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  1. No butt crack, huge thick underwear outline, noisey ....diaper sticking out..... all pretty obvious stuff
  2. Womens nylon panties.... not a true AB nylon covered panty
  3. they worked well - Rearz Inspire and Mega Max diapers at the convention
  4. **Once in awhile ** I do too **small bursts** ???? Commercials - got bought out - promote
  5. shower curtain works here
  6. love that we have a newbie to the lifestyle - I occasionally have nylon panties over my diapers - love the reactions sometimes too
  7. yw DON'T force it - I told my wife from day one - hell even before day one
  8. Wonderfest USA 2019 Louisville KY - anyone going? Near there? anyone want to hang out wear and wet some diapers - have a few drinks and hang out?
  9. Rearz Inspire 4930ml capacity Medium adult diapers a review and a test NOTE: This will be updated as time passes, be patient for the rest of the review. - EDIT: Review is completed Rearz Inspire 4930ml capacity Medium adult diapers a review and a test. This will be complete "incontinent test" no holding back wetting...a little or a flood... 6:00 pm - Friday evening - I put on the Rearz Inspire 4930ml capacity Medium adult diaper. photos took about ten minutes, as I put it on, showing fit and tape/4 adhesive tape tabs..applying them very carefully and flat... good height on leg gathers nice soft inner area or a "channel" . Wetness indicators are: ZERO First Impression: Wow NICE looking diaper, sturdy, reminds me of Pampers in the 70s....no scent though. I did however add several drops of baby powder scented baby oil for my own experience. Matte finish plastic backsheet, has that sandy sound rubbing against the other diapers when you take one out of the bag. Be ready because no mercy shown here in/on this review. then at 6 pm started with Miller High Life - .949 ml - aka quart of beer. We have 5 to go through. Sitting here in the Rearz diaper, drinking a few cold ones - vaping on a cereal flavor... listening to classic rock - watching it Youtube.... Thinking it was too bad we didn't have this type if adult diaper evolution in the 70's early 80s. Okay--- so it's 7:23 pm now and contrary to the last Rearz I tried about a year ago.. the tapes are still tight,the diaper has NOT "relaxed"... going good so far, moving on to Miller High Life #2 7:58 pm.... moving on to Miller High Life #3 - not even damp yet as I have not had to go in the diaper. 8:10 pm - first wetting. majority of the front, no leaks 855 pm.... third good wetting, just barely down through the crotch now... plus started on Miller High Life #4 9:40 pm 4th really good wetting and it's about 2 inches past the crotch through the back. 10:22 ....5th wetting... about half way up the back side now..... no leaking through or around the edges Tapes are still tight no lifting issues.... but the diaper has become "relaxed" as it swells up and heavier... 11: 14.... last wetting and while sitting down one tiny leak on the rear.... Overall: Really great improvements from the first ones I tried.... Nice diaper, one of the ones that will be a favorite as an "Adult style Pamper" Note: might want to wear looser fitting pants...as this gets wetter the bigger it gets... https://rearz.ca/inspire-original-incontinence-briefs/
  10. To Jacob at Rearz: Thank you for the follow up... my final comments on this diaper: I really, really liked it. I did make some recommendations for colors and designs.... But... would love to know if there is a white version. Would love to knows if Kal Medical has any to pick up. ***-***-**** is my number. I will be doing the other ARearz stuff today and Saturday. The ones I tried about a year ago were horrible as I said in the review I have been DL for years and now MS issues force me to consider other options and this is why I tried one with a nursery print. I am totally blown away by the performance - Adding this style and fastener systems to my "Watch List"