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  1. 007specialk

    Where to buy molicare?

    Yes but now NorthShore is charging for shipping, now they are charging for out of State Tax.
  2. 007specialk

    Baby of the Class, Chapter 5 added 2018-01-23

    Awesome story thank you really enjoying this a lot.
  3. 007specialk

    Anthony's Aunts (Ch. 2 on 1/11/18)

    Great job I am enjoying reading this story. It's very creative the way you're laying it out for Tony! I can't wait to see what happens.
  4. 007specialk

    abult baby crib

    that was 2015 fyi...
  5. 007specialk

    Alfie's Nappied Life

    Thank you I am enjoying your story. I find it to be very interesting and well read.
  6. 007specialk

    Dry Care 24/7

    Dry 24
  7. 007specialk

    Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Take your time your health is the most important hope you feel better soon. Will keep you in my prayers!
  8. 007specialk

    Elf on the Shelf

  9. 007specialk

    Bad Husband, Better Baby

    3 hours ago, Elfy said: If things aren't as bad as I fear then this story will return and so will my Patreon and commissions and everything else. I've been in a real dark place the last few days and even if I wanted to write I doubt I could. I promise though, if I feel better and I know for sure forums like this won't be cut off from me that I will be back to continue my stories
  10. 007specialk

    Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Great update and I am
  11. This story is awesome so glad you continued it! Wow I am speechless on how it all is developing! Thank you
  12. 007specialk

    Mass Shooting in Orlando

    I also believe in the power of prayer God hears our prayers! I love praying for others, and watching God work! AMEN...
  13. 007specialk

    Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Great chapter thak you for sharing it!
  14. 007specialk

    Back to Daycare

    Great story thanks Elfy!
  15. 007specialk

    Famous ABDL makes fantastic new diaper!

    Wow what a great price and cheap....But wait $25,00 in shipping ugh! So at $26,00 you to can own one of these,