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  1. Rockabye Baby:An ageplay story

    OK thank you for the clarification.
  2. Rockabye Baby:An ageplay story

    It sounds like a good story but it was a little short. You called Jace a little is this story about 2 Amazon ladies. Would it be Ok if you let us know their ages? Baby Jerry aka Baby Jay
  3. Hi there sc7738 just got a message that you are following me. Thank you.

    Have you ever read any of my stories?

    I see we like the same stories.

    Baby Jerry

  4. Auntie Joan Part 1-13 (final)

    I just started reading your story Auntie Joan and can say that it is a wonderful story. I'm only up to chapter 3 but am looking to read the rest. I only wish that this could happen to me and I could start over. I would love to be Auntie Joan's good little boy.
  5. Test Subject

    Great update can't wait for the next one.
  6. A New Start 1-9 (final)

    That was a great ending to a wonder love story. Terry/Gordan's video was the best part putting the blame on his family. The other great part is now Angela has her baby and Joshua has someone who loves him unconditionally. This has been the best story on this site in a long long time. Thank you for writing it and sharing it with us. Will be looking for more from you Les Lea.
  7. A New Start 1-9 (final)

    I'm loving this story. I love how it switches back and forth from Gordan to Joshua. Its so well writing it must be a real story. Maybe when he is almost Joshua and still Gordan she will get the maternal feeling for her almost baby boy to give him baths and nurse him. I love your story please continue and let's us not wait to long for what happens next.
  8. Test Subject

    Wow that surprised me I thought for sure he was going to wake from his nap wearing only a diaper. But that was good too. I think another spanking is in order. Sara is to easy on the baby. Good update besides the mistakes I understood it. Eagle0769 aka Baby Jerry/Jay
  9. Test Subject

    I agree with CDfm I enjoy the human touch the touch of a Mommy changing my diaper giving me baths feeding me and playing with me. The touch of a Mommy loving you. But with that said I would like to read what happens next.
  10. The Secret Cabin (Completed)

    I have read and wrote a lot of stories on this site but I have never read one as will written and thought of as this one Elfy. Great job and keep up your writing. Eagle0769 aka Baby Jay/Jerry
  11. Diaper boy art with my OC

    What's an "OC"?
  12. A Touch of Magic

    Your writing is so smooth. I read your story twice before posting this. I truly enjoyed your story. That's for sharing it. Baby Jerry aka Eagle0769
  13. Gf to mommy

    I hope you are going to continue this story.
  14. DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day Turned Lucky

    I love how this is proceeding. She is doing all the right things that a Mommy should do. His caller her mommy more. I think he wants this more then Cheryl does. Your writing is smooth and easy to read can't wait for the next chapter. Baby Jerry
  15. The Secret Cabin (Completed)

    Great chapter. I wonder where she got all the baby stuff. Hope the next chapter will be soon.