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  1. Very interesting story. Definitely the first half human/half animal story I've ever read. I'll admit that it's certainly an enjoyable tale. Melissa's attitude and behavior is spot on for someone undergoing such a life changing transformation.
  2. The nation that this is taking place in seems like an ultra liberal nation in Europe. Like maybe a British or French society. Then again it's also got a New York or San Francisco style governmental oversight of Littles in mind. Very interesting take on this story.
  3. I wish Sophie treated Jessie like a boy because there's far too many diaper dimension girl stories. Hopefully, Sophie won't take him to get the surgery and make it "official". Jessie really has no clue how bad things can get.
  4. Such a teasingly naughty cliffhanger!
  5. Excellent story. I would hope that Jeremy asks Val to use her magic to create some disposable diapers. So she doesn't have to work so hard and Jeremy can feel like he did when he was little. Nonetheless, this is an awesome story and I hope you could continued it!
  6. Nice update!
  7. I'm hooked.
  8. This is getting...hot!
  9. I am intrigued. If I can find time,I'll see what can be done...
  10. Very cool update!
  11. I've only seen bits and pieces of that movie, but I'll concede that, that is fairly comical.
  12. Japanese. The Germans didn't have the logistics to even bomb New York.
  13. I love Emily. So jealous of her ability to speak Hungarian.
  14. Cameron's in love!:)
  15. I hope Mrs. Toadward babysits soon.