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  1. love the relationship between Koi and her. actually really cute. thanks for going away from the darkness
  2. nice change of pace here. and great update
  3. story seems to get better each chapter.
  4. really hate to see little Luzy going through this makes me so sad. really am enjoying the story though
  5. wow intense chapter. really enjoyed it
  6. poor Luzy
  7. I hope she can get through to Luzy. she really needs help
  8. love the update. Sammi is getting what she deserves.
  9. glad tp see the darkness ending and hopefully her getti ng better. great update
  10. story turned so dark. hoping we can get past this soon
  11. i know i had a huge crush on my babysitter when i was little. interesting start
  12. wow that guy really messed her up bad. i feel so bad for her now. great update
  13. i was kinda confused but figured it out. very enjoyable and cant wait for more
  14. ok i wont panic now. glad to hear a ton of chapters to come
  15. this women has regressed Luzy pretty good. was this the end? the ending seemed like you ended it?