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  1. dyperbole

    Could use some donations!

    Thanks. Membership has been purchased. Please don't bother sending me any pin -- I have no use for them.
  2. dyperbole

    Could use some donations!

    I threw you a few bucks. But I'm loathe to get that ugly 2019 Baby Banker badge. I see no other options in your store. Please consider other badge options (such as the one I already have) and you'll see at least one more sold membership.
  3. dyperbole

    Global PeekABU Shortage

    Good news: OK, they're back in stock most everywhere. Bad news: But not yet in Australia.
  4. dyperbole

    Regular Story Contests?

    Oh, I know. But I had a wild hair and decided to write something up just for the hell of it. My strange sense of humor made me do it. Do with it what you want.
  5. dyperbole

    Regular Story Contests?

    Here's my "true" story for whatever contest: When I was growing up I was <insert legal adult teen age> but looked like I was <insert non-adult younger age>. One year I visited my Aunt <insert Victorian era woman's name> to stay with her for <insert time period>. She was called "Aunt" but she wasn't actually a blood relative (in order to avoid an Oedipus complex in the story). My aunt was very strict and had a series of rules I had to follow or I would be punished. I thought that I could avoid such punishments because I was <insert older teen age>, but I was in for a rude awakening. One night I <insert rule-breaking situation>. My aunt decided to punish me by <insert meticulous description of the pomp and circumstance of a spanking>. After the spanking was over, my Aunt picked me up and carried me to bed and <insert meticulous description of the pomp and circumstance of a diapering>. My aunt then paraded me out to the living room where <insert name of young girl child>, <insert name of young boy child>, and <insert name of beautiful older teenage girl> were watching TV. Each of them <insert several synonyms for laughed> and pointed to my diaper. I started to cry and my Aunt put a <insert appropriate word for pacifier depending on country location> into my mouth. I was then marched back up to my bed, where my Aunt had converted to bed to a crib. She picked me up and placed me into the crib. The next morning I looked down and apparently had <insert past tense verb(s) for urination and/or defecation) my diaper. My aunt came in and talked to me as if I was an infant, and expertly changed my diaper. My aunt then took me out of the crib and sent me to the kitchen for breakfast. Waiting for me in the kitchen was a <insert lengthy description of a high chair>. My aunt had prepared <insert several different baby foods> and fed me in front of <insert name of young girl child>, <insert name of young boy child>, and <insert name of beautiful older teenage girl>. After I ate, my aunt easily picked me up and burped me. Everyone was <insert several synonyms for laughing> as she took me out of the kitchen and put me into a playpen. Soon after I was in the playpen the doorbell rang and my aunt let in several women, who were there for their weekly <insert activity>. Each of the women came up to me and cooed and asked, "Who's the big baby?" My aunt answered them back, and explained in great detail why I was in diapers and in the playpen. Each woman agreed with my aunt's handling of the situation. Not long after that the doorbell rang, and <insert name of beautiful older teenage girl> answered the door. It was her boyfriend <insert very masculine name>. She gave him a passionate kiss and then let him in the house. He looked at me and <insert humiliating comments>. He then playfully smacked her rear end, and they left. After a nap my aunt again expertly changed my diaper. Then my aunt <insert description of an increasingly more humiliating situation> <Repeat until author climaxes or can no longer think of anything else> The end.
  6. dyperbole


    Reminds me of one of financial guru Dave Ramsey's quotes about the fear of change: We can be like a toddler in a soiled diaper who says, “I know it smells bad, but it’s warm and it’s mine.” I doubt Dave knows much about us ABDLs, because a good number of us don't fear change and still will stay in a soiled diaper.....😝
  7. It depends on when the question was asked. At age 13? Hell yes. In the 70s there was no Internet nor any way to determine why I was so f**ked in the head that I wanted to wear diapers. Depends and Attends didn't even exist back then, and nobody talked about adult diapers as even being an option. When one of my grandmother would stay with us, we had a commode chair for her, but I was unaware if she wore a diaper (and may not have for all I know). As a teen I worked next to a medical supply store, and there was nothing in the store's windows that even indicated they had incontinence supplies. Nowadays? No. I like it, it hurts nobody, it's fun, there's thousands of people just like me out there, there are dozens of companies making money selling to people like me, yada yada yada.
  8. dyperbole

    Depression and ABDL tendencies

    Not for everyone. I don't have clinical depression; however, my spouse has it so I'm somewhat familiar with it. There could be a possibility that a larger percentage of ABDLs have clinical depression compared to the average. Not sure how one could study that to get an accurate answer, as subscribers to ABDL forums and social media may not accurately represent the population of ABDLs. You may want to have this topic moved to Restlessfox's Depression Discussion subforum to get answers about medicine and doctors.
  9. There's a noticeable difference between the Inspires and the Inspire+ InControls. On my postal scale, an Inspire is 7.2 ounces, and an Inspire+InControl is 8.3 ounces, so it's over an ounce heavier. The ratings are a bit suspect, as the Inspire is rated at 4998 ml and the InControl is rated at 5361 ml. At one time the original Spoiled and the original Inspire (same basic diaper) were some of the best available. Then ABU 2.0 came along and upped everybody's game. The Inspire definitely feels thinner than the InControl, but I've rarely had issues with leaking with either. If a thick feeling is important, stick to the InControl. At their current price point, I've considered getting a case or so of Inspires, but I have no place to put them. I do like how they look on me -- all white except for the light blue tape ends. And I've worn them overnight without issue many times before. I prefer to wear a diaper like the Inspire when I know I won't be in bed for more than 6-7 hours, since I wouldn't get full use out of a better diaper. For a full-time user, the Inspires would be a great daytime diaper if you could guarantee to change it within 8 hours or so
  10. dyperbole

    Global PeekABU Shortage

    Casey Strom is happy to answer your questions -- go to the ABU web site and send an email, or go to their Twitter, etc. He's a regular on the subreddit /r/abdl on Reddit, but most people will direct you to ask Casey any business questions via the ABU web site. Generally speaking, Casey has reported in the past that he is producing as many high-quality diapers as he can, but the demand currently is higher than the supply. Here's a snippet of one of his comments from /r/abdl: We’re trying as hard as we can to bring as much stock into all markets as quickly as we can. The problem influences us as a company as much as it influences you as a consumer. We made a lot of progress in 2018 by bringing on several new production facilities and shifting to new shipping partners so that we can receive products sooner. We’ve also taken over more of the manufacturing process. We order as much stock as we are physically able to accommodate at one time, generally seeing 1-2 40’ containers of cargo each week. Velocity of sales is closely monitored, and we try and maintain stock levels as best we can. The problem is exacerbated because PeekABUs are by far the most popular diaper sold by ABU right now. So when stock does get in, it hits the road pretty quickly.
  11. dyperbole


    Welcome to Daily Diapers. We are a fun-loving group that also lends helping advice such as you are asking for. However, DD isn't Facebook nor Reddit. Post threads here can be commented on for days, weeks, months, years, even decades. Not everybody checks this forum on a daily basis, so there could be literally hundreds of DD subscribers that have yet to even see your post. The fact you already have two on-topic responses is fine for this length of time after your post. Overall, you appear to be further ahead than a lot of others that have posted their progress in the past, whether here or on other sites. I personally have been wearing diapers to bed for 17 years now, and have yet to wet the bed. It's common for people trying to become incontinent to have difficulty in wetting the bed even after years of wearing 24/7. So be heartened by the fact you already have wet the bed. The best tip for improvement is to increase the quality of the diapers you are wearing. If you wear 100 Tena Classics a month, that's 3.3 briefs a day. Tena Classics are rated at 710ml (24 ounces), which is in the moderate category. If you are trying to become completely incontinent, you need diapers that can hold whatever you will be throwing at it. If you can't afford ABDL diapers that have 5000+ ml ratings, consider upgrading to Tena Super Absorbency. Also, if you are trying to become bowel incontinent, consider getting a diaper that has leak guards that can help keep your bowel movement from leaking out the sides.
  12. dyperbole

    Forsite Under The Sea

    I just got a pack of them. I've worn one, and it appears to be as good as any of the other ABDL diapers out there from ABU / Tykables / Rearz / etc. These are probably priced better for Canadians that for me here in the USA, but I can see me getting a bag every once in a while.
  13. dyperbole


    Michael Rennie was ill The Day the Earth Stood Still, but he told us where we stand Audience: On our feet!!!!
  14. dyperbole

    Whos Your Favorite Worship Band/Artist?

    Night Ranger
  15. dyperbole

    What is your earliest memory?

    My TRS-80 only had 4k of DRAM.