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  1. I like my AB diapers to much to give them up. I'll pay to get what I want and financial concerns are not why I choose to not go 24/7. 24/7 is just not practical for my lifestyle. I'm happy with my current situation which allows me to wear probably 70-80% of the time and still be a 100 continent adult for the remainder.
  2. ABDL Map

    They must be sick in the head. Who doesn't wear diapers. Stay away from those parts of the map.
  3. ABDL Map

    The map seems to be having problems. Right now it's only showing two people in the world.
  4. Busted by parents - please help

    You aren't helping yourself any by continuing to leave your used diapers where the dog can get at them.
  5. Busted by parents - please help

    So I'm guessing your diapers haven't been brought up by you or your parents since you posted yesterday. Have you decided a course of action if they do?
  6. Busted by parents - please help

    I got busted at 19 also. My parents brought it up at dinner and I had no answer. Purged the next day and went cold turkey for about a year and a half. Fast forward 10 years and I got busted again while visiting my mom. She had actually forgotten about the prior incident, but I decided to come clean. She was understanding and just asked I keep things a private as possible when visiting. I'm totally independant thought so her approval or acceptance was ideal, but it was not necessary for me continue doing as I pleased. Your parents seem to be responding reasonably well, but your reason for wearing might eventually be found out. I'd probably come clean in a watered down version. Approach it as a stress release and explain how you've always wanted to wear diapers as long as you can remember. Leave out any sexual stuff if diapers have evolved into that aspect of your life. It's a tricky spot you're in living under someone else's roof. Best of luck.
  7. When I first started wearing I would usually lose interest in diapers for an hour or so after taking care of business. Now my interest don't change one bit and I'll stay in the same diaper or change into a new one after I'm done.
  8. Diapers At The Gym

    Even if they did no one will mess the the Lord Humungus.
  9. Possibly, the physical sensation is pleasant if you're objective and can get over the social stigma. Everyone I surf with likes peeing in their wetsuit and can admit it. Heck one of my friends pisses himself at least 50% of the time on the walk to the water from the truck. But diapers are for babies and wetsuits are for everyone.
  10. ABU ending free shipping

    Not jumping for joy, but I get it. It won't hurt my bottom line, but for those on a budget I can see this stinging a bit.
  11. Diapers At The Gym

    Bumping an old post, but figured it's better than starting a new one. I'm lucky enough to have a home gym so what I wear is up to me. I do have a membership at a gym near my moms house for when I go visit, but I typically do not wear there. If I did it would be something slim like a Goodnites. Wearing can be fun, but seated exercises can be problematic if you're back half is wet. So if I do wear it's in a fresh or fairly dry diaper.
  12. Interesting. As for me I'll watch it from the comfort of my home. Still diapered of course.
  13. High Desert

    Where did all the high desert people go? Looks like at one point there was a few up here. Did everyone move or just stop visiting daily diapers? I closed on my house in Apple Valley in June.
  14. Spring and Summer months I wear just a diaper. Fall and Winter I wear a diaper and footed pajamas.
  15. PeekABU from ABU

    ABU just announced a production delay and moved back the release date. On the plus side they also announced they will be producing a plain white version for those not into the AB thing.