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  1. SoggySoCal

    Should I just start wearing diapers to bed?

    Waking up wet is the best feeling ever!!! You’ll want to just stay in bed all morning.
  2. SoggySoCal

    Should I just start wearing diapers to bed?

    I’ve been wearing to bed at night for over 8 years. Only recently have I started waking up with a diaper wetter than I started with and not remembering wetting it. I do not beleve I’m actually a bed wetter though. I think I wake up, pee and go back to sleep without remembering. It just gets easier as time goes on and becomes normal. I always drink a bunch of water before bed so I can wake up in a full diaper so I’m creating a situation where at some point at night I will have to pee. My diapers do leak sometimes because of this, but I sleep on a bed pad that is easily washable. I can probably count the times in a year I sleep without a diaper on one hand, but I have never had a wetting issue while sleeping like an adult. That has been my experience at least. I never was a bedwetter though. I’d be willing to bet you would be fine wearing to bed without becoming a bedwetter. Overcoming your excitement of being diapered shouldn’t take more than a few weeks I’m my opinion. The only thing that would be a concern for me would be keeping things hidden from your roommate. A wet diaper can stink up a room overnight. Especially the cheep store brands. You said you wake up early so maybe you can air things out, shower and throw out your used diaper before your roommate wakes up. It sounds like being diapered at night is the direction you want to go so I say give it a shot. It’s not a binding decision you cannot back out of if it does not suit your needs. I say go for it.
  3. SoggySoCal

    Should I tell my parents I’m a DL?

    I'd say just keep doing your thing and only bring it up if persistently confronted. No need to bring it up on your own or create situations that would cause the question to be asked.
  4. SoggySoCal

    American Vandal Season 2

    Just finished season 2. It was interesting enough, but it sounded like Drew was only doing the diaper thing because the "girl" he thought he was hitting it off with online told him she had a diaper fetish. It makes sense if you are going to try and blackmail someone you'd try and get them to do something embarrassing to later use as leverage to comply with your demands.
  5. SoggySoCal

    What’s in the box?

    I've never had it come up at my place. Back when I lived with my parents I was wearing crappy Depends and not ordering stuff online. Now I'm single and have my own place. I don't order stuff that often, but when I do it is large orders. Usually 2-6 cases at a time. My housing track is all half acre lots so the houses aren't right on top of each other like most CA homes. I'm also on a corner lot which leaves me with only one neighbor to deal with. Better still, my front porch/door is shielded by my garage on one side and guest bedrooms on the other side so there is only a very narrow window from the street that my packages can be seen. I did order a package of M4's while in NY and had them shipped to my grandmothers house. I was originally only supposed to be staying there for 5 days and packed diapers accordingly. Unfortunately my grandmother passed while I was visiting so I stayed in NY to help my mother with the funeral arraignments. One of my grandmothers tenants brought the box in the house for me and set it aside for me. I had also purchased a Bluetooth speaker in the same order so after the diapers were in my room I made a comment on how Amazon always uses big boxes on small stuff as I took the box to the trash.
  6. SoggySoCal

    PeekABU from ABU

    Not quite sure I like the print design, but with 6250ml's of claimed absorbency I'll definitely be giving them a try once available. https://us.abuniverse.com/product/peekabu/
  7. SoggySoCal

    HiFi & DIY Audio?

    I need a second amp anyway now that I've hooked up the Denon to the outdoor speakers. Had to go mono outside so zone two and three are now being used.
  8. SoggySoCal

    HiFi & DIY Audio?

    This has kinda been my thought process on the problem.
  9. SoggySoCal

    HiFi & DIY Audio?

    Sounds like way to much work. I'll probably just sell the Khorns and get some more RF-7's to replace them.
  10. SoggySoCal

    HiFi & DIY Audio?

    It's a odd shaped room that spills into the main hall and additional room. Quick sketch. /Plyshttps://i.imgur.com/PlysbMO.jpg
  11. SoggySoCal

    HiFi & DIY Audio?

    Not exactly sure of the gage. The positive and negative each concist of 4 smaller gage cables braded together. Probably equaling a 12 gage. They are a bit long. Probably around 15-20 feet. My problem is with bass response. That's what sounds hollow. The teeters sound fine.
  12. Yes, but it takes some effort.
  13. SoggySoCal

    Has anyone tried ABU Cushies?

    X2 on a all white version. Preferably the Kiddo/Lavender version with the stretchy waistband up front. The Cushies/SDK front waistband is fine, but in situations where I want an all white diaper discretion is the main concern. Don't want plastic peeking over the top of my shorts.
  14. SoggySoCal

    HiFi & DIY Audio?

    https://i.imgur.com/4JmO4PX.jpg https://i.imgur.com/IIQaVCY.jpg I find myself listening to music more often then not. I'm not on audio forums or anything like that, but appreciate a good sounding system. I've got a decent setup in the living room that I use daily. Nothing crazy, just two Klipsch RF-7ll's and a Klipsch R115SW subwoofer. I have a RC-64 II center, but I don't use it at my new house because I can't get it centered and it throws off the balance. Receiver is a Denon AVR-X4300. I'm very happy with the setup, but wanted to try for more once I bought my house. I found a very nice set of Klipsch Klipschorn's, but have yet to find an amp to make them sing. They sound muddy on the Denon so for now they are just furniture in my dining room. I was hoping I could expect decent sound out of them with the Denon and run them on zone two for a whole home audio setup, but that didn't happen. I've got other things to buy for the house before I sink some money into a proper amp for those.
  15. SoggySoCal

    A Big Kid in Diapers???

    I'd say 12-13. The biggest kid before puberty kicks in. Full time diaper boy, but in a supportive environment. But every now and then a diaper needs changing in an public setting.
  16. SoggySoCal

    Has anyone tried ABU Cushies?

    All the single tape diapers from ABU have the same cut. They do fit slightly different than a double tape diaper, but I personally prefer the single tape look and fit. SDK's and Kiddos are my two favorite diapers. As for their absorbency they hold their own. There are diapers that hold more, but they were never intended to be the absorbency champion.
  17. SoggySoCal

    Wearing Diapers = Less Stress & Anxiety (Anyone else?)

    I'm the same. There is a sexual eliment for me as well, but diapers are also a stress released for me. I just feel a little incomplete without them. Couldn't give you a reason. I just know I'm happier and less stressed when I'm diapered.
  18. SoggySoCal

    Close Calls and/or getting caught.

    My mom and my younger brother found my stash in my room when I was 19. I was unaware until it was brought up at the dinner table that night. A not so pleasant surprise and one I really had no answers for. It was never brought up again though. That did cause me to purge and go without for a year and a half. Fast forward seven years and I was visiting my mom and spent the night at her house. If I wear I usually change first thing in the morning and leave my wet diaper under my sheets while I shower. When the coast is clear I take it outside and throw it in the trash. Needless to say one morning I forgot the second part. My old room at my moms house has become her go to storage place so a few days after I left she went in to drop off something the smell of a few day old wet m4 had taken over the room. Needles to say she found it. She was a bit confused. She asked my younger brother if he had put a used diaper in my room as a joke. Then when she visited me at my place the following week she asked me if I left an adult diaper in my bed. I initially lied about it, but came clean later that day and just fessed up about everything. She had completely forgotten about finding my diaper stash when I was 19. She was actually really cool about it. She said it's not hurting anyone and just asked I clean up after myself. She later told my brother she was joking about finding a diaper in my bed, but I'm sure he knows I'm into diapers and just hasn't said anything. Fast forward a few months and my mom was staying at my place for the night. It was early morning around 0200 and I had just woken up and changed my full SDK in my room and put on a fresh one . I was kinda thirsty so I figured I'd get a drink of water from the kitchen. It was in the middle of the night so I figured she is sleeping and I'll just be in and out of the kitchen in no time so I decided to go out in just my diaper. Well as I'm filling my glass at the fridge my mom pops around the corner and says she can't sleep and asked me why I was up. All the lights are off in the kitchen except the water dispenser light which is right at crotch height and shining right on my diaper. I just said I was thirsty and walked right by her and said goodnight. She never said anything about it. Was kinda glad I had just changed into a fresh diaper though. Getting caught wet just seems more embarrassing to me.
  19. SoggySoCal

    Product mixup

    So this morning while getting ready for work I accidentally grabbed a tube of Desitin diaper rash cream thinking it was toothpaste. Fortunately I realized what it was once I had squeezed some onto my toothbrush, but I got close to having a mouth full of rash cream. Thought it was kinda funny. I have my own place so I can leave my diapers and supplies out with no real concern. Having my own place is great for allowing ample diaper time, but it has definitely lowered my guard. Might have reorganize the bathroom counter to avoid future problems. Anyone else ever have a funny diaper product mixup?
  20. SoggySoCal

    New Deadpool 2 Trailer.

    He is kinda smart ass. He was probably just hiding out there until his lower half grew back and messing with this guy just because.
  21. SoggySoCal

    Does anyone else fill diapers with water?

    I'll take a dip in my pool or jacuzzi diapered if that counts. It's always in a already soaked diaper though. Excluding the pool I won't do anything to artificially fill my diaper.
  22. SoggySoCal

    Do you regularly wear diapers out of the house?

    Work and hanging out with friends are the only times I'm not diapered. Venturing outside the house diapered is a weekly occurrence. At night I'll even relax on my back patio and take a dip in the pool in diapers only.
  23. SoggySoCal

    Favourite diaper designs (OLD or NEW)

    I like the simpler landing zone print diapers. ABU SDK's and PeakABU's are my favorites.
  24. SoggySoCal

    How do I get my boyfriend to diaper me??

    Shortest Rusty reply ever!!!
  25. SoggySoCal

    Telling Friends

    I have a racing buddy I know for a fact is aware of ABDL. He is extremely open about his kinks and has no problem discussing them. His whole thing is loss of power usually coupled with some type of physical punishment. I told him I get the loss of power aspect but didn't see the appeal of getting tortured. He started spouting off a bunch of other similar kinks minus the violence and ABDL was one he mentioned. Glad he can let his freak flag fly, but I'm like Rusty and don't see any real advantage to offering up that info even if I wanted to. It's a calculated risk I'm not willing to take.