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  1. That was really cool. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  2. Wow that had my heart pounding and now my diaper needs changing. I was so scared myself reading this I can't wait for the next chapter. Eagle0769 aka Baby Jay
  3. Very nice story. I'm interested in what Grace said: "Grace, you're his girlfriend. Is this... a... thing?... of his?" the question was on 'thing," she added the rest after."NO! I mean, I wish but..." she stopped blushing. And she has diapers in the closet ... interesting mmmmmm. Can't wait for the update. Eagle0769 aka Baby Jay
  4. That was a great story. I really enjoyed it. Your writing is great the story was great and you are great. Thank you for sharing it with us. Eagle0769 aka Baby Jay
  5. Very cute story I enjoyed it. You are a very good writer too. Well you be continuing it? Eagle0769 aka Baby Jay
  6. Don't get me wrong I really liked the story but it's hard to read. I will still read it if it happens again. You are a great writer. Please continue hope she likes a baby suckling. Or being she is a witch she can nurse him. Baby Jay for Jeremy that's my real name. Lol
  7. I really enjoyed your story and hope you will continue it. I wish I was Jeremy. There is one thing I hope you will correct and that is not to write it in one paragraph its to hard to read. Eagle0769 aka Baby Jay
  8. OMG what a cliff hanger. I agree I hope the next chapter comes as quickly as this one did. I'm so nerves I check every day to see what happened. Great chapter non the less you are one great writer. Eagle0769 aka Baby Jay
  9. I'm not a true fan of Harry Potter but I did enjoy the story. If I followed his books I would know who everyone is. But that will not stop me from reading more and seeing where this goes. Thank for sharing it with us. Eagle0769 aka Baby Jay
  10. Good start so far please continue.
  11. I thought this was finished. What happened did they split up is he alone is she? Please finish this story. Eagle0769 aka Baby Jay
  12. LittleRascal ... I hope you are going to add another chapter to this very interesting story.
  13. Interesting that Uma would think of herself as "Mommy" but I guess that would be the norm if she thought of herself as Robin's guardian. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Eagle0769 aka Baby Jay