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  1. Can Only pee on my back, advice please

    I used to have that problem when I used cheaper disposable diapers. Since I switched to premium stuff my junk stays put. The added thickness keeps things in place and when wet the swelling locks things in even more.
  2. Dl

    DL, I predominantly wear AB diapers with prints limited to the landing zone area. Kiddos being the exception. I like to see a distinct cutoff between wet and dry spots and all over prints get in the way.
  3. As close as it gets. I've been busted.
  4. Longest time in a single diaper?

    Around 30 hours is my longest time spent in one diaper. Typically daytime diapers will last anywhere from 3-6 hours and nighttime diapers 8-12 hours.
  5. How Big Is Your Diaper Stash?

    I just moved a few months ago. First time I've had everything out at once.
  6. Are you loyal?

    I wear SDK's about 90% of the time. Kiddos have been a recent preference as well, but they kinda fall under the same ABU single tape family. Bellisimos used to be my favorite as well. Once ABU came out with the second generation SDK's the Bellisimos have taken a back seat. I'd definitely recommend giving them a try.
  7. Forced to choose

    Super Dry Kids V2 for me. Fits me well, is very absorbant and swells nicely when wet. Plus being a tribute diaper it has the edge over other brands and designs in the authenticity department. It's the most diapery diaper for me if that makes sense.
  8. Explain Your Screen Name

    I like my diapers soggy and I'm from Southern California.
  9. Underwear over diapers

    Around the house I wear only a diaper. If I decide to wear outside the home I'll usually wear some boxers over my diaper to cover the waist line in case my shirt rides up.
  10. Favorite diaper brand

    You are missing out. So much better than before. ABU SDK' and Kiddos are my go too diapers. I have a bunch of diapers to choose from and 95% of the time I'm choosing one of those two.
  11. Grossology Episode 6

    I had some time to kill and watched it. They are actually wearing a device that cancels out the villains IBS ray guns frequency. It just happens to look like a diaper, but that's why it's worn over their clothing.
  12. Wearing Diapers at the Beach

    Not entirely true. There are a few public lakes close to me with no connection to sewage or drain systems that have this problem. One of the beaches is an island with no structures. The problem is from people being slobs and tossing their kids diapers in the water along the shore line. Dilution takes time. If you're amongst a crowded beach someone could potentially end up in a hot zone. I don't understand the mindset here. The only possible positive is temporary enjoyment for you. The potential negatives although unlikely spread far beyond you.
  13. Wearing Diapers at the Beach

    100% agree with Will regarding the messy diapers and swimming. I'm also a big fan of discretion. Wear your diaper, but do your best to keep it out of public view. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. Quit being selfish and consider how your actions might affect others.
  14. Study says 40% sleep with a bear!

    Have at it and enjoy your bunny. However, bunny, bear, fox, or any stuffed animal combined. I'd still be shocked if that percentage was close to true even if the pole was based only on Daily Diaper members.
  15. Study says 40% sleep with a bear!

    I highly doubt this is anywhere close to true.