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  1. Dartplayerinwvc

    Sale at Costco Canada

    pull ups are not diapers... four ??
  2. Dartplayerinwvc

    Telling Friends

    ABDL Scene *
  3. Dartplayerinwvc

    Attends DermaDry Advance...NEW??

    they are not new. and not plastic backed either, unless they changed that in the past year, tried them and thought they were ok... nothing special
  4. Dartplayerinwvc

    New Rearz "Monsters"

    ??think plastic ?? how about thick
  5. Dartplayerinwvc

    Going 24/7

    Walgreens Serenity or Walgreens Certainty
  6. Dartplayerinwvc

    New Rearz "Monsters"

    baby powder... you are reaching and searching for something that is right in front of you
  7. Dartplayerinwvc

    Thoughts on Cloth Backed Disposalbes

    can't stand Air Supreme diapers wish I could trade them for something else Confidry or something
  8. Dartplayerinwvc

    Surprising small booster pad

    TD pullups ???
  9. Dartplayerinwvc

    New Rearz "Monsters"

    you're not... my wife bought me the Scentsy version - "Newborn Nursery " I have been in Diapers (oopps back in) since Pampers came out in the 70s... IT IS Baby Powder
  10. Dartplayerinwvc

    Pleasantly surprised with pullup

    no they dont... but if you do a little at a time they hold 3 x more... I have worn all versions of them... regular Always do work well
  11. Dartplayerinwvc

    New Rearz "Monsters"

    Vintage Pampers scent is baby powder / Baby Oil.... nothing hard to find... a few drops in your diaper or a paper towel / candle warmer will take you back a few years - try ebay for the trio pack: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Adult-Baby-MommiesScents-3-bottles-Diaper-Fresh-Scent/392031296347
  12. Dartplayerinwvc

    Has anyone tried the Attends waistband style diaper?

    I have a standing supply of at least 3 bags of Mediums on hand and use them with Always discreet underwear... great for at home and with the Always for a few hours. I use Large ones for when out with DL friends and fun time
  13. Dartplayerinwvc

    In Zion national park, just moved here from Florida.

    well I am in West Valley...but let me know if you get up this direction...
  14. Dartplayerinwvc

    Most Absorbent?

    there are, unimpressed
  15. Dartplayerinwvc

    New abu simple ultra diapers

    what ? Wete they comfyerable?