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  1. This is a great start. So the ex is a girl named Sara those are her baby clothes that Elizabeth is using to dress Emily in. What does this sentence mean: "being your sub and doing stuff together but I just cant, you refuse to even try age-play with me"? I too hope you can finish this. Great job so far. :-)
  2. That was an interesting chapter. I didn't read anything about someone changing him back to his regular clothes so Daniel is still wearing a diaper. I wonder whats going to happen now.
  3. I’ve never had a lady force me to do anything but be cute, use my diaper. I find your story interesting now that you explained things. Not sure if I’m one of those men that would enjoy it.
  4. So Mommy Claire you're telling us that with Michaels background he is looking for a submissive women someone who will be in control and he will do what ever she wants.
  5. Looking forward for this to continue. Your writing is very good it flows very well. I enjoy stories that features a Mommy and a baby boy the only think that I'm wondering about is the "Pink Pacifier" not that there is anything wrong with that. Lol
  6. Sorry didn't mean to jump the gun. Not going to get a spanking am I? I just thought that type of punishment was more S&M. I promise to be patient in the future. :-)
  7. The story is very well written and is flowing well. I didn't read the rewrite I went straight to chapter 7. Did I miss anything important to the story? This type of punishment is a little over the top it's not what happens in other stories like this.
  8. I was hoping this was going to be my kind of story but by the last 3 chapters it sounds like a forced baby male story. We can't always have what we want. I guess some might like this story but a story without respect and love for each other is just not what I like. I hope others will enjoy the story.
  9. Talk about a cliff hanger.
  10. I like the story but the ages of the boys is hard to believe. Tim is 14 and his brother Trent is 11? 17 and 14 sounds more realistic.
  11. Thank you for answering me I said I always appreciated when a writer answered our posts. If there was an imoge for clapping hands there would be a row of them. I'm waiting patiently for the next chapter. ;-)
  12. Eagle0769

    The Cave

    That was the best ending to a fantastic story. I smiled when Terry looked to see Ranger Dan. Thank you for a great story as all your stories are. :-)
  13. I might be older then you and we call them plastic pants not saying that your wrong.
  14. Very good start. I'm hoping is sister doesn't have another reason for her suggestion to be put back into pampers. Just a kindly note: Panties is a word for girls or ladies. Men wear plastic pants. It sounds like he is a sissy. Waiting for the next chapter. 🙂