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  1. *hurt
  2. don't expect her to participate in any *fetishes
  3. Just a heads up for those car guys/girls that want to come and hang out and wear your diapers openly in a motel room, out of the way in a small town here in Utah.... I plan on having a meeting with a male friend again this year in Helper, Utah around June 15th through the 18th.... that weekend.... before and after taking photos for a car show and will have open evenings back at the room. I do expect that him and I will have our usual drinks and time alone...... but alot of discussion on here about meeting up has come and gone and no real plans made for those that want to try and meet up in one place... that have posted on this forum. He is not a true DL but has made accommodations for me. So here is your chance to come and join in and meet me and maybe others. This is a CLOSED motel room meeting and open wearing in our diapers and t-shirts...IN MY MOTEL ROOM ONLY. - THIS IS NOT - NOT ANY OPEN PUBLIC wearing whatsoever. This is DL only and NOTHING to do with AB related will be done by myself or my friend and not accepted in this environment. You are expected to change yourself and not have someone do this for you. Again, NOTHING to do with AB related will be done by myself or my friend and not accepted in this environment. We are bi males, .just guys that usually hang out and "enjoy each others company" and then go to the car show then back sat the room. DO expect that it will be an "ADULT BEHAVIOR" attitude / environment WHILE wearing diapers and or panties. We have had friends of his drop by also. We usually have adult movies going on and alcohol around. This has never been an issue, lets not start now. I expect that anyone that does come by will be using acceptable adult manners and an open mind and attitude... You are a GUEST and should have this in mind should you consider to drop by. I do NOT need the motel manager getting mad nor the people in the adjacent rooms complain. Females are not invited - let me repeat.....females are NOT invited. My wife does not care if I go hang out with guys that wear and screw around but she would be highly pissed if they were there. I do not even invite my sister inlaws to my room while that area - and they live there !! I will not tolerate ANY illegal drug use / prescription drug abuse in my motel room PERIOD. IF.... IF you cannot know / handle your own illegal drug use / prescription drug abuse or alcohol limits DO NOT contact me. EXTREMELY LIMITED photos/videos might be and will be taken by me - DISCRETION is a must. YOU are responsible for your OWN diapers and drinks. etc. THIS IS NOT AN OPEN BAR. YOUR ID WILL BE CHECKED if you do want to attend.. and be prepared to meet up BEFORE this meeting to be sure you are and can be a safe adult to attend. You are a GUEST and should have this in mind should you consider to drop by. NO SMOKING - Yes I vape and this is acceptable - I will NOT tolerate anyone being RUDE or demanding in the room. PERIOD. Contact me directly should you care to show up/ meet up.
  4. Yes, in fact I have 7 of them. Ready for a local "date" or a week with all of them.............. lotions, to lubricants to condoms and diapers and chair pads
  5. agreed AdmiralCrunch long story, I was stranded here years ago... but made the best of it.
  6. I had a female friend that her son liked to poop in his pants / then while I stayed overnight there once he found my diapers and got on the kick of liking them. Carrie wanted to kick him off the habit. I told her to buy him a clear "purse" type box or bag and make him walk around with it with diapers in it..... It worked. Alex doesnt wear them anymore, just her underwear now.... go figure.
  7. they were closed last weekend - no changing room and everyone is expected to be clothed and discreet. this is from the owners directly.
  8. under *clothes* or not people should just not panic.
  9. that would be nice... Would have to get a motel out of the way somewhere and agree on discreetness
  10. I was putting the last 4 tapes on an Attends and walked by my sister in law sitting in the front room and she took the sight and news very well. "I have accidents" I said and left it at that.
  11. you can always refill both
  12. Considering I am doing the same thing - so far no visitors...(in Missouri now) Just bring your favorite drinks - movies... xxx or not for private viewing and condoms. If that is what you are asking for... visitors... I also bring lubricants and diaper rash ointments. A shower curtain to put under the sheets just in case too
  13. no one notices the *corner watermarks on *tons
  14. May, 6th - 13th - Traveling to Denver Colorado area and Colorado Springs, Peculiar Missouri. I am a bi DL who will be traveling to Peculiar Missouri If you are wanting to meet drop me a message. Anything longer than a lunch / coffee stop, might be workable. I am looking for diapered fun and maybe drinks and more with DL’s only. I am NOT AB in the least – except for some plastic pants I own… and am bi – looking for the same. I do not smoke but I do vape. Friendship and diapers and maybe more. I also do not mind panties over diapers, xxx, videos and screwing around. Thanks. ALL AB requests for changing and babying you will be ignored. thanks.
  15. Anyone still looking for some DL bi male diapered fun? - I will be in the Peculiar Missouri area for 7 days on Sunday May 7th through the 14th Thanks in advance - [email protected]