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  1. dyperbole

    Tuck In Extra Or Let Hang?

    I tuck, and sometimes I cut the excess off if I have time and the scissors.
  2. dyperbole

    Random Thread

    Criminologist: I would like Audience:: A Neck!!!! Criminologist: If I may... Audience:: You may not!! Criminologist: To take you Audience: Where? Criminologist: On a strange journey... Audience: How strange? So strange he lost his f**king neck!!! Get the Black Book, Same f**king book, Every f**king week, 3 pages to an Asshole....1...2...2.5...ASSHOLE!!!!!
  3. dyperbole

    Question for those who wear diaper for sexual reasons

    Sure. In the beginning when I first started to purchase items from stores as a teen in puberty (I usually bought Gerber toddler panties), the anticipation of touching and using the item lasted a half hour as I rode home on my bike. No sooner did I get my room door closed and locked, all it took was a stiff wind to finish. Nowadays since ABDL items are easy to get and I have a decent inventory of them, that anticipation pretty much is gone. I occasionally have fun while I'm wearing a diaper, but it isn't every time anymore.
  4. dyperbole

    Double diapered all day

    To be fair, the topic is DOUBLE diapered......
  5. Nope nope nope nope
  6. dyperbole

    Pull ups

    Per Tod, owner of Tykables: There are a few reasons actually and none of them are because no one sees an interest or thinks the market isn't there. The problem is that most adult pull on style diapers "training pants" are made the same and thus the machines are made the same. The blunt truth is there really are no machines out there that can physically make an adult size training pants that looks like a babys training pant. That in itself is one of the the biggest reasons no one makes them. No ABDL company has the expendable funds to build or modify a machine to make it, that is why there is not one. If someone else, a larger company with more resources, makes or adjust a machine to produce something like that and upfronts the funds to do it one or all of our companies probably would make a training pant like that; if they worked... That leads us to the second part. The flip side is physics particularly with the ABDL groups. A traditional diaper style in itself can hold as much liquid as you allow it by adding SAP and other fills to the point that the plastic will split or tear or that the liquid in the diaper would cause it to sag due to gravity. On a traditional diaper that is not as big of an issue because the plastic diaper has the same strength all the way around from front to back allowing a tighter fit to the body. Elastic in a training pants by nature stretches one way and with a training pants it stretches a lot to fit even a small waist size variance. Think about the fact that most regular underwear only has a 2-4 inch range while many diapers are almost 3-4 times that. The weight of almost any amount of liquid would cause the training pants to sag and droop immediately once it was wet by stretching the elastic. This brings us to a third part which does actually bring into the size of the market. We know for a fact that many ABDL people want a diaper than can hold back an ocean, so forget the "I am a little wet idea." The diapers would fall off if they were intended for 'moderate usage' which is why most pull on style products are rated at light incontinence and do not even come close to approaching the same level of absorbance as a traditional diaper. Even if we can get past the custom machines any and all elastic will give far quicker than tapes and plastic ever would. So if we overcome the first hurdle of making the training pants we would have to continue now with how much should and could the training pants hold. Once the training pant is wet the elastic no matter how good would begin to stretch and give more so than if it was just being worn. The more wet the training pant the worse the fit will be. You need more sizes with smaller size ranges to keep the sagging issue down. Gravity is a bitch and that is a real biggest answer for now.
  7. dyperbole

    Pull ups

    Probably not. Bambino has their Magnifico pull-up, which are pretty bad. Unfortunately, adult body anatomy make it difficult to have a decent pull-up. ABU's head pretty much said there's no plans on making a pull-up, and after seeing the reaction to the Magnifico pull-up, I can't imagine anyone is going to try any time soon.
  8. dyperbole

    Baby Banker 2018 logo...

    I'm not sure there is any. I think it was DD's way of making a donation option for those who didn't want the 2018 baby banker image. I think the contribution is the same. I think at first there was no cartoon with the badge. I noticed it about a week after I got the original booster badge. I can live with it.
  9. dyperbole

    Baby Banker 2018 logo...

    I didn't donate until the new Booster image was recently introduced. I didn't know I could keep the old one, and I wasn't going to get the bizarre one. And I definitely didn't want a pin with the same image sent to my house, no thank you.
  10. dyperbole

    Baby Banker 2018 logo...

    Exactly why I went with the Booster instead. Bizarre is the right word.
  11. dyperbole

    Amazon burner account

    I have a second account for buying diapers. I also only use that account while in incognito mode. So far so good -- no bleed over to my regular account. The only difference is my diaper account is not Prime, but so far all of the diapers I have bought have had free postage, just not 2 day shipping.
  12. dyperbole

    Accidental Exposure Thanks To UPS

    If I wore all the time then I'd have no idea how to keep it a secret from long term house guests or roommates. Fortunately my spouse knows about my one diaper a day and is fine with it, but even with that, whenever I have guests overnight I have to have a lot more discretion. Occasionally I'll wear multiple diapers a day for several days. When that happens my garbage can gets full and heavy quickly, and the smell of used diapers is obvious. If someone else came along and added some garbage in the can, they'd instantly get a whiff of it. While I individually bag every used diaper, it isn't that hard to tell what's inside the bag. Then there's the receipt of diapers from different shipping companies. Opened or not, these boxes (or bags from ABU) are fairly large. If I received these boxes on a regular basis, it would be hard to provide a non-diaper explanation to the contents if someone asked. Stopping at the local UPS store or an other commercial mail receiving agency to pick up packages is OK, but I'd still have to find some way of getting them into the house unnoticed; otherwise, why not just have them delivered to the door? Although I usually just wear a diaper nowadays by itself, there are times that I'd have to hide a pacifier, plastic panties, AB/DL clothing, etc. Kids? I can't even imagine what it takes. I'd have to lock the bedroom door every night, lock up my diapers and stuff, have some sort of hiding place for my used diapers until I could throw them away without prying eyes, etc. And since most kids end up with garbage duty at some point, eventually they'd get suspicious of what the hell is causing the cans to weigh so damn much.
  13. dyperbole

    Cookie Emoji?

    cuz I did it all for the cookie MMM the cookie MMM the cookie MMM the cookie MMM and I can take that cookie and stick it in my yum stick it in my yum stick it in my yum
  14. dyperbole

    Crinklz absorbency question

    Crinklz' absorbency compares favorably to any diaper out there from my experience -- they are currently in my weekly rotation. Fruitkitty gave a thorough review of them in February 2018 on another site here and the final line of the review says that Crinklz are "both the current highest-capacity ABDL diaper and (by a 28% margin) the most cost-efficient ABDL diaper that money can buy."
  15. dyperbole

    Adultbaby photosets/videos/movies

    Can't speak for everyone else.... But I spent years downloading AB pictures and videos from numerous pay sites and have quite a collection......somewhere. Turns out at some point I kinda got bored with it. There's only so many pictures of girls in diapers one can look at before they all start looking the same. In fact, it doesn't help that most photosets seem to be 200+ pictures of the model barely moving from one picture to the next. I haven't look at any of the pictures I saved in over 4 years, and I have no desire to look at them now. The occasional photo I see on DD or other forums is enough.