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  1. I'm not well versed in the furry culture. So I'm not exactly sure what would make a particular diaper one for furries instead of ABDLs. Animal prints and/or cartoons on diapers are popular and the diapers sell well. Other diapers that have animal prints or cartoons include Tykables Overnight, LFB Lil Trunks, Rearz Lil Squirts, MyDiaper Night Animals / Color Animals / Blue / Yellow diapers, Dotty Diaper Company Pony and Pride diapers, Diaper Connection Amor and Idyl diapers, Fabine Exclusive Blue and Pink diapers, ABUniverse Kiddo and SDK diapers, Bambino Teddy / Bellissimo / Magnifico / Valentine diapers, Cuddlz all-over print nappies, Aww-so-cute blue / pink / purple bears diapers, etc. Both Tykables and ABU are pre-selling other diaper models with animal prints and/or cartoons. Prints and/or cartoons of babies and children on adult diapers have been tried and have not sold well -- see the Fabine Pacifier diaper. For me, I don't think there are any diapers that are specifically made for furries. I think that the diaper companies have found that plain white diapers and diapers with cartoon animals sell the best, so that's what they produce mostly.
  2. Wisdom Teeth

    I got knocked the bleep out when I had my wisdom teeth removed. Don't remember anything until I was in the car home. The pain over the next couple of days was moderate but manageable. My tongue couldn't stay away from one of the empty sockets (some were sutured closed, some weren't....not sure why).
  3. Cuddlz shipping costs to the U.S. is insane

    I got a few of the two new Cuddlz diapers (Bright Days, nursery print) from WearingClouds when they were in stock. They're nice, but there are plenty of diapers here in the states that are just as good if not better. The options at this point are to bite the bullet and order directly from Cuddlz, get a few from WearingClouds and pay for Priority Mail postage, or look on eBay for the occasional seller of Cuddlz diapers. I don't see any options with cheap shipping costs right now.
  4. Unfortunately you'll have to get samples of the other AB/DL diapers out there and try them yourself. I agree with Rob110: Dry 24/7s fit differently than virtually any other diaper that I have tried. One that has tapes far apart like Confidry is Crinklz. Consider getting some from NorthShoreCare (bags) or WearingClouds.com (samples). The further-apart tapes may make a difference on how it fits on you. Another thing you could try is to contact Confidry and ask if they will develop and sell their own AB/DL diaper. Dry 24/7 diapers are made in the USA. A few years ago a former member of DailyDiapers claimed he called Confidry and tried to get them to make an ABDl diaper, but the rep at Confidry advised they have no plans to do so. Perhaps since it has been a few years their stance may have softened.
  5. The gift that keeps on giving

    That's why you eat ice cream after spicy foods. Then, when you are on the pot, you can yell, "C'mon Ice Cream!!!!"
  6. Baby powder without a diaper?

    I've been using powder most of my adult life. It's usually a non-baby one such as "Shower to Shower" or a generic one.
  7. Rectal thermometer

    Like Steve Martin said, I'm thankful there's no such thing as a rectal barometer.
  8. Bambino New Years Sale Starts Now!

    Beef jerky time. You want some beef jerky? There's plenty, you know.
  9. Solid Gold Diapers

    Maybe he knows THE Bruce Dickinson?
  10. Pretty good price, too. I ordered a bag of large Crinklz, and because the free shipping and discount for registering, I got 15 diapers for $24.50.
  11. Membership From Cooshie Tooshiez

    The Inspire is less absorbent than the Inspire + InControl. It came out a couple years before the InControl diaper. It is also less thick than the InControl diaper, which may be a consideration for some people. The InControl is pretty much an all-white version of Safari / Princess diaper. It is the one I wear most often, as it is thick and absorbent but less costly than the printed Rearz diapers.
  12. Longer answer....Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
  13. Save Express

    It is a pretty penny. My last purchase with Save Express was 16 total diapers for 22 euros, and shipping cost 38.5 euros.
  14. What is the Community Missing

    Off the top of my head: Diaper Connection, Tykables, Aww So Cute, Crinklz, Cuddlz, Fabine, LittleForBig, Rawr , Fab Sense, and MyDiaper. As for getting into the ABDL diaper business, user WBDaddy is the one to talk to. He tried to get a product to market called Petite AB, but there were too many problems to overcome. Also, be aware that some diaper companies have started to combine with other companies. For example. ABU now carries the both the Kiddo diaper (from Diaper Minister), and BareBum diapers (BareBum apparently sold the design to ABU). Due to the number of other AB/DL diaper vendors out there, I'd bet there will be more consolidation in the future. I'm happy with the current set of ABDL diapers already available for sale.
  15. I like the elastic on panties from http://www.babykins.com. Gary pants all look great, but the elastic is too rough for my legs. I also bought ridiculously large panties (as suggested by the owner of Baby-Pants.com), but it still was too rough; meanwhile it looked like I was wearing a Macy's Parade balloon.