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  1. taking her to chucky cheese what could go wrong
  2. what a story really enjoying this a lot. cant wait to read more
  3. great update. good to see her finally understanding Emmy :)
  4. really enjoying this story a lot so far. love the direction its going and really enjoying the relationship forming.
  5. so glad for a update
  6. wow that chapter sure lit things up.
  7. i think its cute Sophie and pudding the way you 2 act here you both got talent and im really enjoying your story
  8. wow this story is getting better and better great job
  9. wow she is so good love to see a plan work out
  10. love how she is manipulating both of them great read
  11. liking the story so far. cant wait to see where it goes
  12. im not sure Koi is qualified to handle her. but at least she's trying.
  13. wonder how long before she ends up back in that house again. very good update.
  14. love the relationship between Koi and her. actually really cute. thanks for going away from the darkness
  15. nice change of pace here. and great update