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  1. Buying Diapers online?

    *Fortunately you can always re direct the delivery to a fed ex or UPS drop off office after you get a tracking number plain and simple. USPS as stated above - get a po box
  2. Welcome to the forum - stay dry dear

    1. New2DL


      Thank you. You too. :) Hope all is well with you.

    2. Dartplayerinwvc


      MS issues but yea... ok

    3. New2DL


      Oh no that's terrible. I'm sorry to hear that. :( I don't understand MS first hand, clearly. But I do understand chronic pain. I was born with a defect in my hips, and long story short it's yanking my body in a few different directions. I hope you're able to get some comfort anyway. It's horrible to live in that pain 24/7. 

  3. Has anyone else noticed...?

    Strict DL here.. Prints do nothing for me. Same as Vape products with children cartoons / Pokemon style and others - PopTarts rip off ads... Anyway... cartoons and balloons do nothing for me. White diaper, white or blue or green outer plastic (like Kendalls and Depends used to be - Surety's diapers used to be beige and other colors for other sizes years ago) clear or colored plastic pants maybe.. but that's about it
  4. How to find ab/dl friends

    I tried fetlife years ago and never got a response worth a darn. Might try again I guess. Too many chickens or fakes.
  5. There is a diaper store in Las Vegas that has a huge selection: https://www.facebook.com/changingtimesdiapercompany/ Changing Times Diaper Company on facebook
  6. Wet or dry diaper?

    Brand new diaper - and then just releasing to wet it.
  7. When was the last time you had a tape fail?

    AS IS means they do have or MIGHT have issues in manufacturing and don't want you to complain about it later on.
  8. Has anyone else noticed...?

    Well..I order Vape supplies from ebay and get free stuff from those sellers too.
  9. College Roommates RP

  10. Can Only pee on my back, advice please

    spelling is horrible and I do not understand your question
  11. Hi From Utah

    Welcome and you can always drop me a private message on here.... I sent you one already
  12. Is my friend into diapers?

    bizzar ? *bizarre maybe..... but an ice breaker for sure
  13. Diaper changes fantasies

    I don't care to be changed at all - but if there was anyone that I wanted to "supervise"... it would be Carrie Underwood
  14. Utah Diaper Lovers: Area 51 fetish night / SLCC never dies

    not even close... I don't believe in LDS and or any religion... just a good way to start a war and loose friends. If everyone left each other alone to believe as they wish then this world would be better off.
  15. I need advice on buying AB Diapers

    This is hard to follow but if I understand you correctly - there is diaper scents on ebay from different eras. Pampers was always baby powder scent. (late 60s and early 70's) does the same thing for me..../ even Scentsy has a newborn nursery wax candle scent