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  1. abult baby crib

    that was 2015 fyi...
  2. Alfie's Nappied Life

    Thank you I am enjoying your story. I find it to be very interesting and well read.
  3. Test Subject

    Great start I look forward to reading more.
  4. Dry Care 24/7

    Dry 24 is a good company had problem in the past and they honored their word and LL Medico also sent me a coupon for my troubles and replacement, Northshore is great if you like dealing with a company that does not honor their word. They have in the past sent me a few emails and called me telling me I can't use the coupon they sent me. But they would be glad to take my 100 plus order with shipping.I told them it was bait and switch. In closing, they never honored their word. And before the call, I ordered from them exclusively that was over seven months ago.I would rather pay more money somewhere else and deal with an honest company..... To me, it's the principle
  5. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Take your time your health is the most important hope you feel better soon. Will keep you in my prayers!
  6. The Mending of Will Updated 1/17

    Thank you for such an amazing story you are to kind.
  7. Elf on the Shelf

  8. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Please keep mine I like to sow into someone's life. I wish it was more you have a good heart and your a great writer and honest!
  9. Fresh Start Reformatory

    awesome can't wait....
  10. Hibernation of an AB

    Awesome story really enjoying this. Thank you.
  11. Hibernation of an AB

    Yes I do very interesting story....
  12. The Development of Nick

  13. The Craig's List Mommy

    Boo, A very nice addition to the story. Thank you
  14. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Great update and I am enjoying the story your writing. Thank you
  15. Let me take care of you. Chapter 5....

    Great Story