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  1. SoggySoCal

    All I can say is WOW....new Crinklz

    I decided to give these a try. I like the new print and larger tapes than the previous version I have. However, I still have the same issues with the tapes coming off over time.
  2. SoggySoCal

    Parents being a jerk

    We know that, but your parents do not.
  3. SoggySoCal

    New abu simple ultra diapers

    I like them. I picked up a case of Simples and Peak ABU's. like most have said they swell a bunch up front and it takes some work to fill the back without leaking. I'd liken them to a Crinklz diaper in terms of capacity and swelling, but on steroids. I prefer the cut and materials on the ABU stuff. I have had a few top tape failures while sleeping with these diapers. I think I'm putting them on to tightly and not accounting for how much these swell when wet. I'd agree with ABU's claim of most absorbent diaper. You just have to put in the time. I'm not normally a 4 tape guy but these are fun. I just wish ABU would make a simple two tape diaper with based off the Kiddo diaper.
  4. SoggySoCal

    Diapers: Which Brand Are You Wearing Right Now?

    Just put on my first ABU Simple Ultra. Still waiting for my Peak ABU's to arrive. Awesome diaper so far.
  5. SoggySoCal

    PeekABU from ABU

    Happy B-Day to me! My simples came in today. Just put one on and so far so good.
  6. SoggySoCal

    PeekABU from ABU

    Not quite sure I like the print design, but with 6250ml's of claimed absorbency I'll definitely be giving them a try once available. https://us.abuniverse.com/product/peekabu/
  7. SoggySoCal

    I think I’m leaning more towards the AB side

    I love my AB diapers and have some footed pajamas. Zero interest in bottles or pacifiers. Like Billy said most DL's have some AB in them.
  8. SoggySoCal

    Two day road trip...ugggh

    Sucks when you can't wear. Not counting while at work I usually only have a few trips a year where I'll go without for multiple days. Usually it's vacation related so I'm busy enough I don't think about not being diapered.
  9. SoggySoCal

    PeekABU from ABU

    Who says you can't have two bags of open diapers? You can bet I'll be trying them out as soon as they get here and I'm due for a change.
  10. SoggySoCal

    PeekABU from ABU

    You guys are lucky. My cases of Peak ABU and Simple Ultra show a delivery date of 4/10.
  11. SoggySoCal

    Caught by mother due to my own mistake

    I've been in the same situation. Leave it alone unless she brings it up.
  12. SoggySoCal

    Got caught mabye

    My mom had swatted my but a few times over the years while diapered and did not notice. It's fun to think people know and don't care, but more than likely they just do not know. My situation might be the exception, but I still say leave it alone unless confronted.
  13. SoggySoCal

    Got caught mabye

    I got busted at 19 when my mom and brother found all my diapers and plastic pants in my room. Got busted again at 29 while visiting and spilled the beans on my diaper habits. While having the talk my mom said she had forgotten about finding diapers in my room at 19. I wouldn't assume anything or offer any info about the matter unless asked directly. Just because she swatted your butt does not mean she knows you were diapered.
  14. SoggySoCal

    Dry 24/7 or Rearz Overnights

    Pre orders for ADU Simple just opened up today. Might be something to consider if a high capacity plane white diaper is your thing.
  15. SoggySoCal

    PeekABU from ABU

    Preorders opened up today with an April 6th expected ship date. Got a case on order. Counting down the days. Will post up once I get them.
  16. SoggySoCal

    Favorite Position To Go Poopy In Your Diaper?

    No real preference, I just let it rip when I get the urge.
  17. SoggySoCal

    ABDL Map

    Map is still acting funny. Bit of a bummer. It was nice to see all the like minded people spread across the world.
  18. SoggySoCal

    Will a Wet Diaper Make a Room Smelly?

    Diaper selection can have a factor as well. Cheap store bought stuff tends to not hide odors as well as premium/AB diapers. I remember Depends and Goodnites stink up easily from back in the day when that's all I had access to. Now I almost exclusively use AB diapers and can wear without concern.
  19. SoggySoCal

    Busted by parents - please help

    Has it even been brought up again?
  20. SoggySoCal

    Post when messy.

    Just let loose in a wet BareBum at the start of my workout. No diaper changes until I'm done. Home gym so I'm the only one dealing with the smell.
  21. SoggySoCal

    How Big Is Your Diaper Stash?

    It's crazy how what was once a favorite has almost become a task to burn through excess stock and make room. They aren't even bad diapers. It's kinda like deviating from whatever meal you get at a particular food establishment. It might still be good, but you wish you had gotten the usual.
  22. SoggySoCal

    How Big Is Your Diaper Stash?

    I'm that way with my SDK's and Kiddos. I have so many more options to choose from, but 95% of the time I'm going with one of those two. That's why my collection has grown so much. A new diaper will come out, I'll buy a case, use a few and go back to my SDK's or Kiddos.
  23. SoggySoCal

    Single tab/tape diapers or double tab/tape diapers?

    I'll disagree with that. I think a lot hast to do with body type and size. My SDK's and Kiddo's fit me extremely well and perform as well or better than some other 4 tape diapers when used as you described.
  24. SoggySoCal

    Single tab/tape diapers or double tab/tape diapers?

    SDK's and Kiddo's are my go to diapers. I have zero problems getting a great fit with the single tapes.
  25. I like my AB diapers to much to give them up. I'll pay to get what I want and financial concerns are not why I choose to not go 24/7. 24/7 is just not practical for my lifestyle. I'm happy with my current situation which allows me to wear probably 70-80% of the time and still be a 100 continent adult for the remainder.