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  1. motorcycle

    Road bikes: 2006 Buell XB12Ss, 2016 KTM 1190 Adventure R Race Bikes: Ducati 748, Yamaha TTR 125 minimoto, Honda CR85 minimoto Dirt Bike: 2005 KTM 300 MXC Riding season is year round out here.
  2. I like my coffee like I like wearing underwear. I don't like wearing underwear. Can't stand the smell of coffee pee. I've never really needed coffee to get me going so I stay away from it whenever possible. I'd have to agree 100% that nothing beats a swollen morning diaper.
  3. I'm in escrow on a property in Apple Valley. Should be moved in by early July.
  4. If it were made of used diapers it really would be a shitty wall.
  5. I was diapered within 20 minutes of getting back. Once home it was a priority for sure.
  6. Just while at work or if I'm going out in situations were its not convenient. My binge and purge cycles stopped years ago and only happened the first few years I started wearing. I quit cold turkey for a year and a half after getting caught by my parents. Picked right back up where I left off once I got my own place. Just did a 3000 mile round trip with my buddies from California to Texas on our motorcycles to watch MotoGP in Austin. 9 days without, but I was so busy on the trip diapers hardly crossed my mined.
  7. I'll elaborate. I like the smell of a freshly wet diaper. Once they're off they go outside in the trash. I do not care for the old stale diaper smell.
  8. Wet for sure. I'm rarely dry and usually wet as soon as a fresh diaper in put on. Then it stays on until it reaches capacity.
  9. I know exactly what you're talking about. Nothing better than waking up in the morning and having some air escape from under your sheets bringing that wet diaper smell with it.
  10. Zero interest in tasting anything. That makes sense. Thanks for the info.
  11. I'm sure those of us who use disposables know what I'm talking about. Every so often I get a diaper that just doesn't swell like normal and turns to a loose gel that seems to brake down and slime my diaper area. Its not brand or even batch specific. It doesn't seem to be a duration issue ether from my experience or a capacity issue since I've had it happen with diapers that are not even half full. The only correlation I've observed it happens more consistently with darker urine. Any thoughts on why some diapers just don't cut it and slime you rather than absorb.
  12. I was the same way when I first started wearing. Like everyone else has said time will make things easier. I've also found it's easier for me to pull my junk out from the side of my diaper and not take it off when taking care of business. Your diaper stays on and it doesn't mess up the tabs.
  13. Are you two not aware of ABU Super Dry Kids? My favorite for sure and its sounds like they should be yours too.
  14. Tena Slip Maxi would be my recommendation. They are thin, hold quite a bit and perform well in terms of fast absorption and leak prevention. If I actually had to wear diapers it would my choice while out and about.
  15. ABU Super Dry Kids for me. I have a large variety, but I'd say at least 2/3 of the time those are my preference.