce’s head, and maybe even her dad’s… Speak of the devil, he was the next to speak. “Why don’t we give them a breather, hon? We could meander for a little bit while they spend some time together?” “What?” Joyce slightly turned her head, then back to the road. “You’re kidding, right? You guys just got here!” “We wouldn’t mind, Joyce,” her mom agreed. “Why don’t you two take an hour together when we get there?” Already willing to part ways just when they got here, Joyce could only remain stupefied over how unusual her mom was being right now. Never in a million years could she imagine the woman actually giving someone personal space. Emily didn’t realize it, but she truly could move mountains… “I appreciate it, and I’m sure Emily would too, but really, it’s fine.” “We don’t want to impose...” As nicely as Joyce could possibly say it, her mom definitely was imposing, somewhat. “You’re fine!” Joyce reassured anyways. “You’re not imposing, and Emily wouldn’t want us split from you either. She really does want to get to know you guys better.” Even if her nerves won’t make it easy... On top of that, she’d probably feel even worse if she knew she was the reason why she and Joyce were alone together. “There’ll be plenty of time for us to do our own thing together. For now it’ll be the four of us.” “If you’re sure...” Mary reluctantly conceded, while her husband equally if not more left it at that. “But do you have any pointers?” “Pointers?” “Her likes? Dislikes? Something to help us get started on the right foot?” “Mom, she’s not a kid.” Truly it did scare her how much they managed to toe that line when Emily wasn’t around. Trying to imagine how Emily might feel secondhand was terrifying enough. “We’re all adults? Just please be patient. She really did want to make a good first impression.” “I know that, sweetheart, and that’s why I want to try and help.” Just when she was willing to keep her distance, yet again was her mother becoming emotionally involved. “Help her by not helping,” Joyce said her piece simply. “I’m already blowing this out of proportion, so forget we even talked about this, okay?” For once she hoped her mom would listen. On her watch, Joyce never could seem to jump to a clean slate. It was always unfinished business with her. “Fine.” You’d almost think she was annoyed. The ride was silent for a few minutes longer until the tension seemed to have dissipated. In a still slightly serious tone she added, “You two look very adorable together, though.” Joyce was as equally as firm. “Thank you.” Of course her cheeks wouldn’t be not warm after hearing that. “Emily? Hellooo...you in there?” A finger kept gingerly prodding her cheek. “You know, I never knew your cheeks were so squishy…” The voice sounded inquisitive and curious. “You’d never think, you know? What with you being so slim...” The poking didn’t stop, and even still half-asleep Emily knew the entire exchange was silly enough to laugh at. “...Joyce?” Rubbing her eyes, she called out to the almost certain evil-doer. “Bingo!” Emily could feel the cool skin press against her own, intermittent with the wavy strands of hair coming from both women. “Honestly, I can’t tell what had the bigger effect: your little food coma or the car ride itself.” “Car…? What are you talking about?” Emily finally blinked enough to go without needing to shut them again for a decent while. Leaning through the open doorway Joyce slightly loomed over her with patches of sunlight bleeding all around her. As the sun itself, she looked strangely symbolic. Joyce giggled as she moved her hand and Emily suddenly felt her seatbelt unstrap itself. “The zoo? Did you forget already?” “I...no, but,” she turned her head to the other side of the car, seeing it was empty, and also there wasn’t a head in front of her in the passenger seat. As bashful as she was for not making good on her personal resolve, she didn’t want to let any potential eavesdroppers in on her shame. “Where’s Frank and Mary?” “They said they needed to take a lap,” Joyce chuckled. “Sitting for too long isn’t great for the joints, in my dad’s words, at least. Think you wanna go see some animals with us? Or should I tell them you have a few more z’s to catch?” “That’s not funny,” Emily pouted, though she of course couldn’t hide her smile. The next thing on her mind she knew what was likely the answer, but Joyce somehow made it feel okay for once to act naive. “Did.they see me sleeping?” Joyce cocked a brow as she tilted her head. “I mean, I guess?” She slightly laughed over the oddity. “Why does it matter?” “...It’s nothing.” Her brows then slightly furrowed. “No, it is not,” Joyce excused herself into the seat as she slid Emily further in for space. “You wouldn’t be asking something like that if it wasn’t.” “Nevermind. I’m just worrying about stuff I shouldn’t be,” Emily plainly spoke as she was already looking to get out of the car, but Joyce wasn’t budging. “Oh no, you don’t get to drop it that easily,” Joyce guided Emily’s cheeks into her hands as they locked eyes. “Talk to me, won’t you? When has there ever been a problem that us talking couldn’t solve, or at least make better?” Emily was quiet, and Joyce had fastly come to her own conclusion. “It’s okay to be yourself around my parents, you know? You’re the only one making this hard on yourself.” Even after all the pep-talks they’d already had, still she couldn’t seem to get through to her. “You promised me we’d have fun today, right? Being gloomy is the same as breaking your promise, you know?” She hoped some lighthearted humor would put some pep back into her mood, and it looked like it did somewhat, at least. “I don’t know why I can’t let it go,” Emily sounded pained and distressed. “I’ve just, I’ve never been in a situation like this before.” The words felt harder and harder to find. “Everything just feels so...so fast.” “...Because you’re with another woman?” “N, no, that’s not...” Emily tried to dismiss the idea, but when looking directly at Joyce, her voice trembled and her eyes became glossy. Could that really be it? No! She tried to deny it, but deep down the way her body was reacting was telling enough. It only made her feel worse to look back into her sympathetic smile. She’d been vulnerable to Joyce so many times, and had never been engaged with someone so intimately, ever, and especially not with the same sex. Nothing in her life right now felt old, generic, or usual. Everything was fresh, new, raw, and sensitive. The last thing she wanted to do though was admit her hesitation; admit her fear and apprehensions associated with Joyce. She loved her with all her heart, but that didn’t change the outward fears she held despite Joyce accepting her wholeheartedly, and for that reason she felt like scum. “It’s okay, alright?” “No it isn’t; it’s being rude to you!” As hated as Emily felt, she still threw herself into Joyce. “There’s nothing wrong with you, or your parents. It’s just because I’m so bad at accepting this! But I want to! I do! So why?” Yet, Joyce’s voice never wavered. “You’ve never been in a relationship like this before, right? Didn’t you say it yourself?” She stroked the girl’s hair. “Emily, I’d never be mad at you for something like that. In fact, I’m surprised you’ve been able to handle it this well so far.” If the shoe were on the other foot, Joyce would likely be in the same boat as Emily. Regardless of being a perfect match for each other, there were more factors to a relationship than just one-on-one intimacy, and now was a clear testament to that. “You have every right in the world to be scared, and I want to do everything in my power to keep you from feeling that way, but I need you to trust me if you want things to get better.” Joyce’s acceptance and understanding was beyond relieving, but Emily knew she shouldn’t expect anything less from her. “So, so you’re not mad?” “I could never be mad! Everything that’s happening now is new and different for us both. I can only imagine all the different odds and ends going on inside of your head right now; inside your heart. But I don’t want you to worry, because I know you love me; you’ve made that clear. Anything secondary to that is something I can handle, and if it’s something you want me to, I can help you work through.” “...I don’t deserve you.” “But I guess you’re still stuck with me,” Joyce snickered as she hugged Emily for just a moment. “I’m the one that doesn’t deserve you.” Emily was still nestled against her. “Can you help me?” Joyce answered her question with another. “That depends. Can you trust me?” “You know I do,” Emily mumbled, and Joyce silently agreed. The two exchanged looks once more. “Then try letting go today. Really try. And by that I mean don’t try.” Emily looked like a gear in her head had just been popped loose. Chuckling, Joyce tried to explain. “I mean that you should just go with the flow; have fun and don’t worry about your surroundings.” That sounded a lot like her alter ego. “But isn’t that like--?” Her question was quickly silenced. “And what’s wrong with borrowing a little from a more carefree mindset?” She smiled, knowing exactly who she was alluding to. “It won’t make you look like a baby, I promise. It’ll be a cure for all those butterflies in your stomach.” And as if on cue, a hand was suddenly tickling Emily’s stomach through the fabric of her dress. Just as she tried to push away Joyce’s other free arm was wrapped around her waist. “Okay! Okay!” Somehow she managed to plea between her helpless giggles. “Just let me go! You win!” “This, is the Emily I wanted to see today. And just so you know, my parents are practically in love with you already, so you can only do yourself a favor by enjoying yourself.” She helped her out of the car. “Thank you, Joyce. I think I feel better now.” “Good,” Joyce nodded approvingly. “If you were any gloomier, I would’ve had us skip the otters.” “You’re the one that wants to see them, not me,” Emily giggled. “You’re such a bad liar,” Joyce joked, sticking to her fabricated story. “I know you’re excited, so there’s no need to pretend.” Joyce happily took Emily’s hand as they strolled through the parking lot. Emily looked from side to side, seeing the few pockets of pedestrians navigate themselves from their cars to the guiding signs. “How big is this place?” Emily kept catching glances of endless cars between the cracks of many. “Decently sized, I think. Wanna ride on my shoulders and see?” Joyce smirked. Emily feigned a ‘hmmf.’ “I think I like my feet on the ground, thank you very much. How are we gonna find your mom and dad?” “My guess is they’re already waiting at the entrance.” The pair banked a left, thanks to the helpful lemur plastered to a giant, wooden arrow. “They’re probably talking about the ticket prices right now. You know how they are when it comes to money...” Joyce nearly rolled her eyes, but of course it was in good fun. “How much are they gonna be?” At the other end of the asphalt stretch, they could see the roofed ticket booth serving as the barrier between the outside lot and all the attractions. Thankfully it was warmer here than in the city, because they left behind their jackets. “Not sure? Not that you should be worrying about it, though,” she looked judgingly to Emily, who kept her eyes looking forward. Sure enough, the elderly couple were sat on a bench a decent distance away from the booth, a place that wasn’t submerged in passing people. “All rested up?” Frank chuckled as they rose from their seat to meet the two. There was a slight pause from Emily, but with a recent reminder in the back of her head, she tried her best to laugh as well. “Sorry about that… Maybe Joyce sorta does have a point about me and cars...” “Well I was saying earlier how impressive that is!” Emily only laughed. “You think I’m kidding, but really. I’d pay anything for a power like that!” He leaned in closer with a lower voice. “Heck, not sure how you did it with this one sitting next to you...” With an obvious gesture, he pointed to his wife, who looked equally as happy to see Emily cheerful, but also annoyed that it was at the expense of being her husband’s joke. “Would you quit it, will you? She’s gonna think we fight like cats and dogs when we’re alone!” “We don’t?” Mary didn’t seem to appreciate that comment. He looked to Emily worriedly. “I don’t think she liked that one...” While Emily served as Frank’s middleman, Joyce became one for Mary. “Joyce, you better keep Emily away from this guy. He’s always been a bad influence on newcomers to the family...” “Instead of these two animals right out here, how about we go watch some inside?” Joyce cheekily added. Emily tried to stifle a giggle, whilst Joyce’s parents gave her a look but inevitably a smirk. By the time they got in line they caught a spot that gave them express access to the teller. A teenage girl behind a glass window was happy to receive them, speaking through the multiple holes in the barrier. “Hi, welcome! Are you guys having a good day today?” “It’s been going well,” Joyce pleasantly replied. “Could I get four tickets, please?” “Sure thing. Just for the four of you, you said?” In her chair she spun to her left where she interacted with something they couldn’t see from the other side. Absentmindedly she counted off to herself. “One, two, three...and...one! That’ll be $55, please.” Everyone but Joyce quietly minded their personal gripes about the tall order, meanwhile she produced a card without a thought. After the transaction was made the tickets were given to each and every person. Thus far the moment was relatively mundane and neutral, but Emily frowned once she saw her ticket. For the most part it was normal, though the bold, printed text was a little bit too cruel than Emily would have liked. ‘1 CHILD ADMISSION’ She narrowed her brows just from looking at it. Not like it would fix anything, but Emily wordlessly flashed the print to Joyce as they were walking further in. She gave it a curious glance then with a smile quietly said, “No restraints today, right?” Pondering for just a few more moments, the ticket was back by her side as the steam factory died off early. Joyce suddenly started to giggle. “Besides, good going on saving us $5!” Like five dollars meant anything, though maybe the trivialness of it all was what had the corners of her mouth being tugged at. They deposited their tickets into the machines and passed through the rotating bars, now inside the animal kingdom. Already among the noises of people Emily could hear the faint chirps, squawks and squeaks of the avian wildlife, well, wild, sort of. And speaking of people, the place seemed to be a bit crowded, leaving little real estate for the individual. “Wow, there sure are a lot of people, huh?” Mary commented as they already gravitated to the side for refuge. “Mmm...” Joyce pensively agreed. “I’ll say. Why don’t I go grab us a map?” Frank suggested. He already started weaving himself back into the crowd. Seeing him with some distance also forced the imagination to consider him a beacon, seeing how his head stood well-above most of the passerby. Her eyes panned the sight, watching countless, indistinguishable heads of hair. They all looked to be around her height... “Remember girls, if you get lost, Frank the walking lighthouse will steer you to shore.” Joyce quietly watched him walk away, though still managing to track his head that stood just enough above the many others. It had gotten to the point where he was too far for Emily to see, unfortunately. The immediate crowd was too tall for even Frank’s exceptional footage to overcome. For some reason she felt like Mary’s little tip didn’t apply so well to her… Then, it took her a second to register that a hand took hold of hers. Spinning her head, she could see it was Joyce’s. “Why’d you do that?” Just to be clear, Emily held their interlocked fingers in front of them as physical proof. “...Because I felt like it,” Joyce said with a smile. Though, what she wasn’t letting on about was the odd feeling in her chest when she watched her dad walk away. Something about the massive numbers in the park, then looking over to Emm-ily… The tides of people seemed awfully unforgiving, and with her dad struggling to look like a sore thumb, that only meant it was even worse for the other end of the spectrum. Finding the average person in itself would be a challenge, and anything less than that... Whatever the reason, it oddly put her at ease to have a hand as proof of Emily’s whereabouts. She could already feel her inklings of anxiety drying up. “Alrighty, let’s see what we have here!” Frank’s voice snapped Joyce out of her mental jargon as he came back with a pamphlet in hand. “Needless to say, there’s plenty of attractions to keep us busy. What are we thinking about for the big stuff? Lions, bears, lynx, sphynx, pterodactyl, minotaur, dragon?” With each creature that deviated one step further from reality, the female trio looked at him with more and more confusion. As if her dad never rambled off his fantasy list to begin with, Joyce said, “My vote is the giraffes.” The passion she had in her expression made it hard for Emily not to laugh. Still facilitating their little democracy, Frank took a survey. “One for the giraffes. Any objections?” “None from me.” Emily shrugged. “Nope!” “Then...” Frank started chipperly, then quickly diverted his eyes back to the map. “...Away we go!” Suddenly with a direction in mind, he led the line with Emily and Joyce at the caboose, still linked by their local chain; hand to hand. Again, to Emily it felt that there was something strange going on, but trying to keep her promise, she kept pushing her needless concerns to the back of her mind. They knew they’d found them when giant, yellow brown-spotted necks carefully and artfully angling themselves to the hanging branches and leaves came into view. Even with the people blocking the display in front of them, Emily could still see the living skyscrapers and their complacent, calm looks that made them all the more majestic as they roamed their miniature habitat. “Whoa...that’s, really tall.” Emily didn’t really have anything intelligent to say, though that didn’t stop her from unloading her stream of consciousness. She looked up to Joyce who had the slight advantage. “Can you see if there are any more in there?” “That’s a good question...” Joyce answered, but was admittedly a little captivated by the larger than life creatures. She leaned forward the slightest bit on her toes. “Dad, can you see anything?” “Ah...let’s see...Yep! Think I do. See by that rock over there? There’s a little speck of yellow moving?” “Oh, you’re right!” Mary jumped in. “It must still be a baby, it’s so tiny! Well, tiny to the parents, I suppose.” The mere sight of its adorably frail and clumsy body made Joyce’s heart flutter. It reminded her so much of any newborn of any species; young, innocent, naive, and silly. “It’s so cute!” The other spectators seemed to agree, because it was apparently doing something that had everyone giving it ‘coos’ and ‘awws.’ Meanwhile, Emily managed to slip herself by a few people and politely excuse herself between the congestion to reach the high glass wall. Now that the other side was clear as day, she could understand what had everyone so captivated. On four shaky legs, a newborn struggled to support itself as it shakily scurried about. Whether it be the mother or father, it seemed to gravitate to either one as it looked to and fro, completely and amusingly oblivious to its surroundings and watchers. She couldn’t take her eyes off of it as her heart swayed and jumped with each suspenseful moment it looked as if the baby would fall over. At some point he was trying to hone in on a bush, and also at some point Emily decided in her head he was a ‘he’ He just managed his way over and helped himself to a few leaves, and Emily let out a small breath of relief. Where Mary, Joyce, and Frank were closer together, they were all soaking in the sight for a few moments longer. “Did you know their tongues are black?” Mary said, throwing in a little fun fact. “I suppose that would make sense,” Joyce thought for a second. “They’re mostly from Africa, so it’s because of the sun, right?” “Makes sense to me. And those things are miles long!” Frank seemingly awestruck said. “We should go on a safari sometime, hon...” “Maybe we should sometime. We’ll have to get the whole family to go,” Mary said, then with an increasingly alluding tone, looked to Joyce. Then she looked a little past her with a curious look. “Speaking of which, where did Emily go off to?” “Where? She’s right...” Joyce turned her head to where she expected her to be, but was a little dumbfounded when she wasn’t. It was against her better judgement, but an uncomfortable feeling gripped her. “Dad? Can you see her?” She was already moving from her spot, hoping she knew where to find her. All she saw were people that weren’t Emily, and further obstacles to her discovery. She could call her, but… “Emily?” Joyce already started to call her name out. “Emily? You out there?” “Emily? Hon, where’d ya go?” Frank in his much deeper, unintentionally commanding voice called, causing a few heads to turn. Emily suddenly heard her name twice over, and froze up a little over the sound of being called out. Did they really think she was lost? No, it wasn’t their fault. It felt more to Emily that she was lost. Though, after a few more seconds left to her own devices she found a devious idea lurking in the shadows of her head. Keeping close to the display glass, she walked along the side, reaching the outside edge of the crowd of spectators with a neverending smirk, anticipating the big reveal. “Emily?” Joyce tried to raise her voice, and there was an unmistakable tinge of shakiness to it. Why was she getting so worried? Emily, her partner, her girlfriend, was a fully fledged adult. She could take care of herself, so why was there that awkward sense of responsibility tethered to Joyce’s fears? “Have you tried calling her phone yet?” Mary suggested. “I’m gonna try right now...” She already had her phone in hand and was calling her. She tapped her foot impatiently. Couldn’t these things ring any faster? Emily could feel her phone vibrating in the pocket of her shorts, and she likely knew who it was. She felt unusually cruel doing this, though she was hoping the humorous factor would outweigh the panic she hoped there was little of right now. It went to voicemail, and her heart sank. “She didn’t pick up...” Joyce kept looking around. Was she playing a trick? For a joke, this annoyed her to no end. Then again, how could Emily know she was feeling this way? There were two different voices inside her head, fighting for emotional control, and one seemed to be much more passionate than the other. “Dad, please? Do you see anything?” Emily was thinking back to the kitchen as she slowly crept up behind a familiar back. Clad in her diaper, somehow Joyce knew she was coming and in fact got the jump on her. Something told her now though that the tables weren’t going to be turned at the last minute. With a smirk, and a slight opening to make her pounce, she leaped forward, shouting, “Boo!” A pair of arms wrapped around her waist as the sudden force from behind made her take a step forward. She easily undid the girl’s grip, then spun around to look at her. Emily, expecting a laugh and typical Joyce-like comment, instead found a distressed look on the verge of tears. “Where were you? I tried calling you!” Taken aback, Emily awkwardly said, “I thought it would be funny if...” It seems Joyce’s idea about the trick was right on the nose, and it bothered her to no end on a personal level that she herself couldn’t see it that way. “It wasn...” Joyce paused for a moment to rub her eyes and take a breath. “Just please, don’t do it again?” She could go on as to why it shook her so much, but her personal gripes didn’t matter nearly as much as Emily’s wellbeing. Emily, now looking remorseful, didn’t feel so worthy of physical affection nor a lighthearted laugh anymore. “Joyce, I didn’t mean...” Emily’s voice was thick. She wanted to think that she was following Joyce’s instructions from the car, but now it didn’t feel so much as a carefree attitude. She never considered that the idea of actually being gone might terrify her lover. Joyce was the first to initiate the hug, who more than either one was craving the physical affection. “I’m not mad, I promise. You just scared me a little, that’s all...” Feeling all the familiar parts of her beloved was a welcomed comfort. “Oh, you found her?” Mary found the pair hugging, and Frank soon followed after. “Where did you go, Emily?” “I needed to get a little closer to see the giraffes,” she sounded a little sheepish. “Sorry if you guys thought I was lost...” “I think you may have given our daughter a scare...” Frank said, noting the now calmer-looking Joyce. Emily looked a little lower to the ground. “I think I overreacted,” Joyce laughed it off, and Emily could feel the spear run through her chest from the mere sound of her words. She knew she was pretending now that her parents were here, and now there lay a problem that was swept under the rug, to which Emily sat at the root of. “But I’ve got her now.” Joyce’s arms wrapped around her shoulders, the kind of contact Emily didn’t feel so deserving of. Mary looked over to her husband. “How about we go see another pen? We’ve got a lot of ground to cover.” “Sounds good to me. You ever see a black bear before, Emily?” “No… Well, once, I think.” Much to everyone’s dismay by varying degrees, she sounded reserved again. “Not in the wild, I hope?” “No,” Emily forced a smile. “At a sanctuary.” Frank and Mary took the lead once more, and Emily was waiting for Joyce to let go of her hand, but she didn’t. “Joyce, I’m sorry about what I did… I wasn’t thinking that you might be scared.” “No, I’m the one in the wrong. I should’ve been clear with you from the start...” “About what?” “There’s just a lot of people here, that’s all...” Joyce seemed a bit nervous. “I don’t want us to get separated.” “...But, you know I’m not Emmy right now, right?” “...I do.” “So, then, don’t you think you’re being a little overprotective right now?” “I am, but...” “But why not trust me a little? Aren’t we equals?” “We are, but that doesn’t change how you’re vulnerable!” Her reasoning was sudden and came from the wrong place. “Then what about in the city? When you took me to get a phone? You didn’t feel the need to hold my hand constantly then?” “Wouldn’t you agree that things are different now?” Joyce knew better than to ramble off like this, but she wanted to make her point clean and clear. “You’re my responsibility, Emily, just as much as I am yours.” “Well I don’t think I need to hold your hand to make sure you don’t get lost, Joyce.” “Emily, please, I don’t want to argue, that's not what I mean...” “So do I have a point, then? Joyce, I know you’re telling me to be carefree, but I’m already getting treated like a child everywhere we go by every stranger we meet! Aren’t you supposed to be on my side?” She didn’t mean it, but the implication of betrayal cut deep into her partner. “Please? Just put a little faith in me?” Emily could feel her grip go limp and soon her hand was back by her own side. It was a victory, somewhat, but it didn’t feel like one. She looked at Joyce’s back, which felt incredibly cold now. Emily was right. Joyce should know better than to belittle her like that. Looking back on it, not once has she been there for her today. It’s been countless compromise after compromise, slowly inching towards a field out of Emily’s favor. She didn’t have a right to be angry or sad with Emily. She was able to leave their secret relationship behind closed doors, so why couldn’t Joyce? Even with that all in mind, it felt like she was severing a limb to let go of Emily’s hand. All those worries and fears she talked herself into from earlier were coming back in full swing. Totally unfounded, baseless, and likely untrue, yet loud and rambunctious nonetheless. She didn’t feel this terrible since the night of Emily’s recovery dinner. “J...Joyce?” Emily weakly called. Freedom had been achieved, but at what cost? “...I’m fine. I just need some time to think.” She didn’t sound fine, and it made Emily’s chest ache with a horrible throb. “Please, can we talk? I don’t want to leave it like this,” Emily sounded a bit desperate. More than anything she didn’t want to upset the one person who could accept and reciprocate her so wholeheartedly. She couldn’t bear the thought of screwing up the paradise she’d discovered in the ashes of misery and despair. How could the scales have tipped so quickly? Emily could already hear Frank and Mary’s voices ahead. There wouldn’t be time for discussion, and thus the sour mood would linger, and that was a thought she couldn’t stand. She ruined everything with her stupid and selfish ideas. Joyce had every right to be disappointed in her. She provides so much, so why couldn’t Emily give her a simple gesture as peace of mind? How inconsiderate could she be? She was an ungrateful backstabber. “Joyce, look at the size of this thing!” Frank called to her, stealing glances back through the glass. “It’s as big as me!” “I’m sure he has better humor than yours,” Mary jabbed. “Well, I don’t think I’d be able to bear the thought of that.” Mary sighed while her husband laughed at himself. Joyce smiled as she joined the duo. “Did you lose her again?” Mary smirked. “You ought to keep her on a leash, sweetie.” She felt cold hearing the words. Turning around, there was no fourth member on their way. She was gone.
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    This is more of a transition type of chapter. And thanks again for everyone that has kept up with the story, I enjoy reading all the replies. Also I have a commission picture based on the three "little's" in the story. Hopefully it will be complete before I make the next chapter. Chapter 14 Alice could feel and hear Tohru's heartbeat as she remained motionless with her head on the Amazon's chest. Tohru slowly brushed Alice's red hair with her wet hands as she embraced the intimacy. “I shouldn't be doing this...But, as long as Alice is happy, I'm happy.” Tohru stated in her mind. The Amazon couldn't believe at the wide range of emotions that she was feeling. It was something that she had never expected to feel again, but here she was, with a portal little in her arms while taking a bath together. “If Alice were to stay, would she accept... Being cared for?” Tohru tried to think logically. Every part of her instincts were telling her to keep the little redhead, under her control so she would not try any attempt to escape. However, her mind and heart were telling her to honor the promise she made and to not betray the portal little that she was caring for. “What? What's going on?” Alice opened her eyes as she started to wipe her face with her hands. Alice realized that she was in a bathtub and also noticed that she wasn't alone in it. Alice turned her head to see Tohru looking straight at her. Without a moment's notice, Alice quickly pushed herself away from Tohru as she sat on the opposite end of the bathtub. “What the hell? Why are we a bath together?” Alice asked as her face blushed while looking confused. “Just take it slowly, one step at a time. It looks like you have fully recovered from your hypnotic trance. To start with, what is the last thing that your remember, Alice?” Tohru wanted to make sure that Alice didn't start to freak out or suffer a panic attack after her mental recovery. Alice's first thoughts were to get the hell out of the tub and run for it, but one quick look into Tohru's eyes, helped alleviate some of her anxiety. “I was...I think I was at Serena's house...And I was watching some dumb television show and then I started to get a bit tired and I fell asleep.” Alice started to recollect some the events that took place after that. “Wait a minute! That bitch, freaking spoon fed me and gave me a god damn baby bottle! I'm gonna kill that whore!” With all her strength, Alice stood up and started to exit the bathtub. “Wait just a moment Alice, your allowing your anger to get the best of you.” Tohru placed her hands on Alice's shoulders which caused the upset girl to elbow the Amazon in the nose. Blood started to drip from Tohru's nostrils. “I...I am so sorry.” Alice quickly realized her mistake but she still rushed outside the bathroom, not even wanting to look back due to her panicked state of mind. “You have got nothing to be sorry about.” Tohru stated to herself as she lifted her head up, to keep the blood from dripping even further. The Amazon exited the bathroom after grabbing some toilet paper and wiping the blood from her nose, until it stopped. “I can't stay here any longer, if I do, I'll end up like Jessie and Aura.” Alice opened the front door to the house, she quickly realized that she was in nothing but her birthday suit as the cold wind, overwhelmed her exposed body. “I'm stuck...I'm god damn stuck here..” Alice fell to her knees when she understood that she had no other options. Her body stared to shiver from the combination of the outside weather and still being wet. Alice had never felt so cold and alone as her thoughts consumed her. Before she knew it, a warm towel was being wrapped around her body. “You are a really tough girl, Alice. If I were in your shoes, I don't think I would have the mental fortitude to continue. Tohru stated as she helped Alice back onto her feet. “Tohru, I just want to go home...I don't want this... I hate how screwed up this world is!” Alice did everything she could to hold in her tears, she wanted to hold onto some shred of her dignity. “I know you do. And I'll do everything that I can to help accomplish that. We just need to take it, one day at a time. Being impatient will only result in failure.” Tohru wanted to embrace Alice, to let her know that everything would be alright and that she would look after her, not matter what happened. But Tohru held herself back, feeling that Alice needed to have some space to herself. “Thank you Tohru...Just thank you.” Alice quickly hugged Tohru's left leg, causing the Amazon to startle for a moment. “It's okay, it's situations like this, that test our resolve. You have done well, given with what's occurred to you.” Tohru gently picked up Alice and held the girl near her chest, as she brought the distraught little to her bedroom. Alice stayed quiet, she felt oddly at ease, with her head next to Tohru's breasts. “Go ahead and dry yourself off, I'll be back with some clothes for you.” Tohru stated as she placed Alice onto her bed. The Amazon was just wearing a towel of her own, she wanted to get dressed for the night, but she first, wanted to focus all of her attention on Alice. “Looks like she's managed to calm down. Alice is such a strong little, I'm so proud of her.” Tohru casually opened her closet door in the hallway as she reached near the top of the shelf and grabbed a package of disposable diapers that Alex gave her back when she got Alice registered. “I'm sure that Amber will treat Alice with more respect that what Serena did...I hope.” Tohru ripped the package open and took out one of the diapers while her mind was on focused on dropping Alice off at Amber's house, tomorrow. Before entering her bedroom, Tohru took a moment to realize at what she had in her hand. “The heck is wrong with me? I'm seriously lacking discipline.” Tohru slapped her head with the diaper as she walked back to the closet and placed the padded undergarment back to where it was. “If I'm not careful, I could be the one that ends up hurting Alice.” Tohru opened the cardboard box that was filled with clothes made for little's that she was given by her friend. “This should be good enough.” Tohru took out a knee length t-shirt and a pair of white panties and headed for her bedroom. “I'm not going to fail. I'm still an adult after all!” Alice stated to herself as she looked over her breasts and her privates. She was proud of her pubic hair, a reminder of her maturity. “I'm sure this will be good for tonight.” Tohru stated as she entered the bedroom and handed Alice the clothes. “This will do...Thanks.” Alice started to change herself while Tohru went over to her chest of drawers and took out a pair of panties to wear. “I remember everything, Tohru, including the stuff that happened after I was hypnotized. It's really creepy. It happened so casually, like it was normal. I still able to walk and talk but I wasn't able to enforce my own decisions. Oh...And sorry for making you take a bath with me. I bet you must have felt pretty awkward yourself?” Alice stated with a smirk. “It's not big deal. I'm just glad that you are back to your normal self.” Tohru wanted to tell Alice that she felt overjoyed with being able to bathe with her, but she decided to keep it to herself. “So, I'm guessing that tomorrow, that I'll be spending the whole day with Amber. Which means that I'll be able to finally get to talk to Aura. Hopefully she hasn't been manipulated to the point that Jessie has. That was just plain depressing.” Alice stated. “How was it depressing?” Tohru asked as she placed both her towel and Alice's in a laundry basket near her. “While Jessie was able to speak like a normal adult, she's been brainwashed to the point where she believes that Serena is actually her real mother and that her current life is the norm. “It's really sad to see what has happened to her. It isn't permanent, is it?” Alice asked as she put her head on a pillow as she prepared to get some sleep. “It isn't, she would eventually regain her former sense of self if Serena were to stop breast feeding her. One of the side effects of being breast fed, besides being mentally regressed, is that it can cause a little to imprint all of their past memories onto the one that is nursing them, if it is done enough times, that is.” Tohru stated as she entered her side of the bed. “Seriously!? Amazonian breast milk is freaking scary stuff.” Alice shuttered at the thought. “It certainty is.” Tohru chuckled to herself as she turned off the lights, as she prepared to get some shut eye. “Good night Alice.” Tohru stated as she closed her eyes and placed the bed sheets over her. “Good night, momm... Tohru.” Alice placed her bed sheets over her head, embarrassed at verbal mistake. After a hour had passed, Tohru was sleeping soundly as she laid on her back.Unfortunately for Alice, she had kept changing sleeping positions, hoping to find the right spot that would help relax both her body and mind. “It's no good. I can't stop thinking about tomorrow. Not to mention with what had just happened today. This is the worst!” Alice muttered to herself as she looked over at Tohru. “She looks so peaceful, I wish I had that luxury. Alice moved herself so that she was laying within inches, of Tohru's body. “Incredible, her body is letting off a lot of heat.” Alice put her hand on Tohru's bare stomach. She could feel her breathing as she inhaled and exhaled. “Huh?...What's wrong Alice...Can't sleep?” Tohru stated as she opened her eyes slightly and yawned slightly. “Oh! I'm so sorry to wake you, Tohru.” Alice stated as she quickly placed her head back onto her pillow, feeling awful at waking her Amazonian friend. “Don't be, I'm actually a rather light sleeper.” Tohru stated as she looked over at Alice. “Do you have any sleeping pills? Or anything that can help me relax? I've got a lot on my mind and it's preventing me from getting any decent sleep.” Alice asked. “Sorry, but I don't use anything like that.” Tohru replied which caused Alice to sigh a little. “There...Maybe a way to help alleviate your predicament. But I think it's something that you may not prefer.” Tohru replied. “Feel free to tell me, it's not like it can be any weirder than the stuff that I've already seen, since arriving in this world.” Alice kept her eyes on the ceiling, feeling overwhelmed. “First...For the best results, you would need to remove your shirt.” Tohru stated. “Huh? Why's that?” Alice asked. “Would you like me to show you?” Tohru responded. Alice was feeling a bit apprehensive, but decided to agree, she felt that Tohru was more than trust worthy. “So...What now?” Alice blushed as she placed her shirt on the floor. Tohru used both her hands and picked up Alice and placed the little so she was laying on her own stomach. “What's this all about, Tohru? Are you trying to breast feed me or something?” Alice stated with a look of shock as she found herself in a very unusual position. “Of course not, silly head. This is a bonding process, that Amazon's use on little's that are usually going though temper tantrums or in your case, sleeping issues.” Tohru replied as she placed her hand on Alice's head to keep the girl motionless while laying on her chest. “This is freaking embarrassing, how the hell does something like this work?” Alice replied as she could feel Tohru's steady heartbeat. “Skin on skin contact, is something that has been used as a form of therapy for as long as we have existed. I know it's weird, but you should try to close your eyes and relax. Chances are, that this may help you fall asleep.” Tohru stated as she gently patted Alice's back. “I find that hard to believe, for something so weird...”Alice closed her eyes, making sure that she didn't reveal any direct eye contact with Tohru. “If it doesn't help, you are more than welcome to hop off at any time.” Tohru replied with a kiss on Alice's forehead. “This is weird....I....I just wanna...Go home...I'm not....A.....Baby.” Alice's words were getting more inconsistent as she embraced the warmth coming from Tohru's body and fell asleep. “This is way too tempting.” Tohru stated in her mind as she saw how closely, Alice's face was from her breasts. The Amazon, desired even more intimacy but decided to keep her impulses in check as she closed her eyes for the night. - - - - - - - - As the sun began to rise, Amber opened her eyes as she hopped off her bed and exited her bedroom. The only thing that was running through the Amazons head, was the need for coffee as she headed for the kitchen. “Looks like today should be a decent day outside. Perhaps I'll be able to bring my students outside for some physical activity.” Amber stated to herself as she looked over her phone and checked the weather report. After taking a few sips of coffee, Amber started to feel invigorated and ready to start the day. “Coffee is the nectar of the gods.” Amber smirked as she turned the television on to listen to the local news before waking up her two adopted little's. Kyle awoke to see his mommy changing his diaper as he laid motionless on the changing table. “Good morning, mommy, how are ya?” Kyle yawned as he felt the cold moist feeling of some baby wipes being used on his bottom. “I'm just peachy, hehe. “Amber pinched Kyle's toes as she started to powder his butt. “Are we going to be able to play outside today, mommy?” Kyle asked as a fresh new diaper was being put under him. “That's on the agenda for today, including some wonderful tests regarding the story I read to you and the rest of the class.” Amber smiled to see Kyle's expression turn into disappointment, knowing that wasn't one of his favorite subjects. “Please don't make the tests hard, mommy, Pretty please!? At least not for me!” Kyle begged as Amber finished applying the tapes to his diaper. “You know, better than anyone else, that when it comes to school work, I treat everyone equal.” Amber helped Kyle to the floor so he could stand on his feet. “But if you manage to get a eighty percent score or higher, I'll treat you to a chocolate milk shake, how does that sound?” Amber asked. “That's sounds awesome!” He replied while clapping his hands together. “BUT! If you finish with a test score, under sixty percent, I'll have to administer a punishment to you, understand?” Amber retorted. Kyle took a deep breathe and nodded his head slightly, knowing that he had to mentally prepared himself for the upcoming day. “Now, go out into the living room and turn on some cartoons. After I wake up your sister, I'll make some breakfast for you two.” Amber slapped Kyle's padded butt which caused the little to quickly exit the nursery. Amber enjoyed at how cute Kyle looked, wearing nothing but his diaper as he rushed off to watch some cartoons. Aura continued to sleep peacefully inside the crib that she shared with Kyle. Amber walked over and smiled while watching the portal little, suck on her pacifier without any worries. “Time to wake up princess, it's a school day, after all.” Amber gently carried the black haired little over to the changing table, as she began the process of removing Aura's nightie. Aura slowly opened her eyes to see her Amazonian mother begin to remove all of her clothing, until she was completely nude. “Wha...What time is it?” Aura stated as Amber removed her pacifier to allow her adopted daughter to speak. “It's nearly seven in the morning and it's a school day. But unlike yesterday, you and the rest of your classmates will be able to play outside. Doesn't that sound exciting?” Amber asked as she began to tickle Amber's stomach. “Quit it mommy! Quit it!” Aura giggled uncontrollably before Amber started to focus on cleaning her privates with a baby wipe. “Feeling more awake, princess?” Amber asked as she applied the baby powder to her lower half. “I actually am. OH! That's right! Isn't Alice suppose to come over today? I can't wait to see her. It feels like it's been over a month since I've talked to her.” Aura stated as she felt the soft padding of the diaper being taped onto her. “That's right, I almost forgot myself. Thankfully, I already made arrangements with the school staff, so when Alice joins us for the day, she will be treated fairly and properly...As long as she doesn't act up.” Amber replied as she picked Aura up and placed her near her chest “Don't worry about that, mommy. Alice is the most responsible and dependable friend out there!” Aura stated with a smile. “I don't doubt that. But in our world, little's like her, don't exactly have much leeway.” Amber brought Aura out of the nursery so she could start making breakfast for her children. - - - - - - - - - - “Wake up...Time to wake up, Alice.” Tohru nudged the redhead on her back. “UGH...Just ten more minutes...That's all I want!” Alice kept her eyes shut, secretly hoping that everything that has happened in the past week had been nothing but a dream. “As much as I would like to allow you to sleep in, but I've got to be at work within a hour, which means that I need to drop you off at Amber's within the next half hour.” Tohru mildly slapped Alice on her thigh, which caused the girl to open her eyes and realize the truth. That she was still stuck in a world of Amazons. “I could have sworn that it was still dark outside. How the hell did it get bright outside so quick?” Alice stretched a bit before looking at a pair of clothes that Tohru laid out for her on the bed. “You were out like a log, last night. You are quite the deep sleeper. How are you feeling, this morning? Tohru stated as she handed Alice a plastic bottle of water. “I...I actually feel quite refreshed. That's rather odd.” Alice responded with a confused look after taking a gulp of the bottled water. She was astonished to find herself becoming more alert and energized than normal. “Perhaps, using my body as your bed, helped out some.” Tohru stated with a chuckle before exiting the bedroom. “Holy shit...That actually happened!?” Alice remembered that she fell asleep on Tohru's stomach while wearing nothing but her panties. The combination of the Amazon's body heat and the sense of security that came with it, must have been the reason. Alice blushed immensely after remembering the whole ordeal. She decided to not bring up the subject, unless Tohru was the instigator on the topic. Alice then looked over the clothes before putting them on. “A dark blue tee-shirt and some jean shorts. Far better than the alternative.” Alice remembered when she was forced by Serena to wear a onesie that was shaped like a panda. “Next time I see her, I'm gonna deck that bitch for pissing me off!” Alice stated to herself as she began to change into her new clothes. After grabbing her keys, Tohru noticed Alice entering the living room, all dressed for the day. “I've got a yogurt cup for you in my purse, I'm sorry. I would prefer to fix you a breakfast but I overslept as well.” Tohru stated as she entered her garage and opened the car door. “It's all good. I'm not really that hungry anyways.” Alice didn't even budge as she allowed Tohru to pick her up and buckle her into her booster seat, as if it were normal. “It's still important to get something into your stomach. I've got a plastic spoon here for you. Help yourself while I get us to Amber's.” Tohru replied as she exited her driveway and was soon on the road. Alice was thankful that the sky had cleared up, which meant that she would not have to worry about the chances of their being any thunder or lightning. “I was thinking, that if you want, I could persuade my sensei to look after you for tomorrow if you like.” Tohru suggested as she focused on the road. “While she seems like a decent person, I would prefer to hang out with you, until this stupid tournament happens next week. I'm not here to sight see, after all.” Alice sighed, she hated how helpless she was, especially being unable to see outside the window due to her small stature, compared to the Amazons that ruled over the land. Tohru wanted to cheer Alice up but she felt that anything she said, would only make things even more awkward, so she decided to stay silent until they arrived at Amber's. It only took around ten minutest for Tohru to reach her friends house. “Listen, when the weekend comes around, we can spend some quality time together, that I can promise you.” Tohru stated as she took Alice out of her booster seat. The redhead felt overjoyed at the thought but kept herself from expressing it. Tohru held Alice's hand as they walked toward the front door of the house. After a few knocks, Amber opened the door. “Good to you see, Tohru. You well, Alice. You both can come on in, my little's are finishing up their breakfast before I take them to school.” Amber stated as she held the front door open. “Sorry, but I need to get going, traffic is a nightmare on the highway.” Tohru replied as she kneeled down to Alice's level. “Just stay out of trouble and the day will be over before you know it! Tohru stated as she ruffled Alice's hair. “I know... I know. You don't have to treat me, like some little kid.” Alice stated with a small blush. “Drive safely.” Amber stated as she shook Tohru's hand. Tohru winked at Alice and headed for her car. The redhead felt a sense of sadness that Tohru didn't give her a hug or kiss her on the forehead like she did the previous morning. “Wha..Wait! The freak is wrong with me?” Alice slapped her forehead before entering Amber's house. “Have you already had breakfast, Alice?” Amber asked as they entered her living area. “Ya, I'm good there.” Alice replied as she walked past the Amazon. “Alright then. Just make yourself home and sit on the couch. Aafter I get my children cleaned up, then we will be on our way to the school I teach. I bet your excited and curious to know more about the place I work at.” Amber asked “I'm SO excited that I can BARELY contain myself.” Amber giggled at how sarcastic, Alice was acting as she exited the room. “No way in hell am I turning on the television.” Alice didn't want to repeat the mistake she made, yesterday which caused her to mentally regress a bit. Alice decided to relax for a few minutes on the couch, thinking of ways to keep a low profile to avoid any unnecessary conflicts. “ALICE!” A loud and excited voice could be heard, as Aura rushed over to where her friend was sitting. “Aura? Damn, it's so good to see you again. Not too mention that you are able to speak normally unlike last time.” Alice hugged her close buddy, Aura did the same but blushed when Alice brought up that subject. “I'm so glad that your alright. I was worried that I was never going to see you again after you left to look for Jessie, that other night.” Aura replied as she took a seat next to Alice. “It almost happened like that, but thankfully, Tohru managed to show up and save my sorry ass.” Alice chuckled a bit as she spoke. “So, have you managed to talk with Jessie? Aura asked with concern. “I have...She seems to be...Okay, in a way.” Alice could not come up with the proper response when it came to discussing with how her conversation with Jessie went. “What do you think of her mommy? Don't you think she fits Jessie, perfectly?” Aura asked. “Wait...Wha?” Alice asked with confusion. “I'm so glad I was adopted by Amber, she such a good mommy for me. She is always ooking out for my best interests.” Aura stated with a smile. “Ugh...Aura...You do know, that Amber isn't your real mom, remember?” Alice asked with concern. “I know, but compared to some of the other Amazons that I've heard and seen, I'm so glad to be adopted by her.” Aura replied. “I...Guess that a good thing?” Alice felt awkward about the talk they were having. “So how's your mommy treating you? From what I've heard, she's got a wonderful personality.” Aura stated. “Oh...Tohru you mean...And ya, she's pretty awesome. She's helped me out of situations where I would have been screwed over for. I'm glad to have her as my mommy, also...” Alice cut herself off from speaking after realizing the juvenile word that she just stated. Aura continued to smile, awaiting to hear more from her friend. “Can we change the subject, Aura?” Alice asked “Sure, what do you want to talk about? Cartoons, toys, or about how about cute clothing? Take a look Alice, what do you think of my diapers? They have got pictures of ponies on them.” Amber lifted her skirt to show Alice her thickly padded undergarment. “You seem...Rather proud of your...Underwear.” Alice was unable to keep a straight face after what she had just witnessed. “They are so cute. At first I thought they were to babyish but they started to grow on me after wearing them for a while. What type of diapers are you wearing?” Aura asked “Aura...I don't wear diapers. I'm still wearing panties, just like we both did before we came here, remember?” Alice wanted to remind Aura of where their real home was. “I do, but they are so boring looking. Would you like me to ask my mommy to put a cute looking diaper on you?” Aura asked without hesitation. “Aura, this place...This dimension, you do realize that we are only going to be here, temporarily. Within the next week, I'm going to win a martial arts tournament and I'm going to get us back to our dimension where our real family is waiting for us.” Alice spoke with a serious tone, hoping to make Aura understand the gravity of their situation. “That sounds great to hear! But if you don't win, don't feel to bad. This place is rather cozy. It's so strange, when I first arrived here with you and Jessie, I felt scared and lost but after spending much time with Amber and Kyle, I feel at peace with myself. As if this dimension was always meant for us.” Alice could not believe at what she was hearing when Aura spoke. “Aura, the only reason that you are feeling that way, is because you are being manipulated and hypnotized! The food, the drinks, hell, even the television shows will regress you into a mindless drooling fool!” Alice stated with disgust. “And what's wrong with that? It's not like it's permanent. According to mommy, the effects start to lessen after being regressed several times.” Aura stated as she shifted her position, the crinkling noise coming from her diaper, caused Alice to wince at what she was hearing. “That's just wrong, Aura! We are not babies. We are full grown adults that are about to graduate from high school!” Alice raised her tone of voice as she spoke up. “Don't be so mean...Perhaps if you allowed yourself to be regressed a little bit, maybe you would understand.” Aura replied as she stuck her tongue out. “I have been regressed, unfortunately...And I can tell you that being reduced such a shameful mindset is just...” Alice started to remember the wonderful time she had when she took a bath with Tohru and how she helped by allowing her to sleep on her bare stomach. Alice's face began to blush, several shades of red. “What's wrong, Alice. Your face is almost as red as your hair.” Aura asked with a slight giggle. “Shut up! It's none of your business.” Alice hopped off the couch, only to notice Amber entering the living room while holding Kyle near her shoulder. The boy was sucking on a pacifier contently. “Did I interrupt anything? Amber asked as she grabbed her keys. Alice stayed silent, keeping her eyes on the floor. “Is it time to go, mommy?” Aura asked as she hopped off the couch. “Yes, princess. It's time that we head out. Alice, you will sit in the front with me, Aura, you will sit in the back with your brother, okay?” Aura nodded her head in agreement as she followed her Amazonian caretaker to the driveway where their car was located at. “This is just wrong...It just is.” Alice didn't realize on how much time passed until Amber patted her head. “ You alright in the head? You seemed to be pretty spaced out.” Amber stated as she picked Alice up and brought her out to the car. “I've...Just got a lot on my mind.” Alice stated as Amber buckled her into her booster seat. “Perhaps we can talk about later.” Amber stated with a concerned look as she entered her drivers seat and started the car. “Am I still suffering from the hypnotizing effects?” Alice stated in her mind as she questioned her inner most feelings as the trio headed towards the school.
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    Chapter 8 As they appeared at the bottom of the stairs, Danielle could see that there were about ten people who had arrived for the party. They mainly consisted of Allison’s and Pierres close friends and some of their relatives. “Hey Danielle, wanna go hang out on the swings?” Lizzy asked. She nodded and followed her over towards the swings where Lizzy lifted her up by her arm pits and set her down on the swing. “Okay hold on tight!” She said as she gave her the first push. “So, how is everything going so far?” Thinking for a moment she quietly responded, “It is okay I suppose.” Lizzy could sense that she was feeling quite anxious about something and decided to talk about the upcoming school year to try and get her talking more. “Well, I can’t wait until we start the new semester at school.” “You are going to university too?” She asked. “Yea! From what I have gathered from Pierre and Allison we are studying the same things this year. You are studying biology as well right?” Danielle’s eyes widened with the realization she wouldn’t be totally alone this year. The realization that things on the mainland were much harder to navigate then she previously thought had been at the forefront of her thoughts since she arrived. As much as she was fighting the need for help, she was slowly becoming aware of just how necessary being helped was. “I am studying biology! Holy cow!” Lizzy laughed, “It will be a good year! No worries, I will be there for you and even better you can be there for me!” Truth be told, when she found out about her aunt taking in a little she was confused by the thought of a little attending university. She didn’t know of any other littles who were even allowed to go to university as most were regressed to the drooling infant stage. “You know, its pretty amazing to me that you are going to university this year.” She said to Danielle. With a furrowed brow Danielle replied, “What do you mean?” All she could think was that Lizzy was being bigoted and thought she wasn’t good enough to go to university. “Well, I don’t know of any caretakers that would allow their littles to go to university. Most of the littles that I have babysat are well, babies.” She thought for a moment before replying, “Well I am kind of a baby right now.” She stopped to point at her current attire. Giving a slight smirk she replied, “Honey I know you think you are currently being babied but you don’t understand how good you have it. I have babysat for littles who aren’t allowed to walk or even talk.” Danielle focused on her swinging for a moment by kicking her legs out and then folded them back. She was deep in thought and she required a moment to process what she just heard. She heard plenty of rumours about the way some littles were kept. She assumed they were just boogey-man stories meant to scare littles from leaving the island; her grandmother often used stories like this to try and keep her from leaving. _________________________________________________________________________________ The rest of the day was spent being introduced to Pierre and Allison’s various friends; most of them she had trouble remembering their names. Some of them were professors from the university that Allison taught at and others were doctors that Pierre worked with. By the evening everyone had said their goodbyes to Danielle and it was just Pierre’s parents and Lizzy that were left. “Well Dani, we have about an hour left before you have to go to bed. What would you like to do?” Pierre asked. Danielle’s mind went back to when she was a child where her grandfather owned a cottage on a remote lake. As the evenings would wind down her family would play board games, have camp fires, and enjoy the night sky. Of all her memories of the cottage, one always played back in her mind and it was something she often thought about. Since her parents had disappeared, she often wished she could go back to that time. When it got dark enough out, everyone would play her favourite game, Mission Impossible. “Well, since it is dark out I know a game we could play.” She stated. “We will need a flashlight and someone to be it. Then everyone else hides and tries to get to the base without having the person who is ‘it’ flashing the flashlight on them.” Pierre smiled and turned on his phones light and started counting out loud, “One, two, three…” Everyone took off running around the house and into bushes, behind cars, & under the deck. Danielle and Lizzy went to the front of the house and hid in the bushes. Once he got to a count of thirty he stopped and opened his eyes and pointed his flashlight all around the yard; no one was anywhere to be seen. He slowly walked toward the right side of the house and he heard something rustling in the bushes. Pointing his light into the bushes he found Elizabeth crouched in the bushes, “Your out!” For the next five minutes Lizzy and Danielle were crouched down on the ground beside each other trying to stay as quiet as possible as they listened trying to figure out if Pierre was near. Danielle was becoming more and more aware of her need to use the bathroom. She wished earlier that Allison would let her just wear underwear and then she could just sneak inside and use the bathroom without anyone knowing it. But here she was, starting to squirm and move from foot to foot. Lizzy was starting to pick up on her current situation and whispered, “Why don’t you just use your diaper it would be much easier.” With her cheeks turning red and eyes widened she replied, “Is it that obvious?” Lizzy stopped herself from laughing, “Very. Just go, that’s why you are wearing them in the first place.” Danielle thought for a moment before the urge became to great and she couldn’t contain it and began to wet herself. It was only her second time ever wetting and the sensation was still hard to comprehend. She could feel that she was wet but her dress was dry. The diaper began to sag, and then it began to swell and push her legs apart. Looking down at the shadowy figure below her and sensing the relief she felt, Lizzy gave her a little pat on the back, “Good job!” Danielle was feeling embarrassed about wetting herself next to Lizzy but she decided to distract her thoughts by focusing on the game. “Okay, we need to get to the base and win this thing! We need to wait until he goes to the other side of the house and then we need to run as fast as possible.” The two of them crept closer to the edge of the house knowing it was a gamble on which side of the house he would go to first. Luckily he was moving towards the other side of the house and they took the moment to sprint towards the base. Almost immediately it was apparent just how much faster Lizzy was so she made a split second decision and picked Danielle up and ran with her to the base. Pierre heard the commotion and turned around just as they touched the base and won the game. After they all played a couple more games of Mission Impossible, Allison announced that it was Danielle’s bedtime. At first she wanted to make a fuss about it, but then she realized she was actually quite tired. Everyone said their goodnights to her as Allison scooped her up and carried her up the stairs. “We will have to have a bath in the morning because it is already quite late.” Allison said. Danielle yawned and nodded at the same time as her dress was lifted over her head and she was left laying on the change table in just her wet diaper. Each of the tapes were pulled and the cool evening air rushed around her. The change was rather quick and in very little time Allison had her dressed in a pink pajama top with the saying ‘mommy’s baby-girl’ on it and a pink diaper. “I figured since it was so humid out tonight you would be okay sleeping in just your diaper and a t-shirt.” She stated as she picked her up and hugged her in close. Walking over to the sleigh crib she slowly lowered the side down and laid her down for the evening, “I hope you had a great first day here because we really enjoyed having you here.” She leaned down and gave her a kiss on the forehead before pulling the side of the crib up and latching it in place. “It was a good day, I am sorry I was so nervous and weird.” Danielle replied. Allison smiled down at her, “No need to be sorry baby, its a whole new world and we are here to help you find your way. Now go to sleep so we can have an even better day tomorrow!” She turned on the baby monitor, turned off the lights, and slowly closed the door. Laying in her crib Danielle was beaming from ear to ear. She couldn’t remember a time since those early days at her grandfather’s cottage that she felt this free and connected to the people around her.
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    22 - The Bench At first, it wasn’t so much Emily that disappeared on Joyce than she did on her. Instead, the ground seemed to have consumed her; a thick muck slowing down each and every weakening stride she attempted. A metal post anchored into the ground, she was trembling more than she would’ve liked, and could feel the unrelenting tide of shame, self-frustration, and sorrow crash against her, forcibly coerced her into diving back into the abyss, just to avoid the storm. The pit was bottomless, and thus had no true destination as it was a one-way trip to the void. She could only maintain a three foot radius, thanks to the many people and her blurry, wet vision. Taking straight, bending, curving and forking paths, a scrutinizing, sharp misery always seemed to find her. In fact, a terrible pain in her chest ached; begging her to stop. Yet she grit her teeth and kept moving, because deep down she knew she was a poison; one that needed to be cleansed from the one she loved the most. Even if she was offended and angry for all the right reasons, she may as well have been a king without her castle. Why would she want to be right if it came at such a staggering price? But that’s what ate away at her so terribly, knowing that this wasn’t a healthy solution, and the consequences far outweighed the benefits. It was the lesser of two evils, so she thought, trying to sever their ties, but it was a brutal and savage solution. Something felt torn, and the wound was gushing. Someone must have snapped the tiny lever inside her head, because the trauma played on repeat, allowing her to relive her mistakes millions of times over in the span of seconds. Each and every syllable to every word was vivid down to the very pitch; so memorable because it was saturated in such distinct despair, disappointment, and drear. She kept stealing worried glances at the watch strapped to her heart, but the hands wouldn’t move. They had stopped since Joyce gave her that look; a look of betrayal. She was either drowning in it, or at least all she knew how to feel by this point was it, which was pain. Even as she ran away, it didn’t change the regret sinking inside of her like a ball of lead, but that’s why she hated herself even more. The comfort she craved for was the very one she stabbed in the back, and yet she still longed for it? Such a precious and innocent trust had been taken to a bed of nails and grinded against sharp and jagged rocks; strangled by Emily’s very own two hands. With each step, the void inside herself grew just a little wider, her heart throbbed just a little more, and the remnants of warmth in her palm, the one that had held another, began to cool just a little more. She could implode at any moment; each step potentially her last, until she finally lose herself to pure ruin, which right now seemed like a fitting punishment for herself. And in her frantic state, catching blurs of smiles and laughs engaged in their own paradise, she thought of Mary and Frank. Joyce had her parents with her right now, right? She could take solace in that at least there was someone for her. So as Emily sat herself on a bench, realizing she couldn’t run from herself, finally unable to ignore her full-on sobs, she could at least remind herself that Joyce would be okay and was among familiar faces. Emily, buried in her hands which were flooding with tears, maybe hoping to raise a pool to drown herself in, continued to weep. She never really did deserve her; Joyce was probably just too polite to not point that out. Why did all her relationships seem to be such double-edged swords? There was a common similarity among this one and Jack, and had there been a mirror right this moment, it’d have been a joke to consider it a mystery. Maybe that’s why he had left her, and why Emily just left Joyce. She was the unstable one. She was the problem, and all she did was invite pure disaster. The world continued to spin on its axis, and Emily was a violent anomaly to the natural course, as her opposing sways twisted and turned her relationships and her stomach. Would it have been better if she were never found in the first place? As if a cruel reminder, the imaginary rain was already pouring like a waterfall over her head. Instead, left on the city streets, only to open to her eyes to a sky as bright as day, and to carry her swollen ankle to the nearest clinic. There would be no rescuer, angel, or goddess. Isolation would be her comfort; a friend that could not and would not be hurt. She was starting to heave a little, her cries were so draining, and she could feel the knife twist and turn about her; carving each and every mistake she had made these past months. And yet, despite all of this; all this damnation, self-hate, inflicted injury, punishment, beration, destruction of self-worth, even from the heap of misery she’d thrown herself into, there was still a faint light shining over her. No matter where she turned her head it seemed to be far away, yet nevertheless poised right at her. Her legs were pulled close as she clutched her arms together, wrapped around her knees as she shielded herself from the outside world. A sickening gray had begun to infect the canvas, and the atmospheric noises began to deafen into an unintelligible murmur, as Emily finally learned what it truly meant to be alone. A constant stream of individual drops kept launching themselves at the large, glass window, exploding into even tinier smithereens as they slowly rolled down the surface. The tiny vibrations they made were almost therapeutic, if you took to time to lose yourself to the noise. It was hard to do that, though, when instead the pressing of keys were much louder. She needed a moment to blink. The digital screen etched its digital LEDs into her eyes like they’d been engraved. Then of course came the tears from over-exercised eyes, long overdue for a break from an unrelenting hell of technological lights. Just as she stretched her arms, a knock came from the door. “Yes?” Just as the silence of the rain had a chance to introduce itself, it had been interrupted. “It’s Sheila, Ma’am.” She didn’t answer back, and the silence was telling enough. With the turn of the handle, the assistant entered the office. “I just got a call from security downstairs. I believe your chauffeur is waiting for you?” She adjusted the glasses poised on the rim of her nose. Instead of answering, Joyce’s eyes panned her desk, from one massive end to the other. Her coffee was half-filled, or rather, half-empty. When did she get it again? With the details of her office taking a higher priority, she pressed a few fingers to the mug. Cold. She exhaled through her nose, then made no rush in turning her head to the window. Apparently the sun had clocked in early, because the moon seemed to be taking up its unexpected shift. Well, that, or...for once in who knows how long, she looked at the clock. Oh. “Joyce?” The sound of her name finally beckoned her attention, but the lack of emotion seemed to have scared her assistant somewhat, as with a quick correction she said, “Ms.Summers, I meant to say. But, are you doing alright, ma’am?” “What did you come to say about my chauffeur?” “...He’s been waiting since a half-hour ago for you to come down.” Joyce gave the overturned phone set to silent a peek. There were a few missed calls on it. “Don’t you think it’s time you take the night off? You’ve already been here since-” “Could you please send him on his way?” She was already looking back at the computer. “I have some more work I want to finish up.” She gave the coffee a second glance, as if having second thoughts, but quickly gave up on it once more. “Work? But I thought you had finished everything for April last-” “I’m working on next month’s,” she said, plainly. A second went by and she still wasn’t gone yet. “Why haven’t you gone home yet?” There was no real curiosity, seeing as her eyes never left the screen. There was none of anything. Simply an observation that was one of many tiny, insignificant, miniscule bits and bobs that filled the cracks and crevices which would further prolong the inevitable; building a bridge that could keep her from falling into misery, a place that she couldn’t stand to be; home. “Because you haven’t. I’m concerned for your health, and with all due respect I don’t think you should be having late night after night in the office. Ms.Summers, when was the last Saturday you’ve taken for yourself?” “You’re my secretary, aren’t you?” It’d be pulling teeth to stir some kind of emotion in her tone. “Four weeks ago.” It was as if she were expecting to be challenged. “Is your car still here from this morning?” “Yes, it is.” The keys on the keyboard kept moving at a rapid pace, though Joyce kept finding herself needing to blink a bit more. As soon as something interrupted her flow, it was always so annoyingly difficult to find again... “I’ll send the chauffeur on his way, but only if you’re going to leave of your own accord right after.” It was obvious she was at a crossroads, trying to make decisions for the very woman that paid her. “Tell him I’ll be fine, please.” She almost sounded a little annoyed, and the “magic word” came a bit forced. Granted, that’s what hours on hours of work would do to you. She couldn’t remember the last time she got a full night’s sleep, and felt her need for pleasantries were running low. “And will you head home right after?” She just about pinched the bridge of her nose. “Sheila, please.” It was a tone that had its patience being tried; one intolerant of anything that didn’t bend to its exact whim. The fumes she tried to tell herself she wasn’t running on didn’t seem to appreciate anything less than perfect. Adaptation and compromise were currently unwelcome guests in the executive’s realm, and even her closest ally was starting to feel like a nuisance. The typing finally stopped, as the pianist ended their tune on a jarring, constrasing note, and invited a much more uncomfortable silence into the room. The swivel chair didn’t seem to turn, and the desk lamp shining on the right side of her face was finally beginning to bother her. The coffee was cold now, too. Hardly drinkable, and it’d be a waste of a mug to get another. Her rhythm and momentum had become stale, and she knew it’d all been ruined. “Fine.” Placing both hands on the desk, she used them as a foothold to push herself up, taking a moment to brush off the wrinkles in her blouse. The open binder, still-illuminated computer screen, lazily placed pen and documents all remained the same as she walked from it. She looked to Sheila with a grave seriousness. “Now do what I asked.” Sheila didn’t respond when she excused herself, and the shut of the translucent glass door returned Joyce to her one true friend, someone she had a strange chemistry with; isolation. Her jacket came off the hook and around her shoulders. She hardly cared enough to make the long, begrudging trip back to the other side of the room, looking at her messy station. Once she acknowledged her lack of energy, it was impossible to ignore now. Other than the few lights left, the rest of the room began to blend with the night sky as the main lights dimmed to darkness. She rubbed her eyes once more before stepping out of the office. “...yes, she’ll be driving herself home tonight. Yes, I’ll let her know. Thank you. Have a good night.” That was how Joyce found her secretary by the phone on her desk, already dressed in her own jacket. Seeing her all packed up, knowing that she herself was the cause of it, Joyce now being away from her work felt a tad bit remorseful for keeping her all night... A look around the corner gave way to the vastly empty floor, which despite being reserved for only a handful of people, truly felt empty in the company of darkness. Just a few moments ago it felt like the start of the day… She turned back to Sheila who was hanging up the phone. “I just spoke with security. They said he’ll be going on then to drop off the vehicle at your apartment’s garage. Is that alright?” “It’s fine.” It was hard to tell if it really was. “Can I leave now, or are you going to make sure I get through the front door to my apartment as well?” “What makes you think I don’t have a tracker on you?” She smiled, and eventually, so did Joyce, ever so faintly, looking somewhere else other than her assistant’s eyes. “Besides, this building tends to be a little creepy at night when it’s so empty.” Sheila, holding a bag with both hands looked to her boss expectantly. “Think you can escort me out?” Joyce’s inner brows tilted upwards somewhat as she smirked, admittedly feeling foolish for her attitude a few minutes ago. Thankfully Sheila could be so forgiving, or at least understanding. “Are you parked on the same floor as me?” “Did you forget I have a reserved spot, too?” In unison they walked down the dark hallway, to the opposite end, where an elevator door with a square light mounted above the doors stood. “How come you’ve been working so much, Ms.Summers?” “You’re off the clock, so stop calling me that,” again, with little expression to her voice. “Call me Joyce.” “Sorry Ma’am, but I can’t do that. With you, I’m always on the clock,” she chuckled, and Joyce feigned a smile. “Is there anyone you’re going to be late for at home? Because of me?” They waited for the elevator, while Joyce quietly observed a few potted plants. “No, It’s alright. Truthfully, I expected it might be another late night.” “...I see. Is there anyone you have at home?” “A boyfriend, and a dog.” Joyce gave her a somewhat invested look. “Since when have you been dating?” “About 6 months, now.” “And you never told me about it?” Sheila was silent for a few moments. “Or I forgot that you did?” Still silent, though it seemed to say much more. ... “Ma’am, is there anything you’d like to talk about?” “Aren’t we talking right now?” The elevator dinged, and they both stepped inside. “Well, yes, but I mean about you?” “I highly doubt there’s much there to talk about...” “Ma’am, I know that I’m your secretary, but that doesn’t mean I don’t mind talking about something that’s bothering you outside of work.” “I appreciate the concern, but I’m fine, really.” She had to look at the metallic doors for that one. Even she knew it was a lie. There wasn’t a single person in that tiny, metal box that believed a single bit of her words. It’d been a slow, gruelling decay that’d slowly consumed her before she’d even realized. Her work was her passion, but it had also become the catalyst for something much greater she had chosen to neglect for too long. Alongside it was Sheila’s care and concern that was like a low-hanging fruit; ripe for the taking, yet she didn’t feel the desire to reach for it. “Hey,” Joyce randomly spoke, “how about we go and get a drink?” It sounded reluctant, but Sheila went on to respectfully decline. “You need your sleep, Ms.Summers, just as much as I do. It’s nearly half-past ten, and we both need to be up for work in the morning. Still though, I never thought you’d invite me out for a drink? “What do you mean? I’ve offered you before.” It stung, not hearing her respond to that. Twice now, she’d shot herself in the foot. “Maybe Friday? Since then it’ll be the weekend.” “Maybe...” Sheila then looked at Joyce with a warning stare. “And don’t think about going to a bar tonight, or then I really will follow you home!” For once, Joyce finally laughed a little. “You’ve got a company to manage, and I can’t imagine how hectic it’d be without you...” Joyce went back to staring off into troubled nothingness, keeping once again her bottled-up issues to herself. They both stepped out and into the parking garage, their sets of heels clicking across the asphalt. “Gee, it’s raining quite a bit…” Sheila looked out the opening where the countless drops could be seen falling from above. “My space is the floor below this one,” She briefly spoke. “Promise me you’ll go straight home?” “I may be a lot of things,” Joyce paused to yawn. “But a liar isn’t one of them. You have a good night Sheila.” “See you in the morning, Ma’am. Did you bring your umbrella, by the way?” “Yes, I have it in my car. Don’t worry.” “...And you’re sure you don’t want to talk?” There was the faintest hint of unease in her voice; fear for overstepping her bounds. Joyce merely smiled. “I’m fine, but thanks.” They parted ways, one sticking by their car and the other moving to the stairwell. The crisp air wove throughout the cement structure, whistling its woeful tune as it kicked at the fringes of Joyce’s coat, mercilessly biting at her bare ankles. Being a reserved lot, hers was the only vehicle in attendance, or better explained as staying behind. The inside of her car didn’t feel much different, though that didn’t stop her from opting to turn on the heat. Backing out, the GPS console was already routing itself for home, and the calm, digital voice was already looking for confirmation. “Would you like me to set a route for home?” She took a moment to check her phone, looking for something; a distraction. An excuse that would keep the night fresh and young. “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that. Would you let me to set a route for home?” “...No. Don’t.” Pulling out of the garage, instead of her typical left she started with a right. She relished in the moments she could find something even close to traffic, or catch each and every single red light. There was something beyond appealing to take the scenic route; someplace she’d never or scarcely been. If she was destined to be trapped in the company of herself, the least she could do was at least force a change of pace. She was a sorrowful soul, and she knew it too. She had forgotten the beginning, and cared little for the end. This limbo she was caught in, once only filled with pleasure, made her realize that life wasn’t so cheery if you couldn’t satisfy all aspects of it. Creatures of habit; social animals. She agreed with both of these philosophies, but that didn’t mean she followed them both. She was of habit, but it was her habit to live a lonely life. No one could be her perfect other, and trying to find someone like that who existed was an imaginary needle in a very real haystack. Something wet rolled down her cheeks, as the expression on her face remained static. What did it mean to be loved? To love someone else? Someone to get up for; to wake and see, look forward to spending time with and celebrate? A piece of porcelain chipped off her face, and the storm seemed to rain heavier. Tearily glancing to her side window, she watched the front-side windows on the street pan as she cruised forward, each and every display moving to the beat of their own drum. It was funny, in a way, watching the rain roll down the side of her car. Seeing her faint reflection in it, wet with her own tears, unable to distinguish them from the rain; it felt oddly poetic. Her sources of noise were the falling drops and swish-swash of her windshield wipers. Store after store, display after display, nothing seemed to be exciting other than the occasional alleyway that broke up the sameness of it all. Though, even then that became dull too once you realized it had just as much repetition as everything else in the grand scheme. Maybe it was time to go home, cut her losses, and work another late night tomorrow. She could try and send Sheila home early, then there wouldn’t be any obstacles… Maybe the one thing that did make her smile was remembering Ashes. Such a cute little ball of fur. She wanted to see Amy, too. And that was the problem. Why couldn’t she just be honest with herself? She started to look bitter. Maybe it was worth getting a cat… It wasn’t everything she wanted, but it was probably safe to say that for once in her life she’d just need to deal. She rounded the corner, rearing closer and closer to home, though this wasn’t one of her typical streets. The flickering lamp post was a good example of that. It was disappointing in a way to see that there wasn’t any traffic on this section. That just meant she was going to her husk of a home even sooner. Just a few more blocks and the building would be on her left. What a shame… There weren’t even people on the sidewalks to people-watch. Just as she looked back to the road, something curious caught her glance, though it only amounted to a shadowy blur as she barely focused on it when passing by. What did she just see? The car kept moving forward, but her mind stayed stuck. By this point though, she was ready to vent her inner monologue. “How pathetic...” She was willing to take an interest in anything at this point. Nothing really captivated her. It was all boring, and she knew it. They were all in the same; excuses. It really was time for her to go home… Trying to forget, she went forward another block, and there wasn’t anything exciting there. The same for the next. And the next. And the next. She took a left and pulled onto her street. She could already see the garage entrance in the distance. She pulled closer and closer, dreading every moment. But for once, she didn’t feel as repelled by the home as much as she was being tugged elsewhere by something. What did she see? What did I see? Right before the entrance, she made another left. She drove a fair distance, then took another one. Another few hundred feet, and this time, a right. She didn’t know whether this were more of her delusions or a genuine interest. Was there a difference anymore? She certainly had better things to be doing than looking for a shiny nickel on the street, yet here she was... It was gone, whatever she was looking for. Or at least, never there to begin with. Her hope had finally been snuffed out, and she was already getting ready to go home. Her car nearly jerked forward when she hit the brakes. There it was again, only this time she could see it with a much clearer view. A lump of something? No, a lump of someone; slouched over on the steps of a building, shone down upon by one of the few functioning lights on the sidewalk, gracefully protected from most of the rain by a small overhead. It would’ve been instinct to think they were homeless, but they didn’t seem that way… No. Someone homeless doesn’t wear flats, dress pants, and a blouse. Then why were they outside so late in the pouring rain? And why did Joyce even care? It wasn’t her problem. She needed to go home and get ready for tomorrow. There were likely thousands of people sleeping on the streets tonight, and this person wasn’t any different from them, so why was she stopping for this one? Yet as she thought that, she didn’t press forward on the gas. Well, not until someone behind her laid on their horn, at least. Caught off guard, she did move forward, but pulled right around the corner. She didn’t keep going though. She pulled to the side. Turning in her seat to look through the back-rear window, there wasn’t anything but the glow of light around the corner, just managing to shine through the dense downpour. Her curiosity was insatiable. She needed to know. She needed to see. It was either the brink of complete and total procrastination that had her so fixated, or something much more cryptic and mysterious aroused her curiosity. The umbrella was the first thing to exit the car, unfolding and expanding into quite the generous roof above Joyce’s head. With it’s elegant, upturned wooden handle she was quick to pace around the puddles and onto the sidewalk, heading back around. Funnily enough, she thought how Sheila might kill her for trying to check up on strangers instead of heading home. I’m not at a bar, at least… This was the third time they’d been exposed to one another, or more so Joyce exposed to them. She didn’t even know why she was here, or what she was going to do. There didn’t even seem to be anything distinct about them, yet the more she looked, the more intrigued she became. They looked like someone fresh out of a 9 to 5 job on their way back home. The way some of her clothes stuck to her skin though...parts of her blouse looked chillingly transparent. Again, Joyce simply felt compelled to reach out her hand, resting just a few fingers on one of the many cold, wet spots she was covered in. She must’ve been freezing… She is freezing. Her hair looked as if it’d taken a tumble, along with the rest of herself. It wasn’t repulsive. Far from it. If anything, it was oddly endearing... Crouching on her feet she stroked the stranger’s hair she softly murmured. “How did you get like this...?” Then she noticed the streaks of bare skin coming from her eyes, almost like rivers. Tears never really did work well with makeup… Water in general. “Down on your luck, too?” She didn’t expect an answer, but the silent company in itself was something to appreciate. It was enough to make her forget what had her so troubled in the first place. She seemed so tiny… She wasn’t. Not totally, but not exactly Joyce’s size either. Frail all over, shivering in the cold rain; defenseless and alone. The more she sympathized with the stranger, the less and less she wanted to leave things so simply… “E…” She went to touch her shoulder, then hesitated. “Excuse me?... Hello?” She wasn’t expecting to feel so relieved when she saw her stir, and lazily look back to her. Then she realized just how abnormal this girl was… How do you manage to fall asleep on a set of concrete stairs in the rain? Regardless, “You’re awake, thank goodness...” She held herself close; clearly shaken from the rain. The way she trembled… Is it okay to hug a stranger if they’re cold? Wait, why would she think of that? “Wh-who are you?” Her voice was fatigued and strained. “Come on now, can you stand?” She needed warmth, and Joyce felt a need to please. Carefully, she supported her by the shoulder, though needing to slouch just a bit to match the girl’s height. The first step they took and the girl was already yelping in pain. What? What did she do wrong? The first thing that came to mind was to look at her feet, and just under the light she could see it didn’t look normal. Swollen and discolored. “I’m sorry, are you okay?” She’d never used so much emotion in a single day. Care and compassion were things she held in frugal and conserved amounts, yet here she was, blowing away all her reserves/ The girl didn’t respond, but it didn’t stop Joyce from readjusting. “Come on, I know it hurts,” she continued to coax as they slowly moved back to the car. “Just a little further...” It clearly paid to have a towel on hand, which she laid across the seats, and then her on top. “Down we go...” An onlooker would probably think she was abducting them right now, and maybe she was… But how could she just leave her like that? Too much had happened for her to ignore this girl. Dare she say it was fate itself. All of this was so unusual, and that was exactly part of the intrigue. Back in the front seat, behind the wheel, she could still hear the girl murmuring behind her. The police? Is that where she should take her? She spun her head around to give her another once-over. Sopping wet, freezing, injured, and tired. How was a station going to solve any of that as well as Joyce could? No, she knew exactly where to take her. “I know you’re a bit out of it right now hon, but if you can hear me, I’m going to take you back to my house, okay? It’s just up the street.” She then realized she was speaking to a brick wall. It was her fault, honestly, considering she was dealing with a person who managed to sleep on the streets...poor thing. They had no connection, and yet Joyce felt obligated. She wanted to feel obligated. The drive home was short, and for once Joyce didn’t take the scenic route. She parked alongside the vehicle her chauffeur had dropped off, then was thankful she and this stranger were the only ones in the garage. While appearances were the last thing on her mind, she’d prefer there not be any misunderstandings… “Hon? Are you awake?” She still didn’t even know her name yet. The lack of familiarity should have made it weirder, but it didn’t. She gave her shoulder a slight jostle, but nothing stirred back. This was a slight issue. She needed to get this person up to her apartment, but first they needed to move to the elevator. It’s not like she could carry her. . . . . . . It was amazing how effective a princess carry could be. As her wet blouse and pants soaked into the arms of Joyce’s jacket, she minded less than she would have expected. If she was prepared to lose it to the rain, surely she would be if it meant doing a good deed. After an awkward turn into the elevator, without hitting her “princess’” head against the panel, she pressed the correct floor. Her hair could use some tidying...she was going to need new clothes as well. Despite looking so weathered, it didn’t change how soft and delicate her face seemed… It wasn’t the time or place, but Joyce couldn’t help herself as she marveled over the stranger’s...well, beauty. “Thankfully you’re so light,” she hoisted her up once more, solidifying her grip, then walked down the hall, undisturbed, reaching the front door. It was always soul-crushing to come home and embrace her bountiful loneliness in the company of just herself. She had all this square footage, and yet the reminder of such spaciousness was suffocating. It didn’t seem that way tonight. Nothing was straining to get through the door; to get through to Joyce. Standing there, holding her princess, the inside of her home seemed oddly tame.. Was it a trick? Had it gotten so bad her emotional struggles had become sentient? Creaking open the door, she stepped inside, her charge in tow. A chill nearly ran up her spine, the setting was so unusual. This wasn’t her home. It couldn’t be. The eerie silence that hung throughout the spacious home...it didn’t seem so eerie anymore. For once she could hear the silence, the normal silence, and it was euphoric. The heating system seemed to be working this time too, because now Joyce wasn’t thickly wrapped in layers of contempt and sorrow and was raw enough for the temperatures to reach her. It was the first time she used the guest room, and also the bed. “Don’t hate me, but I need to warm you up, okay?” She wasn’t expecting a response, but felt herself becoming a bit flustered as she carried out her intent. One after the other, each button in an orderly fashion fell out of place, and so did her blouse. She tugged at the ends of the shirt which were still tucked into her pants, and out they came. She stared at the small woman, tracing her from head to stomach. So out of it, unable to realize her savior had a complete view of her chest. Joyce looked away, feeling her cheeks getting a little too warm. Maybe the heat was working too well… Setting the blouse aside, she sat the girl up, pulling her close so she could reach behind her bra. “I’m sorry, but this is too wet to keep on...” Already experienced with her own, a simple flick had the clasp undone and the fabric fell limp. A brief second went by, and she could feel the soft breaths, coming in constant intervals, kiss the crook between Joyce’s shoulder and neck. Was she getting excited? Taking her by the bare shoulders, she gently spaced the two apart, relieved with some distance. Maybe it wasn’t so great, now seeing her bare breasts, so in a panic to protect the sleeping girl’s modesty, she pulled her back close again. What was she doing?! This was no time for games! She felt truly invasive once she undid the zipper to her pants, and soon the button. You’d think she was making it into a sexual thing, she was so slow about it. It wasn’t...but her heart was beating quite a bit. Already with the first tug, she could see the fabric to her underwear, now well aware of how they matched her bra… Why was she even noticing that? The pants then totally came off, and all that remained were her panties. “Why are you still asleep?” Despite stripping her, she couldn’t help but find herself giggling over her undisturbed process. She grew a bit more worried though as she looked at the final piece. It seemed wet too, and she knew it wouldn’t be right to leave the job half-done. “I promise I’ll get you something to wear, so please just bear with it for a little bit...” There was a pause before she slipped her fingers into the waistband, having the backs of her fingers pressed against an incredibly sensitive area of skin. She nearly jumped when the girl slightly shifted. Looking on for a moment too long, she nearly slapped herself for taking a moment to admire the feel, but then worked them off and over her curving thighs and calves. Joyce did her best not to look while she collected everything, but the girl was completely naked now, still sound asleep. Thankfully, she didn’t seem to be shivering so much anymore, but Joyce made up the difference in clothes by slipping her under the covers. Still talking to her as if she were conscious, Joyce went on to explain. “I’ll go see what I can do about something to wear. You aren’t exactly my size…” she gave her another once-over from head to blanket-covered toe, “but in the meantime, don’t go anywhere.” She was going to need underwear, and Joyce knew that was going to be an issue. She didn’t exactly keep panties for girls with smaller waists on hand, nor bras for tinier breasts either. She wasn’t prepared to let her go unprotected either. It scared her to imagine what she might think when she wakes up; what might’ve been done to her. Looking around the room, as if an idea lay somewhere between the cushions or floorboards, her eyes fell on her keys. She could find a place that was still open, right? Another quick glance to the clock, which was past eleven now. It really was getting late… Please just wait a little longer… She grabbed the keychain and was out the door. There was its own special kind of intimacy when Joyce slipped a new pair of panties onto her sleeping subject. She couldn’t describe the relief she felt though once it was clear that they fit. Unfortunately though her breasts wouldn’t be getting as much special treatment… “I hope you don’t mind nightgowns...” Picked from her personal collection, she slipped it over her head, and it certainly did look big on her, yet, charming in its own way? The covers came back over her, and Joyce took a seat on the bedside, watching for a little longer. Her fingers drew circles into the fabric, until by the twentieth she finally felt herself yawn. Maybe she wasn’t as indestructible as she thought… Sheila would probably be giving her a mouthful by now. “Still, I never thought it’d be a complete stranger that would use this room first.” She looked to the slumbering culprit with a smirk, trying not to mind the irony in how she was the very reason of it. Never did she expect to spend the late, close to early hours of her next morning like this. Despite how heavy her eyelids felt, a part of herself felt tickled. No, it’s not like that… Almost painfully, she kept on looking at innocence personified. The pleasure she felt from this, she knew exactly what soft spot it came from, but how disgusting could she be to project that onto a stranger? Was it right bringing her into Joyce’s home? Maybe that’s what it was; a selfish ploy just to please her own fantasies. It was never about helping this person, it was about what Joyce wanted, and what she couldn’t have. Of course, what better way could she force someone into the mold of what she wanted the most than by plucking them off the street? They’d be in-debted to her, and of course she’d be sure to collect by- A muffled buzz came from her phone sitting on the bed Nothing. Just useless spam. She needed some sleep, and to calm herself. If she was going to blow up like this, it’d be better to do it in another room. Tomorrow would be a new day, and like that time would start moving again. Company couldn’t last forever, and the next night this room would be empty again. Selfish as it was, this time she so unashamedly wanted to be. Just when she’d discovered a new, refreshing outlet in life, she was already going to lose it. Why did life have to be so cruel? She could observe every physical feature and trait to this person, but other than that she was nothing more than a face, and that was what cut the deepest. While Joyce gravitated so closely, this person would sleep through all of it, much less feel an inkling of emotion back. If anything, it made Joyce hate herself even more. All she could ever do was get her hopes worked up for another grand flop. If it hurts this much just to put herself out there, why did she even try? As soon as she left this room and went to bed, that would be it. Her one-night stand would be finished by sunrise, and she’d long forget that this had ever happened. So if no one was going to remember tonight, maybe she could at least indulge herself once. She leaned in close, right beside the stranger’s ear, speaking in a low whisper. “Have a good night, sweetheart...” It was too faint to feel, but something lightly touched the top of the girl’s forehead. Gone. With each vibration from her phone, nestled away in the pockets of her shorts, underneath her dress, it made Emily shake and tremble with an inconsolable grief that felt like tearing flesh. She knew who it was that kept trying to reach her every waking minute, and to let each ring fall silent and unanswered only dogpiled every negative emotion she could convince herself to invest in. After the phone stopped ringing, the same whimpers would ensue each time. “I’m sorry...I’m sorry…!” She must have been worried sick, and Emily was the one putting her through all of this. She was the root of this raging storm. But it was for the best, right? No matter what, it was going to be painful, but at least this way there’d only be one, big, giant, humongous hurdle to overcome… She wanted to say that, but as more and more time went on, it was her own lack of courage that seemed to be the second contender. The perception of time seemed to have taken a backseat in the presence of grieving, as Emily was at a total loss for how much time had passed on that bench. She couldn’t bring herself to look at her phone though, because that’d bring her even closer to her sins. Minutes? Hours? Days? It could be any of the three, but who knows, being the screw-up that Emily is, it’s not like she couldn’t mess that up too. Bubbles. That’s all she ever seemed to be trapped inside. Her own little world that enabled her to be so carefree, happy, and relaxed. But because she lived in these spheres, that’s all she knew of. While she drifted in the outside world, hardly a shine or sparkle outside her dome would catch her interest. She was naive of it. Ignorant to it. So many times in this fashion she’d set herself up for failure, and just when she’d realize that everything wasn’t fine, and the world actually mattered outside her small oasis, the bubble would pop, and she would fall. Something wet lightly splashed against her forehead. Ignore it. It worked, because it didn’t happen again. This whole time she’d been staring down into the crook between her chest and bundled legs, sitting in a fetal position. She and the rest of the world didn’t seem to work so well together, so maybe it was about time they start seeing other people… Again, another wet pop. It didn’t aggravate her. It scared her. Not because of what it was, but because of what it could be. She wasn’t prepared to face anyone or anything. Nothing was right and everything was in shambles and ashes. She turned her head just the slightest upwards to peek her eyes past her knees. She needed to blink for a moment just to readjust to the light. “Hey, why’re you like that?” An innocent and high-pitched voice rung. Innocently curious, and in their hands was a plastic stick with a hoop on it, and the other a bottle of soap. Emily briefly tried looking to her forehead, finally doing something right for once by connecting the dots. “Are you okay?” “...No, I’m not.” She was a tiny, blonde-haired girl, dressed in sandals, shorts, and a top decorated in frills. She looked on with as much obscurity as there was in Emily’s heart. “I’m sorry,” she seemed to have interpreted it as an invitation to come closer, because Emily now had company on the bench. “Is that why your eyes are so red? Were you crying?” Sullenly, Emily nodded her head. Who even was this little girl? “My daddy says I get sad a lot. But that’s because someone is being mean to me...” she seemed to passively grumble. Though, much more upbeat, she went on to ask, “Why are you sad?” Emily stayed silent for a bit, staring off into space. That was the magic of being a kid though, because if Emily were trying to signal her unwillingness to talk, a social cue as advanced as that went well-above the tiny girl’s head. “Excuse me?” Again, a voice oblivious to their own wrongdoing. Emily felt a small tug on her own dress. “Did you hear me? Why are you sad?” Just when she’d learned to live with herself, already was she feeling ready to tear up again. By no means was she enthusiastic over digging out very recent trauma. At the same time, she couldn’t stand the thought of making another person sad today. “My, uhm...” she rubbed her eyes for a moment. “My...my girlfriend, I made her disappointed in me… We got into a fight.” It was like pulling a cord covered in spikes outside her own throat, the verbalization hit her so heavily. It was taking everything she had to keep stable. “Fights are no good,” the kid said in an imitating, pretending voice. You’d think she was repeating someone’s mantra verbatim. “My daddy always says that,” she cheekily smiled. “Hey, what does ‘disappointed’ mean?” “It’s when someone is sad because of something you did...” Explaining it didn’t make it any less true; solidifying the gravity of her actions. “What did you do?” She exhaled through her nose. “Something mean.” “Are you gonna say sorry?” She narrowed her brows. “It’s...it’s not that simple.” “Why not? When you say sorry everyone is happy again, right?” She kept looking up to Emily, and it added a tinge of self-consciousness to her simmering worries. Then in the middle of her therapy session, Emily realized something objectively important. “Wait, why are you here?” Now it was the girl’s turn to be stared at. “Are you lost?” She stared back clueless for a moment, then nodded her head with a giggle. “Daddy says I’m an explorer!” Emily blinked, feeling the spotlight shine its light on a whole new conflict. Not only was she stuck with her growing depression, but a lost child now, too? “Is...is your dad looking for you?” If she herself weren’t so sad, the small girl’s casualness to her own predicament may have been laugh-worthy. “I think so,” she still kept smiling. “Are you lost?” “In a few ways, yeah.” There probably wasn’t as much depth to her words as she intended, but Emily was feeling just as clueless on both the physical and emotional front. Everything was in shambles, and she had no idea how to pick up the pieces. She wasn’t good at that. But she knew who was… No! She couldn’t afford to hinge like this anymore. She didn’t deserve to… “Do you wanna blow some bubbles?” She was already holding the container out to her. “Shouldn’t we go find your dad?” She didn’t want to move, but she couldn’t leave a much more troubled soul hanging. “Uhm, I guess.” She shrugged. “He always finds me.” A memory exclusive to herself had her giggling. “He wins a lot at hide and seek!” “How long has he been gone?” “Uhm...” she glanced to her fingers, as if they’d tell the time. “Two hours? Three?” “Wh-what? Three hours?” Bewildered and shocked, Emily’s feet lost their footing on the bench, planting themselves on the ground. “He must be worrying about you!” The outburst seemed to startle her though, because she was quickly transitioning into a hiccup. Apparently only now it seemed to click for her. “Is-is he gonna be mad at me?” Wasn’t she the one with the carefree attitude to this? How quickly the tables had been turned, much less the massive irony in it all. She seemed to suck away all the worries though, because now a crying, lost girl had been deposited into Emily’s lap. “Hey, hey, relax, it’s okay, see?” Almost awkwardly, Emily rubbed her shoulder, not so used to the whole ‘interacting with kids’ thing. What was she even supposed to see? This was how Joyce did it, right? She didn’t seem to be itching for conversation, now that she was too busy crying her own river. Her storm of emotions was too distracting for Emily to prioritize her own. “Do you know your dad’s number? His cellphone?” She made sure the tiny bottle of soap didn’t fall off the bench. That seemed to have struck an even worse chord, as she sobbed harder. It was hard not to roll her eyes. How quickly could things have turned on its head? Regardless, she couldn’t help but feel some responsibility for bringing this whole issue up in the first place. “Hey, uh...” What was her name again? Come to think of it, neither one had introduced themselves! Why do kids have to be so complicated? “Hon, can you tell me your name?” Thankfully, between her breaths there was enough time to speak. “J-Jackie.” “Jackie, huh? That’s a nice name. Mine is Emily. Uh, nice to meet you.” She did her best to smile with an outstretched hand, and Jackie’s much tinier one shook it back. “So how old are you, Jackie?” “Six...” “Six? Really...” Think! What else could she say to keep her distracted? “Well, I used to be twenty-six, but just yesterday I turned twenty-seven.” Between her dimming sobs and whimpers, Jackie kept the ball rolling. “It was your birthday?” “Uh-huh, it was. I had lots of fun too.” Now it just felt like she was bragging. “Did you have it with your girlfriend?” That part stung, unknowingly bringing back such heartfelt memories… “...Yeah, I did. More importantly, are you feeling a bit better now?” “Mhm...” Emily almost thought it would be stupid to ask. She’d barely done anything, and yet she was suddenly a kid guru. “I’m sure your dad’s looking for you right now,” with a reassuring pat, the girl thankfully seemed to chin up a little. “He’s probably worried sick, but more than anything else he’ll be happy once he finds you safe and sound.” She sniffled. “Really?” “Positive. So no more crying, got it?” “Got it!” she parrotted, and Emily finally chuckled. “You laughed!” Jackie exclaimed, laying eyes on a rare treasure. Emily stuttered a bit at that, unconsciously trying to reel herself back in. “Yeah, I guess I did. But why is that so important?” “Because you were sad, right? Laughing means your happy again?” She slightly tilted her head, ignorant to the complexity of human emotions; far beyond realizing the depth of them, let alone processing the layers. If it kept her in good spirits though, Emily was willing to be that 1-dimensional being. Hell, it even helped her forget some of the struggles. “No, you’re right. I think I do feel a bit better.” She smiled, even if it meant portraying a facade. “You’re pretty when you smile,” Jackie unashamedly smirked. Emily laughed again. “What, are you flirting with me?” She kept laughing. “Hey Emily, what’s ‘flirting’?” “Uh…?” Maybe she was relaxing too much. “It might be better to ask your dad… What does he look like, by the way? So we know when we see him?” “He’s gotta scratchy beard!” Almost immediately, she exclaimed, though quickly started to laugh over her own silliness. “Scratchy beard? Hmm...we better keep our eyes peeled, then.” Apparently she said something funny, because she was giggling again. “Now what?” “You can’t peel eyes!” “Good point.” “Jackie!” A stern, loud voice called. It was a man’s. Almost immediately Jackie both simultaneously froze, yet spun her head before the total freeze-over. “Daddy!” He approached with a tired sigh. “What did I tell you about wandering off on your own?” The man seemed obviously stressed, taking a moment to run his hand through his blonde hair. “That I’mma explorer?” She quickly hopped off the bench and made a beeline for his legs, giving them a tight squeeze. As tightly as you could squish iron poles. “Wrong,” he sharply corrected. “I said that it’s a timeout in the corner if you did it again. And you did.” He scratched his chin for a moment. Emily silently watched. It is scratchy… This clearly wasn’t part of Jackie’s calculations, because she almost immediately started to whine. It was at least the good kind of whining, not the same as from the bench. “But I wanted to go and see the snakes!” “Then you wait until we go together. You don’t get to call the shots on your own, missy.” “Yes I do!” “Oh?” He looked to her left, then her right, trying not to smile. “Really? Because I don’t see anyone backing that up?” “Uhmm...” She imitated his glances, then to everyone’s surprise she spun back to Emily. “She did!” “Wai...what?” Stupefied, Emily could only blink. The man gave a look to Emily, seeming apologetic. “Sorry for bothering you, she just gets a little hyperactive...” Looking stern to Jackie again he went on. “Didn’t I also say to stop calling strangers out? What am I going to do with you...” “She’s not a stranger though! She’s Emily!” Speaking of who, she happened to look to her side, seeing the bottle of soap and its accompanying tool. Before they could wander off, Emily grabbed them and hurried over. “Wait! Jackie, you almost forgot these.” “My bubbles! I forgot!” Happily, she accepted them. She looked complacent for the moment, then another look from her dad clearly urged her to return the gratitude. “Thank you for giving them, Emily.” “Any time. Just don’t go disappearing on your dad again, okay?” Both adults seemed pleased to see her accept the terms. “Emily, was it?” Standing back on her feet, she could see he was around Joyce’s height, though maybe an inch taller. “Thank you for finding her. The second I look away from this trickster she’s off getting herself into more trouble...” Apologetically, he explained. “Don’t worry about it, really. If anything, she’s the one who found me. Still, being gone for two hours...wow. I can’t believe you could keep yourself together like that.” “Two…?” He seemed not to understand, then looked down on the supposedly innocent daughter of his. “How long did you tell her you were missing for?” “A few hours?” She smiled. “This little fibber meant to say about 10 minutes.” Emily almost wanted to roll her eyes over her own stupidity. Was it really accurate to trust a six-year old for the time? “I’m Michael, by the way. Dad of my mischievous daughter, Jackie.” The shook, having a much more adult shake than Emily’s from moments earlier. “Could I thank you somehow for watching her? A coffee, or something?” “Uh...well...” she almost looked back to the bench, as if a friend were waiting on her. She knew she’d be moments from a relapse if left to her own devices again, and truthfully, it scared her. What shook her heart even more was her phone stopped vibrating. She didn’t know what to do. Even though it was like pulling teeth, running away seemed to have a motive; a goal to it. But now? No matter what she thought, nothing seemed to be clear or distinct, other than her fear of facing Joyce. Time only accumulated the shame and worry she was feeling… “And you,” he looked to his daughter. “You’re on a tight leash for the rest of the day. Come on, you know the rules.” An open hand waited for her, and she grumpily took it, as her tiny limb was absorbed by his much larger one. Emily merely watched, silent. Observant. “Hey, Emily? Are you okay?” “Huh?” “You...you’re crying?” She wiped her cheek, and sure enough, she was. “Are you okay? Do you want to sit down?” “Can um,” a quick wipe had them mostly gone. “Can we get that drink?” It was obvious she was dodging his concerns, but the middle-aged man tried to play it off, nodding his head. “Daddy! I don’t wanna leave the zoo!” Jackie continued to whine, tugging back on his arm. “Don’t worry, honey, we’re not leaving. We can get drinks inside the zoo.” He looked to Emily as they walked, mouthing a ‘sorry.’ She paused, but then weakly smiled too. Was this okay?
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    This chapter is rather slow, not much in plot but more focusing on the "mental" side of things. Sorry if I didn't do too much proof reading. Have a goodnight everyone! Chapter 13 Aura sat beside herself in a corner while her new classmates were enjoying playing dress up, despite being welcomed by her peers she felt to uncomfortable to go around pretending to be astronaut or a super hero. “Is this really going to be my life from now on?” Aura reflected on the past couple of days and what has transpired. She could feel her diaper becoming warm as she wet herself without even trying. “What's wrong Aura? You look kinda gloomy.” Kyle asked as he walked over to wear his adopted sister was after putting away a cowboy hat in the play area. “Kyle... Did you ever think that you expected more out of life? Or did you think that this would be all that you would amount too?” Aura asked as she kept her attention on the floor. “Wow, that's a rather deep question. I wasn't expecting something like that. But to answer your question, I would say that...Yes, I am blessed to have this life. And to have Amber as my mommy and as my teacher, it is nothing short of amazing. Kyle looked over at Amber who was changing another little's diaper while making sure that her other students were not getting out of hand. “You should try the rocking horse, it's really fun to use!” Kyle suggested, trying to change the subject to something more upbeat. “In a moment, I need to get my diaper changed.” Aura helped herself back onto her feet and smiled at Kyle before waking past him as she headed towards Amber's location. “She still misses her old life. I sometimes feel like that. But we cannot fight the system, we little's just need to accept our fate.” Kyle stated to himself before walking over and playing with some of the other students. “Now you play nicely and respect your classmates.” Amber stated to one of the students as she slapped his diapered butt and ushered him off to play with the others. “Mo..Mommy?” Aura looked up at her Amazonian parent. “What is it, Aura?” Amber asked as she kneeled down to be face to face with her adopted daughter. “I...Need a change...” Amber could see how embarrassed her daughter looked as she kept her attention on the floor. “So how are you liking it? Does it feel familiar to your school system?” Amber asked as she started to remove the girl's diaper after putting her on a changing table. “It's both the same...And very different as well.” Aura looked around to see if any of the other students were watching but thankfully they were focused on their playtime. “If you have any concerns, feel free to ask, your my daughter after all.” Amber smiled as she wiped Aura's privates and then began to apply the baby powder to her lower region. “Mommy...Will I be able to get the chance to return to my dimension?” Aura asked which caused Amber to hesitate for moment before sliding a new diaper under her butt. “That's a question that would be best answered at home. Can you be patient and just enjoy your time at school for the time being?” Amber asked as she finished taping her diaper on. “Sure thing mommy. I hope I didn't upset you?” Aura asked as she sat up with a look of concern. “It's alright sweetie. Now you go play nice with the other students. Playtime will be over with very soon.” Amber replied as she playfully pulled on Aura's nose and placed her back onto the floor after buttoning up her onesie. Aura smiled back as she awkwardly waddled over to where Kyle was as he was playing dress up with some of his peers. Amber spent the next minute looking over at Aura, she was pleased with how well she has adapted to her new life, she wasn't fully sure if any of the regression hypnosis from the television shows, the pacifiers, or even her breast milk had a reflection on Aura's current actions. “I will have more time to think about it when school is out for my students. I should focus on the next assignment I need to hand out in the next couple of minutes.” Amber stated to herself as she walked over to her desk to pull out some paperwork in one of the drawers. - - - - - - - - - “Dinner is ready Alice. I made my specialty, chili with cheese.” Serena stated as she entered the living room. She walked over, she was secretly eager to see how far Alice's mentality had been regressed. The Amazon noticed that Alice was asleep as she laid on the couch in a fetal position while the television was still on. “This station not as bad when it comes to regressing little's compared to some of the other ones. But even so, this should make the evening far more relaxing for me.” Serena turned off the television and then gently pinched Alice on her cheek which caused the girl to wake up and rub her eyes. Serena didn't even blink as she wanted to see how Alice was currently feeling. The little began to rub her eyes and stretch a bit. “What's going on?” Alice muttered as she licked her lips. “I've got dinner ready for the two of us. Jessie wasn't hungry so I just gave her a bottle satisfy her while she continued to rest in her crib.” Serena decided to take on a more of a hands on approach as she slowly picked Alice by her waist and held the girl near her chest. “Does my little panda, like chili?” Serena wanted to see how Alice would react to the way she was treating her as she brushed her hand on the girl's hair. “I guess that sound okay.” Alice yawned as she being carried into the kitchen. “It doesn't look like her speech has been effected, which is odd. But at least it looks like she isn't complaining or putting up a fight.” Serena stated in her mind as she placed Alice into a high chair. “Ugh...What time is it?” Alice asked as she started to rub her forehead a little. “It's going on seven. It's getting darker outside but it at least, finally stopped raining.” Serena grabbed a pink bib from one of the kitchen cabinets and walked over to Alice. “I wonder what type of response I'll get from this?” Serena thought as she tied the bib around Alice's neck. She was expecting to hear an objection but their was nothing but silence. “Interesting...” Serena smiled as she thought about taking things a bit further with the little. “So how are you feeling? Did you have a good nap nap?” Serena stated in a childish tone. “It was alright, I started to watch this show about a wizard that was teaching some kids about the power of friendship, it was actually fun to watch but after a while I guess I must have fallen asleep. I must have been out for a few hours. Alice yawned again as she watched Serena bring a bowl of chili and place it in front of her. “Now, open wide for the choo choo train!” Serena held out a spoon of chili near Alice's mouth. The Amazon was expecting Alice to do something derogatory but much to her surprise, the redhead opened her mouth and took in the chili without incident. “That's really good. Did you make this yourself?” Alice asked as her feet began to wiggle in the air from the wonderful taste. “...I...I most certainly did. Thank you for asking.” Serena smiled with glee as continued to spoon feed the chili to Alice. For the next ten minutes, Serena took her time as she fed the portal little. Alice was unaware of Serena's true intentions as the Amazon intentionally missed Alice's mouth as some of the chili was smeared on her cheek, giving her a slightly messy appearance. After most of the chili in Alice's bowl was gone, Serena decided to push things to the next level. “How would you like your ba ba? It's filled with delicious orange juice!” Serena stated as she pulled out a bottle from the fridge and showed it to the redhead. There was a moment of silence as the little and the Amazon looked at each other. Serena was worried that she may have pushed things a bit too far. “Stop talking to me like some dumb baby.” Alice took the bottle from Serena's hands and began to suck down the liquid. Serena watched on in amazement. “This is just too cute! This is how all little's should be.” Serena continued to watch as Alice used both her hands to nearly finish the bottle before placing in on the counter attached to the high chair. “I'm so full. I don't want to look or talk about food for the next twenty four hours.” Alice blurted out as she stretched her arms and legs out. “I guess we can skip desert.” Serena chuckled to herself as she grabbed a wipe and began to clean Alice's face. “Don't be so rough.” Alice whimpered as Serena took her time at cleaning every spot on the girl's face. “I just want to make sure that my cute little panda is all clean when her mommy comes to pick her up.” Serena stated as she removed the bib and helped Alice out of her high chair. “I'm not a panda. I'm a big girl!” Alice retorted as Serena gently placed the girl over her shoulder. “I know you are. And you have really been a obedient little. I'm so proud of you. Serena kissed Alice on her forehead as she was being brought back to the living room. “What the hell is wrong with this woman? She's acting really creepy.” Alice thought as she was placed into her playpen. “Now you play with your toys while I clean up in the kitchen.” Serena stated as she began to head towards the kitchen. “But what if I need to use the potty!” Alice asked with concern. “Then just use your diapy like a good baby.” Serena replied “But I'm not wearing a diaper.” Alice complained. “Would you like me to change you into one?” Serena asked with a sinister look. “I'm not a big baby like Jessie. I'm a grown up that can go potty by myself.” Alice stuck her tongue out at Serena. Serena was hoping that Alice was regressed enough that she would need one but it didn't look like that she was at that point...Yet. “In that case, I'll be back with your potty.” Alice was confused to what Serena had meant as she sat on her butt in the playpen. “No matter what happens, I already know that Tohru is going to chew me out for what has happened to Alice. But I haven't actually forced anything on her...Just like I promised.” Serena opened her closet and pulled out a training potty that was shaped like a frogs face. “I bought this with the original intention for Jessie but it's rather pointless since she is in diapers. Might as well and finally put it to use.”Serena stated as she picked up the item and brought it to the living room. “What the heck is that?” Alice asked as Serena placed the item into the playpen. “It's your potty. So when you feel the need to go, Mr froggy will take care of you.” Serena pinched Alice on her cheek as she was about to exit the living room. “But I can use the normal potty like a big girl!” Serena ignored her as she went back into the kitchen. “She is being a big meanie!” Alice pouted as she put her thumb into her mouth and went over to look at some of the coloring books. - - - - - - - - Tohru left work at around eight after she was told by her manager that they were closing the building early due to it being slow for the day. “I'm so glad it stopped raining. Still, the roads are not going to be pretty to drive on.” Tohru stated as she entered her vehicle. “Hopefully Alice is being treated well by Serena. I'm so mentally tired that I don't want to deal with any more drama for the day.” Tohru focused her attention on the road as she headed off after exiting the parking lot. - - - - - - - - Alice was whimpering as she continued to hold in her need to pee while she continued to focus on the toys in front of her. “This is stupid, I can't believe I've gotta go potty in this thing!” Alice looked over the training potty. Alice gritted her teeth as she removed unbuttoned the onesie and slid her underwear down to her ankles and took a seat on the potty. A mixture of relief and embarrassment overwhelmed Alice's senses as she relaxed herself. “OH! I'm so proud of you Alice, using the potty like a big girl. I'm sure you will make your mama proud!” Serena replied as she entered the living room while Jessie was peacefully sucking on a pacifier while in her caretakers arms. “I'm gonna tell mama on you for not letting me use the actual big girl toilet!” Alice stuck her tongue out at Serena. The Amazon simply smiled back at how cute Alice was acting. While she wasn't fully regressed, much to her satisfaction, she still enjoyed what was transpiring. “I'm sure your mama will understand. She may have your best intentions but make no mistake, she is a Amazon just like us.” Serena gently placed Jessie on the couch as the blonde haired little continued to suck on her pacifier quietly. Serena walked over to where Alice was. The redhead quickly hopped off the potty as she gave a look of uncertainty at the overwhelming presence of the Amazon in front of her. “All done, darling? Here, let me help clean your cute bottom.” Serena picked Alice up from inside the playpen and grabbed some baby wipes from the coffee table near her. “Lemme go! I don't need any help!” Alice didn't understand as to why she felt so weak physically. It never even occurred to her that she had been slightly regressed, mentally due to the television show that she had watched from earlier on in the day. Serena did a quick slap on Alice's butt which caused the girl to whimper but it stopped her from trying to escape her grasp. “Now listen here, I'm your babysitter and it's my job to look after you. And if you continue to act like a whiny brat, I'll be forced to put this into your mouth.” Serena showed Alice a similar looking pacifier to what Jessie was sucking on. “I did promise, Tohru that I wouldn't resort to any forceful options into regressing you but if you continue I will put this into your mouth and you want to know what will happen then?” Serena asked as she gently placed Alice so she was standing on her feet. Alice didn't say anything as she kept her face down, her face was blushing immensely. “That's right, this paci will mentally regress you to a point that you will be needing diapers for quite some time. I'm sure you don't want that...Right?” Serena was enjoying her power trip, especially since she was doing it to the very same little that had punched her in the face a couple days ago. Jessie was watching silently as she laid on her stomach, wearing nothing but her diapers. “Okay...You made your point. Just get it over with.” Alice knew that it was a losing battle and it was not worth the trouble at this point. “Good girl. You little's may think that you know what's best for you, but that's always been proven wrong. We Amazons have always been necessary your way of living When the time comes...You will understand what I mean.” Serena finished wiping Alice's butt and then helped put her panties back onto her. “I bet you feel much better, don't you.” Serena pulled on Alice's ear after putting the snaps back on the onesie. Alice could only nod, hoping that it would please her babysitter despite her feelings on the matter. “Until your mama comes to pick you up, how about we watch some talk show television.” Serena picked up Alice and brought her over to the couch and sat her right next to Jessie. Serena picked up the remote, she thought about putting it on a channel that would regress Alice's mentality even further but decided against it. She felt that she had accomplished much for the most part. “I'll be back in a second. I'm just going to get myself some water. Would you like some, Alice?” Serena asked. “No thanks.” The redhead replied as she turned her attention to Jessie. As Serena exited to the kitchen, Alice looked over at how carefree Jessie looked. Frustrated, she forcefully took out her pacifier. “Is this what you want!? Do you wanna remain a stinky baby forever!?” Alice stated with anger. Tears could be seen forming in Jessie's eyes as she started to cry. Alice was appalled by her behavior and quickly pushed the pacifier back into her mouth which helped calm her friend down. Before Alice could gather any more of her own thoughts, a loud knock could be heard at the door. “That must be Tohru.” Serena placed the two glasses of water near the kitchen counter as she walked to the front door. Serena opened the door and welcomed her friend inside the house. “I wasn't expecting you back for another hour. How was work, anything out of the ordinary?” Serena asked. “Slow day, not many clients which meant that my work in security was rather light. While it was nice, it made the day go by so freaking slowly!” Tohru responded as she entered the living room. “MAMA!” Alice rushed over to Tohru and gave her a huge hug on her leg which caught the Amazon by surprise. “Serena...What the hell did you do!? You promised me!” Tohru was upset to see Alice wearing a onesie and the way she was acting. “Before you start judging, I didn't do anything, Alice accidentally turned the television onto one of the stations that isn't friendly to a little. Thankfully, it seems that she didn't watch too much of the programming and so she was only effected at a minimum.” Serena responded. “Alice...Is this true.” Tohru looked down, hoping to get a proper response out of the little. “I'm not sure what she's talking about, but I did turn the television on. But I'm okay, mama. I just wanna get out of here. It's so boring!” Alice responded as she let go of her grip on Tohru's leg. “Then what's the deal with your outfit? Did you honestly want to wear that?” Tohru kneeled down to Alice's face and looked at her panda onesie. “Because of the bad weather, my sweats were all wet and Serena said that I should wear something to keep myself from getting a cold.” Alice responded. Tohru took a quick glimpse at Serena before focusing her attention back to Alice. “Alice was mostly pleasant to be around through out the whole day. We were stuck in doors all day, due to the weather and she managed to use the potty all by herself.” Serena went over to the living room to pick up Alice's sweats. “Just to make sure, Serena didn't forcfully put you into a diaper, did she?” Tohru whispered as she clinched her fists. “Nope, I managed to avoid any diapers!” Alice whispered back as she snapped off the buttons from the onesie and showed Tohru her panties. Tohru was caught off guard at how easy going Alice was behaving as the girl buttoned her onesie back on. “I guess, I should apologize, I immediately assumed the worst when I first saw, Alice.” Tohru stated as she took the bag of clothes from Serena's hand. “Don't worry about it. I would have regressed Alice if she wasn't your adopted daughter. Our friendship means a lot to me.” Serena replied as she shook Tohru's hand. “Besides I've got a more adorable baby girl to look after.” Serena went to pat Alice's head but the redhead managed to get behind Tohru to avoid her. “I look forward to the next time that I can babysit that little fireball. As for the onesie, you can keep it. I think it looks perfect on Alice.” Serena stated as she waved her goodbyes to Tohru before closing the door. “It's so cold, mama!” Alice stated as she held her hands in the air. “It...Certainly is...”Tohru felt more like herself after spending a day at work but she could soon feel her Amazonian instincts kick in as she picked up Alice and carried her to the car. “Alice, do you really not understand that you have been somewhat regressed?” Tohru asked as she placed the girl into her booster seat. “I have? I don't feel any different, mama.” Alice replied as she looked at her fingers and wiggled them. Tohru giggled to herself as she started her car and headed to her house. It was a rather bland day for the Amazon but she felt at peace as she ruffled Alice's hair. The redhead enjoyed the attention she was receiving. “I wonder if Alice actually enjoys this?” Tohru stated to herself. She knew that Alice was under the influence of the hypnosis but she secretly wondered how much of it, effected her. - - - - - - - - - “So how was your first day at school, princess?” Amber asked as she finished changing Aura's diaper in her nursery. “It was pretty fun. I wasn't expecting to meet so many little's like me.” Aura replied as Amber placed a purple nightie over the girl's head. That's wonderful to hear, but you are still rather unique compared to everyone else, and do you want to know why that is?” Amber asked “How am I unique?” Aura questioned as she looked over her night dress. “Your the only portal little that is registered in our school. You have no idea, how lucky you really are.” Aura stated as she gently held Aura to her chest. “Why's that?” She asked “Most portal little's that find themselves stuck here, usually end up being regressed completely both mentally and physically, weather if they find themselves in a reform school or get adopted by an Amazon couple. It rarely ends in a happy ending for a portal little. For example, I listened to the news earlier this morning and had a tour group of portal little's that eventually found themselves lost from their guide and they all ended up being put up for adoption. It amazes me that people from your dimension want to visit our world, given what they could end up losing. It also doesn't help that our government is purposefully causing these incidents to meet the rising demand of portal little's by many wealthy Amazons. “I guess I kind of lucked out, didn't I?” Aura giggled a bit as she held onto Amber's chest, tightly. “You most definitely did. Especially with the way that you and your friends arrived here.” Amber brought Aura into the living room, where Kyle was sitting on the floor, while sucking down his bottle and watching a cartoon show. “Is, Alice still going to be coming over tomorrow?” Aura asked as she was placed onto the couch. “That's still the plan. From what Serena told me on the phone, that friend of yours is still trying to fight our way of living. She's tenacious, I'll give her that.” Amber replied. Aura wanted to plead with her adopted mother and that while she enjoyed the pampering that she was being given, she still wanted to be able to find a way back to her dimension. But she decided to stay quiet, putting all her faith in Alice. “That reminds me, I'll need to contact Tohru about the time to drop your friend over. I've already discussed with the vice principal that Alice would be a teacher assistant tomorrow, so she should be alright as long as she doesn't act up.” Amber stated as she pulled out her phone. - - - - - - - - - - - “Alice, your bath is ready.” Tohru yelled out as she exited the bathroom. The redhead ran over to the bathroom while in just her towel. “Hey, no running inside the house, okay?” Tohru stated as she looked back at Alice. “Sorry mama.” Alice winked as she entered the bathroom with a cheerful tone. Tohru felt conflicted. On one hand, she felt awful about Alice being under the hypnosis which left her in a slightly regressed state, on the other hand, she felt a overwhelming sense of joy. “It shouldn't last too much longer.” Tohru was confident that Alice would regain her normal personality before the night was over. The amazon began to remove her clothes so she could take a shower but before she could finish, her phone began to buzz. “Hello? Oh, hey Amber. I'll drop Alice off at seven tomorrow. That's right, I'll be picking her up at around five. Thanks again for helping, just make sure that she stays out of trouble...Later.” Tohru sighed as she placed her phone onto the recliner in the living room. Tohru knew that the tournament was not going to happened for another week and a half and she wondered how Alice was going to manage until that fateful day. “And it's not exactly a guarantee that she will win...And if she doesn't, she will be stuck here.” Tohru hated how excited at the notion of that inner most desire of hers. “Unbelievable. This is really testing my own limitations.” Tohru stated to herself as she removed her clothes and grabbed herself a towel. Tohru walked into the bathroom to see Alice splashing some water in the air as she performed a few kicks. “Looks like your having some fun.” Tohru stated as she was about to enter the shower stall . “Mama, you should join me!” Alice stated as she looked over at her caretaker. “Umm...I don't think that would be the wisest thing to do, Alice.” Tohru tried to keep her composure as she couldn't keep her eyes away from Alice's smile. “Huh? Why not? There is plenty of space and you can wash my hair!” Alice dunked her face under the water before pushing herself back up. “Alice, you have to understand that you are not in the right state of mind...And I'm not sure if I'll be if I were to do that.” Tohru responded. “PRETTY PLEASE!” Alice placed her hands together, hoping to convince the Amazon. Tohru wanted to put her foot down and object but after seeing Alice's convincing plea, she decided to take the chance. “God, I hope I don't regret this.” Tohru removed her towel and and entered the bath tub. Alice moved herself to the opposite end to give Tohru the space stretch her body out. “See! I bet you feel so much better!” Alice stuck her tongue out at Tohru as she swam towards the Amazon . “This will be partially your fault if I start to act all motherly to you.” Tohru replied as she patted Alice's head. “What you talking about? Your my mama!” Alice splashed some water onto Tohru's face. Tohru's face began to grow red after hearing that response. “What's wrong mama? You got a fever? Alice used her hand to touch Tohru's forehead. “Don't worry, it's nothing like that....Rather...It's my maternal instincts kicking in.” Tohru placed Alice so her back was laying on her chest in the bathtub. “You really are something else.” Tohru stated as she embraced Alice with her arms. Alice was surprised but decided that it was alright as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the bonding experience.
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    6.) A New Rule I'd learned a few things that day. One, most kids at college didn't care what I wore. Not a single person asked about the pacifier other than Meg. Two, no one could see or hear Bailey as she followed me around all day. I didn't understand that, since she was clearly visible to Meg the other night. And three, the effects Bailey was having on me were a lot more dire than I'd feared. Already, I'd leaked through the diaper and little drops of shame trickled down my tights. "I think you sat in something?" That came from a girl in Pippy's class named Genie; she was sweet and punky with green hair and enough metal in her face that she would always have trouble with the TSA. But her tone was cute and she sounded almost apologetic when she approached Pippy outside the lecture hall. "Your bums all wet, I mean. That dress is really cute and it would suck if it was ruined 'cuz some assbutt left Coke on the chair." "R-right... yeah..." "Tell her the truth,” Bailey said. “That your diaper leaked. That you're a little girl." "I'm not a little girl!" Genie stared at me with shock, totally taken aback. I felt my cheeks burn as I looked down at the pacifier around my neck. "I... I gotta go," I muttered, heading home and leaving Genie alone and confused. "Shame. You're ashamed. You're ashamed of me, I knew that you were. I own you, I possess you, I'm everything to you and you offer only shame in return." I didn't like to taunt her, but at the same time, each little bit of resistance only sunk her deeper into my enthrallment. “Just leave me alone!” She wanted me to leave? Hm. I wondered how that comment would sit with her if I actually did.. * * * * * I went to the club that night, but she wasn't there. The next day at school, she wasn’t following me around either. I had two more comments on my pacifier and I had to start going home for diaper changes mid-day to keep from leaking. The weekend came and went, but every night at the bar, Bailey didn't show up. Had I hurt her feelings? What did I do wrong? I told her to leave me alone... had she taken me seriously? I couldn't stop thinking about her... I sucked quietly on the pacifier in my room, staring at the sodden diaper with profound humiliation. I did that, I reminded myself. I couldn't help it. Bailey was sapping my maturity and I couldn't stop her. Tears dripped down my cheeks. It was so easy to cry nowadays. I just wanted her to give it all back... I wanted my maturity back! But more than that, I wanted her. She was like a drug... "I'm gonna be out tonight," Meg spoke from the doorway to her best friends room. "Maybe until like... maybe two? I've got a date, isn't that cool? Maybe we can double date one day." Fat chance, though, Meg mused, because Bailey was creepy as shit. I ran up to Meg and wrapped my arms around her, pushing my face into her neck. I couldn't stop crying. I missed Bailey so much. I missed everything about her. And I felt so guilty for feeling ashamed of her today. I didn't know who else to turn to... I didn't know what else to do. Whatever Meg was expecting, it definitely wasn't that; Pippy wasn't the kind of handsy, overly affectionate friend, or well… she hadn't been. Things were definitely different now. Pippy wept into her neck and all Meg could really do was to cuddle her gently in her arms. "Hey now, what's all this about?" "I miss her! I miss her and I'm so mad at her, and I just wanna cuddle up in her arms, but she keeps treating me like..." I blushed furiously and shook my head. I couldn't explain any of this. The feelings were so contradicting. I kept demanding she treat me like an adult, but all I wanted was for her to treat me like her property. Like I belonged to her. She owned me. This was all her stupid fault... "What's she keep treating you like?" Meg didn't actually need an answer though, because she kinda already knew. "I mean if she's treating you some certain way and you don't like it, then tell her; but if you do like it, maybe you should just enjoy it? I don't know Pippy; I know you get in your own way a lot. Remember when you wanted to be a cheerleader but you told yourself how you shouldn't, and then you know what happened? You never even tried out." I looked up at Meg with wet eyes and shook my head, wiping my face with my sleeves. How was I supposed to explain it? How could I tell her the truth? The extent of what Bailey was doing to me? I couldn't. I could only do one thing. I lifted up my nightie and flashed my best friend the diaper I had only recently changed into. I couldn't make eye contact... Well. Huh. That was weird. In retrospect, it shouldn't have been quite such a surprise, given the bizarre interests that Bailey seemed to have, or at least the influence over her best friend. But this wasn't just 'haha wear this to embarrass you prank' material; this was planned. This was a crisp, colorful, perfectly practiced tapes diaper with the scent of baby powder. Meg didn't really know what to say to that. "Wow." "She keeps doing this, and I'm so angry at her, but I just... I..." I blushed furiously and shook my head. Even thinking about saying it was so humiliating! But it was true, wasn't it...? "I... I like it. I like how she treats me. No one has ever treated me so... so special. But when I see her and I just wanna start fights! Why am I doing that?!" There was a lot to process here, but Meg knew enough about her best friend to offer something up: "It's the cheerleader thing all over again. You're into this pervy thing she introduced you to. You like it, but you think you shouldn't like it, so you're causing trouble and dying on a hill you don't even believe in.” Meg didn’t like Bailey at all, but she wanted her best friend to be happy. "I'm still mad at her," I said flatly, like her speech hadn't helped me at all. It did. It meant a lot that she was so understanding and willing to help. But the idea of just "letting her do whatever she wanted" didn't sit with me. Like I had to be mad. Like it was my only choice. Wasn't it? She took my freedom. She took my maturity. Of course I was mad! Even if I was happy, I was still mad. Right? "Then be mad at her. Break up with her. Or shout at her. Or tell her that you're not a little baby and you're not going to wear diapers. I don't know dude, you do you. But just remember that you're always getting in your own fucking way. You might never have talked to her at all if you didn’t go with me to the club. And how much would that have sucked? You're your own worst enemy." Meg kissed her best friend on the forehead. "So be pissy, just be sure what you're pissy about. I gotta go.” Meg went on her date and I sat quietly in the house. I worried that showing her my diaper might have sparked the memory of us on the rooftop, when I wet myself, when Bailey drank my blood. But it seemed Bailey’s secret was still safe, even if mine was out in the open. * * * * * Here’s the thing: I had other thralls. She didn't have another me. Her attitude, her bratty resilience; it was cute, it was charming, it was fun. But it didn't satisfy me the same way that blind devotion did, and I needed a little of the latter if I was going to continue to work on Pippy's former. So I gave her a few days - I went out of town, to parties with some other thralls I had, and I left Pippy time to stew in her resistance. By the time I got back - four days later - I knew that even with her obstinance, my reappearance would be potent. She was walking home from the club, sucking her pacifier, when I stepped out of the alley. "Where the hell have you been?!" I tore the pacifier from my lips and stormed up to her with frustration all over my face. "You can't just leave me like that, you asshole! You can't just bite me and change me and abandon me!” This was the time when any other girl would break down crying and apologize. But although tears dripped down my cheeks, I wasn't apologizing. I was starting another fight. And Bailey was just... bewildered by that. "Are you done?" Done with her tantrum, I meant. My crossed arms showed that I wasn't impressed by her or by this behavior. She was burning red and I was looking for pink. "If I didn't know better, Pippy, I'd say that you were the Mistress, the Mommy, the Owner of pretty little thralls, and not the baby doll in a soaking wet diaper, aching for a kiss and release, begging to be taught her next new trick." Her words stung. They tugged at a part deep inside my chest. I looked up at her with a nervous frown and I felt a blush take over my cheeks. Stupid woman and her stupid words... "I'm not your toy. You can't just walk into my life and walk out, you jerk!" Bailey wasn't used to this kind of resistance. "No, that's true. I could just leave forever, leave you knowing that the last time you ever felt the joy of my kiss was years and years ago, leave you empty and needing, lacking, wanting. I could leaving you a spoiled doll without an owner.” I could see the way the words cut at her, though, and I realized something... I didn't want to do that to her. And it pissed me off that I didn't want to, because right now she deserved it. I sighed. "Yet a part of me finds your resistance, your resilience... charming. It won't last forever, but while it's here I admit a certain... interest." She took a step toward me and I took a step back. I didn't know it at the time, but no one had done that before. After four days without her, I should have been running into her arms. But I wasn't. My emotions were more important - or at least as important - as her. She saw that. "What do you mean... interest? What's charming?" "You should be completely enthralled by now. You should be unable to move, you should need my contact, my touch, my presence, my approval. More than eating, more than sleeping, more than breathing, you should need me. And you don't." Well, I'm sure she did, but her stubbornness was still winning out. "You're wearing diapers full time, you wear your pacifier everywhere. When I want you to take the next step you will. But all that is active. Passively, you shouldn't be able to stop thinking of me." I thought about her all the time. Literally all the time. It was devastating. The more I thought of her, the more childish I became. The more maturity I gave up. Already, I had lost complete control of my bladder. I could hardly tell when I wet anymore. Diapers were necessary. They were for her. But she didn't know that. I liked that she didn't know all the things I did for her. I wanted them to be a secret. So I grinned. "Looks like I beat you at your own game, huh?" "Or you wrote a new rule." I smirked and put my hand on her cheek. I didn't use it to get my way, I didn't use this to manipulate her - I put my teeth to her neck and I gave her what might have been the longest kiss I'd ever given someone. I drank from her, I absorbed her, I fed on her defiance and her brattiness, and I gave her euphoria as a reward for the new rule she'd made. Her following my will was inevitable, obvious, but the taste of her blood when we went so long between feedings, flavored with her stubborn reluctance to obey... it was intoxicating, too. For the first time, I could have it both ways. ------------------ Thank you for reading, cutiepops! Like, comment, and all that!
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    Chapter Twelve Daniel turned his face away from Natalie, knowing that his face must have been a bright pink at that point. He knew it was his fault, he was the one who opened the door and pushed for the conversation – but he wasn’t expecting her to call him out like that bluntly. His mouth was dry, and he was unable to answer her. He felt like an idiot. It was then he felt Natalie’s hand gently lay upon his lap. “It’s okay.” He turned his head and faced her; she was smiling at him. “If you have to wear because…” He cut her off, shaking his head. “I don’t wear because of need.” “Oh?” She tilted her head to the side; he took a deep breath. He could feel himself sweating; he hated this part of any relationship. His last one…it ended so poorly. He was afraid of what she would think when he told her he wore them for FUN, and he got off on wearing diapers. It seemed like such a stupid thing to say out loud. “I wear…because…it feels good.” He said but then shakes his head. “Wait, no! I mean…yeah they do feel good, but…I mean…” How can he explain his feelings adequately in words? “Daniel,” Natalie said with a deep breath, “It’s okay. You don’t have to explain yourself to me.” “Really? You don’t think I’m a creep or something.” Natalie let out a laugh. “You a creep? You’re like the nicest guy I know. I don’t think that way about you. I mean, you can’t help what you like right?” “Thanks…” Daniel let out a long sigh. He felt as if a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. “I really appreciate it. I’m not asking anything from you of course….I just thought you should know.” “It’s no big deal,” Natalie said with a smile, “I promise.” The two of them cuddled up on the couch and made out a few times, but it didn’t go further than that. About a half an hour later, Daniel walked Natalie back to her place. He couldn’t believe what just inspired between the two of them. Was Natalie okay with the fact he liked to wear diapers? He felt his excitement bubbling up inside of him, but the feeling crushed inside of him when he pictured Lilly’s face in his mind. He tried to push it away, after all, he was with Natalie now and he liked her…and now she knew and accepted his fetish…what more could he want? But yet, a still small voice was yelling at him in the back of his mind. He wasn’t sure what it was saying. He couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night The following morning he had to work the morning shift, and to see it wasn’t awkward around Lilly would be an understatement. It felt like the moment she revealed that she was Mommy Violet – a veil had been lifted off of her. Before he noticed her, she was little a spunky young girl with a positive attitude and a puppy dog crush on him. But now? He saw a woman, with long red hair, curves, a beautiful smile, and an upbeat attitude with a fire in her eyes. How come he never noticed it before? How come he never saw her before? “What are you looking at?” Lilly said as she stands up from wiping down one of the tables. Daniel realized he was standing there holding a bunch of books he was planning on putting down when he paused to stare at her. He shook his head. “Oh, nothing. Did you have fun at the fair?” “Yeah, it was alright. Thomas got sick a few times, though.” “Haha of course. He says he can handle the rides, but we know he can’t.” “Just like that time, we all drove down to that small theme park an hour away,” Lilly said, flashing him a smile. “How are things going?” “Uh, they’re going good. I…” He shuffled his feet as he started to head to a bookshelf. Even though he know knew who Lilly was, it still made it difficult for him to be open to her about it. But, she was the only one who could understand…but would it be wrong for him to confide in her? “Is everything okay with Natalie?” Lilly walked over and placed her hands on his shoulder. He felt his cheeks blush slightly as he found a place for one of the books he was holding and slide it in. “Yeah, I um…I actually told her about…well, you know.” Lilly’s eyebrows arched a bit in surprise when he said that. “Really? How did she take it?” “Really well actually.” He could have sworn he saw a frown etch over Lilly’s face for a split second before it was replaced with a broad smile. “That’s awesome, Daniel! I’m really happy for you!” “You mean it?” “Of course,” Lilly told him, “it’s rare when we find acceptance. I’m very happy for you. I hope she treats you well.” “Thank you, Lilly…and I hope that…” Daniel wanted to return the favor, wanted to say that he wished she would find happiness too. But, just the thought of her with someone else – speaking to him like she did online…and doing things like that, made him feel a bit jealous. What was wrong with him? “Hey, Lilly can you help me with something!” One of their coworkers called from the register. “Yeah, be right there,” Lilly said, giving Daniel one last glance before she walked away. Daniel couldn’t help but watch leave, sighing heavily, before going back to business. He felt like there was more than he wanted to say, but he didn’t have the courage. He didn’t understand his feelings for Lilly at the moment. Has he only noticed her because he knew of her secret? Or was there more than meets the eye? He didn’t speak much to Lilly for the rest of his shift, but he kept his eyes on her. Once in a while, she would catch him staring, and he would try to play it off as if he was looking at something else, or he was trying to get her attention to help him with some task. After his shift was over, he pulled his phone out of his locker and checked it, realizing he got a text message from Natalie. Hey Daniel! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about everything that is going on! Would love if we could sit down and talk about it more. Are you free later on tonight? He felt his heart sink a little bit, was this a good talk or a bad talk? Maybe she was a bit more curious about the fetish, which he couldn’t blame her. It was then that Lilly walked in as well. “Going home?” He nodded his head. “Yes.” “Daniel…” Lilly sighed as she walked over to him. “Why do you keep staring at me?” He could feel his face start to blush but tried to keep his composure. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” “I’m not stupid, Daniel! You were staring at me. Do you have something to say to me? I’m not going to sit here and let you play games with my – “ Before he knew what he was doing, before he could process his thoughts before any reason of right and wrong could register – he reached over, placed his hands upon her shoulder, pulled her close… And kissed her.
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    Before you read!, this story is a crossover between my story “dropped in a new world”, Lily-Celeste “Crystal Diaper Magic”, Wannatripbaby “Angel hunter”, pinkthedinosaur “Forced to save dreamland” and InkuHime “A Too Late Magical Girl” (links to all their works will be at the bottom) With a special guest character from SparkleDust1 I would like to thank all of them for allowing me to use their characters for this crossover. I would also like to give Wannatripbaby a special thank you for being the person who saved this story. A few months ago I had to deal with a personal problem that left me with no time to continue the story. It is thanks to Wanna taking up the project that this story was saved from being canceled. Thank you for everything you've done. https://www.deviantart.com/redwelch2222/art/Dropped-in-a-new-world-706627924 https://www.deviantart.com/pinkthedinosaur/art/Forced-to-save-dream-land-723629446 https://www.deviantart.com/lily-celeste/art/Crystal-Diaper-Magic-1-717219603 https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/60742-angel-hunter/&tab=comments#comment-1390728 https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/60645-a-too-late-magical-girl-completed-02-10-19/&tab=comments#comment-1387577 part 1 The day was nice and warm. The birds were chirping, and there was a nice breeze. It was a great day for a hike or a picnic. Or, if your like me, helping out your friend the archer and his shapeshifting/furry girlfriend as they try to arrest or kill a cult that’s kidnapping people who come near their temple. You know, like normal people. “GET DOWN!” I yelled as I tackled Bab behind a wall just as an arrow shot past us. Bab might look like a little girl, but she’s really a witch who was cursed and forced to look like a little girl. Under different circumstances I wouldn’t need to bother protecting her, but she also can’t use her hands, which makes self-defense difficult. I hear the arrow explode behind us but I don’t bother to look at what it hit. I just focus my attention on Bab. “Bab, was that you? How is your diaper not destroyed?” I asked her as I give her a smirk. Yeah, even in the middle of a battle Bab smacked me for that one. She hates it when I make my jokes about her predicament. Another part of the curse removed her bladder control, meaning she needs diapers. She knows I'm just playing, though. Suddenly another arrow flew past our hiding spot and exploded again. “Think you can reach him?” I asked Bab. “Better than you can.” Bab said as she turned the corner and fired a bolt of electricity out of her hand. It struck arrow guy with enough force to shoot up in the air and when he hit the ground he was out cold. “Good job!” I praise her as she gives me a smile. “STOP PLAYING AROUND!” Blake yelled from on top of a temple wall. “SORRY!” I yell back before turning to Bab. “Okay, let's go.” I stood up and watched as my hand disappeared for a second and I pulled my most prized possession out of storage. My sword Asahi. The grip was perfectly in shaped to my hand; it felt like it was just an extension of my arm. The hilt looked like a 7 pointed star, and the blade itself was a dark red color with 2 large holes in the center of the blade. The pommel was a small, wicked spike. With Asahi in hand, Bab and I broke cover and charged the cultists! Compared to the last few battles Bab and I had, the cultist were easy to deal with. They weren't royal guards or ghouls. They were just regular humans with weapons. Most of them were taken out just by Bab’s shocks alone, and the few that weren’t, I dealt with. “So, how do you think Eva’s doing?” I asked Bab. Not that I was particularly worried about Bab’s sister, but it did seem odd that we hadn’t seen her in so long. Before Bab could answer, we saw two large men crash through the thick stone walls of the temple, a monstrous roar following in their wake. “Sounds like she’s having fun.” Bab told me as she zapped another cultist. ******** On the other side of the temple, Blake was on the move and firing arrows into anyone that looked like a cultist. The job was simple. While Bab, Alex, and Eva distracted much of the cult, he was sneaking in and looking for the kidnapped prisoners being held here. But he had scoured a third of the damn place and still couldn't find them anywhere. “HEY! Intruder!” a cult member yelled as Blake was suddenly spotted. “Fuck!” Blake cursed as he pulled back his bowstring as the men charged at him. But before he could fire, a minotaur came bursting through a wall, burying the cultists in rubble. “RRRR AAAAAAAA!!!!!’ the minotaur roared. Then it turned to look at Blake and squealed. “Master!” The minotaur came running over and squatted down right in front of him. “Master! I took out a lot of the weird people!” the minotaur said proudly. “Good girl Eva.” Blake rubbed the top of Eva’s minotaur head. “Have you seen any caged up people by any chance?” “No…” Eva said with a sad expression as if letting Blake down. But she soon picked up. “B-but I might be able to find them!” Eva grew excited as Blake looked at her in confusion before Eva started to transform. Her body morphed into a very pale humanoid form with white long hair and unusually long arms. As soon as Blake saw this, his eyes went wide as he smashed a nearby window. “COVER YOUR EARS!!!” Blake screamed. “WHAT?” I yelled back, blocking an attack and kicking the cultist away as both Bab and I did as Blake said. Suddenly I heard an ear wrenching screams ring out that it sent me to my knees! Those that didn't head Blakes warning and didn't have some form of resistance were all knocked out by Eva’s banshee scream! Back inside, Eva returned to her naked human form and ran over to Blake who was on his knees as well. “Master! I found them! They are 2 floors below us in a hidden room!” Eva said happily. “What!?” Blake asked as he couldn't hear anything Eva said. Normally, even covering your ears beside a banshee would knock you out standing that close. Thankfully Blake’s and Eva’s connection helped soften that, but his ears were still ringing from it. ******* “What the hell was that?” I asked. “Probably Eva not thinking things through again.” Bab said as she gave a sigh. “At least most of them are gone now.” “I wouldn't be so sure.” I say as I look over and see 2 large carriages heading our way. “Looks like back up just got here.” “Oh great.” Bab groaned. ******* Inside one of the carriages. “What in the world is going on here!” a nobel men inside asked. “Is the holy ground really being attacked?” “Holy ground? Do you really worship the white god here?” a woman asked. “N-not exactly.” the man stammered to the woman he picked up off the side of the road earlier. The woman had Blue hair and Blue eyes. She wore a lovely dress that one could not mistake for a royal dress. “Well, it doesn't matter to me what someone like yourself decides to worship. Weather the twin gods that watch our world, or the made up ones of the other one. But, as you have shown me kindness in giving me a ride, let me help you with dealing with these barbarians who attack your holy ground.” the woman said as she steps out of the carige and pulls out a large staff with a large circle on top. “W-wait, you can use magic?” the man asked as he saw what she did. “Yes, now if you will excuse me, I shall wash away this trash.” the woman said as she charged into the battle. He was completely shocked. He didn't expect the random person he picked up and was going to give to the cult was also a magic user! The woman on the other had, was just glad for this opportunity. She wouldn't have any idea what she would have done if the man wanted her to pay for the ride! She was flat broke! Curse her father for dying and leaving everything to his fucking pet raccoon! Now she has no money and her title as a noble can only get her so far until people learn that she’s no longer one! But that doesn't matter to her right now. She just needs to get rid of the people attacking the temple. If she was lucky she may even get a reward out of this on top of a free ride. ******* As i block a sword attack and punch the guy away i hear a very annoying voice yelled over to me. “How dare you attack this holy land you barbarian!” I heard someone yell towards me as I turned to see a woman standing on top of a small hill. “Surrender now or prepare to face the daughter of the Glory family! Esmeralda Glory.....” Before the woman could finish her speech, Eva bursts out of a window and transformed mid air into a wyvern and landed in front of me while flapping her winds to blow the annoying woman and a few colt members away. In that same window, Blake fires an arrow into the sky that burst into flame and started changing colors. “We found them!” Blake shouted down to me. “We just need to hold them off a bit longer!” I was good with that. Most of the cult members could barely use a sword so dealing with them was easy. Especially when we have a fucking dragon on our side! It wasn't even that long before even the reinforcements were taken out and Blake and I were just taking out the stranglers. “Looks like were just about done here.” I say as I spot some guards and their carriages that Blake signaled too coming towards us to arrest the cultists. “That was much easier than I thought.” Bab said as she comes closer towards me. “Ya. I thought there would be more of them.” Blake commented. “Well, at least it's…” suddenly Bab stopped speaking as something wrapped itself around her and yanked her back! Blake and I spun around to see that same Blue haired woman, her hair and dress now dirtied after Eva blew her away, standing behind them. “I now have one of your friends.” the woman said as she increased Bab’s head into a water bubble. “Now drop your weapons and surinder to the authorities or else.” “Oh fuck.” i say as i look at her in total shock. “That's right! If you don't want anything to happen to her, drop your weapons now!” the woman demanded. “Oh, I'm not worried about her, I'm worried about you.” I tell the woman as I point at Bab. As the woman turns to Bab,she sees a little girl with fury in her eyes as she holds her breath and holds out a hand charging with electricity. In a flash, bab is dropped and is coughing while the now smocking woman falls on her face after being electrocuted. “LIKE HELL I'M GOING TO BE DROWNED LIKE THAT AGAIN!” Bab screamed and kicked the woman before marching over to me now soaking wet. “Well, at least you weren't thrown over a cliff this time.” I joke. She kicked in the shin for that one. ******** After about an hour, all the cult members we took out were rounded up and forced into carriages to be taken to the nearest town and arrested. The people that were kidnapped were all freed and were being transported by a different carige. Bab and i just stood back and watched. The funniest thing was seeing the Blue haired woman being forced into the carige with the cult members. “What do you mean I was aiding a cult?” the woman yelled. “I was trying to help protect a holy land! There is some misunderstanding here! I’m Esmeralda Glory!” “Alex, the transports are almost finished loading up everyone.” Blake told me as he walked over with a now dressed Eva by his side. “That was fun!” Eva told us excitedly. “When are we going to do that again!” Blake just giggled a little. “I'll see what we can do. But first we need to go back to town and get paid for our job.” Blake told her. “I hope the pay is good.” I tell them “I was thinking of upgrading some of my gear soon.” “Well, let's get going then.” Blake said and he and Eva start walking off. I get ready to start following them when a small hand grabs my arm. When I turn, I can see Bab holding my arm but not looking at me with a slight blush on her face. “Hay, Bab and I will catch up. I need to take a shit real fast.” I tell them. “Fine, just don't take too long.” Blake called back without looking back. “See you soon!” Eva called back and gave us a wave as they walked off. “Ok, now that they are gone, let's get you out of your dirty diaper.” I tell Bab who nodes in agreement. How long has it been since this became the norm for us? When we are alone bab will just tell me when she needs a change and when we are in public she is far too shy to tell me herself but it’s easy to pick up when she needs one. Also, when we are in a spot where someone might see, Bab demands I take her somewhere a little more private to get her change. For us, that was behind a small wall. One that I could still see over even when crouching, but would hide Bab while she is laying down. As soon as Bab laid down, she pulled her skirt up for me so I could get to her diaper. The diaper was sagy and had a yellow tinge. She definitely peed in it, but probably also got a bit of water sucked in from the water mage as well. “Just get it over with. I hate soggy diapers.” Bab tells me as she turns to face away. “You hate diapers in general.” I tell her as I pull out her diaper bag to get a fresh new diaper. As I’m reaching for the tabs on Bab’s diaper, something catches my eye. I turn to see a man sneaking around and keeping an eye out for anyone. As he starts looking in my direction I duck my head behind the wall. “‘W-what is…?” Bab says before I cover her mouth. “Shhhh. We missed a cultist.” I whisper to her and peek up. The cult member didn't see us and started to walk away. “let's go get him.” I say. “W-wait, what about my change!?” Bab whispered back. “You'll be fine just a few minutes longer.” I tell her as I put the diaper bag away. “Besides, a little diaper rash won't hurt you.” It's true, with our fast healing, as long as Bab removes the diaper and stops the rash from spreading, her own healing will clear it up in roughly 5-20 minutes. Depending on how bad it is. “Y-ya, but it still sucks.” Bab said with a small pout as I help her up and the two of us began sneaking to were the man was. Now, I would have just had Bab shock him and then have her make a bolt of lightning to get Blake's attention to come back and get this guy. But since we missed one, I wanted to see if he would lead us to a few more we missed. As we sneak behind him, we watch as he goes behind a small shed on the western side of the temple. From there, he looks around to see if someone was watching him and luckily didn't see us. Then he reached down and pulled up a secret door built into the ground. “Looks like we might have found something interesting.” I whisper to Bab as the man disappears under the door and shuts it. Without wasting any time, Bab and I rush over to take a look. From where I was, you could not see the door as it looked like regular grass. It wasn't until Bab managed to find the handle that we were able to open the door to a secret underground tunnel. “Should we call for backup?” I asked Bab. “I think we can handle it.” Bab tells me with a smile. Hell, considering the fight before, it shouldn't be hard to take out a few members that were hiding. As Bab and I go into the tunnel, I can hear faint yelling coming from further inside. The tunnel was long and curved in many ways as we made our way further down. As we were making our way to the end of the tunnel I could hear the yelling growing louder and louder. “ENOUGH!” someone shouted. “We knew this was coming, which is why we prepared for it.” “What are you talking about!” another shouted. “We just lost a third of our brothers because they were not told of this meeting!” “They were a necessary sacrifice!” the first man shouted. “Had we all been together we would have all been captured! They only knew of our location but not our numbers! With their sacrifice, it has bought us enough time!” “Time?” I asked Bab as we reached the end of the tunnel and were shocked to see a large open room. The room was about 2 floors tall. On the bottom floor was a large group of men, easily twice the size of the cult members we took care of. All of them surrounding a large white and black spotted crystal that looked like a Y. it also looked like someone smashed 2 different crystals and was doing a poor job putting it back together. On the second floor were supports helping to hold the strange crystal up. We were in between both floors on a stairwell leading down or up. “What the hell?” I mumble to myself. “The time has come!” a Man standing slightly above the crystal shouted. “We have finally found the missing piece we need to complete the making of a new god!” Suddenly the cult roared in excitement. “For to long has this world has been ruled by the Black god and the white god! Forcing us into a never-ending battle but does not respond to us when we ask for help! The only thing we have of their power is that of the summoning crystals!” the man shouted. “But no longer! These crystals are the gods power brought into our world! And by fusing them together we shall create a new god! One that will serve us humans and be our savior in this war between the two gods!” the man shouted to everyone. “With this new god, we will bring forth a new utopia! And we will be this new god's angels!” “Intruders!” someone from below shouted as we were finally spotted and everyone turned towards Bab and I. “Well, this isn't good.” I say as I pull out my sword. “Get them! They should be our sacrifice to the new god!” the cult leader shouted as the room exploded with yelling and cries. I grab Bab and turn to leave through the path we came, but a metal door slammed down and trapped us inside. “Ice wall!” I shout as I create an ice wall to the stairs leading down as Bab and i start running up. As soon as we reach the top, 3 men with wind magic leap from below and block us. 2 of them were shocked by Bab as I charge at the third and cut him down. “Aim for the leader!” I yell to Bab. In a swarm situation, better to take out the leader. Without them, most of the underling will have no idea what to do and would give us a much better chance of taking them out. Bab takes aim and fires off electricity, but a pillar of ice protects the cult leader. As more people start to make their way towards us, Bab runs after the cult leader while I hold everyone back as best I can. As soon as Bab gets close to the leader, he is fumbling around on the crystal and trying to fit a broken shards into the bigger piece. But Bab shocks him and has him fall off the crystal and drop the shards he was holding. One of them, falling loosely into the hole the cult leader was trying to fill. “Good work!” I yelled as I look back at Bab for just a moment before I’m punched and tackled by 5 cultists and pinned to the ground. “Alex!” Bab screams as she’s about to run towards me, but is blown back by a wind magic user. “BAB!” I scream out as she is blown off the third floor platform and falls off screaming. “ICE BURST!” Using a large chunk of magic, I shove off the people on top of me and rush over to where Bab was and peer over the ledge and see her sitting on top of the Y shaped crystal. “T-that was close” Bab said as she looked at me with a nervous smile. I let out a happy sigh as I reach over to try to grab her but is not far enough. Bab tried to scoot closer to me and reach out her hand as well. As she did, we heard a small click sound and the crystal under Bab’s bottom began to glow. “That’s not good.” I comment trying to reach just a little farther and managed to just barely grab Bab and yanked her over. All of the cults still around stood in awe as the strange crystal seemed to come alive as it began to rise off the ground and began spinning! “What's going on?” I asked Bab. “No idea, but I think it's summoning something!” Bab says as we can do nothing but watch as flash of light engulfs the room. When the light finally subsides, I can see people standing in front of the crystal. All of them looking very confused as to what was happening. That confusion turned to screams as Bab and I felt the floor beneath us rise until a giant monsters head broke through the floor and roared. part 2 “Bab!” I yelled. “on it!” bab screamed as she blasted the big monster’s head as I carried her and jumped over the platform down and landed near the people summoned to this world by the crystal just as I was. “Stay behind me!” I commanded them as I dropped Bab next to me and looked back at the giant monster as the rest of the cult were yelling and screaming as other monsters were attacking everyone! I looked behind me and got a good look at the people who were summoned: There was a tall guy wearing a suit and tie holding a scared blond woman's hand. Next to them was a roughly 16-year-old teen that was very scrawny wearing pajamas and was holding something pink in his hand. Beside him was a woman with long brown hair wearing a ridiculous blue and purple outfit, and beside her was a tall woman with big breasts and wearing a nice suit and standing next to who I presume to be her daughter dressed in a blue party dress. “What the hell is going on here?” the tall guy with brown hair was yelling. “Quick explanation: You've been summoned here by that crystal and I'm guessing so we're those monsters!” I quickly tell them. “ Now unless you want to get hurt, stay behind…” I didn't get to finish as a giant wolf-like monster lunged at me and knocked me down in the middle of the crowd, causing them to start yelling as the monster opened its mouth and sprayed a thick dark cloud around us. I could hear yelling as everyone scrambled around, all trying to get away. “ice breath!” I yelled as I began freezing the monster’s head in a block of ice before being able to toss it off of me. “Pardie? Pardie where did you go?” I heard someone ask. “Julia? Julia!” the same guy from earlier yelled out. “why do I always get the shit jobs!” the woman with the big breast yelled. “Brat, get us out of here! Kristine?” I was finally able to get out of the black cloud and see a lot of the cult members trying to get out through the now-open tunnel and another one I didn't see before. They were also followed by 2 of the monsters from earlier chasing them. The giant monster seemed to have tunneled it’s way out during the confusion, and the only one left was the one I froze. But after looking back at it, it seemed to have clawed chunks of ice off its head and was getting ready to attack again “Bab, shock the wolf-thing!” I yelled but got no reply. “Bab?” I looked behind me and noticed Bab and a few other people were now gone. “Where the hell did she go?” I yelled out in shock as the wolf monster shattered the ice around its head and roared. **************** Meanwhile in a nearby clearing in the forest, 3 girls appeared out of nowhere and landed on the ground on top of each other. “w-what j-just happened?” the blond-haired woman asked as she searched around. “Lucus? Angel Hunter? Where are you?” “Wyj oxx qy!” Bab yelled under the two girls and shocked them. Both leaping up and off of bab. “Jethuth, that hurt! Wait, are you a part of a magical girl team?” the pre-teen girl in a baby blue, child’s party dress asked as she stared at Bab who was still on the ground. “Gvcj cly eoi jcrsupw cboij?” Bab asked as she looked up at the girl and started to blush as Bab began staring at the obvious diaper she was wearing. “H-hey! Thtop thtaring!” the girl lisped as she tried to cover her diaper with her dress to no avail. “W-where are we?” the blond woman asked, not paying attention to what was going on. “Whats happening?” “That guy from earlier thaid we were thummoned here by a crystal. Tac, do you know anything about...” the young girl looked around. “Tac?” As she looked around, she realized her companion wasn't with her anymore. “Oh fuck!” she yelled as she grabbed her pigtails. “I fowgot Tac! I need to go back and get her! The girl then closed her eyes and looked like she was trying to concentrate, but as she opened her eyes, she was slightly confused. “thtrange, nowmally that works.” the girl said aloud then remembered something. “Maybe Gorgeouth could help!” Once again, she closed her eyes and tried to concentrate but opened her eyes to the same scenery. “What are you doing little girl?” the blond woman asked. “My name is Kwithtine, and I’m twying to get back to my annoying cat.” Kristine said as she got a little frustrated her powers weren't working for some reason. That's when Kristine thought of something and looked at a tree and teleported right to it. Shocking both Bab and the blond woman. The blond woman was a bit startled, but not nearly as much as Bab who just sat there in shock. She’s never seen magic like that before, and definitely not from someone who just came from the other world. But was she from the other world? That crystal was a bit different from the others and not only summoned a whole group, but also monsters as well. Could it be… Suddenly, Bab felt a strange movement from under her butt and sat up. She blushed as she saw what she was sitting on. A pink diaper with the word Princess on the front of it. (I will edit Bab’s dialogue past this point later) Kristine teleported back “My magic ith working fine. Tho… What’s that?” she pointed at the object in Bab's hand. “<<It’s not mine!>>” Bab told the girl as she shook her head. “What language is she speaking?” the blond woman asked. “Damned if I know.” “Right, you can't understand me… fucking hell this will get annoying.” Bab said as she tried to think of a way to communicate easier “That sounded angry.” “Do you think she can understand what we're thaying” “I… think so?” The blond woman clears her throat. “LITTLE GIRL! CAN YOU UNDERSTAND US?” She says slowly and loudly. Bab was a bit annoyed but was very much use to people thinking similarly. She just rolled her eyes and nodded. If she could use her hands she might have also added a jester if she could. Kristine turned to the blond woman “What's your name, anyway?” “Oh! Sorry, how rude of me.” she straightens up a little “My name is Julia.” “Well Juwia, I-” before she could finish her sentence she suddenly clutched her stomach as it made an audible and ominous gurgle. “Fuck! Be wight back!” She teleported behind a tree about thirty yards away. It took Bab and Julia a moment to put the pieces together. But when they did it caused both girls to blush. “So umm… what's your name, little girl?” “My name? Its Bab” Bab told the woman. “Wow. That's an unusual name!” “What? No that's…. You know what, forget it. I'll have Alex translate later.” Bab said to herself slightly annoyed by the situation she was in and was wondering what Alex was doing right now? ***************** Once the smoke cleared I finally got a good look at the wolf-monster. It was about 15-feet long, not including its tail which was extremely long with a huge arrowhead-looking barb on the end of it like a demon’s tail. It had greyish-black fur with some light-blue markings in certain places. It let out a bark before it started charging at me! I didn't have time to dodge, so braced myself to take the blow. But when it was still in the air a sudden blast of green energy hit the creature, knocking it off course. The source of the green energy was the blue and purple girl which I now noticed was wearing an insanely thick pink diaper. Wait, why was she wearing a diaper!? Despite her enormous diaper the girl moved surprisingly fast and in a matter of seconds she was standing by my side. “Are you alright?” “Wait, what? Who, how?” I started to ask as more and more questions piled up but a certain growling caught our attention. Her attention turned back towards the creature who was now charging at us. The girl shot another blast of energy at it, but it sidestepped mid-sprint and closed the distance between us, headbutting the girl and sending her flying back. I used the opening to rush forward and and Slash at the monsters side. The blade sunk in at least a few inches and the wolf yelped and staggered to the side. Then I saw its tail whip around and barely had enough time to swat it away with my sword. This unfortunately gave the monster a chance to retaliate with its powerful jaws. I'm sure it could've taken my head off in a single bite, but instead it grabbed my sword between its teeth, yanked it out of my hand and threw it across the chamber! Not. Good. “ICE BREATH!” As if it remember what happened last time I said that it recoiled slightly, but I wasn't aiming at the wolf. I'd been practicing making my ice gauntlets to where it only takes me a few seconds now. Once the ice was solid I smashed my fists together. “Alright, come at me motherfuaaAAAAHH!” While I was taunting the monster its tail suddenly coiled around my legs and yanked me off the ground. Shit. Next thing I knew I was being dangled upside-down in front of the wolf’s snarling face. I tried to punch it, but it held me just out of reach. But just when it was about to chomp my face off another blast of red fire scorched the side of its face. The tall man in the suit was running towards us, holding a gleaming white sword. And as he got closer I could see his eyes were almost glowing red. “I'm gonna send you back to hell’s dog pound in little tiny pieces!” It dropped me and turned its attention towards the guy, who dodged its jaws and slashed it across the face. As fast as the wolf was, this dude was even faster! I haven't seen anyone move like him since we fought the vampires! And if that wasn't enough I saw a purple and blue figure leap up into the air and rain green energy blasts on the creature. I was just getting up to charge at the creature while it was distracted when it suddenly leapt towards the center of the room and the blue markings started to glow. “That can't be good.” I said. Before anyone else could say anything a cloud of black smoke began pouring out of its mouth, quickly filling the room. The fog stung my eyes slightly and I couldn’t see much more than 3 feet in front of me. And if that wasn't bad enough, it smelled like dog breath. “I can't see it!” said a female voice. “It's going to try to pick us off one by one. Stay close together.” came the man’s voice. I didn't need to be told twice. I ran towards the man's voice and the three of us went back to back to back. “Ok, who the fuck are you people and how do you have powers if you were just summoned here?” I quickly asked as I wanted answers. “I'm Lily,” the diaper girl said. “And umm, I guess maybe because I already had powers before I got here?” “I’m Lucas.” the man said. “And now is not the time for questions.” I ignored him “What do you mean you already had powers? There's no such thing as superpowers on earth!” “That’s what I thought too-AAAHHH!” She screamed as the monster’s tail wrapped around her legs and began dragging her away from us. But before it could drag her out of our sight Lucas shot a stream of flame in the direction it was taking her. Sure enough the flames hit their mark and also illuminated the area enough to see the monster. Which also gave me an opening to try a new spell I'd been working on. “ICE SPIKE!” I yelled as I slammed my fist on the ground, causing a sharp spike made of solid ice to shoot out of the ground directly under the creature. I hoped. A beastial yelp of pain came from the direction of the creature and Lily stopped being pulled towards it. Lucas helped her back to her feet since my hands were still encased in ice. “Are you okay?” “Y-yeah, I think so.” By now the smoke was clearing and we saw the wolf about 30 feet away. It had a few cuts and gashes, but otherwise looked just as strong as ever. “We need to cut off its tail.” Lucas said. “Great idea. How?” I asked. “You two try to keep it busy and I'll go for the tail. Think you can manage that?” “I guess we'll have to.” Lily said. “Im getting low on energy, but I got one trick left. We just need to kill it within the next 5 minutes or I’m useless. FIGHTER’S SOUL!” I felt the rush of adrenaline running through my body as I charged at the monster. Both lily and Lucas flanked and began firing energy blasts too keep it in one spot for me. That was all the opening I needed. My icy fist crashed down on its nose, eliciting a whimper. It took a swipe at me but with my enhanced strength I was able to bat its paw away and punch it in the face. My Fighter’s Soul ability wasn't gonna last long and if it wore out before we killed this thing I was pretty much fucked. Unfortunately Lucas was having a pretty hard time in his end. He was counting on my frontal assault to distract the monster leaving its rear undefended. But either it was VERY good at multitasking or its tail had a mind of its own because as soon as he started to close in the tail came to life and started whipping around, jabbing, thrusting, and slashing at him with enough speed and force that it took all of his might just to parry its blows. It's entire tail was covered in an almost metal-like protective layer except at the base. But he just couldn't get in close enough to reach it and any attempt to do so rewarded him with a deep cut or gash from the razor-sharp barb. Meanwhile I wasn’t doing so hot. My punches were definitely hurting it, but also kinda just pissing it off causing it to attack more fiercely. And if that wasn't bad enough the ice around my arms was starting to crack. “HURRY THE HELL UP!” “I'm… trying!” but all his effort had gotten him were several cuts and minor to moderate wounds. Lily had apparently exhausted her magic and was doubled over trying to catch her breath, powerless to do anything. It wasn't looking good for us. But then suddenly as Lucas was defending against an onslaught of tail strikes the tail flopped on the ground motionless and the monster let out a howl of pain. Standing right behind the monster, clutching MY sword in his hands, was a teenage boy in pajamas I saw earlier. While we were all keeping it busy he managed to cut off the monster’s tail! “Ha! I got him!” “GOOD JOB, KID!” I yell smashing both my fists on the beasts head, shattering my ice gauntlets. I grabbed the beast’s jaws and pried its mouth open and with the last of my magic I used Ice Breath to freeze a solid block of ice in its throat and mouth. And while I couldn’t be sure whether that had been what ultimately killed it or if it had been something Lucas or the Boy had done, the monster collapsed and I felt incredibly satisfied at my finishing blow. And not a moment too soon because Fighters soul had just ended and I felt the extreme drawback of it as I fell on my ass exhausted and panting. But apparently there was no time to celebrate because Lucas looked off towards the exit “I need to go find Julia.” I was still catching my breath. “How… will you… find her?” “I am tied to her spirit and can sense her location a few miles to the east. It will be fastest if I go alone.” Suddenly he started shaking like crazy and before I could ask what was going on he stumbled backwards and collapsed on the ground gasping worse than I was. “Uhh, are you okay?” I asked. He slowly propped himself up on his elbows and I noticed his eyes were no longer red. “Y-yeah… I can explain… but first can I have some water?” I was about to fish my canteen out of Storage when I heard a feminine voice behind me. “Well you certainly took your sweet time.” I turned around to see the busty woman in the black suit standing there. “WELL YOU COULD'VE HELPED, YOU KNOW!” I shouted at her. “You looked like you had everything under control and I wouldn't want to get my paws dirty for nothing. Now, have any of you seen or smelled my Nursery Knight around her?” ******************* After disappearing behind the tree, Kristine took a glance and made sure she wasn't being watched before closing her eyes and summoning her diaper bag. One that sadly had everything she needed to change a diaper. Including one thing that was surprisingly helpful in changing her. A little teddy bear named Mr. Bear. “So…” Julia began in an attempt to break the awkward silence but only succeeded in making things even more awkward as she couldn't think of anything to say to a girl who couldn't talk. Bab sighed before blushing as she felt her diaper suddenly grow warm and she remembered that Alex never got a chance to change her soaked diaper. “<<Dammit, where's Alex when I need him?>>” her face suddenly paled in terror as she felt pee leaking out of her diaper. “<<No no no no no!>>” “What's wrong, Bab… Oh.” Julia’s eyes fell to the urine dribbling down Bab’s leg. Bab was mortified. It was bad enough when a stranger saw her diapers, but to see her in a LEAKY diaper? That was ten times worse. Bab’s lip quivered and she felt tears forming in her eyes. Julia saw the small girl’s distress and kneeled down in front of her. “Hey now, it's okay. There's nothing to be embarrassed about. Here, I'll prove it.” Bab’s slightly-teary eyes went wide as Julia undid the top button of her jeans to reveal she was wearing a diaper underneath too! “I sometimes have trouble controlling my bladder just like you and Kristine.” Bab was in shock. This woman just admitted wearing a diaper to a practical stranger and she wasn't even blushing! Like this was the most normal thing in the world! Julia picked up the pink princess diaper and handed it to Bab. “Can you handle this on your own or do you need help?” Bab shook her head vigorously “<<Hell no! I'd rather spend all day in a dirty diaper waiting for Alex than be changed by a stranger!>>” “So… is that a yes or-” “MITHTER BEAR! COME BACK!” Kristine shouted, drawing Bab and Julia’s attention to the 7-foot tall teddy bear moving towards them. Both girls screamed at the uncanny sight of a giant stuffed animal sprinting towards them with the speed if a cheetah! Julia, even though she wasn't bonded to Angel Hunter right now, had developed some of the demon’s instincts and moved in front of Bab to protect her. When the giant teddy bear came close Julia lunged forward to punch the bear in the face. It felt like you'd expect punching a teddy bear would feel like. Her fist sunk into the soft material leaving the bear unharmed. She followed up with a couple of body shots and a knee to the groin before the bear finally grabbed her wrists, eliciting a whimper from the woman as she realized how powerless she was against this creature. Bab shot a lightning bolt at the bear, to no effect. By now Kristine had reached them and was yelling at the bear Bab & Julia had wrongfully assumed to be a monster. “Mithter Bear, what are you doing!?” As if in answer, the bear wrestled Julia down to the ground and somehow started removing her pants with his bear paws and exposing the yellowed, wet diaper underneath causing the blond girl to scream “HELP!!!” Bab tried shooting more lightning at the plushie foe but all it got her was a glare from Mr. Bear that sent a shiver down her spine. Kristine stepped between Mr. Bear and Bab. “I’m thorry, he’th jutht twying to help! I can't thtop him!” Julia yelped as all her kicking and fighting caused Mr. Bear to give her a hard smack on her butt. “Don't fight him!” Kristine pleaded “bewieve me, you don't want a thpanking fwom Mithter Bear!” Julia stopped fighting and just covered her face with her hands, letting it happen. This wasn't the first time she'd been helplessly diapered by a stranger, although the teddy bear was certainly a new experience. Still, it brought back a lot of memories, some of them not so pleasant. That combined with the utter embarrassment and humiliation of this whole ordeal caused her to start sobbing softly. Bab wanted to look away, if only to spare Julia the extra embarrassment. But she just couldn't look away. It was like watching a disaster unfold in front of her eyes. “Jvuk uk ko xiasyz in!” Kristine may not have understood the words Bab said, but she gathered the general gist from her tone and the look on her face. “I'm tho thorry. I've never theen him do thith to thomeone elthe before.” Mercifully the change only took about 15 seconds after Julia stopped fighting thanks to Mr. Bear’s super speed. He taped her into one of Kristine's diapers which were a bit thicker and much more babyish than Julia’s. Then Mr. Bear looked at Bab. “Po po po po po po! Eoi kjce cgce xloq qy!” Bab dropped the pink diaper and tried to run away, but even if she hadn't been slowed down by the sodden diaper sagging between her legs, there was no chance of out running the magical teddy bear and she screamed as she felt herself being lifted off the ground and placed her back on top of a large, flat rock. As soon as it did, unleashed a torrent of electricity at the creature, but apart from a burnt-fabric smell filling the air it didn't seem to have much effect. It was then that Bab saw, to her horror, that Mister Bear had picked up the pink princess diaper she had dropped while trying to run away. “Gcuj! Jvcj'k poj yhyp qupy!” Bab tried to protest, but even if the Bear could understand her it probably wouldn't have listened. On the bright side Kristine was busy helping Julia so neither of them were paying attention to Bab. The Bear made quick work of removing Bab’s wet shoes, socks, skirt and finally her sodden diaper, wiping her down with lightning-fast speed before adding a dash of baby powder and sliding the pink diaper under her butt before taping it onto her waist. The moment the diaper was taped on, it seemed to explode in a cloud of mysterious pink smoke, causing Bab to scream in surprise and drawing the attention of Julia and Kristine. And what they saw nearly made their eyes pop out of their heads. Bab’s blond hair had turned bubblegum pink with a pretty red bow in it. Her shirt had also turned pink with red ribbons forming a sort of vest. The frilly pink skirt which materialized around her waist did absolutely nothing to hide her diaper. And the whole ensemble ended in knee-length white socks and black Mary Janes. Bab looked down at herself, grimacing in disgust at the extremely-girly outfit. “What the hell just happened?” Both the other girls gasped causing Bab to look up at them in confusion. “Y-you just spoke English!” Julia exclaimed. “Huh? What are you talking about of course I speak english. But what's going on with my…” Bab froze as she realized the words she just said “Wait, you can understand me!?” Both girls nodded. “That… that shouldn't be possible!” Bab muttered in complete shock. But before Bab could process anything an unfamiliar voice spoke “Huh. Well this is new.” All three girls looked around, wondering where that voice came from. “Down here, Princess.” Bab’s diaper suddenly inflated itself, nearly sending her falling on her butt before deflating again. “D-did that diaper just talk?” Julia asked. “That is correct.” the diaper answered. There was a moment of stunned silence. “What. The. Fu-” Bab began to say before Mr. Bear put a paw to her lips, silencing her. “Sowwy,” Kristine said “He doethn’t wike thwearing.” She clears her throat. “Tank you, Mithter Bear. I wuv you!” The giant teddy bear suddenly shrinks down to normal size before Kristine scoops it up and summons a diaper bag, placing him inside. “My apologies, Princess.” the diaper said “I am Pardie. And I am as confused as you are.” “What’s going on! Why am I dressed in this ridiculous outfit! And how is a diaper talking!” Bab yelled out in utter confusion. “Those who dawn me become the Princess and guardian of Dreamland; A world where dreams and nightmares reside.” the diaper told the 3 confused ladies. “However, despite you now waring me, you should not be able to become the Princess.” “I don't want to become some princess of anything! I just want to know how you are doing this and why my curses are gone!” Bab said as she then started to realize what that meant for her. “My magic gives my Princess the powers needed to fight the nightmares.” Pardie told them. “It is my hypothesis that this world's magic is interfering with my magic and therefore allowing you to become the Princess.” Kristine sighs “Magic ith tho much more confuthing than Law Thchool.” “Aren't you, like, 12?” Julia asked, but the question was ignored. “Okay, okay. Let's just say you are right. And that your magic is somehow being affected. How do you even have magic? The other world shouldn't have magic.” Bab commented. “Wait, but we have pwenty of Magical Girlth. And magic ith vewy common.” Kristine replied not knowing what Bab was talking about. To say Julia was shocked by such a revelation would be an understatement. She turned to Kristine “Wait, there's no Magical Girls where I'm from. That's only in anime.” Bab was finally starting to put the pieces together. “Could there be more than one ‘other’ world?” Bab wondered aloud. “Kristine, you obviously have some pretty powerful magic. Could you do all this stuff before you were summoned here?” “Yeth.” “And Julia, did you have magic powers too?” “No. But I kinda do when I'm with Angel Hunter.” “Who's Angel… never mind, we'll get back to that. So if you two had magic before you came here, that must mean the Crystal summoned you from a different version of Earth than the one Alex is from! Is that even possible?” Julia was completely lost, but Kristine seemed to be following along at least a little bit. “Wets athume that it ith pothible. How do we get home?” “Normally you could use one of the Crystals to go back. But it would take a LOT of magic…” but Bab was interrupted before she could finish “I'll try anything at this point.” Julia said. “Where is the Crystal?” “I’m… not sure. I don't even know how we got here in this forest.” Kristine raises her hand “That wath pwobably my fault. I can teweport and when that monthter filled the woom with thmoke I kinda panicked. In the commotion, I thought Tac fell on me and I wanted uth to get out of there.” Kristine explained. “But I don't know why I can't go back?” Pardie spoke up “My hypothesis is that all magic not native to this world is being affected and not working right. It might also be that my magic is suppressing Princess’s curse in some way.” “Wait, does this mean I could finally stop using diapers again!” Bab said as a smile started to form. “I might even be able to look older!” Julia gave a giggle. “I don't think you'll look older wearing something like that, sweetie.” Bab looked back down at her outfit and realized that Pardie was the reason her curses were being repressed and she would still look like an oversized toddler. “Fuck me…” Both Julia and Kristine giggled at Bab’s displeasure before getting serious once more. “Anyway, which way should we go to get back to the others?” Julia asked when Suddenly Julia gasped and doubled over, her body shaking as if she were having a seizure. Bab and Kristine both leapt back in surprise. “Julia!? What's wrong!?” bab asked. But by then Julia had stopped shaking and stood up straight. Her expression had changed into a more serious one, but more noticeably her eye color changed from their normal sky blue to a deep blood-red. “We are united once again.” Kristine’s body tensed. This situation did not feel right to her. “The fuck ith that thupposed to mean?” “I will make this fast, as time is rather short: I have been reunited with Angel Hunter, but more importantly there is a monster heading our way.” She said before Pointing towards a cliff. They all heard it before it came into view; a loud buzzing sort of sound. Then it crested over the trees: A gigantic wasp the size of an elephant! Its yellow and black-striped body all too familiar to anyone who’d ever been stung before. “Not the best time!” Bab yelled as she stretched out her hand, but nothing happened. Bab stretched out her arm again to fire off her lightning but none came out. “What's goin…” but before she could answer the Wasp tried to spray Bab and Julia with some sort of glue-like goop from its stinger. But thankfully the girls leaped out of the way. “I've got thith!” Kristine said before teleporting up above the Wasp, summoning a giant rattle to crush the monster’s skull. But the bee darted back before smashing into Kristine with its head and sending her falling to the ground. “What type of bee is that!?” Bab asked as she tried blasting again. “And why isn't my magic working!” “Observation implies that I am not only suppressing your curses, but also your own magic.” Pardie told Bab. “should you remove me you should be able to use your magic once more.” For once, Bab was conflicted on taking the diaper off. Part of her wanted to keep it on and remove the curse, and the other wanted her magic. “LOOK OUT!” Kristine yelled as she tackled Bab away as the Bee zoomed at them. After missing them, it spun around and sprayed its goo at them. Kristine teleported away just in time to not get hit, but realized too late that she wasn't touching Bab who got hit with the goo! Pinning her arm to the ground. Seeing its pray helpless, the wasp shot down with this stinger ready to pierce its meal! But instead of piercing flesh, it collided with a sword! “You shall not harm this young one, beast.” Julia said while holding a white sword and blocking the wasps stinger with it. “Now begone!” Julia shot a burst of flames from her sword at the wasp, forcing it away and readying herself for battle as the wasp made sporadic flying movements as if it were a hummingbird. But as fast as the monster was, Julia was even faster. Her reaction speeds were superhuman allowing her to narrowly dodge its stinger and countering with lightning-fast slashes and thrusts. But for all the hits she dealt to the beast it didn't show any signs of weakening. In fact all her strikes seemed to do was make the gargantuan hornet angrier and its attacks became faster and more ferocious and when the angry wasp found that its stinger couldn't hit her it smacked Julia with one of its long legs hard enough to knock her off her feet. Julia was only saved by Kristine teleporting in front of her and smacking the wasp with enough force to send it careening into a nearby tree. The tree cracked and bent, but the wasp looked a little worse for wear. “Thith thing’th a pain in the ath.” Kristine lisped. “It is unlike any foe I've ever fought.” Julia said before the wasp flew towards them again. But instead of attacking them it went straight past them and disappeared over the tree line. “Strange.” “Where ith it going-” Before she could finish asking the question they heard screaming from the direction the wasp left in. Julia and Kristine needed no further incentive to chase after the beast. Kristine teleported up into the sky so that she could find the creature and Julia actually flew over the treeline on invisible wings, transforming her short sword into something that would hopefully be a bit more effective... Unfortunately, Bab was still stuck to the ground. “Umm, Kristine? Julia? A little help would be nice!” But no one responded. "Fucking great. Any ideas on how to get unstuck?" "Not at the moment Princess" Pardie replied. Bab let out a sigh as she tried magic once more but failed. Then something moving caught her eye, and she had a shiver run down her spine as a slime approached. Bab began tugging at the goop trying to get away as she slime got closer and she nearly screamed as it got on her goop covered arm. "Hypothesis: if this world's slime are like dreamland's then they will be attracted to sweet or smelly sources of food. It could eat away at the goop to free you." As sweat poured down Bab's face, all she could think of was that she didn't care just as long as it stayed out of her diaper! ******** “I demand you release me at once! I am Lady Esmeralda Glory!” the finely-dressed woman shackled inside the prisoner transport yelled. “Yes yes, I heard you the twelfth time.” Blake said rolling his eyes “For Willa’s sake will you please shut up? If you are nobility we can figure that out at the next town.” “this is an outrage! You should be begging my forgiveness right now! Rest assured there will be consequences for this… this… Impunity!” “Is that even a word, Master?” Eva asked from atop the cart. “Yes, but I don't think it means what she thinks it means.” he chuckled. “INSUFFERABLE WRETCHES!” Esmeralda screamed. “I will make you all rue the day you trifled with Esmeralda Glory!” Blake breathed a heavy, exhausted sigh. “One more threat or demand out of you, and you'll be gagged for the rest of the trip. Do you understand, Miss Glory?” She gasped in shock at the threat, but decided that shutting up would be most beneficial to her right now. Taking a seat back down next to the cult members who were also looking a bit annoyed at her. “Good choice.” Blake said, turning his attention back to the road. “Master, do you hear something?” Eva asked. “Like what? Wait… what's that buzzing noise?” No sooner had he asked the question than a giant wasp appeared over the treeline heading straight for them causing all the prisoners in the cart to shriek in fear. “Umm, Eva? Can you-” Blake said as he quickly tried to stop the carriage of prisoners. “On it, Master!” Eva interrupted before jumping off the carriage and sprinting towards the bee. When she was about twenty feet away from the monster she Leaped into the air. her clothes ripped off once more as she turned into a large Praying Mantis, shocking even the giant wasp as Eva’s Scythe-like arms slammed down on top of it and crashing it into the ground below. Unfortunately she was not prepared when a jet of flame came shooting out of the hornet’s mouth! She screeched in pain which gave the wasp the opportunity to jab her in the chest with its stinger, pumping her with venom. Thankfully it was knocked loose by a blast of compressed air delivered by a magically-imbued arrow from Blake. “Eva!” “I'm okay, Master!” She tried to take another swipe at the bee as it flew past her towards Blake, but missed. “Master! Watch out!” He shot another arrow at the wasp to little effect and used his wind magic to jump out of the way when it reached him. But the bee seemed more interested in the carriages full of cultists as it knocked it over and started tearing it apart. Another wind-blast from Blake’s arrow dislodged it again, but not before it tore the roof off the carriage and the cultists went running as best they could with their shackled hands and feet. In response to this, the wasp quickly darted towards Blake who just barely managed to leap out of the way. He tried to draw another arrow, but the wasp was just too fast and kept forcing him to dodge using his rapidly-dwindling pool of magic. Once that ran out he wouldn't stand a chance. By now Eva had caught back up with the wasp and made a lunge at it, but the monstrous insect dodged out of the way and breathed fire at her again. She covered her face with her arm this time which unfortunately left her vulnerable to another stinger attack. “NO!” Blake yelled as he changed all his remaining magic into an arrow and fired it at the wasp, blasting it with enough wind to knock it into the cart thirty feet away. Eva stumbled a bit and slumped over. “I don't feel so good, Master.” “Just don't shift back. You probably have enough venom in you to kill anything human-sized.” By now the wasp had gotten back up and was looking very angry at the two of them before unleashing a torrent of flame again. Eva grabbed Blake with her mantis claws and attempted to shield him from the flames. But neither of them felt the heat as a water bubble had enveloped them. They both looked over and saw Esmeralda about 20 feet away with her hands outstretched towards them. “I told you I was here to protect the holy land! And if this vile creature threatens that place then it shall feel the wrath of Esmeralda Glory!” with a wave of her hand, water bubbles appeared and shot towards the wasp. The attack wasn't strong, but with the wasp's wings soaked it wouldn't be able to get away. “Now kill it!” With its mobility greatly reduced, Blake shot it in the eye with an arrow. It hissed in pain and began crawling towards them furiously. Eva, as woozy as she was, readied herself to fight. But when it was about halfway towards them something a little girl Appeared right in front of it and smashed the wasps head into the ground. Before Blake could even wonder what was happening, a woman fell out of the sky with a blazing spear and pierced the Wasps back! For a moment, the wasp stopped moving. “Did that finally kill it?” the little girl who smashed the wasps head asked. Before they got their answer, the Wasp jerked and caused the woman on top to lose her balance and fall off. The wasp was pinned down by the spear but not yet dead. “Why won't thith thing die!” the little girl lisped before a large shadow appeared over her. She turned and finally noticed Eva and screamed! She leapt away from the giant mantis, but Eva didn't pay her any mind. Instead, Eve grabbed onto the wasps head as hard as she could and took one large bite out of its head. Finally killing it once and for all. “Great, another monster!” the woman who fell off yelled as she leapt up and freed her spear from the wasp, ready to fight the new threat. But Blake shot an arrow at the woman's feet. “Don't you touch her!” Blake yelled as he wondered just what the hell was happening. The woman studied the man for a moment, then the mantis, before causing her spear to disappear. “Apologies. Insects don't have souls in the world I'm from.” “So you're a hero from the other world then?” “We're still trying to sort that out.” part 3 ************* I decided to take the time to fill everybody in on what was going on, now that we weren't fighting for our lives as we made our way to the surface. I explained that they had all been pulled into this world where magic was real, half expecting them to freak out like I did when I first arrived. but they surprised me when they weren fazed by any of this. Tac, the beautiful woman with large breast, was a Cat-Woman from a place called the Magical Realm. She explained that she was a Handler in charge of the little girl from earlier named Kristine, whom she called a “Nursery Knight.” Lily, the brown-haired girl wearing the ridiculous blue, pink, and purple outfit, was something called a Magical Girl. A name which immediately caught the attention of Tac who asked if she was also Nursery Knight too. But Lily had no idea what that was since she apparently just got her powers and hasn't really had a chance to figure out what they mean. “You mean to tell me there are TWO Magical Girl teams running around in diapers?” Tac asked while being slightly revolted by the thought. Lily blushed and tried to pull her short skirt down over her comically-huge diaper, to no avail. Lucas, the dark-haired tall guy in the now-ruined suit, along with his girlfriend Julia are demon slayers. But they only get their powers when something called “the Angel Hunter” enters into their body, like a ghost. the reason he spazzed-out and collapsed earlier was because Angel Hunter left him to go find Julia. Amani, the kid in the pajamas, claimed to be the “Protector of Dreamland.” But didn't really feel like going into many details. “I still don't understand how all of you have magic. Magic’s not real on earth,” I stated while thinking of home. Tac actually laughed at me “Of course there is. Have you been living under a rock your whole life?” “To be fair,” Lucas interjected, “I didn't think magic was real until a few months ago when I met Angel Hunter and Julia.” Lily nodded “And I didn't know until recently myself.” I looked at Amani to see if he had anything to say. He shrugged, “I only became Prin- I mean learned of Dreamland about a month ago.” Tac just looked at us like we all had 2 heads. “What? Does that mean there's more than one Earth? Because everyone knows about magic where I come from.” Amani scratched his chin for a second. “Is it possible that we all came from different Earths?” Everybody stopped to stare at each other. “That actually makes sense.” Lucas replied “Angel Hunter would've known about things like Magical Girls and Catgirls or Dreamland. But she was just confused by all the weird magic going on around us during the fight. And believe me, confusing them is NOT easy!” We were all finally reaching the outside when we heard some sort of loud screech from a ways away followed by a plume of flame rising up above the trees. Followed by what sounded like a fight. “That's gotta be where Bab and the others are! Come on!” I yelled and started running towards the sound when Tac spoke up. “Need I remind you that you and Little Miss Pottypants are the only fighters in our group?” Tac said as she pointed at Lily who looked absolutely mortified at what Tac called her. “And I don't feel like running through some woods on just some guess that that's where your friend is.” “Your friend might be there too,” I replied. “Maybe, but I'm not wasting my time chasing after a hunch,” Tac replied. “Besides, me and these other bastards are useless to you anyways.” “Hey!” Lucas interjected, but she continued. “We'd just get in the way,” Tac told me. “So what are you suggesting we do? Sit around on our asses and do nothing!?” I asked. “Mmmmm… pretty much. I'm sure those girls can handle themselves.” Tac stated as she sat down on a rock to wait. “Kristine will be back sooner or later. If not, she's going to get a hell of a spanking from me.” “Fine! I'm going to find Bab. The rest of you can stay here!” I turned to Lily “You stay with them in case any more monsters show up.” “O-Okay!” she nodded as I ran off to find Bab. Tac looked Lily up and down “You know, if it wasn't for that diaper, you might just be my type.” Lily’s face turned bright red and turned away from Tac. As I was running into the woods, I heard another pair of feet running behind me. turning around I see Amani following me. “I thought you were staying behind?” “Naw, can't stand bitches like that.” He replied. “Besides, I think Pardie might have disappeared with the girls, so I want to get him.” “Gotcha. Say, what does Pardie look like anyway?” I asked. “Uhhhhh, You'll know him when you see him.” He replied, avoiding eye contact. Weird kid... *********************** After running a good distance into the forest, we get close to where we saw the flames from earlier and start looking around. “You see anything?” I asked. “No, but what's that sound?” Amani asked as I take a listen and hear what sounds like a whimper. Following it a bit, we walk through some bushes and see someone on the ground surrounded by slimes! “Frost wave!” I yelled as I rush over and wave my arm in front of me that sent a wave of freezing air towards the slimes. Not enough to kill them, but cold enough to make them back off and start to retreat. “ALEX!” the girl on the ground cried out as I realize it was Bab! tears were streaming down her face. “Bab!” I cried out as I freeze the stuff holding her down and shatter it to free her. As soon as she got up, she leaped onto me and hugged me, mostly just relieved I saved her from the slimes. Her biggest fear. As soon as she was calm, I looked her up and down. “What are you wearing? I asked. “*Sniff* Oh, umm…” “HOW ARE YOU WEARING PARDIE?” Amani suddenly shouted. A look of shock on his face. “What?” I asked confused. Before anyone could answer, a strange voice spoke from somewhere “That is the real Princess of Dreamland.” I began looking around in surprise “who said that!?” Bab blushed “F-from my butt…” “huh?” “Pardie!” Amani shouted again “How is she wearing you? I thought I was the only one who could put you on?” “Normally that is correct, Princess. But this world seems to be interfering with my magical functions, going by slightly different rules.” “Wait,” I said standing back up “Is Pardie… the diaper?” Amani’s red cheeks were answer enough. “It wasn't my fucking idea, okay!” “SISSY! ALEX!” shouted a praying mantis as it came from the treeline. we assumed it to be Eva as she charged towards us, followed by Blake, the blue-haired cultist lady, and two other girls I remembered from the cultists’ lair. “OH SHIT!” Amani screamed. “Relax, she's a friend.” I tell him. Blake jumped down in front of Eva to keep her from running us over “EVA STOP!” She stopped in her tracks. “YOU!” Bab screamed at the two other girls I gathered to be Kristine and Julia. “You left me stuck to the fucking ground!” “We had bigger pwobwems to deal wiff!” Kristine shouted back. “Wait, you understand her?” I asked confused as to how that was even possible. But before I could get my answer, the other woman stepped forward. “Now that you are together again, I must look into something,” Julia said ignoring my question. Her piercing eyes rested on me, “Look after Julia for me or you will die by my hands when I return.” And then she suddenly let out a cry and went down on her hands and knees, gasping for breath much like Lucas was earlier. “Umm… the hell was that all about?” Blake asked. I wasn’t even sure where to begin “Ugh, let's just get back to the cultists’ lair and maybe Lucas can explain it to you.” “I could teweport uth back there,” Kristine lisped “If I knew where it wath.” I pointed in the direction we came from “It's about over their. You can just barely make out the castle they use-” But she was gone when I turned back to where she had been standing. “D-did I just get Batmanned by a little girl?” I asked and looked at Bab who had no idea what I meant. Just as I finished saying that she re-appeared where she had been standing “Alwight, I can get uth there now.” “WAIT WHAT!” I yelled. “How the? what the?” I was just trying to wrap my head around what she just did when blake grabbed my shoulder. “Don't worry, I was confused too.” Blake told me. “I'll expwain later.” she held out her hand “Evewybody gwab onto me.” “Sorry but Eva and I have to-” Blake started to say when Eva placed one of her mantis arms gently on the little girl's shoulder and one on Blakes, just as they all vanished. *************** When we all got back I expected to find Tac lying on the same rock as before with Lucas and Lily both taking a well-deserved breather. But that's not at all what we saw. Lily was fighting with some kind of goat monster! It was covered in dark grey fur from head to hooves, standing upright like a man at nearly 8-feet tall. It also had bat-like wings sprouting from its back and its “hands” were more like claws than hooves. “JULIA!” Lucas exclaimed as he rushed over to meet his girlfriend who met him halfway and hugged him. This, unfortunately, caught the attention of the monster who looked over at us with its fiery red eyes, rising into the air on its black wings. “Shit! Looks like we're in for another fight!” I said drawing my sword. “I've got thith!” Kristine yelled before teleporting over to the monster to whack it with a mace that looked like a giant rattle. The monster was hit hard and staggered a bit but was still ready to fight and roared at Kristine! She appeared right in front of the monster again ready to attack, when she was hit by a stray energy blast from Lily! this knocked Kristine off balance and allowed the monster to punch her with enough force to send her crashing into the ground like a meteor! “Eeeeep! S-sorry!” Lily called out. “Master! I know the perfect form to kill this monster!” Eva said happily as she started to charge. Blake’s eyes went wide “EVA NO-” But it was already too late as she shifted back into her human form and let out a cry of agony before falling to the ground clutching her stomach “AHHHHHHHHHH! MASTER IT BURNS!” “Eva I told you not to shift forms until… LOOK OUT!” The monster swooped towards Eva for a kill, but was knocked off course by a gust of wind from Blake, a blast of ice from me, and a jet of bubbles from the blue-haired chick. what was her name again? “Haha! Insolent beast! You thought you could profane the Holy Land without facing the wrath of Esmeralda Glory?” Oh yeah. That was it. “We need to get Eva to safety!” Blake told us. “Okay here's the plan,” Lucas began “Everyone with magic powers, fight the Jersey Devil. Everyone else, help me drag Eva away from the fighting.” “Do I have too...” Tac moaned. “NOW!” And with that Lucas began Dragging the still-screaming Eva away followed by Julia, Amani, Tac and Bab. “Bab, where are you going?” I asked. She turned back to me “My magic isn't working thanks to this STUPID PINK DIAPER!” she yelled before following the others. “Grat,” I mumbled as I turn back to the monster. This now leave me, Blake, Esmeralda, and Lily to deal with the monster. ********* By the time Lucas and Amani had dragged Eva to safety, she had passed out from the pain of the poison. “Julia, where is Angel Hunter?” Lucas asked. “Oh, she uh, had to leave…” “WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHE HAD TO LEAVE!?” “Guys focus!” Bab stomped her foot “Lucas, what did you call that thing back there?” “The Jersey Devil. It's a Cryptid from my world.” Amani raised an eyebrow “What's a cryptid?” “In my world Cryptids are usually angels or demons that have found a way to take physical form.” “Alright, how do you kill them?” Bab asked. “You don't. Unless you're an Angel Hunter. But ours apparently had better things to do right now!” Lucas began pacing angrily. “Where the hell did she go anyway?” Julia looked off towards the setting sun. “She went to get some answers.” He stopped his pacing. “You mean…?” “We're wasting time!” Amani yelled snapping everyone out of their collective stupor. “Pardie, if she is wearing you, does that make her the Princess? Can't she use the relics?” “that is correct, Princess.” the diaper answered. “However, I believe her small stature would make her an unsuitable combatant.” “Hey!” Bab yelled but was ignored. “But SHE'S the one wearing you! Is there anything she can do?” “I don't make the rules, Princess.” “Ugh! You're so fucking useless!” Amani kicked a wall in frustration. “Look who’s talking.” Tac commented but was ignored. “Alright, that's enough!” Bab said, “I don't understand what's going on or how any of this is even possible, but what I DO know is that 2 of my friends are out there fighting for their lives and I'm not just gonna stand here and do nothing!” She looked down at the diaper. “tell us how we can fight the Jersey Devil.” “Princess can still use all of the relics normally. But it will drain your magic reserves instead of theirs.” “Really?” Amani asked. “Yes, Princess.” A smile crept its way onto Bab’s face. “This could work! You can go out there and fight that Devil!” Amani grinned ear to ear “And for once I won't be dressed like a sissy while I'm fighting! Hell yes!” Bab looked over at Tac, Julia and Lucas. “You two stay here with Eva. Without any weapons or powers, you wouldn't last long.” “You don't have to tell me twice,” Tac said laying down in the sunlight and closing her eyes. “Alright, where are these relics you were talking about?” Bab asked. Amani immediately blushed. “I'm very sorry about this…” “Sorry about wha-aaAHHH HEY!” Amani quickly spun Bab around, put his hand on the back of her diaper. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU-” Before she could finish Amani's hand disappeared into the pink heart of the diaper before pulling out a long shiny sword out of the diaper! Then reaching back in pulled out a building block. Everyone just stared in disbelief at what they saw! “Ok. you stay here with them!” Amani shouted as he ran towards the battle. ************** I charged towards the monster and took a swing at its head and it actually grabbed my sword in its claw! It raised its other claw to take a swipe at me but as it brought its talons down towards me it stopped to catch an arrow fired by Blake! But it was enough of a distraction for Lily to blast it's forearm. It yelped in pain and loosened its grip on my sword enough for me to yank it free, slicing its palm in the process. I tried to take another swing at its hand which was now glowing a whitish-blue for some reason. But it kicked me with a hoofed-foot hard enough to knock the wind out of me and send me flying back. Thankfully Lily was their to catch me. “T-thanks.” I tell her panting. Esmeralda shot a stream of bubbles at the monster, but it simply used one of its wings to block it like a shield. Blake shot another arrow, but it smacked it out of the air with its other wing. I knew we had to do something about those wings if we were going to take this thing down! Just then it lunged at me and Lily like a panther and we just barely managed to roll to the side to avoid its pounce. Now was my chance! “TUNDRA!” I yelled using what little ice magic I had left to freeze its soaking-wet wing solid. That threw it off-balance enough that it couldn't dodge a volley of three arrows from Blake and had to take those in its other wing. And with Esmeralda now spraying it in the face with water bubbles someone ran up and leaped into the air. Screaming his head off, Amani cut the frozen wing off! The wing shattered into chunks of ice and black smoke. But before Amani could regain he footing the beast let out a cry of pain and spun around smacking him with its other wing hard enough to knock him on his back before charging at Blake! Even missing a wing the monster was insanely fast and Blake had to use wind magic to evade. But he wasn't fast enough and the monster managed to snag his bowstring with its claw causing it to snap! Which unfortunately threw him off balance and let the monster grab Blake by the throat and pin him to the ground, unhinging its jaw like a snake ready to bite Blakes face off! I wasn’t gonna be able to reach him in time to fight the creature off with my sword! Thankfully Lily behind me Blasted the creature in the head and forced it to look at us and snarl. But while it was focused on me and Lily, Blake grabbed an arrow from his quiver and stabbed the monster right in the eye! It let out an unholy scream of pain before Blake used wind magic to blast it off of him. He rolled to his feet clutching his throat and gasping for breath when I finally reached him. “Blake! You okay?” He coughed and sputtered “Yeah… but I'm out of magic.” “Great. That makes two of us.” I tell him. “Fear not, young warriors!” Esmeralda cried, “I shall dispatch this fiend!” By now the monster had gotten to its feet, screamed at us and charged towards Esmeralda who created a giant water bubble on the head of her staff which swirled and spun, getting smaller and smaller until it was only an inch or two in diameter. And when the goat-monster got close enough to slash at Esmeralda she just touched its chest and there was a massive explosion of water! The force was enough to send the monster flying through a brick wall as well as soak all five of us from head to toe. “Haha! You thought you could stand against Esmeralda Glory and still triumph? Foolish beast! No more shall you profane the Holy Land with your filth! So says I; Esmeralda Glor-” before she could finish boasting, a brick came flying out of the cloud of dust and rubble that used to be a wall and knocked her out cold. The beast stepped out of the cloud and for the first time I got a good look at just how much damage we'd caused it. Its left eye was replaced by a glowing green radiating fracture like a stone thrown at a car windshield. Three similar marks were on its left wing where Blake had shot it with arrows. It's chest also had a large crack in it, but it was glowing dark blue. And the slice on its claw was still covered in bluish-white light. And while I didn't notice them before its whole body had several purple dots all over it. “If years of video games have taught me anything, it's that the glowing spots are weak points.” I say. “Years of what?” Blake asked. “Nevermind, just aim for the glowing bits!” I held my sword in both hands. “With what? He broke my bow!” Blake reminded me. “Shit!” I yelled. The monster charged at us and I readied myself for a tough fight, but before it reached us it ran headfirst into a wall of… transparent building blocks? It was then that I noticed Amani standing off to the side with his sword in one hand and a strange block in the other. “Come get me you fucking bastard!” he yelled. The monster screeched and charged at Amani. I ran after it, but there was no way I was gonna catch it before it mauled the poor kid! But as the creature got close Amani ducked down and more of those transparent blocks appeared around him creating a protective cube. The monster slashed and punched at the cube, but couldn't break through it. With it distracted, Lily appeared behind the monster and using all her energy blasted the monster in the back! It screamed in agony, but its pain wouldn't last long as Amani came out of his protective cube and cut the monster in half above the waist! Rivers of pink light quickly covered its entire body in both directions as the two halves of its body hit the ground and the whole beast turned to ash and sulfur. Finaly we fucking won! ************* Angel Hunter had followed her divine senses to the greatest power in this world. Here, the two greatest forces of this world had gathered together and cloaked themselves in a swirling maelstrom of black storm clouds. In her own world opposing forces of this magnitude have not coexisted in the same place for thousands of years. Not since humanity had first been brought into the world. The thought was enough to sow great fear in the demon’s heart. And the fact that she was a trespasser in their world only served to magnify the dread that enveloped her. She had to play this right if she hoped to get out of this alive. The demon fell to her knees and bowed low to the ground. “Lords of this realm. I have come to you in hopes of finding favor in your eyes.” Lightning flashed and thunder pealed. But concealed within the cacophony were voices she could make out. “It was never my intention to trespass. I was brought here against my will, along with several others.” The two forces affirmed that they had felt a disturbance in their game. “We do not wish to disrupt your game. That is why I have come to request your permission to return to our respective worlds.” The lightning crackled angrily and was answered by cool, almost soothing rumblings from the thunder. It seemed the god in thunder was more sympathetic towards the demon and her plight than the lightning was. They argued back and forth before finally reaching an agreement to send Angel hunter back. “Wait!” Angel hunter yelled and felt a sense of dread wash over her from speaking to the gods like that. “Please wait. My host is still on your world and i can not leave her or her mate.” The two gods seemed to clash once more as thunder and lightning flashed and crackled until yet another agreement was made. at sunset the gods would use their powers to charge the crystal that brought them here to send them back. But if Angel Hunter failed to bring her companions back to the crystal at the appointed time she would be banished back to her world alone, lest their presence here disrupt the gods’ game. “Thank you, Your judgment is fair and wise. I shall return at once to my companions and gather them at the crystal.” With one final boom of thunder and lightning she spread her wings and took flight back towards Julia and Lucas. ************* After that tough fight, we decided to make a campfire to help dry those of us who got soaked by Esmeralda as the sun would be going down soon. Once the fire was going and everyone gathered around it the first thing I did was make sure our wounded were being taken care of. Blake had already retrieved Eva and held her by the campfire with a blanket wrapped around her naked body. She was unconscious, but even I could see the slight smile on her face from being so close to Blake. Esmeralda was also fine. She had a big gash on her forehead from where the brick hit her, but Lucas and Julia were happy to help her bandage it up once I gave them some bandages from my Storage. “It's not that bad, though you might have a scar from this,” Lucas warned her. “You have my humble gratitude.” Esmeralda told them, “but thanks to my wonderful healing I shall not have so much as a blemish on my royal face come morning. I rolled my eyes on hearing that but ignored it. I was starting to wonder who was taking care of Kristine when I looked over and saw her being held by a giant Teddy Bear! Lucas, Amani, and Lily were also shocked until Bab quickly filled me us in on who “Mr. Bear” was. I couldn’t help but chuckle as it pulled out a baby bottle and started feeding the half-conscious Kristine like an infant. Though I noticed Julia and Bab kept giving it funny looks. Once everyone was settled I decided it was time to take Pardie off of Bab and give it (him?) Back to Amani. But Bab wasn't too thrilled about the idea. “I can't believe I'm saying this, but can't I wear the diaper just a little bit longer? I like being able to talk and use my hands and not piss myself all the time!” “For all I care you can keep it,” Amani told her. “You can be the new Princess of Dreamland and I can go back to my normal life. Everyone's happy!” “Incorrect, Princess.” Pardie told him. “The magical distortion in this world will not extend to Dreamland. There is no telling what might happen if you or I attempted to return unconnected.” Amani shrugged “Too bad. Not my problem anymore.” “It could wind up forcing the disconnection between us and thus ripping away most of your life span,” Pardie said rather ominously. “What!” Amani shouted before slapping his forehead with his hand. “Fine! Get over here you stupid diaper!” “What does that-” Bab was about to say before the left tape on Pardie came off. She was engulfed in pink smoke and was back in her normal clothes, and she quickly scrambled to keep the diaper in place “WAIT, WAIT! I NEED TO CHANGE!” The tape reattached itself. “Umm, is she speaking in tongues or something?” Lucas asked. I had to explain Bab’s curse before translating what she had said and leading her away for a diaper change. By the time we got back Tac was eyeing Julia up like a piece of meat. “You look tense, Julia. Luckily I know just the thing that can take the edge off,” It was clear Julia was very uncomfortable. “I do yoga…” “Why don't we go somewhere more private and you can show me just how well you stretch?” she said suggestively. Julia and Lucas both gasped at the brash suggestion. “I have a boyfriend!” “Yeah! She has me!” Tac didn't seem to care. “Sorry, I'm not into guys. But he can watch if he wants? I don't mind an audience.” Nearly everyone was stunned silent “I-I’m straight…” Julia finally squeaked out. “So is spaghetti, until it gets wet.” Tac winked and moved in closer. But Lucas shoved her away “Listen here, lady!” She raised her hand and claws popped out of her fingertips “Put your hand on me again and you won't get it back!” I was about to step in when Lily stood up “Will you two stop fighting!” They both stopped and looked at her and she immediately became timid. “I mean... please?” “Maybe if you got rid of that diaper you could join in too.” Tac suggested with a wink. “Knock it off,” Blake told them. “We have more important issues right now.” “Now what could be more important than my pleasure?” Tac said licking her lips. “How about finding the cultists that escaped?” Blake suggested. “Wait, the cultists escaped?” I asked. “There were cultists?” asked Amani. “Hunting down cultists sounds like work.” Tac quipped “I'll pass.” Blake explained the whole situation with the giant wasp that destroyed the cart and set the cultists free. “Normally Eva could track them easily, but…” He looked down at the unconscious woman in his arms. “Obviously that isn't happening anytime soon.” I swore under my breath. “By nightfall they'll be spread out too far to track! We have to go searching for them!” “What's the point?” Bab asked. “All the really dangerous monsters come out at night. So most of them will probably be dead by morning anyway.” and I translated for her. As much as Blake and I hated to admit it, she was right. Finding the cultists now would be almost impossible not to mention dangerous, since most of us were either exhausted or wounded. Eva moaned groggily in his lap. “Master…” He smiled down at Eva and stroked her cheek softly “Welcome back, Eva. How are you feeling?” Her only response was to whine and burrow into his shoulder. Unfortunately Tac was already making her approach and I could already tell what was on her mind “Oh good! Sleeping Beauty is awake. Perhaps once she's had a little time-” A bolt of electricity was fired right in front of tac and cut her off. “I will end your life if you finish that sentence,” Bab warned her, protective of her little sister. “Whatever she said, add me with her,” Blake said as he held Eva closer to him. “Ugh! You people are no fun!” She sat back down grumpily. “Is there at least a bar or something nearby?” “The nearest town is 20 miles away. You'd never make it before nightfall.” Blake told her. Tac’s response was a long drawn-out “Uggghhhhhh!!!” before she flopped on her back. “This foreign realm sucks!” Tac’s groaning was followed by similar noises from Kristine who was just now waking up in Mr. Bear’s arms “Mmmrrraauughgh Tac what'th wrong now-” As she opened her eyes and took in her surroundings she must've realized that everyone was seeing her in a rather embarrassing position because her eyes went wide and she started stammering “I-I-I…” “It's okay, Kristine.” I cut her off “your not the only one diapered already. Nobody's judging you.” Those who had diapers were now blushing thanks to that. “And it's not like we have any grounds to make fun of you,” Lucas said “Hasn't anyone else noticed the one thing that's similar about us?” Everyone was silent for a moment before I looked at everyone finally put it together. “Diapers.” He nodded. “That can't be just a coincidence, right?” “Then how do you explain me being here?” Tac asked “I certainly don't wear diapers.” “Neither do I,” Lucas responded “But Julia dose.” “Wait, you too! Did diapers turn into the next fashion choice!” tac yelled in exasperation and made Julia blush harder. “I was brought here with Julia and you were brought here with Kristine.” Lucas said “Maybe we just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time when the crystal summoned them or something?” “So what are you suggesting?” Tac asked “That these cultists made a crystal designed to summon diapered warriors from across the multiverse?” Lucas paused for a moment “Well when you put it that way it does sound ridiculous.” “Not necessarily.” I say as I remember the fight with the cultist. “bab, didn't you fall on it just before it summoned them?” Bab thought about it and realised what I did. “Your diapered butt must have acted as a beacon to summon them. And possibly whoever was close to them at that moment.” Amani chuckled “What is this? A bad diaper Crossover episode?” Everyone got a good laugh out of that one. After that, things actually felt a lot more relaxed as if the tension had been broken. We ate, drank, and laughed together for what felt like hours. Those of us from the different versions of Earth started comparing our realities to see what was the same and what was different. It seemed most of use were actually from almost identical Earths except for Kristine who lived on an Earth where magic was common knowledge. But even though we were all from different worlds we could all relate on a lot of the same levels. I almost started to feel a little homesick, but then I remembered Bab and all the friends I've made and the adventures I've had here and that helped me shrug it off a bit. As the sun began to set and the sky turned to twilight, I began to suggest we head to the now abandoned castle and rest for the night when Julia suddenly threw herself one the ground with a loud cry and started shaking. Most of us were startled and worried until Lucas said “Oh, Angel Hunter’s back.” “What the hell?” I yelled worried until Julia stopped shaking and stood up. She looked around the campfire with a far more serious expression on her face than she'd had for the past few hours. “Good, everyone is here. Come. We must return to the Crystal that summoned us.” “Wait why?” Amani asked confused. “To go back from whence we have come.” Julia, or angel hunter, replied. “It doesn't work that easily.” Bab replied and I translated. “Perhaps not, but I have brokered a deal with the gods of this world and they have agreed to send us back at sunset.” “You spoke to the gods!?” Bab asked in confusion, but was overshadowed by excitement from the rest of the of the party. “We're going home?” “Well that was easy!” “Thank goodness! Get me out of this shithole.” “Jutht wike that? What’th the catch?” That last remark from Kristine caught Julia’s attention “the ‘catch’ is that anyone who doesn't go through the Crystal will be stuck in this world and must find their own way back..” That statement hung heavy in the air for a moment. “Well what are we waiting for?” Amani said as he stood up. “Let's go to the Crystal!” and with that he ran off towards the secret chamber as the rest of us followed him. Running down the long pathway back down below the earth until we reached the secret room the cult used. But when we got there, we all stopped in our tracks at what we saw. Where the Crystal had once been there was now a massive, pulsating structure made of some kind of greyish material that gave off a sort of rainbow aura like when sunlight hits water just right. “Umm, are summoning Crystals supposed to do that?” Lucas asked. “I don't… think so?” I looked over at Bab who shook her head in confirmation. “Tho what do we-” Kristine was about to ask before part of the weird structure cracked and rainbow flames started shooting out! Then another part. Then another part! “RUN FOR IT!” I yelled at everyone, taking Bab’s hand and booking it back outside. Everyone else seemed to sense the danger as well because they all started running too. In fact, some of them were faster than me! Julia, and Lily, practically flew up the stairs with their enhanced speed. Kristine and Tac were, of course, already outside when we exited the chamber. Lucas, Esmeralda, and Amani were only just barely behind me. We had all put about thirty yards distance between us and the entrance to the secret chamber when we all heard and felt a huge explosion behind us! We must've been just barely outside the deadly blast radius because the force was just enough to knock us off our feet without causing any real damage. I turned around to see what carnage lay behind us. Everything looked like it was moving in slow motion as a huge black dragon with six green dragonfly-like wings and two stripes of multi-colored scales running down the length of its body on either side was rising up out of a funnel of rocks and debris that looked like it was suspended in midair! I stared in unbelief at what I was seeing until the dragon darted to the left and all the debris started falling. Fuck! We were gonna be crushed! “GET DOWN!” I yelled as I dove on top of Bab, bracing for what could very well be a fatal impact. “PARDIE!” Amani screamed. But instead of being pelted with rocks and boulders I heard the sound of debris hitting something above us. Looking up I saw Amani had created a protective dome using the same blocks as before around us! With him now wearing the same frilly pink outfit Bab was wearing earlier. We all looked up at him in gratitude. All of us, except for Tac who was staring at the dragon now flying around the compound. “That's a… a Chaos Eater!” she said with a dread-filled voice. “We are so fucked.” “Why? What’th a Chaoth Eater?” Kristine lisped. “They're powerful creatures who feed on Primal Magic. The kind your powers come from.” “I take it that's bad?” I asked. “Bad? BAD!? That thing shouldn't even be able to exist outside the Primal Chaos!” We all just stared at her. “UGH!” she sighed in exasperation “imagine a creature that can survive living in the center of the sun. Now multiply that by 1000. That's basically a Chaos Eater.” “Fuck.” Amani said for all of us. “We need to run and hide NOW!” Tac started moving away before Julia stepped in front of her “Not so fast. We're not going anywhere.” “The hell we-” Tac started to say but was interrupted by Julia again. “That creature has somehow absorbed the summoning Crystal. So we must kill it. Otherwise we might as well fall on our swords now and save the gods the trouble.” “She's wight, Tac.” Kristine said hefting her rattle-mace. The Dragon roared from the skies above us. “Fuck this!” Tac screamed and I felt something brush up against my leg. by the time I realized it was Tac in a cat form running past me she had already disappeared into the woods. “Whatever, we didn't need her anyway.” Blake said as he pulled out his now-restrung bow. “Ok, if you guys won't run, neither will I.” I said as I pulled out my sword. “Lets go!” Bab’s hands sparked with electricity. Eva snarled up at the dragon. Her stomach now growling Julia summoned her white shortsword and a pair of ethereal wings sprouted from her back. Amani took out a block in one hand and some kind of pink staff in the other. Lily tightened her grip on her staff and Kristine did the same with her mace. Lucas backed away slowly “Umm, I'm gonna go hide in the woods with the cat. Have fun with your dragon!” and with that he retreated into the woods. The Dragon landed in the large clearing at the center of the compound and let out a thunderous roar that shook the ground. it ACTUALLY shook the ground! And on top of that storm clouds began to gather above us in what was a clear sky a minute ago. “I got thith!” Kristine said before teleporting to the dragon where she began raining powerful blows all over its body. First the head, then the front-left claw, then one of its wings, the face again, and while the dragon did flinch with each blow, it seemed to only be getting annoyed rather than hurt and after the sixth or so strike, it smashed its claw down on top of her pinning her to the ground! We all began running towards her, but there was no way we would reach her in time! “MITHTER BEAR I NEED YOU!” She screamed out and her giant teddy bear appeared and lifted the dragon’s claw up long enough for her to teleport away before the stuffed bear started growing even larger and punched the dragon in the face! Kristine landed in front of us clutching her sides and breathing hard “Fuck! It felt wike it was dwaining my enewgy!” she said as we all looked up in time to see the dragon tearing the head off Mister Bear! “You stay back and catch your breath, Kristine.” I tell her “Give us a chance to deal some damage.” Just then Eva leapt into the air and transformed into her Wyvern form! Although her form wasn't quite as big as the dragon’s. The two monsters roared at each other before colliding in a tangle of scales, claws, wings, teeth! Which gave the rest of us the distraction we needed to get a few good hits in! Julia was darting around slashing and stabbing at the dragon from above. Both Bab and Esmeralda stayed back a bit with Bab throwing lightning bolts which were aided by Esmeralda covering the dragon in water with her bubble attacks. While Lily and Blake were shooting it with magic blasts and arrows. But I couldn't tell how effective they were. Amani raised his staff and yelled “TSIF ENOTS!” casing some of the rubble nearby gathered together into a giant fist and punched the dragon! As for me, I didn't want to get in between the dragon and Eva, so I mainly focused on its legs. “Don't let up! We're winning!” I shouted as I slashed at one of the dragon's legs. At least that's what I thought before its wings started to glow brighter before six continuous streams of lightning came down from the sky and began charging the dragon with energy! I didn't even get a to yell for people to take cover before I felt searing pain all over my body and everything went black. When my vision started clearing I was lying on the ground at least fifty feet from the dragon. I couldn’t move. I couldn't think. I just watched as it breathed these weird green flames all over Eva and she twisted and writhed as her wyvern form started rapidly changing. She grew antlers, then her claws turned into tentacles, then her tail grew a serpent’s head. Whatever the dragon was doing to her was affecting her transformation magic! Every second a new body part grew somewhere it wasn't supposed to be until the flames stopped and Eva collapsed to the ground in A strange amalgamate monster form. As I tried to pull myself to my feet a blur of pink rushed past me. Amani! He must've shielded himself from the lightning! “Pardie! Give me the sword!” Amani yelled as he shouted another spell to launch him up into the air! Amni pulled the sword out of the diaper and held both it and his staff close to each other. “STAR GLAVE!” The two weapons began to glow and merge until he was holding a staff with a large sword on the end. The glave erupted into pink flames as Amani fall onto the dragon's face and he began slashing at it to distract it from Eva. Kristine appeared next to me and helped me to stand up. I was starting to get the feeling back in my limbs, but right now I could barely do more than stand “Are you alwight?” she asked. “Get… Eva…” I coughed and lost my balance, falling to one knee. But she was already gone, hopefully to do what I told her. By now Blake had reached Eva and knelt down to see if she was alright. “Eva! Eva are you alright?” Blake asked her as she let out a grown in the strange monster form. Blake grits his teeth and turned to glare at the roaring dragon trying to knock Amani off its face. “I'm going to kill that thing!” Blake shouted as he stood up and crossed his arms over his chest to make an X. “CROSS…” Before he could finish, Kristine appeared behind him and grabbed onto both him and Eva. teleporting them back where she found them earlier before she returned back to the fight. I turned my attention back to Amani who was actually holding his own against the dragon! He nimbly dodged its claws and jaws with inhuman speed, slashing at the dragon and sending waves of fire, water, air, and sand with his glave at the beast. Then he plunged his blade into the ground and a burst of flame shot up from under the dragon, causing it to rear back on its hind legs before Amani leapt towards it to stab it in the heart! But the dragon’s wings, brimming with power once again, flexed and blew Amani back with a powerful gust of wind. He actually landed not far from me and I could tell he looked a bit more feminine than he did before. It almost looked like he was developing breasts! "Fuck! I thought I had him!" Amani said in a slightly higher voice than usual. It was then that I felt my body began to feel a lot better and looking behind me to see Bab using her healing ability on me. "Good idea. Healing seems like the better idea for now. After seeing what that monster can do with lightning I don't want you throwing any more bolts at it." She frowned, but nodded in agreement. She generally preferred to be on the offensive and was not used to Healing but for now there was no other option. I looked around and saw the others staggering to their feet. “Thow is a tearable beast! But even you shall fall by the might of my power!” Esmeralda shouted at the dragon as she began forming a massive water bubble. That's when im reminded of the way my ice magic interacts with water. Looking around i see plenty of water on the ground from Esmeralda’s other attacks. And i have an idea! “Hit it with everything you got!” I shout to Esmeralda as i charge towards the dragon. The dragon’s chest began to glow red as it's head rose up, ready to breath a column of flame. But as it opened its mouth the massive water bubble shot into its throat, quenching the flames and leaving the dragon sputtering smoke. while it was distracted I froze all the water around me to save on magick and created an Ice Wall to form a ramp which I used to jump onto the monster’s back! What I hadn't anticipated was just how hard it was to keep your balance on a dragon's back when its scales are slick with water from the bubble attacks! I had to brace myself against one of the wings to avoid falling off. "FUCK THIS WAS A BAD IDEA!" But when I grabbed onto the wing I could tell it felt different than the body. It was smooth and a little bit spongy. A weak spot! Finally! I stabbed my sword into the base of its wings and channeled as much ice magic as I could through the blade. The dragon reacted immediately, turning its head to face me. “Oh fuck me!” I shout as the dragons mouth shot towards me! But Julia flew in out of nowhere and stabbed it in the eye! It let out a roar of pain as its head thrashed around, once again too distracted to stop me from what I was doing. I looked down at the base of the wing and saw the discoloration from the ice radiated out at least 3 feet in all directions and decided now was my chance. I pulled my sword out, and with a mighty roar of fury I swung at the base of the wing! which, as expected, shattered like glass! The dragon let out an ear-piercing wail and reared up on its hind legs, flinging me off its back like a catapult. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH" But a hand caught my arm and Julia safely lowered me down onto the ground. "That was very brave of you," She told me with a slight smile. Before I could come up with a response I saw the dragon's five-remaining wings begin to glow a deep violet color. "Shit! Get down!" This time I was able to dive behind a boulder and Julia did the same, hoping it would be enough to shield us from whatever it was doing. If yellow meant lightning I had no clue what the fuck purple would do! But we were about to find out. There was a flash of purple light and suddenly I felt like there was an elephant standing on top of me! I collapsed to the ground under the crushing weight, barely able to breath. Julia and Kristine were both struggling to stand even with their enhanced strength. "It's… amplifying… the gravity…" Julia grunted trying to take a few steps forward towards the dragon. Kristine, however, took on a sly grin. "Oh weally? Well wets see how he wikes it!" And with that she teleported away. A moment later we all heard a thunderous crash before the weight was lifted and the dragon crumpled. Kristine teleported above the dragon and used tossed her wepion at the dragion! turning it into a high-velocity missile! She re-appeared next to us and immediately cried out, collapsing to the ground exsosted. "Fuck! I fink I bwoke my wappon!" "Yes you did. But did it work?" Julia said, her eyes fixed on the dragon. It was completely motionless. "I think we killed it-" I started to say only to see the dragon began to glow again and its missing wing started to grow back! "No no no no NO! Why won't this thing just die!" Amani yelled. "We need to hit it harder. Take it out in a single blow." Julia said. "Good idea. HOW THE HELL DO WE DO THAT?" I shouted at her. “Go super saiyan? Turn into a giant? Oh, I know! Let's combine the Megazord!” I grabbed my face in frustration. I knew being a sarcastic ass at the moment wasn't helping, but that thing was already half healed and it took everything we had! What else can we do!? “Wait, that actually sounds like a good idea.” Julia said with a strange, almost sinister grin. Her eyes glowing crimson. "We must combine our power." “Huh,” Lily asks as she looked at Julia. “Theoretically it is possible.” Pardie comments. “After analyzing all your abilities I believe I've come up with a plan.” “How?” Amani asks. “Angel hunter and I could, in theory, give someone our power and enhance them as much as possible. Also, miss Lily’s magic is similar to mine that I may be able to absorb it and redirect it into one attack.” Pardie tells us. “I guess it's all up to you Amani,” Lily said as she looks back at the dragon, now almost completely healed. “No, the princess is not capable of such a feat,” Pardie told us. “Wait, if not me, then who?” Amani asks. “Sir Alex,” Pardie tells up. “Whoa, What? There's no way I can do that!” I tell the diaper. “If anything Julia would be a better choice! She’s already one of the strongest here.” “No, the diaper is right,” Julia says as she looks at me. “My host's body is not a full combatant without me. Should I use you as my host, my combat capabilities would be much better.” “And should I enhance you further, we might just have enough power to kill the dragon.” I didn't like the way it said that "I uh…" She continued "We do not have time to delay. Allow me to possess you and put on Pardie. That may give us the edge we need to finish this." One of the dragon's claws dug into the earth as it began to stand once again. We were out of time and out of options. I gritted my teeth and took a deep breath, resigning myself to whatever fate had for me. "Do it." Julia’s body shivered violently before she began collapsing. Thankfully Lily caught her before she hit the ground. Immediately it felt like I'd been set on fire! My whole body burned, my vision went red and I collapsed to the ground. I would've screamed, but the breath had all been snatched from my lunges. Then I heard a female voice in my head which I knew to be the demons. "Fear not. The pain shall pass. Just focus on our goal: slaying the dragon." Angel hunter said in my mind. “Fuck!” I shout in pain for a moment but sure enough, the pain began to reduce, and was soon replaced by a surge of power! "Amani, give me the diaper," I say while undoing my belt Immediately Pardie flew off Amani, covering him in pink smoke and giving him back his original clothes as it attached itself over my underwear. Engulfing me into a pink cloud of smoke. As the smoke cleared, everyone just stared at me. “Wow…” Amani said stunned. “I wasn't expecting that,” Lily says as she sets Julia down. “A-Alex?” Bab said stunned. “You're, you're a woman!” There I stood. A tall woman with long curly red hair and big breasts. I wasn't wearing the same outfit Amani was wearing, but a beautiful red and white dress that still showed off my diaper. And what was the strangest of all, I was completely calm with it. “Don't think of anything else. Just focus on killing that thing.” Angel hunter said in my mind and was undoubtedly the one keeping me from freaking out. “This form will be permanent in 5 minutes,” Pardie tells me. “But if we don't kill it before then or it won't matter either way.” “Lily,” I say in my new effeminate voice. “Give me as much magic as you can. I'm going to take it out in one shot.” She nods and begins firing as much of her energy as she can. Sure enough, Pardie began absorbing it. I reached my hand into the back of the diaper and pulled out Amani's sword--a feat that would've been impossible had Angel Hunter not observed Amani do it before. I then held out my own sword and had Angel hunter summon her own white sword to float between the two. I held three swords in my hands; My sword, Angel Hunter’s angelic white sword, and Amani's pink sword. All three of which had the capacity for transformation. A broad smile spread across my face as I brought the swords together and in a blinding flash of light, they formed into one sword. If you could even call a column of white-hot magical light a "sword." Everyone around me backed away from the heat radiating off the blade. By now the dragon had gotten to its feet and was staring me down. But I wasn't afraid. I felt the strange-yet-familiar sensation of wings sprouting from my back and I took off into the sky like a rocket. The feeling of flight was unlike anything the human half of my mind had ever experienced! The speed! The freedom! I climbed higher and higher towards the storm clouds above until I heard a roar from beneath me and saw the dragon chasing me into the sky. It unleashed a laser-like beam of flame at me which I easily dodged. It was now or never! I quickly spun around and launched myself straight for the dragon! Seeing this it charged up another attack but it wasn't fast enough. “DIE FUCKER!” I shout as I swing the sword in my hand and unleashed every once of magic I had in me! Creating a pure wave of energy that collided with the dragon! It roared in agony and began to plummet. all the way down until it crashed to the earth, a bloody mass of meat and scales. But I wasn't taking any chances. I flew straight down with enough distance to gain velocity before charging in like a fiery comet straight towards the dragon! ************ "ALEX!" Bab yelled as she ran/waddled ahead of everyone else out to the smoldering crater where the dragon used to be. There in the center was my unconscious normal body surrounded by charred dragon guts. The impact had knocked me out cold. Which isn't all that bad considering I struck the ground with half the force of an atomic bomb! Once Bab reached me Angel Hunter actually appeared beside me in her true form for the first time since she got here. According to Bab, she looked exactly like Julia with a pitch-black, slightly translucent body and red eyes. "Fear not. He will live to fight another day," she told Bab with a slight smile on her face Bab let out a sigh of relief at the demon’s declaration. Overhead the clouds began to swirl and crackle with gold and purple lightning "They are here." Angel Hunter announced. The few remaining body parts of the dragon began to glow and float into the air, gathering together before being struck by the two different lightning and forming into a new crystal. "I think that's our cue to leave," Lucas said from behind Bab. The others were all gathered with him. Julia was leaning on him for support until Angel Hunter re-possessed her. "I'll go first," Tac said, stepping forward carrying an unconscious Kristine under her arm like a bundle of firewood. "I can't say it's been fun. I'm gonna need a lot of booze to forget this shithole. I hope I never see any of you again… well, except maybe Julia." She winked at the blond woman before touching the crystal and the two of them disappeared. "I-I guess I'll go next," Lily said as she waddled towards the crystal. "Thanks for all your help…" She touched the crystal and vanished. "Well, I guess it's about time I got going too…" Amani started moving towards the crystal until Pardie spoke up "You haven't forgotten about me, have you, Princess?" Amani stopped in his tracks and gritted his teeth, very clearly upset that his plan to leave Pardie behind had failed. "No…" he said as he looks at the wet diaper I most likely wet after I was knocked out. He took the diaper off of me and Bab had the decency to cover up my privates with her coat. “If you ever in my world, hit me up.” Once Amani left Julia and Lucas both approached the crystal. "This has been… an experience." Julia said. "For the first time in millennia, I have been faced with something completely new… and I don't think I like it." "Well, let's hope this doesn't happen for at least another thousand years," Lucas said, turning to us. "I feel like this is where I'm supposed to make some kind of inspirational farewell speech, but honestly I just wanna get home before the gods change their mind so uhh… I guess to stay in school, brush twice a day, and don't take any wooden nickels… yeah. That'll have to do." He laced his fingers with Julia’s before putting his hand on the crystal and disappearing. Only this time the whole crystal collapsed into nothing as well. ************ So, they are all gone? Just like that?” Blake asked me a few hours later when he and Eva found Bab and me. “Yep. I didn't even get to say goodbye.” I tell him after I told him almost everything that happened. Leaving out a few bits here and there. “Serves that foul beast right for destroying this sacred land,” Esmeralda tells us as we both look at her and her completely tattered clothes and hair. “You do know your still under arrest right?” Blake asked “WHAT!? But I helped you fight not only that big bug, but even aided in slaying the dragon! You can't arrest a member of royalty for helping with that, surely!” Esmeralda tells him. Blake just sighted. He was already way too exhausted for any of this. “Fine, help me find what's left of the cultist and you're free to go,” Blake tells her before getting up. “Watch Eva for me.” I looked over at Eva who was wearing one of blake's t-shirt and a diaper. She was still fast asleep after what the dragon did to her and while she was back to being human, some of the side effects still lingered. As I could tell as the diaper began to turn yellow. Once Blake and Esmeralda were gone I let out a sigh of relief as Bab came over to me and sat on my lap. Before leaning on me. Her diaper already soiled and in need of a change but neither of us had the energy to cair about that. Instead, I wrapped my arms around her and hummed a happy toon. Glad that day was finally over.
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    Chapter Four To celebrate her eighteenth birthday, Renee had offered to take her to get her first tattoo. The couple had been together for the four months leading up to her birthday, and Charlotte had only fallen deeper in love with the older woman in that time. She of course wished that certain aspects of their relationship were a bit more normal, but everything Renee did was out of love and in an effort to help Charlotte remain a "good girl". In their time together Charlotte had developed a nightly bedwetting problem, one that Renee accepted and helped her with, reminding her when Charlotte balked at something that Charlotte was always free to try and find someone that would want to share a bed with a silly little bedwetter like her. She'd grown accustomed to being talked to like she was little more than a child, her actions at times proving as much and earning her childish punishments like spankings and timeouts, but Renee always cuddled her afterward and reminded her that the punishments were for her own good, which given her improved grades and manners, she had to believe was true. "But why?!" Charlotte whined, sounding very much like a small child on the verge of a tantrum, her arms folded and a definite pout forming on her face. Renee sighed. "Because tattoos can take a long time and it's not always easy to stop so little girls like you can use the potty." she explained. "But I only have that problem at bedtime!" Charlotte protested. Renee raised an eyebrow. "Really? So it wasn't you that was crying onto my shoulder in the parking lot of the music festival last month because you wet your pants?" she asked. Charlotte looked down at her feet. "That was different." she said quietly. Renee went to her and lifted her chin. "Wet pants are wet pants, sweetie." she said simply. "It wasn't my fault, the porta potties were gross and the line was so long before I even got into one and-" she started but was cut off by Renee putting a finger to her lips. The older girl smiled warmly. "Here's what's going to happen," she began, "you're going to go to your drawer and get your binky and then lay down so I can get you into a diaper for while we're out." she explained, her tone calm and quiet but one reserved for a parent talking to their child. "You're going to do that without anymore fussing or you'll have a sore bottom inside that diaper, am I understood, young lady?" she asked. Charlotte wondered for a moment why she allowed Renee to treat her this way, allowed her to infantilize her and behave like she was her babysitter rather than her girlfriend, but she wondered these things while she was scuttling over to "her drawer" and obediently opening it. The drawer had gotten quite full over the months, mostly with diapers for her nighttime problem, but the side that wasn't full of the plastic backed underthings looked like any other drawer in any other nursery. Pacifiers had come into play as a way to quiet both Charlotte's apparently louder than average reactions to sexual congress as well as to stifle the girl when she was punished, the most frequently used one, the one that Charlotte knew Renee was expecting her to grab was plain white but had "Mute Button" printed on the front of it. The bottles in the drawer were initially used as a way for Renee to meter out the alcoholic drinks she'd allow the underage girl to imbibe on occasion, citing that if Charlotte had too much at once she'd get drunk far too quickly to enjoy anything. Gradually, they became a way for Renee to keep Charlotte in check with regards to her status as a bedwetter, explaining that if the girl couldn't be trusted to not leak while she was sleeping, how could she be trusted not to also spill a drink. The most pathetic thing about all of it, at least in Charlotte's mind, was that nothing Renee was saying or doing was out of line. She couldn't really argue with the logic that a bottle might be safer given the number of glasses she'd spilled in her time with Charlotte, nor could she argue that the pacifier, while embarrassing to use, did help her calm down after a session across Renee's lap. More to the point, Renee always made her feel loved, even if she did tease and punish quite often, she also doled out aftercare in abundance, and part of Charlotte felt that if Renee wanted her to do or use these things that not doing so would be rude or insulting to her which may result in Charlotte losing Renee altogether. Charlotte grabbed her mute button and one of the thinner, cloth backed diapers and turned to move back to Renee. "In." Renee said simply, eyeing the pacifier in Charlotte's hand. Without hesitation the pacifier was brought up to her mouth and inserted. "Good girl." Renee praised. "That diaper won't do, get one of your nighttime ones." she commanded. Charlotte sighed quietly and turned back around, replacing the diaper in her hand with one of the much thicker ones from the drawer and made her way to the bed. Renee handled Charlotte's diapering exclusively, occasionally turning the process into a sexual experience if Charlotte had earned that or if Renee was interested in doing so. The process had become so routine that Charlotte had long since stopped paying attention to it unless she felt the familiar sensations of Renee winding her up for special release, which she felt no signs of and simply lay still until she was told to lift her bottom and wait until the diaper was brought up and taped into place. "Do you want to see it?" Renee had asked her as Charlotte was smoothing out the few wrinkles in her dress as she adjusted it to ensure it covered her diaper. Charlotte looked at her in confusion but kept sucking her pacifier, knowing that without permission to remove it once she'd been told to use it she'd be looking at a punishment. "Your tattoo, silly girl!" Renee clarified before going to the desk and retrieving a notebook, pulling a single piece of paper from it and handing it to Charlotte. The paper had a drawing of baby blocks that spelled out Charlotte's name with a lovely cursive ampersand beneath it and Renee's name beneath that in the same elegant cursive creating an odd juxtaposition between Charlotte's name and Renee's that fit their relationship perfectly. Charlotte looked up from the paper to Renee who had an excited, expectant look on her face, and removed her pacifier. "Are you fucking kidding?" she asked icily after spitting her pacifier to the floor. The room was silent for what seemed like an eternity until Renee finally spoke. "Young lady I-" she began but was cut off by Charlotte who rose to her feet and crumpled the paper up before throwing it to the ground. "I am not your child!" Charlotte snapped. "This make believe bullshit game of house you've got us playing is fucking over, Renee!" she screamed. "Either you start treating me like your girlfriend or I'm fucking done with you!" she managed to get out before the tears that had been forming in her eyes spilled out and down her cheeks. Renee said nothing, she just narrowed her gaze at the girl in front of her, noting that she was visibly shaking from rage. "Let me ask you a question, Charlotte." she said coolly as she moved to the bed and sat down. "What have I done to you that's made you lash out like this?" she asked. The rage took hold again and Charlotte launched into a tirade. "You make me wear diapers, you make me suck on pacifier and bottles, you spank me, do I need to go on?!" she screamed hysterically. Renee nodded calmly. "So I made you wet the bed every night which requires you to wear protection to keep from ruining another mattress?" she asked. Charlotte felt the sting of defeat even from just those few words, knowing that Renee was about to tear down her argument systematically and leave her feeling foolish for having behaved the way she did, this wasn't the first time this kind of thing had happened. "No, but-" she was stopped as Renee continued. "Did I make you spill numerous drinks in here that makes having you use a more secure container for your drinks a wise decision?" she asked. "No, ma'am." Charlotte said, falling effortlessly back into her role as the chastised child. "Did I force you to throw such emotional hissy fits that a pacifier seemed like a good idea to help you calm down?" Renee asked. Charlotte shook her head. "No, ma'am." she said quietly. Renee stood up. "I've never tried to treat you like a child, Charlotte, I've simply tried to help you the best I can with your issues." she began. "The fact that you, an adult woman, need things like diapers and pacifiers and bottles is nothing short of pathetic, but because I love you I give you the things that you clearly need." she explained. Charlotte felt very foolish and cast her eyes to the floor. "Do you think I asked to have a girlfriend that needed to have her piss soaked diapers changed every morning?" she asked. Charlotte shook her head and chewed her lower lip nervously. "Do you think it makes me happy that the only way I can get through to you is by spanking you, and to not do so would be consenting to your childish behavior?" she asked. Charlotte again shook her head, wishing she hadn't spit her pacifier out. "I have tried to be accepting and tolerant of your backwards development and have done my best to show you that I love you and want you to grow up and out of these behaviors, but all I get from you is tantrums and pouting." she said. "If I didn't love you so much I wouldn't bother trying to take care of you and support you." she added. Charlotte began to cry and gave up her attempts to hide her desires and turned and retrieved her pacifier from the floor and put it back into her mouth, sucking on it almost frantically as she kept her gaze on the floor. Renee scoffed. "That's exactly what I'm talking about." she said. "You throw a big tantrum about not being treated like an adult and the second I start poking holes in your argument you go and prove what a little girl you actually are by crying and rushing to get your binky." she explained. Charlotte sniffled and slowly nodded her head as her mouth worked the teat of the pacifier, hoping that if she showed Renee she wasn't going to argue anymore that she wouldn't be mad with her and would just let the whole thing drop. "Honestly, Charlotte, I just don't know what to do with you anymore." Renee said with an exasperated sigh. "I've tried to help you in every way I can, but you fight me almost every step of the way and then get mad at me when you realize that you're being treated like an overgrown toddler," she continued, her gaze locked on Charlotte. "but manage to ignore the fact that you're actions have shown that to be the best way to treat you. So, you tell me what I'm supposed to do." she said. Charlotte didn't look up, she just stood there and sucked her pacifier as tears rolled down her cheeks. "Now's your chance, Charlotte." Renee said, her voice a little louder and more insistent. "If you want me to treat you like a grownup, like my girlfriend, then you need to tell me how to do that when you're standing in front of me crying and sucking a pacifier with a diaper on under your dress." she added. Charlotte just wanted the fight to be over. She'd been shown the error of her ways and just wanted Renee to stop chastising her and hug her and dry her tears and tell her she loved her. "This is your last chance, Charlotte." Renee warned. "If you don't speak up right now and join the adult conversation we're having about our adult relationship," she said, placing added emphasis on the word "adult" each time she said it. "then I'm going to have to assume that either you're telling me you're not an adult and I need to accept that I'm more your Mommy than your girlfriend." she said, placing significant emphasis on the word "mommy". Charlotte sniffled as she listened to Renee. She felt like everything was falling apart and all because she'd gotten so hung up on stupid things like whether wearing a diaper made her somehow less of an adult, forgetting that her girlfriend loved her despite her need to wear the diapers and despite her need for a pacifier and despite her need for a bottle. Renee rose from the bed and walked to Charlotte, standing in front of the girl that wouldn't look up, "Or maybe you're too afraid to tell me that you're breaking up with me, in which case I want you to leave right now." she said coldly. Charlotte's blood went cold and she finally looked up, her eyes wide and red and puffy as she shook her head vehemently and began to spout a string of impassioned apologies and pleas for forgiveness in the most infantile, pacifier garbled way without any hint of embarrassment or even realization that she sounded like a toddler fighting to stay out of the naughty corner. Renee listened, though most of the babble spouting from Charlotte was indecipherable, she got the gist of what the girl was trying to say, and waited for her to finish blubbering before speaking again. "I don't know how I'm supposed to trust you, Charlotte." she began. "If I do forgive you for attacking me for no reason and accusing me of doing things to you, making me sound like a manipulative monster, I need some kind of assurance that you're not going to turn around in a few days or weeks or months and do the exact same thing again." she explained. Charlotte thought, her pacifier rapidly bobbing in her mouth as she nervously sucked on it, her mind coming up with no way of showing Renee she was sincere beyond her apologies. "Show me that you accept responsibility for your behavior." Renee said after seeing Charlotte had nothing. "Show me that you accept that you're infantile actions earned you your diapers, pacifier, bottles, all of it." she continued. Charlotte looked up at her and felt so lost and alone, why couldn't Renee just hug her and tell her everything was okay again? How was she supposed to show her any of that? Renee looked into those big brown eyes and smiled softly at the confused girl, taking her hands gently into her own and lowering herself to a squat, lightly pulling on Charlotte's hands to get the girl to follow her down before letting go of her hands and standing slowly back up, looking down at the now squatting Charlotte with tenderness. "If you want me to believe that you're sincere in your apology for your little tantrum then you need to show me that you're done pretending you're an equal partner in our relationship." she explained slowly and calmly. Charlotte looked up at her, wobbling in her squatted position as she looked all the way up at Renee's face, the change in perspective giving her the feeling that she really was the little girl Renee perceived her to be. Working the pacifier in her mouth rhythmically she nodded along with what Renee was saying, though she had to admit she'd missed most of it focusing on keeping her balance. "Show me that you're ready to accept that you need bottles and pacifiers and diapers because you're really not a big girl but a very little girl that's been playing pretend." Renee continued, her voice becoming more soothing and relaxing as she continued speaking. Charlotte's legs were growing increasingly unstable and she finally gave up her fight and allowed herself to tip backward so she was seated for a moment, her diaper crinkling beneath her dress. Craning her neck to look up at Renee tipped her back further and she finally came to rest on her back. Renee smiled down at Charlotte and knelt down between the girl's legs, lifting the girl's dress to reveal the diaper beneath before she placed a hand on the front of it. "Wet your diaper for me, baby." she commanded sweetly, her eyes locked on Charlotte's own. Charlotte hesitated, her mind trying to come to terms with everything that had transpired in the last few minutes, but the hand on her diaper pressed more insistently. "If you don't wet your diaper then I have to assume you're either lying to me about being sorry or you don't want to be with me anymore." Renee mused aloud, her hand gently caressing the front of the diaper. Charlotte's eyes went wide, she couldn't let Renee think that! Renee smiled and moved her hand downward to cup the lower middle portion of the diaper when she heard the sound of Charlotte relieving herself, the warmth of the diaper as it absorbed the wetness made her wish she could touch herself, but she was so close now to getting what she wanted that she couldn't jeopardize it for the sake of fleeting gratification. "Good baby." she cooed as the flow slowed and finally stopped. Charlotte suckled her pacifier and smiled up at Renee, she was happy and proud of her again and everything was going to be okay. "Now mess your diaper." Renee commanded in that same sweet and soothing tone. Charlotte didn't mean to, but reflex took over and she shook her head in protest. Renee's smile faded and she shook her head, removing her hand from Charlotte's diaper and covering her face. "I was so stupid to believe that you were actually mature enough to stop pretending you were a big girl." she chided herself. "I guess my love and acceptance of your infantile tendencies isn't enough." she added mournfully, her skills as an actress working overtime to sell her feigned sorrow. Charlotte babbled at her, waving her arms to get her attention, trying to tell her that she hadn't meant to disobey her, it was just reflex, but Renee wasn't looking at her. The little muffled toot brought a smile to her face when she heard it, but she had to force that smile to go away before she uncovered her face and saw Charlotte with her legs pulled up to her chest, eyes shut tight as she grunted and strained quietly through her pacifier. Renee reached out and gently placed a hand onto Charlotte's stomach, rubbing a small circle lightly but firmly just above the top of the girl's diaper. "You can do it, baby, fill your diaper up for me." she praised softly. If something as simple as a messy diaper would show Renee that she loved her and was serious about her apology then that's what she would give her, it wasn't the worst thing she'd ever have to experience in her life. The event was over fairly quickly, Renee having stopped the rubbing of Charlotte's stomach once the diaper began to bulge outward, instead holding her hand over the forming lump with a pleased smile on her face until Charlotte had finished and opened her eyes. "You're a very good, very little baby, aren't you, Charlotte?" Renee asked in her syrupy sweet tone. Charlotte nodded. Renee leaned forward and helped her girl up from the floor and onto her lap, Charlotte's legs splayed out behind her as she hugged the girl tightly and rubbed her back with one hand and patted the lumpy seat of her diaper with the other. "If you ask like a good baby, we can get you into a clean diaper before we go out." she cooed, leaning Charlotte back so they were facing one another as she removed the pacifier from the girl's mouth with a wet popping sound. "May I please have a clean diaper?" Charlotte asked in her most polite and respectful tone. Renee shook her head. "Do babies speak that clearly, sweetie?" she asked. Charlotte shook her head and nervously eyed her pacifier. "Try again." Renee urged. "Can...me...hab..cween...diapie...peese?" she asked, thinking carefully as she chose each word. "Who are you asking?" Renee asked. Charlotte looked confused. "...you?" she said questioningly. Renee smiled. "And who am I?" she asked. Charlotte had begun to move her thumb to her mouth to calm herself in the absence of her binky, her fixation keeping her from answering. Renee guided the girl's eyes to her own with a lift of her finger beneath the girl's chin. "Who changes baby when she has a stinky diaper?" Renee asked. Charlotte's thumb found its way into her mouth, a poor substitute for her binky, but it helped her to collect her jumbled thoughts long enough to finally answer the question. "Mommy." she said sweetly, looking into the eyes of the woman that loved her and was going to take care of her. "Would you like for Mommy to change your stinky diaper, baby?" Renee asked softly as she gently patted the seat of her girl's diaper once more, reinforcing the knowledge that there was a mess in there that Charlotte couldn't possibly deal with on her own. Charlotte hesitated until her thumb was removed and replaced with her binky along with a kiss on the tip of her nose that made her giggle and she nodded and gurgled something contentedly before she slumped into Renee and hugged her tightly.
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    Chapter Three The dream hadn't happened for some time, but it was the exact same as it had always been despite years of nonexistence. "Dream" would imply that it was an imagined event or series of events, but this was really just a memory with facets turned up to eleven, proportions distorted and things occurring in a perfect sequence to maximize the negative impact on the dreamer, Charlotte in this case. She found herself back in Renee's bed the morning after their first meeting and sexual congress. Her eyes opened slowly as the sun filtered in through the cracks in the blinds and she momentarily forget where she was and what had happened the night before until the acrid scent of urine mixed with the lingering perfume of her previous night's orgasm filled her nostrils. The blankets were suddenly off of her as she threw them aside and found the ridiculously large wet spot beneath her, the makeshift diaper that Renee had put on her the night before had become a wad of soaked material in a still beaded with her urine grocery bag and all she could do was stare in disbelief at it, her mind reeling to try and understand what had happened to cause this. Renee was waking up beside her, stirring softly and moving to look at her, and Charlotte panicked and covered herself back up as if the wet blankets could vanish the evidence of her accident like some sort of magician's trick. With her heart racing in her chest she tried to think of something, anything she could do or say to make this alright, to not have this woman she'd fallen for overnight wake to find that she'd shamefully desecrated the grounds of their relationship consummation with the least sexy and adult act imaginable to her. "What's that smell?" Renee said sleepily. "Did you-" The followup question never came because Renee was up in a flash, the blankets thrown aside to the floor in a heap revealing the full extent of what Charlotte had done, the wet spot beneath her spreading over to Renee's side of the bed, the girl's sleepwear soaked the same as the bed. Charlotte began to stammer and try to explain but her breathing had gotten so rapid that all she could do was sit there and look at Renee as she launched into a tirade that Charlotte wouldn't ever be able to forget. "I cannot believe you, Charlotte!" she shouted, now on her knees on the bed pulling her wet shirt away from her with a look of disgust on her face. "I'm s-" Charlotte had started to say but was silenced immediately by Renee holding up her hand in a "stop" signal and shushing her harshly. "I don't want to hear your apologies or excuses, little girl!" she snapped before grabbing Charlotte's hand and forcing it into the position she wanted before bringing it up to Charlotte's face, the newly extended thumb of her left hand being shoved into her mouth. "Little bedwetters like you don't get to speak when a grownup is talking to them." Renee declared with unwavering authority. Charlotte sat in dumbstruck surprise, her thumb remaining in her mouth out of fear that she would push the already enraged Renee over the proverbial edge if she defied her. Renee sighed heavily and gently guided Charlotte back down so the girl was fully on her back. "You know, there was a part of me that thought I shouldn't have trusted you in a homemade diaper." she began as she got off the bed to fetch the scissors. "I thought I should go out and get some proper diapers for you to sleep in, but you were so adamant that you weren't a baby and that you didn't want to wear them that I thought maybe I was wrong about you and you wouldn't actually need them." she continued as she cut through the tape around the waistline of the makeshift diaper and removed the sodden mass from Charlotte's body. Charlotte inhaled sharply through her nose as the cool air in the room hit her lower half, the feeling of not having a swampy and muggy lump of plastic encased toweling hugging her and finally getting fresh air to her skin was refreshing she had to admit. "Now, do you like me?" Renee asked once the bundle in her hands was dropped off the end of the bed into the trashcan by her desk with a dense wet thud. Charlotte pulled her thumb from her mouth and watched as Renee immediately smacked her inner thigh with an open palm. "Did I say you could stop sucking your thumb, little girl?" she asked rhetorically, nodding in approval as Charlotte immediately reinserted her thumb to her mouth. "Good girl, now, do you like me?" she asked again, slower and more deliberate as if she didn't fully trust Charlotte to understand what she was saying. Charlotte nodded eagerly. "I can't hear you." Renee told her. "Weth a wige oo." Charlotte said through her thumb. Renee nodded. "Good!" she chirped approvingly. "Do you want to continue to see me?" she asked. "Weth a woo wige do, beathe." Charlotte responded, making sure to throw a polite "please" in the mix to show she was in fact a good girl. Renee smiled and nodded. "Good." she said. "If that's true then you're going to agree to the new rules I have for you, any of which will cause us not to see each other anymore if you break them, am I understood, little girl?" she asked. Charlotte swallowed hard and nodded, realizing her mistake quickly and correcting herself with a quiet, "Weth, mom." which she wanted to be taken as "ma'am" but Renee's smile made her forget the wish instantly. "Very good." Renee said. "Now, first thing's first, you need to be punished for not only your naughtiness of not accepting something you clearly needed, proper diapers for bedtime, but also for ruining my mattress." she explained. "I'll give you a choice, you can accept less spankings but with a paddle," she began, moving to her dresser and bringing out a large wooden paddle with hearts cut out in the body of it, testing it softly against the flat of her other hand. "or we can go with a traditional bare hand spanking but you'll get more." she said as she took a seat back on the bed. The dream always shifted time forward at that point, moving past the horribly embarrassing decision that Charlotte finally came to, her eyes spilling out tears at the humiliation of receiving a spanking from a girl she was attracted to and also the thought of how much a spanking would actually hurt when delivered by the paddle she eventually chose. The dream picked up as the last blow from the paddle connected with her sore and still damp from her overnight exploits behind and she was helped off of Renee's lap and back onto the bed, her sobbing barely contained by the thumb she'd not only kept in her mouth but that she was now actively nursing on between her pathetic cries and whimpers. "Now that we're back on track, I want you to go down the hall and shower up so we can go out and get you some proper diapers for future sleepovers." Renee told her. Moving gingerly, every shift bringing a stinging reminder of her punishment radiating up her body, Charlotte got off the bed and went to grab her clothes from the floor but was stopped by a hard swat to her already sore bottom. "First of all, I did NOT give you permission to remove your thumb from your mouth." she chided with a stern gaze on her face. "Second, those are dirty clothes, grab a towel from the closet and I'll get some clothes together for you while you're gone." she explained. Charlotte quickly returned her thumb to her mouth with a resigned whimper and went to the closet, her face flushing when all she found in the way of a towel was a bubblegum pink Hello Kitty printed affair which she grabbed and held up with pleading eyes directed at Renee. "Yes, that's the only towel left, sweetie." she said as she turned and picked up the trashcan and tipped it to show the wadded up towels in the bottom. "We can't have you using your peepee towels to dry off, can we?" she asked rhetorically, a smile plastered on her face as she looked at Charlotte and got off the bed to take the towel and loosely secure around the younger girl's waist like a dress to cover her naked lower half. "Now don't you tinkle on that one, young lady." she teased as she turned the girl around and guided her out the door and into the hallway, shutting the door behind her. So it was that seventeen year old Charlotte King left the dorm room of her crush, thumb firmly planted in her mouth, childish Hello Kitty towel tied around her, her plump behind throbbing with every step as the few random girls in the hall giggled and whispered as she walked to the showers. ************************************************************************ She knew even before she was fully awake that she'd wet the bed, she always did when she had that dream, or memory, dreamory? For nearly two years after she'd severed all ties with Renee she wet the bed nightly, something she blamed on Renee for obvious reasons, and only after extensive therapy did she finally overcome the embarrassing remnants of her time with Renee. Letting her thumb fall from her mouth and wiping away the tears that had formed from the events of her dream, she got up from the bed and stripped out of her wet clothes, piling them up on the wet bedding and making her way to the bathroom for a long hot shower. Shower time was thinking time for Charlotte, it was the time where she allowed herself to contemplate the larger things in her life, things that everyday life kept her from thinking about. She thought about the dream, assuming it had occurred after a lengthy hiatus because of the phone message from Renee, but it still bothered her. As the water cascaded down her body she thought more about Renee's message, wondering why Renee would ask her to apologize to her mother for her when she knew she'd have no way of doing so. She washed herself and wondered if maybe the sentiment wasn't the important part, but rather the actual act, if maybe Renee wanted her to go to the cemetery where her mother was buried, it was worth looking into after she'd wrapped up with her interview today. ************************************************************************ She'd arranged to meet Kenneth Figueroa in the parking lot of the Walmart on the outskirts of town, somewhere public and crowded but with enough privacy that she could get what she needed from him without interruption. She'd packed both pepper spray and a stun gun in her purse, just in case and written an apology note to the cleaning lady with a hefty tip on the nightstand for the trouble of having to clean a grown woman's pissy sheets despite the knowledge that far worse had to have been done in the career of hotel housekeeping. The drive out of town was calm and uneventful, allowing her further time to think. Something about Renee's call was eating at her, it didn't fit with the narrative she'd built up so far. If Renee was clearly in control of Steven when the picture of the two of them was taken and the letter to his mother written, why would she all of a sudden be afraid and calling Renee with cryptic messages? Near as she could tell, Renee was someone very useful to The Innocent, someone that wouldn't be in their crosshairs without very good reason. The other part of that scenario that bothered her was Renee calling her of all people. Given their long estrangement and the way things ended between them, Renee wouldn't expect her to drop anything to help her no matter how afraid she was or how important. "Could she know about the story?" Charlotte wondered. "Was Renee reaching out to her to try and get her claws into again after so many years apart?" She shook off the thoughts as she saw the Walmart looming on the horizon and put her game face on. Kenneth Figueroa was parked at the end of the parking lot near the tire center, his beat up old truck sat alone as Charlotte pulled in next to him and rolled down her window. Kenneth leaned over inside the truck and rolled down the passenger side window. He didn't look to be an overly large man, but he was definitely imposing looking enough for Charlotte to put her hand inside her bag and clutch the pepper spray container within. "Lovely weather today, isn't it?" he asked in a thick Southern drawl, his eyes hidden behind a pair of dark aviator sunglasses, his 70's pornstar mustache twitching as he looked at her and then over his shoulder to check the parking lot behind him. "Only lemonade could make it better." Charlotte answered, giving him the other half of the code phrase they'd agreed upon. Kenneth leaned down and opened his glove box and held up a brown cardboard box about the size of a novel and twice as thick. "I won't ask ya ta git in ma car or nothin' like that, miss, a lady needs ta protect herself." he said and tossed the box out of his window and onto the roof of her car with near perfect execution, the box stopping right above her head. Reaching her hand upward out the window she felt around for the box and pulled it into the car before looking to him again. "Ain't a bomb or nothin', just some things that might help ya out." he told her with a smile and a polite nod. "Now, you don't contact me no more after I leave, y'hear? I got a little girl ta look after and this kinda thing ain't safe." he said. Charlotte nodded. "Thank you, Mr.-" she started but stopped when she saw he was already rolling his window back up and starting his car. After rolling up her own window she looked around the parking lot, made sure her doors were locked, and broke the tape sealing one end of the box with her fingernail, opening it slowly and tipping it toward her open hand. A thick envelope landed first closely followed by a USB stick, a quick peek into the box showed nothing else and she returned both items to the box and set it on the passenger seat before starting her car and leaving the parking lot. ************************************************************************ Back at the hotel, she parked her car and made her way into the lobby, stopping off at the front desk to check her messages, wondering if Ron might have reached out to her to check on her progress. "Yes ma'am, a woman stopped by and left a note for you." the man behind the counter told her as he went to the bank of numbered slots on the wall and pulled an envelope from the one with her room number. "A woman?" Charlotte asked. "What did she look like?" "About yay tall," he said, holding his hand a few inches taller than Charlotte. "fair skin, dark hair, maybe your age or thereabouts." he told her. "Renee." Charlotte thought to herself before absently muttering words of thanks to the man and taking her letter to head for the elevator. Once the elevator doors closed she looked at the envelope in her hands and exhaled shakily when she saw what was written on the outside of it. She felt a tickle between her thighs and knew that she was having an accident, but that wasn't of any concern to her at the moment, all that she was thinking of was that Renee knew where she was and was sending her a message. On the front of the envelope was a quickly drawn doodle of a set of baby blocks in a row, each letter of which formed Charlotte's name. She'd seen this drawing before and knew what the message was, "Mommy's not happy.".
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    Chapter 11 The faint vibrations of Amy’s phone slowly roused her from sleep. Her eyelids opened sluggishly as she tried to comprehend what was happening. Near the fourth ring, her eyes snapped open as she realized she was no longer dreaming and was about to miss a call. She blindly swiped out towards her nightstand, snatching up her phone and ripping out the charging cable. “Hello?” She said in a slurred and groggy tone. “Hello Amy, it’s Miss Anderson. I know that you’re not scheduled for today, but I would like to schedule an impromptu training session for your classes. I just have a few things to go over for your new role.” Amy blinked away the sleep as she tried to process what Kelly was saying. “Um... Yeah, okay.” “I’ll only need you for a few hours, would this morning at eleven be acceptable?” Amy looked over at the clock which read 7:30. “Yeah, that will be fine.” A thought occurred to her as she started to wonder what the training would be. “Will... Will Katherine need to come with me?” “No.” Kelly curtly replied. “This is only for your role as an instructor. Is she staying with you?” Amy found the question a bit unusual, but almost everything seemed unusual to her lately. “”Yes, she’s staying with me right now.” “Excellent.” Kelly replied. “Do you have someone who can watch her while you’re away?” Amy paused, grateful that Kelly couldn’t see the confused look on her face. “No… she’s just here at my apartment.” “I don’t believe that in her current state she needs to be unsupervised. You should find a sitter for her. The hospital can cover the expense of a part-time caregiver for her.” Amy was still trying to full wake up to digest all the information. “Um, okay. But I think it would be hard to explain… the situation to a sitter.” There was a short pause as Kelly considered her words. “If you prefer, I can find someone who is aware of the situation and has the necessary experience to watch her.” Amy wished this conversation was happening in person. Kelly was a difficult person to convince of anything, but it was easier when she wasn’t on the phone. “Okay, we can talk about it more during our meeting.” “Very well. I will see you at eleven. Goodbye” The phone beeped as the call ended, and Amy let her arm drop to her bed. She looked over at Katherine who was still sleeping soundly. She had migrated to the other side of the bed and was tangled in a mess of blankets. She certainly does move around a lot when she sleeps. Amy mused to herself. She gingerly lifted the sheets from around herself and quietly shifted her weight from the bed to the floor. Her socks on the carpet were barely audible as she stepped out of the room and down the hall. Amy passed her open guest room and looked it over. The apartment had been designed for 2 people, each sharing a connected bathroom with ample living space, but Amy had never really found a purpose for the second room. She used the second closet as overflow, but other than a small amount of junk she stored in the corner the room was almost bare. She began to envision Katherine moving her bed in. The small amount of stuff she has at her apartment would fit here nicely. She wondered to herself. She left the doorway and continued towards the kitchen. Still attempting to blink the sleep from her eyes, Amy turned on the coffee pot and began to get breakfast ready. The quiet gurgling of the coffee pot created a peaceful soundtrack to the otherwise silent Sunday morning. The skillet was placed on the stovetop and began to warm. Amy closed her eyes and inhaled as the room began to smell like fresh brewed coffee. Saturday’s were a nice day to relax, but there was something about Sundays that always seemed restful to her. After a bowl of pancake batter was thoroughly stirred, Amy began to ladle careful dollops of batter onto the hot skillet. Her first stack was completed just as Katherine walked into the room. Amy turned and noticed her just as she prepared the first plate. Katherine still clutched the blanket from last night. Her hair was in disarray and her wrinkled oversized t-shirt hung just below her hips and exposed a small pink strip of her diaper that seemed to sag just below the hem. Amy tried not to stare at it and wondered how she would be able to bring up the subject if she was actually wet. “Well good morning sleepyhead. You’re just in time.” She placed the stack of warm pancakes on the table, setting a fork and a bottle of syrup beside it. Katherine visibly perked up at the sight and waddled towards the table. Amy wondered if she was aware of what she was doing, but her question was soon answered as Amy climbed up into the chair and visibly winced as her diaper squished against the seat. She looked down in surprise and disgust as the sensation of the cold, soaked diaper finally registered with her. Amy was quick to react before she got upset. She was at her side, gently rubbing her back. “It’s okay, you just had a lot to drink last night and slept in. We’ll get it changed right after breakfast, but your pancakes won’t be good cold.” Katherine seemed to calm down before her embarrassment escalated any further. Amy returned to the stove to finish her own batch of pancakes. The coffee pot was finally full and Amy went to pour herself a cup. As she reached for a second mug for Katherine, she remembered the soda and wondered how well Katherine's stomach would be able to handle coffee. She put the mug back on the shelf and opened the fridge. “Hey Katie, what do you want to drink? I've got orange juice… milk…” She trailed off, hoping Katherine would accept one of the first few options. “Milk's fine." she said with a mouthful of pancakes. Amy took out the carton and poured a glass of milk. She opened the cabinet, grabbed a straw, and put it in the glass with a soft clink. Amy carried their drinks over to the table and retrieved her own stack of pancakes. Katherine paused for a moment when she noticed the straw, but didn’t say anything as she brought it up to her lips and took a drink. Amy focused on her pancakes and pretended not to notice. “So, Kelly called this morning…” Katherine froze with her fork half way to her mouth and looked up with wide eyes. “It’s okay.” Amy urged quickly, trying to shut down any anxiety before it started. “It’s just for me, she just wants to go over a few things about teaching courses. It’s in a few hours, would you be fine hanging out here until I get back?” Katherine didn’t trust anything that involved Kelly, her discomfort evident on her face. She nodded slowly, but her concerned look didn’t change. “You can watch whatever you want. It shouldn’t be long, so we can get lunch after I get back.” Katherine nodded with slightly more confidence than before. The two finished their breakfast and Amy set the dishes in the sink. “Okay, let’s get you taken care of.” Katherine didn’t respond, but began to make her way to the bathroom. Just like the previous night, she laid down wordlessly in the same position on the bathroom floor. Amy pulled up the small bit of Katherine’s shirt that covered her diaper. It was visibly swollen, emanating a soft squishing noise as Amy undid the tapes and folded it down. She grabbed the container of wipes and thoroughly cleaned Katherine. As she slid the used diaper away, she was amazed at how heavy it was. These things can really take a punch. She thought as she rolled the diaper into a ball and refastened the tapes shut. Amy looked at her small bathroom trashcan, realizing that one diaper would immediately fill it to capacity. We might need to get a diaper pail at this rate. She deposited the diaper and pulled a fresh one from the package. After adding powder, she taped it snugly around Katherine’s waist. “Good to go.” She smiled, but Katherine didn’t return the expression. “It’s just for safety. Maybe if you have some time to relax, it will get better. Maybe we can even look for some thinner diapers so you won’t feel self-conscious in public?” Katherine’s sour expression softened at the thought. As long as there was some road to normality, she held on to the hope that she would feel like an adult again. The girls separated as Amy went to get ready for her training. Katherine returned to the couch with her blanket and started browsing Netflix. After she was deeply immersed in an episode of Friends, Amy entered the living room in her hospital scrubs, her hair still slightly wet from her shower. “I'm going to head to the hospital. You know where stuff is, so help yourself to whatever you need. Just text me if you need anything.” Katherine’s expression was almost heartbreaking. She didn't want Amy to leave or to have to deal with Kelly. She didn't want to be left alone. Before all of this, she would have killed for some free time, but now she just wanted Amy to stay. Amy hadn't expected the sad doe eyes looking up at her. She froze as she put her purse over her shoulder. “Hey, what's wrong?” Katherine broke eye contact and looked down, but her face still looked as if she was about to cry. Amy sat down next to her on the couch. “I won't be gone long. We’ll get lunch right after.” “I know.” Katherine said, unconvincingly. “So, what's wrong?” Amy asked, still confused. There was a long pause as she waited for Katherine to say something. “I just… I don't want you to go. I don't like you being around Kelly. She's mean and I don't want her to keep you there.” Amy realized how attached Katherine had become to her. She loved her friend and would do anything for her, but she hadn't seen how dependent her friend had become on their relationship. Maybe Kelly was right about how much support she needs right now. She wondered to herself “It's okay.” She said, rubbing her hand down her back. “I promise I won't stay too long. I'll be home soon.” She could see the tears welling in Katherine's eyes that threatened to spill over, but Katherine nodded and blinked them away. Amy gave her a quick kiss on the top of her head and headed out the door. Katherine had created a perfect nest on the couch. She was nestled in between several pillows, using her soft blanket to fill in the gaps. After a few episodes, she fell into a comfortable half sleep. Amy’s absence was no longer a source of anxiety, and the quiet of the empty apartment had become peacefully drowned out by the television. A sudden knock at the door made Katherine’s heart race. She gasped loudly and she almost fell off of the couch. She looked down at her outfit, a simple oversized t-shirt that barely covered her diaper. I can’t answer the door like this… what if it’s Amy? No, why wouldn’t she just use her keys? Did she forget them? Why didn’t she just call me? Questions raced through her mind as she reached for her phone. As she looked at the screen and saw that there were no new notifications, the door pounded again, louder this time. A woman’s voice came from the other side of the door? “Katie? It’s Stacy. I’ve got your delivery for you. Can you open the door?” Katherine froze staring at the door. She wished they would just go away, or wait for Amy to come home. She hadn’t expected to have to deal with anyone and wasn’t sure how to deal with the situation. After a long moment of silence, Katherine steeled herself and took slow, shuffling steps towards the door. She reached up, turned the deadbolt, and opened the door. While she had been preparing herself for Stacy to see her in her attire, she hadn’t been expecting two large moving men standing behind her with a pile of boxes. Her cheeks quickly burned to a bright red, but the men seemed to take no notice of it. Stacy smiled at her, and Katherine noticed a new pink dyed strip in Stacy’s otherwise dark hair. It was pulled into a ponytail today as a contrast to her usual pigtails. The change gave Katherine something to focus on as she tried not to think about her own attire. “Hi Katie, I didn’t wake you, did I?” Stacy said, looking down at her outfit as if they were perfectly normal. “N-no.” Katherine muttered. “Well, do you mind if we drop your stuff off? My guys are really quick and they’ll be in and out in a flash.” Katherine was excited at the idea of everyone leaving and gave a quick nod. Amy smiled and gestured to the movers. “Come on guys." She stepped inside past Katherine, the men carrying a large rectangular box between them. Katherine looked at the pile of boxes that remained outside, wondering what could be in them. Stacy analytically looked all around the apartment as she navigated through it. She walked down the hall to the guest room and looked inside. “Ah, this should work. In here guys.” The men followed past her into the room. Katherine heard the box hit the floor with a thud. The men walked out and returned to the pile of boxes outside. They made several more trips in the room, depositing the boxes with speedy precision. Katherine wondered what Stacy was doing in the room, but didn’t want to get in the way of the movers. She sat on the couch and returned to her show, trying to block out the noise. After the last load of boxes came in through the front door, Katherine noticed that the men weren’t leaving the room. She could hear the boxes being shuffled as if they were being disassembled, but she didn’t dare leave her spot on the couch. After what felt like an eternity, the men entered the living room, walked past her without a word, and closed the door behind them. Katherine wondered if there were more boxes she hadn’t seen, but her question was answered when she heard the sound of the moving truck starting up and driving away. Katherine sat there quietly, listening if Stacy was in the other room. She wondered if she had left without her noticing. She continued to listen, hearing light footsteps walking down the hall. Stacy walked around the corner, her face beaming. “Hey, want to come see?” Katherine didn’t try to hide the confused look on her face. She no idea what to expect at this point and just wanted to go back to having her free time. Katherine got up from the couch and followed Stacy as she practically skipped back to the guest room. A pink light shined into the hallway. Katherine hadn’t seen a light on in the room before, but was surprised that Amy would have a pink lightbulb. She entered in behind Stacy who turned around and spread her arms wide, presenting her work for review. “Well? What do you think?” Katherine mouth fell open as she took in the spectacle around her. The room had been completely transformed. Katherine’s eyes were immediately drawn to the oversized crib, complete with an oversized spinning mobile in the corner of the room. A normal-sized adult would appear small inside it, much less Katherine. Her gaze continued to the corners where there was a rocking chair, changing table, and a diaper pail. The walls were covered with stick-on decals of clouds, animals, letter blocks, and flowers. Several lamps put off a soft pink glow throughout the room. Katherine noticed a soft sensation beneath her bare feet and looked down. The center of the room was covered with a large sheep-skin rug. She unconsciously wiggled her toes, feeling the rug’s softness. She looked the room over again, completely speechless. “It’s a lot, I know, but isn’t it cute?” Stacy couldn’t wait for a response. “Oh, don’t you just love that rug? It’s sheepskin. Isn’t it just the softest thing in the world?” Katherine’s eyes explored every corner, trying to process what she was seeing. Her eyes fell on the open closet. Stacy followed her gaze, looking for any reaction to the room. “Oh the closet. You've got to see this. This is the best part!” she grabbed Katherine's hand and led her over to the open door. Katherine looked up at the now packed closet. The top rack was completely full of baby clothes. Onesies, sleepers, and dresses bulged out of the closet. Ruffles and pastel colors entirely filled up the top section. The bottom section had been turned into organizer shelves with cubby holes. Each hole was full of stacks of different kinds of diapers, diapering supplies, bottles, pacifiers, toys, and every accessory a baby would need. Katherine couldn't speak as she looked the closet over, wondering if this was all some strange dream. Stacy clapped her hands together. “Isn't it amazing? You have no idea how excited I was that I got to do this. We've set up rooms for customers before, but nothing like this! Your boss is really amazing. I couldn't believe everything that she ordered. I told her about our supplies and she just ran with it…” Katherine could barely understand the words Stacy was saying. “My… my boss?” Katherine muttered quietly. Stacy stopped in the middle of her rant, anxious for any feedback from Katherine. Her eyebrows furrowed as she tried to understand Katherine's confusion. “Yeah… Kelly, right? She put in this order for you…” Katherine didn't take her eyes off of the stack of diapers in front of her. “She did?” she asked in her quiet tone. “Oh…” Stacy said, showing the first hint of awkwardness Katherine had ever heard from her. “She didn't tell you. I think I understand…” Stacy went still as the quiet room was filled with a muffled hissing noise. She listened carefully, then looked down at Katherine as she realized the source. Her cheerful smile returned and she placed her hands on her hips. “Well, it sounds like someone needs a change.” Katherine felt a familiar warm sensation in her diaper and realized that she had just had an accident. She looked down at her now swollen diaper in disbelief. She felt tears starting to form, but Stacy picked her up and rested her head against her shoulder. “No worries, we’ll get you taken care of.” With one hand she patted her back, and the other rested under Katherine’s bottom as she supported her, inadvertently squishing the warm wet padding against her. Stacy wasn’t as tall as Amy, but still had no difficulty picking up and carrying Katherine. She laid Katherine on the changing table and undid the tapes of the wet diaper. “There, there sweetie, it’s okay.” She gave Katherine a quick boop on her nose and giggled. “Let’s get you cleaned up.” Stacy reached under the changing table and pulled out a pink cloth diaper. “I also threw in some cloth diapers in the order. They’re so soft and I think you’ll like them more than disposables.” She pulled the front of the used diaper down and grabbed a wipe. Katherine began to sit up in an attempt to protest, but Stacy put a hand on her shoulder to keep her down, wagging her finger back and forth. “Ah ah ah, no being fussy. I might end up putting you in the diaper pail by accident.” She giggled at her own joke. “Hold still for me sweetie.” She continued to smile brightly as she wiped and powdered Katherine. Katherine laid there, unsure if there’s anything she could do. “Let me get you up to speed. Miss Anderson put in a special order for you to have your very own nursery. It was very generous and she wanted to make sure you had everything you need for your new job.” She rolled up the used diaper into a ball and deposited it into the diaper pail. “I helped her pick out everything and offered to set up your nursery. She asked if I knew much about this stuff and I told her that I have had experience ‘babysitting’ before.” She lifted Katherine’s legs and slid the cloth diaper underneath her. Katherine’s bottom rested on the soft material that felt like a pillow. “She asked if I’d like to babysit, and of course I said yes! The hospital has a program for in-home patient care and I’m now officially your babysitter.” Katherine’s eyes went wide as she finally understood what was happening. Stacy pulled up the cloth diaper between Katherine’s and began fastening the velcro straps. The material was so thick it pushed Katherine’s legs apart. “The only downside of these is you’ve got to have plastic panties to make sure you don’t leak. But they last a long time, and we can get some really cute pants for you. You can even add cloth stuffer pads to make them last longer. I think I put some down here…” She leaned over under the table and rummaged around for a moment. “Yes! Here they are.” She held up two curved cloth pads that matched her diaper. “Want to see how they look?” Without waiting for a response, Stacy undid the velcro and pulled the front of the diaper back down. “I think two is the most we would be able to get away with.” She slid the stuffers underneath Katherine’s bottom and carefully tucked them inside the lining of the diaper. The material had tripled in thickness, creating a noticeable squeezing sensation when she pulled the thick padding back up between Katherine’s legs. Her thighs forcibly spread out around the diaper as Stacy pulled the front down and re-fastened the straps. “Oh my gosh that is so cute! That thing will last you all day. Now, let’s see if we can’t get some cute panties for that poofy butt.” As Stacy walked over to the closet to look at clothing options, Katherine craned her neck down to look at the beach ball around her waist. She couldn’t even see her toes over the bulk of the diaper. Stacy quickly returned from the closet with her hands full. “Okay, so here’s what I’m thinking…” She held up two sets of panties in each hand. She held out a transparent pink pair for Katherine to see. “These are plastic. They’re pretty loud but keep you from leaking. Unfortunately, they aren’t very cute looking. Now these…” She held up the other pair. They were a shiny pink satin with ruffles all along the bottom. “These are just decorative and aren’t waterproof. I think we should try both!” Stacy shifted down towards Katherine’s feet and raised her legs in the air. She first slid the plastic panties over her feet and shimmied them up her legs. The plastic crinkled loudly as she slid it up and around the bulky diaper. She then repeated the process with the other pair. The cool satin tickled as the ruffles ran over Katherine’s legs and she let out an involuntary giggle and squirmed at the unexpected sensation. Stacy grinned and gave her a devious look. “Ohhh… Is someone ticklish?” Katherine’s smile was instantly gone, replaced with a look of horror. Stacy quickly slid her hands under Katherine’s shirt, prodding her sides. “Tickle time!” She yelled as her fingers fluttered over Katherine’s sensitive skin. Katherine tensed and writhed on the changing table, laughing wildly and trying to squirm away. “No, no, no, no, please!-” She groaned in between laughs. Stacy moved town to her thighs which were helplessly exposed from the thick diaper. She leaned over and placed her mouth on Katherine’s belly, blowing a loud raspberry as she tickled. Katherine was almost screaming with laughter, trying to catch her breath in between her pleas. “NO! Please stop!” Stacy finally relented, giving her a kiss on the forehead. “I won’t tickle you too bad… we wouldn’t want to make you have another accident, would we?” Katherine blushed at the question. Stacy smiled at her response and returned to the closet. “So, we need something cute to go with your undies...” She pulled two dresses from the closet. “You’ve got an entire new wardrobe to look through... what to pick?” She held up two frilly dresses, one pink, and one yellow with pink accents. “What do you think?” She weighed them back and forth. Katherine just stared at them, unsure what to say. She just wanted to stay in her t-shirt. She wanted to be alone. But she knew that wasn’t going to happen. She had peed her pants without any idea it was happening. She didn’t want to admit that she needed help, but she knew she didn’t have a choice any more. “The yellow one.” She said quietly. The grin on Stacy’s face somehow grew bigger at the response. “I like that one too.” She came over and helped Katherine out of her shirt. Katherine felt the need to cover herself, but her chest was so flat there was practically nothing to cover. Stacy helped her sit up, balancing on the giant diaper, and held the dress up over her head. “Arms up.” Katherine complied and Stacy slid the dress over her head. It fanned out just below where her breasts would be, the frills pushing the dress out to all sides and exposing her frilly diaper cover. “Oh my gosh I just want to die.” Stacy said through her hands that covered her mouth. “You are so stinking cute! Here, let’s try this.” She almost ran to the closet and pulled out a yellow bonnet and a matching yellow pacifier. “Open” She said, placing the large nipple in Katherine’s mouth. She reluctantly opened and accepted the nipple. Stacy pulled out two hair ties, fixing Katherine’s hair into two pigtails. She fixed the bonnet on her head, tying it underneath her chin in a bow. “Okay, I can’t stand this. You are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.” Stacy pulled out her phone and snapped a picture before Katherine knew what was happening. “Have you had lunch yet?” Stacy asked. Katherine was trying to speak to protest the picture, but found that the bonnet securely held her mouth closed around the giant pacifier, preventing her from speaking. She shook her head no while trying to open her jaw. Stacy noticed the predicament. “That’s okay, don’t worry about it. I’ll take your bonnet off for lunch. I’ll go make you something and be right back.” She picked Katherine up from the table and walked over to the crib. She pulled at a latch and the large panel slid to the floor. Stacy placed Katherine on the soft mattress and handed her a stuffed sheep. “Now you play with Lamby while I go get lunch ready.” She put the crib wall back up and left Katherine alone in the room. Katherine looked down at the stuffed lamb, holding the soft material close to her chest. She suckled her pacifier and looked around the room. She couldn’t believe that any of this was real. She squirmed around the bulky diaper, trying to find a comfortable position. The high wall of the crib was far too tall to crawl over, even if the diaper wasn’t impairing her movements. Katherine attempted to stand, having to awkwardly shift from her knees to her shaky feet. Before she could even be upright, the heavy diaper threw off her balance and she fell squarely on her bottom. The padding ensured that there was no pain, but she still felt like crying. She couldn’t escape, she couldn’t yell for help, she couldn’t even go to the bathroom if she wanted to. Tears welled up easily in her eyes and she hugged her lamb close to her. She wasn’t sure how much time had passed before Stacy returned with a bottle in her hand. “Hey, sweetie. Ready for lunch?” Katherine eyed the bottle skeptically, then looked into Stacy’s eyes. Stacy met her gaze, sensing her hesitation. “Don’t worry. Kelly told me you’ve nursed before. I want to keep you on a regular schedule so your tummy doesn’t get upset.” At the word ‘nurse’, Katherine involuntarily looked at Stacy’s exposed cleavage, her black tank-top struggling to support her breasts. The shirt was tight against her slender waist, and Katherine stared for longer than she realized. Stacy’s grin turned devilish as she realized where Katherine was looking. She turned her own gaze down and peered down her shirt. “Yeah, sorry sweetie. I don’t think I’ll be able to help you there.” She began to unlock the crib and a familiar blush returned to Katherine’s cheeks. “I can’t feed you, but maybe later I’ll let you if you’re good.” She gathered Katherine up in her arms and walked over to the rocking chair. “I know how soothing that can be for a baby.” Katherine went limp in Stacy’s arms as she supported her. She hadn’t meant to stare at her. She wasn’t implying that she wanted to nurse. Why did I do that? Katherine’s thoughts felt fuzzy and slow as she tried to wrap her head around what was happening. Stacy sat in the chair and cradled Katherine in her arms. She undid the bonnet and removed her pacifier. She brought the bottle up to Katherine’s lips and she instinctively opened her mouth. She wrapped her lips around the nipple and began to suckle. Her mouth curled into a frown as the taste of formula hit her tongue. “Oh, don’t pout.” Stacy said, sticking her lower lip out turning her own mouth into a mock pout. “This is what babies need. You’ll get used to it, and if you need some help, I brought some things that can assist you.” Katherine wasn’t sure what she meant, but couldn’t imagine anything worse than formula. She suckled from the bottle and swallowed the thick mouthful. Stacy smiled. “That’s my good girl.” Katherine felt a strange pang of pride at the comment. While balancing the bottle, Stacy pulled out her phone and tapped the screen a few times. The room slowly began to dim, only a soft pink glow coming from the bulbs. Katherine would have sworn it was evening thanks to the blackout curtains over the window. Stacy spoke quietly, as if she didn’t want to disturb the peaceful room. “They’re smart bulbs. I can set them to whatever color I want and set schedules for them. This is what we’ll set the room to for nap time.” Katherine mentally wanted to protest the idea of a nap, but she felt her jaw stretching as the darkness encouraged her to yawn around the bottle that was already half gone. “Perfect timing, I think someone is getting sleepy.” Stacy said, still holding the bottle firmly in place. Katherine felt herself relaxing as she suckled until the bottle was empty. The bland taste wasn’t as overpowering anymore and she was able to finish the bottle easily. Stacy took away the empty bottle and replaced the pacifier in her mouth. She left the bonnet untied and carried Katherine over to the crib. She lifted up the blankets and laid Katherine gently down on the mattress, covering her with the blankets. “Just hold on one minute, I’m going to try something.” Stacy left and walked over to the closet. Katherine felt her vision beginning to fade as the combination of the darkened room, warm blankets, and her full belly all chipped away at her will to stay awake. Stacy returned a moment later with several objects in her hands. She walked to the foot of the bed and began to slip something over Katherine’s feet. She strained to lift her head and saw satin booties that matched her diaper cover. Stacy moved up and began to slid matching mittens over her hands. Katherine tried to protest, but Stacy’s grip was far to strong for her tired state. Stacy’s face went stern as she laced straps around Katherine’s wrist. “No fussing unless you want a spanking. I’m sure I left a paddle here somewhere.” She paused to look Katherine in the eye, showing her the seriousness of the threat. Katherine went limp and let Stacy tie the mittens around her hands. Lastly, she grabbed a set of headphones and slid them over Katherine’s ears underneath her bonnet. She tied the bonnet’s straps into a tight bow, securing the headphones and pacifier in place. Suddenly, Katherine began to hear the soft hum of a white noise tone in the headphones. She could only see Stacy mouthing the words, “Sweet dreams.” Before she raised the side of the crib and shut the door behind her. Katherine tried to move her hands inside the mittens, but found the material was to slick for her to get a grip on anything. She tried to shift her bonnet and headphones away, but they wouldn’t budge. She looked up at the spinning mobile and watched the characters as they moved in slow circles. A woman’s quiet voice began to drift through the white noise in the headphones. “Hello there, my precious baby. Everything is okay. You’re safe. Just listen to my voice. Mommy’s voice.” The voice was just above a whisper, speaking in long, slow breaths, as if she was breathing in Katherine’s ears. She felt tingles run down her back. “Mommy loves you baby. Mommy will take care of you. Close your eyes and let mommy take care of you.” Katherine felt her eyelids getting heavy, and quietly drifted off as the voice guided her to sleep. Amy exited the hospital and returned to her car, thinking over the meeting she had just had. Kelly had been unusually businesslike with her compared to the past few days. The meeting had lasted two hours, but was mostly just Kelly going over a guide for new instructors. Kelly had only asked one question that still bothered her. How do you feel about that store clerk, Stacy? Amy could still hear Kelly’s tone clearly in her head. She had told her that Stacy was a very nice person and seemed very knowledgeable about the supplies that were purchased for Katherine. Kelly had seemed satisfied at the answer and hadn’t pressed any further, but Amy couldn’t help but wonder what it meant. She pulled up to the apartment and walked up to the door. She unlocked the door to find Stacy sitting on her couch. Stacy turned and smiled as if she had expected her to walk in. “Hi Amy! I hope you don’t mind, but Katherine let me in and we got your stuff delivered and all set up. Katherine’s down for a nap in her room. Would you like to see?” Amy’s blank face stayed frozen as she took in what Stacy had said. “Wait… my stuff?” Stacy returned her confused look. “Oh... did Kelly not tell you I was coming by today? She called me and asked if I could start today as a sitter while we got everything setup. I’m sorry she didn’t say anything, I thought you knew.” Amy racked her memory of the conversations with Kelly if there was anything she had missed. She shook her head as if the memory suddenly came back to her. “Oh yeah, that’s right. I forgot she did talk about that.” Stacy still looked concerned. “I hope it was okay I came by. Kelly talked with me about what Katie needs and that she was here alone. Here, let me show you the room.” She turned to walk down the hall and Amy followed her. Stacy gently turned the doorknob, revealing the dimly lit nursery. Amy tried to keep her mouth from falling open as she looked around. “What do you think?” Stacy whispered. “I... I didn’t know what to expect.” She looked over to the oversized crib in the corner and noticed Katherine sleeping. She walked over and peered between the bars. “Isn’t she just precious?” Stacy said. Amy found herself clamping her hands over her mouth as the sight of her party dress. “Oh my... She’s adorable! That diaper is so poofy...” Stacy smiled at the observation. “Yeah, it’s a cloth diaper. It will hold a lot and she wouldn’t need a change for a while. I’ve got you all set up with diapers and outfits in the closet.” Amy just nodded, still looking around the room. Stacy gestured to the hallway and they both stepped outside. “Since your home now, I can take off. If you need anything, you can give me a call any time.” “Sure thing, thank you for watching her Stacy.” Stacy smiled. “It’s no problem. She’s so easy to watch. I’ll see you soon!” Amy walked her to the door and watched as she went to her car. As soon as she had driven out of sight, Amy walked back to the nursery. Katherine continued to sleep, softly sucking her pacifier. Amy just watched her as she slept, and looked around the room. She quietly whispered to herself “Oh Katie...what are we going to do?”
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    4.) Twinkling, Tinkling, & Crinkling It was just after nightfall when I snuck into my dorm, holding a grocery bag tight to my chest. My cheeks were on fire. I knew this was an artificial feeling; it wasn't real. I didn't want this. I didn't want Bailey! But I'd driven to the convenient store at seven at night all the same. I just had to get to my room before Meg noticed me. "You're acting sneaky,” Meg said, sitting on the kitchen counter with a tub of ice cream in her lap and a spoon between her lips. Her tone as sweet as the iced confection, but her eyes were suspiciously focused on her best friend. "Why the sneaky? Whatcha got there?" I almost jumped out of my skin. "Jesus, you scared the crap out of me!" Who the fuck sits on the counter like that?! I held the bag off to the side, trying to obscure it with my body. "I'm going to my room for the night... I'm tired. And I already ate, so..." I walked down the hall as quickly as I could and closed the door behind me. Finally, I let out a sigh of relief. "Hey." Meg let herself into her best friend’s bedroom, walked over the plush carpet, and fell back on her bed. "I've been thinking about this whole 'you dating a girl thing,' you know? It's a lot to process, 'cause you spent your whole life talking about boys. I was just wondering like, was that an act?" Meg smelled faintly of honey whiskey. "...um. What? Can't we talk about this later?" "No." "Seriously?" "Seriously." I sighed and dropped the grocery bag in my closet, then closed the door. Fine... "I don't really like girls. I just like her. And I don't know why, and I don't know how. And honestly, I sort of hate it. But hey, you can't help who you love, right?" Love. Fuck. Slip of the tongue... "Love? So you love her? But you hate that you love her? How do you love her, anyway; you've only been dating for a few days. Has she even made you dinner yet? She has to make you dinner before you can say you love her, that's how it is, Pippy." So said Meg. "...you're drunk?" She glared at me. "I'm drinking. I'm not drunk." She sounded drunk to me. "Listen, I don't have time for this. Can't you just give me the lecture tomorrow? I'm exhausted and today has been awful. I just want some peace and quiet, alright?" "Awful? Oh no what happened? Tell me, bestie, tell me. That's why I'm here, I'm here so you can tell me when things are awful. Did you and your cougar break up? But you said you love her, so that doesn't make sense." She sat bolt upright on the bed and waggled her fingers. "Oh did you come out to someone?!” "Meg." She smiled up at me like a dumbass. Like a drunk dumbass. "I had a bad day because of what happened this morning, remember?" She didn't remember. And I wasn't going to explain it. I felt a blush on my cheeks and I crossed my arms over my chest. "Please get out. I'm tired." What if Bailey showed up while she was here? "Nooo, watch a movie with me! Or watch TV with me? Come on, I'm about to lose you to this relationship, so you gotta have sympathy, okay?" She smiled. Dumbly. Bailey said she was coming tonight. Right? She definitely implied it. But maybe 'tonight' to a vampire meant more like midnight. It was only 8pm. I sighed and closed my eyes tight. "Fine. Pick the movie. And no more drinking, because you're so annoying when you drink..." If I played my cards right, I could be back in my room at 10pm. Then Bailey could climb through the window like vampires always did in TV and books. Wait, did I have to invite her in? "I'll stop drinking if you let me make you a drink. Just one drink okay, just one?" Meg never had a problem with alcohol; she was on good terms with her ability to start and stop, and she mostly just enjoyed having a good time in her life. But damn could she be pushy. "Fine! Whatever! Just go pick a movie!" Oh my god! It was like arguing with a toddler! She smiled warmly up at me and pranced out of my room like she'd just convinced Santa to give her a toy factory. I held the sides of my head with frustration. Two hours and I could go to bed. Two hours and one drink. * * * * * One drink and one very long romantic comedy about a lesbian couple with an age difference - a little on the nose - turned into Meg laying on the sofa with her head on her best friends shoulder, babbling about the merits of boys versus girls. And as the credits began the roll, the buzzer on the wall chirped noisily indicating company. "Oh my fucking god who is here at like 10 at night holy shit, ignore it, they'll leave." I figured it was just someone who wanted to get into the building. That happened all the time. I got up and started turning off the lights when the buzzer went off again. "Ugh, seriously? It's a school night." I held the button to let the person in - whoever they were - and went back to my friend on the sofa. "You got what you wanted. I'm going to bed now." "Already? Oh, but the night is young, Pippy!” The door had been unlocked, so I took it upon myself to open it. The two college girls both looked at me, but the looks they gave couldn't have been more different; annoyance bubbling to anger and smitten love giving into wanton lust. I smiled, not a wrinkle on my skin, and puffed a strand of scarlet hair out of the way of my eyes. I nodded down to the wicker basket in my hand. "I was thinking we might go up to the roof and have a picnic under the stars, my little Pippy. Your friend can join us, if she wants?" The best friend, clearly. No issue, not at all. "What do you think you're doing, just walking into our house like that?!" Meg got up from the sofa in anger but I got in the way just in time. "It's fine, it's okay. Uh..." I looked up at Bailey with a nervous smile. "Oh, am I interrupting?” There was a genuine apology in my tone, but no sense of contrition; I wasn't sorry, I just wanted for this angry girl to feel at calm and at ease. "I'd thought we would wait for all the stars to be visible. All the better to see them reflected in your eyes when you look at me, Pippy." “Um... yeah, we can go to the roof. I think Meg has homework to do anyway." I gave Meg a serious look. A 'go to your room and stop acting like a brat' look. But Meg wouldn't take the hint. "Actually, I did it earlier. So I'll join you." "Splendid!" I didn't miss it when Meg mouthed the same word mockingly when she thought I wasn't looking. "I'm Bailey - I'm so sorry for my manners. And you are?" "The girl you have to impress if you wanna date my biffles, that's who." "Ah, yes. And do you have a name, maybe?" "It's Meg." "Megan, how gorgeous." "No. Just Meg. Don't get fresh with me, lady." Meg went to get a jacket from her room and I went over to Bailey with a frown. "Ignore her. She's... protective of me. I don't really date so..." Then I thought about how that sounded. That somehow Bailey was special. But she wasn't! She enslaved me, basically! Maybe having Meg around wouldn't be so bad... "Well, you'll never need to worry about that again, part of your life is now eternally mine.” I smiled enough for her to see my teeth, and then leaned in... just to kiss her on the forehead. "She seems to think I might steal you away. If only she knew how valid her concerns were, mm?" "That's not funny," I muttered, but my cheeks were pink with embarrassment. That forehead kiss really did a number on me. A second later, Meg came out with a jacket on and led the charge to the roof. I sighed with resignation and followed behind. I knew she had a best friend and that the best friend, and I’d packed accordingly. Little elegant sandwiches and crisp apple wine: gifts from other thralls of mine. I made an excellent impression, though I really didn't even need to try. I owned Pippy already. But it was always fun to watch them surrender. The roof was empty and uninteresting. The stars shimmered softly in the light pollution. It wasn't a gorgeous night or anything. But whatever. Bailey clearly had something in mind as she set down the blanket and unpacked the sandwiches. She filled three crystal glasses with wine. Meg and I took our seats. What was Bailey's plan here? Was she really trying to win over Meg? She didn't know who she was up against... neither of them did. "I remember a time before all of this, when you didn't have to climb eight flights of stairs and wait until late at night to see the stars." I waxed wistfully and held up my glass, watching the bubbles from the sparkling wine twinkle like the stars. "Better times, I think, but there's beauty in other places, too." I sat down on the blanket, tucking my knees underneath me, and smiled at the two young college girls. "You must try these sandwiches, a friend of mine bakes the bread just for me." "Who?" "Hmm?" "Who bakes it?" Someone bakes bread just for a vampire? And what, they just give it to her? I remembered how she dodged my question in the library: do you have other thralls? Was this bread girl her thrall too? I puffed out my cheeks in frustration, but Meg took a bite of the sandwich. "Mm. Pretty good. Super fresh." I refused to take one. "Pippy, it's rude to turn away gifts; we've discussed that haven't we?" My tone was firm while gentle, loving and tender, like I was teaching etiquette to a child and meant no ill of it. Meg didn't have any problem eating the little sandwich fingers, but Pippy was acting defiant. "Is there something on your mind, my little doll?" "I just wanna know who this girl is, that's all. I mean, she's making you bread, so..." Bailey never said it was a girl, and that caught Meg's attention. "Are you jealous?" she asked me. My cheeks went red. "No! But she's obviously flirting with Bailey, and... and... I'm not hungry, okay?" "She's my niece." I replied, simply, not at all lying - she was the daughter of another thrall of mine. When she had come of age, she likewise became my thrall. To me, that made her my niece. "Her name is Karyn, and I'm sure she'd be most upset to know that you won't even try her sandwiches, she works very hard in her kitchen, you know." "Her niece, Pippy. Oh my stars, you're dating a grandma!" Meg was pretty obnoxious when she was drinking. Niece? But there was no way she was older than thirty. Then again, what if vampires didn't age, like in books? Of course she wouldn't age. Or her sister was older. Or her brother. Did she have siblings? All these questions... I knew so little about her. "I wanna meet her," I said flatly. Partially because I wanted to get to know Bailey better. Partially because I needed to put my mind at ease. "I suppose I could tell her one of her fans wanted to meet her, but for that, you'd need to like her baking." I smiled and nodded to the sandwiches, smiled slightly, and leaned back to sip my wine. "How did you remember when there was no light pollution?" Meg asked, a little behind on processing the conversation. "The city has been here like, forever." I picked up one of the sandwiches with obvious irritation. "I told you, she's a vampire." But though I was telling the truth, Meg didn't take it seriously at all. Just like the first time. I sighed and took a bite of the sandwich... damn, it was delicious. "Are you?" Meg sipped her wine. "A vampire?" I couldn't help but smile at her, a knowing little smirk, before changing the subject without answering. "Megan.” "Meg.” "Meg," I allowed the correction, "what will it take for me to gain your approval?" But Meg changed the subject again, maybe unable to come up with an answer. "Pippy's never dated a girl before. She doesn't even like girls. Right Pip?" I shrugged my shoulders and took another bite of the sandwich. "Technically that's true." I gave Bailey a sharp look. We'd talked already today about how I didn't love her, not truly. It was part of her thrall spell she put me under. And I never agreed to trade my maturity for anything! "Well, her not liking other women is a perk for me, because I'd prefer she only have eyes for me." I hadn’t intended to embarrass her here, in front of her friend, but her sass had left me hungry for something beyond sandwiches. Her defiance warmed my blood and her pouting had whet my appetite. She felt her neck tingling when I looked at her. I looked up at Bailey and then down at the half-a-sandwich in my hands. She wanted me to only have eyes for her, but she didn't care at all about what I wanted! I wanted her to stop this stupid curse. I wanted go back to living my life without pissing myself in class! So I threw down the sandwich onto the blanket and got up in a hurry, storming off the roof and slamming the door behind me. It wasn't good that she'd done that. There was a connection between owner and thrall; a need and a longing, a connection I'd just started opening up in her. I could control the intensity at will, but when she'd gotten up and stormed off she'd ensured that everything would hit her at once like recoil. Need. Aching need. Lust. Want. Arousal. Fear. Helplessness. Owned. I wondered if she'd even make it down one flight of stairs before coming back up here in tears. I leaned against the railing and tears dripped down my cheeks. I couldn't stop bawling. I missed her! She was supposed to come over and we were supposed to go in my room and I was gonna show her what I'd bought! I had worked so hard all day for her, and now she was out there trying to impress Meg? And she brings snacks from some other girl, and... and I couldn't stop crying. Why would she do this? What did I do wrong...? "Will you excuse me, Meg? I should go and check on her." I got to my feet in one smooth motion and crossed the space to the stairwell. It was important for her to come back to me, but it was more important that she thought I was on my way to her as well. That's what turned thralldom into proper romantic love, and humans needed that sometimes to feel safe and fulfilled. So I waited just outside the door, because she'd come through in just a moment’s time and I'd catch her and make all her pain go away. I pushed the door open with all the force that I'd used to slam it, and I stormed up to the picnic blanket. But a step beyond the door, she was waiting for me. Bailey. I looked up at her... and I lost it. I shook my head in a panic and crashed into her at full force, burying my head in her chest and sobbing loudly. "I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry..." I didn't say anything to her, not at first. She needed her words to be said and to be heard. With so much whiplash, she needed to feel like every ounce of her remorse was poured out before she could feel empty again, and be filled back up with happiness, slavery, and lust. I played with her hair and held her against my chest, one of my hands finding her neck drawing circles around my kiss mark while she sobbed. "I'll be good... I'll be a good widdle girl..." My voice regressed to a childlike tone and I took half a step back from her, so she could see the sincerity in my eyes. And without a second thought, I started to wet myself. It was my choice. I wanted to. I felt the warmth pool between my legs, over my bottom, and dripping down my thighs. I smiled up at her proudly and tugged on her dress. "I need changing, Mommy..." But I'd forgotten one important thing. Meg. And this was something Meg would certainly never forget. She'd never forget the things her best friend said, the tones she'd used, that she'd voluntarily just pissed her pants right there on the roof. But Meg was also quite drunk, to be honest. "You're a good girl, Pippy, flush out those nasty words and nasty feelings, you're too little to have them now, aren't you?" I looked over my shoulder at Meg, then back at Pippy. And I sunk my teeth into my little dolls neck to reward her for a moment. Truthfully, I couldn't have resisted. Meg would be a side effect to deal with later. Her teeth sunk into me. I felt the pressure. I felt the pleasure. Warmth. Soaking me up. Or maybe that was my jeans. I giggled happily, dizzy in delirium. I clung my wet body to hers and closed my eyes. I saw stars. Supernovae exploding. And I started to moan. I was so aroused... "What the actual fuck…” I pulled my teeth from Pippy’s neck and looked at her best friend with annoyance. As I approached, she took a step back in fear. Panic. I was used to that. When I was close enough, I pressed my fingers to her forehead and she fell to the ground softly. She was drunk. She'd remembered this, but it wouldn't make sense. She wouldn't believe her memories; humans are malleable. And thralls were clay. I picked mine up against my hip, no strength in the world compared to that of a vampire, and I carried her down the stairs. It was time to get her changed into the underwear she'd be wearing all her life. I flopped back on my bed. Blood dripped down my neck onto the sheets, leaving little red stains. I looked up at Bailey with bright, needy eyes. I would do anything for her. I already had... "Mommy... please dun go..." But she wasn't leaving. She was just looking around my room. My dresser. Then my closet. "I knew you'd impress me, my little Pippy, I knew that you would." These would do for now; functionally white and thinly padded; they'd be her first step. But she was a college girl and fashion was important. The next step beyond these would be diapers with colors and cute prints, something to be proud of. Proud that she'd given up her continence in tribute of her Mistress. "Tell Mommy what you want more than anything, Pippy." I held the diaper in my hands, little drips of blood on my lips. I looked up at her, at her beautiful lips, at her sharp teeth, at her gorgeous eyes, and at the white diaper in her hands. My cheeks caught fire. I gazed down at the huge wet spot on my pants and bit my lip shyly. I couldn't believe I was doing this... “A diaper…” "A diaper today, and a diaper tomorrow, and every single day for every single year, always and forever, and in return..." I sent heat to her neck, I let her feel me, I tugged on the invisible threads that linked the two of us together, and I crinkled the thin plastic. "This sounds like pleasure. This sounds like happiness. Because you're my baby doll." Her fingers traced the holes on my neck, coating them in my blood. But the sensations were not painful. They were pure pleasure. The sound of the crinkling. The heat of her touch. I nodded without thinking, accepting her offer. I pulled down her jeans. She squeezed her thighs together, she rubbed her knees upon each other, she was warm and frustrated and needy and longing. She wanted me to make love to her and she smelled every bit of it, but that's not what thralls did for me. Thralls paid tribute to me. Surrendered to me. I slid the diaper under her behind, and I ran my pale skin across her thigh so she would scoot into place. I shuffled a little downward so that the diaper was snuggly beneath my bottom. Her fingers drew lines down from my belly button, over my waist, and to the front of my pubic hair. I exhaled sharply and squirmed so that her fingers would move further down, but they did not. I was quivering with lust. "Mommy, please..." I gave her something, something she didn't know she wanted yet. Something she would learn meant more than sex: I pulled the diaper up between her legs and I taped it into place. This moment, this exchange, this was the center of her libido now. She just didn't know it yet. I crawled on top of her and put my teeth on her neck. I'd earned this meal. ~~~~~~~ Thanks for reading, lovlies! Like, comment, and check out our Patreon!
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    I was finishing up at work and I knew I have been holding in a good poop for a good 2 days. Lots of oatmeal and cereal and fruits. I finished up and took the ride down in the elevator. I was clenching my cheeks all the way out to the exit. Finally free from work I leaned on a parking meter and just let my poop out into my diaper. It was like a rush of relief and happiness all rolled in one. There was a man at the curb and he asked me if I was okay. I could see by the wrinkle of his nose that he smelled what just happened in my pants. I was wearing a diaper though. My jeans just tented out in the butt section. I finally got my head straight and walked to my car park.. I sat in my huge mess and felt the squish and the pleasure and just smiled all the way home.
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    Cult Of Personality By: RambleLamb Prologue: "Every time we're in here I feel like I'm back at my Grandmother's house." the curly haired blonde woman said. The mustachioed man gave a cursory glance around the room. "Wyzzat?" he asked, his thick Southern drawl smashing the words together. The woman took her own look around and sighed thoughtfully. "I think it's the carpet." she said, her bare toes wiggling and flexing within the deep shag carpet. "There was this one Summer," she flushed lightly and cast her gaze down to her feet, "I was maybe ten or eleven and was just discovering boys and Ben Mills and his friends had seen my friends and I downtown one afternoon and invited us down to this nearby lake." She chuckled lightly, "It was barely a pond, but it seemed like a lake back then." she clarified. The man kept his attention on his task but nodded along with her story as he tightened the straps around the other woman's ankles. Curly Blonde unzipped the small black case in her hand and absently fiddled with the syringe and small vial within. "Anyway, we went swimming with them and Ben and I started splashing each other and," she trailed off as she punctured the vial with the needle and withdrew the clear liquid into the syringe. "Jafuck?" Mustache asked as he secured the straps on the other woman's wrists. Curly Blonde backhanded his broad shoulder. "No!" she squealed. "We weren't even teenagers yet!" she chided. Mustache shrugged. "We swam behind this tree that people would swing and jump into the lake from and he kissed me, my first kiss ever." Curly Blonde said, her cheeks flushing once more as she swabbed the woman's arm with a cotton ball she'd soaked in rubbing alcohol and stuck the needle in and pushed down the plunger on the syringe. Mustache stared at her for a moment. "What in the Hell does any of that have to do with yer Gramma's carpet?" he asked impatiently. Curly Blonde returned the syringe to its case and zipped it up. "Huh?" she asked. Mustache sighed heavily. "Ya started yer damn Summer love story because of yer Gramma's carpet!" he snapped as he finished affixing the apparatus to the other woman's head. Curly Blonde giggled dumbly, ignoring his insulting tone. "Oh yeah!" she exclaimed. "Well, when I got back to my Grandma's house she was P.O.'d that I'd gone out with boys and she dragged me into her bathroom and took me across her lap and beat my ass with this big old wooden spoon she had. I would just stare at the carpet and try and block out the sharp crack of the spoon when it hit me and the sting of it." she explained, her voice becoming more timid and somber with each passing word as she shifted uncomfortably where she sat as if that long gone sting had returned just by talking about it. Mustache nodded. "She did the right thing." he said. "Young ladies need to be taught how to be proper." he added. Curly Blonde chewed her lip and nodded as she looked down at her feet once more. "I stared at that carpet a lot when I stayed with her." she explained. "When I was real little I would pretend it was a magical forest and I was a giant princess waiting for a prince or a wizard to come and shrink me down so I could escape into the forest with them." she confessed, her eyes shimmering in the florescent light of the room. Mustache knelt in front of her and lifted her chin with a crooked finger. "Ya learned to be a good girl though, didnchya?" he asked quietly. Curly Blonde nodded vehemently and wiped her eyes with the backs of her hands. "I did!" she declared proudly. "My thing was tiles." Mustache told her. Curly Blonde looked at him quizzically. "Tiles?" she asked. He nodded. "My daddy would get real drunk and real mean and beat on my mama and my brother and me." he explained. "He always liked to catch me in the kitchen." he said. "Mama got it in the bedroom, my brother would get it in the living room, and I caught my beatings in the kitchen." he explained. After a long pause Curly Blonde put her hand on his knee. "Tell me." she urged softly. "I would count the tiles on the backsplash." he finally said. "Every time that belt came down on my back and butt I'd count a tile. At first it was hard because I was crying so hard that I couldn't really see too good, but as I got older the crying stopped and I just focused on them tiles." he explained. Curly Blonde gave him another curious and innocent look. "How many were there?" she asked. "Shoot, I never counted 'em all, a hundred was my record though, I remember that because that's the time that I fought back." he added with a wry smirk. "He never expected any of us to fight back, he always just figured we'd lay down and take our medicine." he told her. "He definitely never expected a knife in the side of his head." he added with a sudden laugh that visibly startled Curly Blonde. Curly Blonde regained her composure and looked at him sadly. "He learned his lesson just like I learned mine." she told him. Mustache nodded and kissed her forehead. "That he did, sweetheart, that he did." he said, his expression one of deep thought for a moment before he returned to the room he was in. "I think we're jes about done here." he said, making a last check of all the things he'd done. "Howsabout I let ya push the button this time?" he asked. Curly Blonde's eyes went wide and a large grin spread across her face. "Y'mean it?!" she chirped. Mustache nodded. "Only if ya promise to be a good girl and go right down for yer nap after." he told her. Curly Blonde's smile faded and morphed into a grumpy pout. "But I'm not tired!" she whined as she dropped the little black case and folded her arms across her chest. Mustache smiled at her and rose to his feet. "Well, way I see it is that if yer a good enough girl to push the button all by yerself then yer a good enough girl to get a special treat before yer nap." he told her with a knowing glance and a wink. Curly Blonde giggled and brought her thumb to her mouth, letting the tip touch her lips but not enter. "Does that mean I get special Daddy cuddles?" she asked. Mustache bent down and hoisted Curly Blonde up from the small stool where she was seated and positioned her so she was straddling his side, his large arms coming together to create a solid support for her to sit on as she wrapped her legs around his waist and hugged her own arms around his broad shoulders. "If ya promise to take yer nap without anymore fussin'." he told her. Curly Blonde nodded excitedly. "Otay, Dada." she said sweetly, her voice becoming tiny and juvenile without a hint of effort on her part. Mustache smiled and gently bounced her with his arms. "Say 'bye bye' to the nice lady." he urged his assistant. Curly Blonde waved her hand chaotically at the other woman, her coordination having nosedived considerably from when she'd first entered the room. "Bye bye, lady!" she cooed, "We see you laters!" she added. Mustache moved to the door out of the room and waited so Curly Blonde could lean away from him and clumsily flip the clear plastic cover up from the large red button in front of a massive collection of machines and computers on the wall by the door. With all the grace and coordination of a toddler she smashed the palm of her hand down on the button and giggled and clapped as things whirred to life and the room filled with beeps and boops of various sorts. Mustache flipped the plastic cover back down over the button and flipped off the switch near the door before carrying Curly Blonde through it and letting it shut firmly behind them, plunging the room into near total darkness save for the lights and screens on the apparatus by the door and for the small screen that hung in front of the woman they'd been tending to. Her vacant stare and simple smile awash in the bluish white light of the screen as what she saw worked in tandem with not only the audio that began playing from somewhere in the room once the door had closed but also with the concoction that Curly Blonde had administered to her as it coursed through her veins and she began her metamorphosis.
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    So, this is sort of unprecedented, but... this story has no ABDL content at all. So why are we posting it on DailyDiapers? Because we wrote it and we want to share it. Because by now, you guys know the kind of intricate plots and characters Pudding and I create. And because we honestly think it will get more views here than anywhere else. Maybe our fans want something different from authors they trust, or maybe someone just needs a free book to read. I dunno. Either way, I hope you read it. I hope you enjoy it. And as always, thank you for your constant love and support. ❤️ Complete PDF and ePub versions are available on Patreon as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Nobody wants to be the new kid. The new kid doesn't know where the cafeteria is, or that the door to the photography dark room isn't labeled and subsequently ends up ruining a whole semester's worth of work in a heartbeat. The new kid doesn't know that the meatloaf on Tuesdays is mostly newspaper - though that should be obvious - or that it's against the rules to put combination locks on lockers. I guess there's good reason nobody likes the new kid. Heck, if I wasn't the new kid, I wouldn't like me either. I stood awkwardly at the front of the twelve students in advisory group, looking up at the clock that read 9:15. "So. You know the drill guys. This is," The middle-aged man with glasses looked down at the sheet and then back up, like he hadn't even made an effort to learn my name, "Star… right. Yeah. Anyway, does anybody want to volunteer to show him around? You'll get a pardon from first hour if you do. What about you, Anna? Show the new kid around? You're never in first hour anyway; at least it'll be legitimate this time." And that's me. A boy named Star that needed people to be blackmailed into wanting to know me. Welcome to Ellison High, I guess. I climbed out of my seat and grabbed the messenger bag off the ground, slinging it over my shoulder and giving the teacher a salute before departing, the new kid in tow. "They call me Anna." I'm short, yeah. I'm a little overdressed for high school. I wear too much black. I ignore classes best I can. I don't dance. I'm bisexual. And I don't like new kids… in most cases. "Star's a dumb name." "I know, right? My parents are messed up - they don't work, they don't do anything but sit around getting high all day and 'listening to the earth-mother'. We only moved cause they got kicked out of another place because they decided 'the earth-mothers desires' meant they didn't need to pay rent. So I'm Star. My sister got it worse, though, her name is Moonbeam. And my brother is Sunray. My name's actually short for Twinklestar, but I already get given enough crap about looking like a homo without that association." Oof. Maybe that was too much information. Fuck it. I followed Anna through the halls and looked around. "This really is a kinda shitty school, huh? Shouldn't get used to it, though, we'll have to move again in a few months. Stupid hippie parents. What's up with you? I thought goth died out in the 80's." "Not goth. Just me." If anything, I was closer to emo or scene. "I decided I like you. Wanna make out?" But I didn't give Star a second before pinning him against the lockers in the empty hallway, my lips only as far away from his as our heights were different. Once, gently, I put them against his. Then I laughed it off. “Twinklestar. Maybe you don't like girls." I let him go and smiled up at him. I rarely took a shine to anyone so quickly. But his attitude, his honesty… was something I admired. I guess if he really skipped around from school to school, he didn’t have time for subtlety. "Oh, I like girls." I shrugged and started walking down the hall again, this time with the girl following behind me. "Problem is, you look like you like girls, too. And people are already gonna think I'm a princess when they hear my name - it'll be worse if they know my full name - and the last thing I need is to be making out with a lesbian.” I went on with my diatribe, wondering if she was even listening. “You're cute. Maybe a seven. But you'd need to be a nine to be worth getting my ass kicked over. And I will get my ass kicked, because if I 'stray from the divine path of the pacifist', I'll get kicked out of my home." I looked at the class numbers and then at my timetable. "I got Math. Catch you 'round, Anna." My hand rested on the classroom door, and I turned and looked at the girl. "See ya 'round." I put my hands on the top of my head with fingers laced together, smiling after the boy. Maybe this year won't suck after all. /// I plopped down across from Star at lunch, licking an ice cream cone. That, four cookies, and a package of M&M's was what constituted my lunch. "What's up Twinkle? Enjoying your first day?" I licked at my cone while I spoke, taking breaks between sentences. "Hey, keep it down - I've made it through most of the day without anybody figuring that out. Unless you only wanna be able to make out through a straw, that is." Ugh. Fucking tofu again. Look, okay, I don't mind the stuff when its cooked right, but you can't just put cold lumps of soy curd between two pieces of what passed for bread in my family and expect it to make a compelling lunch. I tossed the pseudo-sandwich in the trash and looked across the table at the girl, snatching the ice cream from her hand and continuing to lick it myself. "Fuck yeah, dairy. I’m gonna regret this later when I'm immobilized by my stomach evacuating itself. But there's no regret like ice cream regret. What else you got there?" I opened up the bag of M&M's and picked out the green ones, passing them along the table. "I don't like the green ones. They're too provocative. Hopefully you've seen the commercials or you'll just think I'm crazy." I paired the M&M's into colors, having given up my ice cream already. He looked like he needed it anyway. "We don't have a TV. The mass media controls people using it, didn't you hear? Hey, you got a spare bedroom? Or a closet floor? I once lived at my old school for a week and a half just to get away from my nutbag parents." I ate the green M&M's without hesitation, but they didn't taste very provocative. "Should these make me wanna take off my clothes and pole-dance? I always wanted to learn to pole-dance. I think it's sexy. Not when girls do it, though - they make it too slutty." "You're not helping your homo case, by the way. Saying things like that." I finished off my M&M's and passed Star one of my four cookies, biting into one of my own. "I have a bedroom and a closet. Though I don't think you'll be allowed to live in either. My parents aren't big on letting strangers move in. Plus, you clearly have your own closet you haven't come out of yet." "Hey, you don't gotta be gay to know what sexy is." The cookie was amazing, but the chocolate chips were only going to add to my dairy-related problems after lunch. Worth it. "People are so wound up on labels. Boys are sexy doing some things and girls are sexy doing others. Doesn't mean I'm gonna go out behind the tool-shed and find a tool to call my own." I finished the cookie and looked across the cafeteria. "Okay, see him? He's sexy. Nice hair, glasses coordinated with his shoes, pressed clothes, clean nails. But her, over there? She's sexy, too. In a sweet demure way. The jock and the cheer-skank over by the door, making out? Not sexy." Wow. Good taste. I smiled up at Star with a little coy grin, but quickly let it fade before he looked back at me. "You smoke? With hippie parents and all, I can only imagine…" I bit into another cookie. "Well, not professionally. Money's a great way to regulate an addiction, so I guess the fact I'm dirt-poor is gonna mean I outlive everyone else. Or I'll just die because my family doesn't believe in insurance." What was the question again? Oh right. "When I do smoke, it's mostly to piss them off. They talk about the dangers of cigarettes and stuff, and then spend all day smoking weed and munching on mushrooms." We both stood up and I looked at Anna with a coy little smile; she was cute, yeah. She'd lose interest in me when the novelty of the hippie boy wore off, though. "Do you, like, wanna hang out or something?" That's cool, Anna. You only just met this kid. "Er… just think about it, okay? Meet me outside the front doors by the parking lot after school if you're game." I quickly got up and gave a small wave, turning away from the boy and leaving him to whatever the hell he wanted to do for his afternoon. I had class work to make up.
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    Hey All, Quite a few years ago I started a story on here called 'Duality'. The diaper dimension stories were fairly new and I fell in love with the idea of a place where people could truly be little (for better or worse). I wrote six chapters and then I stopped writing. At the time I was with someone I loved & trusted very much and I opened up to her about my little side - she did not react well and told me to "grow up and be a man". For the next four years I was ashamed of my little side and I hid it deep down. After we broke up I met someone new who is very much a supporter of my little side, and she loves & supports me for who I am. For the last year I have been on a path of finishing things that I started and never finished. I went back to college this year and finished off the last three courses of a program I took a break from a couple of years ago; I am graduating this month and moving on to an additional program next year! My next plan is to finish this story - I always regretted not finishing it and I am in a clear headspace now and I believe I can make it happen. For those of you who were fans of my stories back then, I am sorry it has taken me this long to get back to it. _______________________________________________________________ Chapter 1 Danielle looked up from her bed to see the door to her room opening slowly. The light of the bedside lamp illuminated the pink room plastered with awards, trophies, and photographs that all displayed her academic success. In the doorway stood her grandmother, a rather frail looking woman in her mid-seventies. “I almost forgot to give you this.” Her grandmother said as she handed her a letter. Danielle examined the envelope carefully before opening it. On the upper right corner there was a red and gold embossed logo that read “Ross Creek University”. “Oh my goodness Grammy, why didn’t you give this to me when I got home?” Her grandmother slowly sat on the bed beside her, “Well I couldn’t decide if I should give it to you or not.” “Gram, it is honestly all going to be okay! There is nothing to worry about.” “Nothing to worry about,” her grandmother said with a slightly elevated volume. “You haven’t witnessed the things I have. I don’t understand why you don’t want to go to school here.” “If I go to university here my degree won’t be valid anywhere but here. You know how it works gram, I need to go there so I can actually do something with my life.” Danielle explained. Her grandmother looked at her blonde haired granddaughter and smiled. She knew that there was no convincing her that there was any other option. Danielle had worked hard since a young age to get into an amazon university. She had always been capable of taking on much more than her peers. Her grandmother’s health had been failing for quite some time which required that Danielle took care of herself most days. “Okay, well lets open it up and see what it says.” Her grandmother said. Danielle’s hand was shaking nervously as she tore the left side of the letter open and peeled the rather thick bundle of papers from within. She read the first line of the letter and suddenly began to cry. Her grandmother’s smile then turned, “Oh honey it is okay, there are other options.” Danielle shook her head before croaking out, “No gram, it says I got in!” _____________________________________________________________________________ Danielle walked up to the brick house and rang the doorbell. “Hey Dani! Sam is upstairs if you want to head up.” Sam’s mother said. Sam had been Danielle’s best friend all the way through high school. They had been inseparable since the day they met in grade nine homeroom. She ran up the stairs clutching the bundle of papers as she went. The door to Sam’s room was wide open when she entered excitedly and out of breath, “You…You won’t believe this!” “Hey! I won’t believe what?” Sam said rather confused. Holding the letter up she replied, “This! I finally heard back!” Sam jumped up and gave her an enthusiastic hug, “Oh my God I am so proud of you! How did your Gram take the news?” Danielle looked down at her feet and mumbled out a reply, “Well, she seems to understand now. She is worried about my safety on the mainland.” “Everything we hear can’t be true though Dani. I mean, they can’t just abduct you and no one says anything!” Sam laughed. “So are you going to stay in residence?” “They don’t get many littles applying to go there so they don’t have housing set up for us. I’ll just have to find an apartment or a room somewhere.” Sam nodded, “Want to look online and see if we can find anything?” “You know it!” Danielle replied emphatically. Sam pulled out her laptop and loaded up Craig’s List, “So you are looking for a one bedroom close to campus?” “Yep, or just a bedroom in a house.” She replied. As Sam browsed through the ads one thing was becoming clear, finding an apartment that allowed littles was going to be rough. Many of the ad titles contained the phrase “No Littles” just as though they were denying access to a pet. The few apartments that did allow littles were in quite a derelict condition. “What am I going to do Sam? This is bad.” Danielle said with a pained expression on her face. Sam kept browsing for a few more seconds before she responded, “Well we will have to put up an ad and see if someone responds.” Deep in thoughts of homelessness and lost opportunity Danielle responded softly, “Yea I guess that’s all I can do.” Clicking the post ad button Sam started typing away at her computer, “WANTED APARTMENT FOR LITTLE ATTENDING UNIVERSITY IN THE FALL': Looking for one bedroom apartment or room in a house that is close to campus. I am enrolled in the Bachelor of Science program. I am a quiet girl who spends my evenings studying. Please contact me via e-mail please! Signed Danielle.” For the rest of the evening the two spent their time talking about the possibilities of the future. Sam talked about going to the local university and studying nursing. She hoped to get a local job that would allow her to stay in the area. She had never been one for travelling outside of her comfort zone. Around nine o’clock Danielle packed up her things, hugged her friend, and headed home. _________________________________________________________________________________ It was after seven when Pierre pulled into his driveway; it had been a long day of work at his medical practice. When he showed up for work that morning he already had a full waiting room of patients. He was one of only a few general practitioners in Ross Creek and this often caused him to take on more patients than he would like. His philosophy was that patients should have time to discuss their ailments in detail without feeling rushed but lately that was becoming harder and harder to accomplish. His wife Allison would be home soon from her professor job at the university. It was near the end of the winter semester and she had been busy getting things ready for finals. This included marking and editing final papers, updating marks, and preparing the actual final that students would write in less than a week. Just as he got the key in the large red door his wife pulled into the driveway in her station wagon. She got out carrying a brown paper bag containing their supper from the Kai Wing Chinese restaurant down the street from their home. It was tradition that on Fridays they would both get the number two special to celebrate the end of the work week. “Hey Hon, how was work?” Pierre asked her. Allison gave a huff and displayed a small smirk, “It was a long day but I got almost all my marking done for the semester.” It was fairly uncommon for her to be behind in her work at any point because of her innate ability to organize and prepare for the inevitable onslaught of work that would eventually come her way. “That is really good hon! I see you picked up our supper?” Pierre stated while brushing her brown curly hair to the side so he could give her a kiss. After dinner the two of them sat down to a bottle of wine and their favourite television show, Trading Spaces. The premise of the show was to switch two families from different backgrounds and see how each of them faired. They would often switch low income families with high income families or city families with country families. In this particular episode one of the families was from the mainland and another was from the Littles Island. “Those houses are so small!” Allison remarked. “I don’t see how a fully grown amazon could ever survive on that island for any length of time!” “I know, that must be torture. Those doorways are tiny and those beds are just ridiculous!” “Even worse is witnessing those littles try to navigate an amazon house! They can barely even get into bed or even use the washroom. I can see why so many of them get babied, they are so helpless in our world.” Allison stated. Pierre thought for a moment, “Yea I can see that. I find it hard to believe that people just abduct them off the street without giving them a chance though. I mean, if they display the ability to get by then maybe they should be left alone.” “Hon, look at them! Everything they do is a laboured effort just to get by. Getting onto a toilet is near impossible. It only makes sense that they are diapered. They need someone around to help them navigate our world and help them. It’s not fair to just watch them flounder around and struggle day to day.” “No I get that hon, I just think they are capable of contributing to our society even if they need help.” Pierre said. Allison watched the littles on the television for a few more minutes before speaking again, “Don’t you think they are adorable though? I mean, I just want to squeeze their little cheeks.” It had been a common occurrence lately that Allison displayed a maternal instinct. The truth of the matter was that it was impossible for the two of them to have kids. They had discovered this early on in their marriage when after several months of trying they finally broke down and went to see a doctor. The results indicated that Allison could not bear children and after this the two of them focused on their careers and put having children on the back burner. Pierre smiled at his wife, “Yea they are cute. I could imagine one of them pitter-pattering around this house.” Later in the evening when they were lying in bed Allison was browsing Craig’s List on her tablet. She really didn't have an idea what she was looking for but she often found herself browsing the site just to see if anything worth buying had popped up. It was during this moment she happened across an ad labeled “WANTED APARTMENT FOR LITTLE ATTENDING UNIVERSITY IN THE FALL”. Chapter 2 Since the discovery of the Littles Island with the advent of satellite imaging technology in the early sixties, the world had changed dramatically. Up until that point the world had been advancing technologically at a rate that many felt was too fast. Once littles were discovered there were many debates on what to do. It was determined early on that accommodating them on the mainland was going to be a problem. Much of the world’s technology had been invented and sized for amazons. Discovering a whole other miniature variation of themselves was not even talked about in science fiction literature up to that point and now here they were with a scenario they could never have imagined in a million years. Given that the littles only accounted for a very minute portion of the world’s population it was not practical to change much of their infrastructure to accommodate them. Inventing highway lanes for a little’s car was preposterous to them. Adding something as simple as a bathroom sized for a little was clearly not going to happen because how often would someone actually use it? The only solution that they could come up with was to keep on doing business as they had been. Amazons would have to help littles navigate through their world if that was required. Besides, plenty of amazon children who were similarly sized got by just fine this way. They had special chairs, booster seats, car seats, and similar things that could be adapted to suit a little. For most amazons this was the only solution and in their opinion if littles couldn’t navigate through their world than someone would have to take control and make sure they were getting the basic necessities. No self-respecting amazon would allow a little to struggle through life unfairly. _____________________________________________________________________________________ The morning light was just starting to flicker through the white curtains of the pink bedroom when Danielle woke up. It was her normal routine to wake up early even on weekends so she could really enjoy her day. She would often get up, brush her teeth, and then sit at her desk and browse the net for a while before she really started getting ready for the day. When she finally sat down at her computer she noticed a new e-mail notification on her e-mail client. Although she often got e-mails, it was generally just a bunch of junk mail that was of little relevance. But, this morning was different. The subject line of the e-mail read “Reply to Craig’s List ad number 409885”. “Hi Danielle! My husband and I have a room available in our house for you if you are interested. We live close to the campus and I also work there so transportation to and from the campus would be taken care of. If you would like to discuss the necessary arrangements please give us a call at the number listed below! –Allison” Danielle could hardly contain her excitement! She had spent most of the night tossing and turning because she was worried about the possibility that finding a place that would take a little would not be a reality. It was fairly evident that many of the places available on Craig’s List were not willing to accept a little signing a lease agreement. Having someone contact her within twenty-four hours was a blessing that she was not going to let pass by. Opening up Skype she quickly located Sam, “Found a place already! Have to work out the details over the phone.” About an hour later she got a reply from Sam, “First, what are you doing up so early? And second, that is awesome! Is it an apartment or a room? Any pictures of it?” “It is a room in a house. The woman who e-mailed me back said their house is close to the university and that she works there. She offered to drive me there every day!” “That sounds awesome Dani! Make sure you call today and get all the details. Hopefully it won’t be too expensive for you.” Sam said. “Yeah I know, it should be fairly inexpensive though since it is just a room and not a full apartment. I’ll try to get a photo of the room or house from them. This is so crazy!” “So what is the plan today? Are we hanging out?” Sam asked. “Obviously we are! We hang out every Saturday.” “Well did you want to head into town? We can go to the mall or something.” She stated. “Yea, sounds like a plan. I really need to get some new shirts and things for the summer.” Danielle replied. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Early the next morning Allison and Pierre were sitting at the breakfast table. Pierre was looking his normal disheveled self with his scruffy need to shave face, hair going in all different directions, and a glossy look in his eyes. It was evident to anyone who ever witnessed this side of him that he was not a morning person. On the other hand, Allison was in a sing-song mood. She had got up early and made pancakes topped with fresh blueberries for the two of them to eat. Looking down at her plate she began to talk, “So remember last night when you said you could imagine a little ‘pitter-pattering around this house’?” Pierre looked up with a mouthful of pancakes and gave a confused nod. “Well, last night after you fell asleep I was on my tablet surfing around on Craig’s List. I found a wanted ad looking for a bedroom that would take a little. She is going to the university this fall.” Looking at his wife he could see this was something that she was excited about. “Hon, that’s a big step for us.” “I know, but I really think it’s time. I have been feeling like we both are thinking the same thing – we are financially set up and we are still young enough to keep up with a child.” Thinking that he needed further convincing she went on, “I am about to have the summer off so I will have plenty of time to prepare for her arrival and that lets me make sure everything will be perfect.” When he thought about it he really couldn’t see why they shouldn’t take in somebody but he needed to make sure his wife was on the same page as him. As he had mentioned the previous evening, it was important to him that they didn’t just go abducting an unsuspecting victim off the street. “I am all for it dear, but I want to make sure that you are on the same wavelength as me.” Allison nodded, “Okay what are you thinking?” “Well for one, she needs to be aware of the conditions of her living here and she must be okay with them.” “I agree, that is extremely important to me as well.” She replied. “And second, if we are basically adopting this girl we need to make sure she is living up to her potential. She can’t just be babied all day, she needs to have goals and aspirations of her own. Yes, she will be our daughter who we dote over but she will also be working on her own things.” “Totally agree with that. We would need to make sure she is safe too Pierre. We can’t have her getting hurt in our house. Imagine a little falling out of bed at night or trying to climb onto the toilet? She could break their neck from those heights!” She exclaimed. Pierre listened intently before replying, “It sounds like somebody has really put a lot of thought into this. If this is something you really want, then I am all for it. I’ll let you take care of the preparations and you just tell me what to do. We’re in this together.” Getting up from her seat Allison walked over to Pierre and hugged him for everything he was worth, “You are an amazing man, you know that?” Smiling at his wife he replied, “And you are an amazing woman! I am the luckiest man alive.” Around noon that day the two of them decided they would go shopping. They needed some ideas for Danielle’s room and they also needed some groceries. The two of them were absolutely beaming as they exited the house and got into the car. When they returned there was a message on the phone, “Umm Hi, this is Danielle. I am calling about the room that you e-mailed me about. If you can just give me a call back that would be great!” Chapter 3 Danielle was getting off the ferry when she spotted Allison and Pierre waiting by the entrance to the terminal. Although she had video chatted with both of them quite often since her graduation, she was not prepared for just how drastically different in size they were from her. Even just walking off they ferry and through the waiting group of amazons she had felt like they were easily going to trample her by accident. As she got closer to them her nerves were getting the best of her otherwise normal calm disposition. She also was taking notice of just how beautiful Allison was with her shoulder length curly brown hair, her emerald green eyes, and her confident smile. “Hey there!” Pierre called over to her. Danielle waved at them as she approached, rolling her rather large purple suitcase behind her. She was wearing a cute summer dress decorated in sunflower motifs and a pair of floral print flats. “How was the trip?” Allison asked. “It was really long but it was neat to travel across the ocean like that. I was happy I wasn’t seasick on my first boat ride ever.” “We were pretty worried about that actually.” Pierre replied. “Well we should get this show on the road, we still have a couple hour drive to get home. I’ll take your suitcase for you too.” Pierre offered. Allison held out her hand for her to hold, “Why don’t you hold my hand, just so you don’t get lost in this crowd?” Danielle thought about it for a second before taking her up on the offer. It had been quite stressful for her to navigate through the crowd earlier and she honestly didn’t want to get lost. As Pierre was loading the suitcase into the station wagon he asked, “Okay so before we get going does anyone need to use the bathroom? Remember it is a couple hour drive.” “No I am good.” Danielle replied. “Okay, well if you want to hop in the back we will get moving.” He said. Looking into the back of the huge station wagon she could see a child’s car seat, although much larger than any child seat she had ever seen, and an empty seat. She promptly climbed into the empty seat and started to buckle herself in when she realized that the seat belt was running straight across her face when it was done up. Allison poked her head in the back seat and gave a slight chuckle, “Umm dear, I think you should be in the other seat.” Danielle looked down at the seatbelt that she was quietly wrestling with in a last ditch effort to make it function properly, “No this is okay I can handle this.” Allison smiled a little and then reached into the car to unbuckle the seat belt, “No, you need to be in the other seat because it is the law. Little girls and boys like you have to ride in car seats because seat belts aren’t designed for them.” Deciding not to argue with someone she just met in person, she hopped into the car seat and attempted to figure out just how the buckles in the car seat worked. “I have it honey.” Allison said as she grabbed each of the two arm belts and clipped them into the slot between Danielle’s legs. “There we are all set.” Although the idea of being in a child’s car seat bothered her, she could see why it was the law. The size of the car was amazing to her and reminded her of a monster truck; just the backseat was probably the size of a normal littles car. She found the seat to be surprisingly comfortable to sit in and it had many features not available in a normal seat like a cup holder, a large head rest that was the size of a pillow, and a bucket seat that felt like the perfect angle. While she was waiting for the car to start moving she was playing with the buckle to the seat belt that clipped in between her legs. No matter how much pressure she put on the release button she could not get it to unbuckle. The more she thought about it the more frustrated she got with it. There must be a trick to it she thought to herself. Once they were on the highway Pierre started talking, “We are glad you were able to move up early before school starts.” “Yea me too.” She replied. “It was a little sad leaving gram though.” “Yea we know how hard that was for you.” He replied. “We just thought it would be good for you to be moved in and settled in before school starts.” Danielle nodded in agreement, “It will be. I really appreciate you guys doing this for me too.” “Oh it’s no problem at all!” Allison said. The three of them continued to chat for the first hour of the drive before Danielle started to feel tired. Allison noticed that she had been yawning quite a lot before recommending that she just have a nap. Not soon after the recommendation she was sound asleep in the backseat. When they pulled into the driveway it was just turning dark out. Pierre carried in the luggage while Allison unbuckled Danielle from the car seat and woke her up, “Time to get up.” She woke up rather slowly before letting out a big yawn and hopping down out of the car seat rather glassy eyed and disoriented. “Thanks Allison.” She said. “Oh no problem honey, it is all part of the job.” She replied. Looking at the house she could not believe the enormous size of it; even the front door looked like something you would see on the gate of a castle. The house was a two story brick home with an immaculate flower garden on the front lawn and around the perimeter of the house was a white picket fence. To her it was one of the most amazing things that she had ever seen. As she followed them into the house Allison once again took her hand. _______________________________________________________________________________ “Why don’t we go in the living room to talk?” Allison asked. The three of them all entered the large living room at the same time. The room had dark hardwood floors, a light brown leather living room set, and an enormous flat screen television on the wall; of course to an amazon the television was a normal size for the room itself. The room was very neat and organized like the rest of the house. Danielle walked up to the large leather sofa and with some difficulty climbed up onto the cushion. Pierre was instantly there behind her to help her as a safety net in case she fell backwards. Allison sat down beside her and Pierre sat down in the love seat. “Okay, well first we want to say that we are overjoyed that you are here with us finally. It has been a long summer of waiting for the both of us and it makes us very happy that you decided to come live with us.” Pierre said. Blushing slightly she gave a nod, “I am happy as well. You both have been amazing today by helping me get here.” Looking somewhat nervous he continued, “I know we talked about this briefly before on video chat but both of us want to make sure you also know there are some rules while you are living here.” “Oh, you mean about me needed to allow you guys to help me with things?” She asked. Allison nodded before answering, “Exactly right. That would be the number one rule. We are aware that you are now graduated from high school and you are about to start university. But, as you know there are many, many, many differences here on the mainland compared to where you are from.” “You mean like the size of everything…” She interrupted. Allison nodded and continued, “Yes, that is what we worry about the most. The car seat today was only one of the items that are needed here for you to be safe. But, there are many more examples of this.” “The car seat wasn’t so bad though, but I just couldn’t figure out how the buckle worked. What else is there?” she asked. Taking the opportunity Pierre asked, “Well think about everyday things you did at your house that are now going to be big tasks.” She thought for a moment, “Well getting into this chair was pretty difficult. I had to climb up into it and I honestly wasn’t sure if I was going to make it. So I am thinking that climbing up onto things is going to be a chore.” Allison nodded, “That is one of our main concerns here. A lot of the time you are going to need help with things as simple as getting food out of the cupboards or even getting clothes out of your closet. Now we don’t want you to be embarrassed by this but you are a little in a really big world and you will need help with things every day. We talked about how best to help you with this and we both think it would be best if we just take charge so you won’t be embarrassed about asking for things.” Danielle was blushing profusely by now because she was feeling embarrassed but she knew they were offering her a great deal of support. She knew that living on the mainland was going to be a difficult thing to accomplish, but she really hadn’t realized just how much larger and arduous things were going to be. “So are you okay with everything so far?” Pierre asked. Danielle nodded, “Yea I am okay with that. It is just embarrassing though.” “Oh honey, we don’t ever want you to feel embarrassed by needing help. That is exactly why we want to be the ones taking charge so you don’t feel guilty or embarrassed and then not ask for help when you really needed it. We want you safe and secure while you are with us at all times.” Allison said. Pierre waited a second before continuing, “Okay so the next rule! The big, ugly and scary rule!” He chuckled a little, “You need to keep an A- average while you are in school.” Danielle, although still blushing, gave a little chuckle before replying, “I can do that. I have never had issues with keeping my grades up.” “That is a very good thing!” Allison said before continuing on, “But if you ever need help both Pierre and I want you to come to us and we will help you with whatever it is. You doing well in school is very important to us. We want to make sure you do well here and can eventually get a career of your choice.” “Okay, and the third and final rule is that breaking either rule one or two will result in some sort of punishment. We need you to take them seriously and we want you to accept that we are looking out for your wellbeing.” Pierre said as a matter of fact. Danielle’s eyes went somewhat wide before she stammered out a reply, “Wh…What kind of punishment?” “Well, you could be grounded, corner time, have something taken away from you or if it is something really bad you could have a spanking.” He replied. Still wide eyed she replied nervously, “I will try to be on my best behaviour for you both!” At this point she was feeling butterflies trying to fly out of her stomach. “Okay, so now that we have gone through all that do you have any questions?” Pierre asked. She thought for a second before shaking her head no, “Nope – I think I get it.” “Okay, so my question to you is,” Pierre paused her to add suspense, “What do you like on your pizza? I am starving and I think we should order some supper.” Danielle laughed, “I like just cheese on mine if that is okay.” “Okay, so why don’t you and Allison go upstairs and she will help you get a bath and then give you the grand tour of your room. While you two are doing that, I will go pick up the pizza.” Danielle nodded as Allison held out her hand for her to hold and then led her up the stairs. ____________________________________________________________________________ Chapter 4 In a moment of retrospective contemplation, Danielle was feeling a bit overwhelmed. She was standing in the upstairs bathroom staring at her reflection in the mirror. With the events of the past day playing heavily in her mind she was having trouble coming to terms with all the changes in her life. The conversation that they had just had in the living room contained many heavy hitting points. Was she really ready to give up control of her life? Was she really going to be as helpless in this world as she was being told she would be? Her reflection had changed over the course of twenty-four hours from an adult to that of a child. Yesterday’s mirror displayed a young adult ready to take on the world. It displayed a physically fully grown girl who had suffered the pains of growth spurts, had gone through puberty, and had eventually become an attractive young adult. Today’s mirror was displaying something different and it seemed to her like she had shrunk and everything around her was monstrously large and unknown. Allison could tell that she was deep in thought and attempted to get her to open up about it, “What are you thinking about?” Giving a quick shrug she replied, “I dunno.” “Are you really okay with everything we discussed?” She probed further. Danielle thought for a few seconds, “To be honest, I am really nervous about everything. I want to show you both that I am an adult and that I am capable of making this all work.” “Oh honey, we know you are an adult! But, we want you to be comfortable and capable of focusing on school. Don’t you think it would be easier to focus on school if someone was helping you with everything else in your life?” She asked. “I can’t really argue with that.” Danielle replied. “I think you need to be an adult at school and I also think you need to let us take care of you here. We only want the best for you and we are committing to that.” Thinking further about it she could honestly say it was comforting to know that someone had her back. Her whole life she was basically taking care of herself and answering only to herself. Her grandmother was around but she wasn’t really committed to doting over her granddaughter and making sure that she was doing the right things in life. Allison started filling the tub with bath water and quickly added some lavender bubble bath to it. “Okay, I am going to lay out some things in your room and I will be right back.” Danielle nodded to her and stood in the bathroom somewhat nervously thinking about the upcoming awkwardness of being naked in front of an almost stranger. This whole day was really starting to drain her of her energy and she gave a long yawn. A minute later Allison returned to the bathroom carrying a couple of large rubber ducks to place in the tub. “I almost forgot to put these little guys in the tub! Okay let’s get you into the water there missy.” She reached out and grabbed the hem of Danielle’s dress and lifted it over her hair. It briefly got tangled in her blonde hair before it let go and fell to the floor. She undid her bra and placed it on top of the dress. The final removal of her underwear left Danielle standing in the bathroom stark naked and blushing bright red. “It is okay honey, no need to be embarrassed. Let’s get you soaking in the bubbles!” Allison grabbed her under the arm pits and effortlessly lifted her up and placed her in the lavender scented water. “Do you want to scrub your arms while I work on your hair?” She asked while handing a bar of soap to her. Grabbing the soap she began to quickly wash her arms, arm pits, and fingers. She was so busy focusing on her task that she barely noticed Allison wetting her hair and beginning to work the flowery smelling shampoo into her hair. By the end of the bath she was feeling quite relaxed and sleepy; Lavender had always made her feel more relaxed and tired. She had started to push the ducks around and through the bubbles when she was pronounced squeaky clean and was plucked from the water. She was wrapped in a fluffy white towel and dried off rather expediently before she was picked up and carried off down the hall towards her room. Danielle wasn’t expecting what she witnessed when she was introduced to her room. She had always thought that it would be four walls, a dresser, and mainly rather plain. What she was given was so much more than her imagination could have come up with. The walls of the room were purple and had several decorative butterfly decals sporadically. On one side of the room there was a large toy chest, dresser, and some sort of table. On the other side was a large sleigh style crib with pink bedding and a couple of teddy bears on one end. Danielle looked around the room before she became too overwhelmed and buried her head into Allison’s shoulder. “Is everything okay honey?” She asked while patting her back. She replied by giving a shrug. “Is it the crib?” She asked. Danielle waited a few seconds before giving a slow nod. She didn’t want Allison to think she hated her room. It was clear they had spent a lot of time making it up the way it was and she needed them to know she appreciated it. But there was the issue of the bed, why did they think she needed a crib? “Well, I know it’s pretty babyish, huh.” She replied. “Just a little.” “Okay, I can understand that. But, think about how high up a normal bed is. If you fell from that height you could break an arm, a leg, or worse. We talked a lot about how best to deal with that issue and we couldn’t come up with a better solution.” Waiting a few seconds to let that sink in she then continued, “So let’s give it a shot and if it is unbearable you just tell us and we will work with you to find a better way. I personally think you will find it super comfy. Is that okay honey?” Thinking it over she gave a nod, “Yeah, I’ll give it a shot I guess.” “Okay, well we should get you into some jammies before Pierre gets home with the pizza.” Allison placed her up on the rather odd looking table beside the dresser. It had a cushion on the top that was obviously meant for someone to lay on. There were three shelves on the lower sections of the table. Reaching below to one of the levels she grabbed a rather fluffy looking pink plastic item and set it by her feet. She began to unfold it when Danielle realized what it was; it was a diaper. Noticing Danielle was starting to look worried she spoke up, “You only have to wear these at night honey. It will just be easier for everyone in case you have to use the washroom in the night. That way Pierre and I don’t have to get up in the night to help you up onto the toilet. Okay?” At this point she was too exhausted to fight with Allison and she nodded her acceptance. Maybe it was a ridiculous concept, and maybe it wasn’t. The crib meant she couldn’t get out of bed at night on her own and that would be a recipe for disaster. She always had to get up in the night to go to the bathroom. If she had a normal bed, well normal for an amazon, she probably still would need help getting down. She thought that maybe a step stool or a small ladder would be required to get off the bed and then she would need it once again just to get up on the toilet. There were so many factors to compute even for a simple act of using the bathroom at night. She decided in this moment to just go with the flow. She was tired and she was not in the mood to put down her foot and assert her place as an adult. “Okay, lift up your bum sweetie.” Allison asked as she slid the diaper under her. Reaching below to one of the shelves she grabbed a bottle of powder and began to sprinkle some onto her bum and privates. Pulling the front of the diaper up, she fastened the two sticky tabs which secured her in it for the night. Once the diaper was in place she grabbed a pink t-shirt with a sparkly unicorn motif on the front and a pair of pink pajama pants and quickly dressed her in them. Once this was all completed she picked her up and carried her down the stairs. “Well it looks like Pierre isn’t home with the pizza yet, do you want to sit on the chair with me?” She asked her. Danielle just gave a nod and rested her head into Allison’s shoulder. She was feeling a bit emotional and at the moment snuggling in was making her feel better and a fair bit safer. When Pierre finally arrived with the pizza her set it on the table and went to find where the two of them were. When he entered the living room his heart melted. There was Danielle snuggled into Allison’s shoulder with Allison slowly rubbing her back. After their earlier conversation he was sure that Danielle would be able to handle the changes in her life but he wasn’t so sure that she would settle in this quickly. “Okay, supper is ready you two.” Pierre said. Allison looked up at him, smiling, and slowly got up and walked into the kitchen carrying her. Once in the kitchen she grabbed the highchair and pulled it close to the table. She removed the white plastic tray and set Danielle into the chair, buckled the seat belt, and placed the plastic tray back on the highchair. Pierre came over with a massive slice of pizza, cut into squares, and placed it on the tray in front of Danielle, “Bon appetite!” He then placed a small plastic cup of water down and then went to grab himself a slice of pizza. Once everyone was done eating pizza Pierre let her out of the highchair and set her on the floor. He handed her her plate and asked her to take them over to the dishwasher and place them on the rack. Once her task was complete Allison said it was time for everyone to go to bed since it was getting late and they had had a busy day. They all walked up the stairs and up to Danielle’s room. Pierre gave her a hug, “Thank you for coming to stay with us. I know it’s all a little strange right now but remember that we are only trying to help.” “I understand, thank you for everything today Pierre.” Allison picked her up under the arm pits and pulled her in close for a hug and then placed her in the crib. She lifted the blankets and let her crawl under the blankets and then she raised the side of the crib. “Goodnight honey.” She said as she walked toward the door and shut out the lights. ________________________________________________________________ Chapter 5 Danielle woke up with the early morning light flittering through the curtains and illuminating her room. The memories of yesterday were at the forefront of her thoughts from the moment she awoke. She remembered the moment she witnessed her room and the feeling of embarrassment that accompanied it. But on the opposite side, she also remembered her instinct to snuggle in tighter to Allison the moment she felt embarrassed. Was she really a baby in their eyes? If she was, could she handle that? Laying in her crib she was feeling very comfortable and couldn’t honestly say she hated it. Obviously it was not a cheap product and someone had spent a long time making it which was evident in the details of the woodwork. The one odd side effect of the crib was her feeling of security which was opposite of her expectation; she thought it would cause her to feel trapped and claustrophobic. Looking around the room she was now noticing the little details that weren’t noticed the night before. Above her crib were decorative letters with a floral motif that spelled out her name ‘Danielle’, there were glow in the dark stars built into the ceiling that showed many of the prominent constellations of the night sky, and the curtains were white with multi-coloured butterflies on them. Noticing the teddy bear located at the other end of the crib she crawled over to examine it. Around its neck it had a nametag that read ‘Ted’. He was about half her height tall and he was a dark brown colour. Once she finished examining him she dragged him towards the head of the crib and laid down next to him. Feeling his soft fur she pulled him in close for a quick hug. While she was waiting for someone to come get her she couldn’t help thinking about all of the things she had lost in the last twenty-four hours. Yesterday she had been fairly complacent in giving up control of everything but her education. Passing over control to two fairly unknown people was an absolutely odd idea and when it was proposed to her a few months ago in video chat she thought they had lost their minds. Once they had explained their reasoning she had felt a bit less opposed to the idea. “You were raised on your island and you were taught everything you needed to know to survive there.” Pierre said. “But here on the mainland, you really don’t know any of our customs or ways of doing things.” “It can’t be that different Pierre.” She had replied. “But it can, do you know how many littles come here and end up in the care of Amazons just because they were impolite in some way. There are people who would think nothing of picking you up and taking you home where you would be forced to give up all control of your life.” Pierre emphasized the control part. Allison began to explain, “Believe me dear, we are progressive people compared to most. Many here on the mainland wouldn’t even think of letting a little go to school let alone university.” Danielle was shocked at this point, “We were always told those stories weren’t real though.” “If we are the ones making the decisions, outside of your university life, we can protect you from the people who wouldn’t have your best interests at heart. We want you to succeed as much as possible honey.” Allison said. When the video call ended everything kind of made sense to her and she spent the rest of the summer contemplating the inevitable loss of control. They had chatted quite often after that night and had discussed the mainland’s finer points as well. There were many beautiful places for her to visit or even eventually live, plenty of companies where she could work, and there were going to be some genuinely nice people who only wanted the best for her. ______________________________________________ She was beginning to wonder when someone would come to get her when the door slowly opened up and Allison poked her head in to check on her. When she noticed Danielle was awake she approached the crib, “Hey honey! How was your sleep?” She asked in a hushed tone. Danielle yawned before replying, “It was good.” Noticing that she was cuddling with the bear she lowered the side of the crib, “Uh huh, and how did you find your bed? Was it bearable?” She laughed a little, “Uh huh. Way more comfortable than my bed back home. It is crazy squishy and it feels a lot like sleeping on a big pillow.” Smiling down at her she began to speak, “So did you need to use your diapers last night?” With this question she pulled the back of her pajama pants down and slipped a finger into the leg hole to check. This took Danielle by surprise as she stood there awkwardly holding her teddy bear. “Just a little damp honey.” She said as she lifted her up, pulled her pajama pants back up, and carried down the stairs and into the kitchen where Pierre was busy making some eggs, bacon, and toast. “Morning Danielle!” He said. It was clear he was feeling just as tired as she was by the dishevelled look of him. “Morning.” She replied as she was placed in the highchair. Allison fastened the seat belt and then clipped the tray into place. While she was waiting for breakfast she couldn’t help but wonder when her diaper would be exchanged for underwear. The diaper wasn’t uncomfortable or anything but it was more the idea of it that anything. Remembering back to the middle of the night she recalled needing to pee quite badly. It was an odd sensation when she finally was able to let go and pee in the diaper and at first she could feel the warm liquid against her skin before it was wicked away. After that, it was a bit bigger between her legs and quite a bit warmer. Not long after being placed in the chair she was handed a small plate that had two eggs with ketchup, a couple pieces of toast, and three strips of bacon. Danielle was not used to having a big breakfast like this because usually she was left to fend for herself in the mornings. The usual meal before school consisted on Fruit Loops with a bit of milk on them. “Umm may I have a drink of something?” She asked. “Sure honey. Would you like juice or milk?” Pierre asked while holding up both containers from the fridge. “Juice please.” She replied. Pierre filled up a cup and set it down on the highchair tray before both he and Allison sat down at the small four person table with their huge plates of breakfast. Danielle looked down at the pink cup before realizing it had a spill proof lid on it. She picked it up and flipped it upside down to test the effectiveness of the cup which resulted in a few small drops of orange juice on the tray. Just as they all began eating the doorbell rang. Pierre stood up and walked over to the main door to see who was there. Danielle couldn’t see the main entrance but she could hear them talking and eventually could hear them taking off their shoes and heading in the direction of the kitchen. She was worried because Allison had not changed her out of her pajamas and worse her wet nighttime diaper. A small look of panic spread across her face as she attempted to slump down in her chair. Allison quickly noticed the distressed look on her face, “Oh honey it is okay! Don’t worry about it, it is only Pierre’s parents and I assure you they are nice people!” Just as she finished talking Pierre and his parents all walked into the kitchen. Both of them were in their mid-sixties and had just retired from their jobs where his father was an engineer for a local firm and his mother worked as a nurse at the hospital. From Danielle’s perspective they both seemed like they were nice people just by the way they carried themselves. They didn’t seem to negatively cloud the air with their presence the moment they walked into the room. “Hi Allison!” His mother said as she made her way over to Danielle’s chair. “And this, must be Danielle.” She said as she got down to her eye level and smiled. “I am Elizabeth and this is Raymond, we are Pierre’s parents.” Danielle was blushing quite a bit, “Ummm, Hi.” “Did you just wake up? I see you are in your jammies.” She asked as she pointed at the sparkly unicorn on her shirt. “Uh huh, I just woke up a little bit ago. I didn’t have time to get changed yet.” She said as she tried to pull her shirt down to cover up her diaper. “Well that’s no issue dear, they are pretty cute pajamas for a pretty cute girl.” Elizabeth said as she tickled her chin a little. Danielle smiled and then gave a somewhat nervous grin in the direction of Pierre and Allison. “Eat up honey.” Allison said pointing to her plate. Focusing on cutting up her breakfast and eating it was helping her ignore the awkwardness of meeting new people in her current condition. “Do you guys want any breakfast?” Pierre asked his parents. Both of them shook their heads, “No thanks dear, we ate before leaving home a little bit ago. So, when does everyone else show up?” Elizabeth asked. Danielle’s ears perked up and she stopped mid chew to contemplate ‘everyone else’. “We made the invite for this afternoon just so we could have the morning to get everything ready. We wanted to make sure she was settling in well before hand.” Allison answered. “So what all has to be done to get ready?” Raymond asked. “Everything is all-ready food wise, but we need to set some chairs out by the pool and just a few little things like that. There are only going to be around fifteen people here.” Pierre replied. Danielle was finished her breakfast and was sitting in her highchair intently staring at her spill proof cup. Whenever she was feeling overwhelmed she had a habit of picking something inconspicuous to stare at so that her mind could focus on something else. Chapter 6 Everyone sat at the table for quite a while as they ate and talked. During the whole duration of the conversation Danielle wished that someone would let her out of the highchair so she could run up the stairs and change out of her pajamas and especially her wet diaper. She couldn’t tell if anyone had recognized that she was diapered but she was determined to keep pulling her shirt down to cover it just in case. “Okay, let’s go get you changed into some clothes.” Allison said as she lifted her from the highchair. “Do you want some help?” Elizabeth offered. “No thanks Liz, we should be fine right now. Maybe later though.” She replied. A wave of relief swept over Danielle as she realized that Elizabeth wouldn’t see her in diapers or naked. On the way up the stairs she whispered, “Thanks.” “Honey, I could tell that you weren’t okay with the idea. But, you should know that there will be times when they are going to be taking care of you. Not for a little while, but it will happen.” Allison set her down on the change table and began to take off her pajama pants and shirt. She unfastened both sides of the slightly wet diaper and began to wipe her down with a fresh cloth. “But, why? I am an adult now, I don’t need anyone to babysit me!” Danielle said with an annoyed tone. “We discussed this last night dear.” Allison quickly replied. “We discussed that ‘you’ guys were in charge but not anyone else.” She was beginning to get a little frustrated by the decisions made that she was being left out of. She hadn’t had a babysitter since she was ten and she didn’t believe it was time to start having one now. “Well, with us being in charge that means that we are in charge of your safety and that includes when we aren’t around. Think about it like this, if we weren’t home and you needed to make something to eat for supper how would you do it?” Thinking about it for a second she replied, “Well you could just have something I could microwave I guess.” “Okay, and how would you get up to the microwave to accomplish that?” Allison asked. Feeling like she was losing this battle she continued on, “I could push a chair over and stand on it.” Adding one more nail in the coffin, Allison continued on, “What if you needed to use the washroom and no one was home?” “That’s an easy one, I could just climb up and use the toilet!” She smugly replied. “Okay, let’s test that idea out then!” She picked Danielle up, still naked, and carried her towards the bathroom. Once in the bathroom she placed her on the floor and asked her to demonstrate how she could accomplish such a simple task without help. Looking up at the large toilet she suddenly realized this would be a feat for her to accomplish. The toilet seat was at the same level as her shoulders and even with a step stool she would need help getting up and onto the toilet. She tried to plan a safe route that would allow her to easily jump up and sit down but all she could come up with was to grab onto the toilet paper roll holder and hope it could hold her without breaking while she attempted to climb up. Looking down at her Allison began, “Do you think maybe you would need help now that you see what you are dealing with?” Folding her arms she mumbled out a reply, “Still don’t want a babysitter.” “Well sometimes, we don’t always get exactly what we want or need. You need someone to help you even if you don’t want it.” She picked her back up and carried her across the hall and placed her back on the changing table. She was confident she had made her point even if Danielle was refusing to concede defeat. “Okay, so you now know there is a small family get together today.” She began. “We wanted it to be a surprise for you but Pierre’s parents kind of ruined that this morning.” Danielle decided to be truthful, “It’s pretty scary.” “Meeting new people is always scary, but these people are all nice and they have wanted to meet you since they heard you were coming to live with us. It’s not often that a new member of the family comes along.” Allison explained. A new member of the family. Had she heard that right? Tears welled up in the corners of her eyes. She tried to stop it from happening but she couldn’t stop them forming. She hadn’t had any family but her gram since she was nine. The door to the classroom opened and a sullen looking brunette walked over to the teacher. The two whispered for a moment before she noticed they were looking at her. “Danielle, can you go with Ms. Smith?” She looked around confused at the rest of her class as she picked up her small ninja turtle book bag and walked towards the lady. She didn’t think she did anything wrong that day. She thought back to lunch time and recess and tried to think of anything she might have done that would have got her in trouble. Nothing was coming to mind. “Sorry to take you from class dear.” Ms. Smith said with a small grimace evident on her face. “Am I in trouble?” She asked bluntly. “Oh no, not at all. Your Grammy is here and wants to talk to you.” She replied. She had been staying with her grandmother for the week while her parents were on vacation on the mainland. Her grandmother was her only family because all of her other grandparents had passed away and she had no aunts or uncles. Her parents had been gone for five days and she was feeling excited that they would be back in two days. They walked into the principal’s office and took a seat. Grammy was sitting in a seat next to her and she was crying quite a bit. “Why are you crying Grammy?” She asked. Her grandmother reached out and placed her hand over hers, “Honey, your parents…” She paused for a second to pull herself together, “Your parents have passed away.” With a look of confusion on her face she asked, “What do you mean Grammy? Where are they?” “The truth is the police aren’t sure where they are, they went on a river boat trip and they never returned. They think they fell overboard and no one noticed right away.” Danielle was now in complete disbelief. Her parents were always strong swimmers and they had made a point of placing her in swimming lessons from a young age. Being able to swim was an important thing to them – this couldn’t have happened. They would be back in two days and then she would be able to prove to everyone that they were fine. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Allison looked down at her and wondered what she said that was upsetting her, “Oh honey what’s wrong?” Danielle shook her head and shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know. I just don’t have any family.” Her heart was breaking for this girl. Danielle had explained her situation but she had always put on the façade that she was fine with her life but obviously this girl needed to feel included. “You have a family here Danielle.” Wiping the tears from her eyes she smiled, “Thank you Allison.” Grabbing a pair of pink underwear, Allison began to dress her. After the underwear, she grabbed a cute floral print sundress and slipped it over Danielle’s head. “This should be comfy today, it is supposed to be pretty warm today.” “I like sundresses a lot.” Danielle added. “I like them a lot too and especially on you.” Allison emphasized the last part. “Now today, you need to make sure you come to us when you need to use the bathroom so that way there aren’t any accidents.” “No problem, I can handle it.” __________________________________________________ For some reason the next two chapters have given me a ton of trouble while I tried to work out some of the details. Hopefully you all like them! If you like the story or have ideas please comment! Your criticism, ideas, or excitment all are welcome and I genuinely enjoy reading them all! __________________________________________________ Chapter 7 Once Allison and Danielle returned downstairs they found that everyone was outside preparing for the upcoming party. The night before she hadn’t even noticed that the house had a pool in the backyard; most of it was surrounded by large fir trees which created an aura of privacy. There were various Adirondack chairs on the wooden deck that were either painted blue or red. When they finally made it outside, Elizabeth was busy putting a plastic table cloth on the wooden picnic table and both Pierre and his father were getting chairs from the garage that were being setup around the deck. “You don’t have to do that Elizabeth.” Allison said. “Oh it’s no problem at all. I figured we could get setup before lunch so we could all relax before everyone shows up.” Danielle looked around the backyard before wandering over to where Pierre and Raymond were standing, “What can I help with?” She asked. Pierre smiled at her, “These chairs are pretty big but I know exactly what you can help me do. The cat got out when we opened the door earlier, do you think you could look around the backyard and find him for me?” “Yeah, I can do that. What does she look like?” She asked. “He is a black tabby – he is a pretty big guy. Usually hides in the bushes beside the garage when he gets out. His name is Thunder and if you call his name he might come to you.” “No problem, I got this.” She replied as she began to wander off to look for Thunder. Much of the backyard that was not occupied by the pool was comprised of various flower gardens and a few herb gardens. When she got over by the side of the double-car garage she noticed quite a few bushes all in a row. She quickly scanned the front of the bushes for any sign of the cat but she couldn’t see him. “Thunder!” She called. “Thunder kitty! Here boy.” She called again. With no sign of the cat she decided to get her hands dirty by climbing into the massive bushes to see if he was hiding further back. Once inside the bush she could vaguely make out the shape of a rather large cat sitting about six feet from her. He was easily double the size of the cats on the island which made her wonder what else on the mainland was larger. ‘If this is the size of a cat then how big is a dog’ she pondered. Slowly edging herself towards Thunder, she finally made it close enough to pet him. He was a friendly cat, despite his enormous size, and he had a rather manly deep sounding purr. After a few minutes she decided it was time to pick him up and get him back into the house. When she got him in her arms the realization that he was much larger that she could have imagined and a bit like trying to pick up a medium sized dog. After finally getting him to the back patio door she decided she would need help sliding the door open, “Ummm Allison, can you open the door please?” “Oh you found Thunder!” She replied excitedly as she opened the door allowing Danielle to set the cat down on the floor. “There, the cat is back inside. What else can I do to help?” She asked. Allison looked around the yard, “I think we are almost done honey. Why don’t you go play over by the slide until we are all done here?” Allison said while pointing to the small play structure. A little annoyed by being dismissed as useful help, Danielle looked down and slowly made her way over to examine the play structure. It had a small blue plastic slide, two swings, and a small sandbox off to the side. ‘I’ll just swing for a little while. I’m not going to play like some little kid that is just ridiculous.’ She thought. When she got to the swings she realized all the swings were set perfectly for someone of her height. When she sat down on the swing and began swinging she realized it wasn’t that bad. She never really got to play a whole lot as a child. It wasn’t that she wasn’t allowed or was expected to be doing something else, it was just something she never really thought about. “Do you want a push?” Pierre asked. Looking over her shoulder she could see him standing there, “If you want to I guess.” A few seconds later she felt his hands give a small push. It didn’t take long until she was going quite high, “Higher Pierre! Higher!” “One more push and then we need to go inside and start getting ready for lunch.” Pierre said as he gave her the final push. Slowing down had proved to be something Danielle wasn’t thinking about when she started swinging without her shoes on. Thinking of her options she came to two conclusions. The first was that she could put her bare feet down and risk hurting them. The second option was to wait for the swing to slow down a bit and then jump off the swing and onto the grass. After a few seconds her mind was made up and she leapt from the swing. When she landed on the grass she slipped and scraped her knee on something which caused it to start bleeding. The scratch was only an inch long but the stinging pain was too much for Danielle. Tears started welling up in her eyes as she laid on the ground. “Are you okay honey?” Pierre said as he came over to help her up. Because she was embarrassed about messing up the landing and now crying in front of him she could only shake her head no. Once Pierre picked her up she wrapped her arms around his neck and continued to softly cry as he carried her into the house. Allison noticed the small trickle of blood running down Danielle’s leg, “Oh my, what happened Pierre?” “Oh she jumped off the swing and scraped her knee.” He replied. Allison walked over to them and began to rub her back in slow circles in an attempt to calm her down a little, “Are you okay honey?” Again, she was at a loss of words and she shook her head no. Elizabeth looked in her purse for a moment before pulling out a small first aid kit and handed it to Allison, “This should have everything you need in it.” Opening it up she took out some gauze and wiped the wound down and then placed a cloth backed Band-Aid over the cut. “There that should do.” She exclaimed before bending down to give Danielle a kiss on the forehead. “All better now?” “Yes, thank you.” She replied as Pierre kissed her on the top of the head and placed her down on the floor. “Well let’s start thinking about some lunch and then it is time for someone to have a nap.” Allison said. Danielle thought for a second, “But I don’t need a nap.” “We think you do honey. It is a big day and you will probably be up later than your bedtime tonight so a nap will make sure you don’t get cranky tonight.” She replied. ______________________________________________ Danielle woke up slowly from her hour and a half long nap. When she was diapered and put down for a quick nap, she was feeling rather mad that they thought she would need the extra sleep in order to stay up later. But, not long after laying down she pulled her teddy in close and quickly fell asleep. The door to her room opened slowly and Danielle heard Allison say to someone else, “She should be awake by now.” Peeking around a crib railing she could see the outline of a girl a little shorter than Allison. She was clearly an amazon by her size, but she looked like a teen to Danielle. “Hi honey!” Allison said. “This is my niece Lizzy, she has been waiting for weeks to meet you.” “Hi Danielle!” Lizzy said excitedly to her. Laying in just a diaper and a t-shirt she was feeling quite conscious of her child-like appearance to the blond haired and blue eyed teen. “Hi Lizzy.” She choked out. Allison let the side of the crib down and picked her up and out of the crib. Grabbing a pink dress with a ribbon bow that went around the waist from the closet, she hooked the coat hanger on the side of the change table, “Let’s get you in your party dress, okay?” Danielle was set down on the floor and her shirt was pulled up and over her head leaving her standing in the room in only a diaper. The dress was slipped over her head and her arms were pulled through the very short sleeves. Allison reached under the dress and slipped two fingers into the leg hole of the diaper to check for dampness. “All dry, you are all set then.” She said. Standing there examining the child-like dress, Danielle wondered why she was still wearing the diaper. Whispering to Allison in an attempt to hide her words from Lizzy she asked, “So I can take it off now?” “You mean your dress?” Allison asked. Blushing a bit she whispered back, “No the D…Diaper.” “Oh honey, I think we should leave that on just for the afternoon in case of emergencies. If you need to go to the bathroom you just come to me or Pierre and we will help you out okay?” She replied. “But you promised!” Danielle replied and she raised her voice a little. “I know honey, I just think it’s going to be a hectic afternoon and we want to make sure you don’t have to worry about any accidents.” She replied. Now understanding what the whispering was about Lizzy piped in, “Don’t worry about wearing a little thing like that! I think it is a good idea just in case.” Shrugging and looking down at the floor Danielle finally gave in to the idea, “I guess but I don’t need it.” She mumbled. “Do you want me to carry you downstairs?” Allison asked. Danielle nodded and reached up towards her.
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    Hello Everyone, This is my first time writing a story. I have been reading everyone else's stories for years and finally decided to make an account and try writing my own. I want to try and have a new Piece once a week to add on and hope i can achieve that. Diapers will come in later chapters as it develops, i have a lot of different ideas that i want to try out and inspiration comes at random times. There will be dark times and good ones, sadness and joy and hopefully humor as well. Thank you for giving me a chance if you are reading First Piece Keys could be heard as a door was unlocked and someone returned home. Felicia had returned from work and was looking forward to an evening of comfort. She emptied out her pockets on the counter top in her kitchen in the usual manner, followed by her phone and purse. Walking into her bedroom the first to go was her top followed by pants and lastly underwear while heading for the bathroom. No care was really taken in where her clothes landed, no one visited her anyways. All she desired right now was a hot shower to clean the days dirt from her. Coming from a middle income family and having average grades in school limited her options in pursuing career interests. In the end she had to settle with vocational school and learning a trade. It wasn't glamorous and she often felt she was looked down upon by others for not having earned a degree but she was free and independent. The only downside really was it was hard dirty work some days. Over the years since school she had lost touch with friends who had become great successes by the normal definition. College grads with bright careers and lovers to support them in their dreams. Looking in the mirror she saw none of these things, her reflection was one of a girl whom really needed a shower that had dark circles under her eyes. Letting the shower run and steam the whole bathroom up helped hide the face she did not want to see in the mirror. She took her dull blonde hair out of its twin tails placing the hair ties on the counter and stepping into the shower. As hot as the water was she didn't really feel anything, the heat didn't bother her in the least. Wetting her long blonde hair she proceeded to grab her shampoo bottle and scrub until her hair was full of suds and soap. Scrubbing all over until the grime was gone and she was clean as could be she proceeded to step out of the shower. Seeing herself in the mirror she was finally satisfied that the remains of the day at work had been all removed. Skin clean and clear and her hair having its shine restored with all the muck removed. "Finally" Felicia said. It seemed to take forever to get clean some days. Standing at only 5 foot 2 everyone at work would always seek her out when a space was too tight for them to reach hoping her small stature would help get the job done faster. She often wondered if that's the only reason they kept her around, simple convenience or someone to tease. None of the guys ever hit on her, they always would cat call girls passing by wearing expensive heels and flowing skirts with halter tops showing their cleavage for the world to see. Being so short and having breasts barely even a b cup gave her no confidence in the realm of attracting anyone's eyes. Her high school boyfriend Daniel had not helped with her poor self confidence. She had loved him so much and he was the first person she ever opened up to and got close too. They had started dating in sophomore year after one day out of the blue he had left her a note with his contact information. He took her to the movies, bought her dinner and did all the things a good boyfriend should. He even opened doors for her and treated her like a princess. Coming from an affluent family he was allowed to live alone and was given a large monthly allowance. He seemed like the perfect guy at first, however that was before they had become intimate and she learned of a much darker side. He had kinky interests such as wanting to tie her to the bed, spanking her and making her call herself his little slut and whore. It being her first time and losing her virginity in such a manner had left an impression. She loved the feelings her gave her in bed. They had stayed together until their senior year in high school and at one point he had promised to always be with her. He had proposed but instead of with a ring it was a collar that only he had the key to. Accepting happily without a thought she never expected that only a few months later he would cheat on her and tear her whole world and life asunder. Her name was Ashley, she was taller then Felicia by a good 6 inches and had large breasts a small waist and curvy hips. She had the figure every girl wanted and then some. Along with curly brown hair and eyes to match boys would gawk at her wherever she went. Daniel had gone on a skiing trip with some friends and met her there. Within only a matter of weeks it seemed like Daniel was constantly bringing Ashley up or mentioning something about her. During one of their passionate sessions Daniel had tied her into a black open bust leather corset with ankle and wrist cuffs to match as well as fishnet stockings with garters. Lying in bed with her hands behind her back linked together by small chains and legs raised high and apart Daniel leaned in and whispered into her ear"You know my little pet maybe we could get you some breast implants one day" Slightly taken aback she answered "but i thought you loved me as i am why do you want to change me?" Kissing her neck and nibbling he only responded with an animalistic growl before taking her without further comment. He thrust deep into her causing her to yelp in response. Choosing to end any further chance of conversation he pulled out her bright red ball gag he reserved for special occasions. "No more talk now little one, its time for fun" Grabbing and twisting one of her sensitive nipples she opened her mouth in pleasure which he quickly took advantage of forcing the gag in and strapping it behind her head. Placing nipple clamps on her following this only pushed her further into pleasure and submission. Recently he had taken to teasing her off and on by stopping and using a vibrator on her as well as a special arousal oil he had gotten online. It drove her mad, the tingling of the oil as he rubbed it into her slowly drawing out begging mewls behind her gag begging for more. He next blindfolded her taking away sight and then something new, earplugs. He had never taken away her sense of sound before. Not knowing where he would attack next she could only lie in wait and anticipation. Nibbling starting on her neck as a vibrator was placed just on the inside of her thigh. Roaming her up and down both legs but just missing her pleasure center. He continued this off and on until finally he stopped completely. She felt him mount her and place himself ready to enter and then it happened, he thrust deep into her hard and without mercy. Rocking her harder and harder she could only squeal into her gag in pleasure until he brought the vibrator back full force. Pressing it hard against her as he thrust deeper sending her into a screaming frenzy behind her gag. Somewhere along the way one of her earplugs had come loose and fallen out. Feeling herself reaching orgasm she could hear and feel him reaching his as well. "MM Ash...." She thought she heard but lost all train of thought after that only coming to when he was untying her hands and taking away her gag. "I love you my little pet" He said before snuggling her and letting her fall asleep. One day a couple weeks later Felicia was out at the mall picking up a special order item for her mom when she saw Daniel waiting outside a store. Happy for the chance encounter and not thinking she rushed to see him only to stop when she saw Ashley walk out to meet him. Stunned she could only observe her fiancee kiss her on the lips and then turn and head in her direction of all places. Frozen in shock she was easily spotted. "Hello Felicia" Ashley greeted, "fancy meeting you here" "Wh...wh.. whats going on here? Daniel whats happening? "Felicia asked, too many thoughts and confused feelings flooding her mind not knowing what to say. "It should be obvious" He stated coldly and without emotion "You have been replaced, did you really not suspect something was going on?" "Silly little girl" Ashley followed up with "You were practice for a much bigger prize" Looking down on the shorter girl with a smug smile Reeling in shock with every word and at a loss panic began to settle in her heart 'Please tell me this is a joke, this is not real. I ... I gave you my everything. My virginity, my heart, all of my love. You said you wanted to marry me" tears flowing Felicia ignored any passerby who may of noticed her breakdown. "You were great for a while, you were so submissive and ready to meet all my needs like a good little slut that you got so good at calling yourself for me. You accepted any little pet name i would give you and would submit to my every desire but that was part of the problem. What i need is an equal who can stand next to me and not a little girl" He stated coldly. "Just look at yourself" Ashley interjected " You look like a middle schooler still, you have barely any figure and even allowed yourself to be collared as an engagement. How dumb could you be?" Everything became blurry at that point, feeling extremely light headed Felicia reached for something to steady herself on her feet trying to catch her breath with tears streaking her cheeks. "I think we are done here honey its time for us to continue our date, You mentioned you wanted to go by the jewlery store to look at rings right?" Was the last thing Felicia heard Daniel say before they moved out of sight walking away. Looking around she realized that they had attracted a crowd filled with hushed whispers, women holding hands over their mouths. Several stealing glances at the couple walking away and even one whispering "She really is wearing a collar, i thought it was just a silver hoop necklace at first" another woman whispering "calling herself his little slut, does she have no dignity?" No longer able to take the pressure Felicia bolted right for the exit running as fast as she could. She ran and ran and ran as long as she could and as far as she could only stopping when she finally reached home. Her home she shared with her mom for the past 18 years, the one constant in her life she could depend on. Busting in the front door eyes red and puffy her mom was nowhere to be found. Wandering the house she came across her mothers painting studio and decided to wait here for her to come home. Nothing felt real , her entire mind reeling from what had just happened. Not only was she dumped, no that would have been easier. A break up would of been a gift in comparison to this. She had been publicly humiliated, torn down in front of others for her body being little, called stupid. Her most intimate secrets outed in front of strangers at a mall she went to all of the time. Made to be a fool and implied she was nothing but practice, a disposable toy that would of never been Daniels equal. Eyes roaming the studio, nothing made sense and nothing felt real. There was no way this was real it had to be a terrible dream she needed to wake up from she just needed a way to end this nightmare. A glint caught her eye on the table, a retractable razor blade her mother used to trim things around the studio. She played with it in her hands feeling the weight of the tool and opening the blade observing its gleaming edge. "If this is a dream then this wont hurt and maybe i will wake up, but if its real and i really am awake it will all be the same. I just want this nightmare to end" Barely a whisper heard by her own ears as she said it. She dragged the cold blade swiftly across her wrist feeling a sensation all new to her and eyes widening in realization this was no dream. Her blood starting to run out on the canvases on the table, dropping the blade everything started to go hazy, "Felicia, are you back honey" She could hear her mother calling from somewhere. Her eyes feeling heavy and unable to support herself falling to the floor. All she could see was the floor next to her face, light fading and hearing far away foot steps and a distant scream.
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    (Edit: Please note the use of hyperlinks in the text in order to access soundtrack at key points in narrative) Rane Rover and the Nega-Space Nursery Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, space cadets of all ages: Join me in the distant future of the year 2017 for- RANE ROVER: ROCKET RANGER! Now buckle yourself in for tonight’s edge-of-your-seat-adventure: Rane Rover and The Nega-Space Nursery When we last left our plucky heroine, she had just escaped the miserable methane mines of Myrnock IV. But her troubles were far from over, space cadets, as the explosion of her daring escape using the mine’s own methane reserves as a fuel for her trusty rusty rickety red rocket had blown her far off course and deep into the uncharted reaches of space known as “The Forbidden Zone”. Now the difference between being lost and exploring, space cadets, is all a matter of gumption, can-do attitude, and whether you survive to tell people about it, so Rane Rover: Rocket Ranger knew that she wasn’t lost. She was just exploring. But running out of paper to make new star charts was the least of our heroine’s worries, folks. After her mega thrusters had died down, and the joy of one amazing adventure well done, with another one surely well under way, Rane began to notice something was wrong. “Creepin’ comets! Why is everything getting so spinny?” our heroine asked. “It’s like I’ve had one too many, my dance card is all punched up, but it isn’t even seven yet.” With one sultry, delicate hand, all it took was one little tap on the dashboard for Rane to figure out exactly why she was in trouble. With the slightest TAP TAP TAP, the needle reading on her rocket’s oxygen tank plummeted like the stock market on that infamous day in 1929. That’s right, Rangers-In-Training, the red headed Rocketeer had gone from a place with no breathable air, to no air at all. “I knew I was forgetting something,” our heroine chided herself. Those half-life house plants that she’d turned down way back in the Den of Delirious Delights sure seemed like something she should have taken with her. She might be glowing a radiant shade of green, but she’d have plenty of air. Her backup tanks were still filled with methane, the only fuel source available to her on the miserable mines. “Maybe I shouldn’t have stocked on so much,” the scarlet-haired starlet thought as her cockpit began to spin like a merry-go-round. “Air,” she said to herself, “I just gotta find some air. But where?” Almost out of oxygen, but still full with plenty of get-up-and-go, Rane set her jaw, reached to the top of her flight helmet and pulled her Navi-Goggles over her beautiful baby blues. Using her Navi-Goggles, Rane could see a million-fold and was given the miracle of X-ray vision. Surely, she knew that if there was any planet, Opposition space station, or even the dreaded Imperium’s patrol ships within spitting distance, she would find them. She looked portside. She looked to the starboard. She looked to the fore, the aft, the dorsal, and the ventral. There was absolutely nothing; an infinite sea of blackness for lightyears around. Not even a single star to guide her path. “I’ve been in black holes brighter than this” Rane panted as more and more precious air escaped her lungs. “Maybe this place is uncharted…because there’s nothing to chart.” Shaking and wobbling, fists clenched, Rane Rover: Rocket Ranger lost her composure for but an instant. “Well…shucks,” our heroine said. Any other run of the mill thruster jockey would be saying a lot more than just ‘Well…shucks’. Most other space sailors would be cursing up a sonic storm, or at the very least remarking ‘Well that’s a fine how-do-you-do,’ but not our heroine. She was Rane Rover: Scavenger, Smuggler, and Adventurer Extraordinaire, as well as Humanity’s Last Hope against the Imperium of Evil. This fiery little dame had survived the Planet of the Plutonium Pythons, matched wits with the Martian Mind Melters, and butted heads with an entire Battalion of Bionic Brutes. There was no way she was going to let a little thing like a complete lack of oxygen in the never ending vacuum of space punch her ticket, you can bet your bottom dollar on that. No way was she going to buy the hydroponics garden. The only setback was “How?” “If there was a passing meteor,” Rane thought out loud, “I’d be able to hitch a fast ride on one using the magneto grappler.” Tragically, the Forbidden Zone was devoid of even space rocks. “The methane left in my tanks might give my rocket a little extra ‘oomph’,” Rane calculated, “but that won’t make a lick of difference if there’s no place to ‘oomph’ to. I’ve gone from being a fish in a barrel to a sardine in a can.” Speaking of sardines, the walls of her own trusty rusty rickety red rocket seemed to be closing in on her. Our heroine’s chest started to heave with each passing, and increasingly labored breath (and not in the good way if you get my drift, fellas). “I’m not…even wearing…my corset…” Our thrill-seeking space siren wasn’t out of options yet. “Maybe… a distress signal?” she wondered. “More than likely, it’d be intercepted by Imperium Coneheads.” But deep down, faithful fans, Rane knew that might be her only option. Reaching into the patented and well-worn brown bomber jacket handed down by her father, Rane took out the last of the Sleeping Solution she’d gotten from Sylas VII. That little inhaler had a puff so potent, it was guaranteed to knock out an electric elephant. With a mind to match her looks, Rane knew that she’d use up less air and buy herself a little more time if her plan B had her catching some letters at the end of the alphabet. Still, the thought of going to sleep and waking up captured by Coneheads didn’t appeal to Rane at all. It was still preferable to losing consciousness and then waking up in that big Spaceship in the Sky (and I don’t mean orbit), but not by much. Still, she’d already escaped Astro-Alcatraz once. If everything went according to plan, she might even get a chance to break out of the Galactic Gulag. Now there was an adventure waiting to happen. It was definitely better than the twenty-first century equivalent of being buried alive. Or the Imperium Coneheads might just snap her pretty little neck when they found her. If they found her. “Tight,” Rane started to gasp. “Everything…is so… tight!” Suddenly there were two sets of Sleeping Solution in her right hand, and two right hands on top of that. The asphyxiating astronaut was seeing double. Things were not looking good for our high stakes star siren. If she even hoped to survive she’d have to take a puff from the inhaler, breathe deep (but not too deep), and activate the distress beacon before she passed out, and that was the easy part. Now that her vision had decided to pull a fast one on her there were now two inhalers, two distress signal buttons, and two sets of hands to do it all. Pretending the inhaler was a Lucky Strike cigarette (Lucky Strike: Tastes good like a cigarette should) she took a puff from the little tube with the sleeping solution. As she puffed out the little green cloud of space opium, Rane payed to whatever Christian God was out there in the vastness of space that she wouldn’t see St. Peter when her lids next flittered open. “Maybe I can learn to play the space harp,” she joked at her own impending doom. Eyes already half-closed, our heroine prepared for what might be the long sleep as she pressed a button that sent out an S.O.S.- ‘Save Our Spaceship.’ Instead of a space harp, our heroine’s eyes shot open to the sound of alarms blaring as her spaceship’s computer blared out. “DANGER! DANGER! GRAVITY SNARE! COLLISION COURSE IMMINENT!” How long had she been out? Had the asteroid opium in the sleeping solution scattered her senses for minutes or just a few precious seconds? It wasn’t any easier to breathe, Rane could say that much; or at least she could if she had the air. BUT WAIT! A collision course meant that there was something out here in the forbidden zone. A spaceship or a planet, or even an asteroid. Any of them might have pockets of precious, precious air. Determined to live, Rane Rover squinted her eyes past the blurred mirage of her senses and saw an impossible shining light. A star? No, space-cadets, for up close stars are as bright as the sun; brighter even! Instead, shining gently into the endless night was a single gigantic alabaster dot in the middle of an ocean of ebony. This was no star! This was no star! It was impossible, Rane knew, but with nothing but her senses to trust, she could only guess that it was one thing: A White Hole, and it was pulling her in! Fists white knuckled and eyes squeezed shut, the rambunctious rocket ranger pulled back on the throttle. She was going to crash and be battered into so much space debris. Suffocating was one thing, but no space sailor worth their salt would be caught dead in a crash. “Can’t. Slow. Down.” Rane mouthed the words rather than speak them as she yanked back the controls. DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, she went, the gravity of the White Hole drawing her in to her sudden and inevitable destruction. Nothing she could do, it seemed, would slow her descent into oblivion! But as every rip-roarin’-rocket-ranger knows, when the chips are down is when you really shine your brightest. Brighter than a white hole, even; brighter than the sun. Rane looked back at the tanks, and sure as Shirley Temple’s tremendous tapdancing, she got an idea. With the push of a single shiny blue button-the right one she hoped- Rane funneled the remaining methane into her retro thrusters. Violently, the ship shook like one of those new-fangled washing machines with a screw loose as the retro-thrusters fought valiantly against the gravitational pull of the giant White Hole in the middle of space. And valiant they were, all you rough-ridin’ rocketeers, but even the Little Engine that Could couldn’t get all the way to the top of Mt. Everest. With her last bit of breath, our brave and buxom beauty cried out “CREEPIN’ COMETS!” as she plummeted headlong into the White Hole in her trusty rusty rickety red rocket. So it is with a heavy heart, dear space-cadets, that I must inform you that Rane Rover: Rocket Ranger, crashed. BUT she survived! The shattered remains of her ship scattered around her, our heroine’s eyes opened briefly as she breathed in buckets of sweet, sweet, oddly lavender scented air. Was this Heaven, she wondered? Was this what they meant when they talked about the light at the end of the tunnel? An interminable amount of time passed, as she lay there, panting as more and more air rushed in to fill her lungs. Suddenly, much to her surprise, a funny little robot, all torso and arms and no head hovered over her. “Huuuuuman?” it asked in a high pitched buzzy little voice. Exhausted beyond the limits of even her physical endurance and the Sleeping Solution still polluting her mind, Rane managed to meekly nod and say “Yes….Human” before losing consciousness completely as the floating little can with arms and headlights beeped and booped in approval. ************************************************************************************* We will now pause for station identification and a word from this week’s sponsors. You are tuning in to WTCP- Where the Padding is EVERYWHERE (Including the Stories) Bigs, Do you want your little to be even cuter than they already are? Do you crave moments of intimacy? Are you worried that maybe they’ve outgrown you, or perhaps they need to be shown just how little they really are? Then try diapers! Whether it’s a happy smile or a bratty frown, there is nothing quite like the look on your little’s face as you fasten on their very usable and not-so-unmentionable underwear. You’ll be amazed at the feeling both of you have during that special time where they are completely dependent on you for their most basic of needs. They might leave you to go play their silly games but with diapers they’ll always come back when it’s time for a change. The bond you’ll develop will be closer than no other as they surrender control of themselves to you in complete and total trust. Does your little think they’re bigger than they really are and need a very concrete reminder about who’s in charge? Maybe spanking alone isn’t getting the point across? Never fear, diapers are the answer. It’s very hard to claim that you’re wearing the pants in the relationship when you’re peeing in them. And don’t forget the variety of styles. Choose between safety pins, tapes, or Velcro; cloth or cloth-like; plastic pants or plastic backed; thick or thin; white or colored; plain or decorated; wetness indicators for easy checking or festive designs for discretion; covered up or shown off. No matter what, there’s a diaper that’s right for your little one’s needs. DIAPERS: One basic function. So many uses. We now return to the adventures of RANE ROVER: ROCKET RANGER! When we last left our not-so-lucky lady, she’d crashed landed inside the mysterious White Hole, staring up at a strange alien robot before losing consciousness. As our plucky pilot came to, the first thing she heard was the strange tinkling tones of a softly soothing, almost hypnotic lullaby. “Queerest little lullaby I’ve ever heard,” she remarked as her vision unblurred itself. “Something like a cross between a nursery rhyme and those little jigs the Mind Melters used to control the Martian Spiders,” she remarked as she stretched, reminiscing about past adventures. The bed she was in was gigantic and luxurious. Even before her knocked-around noggin started making sense of her surroundings, the Rocket Ranger was keenly aware of just how soft and comfortable her bed was, with her being able to stretch out her entire body from feet to fingertips without touching another. It was a darn sight better than a prison cell in the Astro-Alcatraz, that’s for sure. Rane sat up and took in her not-so-scary surroundings. She was in a bed all right, and a big one, but it was a bed with bars nonetheless. On all sides of her, preposterously huge planks of woods shot up past her head. She was having a truck load of trouble standing up- the softness of the surface caused her legs to go all wobbly- so Rane Rover grabbed onto the bars of her new cell and pulled herself up. Ever gritty and determined, Rane discovered that if she held onto the top of her comfortable cage, she could just barely peek out over the railing. “But where is that strange little ditty coming from?” she wondered. Ears pricked and ever alert for an incoming attack (the music could very well be mesmerizing her, turning into an Imperium Conehead, don’t you know?) the red-headed rocket ranger only had to crane her neck upwards and see an exact replica of Earth’s Solar System dangling just above her head, the strangely sad yet jaunty jig tinkling on and on. “Now what do you suppose that’s for?” the Opposition’s Best Gal said. “Some kind of invasion map?” Finished taking stock of her immediate surroundings, the speedy space siren examined herself. “What kind of getup is this?” she asked. Gone were her Navi-Goggles and flight helmet. Her hair, normally wrapped up neatly in a bun beneath her helmet was now combed out into two pigtails on the sides of her head. Gone was her well-worn brown bomber jacket handed down by her father and her matching accelerator slamming boots. No scrap of her uniform remained. She wasn’t naked though. A pastel pink number covered her slender shoulders, buxom breasts, and tiny tummy while the front end connected with the back end thanks to a couple of buttons that met in the middle of her down below. Her silky-smooth legs were bare, but otherwise her maiden modesty remained intact. Stranger still, she appeared to be wearing layers, at least as far as her hips were concerned. Concealed by the singlet was something that caused her thighs to become strangers to each to each other and caused her backside to bulge like an overripe hothouse tomato at the county fair. And whatever she was wearing weighed a whole heckuva lot, with her underthings bulging and sagging, threatening to burst out the bottom flap of her new outfit like bombs out of a B-52. Normally, any lady worth waiting for will always use the powder room to freshen up, but lacking a proper place and having no eyes upon her, Rane Rover decided to improvise and poked the puffy padding protruding from her petit posterior. Her finger was met with the pushback of wet padding and the crinkle of soft plastic. “Creepin’ comets,” our heroine said, giving it another push. “What gives?” Rane asked. Something didn’t add up. Plastic backing was supposed to keep wetness out like a shower cap, wasn’t it? “It seems like I’m in some kind of bathing suit, except only my backside is wet.” Rane remarked. “Now if only I could find a beach.” Sniffing as she struggled to stay standing, the Opposition’s Best Gal caught of a whiff of something both alien and strangely familiar to her; something fragranced mixed with something foul smelling; something aromatic and something ammonia-scented. “It’s like a powder room next to an outhouse,” the Rocket Ranger said, pinching her nose. “Or maybe it’s the reverse.” Standing on her tip toes, our heroine gazed out past the wooden bars of her pleasant prison to get a better lay of the land. Beyond the caged contraption she was cooped up in was a sight to behold indeed: The walls were yellow, with paintings of little sheep following around a blue-skinned Bo Peep, and a pink shelled Humpty Dumpty plummeting off a whopping wall. Plush white carpet covered the ground ten feet below was littered with landmines of kewpie dolls, rattles, building blocks, and tinker toys. A tremendous rocking chair that no doubt dwarfed her sat in a nearby corner, with a humongous high chair in close proximity. “A nursery,” Rane realized, “and a big one, to boot. That means I’m caught up in a crib. But where’s the ba-?” our normally stoic starlet stopped in her tracks. Ever pragmatic, our heroine wasn’t one to hear hoofbeats in central park and start scanning for zebras. “That means I’m the baby.” Our exciting explorer of space had flown right out of the final frontier and into the pages of an alien story book; Jack (or in this case Jill) and the Beanstalk. Rane had faced down the Hungry Hordes of Hazmo the Hazardous without flinching, scavenged spare parts from a stranded space station seconds away from a supernova’s searing explosion with no sweat, and smuggled food and medicine past Imperium Patrols to the refugees, widows, and war orphans of Weyout I almost every Tuesday, but the shock at her present situation was so great that she lost her grip on the railings and plopped back down onto her padded posterior. “Creepin’ comets!” Through the wooden bars of her booming baby bed lay a substantially sized operating table with shelves of folded white rectangles immediately beneath it. “That’s a table,” Rane recognized, “but not a surgical one. I’m not a mother yet but even I recognize a changing table when I see one. Which means those are diapers stacked underneath.” Ever observant, our heroine took a second gander at her getup. “Which means I’m in some oversized Dr. Dentons. And these plastic panties are…” she paused, “..well THAT’s a fine how-do-you-do.” Rane Rover: Rocket Ranger had somehow ended up playing baby in the galaxy’s most humongous game of house. But where there was giant furniture, there was bound to be… “Giants,” Rane gasped as thundering footsteps signaled her captor’s ominous arrival. Like the shadow on the dark side of the moon, this new arrival was monstrously massive, filling the cavernous passage into the giant nursery as easily as normal folk fill their own doorways. In the space of a few seconds, his large lumbering footsteps crossed the palatial sized place and he loomed over our diapered damsel. “Creepin’ comets!” Rane Rover’s newest fantastical foe towered over the railing of the crib. The Sleeping Solution surely still doing wacky things to the rip-riding rocketeer’s body, Rane felt her already damp diaper get a little less dapper at the sight of him. Her captor had skin as blue as the waters of Lake Michigan and eyes as purple as Pike’s Peak, but the rest of him…was actually quite pleasant, truth be told. With dark, clean-cut hair, well-worn laugh lines around bespectacled eyes, dressed smartly in a sweater vest and slacks, and cleanshaven with just a hint of stubble, he looked like any respectable fella in the neighborhood of Anytown USA. Above his right shoulder hovered the little tin-can robot that Rane had seen just before passing out. “Well hello little, human,” He said in a voice as gentle as can be. “Was your nap restful?” “Y-y-yes it was,” Rane answered. “Thank you. But would you mind telling me where I am and who you are, Mister?” The mountain sized man smiled warmly back and told her. “Why I’m the Caretaker, little miss. This is my home.” He gestured to the hovering hunk of metal over his shoulder. The thing beeped and booped and then said, “Huuuuuuman.” The mammoth-man looked to the little floating can and told it, “I know, robot. I know.” Then he turned back to the Lilliputian-like lady and continued conversing. “My robot found you after you had a nasty fall. So, I brought you in and took care of you. Now who might you be?” Standing a little taller despite her infantile attire, Rane responded, “Why I’m Rane Rover: Rocket Ranger.” “Very nice to meet you, Rane.” The Caretaker said, extending two fingers and reaching out to the childishly dressed do-gooder. Never one to dismiss diplomacy, Rane grabbed the giant’s freakishly big forefingers shook his hand. “Likewise, I’m sure,” she said. “But you haven’t answered my second question. Also, what’s with the Dr. Denton’s and the diapers?” Unfazed by Rane’s brave boldness despite her relatively small stature, the big blue behemoth kept smiling and said. “All will be answered in time, but first let’s see about getting you some breakfast.” Not one to be told what to do, our heroine pointed one finger at her host and prepared to give him a peace of her mind. “Now listen here Cee-Tee, I’m grateful for the rescue, don’t think I’m not, but I don’t take kindly to-“ The courageous cosmo cruiser was cut off as two huge hands grabbed her underneath her armpits and lifted her skyward. “We’ve got to keep you to a schedule,” her colossal captor said. “Breakfast first. Then I’ll explain where you are. Then we’ll see about your clothes. ” Our heroine was used to strapping into her cockpit and blasting off through space, but there was something particularly peculiar about being whipped around just above the waist and then strapped into a waiting high chair. Her diaper, sodden and sagging, squelched as she was strapped into the comically big kiddie seat, a tray pinning her arms to her side before she knew what to do with them. “Creepin’ comets,” Rane commented “My seat is soggier than the swamps of Saturn in Summer.” Unconcerned, the Caretaker unscrewed a lid on a glass jar big enough to hold a whole honey glazed ham. “Don’t worry,” he said, daintily dipping a rubber tipped spoon into some rainbow-colored mush, “you’re a long ways from leaking.” “That’s not why I’m-“ Rane responded before the spoonful of gelatinous goop the zoomed past her lips and into her waiting mouth. The red-haired rocket ranger stopped, swallowed…and then smiled. In all of her hurry she hadn’t been hungry for anything more than freedom, but this stuff was better than Jell-O (and there’s always room for Jell-O, folks). Our normally loquacious lass opened her mouth only so that another scrumptious spoonful of the curious cuisine could be shoveled onto her tongue. Before long she was bouncing up and down with each spoonful of the technicolor treat, her pigtails pogoing up and down while beneath her, her soaked seat squished and squelched in equal measure. The squishing and squelching of her plastic-backed panties were matched only by the clinking and clacking of the spoon stirring and scraping in the glass jar. In no time flat, the jar was empty and the resilient young woman was beginning to feel full. “Doesn’t it feel nice to let someone else do the work?” the king-sized Caretaker asked. With a queen-sized sigh to match her meal, Rane nodded in agreement; her pigtails bobbing up and down. This was the closest she’d had to a vacation in ages. Quickly, with celeritous speed, Rane was removed from the highchair and found herself carried over to the rocking chair she’d successfully spied previously. Beeping and booping, the azure-colored Atlas’s flying robot hovered nearby. The ding of a microwave oven chimed and a compartment inside the robot opened up depositing the biggest baby bottle our heroine had ever seen into the helping hands of the Caretaker. “Something to wash it down with,” he said, sitting down in the rocking chair and placing her on his lap. “I know I should put up more of a struggle,” our normally determined diva thought, “but this is just too relaxing to pass up.” She began to suckle on the behemoth bottle the second it was offered, and was rewarded as a warm, creamy, sweet and delicious liquid lapped onto her tongue. It was so delicious that it was almost as good as the all-natural, soothing flavor of Ovaltine. (Have you tried Ovaltine lately?) As she suckled on the sweet stuff, the stressed-out spacer felt her muscles and mind relax a little bit more with each pull on the rubber nipple. “Better?” her generous giant friend asked while she greedily gulped down the bottle. Her content eyes seemed to be all the reply he required. As the last drop of liquid love dribbled down her throat, Rane released her grip on the bottle and allowed herself to be draped over the fantastic father figure’s shoulder. Soon, she was treated to gentle pats and rubbing on her back as he started to pace around the nursery. “Now to answer your little questions,” he said. “Where…” our heroine, paused as a little burp flew from her throat, “…excuse me…am I?” “We’re in Nega-Space,” the Caretaker told her. “It exists where nothing else does.” “But there’s nothing out here,” the crusader of the cosmos said, before burping again and saying “I beg your pardon.” “Exactly,” the back-patting Brobdingnagian replied. “There’s nothing out here, so here we are. In Nega-Space.” “That doesn’t make any sense, Mister.” With a condescending chuckle, the Caretaker said. “I’m sure it doesn’t.” Our heroine’s attitude started to sour. Being burped or not, she didn’t take kindly to being talked down to. But before she could say as much she found herself staring out the Nega-Space Nursery’s window. “Creepin’ comets!” Just outside the window was the vast glory of space in all of its wonder and splendor, but with the colors reversed. An endless of ocean of alabaster was in front of her, speckled with sparkling spots of black. “Whoooooah!” she cooed in absolute awe. No where in the known universe was this possible. The red-headed rebellion smuggler knew three or four Sylocke scientists who would have given their left antennae for such a stunning sight. “From time to time,” the Caretaker explained, “a human gets lost from their playing and winds up here. And I can’t let you little tykes wander around lost. So, I take care of you until your Mommies or Daddies come and pick you up.” “Little tykes”, the siren of the stars scoffed before burping again. This time she didn’t excuse herself. “Mommies or Daddies?” She pulled back and looked her warden in the eye. “You make it sound like I’m some kind of baby.” “Baby?” said the Caretaker, confused. “What kind of gibberish human-talk is that? The grown-up word for what you are is ‘human’.” “Now you listen here, Buster,” Rane said feeling that old familiar fire rise up in her, crossing her arms over her chest. “I’m a fully grown and independent woman and don’t you forget it. I’m almost twenty-three.” (In actuality, ladies, gentlemen, and space-cadets, Rane Rover was actually twenty-six, but it’s a woman’s prerogative to lie about her age, so we’ll allow our normally honest and trustworthy adventurer this one little fib). The jolly giant who held her in his arms laughed as if she had said something perfectly precocious. “Full-grown?! Woman?! And twenty-three no less?” The room rattled with the great goon’s guffawing. “Those things don’t go together. You can’t be a human woman and be fully grown and independent.” He chuckled again and added, “Twenty-three is an adult now. Oh humans. What will they say next?” The Caretaker’s robot helper buzzed with its own form of electronic laughter. “Huuuuuman!” “I was once twenty-three,” the violet eyed villain lectured, “but then I grew up. And one day you will, too. Until then, you’re a human.” Egad, faithful fans! Through some queer quirk of comical cosmic miscommunication, Rane Rover: Rocket Ranger had made first contact with a long lived extra-large extraterrestrial to whom the word “human” meant “baby”. And here she found herself, having been spoon fed, nursed and burped while wearing a wet diaper. Whatever could she do to prove him wrong? “Now you’ve got it all wrong Cee-Tee,” Rane tried to correct the paternal titan. “I’m not out there playing games. I’m fighting a war! And I normally don’t indulge in mashed up mush and bottles and burping,” she said. “And I definitely don’t wear di-“ her rational words were cut off as the rubber nipple of a particularly ponderous pacifier was placed in her mouth by the Caretaker’s scrap heap of a helper. “Huuuuman” it buzzed. “No need to be so cranky,” the Caretaker said. Meanwhile, our heroine tried to tell him the truth, but some kind of sweet sticky sap coated the delinquent dummy lodged in between her incisors, stopping her from spitting it out. Our wonder of a woman winced as the caretaker playfully patted her plastic backed panties. “Well here’s the problem,” he said. “Let’s do something about the wet diaper.” Ladies and Gentlemen, we now advise those of you with weak constitutions to walk away from this unfolding scene and to return in a few minutes once the worst of it has passed. Her muffled moaning mewling out from behind the mouthguard of the pacifier, Rane cried out as she was placed on the cushioned plastic mat of the Nega-Space Nursery’s towering changing table, a strap pulled taught over her stomach and arms. Quickly, the buttons holding together her onesie were undone, exposing her now very mentionable unmentionables. More yellow than white in the middle, the all-but dripping diaper sagged outward, as if trying to run away in fear of the woman who had wet it. Rane caught a glimpse of cartoon rocket ships along the landing zone, a mocking reminder of what the Caretaker intended to strip from her in more ways than one. A full body blush enveloped our heroine, turning her as pink as the baby clothes on her back, as two meaty hands reached for the tapes along her waistline. She hadn’t planned to be in this particular position (sans-diaper of course) until her wedding night. The space sailor didn’t have time to process the intimate invasion as the Caretaker gripped her ankles together with one hand and lifted her legs to the air. Left with no other options, Rane could only lick and suck at the sugar cane coating of the pacifier in an attempt to dilute it enough to free her mouth from its grip. Her pace hastened and slowed with the Caretaker’s cold wet cleansing, as wipe after wipe was dragged across her delicate areas, disturbing her concentration. “Mustn’t miss a spot,” the Caretaker clucked. “I don’t want my little human to get a rash.” Her quivering hindquarters felt the briefest bit of respite as the urine soaked underthing was slipped out from beneath her, only to have a fresh dry replacement slid back before a breath had passed. She shivered as fragrant white flakes of baby powder were sprinkled onto her bare backside. Her legs were lowered down and spread, and before she could blink, the clean diaper was pulled up between them and taped up. “All better,” Rane’s cyan colored captor declared, buttoning her garish garment back up. The scourge of the Imperium most certainly disagreed, and would have said as much if she had been able to, just then. But our buxom beauty was unable to get a word in edgewise, with the pacifier penetrating past her puckered puss. “Now how about a little bit of playtime?” “Mmmmphin mmmmphets!” our heroin mumbled from behind her pacifier gag as she shook her head violently, her pigtails brushing against her cheeks. This was no time to play, she had a galaxy to go out and save. “Well, I can’t have you take another nap,” the titan tutted, before plopping her padded posterior in front of a table small enough for. “You’ll be way up past your bedtime if you go back to sleep.” Rane’s normally pristine pallor went from an embarrassed pink to the red of righteous fury. Rocket Rangers did NOT have bedtimes! Oblivious to his captive’s resounding resentment, the Caretaker slid a poster sized piece of blank paper and a box of colossal sized crayons in front of the onesie wearing woman. “How about some drawing?” “MMMeye mmmmmn’t mmmmannna mmmaw,” our diapered damsel protested from behind the bulbous binky. “”Mmmey mmmmeed mmmoo mmmet mmmmome.” Either the Caretaker didn’t understand, or just didn’t care, instead tapping the table where the infantile art supplies lay. But hey, at least it wasn’t finger painting. With no way to force her way to freedom, and an inability to speak sensibly, Rane Rover felt like she was absolutely out of options. If she couldn’t find a way to clear up this confusion, she’d be trapped in this Nega-Space Nursery until the cosmo-cows came home. That’s when inspiration hit her! Grabbing a club sized crayon out of the box in front of her, began writing. It read in big block letters: I AM AN ADULT. THE GALAXY NEEDS ME. LET ME OUT! It was no Gettysburg Address, but it would do the trick, sure enough. Feeling proud of herself, Rane grabbed the sandwich board sized slice of paper and held it up to her new gargantuan guardian. There was just one thing Rane hadn’t counted on. “That’s some very nice scribbles,” the Caretaker said, smiling with almost grandfatherly affection. “Now how about a picture that I can put up on the refrigerator?” Well that was a fine how-do-you-do! Like most civilized folk, the Caretaker spoke English (with the exception of the mix-up between the words ‘human’ and ‘baby’), but to him Rane’s writing looked like scribbles. Looking around the nursery, Rane realized that there wasn’t any alphabet to speak of, or anything academic for that matter. There were pictures of rainbows and butterflies, but no where on the walls of this toddlerized torture chamber was there anything resembling the three R’s. Flipping the paper over, Rane resorted to retreating from writing and communicating in an even more universal language: Pictures. Ham-fisted and hurried, she sketched out a drawing of her trusty rusty rickety red rocket; the same turbo charged conveyance that had taken her on so many of her misadventures (including this one). “Very good!” the fatherly figure clapped his hands and encouraged her cleverness. “That looks like that little toy that you rode in here on.” Finally! Our heroine grinned behind her soother and bounced and bobbed in bountiful bliss. Now she was getting somewhere. “Can you draw more?“ Happily, she obliged, drawing in a doodle of herself in the cockpit, the stars whizzing by, and of course, good old Earth in the background. Maybe if she could get across that everyone one Earth was as “little” as she was, he’d release her. (Either that, or she’d convince the Caretaker that there was an entire planet of babies that needed to be pampered; and then she’d have two invasions to deal with.) As time went on, her breathing slowed; the normally fraught freedom fighter found herself relaxing with each stroke and scribble. It wasn’t thrilling, but therapeutic. Not the rush she was used to, but relaxing in its own right. Oddly enough, Rane Rover: Rocket Ranger was feeling something she hadn’t felt in a long time: fun. “Well done!” her purple eyed parental figure praised when she’d finished. “This is something very special, I can tell,” he said. “Look at that silly blue marble in the background. I’m going to put this right on the wall where I can look at it whenever I want” he said, taking the drawing over to her crib. Without thinking, our feisty freedom fighter smiled saccharinely, proud of her accomplishment. As the Caretaker pinned the poster to the wall, Rane realized that she’d failed at what she’d set out to do. Her attempt at translation had transformed itself into an art project. She’d have to find other ways to explain the reality of the situation to the Nega-space nanny. “Now what shall we do next, little human?” If anything she had more firmly cemented her status in his enormous eyes as nothing more than a waif needing nourishment. And so it continued throughout the day. Unable to speak, the amazing astronaut told her story as best as she could; using the tools available to her. She recreated the Astro-Alacatraz using blocks with strange alien writing on them. She re-enacted her liberation of the mole men of Morlock X using dollies, and used puppet theatre to explain her daring escape from the methane mines. Stranger still, Rane felt relief with each successive attempt. Each juvenile jaunt into pastimes she’d long ago outgrown brought with them feelings of nostalgia and comfort. She’d never admit it, of course, but her reserves were being refilled with each kiddie corner retelling. Sadly, space cadets, joy was the only thing she was getting from these efforts at diapered diplomacy. Unwilling to listen, the big blue brute, well meaning though he may have been, simply looked to the surface and saw nothing but a tot with her new toys. Frustrated, our padded protagonist stomped her feet in a frenzy, puppets still on her hands. “Oh, I think I know what’s wrong,” the Caretaker concluded, inserting two of his enormous digits into her diaper. “Wet.” It was true. Somewhere in between her miming the massacre against the Martian Mind Melters and the tea party where she had tried to demonstrate the etiquette that had negotiated the freedom of the floating ferrous folk, Rane Rover had felt nature’s call, and answered it without hesitation. Surely, time was of the essence, and so our heroine had temporarily cast aside her pride and potty training in the hopes that she’d steer this freaky first contact towards freedom. Her diaper had been squelching and squishing with every step since. Unfortunately, folks, people everywhere tend to believe what they see and not what you tell them; and the Caregiver now saw a little girl in need of yet another diaper change. “”Mmmmmphin’ mmmmmets.” Rane said as she was laid back down on the changing table, two enormous hands reaching for the snaps between her legs. “Don’t worry,” the Caretaker cooed. “It’s my job to take care of little humans like you and keep you dry and happy. I’ve more than enough diapers for you.” “Huuuuman,” the Caretakers hovering henchbot beeped and booped. Will Rane be able to escape this infantilizing internment? Will she be able to battle across the Milky Way or will she be reduced to bottles bubbling with milk? Has she permanently traded in her red rocket for a rocking horse? Will she ever holler and hoot through hyperspace or must she now be content to quietly coo from her crib? Will she defy the odds or is she doomed to a destiny of downloading detritus into diaper after diaper till the end of her days? Find out after this pause for station identification and a word from our sponsors! You are tuning into WTCP where the ink is wet and the padding is dry. (Or is that the other way around?) Littles, Are you tired of having your playtime interrupted by constant trips to the potty? Are you annoyed or confused at all the complicated and messy steps of toileting? Does the sound of flushing water fill your heart with dread? Do you yearn for a simpler time when you had more fun and less problems? Return to those halcyon days of yore with diapers. With diapers, what goes on in your pants is no longer your concern or your problem. Play the hours away! Finish that seven-season binge marathon! Never have to excuse yourself from the dinner table again! Relax in the safety and comfort in knowing that your special clothing is there for you when you need it. Toilets are exclusive and require special positioning and locations to use. With diapers, it can be anywhere at anytime- sitting, standing, laying down-whatever works for you! They travel and bend and move WITH you. And as a bonus, any horizontal surface can be made into an impromptu changing station. Also, diapers are the only underwear that can double as outerwear! Less layers just means less work, and isn’t that what happiness is really all about? So, go ask your Big to ditch those flimsy useless things hugging your hips and go for the good stuff. DIAPERS: It’s never too late to go back. We now return to the adventures of RANE ROVER: ROCKET RANGER! When we last left our heroine, she’d gone from a rip roarin’ rocket ranger to a diapered damsel in distress. We find her now, sulking in a playpen, left alone with her thoughts and a robot monitor, her pursed lips plugged with a pacifier, the bulbous binkie remaining firmly lodged in her mouth…until now. “Creepin’ comets,” she said as she finally managed to pull out the pacifier, the sweet solution keeping it in her mouth finally gone thanks to the solvent of her saliva. “That Caretaker character is a real basket case. He thinks I’m some kind of baby.” She looked down at her pink onesie, the bulging diaper just underneath. “Not that I can blame him. “Huuuuuman,” the floating trashcan that had discovered her droned far above her head. Good thing too, or else it was likely to get a walloping whack from our pampered paragon. “Yeah, yeah,” Rane sulked at the simpleton of a machine. “You say po-tay-to, I say po-tah-to.” Though even that was an analogy that didn’t work in her favor. No matter how you pronounced it, a tuber was still a spud. Lost in thought, she began walking around her infantile enclosure, a crinkle calling out with each padded pace as she waddled from wall to wall. “The thing of it is,” she admitted, “is that up until the ‘wait here’ part I was kind of liking the whole baby bit.” “Huuuuman.” Irritated and annoyed, Rane ignored the fancy bottle warmer. “The crib was comfortable. The food and drink were good, and it was nice to be waited on for a change.” A shudder shimmied up her spine as she accidentally uttered ‘change’. “Okay,” she admitted to herself. “even the clothes are nice. It’s like lying around in my nightgown all day, without even having to take a powder.” The she-warrior shook her head as she realized she made yet another unfortunate choice of words. She had more powder on her posterior than her pretty puss; not exactly ladylike. “Fine!” she shouted at a stuffed sheep in the corner of the playpen. “Even the diapers aren’t such a fine how-do-you-do!” Then she added, “As long as nobody else in the entire universe knows about ‘em!” “Huuuuuman,” “But my folks aren’t coming to save me,” our waddling wunderkind whined, “and that daffy dope would dress them in diapers too even if they did. All because we’re-” “Huuuuuman,” Then a surge of insight and inspiration ingrained itself into her imagination. “That’s it!” our heroine raised a pointed finger skyward. “As far as the Caretaker is concerned, I’m a lost little baby that came here on some kind of trikey. Sooooooo….” Rane inhaled and held her breath for a hot minute. “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” She let lose a long and loud wail worthy of a bragging banshee. Thundering footsteps preceding him, the Caretaker ran into the nursery, staring down. “I step out for five minutes to cook dinner, and this is what happens!” He exclaimed. “What’s wrong little human?” he asked, reaching down to give Rane’s bum a parental pat, checking to see if it needed changing yet. Our heroine wasn’t rattled in the least, and instead kept in character. “I WANT MY MOMMY!” she cried, willing rivers of tears to flow down her not-so-chubby cheeks. “I WANT MY MOMMY!” She did her best not to thrash as she found herself cradled in the Caretaker’s cavernous caress. “I know, I know you miss her,” he shushed her, rocking her back and forth and bouncing her lightly. “But we’ll stay right here until she comes to pick you up. That way you’ll be safe.” “I WANT HER NOW!” she screamed at the top of her lungs, her throat rattling with each rumbling roar. “I hope this works,” she thought to herself. “Otherwise I’m likely to get a wallop of a spanking.” Even through the prodigious pillow wrapped around her waist, she didn’t want to end up over the Caretaker’s knee. “But you’re lost, little hu-“ “I’M!” she interrupted with a sob. “NOT! LOOOOOOOOST!” The nursery flew by in a quick blur as the weird warden held her out and looked at her, leaving her dangling by her under arms. “What do you mean, ‘not lost?’” the Caretaker asked, an eyebrow arched in question. Now was her chance. All she had to do is put her plight in language that even the Caretaker could comprehend. “My Mommy is back on Earth!” she cried. “Earth?” “It’s just in the universe!” she sobbed. Pointing out of the nursery towards the negative sky. “Over there?” “Really?” the Caretaker asked, tilting is head to the side. “Is that all?” “Uh-huh,” our heroine played her pathetic part, making sure to add a tiny sniffle and suck on her thumb. Our plucky heroine found herself sitting back on a giant knee as he took a seat on the rocking chair, finally listening. Her plastic backed panties were thankfully dry as a desert this time around. “And how did you end up here then?” Rane thought for a moment to translate her preposterous predicament in terms he’d believe. “I was playin’ a game, Mister, with my friends, and I went out of bounds.” Considering she’d flown into a pocket universe inside a white-hole, ‘out of bounds’ was the understatement of the millennium, ladies and gentlemen, but the Caretaker seemed to consider it. “It was an accident”, she added. “Out of bounds?” he repeated as he ruffled Rane’s red hair. “What game were you little tykes playing? Tag? Hide and seek?” With steely resolve, Rane looked up into the giant’s violet peepers and with grave seriousness, told him. “War.” The mountain of a man sat up a little straighter in the rocking chair. “War isn’t a girl’s game,” he scoffed. “You should be having tea parties and playing with dollies like you’ve been doing. Though I suppose that explains those play clothes, and that toy ship.” Quick as a jack rabbit in July, Rane concocted another explanation to fit the paradigm she’d found herself imprisoned in. “It’s a powderpuff game,” she said. “Girls are the soldiers and boys are the riveters.” If her freedom hadn’t been on the line, the thought of a bunch of Imperium Coneheads all dolled up and working on an assembly line would have made her bust a gut. Then another thought came to the forefront of her brilliant brain. “Play clothes?” Rane realized that she hadn’t seen her brown bomber jacket or her heroic headgear since she’d woken up in this dreadful daycare. “Where did you get those things anyways?” her captor asked, leaning in closer, causing our heroine to break into a sweat under the scrutiny. “Uhh….they were my Daddy’s,” Rane said. That much was true enough. “When he was a….uh…human.” “That explains why it was in such shoddy condition,” the Caretaker said. A lesser (and smaller) man would have been knocked flat- nobody insulted her trusty rusty rickety red rocket in shambles it may now be- but Rane held her tongue and her fists for the time being. Precariously positioned, Rane stowed her pride and looked up at the Caretaker with big puppy dog eyes. “Please Mister! The game is gonna be over soon. And my Mommy is gonna be awful sore at me if I don’t get back home soon.” Now rocking back and forth, in the chair, the Caretaker stroked his chin with his free hand. “Well…if your parents are just in the universe outside….” “Huuuuuman,” the robot beeped and booped, irritatingly. The Caretaker frowned a little bit. She almost had him! If Rane didn’t think quick and speak quicker, the domineering daddy would change his mind (along with her diapers) forever. “What if he came with me?” Rane asked, pointing to the floating robot that found her. “As a…chaperonie?” Rane was careful and clever enough to mispronounce the word, giving her the extra edge of an aura of innocence. “My Mommy could send him back as soon as I get home!” The giant grinned. “That’s a winner of an idea if I ever heard one!” he said. “Alright, human girl. There’s just one thing….” “What’s that?” Rane felt an enormous knot form in her throat. “You’ll need your toys and your play clothes back, won’t you?” A chipper ‘ding” came from the hovering hunk of metal, and out came Rane’s brown bomber jacket, flight cap, and Navi-goggles, all as good as new, the scrapes and scuffs from half-a-hundred battles buffed out. Apparently, this thing was a washing machine, too. “This thing might actually come in handy,” she thought. The Rocket Ranger held out her arms and allowed herself to be dressed in what the oddball alien though of as her ‘play clothes’. Her old jacket resting comfortably over her new onesie. Hair still up in pigtails, she managed to pull on her flight helmet, the pigtails sticking out two little holes in the side. Objectively, she looked more ridiculous than Venusian clown monkey. Still, if it would get her out of here, she’d ride out buck naked like a Galactic Godiva. Speaking of which, Godiva had a horse and our heroine was still in need of some horsepower of her own. “What about my rock-?” Rane sputtered before stopping herself. “My Daddy’s toy?” Setting her down on the floor, the Caretaker took her by the hand and led her out of the strange little house and into the wide open Nega-Space, a pitch white sky dotted with dark black stars. “I fixed it. It was too big to bring inside, but I was going to put it in my garage as soon as the paint dried.” There standing in front of her, good as new, was her trusty rusty rickety red rocket. Only now it wasn’t so rusty, or rickety, and it looked a lot more trusty. Tears of joy in her eyes, Rane looked up to the Caretaker, and for once being at a lack for words, hugged his leg. “Okay, now,” he chuckled. “My roast is in the oven, which probably means your mother’s is too. I don’t want you to be late for dinner.” Not wanting to lie any more than she already had, Rane nodded her head in agreement. “Robot, you take good care of her,” he said to the airborne automaton that was just a few feet off the ground. “Huuuuman.” The robot agreed. “Well off you go little lady,” the Caretaker said, giving our best gal one last diaper check and a pat on the bum to send her on her way. Relieved to be released, Rane swallowed her pride and climbed into the cockpit and turned on the ignition. She sat a little taller than she remembered, likely because of the extra inches underneath her, and she was painfully aware that her “chaperone” now hovered right behind her in the unused co-pilot’s seat, but everything else was as it should be. Everything functioning at peak efficiency, and all tanks (including oxygen) were filled to the top. Without further ado, and frankly afraid that at any moment her ruse would rupture, Rane plotted a reverse trajectory than the one she had taken to get here and initiated the countdown sequence. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-BLASTOFF! The rush of the rockets rocking her back into her seat, Rane rose up, up, up into the negative sky, speeding towards a tremendous tear in the fabric of reality itself: a wormhole back into her good old Earth-having Universe. Out into the great wide galaxy they went! Once the rocket thrusters cut and they were safely out into the other half of the once dreaded ‘Forbidden Zone’, Rane took stock of her new situation. “It’s a shame,” the space smuggler sighed to herself. “I kind of liked being a big baby for a little bit. Maybe I can have myself a slumber party over there with a few of my gal-pals after we win the war.” “Huuuuuman” her new robot companion buzzed, it’s tone nagging at her. Rane laughed, realizing that the bucket of bolts had as many screws loose as its creator. “If I can get permission from my Mommy, that is!” With the autopilot set on course to the nearest Opposition territory, Rane got out of her seat and walked over to her supply closet. “Now let’s see about getting out of these ridiculous clothes and into something a little more-“ the Opposition’s Ace Operative found her words cut short as a small mountain of baby supplies, all sized perfectly for her, tumbled out onto the floor, fairly burying her. “Creepin comets!” she yelled as stuffies, frilly dresses, baby bottles, and a not-so-small stack of not-so-small diapers tumbled out of the supply cabinet and on top of her. The Caretaker had restocked more than just her fuel tanks, and as the shock of being buried under a pile of toys subsided, our heroine noticed a not-so-unfamiliar warmth flood into her pants, her disposable undies already starting to puff out as it absorbed her latest accident. “Huuuuman?” the Robot chirped, digging her out of the heap. “Bottle? Nap? Diaperrrrrr?” It inserted two little robot claws into the leggings of her diaper. “Wet!” “Maybe I better work on convincing this hunk of junk that I’m toilet trained, first. Otherwise I’m going to have to learn how to save the star system from the seat of my stroller.” This has been another exciting adventure of RANE ROVER: ROCKET RANGER! &nbsp; Tune in next time where our hero must battle against both the forces of the Imperium of Evil and the crawling creep of diaper rash! Author’s Note: This was done as a request by Dirty Books as part of a request thread. When bringing it to life, I couldn’t stop thinking about the old timey space opera serials and radio shows, and thus it evolved into the story you’ve just read. These request threads are always a tricky thing to me, as part of the art of storytelling is engaging and surprising your audience with twists and turns while giving them something that still satisfies them and gives them what they asked for. After all, if you already know everything that’s going to happen, why read the story, or have someone else write it for you? This turned into a bit of an experimental piece, with the soundbites and the near constant use of alliteration and tone and it took on a kind of life of its own. Even so, it was a blast(off) to write and I am extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to do so. I hope that everyone who read this (especially Dirty Books who gave me this idea with their request) had a fun little bit of faux padded nostalgia while reading this little mess from the dark corners of my mind.
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    Part 10 Miss Harlow sat down on the couch while Hannah and I sat down in front of it. “Now Mikey,” Miss Harlow said while looking at me. “This snack is optional, if you don't want it, I understand it completely and I will get you something else.” I sucked my pacifier a bit harder and wondered what she meant by that. Miss Harlow studied the look on my face. “Why don’t I demonstrate it, Hannah, come sit next to mommy,” Miss Harlow said as she motioned for Hannah to sit next to her. Hannah eagerly climbed up on the couch, obviously happy with whatever is going to happen. “I should have worn a blouse,” Miss Harlow sighed as she started to remove her sweater. I immediately knew what was going to happen and so did Hannah and Miss Harlow, who both looked at me. My eyes switched between Miss Harlow’s black bra and her eyes. I bit down on my pacifier, was this really going to happen, was Miss Harlow going to be breastfeed Hannah? Miss Harlow seemed to sense my question. “Don’t worry Mikey, I don’t produce milk,” Miss Harlo said as she was undoing her bra, letting it drop next to her on the couch. My eyes grew even bigger, looking at her now naked chest, her breast were firm and big, D cup if I had to guess. “This is only for show and the feeling it brings to Hannah. Like I said, you don't have to join in, but feel welcome if you want to,” Miss Harlow said with a wink, turning her attention to Hannah. Miss Harlow removed Hannah’s pacifier, “Lie down on your back sweetie,” Miss Harlow said to Hannah sweetly. Hannah made herself comfortable on the couch and her head was soon resting on Miss Harlow’s lap, the breast hanging inches away from her face. I felt myself starting to freak out, but also aroused. It was a weird feeling to have, I wanted what Hannah now has, but it was all moving fast and without warning. Miss harlow guided her nipple to Hannah’s lips, who immediately put the nipple in her mouth and started sucking. Here I was sitting, in a full diaper witnesses and adult being breastfed by another adult, maybe it was just for show, but that didn’t matter to me. Miss Harlow was cooing at Hannah. “What a good baby girl you are,” she said while patting Hannah’s diapers. occasionally giving me a brief glanze. I let out a little trickle of pee in my diaper and started to climb the couch. I was already deeper in this than I was expecting to be, so why not go all out? I looked at Miss Harlow pleadingly as she removed my pacifier. “And who is mommy's good little boy?” She asked, I felt my cheeks burn bright red and let my head rest on her lap right next to Hannah’s who was sucking away happily with her eyes closed. I closed my eyes too and opened my mouth, anxiously awaiting Miss Harlow’s nipple. I felt the nipple entering my mouth and started sucking. No milk came out as Miss Harlow had stated and I immediately understood what kind of feeling it brought to Hannah. It felt really nice, safe and really comfortable. I kept sucking softly as Miss harlow petted my diaper. “Such good little babies,” she cooed at the both of us. Hannah moaned softly, still sucking away. It felt like an eternity, lying on Miss Harlow’s lap, sucking away on her breast, not thinking about anything but just enjoying the moment. It also felt to short, after a while mommy interrupted our session. “Alright little darlings, I think that is enough for now, let’s get you too in some dry diapers,” mommy said as she was poking around my pee filled diaper. Hannah and I stopped sucking and sat upright. I had a bit of a disappointed look on my face, while Hannah’s face showed content. “Mikey, if it lasted longer it wouldn’t feel special right?” Mommy asked. “I guess so,” I said a bit sulky. Mommy rubbed my back and popped the pacifier back in my mouth. “Cheer up Mikey!” Hannah said happily and slipped down the couch, crawling back to the nursery. Mommy stood up, put her bra and sweater back on. “You too little mister, to the nursery,” mommy said with a mockingly stern voice. I let myself down from the couch and followed mommy, who followed Hannah. In the nursery, mommy first changed Hannah, putting her in another pink diaper. When Hannah was cared for I climbed up the changing table and lied down. Hannah went back to her toy chest and pulled out a doll, back into her game she was playing. “Seems like you leaked a bit,” mommy stated as she undid the snaps. I turned my face, not looking at mommy. “It’s not your fault Mikey,” mommy said. “Sit up so I can get you out of your onesie.” She quickly went to work, removing the onesie and throwing it in the hamper, removing the diaper and dropping it in the diaper pile next to the changing table. I lied naked on the changing table, waiting for a new diaper. mommy seemed to sense my thoughts. “First we need to clean you, mr pottypants,” mommy said as she grabbed a few baby wipes. the wipes went all over my crotch and butt area, I felt my penis growing stiff. Ashamed I closed my eyes and tried to think of anything else. “No need to be embarrassed,” mommy said. “It is all natural,” she continued as she gave my penis a few strokes with the baby wipes. She threw the baby wipes away and grabbed a pink diaper from underneath the changing table. I looked questionably at the diaper, “Can I wear a white diaper?” I asked softly. “No you can not, those white diapers don’t hold as much as the pink ones,” mommy stated seriously, letting me know I shouldn’t question her. She powdered me and swiftly pulled the diaper over my crotch and taped it snugly shut. “Thank you mommy,” I said with a bit of a babyish voice in my tone and climbed down. “You’re welcome,” mommy said as she patted my head. “Let’s find something else for you to wear, and for your big sister too.” She said as she took a couple of steps towards the closet. She rummaged in it for a bit and pulled out two identical pink onesies. “Hannah, would you like to dress your baby brother?” Mommy asked Hannah, who was quickly on her feet. “Yes!” Hannah yelled as she made her way over to us. “This foot goes into this hole, and that one into this,” Hannah said, wildly gesturing. I followed Hannah’s instruction reluctantly, not really excited to wear a pink onesie. Once we were both wearing our onesie mommy claimed it was time for a nap. Hannah and I crawled towards mommy, who was already busy lowering the bars for us. We climbed inside of it, lying down, waiting for mommy to raise the bars again. Before mommy did that she gave us each a stuffed animal, I got the bear again and Hannah was given a penguin. “Pingu!” Hannah yelled excitedly, immediately hugging her pingu. “Both be good babies and go to sleep,” Mommy said while she raised the bars. Seeing the bars towering over me, my anxious feelings returned. Mommy saw the look on my face, “Don’t worry sweetie,” mommy said as put an arm between the bars to ruffle my hair. “You big sister Hannah is sleeping right next to you, and you can always call for me,” mommy said pointing towards the baby monitor. Mommy’s kind work relaxed me a little bit and I lied down next to Hannah, who was hugging her pingu intensely. Hannah turned to face me, our pacifiers almost touching each other. “Don’t worry Mikey, I will protect you,” Hannah said, our pacifiers touching, as if she was giving me a kiss. I felt the blush on my face and buried it into my teddy. Mommy stood up and walked towards the door, she turned around “Have a nice nap sweeties,” She said as she turned the lights of and leaving the door ajar. I looked at the ceiling, still sucking my paci and hugging my teddy. After a while I looked at Hannah, who was peacefully asleep, her pingu tight in her grasp. Hannah looked really beautiful, even under these circumstances. I never thought I would be attracted by someone who wore diapers. But then again, I never thought I would be wearing diapers again, I thought when I drifted off.
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    Chapter Two It was only four months before her eighteenth birthday when Charlotte met Renee and had allowed the older girl to take her by the hand and usher her into womanhood, which is a flowery way of saying that Renee had technically committed statutory rape of a minor, but Charlotte was too far in love with her to trouble herself with those sort of details. The night in question had been her first time ever experiencing an orgasm, due in part because of her overly strict upbringing that didn't allow for her bedroom to even have a door on it let alone enough privacy to explore her developing body. The other factor was that she was too busy to think about sex, she had studying to do and academic achievements to focus on and couldn't be bothered with things as frivolous as "getting laid". Renee showed her exactly what she'd been missing out on, in one night she single handedly obliterated the notion that sex was pointless and that there were more important things in life that cumming. Charlotte would deny it until her dying day, but she cried that night as the waves of pleasure crashed over her and she clutched the blankets and arched her back and made the strangest sounds she'd ever heard herself make, sounds that were somewhere in between being deprived of oxygen and a small woodland creature that may be injured. The tears spilled from her eyes because she realized that she'd wasted so much time with her nose in books that she could have spent living her life, bonding with the people she went to school with, making stupid choices that she'd hopefully survive so she'd have stories to tell and laugh about at reunions or if she happened to bump into someone she went to school with at the bank or grocery store and set up a coffee date with. She cried because until that moment she didn't have anyone like that in her life, and because even though she was only seventeen, she'd worked herself so hard for so long she sometimes felt like she was twice that age and had missed out on her good fucking up years. Renee had been gentle with her, easing her into everything with a tenderness and calm that only came from years of practice. Charlotte wasn't her first virgin, and she wouldn't be her last, but everything has a shelf life, and being a pro at punching V cards isn't something to be proud of past a certain point in your life. She'd started with little things like touching the younger girl's hair and then shoulder and then thigh, the soft Jazz playing in the small dorm room making everything cool and smooth as she leaned in for the first kiss, betting that even if Charlotte wasn't gay she would still be young enough to go along with what was happening. The first kiss had sealed the deal for Charlotte, it was the moment that she knew she loved Renee completely and unequivocally. The taste of her cinnamon lip gloss, the smell of her perfume, a flowery and almost fruity scent that was there and gone like a breath but left her wanting more, the feel of Renee putting her hand on the small of her back to gently guide her down onto the bed as her head swam with desire and realization that she was kissing another girl and it felt amazing and special and perfect. Renee had forced the kiss to happen sooner rather than later because if she didn't stop Charlotte from blathering on nervously about school and what she liked about the decoration of the room she might have abandoned her quest and feigned a sudden illness just to get the geeky little virgin out of her room. It wasn't that she wasn't genuinely attracted to Charlotte, it was just that she really only wanted to be with her to prove that she was the alpha female, able to dominate little virgin freshman into giving up their innocence and then toying with them a little to see if she could have more fun beyond that, but she mostly never got past the first time with them, but she was a little too drunk on her own power to let Charlotte go so quickly. Charlotte had been awash in the milky afterglow of her climax when Renee had emerged from between her thighs and changed everything. "Look at what you did!" she chastised, pointing to the large wet spot on the sheet below her. Charlotte had snapped to attention when she saw the spot and she tried to collect her scattered thoughts enough to properly apologize. "I'm so sorry! I'll wash it for you!" she offered emphatically. Renee always loved this part of the game more than seducing the virgins. The boys were the most fun for her because of the challenge of removing their masculinity, but Charlotte was a brainy little bookworm that seemed to have grown up too fast and provided a unique scenario she was keen on exploring. She'd come up with some reason to catch them off guard while they recovered from their first sexual encounter and see how things played out from there. She thought of Simon from the previous semester and how she'd consoled him after he came in his pants when she'd kissed him, equating the quarter sized wet spot on the front of his khaki pants to "an accident" and had delighted when the boy actually started to cry and try to run away. She'd calmed him with her soft words and brought him back to her, guiding him back onto the bed like she'd done with so many others and gently removed his pants and underwear, forcing herself not to laugh at his pathetic little penis. She'd opted to clean him up with her mouth, to give the boy something positive to associate with the night's events, but also allowed herself to be bold and guide his thumb into a glob of his semen and push it gently into his mouth, explaining to him that it was only fair he taste what she was tasting. As the boy obediently sucked his own seed from his thumb she licked him clean and focused her attentions on his cute little backdoor after she'd done her initial duty. By the time he left her room, she'd had him on all fours while she pounded his little asshole with her least threatening strap-on. She thought of Taylor, a girl fresh off the farm that shot down her advances and made it very clear she wasn't gay only to wind up right where all the others had been except she'd taken Taylor over her lap and blistered the girl's lily white behind with her mahogany paddle with the heart cutouts in the body before making her get down on the floor on her hands and knees and sobbingly service her with her mouth. She'd nearly climaxed just from the girl apologizing to her for lying about being straight, but she'd managed to hold on so that she could see the girls face when she looked up after finishing her off, her eyes puffy and red, her makeup smearing down her cheeks, her face coated in the sexual juices of another woman and the look of shock and fear on her face when she pushed the girl out the door without allowing her to clean herself up at all. With Charlotte, she wanted to try something new, something she'd had an interest in for a while but knew that it would break the game almost instantly with all but a handful of people she tried it with. She put on her most sympathetic face and moved up to kiss Charlotte on the forehead. "You should have told me you'd wet the bed, sweetie." she said in her maternal voice. Charlotte shrank at the implication, she knew that she hadn't wet the bed, at least in the way Renee was implying she had, but the wet spot was there and she didn't want the girl she loved to be mad with her. "I'm sorry, I didn't know that would happen." she said, her voice full of sincerity and remorse. "If you're going to stay the night I think we should probably do something to make sure we don't have anymore issues." Renee told her. "Now, the only question is, are you going to be a good little girl and let me help you or are you going to be a naughty little girl and fight with me?" she asked. Charlotte had no clue what was happening or what Renee was talking about, but she wanted to please this girl and wanted her to love her, so she nodded in agreement, "I'll be good." she offered. Renee smiled and gently shook her head. "You'll be a good, what?" she asked. Charlotte thought for a moment and realized that Renee wanted her statement repeated. "I'll be a good little girl." she finally said, struggling to refer to herself as a little girl given that she'd just experienced the most adult thing in her life. Renee kissed her forehead again. "Good!" she chirped before climbing off the bed and going to her closet, retrieving several towels and a grocery bag, stopping by the desk to get a roll of packing tape and scissors before returning to the bed and dumping everything out next to Charlotte's feet. "What's all that for?" Charlotte asked. The moment of truth had arrived, she'd say the word and Charlotte would either snap back to reality and bolt or she'd submit and Renee would have someone to toy with for a little while longer. "I'm going to make you a diaper." she said matter of factly. Charlotte swallowed hard. "I don't understand." she said. "I'm not a baby, Renee." she told the older girl. Renee smiled at her sweetly in the dim light of the room. "I know you're not a baby." she said as she busied herself with folding the towels into what she needed them to be. "When I was growing up my parents had a rule, wet beds or wet pants meant a day in diapers." she lied. "One Summer when I was thirteen I got sick and wet the bed one night and no matter how hard I cried or how much I begged, I spent the next day and night in a diaper because that was the rule." she explained again, careful not to overindulge her totally made up story so the younger girl might find it believable. Charlotte's heart and stomach fluttered. "I don't want to wear a diaper though." she confessed. Renee sighed and moved off the bed to gather up Charlotte's clothes from the floor and dumped them onto the girl as she lay half seated on the bed. "Rules are rules, Charlotte." she said simply. "If you're not going to respect the rules of my room then you can go." she added bluntly. Charlotte looked up at her with mouth agape, the heat rising in her face at how abruptly Renee's demeanor had changed, she'd messed everything up by not agreeing to something as silly as wearing a diaper, how stupid was she? "Wait!" she exclaimed before realizing she was talking. Renee turned to face her and put her hands on her hips. "Yes?" she asked impatiently. Charlotte felt like crying but fought not to out of fear that she'd just make things worse. "I'll do it." she said quietly, averting her gaze from Renee's. As the younger girl looked away Renee held back her satisfied smirk and moved closer to the bed, hooking her finger underneath Charlotte's chin and lifting it gently so the girl was once again looking at her. "What will you do, sweetie?" she asked, her syrupy sweet maternal voice returning. Charlotte swallowed hard. "I'll wear one." she said. "Wear what, darling girl?" Renee asked, savoring the mental torment she was exerting on her plaything like a cat toying with an injured mouse. A tear rolled down Charlotte's cheek. "I'll wear a diaper." she finally managed to squeak out after stammering over the last word. Renee thought about making the girl endure a nice long spanking with her favorite wooden paddle for her initial disobedience but decided that a sweet girl like Charlotte deserved sweet punishments, the kind that piled on the humiliation and kept the little darling wrapped around her finger with the belief that if she did what she was told that her tormentor would appreciate her and love her as much as Charlotte clearly loved Renee herself. "Good girl." Renee praised sweetly as she took back the pile of clothes and sat back down on the bed to create a diaper for her new little plaything, all the while deeming Charlotte a silly and stupid little girl for falling right into her trap. ************************************************************************ The last time Charlotte had spoken to Renee was the night that everything between them had come to a head and fallen apart, a memory she wasn't keen on revisiting at the moment, or at all if she had her way, but looking at the picture in her hand she knew that she wasn't going to get her way on this particular matter. Moving to the small dresser across her hotel room she opened it and grabbed her notebook, jotting down a few notes about Renee and Steven, most with question marks beside them and used a bit of tape from the desk to tape the picture up onto the page. How did Steven and Renee meet? Did Steven truly want to be an adult baby or had Renee forced him into it? Where was the picture taken? Who took the picture? Why did Renee call her out of the blue sounding worried and talking about her mom despite the woman being long dead? Sighing heavily she closed the journal and returned it to the drawer. It was too late for all these new questions, and she had a meeting with the only other person that would talk to her in the morning and she needed to be sharp for it. Climbing into bed and turning out the lights she stared up at the ceiling for a moment and remembered her first night with Renee and how maybe Steven had followed the same path she had that night and ended up somewhere he wouldn't have normally been if not for his love of Renee. ************************************************************************ After the makeshift diaper had been crafted and affixed around her waist, the shopping bag being fashioned into crude plastic pants and the whole creation held together with a belt of tape that nothing short of scissors would remove, Renee had shut out the lights and turned off the music and climbed into bed with her companion. "I hope that holds up through the night." Renee mused absently as she held Charlotte from behind, making the girl her little spoon for the night and gently patted the plastic covered bunch of towels swaddling her backside before snaking her arm up to hold Charlotte and her hand. Charlotte wanted to protest but held her tongue, choosing to kiss Renee's hand softly instead in an attempt to further smooth things over. "Me too." she reluctantly agreed. Once Charlotte had fallen asleep, Renee tested the girl's response to movement and sounds by shifting in the bed a few times and faking a cough, smiling when the light snores continued without interruption and she made her way out of the bed carefully to return with a bowl of warm water to dip the sleeping girl's hand in. As the sound of liquid rushing out and pooling filled the quiet room Renee left with the bowl and returned to the bed, her hand down at her sex as she felt the warm liquid beneath her as she lay down, quietly bringing herself to climax as she fantasized about all the fun she was going to have when morning came around and shone its light on poor little Charlotte's shameful accident.
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    A few days later I was playing in the sandbox at daycare with Lexie. She was sculpting a mermaid into the sand. I was constructing a sand castle of sorts. We were lamenting that soon the school year would be starting again. “I’m worried that mom’s going to give me the shots again,” I said. “I guess I did too well on my grades last year.” “I’m sorry,” Lexie said in consolation. “I know that must be hard. I’m pretty much without control even without them. Too long just peeing at all times.” “Have you ever thought about what life is going to be like after graduation?” I asked. “I mean, I dream of holding up a pair of boxers with my diploma. Wearing big boy clothes. Going off to college. Not having to worry about explaining diapers to a girl I meet.” Lexie pouted. “You are going to meet a girl who won’t understand diapers? Why, you have me?” “I didn’t mean it that way,” I stammered. “I mean, what if it doesn’t work out with us?” “Have some faith,” Lexie said and leaned forward trampling both our sand sculptures to give me a long kiss. We spent a blissful few weeks playing together. It did not see that our interest in each other was waning in any amount. An envelope from the school came. It had my schedule which had no surprises. Of course, I read everything from front to back. Sure enough, no surprise, it listed the school uniform and diaper requirements that I had not seen the previous year. It pointed out that my mom’s Big Baby Boutique was the local supplier of such things. Mom informed me that I had a doctor’s appointment the next day. “What for?” I asked. She sighed and told me it was time for me to become incontinent again. Ugh, the shots. I made a half-hearted plea to avoid them or at least to avoid getting them in the rear, but I knew it was futile. She gave me the “we’ll see” look which meant no. The appointment was the next morning and mom told me that she’d just take me out for breakfast afterward. We entered the doctor’s office and we were directed immediately into the treatment room. I was undressed and on the gurney. It was odd not having a diaper on but they had put an absorbent pad under me if I had any accidents. A nurse came in and started swabbing my arm. Huh? “I thought I was getting shots down there,” I said out loud in my confusion. “This is just an IV so we can administer the anesthesia. It’s not the treatment itself.” Oh. Anesthesia. The nurse busied herself with placing the tube in my arm. A bag of fluid slowly dripped into me. She left the room. Something was different this time. The nurse returned a few minutes later with another woman. “I’m Dr. Donovan. I’ll be performing the procedure. The nurse will give you something in a second to make you sleepy. When you wake up it will all be done.” “Oh, OK,” I said with caution. “I mean, you did the shots without this last time.” The doctor and my mother exchanged glances. The doctor turned back to me. “You’re not getting shots this time. I’ll be placing a probe up your urethra.” “Probe? Urethra?” I was confused. “Urethra, the passage from your bladder through your penis that urine comes out.” Oh. “The probe will be used to deliver a pulsed radio frequency wave. It will deaden your sphincter.” Oh. “This procedure is preferable to the shots as repeated shots risk infection and other complications.” “How long does it last compared to the shots?” Not that I liked getting the shots, but this sounded like it could be worse. Hopefully, I’d not have to repeat it every three months. “The procedure will never have to be repeated. It’s permanent.” I was shocked into silence. Permanent. “Then after that is done, we’ll do a similar operation on your anus.” No, I thought. But I couldn’t manage to get it out. A short time passed, “No,” I managed to finally gasp out. “You’ll feel a little sleepy,” I heard the nurse say. “No,” I croaked out with a dry mouth. “It’s over,” I heard my mom say. I opened my eyes up and saw my mom standing next to me. I felt down. I was wearing a diaper again. It dawned on me. I had been knocked out and was now waking up. “It’s over?” I said. “Yes, the procedures went off without a hitch.” It set in. I was now permanently incontinent. Another souvenir to go with the loss of my body hair. I began to cry. My mom leaned forward and hugged me close to her for a second. Then she got up on the bed next to me. She unfastened her blouse. “I promised you breakfast,” she said. She guided my head to her breast and I started to suckle. Tears were still flowing, but I felt calmer. I had regained my composure by the time they released us from the recovery room. I got dressed in my balloon romper that I had worn in and we headed over to the local Denny’s for a proper breakfast. I ordered bacon and eggs and my mother didn’t protest though she did add that I would have milk with it. She extracted a bib and put it on me while we waited. Soon, the food came. Mom pulled a bottle out of the diaper bag and poured the milk into it. I didn’t care. Bacon and eggs were a treat. I’d not had them since I had returned to babyhood. I washed it down with sucks from the bottle. A mother and two small girls passed. One girl stopped and stared at the big boy dressed as a baby with a bib and drinking from a bottle. Her eyes grew wide. Finally, her mother snatched her along away from me. “Someday, kid. This could happen to you,” I thought. We headed to daycare and as I met Lexie I felt my diaper becoming wet. I guess I’d have to get used to this. “Where have you been?” Lexie asked innocently. I started to cry again. “What’s wrong?” she asked, concerned. I explained what happened this morning. Now it was Lexie’s turn to look upset. She started to cry. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “It happened to me not you.” “I caused it,” she said. “What?” “I wished it to happen to you. I wished this all to happen to you. It’s my fault my wish came true.” “What are you talking about?” I said confused. She regained her composure a little bit. “Remember before you were turned into a baby?” she started. I just nodded. “I saw you looking at me a few times. Maybe I imagined it.” I confessed. “No, I was looking at you. You have great legs and those short dresses showed them off.” She smiled now and then got serious. “I liked you then. I wished that you would get the baby treatment so we could then be friends.” “I don’t think that had anything to do with it,” I said. “But my mom was the one who helped your mom. I mean, I didn’t tell her about you or anything so I don’t know why, but it seemed like more than a coincidence.” “I’m sure that’s all it was,” I said. “Then the other day, you were talking about getting toilet trained and finding another girl, I wished you were never going to be toilet trained, and this happened.” She started to cry again. I pulled her tight against me. “Lexie, I know you feel bad. You didn’t cause this to happen to me. It was purely my mom and probably my fault for being a wild kid with the Mad Men. She felt she had to try something before I ended up dead like my friend Tony.” It sounded good to me. This is the first time I had thought that my behavior might have played a role in this. It changed my persecution complex view on things. I looked Lexie in the eyes. “I have no intention of leaving you,” I said. “Besides, we’re made for each other.” Lexie smiled and then pushed me back on to the sand. She climbed on top of me and we kissed for a long, long time.
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    /// “That was… pretty intense…" Somewhere in the commotion of the past twenty-minutes-that-was-actually-four-hours I'd lost my hoodie and t-shirt. We hadn't left the bed, but I had to admit… that whole scene was magnificently distracting. "Did… you see the zebra in the rocking chair or was that just me?" "Yeah, I think that was just you." My lips tasted of her lipgloss and my fingers tingled a little as my body tried to make sense of everything that had just happened. Tripping was pretty amazing, but tripping with a beautiful girl next to you was something entirely different. I looked up at the clock on the wall through the gap in the curtains and smiled. "What time's your Mom get home? It's almost six." "Should be home by now…" I sat up and looked around the mattress. "That zebra knitted me a sweater, but… I don't see it." Instead I pulled my old shirt back on over my head, pulling it into place. But my shirt had short sleeves so I quickly grabbed my jacket and tugged it on, making sure to cover my left side first to hide the burned strips on my inner arm. I never take off my jacket but to shower. I even wear it to bed. I put my hand on Anna's wrist and frowned a little, pulling her jacket enough out of the way so that I could see the marks on her arm. "If we're tripping together, we gotta have trust. It's the rule. So you wanna trust me enough to tell me what happened here?" She looked defensive, so I brushed her hair from her face and put my hand on her cheek, motioning to the bag of mushrooms on her bedsheets. "We can go to some amazing places together, Anna. But everything is more colorful when we do, and that means bad feelings too. Tell me what's going on, because there's nothing worse than a bad trip. If I know the story, I can help you come down from it. If I don't, then you'll have no choice but to ride it out." I tugged the cuff of my jacket back down around my wrist and zipped my jacket half-way up the way I do. "I did it to myself. There's nothing more to tell." I climbed out of bed and stretched a bit. Wow, it felt strange to stand up. My legs felt like jelly. I guess my whole body hadn't gotten the memo yet that we were moving on from the mushrooms for now. I promised my legs that they'd come back later, though. "Yeah?" It wasn't that odd a concept to me, I'd known people who'd hurt themselves before and it was their own business, really. But I liked this girl. A lot. And I got the impression she didn't have anyone she could tell this sort of stuff to, so I stood up after her and leaned on her dresser, picking up the nail polish and starting to work on my other fingers. "It's your body. Your life. Your business. But if there's something heavy on your mind, you might wanna consider sharing it. Because I can show you better ways to escape than pain, Anna." "Come on," I said dismissively, "let's get downstairs before my mom decides to come up." But when we got to the bottom of the stairs Claire was just putting her bag on the table and hanging the keys on a hook by the door. She was taller than Chloe, but not that drastically - still shorter than Star. She had long red hair - it was always more of an orange but she died it auburn. She had freckles like me and bright blue eyes. Mine were a duller blue. She kissed my forehead and shook Star's hand. Mom must've told her about Star already. "You kids want dinner?" "Sounds great. Can I have bread?" "I'll make extra." And she went into the kitchen. I let the topic drop after that. We went into the living room and sat on the sofa together, watching the TV quietly. Of course, the inevitable moment came up where I looked at Anna and grinned. "TV just doesn't really compare, does it? Maybe that's why my parents don't feel the need to own one…" It was a phenomenon - whenever I came down, at least - that colors seemed so dull and muted by comparison. Nothing could really compare to the things our minds could make us see when not limited by eyes. "I like your Moms. What's she making? I don't care, just if its red meat it's probably gonna make me sick. White meats okay, though. Either way, free meal. Not hating." "Probably pasta. She'll make extra garlic bread for me though. I like bread." I sat with my legs crossed even though I was on the couch. I watched TV with very little enthusiasm. Star was right. In comparison, it really was quite dull. It wasn't long until Mom called us to the table and my theory proved correct. Spaghetti and meatballs. I loved Mom’s cooking. I took an extra few pieces of garlic bread on my plate and Mom sat across from me, Star to my left. Mmm. Meatballs. I wasn't exactly sure what meat made up meatballs, but the way my stomach bitched at me when we ate told me it was probably beef. Still, bodily organ complaints be damned, I wasn't gonna miss out on a chance of a real meal. "Thanks for the dinner, Anna's Mom. It's really good." I'd be cursing her much later in the evening, but right now I could be grateful. "My family doesn't really know how to cook, so it's pretty great to eat real food every once in a while." Thing is, I guess my family and Anna's family have a lot in common, both being on the edgier side of things in social perception. Still, lesbians were more chic than hippies. I put my hand with the painted nails around a glass of water and took a sip with a little smile. "How was school, Anna? At least, the classes you went to?" I pouted and rolled my eyes. "Obviously not good enough to go to the other ones." "You're four weeks into the new year and you've used half your absences for the semester.” "I don't really need the lecture…" "I didn't plan to give you one. But your Mom will. So if you can at least go the rest of the week without skipping class, you can tell her I passed one along." I sighed and shrugged my shoulders. She really was an amazing parent looking out for me like that. Chloe can get a little preachy when it comes to school. "I can try.” "That's all I ask." "It's my fault today, actually… I was feeling ill and Anna drove me home and stayed with me until I felt a little better. Then we came here because were gonna catch up on the classes we missed. I'm sorry, Anna's Mom. I'm a pretty rotten influence, huh?" The shameful look on my face would've convinced all but the most hard-ass magistrate and I knew it would score a few points in Anna's defense. "Anyway, I won't let it happen again. She just wanted so bad to take care of me and you know, things at home are kinda sucky so it was hard to say no." My mom smiled a little, but we both knew me well enough to know that what Star said simply wasn't the case. Still, my mom found it admirable. Chloe probably wouldn't, though, so I'm glad Star had said it to Claire. "Well, then, Anna, it was very sweet of you to take care of your… friend." I took a bite of my bread and smiled up at her. "That's me. Sweet as candy." "I like boys." It seemed the oddest comment in the world to say at the dinner table, but I got the impression that Anna's parents weren't thrilled with me hanging out with their daughter so what was another lie? Yeah. It was a lie - I didn't find much appealing about boys apart from the stuff I'd watch in the little gay porn collection I'd built over the years, and even that was mostly magazines owing to no TV or computer. "I mean, we're just friends, you know? Not that Anna isn't a great girl and all. But you know. Girls. Ew." Lie or not, it probably wasn't hard to believe it. I watched my mom try to stifle a laugh. Claire was always very polite, or she tried to be anyway. It was a nice contrast to Chloe, who would frequently over exacerbate a situation. Whereas Chloe might question the boy's lie, Claire just smiled and nodded her head, saying "That's nice." She didn't care if he was gay or not. I decided not to comment, though. I went back to eating bread. The conversation died a bit after that and I felt wholly responsible for the death. Chalk one up to awkward powers, right? It took a lot of effort to be as awkward as I was, especially around new people. Anna continued to eat bread and her Mom got up to start tidying off the table. I didn't know much what to say, really; I was good when we were alone but the way that Claire just took everything with a grain of salt left me kinda off-balance. "Dinner was good. Really good." "Thank you very much. I aim to please." She smiled and took the plate from under me though I snatched a piece of bread off it and nibbled it like a chipmunk. Mom laughed and took the rest of the plates. I continued to sit at the table until the bread was gone. "No ice cream today. Too full. Too much bread." I put my head down on my jacket sleeves and pouted at the tablecloth. "What's up with you?" I made sure to keep my questions quiet and only when Claire was out of the room; there was definitely something up with Anna though. Mushrooms were better than ecstasy in that regard; they didn't leave you feeling suicidal two days later. Coming back to reality after the trip could be pretty draining, though. But there was more to it, more to her… the burns on her arms, the flippant nature about school, the ex-girlfriend and the stern warnings. Something was up. "Just tired… things seem… boring now. I guess today was more fun than I'm used to having. And now it's all blah." I sighed and tilted my head, smiling up at Star with a sleepy grin. I did feel a little exhausted, but it was hard to feel anything strongly in a world so austere. I just wanted my fun talking zebra world back where I could paint nails without any polish. "Come on, let's go back to your room." I stood up without waiting for her to agree and made my way back to her bedroom. On the floor on the far side of the bed was the little bag of mushrooms and I stuffed it back into my messenger tote. "I'll hold onto these for now. After a few more trips together, I'll leave them with you. Just there's a few things you gotta learn first. But when you get to go outside and do it? Holy fuck, Anna. The world is your technicolor oyster. Pity your Mom is here, because we could've popped another before bed. Oh well." I grinned and looked at my painted nails, gently nibbling on the tip of my thumb. I nodded and sat on the edge of my bed. Everything just felt so grey now. Still. My life was always tedious. This shouldn't surprise me. What did surprise me was that the mushrooms sunk that tedium away for a while. I should be happy I at least got that. My world wasn't any more grey than it was six hours ago. It was perspective. "Your arm." I sat next to her and took her hand in mine; from this perspective and with my painted nails.. it looked like our hands belonged to one another. "Why do you hurt yourself? I wanna understand. If it's just something you enjoy, that's cool. But if it's something you do when things get shitty, then maybe you could tell me about it. And in return, I'll help keep the shitty stuff at bay." I tossed a pillow at the door and it clicked shut, then my gaze returned to Anna with a curious smile. "Come on. I just told your Mom I was a homo so she wouldn't think we're dating. Open up to me." I pulled away from Star and took a deep breath, standing up and forcing a bright smile at the boy. "I'm just a stupid girl, Twinkle. Stupid girls do stupid things and that was one of them. I mean, come on! Look at me. Eyeliner. Black clothes. You're really that surprised?" I rolled my eyes and smiled a bit. "You're so naive sometimes." "Yeah, that's cool. Except you're not stupid. You're one of the smartest people I know. Everything you do is because you planned it out perfectly in advance, everything happens your way because you know how to play people. But you probably figured out this week that I'm different. I see through a lot of the crap you spout. And I see through this. So don't give me that emo-kid bullshit, Anna." I was laying out on the bed now, my bare feet running along her covers as I looked up at the pretty girl."I shared something with you today. An experience. Share something with me, now." I felt a cold chill up my arms and I quickly looked to the ground. What the hell… that was perfect… I didn't slip up even once… I felt my breathing get a little heavy as I looked down at my unpainted nails and the marks on my arm felt, for a half a second, that they were burning again. "You should go… come on, I'll drive you home." I pushed her down on the bed and drew the curtains with one smooth motion, kissing her lips and remembering the angel with water for hair. "You tell me to go again and I will. But you'll share your secrets one day, and it might as well be with me because I get you. That's why you come to me at lunch time, that's why you tell me about your shitty days, that's why you have me around but nobody else. I get you," I stood up from on top of her and began to slip into my one-size-too-big Chucks, adjusting my hair in the mirror. "You'll tell me when you're ready, though. I'm patient." I wiped my lips the second he climbed off me. What the hell did I tell him about being presumptuous? Still, I didn't feel well enough to argue. Instead, I rolled over onto my side, away from Star. My stomach felt sick, like it had been doing gymnastics for too long. I pulled a pillow under my head and closed my eyes tight. "I'll see you tomorrow, Twinkle." "See ya tomorrow, Anna." With my messenger bag over my shoulder, I left her house and began my walk home. It was very dark by the time I arrived and I didn't even manage to say a word to my parents before I locked myself in the bathroom and dealt with the consequences of the meatballs. Seriously. Fuck my life. I got to school early the next morning - an oddity, for me - but I'd spent much of my restless dreams worrying about Anna and the burns on her arms. I just wanted to see that she was okay.
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    Chapter 3. Kate Jordan tends to think he’s much better at hiding things than he actually is. Of course I noticed he was wearing more often. The second trash can in the garage was thoughtful, but I knew what was in there. For one, wet diapers in the garage in summer time: dead giveaway. But I noticed he started wearing his larger shorts and pants more. He was always wearing an undershirt, even at home, tucked in. And we share a bank account, and it’s not like we’re buying any other medical supplies on a regular basis, so when I saw our statement every month, I knew he was spending more on diapers. So I wasn’t shocked when he said he wanted to wear 24/7. At that point, I think he was probably up to about 10/5 anyway. By the time I got home from work the next day, I was 95% okay with it. What took me a few more days was deciding if I wanted to ask for something in return. Several somethings, actually. Marriage is about give and take, but it’s not about achieving complete parity. That’s not give and take so much as perpetually ensuring you’re getting your fair share. Regardless of his answer, I was going to say yes to his request. “Jordy,” I said after dinner while we were sitting on the couch, “I’m ready to talk about you and your diapers.” Okay, I admit it, I phrased it that way because I like watching him turn red. “Um, okay.” He really is adorable when he’s embarrassed. How some other woman didn’t snap him up long before I did ... “I’m okay with it on one condition: it doesn’t change our lifestyle. Eating in more often is fine, but we’re still gonna go places, we’re still go go hiking, we’re still gonna travel, we’re still gonna see friends and family.” “Okay. I’m fine with all that.” “I wasn’t finished, sweetie. I don’t want to live like I have a big secret. I’m not gonna go around telling people, but I’m also not gonna go to silly lengths to hide it. If people find out, I’m telling them.” “Will you ... tell them why?” “We can say it’s a medical condition.” “Like what?” “You’re the expert. Pick a plausible one, and we’ll use that. DON’T pick something ridiculous that’s gonna be obvious is a lie. No one’s gonna believe you developed some neurological condition overnight.” “You’ll tell anybody who finds out? Literally anybody?” “Yes. And some people might have to know. Your doctor, for instance. And I think it would be a good idea if we told a few people proactively, just to get it out of the way.” “Like who?” “Kiley. My mom. My sisters. Ya know, people we see all the time. I think you should tell Mark, but he’s your friend, so up to you.” “Do we have to tell my parents?” He was already speaking in terms of “do”, not “would.” “Up to you, but since they live on the other side of the country I think we can wait on that.” “Okay.” “Is that an okay as in, you’re fine with all that and want to do this?” “Yes.” He smiled so sheepishly. “Do you know why I’m okay with this,” I asked him. “Because it’ll make me happy?” “Because it will make you happy.” “I love you.” “I love you, too, Jordan. Can we talk about some practical issues?” “Sure.” “I don’t It to smell like a nursery in here.” “I ... I’ll do everything I can.” “And I expect you to do everything you can to avoid leaking on things. I know that’s not 100% possible, but it needs to be minimal.” I knew it wasn’t 100% possible because I did the laundry, for one thing. Not always, but sometimes I’d find shorts or undies with a small, yellow stain near the edge. “I’ll do my best,” he said. “And this can’t be an on again/off again thing. Once we tell people, that’s kinda it, at least for long enough that if you change your mind it won’t be obvious we lied.” “That makes total sense.” “And hygiene.” “I know; I definitely know. I’ll keep very clean.” “You’d better.” Those were non-negotiable. The next part was just an ask, but one I had been wanting to ask since forever, and as long as he had opened up, I wanted to as well. Chapter 4. Jordan I didn’t like the idea of telling people I was wearing diapers, but Katie had a point about telling the people we saw all the time, at least when they found out, if they found out. Her friend Kylie was in and out of our house so often she didn’t even wait for us to answer the door before coming in. We saw her Mom at least every other weekend and her sisters a lot, too. But I had no idea what she was going to ask for next. “There’s something else I want to ask you,” she said, taking my hand. She always takes my hand when she wants to say something important. One of the things I liked about her when we first started dating was she was very handsy, whereas I often needed to consciously remember to hug a girl at the end of a date. I guess I was always just too shy, but Katie loves that about me. “You can ask,” I said. “You can wear 24/7 no matter your answer, really. I promise. I just ... as long as we’re being open, and things are changing a little more anyway, I want to ... ask if you’ll indulge in my fetish.” “Spanking?” “Sort of.” She said it like a question, and it was pretty rare for Katie to ever feel nervous like that around me. ‘I was ... You know I’ve always had a thing for dominance?” “Yeah.” She even went to munches and play parties with Kiley sometimes. I was fine with it, so long as she stuck to domming only other women and never let the relationships get beyond play partners. “Do you know what a female-led relationship is?” “Yeah.” I didn’t go to events back then, and I wasn’t into BDSM, but it came up occasionally in the diaper forums. “I want to try it,” she told me. At the time, I didn’t see the big deal. She was already the breadwinner, and I went along with pretty much everything she told me anyway because, frankly, she was pretty much always right. She’s always seemed to understand what will make me happier more than I have. “What exactly would that entail,” I asked. “I make the rules, and you follow them. If you break them, I’ll punish you.” “With spankings?” “Not only spankings. The punishment will fit the crime. And I’ll always be fair.” I knew she’d always be fair, and it’s not like I did stuff wrong all the time. I figured I’d hardly ever get in trouble with her, and never enough to earn any major punishment. Still, I wanted to know what I was getting into. “What would the rules be?” “I’ll come up with those later. You just need to follow them and do as you’re told.” “Can we try it for six months?” “Twelve,” she countered. “Okay.” “I need to know you’re not just saying that because you feel obligated since I agreed to the 24/7 or because you’re worried I’ll change my mind.” “I’m not,” I promised. “I’m willing to try it.” “Why?” “Because ... you’re usually right about stuff anyway. And I love you. I want you to be happy, too.” She smiled at me. I never could withstand her smile. She leaned over, and we kissed. When she broke away she said, “I love you, too.” She took a big breath and let it out, I think mostly in relief but also in happy anticipation. “First rule: 24/7 means 24/7. Go put a diaper on.” “How can you always tell when I’m wearing or not?” “I can’t always tell.” “So you just guessed right now?” “Your fly is open.” Oops!
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    Chapter 1: Kate A lot had changed recently in our lives. At that point, we'd been together for 5 years and married for 3-and-a-half. I’d just gotten a promotion to Senior Vice President and with it a nice raise, and I told Jordan if he wanted to quit his job, he could. We’d talked about it for two years. He’d never been happy in any job he’d ever had. What he’d really wanted to do was write, and he’d kept it up as a hobby but never made enough to live on. We did the math every so often and couldn’t make it work. I didn’t love the idea of becoming the main provider – we’d shared that responsibility before – but he was just unhappy. More bad days than good. It was a strain on our marriage, and I just didn’t like seeing him the way he was on so many days, and worse on Sundays, that sad puppy look he wore starting around 3 and kept wearing until bedtime. So officially, Jordan became a freelance writer, supplementing my income with enough to pay for the little extras in life. And he was happier, almost instantly, and I was, too, because he was. Jordy had been honest with me about his fetish after we started sleeping together, a story in itself. He was 27; I was 30. I was his first. It was our fourth date, and he’d been upfront about his inexperience dating when we went out of the first time. On that fourth date, back at his place, we talked well past the point when any other guy would have at least tried to get to second base, but I had to be the one to initiate it. In retrospect, I know how hard it had been for him to even ask me into the house. I’ve never been positive, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t cum that night, but he definitely made me cum, twice. He dove in head first! Being in the driver’s seat tickled that dominant itch I’ve always had and sometimes acted on, and it made me like him even more. A month later, we were lying in bed after, and I asked him his fantasies. It was really my way of bringing the conversation around to my fantasy. He demurred, so I offered to tell him mine. “Spanking,” I said. He blushed. “Giving or receiving,” he asked. “Giving.” To my shock, his response was to lay himself over my legs. I wasn’t even asking! But I didn’t want to turn down the offer and gave him some mostly playful smacks with a few stingers thrown in. When I was done, he laid there until I told him he could get up. He wasn’t the first partner I had spanked, but watching him get up on his knees and rub his butt, it was the first time I ever thought my spankee was adorable. The way he just put himself over my lap and laid there until I told him he could get up – ooh! I wanted to gobble him up. “How was it,” I asked him. “Okay,” he said without any enthusiasm. “Stings a little.” From then on spanking became an infrequent part of our sex life. I always wanted more, but I knew he only submitted to it to please me, so it was rare. I didn’t want to take advantage of his natural submissiveness; I may well have with another partner, but I was falling for Jordy. I wanted to keep him. Once he’d rubbed the sting away, I brought us back to the original question. “So,” I said, “your turn. What’s your fantasy?” “It’s kinda private.” “Were sleeping together. How could it be more private than that?” “It just is.” “Oh, c’mon. I showed you mine.” “Lots of people are into spanking. This is ... not so common.” Now I was intrigued. As a sometimes member of the local kink scene, I saw a lot of different fetishes, and while female-led relationships is where I spent most of my playtime, I knew people into impact play (lead pipe? Seriously? But to each their own), breath play, leather everything, wax, fire, needles (ever seen a woman laugh while her partner flicks the end of a needle he pushed all through her breast? Weird, beautiful, and kinda sexy), ponies, kitties, doggies, piggies. Seen a lot, heard about more. “Please,” I said, taking his hands in mine. The way he wouldn’t look me in the eye, or even at my face, and turned so red was itself a turn on. I wasn’t sure how he’d respond when I said it, but I just had to. It just came out: “Do you need a real spanking? Because you’re this close to getting one, buster.” I made a mock-serious face to let him know I was joking. He didn’t seem to pick up on it. Jordy sighed and said, “I have a diaper fetish.” I was vaguely aware of diaper fetishes, and I knew some people into ageplay and DDLG, but I didn’t know anyone into diapers, or at least I didn’t think I did. I honestly didn’t really get it. “Oh,” I said, “See? That wasn’t so bad.” “Do you ... do you think it’s gross?” “No, Jordan,” I said, bringing my hand up to reassuringly stroke his beard, “I think whatever makes you happy is fine.” “Promise?” “Of course. C’mere,” I said, opening my arms for him. He hugged me, and we kissed, and eventually that led to round two of that evening. Come morning, he seemed to have a little spring in his step. Coming out to me was such a relief for him, it changed our relationship from casual-serious to serious. I tried indulging Jordy in his diaper fetish, but it just wasn’t my thing. He sometimes wore around me, though I’m pretty sure all but a few times he thought I didn’t know what he had on under his pants. That was about the extent of my involvement in his diaper fetish except on those occasions when I’d play along, just like those rare occasions when he’d let me spank him. So it stayed for years, until that one day after he started freelancing, he told me he wanted to talk. I thought a lot had changed already. I never imagined how much more would change.
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    5.) Yours and Only Yours I waited quietly outside the bar, looking down at my feet and trying not to think about that morning. How I had woken up in a piss-soaked diaper and bloody white sheets. How I'd masturbated three times today and still felt no satisfaction. How I was standing out on the street corner in the middle of the night with a diaper under my dress. My cheeks were crimson. But I had to see her. I felt empty without her. I felt hollow... "Now what's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this, I wonder?" I knew why she was here, I knew why she was waiting outside, I knew why she'd worn the pretty taffeta dress and what she was wearing underneath it. Everything about her indulged me; from her puffy pouted cheeks to the pastel of her ensemble to the way she crossed her arms like a frumpy little princess. She was delightful. She was my favorite. "I'm mad at you." "Oh, are you?" She sounded so bemused. So lighthearted about it. That only made me more angry. I puffed out my cheeks and balled my hands my sides and without thinking, I actually stomped my foot. "You have no right to do what you did yesterday! Not in front of Meg!" But it wasn't her that wet herself. It was me. I still didn't understand why... I just wanted to impress Bailey. It had to be her stupid vampire spell... "You're going to be the one who decides what you do in front of Meg, how much you want her to know about the... changes your body is going through." The rules of the masquerade dictated that she couldn't plainly or capably say what had happened to her. No one would believe her, no matter how she tried. But that didn't mean she couldn't allude to it. "She's quite a delightful little firecracker, isn't she?" I put my hand to my little Pippy's cheek, though, and smirked. "Not nearly as delightful as my pretty little doll, though. Let's go inside and dance." "I'm not dancing. And I'm not telling Meg anything. And you aren't allowed to come visit anymore!" But the protests only made me sound more and more like a child, and I was hardly even noticing. Bailey took my wrist without question and I pulled back so hard I snapped out of her grip. "I said I'm not dancing!" "Oh, I heard what you said." And her voice in saying so was very darling too, intoxicatingly sweet in fact, but her body would betray her. She followed me, and the little pricks on her neck throbbed and thrummed with heat. She just walked away! She just turned around and walked right into the club! I huffed and chased after her, holding the hem of my dress in frustration. "I said I'm not dancing! I'm going home!" "Okay," was her reply. And she kept walking. And I kept following. "Bailey! I said—” "Your mouth had better be ready to kiss me, my little scarlet dolly. Or else I won't be using mine to bite into that hot little neck of yours while we dance.” I didn't even look at her when I said it, like she wasn't even important enough to turn around for. I walked and she followed and she didn't even know why she did, she just did. I blushed and looked down at my feet. But when I looked back up, Bailey was already ahead of me. I hurried to catch up without a word, until we were in the club. The dance music was loud tonight. It so wasn't my scene. I wanted to go home. But I didn't want to leave her... Every time I bit her, she'd give me something with her blood - fragments of adulthood: higher reasoning and problem solving, bladder control, free will - and she would gain things, too - an oral fixation, a propensity to cry and throw tantrums, a compulsive need to cling to me. But it was different with each thrall, so who could say this time? I got to the tiles of the dance floor and began to move with the music; I didn't even look for Pippy because I knew she'd be here. She was owned and she knew it. It was as obvious to her as breathing. I wasn't a good dancer, but Bailey was. She made up for me. Kisses on my ear. Whispers softly on the floor. My eyes glossed over with pretty thoughts. I smiled and giggled every time she touched my hands. I could feel my heart racing. It turned me on knowing she could hear it too. "You're ashamed of me," I whispered in her ear, posed as a question but aimed as an accusation, a challenge for her to say otherwise over the pulsing of the music. A trap, a setup; a reason to make her argue how much she wanted Meg to know about us. About her love for me. "Ashamed to be mine,” I added, to twist the knife. I looked up at her and shook my head, eyes alight with fear and admiration. Ashamed of her? I was anything but! I loved her so much... and I knew it was wrong and I knew it was some stupid magic, but who cares? As long as I had her... I put my hands on her hips and leaned in with a pout on my lips. "Nuh uh, Mommy, I'm happy to be yours..." Mommy. The word slipped out. Damn... Her blood was delicious but that word was almost as sweet. She couldn't help it. She needed to say it. She needed me to be her Mommy. She ached for it to be so. I put my hand to her cheek, my thumb to her lips, and looked into her eyes. “If you were happy, you’d want everyone to know you were mine. You wouldn't settle for hiding who you belonged to…” Her thumb touched my lips and I took it in my mouth without a second thought. I looked up at her with needy eyes as I sucked softly on her cold, white skin, until my eyes started to dim. Dull. Quiet. Each action between us was so intimate, so powerful, I couldn't help but fall deeper under her spell. Finally, when she pulled her thumb out of my mouth, I knew what I wanted more than anything. "I belong to you," I muttered. "Everyone should know..." "Everyone should know," I affirmed to her. I didn't know how I'd want for her to display it; some thralls wore collars, others got tattoos, some introduced themselves as The Property Of, and some changed their names. It was always different, always a surprise. The moment my teeth had pierced her skin that very first time, she was mine, she was owned. Here, as we danced, she considered exactly what that meant to her. And me, well, I longed to kiss... Bailey owned me. I'd been fighting her for so long and I never wanted to admit it. But since that first day in the alley, I knew it was true. I belonged to her. I was her property. I had to prove it... something I kept with me at all times. “I want something of yours," I said quietly. "A bracelet or a necklace. Something to always have on me. To remind me of you." She looked at me curiously, like she wasn't sure, so I added: "...please?" "You'll only hide it, keep it away from the eyes of others. You’ll act ashamed and secretive," I challenged her. I knew what I'd give her, too, I knew the moment she asked. I was going to work her up into a frenzy, and the idea of ever hiding my token would be repulsive to her. "I will not! I want everyone to know! I want everyone to see, I'm yours. Yours and only yours..." I leaned into her with a little more aggression than I'd intended. I put my lips to hers without permission. My body ached for her. My mind ached for her. I didn't need permission - I needed her. She'd understand that. She kissed me with need and impulse, childish desire and thoughtlessness. How could I resist such a display? I reached into my pocket and pressed my answer between her lips - a pacifier, childish and delightful, plastic and pastel pink and never something that could be seen as an adult accessory. "It's my favorite color. When it’s between your lips, it will remind you of my lips on yours. And when it’s not, it will dangle on a necklace for everyone to see.” I didn't let her answer. I didn't let her protest. With the pacifier between her lips, and right there in the middle of the dance floor, I pressed my teeth to her neck. To anybody else, this was a hickey. To Pippy, this was heaven. * * * * * "What's that?" "Oh, uh..." I looked down at the pacifier on the pink ribbon and blushed a little. "Um, well... Bailey thought..." "Bailey?" "Yeah... um. It's just something... uh. Sort of an inside joke?" It had taken Meg only until the next morning to notice the pacifier. I'd slept with it between my lips and woke up again in a wet diaper. But this time, I didn't seem to mind so much. "An inside joke, huh? Well, it must be a dumb joke." Meg rolled her eyes, but her words had elicited a pained expression on Pippy’s face. "Something the matter?" "No, I just..." I looked at Meg nervously and shifted from foot to foot, causing the diaper to crinkle under my frilly dress. I only had two outfits in this adorable style and not the money to buy more. And on top of the cost of diapers... "I just really like it. I think it's cute, you know? And it shows a real connection between Bailey and me..." "A pacifier?" Her words brought me out of my introspection and into the real world again. I felt my cheeks burn. "N-nevermind, you wouldn't understand..." "Uh. I mean, I guess she's into the dancing scene, right? So she's probably into that kinda stuff, younger chicks with flashy clothes and baby accessories, you know like... I mean, she's a cougar, right? So that makes sense." Meg was mostly giving the justifications for Pippy though, because from her own perspective was that this was downright creepy. "She is not," I said harshly, glaring at my best friend and holding the pacifier tight in my hands. "She's perfect! And she's gorgeous. And she gets me. And... and she's..." A vampire that put a spell on me? For some reason, the words wouldn't come out. "She's just... unique. So back off." "Hey don't be a bitch about it, I was literally trying to make you feel better about your whole..." She waved her hand. "This childish dress and pacifier thing you got going on. She’s obviously grooming you to be her little babydoll or something.” I puffed out my cheeks and balled my hands at my side - the actions seemed so out of the ordinary last night, but in under a day they had grown natural. I stomped my foot on the floor and raised my voice at my best friend. "I'm not a baby! And she's perfect! And you're just jealous 'cause I'm not in love with you!" "Uh. Alright. I'm gonna go to class." Meg had no idea what this was all about; she’d gotten over her crush on Pippy years ago. It wasn’t even part of the equation anymore! Then again, Meg had never seen her best friend be so gaga over someone either, so maybe this was just normal. I crossed my arms and looked down at my feet as the door closed behind Meg. I knew I shouldn't have said that. But it wasn't my fault! She was making fun of me! And the whole incident had made me so upset that I'd... I slid my fingers down the front of my dress and blushed. I should change before going to class, or I might leak... "You could have told her, you know,” I said in her ear as she picked a dry diaper from her closet. “That you were changing, bit by bit, day by day; that you were doing it for me. That you not only love it, but you are proud of it. Proud to be mine. Proud to be owned." ~~~~~ Thanks for reading, sweetie pies! Like, comment, and check out our Patreon!
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    Part One Sleep, study, social life; a good student could only afford two. Connie’s choice had been difficult enough without work in the mix. A thousand miles from home, sharing a room with a stranger, she clung to the future promised by her degree. Things would be better after that, even if the present was killing her. It was a brutal week of rude customers bookended with assignments. Connie could barely remember coming back from the library, or if she went back to the dorms at all. Every moment saw her crossing points from her endless to do list before trudging through the next item. She needed sleep. Whether it was a Wednesday or Thursday Connie could hardly tell; only that it was the afternoon and she had a window through which to crash. The handful of hours offered by her angel of a professor was a gift she was determined not to waste. Perhaps when she woke it would be with sanity restored. But even after her head struck the pillow rest evaded her. She closed her eyes and cleared her thoughts, but remained aware of herself and her surroundings. Her body, it seemed, had been trained to endure through exhaustion, and did not recognize the now alien nature of her reprieve. Something had to be done. On the rare nights she stayed in the dorm she watched her roommate, Emily, sleeping with her headphones on. ‘Relaxation tapes,’ she said, and they appeared to do the trick. Under the dim light emanating from her desk Connie would often find the other girl smiling in her sleep, sometimes squealing in delight; always peaceful, always happy. Oh, but for a fraction of that contentment! On any other day Connie would have left things as they were, but times were desperate. She opened the top drawer beside Emily’s bed and removed the small mp3 device sat inside. She replaced the headphones with her own. After scribbling a note to Emily, apologizing for borrowing without permission, she sprawled across the bed and hit play. Soothing music washed her thoughts. A gentle warmth ran to the tips of her fingers. All care melted into the ground. And then… **** Connie bunched the comforter in her arms, and held tighter as she began to stir. Better to bury herself in the warm fabric than think about how cold it was between her thighs. The thought landed; why were her thighs cold, and why were they wet? Connie started up in bed. Her heart nearly beat out of her chest when confronted by the stark reality. She’d wet the bed, like a small child! Her jeans, her underwear, her sheets, all stained and reeking. As though it weren’t bad enough the dread tightened when Emily stepped into the room with a gentle smile. Wild with panic, Connie threw the comforter over her lower half. Emily, however, did not falter, and kneeled by her side. ‘I’m so sorry,’ she said. ‘This is all my fault!’ Connie knew the words, but the more she thought about them the less they made sense. Though they’d barely spoken she recognized Emily as a gentle soul; the kind of girl who’d grow up to be a perfect mom. Her long, straight, strawberry blond hair had the same divine aspect as her eyes, sparkling pale and green. That was to say nothing of her smile upon which she’d carried a thousand wounded souls. She took care of her friends, though Connie was hardly that. Even then, the gentle touch running down her arm was familiar, as though they’d known each other for the better part of forever. Emily winced. ‘You listened to my relaxation tapes.’ Guilt wrenched Connie’s chest. ‘Those aren’t normal tapes,’ Emily said. Words faltered on her tongue. ‘The point is this isn’t your fault. Everything’s going to be okay. Come on. Let me help you get cleaned up.’ Connie flinched at the thought. Help? Wet clothes and a wet bed were easy to handle, maybe, on any other day. Yet every time she tried to move her body resisted. The job became bigger and bigger as she became smaller and smaller, and none of it made any sense. Connie whined as tears started to flow down her cheeks. What was wrong with her? Next she knew Emily’s arms were around her, pulling her close, drawing circles on her back. The other girl hushed and sang and assured her that everything was going to be alright. Connie couldn’t explain why, but she believed her. Something about those gentle arms made the world safe; even more than her comforter when she was clinging tight. ‘You must be feeling very fragile right now,’ Emily said. She was. ‘And little.’ She was. ‘And you really wish someone strong and kind would come and make things better.’ Connie hesitated before giving a loose nod. Emily eased back to brush the stray hairs falling over Connie’s face. Her green eyes lit up as she met the other woman’s gaze. ‘You can trust me to take care of everything,’ she said. ‘I owe you that much. I won’t hurt you. I promise.’ For reasons beyond her comprehension Connie’s thumb slipped into her mouth. She may not even have been aware of it; only the soothing sensation that followed when something was inside her mouth. If such a thing were unusual Emily said nothing about it. Instead she guided her roommate to her feet and held her hand as they stepped into the bathroom. Dutifully Emily lowered into a squat and unbuttoned Connie’s jeans. She slipped her fingers into the band of her underwear and slipped both garments to the ground. She then prompted Connie to step out of the leg holes, one after the other. Though still wearing a tee shirt, Connie had never been so naked. She winced knowing that Emily was the first to see her this way - not even boyfriends had seen her body entirely - but remained calm under the clinical gaze. Nothing, however, could prepare her for the cold shock of a wipe running between her thighs. Connie whimpered. Her knees buckled, but Emily’s firm hand kept her straight. ‘Everything’s alright, princess.’ ‘Princess,’ Connie echoed. At any other time it would sound condescending. Why not then? A sudden rush coursed through her body as the wipe ran between her lips. It was an area once exclusive to Connie’s touch. She pulled her arms closer across her chest. Her mouth sucked more intensely on her thumb. Emily hummed a bright, bubbly tune. ‘There we go, sweetheart. All clean!’ Finally, Connie thought. Emily paused. Her smile tightened. ‘We just need one more thing...’ New pants were exactly what Connie needed, but when Emily reached for the side counter she found her roommate had something else in mind. From the lower cupboard designated for Emily’s use she removed a flat, plastic piece of padding. Emily’s jaw tightened as she brought herself upright. ‘The effects of the tape last for about twelve hours,’ she said. ‘You’re going to need one of these.’ Unless her eyes deceived her Emily was offering Connie an adult sized diaper. More than it was an incontinence aid it was also strewn with pink shapes, decorated in the same way that it would be for a child. Connie frowned. ‘Why do you have this?’ The answer should have been obvious, but still evaded her. Emily retreated into her shoulders and fixed her eyes shut. Rolling up her shirt seemed to cause her pain, as did pressing down the hem of her skirt to reveal an identical garment taped up underneath. ‘You wear these,’ Connie said. Emily nodded, but dared not look. ‘Why?’ ‘Because I’m a big, pervy weirdo that likes to be a baby sometimes,’ she said, ‘and the tape you listened to helps me regress into little space. I don’t use my pacifier when you’re around, but you never notice when I’m wearing, so…’ Connie blinked. ‘Wearing?’ ‘Wearing diapers,’ Emily groaned. ‘I have been for nearly the whole time we’ve been rooming together.’ ‘But you said they were rela… re-lack-say-’ ‘Relaxation tapes, yeah,’ Emily said. ‘Being a baby is relaxing for me. I didn’t think you’d ever sneak through my drawers and use them!’ Connie shook her head. This was a lot of new information; more than she knew how to handle in such a short amount of time. Confusion swirled between her ears. Her tummy ached. It didn’t feel good. Soon it was too much, and came spilling out in tears and sobs. Emily leaned into her and hushed her, just like a mother would. ‘It’s okay, little one. I told you we’d get through this, remember?’ There was no reason for Connie to place that level of trust in her roommate - the two were relative strangers - and yet her scepticism remained absent, perhaps overtaken by the immense need for comfort. Was it a product of the tapes? It had to be, she thought; she needed as a child might need, and filled her arms with a figure to protect her. Emily lead her back to the main room. ‘Come lay on my bed.’ She did as she was told, allowing herself to be all the more vulnerable. Connie’s shame grew when her legs fell open. She’d revealed more of her body in the last few minutes than she had to anyone. The cool air tickled, and she shuddered. Guiding the girl’s backside up Emily slipped a towel beneath her. She beamed and hushed Connie with a finger to her mouth. ‘I’m not going to do anything untoward,’ she said. ‘You’re perfectly safe, and this is perfectly chaste.’ Connie groaned. Strange that she was both disappointed and relieved with the prospect. Reaching into a drawer Emily produced a pacifier, one whose plastic nipple was larger than any the vulnerable woman had ever seen before. She offered it to Connie who accepted it happily. It was even better than her thumb, and the relief that came with it! All her tension poured into sucking the plastic object. Emily wasn’t done, however. She reached over Connie’s head and to the far corner. From there she fished a stuffed rabbit; one which Connie had mistaken for ornamental, but now realized was so much more. It should have seemed silly to draw comfort from an old toy, but the moment Connie touched its fur she was filled with the love that was poured into it, night after night. She clutched the plaything and exhaled. ‘I see you and Whiskers are making fast friends,’ Emily teased. Connie held tighter, and buried her face in the rabbit’s fur. ‘Are you feeling happy, little one?’ Connie nodded. The butterflies eased some. How could something so weird be okay? Perhaps, she thought, it was the lilt in Emily’s voice, like magic. ‘Good girl.’ She giggled in spite of herself. She hadn’t been a ‘good girl’ since she was a child, but then again that’s what she’d become; or a psychological facsimile of one. So many people spent their lives reclaiming a lost childhood. Why shouldn’t Connie enjoy the experience while it lasted? Her embarrassment returned with the sound of crinkling and the realization of what was about to happen. Twelve hours, Emily said; twelve hours until she could return to adulthood and control of her bladder. What part constituted ‘relaxation’ was anybody’s guess, but for the sake of her sheets and what semblance of remaining dignity she could muster Connie would see it through to the end. Obediently and with minimal complaint she lifted her behind for Connie to slide the garment beneath her. She clung tighter to Whiskers as the rain of powder tickled between her legs. The heavy scent caused a tiny sneeze to escape her. ‘Bless you,’ Emily sang. She was going to make a great mom someday. Connie winced with the tearing sound and planted herself ever deeper into Whiskers’ fur. She lay still as the soft lining closed over her mound and Emily fastened the plastic flaps around her hips. They were firm against her body, but as Connie sat up she couldn’t help but notice how loose it was underneath. When she was upright it was with a quiet puff and a cloud of powder. Emily knelt and perched her chin on Connie’s knees. ‘How do you feel?’ She mumbled around the pacifier. ‘I feel…’ Words half formed on her tongue. Most failed after the first syllable. ‘Feels like my pants are going to fall off…’ Her roommate smiled. ‘Don’t worry. Diapers are supposed to feel that way. They need room to, erm, how do you say, expand.’ The stark reality drove deeper. First Connie had wet the bed, next she was wearing a diaper, and soon she would likely use it for its intended purpose, all because of a silly tape! Her hands trembled and her cheeks burned. Tears rolled down her already swollen features and ran under her chin. Emily pulled her into another embrace. Her fingers swirled in circles around her back, keeping her in one piece. All the while she hummed sweet assurances. ‘There, there, little one. You’ve got nothing to be afraid of. This is going to be our little secret, okay? I promise to look after you until this is all over, and then everything goes back to normal.’ ‘But- but I have so many things to do,’ Connie said. The very thought of her workload prompted a fresh round of tears. Her schedule was heavy enough for adult shoulders, let alone in her current state. She sobbed until the lump in her throat was full and hard. Emily climbed into the bed and pulled her reluctant charge back into her arms. Connie clung to Whiskers so that he sat between them. The blankets were drawn over them, and a safe cocoon took shape. ‘You don’t have to think about that now,’ Emily sang. ‘Just think about how good it feels right now, to be in my arms, safe and cared for.’ Her eyes closed, and for the first time since waking Connie’s troubles floated away, carried by the breeze. Her limbs collapsed against the force of gravity until her body was a lump held by her roommate. She breathed the warm scent of Emily’s flesh and the lingering apple shampoo she used. It was a moment of perfect peace, suddenly interrupted by heat between her legs. A small sound trickled to her ears as liquid expanded underneath her, curling up her behind. Connie stirred, but was quickly soothed by Emily’s melodious voice. ‘Just let it happen, little one. Everything’s alright. That’s what it’s there for. Just relax and stay here in my arms, okay?’ The world had gone topsy turvy, and yet Connie could not refuse such an offer. Emily’s breasts were warm and full of life. Her gentle heart beat set the rhythm for Connie’s breathing, until soon she closed her eyes and nothing else existed. Emily kissed her brow. ‘Goodnight, princess.’
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    I apologize for the really late update for this story! A lot has been going on! For that I'm giving you the next 2 chapters! I have a feeling that there is only going to be a few chapters left after this. I really appreciate everyone enjoying this story! It's a bit different than how I normally write (as I'm just going with the flow on this one) Anywhere here is chapter 14 and 15!! Enjoy!! Chapter Fourteen “Daniel? Didn’t you just leave about an hour ago? Did you forget something?” Thomas asked Daniel as soon as he dashed inside the café. He was panting heavily, having run from Natalie’s house. “No – I,” He said as he shakes his head, trying to gather this breath. “Is Lilly still here?” “Lilly?” Thomas gave him a questioning look but then shook his head. “No, she left about twenty minutes ago. Why? What is going on between you two…” “Nothing,” Daniel said, and before Thomas could ask him anything more, Daniel was gone. He searched through his contacts on his phone, reaching Lilly’s number and calling her. It rang five times before – Hey! It’s Lilly! I’m probably either working or sleeping! Leave a message, and I’ll get back to ya! “Lilly! It’s Daniel. We need to talk. Please give me a callback.” He starts to wander around as he wasn’t sure where she lived so she couldn’t go to his place. He cursed at himself, wanting to cry and scream all at the same time. It was about five minutes later when his phone began to ring – it was Lilly. “Lilly! Thank goodness, I was afraid that you were going to ignore me…” “Daniel? What is going on? I thought you were going to Natalie’s place.” “I did, I just left…please, can we meet at my place? I need to talk to you.” “I don’t think that is such a good idea…Daniel…” “Please, Lilly!” Daniel begged of her. She deserved to know the truth, and he wanted answers as well. He can hear Lilly sigh on the phone. “Okay. I’ll be there in like 20 minutes, okay?” “Okay! Thanks so much, Lilly. I’ll see you then.” Daniel rushed back to his place as fast as he could, once he was there, he picked up around the house. It was only a few minutes later there was a knock on the door. There Lilly stood. “What did you want to talk about?” Lilly asked as she strode in his house. It appeared she was quite upset, but he couldn’t really blame her. He did a really shitty thing to her after all. “I wanted to talk about that kiss…” Daniel started to say, but Lilly stopped him, holding up her hand. “No. I thought we were done with this? I told you to choose Natalie. You liked her from the beginning. I don’t want you to start developing feelings for me JUST because you know who I am now.” “But that isn’t the case!” Daniel shouted out, causing Lilly to take a step backward, giving him a strange look. “I mean,” Daniel took a deep breath, “I’ll admit I never looked at you that way before I found out – but it just opened my eyes to the kind of person I’ve always known. I’m not looking at you as…as mommy Violet…I’m looking at you as Lilly, and I’m sorry it took me so long to acknowledge that fact.” Lilly didn’t say anything but just stared at him. Daniel wasn’t sure what was going through her mind. She ran her fingers through her long red hair, taking a deep breath. “That’s nice for you to say, Daniel…but I mean… I don’t think…” Daniel walked over to her, placing his hands upon her shoulders. “I really mean it, Lilly. I talked to Natalie about it…and well…we’ve said our goodbyes.” “You did?” Lilly asked, still looking unsure. “But…she’s gorgeous, and it seemed like she was okay with your fetish. I’m just…” “You’re great, you’re beautiful, and you’re kind, patient, bubbly, and positive…everything I knew about you. I just refused to look at you.” Daniel said. “Don’t get me wrong; my feelings for Natalie were genuine. I think she’s a great person and I like her. Can I see a future with her? Yes. But, I feel like I would be settling…it’s obvious we have a better connection…perhaps that is because of the fetish, I don’t know, but is that so wrong? Is it so wrong for me to want to explore these feelings? I’m sure you feel the same way. You get along great with Thomas. Probably can see things going future with him…but would it be the same?” Lilly looked at him. “I suppose that makes sense…” “I’m just trying to be upfront and honest about everything,” Daniel said, “I’ve only hurt everyone so far, and I’ve been such an asshole….but.” “I don’t think that,” Lilly said with a sigh, “I knew you were conflicted, so I made the decision to push you for Natalie because I believe it was the better option for you. I didn’t think that…I wasn’t sure if this could work.” “Then let’s give it a try.” “But, what if it ruins our friendship?” “But won’t you regret it if we don’t?” Daniel asked of her. “I’m tired of running away from my feelings, trying to force things that aren’t there. I want to take a leap of faith and dive into this. If you’ll have it.” “Yes,” Lilly said, and Daniel felt his heart leap. “Oh, really?! That’s awesome!” Daniel said as he reached forward and pulled her in a long hug. After he pulled her away, he grabbed his keys and her hand. “Come on, let’s go.” “Where are we going?” She asked him. “I don’t know. Somewhere. Anywhere. I feel like we should properly ‘date,’ right?” Daniel asked as he paused and looked at her. “Or is that a no?” Lilly laughed, such a beautiful laugh, “you’re adorable.” Daniel blushed at her words, turning his head away. “Oh, well…I just got excited, that’s all.” Lilly reached forward and grabbed his hand and pulled him closer to her. “I mean it,” she said with a smile, “come on, I know a cute little café – not our own – that we can visit.” “Sounds good,” Daniel looked back at her and smiled as they left his apartment, hand in hand. He felt happy. He couldn’t’ believe he was strolling down the street next to Lilly. It just felt right. It wasn’t as if his feelings for Natalie weren’t real. He did like her, and he enjoyed her company. But, something didn’t fit right, and he believed she felt it too, that is why it was so easy for them to say goodbye to each other without any hard feelings. “Here it is!” Lilly said as they walked a few blocks down the road, she pointed toward a small little café tucked into a little strip mall. “Their food is delicious!” “Looks great!” Daniel said as they headed in and sat down at a table. “I can’t believe this is happening,” Lilly said as she opened up her menu. “I honestly was starting to give up on you.” “I’m glad you didn’t,” Daniel said, “sorry that it took me so long…” “It probably wasn’t the right timing,” Lilly said, “after all…we were talking for…what like six months before we found out who we were.” “Well, you found out. I was too dumb to figure anything out.” Daniel pointed out. Lilly shook her head. “No, I don’t believe that. I just may have been a bit more attentive then you have. Plus, what were the chances that we would end up being so close to each other?” “That is true,” Daniel said. “So…everything you said…and did online…was umm real?” “Hello! I’m Jasmine, and I’ll be your server today. Can I get you anything to drink?” His words were interrupted as the waitress came over to them. “I’ll have strawberry lemonade,” Lilly said to her with a smile. “I’ll have a sweet tea,” Daniel said. “Okay, I’ll be right back.” The waitress said as she wrote something down on her notepad before leaving. Daniel turned his attention back to Lilly, hoping she would answer his question, but she was looking at the menu instead. “Everything looks so good,” Lilly mused, “I’m not sure what I should order.” “Lilly…” She sighed and lowered the menu. “I can’t believe you would ask such a thing. Of course, I was genuine. Weren’t you?” “Y-yes…” Daniel said. “It’s just a bit embarrassing…ya know.” “But you like that,” Lilly gave him a wink as she turned back to her menu and he felt himself sink lower. He was starting to see it now. Even though Lilly was younger than him and super bubbly, there was a ton in her voice and the way she spoke that made her sound precisely like Mommy Violet – it was her after all. “Yeah…that’s…true.” He mumbled as he looked over the menu. A few minutes later, the waitress returned to take their order. There was a silence that stretched between them for a few minutes before Lilly broke the silence. “Is this okay?” She asked of him. “It’s not going to be too awkward?” He shook his head. “I don’t think so…at least it doesn’t feel awkward now, does it?” “No, it doesn’t.” They spent the rest of their meal having small talk, before leaving. “Did you want to go to my place or…?” Daniel asked, not wanting the date to end already. Lilly smiled up at him. “Sounds great.” Daniel placed his hand in her hand, unsure what was going to happen once they got back to his place.  Chapter Fifteen “Here we are…” Daniel said as he opened his apartment door, and the two of them walked in. Lilly looked around the place for a moment before she turned and looked over to Daniel. “I don’t want to rush anything,” Lilly told him, “I want to be certain we are doing this for the right reasons…and not because of the fetish stuff.” “Yes, of course,” Daniel agreed with a nod of his head, “thinking of that….is a bit embarrassing anyway.” “However, I’m curious to see what your diaper collection looks like,” Lilly said with a smirk, and Daniel felt his cheeks burn. “Um, okay. They’re – uh – in my closet.” Lilly smirked as she left to enter his bedroom and went straight for his closet. He stood there at the doorway, unable to move. “Aww, these are cute!” Lilly said. “You never sent me pictures of you wearing this!” “I just got them not that long ago…” Daniel mumbled, feeling himself shrink down and starting to feel little as Lilly ran the diaper between her fingers. “I never actually got to feel one of these in real life, ya know.” “Really?” Daniel asked. “I told you before partners weren’t really okay with the whole thing,” Lilly said with a sigh as she placed the diaper down, “but this feels great. I’m sure it feels good for you to wear.” “Yeah…it does…” Lilly replaced the diapers where she found them and made her way over to Daniel. “I think I’m going to head out now.” “What? Already?” Lilly smiled. “I’m sorry, but I have to work in the morning. Even a mommy-type need her sleep.” Daniel blushed and nodded his head. “True, I’ll walk you to the door.” The two of them make their way to his door. “Do you want me to walk you home?” “Thank you, but I’m okay. I don’t live that far away.” “I had a great time today,” Daniel told her as he leaned forward, he wanted to kiss her again but was a bit afraid. “I did too,” Lilly said, taking charge as she lifted herself and planted her lips upon his for a second before pulling away, “see you again?” “Yes, of course,” he replied with a soft smile as Lilly walked out the door. Daniel stood there and watched her for a few moments before he closed the door, taking a deep breath. Was this happening? It felt like it was happening too smoothly, but then again, he has caused a lot of pain. He wished he could make up for it somehow. His heart ached at the thought of Lilly; once he allowed the door to open, his feelings pushed right on through. Why didn’t he see it there before? I made it home safe! He received the text about ten minutes later as he was sitting at his computer desk. Oh, that’s good! Thanks for letting me know Not a problem! I had a perfect time today. I did too. I’m going to take you on a proper date soon. Oh yeah? Are you going to wear a diaper as you did with Natalie! Maybe…if you want me too. I wouldn’t be opposed to it. Daniel stared at the texts for a long time; his cheeks were on fire. He wasn’t sure if he could wear a diaper around Lilly as quickly as he did with Natalie – that was to make the situation more comfortable and less stressful, he felt like wearing a diaper around her would be a ticking time bomb. Let’s make a deal – Lilly texted him back before he could respond to her previous message. What kind of deal? You wear a diaper on your date, and I’ll do something special for you. For me? I thought you wanted to take things slow… I do, but just a small little treat. What could she be up to? What could she want to do? He wasn’t sure, but the thought caused him to be wiggly about on his computer chair. The idea of going on another date with Lilly seemed so natural to him, which was odd to him. He only considered her to be a friend until recently. But, now he couldn’t help but wonder why he didn’t notice her before? Why was he running away from someone that was obviously so good for him? It wasn’t as if Natalie was a bad person, but even though they got along well, he knew that there was no future for them. He was chasing her so much because he was running away from his feelings. What time do you get off tomorrow? He texted Lilly a few hours later as he was getting ready for bed, he knew it was probably a bit soon to ask for another date, but he couldn’t help it. I’ll be out around 4 pm. Why? Let’s go out then. You really can’t stay away, can you…okay, fine! I look forward to it. Me too… Be a good boy and do as I say though Yes… I’m going to go to bed and you should too, young one. Yes, yes…Goodnight, Lilly. Good night, Daniel. Sweet dreams. Daniel smiled down at his phone as he crawled into bed; he was excited about tomorrow and what it could bring. He set his phone done and tried to get comfortable, closing his eyes and trying his best to fall asleep – but it would be about two hours later before he would drift off. The following day dragged on for Daniel. He woke up way earlier than he wanted too and even though he tried to distract himself with either cleaning his apartment or playing a video game – he caught his eyes wandering to either his phone, the clock on the wall or his computer every few minutes. Are you ready for tonight? He received the text a little after 4 pm. He smiled as he replied. I’m getting ready now. I’ll pick you up in about an hour? Sounds good…don’t forget about what it old you… I’m not… Good boy Her teasing words caused him to feel small as he started to get dressed for the night. He pulled out the thin pullups he had worn when he went on his first date with Natalie. They held them in his hands for a little bit before he pulled off his shorts and underwear and slid them on. They were comfortable and made him feel at ease, but he knew that as soon as he saw Lilly – he would be as red as a tomato. He finished getting ready, his heart pounding in his chest as he headed out the door and made his way over to Lilly’s apartment. He was worried that her roommate would open the door, but he was thankful when it was, in fact, Lilly, who answered. She was wearing a bright blue sundress, that had yellow sunflowers on it. Her hair was curled slightly and cascaded around her shoulders. Her eyes were bright, and she gave him a smirk as she opened the door. “Hey, cutie.” She answered as she eyed him, he could feel himself shrink under her gaze. “Hey, you look incredible.” He told her, and she smiled at him. “Thank you; you look great too.” She said, before looking back into her apartment. “I’m leaving now!” She called out as she grabbed her purse that was hanging up beside the door. “Ready to go?” He asked as she closed the door behind her. “Yup! Let’s go.” She said, still eyeing him up and down, he knew what she was thinking. He could again feel the diaper between his legs. He couldn’t help but wonder what she had planned?
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    Chapter 9. Jordan As I got dressed for the day I wasn’t sure what to make of what had just transpired. I didn’t actually know what had just transpired. I wasn’t sure if we’d just done something kinky or if I’d just been punished. If it was kinky, I didn’t hate it, and if it wasn’t, I also didn’t hate it, and that made me pretty uncomfortable with myself. I never did like spanking, but I did like the way Kate had taken charge, the way it made me feel to go over her lap not because I was indulging in her spanking kink but because she told me and she was in charge. As for the spanking itself, I know this is ridiculous, but while I was feeling equal parts contrite, ashamed, and proud. I did feel ridiculous for having not gotten a handle on the leak, and the more I thought of it, the guiltier I felt to subjecting Kate to a wet bed when she had zero interest in anything urine related as a fetish. I was ashamed for having submitted and for having not been able to keep entirely stoic during my spanking, but I also felt proud for not having carried on too much. I didn’t cry. That was something. I couldn’t even remember the last time I’d cried because of physical pain, so I still had that streak going. And having these thoughts, I felt ashamed for being the kind of man who was proud not to have cried while his wife spanked his bottom. I shook my head to clear these thoughts and focused on what was important in that moment, which was I was enjoying being diapered 24/7. After breakfast, where I found it not too uncomfortable to sit, I went to my office to do some research on how to prevent leaks while lying down. Apparently I’m not the only one, because the DailyDiapers forum, where I’ve lurked for a long time, had dozens of posts on the topic. Kate came in while I was reading. “Have you figured it out yet,” she asked me as she bent over to put an arm around my shoulder and look at the screen. “I think so,” I replied. “What’s this website?” “Um, it’s a forum for ABDLs.” “Are you a member?” “No … there’s a sub-forum for spouses and family, too.” I don’t know why I told her that. I regretted it because I knew exactly what he was going to say next. “Mind if I join?” And of course I couldn’t say no. “I guess not,” I said, trying to mask the displeasure in my voice. Who knew what crazy ideas she’d get from the kink monkeys on DD? It wasn’t their butts that would have to pay for those ideas, either. “So what did you figure out,” she changed the topic. “I should’ve found plastic pants with a cloth liner.” “That wasn’t so hard, was it?” I didn’t answer. “Do you know where to buy them?” “I was just about to google that.” I did and opened up the first couple of results. “Wow,” Kate said, “This stuff is more expensive than I thought it would be.” “Yeah, I know,” I replied, “But at least this stuff lasts a long time.” “What else do they have?” I clicked through the sites while, and Kate giggled when she saw the cloth diapers and plastic panties in pastel colors and babyish patterns. “Those are cute,” she said, pointing at disposable diapers with blocks and trucks on the waistband. “Yeah, but, I’m not an adult baby,” I protested. “I know. I just said they were cute. But they would look cute on you.” She was getting ideas. “Anyway,” I interrupted her, “I think I just need those plastic panties.” “How many pair?” “Two.” She smiled condescendingly at me, like I was a young, naïve boy. “Four,” she told me. “Do they sell bed pads, too?” “Yeah.” “Buy two. And have them overnighted. And you’re not allowed to use your diaper in bed until they arrive, understood?” “Yes.” She gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Good boy.” Out of nowhere, I felt a little tingle in my stomach telling me how much I’d liked it when she called me that. I blushed and smiled, and Katie ruffled my hair before straightening up. “Get your shoes on when you’re done and come find me. We’re going to lunch.” I’d left the house in diapers plenty of times before, so it didn’t bother me to go out in the diaper I was wearing. That’s what I love so much about Abenas. We went to one of our favorite place, and we got a booth. It was crowded and noisy, which was perfect because Kate had no intention, apparently, of not talking about my diapers and misbehavior in public. “You’re looking none the worse for wear,” she said as I sat down, observing that I did so without wincing, I guess. “Fine,” I said back, flattening my lips and not matching her gaze. “Well, it can’t always be that easy, I hope you know.” Easy? Is wasn’t hard, but I wouldn’t call it easy, either. I’m not sure if Kate had ever been spanked, and if so when the past time was, but perhaps she didn’t have real perspective on the experience. We each looked what menu for about two minutes. We went there enough to know what was on it and just needed to refresh ourselves on what sounded good that day. “What sounds good today,” she asked me. “I was thinking a burger and fries.” Her eyes popped up from her menu. “Honey, we talked about this, remember? Healthy eating?” “Oh, uh, yeah. But it’s just one meal. Can’t it just be a treat?” “A meal isn’t a treat – it’s a meal. How about you get it as a turkey burger and only eat half the bun?” “Okay,” I whined. “And no fries,” she added. “Seriously?” “Yes. You can have a salad with lite dressing instead.” I pouted, which I knew was childish, but eating was one of my few vices. I didn’t smoke. I hardly drank. I didn’t use any recreational drugs. Why did my one vice have to be the one that’s so damn bad for you in the long run and not bad at all for you in the short run. I was irritated by biology, and a little miffed at Kate. I didn’t even need a menu of my own, apparently. We ordered. “Jordy,” she asked me, “What are you gonna do when you’re out if you need to change?” “Uh, it’s never been a problem before.” “But you’ve never worn 24/7 before. It might become an issue, right?” “It could,” I granted. “So what are you gonna do about it?” “I guess I’ll start keeping a … bag in the car.” “Maybe two.” “Why two?” “One with changing supplies in it, and an emergency one with a change of pants and socks in it,” she said. “I do laundry. I know you leak during the day sometimes.” “I don’t think that’s likely while I’m out of the house.” “I just don’t want you to get caught short and be embarrassed.” “I appreciate that. I just don’t think it will be an issue.” “I think you should,” she said. “I … okay,” I conceded. “You really do need to think of these things,” she lectured, “Kinda like the last couple nights and this morning. I don’t think you’ve put a lot of effort into thinking through how this changes your lifestyle.” “I’ve put thought into it,” I protested. “Jordy,” she said as she reached across the table to take my hand, “I’m not trying to be bossy. But from what I can see all you’ve done is bought a case of diapers, some plastic panties, and some rash cream.” “Yeah …” I was wearing diapers 24/7 now. I needed diapers, right? Everything else was just a bonus, really, things I didn’t strictly need, plus I didn’t want to rack up a big bill on this, especially when it was new to Katie. “I figured I’d get what I need as I go.” She frowned at me. “I think you’re gonna need some stuff right away. For instance, have you thought about the gym yet?” I’d been putting off that thought. “No.” “Our first appointment with the trainer is Wednesday. You don’t have to change at the gym, but I thought maybe you’d want something a little more discrete and with a little more give to it.” “I think I need pull-ups for the gym.” Kate froze for a second, and from behind me the waitress emerged with our meals. “Ah, ya know,” I tried to cover, “Pull ups, sit ups, bodyweight exercises in general.” “Anything else I can get you,” the waitress asked. “We’re good,” Katie said, having the courtesy to wait until the girl left before she laughed. “Nice one,” she managed to say, “smooth.” I chuckled, too. “We’ll go get some when we leave,” she said as she sighed and started in on her veggie wrap. “What?” “You need some things – let’s just go get them today. No sense waiting. There’s a medical supply store over on Houston. Unless you just want to go to the drugstore.” “I can go tomorrow. You don’t have to come.” “Shush,” she said, “we’re spending the day together, and I want to make sure you’re all prepared. Let’s just knock it out today, and tomorrow we can find something more fun to do. So, tell me what else you need. Pull-ups, a diaper bag, stuff to go in the diaper bag, a bag for the car.” “Pants? I could use a couple more pairs of pants and shorts.” “A chair pad,” she said. “Really?” “For the couch. Unless you want one for your office chair, too.” “People will see it out there.” “We can always move it, but we did agree some people were just going to find out anyway. Have you figured out what you’re going to tell them?” “That it isn’t a new problem, and that it’s just gotten worse, and the doctors are trying to treat it medically.” “What’s ‘it’? I think you may get more questions.” “Urge incontinence, and they don’t know why. I figured trying to be any more specific than that would just cause problems. Don’t need anyone play internet doctor and hectoring me with solutions.” “They might do that anyway.” “But it will be harder if they don’t have a specific condition to look up. Besides, the reality is there’s no common reason for a man my age to be incontinent, and the uncommon reasons are pretty drastic. I’ll just tell people this started a year and a half ago and it’s gotten worse.” “I think that will mostly work. Ya know my mom is going to play internet doctor anyway, right?” “I know. I’ll just do what you do – nod along and then ignore her.” “And have you thought about travel yet? We’re going to the beach in six weeks. Do you need swim diapers?” “Those are for the other thing.” “Oh … what about when you’re just sitting on the beach?” “I’ll just have to take my chance with my fake incontinence, I guess. It’s not like I change in and out of a diaper on a pubic beach.” “True. So, I guess that’s one time you don’t have to wear. But otherwise, when we’re traveling the rule still applies. 24/7 means 24/7.” “You sure you don’t mind this,” I asked. “I’m sure.”
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    Hi Everyone! In order to have more time to work on stories without it taking away from other things I need to do (stupid adulting!😫), I've decided I have no choice but to move my writing to Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/alex_bridges. It's only $3 a month, and that's less a Starbucks. Now, we all know what you're doing while you read this stuff 😳, and isn't AN ENTIRE MONTH of that worth more than a coffee (if you don't think so, you're doing it wrong!🤣). So as many do, I'll be posting new chapters here one week after they've posted on Patreon, beginning with Chapter 8. For now, here's Chapter 7. ___________________________ Chapter 7. Jordan Knowing I was in trouble, I changed the bed, and I could see on my side the clear yellow borders of those first few accidents as overlapping circles, left behind despite my best efforts to clean the mattress the following mornings. I was pretty upset when I heard the shower turn off and the door to our second bedroom close. I hate it when she’s mad at me. I really, really, do. And now I was worried I was in trouble, too, though it had been an accident. I stripped off my cold pajama bottoms and felt the outside of my plastic pants were surprisingly dry, except for a little dampness around one leg opening, obviously the culprit. I went to the bathroom to change myself and got back in bed. I had hard time falling asleep again, partly because I was worried, but mostly because I didn’t like my Katie not being there with me. It wasn’t like she didn’t travel for work a few times a month. This was different. She was just down the hall because she was mad at me. I felt pretty guilty. When I got up the next morning, the detritus of last’s night leakage was on the floor: my wet pajamas, her wet pajamas, and our wet sheets. I figured I’d be in less trouble if I cleaned up the room. When Kate came, I was bent over stuffing our bedding into the laundry basket, giving her a perfect view of my butt through the blue plastic pants I had on over my diaper. Not my manliest look, I know, the way the panties balloon out from me and make me look smaller, and I’m already a pretty small person. “Did you not even change last night,” Kate asked me. I straightened up. “Well, uh, I didn’t, um, p-p-pee again,” I stammered. When I looked at her, the phrase “pay the piper” came to mind, and I had instant butterflies in my stomach. Angry butterflies. I guess I hadn’t quite realized it before, but that was the moment I realized my life had changed, when my wife asked me not whether I was wearing a diaper but whether I had changed into a dry one, while I stood there wondering what punishment she had in store for me. “Come here to me,” Kate said as she moved to stand at the foot of the bed. I did as I was told, and standing in front of her like a little boy about to be chastised, the two-inch height difference, that was never an issue between us, made me feel even more like like a kid. “You were in a little bit of trouble, Kate said, holding her thumb and forefinger just a half-in apart, “before, and now you’re in this much,” she said as she pulled her fingers three inches apart. “I don’t want to be in charge of your diapers, sweetie, but what are the two things we talked about in the rules?” I had a hard time looking at her, and a hard time remember the second thing, so I said the first. “You said the keep the leaks to a minimum.” “And this many nights in a row is not a minimum. And I told you to fix the problem, and obviously you haven’t. Those stains on the mattress aren’t coming out.” “I know.” “It’s pretty embarrassing having those there.” I swallowed again. “I know.” “Do you remember the second thing we talked about with your diapers?” “I …” I didn’t. “Sorry,” I decided to apologize instead of trying to fake it, something that never worked when I was a kid but always did manage to get me into more trouble. “Hygiene. Do you really think it’s hygienic to wake up in a leaky diaper and then go back to sleep?” “A diaper can last through the night,” I protested. “When it works,” she retorted. “When your … peepee is in the diaper, not on your skin and on our mattress. You should have changed, and I shouldn’t have to tell you these things.” “I guess I didn’t think about it.” She shrugged. “You need to start thinking about these things. You want this; I’m on board with it; but it’s your responsibility.” “I know,” I mumbled. Honestly, though, I didn’t see the big deal. Before we moved in together I’d have slept in a leaky diaper. I wouldn’t have even changed the sheets in the middle of the night but waited until morning. But maybe she was right about it and I should’ve. Still, though, wasn’t like I developed some massive dermatological problem. It wasn’t that often, maybe once a week or less, even. “So,” she sighed, “I’m going to punish you. I was going to take your phone away for the day, but now that I see you still in that leaky diaper, I’m going to spank your bottom.” She tried to keep a stern, gentle, even tone, but I could’ve sworn her breath quavered when she said ‘spank your bottom.’ For my part, I looked everywhere but her face, nervous, those butterflies getting angrier by the moment, and wondering what a spanking felt like on a bottom that had been in a wet diaper for eight hours.
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    Part 9 “What about the dark blue onesie I saw Hannah wearing the day I came over?” I asked Miss Harlow. Hannah was going through dozens of dresses and onesies trying to pick the right outfit for me. “That one is a bit to small for you I am afraid,” Miss Harlow answered. “But don’t worry, I must have something that you can wear that is not too girly. We will see what Hannah picks out for you,” Miss Harlow continued with a soft voice. Finally Hannah picked something from the row of clothes, I gulped when I saw what she had chosen for me to wear. It was a baby pink onesie with no legs and bear ears on the hood. “Mikey can be a teddy!” Hannah said excitedly while handing the outfit to Miss Harlow. “That is a very good choice Hannah,” Miss Harlow said while petting Hannah’s head. “Well Mikey, what do you think?” Miss Harlow asked. “I think you’re going to look super cute!” Miss Harlow continued. “Does it have to be pink?” I asked a bit worried. “Does the color really matter Mikey? Babies don’t care what color their clothes are, if it were up to them they would wear nothing at all, not even a diaper!” Miss Harlow said cheeringly. “I guess so,” I said, a bit sulky. “So arms up for mommy, and lets get you in this onesie,” Miss Harlow said while holding the onesie in front of her. I did as I was told. I sucked a bit harder and closed my eyes. “There is mommy’s good boy,” Miss Harlow said as she put the onesie over my head. I felt some tugging and a few seconds later snapping noises. “You can look now sweety,” Miss Harlow said, as she put her hands on my shoulders. I opened my eyes and saw myself in the mirror. Seeing me wearing the baby pink onesie wasn’t as bad as I thought. Most of the onesie was pink, except for the part around my belly, that was white. “What do you think Hannah? Does Mikey look cute?” Miss Harlow asked, looking at Hannah. “Jeeh! put the ears on mommy!” Hannah said loudly. Miss Harlow put the hood over my head. I had to give some credit to Hannah, it was a cute onesie, but I would rather have seen it on Hannah then on me. “Okay Mikey, now it is your turn to pick something out for your sister,” Miss Harlow said while gesturing towards the closet. I took a few steps, still trying to get used to the bulk between my legs. I stood in front of the closet, trying to pick something from the many clothes that were there. “Euhm, Hannah, what color do you want to wear?” I asked her after a few minutes had passed, not knowing what to pick. “Whatever you want Mikey,” Hannah giggled. I quickly picked something out. It was a yellow dress with puffed sleeves and with a big white bow on the bag where the zipper was. “That is a good choice Mikey, one of Hannah’s favorites!” Miss Harlow said. Miss Harlow quickly put Hannah in the dress that I had chosen and tied a bonnet in the same color as her dress on her head. When Miss Harlow was done she motioned for me to stand next to Hannah. “Mommy wants you two to play quietly while she is busy in the kitchen,” Miss Harlow said in a stern but motherly voice. “If one of you need something, you can call me over the baby monitor,” Miss Harlow turned to Hannah. “And Hannah, show your baby brother what it means to be a good baby, okay?” “I will mommy!” Hannah said, a bit muffled thanks to the pacifier and the bonnet. I just nodded along, waiting to see what is next. Miss Harlow ruffled my hair a bit. “Be a good boy and listen to your sister,” Miss Harlow said as she was walking away and closed the door. Hannah and I were alone in the nursery, two adults dressed as baby, sucking their pacifiers. I tried not to think about it for too long. The longer I thought about it the weirder it seems to get. “Mikey come!” Hannah said, sitting next to the toy chest, she must have moved when I was thinking. I walked over to her, after taking two steps I was stopped by Hannah. “Nuhuh, babies crawl!” She explained. I dropped to my knees and crawled over to her. “You want to play with blocks?” Hannah asked, handing a yellow toy block to me. “You can have this one.” We sat there, playing quietly, building towers, giggling when they fall over, and building them up again. After fifteen minutes Miss Harlow returned with two gigantic bottles of milk. “Looks like you to are having fun,” Miss Harlow said as she was giving us our bottles. I examined mine, the bottle was the biggest bottle I have seen, and it was filled to the brim with milk. Miss Harlow noticed it. “What is wrong Mikey? Don’t you like milk?” She asked concerned. “Or are you lactose intolerant?” I shook my head. “It is a big bottle,” was all i said, still eyeing the bottle. “Yes it is, but don’t worry, mommy gives you plenty of time to finish it, but it must be empty when i return,” Miss Harlow said. “Is that okay Mikey?” Miss Harlow said as she ruffled the hairs that were poking out underneath the bear hood. I nodded, eyeing Hannah. She was holding the bottle with two hands and was already a quarter done with hers. Miss Harlow grabbed the pacifier and pulled it out. “This will probably help,” Miss Harlow said jokingly. I put the nipple in my mouth and copied Hannah, with my hands on the bottle I started sucking. Miss Harlow smiled and left the room again, leaving us sucking on the bottles. After I saw a quarter done with mine I let out a big belch. Hannah and I both giggled. “Are the bottles always this big?” I asked her. “Uhu,” was all Hannah said, continuing her bottle. It took me fifteen minutes to drain the whole bottle, taking a few pauzes to let out a few burps and giggling straight after. Hannah didn’t talk much, after she had finished her bottle she put the pacifier back in her mouth and started playing with the blocks again. I put my finished bottle next to hers and helped her building a castle. After a while the urge to pee was starting up, I looked around the room for a clock, but found none, I guessed fifteen, maybe twenty minutes had passed when I finished the bottle. I started eyeing the door, hoping for Miss Harlow to return. Now that it came to it, I didn’t really want to use the diaper. I hoped maybe Miss Harlow took some pity in me and would let me use the toilet. Hannah seemed to noticed my distress and scooted over to me, pulling me in for a hug. “Shh, it is okay,” Hannah whispered from behind her pacifier into my ear. I hugged her back but didn’t respond. “If it helps, I already peed in mine,” Hannah continued. “Do you want to feel it.” I still didn’t respond. Hannah pulled back from the hug and grabbed my wrist. “Here, it will feel warm,” She said, as she put my hand on her crotch. I nodded, feeling the warmth if her diaper, but it wasn’t really the warmth of her diaper, it was the pee in it. I looked at her with pleading eyes. “Do I have too?” I said to her with a soft voice. “Yes, mommy isn’t going to let you use a toilet,” Hannah said calmly. I nodded, sucking harder on my pacifier, feeling the urge to pee growing. I tried weighing my options, but I realised I had none, except for the diaper. Hannah hugged me again, this time a bit tighter. I tried to go, holding hannah in my arms, but it wouldn’t come out. I pushed Hannah softly of me and stood up, turning my back to Hannah and tried again. A small trickle made it in the diaper. The diaper was only a little wet, I looked over at Hannah who was keeping an eye on me. Without saying anything I moved to the crib and grabbed the top bar with both my hands. I closed my eyes and focused, after a minute a small stream started filling the diaper. I pushed a little harder, the stream grew bigger and I let out a small fart, I could hear Hannah giggling softly. After I was done I dropped back on my knees, the diaper now thicker between my legs and crawled towards Hannah, who embraced me immediately. “Good job little brother!” She said patting my head. I sat down and hear a loud squishy sound, The diaper felt warm and soft against my butt, not at all what I was expecting. I continued playing with Hannah, who now was playing with the stuffed animals in the toy chest. I grabbed a pink teddy bear from it that also had a white spot on its belly. Hannah pointed at it and giggled. “It is you baby brother!” She said excited and pulled out a doll with a pink dress from the chest. “This is my baby sister,” Hannah said, petting the head of the doll. We played a bit with our dolls, both wearing pee filled diapers. I occasionally let out a small stream when I felt the urge to. This was way better than I was expecting it to be. Miss Harlow entered the room again after some time. “How are you little darlings doing?” Miss Harlow asked while walking towards us and kneeling down. Miss Harlow first checked Hannah’s diaper, poking it a bit with her finger. “Such a good girl!” Miss Harlow said, giving Hannah a kiss on her cheek. “Let's see what our little boy did to his diapy,” Miss Harlow said, looking at me with a lovely smile. “Mikey did peepee in diapy!” Hannah said excitedly. “Is that so?” Miss Harlow said, moving her hand towards my crotch, I blushed a bit. “Looks like you did! It is almost full!” Miss Harlow said happily, still poking around the diaper. Miss Harlow stood up and clapped her hands. “Before I change your diapers, who wants a little snack?” Miss Harlow asked with smile. “Me! Me! Me!” Hannah screamed with great excitement. I looked at her puzzled, what could be so great about a snack? “Alright, alright, calm down Hannah. Mikey, do you want a snack?” Miss Harlow asked me. I looked over at Hannah, who was nodding wildly and with big eyes. “Euh, I guess?” I said, not knowing how to respond. The milk had already filled most of my stomach, so I wasn’t really hungry. “Great!” Miss Harlow said, “Follow me sweety’s!” Miss Harlow said as she turned around and walked towards the door. I tried to stand up, but Hannah stopped me. “Nuhuh, babies crawl,” She said, moving in front of me on her hands and knees. I quickly followed Hannah, having a great few of her diaper that was poking out from under her dress. We followed Miss Harlow to the living room and she motioned for us to crawl towards the couch. While crawling towards the couch in a pee filled diaper I wondered what kind of snack we are going to eat, I hope it is something with chocolate.
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    Chapter 5. Jordan “Here’s the rules list,” Kate said as she sat down on the couch with me after she’d gotten home from work. “You did that at work?” “It was a slow day. Do you wanna go over the rules?” “Yeah.” I was somewhat nervous. I don’t think I’d had a written list of rules since elementary school, and never at home. We were just expected to know what we should and shouldn’t do. “But what if disagree with some of them,” I asked. “We can talk about them, and what I decide goes.” “Okay,” I said, belatedly realizing she hadn’t asked me a question. “So first, 24/7 means 24/7. You don’t have to use your diapers all the time, but you do have to wear them all the time. If we need to, we’ll come up with some exceptions, but otherwise, you’re in a diaper all day every day. Make sense?” “Mhmm.” “And you’re going to need to take care of yourself down there. You can figure out what that means, but you shouldn’t smell and you shouldn’t get rashes except very rarely.” “Okay. I already have some ideas on that.” “Such as?” “Um, I think I need to keep myself manscaped, and I already got some rash cream and barrier cream.” “Good.” “Is there more?” “Oh, lots more. Now that you’re home during the day, I want you to take on more of the housework. Not all of it, but things should be neat and tidy when I get home, which means the sink empty, the counters clean, the living room straightened - those kinds of things, generally keeping the house clean and most importantly cleaning up after yourself.” That was fair. I made probably 60% of the mess in the house but only did 30% of the housework. “That’s fair,” I said. “Good. I know you’re still working, and I respect that, but your schedule is a lot more flexible than mine, and you are here, so...” “I understand. That’s fine, really.” “We’re going to have a more active social life, by which I do me ‘we.’ We’re going out more. I’m tired of either sitting home or going places without you.” “I always have to go?” I’m much more introverted than Katie, and I like staying home most of the time or going places with just her. I didn’t like going places with lots of people. “Not always, but at least once a week we’re going somewhere either with someone or where there’ll be others, including munches.” “Really?” I’d been to exactly one, spoken to the organizer only, and left. “Yeah. It’s time. I want you to meet other people in the community. It’ll be good for you.” “Okay.” “I won’t let anything happen to you, Jordy.” “I know.” I sighed and she paused to see if I’d say anything else, or perhaps to see if she needed to reassure me some more. “And you’re going to start taking better care of yourself.” We’d talked about this before I brought up wanting to go 24/7. In the two months I’d been working from home, I’d put on five pounds. The fridge was always there, some days I didn’t even leave the house, and I was sedentary. “You’re going to be in bed by eleven on week nights and midnight on weekends unless I say otherwise, and you’re going to be out of bed no later than 7:30 weekdays and 8:30 on weekends. If we have some special occasion, we can let that slip, but just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you should become a bed slug.” She pinched my pajama pants in her fingers and said, “And you’re going to put on real clothes every day. You can change into lounge stuff at 6. And you’re responsible for all the laundry. Every third day, do a wash. Sheets and towels every Sunday.” “Okay.” “And I know you’re going to hate this, but I got us a gym membership and signed you up with a personal trainer twice a week.” “I have to go to the gym in my diaper?” She shrugged unapologetically and said, “People who really do need them go to the gym. You can figure something out.” “But I only have to go twice a week?” “You see a trainer twice a week. I want you to go three more times a week, or do something else athletic three more times a week. That’s five total. We can do it together. I’m going to get both of us a FitBit. Also, diet.” “I’m not fat, though.” “That’s not the only thing that matters to your health. I want you to go to the doctor for a physical next week and get bloodwork. You eat like a teenager.” “It’s not that bad.” I knew it was that bad. “Honey, yes, it is. I know it’s hard, but neither of us is getting younger. We’re going to eat fresh, healthy food, and one meal a week, we can indulge in something. We’re not going to keep junk in the house anymore. And you have to participate in this, so three weeknights each week, you’re cooking, and dinner is at seven.” “Anything else,” I asked a little too impatiently. I did sound like a whiny teen, I’ll admit it. “Yeah,” she said, her eyebrows peaking, “You’re gonna have a good attitude about this. No sulking, and no complaining. If you want to talk about something, we will, but maturely. That tone you just used is officially off limits.” “Sorry.” It drove my mom nuts, too, back in the day. “And to answer your next question, yes. The basics: lying, cheating on your diet and exercise, or any disobedience or bad attitude. Those are all off limits. Any other rules I decide to make up as we go gets added to the list, no debate. If I tell you do something, you do it. And if I decide you need a punishment, you get one, no questions asked, whenever I decide.” She sounded stern, and I could tell just saying it was revving her up a little. She gave me a look to let me know she meant it, and then her face softened, and she added, “You know I’ll be fair.” “I know.” “Do you want to hear about punishments?” “Do I have to?” I’d rather not think about that, and besides, I’d just follow the rules. I was a grown up after all. “No, we don’t have to.” We sat silently for a minute. “Now what,” I asked. “Now we just go about our lives. C’mon,” she said, taking my hand and pulling me up from the couch, “Go get dressed, and I’ll take us to dinner. One last splurge.” She sent me on my way with a loud swat on my diapered butt. Not much changed in the first three days of me wearing 24/7. I was in diapers all day every day, though I still used the toilet for bowel movements, but every day was more or less the same as before. I kept my diapers private still, worked in my home office, and Kate went about her daily life. She never saw me without something on over my diapers, she was no more involved with my diapers than she had been before, but I did notice her looking at me more often, and I think knew why. I smiled more. I made more jokes. I didn’t toss and turn in my sleep as much. I felt happier, calmer. I think that made up for the diapers piling up in the trash bin. I did feel a bit different than before, though. I had been someone who often wore diapers. Now, I always wore diapers. I wasn’t self-conscious about wearing around Kate, but I did feel self-conscious if I thought about her thinking about me wearing, wondering if at any given moment I was wet, and knowing whenever she wondered that, I most likely was. Still, if it bothered her, that didn’t last long, and in bed on the fourth night, Kate pulled me close and made herself the big spoon, and I couldn’t tell if it was on purpose or not, but she patted my butt just the once before we fell asleep. ____________________ PS, if you like this, you'll like these. Please do me a favor and leave a review if you do like them. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079P1B2BT https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B4WRFM6
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    Hello everyone *waves* I had some inspiration and was able to finish the next part of the story. I hope everyone is having a great weekend and found fun things to do with their time. If you are choosing to spend some of it reading my story i thank you very much and appreciate it. Several of my friends are spending the weekend going to driving schools to get better at recreational driving while others are having a blast at a convention. Whatever you are doing have fun! Third Piece Accident... the word echoed in Felicia's mind. "What do you mean accident, what happened?" She asked confused at Donna's current demeanor and not knowing what she could be talking about. "My mom will be here shortly, can it wait until she gets here?" Donna's pained expression gaining a slight flinch at the question. "Honey, you need to come inside so we can talk" Donna took Felicia's hand and imploring the girl to come back into the building. "It is really important dear and best if we talked inside" Nodding her head she allowed Donna to guide her back inside and to the elevator. The wait for the elevator to come back down only added to the tension and Felicia's confusion. Stepping on and pressing a button for her offices floor Donna kept hold of her hand the whole time not letting go. Reaching her office she led her in and over the couch and asked to to sit down. This was not going to be easy, when she allowed Celina to list her as an emergency contact it was only in case no one could reach Felicia. Never did she think something like this would happen. Getting a couple of bottles of water from the mini fridge in her office she gave one to Felicia before sitting down herself next to the small girl. Shaking hands opening the bottle before taking a small sip before sitting it on the table she steeled herself. The world was dulling again at the edges around her, accident she had said. What accident? Why was Donna so nervous and..... was she shaking? She had never seen Donna shake or look so unsettled before in any of their sessions, even when she had lashed out at her in the hospital that one time. "Honey?" Donna caught her attention again, turning to meet her gaze Felicia waited. "I got a call from the police department, they said they couldn't reach you. Your mom had you listed as her first contact in case of emergencies, i was listed as number two just recently." Pausing to gauge Felicia's reaction and seeing a blank look she reached to hold her hand before continuing "There was an accident with a semi truck" a pause "Your mom was driving across an intersection when a semi truck ran the light and hit the driver side of her car" She could see the small girls eyes widening and watering slightly. "I'm sorry honey" pulling her into her arms "She's gone" Feeling her own voice cracking and wetness on her cheeks. Gone? Mommy was..... gone? Donna had pulled her into a hug at some point, she didn't remember when it had started but her cheeks were streaking with tears she did not remember letting go. Gone..... gone.... accident.... gone, the words kept playing over and over in her mind when it finally clicked. "No" it came out a whisper "no ....No... NOOOOO!!!!! Mommy!!!!" She began screaming and heaving with every breath, tears falling freely. "Not true, you're lying it's not true" Donna continued to stroke her back all the while not knowing what else she could do. Pulling back and looking in Donna's eyes seeking answers all she saw was tears and grief. "Ahhhhhh ahh hah ahhhh nooooo!"The wail was deafening filling the entire office and certainly could be heard outside as well. Donna did not know how long it lasted but it was the most heartbreaking sound she had ever heard. Between coughs from not breathing and continued howling the small girl was starting to feel light headed. The cold feeling was coming back again that she feared and dreaded. She felt Donna pulling her to lay her head on her lap and felt her stroking her hair. Pulling her twin ponytails away to allow access to the back of her neck she continued stroking her head top to bottom. "Cold... so cold" She whispered just loud enough for Donna to hear. Reaching behind the couch pulling the heavy blanket that was primarily for decoration down and covering Felicia with it. She tucked it around all sides and continued to stroke her hair alternating with her back until her breathing finally calmed. Satisfied she had finally fallen asleep Donna removed herself but placed Felicia on top of a pillow making sure she was comfortable. Looking down she could see the tears still falling, even in her sleep her grief continued. Her lips barely moving Donna could just barely hear her calling for her mother. Why was the world being so cruel to this poor girl, no one deserved this. Heading for her desk she retrieved her cell phone and reached out to the detective that had contacted her to inform him that Felicia was with her and was safe. Being eighteen now she was considered and adult and did not need a guardian so the police would not be coming to take her anywhere. She wasn't really sure where to go from here though, both of Felicia's still living grandparents were in a retirement homes and her father had her left her mother when Felicia was only 6 months old. Deciding there was only one course of action to take at this point she decided to have all her appointments for the next week rescheduled. Gathering her things up and closing the office down for the day she went to start her car and pulled it out front of the building. The office building had security on staff and she asked them to please watch her car while she went upstairs to get Felicia. She did not want to wake the girl up, not now after she had fallen asleep. Reaching under her legs and back she tested out if she could lift her to find she was even lighter than expected. How could someone so small carry so many burdens. Carrying her to her car the security officer was nice enough to have stayed outside and even opened the door for her to place Felicia in the passenger seat. Buckling her in and leaning the seat back so she could rest Donna thanked the officer and buckled herself in before pulling away and heading home. It was dark by the time Donna had gotten home, the traffic was horrible. She ended up unknowingly driving by the very scene of Celina's accident. The truck was a massive red eighteen wheeler, Celina's small Toyota hatchback had never stood a chance. She saw it a block away from the intersection on its roof with the door cut off, a trail of destruction had been left in its path after the accident. Broken phone poles and destroyed mail boxes littering its path until it had slammed into a brick building. When she had asked the detective how bad the accident was he said he could not overstate what had happened and that much was true. The only comfort in the tragedy was he had told her that she had died on impact and did not suffer. He told her that her eyes were closed and face relaxed when they pulled her from the wreckage. Pulling into her garage and opening the door to the house she came back and retrieved Felicia and carried her to her houses guestroom and tucked her in bed. Placing a glass of water on the bedside table and turning on a lamp so she could see when she stirs Donna left to go and take a long shower to collect her thoughts. Rain? Was it raining? Felicia could hear what sounded like water drops in the distance. She was running in the rain trying to find cover from the sudden downpour. It was hard to see and the winds were pushing her all over. Where was she anyways? The streets were unfamiliar, the buildings looked old and abandoned. Everything she could see looked like it was falling apart with no signs of life. "Hello? Is anyone there?" Yelling into the storm hoping for a response but did not get one. She went to a random house and started beating on the door. "Hello can i please come in, its cold and I'm lost." No response, the lights were out. Moving along she tried the next house followed by the next and the next. All empty with no answer, the storm was letting up but she was cold and alone. After the rain had stopped she started to wander this strange place. Everything looked so neglected like no one had been here in years and she couldnt help but feel like she really was all alone here. Alone, cold and scared she wandered for what felt like forever. Finally finding an old store she wandered inside and found dry blankets and camping supplies. Making herself a warm fire and wrapping herself up she felt very thirsty but also very sleepy eyes feeling heavy and dropping. Hearing distant water droplets again she stirred finding herself in a bed now feeling warm but also cold at the same time. Sitting up she found a lamp on at the side of the bed along with a glass of water. Where was she? She felt so dehydrated and thirsty downing the glass in one go. "So it was a dream" she said to herself. Looking around, where was she? The last thing she remembered was being at Donna's office and something about an accident. Tears began falling on the bed sheets. "Mommy" She whispered hoarsely. "I don't want to be alone, please don't leave me alone" Trying to calm herself so she did not have a panic attack she tried taking in her surroundings as a distraction. She realized now that the water she had been hearing sounded like someone taking a shower. Is that why she dreamt it was raining? The vacant town falling apart gave her an eerie feeling and sense of foreboding. Deciding it was time to get out of the bed she felt a strange sensation like she had been sweating and felt clammy. Drawing the blankets away a large sweat spot was on the sheets in the middle of the bed. Getting up and looking around the room for a towel she could use to wipe the sweat away from herself she found one hanging on the back of the bedroom door. Starting with her arms, then legs and dabbing her stomach before finally wiping down her face she froze. Eyes widening in shock the towel didn't smell like sweat at all, no not at all. Now realizing why she was so dehydrated and possibly why there was so much rain in her dream. The towel smelled like urine.
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    Dude don’t be selfish if it’s not her thing then let it go or move on and find someone else. It’s not worth it trust me
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    Here is the next chapter! :) Chapter Six Jack awakes to the sound of a bird chirping loudly outside his room. The light is bright from the sun, and he rolls over, trying to close his eyes once again, but it is too late. He sighs as he sits up and lets out a giant yawn and stretch. He shifts his weight as he reaches down to feel the thick pink diaper that was in-between his legs. He frowns when he feels the warmth from his touch – he wet in his sleep again. What is going on? He wonders if subconsciously he was doing it on purpose? But why…the last thing he wants is to make Aunt Jennifer feel as if he needs to wear diapers…right? A few moments later, he hears a knock on the door. He gulps as he pulls the blanket on top of him, staying quiet, hoping that she will think he is asleep and walk away. His luck isn’t that good, and Jack hears the door open, and Aunt Jennifer walks in. She is wearing jean shorts and a blue tank-top; he notices that she isn’t wearing a bra either. “Good morning, Jack.” She says as she closes the door behind her. “Good morning, Aunt Jennifer.” He says in a small voice, hoping that she leaves soon and doesn’t try to inspect his diaper. “How did you sleep last night?” “I slept well enough,” he says as he tries to hold himself together, “what about you?” “I slept alright, had a weird dream though.” “Oh yeah?” “Yes….” She gives him an odd look but doesn’t elaborate on what her dream was about. She then walks over to his bedside, tracing her fingers along with her blanket. “Time for breakfast, eh?” Jack lets out stifled laughter. “Oh yes, but first I need to check the state of your diaper.” Aunt Jennifer replies as she pulls back his blanket to reveal his pink diaper. His cheeks turn as bright as the diaper is. She leans forward and places a hand on his diaper before he could move; she clicks her tongue together a few times and shakes her head. She looks up at Jack and smiles. “It seems like I was right to diaper you.” “That’s not…I mean!” He tries to find words to protest with, but he knows that it doesn’t matter. He did wet his diaper after all. He feels himself sink lower, but also flinch slightly at the feeling of her hand against his diaper. “I’m going to change you before we eat breakfast.” “What?!” He screams out, before covering his mouth, his cheeks are on fire now. She stares at him, her hand still on his diaper. “I said I’m going to change you. I need to make sure that you clean up properly; otherwise, you might get a rash.” “I don’t think that…” She gives him a stern look, and he remembers the conversation from the previous night. “I mean, yes, ma’am.” “That is a good boy,” she replies, before patting his diaper, “although would a boy really wear a pink diaper?” “You put it on me!” He protests, not fully understanding what she is trying to imply. She leaves the room for a moment, returning with a box of wipes. “Spread your legs so I can get in-between you, it will make things easier.” He obeys, unable to face her as she positions herself right between him, reaching over and pulling at the tabs of the diaper and bringing it down – revealing his wet diaper – and his hard dick. “My, my, what is this?” For a moment, he believes she is talking about his obvious hard-on, which she has witnessed several times before. “It looks like someone had another type of ‘accident’ in his diaper…” It was at that moment he remembers the previous night…and what he did in his diaper. He looks at her who is wearing a devilish grin upon her face. He feels himself shrink, and he wishes he could run away from this moment. “Was it because you saw me naked yesterday?” She laughs as she pokes his penis. “I’m guessing you liked what you saw. Can’t say I don’t blame you.” With that, she reaches over and starts to wipe him down, which makes him feel even more embarrassed and little. How much more of this can he take? “You’ve been so good lately.” She says, “I feel like I should reward you.” “Oh?” He turns his head to look at her. What could she mean by that? It was then she pulls down her shirt, revealing her sizeable perky breast, dangling not that far from him. “I asked if you were thirsty before…” Did she want him to suckle on her nipple? He licks his lips as he watches her bring down her breast closer to him, but as soon as he was about to reach for it – she pulls away and lifts her top. “Perhaps another day.” She gives him a wink before she gets up. “Get dressed; time to get ready for the day.” She then leaves the room; he closes his eyes, his heart racing a million miles a minute. Nothing unusual happens for the rest of the day – in fact, Aunt Jennifer plays it off as if nothing happened between them that morning. It was then he remembers the previous text he got from his friend for a party, it started at six, and it was a quarter till then now. “Aunt Jennifer?” “Yes?” She hums as she looks up from the couch. “My friend invited me to a party at…am I allowed to go.” “Of course, you may. No need to ask me permission…however, do remember your curfew.” He sighs, wishing he could somehow escape it, but decides it is best not to worry about it at the moment. “Yes, very well.” “Have a good time then, and be careful. Don’t do anything reckless.” “I won’t.” He says as he makes his way to his bedroom to get ready. He messages his friend to come to pick him up, and it only takes about five minutes before he is outside his door. “Bye, Aunt Jennifer!” He calls as he leaves the house and hops into his buddy’s truck. “So you’re staying with your hot aunt?” His friend, Isaac says as they start to drive to where the party is at. “Yeah, I am. Just until I get on my feet.” Jack says. “Lucky you,” Isaac with a laugh, “have you done anything yet?” “No! I mean, she is my aunt.” “No, she is not,” Isaac says, “not biologically. Dude, what is your problem?” “I don’t have one,” Jack mumbles, feeling slightly embarrassed as he thinks back of what happened that morning. He doesn’t’ tell Isaac about that though. They arrive at the house in a few minutes and get out of the car; Jack welcomes this as he stumbles inside, grabbing a beer as he socializes with people he knew in high school that is attending the same university as him. It is hard for him to grasp that he is no longer in high school, and in a few short days, he will be going to his first class for the semester. But, also the thought of at home he is forced to wear diapers and be treated little by his aunt. What is he going to do about that? He tries to push the thought from his mind and have a great time with his friends. He drinks a lot, takes a couple of shots, they play a game of pool, a bit of dancing – soon time slips away from him. “Wow, it’s close to midnight.” He hears someone calls as he stumbles to find a bathroom. He stops dead in his track. “What did you say?” “I said it’s almost midnight.” “Oh shit.” He fumbles around to find Isaac, who was sitting on the couch between two pretty females. “Isaac, you have to take me home, my aunt is going to flip.” “You’re an adult, mate. What is she going to do?” He didn’t even want to begin to imagine what she could do. “Come on now.” “No way, I’m having a good time.” Jack groans as he heads out the door, thankful that the walk wasn’t that long – but he was already late. Would she care? Are her threats empty? Will, she even remember, or will she let him go off the hook? It takes him a bit longer to get home, as he drank quite a bit and is feeling drunk. He makes his way to the door and unlocks it with his key, trying to be quiet, but it is difficult as he drops the key and mumbles a few cuss words in his mouth before he can open it. When he does, he sees his Aunt Jennifer standing there, her arms crossed. “You’re late.” She says, her voice filled with anger and Jack knows that he is in big trouble now.  
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    Sorry for the delay, just have been kind of busy with another story of mine. Also thanks again for the responses both positive and negative. It really helps me see where everyone feels about this type of story. Which would be a good time to point out about my intentions with the story. It's been several years since I've written a story so I'm kinda rusty and I only felt like doing this because it's a hobby that helps me relax from the everyday work life. I understand that my pacing is rather slow, story wise and some parts of it are rather predictable, based on other ab/dl stories. I'm not trying to right something that has a ton of plot twists and I don't have any attention of diverging from how I have planned it out but I do want to keep it as a mild entertaining story with a few twists that could be enjoyed for a few minutes. There are many different forms of the ab/dl fetish that people prefer. I'm more on the soft/slow regression side of things. If you have continued to read past this, I assume that you enjoy the story to a certain extent and will continue until I finish it at some point. Have a great day everyone! Chapter 12 The ride to Serena's house was rather quiet but filled with tension. Alice watched as Tohru kept her eyes on the road. She could tell the Amazon was having not having a fun time dealing with the rough weather which hampered her vision. But she could tell that there was more to it than that. “Ugh...Tohru...You okay? You seem a bit frustrated.” Alice's body winced as the sound of thunder continued on in the distance. “I'm...I'm alright. I've just got a lot on my mind.” Tohru was only telling part of the truth. She was struggling with dealing with not just the weather but also her Amazonian instincts. “Why is this happening now? I've got along with Alice just fine until now. Is it because she's acting vulnerable due to the thunder and lightning? I thought this part of me died over three years ago... Perhaps I've spent too much time with her...If that's the case, going to work should help out with my own personal emotions. I can't allow myself to slip up!” Tohru bit her lip which caused some blood to drip down her chin. “Wow...Tohru really is in a bad mood. I want to help but I think it's best that I just stay quiet. But this freaking weather! I cant' stand it!” Alice stated in her mind. All Tohru could think about, was being at her house and holding Alice near her chest as she read a bed time story while cradling her while she was in just a diaper. The Amazon quickly hit the brakes as she came back to reality to realize that she had came close to hitting a car in front of her. “TOHRU! WHAT'S WRONG?” Alice yelled out. Her body tensed up at the sudden jolt from the car stopping, suddenly. “I'm sorry Alice...I haven't been myself lately. I promise to be a better mother to you.” Tohru wiped the blood from her lip as she pressed the gas pedal to continue to her destination. Alice wasn't certain by what she meant by being a better mother. She knew that they were playing the role of mother and daughter due to the ridiculous Amazon laws but she could tell there was a lot of meaning behind her words. After what felt like an eternity. Tohru had reached Serena's house as she pulled into the driveway. “This weather is unreal. I can barely see outside!” Alice stated as Alice opened her door and took her out of her booster seat. The combination of the harsh wind and rain had narrowed the visibility. “Good thing I brought a umbrella. We both would be soaked already if I didn't have it.” Tohru replied as the two of them walked towards the front door. A mixture of thunder and lightning could be felt and see above the two. Alice yelped out loud as she tightly held onto Tohru's chest. Despite the umbrella, Alice could feel the rain causing her to get wet. “This isn't good...If this continues...” Tohru rang the door bell while looking down at her adopted little. Tohru did her best to restrain herself. “Welcome, I'm glad that you two...”Serena was cutoff from her speech as Alice rushed into the house. Serena turned her head in shock to see the redheaded little breathing heavily while slightly soaked from the weather conditions. “I wasn't expecting that type of response.” Serena stated as Tohru walked inside the house and folded up her umbrella. “I can't stay long. I'm planning on putting some serious overtime at work today.” Tohru stated as she shook Serena's hand. “Can't you stay for a cup of coffee at least?” Serena asked with concern. “I'm good. I already had some this morning. Tohru went over to Alice and kneeled down so she was face to face with her. “I've got to get going. I'll be back late, so don't worry too much about me. Try to enjoy yourself.” Tohru stated as she hugged Alice. “Ugh...Okay...I will...Thank you Tohru.” Alice was cut off guard by the warm embrace. Not wanting to be rude, she hugged Tohru right back even though it felt a bit awkward for her. “We will get through this together!” Tohru stated as she lightly kissed Alice on her cheek. Alice blushed immensely from what just occurred. Serena held her hand to her mouth. She was astounded to what had just taken place. “Thanks again for looking after Alice.” Tohru stated as she opened up her umbrella and closed the door behind her. “What the hell was that all about!?” Alice stated in her mind. “Today has certainly started off unexpected.” Serena stated as she looked over at Alice. She noticed that the young girl was shaking, mostly due to the cold and wet weather. “Would you like me to fix you some hot chocolate? Serena asked “Please.” Alice felt out of place, both mentally from what just occurred and physically due to the rainstorm. “Go ahead and take a seat on the couch and make yourself at home. I'll wake up my daughter in just a moment.” Serena replied as she went into the kitchen. Alice slowly walked over to the couch as she tried to grasp at what had just occurred. Serena looked over two jars of hot chocolate powder. The only difference was that one of them was specifically made for little's. Which meant that if she wanted to, Serena could keep Alice under her control if she deemed so. “I promised Tohru that I wouldn't resort to such methods.” Serena sighed as she put away the powder meant for little's and used the normal chocolate powder and mixed it with the hot water she had in a glass cup. - - - - - - - - - - - “Aww...Solitude...It's been a while ...”Tohru stated to herself as she turned off her radio and enjoyed the sounds of the raindrops on her car as she headed to her work. She started to feel more like herself as she finally was alone in her car. “I don't think today will be much of a busy work day.” Tohru stated as she thought the weather would keep most of the Amazons indoors, so her job in security for a communications company would be rather light when it came to dealing with it's clients today. “I hope Alice and Serena get along. That would be so make life so much simpler.” Tohru started to remember what she did to Alice before she headed off to her work. “OH SHIT! What the hell is wrong with me!” Tohru stated out loud as she remembered that she had kissed Alice on her cheek. “God no! I hope she doesn't think any less of me.” The Amazon stated as she placed her hand on her forehead while keeping her eyes on the road. “I just want to protect her...and care for her...” Tohru loathed her feelings, seeing it as a betrayal to Alice. - - - - - - - - - “Here ya go! This should warm up your little body.” Serena stated as she took a seat next to Alice. “Ugh...Thanks.” Alice took a sip of the hot chocolate and immediately felt the warm sensation throughout her entire body. “This is some damn good stuff.” Alice stated as she took a larger sip of the warm liquid. “Thanks. It's something that you can't find in your average store.” Serena replied as a she looked over at Alice. “Wait...You didn't put anything into this....Did you?” Alice asked as she lowered the cup at looked up at the Amazon. “I would usually take such a question as offensive...But since we haven't exactly gotten along. I understand. And to answer your question, No! I didn't. If I did, you would have never found out.” Serena stated with a smirk. “Ironically, I actually believe you.” Alice took another sip of the hot chocolate, allowing herself to relax a bit. “I have to express my pleasant surprise. I didn't think that you and Tohru had bonded that much. It makes me happy to see, such progress.” Serena looked over Alice's clothes and put her hand on her arm to see that it was soaked from the storm. “I would appreciate if you wouldn't touch me so casually.” Alice stated with a serious tone. “I just wanted to see how wet your clothes were.” Serena stated as she stood up. “They are not that bad.” Alice lied to herself, she knew that she was soaked even though she was only outside for a couple minutes and even had the umbrella under her. “I will be back with my daughter and some clothes for you.” Serena replied as she left the living room. “I'm not wearing any damn diapers! Keep that in mind!” Alice yelled out as she finished her hot chocolate. For the next few minutes, Alice started to think about Tohru and how oddly she acted, it was out of character for her. She decided that when she came to pick her up that she would get straight to the point and ask Tohru what has been bothering her. Alice need answers to her lessen her concerns. “Momma. I'm still tired!” Jessie cried out as she was being held by Serena and being brought out into the living room. Alice looked on in disgust to see Jessie wearing a light blue nightie with her diaper available for view. “Just wait here for a moment and I'll be back with your ba ba and if you want, I'll put on some cartoons for you to watch, okay darling?” Serena stated as she placed Jessie into a playpen that was sitting near the television area. “Now as for you, I want you to put this one. The bathroom is down the hall, you can go ahead and change in there.” Serena replied as she handed Alice a outfit. And don't worry. I'm not planning on putting you into a diaper...That is unless you wet and or mess yourself.” Alice ignored Serena as she looked over the outfit. She noticed that it was colored both white and black and felt soft, like touching the fur from an animal. “What the hell is this?” Alice asked as she looked up at the Amazon. “It's a onesie. A cute panda onesie to be exact.” Serena stated. “Your kidding if you think I'm going to put something like this on!” Alice threw the outfit on the floor and stood up. “Think about it. I didn't see you coming with any additional clothing to wear and I don't want Tohru to get pissed off at me, if you catch a cold because of the wet clothes you have on. Besides, it's not like we are going to be heading anywhere today with the weather like this!” Serena picked up the onesie and held it out in front of Alice's face. “Don't you have something more mature for me to wear!?” Alice hated at how rationally specific, Serena was to her. “Heh, I've got other...More infantile outfits if you would like to check out.” Serena brushed her hair a bit, knowing that she had boxed the little into a situation that she couldn't control. Alice thought about her options. She could continue to object and disobey but she hated the way her sweats felt. Alice also took a look at the outside window to see nothing but dark grey skies and the whistling noises of the wind and rain coming through the cracks of the windows. “I can't exactly leave here, either.” Alice sighed and decided that it was better than what Jessie was wearing and headed into the hallway with the outfit. “Mama?” Jessie asked as she started to scratch her eyes. “Yes dear?” Serena asked as she turned her head to focus on her little. “Was that...Alice?” Jessie asked. “It sure was.” Serena replied as she headed to the kitchen. Jessie's eyes started to open even wider from the revelation that her close friend had finally come back to her. “Thank goodness these are not wet.” Alice stated as she looked over her panties after taking off her shoes and then her sweat pants and shirt. “I bet that bitch had this all planned out from the beginning.” Alice stated to herself she looked over the onesie and saw the zipper on the back to open it up. “God...This is humiliating.” Alice slowly put her legs into the outfit. Alice expected to feel awful but was actually surprised at how comfortable the inside of the material was. “If my parents saw me like this...I would commit suicide.” Alice put her arms through the onesie and then she slowly began to zip up the outfit from her back. After she finished zipping the outfit on. Alice took a glimpse of herself in a mirror near the door. “Just awful...It' even got a tail.” Alice slightly bent over so her butt was in full view. She noticed the puffy panda tail that was apart of the outfit. “This must be the area to make diaper changing much easier...So disgusting.” Alice noticed the snaps near the crotch area of the outfit. Before leaving, Alice noticed that the outfit also had a hoodie. Out of curiosity, she decided to put it over her head. She noticed the fluffy small ears that were attached to the hoodie of the onesie. “...I look like a damn furry!” Alice had a friend in high school that brought her to a convention that was filled with people that shared the interest in wearing animals costumes for fun or for pleasure and that was how she learned about the definition of the word, furry. With the exception of the front of her face, her entire body was covered by the onesie, even her hands and feet were no exception. “This is ridiculous.” Alice removed the hoodie part of the onesie and exited the bathroom. “My goodness. Aren't you just adorable!” Serena stated as she walked over to Alice as the little entered back into the living room. “Your the last person I want to hear that from.” Alice turned her attention to Jessie who was sucking on a bottle in her playpen. “Yo! Let me guess, your probably incapable of human speech, isn't that right, dumb ass?.” Alice stated as she sat back down on the couch. She felt very warm and secure with her new outfit but she would never admit it. “What the hell are you talking about? Of course I can talk, you dummy!” Jessie stated as she removed the bottle from her mouth. Alice's mouth was wide as it could be due to the sheer shock and awe that she was witnessing. “Jessie, your back to your normal self again!” Alice rushed over to the playpen. She wanted to give her longtime buddy a hug but due to the size of the playpen, she had no way of doing so. “Here...Let me help you in.” Serena quickly scooped Alice up by her arms and placed the girl into the playpen with Jessie. Alice gave Serena a look of frustration but decided it would not do any good and she turned her attention to her friend and quickly embraced her with a tight hug. Jessie was caught off guard at first but then countered with her own hug. “Now you two play nicely, while mommy cleans up in the kitchen. Oh and Jessie, no more bad words, okay!” “Serena stated as she exited to the kitchen. Okay, mommy.” Jessie replied as the two little's sat down to catch up on lost time. “It's so damn good to see you back to normal self compared to how you were, two days ago.” Alice stated with a smile. “What are you talking about? I've always been myself. Nothing has ever changed. In fact, I think it's you that has changed.” Jessie replied as she sucked down some of her juice in her bottle. “That's a good one, Jessie. But now's not the time for jokes. To tell you the truth, I've actually found a way to get myself out of this freaky dimension. I'm still working on a way to get you and Aura out of here. It's going to take some time but I won't let you two down.” Alice stated as she gave a v sign with her two fingers, indicting, victory. “What the heck are you going on about? I am home. You're acting weird.” Jessie stated as she some drool came down her chin. “HUH! THE FUCK?” Alice what a loss. She wasn't expecting such a response which caught her off guard. “Watch the potty language! I don't want mommy to get angry at us!” A loud crinkling noise could be heard from Jessie's diaper as she shifted her position of seating. “First off, this isn't your home...This is the twilight zone where all the weird crap goes on. And second … What's all this mommy bullshit. Your real mom is back in our dimension, probably freaking out that you haven't returned home.” Alice responded. “I have no idea what you are talking about. I only have one mommy and that's the mommy in the kitchen right now.” Jessie could feel her diaper becoming warmer as she relaxed herself and wet herself. Alice remembered what Tohru had told her about the influence of the Amazons and their ability to manipulate little's. “Wait just a moment...Are you telling me that you don't remember where we were over a week ago?” Alice asked as she started t look a bit worried. “My mind is a little fuzzy on that but I do remember that you, me, and Aura were about to graduate from preschool and we spent our free time in daycare if I remember correctly. “ Jessie stated. “Oh my god. It's actually that bad!...”Alice stated to herself as she sighed in disappointment. “What are you talking about? Did you go poopy in your diapy?” Jessie stated as she finished off her bottle. “Do you not remember that we got sucked into this dimension by accident and were being chased by a bunch of crazy ass Amazons? Alice was desperate to hope that Jessie had some recollection before she was captured by Serena. “Hmm...I remember that we got ourselves lost when we went on an adventure...But thankfully my mommy found me and brought me back home. I love her so much!” Jessie stated as she smiled gleefully. Alice cringed at how brainwashed her friend had become. “This is just messed up!” Alice stated in her mind as she watched her friend crawl over to some coloring books. “I bored with talking, let's do some coloring together!” Jessie stated with excitement as she grabbed some crayons near her and opened up a picture book near her. “This is far worse than I could have imagined.” Alice stated to herself as she got back onto her feet. “Just a moment. I need to have a talk with...Your dearest mommy.” Alice shuttered at saying that word. Alice tried to find a way to open the playpen but she couldn't find any switch and she had no way of climbing out since it was over seven feet tall. “HEY SERENA, I NEED TO SPEAK WITH YOU FOR A MOMENT!” Alice yelled out, hoping to get the Amazon's attention. Thankfully, her plea didn't fall on death ear as Serena entered the living room. “What is it? Do you need to go potty?”Serena replied in a babyish tone. “Of course not...I need to talk to you about Jessie. It's serious, alright!” Alice stated while placing her hands on her waist. “We will have plenty of time to talk about that subject, later...For now, you should spend some time with your friend and enjoy playtime together.” Serena gave off a wicked smile as she exited back into the kitchen. “That bitch! I can tell that she's enjoying every minute of this!” Alice stated silently as she clinched her fists. Alice! Help me with this drawing! It's a princess but I can't stay inside the lines!” Jessie whined, hoping to get her friends attention. “Hell...I truly am in hell.” Alice stated to herself as she walked back over to Jessie to assist her with the drawing, hoping that it would make the time go by faster. - - - - - - - - “Class, I would like introduce you to our newest student who also happens to be my adopted daughter. Her name is Aura. Please make her feel at home.” Amber stated as she held Aura near her chest on front of her students. “Hello Aura!” The whole class mixed with little's and Amazonian toddlers replied in union together. “This is so embarrassing!” Aura stated in her mind. She was wearing a dark purple dress and pink diaper that was fully exposed. She was comfortable wearing such attire around her mommy and Kyle but she wasn't prepared to be shown off to a bunch of strangers. Amber gently padded Aura's butt as she placed her inside the vast and large playpen where all her students were sitting. Aura could see that Kyle was sitting left of her which helped calm her down a bit. To her right, she saw a boy but he looked to be a bit taller and thicker looking “He must be a Amazonian toddler, just like Crystal.” Aura stated “Alright class, today I'm going to read you all a fairy tale story, so be sure to pay attention, because we are going to have a quiz on it and I'll be calling on some of you at random, to read your answers.” Amber stated as she handed out a paper and crayon to each student. “Looks like there is around a twenty of us. I thought it would be more...Thank goodness.” Aura stated to herself. Aura felt someone poking on her back. She turned to see a little with tan colored skin and long dark brown hair. “You must be the portal little that Kyle was talking about. My name is Shauna, pleased to meet you. I'm a native little from this city.” The girl stated with a smile. “Ugh...Thank you...It's a pleasure as well. My name is Aura...And ya...I'm not from around here.” Aura felt conflicted. Part of her, secretly enjoyed being in the Amazon's dimension but another part of her missed her family from her own dimension. Shauna noticed Aura's melancholy expression. “It's rough at first. Trust me, I would know. I had planned on going to a college for little's but the government shut down the institution and only gave us the option of either going to a reform school or place ourselves up for adoption at one the facilities. Of course I chose the latter. I didn't want to lose everything I knew about myself and to start over from scratch. Thankfully the mommy and daddy that chose to adopt me were super nice. They didn't forcefully baby me. It was a slow process but I eventually grew to enjoy and accept my new role as their daughter. Of course, diapers and bottle feedings were something that I had to get used too. I didn't like it at first but soon I grew accustomed to it just like breathing the fresh air.”Aura knew that Shauna was trying to get on friendly terms with her. “I appreciate it. It's been a rough couple days being here. By the way, your onesie is super cute!” Aura replied she looked at Shauna's outfit. It was dark green which covered her from her neck to her feet. “Thanks! My mommy is so thoughtful. I especially love when she takes me to the playground. It feels like that all my troubles and worries just float away. Is that the same with your mommy?” The native little asked. Aura blushed when she was asked. But the more she thought about it, the more she realized at how comforting it was when she was being nursed by Amber. “Hey Aura, Shauna...Pay attention!” Kyle stated as the two little's looked up at Amber to see that she was waiting for the two of them to quit talking. “Are we done?” Amber asked as she held a book with her right hand and took a seat on her desk. “Sorry teacher...I was just welcoming our new friend and classmate.” Shauna stated before quieting herself. “Sorry...Mommy.” Aura stated with hesitation. “That's okay. I'll allow it. Just no more talky until lunch time.” Amber replied as she opened the book. Aura looked at the paper in front of her. It was a simple pick your answer type of quiz. “I feel like I'm back in elementary school.” Aura stated in her mind . - - - - - - - - - Holy shit...It's only noon!?” Alice looked up at a clock near her. Boredom from coloring and playing with blocks even if it was with her close friend, it was not stimulating any excitement. “What's wrong Alice, you not having any fun?” Jessie stated as she continued to focus on building her castle with the toy blocks around her. “Was it really that obvious? Unbelievable! How can you possibly enjoy this crap?” Alice laid motionless on the carpet floor. She felt prisoner to the playpen that surrounded her. “It's lunch time you two. I bet your both starving.” Serena entered the living. Jessie crawled over to her mommy. The crinkling sound of her diaper made Alice sick to her stomach. “Did you two enjoy your playtime together?” Serena picked up Jessie and held her closely while patting her head. “I am, but I think Alice is being a grumpy head, she seems to be in a bad mood right now.” Jessie replied. “I'm sure she has her reasons.” Serena stated as she smirked at Alice before bringing her daughter into the kitchen and putting her into a high chair. “I wasn't counting on Jessie being this messed up in the head. That may prove to be a problem if I want to help her escape this place.” Alice looked up at the ceiling as he contemplated her possible options. “I bet your eager to get out of there.” Serena stated as she looked down at Alice. “I'm eager to get the hell out of this dimension!” Alice replied as she started to stand up. “I don't doubt that.” Serena quickly picked Alice up and out of the playpen and carried her into the kitchen. “You realize that I can walk, right?” Alice wanted to slug Serena in her jaw. “I know, but it's more fun this way.” Serena winked as she placed Alice into a high chair of her own and locked it into place. “What the hell!? Didn't you promise Tohru that you would treat me with the same respect that you would with her?” Alice struggled to free herself while Jessie watched on with curiosity. “To be exact...I only promised her that I wouldn't do anything to mentally or physically regress you. But if you continue to act up...I just may have to resort to such drastic actions.” Serena replied as she grabbed a bowl of macaroni and cheese and placed it on Jessie's table. “Thank you mommy! “Jessie wasted no time and grabbed a fork and began to chow down the food in front of her. “It's my pleasure, darling.” Serena replied as she placed a similar looking bowl in front of Alice. Alice felt her stomach rumbling, she knew that she was hungry but didn't want to give the Amazon that was in front of her the pleasure of her desperation. “Don't worry, this mac and cheese doesn't have anything in it that would regress you...But I could put some special cheese on it, if that is what you would like.” Serena enjoyed the control and power that she had over the distraught little. “No thanks.” Alice gave of an obvious forced smile as she took the fork in front of her and began to eat her food. “What the!? This is good...No it's damn good. I haven't had mac and cheese this tasty in forever.” Alice stated in her mind. Serena went over to fix herself a cup of coffee, she took a quick glimpse of how cute Alice looked as she sat in her high chair while wearing a onesie. The only thing that was missing was the diaper underneath it. “We can have our serious talk after lunch, okay Alice.” Serena stated as she waited for her coffee to cool off a bit. Alice nodded as she continued to scarf down the bowl of mac and cheese. “Mommy, it's still raining outside. Please make it stop. I wanna go exploring!” Jessie whimpered as she began to mess her diaper. “Be patient, darling. It won't last forever.” Serena went over and wiped the cheese that covered her daughters face. “Looks like my baby made a messy. Hurry up and finish and I'll get you changed into a nice fresh diapy!” Serena kissed Jessie on her nose. Alice looked on in disgust. “I'm finished. I've lost my appetite.” Alice put her fork down on the table. “Looks like you have enough for two more bites. Please be a good girl for your aunty and finish it off.” Serena pinched Alice on her cheek, causing the girl to seethe in anger. “Calm down, this is what she wants. If I get out of line, I'll end up just like Jessie.” Alice gritted her teeth as she finished off her meal after taking a few minutes to cool off. “You two have been so well behaved. I think that calls for a reward. But first, let's get you out of that stinky diapy!” Serena took Jessie out of her high chair and walked over to Alice's high chair. “I trust that you can help yourself out.” Serena stated as she removed the lock from the high chair. “Dear god, Jessie...Did you just actually shit yourself!” Alice pinched her nose as she hopped off the high chair. “I would rather be a stinky girl than one with a stinky mouth!” Jessie stuck her tongue out at Alice as they reentered the living room. Serena chuckled to herself at the response. “This is beyond fucked.” Alice quietly whispered to herself as she walked back into the living room. “Alice, can you be a dear and grab me a spare diaper in Jessie's nursery?” Serena stated as she laid out a blanket and placed her daughter onto it. “Are you for real?” Alice asked as she looked at Serena with utter disgust. Serena ignored her as she removed Jessie's diaper and began to wipe her away the mess she made. “Fine...”Alice decided to head into the hallway, The last thing she wanted to see, was her close friend being changed. “This must be it...Jesus...Talk about overdoing it!” Alice opened a door to see a nursery with pink colored walls and white colored furniture that would look adequate for a newborn baby...But for someone in their late teens, that was just pathetic. Alice thought. Alice saw a pair of diapers near a changing table. “Why the fuck doesn't she just change her in here?” Alice remembered that Serena was being a deceitful bitch, which explained her actions. “I don't know how much more of this I can take!” Alice grabbed one of the diapers and exited the nursery. “Who's a good girl?...Yes Yes...You are!”Serena was tickling Jessie on her bare stomach as Alice walked towards the couple in the living room. “Thank you Alice.” Serena replied as the redheaded little handed her the diaper. Alice made sure to not make any eye contact with Jessie. She already felt like she was going to throw up and she did not want to see anything that could make it worse. “Hey Alice...Aren't you going to get your diaper changed?” Jessie stated as Serena began to apply the tapes to her new diaper. Alice ignored her as she took a seat on the couch and looked out the window to see that the weather had not improved whatsoever. “Alice doesn't wear diapers, Jessie. She thinks that she is a big girl, isn't that funny?” Serena Gently helped Jessie onto her feet. “It is! Hehe. She likes playing pretend!” Serena picked up her adopted daughter and sat on the couch and placed the girl on her lap. “Are you ready for desert?” Serena stated as she started to take off her shirt. “Yes, mommy!” Jessie replied as she licked her lips. “WAIT A MOMENT! Your not going to do that nasty shit in front of me!” Alice hopped off the couch, preparing to walk away from the scene. “This is perfectly normal for both Amazons and little's. Besides, I thought we were going to have a serious discussion about my daughter, among other things.” Serena removed her bra. Jessie didn't waste a moment and opened her mouth and began to suck on Serena's right breast. “We can have this discussion later, when I'm not so repulsed.” Alice was about to head back into the kitchen. “Don't you want to know how long Jessie would remain under the influence of being regressed? I can tell you if you are still curious. Besides, they are plenty of things I would like to talk to you about. For example...About having my daughter return to the dimension that you two came from...” Alice turned her head in shock. “Is she being serious? I doubt it...But if she is giving the possibility of allowing Jessie to return to normal and go back to her family...I can't waste the chance!” Alice bit her lip as she walked back and sat on the couch, keeping herself distant from Serena, whom was nursing one of her closest friends. “So, how's Tohru? Hasn't she been lovely to be around?” Serena asked as she made herself more comfortable. “Why do you care? Besides, weren't we going to have a talk about giving my friend back to me.” Alice had a hard time showing her displeasure at seeing her friend being breast fed, right in front of her. “We will get to that. But I would like your personal opinion on Tohru. I've known her since my days when I was doing shady work for the wrong type of people. She really helped straightening me out when I was at my worst.” Serena stated. “She's been...Kind and supportive of me. Unlike every freaking Amazon in this damn dimension!” Alice crossed her arms together as she began to relax a bit more. “That's good to hear. To be perfectly honest, I haven't seen her so happy for over three years. You are like a blessing in disguise for that woman.” Serena replied. “What do you mean?” Alice was curious about knowing of Tohru's past. “Tohru is strong...However strength can only get you so far, especially with what happened a couple years ago.” Serena gently patted Jessie's head as she continued to nurse. “What happened to her?” Alice wanted to know about the mystery of Tohru's past. “I promised Tohru that I would not bring up the subject and I plan to honor her request...So if you want to know...You will need to ask her.” Alice's hopes were dashed when Serena refused to speak about it. “You really must really enjoy watching me suffer.” Alice replied as she put her head on the the armrest of the couch. “True, it's does give me some amusement. But it's also because you refuse to accept your role as a little.” Serena stated. “What I refuse, is to be babied and turned into a mindless drooling idiot!” Alice replied with anger. “That's just only a small part of it. The more important aspect, is the bonding experience between a Amazon and a little. Their truly is nothing like it. Even I'm surprised at how much I've grown to love Jessie. I'm so thankful to have her in my life.” Serena placed a rag on her shoulder as she started to pat Jessie's back, trying to help burp her. “The only reason that someone like Jessie is even putting up with it, is because she has been brainwashed by your Amazon voodoo crap! She would never put up with something like this if she were in the right mindset.” Alice retorted. “Perhaps...But you have to keep in mind that our breast milk only works in temporary regression. If she truly felt ill about her current upbringing, she would have said something to you...Did she bring anything like that up?” Serena asked. “Of course not! She's under the impression that you have always been her mom and that we had just graduated from preschool when in fact, we were about to graduate from high school! So don't try to act all high and mighty in front of me and make excuses!.” Alice responded. “Pity. I thought we could reach some sort of understanding. Then again, you are just a little that doesn't know what's best for you.” Serena started to exit the living room while holding her Jessie in her arms. “What about are conversation about giving my friend back to me? Alice yelled out. “Oh...About that. It was just an excuse so we could talk. I have no intentions of giving up my daughter.” Serena laughed as she brought Jessie into her nursery. “How much longer am I going to have to put up with this?” Alice's thoughts were on Tohru, hoping that she would back soon to free her from the confines of being babysat by her friend. “I'm fucking pissed.” Alice saw a remote laying on the coffee table and grabbed it. “I need something to distract me from this misery.” Alice fiddled with the remote and pressed the power button. Alice hopped back onto the couch as she tried to find a way to relax and not want to bash Serena's head in. “All right children, let's go and make some new friends!” A amazon woman replied while wearing an outfit that looked like something that would belong to a witch or a wizard. The children were all little's that were wearing nothing but their shirts and diapers as they followed the Amazon. “Just awful.” Alice was about to change the channel but shes stopped short of doing so as a relaxing melody began to play in the background of the show. Alice froze in place over the oddly relaxing sounds coming from the television. “My body...It's not wanting to move!” Any sense of anxiety that Alice was beginning to feel, was starting to diminish. “Is this, that hypnotizing crap!?” Alice tried to close her eyes but they were glued to the screen of the television. “No it can't be. I would be repulsed by this...I wonder what type of adventure they are going on?” Alice placed the remote next to her as she positioned herself to sit cross legged and allowed herself to be absorbed by the sights and sounds on the television. - - - - - - - - - - - “So Tohru, I heard that you adopted yourself a little of your own. How does it feel to a parent? Pretty exciting huh?” A co-worker stated as she entered the break room to see Tohru on a smoke break “It's...Different. I'm still trying to figure things out.” Tohru stated as she took a puff from her cigarette. “I'm surprised that you decided to not use your paternity leave. I guess taking a pay-cut was not on the cards.” The co-working replied as he lit up his own cigarette. “There are three things guaranteed in the world. Life, death, and bills...The latter is the worst.” Tohru chuckled to herself. “Tell me about it. At least on days like this we can unwind a bit. The weather is perfect to keep the work level at a minimum.” The co-worker looked outside the window to see the nonstop downpour. “I wonder what Alice is doing right now?” Tohru was interrupted from her daydreaming as the co-worker slapped her on the back. “So how long are you scheduled for your shift?” The co-worker asked. “It's around two right now. I'll be off around nine tonight.” Tohru responded as she looked at her watch. “Wow, you must really need the pay if you need to put in that much overtime. Don't push yourself, okay?” The co-worker replied as he put out his cigarette and exited the break room. Tohru waved back as she continued to wander about with her thoughts about Alice and her current relationship with her. - - - - - - - - - - - - After placing Jessie into her crib for her afternoon nap, Serena walked back into the living room to see the television on and that Alice was currently fixated on a program. “What's caught your interest?” Serena was curious to what Alice was focused on. She turned her head to see that she was watching. It was a learning show that educated little's on the power of friendship and happiness. Serena immediately knew that the program was one of the several shows that was not friendly to a little's mindset. The Amazon rushed over with the intent of changing the channel but at the last moment, she decided against it. “Perhaps, this would be for the best. A little regression wouldn't be so bad for her.” Serena smirked as she took a glimpse at Alice. The young redhead was so engrossed into the show that she didn't even realize that she was drooling a little bit. “I think I'll start the preparations for dinner.” Serena hummed a song to herself as she went into the kitchen. “That Amazon is so pretty and nice. Unlike that bully that's babysitting me!” Alice felt her body becoming warmer as she began to feel the effects of the hypnosis as her eyes continued to focus on the television screen.
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    Hi Everyone! In order to have more time to work on stories without it taking away from other things I need to do (stupid adulting!😫), I've decided I have no choice but to move my writing to Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/alex_bridges. It's only $3 a month, and that's less a Starbucks. Now, we all know what you're doing while you read this stuff 😳, and isn't AN ENTIRE MONTH of that worth more than a coffee (if you don't think so, you're doing it wrong!🤣). So as many do, I'll be posting new chapters here one week after they've posted on Patreon, beginning with Chapter 8. ________________ Prologue It was bad enough I was in trouble again. Hearing her tell her friend all about it over the phone just made it so much more humiliating as I stood with my nose in the corner. Nothing I ever did could delay a punishment, but a call from Kiley apparently could. I could hear her fine as she talked in the hallway. “Hey, Kiley! … O, nothing much. Just about to give that boy of mine a spanking … He just has an attitude today and took the wrong tone of voice with me; you know how he gets … He thinks he’s too old to be spanked, too, but you know how I feel about it: if he’s not too old to be in diapers, then he’s definitely not too old to go over my knee … Yeah, always over my knee … Because being spanked bent over is for big boys who wear big boy underwear … Haha, yeah, just like a little boy, but it’s like my mom used to say, a spanking doesn’t just stop for tears … Yeah, let’s do that this weekend … Anyway, I think I’ve kept him waiting long enough … Yeah, thanks … Bye bye.” I swallowed hard, knowing she was on her way down the hall now. I wanted to start crying already, though that never seemed to elicit the sympathy I hoped for, and anyway, I wanted to at least seem grown up and not like a kid. Just because my wife treats me like one sometimes doesn’t mean I am one. How did this happen anyway?
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    Well, I had a 15k word limit to work with. Stories like this are unrealistic, but I try my best to create as much realism with the characters as possible. It happened probably a bit faster then I would normally write my stories, but like I said, only 15k words I had, so I did what I could lol This is it everyone! The last chapter! This has been a really fun book to read! and I'm actually planning on releasing it into an ebook within the next week or so - with some extra content included! also there is a huge possibility for a sequel in the next few months! If you have enjoyed my writing and have a great story idea you want me to write - feel free to PM me or email me at [email protected]! ($3 per 500 words) Chapter Ten Jack wants to fight the urge, but he was unable too. Another 10 minutes go by of his stomach starting to ache, and he knows that it will be any minute before he releases the load into his diaper. His cheeks are a bright red; his whole body probably is at that point. He bites his lip as he turns and looks up at his Aunt that was lingering above him, still in her nurse outfit. He shifts his weight as he tries to press his legs together, but the thick diaper makes that almost impossible. He knows he will be in trouble in a few short minutes. “Come on baby girl, don’t hold it in, that’s not good for your tum tum.” She says in a whimsical voice as she leans forward and pats his bottom slightly, as she leans her breast almost pop out of her outfit, causing his erection to press against his diaper once more. Jack closes his eyes, unable to hold it back anymore. He could feel the mess slipping from his bottom and sliding into the back of his diaper with ease. He let out a small cry as he also began to wet his diaper as well; he can feel it swell between his legs to the point where he was afraid he was going to leak. “I’m done,” he whispers as he lowers his head in shame. “Good girl!” Aunt Jennifer says as she walks over and pulls the back of his diaper and begins to inspect how big of a mess he has left in it. “Oh, wow! What a stinky little girl! You filled the diaper to the brim! It’s going to take me a long time to clean you up!” Jack bites his lip harder as he nods his head, unable to find his voice at the moment. “Come on a pretty girl,” Aunt Jennifer says as she holds out a hand, “nurse Jenny will get you all cleaned up.” Walking was a bit difficult for him. The diaper sagged very low in-between his legs, to the point he was sure that if he moved too fast, it would slide down. He could also feel some parts begin to leak a little bit. He whimpers as he walks. “Aw, baby girl has such a full diaper! Don’t worry! We are almost there!” Aunt Jennifer coos as she leads him into his nursery and helps him on top of the changing table. Aunt Jennifer pulls the dress up, revealing the thick diaper that was in-between his legs. She waves her hand over her face. “Ohh what a stinky little girl we have!” He blushes and nods his head, shifting his weight as he looks over at his Aunt as she begins to undo the tabs on his diaper. He secretly feels himself grow excited with the thought, but the embarrassment is almost too much for him to handle. Before she pulls down the diaper though, Aunt Jennifer leans over and plops a pacifier right in his mouth; he instantly starts to suckle on it. She pulls down the diaper and reveals the sizeable stinky mess that he made in his diaper as well as his hard-on. She snickers a bit as she grabs a bunch of wipes. “This is going to take a while; you’re going to need a lot of wipes to clean you up!” His cheeks burn as he turns his head away from his Aunt, wishing she would hurry up and change him. He flinches a bit when he feels the coolness of the wipes hit him as his Aunt Jennifer begins to wipe him all down. She keeps speaking in soft words, teasing him whenever she wipes him. He watches as she places the used wipes in the dirty diaper. “We’re almost done baby girl!” She sings as she gives him a wink as she lifts his legs higher, causing him to feel even smaller as she continues to clean up his mess. He wrinkles his nose as the room fills with the stink of what he has just done. “There we go! I think you’re all clean now!” Aunt Jennifer says as she rolls up the bulky diaper and places it to the side. “Twhank youu, Ant Jennifer,” he speaks through the pacifier, which causes his words to become slurred. He giggles slightly as he turns his head away, trying to wrap his head around everything that happened. He lets out a gasp when he feels his Aunt grasping a hold of his penis, which was hard as a rock at that moment. “I should give you a little gift,” his Aunt said as she licked her lips, bringing her head down, “for being such a good little girl – I’ll suck on your clit and let you create another mess for me to clean up.” His eyes widen as he watches as she leans down and wraps her mouth around his dick, slowly lowering, making sure to lick it all up. He lets out a long moan as he tilts his head back, suckling on the pacifier hard now. It wasn’t like he was a virgin – he did have a girlfriend in high school that he did have sex with – but it was nothing like this. He has never touched the way she was touching him now. With her free hand, she was caressing his balls and the inside of his thigh. She would wrap her tongue around him, her lips kissing him. She starts slow, but then goes faster, but only slows down on him once again. It all causes him to go to the edge – but then he is brought back down. “Do you like that?” She asks as she lifts her head and watches him. He nods. “Such a naughty little girl,” Aunt Jennifer snickers, “first you make a huge mess in your diaper – and now you’re getting so excited by your aunt playing with you.” She lowers her head once more, taking her free hand and massaging his balls as she continues to lower her head down. She is so good at this, he keeps on moaning, biting the pacifier hard as he gets closer to the edge. “Do you want to cum little Jessica?” She asks. “Y-yes…please…” He whispers. “Well you’ve been such a good little girl, I think I’ll allow that.” She then went full force, not holding anything back – until he was unable to contain himself anymore and let out a loud grunt as he came, right in her mouth. Aunt Jennifer swallowed his juices, licking her lips. “Good girl. Now let’s get you all diapered up.” She then pulls another large thick diaper from the changing table and placing underneath his bare bottom. She then pulls out some baby powder and puts it quite thick upon his groin before taping up the diaper, patting it before pulling down the dress. “All done!” Aunt Jennifer says as she helps him off the changing table. “Thank you,” he says, having a hard time looking at her in the eye. “You have about two hours before bedtime,” Aunt Jennifer tells him, “so you may do what you want as I cook dinner.” He nods his head as he wiggles his way to his other bedroom, still trying to understand everything that is happening. He spends the next few hours gaming before he hears Aunt Jennifer calls him for dinner. They eat in almost complete silence. When they finish their meal, Aunt Jennifer gets up, grabs their plates, and places them in the sink. “Okay, little girl. It’s time to get you all tucked into your crib.” Jack blushes at that word; he had almost forgotten that he is supposed to be sleeping in a crib from now on. How embarrassing! He doesn’t oppose though, just nodding his head as he gets up and follows her to the nursery. Aunt Jennifer brings down the side of the crib so he can easily climb in. She pats his diapered bottom before tucking him in. “Nice and cozy?” She asks of him, and he nods his head. She smiles as she leans down and kisses his forehead before raising the bars of the crib. “Goodnight little Jessica.” “Good night, Aunt Jennifer.” He replies as he watches as she left the room, leaving him there with his thoughts, wondering what more would come his way.
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    I snuggle into my wife and latch onto her breast. She doesn't produce any milk anymore, but suckling on her never fails to send me to sleep. So much so, she can swap which boob I'm on without me even knowing. Apparently I get a bit grumpy when it's time to come off the boob, so she wants to get me a pacifier to pop in my mouth when she's had enough, that way I won't get all stroppy.
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    /// I skipped school the next day; I spent the entire day in my room taking mushrooms and dreaming about the girl with the water hair. And on the day after that, I'd just slipped the first little disc into my mouth when there was a knock on the door. Another knock. And another. And they rumbled like drums through the corridors of my house. When I got to my feet and made it to the front door, Angel was standing there. I tried to focus on her, but the corona from the outside light splashing against her body made it hard to stay fixated on her dazzling form. "Oh hey Aaangeelll…" I grinned and kissed the girl's lips. "Uh… hi.” I frowned a little and looked the disheveled boy over. He clearly hadn't done much with his appearance since the day I dropped him off here two days ago. "What's going on… oh. You're on mushrooms. I see." I sighed and let myself into the house, closing the door and slipping my shoes off, setting my backpack on the floor. That's fine then. "Just taking some time to think, Angel…" It was hard to be lucid enough to form a coherent sentence when all I wanted to do was play with her hair, so I reached into my pocket and put another mushroom between my lips, kissing the girl and slipping it into her mouth with a little smile. "Come fly with me?" I took her hand and led her through the mess that was my house, then up the hall into my bedroom which couldn't have been more different - it was immaculately clean, well decorated and such a contrast from the rest of the house. I closed the door and laid down on the bed, smiling. "I missed you… but I'm a bad girl… leading the boys on… breaking hearts. I gotta be not such a slut, Angel…" I sighed and pulled the mushroom from my mouth looking at it. "I needed someone to talk to today. Everyone's so strict on this 'we don't talk about her' rule. I can't even go to Linds anymore. But I guess this is a good substitute. Didn't think of it…" So I slid the mushroom back under my tongue and waited for the effects to kick in, lying myself down on Star's bed. "You can… talk to me…" I winced and tried to focus, tried to break free of the colors and the fluid movement of everything around Anna. She needed me. She came to talk to me and it was going to be about Juliet… but I was so lost, and soon she was lost too. I lay on my bed while my Angel flew around me, her lips kissing mine over and over and I tried to focus on what was important. Somewhere among my ride, I managed to scrawl down the word "HER" on a notepad that I kept next to my bed. I didn't know if I'd know what I meant when I came down, but it was all I could manage. "You're so fucking beautiful, Anna… I wish you were mine. I wish you wanted me. I wish you and I could be." My words seemed so damn melodic as I spoke and her hair rippled with color like the surface of oil. It really was what I'd needed. We kissed a lot, Star and me, and somewhere along the way our clothes were removed. We didn't have sex or anything, but they felt very restricting. Everything felt better without them. So when I blinked my eyes open in the dreary room underneath the blankets with Star and me both naked, I didn't freak out. I had all the memories of what had happened. I rolled over to face him, my left arm above the covers and the marks visible in the pale light. He looked like he was asleep too. Maybe I should find my clothes… /// My eyes crept open and I smiled at Anna as she looked around the room from her place beneath my covers. I knew I was naked. I knew she was, too. But it was whatever. We might well have been family, or two friends on opposite ends of the sexuality scale. "That was pretty fun…" I pulled her arm over me and cuddled closely, though my eyes couldn't help but focus on the marks. I wanted to ask, I wanted to know, but she'd told me as much as she wanted to. So we lay and we cuddled and I didn't say much of anything until I caught sight of my notepad and picked it up off the bedside. "Her…?" I frowned and looked up at Anna, trying to figure out what it meant. "I leave this notepad here in case I need to remind myself of something while I'm flying…" I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't remember you writing it…" I pulled some of the blanket down between Star and me so our naked bodies weren't touching and cuddled up to his chest, closing my eyes. "Don't get too used to this, Twinkie-winkie." "Uhhuh…" I looked at the paper for a few more minutes before a flash of realization hit and I looked up at Anna. "You came here to talk about her. About Juliet. Nobody else would talk to you because they're too afraid to bend your rule…" My eyes went back down to the notepad and I thought about what remarkable penmanship I had for someone who believed he was writing with an elephant trunk. "My rule?" I blinked my eyes, looking up at the boy beneath me. "You think it's my rule not to talk about her?" I half-smiled and put my head back down on his chest but shook it softly. "Regardless. It's a rule for a reason. And we won't be talking about it now either. Plus, I don't need to. The mushrooms cleared my head." Ironic. "You know, for a while I felt special. Like you could talk to me about something you couldn't talk to Linds about." I tried not to sound too hurt by the rescinding of her offer, but it was hard not to be. Still. Whatever. It's just. Whatever. If she wants to talk about it, she will and that's good enough and nothing more. "Glad I could help, anyway. Sorry I been off the map for a few days. Just had a lot to think about myself and I don't do so well at facing my issues. Running's easier. Or flying through the rings of Venus on an octopus." "Yeah… I understand what you mean." I sighed and climbed out of bed, doing my best to cover my naked body with the bedsheets. It felt weird being naked around him knowing we hadn't done anything… I slid my bra on first and then my panties. I was less self-conscious after that and walked across the room to grab my jeans, then my shirt from the bedside table. Still had to find my jacket though… "You gonna tell me why you hurt yourself, Anna?" I hadn't gotten up, I was still naked beneath the covers and I rolled over to look at the wall away from the girl as she got dressed, "We all have our demons, but part of you wants to share yours with me. I don't have many of my own, so maybe I've got the room to spare. Who can say?" I put on a small smile and looked at my arm. There were eight quarter-inch wide burns in strips about an inch in length going up my arms. They were parallel in pairs. Two, two, two, two. I sat down on the bed, having not found my jacket, and fingered each of the marks. They were very severe burns… "Can't talk about it…" But I repeated it more like a line in a book than one I firmly believed in. "You can talk about anything you want, as long as you trust who you're talking to. Figure if you can trust me not to take advantage of you when we trip, or not to get too attached to you when we make out, there's a pretty good precedent to trust me with your demons." I made a note to make sure it was the last bit of convincing I did for today; if she didn't bite then she didn't bite and she wouldn't need to talk to me. It was really as simple as that. I'd offered, I'd done what a good friend should - despite the fact I felt like anything but a good friend after the shit that went down with Cho. Honestly, that kid was chiefly the reason I was avoiding school. "Rules are rules for a reason, Twinkle." I pulled the jacket up out from under the bed in a moment of recollected memory and slid it over my arms, zipping it up half-way. Then I found my place back on Star's bed, looking with him at the ceiling. I should go soon. My parents were going to be pissed. "Who's rules, Anna? Because they're not your rules. And you never struck me as the rule-following type. You skip school, you smoke, you drive above the speed limit, you do mushrooms when your parents aren't home and you coerce school friends to skip studying to go on afternoon dates. Why this rule? Why now? Who's rule is it…?" Well. So much for my being content to leave things be. "Everyone's rule." I looked at the ceiling with a small pout, closing my eyes shortly after. "They think it's best. And it's been working. Why should I complain? I'm putting everyone out enough already. If they can fix things just by blacklisting her…" I quickly got up out of the bed and forced a small smile. "It's late, Twinkle. I gotta go." "I'm not everyone else. I think gay porn is hot, but I like girls. I paint one nail on my hands. Just one. I live in a run down house but keep my bedroom clinically clean. I love poetry but think math is sexier. I know more about women's shoes than any guy should have the right to, and I don't care if my one real friend wants to unload her entire past, present, and future on me. I'm not everyone else. If they shut you out, that's their loss. But I didn't. So just remember that. Remember that I'm different." I got up out of bed and looked around for some underpants so I could walk Anna to the front door. I left before Star could chase me out of the house. That was a mistake, Anna. You shouldn't be saying things like that. You shouldn't be talking about her or things could get bad again. Is that really what you want? But I stopped halfway to my car, turning back to the house. That boy really did care… I just wish he could understand… /// I managed to get to the front door before she got in her car, but I didn't go any further than that. I stood there in my jeans and nothing else, smiling as she stared back at me. I didn't say anything, though. She wanted to go. She wanted me to drop the topic. So I said nothing. I just stood there, and I smiled, and I waved as she opened the drivers side door. Nobody should have to carry the weight that girl carried. I just wished she'd share it. I could hear my siblings in the living room crooning about the girl I'd had over, and my parents were nowhere to be found as usual. But in that moment, the doorway was my world. It was such a stupid thing to do, but I closed my car door and walked briskly back up to the porch and grabbed Star's face with both my hands and kissed him hard. I was trembling by the time I pulled away, shaking my head over and over. "No questions, okay? No anything… just let us be us for a while… okay…?" It had been the last thing I'd expected; she'd come down from the trip and we'd talked and that was that and the topic was done. The weight was hers alone to carry. And yet she hadn't walked away… she'd come back. The short girl looked tortured as her glossed lips pulled away from mine and her directions were plain and simple. Concise. So very like her - so very like the day we'd first met. I pulled her into my arms and ushered her back into the house, but by the time we were in my bedroom, Anna was trembling. "Hey Angel, it's alright. Hey…" I sat her down on my bed and pulled my comforter up over her shoulders, wrapping it around the lithe girls body. I pulled Star down onto his bed with me, covering us both up and kissing him over and over while my fingertips danced up his side. I shouldn't be doing this… I knew I shouldn't. But I didn't stop. "Star, I…" I shook my head and kissed him again. Fuck all this thinking. It was like an encore to the feelings we'd shared as our broken minds had come into sync during our most recent trip; the haze still tugged at the edges of my mind but compared to the rainbows we'd wrapped one another in while flying, I was lucid as a priest. Her hands danced up my sides and I realized what it was to know Anna's affections without any other influence. My own hands found soft skin beneath her top, my nails raked softly and I could feel my own cheeks matching the heat that emanated from Anna's entire form. "I understand why patience is a virtue now…" I pulled my top off over my head and tossed it off Star's bed. Kissing went on quite the same, though. I still had a bra on so there was little adventure for him and, well, boys didn't have much going on in this area. I finally paused though - the thoughts I'd been running from finally catching up to me. I rested my head on Star's chest and closed my eyes. "Hey, doll… I gotta know something. The way I am, like this… when we kiss and stuff. Do you like this part of me? Do you like it more than when we talk at lunchtime?" I knew it would seem like such an arbitrary question to him, but I could explain. I just needed an answer. The words flowed easily from my lips as her words reverberated through my chest. "At school, at lunch time, around everybody else? You put up a facade." I considered my choice of wording, then continued. "We all do. You know me, I make light of my shitty home-life and obsess over my parents. But that's only the mask. Only because I have an an image to uphold. But when I have you alone this way, Angel… it's different. When it's just us, we both just relax and let things flow. The way things flow when we do mushrooms together." I guessed it hadn't really been much to answer her question, but I couldn't be much more detailed. I smiled a little to myself and kissed his bare chest once before resting my head on it again. A facade, huh? "And which would you prefer - to do mushrooms with me or share cookies with me?” No facade there. No friends. Those two things were always just us. It was another easy answer, though the question had seemed so very arbitrary. "Mushrooms." I thought maybe that would be enough of an answer, but immediately volunteered more. "You just seem so fluid, so spirited when we're doing mushrooms. I love that. I've never done them with anybody else and I get why my Mom and Dad only do them with each other." "There are a lot of things I don't like about myself, doll. A lot. And I was just wondering how many of your thoughts matched up with mine." I crawled up on top of the boy beneath me and kissed his lips again. "You got a perfect score, if you were curious." I kissed him again and cut the event short, closing my eyes and collecting my thoughts. "But there's… something else I want to ask, okay? And if you say no, that's an acceptable response. But I want to know if you love me or not." It wasn't a word I'd figured I'd be using this early in life - those people who said it with every boyfriend and girlfriend in grade school just made those three words mean so much less. Like when you suck away the sour on a Warhead - the candy is still there and likewise the word is, too. But what made it special is gone. I didn't want my special candy to be ordinary. She was waiting for an answer and I didn't have a yes or no. So I did what I always do… I babbled. "If love is feeling your chest tighten a bit when someone walks by. If it's longing for them to be there whenever you look at the sky. If day dreaming about the future with that person makes you smile and you trust them with everything when you reflect on the past. If love is wishing everything else would go away so you can just fly with that one person…?" I thought for a moment and looked up into Anna's eyes. "I don't know what love is. Not like in books. But I do know what that is. And I feel that with you. Is that love, Angel?" I sighed with a small smile and opened my eyes. "One of the things I simply adore about you, Star, is the way you can make a very simple question into something incredibly complicated." I leaned in and gave the boy another kiss before grabbing his hand in mine and running it up my bare stomach. "But I accept your round-a-bout answer nonetheless." I kissed him again, and after that there wasn't much talking. My bra was only on long enough for an unskilled high school boy to unhook it. My jeans were on only as long as it took the same unskilled boy to determine it was what I wanted. And by the end of our awkward dance - and when I say awkward, I meant for him as I would sit there and laugh to myself whenever he thought he was doing something wrong - we were both stripped of all our clothes. But our kisses were only more passionate, despite the passing of time. I felt like a preschooler suddenly given access to every crayon color in the known universe after having been limited to the same five-color pack of crayons for my entire life. Everything was new. Everything was bright. These moments had within them the same sensation of flying above my dreary life that getting high did, only there was nothing hallucinated now. Everything was real. We lay naked in each others embrace and fingers ran up my back while I mirrored the same, my lips kissed hers and I could feel myself pressing against her thigh. My mind raced with fears and worries; what if she didn't want me? What if I accidentally strayed too close and started a chain reaction. What if all she wanted was naked cuddles and not sex? Fuck it. Fuck all of those stupid thoughts. "I'm not so sure what I'm doing, Angel. But for you I'd do it forever." It was my first time too. Luckily, though, both Star and myself were well versed enough in pornography to understand the basics. He was also a smart enough boy to own condoms, despite his lack of sex life. It was awkward at first - this time for both of us because his tendency to slip out of my body was a little obnoxious - but fuck, when things actually started… /// “You… have siblings here… and we… made… lots of noise…" I wasn't moving for a while - I was sure of that. I was on my back now, Star beside me. My hands laced together with his. So that’s sex… With a sly little smile spread across my lips, I shrugged my shoulders and considered Sunray and Moonbeam. "They probably thought this is what we were doing earlier. You're pretty noisy when we're on mushrooms, though it's like a latin choir: lots of noise but nobody has any idea what's being said." My witty comments were really only because I couldn't think of any way to express what had just happened. It had seemed so weird, so awkward, so cumbersome and then… everything just worked. Everything felt fluid. Like we were flying. My arm laced around the girl's shoulder and I pulled her to cuddle against my chest, her own sweat-slicked skin sticking to my mine. Sex was better than any words could try to explain. Or maybe it was just sex with Anna. My Anna. I laid there for a long time. It was dark out when I left earlier. Fuck, Chloe might've already sent out a search party. I knew I had to get home. I knew this had to end. And I knew I had to be the one to make it. I finally sat up on my elbows and dressed myself in complete silence. I had something to say, but I didn't want the awkward wait after I'd said it. I wanted to just leave. So when I finally put all my clothes on I turned back to the naked boy on the bed with a sincere, sorrowful smile. "Star… tonight was for us, okay? I need you to never talk about it again. Ever. It's just for us. And it might never happen again. So treasure it, alright?" Girls in books would often talk about the way a boy changes after sex - that his priorities altered in a heartbeat and everything that seemed so important to him no longer meant a thing. Anna proved in that moment that the phenomenon wasn't limited to those in possession of a penis. But I forced a smile and pulled my pajama pants up, walking with Anna to the front door of our house. Standing there without my top on was a strange sense of deja vu; that I'd been here before. I wanted to reach out and kiss her. Wanted to tell her that maybe I knew now the answer to her earlier question. But I didn't do any of that. "See you tomorrow, Angel."
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    “Come onnnnnn," I whimpered. "I have schoolwork." "School's for losers!" "Then I'm a loser." "Please! Just for dinner? It could be a date?" "Yeah, and what about him?" Linds pointed to Star. "We can bring Cho. A double gay date!" Linds rolled her eyes and shrugged. "Fine. But only dinner." "Kickass." I… what? Something about dating Cho? I frowned and looked up from my cookie, making it a point to stay more in touch with the conversations going on around me. Stupid cookie devotion. "I'm dating Cho now? Alright. But only if he's the boy. No point in being queer if I'm just going to do the same stuff I'd do with a girl." I still had no idea what I'd been volunteered for, but I still had half a cookie so I guess it didn't really matter. Not until I finished it, anyway. "So… what's going on…?" "Double date tonight. You're with Cho and Linds is going with me. We're gonna hit a diner on the edge of town. But Linds has schoolwork so we won't be out long." School was less interesting after that. Cho, Linds, and Star met me at my car after classes. Linds got shotgun. Cho decided to use this date to his advantage, though, sitting as close to Star as possible. Cho put his head on my shoulder - he was Asian, so I was taller - so I shrugged and went along with it as Linds and Anna chatted with each other in the front seat. "So. Never dated a boy before. Anything I should know? I mean, I know a lot from porn stuff, but not on the dating side of things. Like, who opens the door for whom? And who orders? Man, dynamics. I wonder how Anna's moms handle it." Cho was a little close, but it seemed to make him happy and it didn't make me unhappy, so I just went with it. "Man, you talk a lot." Cho pouted a bit and cuddled closer. "Oh, back off him, Cho." He only pouted more and shifted back into his seat, buckling the seat belt before I pulled out onto the main street. "If you don't set boundaries, he's gonna be all over you," I warned Star. “I don’t think enough. If I thought more, I'd talk less." I didn't mind the affection, really; if it made someone else happy I didn't feel as though I had the right to complain. Cho kept cuddling up and making sly little advances, so I figured I could just save us both some time and sate his curiosity if I just cut to the chase. So I pinned the small Korean boy down to the backseat and kissed his lips once, then twice, and then sat back up with a little smile. He stayed laying down looking lost in a daze and I felt particularly proud of myself. "Boundaries set." Linds looked a little astonished but I certainly didn't. I only smiled and pulled into the parking lot of the diner, parking the car and killing the engine. Cho was just sitting up, still in a daze, and I climbed out of the car and the others followed. Cho was very slow though. Poor boy. "Looks like you've found yourself a boyfriend," I smiled up at Star with a giddy smile. "I don't do boys. I'm not gay." I shrugged casually and waited for Cho to get out of the car, helping him to his feet and closing the door behind him, "So what is this place? Do they do potato skins? I fucking love potato skins." Of course I would've eaten just about anything when it meant I didn't have to pay for it, and whenever I was with Anna is was pretty much assumed I wouldn't be paying. "Just a diner. And I think they do potato skins." I looked and Linds and she nodded. "Yup, they do." We walked inside, where we had the luxury of seating ourselves. That was one of my favorite things about diners instead of restaurants. We picked a booth in the corner and I sat next to Star, Linds across from me. The waitress came over and we ordered. I had chicken strips and Linds had a salad. Cho ordered only a basket of fries. Cho kept playing with my feet with his and smiling coyly across the table. "You know, I bet with a bit of eyeliner and lipgloss we could make Cho into a girl. Some boys are just that pretty, huh?" "You think I'm pretty?" He kept smiling at me and I shrugged. "Well, yeah, you fit right in with Angel and Linds," My gaze shifted to the TV on the far wall and I tried to figure out what was on. When you don't get any TV at home, you don't really get a good sense of what you're watching when you do see one. "Gonna use the bathroom. Be right back." "Oh! I'll go!" So I climbed out from the booth and followed Linds down the hallway. She was a bit hard to keep up with because she was so much taller than me. That left Cho and Star alone. "So… you still chasing Anna?" The boy was a little disappointed in the topic, but he wasn't stupid. "I dunno, what do you think I should do?" It seemed odd asking for advice about a girl from a boy who dug me, but Cho was all I had right now. "I mean, I know she's not interested in me. But you probably know I'm not that interested in you, either. So why do we do it? Why do we put ourselves through the wringer for something we can't have?" It was more a philosophical question than a literal one and I pondered it for a few more moments. "You know. If I were gay, Cho? I'd date the shit out of you. You're fucking beautiful. Wanna make out until they get back?" He shook his head and smiled brightly. It was genuine too. "No thanks. I'll hold out for someone who actually wants me. I suggest you do the same." And the small Korean boy went back to blowing bubbles in his chocolate milk. Linds and I sat back down and I looked over at the two boys. Cho seemed more lively now, but Star a little crestfallen. "You okay, Twinkie-winkie?" "I'm gonna go get some air, feeling a bit queazy." I smiled a smile that was nowhere near as genuine as Cho's was and excused myself. I went to the front of the diner and stepped outside in the chilled afternoon air. Maybe Cho was right. Maybe I shouldn't be so interested in Anna. Maybe she was trouble. But that amount of trouble was so damn interesting… she was like a well written novella and I wanted to know so much more. "Hey - you alright? It's getting cold out here you know…" I stepped out after Star and stood next to him, staring at the parking lot in the afternoon sun. Somehow, despite the brilliant blue sky, today was very cold. I guess that's what October felt like. "Just thinking. You know. Stupid stuff. And I only talk so much because I think so little, so if I get thoughtful it means I wind up quiet and awkward." I pulled myself up onto a bike-rack and looked down at Anna with a solemn smile. "I think I hurt Cho. I didn't mean to. I just wanted to give him what he wanted, but I guess he figured that I don't want him and he got pouty." Actually, it seemed like Cho was happier after I'd told him. Weird kid. "Got a lot on my mind, that's all." I stood in front of the bike rack and smiled up at the boy. "Sometimes people need to get quiet and awkward. Not everything can be expressed with words, Twinkle. And Cho will bounce back. But I told you from the start. Set boundaries. Because if you let someone think something can happen when it can't, you're only going to hurt them in the end." I considered that for a few moments, and then asked, "You mean like when you told me I shouldn't think of myself as your boyfriend?" Her words did resonate in my head when she spoke about boundaries. She'd done her part. So why was I such a bad listener? Why did I want her so badly, anyway? I just didn't get it. Fuck. Maybe Cho's right. Maybe I shouldn't keep thinking there's a chance. "Exactly." I kissed his cheek and held his hand only to let it go a moment later. "Come inside when you're ready. I'll order some extra potato skins for you, alright?" And I went back inside. Our food had arrived so I sat down and started eating my chicken, dipping it in barbecue sauce as I went along. "He alright?" I nodded at Linds. "He just wanted time to think." /// Part of me just wanted to get up and go home, but it would've been rude to do so and I was a lot of things, but I wasn't rude. So after a few more minutes in the cold I forced a little smile and wandered back inside, taking my seat next to Anna and putting my foot up beneath the table to rest coyly on Cho's crotch. "Potato skins are god's true gift to women." I picked up one of the little vessels of deliciousness and my painted thumb shined in the light as I brought it to my lips. Cho's cheeks lit up like Christmas tree lights and I looked over at him, then Star, and went back to my chicken fingers. We spent all of the afternoon and some of the evening there chatting, despite what I'd told Linds about being able to study. But by the time my parents were supposed to be home I sent a quick text from my phone explaining the situation, then turned back to my friends. I spent most of the time we were there with my foot between Cho's legs; we were the outer pair on the table so it was probably pretty evident to anybody who looked our way, but he was a nice kid and he deserved a little reward for putting up with my crap. It's not like the girls knew, anyway, and despite Cho's bloodshot cheeks, my own composure was perfectly calm. "Look, I just don't see the issue. If someone wants to do drugs, it's their choice. Even if it fucks them up." Linds had been leading the conversation about deadbeat addicts and I was playing devil’s advocate. "Yeah, but look at you, Star. Your parents named you Twinkle. You really think addicts should have kids?" "Well I wouldn't be here if they hadn't." "Case and point.” Linds smiled and I rolled my eyes, though I couldn't help but smile too. I pushed Star off to the side and I saw Cho jump at the action. I blinked in confusion and shoved Star again until he moved off the booth. I climbed up with my purse and smiled at the table. "I'm gonna go pay. You guys leave tip. Be right back." And I departed, leaving Linds to put a tip on the table. Cho didn't bother. "One day, I'll come back to places like this with actual money and tip." Linds shook her head and left enough for the four of us and we stood up. Well, I did. Cho was a lot slower off the mark, standing up with scarlet cheeks and a sizable lump in his pants. Wow. Impressive for a Korean boy. Linds followed and I took Cho's hand in mine, leading the dazed boy to the counter. "I want a Twinkie. But I think that would make me a cannibal…" I paid the cashier at the front and my three friends met me at the counter, Star talking about Twinkies. Then a thought sprung through my head. Like a magical eureka moment, when some dude discovered electricity or how atoms work. “We're the Teletubies!" I smiled excitedly at my friends. "Twinkie-winkie. Lindsay. Anna. Cho." My friends looked at me incredulously, like I’d just said the stupidest thing in the world. I pouted and crossed my arms. "Well… it's true!" I led the way outside, opening up my car and waiting for everyone to pile in. Linds had shotgun again. "…I really need to figure out what the fuck a Teletubby is…" Linds had explained, briefly, but I got the notion by the looks that Cho and Linds gave that it wasn't a compliment to be compared to them. I lay down in the back-seat and put my head on Cho's lap, cuddling up to get comfortable as I looked at the ceiling of the car. "We should do this more often, Angel. I like not having to go home after school. Home sucks balls." The small Korean boy played with Star's hair and I sighed and smiled a little. Maybe he would find happiness… "Yeah. The Teletubby group. That's what we'll call it." "Please don't call it that…" "Come on! It can't be coincidence that those are our names!" "Yeah, but I have to be the one that looks like he has a penis on his head." I laughed and so did Cho. Linds wasn't amused though. I drove Linds home first, letting her out of the front seat. No one claimed it though. I would occasionally look back at the two boys in the back seat. /// Sleep must have found me somewhere long the line because when I opened my eyes, everybody else was gone and Anna was leaning over my head from the opened door of the car. It took a few moments to realize that was why she was upside down. "Oh.. hey. Did I fall asleep? Fuck. I'm sorry. I didn't say goodbye to Cho…" I rubbed my eyes and squeezed them tight a few times to try and clear my head. "How long have I been asleep?" "Not sure. Maybe fifteen minutes. Cho said bye though." I climbed into the back seat of my car next to Star, pulling the door closed behind me as he sat up. "Hey. I just wanna talk a minute before you go. We're at your house now, I just… how do you feel about Cho? I'm just wondering." I wasn’t jealous. I swear. "He's a sweet kid. Being a gay boy is kinda hard at school, I bet - lesbians get all this affection but queer boys just get beat up. So I guess he's brave. It'll pay off - he'll find someone. He's far from the only queer kid at our school. You saw those two boys making out the other day. Anyway, I think he's a sweetheart." I rubbed my eyes and sat up next to Anna with a little smile. "You think he'll find someone? I guess everyone does in time. I might not, though; I think the only girl in the world who'd handle my quirks has her interests focused elsewhere. It's a shame." I took a deep breath and talked as sternly as I could. "Listen, if you don't like Cho please don't lead him on, okay? You know how hard it is to be openly gay at school. He doesn't need all the conflicting feelings. So just… cut it out." I looked at Star just a few feet away from me. He looked quite taken-aback by my comment, though. "…yeah. I get it." I opened the door and stepped out of the car, walking up to the front step of my house without looking back.
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    Part 14 School Life With everything packed away and me in Jazz’s arms we were off and out the door, in the hall there weren't many people still in the hall I guess that most of them had already gone to their classes “So where are you kidnapping me too?” I asked while looking at the various notices and scenery “First of all I’m not kidnapping you I’m simply looking after you, secondly I thought I would bring you to the library with me” “And do what?” I asked since my question wasn't really answered “I don't know, maybe you could help me study…” “I tried following that first class nah... can't help” “Then maybe you could draw me or your mommy some pretty pictures” “Been doing that since you left” I knew I wasn't making this easy on the girl but meh I don't know her “Ok then… I’m sure we can find something to do when we get there.” I don't know why I was making it harder on the girl I had been in a similar situation before but my charge couldn't talk very well… or rather only knew a handful of words, I would think that being asked to look after an adult that is expected to act like a child would be a lot harder but if my random questions I asked as we walked was annoying Jazz she did well not to let it show “Here we are this is the library” said Jazz as we passed through the double doors “It's small” I said in a little bit of shock with how big everything else was in comparison to my size I expected the library to be bigger instead it had a dozen or so rows of shelves, a row of computer terminals and a reading corner, the lady at the desk glared at us probably from my comment, Jazz just ignored the glare and walked over to the reading corner and lowered me onto a cushy bean bag chair “Comfy” I said and wiggled around making as much noise as I could before getting myself settled “I’m glad you like it now what to do with you...” Jazz tapped her chin for a moment then snapped her fingers together “I know” she immediately dropped both bags to the floor and rummaged through her own till she pulled out a rectangular rounded boxish thing “Is that…” I started and looked at the device in her hand “Now I only share this with Littles that are good…” I continued to stare at the device and there was no doubt about it now, it looked almost exactly like a Nintendo Switch from back in my world I would have killed for one “Are you good?” she asked and I immediately nodded, she chuckled at my enthusiastic response “Ok then here you go” and she handed the device to me “Do you need me to show you how it works?” I shook my head “No thank you I’ll figure it out” “How very polite” with that she too settled in a bean bag and pulled out some papers. I fiddled with the switch for a few seconds before turning the thing on and jumped through menus like I had been using it for years, finally I found the game Zelda darn I was hoping she had a Mario game but hey Zelda will do, I booted up the game and started to play. “Jazz there you are” I looked up from my game to see three other girls walking towards Jazz and myself “We were wondering where you got to” “Whos Little?” asked another of the girls “This is Emy, Miss Miller asked me to look after her for a bit” replied Jazz “Emy meet Jenny, Mel and Ella"I clicked them a quick wave and continued playing my game, two of them took a beanbag each next to me while the other remained standing "Whatcha playing?"asked the girl called Mel "Zelda" I replied simply "Did your mummy get you that?" "No, it's Jazz's" I replied nodding my head towards Jazz "Well aren't you lucky she doesn't give that to just anyone" Yea right I thought she probably gives it to anyone she wants to be quite, it did get me thinking about how much Amazon's play games, I took a quick scan of the room and not a single person was goofing off "Oh no I think your character died" I turned back to the screen and sure enough she was right, I let out a sigh and turned off the game "If your done we could do your nails if you like" said Ella the girl on my other side "What… why?" I asked confused "Don't you want to look pretty, we could do your hair too" "Go get a doll to play with" I said a bit more rudely than I intended and flicked the Switch back on "Emy that wasn't nice" I looked over to see Jazz had stopped talking to Jenny to chastise me "Apologize or you won't be aloud to play your game anymore" "But I don't want my nails and hair played with" "That's fine but be polite about it" I rolled my eyes and handed back the Switch "Emy you don't have too…" I cut her off "I'm done with it anyway… and sorry I guess" Jazz seemed both happy and confused "Come on Emy I have pink for you" said Mel pulling out a bottle of pink nail polish "Why does everyone think that I like pink" I muttered just loud enough for her to hear me "How about one that changes colour with your mood" my ears perked up at this "It's not just that one that changes with body temperature is it?" I asked a little more curiously, the two closest girls chuckled "Nope this is the real deal" I thought about it for a moment and came to a decision "Alright" I answered "Excellent come sit with me" said Ella patting her lap "Why?" I asked confused why Ella wanted me to sit with her when Mel was the one with the bottle of nail polish "So you will be closer to Mel's height silly" right that made sense, I moved over onto Ella's lap which did make me higher to Mel who had taken my old beanbag "Right which hand first?" Asked Mel as she fished out another bottle which read "Little rainbows", I offered my right hand and Mel set to work. Turns out Ella had another reason for me to sit on her lap and that was so she could play with my hair "If I'm going to be your doll can I ask you a couple of questions?" "Sure thing" replied Mel "What's the whole deal with Amazon's wanting the Little they live with calling them mommy and stuff" the memory of calling Rose mommy had been drifting through my head every now and again all day "Because they are your caregiver" answered Ella in a soft voice "Try to see it from my end though, I have a family back home, I was just about to finish school so I might even be older than you then I get brought to this strange place, forced to wet myself and start living with someone who wants me to call them mommy, I swear it's like I'm losing all control of my life" They were silent for a moment then Mel spoke up “If anything I think you have gained control, yes you have sacrificed somethings but you have gained more than you have lost” I looked at Mel as she stopped painting my nails while speaking “How so?” I asked not believing her “Well when's the last time you have cooked?” “Before I got to this dimension” “When you ask for something from your caregiver what happens?” I thought back for a moment “Rose usually tries to help me either get it or close too” Mel smirked “Well sounds to me like you have your own personal slave but let's continue for the sake of argument, have you called Rose mommy yet?” I turned my head away not wanting to look at her for the answer “Yes” I replied slowly “And did you notice any difference after wards?” “Well I was mostly asleep when I said it but now that you mention it…” I thought about this morning and how happy Rose was, could that have been just from me calling her mommy? “She did seem happier” Mel grinned at me “Next time you want something call her by her name and if you don't get your way…” Mel did some air quotes with her hands “Accidently call her mommy and see what happens” “What if I can't say the word” it just seemed like I was betraying my own mother somehow “Don't think of it as referring to your own mother but as another name for Rose” I noticed Jazz looked up from the papers she was sharing with Jenny, she must have been listening in “Mel what are you teaching my charge?” asked Jazz with a frown “Nothing just girl talk” Replied Mel with a smile and she resumed the painting “So you think it's like a magic word to get my way?” Mel shrugged “Something like that, look all I’m saying is that I would trade with you any day our work is so hard” From the corner of my eye I could see Ella shaking her head “Ok yeah maybe not but you do have it better than you think” Corrected Mel, apart from Jazz and Jenny's whispered conversations the room was silent as I thought about what Mel had been saying “That still doesn't answer my question of why your lot like to be called that” Mel shrugged again “Genetics I guess but I like big sister instead of mommy” I rolled my eyes “I’m sure that will change if you ever get a Little” Mel bobbed her head “You might be right but for now how did your big sis do?” Mel nodded down to my now free hand and I looked down at my nails which was a cloudy white “Can't say I’m all that impressed” I shrugged, I immediately felt my arm being pinched “Ow what was that for?” I glared at Mel and rubbed my arm “Look” replied Mel and she nodded at my free hand, the nails had gone to a deep red and right before my eyes they were changing from red to blue with sparkles “That is so cool” I nearly squealed in delight “Glad you like it” smiled Mel “And… I’m finished to” stated Ella, in moments a compact mirror was brought before me and I could see that Ella had changed my pony tail to twin braids that joined at the back “Just as cool right?” she asked, I frowned because to me it didn't look that good “It's good I guess” Mel snorted with laughter “Don't worry Ella it's just because she hasn't seen the rainbow nails before” “Yea that's it” I added quickly seeing my way out and the two girls chuckled. I continued talking with Mel and Ella till lunch and was always amazed how the nail polish would change colours with even the slightest change in mood, the bell rang right on twelve “Lunch time” said Mel as she started getting up Jazz and Jenny were packing up their books and papers “Are you going to join us little Emy?” asked Mel “I’m not little you're just too tall” I said getting to my own feet “Emy will be coming with me” said Jazz walking over to us “That sounds great what do you like to eat” “Hold up Mel I said Emy is coming with me” “And your going to lunch right?” questioned Mel “After I find miss Miller to return Emy” Mel looked like someone had just taken her favorite toy from her “You don't have to give her back straight away do you?” what am I a book? “I was told to return her at lunch” “Then it's settled we can find miss Miller towards the end of lunch” I was starting to like Mel and Ella so i wanted to spend lunch with them “Gwen won't mind if I’m a bit late” I said not having the slightest clue if it would matter or not “Mmm… I don't know” said Jazz slowly, I get a soft bump from Ella and hear her stage whisper “Give her the face” “Oh right” so like we had been talking about earlier I gave Jazz the sad puppy look, Jazz looked like she was thinking for a moment then turned to Jenny who was finishing putting the last of her things in her bag “What do you think Jen?” “I don't care what you do with the munchkin, thanks for the help I’ll talk to you later” my mouth dropped open, from everything I had seen and heard about the Amazons us Littles were like catnip for them and couldn't resist liking us and here was this girl calling me a munchkin and walking off like I was a common pebble or something “Don't mind her Emy, Jen is an oddball and can't appreciate how adorable you are” said Mel and she bent down to hug me “It's actually refreshing to see that not all you Amazons are Little crazy" I replied as I patted the giants back “Well you must be hungry let's get you something to eat” “I’ll just let miss Miller know what we are doing and we can go” Jazz said and she pulled out her phone. The three of us walked down the halls with me holding the hands of Jazz on one side and Mel on the other, without warning they would lift me into the air like I was a kid walking with their parents. I guess I was expecting something more like my own school cafeteria back home with the whole long lunch line thing but walking into the Amazons cafeteria I could see that everything was of… I don't know a higher class maybe, there was still the normal looking lunch line but it was moving much faster than back home and there wasn't many people sitting in the room “Where is everyone?” I asked “Not everyone eats here, there are some nearby shops” replied Jazz and she picked me up into her arms and went over to the line “Do you know what you would like for lunch?” asked Mel “Don't you have to pick from what they have?” I asked back “That would take too long” smiled Mel “That's right if you can think of it there's a good chance the cafe has it” said Jazz, I thought about this odd statement “Anything you say” “Anything” parreted Mel “So… if I wanted a jelly bean burger deep fried and crumbed they would have it?” almost all the near by Amazons chuckled at my absurd creation “I think so” chuckled Mel “Is that your order?” asked Jazz “God no… hmm a chicken and cheese toastie please” “And I was half expecting you to want chocolate” said Ella in her quite voice “As nice as that is it's not much of a meal” I retorted “I’ve seen Littles try it before” shrugged Ella. It didn't take more than five minutes before we were at the front of the line and Jazz was talking to a screen on the wall, after she was finished we walked off to a nearby table “Soooooo… they bring it to you?” I asked after all she wasn't given a ticket or something, Jazz pulled out her phone and wiggled it “They will let me know when it's ready on this” “Saves on paper I guess” I then shrugged and Mell started talking to Ella about how my hair should be some other way, I tuned them out while watching the students collect their meals from a couple holes in the wall, I know I said that it had a higher class feel to it but now I’m rethinking that. We got our meals and went to the outside tables, it was just as I was about to bite into my toastie that I caught site of Gwen walking over to us with someone in tow “Gwen really you don't have…” I then saw the face of it's speaker “ROSE!!!” I called and jumped up from my spot on the table, Roses head span for a second till it fell on me and her pace doubled “Emy what are you doing here?” asked Rose with a look of concern on her face “Calm down I brought her here” said Gwen now at her side “You did? I thought you took her to another daycare” “Nah I thought she would have a much better time here with us” “But you left her with strangers… um no offence” Rose added quickly to Jazz and friends, Jazz waved off the remark probably happy to let Gwen do all the talking “All these girls have been in one or more of my classes for the last three years, Jazz could you please tell Rose here what you are studying” “Sure thing… ah hi I’m Jazz and I’ve been studying Little care, Little development and the psychology of Littles, this is my final year” Rose looked impressed “Ok… but have you had any experiences with Littles till now?” asked Rose almost like she was looking for something to get upset with Gwen about “Yes mam, my own mother adopted a Little four years ago he's actually the reason I wanted to be a Little carer, I have also been shadowing carers one day a week for the past two months” Rose finally looked convinced that Gwen hadn't left me with a serial Little killer “Don't worry Rose I was only with Jazz and her friends the last period and they are really nice they even painted my nails see” I held up my hands to show bright yellow nails “Well that's very nice of them I hope you thanked your new friends” it felt like a stone had just sank in my stomach as the realisation that in fact I had not thanked Mel and Ella, I quickly turned to Mel “Um thank you for doing my nails” Mel smiled while Rose chuckled “Emy can be a bit forgetful sometimes” said Rose and she gave my hair a quick tustle “How about for this too?” asked Rose immediately another stone sunk “Thank you too Ella” I quickly said and there was another round of chuckles. Rose and Gwen came back with their food and a cup of apple juice for me, I told Rose what had been happening so far, Ella had told me before lunch that Rose would like this for some reason and if Roses face was any indication Ella was right, everyone was mostly quite listening to me but added there little bits in between my bites of the toastie. Lunch ended too quickly and I was back with Gwen in her next class room or to be more precise I was in the makeshift playpen which was in her classroom “And as you can see here…” Gwen looked down at me yawning “Did you want to take a nap Emy?” I nodded because I really couldn't be bothered doing much else at this point “Just give me a moment class” said Gwen and she pulled two blankets out of the bag Rose had given her, within moments Gwen had one blanket folded in just the right way to be used as a pillow and the other fluffy one wrapped around me “We will try to keep the noise down” whispered Gwen I merely nodded and rolled over then listened to Gwen droning on about some math problem I couldn't begin to follow but it did allow me to drift off to sleep much easier. “Shh” we don't want to wake her” I vaguely heard this muffled voice and felt my body being lifted then back to resting on something “I’ll bring her back here after the period” said a whispered voice, I tried curling further into the soft warm thing I was laying in “Take care” said another voice and I drifted back to full sleep. I cracked my eyes open to see a book directly in my face “What the…?” I said sleepily “Are you awake?” came the voice of Jazz “Mmmm” I semi groaned back, I took a better look around to find that I was resting in Jazz’s left arm “How long was I asleep?” I asked “Through two classes” replied Jazz “This is the last period of the day” I blinked and rubbed my eyes to hopefully clear the last of the sleep “Your cute when you sleep” I looked up at her with a frown “Shouldn't you have been studying instead of watching me” I could see that I wasn't in the classroom any more but back in the library “I have been but look just how cute you were” Jazz brought her phone up from the desk and flicked through till a picture showed up, it was me in the arms of Jazz holding onto her breast with one hand and worst of all some drool hanging out “DELETE THAT!” I stage shouted and felt instant warmth come to my cheeks “Why you look so cute” I dove for the phone but Jazz was too quick and pulled it out of reach “Rose loved the picture when she saw it” I covered my face with my hands “You showed Rose how could you” Rose was the last person I wanted to see that sort of thing “Mrs Miller sent it to her” I groaned “Of course she did” I rolled out of Jazz’s arms and onto a free beanbag thinking about how cruel this world is to me. With one cruelty to me settled out by Jazz letting me play on her Switch again another had to start this time coming from my own body, I had to pee, looking at Jazz to make sure she wasn't watching I relaxed and just watched my game avatar walk endlessly till I felt the start of a dribble that quickly turned into a full on stream leaking into the diaper which thankfully absorbed it quicker than I could let it out. Just as I was finishing I glanced back at Jazz to see the tiniest smirk on her face “It's not what you think” I said quickly, she turned to me “What do I think?” asked Jazz truly looking puzzled “Nothing” I said and went back to the game “Are you sure?” I nodded and buried my face closer into the screen “You know those nails give you away” she grinned at me and went back to her reading. I must have awoken towards the end of school day because it didn't take long before what I guessed was the final school bell for the day “Well looks like that's the school day over” said Jazz as she packed up “Does that mean I have to return the Switch?” I asked knowing the answer all to well “Afraid so hun” I sighed, turned off the device and handed it back to Jazz “I hope you saved your game first” “Why's that?” “You never know if we will meet again” I just shrugged at her statement “I guess I’ll just have to start again” Jazz finished packing up then picked me up “Nothing huh” I felt her lightly pat my diapered bum “Nothing” I replied with a smile. “Hello” I said as Jazz and I entered the classroom and I saw Rose and Gwen talking “Emy” Said Rose with a smile and came over to take me from Jazz “How was she?” asked Rose “A perfect angel, she slept most of the last period and was no trouble after though she might need a change…” Rose smiled “That's not a problem, thank you so much for looking after her today” “It was my pleasure if you ever need a sitter just give me a call” said Jazz and she handed the bag to Rose “Will do” “Good bye Emy” I nodded “Thanks for today I had fun” “I’m glad” Jazz smiled and waved as she left the room “Alright Gwen we had better be heading home” Said Rose turning to Gwen “Yea I better pickup my little energiser bunny before she wears a hole in the floor” I laughed at the thought because she really did seem to have too much energy. Rose strapped me into the car seat with the bag in the back with me and proceeded to drive off out of the school parking lot “So tell me all about your day” said Rose so I took a breath and told her all about Jazz and her friends, all the things that I didn't want to or couldn't during lunch. We arrived home and right after Rose had set me down she wandered over to the couch and face planted “Are you ok?” I asked wandering over to her “I’m fine dear just a little tired” “Gee how long have you been out of work?” Rose chuckled at my question “Long enough to be tired from that day” “Why didn't you have a job till now? Is the job market bad here” Rose hesitated before replying “With my qualifications I could have gotten a job when ever I wanted I just had… other commitments before now” “So teachers are in high demand at the moment well that's good for you” she flashed me a quick smile before rolling over onto her back and patting the side of the couch “Come lay with me for a minute” I hesitated for a second then walked over to her and with her help ended up laying with her, laying there I could feel the slow steady beats of her heart, thump… thump… thump… I closed my eyes and listened to the beating “Penny for your thoughts” I opened my eyes and looked to Rose “Nothing really I was just listening to your heart” Rose smiled “I hope it's beating normally” I smiled this time “I’m no doctor but I think it is” “That's good” replied Rose in a quieter voice, I continued to lay with Rose for a couple of minutes listening to Roses heart beat slowly, ever so slowly decrease to the point I was starting to think she was falling asleep “It's not bedtime yet” I whispered and one of Roses eyelids flipped open “I’m not sleeping, I’m resting my eyes” I chuckled and pushed myself up “Come on we need to go for a walk” I grabbed ahold of Roses hand and lightly pulled “A walk… how about we just lay here” I could tell that Rose didn't want to go maybe it was time to try my new secret weapon “But I want to go to the park…” I lowered my voice for what I was about to say “Please mommy” the moment the words left my mouth I could see that Rose lit up “Emy did you…?” Rose trailed off and a smile came to her face “Well if my Little wants to go to the park who am I too say no” I slid off the couch and Rose stood up “But first let's get your bottom cleaned up” I frowned because she really didn't need to say it like that and I was scooped up. “So you know about my day how was yours?” I asked from the stroller “I’m sure you have seen a new teacher trying to learn the ropes before” came Roses reply from behind me, I chuckled at the memory or one of my teachers trying and failing to remember students names “How many names did you forget?” “None it wasn't the names it's that the school is built like a maze” she seems to have to good of a memory but no sense of direction “How am I supposed to make fun of you for forgetting names if you don't forget them” I heard a slight chuckle from behind “You’ll just have to remind me of my bad sense of direction” “It's not funny if you tell me to make fun of it” I huffed “I’m sorry Emy maybe the park will make up for it” we turned the last corner and the park came into view with half a dozen Littles playing. “I’ll just be on this seat if you need me” yawned Rose as she sat herself down on one of the wooden benches “Ok” I said and wandered off towards the swing set, thankfully there was a swing free and I took it for my place to watch, while Rose watched me I used the swing set but gradually I saw her head start to droop and finally collapse “Finally” I murmured to myself and stopped the swing much to the enjoyment of one of the other Littles, I wandered off towards the place I had fallen the last time I was here, I looked on the pavement and saw that the nearby tree had grown a root underneath and lifted the concrete just enough to make a lip “Your not planning on tripping on that again are you?” came a male Amazons voice and a smile came to my face “Once was enough” I replied and looked up to see Dave walking slowly towards me “Fancy seeing you here again little one” I smirked “Told you I might see you again” I said proudly “You didn't run away to get here did you?” he asked “No I came with the lady I’m living with, Rose” I looked behind the tree and point out Rose, Dave watched her for a moment then asked “Are you sure that's Rose?” “I’ve been living with the woman for the last week I think I know her name” he gave me a slight smile “Of course you do, I only ask because she looks like someone I used to work with” “Did you want me to go get her so you can see if she is?” Dave chuckled “Thats ok little one she looks tired best to let her sleep” I frowned “Why do you keep calling me little one?” I asked “Because I don't know your name” he said simply, I blinked a couple of times sure that I had told him “Oh… um I’m Emma” he smiled “It's good to meet you Emma” “Mmm” I nodded my agreement “Could you tell me about Rose?” he asked, I took a seat on the grass and patted for him to join me “Well lets see she got me to make her life hell…” Dave chuckled “I’m sure your not that bad” he said giving me a reassuring look “Oh no I have given her a lot of grief from day one…” he smiled and waited for me to continue “But other than me she started a job today at a school” Dave nodded “What was the person you worked with like?” I asked now a bit curious “Hmm… lets see… she was always focused and driven if she got something in her head there was no stopping her” this didn't seem like Rose she is more um… scatterbrained “Yeaaaa… that doesn't sound like Rose she's more all over the place” “Unless… her focus is me” Dave eyed me “You never know you might be” we both sat in silence listening to the other Littles running around nearby till I finally broke the silence “Do you know why she wants to look after me?” Dave looked in thought “I’ve asked almost every Amazon I trust but no one can give me a good answer that makes sense to me” Dave waited a bit longer “I don't think I will be able to do much better I’m afraid, my best guess is that it all comes down to genetics, it's quite literally in her blood to want to take care of someone and what happened to you probably pays a part” I looked at him for a second waiting for him to continue when he did I had to ask “What do you mean?” he looked slightly surprised “So she… oh… don't worry about it, really it's nothing” “That tells me it's something I should know” I said glaring at him “Really it's nothing I was mistaken I’m sure Rose has told you everything” I was about to say something else when there was a ringing coming from Daves wrist “Sorry Emma I have to take this” and with a tap to his wrist watch Dave seem to zone out like he was listening to something “Yes” “...” "Ok I’ll be there shortly” and he tapped the watch once more and his vision returned to me “I’m sorry Emma that was my work calling, they need me to come in so I’m afraid I’m going to have to cut this short” I puffed out my cheeks slightly “Fine but are you coming back?” “Not tonight I’m afraid” “But I want to talk to you some more” “I’ll tell you what I’ll walk by this park each weekday at the same time who knows we might meet up again” with one last smile he pushed himself up then offered me a hand up “I look forward to seeing you next time Emma” he said and waved goodbye, I waved to him and watched him leave, I continued to think about what he had said the entire time it took to walk back to Rose who was lightly snoring “So wish I had a camera right now” I mumbled then poked Roses leg till she jumped awake “What?... Emy oh it's only you dear, are you finished?” “Yea” I replied and was locked into the stroller once more bound for home. Before Rose could even think about flopping back onto the couch I reminded her that it would be time for dinner shortly and I couldn't even see over the counter top making it hard for me to cook “I would never ask you to cook” said Rose with a sigh and began pulling things out of the cupboards and fridge “It's only going to be a quick and easy tonight” true to her word in ten minutes of me watching Rose from the highchair dinner was served “What's this?” I asked not knowing what was before me “Haven't you had stir fry before?” “If that's what you call this then no” Rose loaded the fork up and glided it to my mouth “Have a taste it's nice I promise” “It has to many green things” I huffed and Rose sighed “I would normally find that cute but tonight I’m too tired” I dropped the act and took the fork from Roses hand and fed myself small mouthfuls while Rose ate her own meal, I was trying out some of the things that Mel and Ella had been telling me today but apparently Rose didn't want the act tonight. With the dishes cleaned Rose left for her room and I could hear soft music coming from inside, I poked my head around the doorframe to see Rose laying on her bed looking at me “Whatcha doing?” I asked softly “Thinking about taking a nap” Replied Rose equally as quite “Aren't you worried about me running away?” “Are you planning too?” I thought about it for a moment then shook my head “Then come lay with me” I walked over to the bed and like last time Rose helped me up and I laid beside her looking out at the room, I closed my eyes and listened for that heartbeat I heard last time even with the music I found it beating away it's rhythmic beats mesmerising in it's own way “Better not listen to long you might get hypnotized” came Roses soft voice after a couple of minutes I opened my eyes and faced her “The music?” I questioned but the moment I did I noticed that there was no longer any music playing “My heart” smiled Rose and I could tell she was playing with me, I returned the smile “It wouldn't be that easy” Rose shrugged lightly “Just remember what Amazon breastmilk does to Littles” I thought back to the party at Gwen's place how Rose had told me that if a Little drank Amazon breast milk it would temporarily mentally regress them and forge a bond with the Amazon that fed them making it much easier to control Littles, I shuddered at the thought “Your kind is like an apex predator made for Littles” I said softly and eyed Roses breasts “It does seem like that” smiled Rose “Just let me know if you want a drink” my mind short circuited for a moment before Rose continued “I’m joking I know you wouldn't want that” “Oh… haha” I replied nervously but a strange thought struck me “Can you… you know… produce milk?” I asked, Rose eyed me with a slight smirk “Want some do you?” I shook my head “I just thought you had to give birth before being able to… you know” I looked away, it was strange I remember talking about this sort of thing with my mother with no problems but talking to Rose about it makes me feel almost as embarrassed as the first time Rose changed my diaper “When an Amazon is looking after a Little we can start to projuice it at will but it does take a little bit to start” listening to her I was starting to think that I was more comfortable talking to her about my diapers, Rose smiled probably reading my mind again “It's ok we don't have to talk about it any more” she said with her smile and pulled me closer to her, I closed my eyes and listened to the thump… thump… thump of her heart till for a couple more minutes before I had to ask “Is Rose your real name?” there was a noticeable hesitation “Of course it is sweety why do you ask?” “It's a rare name back home that's all” I replied with the lie I had worked out before hand “It's not that common here either but thats what my mother called me” I contemplated asking Rose if there's anything else I should know but I think I had raised her suspicions too much for now, I went back to listening to the rhythmic beats of Roses heart, the sound that sent me off to dreamland in her embrace.
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    8.) New Relationship Energy I waddled around school shyly, adjusting to the new diapers beneath my pink party dress. In less than two weeks, I had gone from an uninteresting bookworm to the talk of the school. Nothing I wore even held even a semblance of adulthood anymore. I never even noticed, not until someone pointed it out. "Wow, Pip, you look cute today. Like my sister." But I knew Ellie's sister was only eight years old. I would vow when I got home to change into some normal clothes, but I always seemed to forget. I sat down in my Macro Systems class smelling of fresh baby powder and shyly opening up my notebook. Thoughts of that morning, with Mommy, flooded my head as I flooded my new diaper. "Wow, you can't even walk without waddling, huh?" So Meg knew; It was hard to forget when your best friend lifts her dress and shows you the diaper she's not voluntarily wearing. And to her credit, she took it pretty well - although her comments about all the things she now noticed with context probably weren't the most helpful things in the world. "So is this an all-the-time thing now? Like some Fifty Shades of Grey bondage thing? Like a collar, but like, it's diapers?" The other problem with Meg was that she wasn't ashamed of anything, ergo, she discussed this openly. Like, in class, for example, with people in ear shot. My cheeks burned as my eyes darted around the class. Had anyone heard her? I shoved Meg and she struggled to maintain balance in her chair. "Keep it down, you ass!" I had never read Fifty Shades, but I was pretty sure there were no vampires in it. "I don't know why you're so bashful about it; you sure had no problem showing me." Which was kind of a bitchy thing to say, because Pippy had shown her friend out of trust. "Anyway, you didn't answer my questions." "I don't understand the question," I said quietly, under my breath. "Do you mean like... I wear them because I want to show commitment to her? I guess, sort of..." But at the same time, not at all. I needed them now. Bailey had taken so much of my maturity that I no longer had a choice. That thought made me warm. It made my diaper warm too. I smiled to myself. "I mean, that's pretty sexy, right?" Not the diapers; those were weird as fuck. "I mean like, wearing something for someone, always being reminded of them, especially if it's something you would never ordinarily do. I mean, that's hot." "Yeah, when you put it that way." The way Meg explained it, it sure seemed sexy. But in reality, pissing yourself whenever you fantasized about your vampire girlfriend was a lot less sexy. I mean, to anyone but me. I thought about tonight, about how wet I would be by the time she came over... "See? Silver lining. Or... white, I guess, in your case?" Meg laughed, she fancied herself funny. She was a good friend, one way or another. "Wanna go get lunch between classes today? There's that cute sushi place across campus, but I know that always gives you stomach troubles. We could do sandwiches, maybe?" Here they were, the two of them, in class together. Pippy's entire life direction and focus had been altered beyond recovery, but lunch was still a valid topic of discussion. We had sushi, because I never had the luxury of stuff like that. In my afternoon class, I started to wonder if I would leak. By dinner, I was sure I would. I could hardly walk straight anymore with the way the diaper filled out and sagged between my legs. Alone in my room, I lifted my dress to look in the mirror. It was at least twice as big as when Mommy put it on that morning... wasn't it? I went to the closet to see if she brought me new dresses. There was no way I could afford this stuff on my own; I’d missed two shifts at the coffee house already. There were new dresses - two of them, both with the same shade of pastel rose as the primary color. One of them was more practical to wear during the day, although the scalloped details made it look abundantly childish to the nth degree. The other was less childish, but had a much much shorter skirt, so short it would never hide my diapers. It was a choice: childish and discrete, or less childish and more overt? I pouted at the new dresses and took them both out of the closet. If I missed another shift at the coffee house they would fire me. I didn't mind. I shouldn't have to work. I was Mommy's princess! But bills and stuff. I pouted and sat on the edge of my bed, squishing when I did. I had to have leaked all over the sheets, right? But when I stood up, they weren't wet. Ugh, where was Mommy?! "So when are you leaving?" Meg called out from the living room. "The note that your girlfriend left said to meet her at nine at the club; shouldn't you be getting ready or something? Do you need something to wear?" The note that Meg had read, then put on the kitchen counter expecting her best friend to find with no prior mention. "What are you talking about?" "There's a note. See?" She held up a piece of paper and I waddled out to grab it. 9, at the club. I checked my phone. 8:15. Ugh! "Why didn't you tell me this sooner?!" "You didn't ask," Meg said as I slammed my door shut. I had to get changed, and not the sort of “changed” that I wanted. Meg didn't point out how wet her best friend smelled; maybe she was being a good friend about it, or maybe she'd just subtly come to expect that scent of her. She sure did notice the childish dress she chose to wear though; it wasn't just immature or juvenile, it looked like it was something some doting parent would have a toddler wear to a fancy church event. Ironic, given how unholy the love her best friend was engaged in. You know, ‘cause gay. "Are you sure you don't need a ride?" "I, um... I can take a bus or... or something..." I shifted side to side in my dress, obviously embarrassed. I had never worn something like this before, never in my entire life. And if this diaper leaked, it would show. I was so scared to even sit down... "But if you wanted to drive, I guess that would be fine..." "Sure thing." Meg grinned. "You might have to sit in the back seat though; I'm not sure girls your age are allowed up front." Ah yes, jokes. Typically that would have evoked a venomous sass from Pippy, but that was before. Before she wore diapers full time. Before she wore dresses like that. Before she'd become Bailey’s. My cheeks took on color and I nodded my head shyly. "Y-yes ma'am," I said on instinct. Meg rolled her eyes and led me down the stairs to our cars. I looked at mine first; tiny and blue. Two days ago I realized I couldn't drive anymore. I sat there in the driver's seat, but I just... I couldn't figure out what to do. Meg had been driving me around ever since. Yes ma'am. Oh lordy. Meg actually ran with it and opened the back seat of her car, nodding with all seriousness at her best friend to get in. And then as icing on the cake, she leaned in and buckled her seatbelt, too. This was weird, yeah, but Pippy seemed a lot happier since meeting her kinky as fuck girlfriend cougar woman, so Meg wasn't going to rock the boat. I kicked my feet in the back seat and looked down at my shoes. White and new. Another gift from Mommy. This wasn't club attire. Everyone was gonna stare. They were gonna notice me. Ugh, I was already so embarrassed... "Meg... um. Thanks for... being so great about everything the past few weeks. I just... I know a lot is going on..." "Yeah I get it.” What an understatement. “This is all new to you, dating a girl, and an older woman at that, one with some pretty quirky tastes too. You just wanna please her, right? You want her to like you? Yeah, tale as old as time. I wouldn't be your best friend if I didn't get that simple thing, Pippy." Meg looked at her through the rear view mirror. "It's called NRE, you're deep in, enjoy it while you have it, and don’t let anyone shame you for it." New Relationship Energy, Meg called it. Was thralldom NRE all the time? Would it ever fade? I wondered about Mommy's other thralls... did they ever stop thinking about her? I shuffled out of the car in front of the club and waved at my best friend. "Thanks for the ride. I'll be home later." Ugh, why did I have to wear this stupid dress... The music that used to annoy Pippy was more-or-less the choir to her salvation these days - the heady bass thumps and chiastic lyrics posing as poetry had a way of worming their way into her brain and getting under her skin. Music and a Mint Julep and giving her living soul over to a creature of the night more beautiful than anybody had ever seemed to be. She was complimented on her dress, flirted with, even asked to dance, but she wouldn't leave the bar until her owner showed up. A couple people commented on my clothes. A few others gave me weird looks. It wasn't club attire. It wasn't appropriate for this place. I drew a lot of attention, and every time someone looked over I shied further into my seat. I finished the whole drink before Bailey even showed up. I didn't want to be here. I didn't want to be dressed like this... "The most colorful of diamonds in the darkest of roughs, I sure couldn't miss you in a crowd, my little doll." I kissed her - on the hand, chivalrous-like, and smiled knowingly at the look of need she had in her eyes. "I hate this dress," I said flatly, almost annoyed. But just seeing her brought a warmth to my skin. I felt the soggy pink diaper start to grow warm. I had no control around her. She sapped it out of me. "I don't want to stay here tonight. I want to go somewhere else." "And I want to dance with my favorite thrall." Favorite. Not only. I gave her the compliment, and drowned her in her own security. We both had games to play, and I loved to watch her squirm. Favorite... I looked away shyly and a smile spread across my lips. Favorite. "Ten minutes. But I really don't want to stay." Concession was everything. Ten minutes turned into two hours. Dancing. Sweating. Wetting. I hadn't changed since early this morning - the rule was that Mommy was the only one that could change me anymore - so when I felt the dripping down my thighs, I shouldn't have been surprised. I froze on the dance floor, looking down at my feet where my socks started to yellow. Oh no.... "People don't matter. I matter. What they think doesn't matter. I matter." She was leaking, dripping down her legs, soaking her socks. Her eyes tried to escape mine, but I wouldn't let them, I wouldn't allow her to look away. I looked at her, through her, deep into her, and I forced her to be enveloped by me. "I think you're beautiful when you're so devoted." "I'm not..." I tried to look away but she took me by the chin. She looked me dead in the eye and leaned in to kiss me on the lips. By the time she pulled away, my eyes were glossy and my head was filled with fog. So we danced. We danced and before the hour was up my socks were soaked and my dress had a visible wet patch on the front from where Mommy would push her body against mine. "You're my favorite for a reason,” I whispered in her ear. And she was my favorite, but the reason wasn't what she thought - she was my favorite was because she made every victory feel all the more sweet with her fragments of resistance. I was a very old vampire; I shouldn't have been so enamored by her attitude, but I was. She was delicious. And seeing her surrender even just for a moment, was sweeter than any feeding could have been. ----------- Thank you for reading, darling angels (and deviant devils)! Like, comment, and check out our Patreon!
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    /// I managed to dive out of classes just before the bell rang, grabbing my car and positioning it near the school entrance. I drove quite a big SUV, which was so contrary to my size. Maybe I was compensating for something. "Oh, my parents are gonna hate you. We should totally date." I closed the door behind me and slid into the seat of the SUV, looking around and taking it all in. "You get pretty good acoustics in here - we should form a band. Plenty of space, and I bet the sound system is excessively over-the-top. Capitalism on wheels. Nice." I reached down and reclined the seat all the way, laying back and putting my scruffy second-hand pink Chucks up on the dashboard. Figured she was a spoiled brat - probably came from old money. It's whatever, though; she was cute and she gave me ice cream. Well, technically I took it and it did mean missing half of my afternoon classes while I sat rooted to the toilet. But hey man, ice cream. "You read me like a book, Twinkle." I turned on the radio - yes, yes, radio - and started the endless journey of escaping the parking lot with a million other students trying to do the exact same thing with only one exit. Most of our time was spent just… well, sitting there. In the parking lot. Inching forward occasionally. The real downside of driving to school, I guess. "You know, we could have walked home at this rate." I figured we were still a hundred inches away from exiting, but when each inch was one at a time that could take a while. "So I'm moving in, right? I'll sleep in your closet and sort your shoes by brand, color and season. In exchange, you'll throw me cookies every few days." We finally pulled out onto the main-street and the sound of the SUV engine doing something other than idling made me smile. "Lemme drive, I've never driven before." "Sounds like a personal problem. No way I'm letting you drive my car." I pulled out into the street, and half-a-second later got hit by another car, bumping into Star's side of the vehicle. After the car rocked roughly from side to side, I managed to catch my breath. "The irony hurts more than the car crash…" I climbed out of the driver's seat and walked up to the other car. Poor thing. My car had a dent in the door, but the little coupe that hit my SUV smashed in the side of its bumper. I looked up at Star, still safe above the dent in his door. Holy hell. Did we just get hit?! I looked out the window at the other car and at Anna as she approached the driver. I couldn't see what she was saying, and I guess it didn't matter, so I busied myself going through her glove compartment. Parking infringement. Parking infringement. Insurance. Oh, here we go, photos. I pulled out the little stack of pictures of Anna and some other girl. At the mall. At an amusement park. On a plane. Making out. Anna tied to the bed. Oh, now that's interesting. I climbed back into the car about ten minutes later with a scrap of paper with insurance details, trying to start the car. With a twist of the key, the engine sprung the car to life and we took off down the road. "Well that sucked… Mom's gonna kill me." "You okay?" The pile of photos were safely back in the glove compartment and I tried to imagine what it would take to tie a girl like Anna to the bed; to be honest, Anna seemed more the tying-up-type more than the being-tied-up-type. "You know, if we had flying cars, none of this would be an issue. Bad drivers would just explode in the air and natural selection would be back in place. But you know, the Illuminati are waging war against the Stonemasons and using Big Oil as a staging ground for their war against the American people, and unless we all break-free of the corporate control agenda by using mushrooms and Mary-Jane we'll never see the flying car or the water-powered hover-train-network." I looked at Anna with a completely straight face for a moment too long and then grinned. "My parents are kinda batshit. Don't know if you got that." "Hey Twinkle - why are you so obsessed with your parents? I mean, sure, they're probably a bit messed up, but aren't we all?" I kept driving as I spoke, taking a turn onto a less-travelled road. Less chance of being hit by another car! "I mean, you're you. And sure, a lot of that is them, but even more of that is just… you. So like. Just be who you want. No one's making you be your parents, dude." She was right I guess, I did talk about my parents a lot. But it's not like I had much else going on, so I just shrugged my shoulders. "I be who I want, I get kicked out of home. Sucky situation, but it's how it is." I looked out the window at the stores that we drove past. Walmart. Taco Bell. Quiznos. GameStop. Best Buy. I used to like to go to places like that and just watch TV, because it meant I was rebelling. But maybe I didn't need to. Maybe I just needed to stop caring. "Wanna make out now? Conversation got too deep." “I’m literally driving at this exact moment. We don't need to be hit by two cars in one journey." We pulled up to my house, parking my car in the street. My house wasn't, like, a mansion or anything. Just a house. But it was two stories and kind of nice looking, I guess. I climbed out of the driver's seat, falling a quarter of my height as I stepped out of the oversized car. "Come on, Twinkle." "I wish you wouldn't call me that; I made it through an entire day without getting beat up. My record is three, so if you'd find it in your heart not to spoil that for me it'd be great, thanks." I closed the door behind me and looked up at the two story house - it was significantly fancier than anywhere we'd ever lived, but then again… we'd lived in the back of a combi-van for six months once, and that wasn't because we liked to move. It was because it was abandoned on the side of the road. "I want a job. That'd be cool. Do you work? I would, but no social security number or birth certificate kinda hampers that plan. What do your parents do? Your place is huge. I bet they're mafia. Are they mafia? I'd say Yakuza, but you're too busty to be asian. I like busty. I think if I had boobs, I'd want to be busty. Why even have boobs if they're small, right? I don't like huge, though. That's gross." I sighed and rolled my eyes, then pushed up to the brickwork and put my lips on his. It was weird, but he had mentioned it a few times now. Plus, it shut him up for a second. “No, I don't work. No, my parents aren't mafia. I'm clearly not asian. My boobs are smaller without the pushup. And small boobs can be arousing if you know what you're doing. By the way. I like Twinkle. So you're gonna have to deal with it." "It's whatever. As long as you don't mind a boyfriend who's got one part of his body in a cast at all times, you can call me whatever you want." We walked up to the front door and I watched Anna rifle through her keys. First thing I did when we got in the house was look at the walls for family photos, and I couldn't help but laugh a bit. "You give me crap about saying boys are sexy, and you have two moms? Really? So who's the actual Mom? I actually don't think lesbians are all that cute, it's like watching six year olds trying to figure out sex - without any big finale there's not much point. Gay guys are much more appealing to watch. Maybe I'm just obsessed with power-play stuff, though." "…you really have to work on your heterosexuality, doll." I closed the door behind us and smiled softly to myself. Boyfriend, huh? I walked straight to the kitchen and grabbed a cookie - one for me, one for Star - and came back to the foyer, handing him his share. "They're both my mom. They prayed really hard one day, one of them grew a celestial penis - probably Chloe - and impregnated Claire. Then, the next morning, the penis was gone and a baby was on the way. AKA. Me." He looked at me strangely and I smiled. "It's what I choose to believe." "Well, I guess it's better than my notion of the two of them with shotguns trying to shoot down the stork first so they could claim you." I bit the cookie and my tummy made some sort of sound between pleased and anguished. "Mmm. Tastes like lactose intolerance." They seemed such a happy family, though, despite the oddness of having two Mom's and a celestial penis, and I found myself with a tinge of envy so I changed the topic. "My heterosexuality is just fine, thanks. It's not like I prance around in lady's shoes and talk with a lisp." "You make teasing you too easy.” I smirked and made my way down the hall, motioning for Star to follow along. "This is the living room. This is the den. This is the library - yeah it's small, but it's exclusively Anna books. The parents keep their books in their room. Okay, then then these stairs go up, which you can discern by the stairs layering themselves in an upward fashion. And up here is my Moms' room, and then this one's the spare - no, you can't live here - and then this one's mine." My room wasn't the sort of thing you'd imagine me to have, I guess. It wasn't painted black with band posters or anything. It was actually a bit of a mess. I had pictures tacked to the wall, usually of my friends or drawings or things like that. I had a canopy bed, but it wasn't frilly and prissy - it was kind of just a place to hide when I wanted to. The furniture mis-matched in a lot of ways but I liked to decorate with nail polish. It wasn't miraculous or anything, but it was mine. I motioned to the closet. It was a walk in. "Plenty of space." "Well, we're all just a step away from being someone we're not, aren't we? Most guys are just a step away from a blow job and a sticky cum facial. Some guys are just a closer step than others. I'm a pretty far step, though. Honest." Her bedroom was larger than our current living room and I walked into her closet with pursed lips, looking around with a look of assessment on my face before slowly nodding. I looked down at the shoes on the floor. "Hi, Anna's Shoes. I'm Star. We're gonna be roomies now. Look, I promise not to fetishize you so long as you promise not to strangle me with your laces. Deal?" Yeah. I'm normal. "I like your dresser. It's very… rainbow." "I do my best." I put some of the clothes on the floor in the hamper and some of the folded ones in the dresser, trying to give some semblance of tidiness to the room while Star perused my belongings. Was I trying to impress him? Wow. Most of the side of the room Star was on - the side with my dresser - was of pictures and I saw him looking at them. Some of baby Anna and teenage Anna and awkward-bad-haircut-middle-school Anna. Some of my parents. Some of friends and family members. Just people I liked seeing every day. But there was a spot with considerably less photos - just sort of empty. It had been that way for a while. "Is this where you wait for the portal to the twilight zone to open?" I motioned to the blank space on the wall as I picked up one of the nail-polish pots off the dresser and began to brush the color onto my thumb-nail; it was a really nice sparkly purple, and I was never one to turn down sparkles. Or purple. "Oh…" I looked up at my wall of mostly-pictures and went back to cleaning. "I guess." I finally slid closed my dresser and smiled at the quickly-picked-up room. Decent enough. I sat down on the bed as I watched the boy color his thumb nail purple. Weird kid, that one. I sat next to Anna on the bed and blew on my one purple nail, looking back at the wall with pursed lips. "I'm not dumb you know. I mean, I know the grades might say so, but I'm pretty good with people. I even talked my way out of a broken arm once." I touched my thumbnail to my lip to check if it was still tacky to touch, and then looked at Anna. "You don't gotta tell me. You barely know me, right? But sometimes telling someone you barely know is really really easy. You should give it a try one day." I took her hand in mine and put it on my lap so I could color her thumb the same purple as I'd done mine. I sat very quiet for a while, letting Star paint my thumb. He was quite good too. Maybe he did his sister's polish. Or maybe all the gay jokes he made were compensating for something. Still, when he finished, I blew on my nail and smiled up at him. I figured with the time that passed the conversation before was forgotten. "Ready to make out more? Mom isn't home for another two hours, you know." "Was she special to you?" I didn't ask anything more than that before I pushed her to the bed and pressed my lips against hers. Her breath tasted like three kinds of mint toothpaste; mine was more the store-brand variety, but she was delicious enough for the both of us. I didn't kiss very aggressively - I guess I just wasn't the aggressive kissing type. I didn't see it as a race, just something to be savored for what it is, like a really good meal. And I guess that was a good analogy. I wound up leaning over her, one arm on the bed on either side of her chest as we kissed, and I stopped after six or seven. Wow. Good kisser. Impressive, for a boy. I wanted to ask how he knew, but I knew better than that. After his lips parted from mine he looked down at me expecting an answer. God, what was with this kid? Memory of a fucking elephant. Not even kisses could deter. "We don't talk about her. If you want to keep kissing me, that is." My shoulders shrugged and I nodded my head. "Sure, whatever makes you happy. If talking about her to someone makes you happier than not, one day, you know where to find me." With a cheeky smile I nodded to the girl’s closet. "Over there. Cuddled up next to your twenty-three pairs of Chucks." It was kind of surreal to have been at the school one day and already be in a girl's house making out with her, but maybe karma was finally going my way. We kissed some more and my mind wandered onto what she believed in; with gay parents I figured she wasn't Catholic. "So… you sure I can't move in? I've got references. Well, I don't. But I think I kiss semi-decently, and that's a thing." "It's true. That is a thing." I smiled a bit; my head was on his chest now. I thought something like that would be weird, but it felt okay. We were still lying on my bed having moved very little since our kissing ended. I wondered what Mom would think of me having a boy over… I guess they never thought they'd have to worry about that, huh? "I don't think Mom would be okay with it. You moving in, I mean." "And what about the me-dating-you thing? Are they going to be okay with that or am I going to have to come up with fabulous alter-ego that wears your clothes and pretends to be your girlfriend? Cause no offense, but I don't know if the world could handle two people with your fashion sense." A smirk came to my lips as I held up Anna’s hand and looked at her sparkly thumb. "I don't get it. You have fifty-two nail polishes - that I saw, anyway - and yet your nails aren't painted. What gives?" I shrugged my shoulders. I had a reason, but it was something I didn't want to get into. Actually, I thought the notion of having my thumb painted would really bother me, but it didn't seem to. Not yet anyway. "Well, it'll be interesting. Them seeing me with a boy. But we aren't dating. You shouldn't look at it that way. Stuff just happens. But you can go and sleep with whoever you want, Twinkle." "Yeah, that won't be a problem. I'm mint in box." It wasn't something I was ashamed of, but I guess I wasn't proud of it either. It was just what it was. "Plus I doubt there'll be any other girls at the school who wanna make out with a dirt-poor hippie kid with good fashion sense who finds the idea of two guys having sex more appealing than two girls. But I'll keep it in mind." My eyes caught focus on the curtains and I smirked a little, "Do you ever close the bed curtains and pretend this is a castle? I love pillow forts, and this just screams epic fort all over." "Yeah. All the time." I smiled and tugged the curtains closed. It was still the middle of the day, so it didn't block out all the light, but it made it considerably darker. "This is where I think. I just sit in here with the curtains closed. I tried meditation for a while, but it never really stuck with me. Instead I just lay on my back and stare at the ceiling." "I can help, if you want. I'm Buddhist so meditation is a big thing. I mean, I don't do it much nowadays, but when I was a kid and didn't have any friends I'd just meditate and think about all the ways life would be better once I grew up. I guess now that I did, it's really not any better. But it was a nice dream." I laid down next to her on my back and looked up at the ceiling. "I like your ceiling." Typically I found myself looking for something to count on any given ceiling, but the textured surface didn't really have anything of note. "So we're not dating? That's a drag. I guess it's understandable, though; I don't drive and my parents scarcely believe in money, so there'd be very little actual 'dating'." I shook my head and sighed, rolling over onto my side and putting one arm over Star. In this position, I was mostly on top of him. "I don't care about your money or cars or anything, you stupid boy. I just don't wanna. That's all." His features were so much darker now that the curtains were drawn - it was almost surreal. Like he was a different person. I wondered if I looked the same way. "Girl on top. Interesting." I looked up at her dark-lined eyes and glossed lips and thought for a moment, "I bet you're prettier without all that on your face, you know. I know all guys say that. But I'm not all guys. I'm Twinklestar and I'm right." "I don't wear it because I don't think I'm pretty. I'm beautiful. I get that from my parents." I propped myself up on my elbows so I was comfortably laying on the boy while still being able to look him in the eye. "It's like playing dress-up. But with your face. You know? Like a game. With enough makeup you can look like anyone. I don't even like makeup. I just like the idea." "I used to wear my Mom's shoes and scarves when I was a kid. That's the same, right?" Or maybe it was more like taking theater class - something I'd done at my old school. Well, until I was kicked out because we couldn't afford the elective fees. Life's a bitch, sometimes. "Do you like other games, Anna? I guess I've always been the loner, so most of the games I play, I play with myself." Wow. Did I just say play with myself? Real fucking smooth, Star. I giggled and smiled down at the boy. "I'm sure you do." I sat up and pulled the curtains, blinking at my mom as she stood with her arms crossed. "Oh… hi." The woman looked incredibly taken aback by the boy in the bed with me and she recoiled a step or two at the sight. I chuckled and climbed out of bed. "Be more surprised. I dare you." I gestured for Star to follow and we climbed out of my bed together, leaving my room. My mom followed shortly after. I wasn't fazed at all by the appearance of Anna's Mom and it seemed like Anna was playing the cool route, too, even as we left the the bedroom and her Mom followed. Was it shameful in this family for a girl to like a boy? Was heterophobia a thing? I decided I'd look that up next time we were at school. We walked down the stairs and the woman followed us, so finally I whispered, "Is she going to kill me? I feel like she's going to kill me. I'd rather not die, if it's all the same to you. My karma is way shot right now. Give me a week to get things in order and then she can kill me." "She's a sweetheart. That's Chloe, by the way, if you wanna call her by name. Or you can call her Anna's mom. The Mrs. stuff usually puts her off." I made it downstairs first and my mom was down only a few seconds later. I had to do introductions. "Momma - this is Twinklestar. No, seriously. Don't look at me like that! I swear! Mom it's his real name! Mom, you're gonna hurt his feelings!" "She's right. My name's Twinklestar. I prefer Star, but Anna calls me Twinkle. You can do as you like, but I'd prefer you avoid Twink because I get beat up enough as it is, if it's all the same to you. Anyway. It's nice to meet you." Typically I'd have followed up with 'your daughter tastes delicious!' as a genuine compliment, but I figured that probably wouldn't go so well here. Chloe was a short girl - only a few inches taller than me, maybe. She had very dark hair, also like me, and it was short like mine was. But we had different eyes. Hers were green. "It's nice to meet you," she finally managed to Star, though she avoided a name. She probably still believed I was kidding. "Anna - can I talk to you in the kitchen?" When she asked to see Anna alone I decided maybe it would be best if I just kept my mouth shut altogether. I wound up looking at photos in the living room while they disappeared into the kitchen and I tried to remember the finer details. Chloe and Claire and the Celestial Penis. It sounded like some sort of nativity story for the modern day. My thumb slipped between my lips and I sucked lightly on the tip as I looked over the photos thoughtfully. "It's not what you think." "I know it isn't." I sighed and looked at my feet. "You'd tell me if you were dating someone, right?" "We aren't dating." "I know." "Then why are you concerned?" "You know why I'm concerned." I took a deep breath before continuing the conversation. "We aren't dating. We'll never date. You know that. And I'm fine. I feel fine." "And your thumb?" I looked down at my hand, the nail glistening purple in the light of the kitchen. "Seems okay…" She sighed and nodded, kissing my forehead. "Be careful." "Always am." And I left her, making my way back to the living room. "Sorry about that." "What was that all about?" I slipped my thumb out of my lips and wiped it on the hem of my shirt quickly, trying to hide my concern. It wouldn't be cool if I seemed worried. And I was cool. Chilly, even. But not cold. "Hope I didn't get you in trouble. She looked like she'd never seen a real life boy before. I might check out a copy of Pinocchio from the school library for her." I quietened down for a moment when Chloe came into the room as well and I looked up at her with a smile. "I'm not a bad person. And honestly, Anna thinks I'm gay for some reason, so you can trust her with me. Probably." She gave a small smile to Star, then a strange look to me. One that read something along the lines of 'odd one, isn't he?' and she walked up the stairs. I sighed and turned back to my new… whatever he was. "She was just surprised to see me with someone. It's not you. And it has nothing to do with your gender. Promise." Now that was an interesting comment. Was it to do with the girl that we didn't talk about? I didn't want to push too much because it might screw things up for me and I didn't need to help being screwed-over at all, but I did have to sate some curiosity. "Why so surprised to see you with someone? That seems kinda rude, like 'oh my god, how does she get someone?!' rude. But maybe I'm reading too much into it. Or maybe it's something you wanna keep from me and that's cool, too." My smile faded a little at the tail end of Star's comment. He really needed to stop being observant... "She's just my mom. She worries about me. Heartbreak and all that. But I assured her you wouldn't be breaking my heart and she seems okay with it." I smiled coyly, but the whole scene was very played. But I was a good actress. "Wanna go for ice cream?" "Sure. The sprinklings of truth there made me feel like sprinkles anyway." I didn't give her the chance to reply as I opened the front door and stepped outside in the warm autumn afternoon. "Did you tell her about the car that hit you? Hope she didn't freak too bad. She seems pretty protective." It made me curious what her other Mom, Claire, was like. Dad was the relaxed one in my family and Mom made all the strict decisions. As strict as things got at home, anyway. "Oh…" I bit my lip and looked up the stairs where Mom had gone. That would just lead to a really big discussion though… and I was more in the mood for ice cream. "I'll tell her when we get back. I'll have to use her car to drop you off at home anyway. Come on - we're walking." His first comment, though, had thrown me a little off guard. He didn't see through me, right? It was just coincidence. Truth of the matter was that I liked walking - it usually gave me time to think, though when walking with someone else it meant a whole lot less thinking and more actual talking. "So, what you gotta realize is this. Firstly, if we're getting ice-cream, you're paying. Secondly, we're vegan at home so I'm incredibly lactose intolerant. That doesn't mean much for you, but it means if we don't get to a place where we're within a few feet of a bathroom about ten minutes after the fact, things are gonna get messy. And I'm a cleanly boy. I don't like messy." I'd decided after that look on her face in the drive-way that I'd lay off on trying to get answers out of her for a while. We barely knew each other, after all. "That's cool. Probably a bathroom at the ice cream parlor anyway. And I'll just eat another cone while I wait." I smiled up at the boy and looked down at his polished fingernail. I contemplated slipping my hand into his but decided against it, choosing instead to walk alongside him like normal friends do. That's all we are anyway. But lying on his chest felt so comfortable and it had been months since I'd felt real comfort. But I didn't like him. He was a boy, after all. Strange the way the mind works sometimes. We got to the parlor and I picked out a