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  1. promised spanking

  2. Are you loyal?

    Apologies to Ludacris: "Ho.......... Diaper Ho.......... Diaper Ho.......... I'm a diaper ho....." I am a diaper thot. And this ho is not loyal. I try every new ABDL diaper that is out there, and even some medical ones.
  3. pain in the ass

    You must be a Dapper Dan man.....or is that a "Diaper Dan" man? Now I'm gonna go and r-u-n-n-o-f-t.
  4. Bambino Pull-Ups!

    I got a few just to see what they are like. They're somewhere between OK and pretty good. The construction is good, and feels like it is well made. The design is a bit hard to see through the cloth covering, which makes it hard to get the full effect of the Magnifico print. The waistband is wide, which helps keep the pull-up in place on my adult body; unfortunately, as you can see from the posted picture that the absorbent part of the pull-up doesn't go up very far. I couldn't tell if there was a front and a back on the pull-up -- I put them on each way, and they appeared to fit similarly each way. Looking at myself in the mirror while wearing one, I didn't get the impression that I was wearing a child's pull-up. It still looked a bit medical to me. I wore one to take a nap, and my first (very light) wetting leaked pretty much immediately. After my nap, I wet them several times while standing, with no leaking. Thus I wouldn't recommend laying down and using them, but they seemed OK for daytime use. I'm not sure if that's any different from other pull-ups, though. I'm not sure when I'd wear these on a regular basis. I'd rather be in an AB/DL diaper at home and in bed, and I'd rather have a plain diaper when I wear one out in public under my clothing. Maybe if I wanted a quick diaper to wear around the house for a few hours and didn't want to waste a thick diaper for such a short time. However, at the price of these, I doubt I'd want to wear them instead, either. On a more positive note, it's great to see AB/DL diaper vendors continuing to put out new products and push the envelope. While these may not be very good, at least they are trying to meet the wants and desires of the AB/DL market.
  5. Loved those. I taped three of them together to make a diaper that could fit me.
  6. Big Tots Smiles

  7. diaper pants irritation

    Try Babykins. (www.babykins.com). Their panties are very comfortable to my legs. As nice as they look, unfortunately Gary pants has elastic that is too rough for my legs.
  8. True. I recently had the chance to go 24/7 for a couple of months. Turns out I tend to like somewhere between 18/7 and 21/7. Living in the heat of the south, it's not fun to wear diapers while outside doing chores or exercising. "Swamp ass" is bad enough with underwear....swamp ass with a wet diaper is like wearing a rubber weight loss suit around your privates. Some things I did learn: 1) Diaper tapes and diaper pins failed regularly when I was active. Pins are particularly painful when they pop open and stab you. After a few days I started using transparent tape around my waist a couple of times to help secure my disposable diaper, and I kept cloth diapers for nighttime use only. 2) I still can't stand the smell of my mess. I love to do it, but within 15 minutes I'm running for the shower to clean up. For me, the brief pleasure just isn't worth all the cleanup. 3) My garbage can got very heavy. I wore on the average of 20 disposable diapers in a week, and they get pretty heavy when wet. 4) I've definitely come to appreciate the different capacities of AB/DL diapers. During the day, a Tykables level diaper was much nicer to wear than Rearz Safari / ABU Simple / Bambino Bellissimos, At night, the thicker and more absorbent diapers were put to good use. 5) I was using so much baby powder that my bathroom floor looked like Studio 54 with all the white powder on the ground. Figured out it was better to powder up in the shower stall. It was a lot of fun, and now I know what works best for me.
  9. Mommies

    http://www.dailydiapers.com/content/links/links_abdlphoneservices.html There's also some ads on DD that seem to be for ABDL phone chat. Never used any of them, so I can't vouch for them.
  10. Poll: Wear A Diaper Or Have A Diapered Lover?

    Looking Good Billy Ray!!!!
  11. Visiting AB Universe location

    I haven't, but here's a thread from Reddit about someone who did:
  12. Looks like something that Babykins might sell. Maybe this: http://www.babykins.com/store/all-in-one-adult-diapers/kins-pull-on-all-in-one-adult-diaper/
  13. When to have "the talk"

    Women wHo Administer Punishment It was a magazine that mainly dealt with women dominance over men through punishment. Occasionally they had some stories where the man was put into diapers. Eventually they started a different magazine called "His New Mommy" or something like that, and that content was almost all dominant women putting men into diapers. There was also a web site devoted to it, but it's been so long that I've forgotten the name of it.
  14. Name change please

    As a general rule, I think you have to upgrade your membership to Baby Banker (aka pay money) in order to change your username. I changed mine by going into account settings. clicked on "Display Name", and changed my name.
  15. I'd say, "That'll teach you to stick your nose into my stuff", since mine are in my bedroom closet. At my age, I don't really give a shiznit what people think. I keep it private because it's my own private thing, and no one else needs to know (except for my wife). But if someone finds out, oh well.......