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  1. As a general rule, I think you have to upgrade your membership to Baby Banker (aka pay money) in order to change your username. I changed mine by going into account settings. clicked on "Display Name", and changed my name.
  2. I'd say, "That'll teach you to stick your nose into my stuff", since mine are in my bedroom closet. At my age, I don't really give a shiznit what people think. I keep it private because it's my own private thing, and no one else needs to know (except for my wife). But if someone finds out, oh well.......
  3. And it comes with a leatherette case with holes in it so you can listen right through the case. It goes well with my green polka dot pajamas.
  4. I haven't had any issues with Rearz diapers yet. However, I've had problems with other companies' diapers. Most wanted some sort of proof, which is reasonable. For sending me the wrong sized diapers, a picture of the diapers received always sufficed. For other issues such as bad tapes or mis-cut diapers, pictures have sufficed for most, but one company did want the remaining diapers back so they could do some quality control with their producer. In each case the company worked with me and I worked with the company. Virtually NONE of them replaced anything "without question".
  5. Unfortunately for me the only diapers in that sale are Medium. All other diaper sizes apparently have good tapes.
  6. If you are looking for adult-sized diapers made by Pampers (Proctor and Gamble), then I don't believe you will find any. The largest Pampers is Size 7, which is made for children over 41 pounds. There are some products out there that allow an adult to use baby diapers with an adapter, such as ConvertUps. If you are looking for diapers that look closest to any former Pampers diaper, then look at the ABUniverse Super Dry Kids diaper, available at www.abuniverse.com. It is based on a Pampers design from the 90s, IIRC.
  7. Not only is the cost per diaper high when ordering from Europe, it can take a month or more to get the order. My last order from SaveExpress was in postal limbo between Germany and the US for a month. Then one day the package was scanned in my city's postal facility and delivered shortly thereafter. No scans upon entering the US, wherever the point of entry was. That said, the white MyDiaper / Tykables Tighty Whitey is the perfect diaper for me when I wear one on the go. It's relatively thin, quiet, holds a lot, has very little extra plastic to fold out of the way, and has no babyish designs. Perfect for airplane travel, movies, plays, long distance driving, or any other activity in the public where access to a bathroom is limited. So I'll pay a little extra to have some available for such activities, and hope other vendors make a similar one. I know that Casey at ABU has been asked to make an ABU PreSchool diaper with no design, and he seemed receptive to it; so maybe there is hope.
  8. Same here. SaveExpress' all-white MyDiaper night diaper is pretty much the exact same thing; however, shipping from Europe is expensive. If you wear size 2, Rearz still has some of the Tighty Whiteys on sale -- shipping is lower, but not as cheap as domestic shipping.
  9. I got my order last week and have worn a few. They are pretty much similar to Bambinos. I like the pastel colors - kind of a bit muted compared to other diapers out there, but sometimes less is more. So far no leaks, although they aren't as thick as ABUs or Rearz diapers. Pretty good diapers -- I like them.
  10. Thanks. Unfortunately the picture changed when Mikey updated yesterday. I didn't think to copy the original image I was referring to imgur or some other image site, and link to that.
  11. Looking at the new pictures from 3/4/2017, a female is wearing a diaper I haven't seen before. The animated characters look similar to ones from Crinklz, but a check of their page doesn't show them selling this diaper. Does anyone know who sells this diaper?
  12. I tend to think of myself of a child who should not be in diapers, but is due to lack of control. It likely stems from being in daycare (aka an older woman's house down the street) as a kid. One day one of the other kids my age was sick, and was put in diapers and rubber panties while in sick bed. Every other kid in daycare tried to get a look at the kid in diapers, and giggled and made fun of him. Little did the others know that I still wore diapers at night. Of course, I doubt I was the only one. But back then I felt guilty and ashamed of myself for laughing with the other kids. So when I wear diapers at night, I like to look in the mirror and see myself in diapers, similarly to when I would look at myself in diapers when I was young.
  13. I use WearingClouds.com to try different diapers and not get bag / case quantities.
  14. FYI.... I purchased a case of Rearz' Inspire InControl+ diapers and received them today. Turns out they now have a yellow wetness indicator that turns blue upon wetting. I prefer my diapers to not have this kind of wetness indicator, so this is a bummer for me.
  15. I got some of these a few months ago when they were selling them as a special item, prior to them being sold as Inspire Select. They are pretty good. The single tape does a decent job for me, and I do like the look. The diaper itself is less absorbent than their Safari and Inspire InControl+ diapers, and seems to have about the same absorbency as the original Inspire diaper. The size of the tape itself didn't seem to be much different than the Cuddlz and SDKs, but I haven't put them up side-by-side. The Lil Squirts diapers have a similar one-tape setup, and I think the Lil Squirts diaper is a color version of the Inspire Select. I'd get some more Inspire Select diapers but they haven't started to sell larges yet.