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  1. Consider contacting Bambino directly. They have sample packs for their diapers that have 1 medium and 1 large diapers for some of their products. They may do likewise for Safaris, which would lower the cost significantly since they don't charge postage on sample packs. There are some eBay vendors selling 2 Safari diapers, including one selling 2 mediums for less than $10 including shipping. Also, look for samples for similar Rearz diapers such as the Inspire+ InControl, the Violet Seduction, and the Princess Pink. Those diapers are pretty much the same underlying diaper, just with a different outer design.
  2. Check out Fruitkitty's diaper reviews on Adisc and you can look up the specs that he found. Here's the one for the Safari. And here's the one for the Abena Abri-Form. A quick read of the two reviews show that the medium Safari is 26 inches wide, and the medium Abena is 24.5 inches wide. However, your best bet is to buy a sample of a medium Safari and a large Safari, and wear them for yourself. Once you figure out which one fits best, buy it in bulk and save.
  3. They can work. Most oversize diapers have a lot of extra plastic, but not much more padding than a smaller diaper; in fact, some diapers have the same exact padding for all of their diaper sizes. You can just wear them and the diaper will be really big on you. Not much of an issue unless you can't tape them because the tapes go further than your midsection. In those cases, you''ll likely have to add your own tape. You can also do surgery on the diaper and remove a lot of the excess plastic.This will make it look better, but there's no real way to remove the plastic between the matting and the tapes without ruining the tapes. Personally, I'd just get a different brand diaper. I really like ABU's diapers, but they have nothing that I can't live without. Tykables, Rearz, Bambino, Changing Times Diaper Co, Diaper Connoisseur, Forsite, Dotty Diaper Co, Little for Big, Nappies R Us, Cuddlz, MyDiaper, Fabine, NorthShore, ConfiDry 24/7, Crinklz, and Betterdry all have diapers that are really good, too. I've probably forgotten about other ones, too. During their big online announcement event in April, ABU said that sometime this summer they will start to have PeekABUs, Little Paws, and SDKs always in stock. If those include the diaper you specifically are looking for, then you may just want to wait.
  4. This is an odd post in this forum. The Forum itself is about Cloth Diapers and Panties, and yet there are seven (7) comments in this post that refer to disposable diapers. I'm not a mod, but shouldn't all the posts and comments in this forum relate only to cloth diapers and panties? Seems to me to be rude to talk about any other diaper than cloth here. I mean, it would be like going into the Incontinence Desires forum and telling people to not become incontinent. Or like going into the Stinky, Squishy and Proud forum and telling everyone to not mess their diapers. I'm sure people may have done it, but I'd consider that to be rude. The all-time most replied post in Diaper Lovers is one where anyone can post what brand of diaper they are wearing, whether cloth or disposable. People who are wearing disposable diapers and wanting to share that information with other DD users should post there, IMHO.
  5. They're different, but they both work well. The MegaMax definitely has more SAP than the InControl, but the InControl is a heavier diaper than the MegaMax - 240 grams to 215 grams. The InControl has no writing on it, and the only color is the blue tape ends. The MegaMax has "Northshore" written several times on each side of the diaper. Generally speaking, if you like the InControl, that is a decent enough diaper where the MegaMax isn't really going to be that much better. While the MegaMax is rated to hold 6250 ml compared to 5400ml or so for the InControl, the reality is that either diaper should be able to take whatever you can hit it with for 10-12 hours.
  6. My gauze cloth diaper is by far the softest diaper I've ever worn. Most disposable diapers get softer when they are properly fluffed. Let them breathe outside of the bag, and then fluff the diapers you are going to wear before you put them on. NorthShore Care used to have a video on their site on how to fluff one, but I can't find the link. Here's KHuck on Youtube on how to properly fluff a diaper. Recently I wore the new Tykables Little Rawrs, and it felt really soft.
  7. In the news today.....https://www.newschannel5.com/news/newschannel-5-investigates/capitol-hill/tennessee-prosecutor-gay-people-not-entitled-to-domestic-violence-protections I think that companies commercializing "Pride" is really, really, really far down the totem pole of issues for LGBT+.
  8. I generally use a MyDiaper product when I want less padding and thickness. Unfortunately none have hook-and-loop tapes yet. ABU Preschools and the Nappies-R-Us knockoffs PlayDayz also have less padding and thickness but still hold a good bit. No hook-and-loop tapes yet. Dotty Diapers (Dotty the Pony, Pride, Super Boompa) also are thinner than others. Tod from Tykables did post the following on Reddit: We will be remaking the Waddlers more pastel in future runs and a thicker gauge plastic as well. The Little Builders will be replaced with other products and designs in the future. So based on that, it's not clear to me if there will be a product similar to Little Builders or not.
  9. I've tried them. They work fine. As for the fit, it is a bit unusual. That may be the "waddle cut" you are referring to. Seems a bit puffy in the lower butt area. The capacity is fine, but I don't normally max out any diaper even after 12 hours of wear. Like most diapers, they do not do well when my firehose is pointing up in bed, or when I'm on my side.
  10. It's because the link is to a 2-pack sample of them. I got a case of the Bear Hugz and paid much less than that per diaper. I like Bear Hugz a lot. Northshore Supremes have the world's ugliest dual wetness indicators that make me think I'm in Hospice. Megamaxes are nice except for the crappy writing on the sides. Get rid of that writing and I'll add more of them to my rotation. As for tapes, they are the last thing I care about when it comes to a diaper. If a diaper's tapes suck, I've got my own tape to make them fit snug.
  11. Kal Medical may just not be putting the full name of the diaper on the Inspire Plus ones. Rearz calls it the Inspire+ InControl nighttime brief.
  12. Dunno dude, your complaint is legit. Someone should contact you as soon as possible about this. Not sure why they are ghosting you. Consider sending private messages to every mod daily until they respond. It's almost been a year, ffs.
  13. Not likely. They are attempting to trademark the word Dinosaur as it relates to diapers, and likely only in Canada (haven't checked the US trademark database). None of the other companies use the term Dinosaur. Remember when Tykables came out with Space Cadet diapers, and ABU sued them? They didn't sue them because of the diapers having a space theme, ABU sued Tykables because they used the word "Space", which ABU had already trademarked as it related to diapers.
  14. Considering Bambino has their Magnifico with hybrid tapes and a dinosaur design, it appears that neither were first. Also, as part of Rearz' habit of filing for trademarks, expect dinosaur diapers from them sometime in the near future; likely with the same hook and loop tapes as their new Barnyard diapers.
  15. Step in front of a semi going 75 miles per hour...?