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  1. Not 100% but I understand. I'm like that for diapers that are hard to obtain and/or discontinued. For example, I have a good number of Fabines, but I rarely wear them because getting them from Europe is expensive and takes about a month. Similarly with Tykables Galactic -- they always seem to be out of stock, so I rarely wear any of the ones I have. Favorites of mine that are regularly in stock such as Safari / Inspire+ InControl / Bellissimo, I don't hesitate to wear them.
  2. dyperbole

    Nanny needs help!

    You can do the research yourself online and see that most professional ABDL nannies get paid quite well. One nanny that advertises in the Links section of this board has this last post with a link to her web site. Link to Post It's basic economics: supply and demand. If there are a number of people in your area willing to be an ABDL nanny, the cost of your services will have to be competitive. If there are few to no others in your area, you can raise the cost of your services to whatever the market (aka your client) will bear.
  3. I'll be getting some in the near future. But that color scheme does nothing for me, at least in the images I've seen. Looks brown and yellow...coincidentally, the colors of you know what How does it look in person compared to the photos? Hopefully it looks better than I think it does.
  4. I don't open the door widely if I am wearing a robe. If I need time to get properly dressed, I open the door a crack and then ask the delivery person if they can wait a minute or so. So far all have allowed me time to get dressed. As a former delivery person decades ago, the last things I want to see at my delivery points are people naked, half-naked, in their underwear, or in diapers.
  5. Here's a review on the Barnyard diaper by K Huck: https://youtu.be/Uzqhx7XK_Us And here's a review on the Barnyard diaper by a Redditor: https://old.reddit.com/r/ABDL/comments/b7tzfh/mini_rearz_barnyard_review/
  6. This is why we can't have nice things........
  7. I have no idea if any exist or not. The closest diapers to Pampers are the ABU Super Dry Kids. If that doesn't float your boat, then you are likely out of luck there. Since the ABU Simple and the Lil Paws are pretty much the same diaper, you may be able to find a suitable tape landing strip that looks like old Pampers or Huggies. Rearz used to sell a diaper they claimed was similar to Huggies or Luvs (I forget which), but it looked to me like a standard white diaper with a retro tape landing strip. There are eBay sellers that make and sell custom ABDL diapers, but I think they just take off-the-shelf diapers and customize the design. Most ABDL diaper manufacturers / vendors order tens of thousands of diapers at a time to be made, usually by factories in China. Trying to find a factory in China that will make a diaper to your specifications is likely possible with enough money. But that figure is likely really, really high.
  8. It depends. In the past most sent them in small boxes, but a number of vendors send them in mylar envelopes or in thick opaque plastic envelopes. The problem with the envelopes is that the diapers are soft, and so is the package. Thus your parents will be able to tell you got something soft. Can you claim that you got a t-shirt or something like that? Maybe. But if your parents have an idea that you like to wear diapers, then they will easily put two and two together and know that you received diapers. Consider messaging the Amazon vendor and find out specifically how they send them, and/or read the questions submitted by users for that product and see if it has been answered already. As for Bambinos, Bellissimos are pretty much my favorite diaper. The Magnifico and other similar ones may be a bit thicker, but Bellissimos are thick enough. They fit me extremely well. I wish Bambino would upgrade their Biancos to be Bellisimos without a cartoon taping panel.
  9. Posting unsolicited opinions on religion and politics, and expecting it to go well.
  10. And this is why we can't have nice things.......
  11. NorthShoreCare Supreme Lite briefs are good for using as daytime diapers.
  12. Where, oh where has our little Christine gone?  Oh where, oh where can she be?

    We miss you, you cranky old girl.  

  13. They are pretty much the same as a lot of other MyDiaper products: an attempt to make a similar version of a diaper that already exists. Rearz sells a lot of other MyDiaper products, but apparently the Pink one would compete against their Princess Pink diaper. However, Rearz sells the pink Amor, but the cost of 10 Amors is about the same price as 12 Princess Pink. If they sell one other Pink diaper, they may sell another. So consider contacting Rearz and see if they'll do it. The MyDiaper Pink can be ordered from Europe fairly easily, if not quickly. I prefer the MyDiaper all-white diaper as a out-in-public diaper, so I order a few bags a year from SaveExpress. Not sure what the petition says, as I'm not going to create an account just to see it. But I have no idea how a petition will do anything here. The company that makes MyDiapers are under no obligation to sell them anywhere they don't want to, and no other vendor is under any obligation to sell them. A quick check of eBay shows that one can purchase a bag of the MyDiaper Pink for a total of around $46.00 including shipping, which isn't that much more than people pay for a pack of other ABDL diapers here in the states -- here's the eBay link. MyDiaperDepot used to sell them (under the name ColorBottoms) for $28.75 plus shipping -- here's the link. You may want to contact them to see if they can get more in, and ask about shipping costs. You can also contact Cooshie Tooshiez and see if they will carry them. As a Rearz retailer, they might. Then again, since they sell Princess Pink they may not want to sell a product that provides them less profit.