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  1. I see a binkie in Cathys future. Dirty thumbs are not good. I know I have one. Great update can't wait till the next one Momma Rose.
  2. I enjoyed your ending Sally. All my stories on DD end like that. Thanks for writing it and finishing it. It was great.
  3. Wow what a great chapter. I thinks we may have a baby girl here if Chris lets her dress him in the girls bedroom.
  4. Another women in Chris's life and she doesn't mine if he has accidents. But on the other hand Louise seems to be the spanking kind of landlord. This gets better and better love it.
  5. Sounds like Cya is correct and maybe Chris might like some panties too. Maybe Lou and Charlie are looking for a baby boy or girl. That would be so sweet.
  6. Mmmmm I think he bit off more than he can swallow. Lol I wish I was him.
  7. Great chapter as always. I wonder why Mikie is afraid of this guy?
  8. That was a long chapter but it was really interesting. Hope you keep it going.
  9. This is a cute way of telling a story. Hope there will be more.
  10. Me too. Something special about them. Thank you for starting it. Love it already.
  11. I like the start of you story. Please keep going.
  12. Great I can't wait I love your writing.
  13. I am so in love with this story. I see you took my suggestion and took him to Mom and dad. I hear how he starts to say Mommy then changes and said Cheryl. It won't be long now before he doesn't even think about it and calls her Mommy. I'm sure Cheryl will just love that. Every time I get an E Mail with a comment or an update I stop what I'm doing and open it. I'm waiting for that special moment my special moment when she nurses him. I bet he will start to be a good boy then. I know I would. Baby Jerry
  14. Not bad for someone who had writers block. Great chapter very excited about her forgetting to but on her bra and showing Mikie her breast. If I was him I would latch on to it and suckle and nurse from her. I wonder if she has milk for him. Great chapter can't wait for the next one. Baby Jay