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  1. dyperbole

    In Sweden For The Next Month

    Should be fairly easy. Here's a ABDL diaper supplier web site from Sweden: https://www.maxdiaper.com/en I assume many of the other European sites such as www.cuddlz.com and www.saveexpress.de deliver to Sweden without charging an arm and a leg for shipping.
  2. dyperbole

    Crinklz removed from Rearz website?

    Another Canadian site has original Crinklz -- www.daynitecare.ca
  3. dyperbole

    Wearing Clouds

    I don't see any of the new Cuddlz designs anymore. They still have the old Teddy Bear one, but not the new Bright Dayz or Nursery patterns. They used to have those two - must have sold out.
  4. dyperbole

    What do u use diapers for

    I use them to wax my car.
  5. dyperbole

    New Rearz "Monsters"

    I've pre-ordered them -- Rearz' web site shows an expected release date of May 15. Not sure if "release date" means shipping date or what. DailyDi or others in the AB/DL industry may get a sample prior to the general release to the public, though.
  6. dyperbole

    Wearing Clouds

    The operator of WearingClouds posted on Reddit that he will likely open back up in a few days. No information on why he closed, though.
  7. dyperbole

    New abu simple ultra diapers

    They're thinner than the original ABU Simple when they are dry, but they get really thick as you wet. They are very comfortable, and really absorbent. I haven't worn a Simple in a while, but the Simple Ultra seems to hold at least as much as the Simple. They aren't very crinkly. The Simple Ultra (large) seems to fit snugger than the original Simple (large). I haven't checked the web site to see the dimensions, but the Simple Ultra definitely seems like a smaller diaper. You may want to look to see which one will fit you best: it may not be the same size as the Simple.
  8. dyperbole

    Tykable Patterns.

    Part of the similarity is that they have the same three animals on each diaper. I assume that these animals are part of their branding strategy. They are in diapers and/PJs on the Overnights, in space suits on the Galactics, in construction clothing on the Little Builders, and there is just their faces on the Waddler. And as you said, the colors used are pretty much the same. The differences are mainly in their weight and absorbency. Little Builders is the thinnest and holds the least. The Waddler is their midrange diaper -- thicker and holds more than the Little Builders. Both the Overnights and the Galactic diapers are pretty much the same diaper with a different design. I have tried all of them and like them. I'm not much for designs, so I'm hoping for a Tykables diaper that is plain white. The owner hinted they might sell one again someday, but I'm not going to hold my breath.
  9. dyperbole

    Curious, who has it harder being a DL?

    I'm not sure it's that tough for anyone to be AB or DL anymore. There are many vendors that sell diapers and other AB/DL items both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. There are literally thousands of pictures of obviously non-ABDL people wearing adult diapers in public for any number of events: parades, college hazing, costume parties, "lost a bet", etc. The shock value of seeing an adult in a diaper has significantly decreased over the years. There are even Federal lawsuits between major AB/DL diaper vendors being litigated. The Internet has been a boon for anyone who has had feelings about wanting to wear diapers. Any question I had about my fetish has been answered, and the sheer number of other AB/DL people out there on the net make me realize that I am nowhere near the only weird person who wanted to wear diapers as an adult. As an older person, I've known several male colleagues who have needed urine drip pads or adult diapers short-term and long-term. Some take it in stride, some are embarrassed about it, some make jokes about it. It seems that over half of my wife's friends (including her) have used Poise pads or other urine collection pads at some point. As kids stay in diapers longer and longer, it isn't that surprising to parents that some people may want to wear diapers. Some parents I know have been able to get their child potty trained by 2 years old, but I know of a couple others who were having issues with their kids in diapers full time at age 6. If there are 6 year old children that want to wear diapers, it isn't a big stretch to find out that some adults may want to wear diapers. Nowadays I don't feel it being hard at all to wear diapers. I do keep my fetish to my residence, or hidden in my trousers on the occasions I wear one out in public. I imagine there are some people that know I like to wear diapers: garbage men, maids, vendors that know my name and address, etc. So far no one has admitted to my face that they know. And that's fine with me.
  10. dyperbole

    Up Coming Cruise May 6th NCL

    Good info. However, I will refrain from bringing colorful AB/DL diapers on the ship in the future. I don't mind my room steward knowing I'm incontinent. I do mind my room steward knowing I'm a big baby; only my wife needs to know that.
  11. dyperbole

    Up Coming Cruise May 6th NCL

    I took the behind the scenes tour on an RCI cruise last month and found out something interesting. Apparently all garbage is gone through and sorted: glass gets collected together, plastic bottles together, food waste, paper waste, etc. The room steward does it for each cabin, and other employees are assigned to do it for the rest of the ship. Apparently this means no matter how well I bagged up a used diaper, someone was going to have to open the bag and go through it anyway.
  12. dyperbole

    Agnosticism and Me

    God(s) may exist, God(s) may not exist. We are apparently not supposed to know. An all-powerful God likely has the power to show him/herself to the world and end the speculation, but doesn't for whatever reason(s). Thus for me, agnosticism (or weak atheism) is my default position. 31% of the world's population is Christian and 24% is Muslim. Add Jewish (less than 1%), and around 56% of the population believes in the Abrahamic God. That leaves around 44% of the world's population that doesn't. It's not like the rest of these people haven't heard of Christianity -- most Secular people (16%) , Hindus (15%) and Buddhists (7%) likely have access to the Internet. For whatever reason, the Abrahamic God has not had success convincing more that 4 out of every 10 people of its existence. The vast majority of people believe in the religion of their parents and/or the majority religion of where they are born. This even applies to me -- my father is pretty much an agnostic as much as I can tell, and he never went to church when I was growing up. Changing religions can cause significant problems in ones life -- ostracized from one's family and community, and even becoming a likely target of bodily harm depending on where the person is. Imagine being a woman living in Saudi Arabia and having a religious experience that results in becoming a born-again Christian. Could one then go preach the gospel to their friends and neighbors without fear of violence? Hardly. Heck, imagine going door to door in Alabama and trying to convince people to become Muslims. I have no idea how the universe started -- it could have been created by a deity. I have no idea where that deity came from, etc. But it wouldn't surprise me if such a deity did so; that almost makes me a Deist, I guess. However, I see little evidence of an all-powerful deity in my daily life. I have no doubt that people believe that their God has cured their illnesses including cancer. It'd be nice to see their God replace someone's amputated leg. I have no doubt that tragedy survivors believe that their God saved them. It'd be nice to see their God prevent the tragedy in the first place and save everybody. I have no doubt that religious people find comfort in their relationship with their God. It'd be nice to see their God silence the men and women that use religion to repress people and further their agendas. Questions I ask myself often include "How would the world be different if God(s) exists" and "How would the world be different if God(s) doesn't exist?" And my answer is always the same: it wouldn't be different.
  13. dyperbole

    ABU Incommunicado

    They have communicado-ed: https://twitter.com/ABUDiapers/status/979094083669934080
  14. I'm not well versed in the furry culture. So I'm not exactly sure what would make a particular diaper one for furries instead of ABDLs. Animal prints and/or cartoons on diapers are popular and the diapers sell well. Other diapers that have animal prints or cartoons include Tykables Overnight, LFB Lil Trunks, Rearz Lil Squirts, MyDiaper Night Animals / Color Animals / Blue / Yellow diapers, Dotty Diaper Company Pony and Pride diapers, Diaper Connection Amor and Idyl diapers, Fabine Exclusive Blue and Pink diapers, ABUniverse Kiddo and SDK diapers, Bambino Teddy / Bellissimo / Magnifico / Valentine diapers, Cuddlz all-over print nappies, Aww-so-cute blue / pink / purple bears diapers, etc. Both Tykables and ABU are pre-selling other diaper models with animal prints and/or cartoons. Prints and/or cartoons of babies and children on adult diapers have been tried and have not sold well -- see the Fabine Pacifier diaper. For me, I don't think there are any diapers that are specifically made for furries. I think that the diaper companies have found that plain white diapers and diapers with cartoon animals sell the best, so that's what they produce mostly.
  15. dyperbole

    Wisdom Teeth

    I got knocked the bleep out when I had my wisdom teeth removed. Don't remember anything until I was in the car home. The pain over the next couple of days was moderate but manageable. My tongue couldn't stay away from one of the empty sockets (some were sutured closed, some weren't....not sure why).